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					                 Fiscal and Facilities Support Processes (Business Operations)
   Key Process                 Process Needs            Process Management                        Process Measures                     Use of Results
                       (What are the main components (How is the process managed                (How to we assess our        (Who looks at the information and
                          or steps of the process?)    on a day-to-day basis that             processes, where can data       what is done with it? How do we
                                                     ensures meeting student and             be found on the assessment            improve our process?)
                                                         stakeholder needs?)                       of this process?)

                               Yearly priorities
                                                            Departmental program review            Cash carryover
                               Available funding                                                                            Collected by CFO, analyzed by CFO.
                            Prioritization of needs                    Supervisor                   Annual Audit             President and President's Staff in
                                                                                                                                determining yearly budget
                               Tuition and fees                                                Percentage increase in
                                 Projected FTE                                                    tuition and fees
                                                                       Legal issue                 Monthly reports
                            Tracking expenditures                                                                           Collected by CFO, analyzed by CFO,
                                                                   Federal guidelines             Income statement
    Accounting                                                                                                               President, Supervisors, Board of
                                                                                                  Comparative date            Trustees, and Board of Regents
                                Record keeping                  Management of budget
                                                                                                    Annual audit

                        Set pay periods for employees                 Timesheets
                                                                                                 Payroll on schedule
Payroll, Work study,                                            Contracts and letters of
                                Special payroll                                                                               Verification by direct supervisor,
Full-Time and Part-                                                  employment
                                                                                                                                 then to payroll office, CFO
  Time Employees
                                Direct deposit               Instruction support programs
                                                                                                    Annual audit
                                Cafeteria plan                    Federal regulations
                                                               Student coding processes
                                Courses coded                                                    Accounts receivable        Business Office collects information,
  Fee Collection             Financial aid posted               Financial aid deadlines              Unpaid fees             reviewed by CFO and discussed in
   through the                                                                                                               appropriate workgroup; proposed
  Business Office       Payment method determined                                               Business Office survey        changes are taken to President's
                                                            Rate of information processing                                                  Staff
                                Billing dates set                                                Student satisfaction

                                Funds available             Requisition request submitted       Timely pay to vendors

    Purchasing            Requisition amount (bids)                Request approval          Approval time measures               Reviewed continuously
                                 Major repairs                                               Closure dates of request and
                                                                   Request approval
                             Remodeling projects                                                       invoices
                                                             Electronic work order request
                                                                                              Number of jobs completed
                          Preventative maintenance                       ticket                                               Facility Maintenance supervisors,
    Facilities                                                    Prioritizing requests       100% complete on critical     reviewed within the department and
   Maintenance                                                                                      work orders
                                                                        Budget                                                        shared with the CFO
                              Daily work orders
                                                                Management software             Customer satisfaction
                        Facility/transportation forms,
                                                            Facility request received
                                    Itinerary                                                   Internal and external
                            Which facility is being                                                  complaints
      Facilities                  requested?
                                                                Prioritization of request
  Management:           Group requesting (internal or                                                                        Information reviewed by facilities
                                   external)?                                                 Number of times facilities
Buildings, Grounds,                                                                              are unavailable                coordinator, then to the CFO
  Transportation                Size of group?
                                 Time of use?                   Confirmation of request
                                                                                                     Miles driven
                        Alternative facilities available?

                           Prepare federal reports                  Site Safety Team
                                                                                             Comparative data on federal
                        Posting of emergency phone                                                    reports
                                  numbers                      Publication of policies in                                     Dorm managers and Director of
    Safety and
                                                            housing and student handbook                                    Student Life review data and share it
    Emergency             Posting of evaluation plan                                           College housing reports
                                                                                                                               with the Board of Trustees and
                                                                                                                                      Director of Safety
                            Publication of security
                                                                    Evacuation drills         Time on evacuation drills
Figure 6.1
                                                       Student Support Services Processes
                 Key Process            Process Needs                     Process Management                 Process Measures                  Use of Results
                                      (What are the main             (How is the process managed on a (How to we assess our processes, (Who looks at the information
                                   components or steps of the          day-to-day basis that ensures   where can data be found on the and what is done with it? How
                                          process?)                   meeting student and stakeholder   assessment of this process?)    do we improve our process?)
                                      Admissions application
                                         Pre-assessment                   Graduation/Exit survey                 Goal attainment
               Enrollment and                                                                                                             Collected by CAO, analyzed by
                                           Enrollment                       Advisement survey                    Graduate survey
                  Advising                                                                                                                various teams and committees
                                       Advisor assignment                  Transfer institution                Student satisfaction
                                      Successive enrollment

                                      High school contacts                                                                                Program areas review program
                                                                        Feedback from counselors         Enrollment trends by high school
                                    Faculty letter to students                                                                                     review data.
                                                                       Set high school visit schedule           and program area
                                           Senior Day                                                                                         FTE monitored by the
                                                                                Phone calls                      Program review
                Recruitment       College Planning Conference                                                                                        President
                                                                      Computer database of students        Admissions monthly update
                                  Program specific recruitment                                                                             Monthly reports reviewed by
                                                                              Correspondence              Number of students receiving
                                             activities                                                                                   admissions staff, President and
                                   GAP & College Advantage                                                                                        Vice-President

                                                                      Student applications/selection                                      Reports viewed by the Fine Arts
                                                                                                           Number of aid suspensions
               Scholarship and       Federal grants and loans              Award notification                                                Department, Scholarship
                                                                                                           Number of student appeals
                Financial Aid       Endowment scholarships             Semester review/renewal of                                             Committee, SAP and
                                                                                                             Student satisfaction
                                  Academic/activity scholarships                 award                                                              Foundation

                                                                                                              Student success in
                                   Administration of placement                                                                            Program review data discussed
                                                                                                            developmental courses
                                               exam                  Enrollment in appropriate course                                      by instructional department,
              Course Placement                                                                            Success in successive course
                                       (Compass, work keys)                Review of cut scores                                              review of data by various
                                                                                                         Number of students incorrectly
                                    Establish placement scores                                                                                         groups

                                        Promote programs                Practice/event scheduling            Team/individual success
                  Athletics          Provide opportunities for              Eligibility reports                  Annual audit
                                   student athletes to compete               Academic needs                     Budget balance

                                     Maintain store supplies                                                 Customer service survey
                                                                         Textbook request forms                                           Reviewed by the Coordinator of
                 Bookstore          Order books from faculty                                                      Annual audit
                                                                           Project enrollment                                                  Bookstore Operations
                                            requests                                                         Books provided on time
                                   Student access to reference
                                                                        Feedback from faculty and              Student satisfaction           Reviewed by Director of
               Library Services             materials
                                                                               students                         Productivity rating              Learning Services
                                    Orientation on library use
                                                                             Establish need
                                  Provide tutors and tutorials for                                               Usage records                Information shared with
                  Tutoring                                             Monitor usage and academic
                                          most subjects                                                     Academic records of users              various teams

              Child Development

                                        Dorm application
                                                                        Roommate questionnaire                      Full dorms
                                          Payment plan
                  Housing                                              Coach and student requests          Student and housing surveys
                                       Assignment of room,
                                                                       Number of rooms available              Participation number
                                     Student senate meetings                  Student input
                  Activities            Club participation                  Budget concerns                    Student satisfaction          Collected by Student Life
                                      Campus special events                Attendance records                                                Office, shared with Dorm
Campus Life

                                                                                                                                              Managers, reviewed by
                                     Contracted service Great        Monthly food service committee                                           Director of Student Life ,
                                                                                                                   Daily usage
                Food Services            Western Dining              Food Service Director responsible                                    various teams and committees,
                                      Campus special events              for menus and supplies                                             the President and Board of

                                  Assessment and treatment of                Referrals from
                                   physical and mental health             students/employees                   Satisfaction survey
               Health Services
                                       Health promotion                Referral to outside agencies             Referral numbers
                                        Maintain records               Federal and state guidelines

                                                                                                                                                               Figure 6.2
                                    Administrative Support Services Processes
        Key Process                  Process Needs                Process Management             Process Measures
                                   (What are the main          (How is the process managed     (How to we assess our
                                components or steps of the       on a day-to-day basis that processes, where can data be
                                       process?)               ensures meeting student and found on the assessment of this
                                                                   stakeholder needs?)                process?)

                                                                 Monthly administrative
                                                                  meeting with Board of
                                                                                                Feedback and dialogue with
                                     Board of Directors        Monthly Board Meeting - all
                                                                                                     Board of Directors
                               Silver Cougar Club newsletter              members
                                                                                                    Annual funds raised
                                      Donor culturation          Silver Cougar Club (SCC)
                                                                                               Number of attendees at events
                                 Mini-Grants and College &           classes and events
                                                                                                Number enrolled in classes
Institutional Information and     program enhancements          Receive and acknowledge
                                                                                                 Growth of donor base and
          Marketing           Radio, newspaper and television            donations
                                         advertising            Manage SCC membership
                                                                                                 Feedback from donors and
                                  Publication of schedules,      Maintain SCC data base
                                     program fliers, etc.         Publication deadlines
                                                                                                  Student and stakeholder
                                       Press releases          determined by Director of
                                                              Public Relations and Registrar
                                                                  Web page design and

                                                               Updated Alumni contact lists
                                 Endowment Newsletter
                                                                      Plan events                 Annual funds raised
  Grants and Endowment               Fund Raising
                                                                 Determine Scholarship         Number of scholarships given

                                    See Category 7,
    Information Systems
                                 Measuring Effectiveness

                               Provide support for student
                                      computer labs
                              Provide support for employee
                              work stations (computer, tele-      Assignment of request        Feedback from employees and
    Technology Services
                                  communications and             Technology rotation plan                students
                                  Classroom technology
                              Ordering computers/software
                Use of Results
        (Who looks at the information
        and what is done with it? How
         do we improve our process?)

              Board of Directors
        Various groups and marketing

          Analyzed by the Director of
        Institutional Advancement and

        Feedback analyzed by Dean of
            Information Services

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