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									Sample Precinct
                                             Official Ballot - Sample County, WA
Ballot Code 4
                                                  August 19, 2008 Primary
Leg Dist 32


FILL IN THE OVAL like this:
To vote for a candidate whose name is not printed on the ballot, write the candidate’s name on the line above the words “write-in” and
fill in the oval next to the line.

IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE Draw a line through the entire candidate’s name like this:               George Washington
You then have the option of making another choice if you wish.

READ: Each candidate for partisan office may state a political party that he or she prefers.
A candidate’s preference does not imply that the candidate is nominated or endorsed by the party, or that the
party approves of or associates with that candidate.

 READ: Each candidate for partisan                     Secretary of State                        State of Washington
 office may state a political party                                                                   Nonpartisan Office
 that he or she prefers. A candidate’s                  Isidro Packer
 preference does not imply that the                          (Prefers Whig Party)              Superintendent of Public
 candidate is nominated or endorsed
 by the party, or that the party
                                                        Alma R. Haase                                Instruction
                                                             (Prefers Rep. Party)
 approves of or associates with that
 candidate.                                             Sammy Wussow                               Nancy M. Severt
                                                            (States No Party Preference)

     Federal - Partisan Office                                                                     Carrie Laffoon
                                                      write - in

        US Representative                                                                          Carl L. Keeton
         Congressional District 4                          State Treasurer
          Marie J. Higginbotham                        Adam M. Goodman                             Caromen J. Mcdonough
              (Prefers Democratic Party)                    (Prefers Democratic Party)
          Sheila P. Cobb                               Rita Beckford                               Elmer S. Morelock
              (Prefers Republican Party)                    (Prefers Green Party )
          Michael H. Reeves                            Pauline Kelly
             (Prefers Republican Party)                    (Prefers Republican Party)
                                                                                                   write - in

          Rebecca S. Sharp                              Thomas S. Kimbler
             (States No Party Preference)                    (Prefers Democratic Party)
                                                                                                 State of Washington
                                                                                                           Partisan Office
                                                        Jessica Levy
        write - in
                                                             (Prefers Rep. Party)
                                                                                               Insurance Commissioner
       State of Washington                           write - in

               Partisan Offices                                                                     Veronica M. Harkins
                                                                   State Auditor                         (Prefers Republican Party)
                     Governor                           Brandon B. Kidd                              Sarah Yoo
                                                             (Prefers Republican Party)                  (Prefers Democratic Party)
          Patrick R. Calles
               (Prefers Republican Party)              write - in
                                                                                                    David C. Fraizer
                                                                                                         (Prefers Republican Party)
          Alejandro M. Nolte
               (Prefers Democratic Party)                 Attorney General                          Diane Kohl
                                                                                                         (Prefers Democratic Party)
          Shelley R. Jones
              (Prefers Democratic Party)               Randy S. Atkinson                            Shirley A. Preston
                                                            (Prefers Amer. Heritage Party)               (States No Party Preference)
          Elizabeth J. Foushee
              (Prefers Libertarian Party)              Dorothy Gillespie
                                                                                                   write - in
                                                            (Prefers Democratic Party)
          Joseph A. Legros
              (States No Party Preference)            write - in                                 Legislative District 32
        write - in
                                                                                                         Partisan Offices
                                                 Commissioner of Public Lands
        Lieutenant Governor                             Angela Colosi                                      State Senator
                                                            (Prefers Rep. Party)
          Marshall D. Olores                                                                       Amanda C. Adams
               (Prefers G.O.P. Party)                   Sydney D. Chapman
                                                            (Prefers D. Party)                          (Prefers Democratic Party)
          Bonnie C. Shackelford
               (Prefers Democratic Party)                                                          Christopher Rulison
                                                      write - in
                                                                                                        (Prefers Dem. Party)
          Frank Harrell
              (Prefers Dem. Party)                                                                 Dennis C. Riggs
                                                                                                       (Prefers Republican Party)
          Alice Norris
               (Prefers Republican Party)                                                           write - in

          Evan Rau
              (States No Party Preference)

        write - in
                                                TURN OVER TO VOTE OTHER SIDE
Sample Precinct
Ballot Code 4                                    Official Ballot - Side 2
Leg Dist 32

   Representative Pos. No. 1                       Court of Appeals Judge                       Sample County Fire Protection
                                                     Division 2, Dist. 2, Pos. 1                       District No. 6
       Joseph E. Winstead
           (Prefers R. Party)                                                                  GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS -
       Holly S. Carter                               Rudy Lady                                 $36,000,000
           (States No Party Preference)
       Cheryl Barnes                                 Mario M. Pryor
           (Prefers Democratic Party)                                                          The Board of Fire Commissioners of
       Joseph Ponce                                                                            Sample County Fire Protection District
                                                    write - in
           (Prefers Repubican Party)                                                           No. 6 adopted Resolution #1235-11
                                                                                               concerning fire protection district facility
     write - in                             Sample County Superior Court                       bonds. This proposition authorizes the
                                                                                               District to construct, repair and acquire
                                                   Judge Pos. 2                                District facilities, including acquiring
   Representative Pos. No. 2                                                                   emergency generators, making seismic
                                                                                               and fire code upgrades, and replacing
        Diana W. Fridley                             Annette Smith                             three fire stations, to issue $36,000,000 of
             (States No Party Preference)                                                      general obligation bonds maturing within a
                                                     Paul Anderson                             maximum term of 20 years to finance such
        Gordon Pringle
                                                                                               improvements, and to levy property taxes
             (States No Party Preference)
                                                                                               annually in excess of regular property tax
        David M. Neal                               Brian A. Perez                             levies to repay such bonds, as provided in
             (Prefers Republican Party)                                                        Resolution #1235-11.
        Tom Blunt                                    write - in
             (Prefers Democratic Party)
        David Anthony                         Local - Nonpartisan Offices                      Should Proposition No. 1 be
             (States No Party Preference)                                                      approved or rejected?
                                              Sample County Public Utility
      write - in                                         Commissioner Dist. 2
                                                     Willie Russo                                        Approved
Sample County - Partisan Office
                                                     Frank Eatmon                                        Rejected
  County Commissioner Dist. 2
      Barbara Sheridan                               Leslie Stallings
                                                                                                  Election of Political Party
           (Prefers Democratic Party)
                                                                                                 Precinct Committee Officer
      James Suarez
                                                    write - in
           (States No Party Preference)                                      Precinct Committee Officer
     write - in                                     Local Measures           is a position in each major
                                                                             political party. For this office
  Judicial - Nonpartisan Offices
                                                    Proposition No. 1        only: If you consider yourself
                                             City of Angles School District  a Democrat or Republican,
 Supreme Court Justice Pos. 3               Capital Projects Technology Levy you may vote for a candidate
                                                                             of that party.
      Mike Pettus                           The Board of Directors of the City of
                                            Angles School District No. 1235 adopted           VOTE FOR ONLY ONE
                                            Resolution No. 12345-11 concerning         For a write-in candidate, include party.
     write - in                             a proposition to finance educational
                                            technology equipment improvements within        William McKinley
                                            the District. If passed, Proposition No.          Democratic Party Candidate
 Supreme Court Justice Pos. 4               1 would authorize the District to levy the      Warren G. Harding
      Paige D. Scott                        following excess taxes upon all taxable           Democratic Party Candidate
                                            property within the District in order to
                                            acquire, install and provide training in         Grace Goodhue
                                            connection with educational technology            Republican Party Candidate
     write - in
                                            equipment improvements:
                                                                                                     write - in
 Supreme Court Justice Pos. 7                                 Approximate Levy Rate
                                                                  per $1,000 of
      Burton C. Bryant
                                                   Levy             Assessed       Levy
                                             Collection Years         Value       Amount
      Homer Garland
                                             2008 / 2009             $0.46        $1,635,700
                                             2009 / 2010             $0.44        $1,643,248
      John S. Pierce                         2010 / 2011             $0.41        $1,643,171
                                             2011 / 2012             $0.39        $1,642,972

     write - in
                                              Should Proposition No. 1 be
                                              approved or rejected?
                                                    LEVY Yes

                                                    LEVY No

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