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									 Sylvain Bernard                                                         8979 Carley circle, San Diego, CA – 92126                                                                           (619) 940-4751


Profile                    Embedded software/hardware experience            Project management experience
                           Strong C, Assembly, driver experience            Sensor Network: 802.15.4/Zigbee
                           OOD/P in C++, .Net C#, Ruby, UML                 WinCE/Linux/RTOS
                           Hands-on: lab instruments and prototyping        C#.Net: WinForm, Silverlight/WPF
                           Lots of experience debugging hw/sw               Network: TCP/IP, HTTP, REST, XML

Employment         Advanced Telemetry, San Diego, CA                                                       2008-Present
                   Development Engineer – Manager

                   As a principal engineer for a green-technology startup, my responsibilities included
                   both engineering development and project management, reporting directly to the

                Engineering Development:
                 Provided system-level expertise in the design of an Energy Management System.
                 Designed a Zigbee sensor-network providing:
                         simplified network commissioning and deployment
                         remote telemetry and control through a gateway
                         remote node diagnostic and over-the-air firmware upgrade.
                 Innovated scalable & reliable M2M communication between a remote gateway
                  and back-end server, using HTTP Web Services in C# .Net.
                 Designed/implemented a tactile User-Interface engine for WinCE .Net
                 Led the design of an ARM9 WinCE/CFNet touch panel including board bring-
                  up, BSP & driver development, and UL/FCC compliance testing.

                   Engineering Management:
                    Using Agile principles, led the development of multiple concurrent projects for a
                     team of up to 9 engineers and external contractors.
                    Defined and enforced the engineering process including release handoff,
                     packaging and naming convention, and defect tracking/management.
                    Created the QA process then hired and managed the QA team, including setting
                     up the defect tracking database, test tracking worksheets, etc…

                   Qualcomm, San Diego, CA                                                                  2004-2007
                   Senior Embedded Software Engineer

                   As a development engineer for QWBS, I worked on various mobile asset tracking
                   systems (OmniTRACS, TrailerTracs, OmniExpress) from hw/sw integration to
                   system infrastructure and application development:

                          Implemented drivers in C++ for a family of runtime-selectable GSM-modules.
                          Ported low-level x86 assembly executive (REX) to C.
                          Refactored J1708/1587 drivers from x86 assembly to C.
                          Developed system simulator in Perl to enable development without hardware.
                          Awarded 2 QualStars for fixing long-standing low-level bugs in OmniTRACS.

                   As a firmware engineer for QCT, I worked on the development & troubleshooting
                   of LCD-Controller drivers for various MSM chips (ARM based).
            Residential Control Systems, San Diego, CA                                             2002-2004
            Embedded Software Engineer

            As a software engineer, I designed and implemented the embedded firmware of
            smart communicating thermostats and sensors. A versatile and self-starter
            engineering position with little supervision, I was involved in the full development
            life-cycle from engineering to customer interfacing:

               Developed the firmware of networked multi-zone thermostats in C on MSP430.
               Debugged legacy firmware in C and assembly of PIC based products.
               Performed extensive hardware/firmware troubleshooting using lab instruments.
               Implemented various hardware/software fixtures for stress/validation testing.
               System administration of bug tracking and Subversion database on Linux.

            Goodrich Aerospace / Humphrey, San Diego, CA                                           1999-2002
            Embedded Software Engineer

             At Humphrey, I joined a small team working on the development of a novel solid-
            state Inertial Navigation System (INS) with applications for military and light
            commercial avionics:

               Development/evaluation of closed-loop attitude algorithms (Weiner/Kalman
                filters) using Matlab, involving extensive lab experimentation.
               Designed tri-axial sensor board using PIC-17x controller.
               Implemented inertial and attitude algorithms in C using fixed-point arithmetic.
               Implemented various hw/sw fixtures for evaluation and calibration of sensors.

            Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), Seattle, WA                                          1998-1999
            Electronics Engineering Assistant

            In parallel to my study, I worked with a small of professional engineers developing
            Radar/Sonar instrumentation for scientific research.

               Designed high-speed digital controls & delays for RF switches.
               Designed dual-axis antenna leveling platform using analog PID.
               Prototyped control boards including schematics, layout, soldering.
               Participated in data collection of large scale indoor experiments.

Education   University of Washington, Seattle, WA                                                      1999
            Bachelor of Science: Electrical Engineering
            Concentration: DSP, Control Systems

Training    Qualcomm Training                                                                      2005-2007
            Introduction to CDMA, Object Oriented Design & Programming,, C++ Programming

            UCSD Extension                                                                         2000-2002
            Continuing Education
            Applied Kalman Filter, Real-Time Operating Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms

Other       Permanent US Resident - Bilingual French/English

                                    References available upon request.

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