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									David Bicking

David Bicking                                                        Cell: (860) 617-6930
89 David Drive                                             
Coventry, CT 06238


Mr. Bicking is a senior application developer and enterprise architect with experience in the
design and development of web and client/server applications. Mr. Bicking offers extensive
experience with Java, Oracle, SQL Server and Visual Basic application design. He has a solid
understanding of LAN connectivity and relational database modeling. He has designed and
implemented solutions for several major companies and thrives in an environment that
encourages skill enhancement and personal growth. He recently completed a Sun Java Architect
training course in preparation for certification.


Java:             Java POJO; J2EE Architecture & Design; EJB 1.1, 2.0; JNDI, Design
                  Patterns, Struts, Castor, XDoclet; ANT; JUnit, Websphere 3.5, 4.0.3; Various
                  Apache utilities like Digester, Axis, XmlBeans
Web:              HTML; XML; XML Schema; CSS; Javascript; VBScript; XSLT; XPath
.NET:             C#/ASP.Net; Visual Studio.NET; NUnit; WebControl design; solution
                  architecture, framework design
Databases:        MS SQL Server 6.5, 7.0, 2000; Oracle 7.2; MySQL; UDB OS/390 & Windows
Modeling:         ER/Studio 3.0; ERwin 3.52; UML; Visio; ArgoUML
IDE               Visual Age 3.5; WSAD 4.0.3; Visual Studio (several versions); Eclipse; Visual
                  Interdev; Access 2.0 – 2000
O.S.:             Slackware Linux; Windows NT 4.0; Windows For Workgroups; Windows 95-
                  98; Novell NetWare; Windows 2000 Pro;
Languages:        PHP; Perl; BASH; VB 5,6; Java; Foxpro; Lisp; Pascal; C; C#; Prolog;
Other tools and   COM components and MTS; Macola Accounting and Distribution; PVCS
technology        version control; ASP; SAMBA (File and print sharing); GNOME (GUI
                  Desktop); GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program); VSS


David Bicking

Insurix, Inc., Consultant                                                         09/03-present
Sr. Application Developer

Project: Benefit Central
This is the flagship “.com” application for Insurix. It enables insurance brokers and carriers to
automate tasks surrounding quoting, enrollment, and renewal of small and mid-size companies
into health coverage.
 Implemented C#/ASP.NET upgrade of ASP Electronic Enrollment component. Documented
     key design choices with UML.
 Built C# Address WebControl that renders equally well on Mozilla and IE browsers, with
     custom event model. Documented the control, included sample code.
 Built C#/ASP.NET page header UserControl for flexible page navigation and used the event
     model to maximum benefit.
 Established a consistent CSS structure for the Electronic Enrollment component, and
     centralized navigation logic for improved maintainability.
 Used The GIMP to create and enhance web site graphics.
 Built BizTalk Server 2000 schedules and mappings for transformation and transmittal of
     XML EDI documents (X12_4010_864 & X12_4010_834)
 Refactored existing code to resolve thread safety and resource utilization problems.

Project: Priority Health Quoting
We built a quoting and renewal application in C#.Net that seamlessly fit into our client's internal
portal. It interacts with their Linux web cluster for authentication. A monthly XML feed is
received and loaded into the application for rate generation and renewal package creation.

   Analyzed requirements data and built a model of the quoting component in UML
   Coordinated with team members to implement the design
   Built the quote service assembly and XML persistence and exposed quote service facade to
    client assemblies.
   Created XML feed retrieval and import process that tracks each file and logs all errors and
    warnings. It is easily executed in a Windows Forms C# application.
   Built threading component to accept any activity that met the defined interface and made the
    renewal feed loader implement the interface.

David Bicking

Project: "Pandora" - Presentation Tier Pattern Framework for ASP.NET
I conceived, researched, designed, and implemented this framework entirely on my own. It will
be used in the next generation of Insurix automation products. It's MVC resembles Struts, and
enables rapid, configurable development of complex web applications.

   Front Controller pattern implemented with HttpHandler.
   MVC pattern using an XML configuration file (redirect-config.xml), similar in function to
   Intercepting Filter and Command patterns included in configuration. All classes loaded via
    reflection on startup
   Includes a pattern I created and named "Session Monitor" that uses configuration settings to
    delete all Session attributes other than those named at certain points in navigation
   Ability to either use the struts-like Command pattern, or the ASP.NET code-behind with
    ViewState features (thus preserving event-handling of complex WebControls).
   Page Templating support including user definable page parameters in redirect-config.xml.
   Encapsulated utility to facilitate encoded client-side storage of data, similar to ViewState.

CIGNA Healthcare, Inc., Corporate IT                                             02/01 – 09/03
Consultant, Technical Lead/Enterprise Application Developer

Project: Fee Schedule Transformation
This was a major effort to streamline and automate the very complex process of properly
compensating health care providers for their services covered by CIGNA. At the beginning,
several regional offices processed schedules in separate, manual processes. When I left, a single
intranet portal was used nation-wide to submit, verify, and forward the schedules to the
 Gathered and refined requirements via discussions and meetings with the business customer,
    built specification documents, gathered development team, and directed application design
    and construction.
 Implemented the Fee Schedule System (FSS) with IBM Websphere and Visual Age for Java
    3.5.4 using Servlets and EJB 1.0. FSS uses Siteminder for single sign-on and Local Director
    for failover and load balancing. This system is designed to support up to 100 users.
 Debugged and enhanced the existing production system for HMO Provider schedules.
    Updated Access VBScript, and Transact-SQL programs.
 Built Fee Schedule System upgrade in WSAD 4.03 and UDB OS/390. Used UML diagrams
    to aid gathering requirements and designing the application. Lead enhancement efforts end-
    to-end. Used Jakarta Struts for the presentation layer. Enhanced FSS to support 300 users.
 Designed architecture of a schedule utility application, lead development and translated
    business requirements.

David Bicking

   Administered Merant PVCS version control system for our projects.
   Completed Sun Microsystems course: Architecting and Designing J2EE[tm] Applications.

Project: CIGNA Java Framework
This project constantly evolves as new cross-team services are identified. Some or all of this
framework is used in most CIGNA Java projects. It includes many services that take redundancy
out of each project.
 Contributed to CIGNA java framework project in the JNDI Service component. Created a
    configuration feature using XML and Jakarta Digester. Built an extensible pool manager and
    used it as super class to JNDI object pooling classes. This enhancement enables users to
    define any type of JNDI provider (naming and directory services, through individual safe
    interfaces). Each provider can be pooled to enable performance tuning.

                                                                                 11/99 – 02/01
Corporate Information Technologies, Inc.
Application Developer

Project: Agency Workstation
This was a Visual Basic 6.0 migration of the Access 2.0 Centrax application. Both of these are
predecessors to the Benefit Central project described above.
 Implemented revision control and source code management system using the Microsoft
   visual source safe environment.
 Established standards for an object oriented project architecture that promotes reusability of
 Specified and documented Electronic Enrollment Module Design. Implemented it using
   Visual Basic COM objects and ActiveX DLLs. Built EDI conformant documents.
 Designed and implemented a report engine for Agency Workstation product.
 Designed XML driven data processing in VB6.

Project: Benefit Central (ASP/COM version)
This is the first web implementation of Benefit Central, and it used ASP and COM with MTS.
 As part of a team, built ASP web site with VBScript, Javascript, XML/XSL. Key
   contributions: Provider search, Hospital search, Group Management Census Entry, Employer
   Group Entry. Excel Census Upload.
 Designed initial component structure for BenefitCentral. Used VB and C++ COM
 For a side project, debugged and built WWW pages using PHP.

David Bicking

                                                                               11/98 – 11/99
Health Connecticut
Senior Systems Consultant

Project: PHS contract with Connecticut Hospitals
Health Connecticut is a subsidiary of the Connecticut Hospital Association, and was tasked with
managing a compensation contract between its 21 hospitals and PHS, an insurer.
 Designed medical reporting database specializing in Medicare and Medicaid. Used
   ER/Studio and ERWin to refine and implement the model in MS SQL Server 6.5.
 Designed business logic. Built Visual Basic and SQL Server multi-threaded ActiveX
   components to implement business rules.
 Designed transaction validation, execution, and error report routines using a combination of
   Visual Basic and Transact-SQL.
 Documented data issues and communicated issues to data source administrators.
 Used triggers, stored procedures, batch and transactional methods to optimize performance.
 Met with PHS technical teams to resolve issues and explain problems with supplied data.
 Evaluated two database schema modelers (ER/Studio, ERWin) and presented a comparison
   to management for ultimate selection.

United Healthcare                                                              04/98 – 11/98
Senior Systems Consultant

Project: Company-Wide metrics collection
Teams from all departments of the company were mobilized to produce monthly metrics data for
senior executives to review. This particular department used Excel spreadsheets to track data
from seven regional offices.
 Built a metrics data-collection application that processed over 85 Excel spreadsheets using
    ActiveX automation It transformed and merged the data and placed it in a single Excel
    workbook that would be used by the department manager.

Project: Corporate Decision Management
The Billing department needed to collect new metrics and give billing managers a utility to help
them track their responsibilities and ensure payments were properly processed.
 Designed Corporate Decision Management database that integrated billing information from
   six mainframe applications. Coordinated with several offices nationwide.
 Defined and refined business rules, obtained data sources, defined data feeds and
   documented findings.
 Participated in detailed modeling and planning sessions. Held conference calls and answered
   questions about the project.

David Bicking

M.D. Health Plan                                                                 10/96 – 04/98
Senior Systems Consultant

Project: Medicare Billing System
This was the flagship project for their Medicare HMO product. It handled enrollment,
validation, transfer to and from HCFA, and customer support.
 Assisted in warehouse system maintenance and configuration. SQL Anywhere
    5.0/Powerbuilder on NT4 server.
 Lead a Team on a Medicare Beneficiary System written in Access 2.0 and Oracle 7.2.
 Designed Automated "upsizer" to convert Access tables to Oracle including sequences and
 Built complex Oracle queries using function-defined columns and multiple subqueries.
 Designed and implemented a transaction-based database used to communicate with the
    Federal Health Care Finance Administration (HCFA) with heavy utilization of Oracle
 Interacted with end users throughout (and beyond) the testing phase to ensure front-end
 Achieved a 99% grade from HCFA. M.D. Healthplan was the only profitable Medicare
    HMO in Connecticut and was able to enroll 1,600 members per month with a staff of five.

Project: Electronic Funds Transfer project.
 Lead an effort to get Amisys (HP-UX application) functionality for EFT, while implementing
   an alternative utility in Access.

Beekley Corporation                                                              08/95 – 10/96
Senior Systems Consultant

This small manufacturing and telemarketing firm in Bristol needed a plethora of services. They
had an application used by the telemarketers to track their contacts, place orders and order
revisions, and even initiate a phone call at the press of a key. The manufacturing department
used it to track work and ship product. It was written in Foxpro 2.6, and also directed output to
printers and fax.
 Supplied Netware 3.1x administration and support, including updates, crash recovery, and
    user/group maintenance.
 Found and removed fatal system errors and optimized existing queries for speed.
 Performed workstation configuration and issue resolution.
 Upgraded fax server, E-mail, and other software.
 Implemented automated xbase crash recovery methods and designed xbase file maintenance
 Documented all additions and changes to system.
 Optimized database access with proper use of indexes and Rushmore technology.

David Bicking

General Electric                                                                 11/95 – 06/96
Senior Systems Consultant

Location: General Electric’s White Plains airport and Corporate Headquarters.
 Solved ongoing problems during division-wide conversion from DOS to Windows.
 Installed TCP/IP drivers to work in conjunction with IPX/SPX on Token network to enable
   GE Intranet access.
 Implemented a tape backup rotation procedure for the local server.
 Solved ongoing problems integrating PC Anywhere for Windows with MS-Mail, DOS
   Applications, and remote printing requirements. Implemented icon-based PC Anywhere file
   transfer process.
 Kept a Foxpro airport management application working until a new application could be

Environmental Data Resources                                                     10/93 – 07/95
Senior Programmer/Analyst

EDR supplies environmental reporting to agencies and companies, primarily as a tool to
determine liability on land.
 Researched, chose, and installed a company-wide E-mail system.

Project: Automated Billing System (ABS)
This is the core reporting and billing system for EDR It created invoices and shipping labels,
and was used by the CFO for monthly and quarterly data.
 Supported and enhanced the ABS using FoxPro 2.0
 Developed financial and production tracking reports using FoxPro 2.0. Optimized the
   performance on the servers, which cut the report generation time by as much as 80%

Project: Prior Use Report
This product was conceived to show customers what happened on the property as much as 100
years in the past and included a graphic timeline report. The report used Postscript and some
mathematics to properly place icons on the timeline.
 Designed, developed, and supported a commercial data reporting system using FoxPro 2.6.
   Designed output in Postscript and HPCL5 formats.
 Designed and implemented a data transfer system used by researchers in the field. Work was
   accomplished using FoxPro 2.6, PC Anywhere 4.5, PkZip, and laptop computers.
 Purchased, installed, and maintained the hardware and software required for the commercial
   reporting project. This included the file server with Netware 3.12, workstations, and laptops.
 Trained and supported remote researchers. These individuals used the application to store
   what they learned, print reports, and transmit the data to the server.

David Bicking

Programmed Solutions, Inc.                                                     10/91 – 09/93

Their flagship product helps small and medium sized print shops end to end. It covers estimation
right through to shipping, and is modular.
 Provided customer support for job tracking, billing, and accounting software and hardware.
 Created a production data collection tracking system for use over serial data lines.
 Installed, configured, and supported LAN hardware and software at customer sites, including
    FoxPro 2.5, Netware 3.11, PC Anywhere, CC:Mail, Macola, Intel NetsatisFAXion. Provided
    on-site technical support when necessary.
 Built the workstations for the customer networks.

B.S. Computer Science and Economics, Union College


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