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Scene 01 – Saturday, Sept. 1994 – Day

     William - Age 20, freshman in college, one parent, only child,
               attends church, helps the less fortunate, quick to help and
               listen, reflects on his childhood for guidance, considerate
               and respectful. Determined, confident and aspires to be
               an elementary school teacher. William does not plan to
               have an influence on anyone – he just naturally does
               without knowing it.

     William’s Mom -         Age 52, single parent, loveable and
                             financially struggling.
     Pastor -                Age 60 and conservative.

Bus depot, small town in West Virginia. William, William’s mom and
their pastor are standing inside the bus depot.

                             WILLIAM’S MOM
           The bus is due any minute. (nervously) I know you’ll be fine
           but I will worry about you anyway. (realizes she is over
           reacting) I know, everyone goes to college.

                             (puts arm around mom)
           Mom I love you very much, I’ll remember everything you
           taught me. (upbeat) I have everything in order, I have already
           secured a full time job in Houston, I am going to college part
           time and in the very near future I will be a school teacher. I’ll
           be fine.

                            WILLIAM’S MOM
           I know you will, I just wish I could have –

           Mom I will be just fine. I’ll be working full time and even
           though I’ll be going to college only part time, I’ll still get to
           become a school teacher. Thanks to you.

                             WILLIAM’S MOM
          Well at least I feel better knowing that when you traveled to
          Houston, you already got yourself a job.

                            WILLIAM”S PASTOR
                            (decides to lighten the air)
          I remember the first day I met William. It was on a Sunday,
          before the early service, at the church. He was nine years old
          and straight to the point and he said to me, “My Name Is
          William And I Want To Know More About This Church”. At
          that very moment I knew it would never be unclear what is on
          his mind and he was determined to get his answer.

William and William’s mom reminiscently laugh together.

                         WILIAM”S MOM
          William has always found a lot of answers through you.

          Yea, but they were always easy questions.

The bus pulls up. William could see a mild panic in his mom’s eyes.
William walks toward her.

                           (hugging her)
          I love you and I’ll be alright.

William turns to pastor.

                            WILLIAM”S PASTOR
           You’re a natural, so just be yourself. (brief hug)

William gets on the bus, waves out the window and goes off.

                           WILLIAM”S PASTOR
           William has balance of heart and mind, and with that
           combination he has distinct advantage over many.

Scene 02 – Monday, Sept. 1994 – Day

     Edward McGee -         Age 65, groundskeeper for the Douglas
                            Estate, not healthy and well respected by the
                            Douglas’s. Not a man of many words.

     Mr. Douglas -          Age 50 and caring.

William walks from bus depot, downtown Houston, to the Douglas’s
estate. As William walks onto the Douglas’s estate Edward McGee
meets him in the driveway.
                           EDWARD McGEE
          I was expecting you, and I figured you would be on time or
          earlier. Did you walk the full five miles?

          Yes sir, I did.

                            EDWARD McGEE
                            (nod of approval)
          I’ll take you to your room so you can drop off your things,
          then I’ll introduce you to Mr. Douglas.

They walk toward an apartment over a storage barn.

          It is great to be here, and as you said in our interview you
          need someone you can count on, and I’m your man! Thanks
          again for this opportunity.

Edward smiles and continues walking toward William’s apartment and
when they arrive just outside the door.

          Drop off your things and I’ll wait for you on the front lawn.

William does exactly as Edward stated and hurriedly met him on the
front lawn.

          Follow me, Mr. Douglas is expecting us.

Edward and William walk towards the back door of the house. As they
approach the door, Mr. Douglas opens it.

                           MR. DOUGLAS
          Come on in.

Edward and William enter the house. Mr. Douglas extends his hand to

                          MR. DOUGLAS
          Hi, so you’re William the one Edward wanted to hire.

          Yes sir.

                           Mr. DOUGLAS
          We think an awful lot of Edward, and he just doesn’t want to
          admit he is not as young as he used to be, so we encouraged
          him to run a help wanted ad for room and board, minimum
          wage, and get an assistant. That appears to be you. Well, if
          you can win Edward over that’s good enough for me. I just
          like to meet everyone so I’ll know your face and not be
          alarmed when I see you around the place.

          I understand sir.

                          MR. DOUGLAS
          I understand you’re working your way through college - I
          admire that.

          Yes sir and thank you sir.

                           MR. DOUGLAS
                           (jokingly to Edward)
          He certainly isn’t lacking respectfulness. Well let’s get him
          going and take some of that workload off of you.

          It was nice meeting you.

Mr. Douglas smiles in acknowledgement. Edward and William exit the
Douglas’s house and as they walk away.

          Take the rest of the day off and settle in. I’ll meet you in the
          stables in the morning at 6:00 AM.
           Yes sir.

William and Edward part walking in different directions.

                            (talking aloud)
           Edward is a strictly by the book type person but he seems
           fair. An honest days work for an honest days pay.

William goes back to his apartment, gives it a closer look. William
walks through the small living room, the kitchen, and checks out the
bathroom and then into the bedroom. William lies on the bed, looking

                             (talking aloud)
           I finally have my own place. (pause) What shall I do first?
           (he thinks for a moment, snuggles into the mattress) My first
           course of action in my own place, is no action.

William rolls over, adjusts his pillow for his head and falls asleep.

Scene 03 – Tuesday, Sept. 1994 – Morning

William gets to the stables early. Then Edward arrives. Edward looks at
a clock on the wall; it’s 5:45 AM.

           So, you don’t have a problem getting up early?

           Usually I don’t but I didn’t want to take the chance of being
           late. Mr. McGee you may have to tell me something once
           but you won’t have to tell me twice.

Edward shakes is head in approval.

           Let’s walk around and I’ll show you the place.

William and Edward walk through the Douglas estate, identifying
tractors, mowers, fencing, horses and Edward explains their care and

Edward and William standing at the Douglas fence line.

           Beyond this fence line is the Hollinsworth estate. Great
           neighbors----each respects the other.

Montage of William over the next couple of weeks, mowing, mulching,
watering grass and flowers, moving hay, caring for the horses and
cleaning the stables. William is feeling right at home.

Scene 03a – Wednesday, Sept. 1994 – Day

     Postman –

     Salesperson –

     Volunteer –

William walks to campus and registers for class. William enters a large
room following the detailed directions at each station to register. He
collects all the necessary forms and sits at a table to fill them out. He
finishes, submits them, writes a check and everything is approved. As
William is walking out.

                           (very satisfied says aloud)
           That was easy enough. Now to secure transportation.
William looks in both directions, not knowing which way to go, decides
right, and off he goes heading up one of the town streets. He stops and
asks a postman.

           Excuse me, could you tell me if there is a bicycle shop in

                              (kindly turns and points)
           Go to the first stop sign and turn right. It’s about half a block
           down on the right.

           Thank you. Have a good day.

William enters the bicycle shop and walks up to the counter.

                             (says to salesperson)
           I need a bicycle to travel back and forth to school. Nothing

William and the salesperson walk towards a row of bicycles. After a
little searching and considering the price, William decides on one.
Writes a check and off he goes, riding his new bicycle.
As William is riding back to the Douglas estate, he cuts through a side
street and passes by a soup kitchen. He rides just a little further, stops
and turns to go back. William goes inside.

                           (asks the volunteer)
           Could you sue some help?

           Saturday evenings are our busiest time. We can always use
           help then.

           Well that’s perfect, Saturday is better for me too.

Volunteer hands William a form.

           Fill out this information form and we can schedule you to
           work at your earliest convenience.

As William is writing.

           Are you starting to college this fall?

                            (continues writing, proudly states)
           Yes I am.

William completes form and hands it back to the volunteer.

           Well, when can you start?

           You said Saturday is your busiest day, so how about this

           Saturday it is. The rush starts at 5:00 PM.

                              (also smiling)
           I’ll be here, and it is nice meeting you.

William walks out, gets on his bicycle and off he goes.

Montage of William attending evening classes on campus, studying in
the library, volunteer work at the soup kitchen on Saturdays and church
on Sundays. William is busy and happy.

Scene 04 – Friday, Sept. 1994 – Day

     Jonathan Adams -       Age 65, old fashioned, reserved, overseer
                            for the Hollinsworth estate, longtime
                            employee, very loyal, wise, an old dinosaur
                            with a modern view and understands the
                            generation gap.

William is mulching a line of trees on the adjacent property line of the
Hollinsworth estate. Jonathan sees William working and walks over to
say hello.

           I have seen you working for the past couple of weeks and this
           has been my first opportunity to say hello. I’m Jonathan
           Adams the Hollinsworth groundskeeper.

           Nice to meet you, I’m William. (pause) I hope you don’t
           mind that I continue working as we speak?

           Oh no, I’m impressed with your diligence.

William continues to work and Jonathan is observing.

           Boy this is certainly a nice day isn’t it.

Jonathan sensing William is trying to be polite.

           Yes it is, when you have your health every day is good.

           Yea, health does have great value.

           What brought you to Houston?

           I like Texas and I am working so I can go to college.

           How long do you think it will take to save enough money to

           Well it’s more like when will I finish. I go to school part
           time in the evenings. This is my first year but it’s a start.

Jonathan is impressed with William’s attitude, so upbeat, and he
wouldn’t neglect his duties as he talked.

           You must keep very busy working fulltime and school also.

           Yea, but I don’t mind. Some people don’t even get the
           opportunity. Even though it will take me longer this way, I
           go to bed each night knowing I will get there. (pause) I hope
           I’m not talking your ear off, I guess it’s because Edward and
           I don’t do much talking.

                           (smiles encouragingly)
           What are your hours?

           Monday through Friday 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

           Well you have your weekends free.

           Not completely, I do volunteer work on Saturday evenings
           and I enjoy church on Sundays, but it really is a nice balance
           in my life.

                             (thinking to himself)
           This young man is willing to work hard for school and still
           listens to his heart for others. I understand completely the
           need for balance of life. This young man is breath of fresh

           If in your spare time you wish to come over and visit for a
           chat, please do. I am here on Saturdays too.

           Thank you Mr. Adams, I will do just that.

Jonathan turns to walk away and as he is walking he talks over his

           Call me Jonathan, after all we are colleagues.

William smiles for a moment, and then goes back to work.

Scene 05 – Saturday, Sept. 1994 – Morning

William sees Jonathan as he walks towards the Hollinsworth stable and
calls to Jonathan as he draws near.

           Well it’s Saturday and I thought I would stop by for a visit, if
           I am not interrupting your work.

Jonathan starts to speak but William interrupts.

           I didn’t know the best time to come over so I just guessed
           this might be your break time.

                            (smiling and thinks to himself)
           He doesn’t realize I’m not on a clock.

           Yes, as a matter of fact now is a good time.

           I’m glad I guessed right.

William and Jonathan enter the stables and there are several horses.

           You have more horses.

           The Hollinsworth’s have children and the Douglas’s do not.

           Do you do all the work yourself?

           Most of it but I do need help regularly. Speaking of help, I
           do have to hire someone regularly. If you could use some
           extra money I could use you on Saturdays and Sundays if you
           can work it into your busy schedule.

                           (quickly replies talking to himself)
           I could work on Sundays before the soup kitchen and after
           church on Sundays.
           My hours are flexible; I just need someone I can count on.

           Well you can certainly count on me. How soon could you
           use me?

           When can you start?

           (quickly) Tomorrow------If that’s okay?

           Perfect, tomorrow it is.

William is beside himself, not knowing what to do next.

           Do you need some help with anything today? (pause) Free
           of charge of course. I’m just hanging out and I would be
           glad to help if you need me.
                           (thinks for a moment)
          It would free me up for other things if you would mow
          behind the stables, about two acres.

          Sure, I would love to help.

Jonathan gets the riding mower.

          The Douglas’s have one similar to this one.

Jonathan starts the mower for William.

          Just follow the fence line.

Off William goes on the mower. When finished he returns. Shuts off
the tractor and Jonathan walks over.

          Do you want me to fill’er up with gas?

          No---don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it; you already
          have been very helpful. You go on and enjoy your day.

As William walks away.

          I’ll see you right after church tomorrow.

          We haven’t discussed your pay.

                          (yells back)
          You haven’t seen my work either. You can decide after you
          see how I work.

William walks away. As Jonathan walks back into the stable.

                            (says aloud)
          I know I will like his work habits and he has a fair attitude.

Scene 06 – Sunday, Sept. 1994 – Day

William meets Jonathan at the stables immediately after church.

           Let’s walk around the grounds to familiarize yourself and
           then you can come back and start mucking stalls. You keep
           track of your time and give it to me each week. You may
           work up to 9:00 PM, or less, whichever works better for you.

           Sounds great and thank you.

Montage of Jonathan and William walking the Hollinsworth estate.
Through the stables, storage barn, paddock areas, identify’s horses, goes
over the use of the mowers and tractors and ends up back at the stables.

           Mr. Hollinsworth is very protective of his family. You must
           limit yourself to the areas we discussed.

           I understand and I’ll ask you before I do anything new.
Jonathan gives a serious nod of approval.

           Well I know you know how to take care of stables. Show me
           what you can do with this one.

William quietly starts to work, mucking stalls.

Montage of the next few weeks. William works at the Douglas’s and the
Hollinsworth’s, attends college, volunteer work and church.

William in bed before going to sleep.

                             (writing a letter to Mom)
           Dear Mom, I love you and miss you but I have to say I am
           excited with all my opportunities. Thank You. School is
           great and I am enjoying the soup kitchen and I attend church
           regularly. But I have to tell you more about Jonathan.
           Jonathan is the groundskeeper for the adjacent Hollinsworth
           estate and he is allowing me to work part time, allowing me
           flexible hours, for extra money. I have great respect for him
           and I believe we are going to be good friends. I can certainly
           count on him as long as I don’t cross the employer/employee
           relationship. Jonathan takes his long time position with the
           Hollinsworth’s seriously. He just seems so wise. You can
           certainly feel more comfortable about me being away from
           home with Jonathan in the picture. I love you Mom! Until
           Next Time. William

William lays the letter on the nightstand, cuts out the light, lays his head
on the pillow, closes his eyes and falls to sleep.

Scene 07 – Saturday, Oct. 1994 – Day

     Rif-Raf - Rebecca Hollinsworth’s dog which no one else really
               cares about except Jonathan and now William.

     Rebecca Hollinsworth – Age 11, prim and proper because of
              family environment and aspires to play softball, prefers
              to be called Becky but mom and dad prefers Rebecca,
              mom and dad’s expectations are different than hers but
              she tries to honor them.

Jonathan and William are cleaning the stables when Rif-Raf strays in.
Rif-Raf goes straight to William as if he knows him. William stops to
meet a new friend.

                           (kneels to pat Rif-Raf)
           Whose dog is this?

                             (states aloud)
           He is a friendly fellow.

Jonathan turns to look.

           That’s Rif-Raf, Rebecca Hollinsworth’s dog. Rebecca won’t
           be far behind.

Rebecca stands in the doorway of the stables and she quietly observes
William playing, being gentle and loving with Rif-Raf.

Rebecca happily and quickly walks over to William.

           Hi I’m Becky, I mean Rebecca.

                           (softly and jokingly)
           Which is it Rebecca or Becky?

                        (slowly states)
           My mom and dad prefer Rebecca.

William immediately understood.
          Hi Rebecca I’m William.

William and Rebecca played with Rif-Raf for a few moments.

          Most everyone thinks Rif-Raf is a nuisance, except for
          Jonathan. He sure has taken up with you.

In the background Martha calls for Rebecca.

                         (calls loudly)
          Rebecca, Martha is calling.

                           (looking at William)
          I have to go.

As Rebecca and Rif-Raf are leaving.

          I enjoyed meeting you Becky.

Rebecca pauses, looks back at William not knowing what to say.
William understanding her dilemma.

           I’ll call you Rebecca if anyone else is listening.

Rebecca smiles, turns and walks away.

Scene 08 – Saturday, Oct. 1994 – Day

     Pamela Hollinsworth – Age 20, freshman in college, lives at home
              and attends hometown college, prim and proper, desires
              mom and dad’s approval.

Jonathan and William are working on a tractor hooking-up the mower
and Pamela rides by on her horse towards the stables and stops.

           Jonathan, has the ferrier been here?

Jonathan works his head out from underneath the tractor. William keeps
working and glances from underneath the tractor and notices Pamela.
He conveniently had to get another wrench, which requires him to
extend further from underneath the tractor to get a better look. Jonathan

noticed William getting the wrench and he knew that particular wrench
was not needed for his work.


                          (says to herself)
           Oh good I’m not late.

Pamela rides off towards the stables. Jonathan could tell Pamela caught
William’s eye, so Jonathan decided to test his insight. As they work.

           That was Pamela Hollinsworth.

           How many children do the Hollinsworth’s have?

           Two girls and a son, Robert. He is the oldest.

William continues to work. Jonathan reaches for the wrench that wasn’t

           You must have picked up the wrong wrench?
                            (slow to respond)
           Yea----I guess I did.

William continues to work. Jonathan smiles unnoticed and nods another

Jonathan and William finish hooking-up the mower to the tractor. Both
are standing next to the tractor. Jonathan looking at the mower.

           With this mower you will cut more in a shorter time. Start
           out front and work your way to the back.

Jonathan walks away with the tools and William jumps onto the tractor
seat and fires it up. Off to the front he goes. As he mows, William sees
Rebecca with Martha, on a couple of occasions, and waves. Rebecca,
each time, quickly returned William’s wave smiling from ear to ear.
Martha, very attentive, notices but pretends she doesn’t.

William finishes the mowing and heads back to the stables and Jonathan
is there. Jonathan knows William has a tight schedule.

           Don’t worry about the final cleanup; I’ll take care of it. I
           know you have a tight schedule and you already worked
           fifteen minutes over. You run on so you won’t be too late.
           Thanks Jonathan, I won’t forget this.

As William is walking away.

                          (yells back)
           I owe you one my friend.

                            (says aloud)
           Yea, we are friends.

William begins a slight job.

                            (says to himself)
           Jonathan is so in tune with life. He doesn’t miss a beat.

Scene 09 – Sunday, Nov. 1994 – Morning

     Martha Hollinsworth – Age 52, selective, subservient to husband
               but has everyone’s respect, great influence on dad, true
               friend and partner to husband, addresses her husband as
               Richard never Dick. The family rock.

Martha is in the kitchen this Sunday morning and sees Jonathan walking
across the backyard. Knowing William only works Sunday afternoons,
she knew this would be a good opportunity to inquire with Jonathan
about William.

Martha steps out of the kitchen door.

           Jonathan, may I speak with you a moment?

           Yes, Mrs. Hollinsworth.

Jonathan walks over to Martha and Martha is always right to the point.

           Rebecca seems fond of William, what is your opinion of

                            (replies with great enthusiasm)
           William is a gentleman and an honest young man.

           Rebecca seems to be developing a long distance friendship
           with William. She shows great enthusiasm when William
           waves at her, as if she knows him.

           Rebecca met William, briefly, one day when Rif-Raf strayed
           into the stables. (confidently) I have seen nothing but good
           intentions in William.

           Thank you Jonathan, I know I can trust your judgment.

Martha turns and walks back inside and Jonathan continues across the

Scene 10 – Monday, Nov. 1994 – Day

Martha and Rebecca are getting into their car; Martha is taking Rebecca
to school. As they are driving down their driveway, Martha sees

           Jonathan thinks highly of William and you seem fond of him
           as well.

                           (very composed)
           I met William briefly in the stables when Rif-Raf strayed
           away. He was very kind to Rif-Raf and he seems like a nice

Rebecca shifts herself around in the seat trying to find a comfortable

           You know dad is very cautious about introductions with a

                         (too quickly)
           But mom William is nice-----I know you’re right.

Rebecca concedes and looks out the window.

           If you wish, you may converse with William as long as you
           do not interfere with his duties.

Rebecca is about to burst with enthusiasm; her eyes are wide open,
breathing a little faster, but pauses and reaches down deep inside for
          I would enjoy that mother, thank you.

Rebecca is beaming and she could not hide that from Martha. Martha is
very composed and lightly smiling to see such happiness within
Rebecca. The car continues on toward school.

Scene 11 – Saturday, Nov. 1994 – Morning

     Housemaid –

Rebecca and Martha are in the kitchen.

          Rif-Raf and I are going outside and enjoy the day.

          Don’t go beyond the stables.

                             (thinks to herself)
           Mom never allows me to go to the stables without someone.
           This is her indirect green light of approval to see William.

Rebecca heads out the door, stops, turns and looks at Martha, a very
tender moment. Martha quietly shoos Rebecca with her hand to go on.
Rebecca turns and she and Rif-Raf run non-stop to the stables.

Jonathan and William are mucking stalls and when Jonathan sees
Rebecca and Rif-Raf.

                            (smiling says to himself)
           This is Mrs. Hollinsworth’s stamp of approval to allow
           William and Rebecca time together.

Rif-Raf runs straight to William.

                           (stops work, looks at Rif-Raf)
           What a pleasant surprise.

William stoops down to pat Rif-Raf and Rebecca quickly follows.

           Hi Becky (looks at Jonathan and says clearly) Rebecca.

           You can call me Becky in front of Jonathan.

Jonathan gleams with his acceptance by Rebecca.

           I must not interfere with your duties.

Jonathan over hears and wants to encourage their time together.

           How about if Rebecca and Rif-Raf be our assistants. They
           can get the different tools as we need them and save us time.

                             (sensing Jonathan’s approval)
           I couldn’t think of two better assistants.

Jonathan slows down to make the work in the stables last longer so
Rebecca and William could spend more time together so Rebecca will
legitimately feel needed.

                           (points towards a wall)
           How about getting me that pitchfork.

Rebecca walks over to the pitchfork, lifts it off the wall and takes it to
William and hands it to him.

           You just let me know if you need something else.

William smiles and starts fluffing and distributing the straw bed in the

           You spread the straw evenly in the center and bank it a little
           higher on the walls.

Rebecca is anxious to dive in.

           May I work with you for a while and I’m sure I will get the
           hang of it?

           Sure Becky, go get another pitchfork.

Rebecca hurriedly gets another pitchfork off the wall and returns to the
stall William is working in.

           You do that side and I’ll do this side. Just do what I do and
           we’ll get this down to a science.

Rebecca smiles, watches William closely, struggles at first, but
determined to do it herself, and shortly she gets the hang of it.

Jonathan watches, but keeps his distance. He is smiling watching
Rebecca and William working together. He nods another sign of

A few minutes pass.

           So, Becky, what do to enjoy doing in your spare time?

           I practice piano, enjoy shopping with mother (searching for
           something else to say) and playing with Rif-Raf.
William can sense there is more inside Becky.

          If you could do anything you wanted to do, right at this very
          moment, what would you do?

                          (without any hesitancy)
          I would be on the girl’s softball team.

                          (says aloud and indirectly)
          Now we are getting somewhere.

          Have you ever played on a softball team?

          No. (dreamingly) But boy do I really want to.

          Dreams do come true. If you want it bad enough and you go
          about it the right way, it will happen. (positively says)

William stirs the pitchfork around in a circle in serious thought.

Montage of William, Rebecca and Rif-Raf continuously working and
playing, and lunchtime is slipping up on them. Jonathan enjoys
watching William and Rebecca through smiles and showing facial
expressions of approval.

Back at the kitchen Martha looks at the clock, it’s 11:30 AM.

                             (says to herself)
           I know Rebecca is having the day of her life but I don’t want
           her to over do it. I want her to know today meets with my
           approval. (idea) I’ll have lunch prepared and taken to her.

Housemaid walks into the stables with a huge picnic basket.

                           HOUSE MAID
                           (says to Jonathan)
           Mrs. Hollinsworth suggested I bring lunch for everyone.

           Thank you that is very considerate.

Housemaid hands Jonathan the basket and turns to walk back to the
house. As she walks past Rebecca.

                         HOUSE MAID
          Rebecca, Mrs. Hollinsworth wanted me to remind you to not
          stay to long.

Housemaid turns and walks away. Jonathan starts setting out the lunch
on a table. Each person has a sandwich, apple and soft drink with
napkins. All gather around.

                          (looks at William & Jonathan)
          After lunch I must go.

                            (grabs his sandwich and takes a bite)
          This taste great, I love ham and cheese. (jokingly) If you
          keep help and lunch is provided, I’ll have to work for free.

Rebecca laughs and Jonathan smiles. William looks down at Rif-Raf,
tears off a piece of his sandwich.

          Hey Rif-Raf you got to eat, you helped too. (pitches the
          piece of sandwich in Rif-Raf’s direction.)

           This has been the best Saturday. Working in the stables with
           you guys is fun. (jokingly) Sure beats piano lessons.

Everybody laughs and continues eating. After everyone finishes eating
Rebecca gathers the picnic basket and there is a sad look on her face.
Jonathan notices.

                            (says to Rebecca)
           Now we know your talents, maybe in the near future you can
           assist us again?

                            (quickly responds)
           I have never enjoyed my work more. I do hope you will

William walks over to Rif-Raf and pats him.

           Goodbye buddy, take care of Becky.

William walks toward Becky, very comfortably, and gives her a hug.

           Today has been great.
                           (remains quiet, pauses and replies)

Rebecca turns and she and Rif-Raf walk away. William looks at
Jonathan, in silence, Jonathan nods approval and William continues his

Scene 12 – Saturday, Nov. 1994 – Day

     Martha’s Guests – All women.

Martha had a small informal gathering of friends over for a visit this
Saturday afternoon. She and Rebecca are showing the guests around on
the property and as they walk through the stables, Jonathan and William
are there working.

Rebecca, in the background, walks over to William. William is tacking
up a horse.

           Hi. Do you need some help?

           Sure, Becky. (they both smile)

The horse is on cross ties and William points.

           Hand me that white saddle pad.

Rebecca walks over and gets it and brings it to William. Rebecca is
standing holding it. William looks at Rebecca.

           What are you waiting for? (Rebecca is confused) Put it on
           the horses back.

           I can’t reach that high.

           Boy, I hope you don’t allow small obstacles like this hold
           you back in other areas. (encouragingly) Use your noodle,
           figure out a way. I’ll hold the horse.

Rebecca realizes this is a fun way for William to allow her to do it. And
Rebecca loves to do things herself. Rebecca looks around, sees a square
stool, brings it over to the horse’s side, climbs upon the stool and throws
the saddle pad over onto the horses back. Adjusts it lightly and looks at

           Is there anything else you wish me to do?

           I’m not surprised---I’m impressed.

Some of Martha’s guests noticed William and Rebecca having fun and
strolled over for a closer look. The rest followed. One of the guests, as
if she was speaking for everyone.

                            FIRST GUEST
                            (asks aloud)
           Some of us have never observed this process before; may we
           focus on your efforts?

William and Rebecca look at each other with a surprised look. William
quickly looks towards Jonathan and he gives his nod of approval.

           Of course-----would you like to help?

                            FIRST GUEST
                            (quickly replies)
           Oh yes, may I.

           Well, the saddle is next. All you have to do is place it on top
           of the saddle pad.

William hands her a saddle, guides her to the stool, she steps upon it
with the saddle and throws it on the horse’s back. She is elated and
smiles from ear to ear and looking at the other guests for

                         (looks toward the guests)
           Would someone like to help with the girth?

                          ANOTHER GUEST
                          (quickly and childlike)
           How about me, I would like to.

William guides her through the process. All are observing very

           Would someone else like to help with the bridle?
All of the guests are raising their hands, properly bouncing with
excitement, and hoping they will be selected. William and Rebecca look
at each other and are laughing at the guests showing such enthusiasm.

           How about you?

                            ANOTHER GUEST
                            (jumps up, regains her composure)
           Yes, I would like to try as well.

All the guests are having fun and laughing. Martha is in the background
observing and not involved.

                            (thinking and fighting off temptation)
           I normally don’t mingle with employees-----but they are
           having fun-----but I don’t want to crowd Rebecca. William is
           special to her.

Rebecca notices Martha’s distance and realizes opportunity is at hand.

                           (calls to Martha)
           Mother I would like to introduce you to William.

Martha very prim and proper walks over.

                            (looks at William)
           William this is my mother.

William being open, polite and comfortable with himself, softly extends
his hand to Martha and she awkwardly extends hers.

                              (extremely polite)
           It is a pleasure, and now I have a better understanding why
           Rebecca loves you so much.

William leans toward Martha and lightly gives her a kiss on the cheek.
Martha is surprised but is warmed by William’s affection.

                             (comfortably taken back)
           I also have a better understanding why Rebecca thinks so
           highly of you.

Rebecca takes another opportunity, as if the thought just popped into her

                          (says aloud to everyone)
           I know everyone is invited to my piano recital next week, is
           everyone coming?

                            ALL THE GUESTS
                            (excitedly and politely respond)
           (you hear several) Oh yes’s.

Due to Martha’s politeness and not feeling hesitant.

                           (says to William)
           I know it would make Rebecca happy if you would attend.

                         (suspiciously thinking to herself)
           Rebecca may have set this up; I’m just not sure.

William, with hesitancy, looks over at Jonathan for help and he gives his
nod of approval again.

           I would be honored and nothing could make me happier.

At this point everyone begins to leave and Rebecca purposely lags
behind. This is William’s first opportunity to speak with Rebecca

           Come back when you have a free moment. I have something
           to show you.

Rebecca not knowing what to think but excited.

           Okay. I’ll be back later.

Rebecca turns to leave, stops looks at William.

           Remember to call me Rebecca at the recital.

Rebecca smiles, walks away and just before she goes out of sight, she
turns and gives William a thumbs up.

William and Jonathan discuss the invitation briefly.

          Well I never expected that!

          I haven’t seen Rebecca happier.

          Rebecca and I do have a budding friendship. (pause) Will a
          jacket and tie be appropriate?

                            (laughing as he talks)
          Yea, that will be fine. What really matters is your

Later that afternoon, Rebecca returns anxiously wanting to see what
William wants to show her. She quickly goes to William; he is working
in a stall.

          What is it that you want to show me?

William, stops work, stands the pitchfork against the stall wall and
motions for Rebecca to follow him to the tack room. Jonathan
inconspicuously observes. William and Rebecca walk towards a
footlocker and William opens it, picks-up something wrapped in cloth.
Hands it to Rebecca.

           Open it, it’s yours.

Rebecca, very surprised, slowly opens it, looking at William almost with
every motion. Then a softball glove is revealed with BECKY engraved
on it with a softball inside. Becky didn’t know what to say.

Jonathan is still inconspicuously trying to observe but he doesn’t have a
clear view.

                           (quickly responds)
           Someday, you will play on a softball team and this glove is
           going to remind you to keep that dream alive until then.

Rebecca doesn’t know what to do with herself. She gives William a hug
and protectively wraps the glove again and places it very softly back in
the locker and slowly closes the locker.

           When we can we’ll go outback and I’ll pitch you a few

           Yeah, that will be cool, just you and me. WOW I can’t
           believe it. (disappointing pause) Gee I have to go, but soon
           you will be throwing me that fastball.

Rebecca gives William another hug, runs excitedly to the stable door,
stops to look back at William, reaches her hand high as if grabbing air,
quickly pulls her elbow to her side making a fist.

                            (with great enthusiasm but softly)

Then Rebecca runs off.

William returns to work and Jonathan pretends to be too busy to notice
much. Jonathan, when William isn’t watching, discreetly heads for the
tack room and opens the footlocker and finds Becky’s glove. It’s all in
perspective now why Rebecca was so excited.

                            (reminiscently to himself)
           When I was a kid----- my uncle would have done the same
           thing. Oh, the secrets we shared.

Scene 13a – Saturday, Nov. 1994 – Day

     Richard Hollinsworth – Age 55, senior partner in well established
               law firm, politically known, loyal to family but he is
               always busy, uncomfortable with affection, expects
               family to abide by predetermined rules.

     Robert Hollinsworth – Age 28, works for father, Ivy League
               graduate and self-centered.

     Hollinsworth Guests – Husbands, wives, friends, kids and etc.

Rebecca is looking out the front window anticipating William’s arrival.
William arrives at the Hollingsworth’s front door and rings the doorbell.
Rebecca quickly answers the door and William is standing there. After
William notices how pretty Rebecca is.

           It will be easy to call you Rebecca today, because you are so

Rebecca with a little formal acting.

           Why thank you William.

William hands Rebecca a yellow rose.
           This is for good luck, but I can assure you even before I hear
           you play, I will be proud.

Martha not intending to eavesdrop over hears the conversation.

Rebecca smiles, takes William’s arm and escorts him to his seat, which
is up front with the family, next to Robert. There wasn’t time for
introductions, Rebecca seats herself at the piano, places the rose beside
her music, a moment of silence, and she begins to play. The recital is
formal and Rebecca is great.

When the recital is finished Rebecca formally acknowledges everyone’s
applause. Martha stands and addresses their guests.

                           (tells everyone)
           Refreshments will be served in the gathering room. (softly
           extends her hand in the direction of the room) Please join us.

All guests politely proceed towards the gathering room. Rebecca
hurriedly walks over to William. Rebecca noticed Robert would not
strike up a conversation and she feared this would appear rude to

           William, will you be my escort?

           I would be honored, Rebecca. (winks)

William extends his arm, Rebecca accepts and Rebecca takes William to
meet the family.

Rebecca takes William to Martha, and Richard is standing next to her.

           Mother you remember William.

           Yes, (looks at William) and it’s nice of you to attend.

           Thank you for inviting me.

William leans over and gives Martha a light kiss on the cheek. Richard
is surprised but Martha gives him that look it’s okay. Pamela is walking
past as the kiss occurs, notices but keeps walking.

Rebecca introduces William to her father.

            Father I would like for you to meet William, (looks at
            William) William this is my father.

Richard replies first.

            Rebecca thinks a lot of you.

            And I do her also.

One of Richard’s guests pulls him away. Robert is socializing far across
the room. Pamela is standing nearby and Rebecca introduces William to

            Pamela this is William, (looks at William) William this is my
            sister Pamela.

                               (thinks to herself)
            (keeps a little distance and is wondering) Is he going to kiss
            me too?

William realizing Pamela’s distance.

           It is nice to meet you.

                           (feeling rejected thinks to herself)
           He didn’t even extend his hand to me. (she just blows off the
           thought) (silence)

William recognizing the silence.

           May I get you something to drink?

           No thank you, I’m going to wait awhile.

William turns to Rebecca.

           May I get you something to drink?

Rebecca takes William’s arm.


Rebecca and William walk towards the refreshments.

                         (looks back at Pamela)
          Nice meeting you.

Pamela, discreetly, gives William a mild second look. As William and
Rebecca drink their refreshment.

          Your recital, you played beautifully.

          Thank you.

          You must have been born playing a piano.

           My mother taught piano. I’m sure you get the picture now.
           (pause) But she did spare me and agreed to one of her former
           students as my teacher.

Several guests are working their way past William and Rebecca and they
politely had to step back and interrupt their conversation. Then William
looks at his watch.

           Regretfully I have to leave.

           Do you have to leave so soon?

           There’s some volunteer work I promised to do. (Rebecca
           understands) Becky will you tell everyone I had to go and
           thank them for the invitation?

           Yes, and I am glad you could come.

           You were great and I am honored to attend.

Rebecca escorts William to the door. Just before William walks out the

          I am not surprised, but impressed. (winks at her)

Rebecca closes the door and returns to the gathering room. Martha
walks over to Rebecca.

          Where’s William?

          He had to leave early. (Martha with a surprised look) He
          had promised to do some volunteer work.

Rebecca walks off and mingles into the crowd. Richard, standing
nearby, overhears Rebecca’s comments.

                          (says to Martha)
          I am impressed he honors his commitments.

                          (thinks to herself)
          An unsolicited comment, Richard noticed too.
Scene 13b – Saturday, Dec. 1994 – Day

Rebecca runs to the stables and finds William sweeping the center isle.
She quickly looks around and sees no one else is there.

           Hey, (William looks around) how about throwing ma a few

William thinks for a moment.

           Becky, it’s the ninth inning, two outs, the bases are loaded,
           your team is leading by one point, you are in center field, a
           deep fly ball is hit to center field and you start running for the

William stops talking.

           Well, do I catch it?

William pauses for a moment, starts running for the tack room and as he
runs he yells with great excitement.

           Let’s get your glove and find out.

Rebecca immediately races William to the footlocker for her glove.
William unnoticeably insures that Becky gets there first. Becky quickly
gets the glove, slowly slides her hand inside, and beams with delight.

           Okay mister fastball; give me your best shot.

William and Rebecca run out behind the stables where no one would see
them, they thought, and pitched ball and were having fun. Jonathan, at a
distance, is heading for the stables. When he saw William and Rebecca,
he smiles and quickly does an about-face and heads in the opposite

Scene 13c – Saturday, Dec. 1994 – Night

Rebecca is in her bedroom preparing for bed. She has on her sleeping
gown and is sitting in front of her dresser brushing her hair. Seemingly
in serious thought. She finishes and gets into bed and is looking towards
the ceiling. She clasps her hands together, looks toward the ceiling.

                             (says aloud)
           God thank you for my partial dream come true. Pitching
           softball with William was wonderful. I have my own glove
           too. (with reluctance) I don’t want to sound selfish, but if I
           go about it the right way would you allow my dream to come
           true completely? (delay) Also, would you help me go about
           it the right way?

Very content, Rebecca rolls over, snuggles her pillow and falls asleep.

Scene 14 – Thursday, Dec. 1994 – Day

Martha walks from the house to the stables to speak with Jonathan.
Martha walks into the stables and Jonathan is there alone.

           Jonathan would you inform me more about William? He is
           such an influence on Rebecca and I do like what I see but I
           want to be careful.

           William is from a small town in West Virginia, he goes to
           college part time, works full time to pay for his tuition, does
           volunteer work on Saturdays, attends church on Sundays and
           he is very reliable.

           I know William does volunteer work because he left shortly
           after the recital because of it. Do you know what that

           William works at a soup kitchen once a week to help care for
           the less fortunate.

           Do you think he was embarrassed to tell us that?

                           (without hesitation)
           Oh no, William feels giving shouldn’t be acknowledged or
           you will be doing it for the wrong reasons.

           Thank you Jonathan, this has helped me better know the type
           of person William really is.

Martha turns and walks away. She even has a little bounce in her step.
Scene 15 – Friday, Dec. 1994 – Day

Martha and Richard are getting dressed, in their bedroom, for an evening
out. Richard is tying his tie and Martha is sitting at her dresser doing
some finishing touches. She is looking at Richard through the mirror.

           Do you know William comes from a small town, goes to
           college part time and works full time to pay his tuition.

Richard starts to speak but Martha continues.

           He feels it is important to not receive acknowledgement for
           his volunteer work because he believes you would then be
           doing it for the wrong reasons.

Richard waits to insure Martha has finished.

                            (nodding his head in approval)
           I have a good feeling about William.

Richard finishes dressing and turns to leave the room, stops, and semi-
seriously looks at Martha.

           Maybe we better open our eyes to Rebecca’s judgment, she
           sure seems to have picked a nice one in William.

Martha turns towards Richard. Richard leaves the room. As Martha
turns back to the mirror.

                           (says to herself)
           William’s beginning to reach Richard’s heart also.

Scene 16 – Saturday, Dec. 1994 – Day

William is mucking stalls and Pamela brings her horse in after her ride.
Pamela is in a big hurry and she hurriedly untacked her horse and
washed it down. But she didn’t have time to clean her boots, which
were very muddy.

                            (says aloud to herself)
           I don’t have time to clean my boots.

Frustratingly she takes her boots off and sets them on the floor. As she
walks away.

                              (says to herself)
           I’ll just have to do them later.

William overhears Pamela’s comments and, after she leaves, he cleans
and polishes them for her. He leaves a note with her boots stating, “I
Wasn’t Eavesdropping But I Overheard Your Conflict With Time And I
Thought I Could Help. William.”

Pamela returns later and finds her boots and the note. She saw William
and went over to him carrying her boots.

           I want to thank you for cleaning and polishing my boots.
           That was a nice gesture.

                          (very casually)
           No problem, I’m glad I could help.

William continues working. Pamela slowly walks away.

                           (thinks to herself)
           What a nice guy.

Jonathan is in the same area and could overhear their conversation.
Nods approval again.

                           (thinks to himself)
           William sure keeps focused on his work-----I think Pamela
           wanted to talk more.

Jonathan smiles and goes back to work.

Scene 17 – Saturday, Dec. 1994 – Day

Jonathan and William are doing light work in the stables.

           Let’s call it a day, tomorrow is Christmas.

           That sounds like a wonderful idea.

          Did you call your mother?

          Thanks for reminding me, but I plan to call her Christmas

          What are you doing for Christmas dinner?

William didn’t want to sound down.

          I don’t know just yet. I kind of enjoy allowing the day to
          develop on it’s own.

          I would be honored if you would join me for Christmas

                         (very touched and excited)
          Thank you. I would like that. What time is dinner and what
          can I bring?

          4:00 PM and bring an empty stomach. It will be nice to cook
          for someone. (proudly) I am a good cook!

Jonathan and William part, both looking forward to Christmas dinner.
Later that day Jonathan sees Martha and walks over to her.

          Mrs. Hollinsworth, may I speak with you for a moment.

          Of course Jonathan.

          I wish to reconsider your invitation for Christmas dinner this

Martha looks puzzled and Jonathan explains.

          I have decided to prepare dinner myself and invite William. I
          know the feeling of being alone.

                          (softly and understanding)
          Your change of heart is well understood and I’ll enjoy the
          day even more knowing that the two of you are together. I
          hope you and William have a wonderful Christmas.

          You too Mrs. Hollinsworth and be sure to tell the whole
          family the same for me.

          I will.

As Martha turns to walk away and stops.

          You know you’re like a member of the family.

Jonathan smiles and they both walk away.

Scene 18a – Saturday, Dec. 1994 – Christmas Day

William knocks on Jonathan’s door and Jonathan answers it.

           Merry Christmas William and come in.

           Merry Christmas Jonathan and thanks for having me.
           (William looks at the table, it is beautifully prepared) Wow
           Jonathan, it’s the most beautiful table I have ever seen.

           You didn’t have to make that comment to get seconds.
           Please sit down and let’s enjoy it.

Jonathan and William seat themselves at the table. It’s very organized.

           Everything should be within easy arm reach. If you leave
           hungry, it’s your own fault.

                          (looks at all the delicious food)
           Believe me I won’t let this opportunity pass me by.

William, (pauses for a brief moment), then immediately starts reaching
for all the dishes and fills his plate. Jonathan does the same. As they

           Did you call your mom?

           Thank you for asking and yes I did and she is well. I gave
           her an update on everything. She told me to tell you she feels
           much better knowing I am having Christmas dinner with a
           close friend.

Jonathan smiles for William’s acknowledgement as a close friend.

                          (fatherly posture)
           How are your grades coming along?

           Two B’s.

                          (quickly replies)
           Considering how busy you are that’s very good.

William softly laughs. Jonathan a little surprised.

          My mom said exactly the same thing.

Now, William and Jonathan both laughed.

Jonathan and William finish eating, with some small talk. Afterwards.

          Let me help you clean the dishes.

          No, you go and enjoy the rest of your day.

William walks to the door and turns toward Jonathan.

          Thanks again. What a special day.

William opens the door and leaves.

Scene 18b – Sunday, Dec. 1994 – Christmas Day

     Jessica Waverly – Age 20, freshman in college, Pamela’s closest
               friend, materialistic and plans to marry success.

Pamela and Jessica at the Hollinsworth’s and Pamela is looking out the
window and notices William walking towards his apartment from
Jonathan’s house.

                            (subtlely but softly)
           William is a nice guy, so polite and considerate.

Jessica follows Pamela’s eyes and looks out the window too.

           Have you had a chance to get to know him?

           He and Rebecca are good friends and I have met him briefly
           a couple of times.

                              (thinks to herself)
           I can’t believe it Pamela has finally shown some interest in
           someone. (acting like Sherlock Holmes) I’m going to find
           out more about this guy-----Pamela certainly won’t.

Jessica looks at Pamela then back out the window to William, and stares.

Scene 19a – Thursday, Jan. 1995 – Day

Jessica is on campus, one evening, and notices William rushing to class.
She looks at her watch.

                             (says to herself)
           4:45 PM, that means William’s class starts at 5:00 PM and
           let’s out at 6:00 PM. (satisfied with herself) Pamela and I
           will be here next week at 6:00 PM. (sarcasticly) What a
           coincidence that will be!

The following week, Jessica and Pamela are sitting on a bench outside
the building William’s class is in. Jessica saw William coming and
stands to leave, walking in William’s direction, and Pamela follows.
William saw Pamela and walks over to them.

           Hi Pamela. (leans over and gives her a kiss on the cheek)
           (jokingly) I almost didn’t recognize you without your riding

           William, this is my close friend Jessica.

           It is nice to meet you. (pauses and hurriedly says) I don’t
           mean to rush but I have to go.

           Sure, don’t let us hold you up.

                            (looks at Jessica)
           It was nice meeting you.

William walks to his bicycle and rides off.

           What was that kiss all about?

                             (quickly replies)
           That is his way of greeting. (Jessica has that oh sure look)
           It’s like a handshake.

           I hope some handsome guy comes up to me and gives me,
           “It’s Like A Hand Shake Kind Of Kiss”.

Pamela, for a moment, had a serious look on her face and then blows it
off. Pamela and Jessica walk away.

Montage the next three weeks of Rebecca, William and Rif-Raf
spending time together when William comes over to work. Rebecca
even works with William to spend time with him.

Scene 19b – Saturday, Jan. 1995 – Day

Pamela is in the stables tacking up her own horse and taking longer to do
it as William and Rebecca are working. While she slowly tacks up her
horse Jonathan walks over to her.

           Pamela, I can arrange to have your horse tacked up in

                            (very awkwardly)
           Well-----I don’t mind, I really don’t mind doing it myself.

                             (thinks to himself)
           That sure is a change of pace. (aloud) Okay, if you need
           anything just let me know.

Jonathan walks out of the stables and waves at Mrs. Hollinsworth on the
lawn. Martha returns the wave and from a distance notices Rebecca and
William working around the stables.

                            (says to herself)
           I would have never guessed Rebecca would enjoy working in
           a stable-----Pamela never would have-----But William and
           Rebecca’s friendship is a good one.

Scene 20 – Saturday, Jan. 1995 – Day

Jonathan and William are working in the stables and Pamela is there
tacking up her horse. Pamela gradually works her way over near
William and strikes up a conversation.

           What are you majoring in?

           Education, I want to be an elementary school teacher. How
           about you?

Jonathan overhears Pamela starting a conversation with William, smiles
and inconspicuously exits.

           Father wants me to go to law school.

                            (straight to the point)
           Is that what you want? (before Pamela could answer William
           noticed that Jonathan was gone) I must go. (pause) Enjoy
           your ride. (as William is leaving he looks back over his
           shoulder) If you ever get pressed for time again, just leave
           your boots and I’ll do them.

Pamela lost for words.

           Maybe I will.

William continues to walk away.
          Good, because I really am glad to help.

As Pamela resumes tacking up her horse.

                            (talks to herself)
          Is this guy for real, I have never met a guy who gives and
          expects nothing in return.

Scene 21 – Sunday, Jan. 1995 – Day

William is working along the driveway as Richard and Rebecca are
driving in. Rebecca saw William.

          Father let’s stop and say Hi to William

          Okay. (pause) Would you like to invite William as our guest
          to the company picnic Sunday?

           Yes, but the picnic starts at 12:00 noon and William goes to
           church on Sundays and he doesn’t get home until 12:30.

The car slows down and stops where William is working. The window
rolls down.

           Hello William.

Richard right to the point.

           William I would like to invite you to our company picnic
           next Sunday.

William didn’t want Mr. Hollinsworth to think he didn’t want to go.

           Jonathan informed me of the picnic but-

           Meet us at the house at 1:00 PM and you can ride with us.

                          (happily responds)
           Thank you Mr. Hollinsworth, and I’ll be there.

As the car drives off and the window is rolling up, Rebecca looks out the
back window and waves at William. Rebecca turns and addresses

           Father you always start the picnic with a speech.

Richard adjusts himself while driving, clears his throat and struggling
for words.

           This year I feel like doing it different. (pauses) I shouldn’t
           be so predictable. (pauses) Don’t you think?

Rebecca smiling from ear to ear and with composure.

                             (with emphasis)
           I do agree father.

The car continues up the driveway towards their house.

Scene 22 – Sunday, Feb. 1995 – Day

     Employees -      Approximately 40

     Robert’s So Called Friends - 4 or 5

William is walking across the lawn to the Hollinsworth’s estate heading
for their front door. He looks at his watch, 1:00 PM; he walks up to
their door and rings the doorbell. Mr. Hollinsworth answers the door.

           I like a person who is on time. Punctuality is important.

Martha quickly grabs Richard’s arm and nudges him outside toward the
car. Rebecca smiles at William and they all pile into the car.

When they arrive at the picnic, Richard prepares to give his short pep
speech, with only his employees attending. Everyone else just gets
involved in something.

                           (says to William)
           Let’s get something to eat.

           Sounds good to me.
Rebecca and William head for the buffet table. William and Rebecca
take their food and sit in the grass to eat. Several people say hello to
Rebecca as they walk by. After this occurred often.

                          (looks at William)
           You know the bosses daughter thing.

                           (jokingly formal)
           I am honored to be in your presence.

Rebecca looks at William and sticks her finger in her mouth in protest.
William is very observant of all activities.

Martha walks over to Rebecca and William.

                          (says to Rebecca)
           Rebecca, you and William look like you’re having a good

           This picnic, I am sure, will be the best.

           Well I guess it’s time to attend the meetings.

Martha turns and walks away. William looks a little puzzled.

           Father sometimes turns this into business.

William acknowledges with a laugh.

           Let’s enter the sack race.

           How bad should we beat them.

William and Rebecca head for the race. When they get there they have
to wait for the race to start. While waiting Pamela and Jessica walk by.

                              (semi-seriously says to Pamela & Jessica)
           Ladies what a beautiful surprise. If I had to choose the
           prettiest, the task would be too hard to bear.

Jessica reads more into it but Pamela does not.

                         (equally replies)
           Why William you are a devil after all.

                          (quickly asks Rebecca)
           Are you and William going to enter the race?

           To quote William, “How Bad Should We Beat Them?”

Pamela laughs and hurriedly walks away with Jessica. As they are
walking away Pamela looking over her shoulder.

           Good luck.

Jessica is giving Pamela her facial approval.

           I like him.

Pamela just ignores Jessica’s comment. Rebecca and William enter the
race. They hurriedly get a bag, each put a leg in it, get on the starting
line, shortly all the contestants are ready and someone yells.

                            A VOICE IN THE DISTANCE

William and Rebecca took off but lost because they fell down. Rebecca
has a sign of sadness on her face. As they are lying on the ground.

                          (very upbeat)
           We didn’t win but without a doubt we had the most fun.

Rebecca’s facial expression immediately turns to joy. Rebecca and
William stand up. Rebecca is dusting off her clothes.

           Excuse me; I’ll be right back.

William returns the bag and walks around waiting for Rebecca’s return.
William sees Pamela at the refreshment table and walks over.

           Hello again.

William proceeds to get something to drink. Pamela is holding a drink
and a volleyball hits her hand and Pamela drops her cup spilling her
drink. It doesn’t get on her clothes. William picks up her cup.

           May I pour you another?

They both seemed to sense a special moment.

           If you would, please.

Just as William hands Pamela her drink, they both looks into each others
eyes very softly for just a few seconds. Rebecca comes back
simultaneously and Rebecca picks up on that look, just like Sherlock
Holmes, and she is pleased. William finally lost for words turns toward

                             (says to Rebecca)
           Let’s try that sack race again.

Rebecca nods her head yes and off they go. As they are walking away.

                           (says to Pamela)
           If you need another drink, just yell.
          Maybe I should drink a lot today.

                         (says to William)
          Pamela broke up with her boyfriend a few months ago.

As they are walking William looks behind and around Rebecca as if she
were hiding something.

          Where are you hiding your bow?


          Cupid must carry a bow.

Rebecca laughs and they continue walking. William notices Martha
sitting at what resembles a conference table with Richard.

          I’m going to see if I can bail your mother out of boredom.
Rebecca stands back and watches William in action. William walks
over to Martha.

           Mrs. Hollinsworth may I enjoy a walk with you?

Martha is pleasantly surprised, pauses, William extends his arm and
Martha accepts. They walk off and Rebecca is impressed. As they

           I thought you may enjoy a walk, and I know I will enjoy your

           You are perceptive William.

As they walk many say hello to Martha.

                          (looks at William)
           You know, the bosses wife thing.

William laughs.

           I’ve heard that before. (Martha has a puzzled look) Rebecca
           said the same thing earlier.

Martha laughs.

                            (reluctant but serious)
           I hope I am not out of bounds, but you and Mr. Hollinsworth
           seem to have a great relationship. Filled with understanding
           and friendship.

Martha beginning to feel comfortable with the conversation.

           You left out love.

William pauses briefly.

           Love is understanding and friendship.

Martha nods her head to show she was impressed with his response. As
they worked their way back to Martha’s table, William extends his hand
to assist Martha’s chair.

           Thank you for a pleasant walk Mrs. Hollinsworth.

Before Martha sits down she leans over and kisses William on the cheek.

           The pleasure was mine also.

Martha sits down and William walks away. Richard looks at Martha
after she is seated, very surprised for the kiss. Martha looks back at
Richard with one of those reassuring looks, that it’s okay. Richard
returns to business.

William strolls around looking for Rebecca and he overhears a
conversation with Robert’s so called friends. They are standing in a
group drinking and talking, and don’t realize William is part of Mr.
Hollinsworth’s group.

                           LEADER OF THE GROUP
                           (says to the group)
           This picnic would be tolerable if we didn’t have to deal with

                          MEMBER OF THE GROUP
                          (responds to leader)
           We all know he wouldn’t be where he is if it wasn’t for his

William is not intentionally eavesdropping, but they are rudely loud and
inconsiderate. Their personal flasks of alcohol contributed.

                          LEADER OF THE GROUP
                          (says to the group)
           He wouldn’t even have us as friends if it weren’t for job

William isn’t aware that Robert is nearby overhearing this conversation
too. William just couldn’t hold back his comments and barges in.

                            (strongly says to the group)
           Some friends.

The leader of the group not knowing William.

                           LEADER OF THE GROUP
                           (responds to William’s intrusion)
           Are you crashing our conversation?

           If you call the sounds I heard conversation, who would want
           to crash that. I know Robert and he is Okay.

Robert out of sight and listening, and overheard William’s support.
Then the group realized they may have divulged information upon the
wrong ears and quieted. William is about to speak again when Robert
walks briskly in their midst as if he hadn’t heard a thing.

                           (says to everyone)
           Hi guys. (almost all said hello in unison) (Robert looks at
           William) Hey William how are you? (Robert looks at the
           group) I see you have met William.


                           (trying to hide frustration)
           Good to see you Robert. I hate to rush but I am trying to
           track down Rebecca.

           I just saw her at the buffet table.

           Thanks Robert, I’ll see you later.

William walks away.

           I hope so.

A little more socializing and the picnic is over. Everyone loads into
their cars and goes home.

Montage of the next week, when William is at the stables, Rebecca, Rif-
Raf and Pamela are there more often. Pamela keeps her distance.

Jonathan is at the stables and he watches William, Rebecca and Rif-Raf
interact playfully.

                            (happily says to himself)
           The Hollinsworth’s has certainly been an involved family
           unit this week. (looks at William) I cannot believe the
           influence William has on everybody, including myself.

Scene 23 – Saturday, Feb. 1995 – Day

Jonathan and William are working in the stables. Robert, unannounced,
walks in.
           Hey guys, good morning. (Jonathan and William are
           surprised) I thought I would come down and see what’s
           going on. (Jonathan and William look at each other, lost for
           words) It’s been so long since I got involved in anything
           down here, I thought it was about time. (Jonathan and
           William look at each other again, still lost for words) Maybe
           I could help with something?

A few moments of silence and then William takes hold.

           Hey, that would be wonderful.

William not wanting to sound like they wanted to take advantage of his

           Would you prefer to dabble in something particular?

           I don’t want to dabble, I want to help.

                            (says to himself)
           I have never heard considerate words come out of Robert’s
           mouth. (jokingly thinks) What did he eat for breakfast

Jonathan, feeling William is the focus, encouraged William by eye
contact and a nod to proceed.

           How about mucking a stall?

Robert slaps his hands together and rubs them.

           Sure. (starts to walk and stops) Is there a particular way to
           do it?

William is impressed, for whatever reason, Robert comes down to help
and he obviously doesn’t know much, but he really wants to help.

           Grab a pitchfork and do as I do.

Robert walks over and lifts a pitchfork off the wall. He walks into the
stall with William.
                           (works his pitchfork)
           This is how you do it.

Jonathan is watching and just shakes his head, in surprising approval.
After a short while.

                           (says to Robert)
           You’ve got the hang of it now. Pick out a stall and go to it.

Robert does as he is told and works non-stop, almost relentlessly.
Jonathan and William, on a couple of occasions, look at each other
wondering what sparked Robert. Each time they shrugged their
shoulders and continued working. After a couple hours and nearing

           Hey William, let’s go down to a nearby deli for a sandwich.
           (brief pause) Hey Jonathan, you too.

It is clear to Jonathan that William is the spark again.

           No, you guys go ahead, I brought my lunch.

By eye contact Jonathan encourages William to go.


                           (says to William & Robert)
           Take your time, with Robert’s help this morning we are way
           ahead of schedule.

Robert smiled, feeling proud Jonathan acknowledged his efforts were

                              (says to William)
           I’ll get my car.

                           (thinks to himself)
           We’re going in his convertible sports car.

William looks at Jonathan with excitement. Jonathan totally lost for
words, awkwardly gives William a thumbs up. William walks toward
the driveway, gets in Robert’s car, the top is up, and off they go. They
arrive at the deli, it’s quite informal. They go in and sit down.

                            (looks at William)
           It’s my treat, what do you want?

                            (not wanting to impose)
           Dutch will be fine; it’s already a treat as it is.

           Okay, but the pleasure is all mine.

They order their lunch and sit at a table, and as they are eating.

           I want to thank you for something.

           Okay, but I don’t know what I did.

           I overheard my colleagues at the picnic. I want to thank you
           for your defending response in support of me. I can’t tell you
           how much that meant to me.

William thinks for a moment, extends his hand to Robert, Robert easily
accepts, and as they shake hands.

                           (jokingly but serious)
           Today a friendship, (pause searching for words) tomorrow
           more will come.

Robert very proudly continues shaking William’s hand, with enthusiastic
acceptance. They finish eating and head for Robert’s car. As they near
the car.

           Let’s make the trip back more exciting. Let’s take down the
           top and have some fun.

William shows facial excitement and Robert proceeds with taking the
top down. They jump into the car and Robert takes off with just a little
more speed than when they came. Both are laughing and yelling.

Scene 24 – Saturday, Feb. 1995 – Day

Pamela heads for the stables. When she arrives Jonathan and William
are working and Rebecca and Rif-Raf are assisting.
Pamela starts puttsing around with her tack, then her boots, and then
cleaning the tack room. Pamela regularly kept looking at William and
Rebecca. Jonathan smiles, Pamela is telegraphing her interest in body

                            (thinks to himself)
           I think Pamela is getting frustrated because William doesn’t
           notice her?

A few more minutes and Pamela softly but sternly turns and walks out.

                               (discreetly says aloud)
           Yep, I was right.

Later William and Becky go out behind the stables to pitch softball.
Becky is improving and learning some of the lingo.

           Hey throw me a knuckle ball.

Rebecca squats like a catcher. William winds up and lets’er fly.

           That wasn’t a strike, it was low and outside.

           Throw me the ball, the next one is right down the middle
           with some heat.

           Give me your best shot.

William and Rebecca continue to pitch.

Scene 25 – Saturday, Mar. 1995 – Day

Pamela walks in the stables and she is looking around as if searching for
something, all she saw is Jonathan working. Jonathan keeps working
and observes. Pamela casually walks around and is wandering
throughout. She hears a tractor start-up.

                            (says aloud)
           William is outside and Jonathan inside, PERFECT.

Pamela walks toward the sound and finds William and Robert high
fiving because they got the tractor started.

                             (suggests to William)
           Hey let’s take it for a test drive.

           Yea, let’s do it.

Off William and Robert go on a sputtering tractor. Pamela very
frustrated walks through the stables and Jonathan is in the center isle.
As Pamela walks past Jonathan.

                         (harshly says to Jonathan)
           Good morning. (slight pause) Beautiful morning isn’t it.

                               (cautiously replies)

Pamela continues walking away.

                            (says aloud)
           She wants to talk to William and is frustrated because her
           timing is always off.
Jonathan smiles and continues to work.

As William and Robert are riding along on the tractor.

           Do you have any brothers or sisters?

           No. I am the only child. It was just me and my mother, most
           of my life. My dad sought greener pastures when I was nine.

Robert not knowing what to say.

           Your mom must be a great woman. She sure knew how to
           add the right ingredients in you.

           Yea, my mom is great. She gives so much love and
           understanding. We worked together making ends meet and
           she always reminded me there is a light at the end of the
           tunnel, and it is just for me.

           What was it like growing up? (pause) Just an easy summary
           of course.

                             (comfortably reminiscing)
           I lived in a small coal-mining town. My mother worked as a
           clerk in a Ben Franklin store. I did odd jobs, I even worked
           at the Ben Franklin store at Christmas, assembling toys and
           working behind the candy case. It was great. I helped out at
           the local grocery store. Harriet Mullins, the store manager,
           liked me and used me whenever she could. I played football;
           some track and I enjoyed dancing. (smiles) That allowed me
           to have a lot of “Girl” friends. I really never dated anyone
           seriously. I guess I was always focused on helping my mom.
           (pause) Church was very important. My pastor taught me a
           lot. One of the big things was, helping the less fortunate and
           feeling the great gift of peace in doing so.

Robert is clinging on every word, which comes out of William’s mouth
as if he is living the experience as he spoke. Then William stops.

           It’s amazing to listen to you. One of the first things I quickly
           noticed in you, is you integrity. Now I better know why and
           how integrity is just part of your nature. It really is who you
           are and we need more of it.

William and Robert continue riding the old sputtering tractor.

          I understand you help out at the soup kitchen.

          Every Saturday.

          Maybe I could do the soup kitchen scene with you sometime?

          My pastor said I would be a good influence, maybe this is the

They continue riding away.

Scene 26 – Saturday, Mar. 1995 – Morning

Martha is watering flowers in the Hollinsworth’s kitchen and Pamela
walks in.

          Good morning mother.

           Good morning Pamela.

Pamela gets something to drink and sits down at the kitchen table.
Martha continues watering flowers.

           Mother have you ever had something you wanted to do and
           something always gets in the way? And you are frustrated
           because you know you can do it.

Martha trying to read between the lines, ponders for a moment.

           If in your heart what you want is honest, and is a fair test of
           your abilities, then be creative and make it happen.

Pamela allows a little time for the advice to sink in. Stands to leave.

           Thanks mother.

Pamela walks out of the kitchen. Pamela has always taken her mothers
advice seriously. Martha thinks seriously for a moment and then
continues watering the flowers.

Scene 27 – Saturday, Mar. 1995 – Day

Pamela takes her dirty riding boots to the stables and leaves them where
they can easily be seen. She leaves a note on her boots. “William may I
please take you up on your offer to polish my boots? I seem to have a
time management problem. I’ll be back this afternoon. I’ll thank you
then. Pamela”

Jonathan walks by later, reads Pamela’s note and smiles nodding his
head in approval.

                           (says aloud)
           Now there’s a clever tactic.

But when Pamela comes back to thank William, she finds her boots
polished and William and Robert are pruning a tree. Jonathan notices
Pamela’s frustration again and wants to help. As Pamela is frustratingly
looking in William’s and Robert’s direction.

                            (reassuringly tells Pamela)
           They’ll be finished within the hour.

                          (frustratingly says under her breath)
          He is always busy.

Pamela walks away and repeats the same comment to herself. Jonathan
shakes his head in sadness and goes back to work.

At the tree where William and Robert are pruning.

          Tonight is when you help at the soup kitchen, isn’t it?

          Yea. I usually get there about 5:00 PM to assist with dinner.

          How about if I be your shadow and I’ll help out a little too?

          That is the best idea I have heard all day. I know you will be
          glad you did. Do you have a bicycle?

Robert thinks for a moment.

          I know there is a bicycle in the garage.
           Good, let’s meet here at 4:30 PM and we’ll get some exercise
           at the same time.

           I’ll be here with bells on.

William and Robert finish, gather the tools, take them to the stables. As
Robert is leaving he tells William.

           I’ll see ya at 4:30 sharp.

William acknowledges with a thumbs up. Jonathan overhears and has
that curious look.

                           (explains to Jonathan)
           Robert is going with me and help at the soup`kitchen this
           evening. And our transportation is bicycles.

           Get out of here!

William shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head yes. William and
Jonathan go back to work.

                             (thinks to himself)
           I have heard it all now.

Scene 27a – Saturday, Mar. 1995 – Day/Night

     Less Fortunate Boy - African American, Age 7.

     Soup Kitchen Coordinator –

William arrives, on his bicycle, at the stables at 4:15 PM and Robert is
waiting with his bicycle.

                           (says to William)
           By the time we get there (pats his bicycle) I’ll be hungry.

Off William and Robert go. They arrive at the soup kitchen and they are
standing, side-by-side, in the serving line. Most of the less fortunate are
older and Robert is impressed how appreciative they all are. William
watched Robert soften inwardly. Then a young African American boy,
about 7 years old, comes through the line. Very thankful and humble.

                           LESS FORTUNATE BOY
                           (says to Robert)
          I haven’t seen you before. Thank you for coming, my name
          is Robert.

Robert connected with this boy immediately.

                            (observing Robert, thinks to himself)
          What a moment to remember. For the first time he looks like
          a chip off the ole block, struggling for words just like his dad.

          My name is Robert too.

                           LESS FORTUNATE BOY
          We are a lot alike then, as my dad used to say, “We Are Two
          Peas In A Pod.”

Robert with a very sad look as the boy moves on.

                           (says to William)
          I want you to help me find out more about him. (pause) I’m
          going to personally help that kid.

           I’ll inquire with the soup kitchen coordinator.

The following week, at the soup kitchen.

                           SOUP KITCHEN COORDINATOR
                           (tells William)
           Robert, the young boy you inquired about, received money,
           anonymously, for his support. We would like to send a thank
           you note; do you know who it is?

With a happy face and a big smile.

           Yes, I’m pretty sure I do. But I won’t tell you his name, I am
           confident he is not finished. He’ll tell you himself.

Scene 28 – Saturday, Mar. 1995 - Day

Late morning Pamela notices from her bedroom window William and
Jonathan are working in the storage barn. She noticed Robert’s car is

                           (talking to herself)
           No one goes to that dirty repulsive place-----Opportunity
           knocks-----Pamela be creative-----No be assertive!

At lunchtime, Pamela prepares lunch for William and Jonathan, and
starts towards the storage barn. As she is walking, very positive and

                           (talking to herself)
           Now it’s my turn. No one will interrupt my chance to talk
           with William today. I’m counting on Jonathan to give
           William and I some privacy.

Pamela walks into the storage barn where William and Jonathan are

           Hey guys I know this work is the pits and I thought lunch
           may lift your spirits.

Before they could respond, Rif-Raf runs in and Rebecca right behind.
Pamela is disappointed, but cool.

Shortly after, Martha comes in searching for Rebecca.

                            (thinks to herself)
           Good, now they both will leave because mother hates
           disgusting places.

Richard walks in.

           Gee, I come home and find no one. I had to set out on a
           family hunt.

Richard enjoys the setting, pulls up a bale of hay, takes a sandwich,
something to drink, sits down.

                             (says aloud)
           This is a perfect idea. Getting away from the typical settings
           and having a picnic lunch. Who prepared all this?

                          (panicking, thinks to herself)
           Oh great now my father is going to make a production out of

                            (disappointingly responds aloud)
           I did.

This is one time Martha missed the boat. She and Rebecca usually do
not miss reading between the lines, but they let this one go right over
their heads. Pamela was grateful they did.

Pamela cannot believe this is happening. Everyone is so involved in the
moment; no one picked up on Pamela’s intentions. Except Jonathan.
Pamela’s body language of frustration is obvious to Jonathan. Jonathan
moves closer toward Pamela but before he could get there Pamela
frustratingly looks out the door and towards the house.

                           (softly asks Pamela)
           What are you looking for?

Pamela is so upset she doesn’t know what to do or say.

           I am just looking to see if Robert is coming, I would hate for
           any member of this family to be left out!

Jonathan keeps silent, but is sad for Pamela. William just sat, in the seat
of an old tractor, and listened to this family whirlwind, which just blew
in. William thought Pamela was just being nice.

Pamela lost her upbeat attitude and shortly after everyone had finished,
Pamela looking for an opportunity to leave, takes the EMPTY picnic
basket back to the house. Just as she is leaving.
                           (asks William)
           How is school coming along?

Before William could answer, Pamela turns out of sight, heading for the

                             (sarcastically says to herself)
           Just great, now I have to plan around my father too.

Pamela walks strongly towards the house swinging the picnic basket.
Jonathan is the only one that read Pamela loud and clear.

Scene 29 – Monday, Apr. 1995 – Day

     Brenda -   Mr. Hollinsworth’s Secretary, Age 45.

At work, Robert formally requests and appointment with his dad.

                           (politely asks Brenda)
           Please schedule an appointment with my dad. This afternoon
           if possible.
That afternoon, Robert enters dad’s office. Richard is sitting at his desk.
Robert grabs a chair. Robert is a chip off the ole block, right to the

            Dad I want to start from the bottom and work up.

Richard cannot believe what he just heard.

            Would you run that by me again.

            If I am going to have a chance of replacing you some day, I
            must first know the business from ground up and most
            importantly I need to earn everyone’s respect.

Richard very grateful but still in disbelief.

                            (very cautiously)
            I must ask what prompted this?

Robert stands and starts to walk out, stops looks at his dad.

           I guess it is the conversations I’ve had with William.
           (pauses) Think about it and let’s talk again.

Richard absolutely dumb founded.

           Yes son, we will.

Robert leaves and closes the door behind him. Richard leans back in his
chair, thinks seriously for a moment.

                           (says aloud)
           What an impact William has on everyone. Martha will have
           to be seated when I inform her of this.

Scene 30 – Saturday, Apr. 1995 - Day

     Hospital Staff - Doctor and Emergency Team

William is working in the stables with Jonathan, Pamela has just arrived.
She proceeds to clean her tack when Rif-Raf struggles in toward
William. There are signs of rat poison around his mouth. William
rushes to Rif-Raf and he is quickly getting worse. Rif-Raf starts
convulsing and loses conscience. Pamela and Jonathan are standing

                               (anxiously says aloud)
           Let’s call a vet.

           We don’t have time; we must get him to the hospital.
           (Pamela is frozen) (firmly) We need to take him now!

                               (hesitates briefly)
           I’ll get my car.

Pamela runs off for her car. William gathers up Rif-Raf.

                            (tells Jonathan)
           Call ahead and tell the animal hospital we are coming and it
           doesn’t look like we have much time!

William takes Rif-Raf and runs for Pamela’s car. They drive off, and
the emergency team is waiting when they arrived. They quickly took
Rif-Raf. Pamela and William had to wait.

About thirty minutes go by, it was quiet. Pamela and William are sitting
next to each other, at times; they hold hands softly for support, deeply
concerned for Rif-Raf and how this could affect Rebecca. William

                          (softly asks Pamela)
           Pamela would you like something to drink?

Pamela almost in tears.

                           (very emotional)
           Yes please, anything.

William brings Pamela a soda.

                            (very concerned says aloud)
           I hope Rif-Raf is okay, and if not how will I tell Rebecca?

Pamela is very touched by William’s concern, but is too upset to speak.
The doctor walks in and everything gets quiet.

                            (quickly says to Pamela and William)
           He is going to be all right.

Pamela lunged into William’s arms and softly kisses him. They both are
taken back but are slow to part.

Martha is just about to enter the hospital, through glass doors, and she
saw the kiss. She waited for a moment and then entered. Pamela sees

                            (quickly says to Martha)
           Rif-Raf is going to make it.

           I had Richard park the car with Rebecca. I wanted to know
           how to prepare Rebecca just in case the outcome was bad.

Shortly, Rebecca comes running in with Richard following. William
looks at Rebecca.

                            (says to Rebecca)
           Rif-Raf is going to be okay.

Rebecca quickly hugs Martha. Rebecca very gratefully.

                            (says to William and Pamela)
           I can’t thank you enough.

A brief moment of silence.

                            (tells everyone)
           It would be better if you let Rif-Raf spend the night. He did
           have a rough go of it.

                           (happily says to William)
           You must ride with us. Jonathan told us how you took
           charge, and I want to thank you all the way home.

Richard, Martha, Rebecca, Pamela and William head for their cars.

The car pulls up to the front entrance of the Hollinsworth’s house, all get
out and while everyone is standing at the front door, Richard pauses,
turns and starts towards his car.

                          (asks Richard)
           Where are you going?

           Just for a drive.

Martha has a suspicious look. Everyone enters the house. Martha
watches Richard drive away and then she enters the house. (puzzled)

Later, Martha looking out the window observes their car pulling into the
driveway and Richard drives toward the stables. Martha could see cats,
in a cage, in the car. Martha smiles.

                           (lovingly says to herself)
           And he hates cats.

Martha finds Rebecca lying on the sofa.

                          (says to Rebecca)
           We should walk down to the stables. Father is there and he
           may need our help.

Martha and Rebecca head toward the stables. Martha and Rebecca are
standing at the entrance of the stables and listen. Richard had pulled his
car inside and is standing talking to Jonathan. There are two cats outside
the car, in a cage.

                              (talking to Jonathan)
           Get rid of all that rat poison today, and get cat food instead.

Jonathan smiling.

                            (with emphasis)
           Yes sir Mr. Hollinsworth-----immediately.

Richard turns around and there stands Martha and Rebecca. Pauses.

                            (says to Martha and Rebecca)
           (struggling for words) I can learn to like cats.

Martha is so overwhelmed with affection, a tear trinkles down her cheek.
Richard notices the tear and is struggling for words again.

                          (says aloud)
           I must move my car, so I don’t interrupt Jonathan’s work.

Jonathan realizing Mr. Hollinsworth’s struggle for composure.

                            (quickly says to Richard)
           Yes sir Mr. Hollinsworth, I was about to suggest the same

Richard drives off and Rebecca and Martha walk away. Martha has her
arm around Rebecca’s shoulder.

                           (affectionately says aloud)
           I have never experienced so much love within this family.

Jonathan let’s the cats loose. The cats just roam around looking at their
new home. As Jonathan watches the cats move around.

                             (says to himself)
           Cat food it will be.

Jonathan walks away.

Scene 31 – Saturday, Apr. 1995 – Day

William is invited to attend a casual gratitude dinner for his and
Pamela’s efforts in helping Rif-Raf. William knocks on the
Hollinsworth’s door and Rebecca answers it.
          Come in William, it’s great to see you. Everyone is in the
          dining room.

Rebecca escorts William to the dining room. Everyone is standing,
including Jonathan, and Rif-Raf is running free around the table.

                         (takes William by the arm)
          The honored guests must sit together.

Martha seats William next to Pamela. Martha has a flashback of the kiss
she inadvertently saw at the hospital, which met her approval. After
everyone is seated, Rebecca stands.

                           (says to Pamela & William)
          For Rif-Raf and myself I thank you for your efforts of
          quickness. I feel that is the reason why Rif-Raf is running
          around this table as I speak.

All applaud.

                        (says to all)
          We have many things to be thankful for.

Richard starts serving the food.

                           (says to William)
           You are the busiest man I have ever seen that still makes time
           for others.

Jonathan nods his head in agreement. William just acknowledges
Robert with eye contact and remains silent.

                           (states to William)
           You work full time, go to college part time, volunteer work
           and your church. (without thinking) You need to sleep in on

                           (very casually)
           Sunday is the day I need to get up the most.

Silence filled the room. Everyone thought Richard’s comment might
have offended William. William sensing this quickly responds.

                           (jokingly says aloud)
           I would rather miss church than miss a meal like this.

                           (softly but firmly says to William)
           Your heart is who you are, I wouldn’t change a thing.

After Robert’s comment, the conversation at the dinner table was easy.
Pamela and William exchange several deep eye contacts. Richard,
Robert and Jonathan didn’t pickup on it, but Martha and Rebecca reads
it loud and clear.

When everyone is finished eating. William looks at his watch.

                             (looks at Pamela)
           I really do have to be going.

                            (very softly)
           I know.

Everyone overhears, stands and walks William to the door, just before
opening the door to leave, William stops and addresses everyone.

                           (says aloud)
           Mr. Hollinsworth, and everyone, thank you for having me.

A brief moment of silence, everyone is waiting for Mr. Hollinsworth to
respond. Struggling for words but not for long.
          William, please call me Richard.

Everyone had a pleasing smile and giving Mr. Hollinsworth that look of

                         (very honored)
          Thank you and in the future I will sir-----I mean Richard.

Montage for the next couple of weeks, William notices Pamela more
when she is around, and she is around more often.

One day Jonathan notices William and Pamela working together, tacking
up her horse.

                            (smiles and says to himself)
          Well, this is certainly romance in the making.

Jonathan nods approval and walks away.

Scene 32 – Saturday, Apr. 1995 – Day

Martha and Rebecca are in the Hollinsworth’s kitchen.

          Mother, if you really had something you wanted to do but
          you didn’t know how to go about it, what should you do?

Martha remembering a similar conversation with Pamela in the kitchen.

                          (thinks to herself)
          The kitchen seems to be the room for advise.

Ponders for a moment.

          O would tactfully and considerately get to the point.

          I want to play on the girl’s softball team this year.

                             (lost for words)
           Well-----Well you know this might cross grain your dad’s
           interpretation of what’s expected of a lady.

Rebecca with a very sad look.

           But the worst he could say is no. (jokingly) It is the 90’s.

           Will you ask him?

           Let me test the waters first.

Rebecca jumps up and gives Martha a hug and runs out the back door,

           Thanks mother, you’re the greatest. Without a doubt, you’re
           the best.

Later, Martha is in the family room with Richard.

                            (right to the point)
           Rebecca has a strong interest in softball this year.

Richard not sensing Martha’s real meaning.

           We’ll take her to a few games.

                           (clarifies seriously)
           She wants to play on the girl’s softball team.

Richard allows the thought to sink in, then walks toward the dining
room, and as he is walking.

                           (talking lowly to himself)
           I wonder what her batting average would be.

Martha finds Rebecca before they sit down to dinner.

                            (tells Rebecca)
           The timing is right. Ask father about playing softball during
           dessert. (Rebecca has fear on her face) Trust me!

Dinner is almost over and dessert is being served. Rebecca is almost
sweating, the pressure is paramount. Martha is giving Rebecca strength
with her eye contact. Rebecca takes a deep breath.

                            (asks Richard)
           Father, may I try out for the girl’s softball team?

Silence hovers over the table. Richard slowly looks at Robert, Pamela
and then Martha. It was clear Rebecca had their support. Struggling for
words again.

                             (looks at Rebecca)
           If softball was good enough for me, then it is good enough
           for you.

Rebecca struggling to keep composure.

           Thanks daddy.

Rebecca had never addressed Richard as daddy before and Richard
smiles approval. Robert and Pamela have a play on words with “DAD.”

                         (quickly says)
           Way to go D-A-D.

           D-A-D you’re the greatest.

Martha looks at Richard and approves so much with her eyes, not a
sound uttered. It touched Richard so; he stood up, about to lose his

                            (says aloud)
           I have to excuse myself. (short pause) To make a phone call.

Everyone understood. There was elation at the table, by everyone, for

Last Scene – Saturday, May 1995 – Day

     Softball Teams and Crowd –

     Coach –

     Assistant Coach –

The public softball field. Richard, Martha, Robert and Jonathan are
sitting in the bleachers. William stands behind the backstop waiting for
Rebecca’s team to finish warm ups. Rebecca’s team pours into the
dugout and on the back of Rebecca’s uniform, in big bold letters is
“BECKY” and she has her glove. Becky is focused on the game.

Pamela and Jessica arrive in Pamela’s car as Becky’s team takes the

Montage of softball through the top of the eighth inning. Two runs have
scored against Becky’s team due to the second base position allowing
hard hit ground balls get past her. The score is 4 to 3 and Becky’s team
is behind. It’s the top of the ninth inning and Becky’s team is in the
dugout and about to take the field.

                             (says to assistant coach)
           The team’s weak spot is second base, twice the ball has
           gotten past her for a score or otherwise we would have the

                           ASSISTANT COACH
           Yea, and the other team know it.

           We have to make a change to have a chance to pull it out in
           the bottom of the ninth inning.

                           ASSISTANT COACH
           You can’t count on Becky’s batting, but you can her glove.

It’s the top of the ninth inning and Becky’s team is ready to take the
field. The coach walks over to Becky, places his hand on her shoulder.

           You go in at second base. We can’t let the ball slip through
           the infield again if we are going to have a shot at pulling this
           out in the bottom of the ninth.

Becky, totally focused and ready for this opportunity, runs onto the field
and positions herself at second base. Becky’s whole family is cheering.

                            (yells excitedly)
           Go Rebecca. Don’t let the ball get past you, you’re a
           Hollinsworth, stop that ball, concentrate, we’re behind you.

Martha and the whole family look at Richard like he is E.F. Hutton
speaking. Then Richard realizes he is rambling with excitement and
slowly quietens. Martha looks at Richard, smiles, and pats him on the

                           (yells in Richard’s direction)
           Way to go dad, you tell’em.
Becky heard Richard in the stands, but she keeps her focus. She is so
happy that her dream has come true beyond her wildest expectations.
She not only got to play on the softball team but also has full support
from her family.

The first batter steps up to the plate, Becky gets in her stance, digs in her
cleats and keeps her eye on the ball, ready to move if the ball comes in
her direction. She is determined to not let the ball get past her. The first
pitch is hit to deep center field and she doubled. Now there is a person
on second. Becky prepares again for the second batter. The second
batter hits a high fly ball to left field; the catch is made, the runner is
held at second base – one out. Becky again prepares for the third batter.
The third batter hits the ball to deep right field, the catch is made and the
runner advances to third. It is now two outs the runner is on third in
scoring position. Becky’s heart is racing.

                             (drills herself)
            Do not let the runner on third base score. Stay focused. If
            she scores our chance to win is over. Stay focused.

The fourth batter steps up to the plate. The first pitch is a powerful
swing and a miss. The powerful swing got Becky’s attention. Becky
digs in her cleats, bends at the knees, stares at the batter and the pitch is
off towards the plate.

                            (In Slow Motion)

The ball is traveling toward the plate, a shot at Becky’s focus and the
tenseness in her legs preparing for a possible play. The batter swings
with determination, the runner at third starts towards home plate in
anticipation, Becky sees this out of the corner of her eye. The bat makes
contact with the ball; the sound of a solid strong hit is heard. At the
sound of the bat Becky is already moving to her right, she reads it
perfectly. It is a low, hard hit, line drive just to Becky’s right. It is
going to be her play. Becky knows the runner will score if she doesn’t
make the play.

Becky digs in with her left cleat and pushes hard to her right, one step,
plants her right foot, and lunges, fully extended parallel to the ground.
She is about 18” off the ground, keeping her eye on the ball, extends her
left arm completely and the ball hits directly in the center of her glove.
The ball hit so hard that it pulls her hand and glove in the direction of
the ball, BUT SHE HOLDS ON TO IT! Becky it’s the ground and dust
surrounds her body. Becky’s coach and her whole team are jumping and
screaming. Richard and the whole family go ballistic. Becky jumps up,
knowing the inning is over and very composed trots toward the dugout,
and on the way she just lightly flips the ball on the mound as she passes
by. Even the opposing team is impressed.

                           (says to Becky)
           We are going to seriously work on your batting average.
           (pause) You aren’t going to be sitting on the bench.

Becky listens, smiles, and very composed takes her seat on the bench.
All her teammates are congratulating her. High five’s all over the place.
                             (jumps into the air and yells)
           That’s my daughter. (drops his drink) What a play! I can’t
           believe it, that was a Golden Glove play.

                            (excitedly responds to Richard)
           Isn’t this wonderful.

                            (uncontrollably replies to Martha)
           This goes beyond wonderful. That was a Golden Glove play.
           I have never seen one live.

William is jumping for joy. The remaining family is also going ballistic.
Jonathan is the only one excited but in control, as if he knew all along.

                          (complains to Martha)
           “Becky” should get to play more!

Martha is deeply moved by Richard’s change of heart, and as always.

                           (reassures Richard)
           Becky will play more in the future.

Becky’s team lost 4 to 3 but her whole family surrounded Becky
immediately after the game and supported her, giving encouragement.
William waited, allowing the family their special moment, then William
walks over to Becky. Becky jumps to hug William and when the
embrace loosened William looked at her.

                            (says to Becky)
           What a play. That play, alone, gave your team another
           chance. I’m not surprised, I’m impressed. (pauses and
           louder than usual, with enthusiasm) BECKY.

The whole family gathering starts walking towards their cars to go

                             (says to Jonathan)
           I think I will walk back; it’s only a couple of miles.

Jonathan is surprised but he could tell in William’s eyes that something
is about to happen. William in front of everyone.

                          (asks Pamela)
           Pamela, (pause) I thought I would walk home and I would
           enjoy your company.

                          (says to herself)
           That sounds familiar.

For a moment everyone is quiet because Richard always had very high
expectations for Pamela. Martha made encouraging eye contact with
Richard. As usual, Richard is struggling for words again.

                            (says to William and Pamela)
           I think that would be a wonderful idea. (looks at Martha)
           And take your time.

Pamela quickly gives her car keys to Jessica and tries not to walk too
fast toward William. As Pamela walks toward William she passes by
Martha. Martha remembering her first walk with William.

                            (under her breath says to Pamela)
           If you remember your first walk with William the way I do,
           we will be seeing a lot more of William.

Pamela heard, smiles and keeps walking.

William and Pamela turn and walk toward the park grounds because that
is the shortest path toward Pamela’s house. Pamela and William are in
no hurry and they are holding hands. The End


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