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NEWSLETTER No. 12                                                                                  January 2011

FABEC Treaty signed

On 2 December, Ministers of Trans-        Block Europe Central) in Brussels/          providers to improve their perform-
port and high-level military repre-       Belgium. With their signatures,             ance in terms of safety, environ-
sentatives from Belgium, France,          the six States involved are estab-          mental impact, capacity, cost
Germany, Luxembourg, the Nether-          lishing a common functional block           effectiveness, shorter routes and
lands and Switzerland signed the          of airspace. They put a framework           military mission effectiveness.
FABEC Treaty (Functional Airspace         in place for air navigation service                                      Page 03

All the signatories

ATCO Basic Training workshop                                                          Project West
                                                                                      First trials are promising
On 10 and 11 December 2010,               about a common approach. Work-
the FABEC Task Force Training             shop participants perceived very            In the European airspace, the inter-
organised a „harmonisation meet-          positively the harmonisation proc-          face between FABEC and the U.K.
ing“ in Dübendorf (Switzerland).          ess and could see in it the many            is one of the zones where traffic is
More than 30 people from the              advantages that could be put                the most congested. The FABEC-
whole FABEC, all of them engaged          in place. This kind of hands-on             Dover working group examined the
in ATCO Basic Training, convened          working might set a veritable trend         problem and came up with a solu-
to exchange in very concrete details      for the FABEC.                              tion that was successfully tested in
                                                                                      simulation from 13 to 17 December
                                                                                      2010 at the Eurocontrol Experi-
National Supervisory Authorities                                                      mental Centre (EEC) at Brétigny.
Six States sign agreement                                                                                           Page 04

On 27 January, the Directors of the       tion. This memorandum is a com-
National Supervisory Authorities for      mitment for a close cooperation             Switzerland – Liechtenstein
Civil Aviation (NSA) from Belgium,        in order to achieve an efficient and        ATC set by international
France, Germany, Luxembourg,              effective oversight of the FABEC            agreement
the Netherlands and Switzerland           air navigation service providers.
signed a Memorandum of Coopera-                                             Page 02   The air navigation service provided
                                                                                      by Switzerland for Liechtenstein
                                          Is there a certain person you want to       has been formalised between
                                          talk to? Is there a special topic you       Switzerland and the Principality.
        Visit the FABEC stand!            are interested in?
    ATC Global 2011, 8-10 March           Go to to find the current
    RAI Amsterdam / Hall 9 / Stand H320   schedule listing the persons or topics
                                          you are looking for at the FABEC stand.

                                                                                                      making the difference
          02                                                                                                                                                                                                                      FABEC TREATY SIGNED – 03

          TABLE OF CONTENTS                    National Supervisory Authorities                                             FABEC Treaty signed
                                               Six States sign agreement
                                                                                                                            continued from page 01:
Page   01 FABEC Treaty signed                  continued from page 01:                                                      The States Agreement is expected                     defined decision-making powers                   viding FABEC functions to enable
          ATCO Basic Training workshop         The six NSA will cooperate closely    ment of a FABEC performance            to be ratified by 2012. By singing                   will be set up. Based on its deci-               the performance improvements
           Project West                        in particular on common imple-        management system in accordance        the States Agreement the Cotract-                    sions, the Contracting States will               required. In the course of the com-
           First trials are promising          mentation projects or cross-border    with the future FABEC governance,      ing States commit to take the ap-                    establish the necessary national                 ing 6 month further detailed work
           National Supervisory Authorities    airspace design and airspace use.     and the harmonisation of oversight     propriate measures in particular in                  rules and procedures.                            will be done on aspects like the
           Six States sign agreement           They will also assess the overall     processes and methods.This sign-       the domains of airspace, harmoni-                                                                     legal setup, the involvement of
           Switzerland – Liechtenstein         FABEC Safety Case to be provided      ing of this agreement is a further     sation of rules and procedures,                      Furthermore, in July 2010 the                    the military or the detailed scope
           ATC set by international            to the European Commission by         step in strengthening the coopera-     provision of air navigation services,                FABEC States have started to                     of functions and services. This
           agreement                           June 2012. The document covers        tion between the six FABEC States,     civil-military cooperation, charging,                study on the future institutional                process will be adequately accom-
                                               all the domain of oversight of the    coming immediately after the sign-     supervision, performance and                         set up and governance of air navi-               panied by a constructive dialogue
Page   02 National Supervisory Authorities     NSAs, including auditing of the       ing of the FABEC Treaty on 2           governance. To govern this broad                     gation services provision. Initial               with the social partners. The six
          Six States sign agreement            service providers, licensing of air   December 2010 by the Ministries        scope of responsibilities, a FABEC                   results are indicating the need for              States will make every effort to
           The Netherlands                     traffic controllers, the establish-   of Transport and Defence.              Council composed of civilian and                     a clear framework including the                  arrive at a decision by July 2011.
           LVNL Consortium Associate                                                                                        military representatives with clearly                creation of a common entity pro-
           Partner of SESAR
                                                                                                        Ministeries of Transport and high-level representatives signed the treaty
           Improved air situation display

Page   03 FABEC Treaty signed

Page   04 Project West
          First trials are promising           After the signing

Page   05 Belgocontrol
          AMHS: pioneering work                The Netherlands
           Paris-CDG                           LVNL Consortium Associate Partner of SESAR                                   Dr. Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister of Transport,                                                    Etienne Schouppe, States Secretary for Mobility
           Certified Airport – CDM                                                                                          Building and Urban Development, Generalleutnant
                                                                                                                            Aarne Kreuzinger-Janik, German Airchief
                                               The LVNL Consortium – consisting      their participation they contribute
Page   06 DSNA – Improvements in               of Air Traffic Control the Nether-    to the development of a modern-
          lower airspace design                lands (LVNL) and the National         ised air traffic management system
           DFS Karlsruhe                       Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) – has      for Europe. This future system will
           New ATS system P1/VAFORIT           joined the Single European Sky        ensure the safety and fluidity of
           Frankfurt – Go-ahead given for      Air Traffic Management Research       air transport over the next thirty
           noise-abatement flight procedures   (SESAR) Joint Undertaking as an       years, will make flying more envi-
                                               Associate Partner of DFS, DSNA        ronmentally friendly and reduce                                                             Claude Wiseler, Minister for sustainable
Page   07 Free route airspace Maastricht       and ENAV. NLR and LVNL will par-      the costs of air traffic management.                                                        development and infrastructure

          As the crow flies                    ticipate in several projects. With
           DFS and skyguide                                                                                                 J. J. Atsma, State Secretary of Infrastructure                                                        Thierry Mariani, States Secretary for Transport
                                                                                                                            and the Environment
           Recruiters share booth
           Switzerland – ICAO gives good
           marks to supervision system         Improved air situation display
           of civil aviation
           DFS and LVNL                        DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung has        friendly. STANLY_Track displays
           Strengthening co-operation          updated its internet application      flight tracks and levels of aircraft
           Skyguide – In the network           that displays arrivals and depar-     in the vicinity of airports. Apart
           Skyguide – Change to the            tures at major German airports.       from the live air situation, which
           Board of Management                 The program called STANLY_Track       is displayed with a time lag of 15
                                               (Statistics and Analysis), which      minutes, users can also look at
Page   08 List of abbreviations                DFS provides on its website free      flight tracks from the previous 14
          Points of contact                    of charge, has become more user-      days.                                  Generalleutnant Aarne Kreuzinger-Janik, German Airchief, Dr. Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister         Korpskommandant Markus Gygax, Commander
                                                                                                                            of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Général de Division Aérienne Bruno Clermont, Director   of the Swiss Air Force, Peter Müller, Director
                                                                                                                            of the State Aviation Authority, Thierry Mariani, States Secretary for Transport, Air Commodore       General Civil Aviation Switzerland
                                                                                                                            C. J. Lorraine Director Military Aviation Authority, J. J. Atsma, State Secretary of Infrastructure
                                                                                                                            and the Environment
04 – PROJECT WEST                                                                                                                                                                                                                                05

Project West – First          trials are promising                                                                       Belgocontrol
                                                                                                                         AMHS: pioneering work
Over 2009, traffic in the FABEC-          traffic demand combined with the      compresses civil air traffic, forcing
Dover interface suffered an accu-         existence of a military zone, CBA1,   it to pass through a bottleneck.         AMHS (ATS Message Handling                    message switching system and an          (Innovative System for Automated
mulated delay of 14,393 minutes.          which is used by both the French      Moreover, this sensitive spot is at      System) is due to become in the               aeronautical message switching           Aeronautical Communication), a
One of the main causes is a high          and Belgian Military and which        the crossroads of the east-west          near future the new standard for              system. Without any doubt, this          new, more reliable, efficient and
                                                                                and south-north traffic flows which      worldwide exchange of aeronautical            will pave the way for the develop-       powerful aeronautical message
                                                                                are quite different: traffic departing   messages, as specified by ICAO.               ment of more sophisticated and           handling system enabling national
                                                                                London airports with different           The Belgocontrol Meteorological               higher performing meteorological         and international exchange of
                                                                                performance profiles, cruising           department and the data commu-                products and services for all air-       aeronautical information, such
                                                                                traffic, traffic bound for Belgium.      nications service are proud to                space users.                             as flight plans, meteorological
                                                                                This diversity makes the manage-         announce they are the first ones                                                       information, NOTAMs, supporting
                                                                                ment of this part of the airspace        to have put into service on 24                This work was also made possible         both the new AMHS standard and
                                                                                even more difficult resulting in         January an internal AMHS connec-              thanks to the putting into operation     the previous AFTN standard.
                                                                                a congested area. Besides, this          tion between a meteorological                 earlier on in January of ISAAC
                                                                                congestion becomes more and
                                                                                more noticeable as it hinders the
                                                                                potential growth in traffic demand
                                                                                in this region. The scenario re-
                                                                                served to remedy this problem
                                                                                consists of redesigning CBA1 so
                                                                                as to expand the corridor through
                                                                                which not one, but three routes
One of the scenarios tested                                                     will pass.

                                                                                The objective of this first trial
                                                                                phase was to test new operational
                                                                                procedures. The Belgian military
                                                                                participated, as well as the air nav-
                                                                                igation service providers that are
                                                                                FABEC members and affected by            On 8/9 January ISAAC was put into operation
                                                                                the problem, namely Belgocontrol
                                                                                (Belgium), Maastricht UAC (Euro-
                                                                                control), LVNL (the Netherlands),        Paris-CDG
                                                                                DSNA (the control centres of Paris       Certified Airport – CDM
                                                                                and Reims, France) and of course
                                                                                NATS, the British service provider       End of 2010 Paris-CDG airport is              of adverse conditions (snow, fog,        C-PDS) in order that the CFMU can
                                                                                and cooperative partner of the           being certified «Airport-CDM». This           storm, technical limitation…).           use them to more accurately plan
                                                                                FABEC initiative. “All the partici-      label has been delivered by Euro-                                                      the management of the whole
                                                                                pants contributed to the success         control, and materialize the imple-           This success results from a closely      European airspace. The C-PDS
                                                                                of the simulation” says Alex Van         mentation of information-sharing              collaboration between Aéroports          (Collaborative-Pre Departure
Current situation                                                               Biervliet (Belgocontrol), Project        processes between all stake-                  de Paris, Air France, DSNA, Egisavia     Sequence) system, connected to
                                                                                Leader and Simulation Manager,           holders (airport provider, airline            and all operational staff (pilots,       the CFMU, developed with the
                                                                                “the results of these first trials       operators, ground handlers, DSNA,             air traffic controllers, and airlines,   stakeholders and implemented at
                                                                                will help us to collect valuable         weather forecast department and               airport and handling operators),         CDG since the 16th of November
                                                                                information during the Real Time         CFMU), aiming at optimizing airport           who have quickly taken over this         reduces the average taxi-time by
                                                                                Simulation (RTS) that will take          operations.                                   innovative concept. Information          13% and holding time at the runway
                                                                                place in April 2011 to assess the                                                      sharing and collaborative decision       by(40%, leading to a significant
                                                                                impact of the different scenarios        These collaborative processes                 making are at the basis of all the       reduction of fuel consumption
                                                                                on the European network.”                improve the platform efficiency               new SESAR Airport concept ele-           and gas emissions. Airport-CDM
                                                                                                                         in nominal conditions throughout              ments.                                   improves the overall efficiency of
                                                                                                                         arrival and departure processes,                                                       operations at the airport, with a
                                                                                                                         arrivals, stand and departures                One of the aims of the Airport CDM       particular focus on the aircraft turn-
                                                                                                                         management, and touchdown                     project is to supply the CFMU, 3         round procedures. Paris CDG is the
                                                                                                                         monitoring as well; in addition               hours before take off, with accurate     third European airport certified
During the simulation                                                                                                    they help to limit the consequences           Target Take Off Times (thanks to         after Munich and Brussels.
06                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            07

DSNA   – Improvements in lower airspace design                                                                        Free route airspace Maastricht                                                                          Switzerland
                                                                                                                      As the crow flies                                                                                       ICAO gives good marks to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              supervision system of civil
In the frame of lower airspace re-    Strasbourg, made possible by the         and Switzerland. This implemen-        A large-scale real-time simulation in-              planned, which will generate signif-                aviation
organisation, DSNA goes on with       transfer of airspace, from ground        tation will allow REIMS ACC to carry   volving up to 15 sectors operating                  icant advantages, including: better
the implementation of continuous      to FL145, from REIMS ACC. Bâle-          out a restructuration of its lower     traffic on the busiest days looked                  flight and network predictability,                  In its newly published audit report,
flight information service (FIS).     Mulhouse and Strasbourg offer            airspace and improve its capacity.     at the various scenarios for Free                   better flight efficiency, reduced                   the International Civil Aviation
The DSNA strategy in lower air-       cross-border services over Germany                                              Route Airspace Maastricht (FRAM)                    fuel carriage, higher cost-effec-                   Organization (ICAO) notes that
space aims at enhancing safety                                                                                        implementation in the MUAC air-                     tiveness, reduced environmental                     Switzerland‘s system of civil avia-
through better IFR/VFR compat-                                                                                        space. The introduction of 142                      impact and a better ATM perform-                    tion supervision is efficient and
ibility, and improving the quality                                                                                    additional direct routes is currently               ance through more accurate traffic                  suitable.
of the services provided to VFR                                                                                       planned for early 2011. These new                   prediction and improved sector
and IFR flights.                                                                                                      direct routes will complement                       workload. In addition, FRAM will
                                                                                                                      those already introduced as part                    provide an initial operational valida-              DFS and LVNL
At the end of 2010, two projects                                                                                      of the FABEC Night Route Network                    tion for conceptual elements of the                 Strengthening co-operation
regarding lower airspace have been                                                                                    programme. On a tactical basis,                     SESAR ATM Target Concept. FRAM
put into operation: A new airspace                                                                                    MUAC air traffic controllers usually                is therefore a first step toward                    On 8 December 2010, LVNL and
design and terminal procedures at                                                                                     offer aircraft operators direct routes              the implementation of aircraft                      DFS expressed their intention to
Nice airport, taking into account                                                                                     as far as possible. However, FRAM                   operators’ preferred business                       improve cooperation both in the
the environment. Besides safety                                                                                       will allow these routes to be flight-               trajectories.                                       areas of Communication, Naviga-
objectives, it will increase ATC                                                                                                                                                                                              tion and Surveillance (CNS) and
capacity through a strategic sepa-                                                                                                                                                                                            Aeronautical Information Manage-
ration of the flows of Nice main                                                                                                                                                                                              ment (AIM). They agreed to further
airport and satellite airfields of                                                                                                                                                                                            investigate more intense coopera-
Cannes and La Môle. And secondly                                                                                                                                                                                              tion, including sharing of tasks and
the implementation of a FIS in        FIS in Strasbourg                                                                                                                                                                       possible common organisational
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              structures in these two areas. For
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              the development of these struc-
DFS Karlsruhe – New     ATS system P1/VAFORIT                                                                                                                                                                                 tures one important criterion is
                                                                                                                      Experts representing the main MUAC air navigation service provider partners witnessed the simulation.   that they are open for other FABEC
DFS introduced its new air traffic    on four-dimensional trajectory           What-If Probing and Flight Confor-                                                                                                             partners to join.
services (ATS) system P1/VAFORIT      prediction and stripless operations.     mance Monitoring Aids (MONA)
at Karlsruhe upper area control       Such trajectory-based systems are        and stripless operations. Imple-       DFS and skyguide –           Recruiters share booth
centre (UAC). January 2011 saw        the core of the Single European          mentation of the P1/VAFORIT                                                                                                                    Skyguide
the successful conclusion of the      Sky ATM Research Programme               system is part of the multinational    For the first time DFS and skyguide                  by side at the fair in Basel were                  In the network
initial operations phase. With more   (SESAR). They provide four-dimen-        iTEC (interoperability Through         shared a booth at the recruitment                    judged to be a great success by
than 1.3 million flights in 2010,     sional data about the planned            European Collaboration) pro-           fair in Basel in October 2010. This                  both companies. Based on this,                     Skyguide has set up corporate
UAC Karlsruhe is one of the busiest   flight paths of all flights relevant     gramme of DFS and its UK and           was a first step in a pilot scheme                   further cooperation is being plan-                 pages on Facebook (http:/www.
control centres on the European       to a control centre. These features      Spanish counterparts, NATS and         to assess possibilities for coop-                    ned for 2011 – Friedrichshafen in         as
continent. It manages en-route air    aid air traffic controllers in antici-   AENA, together with Indra as their     eration in the area of recruitment.                  May, Freiburg in July, Kreuzlingen                 well as on the professional net-
traffic over central and eastern      pating and resolving possible con-       technology partner. The purpose        Sharing a booth and working side                     in November.                                       works LinkedIn (http://www.
Germany.                              flicts between aircraft and make         of this programme is to improve                                                                                                      
                                      flight planning more accurate, thus      interoperability between ATS                                                                                                                   and Xing (
P1/VAFORIT replaces a mainframe-      improving punctuality and reducing       systems of different countries. It                                                                                                             companies/skyguide).
based system called KARLDAP,          the number of re-routings.               also complies with the objectives
which had been in service for more    Key features of P1/VAFORIT are 4D        established by the Single European
than 30 years. The new system         Trajectory Prediction, Advanced          Sky ATM Research Programme                                                                                                                     Skyguide
represents a paradigm shift in        controller tools, such as Medium         SESAR.                                                                                                                                         Change to the Board of
flight data processing. It is based   Term Conflict Detection (MTCD),                                                                                                                                                         Management

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Urs Ryf, the current Chief Operating
Frankfur t –   Go-ahead given for noise-abatement flight procedures                                                                                                                                                           Officer (COO), will step down from
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              his position on 1 August 2011.
The Federal Supervisory Authority     from the active noise protection         DFS will begin trial operations in                                                                                                             He will be taking a sabbatical for
for Air Navigation Services (BAF)     programme of the Airport and Re-         early 2011.                                                                                                                                    several months.
has approved three procedures         gion Forum for Frankfurt Airport.                                               Recruiters at the shared booth in Basel

NEWSLETTER No. 12                                                                           

List of abbreviations

ACC      Area Control Centre                 DFS       Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH       MUAC     Maastricht Upper Area
AHMS     Air Traffic System Message          DSNA      Direction des Services de                  Control Centre
         Handling System                               la Navigation Aérienne (F)        NATS     National Air Traffic
AIM      ATFM Information Message            EEC       Eurocontrol Experimental Centre            Services (U.K.)
AMS      Airport Movement System             EIP       Early Implementation Package      NLR      Nationaal Lucht- en
ANA      Administration de la                ENAV      Società Nazionale per                      Ruimtevaartlaboratorium
         Navigation Aérienne (Lux)                     l’Assistenza al Volo (Italy)      NM       Nautical Mile
ANS(P)   Air Navigation Service (provider)   FAB       Functional Airspace Block         NSA      National Supervisory
AO       Aircraft Operator                   FABEC     Functional Airspace Block                  Authorities
ASB      ANSP Strategic Board                          Europe Central                    NOTAM    Notice to Airmen
ASM      Airspace management                 FIS       Flight Information Service        PC       Provisional Council
ATC(O)   Air Traffic Control (Officer)       FL        Flight Level                      PRC      Performance Review
ATFCM    Air Traffic Flow and Capacity       FRAM      Free Route Airspace Maastricht             Commission
         Management                          IATA      International Air Transport       RTS      Real-Time Simulation
ATFM     Aeronautical Fixed                            Association                       SC ENV   Standing Committee
         Telecommunication Network           ICAO      International Civil Aviation               Environment
ATM      Air Traffic Management                        Organisation                      SES      Single European Sky
CBA      Cross-Border Area                   ISAAC     Innovative System for             SESAR    Single European Sky ATM
CDG      Charles de Gaulle (Airport Paris)             Automated Aeronautical                     Research
CDM      Cooperative Decision Making                   Communication                     STANLY   Statistics and Analysis
CDO      Continuous Descent Operations       LARA      Local and Regional Airspace       TMS      Traffic Management System
CFMU     Central Flow Management Unit                  Management System                 UAC      Upper Area Control Center
CNS      Communications, Navigation          LVNL      Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland    VFR      Visual Flight Rules
         and Surveillance

Points of Contact

FAB Europe Central                           Belgocontrol, Belgium                       ANA, Luxembourg
Roland Beran, Chairman                       Nadine Meesen                               Luc Willems
Communication Cell                           Tel: +32 2 206 -2023                        Tel: +352 4798 2803
c/o DFS                                         
Am DFS-Campus 10
63225 Langen, Germany                        DSNA, France                                LVNL, The Netherlands
Tel: +49 6103 707 4190                       Jean-Michel Boivin                          Linda van Dort                        Tel: +331 58 09 49 09                       Tel: + 31 20 406 3681
FAB Europe Central                 
Project Steering Group                                                                   MUAC, Eurocontrol/Maastricht
Hermann Theobald, Chairman                   Denis Lemarchand                            Fred Könnemann
Tel: +49 6103 707 4090                       Tel: +331 58 09 49 11                       and Mireille Roman                    denis.lemarchand@aviation-civile.           Tel: +31 43 366 1247 or -1352
FAB Europe Central
ANSP FABEC Group                             DFS, Germany                                skyguide, Switzerland
Peter Naets, Chairman                        Andrea Schäfer                              Roger Gaberell and Maude Rivière
Tel: +32 2 206 21 35                         Tel: +49 6103 707 4112                      Tel: +41 22 417 40 08                               

                                                                                                        making the difference

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