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File                        Title                    Composer (Music)          Arranger     Acquired
5C     Action Front                                Blankenburg, H
5C     Ad Astra                                    Bridger, D
1A     Affirmation                                 Willis, R
5C     Aida, Selections from                       Verdi, G
5C     Airborne Division                           Bridger, D
1A     All Through The Night                                              Nestico, S
1A     Alla Barocco                                Giovanni, C            Robinson, Wayne
1A     Alpha Centauri                                                     Resseger, R.E
5C     Alte Kameraden
1A     Alto Mood                                   Bunton, E
1A     Amaryllis                                   Ghys, J                Lang, Philip
1A     American Folk Rhapsody No. 1                Grundman, C
1A     American in Paris, An                       Gershwin, G            Krance, John
1A     American Troubador, An                      Foster, S              Scott, James
1A     Americana Suite                             Thurban, J.W.
1A     Amperito Roca                               Texidor, J             Winter, Aubrey
1A     Andrew Lloyd Webber                         Lloyd Webber, Andrew   Nowak, Jerry
1A     Annie                                       Strouse, C
1A     Aria and Toccata                                                   Willis, R
1A     Arkasamba                                   Yoder, P
1A     Arlesienne Suite No. II                     Bizet, G               Finck, Herman
1A     Armida                                      Haydn, F.J             Bowles, Richard
1A     Arrangers Holiday                           Bennet-Walters-Yoder   Walters, Harold
1A     Atlantis                                    Safranek, V
1A     Autumn Silhouette                                                Walters H.L
1A     Bacchanale from Sampson & Delilah           Saint-Saens, C       Huble, Fred
1A     Ballad For Trumpet                          Brown, P
1A     Ballet - Prince Igor                        Borodin, A           Bennet, David
1A     Ballet Egyptien                             Luigini, A
1A     Ballet For Young Americans                  Herman, R
1A     Ballet Parisien                             Offenbach, J
1A     Band of America March                       Lavalle, P
1A     Bandology                                   Osterling, E                             30-Aug-04
1A     Bartered Bride                              Smetana,
1A     Beautiful Danube, The                       Strauss, J
1A     Beauty and the Beast                        Menken, A /Ashman, H Custer, Calvin
1A     Beguine Festival                            Osser, G
1A     Beguine For Shimmering Flutes               Ployhar, J.D
1A     Belle of the Ball                           Anderson, L
1A     Benny Goodman Tribute                       Hayman, R
1A     Bernstein Tribute, A                        Bernstein, L
1B     Big Band Cavalcade                                               Clark, A
1B     Big Band Favourites                                              Lowden, R
1B     Big Band In Concert                                              Lowden, R
1B     Big Band Polka                              Newark, J
1B     Big Beat Dixieland Concerto                 Ployhar, J.D
1B     Billy Blowhard                              Kottavn, C
1B     Birdland                                    Zawinal, J           Lowden, Bob
1B     Black Granite                               Hosay, J
5C     Blaze Away                                  Holtzman, A
1B     Blue Tail Fly, The                          Grundman, C
1B   Blue Tango                        Anderson, L
1B   Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy           Raye, D and H. Prince   Ployhar, James
1B   Boys From Syrcuse, The            Rogers, R
1B   Brass Time                        Laseroms, Wim           Laseroms, Wim      23-Dec-04
1B   Brazilian Festival                Cable, H
1B   Bricusse and Newley               Barker, W               Barker, Warren
1B   Bridge Over Troubled Water        Simon, P                Fabrizzio, W.
1B   British Grenadiers                Fote, R
1B   Broadway Show Stoppers Overture   Barker, W
1B   Bubbling Woodwinds                Schanke, D
     Buenaventura                      Hodges, Steve                              25-Oct-05
1B   Buglers Holiday                   Anderson, L
1B   Cabaret                           Kander, J
1B   Cabins                            Gillette. J.R
1B   Calypso Christmas, A                                      Custer, Calvin     15-Sep-04
1B   Camelot                           Lowe,F                  Barsotti, Roger
1B   Campbell River Sketches           Williams, M
1B   Campus Memories                   Seredy, J.S             Brockton, Lester
5C   Canada on the March               Jaeger, C.H
5C   Canada Overseas                   Gayfer, J.M
1B   Canadian Folk Rhapsody, A                                 Coakley, Donald    15-Sep-04
1B   Canadian Folk Song Rhapsody                               Curnow, James
1B   Canadian Folksong Fantasy         McCauley, W
1B   Canadian Patriotic Medley                                 Milnes, James. R   15-Sep-04
1B   Canadians All                     Michel, S               Kopstein, Jack
1B   Cantique de Noel                  Adam, A                 Laurendeau, L.P.
1B   Capriol Suite                     Warlock, P              Beeler, Walter
1C   Caravan                           Ellington, D            Ployhar, James
1C   Carmen Suite                      Bizet, Georges          Bullock, Jack      23-Dec-04
1C   Carnival                          Cuilliet, L
1C   Cats, Selections from             Lloyd Webber, A
1C   Caught By The Horns               Hardin, B.E
1C   Celebrated Marche Lorraine        Ganne, L
1C   Celebration Grand March           Dan, I
1C   Celtic Suite                      Del Borgo, E
1C   Ceremonial Procession             Elgar, E                Grundman, Clare
1C   C'est Noel                                                Jutras, Andre      23-Dec-04
1C   Characteristique                  Theile, C. F
1C   Charlie Girl                      Heneker, D. & J. Taylor
1C   Chit Chat Polka                   Strauss, J              Richardson, Norman
1C   Chorales and Carols For Band      O'Neill, C
1C   Christmas Favourites                                      Swearingen, James
1C   Christmas Festival, A             Anderson, L
1C   Chu Chin Chow                     Norton, F               Hume, J.O
1C   Cinema Showcase I                 Tiomkin, D              taylor, Les
1C   Clarinet On The Town              Herman, R
1C   Clarinet Polka                    Davis, H
1C   Clarinet Royale                   Bennet, D
1C   Cole Porter                       Porter, Cole            Bennett, R.R
1C   Cole Porter Classics              Porter, Cole            Wagner, D.E        23-Dec-04
5C   Colonel Bogey                     Alford, K
1C   Colonel Bogey On Parade           Alford K
1C   Come Back To Sorrento                                     Walters, H.L
1C   Communications                    Stanwick, K
1C   Concentrate for Winds                                     Huckeby, Ed
1C   Concerto for Bears                Werle, F.E
1C   Concerto for Clarinet                 Mozart, W.A
1C   Concerto for Clarinet                 Weber                 Manley, Peter
1C   Concerto in B-flat                    Mozart, W.A           Fote, Richard
1C   Contemporary Chorales for Band        Moss, John            Moss, John             15-Sep-04
1C   Contrapunctus For Band                Wheir, P
1C   Copacabana                            Manilo, Barry         Saucedo, Richard       15-Sep-04
1C   Copland Tribute                                             Grundman, C
1C   Coronation Scene                      Moussorgsky, M        Buehlman,
2A   Country and Western                   Walters, H
2A   Country Gardens                       Grainger, P
2A   Country Gentleman                     Taylor, L             Taylor, Les
2A   Couplet for Band                                            Rhoads, William
2A   Dance of the Tumblers                 Rimsky-Korsakov. N
2A   Danny Boy                                                   Barker, Warren
2A   Danny Boy                                                   Barker, Warren
2A   Divertissement No. 3 for Blue Lake                          White, D.H
2A   Dixieland Jam                                               Lowden, B
2A   Duke of Cambridge                                           Arnold, Malcolm
2A   Dziewczyno                            Bielski, F
2A   Earl of Oxford March                  Alford, K
2A   Easter Parade                         Berlin. I             Scott, M.
2A   Eine Kleine Nachtmusik                Mozart, W.A           Jennings, Paul
2A   El Abanico                            Ord Hume, J.
5C   El Abanico                            Javaloyes, A
5C   El Capitain                           Sousa, J.P
2A   El Gato Montes (Paso Doble)           Penello, M
2A   El Relicario                          Padilla, J            Longfield, Robert
2A   Entertainer, The                      Joplin, S             Nowak, Jerry
2A   Entry Of The Boyards                  Harlvorson, J
2A   Espana Rhapsody                       Chabrier, E
2A   Essay In Blue                         Edmondson, J
2A   Eton Boating Song                     Kaps, K               Retford, R.
2A   Fantasy For Flutes                    Holcombe, B
2A   Fantasy on American Sailing Songs                           Grundman, Clare        23-Dec-04
2A   Fantasy On An American Air            Fred, H
2A   Farewell To Nova Scotia                                     Riddie. P
2A   Feria, La Suite Espagnole             Lacomb, P
2A   Festa Espagnol                        Leonard, H            Sweeney, Michael
2A   Festa Espagnol                                              Zaninelli, Luigi
2A   Festival Fanfare March                                      Nixon, Roger
2A   Festival Hop                          Strauss, A            Jones, G
2A   Festival of Empire                    Mackenzie-Rogan       Hunsperger, Donald
2A   Festive Overture                      Shostakovich
2A   Festive Songs of Christmas                                     Erickson, F
2B   Fiesta Tropicale                                               Lopez, Victor
2B   Fiesta Tropicale                      Puente / Herandez / etc. Lopez, Victor
2B   Fingals Cave Overture                 Mendelssohn, F
2B   Finlandia                             Sibelius, J
2B   Firefly                               Friml, R                 Langey, Otto
2B   First Suite in Eb for Military Band   Holst, G
2B   Five Hungarian Dances                 Brahms, J
2B   Five Minutes with Cole Porter         Porter, Cole             Duthoit, J.W
2B   Five Minutes with Jerome Kern         Kern, Jerome             Duthoit, J.W
2B   Flute Cocktail                        Simeone, H
2B   Folk Song Suite                       Vaughan-Williams, R
2B   For Stars and Half Stars              Beuhlman/Whitcomb        Beuhlman/Whitcomb
2B   French Festival                         Osser, G
5C   French National Defile                  Turlet, A
2B   From Sea to Shining Sea                                           Barker, W
2B   Fugato                                  McBride, R                Ross, Robert W.
2B   Funiculi Funicula                       Denza, L                  Lang, Philip J.
2B   Galop to end all Galops, A              Barker, Warren            Barker, Warren         15-Sep-04
2B   Geogia on my Mind                                                 Brown, Michael         15-Sep-04
2B   Gershwin                                Gershwin, G               Barker, Warren
2B   Ghost Town                              Morrisey, J.S
2B   Gilbert and Sullivan: Symphonic Suite   Sullivan, Arthur          Ricketts, Ted          23-Dec-04
2B   Girl from Ipanema, The                  Jobim, Antonio Carlos     Rickets, Ted           23-Dec-04
5C   Gladiator's Farewell, The               Blankenburg, H
2B   Gladiators March, The                   Sousa, J.P                Gore, Harold
2B   Glow Worm, The                          Linke, P
2B   Godfather Waltz                         Rota, N                   Kaufman, Jeffrey
2B   Good Old Days                           Ployhar, J.D
2B   Grand Dialog For Winds                  Gigout, E                 Rhoads, William E
2B   Great Escape, The                       Bernstein, Elmer          Smith, Robert. W       23-Dec-04
5C   Great little Army                       Alford, K
2B   Greensleeves                                                      Dillon, R.M.
2B   Gregorian Overture                                                Elwell/Nelson
5C   Guards Armoured Division
2B   Gymnopedies                             Reed, A
2C   Half a Sixpence                         Heneker, D. & J. Taylor
2C   Happy Birthday
2C   Harlem Nocturne                         Hagen, Earle              Reed, Alfred
2C   Harlem Nocturne                         Hagen, Earle              Slebert, Edrich
2C   Harlem Nocturne (Alto Sax Solo)         Hagen, Earle              Hagen, Earle
2C   Harlem Rag, The                         Turpin, T                 del Borgo, Elliot A.
5C   Heart of Oak
2C   Hebrides Suite                          Mendelssohn, F            Grundman, C
2C   Heldenleben Themes                      Strauss, R                Thomas, Dick
2C   Hill Street Blues                       Post, M                   Norred, Larry
2C   His Honour March                        Fillmore, H
2C   Hoagy Carmichael in Concert             Carmichael, H             Barker, Warren
2C   Hockey Night in Canada Theme            Claman, Dolores           Cable, Howard       20-Aug-04
2C   Holy City                               Tosti, E. P               Shoubsole, C
2C   Homefront, The                                                    Christiansen, James 23-Dec-04
2C   Hooked On Reruns                        Mark,M                    Bullock, Jack
2C   Hootenanny                              Walters, H
2C   Horse and Buggy                         Anderson, L
2C   Humoresque                              Dvorak, A
2C   Huron Indian Carol                      Milford, G
2C   Icarus                                  Johnson, H. M
2C   In a Persian Market                     Ketelby, A
2C   In The Miller Mood                                                Barker, W
2C   Instant Concert                         Walters, H.L
5C   Invercargill
2C   Invercargill March                      Lithgow, H.F              Laurendeau, L. P
2C   Inversia                                                          Jutras, Andre          19-Nov-04
2C   Iolanthe                                Sullivan, A               Leidzten, Eric W.
2C   Irish Rhapsody                          Grundman, C
2C   Irish Washerwoman                       Anderson, L
2C   Irving Berlin ShowStoppers              Berlin, I                 Higgins, John
2C   Italian Festival                        Osser, G
2C   Italian in Algiers, An                  Rossini, G                Caillet, Lucien
2C   It's Broadway                        Edmondson, J         Edmonson, John
3A   Jabberwocky                          Walters, H
3A   Jamaican Rhumba                      Benjamin, A          Lang, Philip J.
3A   James Bond Suite                     Norman, Monty        Erickson, Frank      20-Aug-04
3A   Janus                                Johnson, H.W
3A   Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring           Bach, J.S            Leidzen, Eric
5C   Jimmy March                          Kopstein, J
3A   Jingle Bells                         Scott, M
3A   Jubilance, An Overture               Giovannini, Caesar   Robinson, Wayne
3A   Just a Closer Walk With Thee         Gillis, Don          Custer, Calvin       15-Sep-04
3A   Just A Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody   Vinson, J
3A   Kanon                                Pachelbel, J         Pauls, John
3A   Kin Overture                         Frangwiser, C
3A   Komm Susser Tod                      Bach, J.S
3A   Lady Is A Tramp, The                 Gershwin, G          Jennings, Tom
3A   Lady of Spain                        Evans, T             Hunsberger, Donald
3A   Lassus Trombone                      Fillmore, H          Leidzen, Eric
3A   Latin Sun                                                 Jutras, Andre
3A   Laurentian Echoes                    Laurendeau, L
3A   Lawrence Milk Plays Guy Lombardo                          Decamp-Hudson
3A   Leroy Anderson Portrait, A           Anderson, L
3A   Les Miserables                                            Barker, W
3A   Lewisburg                                                 Mitchell, Rex
3A   Light Cavalry Overture               von Suppe, F         Fillmore, Henry
3A   Lincoln Portrait                     Copland, A           Beeler, Walter
3A   Little Night and Day Music, A        Adler, S
3A   Londonderry Air                                           Ades, H
3A   Londonderry Air                                           Nestico, S
3A   Looney Tunes Overture                                     Halcom, B
3A   Lustspeil                            Bela, K
3A   Maars the Bringer of War             Holst, G             Sayer, Charles
3A   Macarena                             Monterde, B
3A   Mad Major, The                       Alford, K.J
3A   Madam Butterfly                      Puccini              Antonni, Alfred
3A   Madcap Marionettes                   Osterling, E
3A   Magic of Mozart                      Mozart, W.A          Huckeby, Ed
3A   Malaguena                            Lecuond
3A   Man of LaMancha, The                 Yoder, Paul          Leigh, Mitch
3A   Man With a Golden Arm, The           Bernstein, E         Reed, Alfred
3A   Mancini Spectacular                  Mancini, H           Barker, Warren
3B   March Festivo                                             Madden, E.J
3B   March of the Madcap Marionettes      Osterling, E
5C   March Vanier                         Milne, R.E.J
3B   March Winds                                                                    23-Dec-04
3B   March: Hoch Wulfen                                        Simmons, Nigel
3B   Marche des Parachutistes Belges      Leemans, Pierre      Wiley, C.A
3B   Marche Lorraine                      Ganne, L
5C   Marche Lorraine
3B   Maritana                             Wallace
3B   Marriage of Figaro                   Mozart, W.A
3B   Mars the Bringer of War              Holst, Gustav        Sayer, Charles
3B   Marta                                Alles
5C   Mechanized Infantry                  McBain, D
3B   Meistersinger, Die                   Wagner, R
3B   Melodic Caravan, The                 McHugh, J            Yoder, Paul
3B   Men of Harlech                       Farnon, R
5C   Men of Harlech                      Bonisseau
3B   Merriment Polka                     Barnard, G.M
3B   Merry Wives of Windsor              Nicolai, O
3B   Metamorphosis                       Urata, K
3B   Mexican Hat Dance                   Partichela, F.A     Lang, Philip J.
5C   Middy, The                          Alford, K
3B   Mignon, Excerpts                                        Thomas, A
5C   Military Escort
3B   Minstrel Boy                        Anderson, L
5C   Mollendorf's Parade March           Mollendorf
3B   Montego Bay                         Nestico, S
3B   Moon River                          Mancini, H          Powers, Robert
3B   Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna   von Suppe, F        Moses-Tabani, theo
3B   Mosaics in Motion                                       Marks, Franklyn
3B   Motherland                                              Glover, James
3B   Mozart Celebration                  Mozart, W.A         Erickson, Frank
3B   Music Box Dancer                    Mills, F
3B   Music for a Ceremony                Morissey, J.J
3B   Music Man, The                                          Wolson, M
3B   Music of the Beatles                                    Sweeney, M
3B   My Fair Lady                        Lowe, F             Bennett, Robert R
3B   My Way                              Revaux & Francois   Cacavas, John
3B   Narcissus                           Nevin, E            Lang, Philip J.
3B   National Emblem                     Bagley, E.E         Fennell, Frederick
5C   National Emblem                     Bagley, E.E         Fennell, F
3C   New Trier Overture                                      Resseger, R.E
3C   Night on Bald Mountain              Mussorgsky, M       Williams, Mark
3C   Noel Francais                       Ployhar, J.D
3C   Nola                                Arndt, F
3C   North Sea Overture                  Herman, R
3C   Nutcracker, The                     Tchaikovsky, P.I    Kurnow, James
3C   O Canada                            Bray, K
3C   Officer Of The Day                  Hall, R.B           Gore, Harold R
3C   Oklahoma                            Rodgers, R          Leidzen, Eric
3C   Old McDonald                        Yoder, P
3C   Oldtimers Waltz                     Lake, M.L
3C   Oliver                              Bart, L             Leyden, Norman
3C   On The Mall                         Goldman, E.F
3C   On The Trail                        Grofe, F            Leidzen, G.W
3C   Once Upon a Time in the West        Morricone, E        Lowden/Chartrand
3C   Original Dixieland Concerto         Warri
3C   Original Suite, An                  Jacob, G
3C   Orpheus in der Unterweld            Offenbach, J        Lake, M.L
3C   Outdoor Overture                    Copland, A
3C   Parade of The Tin Soldiers          Jessel, L
3C   Pastoral Symphony                   Handel, G           Curnow, Jim
3C   Pavanne                             Gould, Morton       Gould, Morton          23-Dec-04
3C   Peanut Vendor                       Simons, M           Morrissey, John
3C   Pentagon                            Green, B
3C   Pentland Hills                      Howe, J
5C   Pepita Greus                                            Chovi, Pascual Perez
3C   Perfect Day, End of                 Jacobs-Bond         Alford, Harry L
3C   Perpetual Mobile                    Strauss, J          Winter, Aubrey
3C   Phaeton, Prelude du Deluge          Saint-Saens, C      Laurendeau, L.P
3C   Phantom of the Opera                Lloyd-Webber, A
3C   Pickwick                            Ornadel,C           Duthoit, W.J
3C   Pineapple Poll                      Sullivan, A           Mackerras, Charles
3C   Pines of the Appian Way             Resphigi, O
3C   Pipers on Parade                    Wallace, W.V          Elkus, J
3C   Pique Dame Overture                 von Suppe, F
4A   Place St Henri                      Peterson, O           O'Brien, Robert
4A   Place to Stand, A                   Morris-Clapman        Bray, Ken
4A   Poet and Peasant                    von Suppe, F          Kent, H.R
4A   Pomp and Circumstance No 1          Elgar, E
4A   Pop Rock                            McCartney, P          Sweeney, Michael
4A   Porgy and Bess                      Gershwin, G           Lowden, Bob
4A   Prairie Sketches                    Hargraves
4A   Prayer of St. Gregory               Hovhaness, A
4A   Prelude on Three Welsh Hymn Tunes   Vaughan-Williams, R   Curnow, Jim
4A   Prelude, Siciliano and Rondo                              Payntor, John        2-Apr-04
4A   Pride and Spirit                                          Ressenger, R.E
4A   Procession of the Nobles            Rimsky-Korsakov, N    Leidzen,Eric
4A   Promenade                           Anderson, L           Cacavas, John
4A   Propagula                                                 Linn, Robert
4A   Psalm and Celebration               Pearson & Elledge
4A   Puff                                Yarrow, P
4A   Putting on the Ritz                 Berlin, I
4A   Quebec Folk Fantasy                 Cable, H              Duthoit, W.J
4A   Queenston Overture
4A   Radetsky March                      Strauss, J
4A   Rakes of Mallow                     Anderson, L
4A   Raymond                             Thomas. A             Meyrelles, M.C
4A   Ready Aye Ready March               Mitchell, S
4A   Recollections                       Wilson
5C   Red Cloak, The                      Mansfield, J.V
4A   Red River Valley, The                                     LaPlante, Pierre     3-Sep-04
4A   Reverie                             Debussy, C            Nestico, Sammy
4A   Rhapsody from the Low Countries     van Lun Schooten, N
4A   Robert and Elizabeth                Grainer, R            Barsotti, Roger
4A   Robert Farnon, Excerpts by          Duthoit, W
4A   Roman Carnival Overture             Berlioz, H
4A   Romeo and Juliet                    Tschaikovsky, P.I     Holcombe, Bill
4A   Romeo and Juliet                    Prokofieff, Serge     Gardner, Maurice
4A   Rondo                               Mozart, W.A           Bardeen, Robert A.
4A   Rosary, The                         Nevin, E
5C   Royal Air Force March
5C   Royal Canadian Dental Corps
4A   Rudolf In Wonderland                Jennings, P
4A   Russian Sailors Dance               Gliere, R
4B   Sabbath Morning On Parade           Hume, J
4B   Sailor's Holiday                    Martell, E            Barcotti, R
4B   Saint Louis Blues March             Handy, W.C            Burgett, P.
4B   Saints Hallelujah
4B   Salute to American Jazz             Nestico, S
4B   Salute to Bob Hope                  Barker, W
4B   Sandpaper Ballet                    Anderson, L
4B   Savannah River Holiday                                    Nelson, Ron
4B   Scherzo for Band                    Rossini, G            Schaefer, Wm. A
4B   S'Cool Room Riffs                   Weidinmyer, C
4B   Sea Pictures                        Elgar, E
4B   Sea Songs                           Vaughan-Williams, R
4B   Second Century                      Reed, A
4B   Second Pucciniana                     Puccini
4B   Second Suite in F                     Holst, G
5C   Semper Fidelis                        Sousa, J.P
4B   Serenata, La                          Anderson, L
5C   Seventy Six Trombones                 Wilson, M
4B   Sharpshooters March                   Metallo, G           Gore, Harold
4B   Sheep May Safely Graze                Bach, J.S            Wilber, R.D
4B   Sheherezade                           Rimsky-Korsakov, N   Custer, Calvin
4B   Short Ballet for Saxophone and Band                        Lieb, Dick
4B   Show Boat                             Kern, J              Bennett, R.R
4B   Sicilian Tarantella
4B   Sinatra in Concert                    Nowak, J
4B   Skater's Waltz                        Waldteufel, E         Safranek, V.F
4B   Slavonic Dances                       Dvorak, A             Johnson, Clair W
4B   Slavonic Rhapsody No 1                Freidmann, C
4B   Sleeping beauty, The                  Tschaikovsky, P.I     Zamecnik, J.S
4B   Sleigh Ride                           Anderson, L
4C   Song of the Bells                     Anderson, L
4C   Song of the Sea, A                    Mitchell, R
4C   Songs for Band                        Morrissey, J.J
4C   Songs of Edward German                Hutchinson, V
4C   Sophisticated Ladies                  Ellington, D          Edmonson, John
4C   Sorcerer's Apprentice                 Dukas, P              Hubble, Fred
4C   Sound of Music, The                   Rodgers & Hammerstein
4C   Sousa                                 Barker, W
4C   South of the Rio                      Oliva Dolti, J
4C   Souvenir de Quebec                    O'Neill, C
4C   Spirit of Pageantry                   Fletcher, P
4C   Spring Tide                                                 Watson, Walter
4C   Springtime Celebration                Reed, A
4C   Spritzer                              Oberlander, A         Rhinow, H. Joachim
5C   Standard of Saint George              Alford, K
4C   Star Treck                            Smith, A              Smith, Robert. W
4C   Starlight Express                     Nowak, J
4C   Stars and Stripes Forever             Sousa, J.P
5C   Steadfast and True                    Teike, C
4C   Stepping Along                        Goodman, E.F
5C   Stepping Along                        Goldman, E.F
4C   Stradella                             Flotow, F             Moses, Theo
4C   Street Scene                          Mewman, A             Bennett, David
4C   Strike Up the Band                    Gershwin, G           Barker, Warren
4C   Suite of Old American Dances          Bennett, R.R
4C   Sullivan's Operatic Gems              Seredy, J             Brocton, Lester
     Superior Bands in Sixteen Weeks       Hillard, Quincy C.                       10-Nov-05
4C   Superman, Theme from                  Williams, J           Nowak, Jerry
4C   Superman, Theme from                  Williams, J           Nowak, Jerry
4C   Sussex Mummers Christmas Carol        Grainger, P
4C   Sword Dance                           Khachaturian, a.I
4C   Sycopated Clock                       Anderson, L
4C   Symphonic Beatles                     McCartney-Lennon
     Symphonic Duke, The                   Elington, Duke        Newsom, Thomas     25-Oct-05
4C   Symphonic Marches                     Rodgers & Hammerstein
4C   Symphonic Suite                       Williams, C
5A   Tango                                 Albeniz, L            Shrubsole, C
5A   Tap Roots                             Skinner, F
5A   Ten x One                             Garland
5A   Tequila                           Rio, Chuck              Story, Mike
5A   That's Entertainment                                      Barker, W
5A   Themes Like Old Times                                     Barker, W
5A   Themes Like Old Times II                                  Barker, W
5A   Themes Like Old Times III                                 Barker, W           20-Aug-04
5A   Thievish Magpie                   Rossini, G
5C   Thin Red Line, The                Alford, K
5A   Three Bears                       Long, N.H
5A   Three Blind Mice                  Lotter, A               Winterbottom, Framk
5A   Three Chorale Preludes                                    Latham, W.E         19-Nov-04
5A   Three Folk Miniatures                                     Jutras, Andre       2-Apr-2004
5A   Three Inventions                  Sheffer, P
5A   Three World War II Songs          Scott, M
5C   Through Night to Light
5A   Tijuana Brass in Concert                                  Ricketts, Ted       20-Aug-04
5A   Tin Pan Alley                     Barker, W
5A   Toccata                           Frescobaldi, G         Slocum, Earl
5A   Toccata Festiva                                          Coakley, Donald      19-Nov-04
5A   Toccata Marziale                  Vaughan-Williams, Ralph
5A   Tommy Jack                                               Velke, Fritz
5A   Touch of Jazz                     Bowles, R
5B   Tribute to Count Basie, A                                Moss, John           20-Aug-04
5B   Tribute to Glen Miller, A         Miller, G              Goss, Henry
5B   Trisch-Tratsch Polka              Strauss, Johann        Reed, Alfred         23-Dec-04
5B   Trombone King                     King
5B   Trumpet Voluntary                 Purcell, H             Ray, Robert C
5B   Trumpeter's Lullaby               Anderson, L            Lang, Philip
5B   Trumpet's Ole                     Cofield, D
5B   Trumpets Wild                     Walters, H
5B   Tuba Tiger Rag                    Decosta, H             Henderson, Luther
5B   Tulsa                             Gillis, D              Ford, Maurice
5B   Tunes and Toasts                  Boosey & Hawkes
5B   Twas the Night Before Christmas   Long, N.H
5B   Twentiana                         Ades, H
5B   Two Exotic Dances                 Gilles, P
5B   University                        Goldman, E.F
5B   Valse September                   Godin, F
5B   Victoria                          Garlou
5C   Vimy Ridge
5C   Vive la Canadienne                Emire
5C   Voice of the Guns                 Alford, K
5B   Walt Disney Medley                Smith, S
5B   Waltzing Cat, The                 Anderson, L             Lang, Philip
5B   Washington Post, The              Sousa, J.P
5B   Water Music Suite                 Handel, G.F             Kay, Hershey
5B   Way We Were, The                  Hamlisch, M             Cacavas, John
5B   Wedding of the Winds              hall, J
5B   West Side Story                   Bernstein, L            Duthoit, W.J
5B   West Side Story                   Bernstein, L            Bocook, Jay         20-Aug-04
5B   Wing Ding                         Singer, L               Coilliet, Lucien
5B   Wizard of Oz                      Arlen, H & E. Harburg
5B   Wonderful World of Disney                                 Edmonston, John
5B   Woodland Sketches                 MacDowell, E
5B   You Light Up My Life                                      Jennings, T
5B   Young Prince and Princess, The    Rimsky-Korsakov, N
5B   Zampa                             Herold
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       Card-format scores for marching band
File                      Title                 Composer (Music)        Arranger          Acquired
5C     Action Front                           Blankenburg, H
5C     Ad Astra                               Bridger, D
5C     Aida, Selections from                  Verdi, G
5C     Airborne Division                      Bridger, D
5C     Alte Kameraden
5C     Blaze Away                             Holtzman, A
5C     Canada on the March                    Jaeger, C.H
5C     Canada Overseas                        Gayfer, J.M
5C     Colonel Bogey                          Alford, K
5C     El Abanico                             Javaloyes, A
5C     El Capitain                            Sousa, J.P
5C     French National Defile                 Turlet, A
5C     Gladiator's Farewell, The              Blankenburg, H
5C     Great little Army                      Alford, K
5C     Guards Armoured Division
5C     Heart of Oak
5C     Invercargill
5C     Jimmy March                            Kopstein, J
5C     March Vanier                           Milne, R.E.J
5C     Marche Lorraine
5C     Mechanized Infantry                    McBain, D
5C     Men of Harlech                         Bonisseau
5C     Middy, The                             Alford, K
5C     Military Escort
5C     Mollendorf's Parade March              Mollendorf
5C     National Emblem                        Bagley, E.E          Fennell, F
5C     Pepita Greus                                                Chovi, Pascual Perez
5C     Red Cloak, The                         Mansfield, J.V
5C     Royal Air Force March
5C     Royal Canadian Dental Corps
5C     Semper Fidelis                         Sousa, J.P
5C     Seventy Six Trombones                  Wilson, M
5C     Standard of Saint George               Alford, K
5C     Steadfast and True                     Teike, C
5C     Stepping Along                         Goldman, E.F
5C     Thin Red Line, The                     Alford, K
5C     Through Night to Light
5C     Vimy Ridge
5C     Vive la Canadienne                     Emire
5C     Voice of the Guns                      Alford, K

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