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                           Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW)
                                       Meeting Minutes

                                           January 11, 2006


Chris Bailey, Centralia College                         Jasmine Malan, Parks & Recreation
Barbara Bowdish, Social and Health Services             Margaret Piephoff, Outdoor Recreation
Linda Brock, Liquor Control Board                       Donna Perkins, Liquor Control Board
Josi Brooks, Secretary of State                         Jim Robertson, Department of Health
Sandy Brown, Liquor Control Board                       Tracy Robinson, Attorney General’s Office
Chana Clark, Secretary of State                         Cheryl Thietje, Health Care Authority
Heidi Ensign, Liquor Control Board                      Derek Valley, Historical Society
Gladys Guzman, General Administration                   Melissa VanGorkom, Washington State Patrol
Bonita Hill, Natural Resources                          Angella Ward, Fish and Wildlife
Molly Hughes, Social and Health Services                Tracy Workman, Secretary of State
Lorri Kredel, Lottery Commission                        Kim Zuchlewski, Department of Licensing
Julie Lies, Sentencing Guidelines Commission


Chana Clark called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m., and welcomed all attendees. Introductions
were made for the record.

Chana then introduced Secretary of State Sam Reed and State Auditor Brian Sonntag, Co-Chairs for
2006 PSRW, then turned the meeting over to Brian.

Brian thanked all those present for their commitment to help recognize the great work and
contributions from public employees. He said this is a program for public employees and any
recognition given to public employees is tremendous. The staff [volunteer] here does such good work
and the recognition that we are able to help provide to public employees doing their job every day,
and to show those accomplishments to the people around the state, is the “most fun thing” he does
every year. It means so much. Those of us who have been in public service for a long time, it is so
meaningful to be able to show to people around the state what their neighbors and friends are doing
and the contributions they make, and the real value that they bring to public service each day. Brian
said some are tired of hearing him say this, but, ‘President Kennedy called public service a “Noble
profession and a high calling”.’ And states he believes that to be absolutely true; he said he is proud
to be a co-worker of state employees. Brian said he has been in public service for 33 years, and
said he's glad people are so committed to this program; and it's going to be a lot of fun. In closing, he
said he really appreciates everyone's committement.
Secretary Reed agreed and said he appreciated Brian, and said this was nothing new for him; he’s
always been a champion of public employees. Sam said he and Brian go back a long way in public
service, in fact he said they both became county elected officials in the late ‘70’s. Then were County
Auditors together, Brian being the Pierce County Auditor, and Sam the Thurston County Auditor.
Prior to that, Sam said he was a state employee and had worked for the public for 37 or 38 years, he
said he doesn't really count them any more. Sam said one thing that always really struck him both at
the state level and the county level, is just the kind of dedication that people bring to public service.
Unfortunately, the stereotypes perpetrated by the news media are negative, when in fact, he found
people are doing these jobs because they care; because they want to make a difference; and they do
find it a noble calling. He said let’s face it, that’s why a lot of us chose to do this, rather than going on
to the private sector. Your job is as a committee is very important. And although some of you didn’t
volunteer for this assignment, but rather were assigned to do this, what you are going to do, in an
organized way, is recognize public employees for what they are contributing. Have fun with it. Sam
said, think of ways that you can help and the importance of what they do, that we appreciate what you
do. He said, thank you for doing this and have fun. Sam said in the past, Brian and he attended the
events in Tacoma, Tri-Cities, and Vancouver in addition to the events in Olympia, and look forward to
the coming events this year.

At this point, the meeting adjourned briefly to take a group photo with Brian and Sam.


Chana reported that the Seattle Sonics have sold 294 tickets for the 4 game package. They will be
drawing for luxury suites. There will be 40 winners who will have luxury suites for one of the games
they are offering.

Chana said that the Committees are beginning to meet and that most have a chairperson to contact.
Any who wish to participate on a particular committee are encouraged to sign up and make contact
with that committee.

   • *Suzanne Lewis-LIQ/Chair
   • Sandy Brown-LIQ
   • Jeana Gillis-State Auditor
   • Linda Brock-LIQ
   • Paula Gay-Insurance Commissioner
   • Gladys Guzman-General Administration
   • Josi Brooks-SOS

The Committee reported that an update will be available by the next meeting. Chana said that
usually, the Celebration Committee gets things rolling by contacting the vendors and such for the
Olympia celebration.

At the last meeting, everybody discussed the “theme”, and after some discussion, it was decided that
the 2006 theme is “Public Employees: At Your Service”.

     • Diane Tucker-Personnel Resources Board
     • *Bonita Hill-Natural Resources/Chair
     • Josi Brooks-SOS
     • Judith Brainerd-L&I
     • Mary Henley-Employement Security

Bonita Hill reported the committee met, and that the Extra Mile form has been distributed. Meetings
are scheduled the last Wednesday of each month. Chana Clark said that the committee needs to talk
to the outlying areas and make sure contacts are made. Bonita suggested that the Memo from the
Co-Chairs with the signatures, be scanned and emailed, to save resources. This will be done next
year. A great innovative idea!

Chana said that as opposed to outlying areas presenting all the nominees with certificates at an
event, they will be recognized at the agency level only AFTER all the events are over. This will
eliminate confusion and save the grace for the actual winners. Agencies can give certificates to the
nominees, if they choose to do so.

Anyone needing more infomraiton or to review the Award criteria for nominations, please visit .

     • Tracy Robinson-Attorney General (temporary)
     • *Cheryl Thietje-Health Care Authority/Chair
     • Kathy Radcliff-Transportation

Tracy Robinson reported that they have not met, but are expecting the list from DOP at any time.
Chana said that all committees are about a month ahead of schedule, which is the goal.

As an side note, Chana said that is no longer a resource for us to use. Apparently, it
is not only ‘down’ but completely offline, and the phone lines are disconnected. However, the group
has taken over PSRW and created their own themes, posters, etc.

     • *Melissa Van Gorkom-State Patrol/Chair
     • Donna Perkins-LIQ
     • Heidi Ensign-LIQ
     • Lorri Kredel-Lottery
     • Julie Lies-Gambling

Tracy Workman stated that the Poster Contest does not have to go by the theme of the event and are
allowed to come up with their own theme for the posters. Melissa said they are talking about a
coloring contest for ages Pre-K to 6th grade, then a poster contest for middle school to high school,
with a possible 'create your own theme’ poster. Melissa also wants to call early to reserve the
windows in Olympia Federal Savings for the Olympia Arts Walk that is set for the the first week in

                                           Next Meeting:
                              February 15, 2006 from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.
                                       State Library Building
                                        6880 Capitol Blvd S
                                           Tumwater, WA


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