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									Adolescent girls can use literacy
 to read the world around them
  as a text and therefore help
them to form their own identities
  to ultimately find authority in
     telling their own stories.
When people show
you who they are,
 believe them the
     first time.
   Maya Angelou, poet and author
  If you respect
yourself, it’s easier
 to respect other
  John Singleton, screenwriter and director
 Choose to be with those who
believe in you and encourage
 you to grow. Stay away from
 anyone who tears you down
or always brings you the latest
          bad news.
    ---Susan L. Taylor, editor-in-chief, Essence Magazine
 I would unite with
anybody to do right
and with nobody to
    do wrong.
--Fredrick Douglas (1818-1895), abolitionist and
 You owe it to others as
well as to yourself to be
very careful about letting
  others make up your
      mind for you.
          Malcolm X
 My dad taught me that
 being “good” doesn’t
make you weak—in fact,
   it means you are
      Sinbad comedian and actor
 Influence is a powerful
thing. Be careful whom
  you allow to influence
    T.D. Jakes, speaker, minister and author
  No person is your
friend who demands
   your silence, or
denies you the right
       to grow.
     Alice Walker, poet and author
   Get to know people
whose lives are different
 from yours. Find what
  you have in common
        with them.
  Kofi Annan, United Nations secretary general
I believe in recognizing
 every human being as
    a human being,
  neither white, black,
     brown nor red.
 Malcolm X (1925-1965), founder, Organization for Afro-American Unity
 Wonder and
Inquiry Station
and Mirrors
Knowing yourself is one of the
most challenging and important
 tasks of your life. If you know
   who you are and what you
  want, you will have a better
 chance of figuring out how to
  achieve your own success,
    happiness and personal
 Write your name
   in the center of
 the chart, adding
as many words as
     you can that
describe your own
passions, values,
 strengths, skills,
       roles and
 occupations you
 are considering,
 and so forth. Fill
     in this chart.
     Do not worry
   if some of your
    answers seem
incompatible with
others. Try to stay
  true to yourself.
Knowing Yourself Isn't Always Easy
Describing Yourself To Yourself
1.What stands out for you in your life over the past few years?
What kinds of things have been important?
What stays with you?
2.Describe what your life is like right now.
What do you care about?
3.How would you describe yourself to yourself?
4.Is the way you see yourself now different from the way you saw yourself in the
What led to the changes?
Have there been any turning points?
5.How do you see yourself changing in the future?
6.What does being a woman mean to you?
Do you think that there are any important differences between men and women?
7.Looking back, what relationships have been really important to you?
8.Have the relationships changed?
How do you account for the change?
9.Who helped you shape shaped yourself into the person you have become?
10.How would you describe your mother? Father? Primary care giver?
Has your view of them been changing?
                  Defining Success
         What does success mean to you? What would you have to be
               doing to feel that you are a successful person?

   For the definitions of success below Indicate whether you strongly agree,
     agree, are not sure, disagree, or strongly disagree with the definition.

       The wealthy man is the man who is much, not the one who has much.
                                        -Karl Marx
                     Winning isn't everything--it's the only thing.
                                   -Vince Lombardi
             Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.
                                 -Robert F. Kennedy
 If at first you can't succeed try, try again. Then give up--there's no use being a
                                      fool about it.
                                       -W.C Fields
I'm opposed to millionaires, but it would be dangerous to offer me the position.
                                      -Mark Twain
Success can make you one of two ways. it can make you a
 prima donna, or it can smooth out the edges, take away
      the insecurities, let the nice things come out.
                       -Barbara Walters
 Six essential qualities that are key to success: sincerity,
  personal integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom, charity.
                     -Dr. William Menninger
The people who try to do something and fail are infinitely
  better than those who try to do nothing and succeed.
                         -Lloyd Jones
      Write up your own
     definition of success
Your definition
 "A woman's place is in the House, and
       the Senate." -T-Shirt Slogan
"For most of history, Anonymous was a
         woman." --Virginia Woolf
  "Men are taught to apologize for their
      weaknesses, women for their
    strengths." --Lois Wyse, American
           Advertising Executive
                  BLIND SPOTS
There is a small area in your eye called a blind spot, from which
you are unable to see. Technically, the blilnd spot is the point at
   which the optic nerve joins the retina of the eye. However,
 people hav other kinds of blind spots as well. These blind spots
are weaknesses or faults that people are unable to recognize in
 themselves or others. For example, someone might be blind to
   his or her own prejudice, ignorance or weakness may fail to
               recognize such flaws in someone else.

Which of the characters in the stories we have read had a blind
spot or were unable to "see" accurately? What were they failing
        to see? Discuss why they were not able to see?
 What happened because of the blind spots? Find examples in
             the texts to back up your point of view.

              Document your groups discussion.
   "In a package of
minutes there is this We.
    How beautiful."
"In a package of minutes there is this We. How beautiful" Gwendolyn Brooks
"In a package of minutes

                     Gwendolyn Brooks
"We are made strong by
 what we overcome."
    John Burroughs
"Whatever you can do
or dream you can,
begin it. Boldness has
genius, power, and
magic in it."
        – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Saying Yes by Diana Chang

   "Are you Chinese?"

    "Really Chinese?"
    "No. . . not quite."

   "Really American?"
"Well, actually, you see. . ."

  But I would rather say

     Not neither-nor,
       not maybe,
  but both, and not only

   The homes I've had,
      the ways I am

      I'd rather say it
 It is the rare high school curriculum
   where serious discussions occur
concerning the choices that girls and
young women can now make and the
  impact those choices will have on
  their life goals, family roles, dating
      partners or use of their time.
Many young women report
deep feelings of insecurity,
       frustration and
disappointment surrounding
   the issues of sexuality,
    acceptance and self
    Life changing events result in
     immense trauma and thus a
substantial decrease in the quality of
  mother-daughter attachment and
 appropriate attachment to fathers,
 friends and school bonds. If these
   events are not handled with the
   appropriate degree of emotional
sensitivity especially by a mother or
mother substitute, a girl will grow up
missing a major piece of her identity.
   The majority of girls
    and young women
 report tension between
    what they want to
  accomplish and how
they intend to get there.
 Girls and women function in societies
that more than ever shape their image
    of who they ought to become by
        television and media that
     overwhelmingly sends women
     messages that they are sexual
 objects, ornaments, and background
players in life’s most important scenes.
    Reality: A Matter of
As a group, discuss reality through
           the eyes of
        Maleeka or Nhamo
Write down words and phrases that
   represent their point of view.
 Create a poem from your words
          and phrases
                    COMING TO TERMS
Have you ever faced a problem that seemed to have no solution? Not all
   problems have answers. Sometimes a person can only accept the
situation and come to terms with it. "Coming to terms" means arriving at
        an understanding or an acceptance of the way things are.

 Share a time when you had to face problems either with in yourself or
 outside of yourself. What was the problem and how did you come to
                            terms with it?

  Now, look inside the stories we read and pick a character that had to
"come to terms" with something. Write a letter to that character helping
                      them deal with their problem.

(this activity could either lead to creating a poem on coming to terms or
        move into finding details in the story or discussions etc...)

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