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                                                             NHSA Program of Achievement
             PAGE .......................... 3                             April - May, 2011
                                                                             VOLUME # 142
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               FDC GRADUATES
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                                                 The AWARE
                      Tunnel Races                                                            Concerted Services, Inc.
Everyone was a winner! All 269 children received participation ribbons as they
ran across the finish line of the tunnel races held at Ware County Head Start/Pre-
                                                                                            Child Development Services
K Center. Over 50 parents and community volunteers cheered as the children
rushed in and scrambled out of the tunnels.
                                                                                       Mission Statement:
Teachers Erica Rawls and Julia Hiers, room #2, were declared the overall winners  To provide quality teaching and
with a time of 34.71 seconds for 20 children. Daphne Booth and Jimmi Lynn
Wasdin, room #6, came in a close second with a time of 35.16 seconds for 18
                                                                                learning environments to meet the
children. Morgan Dyal and Pamela Thrift, room # 8, placed third with a time of      developmental needs of all
38.04 seconds for 19 children. The classroom winners were based on average time      children to ensure future
per child. “This was fun,” reported Shanna Hall, Policy Council member. “I was         educational success.
so glad to see the children enjoy themselves while getting great exercise. We
(Policy Council and staff) are thankful for the funding from the Head Start: Body
Smart Playground grant to purchase the tunnels for the playgrounds.”                            Vision Statement:
Ethel Blair, Center Coordinator, reports, “The turnout for this event was great              To be a national leader in
and the support the children and parents displayed for each other was                    childcare education and services.
overwhelming. Every child benefitted from this event no matter how fast they
were. It was the effort, exercise and team work that counted.”

Special recognition goes to the time keepers: Donald Griffin, Facilities Specialist
and Jewell Moore, Trainer; score keepers Anita Young, Parent and Community
Involvement Coordinator and Shanna Hall, Policy Council member; and ribbon
                                                                                                         Word of the
presenters, Bonnie Gaskins and Hollis Bethea, grandfather. Letta Cox took                                 Month:


                                                                                      Top pictures: Stuart Brady and Christianna Rakestraw
                                                                                                as they complete the tunnel race
                                                                                      Bottom pictures Classroom 2 and Classroom 6 as they
                                                                                      are congratulated by Bonnie Gaskins and Ethel Blair.
                                                   Staff of the Year
                                  Ronald Johnson, Custodian, for the Ware County Head
                                  Start/Pre-K Center was named Staff of the Year for the 2010-
                                  2011 program year. Mr. Johnson began working with the
                                  program in July, 2008 and works at the largest center. “He is
                                  always smiling, works exceedingly hard and always lends a
                                  helping hand,” stated Bonnie Gaskins, Child Development
 Ronald Johnson smiles as he      Services Director. Mr. Johnson was recognized at the Georgia
learns he was named “Staff of
 the Year” for the 2010-2011      Head Start Spring Conference in St. Simons Island in May.
        program year.
                                  Thanks for all you do Mr. Johnson!

                                Service Awards
Child Development staff were recognized at the agency’s Annual Employee
Recognition Awards Program held May 17th. Those recognized were: Five
Years of Service: Gail Aldrich, Daphne Booth, Lavoda Brown, Judy Cook,
Ashli Davis, Hanh Huynh, Tracey Lomax, Nedra Porter, Rhonda Ritchie and
Jemmi Wasdin. Ten Years: Scarlett Andrews, Tonya Bryant, Melissa
Chancey, Janice Collum, Anita Ford, Janice Griffis, Charlene Hall, Symantha
Hollmon, Reba McCuller, Jeana Mercer, and Gwendolyn Moore. Fifteen
Years: Gloria Jackson , Sheila James, and Suzanne Manning. Twenty Years:
Rose Hopkins and Cheryl Wilcox. Thirty Five Years: Deborah Horton.

“We are blessed to have such wonderful employees,” stated Ophelia Gaines,
CSI Executive Director. “It is an honor to recognize them for their years of
Pictured is Bonnie Gaskins congratulating Deborah Horton, Education Specialist, on
thirty five years of service. Also pictured are Reba McCuller, Symantha Hollmon,
Anita Ford and Gwendolyn Moore as they are congratulated for ten years of service.

                                                Marlene Mosby, Cook, Appling County Head Start Center recently completed
                                                the renewal of her ServSafe certification. Ms. Mosby scored the highest
                                                grade on her exam from all those in her class.

                                                ServSafe is a recognized program throughout the state and is mandatory that
     Marlene Mosby renews her                   at least one food service worker, which includes lunchroom staff, be
     ServSafe certification.
                                                certified. The program is accredited through the National Restaurant

                                                CSI Child Development Services requires that all lunchroom staff obtain and
                                                maintain the ServSafe Certification. Ms. Mosby’s certification is good for
                                                five years.

                   “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others. “
                                                    Updates to the Web-Site
                                Check out the agency’s web-site at Revisions and
                                additions are continuing to be made to the website. Please contact Letta Cox or
                                Jessica Crews if you know of any errors, grammar issues, links not working, etc. so
                                corrections can be made.

Parent of the Year
The 2010-2011 Parent of the Year was Ms. Ida Gutierrez of the Toombs County Head
Start Center. Ms. Gutierrez had over 100 hours of documented volunteer time and was
a regular volunteer at the center. Even when she returned to school and began taking
GED classes she still found time to help out when she could. She even assisted other
parents in providing transportation.

Ms. Gutierrez was recognized at the Georgia Head Start Spring Conference in St.
                                                                                           Parent of the Year, Ida Gutierrez, is
Simons Island. Everyone at CSI congratulates Ms. Gutierrez!                               congratulated by Rev. William Miller,
                                                                                            Governing Board Member and Rev.
                                                                                             James Joyce, Governing Board

                                                          Community Action Month
                                         May is Community Action Month. The agency hosted events in collaboration
                                         with local Chamber of Commerce’s. In Waycross, CSI hosted the Rise and
                                         Shine breakfast. Members of the Waycross-Ware County Chamber of
                                         Commerce attended and learned about the various programs operated by the

                                         In Reidsville, the agency hosted Business After Hours. Members of the Greater
                                         Tattnall County Chamber of Commerce had an opportunity to network and
                                         meet agency staff and board members.

                                         “It’s important to get the word out about what community action is all about.
                                         These chamber sponsored events are a great tool to let the public know how
                                         CSI assists the communities we are in,” stated Ophelia Gaines, Executive
                                         Pictured above is Dave Callaway, Ware County Chamber Member and Rise & Shine MC,
                                         and Carlos Nelson, Ware County Commissioner and CSI Governing Board member. Dr.
                                         Joseph Barrow, Superintendent, Ware County Board of Education, meets Bryan
                                         Singleton and Mrs. Gaines.

                           Grand Day Out
    Grandparents and their families who attended the “Lunch and Learn”
    sessions of the Grand.NET program enjoyed a fun filled day at the
    Okefenokee Swamp Park in Waycross. They toured the park, attended
    the “Eye on Nature” Show, rode the train through the swamp and
    enjoyed lunch. A very special thank you to the Okefenokee Swamp Park
    staff for all they did to make our visit so special!

    This was the third and last year of the grant and the feedback from all
    those who participated in the program was very positive.
                                                                                          Families get ready to enjoy
                                                                                                the train ride.
                                  Post Planning
Management staff recently attended a full day of Post Planning in Baxley. They reviewed
the recent program year and planned for the upcoming program year. Findings from the
program self assessment were reviewed and used to assist in establishing the long and short
term goals for the program.
                                          Short Term Goals

       -   Maintain and exceed Head Start Performance Standards;
       -   Complete applications for all eligible centers to be DECAL Child Care licensed;
       -   Continue to hire staff with BS degrees to meet or exceed new Performance
           Standards mandates;
       -   Increase parent awareness of obesity, juvenile diabetes, oral health, nutrition
           and child safety;
       -   Install Skype on all lead teachers, center coordinators, and quality assurance
           monitors computers to improve communication via technology;
       -   Establish a computer classroom or lab for training of staff and parents in the
           northern area;
       -   Family Development Credential Certificates for all Family Advocate staff; and
       -   Emphasis on hiring bi-lingual staff.
                                                                                                       "Train up a
                                      Long Term Goals
                                                                                                       child in the
       -   Expand services for Head Start/Early Head Start when funds are available;                   way he should
       -   Maintain and/or improve security systems in classrooms, playgrounds, buses,                 go -- and walk
           and centers to ensure safety;
                                                                                                       there yourself
       -   Continue to upgrade center classrooms, playgrounds, and centers by
           renovations or partnership construction;                                                    once in a
       -   Upgrade and improve transportation fleet to meet federal regulations and                    while."
           program needs;
       -   Explore additional child care services (year round and after school hours) to                ~~Josh Billings
           meet client’s needs;
       -   Move the Charlton County site when funds are available; and
       -   Install an additional computer (for a total of two) per classroom.

                                                  Important Dates
           New Staff Orientation                             Monday, August 1
           Supervisor Training                               Tuesday, August 2
           Pre-Service (Douglas)                             Wednesday, August 3
           Pre-Service (Douglas)                             Thursday, August 4
           Pre-Service (Douglas) (EHS Alma)                  Friday, August 5
           Lunchroom staff training (Baxley)                 Friday, August 5
           CPR, First Aid and Fire Safety                    Monday, August 8
           CPR, First Aid and Fire Safety                    Tuesday, August 9
           Transportation Training (Waycross)                Tuesday, August 9
           Custodial Training (Waycross)                     Wednesday, August 10
           Bus Road-e-o (Waycross)                           Thursday, August 11
           Parent Orientation/Center Visits                  Wednesday-Friday, August 10-12
           First Children’s Day: all sites (except Clinch)   Monday, August 15

               Staff will receive a letter at home during July to let them know where and when to report for pre-
              service training. Please contact Carol Clarke, Training Coordinator, should you have any questions.
                                 The Early Edition
                               Your Guide to New Crib Standards
Beginning December 28, 2012, any crib provided by child care facilities and family child care homes must meet new and
improved federal safety standards. The new standards take effect for manufacturers, retailers, importers and distributors
on June 28, 2011, addressing deadly hazards previously seen with traditional drop-side rails, requiring more durable
hardware, parts and mandating more rigorous testing.
What you should know: This is more than a drop side issue. Immobilizing your current crib will not
make it compliant. You cannot determine compliance by looking at the product. The new standards
apply to all full-size and non-full-size cribs including wood, metal and stackable cribs. If you
purchase a crib prior to the June 28, 2011, effective date and you are unsure it meets the new
federal standard, CPSC recommends that you verify the crib meets the standard by asking for proof.
Ask the manufacturer, retailer, importer or distributor to show a Certificate of Compliance. The
document must: describe the product; give name, full mailing address and telephone number for
importer or domestic manufacturer; identify the rule for which it complies (16 CFR 1219 or 1220);
give name, full mailing address, email address and telephone number for the records keeper and
location of testing lab; and give date and location of manufacture and testing. The crib must also
have a label attached with the date of manufacture.
All child care facilities, family child care homes, and places of public accommodation must: prepare to replace their
current cribs with new, compliant cribs before December 28, 2012. Programs should not resell, donate, or give away a crib
that does not meet the new crib standards. Dispose of older, noncompliant cribs in a manner that the cribs cannot be
reassembled and used. Noncompliant cribs should not be resold through online auction sites or donated to local thrift
stores. CPSC recommends disassembling the crib before discarding it.

                   How to pick up and carry infants and toddlers
Infants and toddlers rely on adults for their care and nurturing. A significant part of that care and nurturing is carrying
infants. Knowing how to properly pick up and carry an infant or toddler given the child’s size, muscle structure, and age is
critical to handling them safely. Infants and toddlers can develop nursemaid’s elbow if they are picked up the wrong way.
It is a common condition where the radius (one of the bones in the forearm) slips out of place from where it normally
attaches to the elbow joint. It occurs when a child is pulled too hard by the hand or wrist, picked up by one arm, or lifted
in the air by the arms. Nursemaid’s elbow generally affects children under five (5).
                Newborns are especially delicate because their necks aren’t very strong, and their heads are very big
                compared to the rest of their body. Because of this, infants are particularly at risk for shaken baby
                syndrome. Shaking can cause bleeding in the brain and even death. Never pick up or touch an infant if you
                are feeling angry or frustrated.
                Picking up an infant or toddler: If the baby is lying on his or her back, slide one
                hand under the neck and your other hand under the lower back. Lean close to the
                baby and lift him or her as a uniform bundle, keeping the head a little higher than
                the rest of the body. If the baby is lying on his or her stomach, roll the baby over
onto the back and then follow the instructions above. When holding an infant, always make sure
you’re supporting the head, neck and back. If someone is handing you a baby, lean close to the
person and collect the baby in a tight bundle. Pick up a toddler by grasping under the arms or
around the body.
Different ways to hold an infant: The most common way to carry an infant is the cradle hold. Place the Baby’s head in
the bed of your elbow and use your arm to support the body. Place the baby’s head over your shoulder, and use one hand
to support the head and the other to support the body. Hold the infant like a football with the head in your hand and her
body under your arm; the feet will be pointed toward your elbow. Once a baby is able to hold up his or her head, you can
carry the infant on your hip. Avoid holding the baby around the ribs. This could cause pressure resulting in a fracture.
When putting down a baby, make sure to support the head until it touches the mattress or car seat.
Prevent nursemaid elbow and other lifting injuries: The best prevention for nursemaid’s elbow is to be careful how a child
is lifted and handled. Avoid pulling a child by the wrists or hands, and do not swing the child by the arms. When picking
up a young child, grasp the toddler under the arms or around the body.
                     Volunteers and Head Start – A Winning Team!
Volunteers for the 2010-2011 program term were honored at Volunteer Luncheons in Baxley and Waycross. Venues were
decorated with a “racing” theme as volunteers were honored for their service to the Head Start and Early Head Start
program. “Volunteers are an integral part of the Head Start program. For every $1.00 we receive from the Federal
government we must match it by 20% with in-kind services,” stated Bonnie Gaskins, Child Development Services Director.

                         The luncheon for the northern counties was held at First Baptist Church in Baxley where everyone
                         was greeted by CSI Executive Director, Ophelia K. Gaines. Mrs. Gaines thanked the volunteers for
                         their service to the program and how important they were to the success of the program. Children
                         from the Appling County Head Start Center from Ms. Jones and Ms. Smith’s classroom performed a
                         selection of songs for the audience.

                         In Waycross the luncheon was held at Second Baptist Church for the southern counties. Ms. Deborah
                         Horton, Education Specialist, welcomed guests who were entertained by children from Ms. Booth
                         and Ms. Wasdin’s Ware County Head Start/Pre-K. They sang several songs to the delight of those

Father of the Year, Richard Holsey from Ware County Head Start was recognized as was the runner-up, Jasper Thomas, of
A.V. Kennedy Early Head Start. Parent of the Year was Ida Gutierrez of Toombs County.

Those honored for their service to the program included:            Appling County: Appling Animal
Hospital, Appling County Public Library, Baxley News Banner, Andrew Blevins, Lora Blevins, Latricia
Brady, Carolyn Burkes, Angela Griffin, Alberta Hall, Dr. Esco Hall, Jr., Sheila Hall, Gladys Harris,
Janet Hollingsworth, McDonald’s, Fani Y. Orellana, Douglas Rooks, Elaine Williams, Janell
Willoughby and Janice Willoughby. Atkinson County: Atkinson County Citizen, Saide Azocar, Angel
Baza, Margaret Conger, Francisco Contreras, Clara Diaz, Brianna Gillis, Blanca Hernandez, Shaniqua
Jackson, Alicia Jacobs, Marilu Martinez, Donald Mathis, Faye Prieto, Marisol Sanchez, Natasha
Schley, Donna Smeltzer, Angelique Wesley and Willacoochee Public Library. Bacon County: Alma-
Bacon County Public Library, The Alma Times, Althel Bacon, Lois Batton, Swuntany Bizzell, Sandi Boatright, James Gordon, Commissioner
Lee Hagans, Irma S. Hall, Natorra Moody, News Courier, April Roberson, Clyde Sexton, Louvenia Smiley, Tayanta Snow, Candice Staten,
Beth Strickland, Kimberly Taylor, Sandra Taylor, Randy Welty, Victoria West and Mae Wright. Brantley County: Shirley Harper Ansel,
Cathleen Bohanon, Brantley County High School National Honor Society, Brantley County Public Library, Brantley Enterprise, Brantley
Express, Wayne Crawford, Ronnie Jacobs – Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Jessica Kraus, Victoria Quinn, Dr. John Drew Sauls,
Superintendent Brantley Co. BOE, Katherine Stafford, Amanda Taylor and Roxie Tumlin, Special Ed Director, Brantley Co. BOE.
                                  Candler County: L. C. Anderson Memorial Library, Jocelyn Carter, Stephanie Carter, Whitney Carter,
                                  Gladys, Mae Driggers, Celina Garcia, Kaywana Hobbs, Metter Advisor, J. R. Morgan, Jr. and Lisa Rigdon.
                                  Charlton County: Rose Bailey, Charlton County Herald, Charlton County Public Library, Amber Elmore,
                                  Joni Maynor, Oleata Massey and George Nall. Clinch County: Janin S. Bruce, Clinch Co. BOE, Clinch
                                  County News, Clinch County Public Library, Julie Mitchell, Marni Shuman, Special Ed Director, Clinch
                                  Co. BOE, Jennifer Smith, Elgin Stalvey, Clinch Co. BOE and Albert Thornton. Coffee County: Karen
                                  Brunegraff, Ronnie J. Cason, Douglas/Coffee County Public Library, Douglas Enterprise, Debra Ellis,
                                  Kendrea Grady, Christina Hancock, Karen Hankula, Maurice Hansley, Tameka Jefferson, Jeff Kight, Esq.,
                                  Brenda Lawrence, Suzy Marosi, Wal-Mart, Josepha Moore, Marie Moore, Dr. June Munford, Asst.
Superintendent BOE, Gloria Paulk, Dr. Gregory Thackston, April Thomason, Ninja Tobler, Jackie Wilson and Candace Wooten.
Jeff Davis County: Ethelyn Creech, Rebecca Glosson, Vian Glosson, Gwen Hagans, Laura Harris, Jeff
Davis Ledger, Jeff Davis Public Library, Kevin McDaniel, Anthony Mitchum, Delaina Mitchum, Teru Parker,
Maria Rangel, Kenneth Woods and Tequisha Woods. Pierce County: Judith Bennett, Commissioner K.
Neal Bennett, Shannon Bennett, Blackshear Memorial Library, The Blackshear Times, Duward Boatright,
Pierce Co. BOE, Betty Carter, Commissioner Mitch Bowen, Chairman, Commissioner Carl Boyette, Trisha
Cotton, Commissioner Bill Cselle, Commissioner Randy Dixon, Superintendent Terri Deloach, Pierce Co.
BOE, Mark Dixon, Emily Harris, Chairman, Pierce Co. BOE, Melvin Johnson, Vice Chairman, Pierce Co.
BOE, Jimmy Lynn, Pierce Co. BOE, McDonald’s, Theodore Mackey, Patricia A. Park, Pierce Co. BOE,
Pierce County Press, Evelyn Pitts, Phyllis Raulerson, Rev. Andy Velie and Kimberly Zipperer, Policy Council Chairperson. Toombs
County: The Advance Progress, Nina Blystone, Daniel Brown, Ida Gutierrez, Teresa Harvey, Rev. James Joyce, CSI Governing Board
Chairperson, Gloria Mead, Nekita Spikes, Al Stokes, Angela Stokes, Toombs County Public Library and Betty Dell Williams.
                            Ware County: Hannah Barnett, Betty Bennett, Hollis Bethea, Faye Boyd, Kenny Boyett, Curtis Brantley,
                            Phyllis Brown, Ware Co. BOE, Leonard Burse, Jr., Katisha Cobb, David Cobban, Kimiko Coffie, Glenn Cox,
                            Henry Clarke, Yonomuro Curry, Diann Davis, Katherine Davis, Minnie Dotson, Arlesia Evans, Heidi Flowers,
                            Jeanette Frias, Kimberly Gordon, Grace Episcopal Church, Vernell Green, Shanna Hall, Anissa Henry, Allison
                            Herrin, Becky Hickox, Jonathan, Hickox, Leslie Holland, Ware Co. BOE, Richard Holsey, Clifford Kelly, Sr.,
                                                                                                                 continued on next page
Linda Kirkland, The Kiwanis Club of Waycross, Julie Lacefield, Leadership Waycross Alumni, Dana Leggett, Wanda Locklayer, Thomastine
McGill, Stacey McQuaig, Tatania Miles, Barbara Miller, Dr. Patricia Mills, John Mooney, Carlos Nelson, Sumoyia O’Hara, Mark Osburn, Joy
Patterson, Zina Ponsell, Shelonda Porter, Tina Posley, Julie Prestenbach, Carlene Ramsey, Brenda Revis, April Robinson, Hugh Saussy,
Gail Seifert, Anjanette Shaw, Stacie Sheys, Ware Co. BOE, Correy Smith, Sheila Smith, Jamie Solomon, Barbara Sonnier, Caroline
Stewart, Charity Stewart, Frankie Strickland, Jasper Thomas, Roland Thurston, Sandi Thurston, Wal-Mart, Ware County Public Library,
Waycross Bar Association, Waycross Journal Herald, Waycross Magazine, Melissa Wheeler, Ware Co. BOE, Melanie White, Juanita Willis,
Jackie Woodard, Janna Wright, Ware Co. BOE and Xinos Club 2011.

Surrounding Counties: Wanda Edwards, Rev. William Miller, Waymon Moody, Commissioner J. Daniel Shuman, Commissioner Anthony
Simmons, Commissioner James A. Thomas, Sr., Donna Williams and Tracy Weeden.

                                     Nature Walk
      All the centers participated in “Come Walk with Me” activities. Children and
      their dads spent time outdoors collecting items such as flowers, leaves and
      small sticks. They then spent time together creating a nature bracelet.

      Dads, grand-dads, and uncles were invited to participate in an outdoor nature
      walk as part of the Male Involvement program, which encourages the
      significant male in a child’s live to spend time with them at the center
      volunteering.                                                                                      Jasper Thomas enjoys some
                                                                                                       special time with his daughter,
                                                                                                              Jasmine Thomas.

                                                                       And The Winner Is…
                                            When Joe Meeks won the CSI Bus Road-e-o back in September, 2010, he knew he
                                            would have to compete with Head Start bus drivers all across Georgia at the State
                                            wide event in May. Well Joe made us proud! Not only did he win the state
                                            competition, he scored higher than any other bus driver during the seven years of
                                            the state competition.

                                            The Bus Road-e-o consists of a written exam and a ten-station driving obstacle
                                            course which includes such things as parallel parking, backing up, serpentine course
           Donald Griffin, CSI              and a variety of other challenges.
        Transportation Specialist,
        congratulates Joe Meeks.            This event is graded by the State Department of Motor Vehicles Safety Officers.
                                            “Joe is the first bus driver from our program to win the state competition. I am very
                                            proud of how he represents our program and the care and safety he takes in
                                            transporting our children,” stated Donald Griffin, Transportation Specialist.

                        PITC State Committee
   PITC (Program for Infant and Toddler Caregivers) promotes proper growth
   and development for infants and toddlers in daily routines. Infants have
   their own curriculum is one of the foundations of PITC. Jewell Moore,
   Trainer, attended the PITC Modules in 2010 and became a PITC national
   certified trainer in January, 2011. All eight courses in modules one and two
   are now Georgia BFTS approved. She assisted with PITC training tracks
   during the Pre GHSA conference at St. Simons Island.

   Ms. Moore is a member of Georgia BFTS Infant/Toddler Network. This                                    Jewell Moore serves on the
   committee is developing strategies on how to disseminate training.                                      state PITC Committee
                                                                Good News About RIF
                                        CSI received some exciting news regarding the Reading Is Fundamental Program
                                        (RIF). Letta Cox, Resource Specialist, submitted the end of year reports for the RIF
                                        for the 2010-2011 program year and was notified by RIF that there were some non-
                                        obligated Federal funds available for next program year.

                                        That means that RIF will fund the program to operate through December 31, 2011.
                                        “We are exceedingly grateful that we will be able to offer the RIF program again
     Children at the Candler            next year,” stated Letta Cox.
    County Head Start Center
   smiled when they received
 their books at one of the book
     distributions last year.

                                      All centers participated in the third and final RIF
                                      book distribution of the 2010-2011 program year.
                                      “It was exciting to see how the children’s print
                                      awareness had improved since school began,”
                                      stated Letta Cox, Resource Specialist and Georgia
                                      RIF Ambassador.

  Children in Room 6 at Ware          Thanks to all the centers for the great
                                                                                                   Children at ABC Early Head
  County Head Start became            participation and reading motivational activities           Start enjoyed “Hopping for a
   flowers. Their theme was           they planned for the event.
 “Learn and Grow with a Good                                                                             Good RIF Book.”
           RIF Book.”

                                                 Makayla Jenkins from
                                                Bacon County Head Start
  The children in Coffee County                                                              Elmer Sandoval from the Thrash
                                                models a read aloud for
  enjoyed meeting “Froggy the                         her friends.                          Circle site chose a book in Spanish
Puppet” at their book distribution.                                                          so his parents could read to him

             JumpStart Read for the Record
 All pre-school classrooms will participate in the JumpStart Read for the
 Record program in October, 2011. The book chosen this year to read is
 “Llama Llama Red Pajama” by Anna Dewdney. JumpStart hopes to have
 over two million people reading this book as they draw attention to the
 important of reading to children.

 CSI Head Start is honored to be a part of this project and to help break a
 world record. By sitting down to read, we will joining a movement of
 people who demand that all children receive the quality early education
 they need to be competitive in school and successful in life.
  Ora Bell Cooper Retires
  Ora Bell Cooper has helped a lot of children get a “head start” as a teacher at
  the Ware County Head Start Center. After nineteen years of dedicated service
  Mrs. Cooper retired at the end of the 2010-2011 program year.

  Mrs. Cooper was honored at a retirement luncheon attended by fellow staff
  members. Everyone wishes Mrs. Cooper a well-deserved retirement and big
  thank you for the difference she has made in the lives of children.               Ethel Blair, Center Coordinator, congratulates
                                                                                           Ora Bell Cooper her retirement.

                            In an effort to cut costs the program has been looking at ways of using innovative technology.
                            All lead teachers, center coordinators, quality assurance monitors, family advocates, and
                            central office staff will start using Skype in the next program year. Central office staff, lead
                            teachers and center coordinators saw a demonstration at Post Management on how to use
                            Skype for one-on-one and small group meetings and/or trainings. By using Skype you can have
                            a video conference call and not incur a long distance phone call. Up to 25 individuals can be on
                            a call at one time. Some of the staff have already begun using the program and found it to be
                            helpful. Jessica Crews and Carol Clarke will be installing Skype on the center’s computers over
                            the summer.

                            Family Advocates have already been using Windows Live Instant Messenger and have found it to
                            be of great assistance. Family Advocate staff can “IM” Joyce Mooney, Family Advocate
                            Specialist, and other central office staff and either talk or video call at no cost. Jewell Moore
                            and Carol Clarke have both conducted one-on-one training with staff using Instant Messaging
                            Video Call without incurring a long distance call or travel expense.

                            The agency has purchased a plan with “Go To Meetings” that Head Start will be utilizing. Staff
                            are able to attend and view documents, powerpoints, etc. during meetings.

                            More information and trainings on the various applications will be forthcoming.

FDC Graduation
A number of family advocate staff recently completed the Family
Development Credential (FDC) training program. The strength based
program teaches front line family workers to empower their families while
working with skill and heart. Staff attended 90 hours of interactive
classroom instruction over a seven month period; 10-30 hours of individual
advisement and skill practice; and developed a portfolio. In addition, they
had to take a final exam which they all passed!

FDC certified instructors Carol Clarke and Joyce Mooney conducted the                       FDC class members pose as they look
training. Special thanks to Grace Episcopal Church in Waycross who donated                  forward to their graduation.
the space for the training. “We also want to thank our portfolio advisors,
Gail Aldrich, Lykesa Bridges, Angela Carr, Letta Cox, Yolanda Daniels, Reba
McCuller, Belinda Reynolds and Anita Young,” stated Clarke and Mooney.
“We could not have conducted this program without their dedication and
                                                                                 “Let us all reaffirm our commitment
                                                                                 to improving the well- being of
Staff completing the FDC program: Jessica Bacon, Rollace Burton, Brittaney
Coleman, Jessica Crews, Ashli Davis, Lakeisha Edwards, Patricia Jordan,          families throughout the world.”
Tracey Lomax, Diane Moore and Jennifer O’Driscoll. Staff from Southwest
Georgia Community Action Council also attended and they are: Elizabeth                             ~~~Kofi Annan
Arrington, Teresa Bishop, Linda Harvey, Bertha Bruce and Rose Smith.
                                       Resource Information
Check out the web-site: They have great resources for working with children with special
needs. Sites have Special Quest materials for the inclusion of young children with disabilities birth–five and their
families, in early care and education settings.

Do you work in one of our DECAL licensed sites and are attending a HOPE eligible school? You might be eligible for
the scholarship/incentive program through DECAL: Bright from the Start. Check out the informative web-site at: and look under the scholarship/incentive link. For questions about the program contact
Carol Clarke, Training Coordinator.

Check out the ECLKC (Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center - Head Start) website. This is the federal
Office of Head Start's online information and resource site for online learning and provides timely information and
learning opportunities relevant to the Head Start and Early Head Start community. It serves as a comprehensive
resource for anyone involved in early childhood education. The website also has information on student loan
forgiveness as well as reducing student loans. The website is:

Are you interesting in continuing your education? Then check out the websites for the technical college system of
Georgia and the university college system of Georgia. Remember these schools are HOPE eligible. The websites are and

       All staff that are attending college are reminded that they are REQUIRED to
      provide documentation of what program/classes they are currently taking as well
             as copies of their final quarter or semester course class grades to
                              Carol Clarke, Training Coordinator.

      Concerted Services, Inc. Mission:
                                                                    Concerted Services, Inc. Vision:
    To empower people to become self-
    sufficient by instilling hope through                            Concerted Services, Inc. will
        advocacy, partnerships, and                                  become Southeast Georgia’s
    services that promote economic and                             leader in helping people achieve
               family stability.                                            self sufficiency.

                                   Concerted Services, Inc. is
                         Investing in lives, transforming communities
                                     Ophelia K. Gaines, Executive Director
                              Bonnie Gaskins, Child Development Services Director
                                   Editors: Letta Cox, Resource Specialist &
                                  Carol Clarke, Training/Literacy Coordinator
                                     P.O. Box 1965/2100 Riverside Avenue
                                            Waycross, Georgia 31502
                                       (912) 285-6083 or 1-800-477-8275

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