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					Brad Pfautsch
4321 Standing Rock Court, St. Charles, MO 63304
Web: E-mail:
Phone: (636) 447-4202

                                        PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY

Senior Information Technology Professional, with 10 solid years of full life cycle experience in designing and
developing n-tier web applications. Utilize Visual Studio .NET 2000/2003/2005/2008 and SQL Server for small,
medium and enterprise level web applications incorporating Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) and
Object Oriented Programming(OOP). Use HTML/XHTML/DHTML, Ajax, JavaScript and CSS 1.0/2.0 for client
side presentation of applications. Responsibilities have included Lead Developer for design, development,
performance testing, quality assurance and deployment of assigned projects as well as Systems

                                              TECHNICAL SKILLS

Programming Languages: C#/VB.NET, 1.0/1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5 .NET Framework, ASP 2.0/3.0, VBScript,
JavaScript, Java, Java Servlets, CGI/Perl, PHP, HTML/XHTML/DHTML, Ajax, XML, SQL, PL/SQL, DTS, COM
and Web Services(SOAP, WSDL, UDDI).

Software/Database: Visual Studio .NET 2000/2003/2005, SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005, Oracle 8.x, MySQL,
Visual SourceSafe, Homesite 5+, Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, Photoshop 7+, TopStyle 2.5+.

Servers/Web: Windows 2000/2003 Server, Linux, IIS 4+, Apache, ServU FTP, VPN’s, Firewalls, Exchange
Server, SendMail, SmarterStats, SmarterMail.

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS X.

                                        PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Vivid Sites                                                                             March 2006 – Present
Consultant/Senior Developer/Systems Administrator
Duties include design, develop and maintain web applications/eCommerce applications utilizing the .NET
framework. Review and enhance existing web applications. Design and develop relational databases and their
entity relationship diagrams (ERD). Create windows applications and services, complex scripts, stored
procedures, user functions and triggers using T-SQL. Utilize DTS for complex, repetitive data manipulation and
data migration. Maintain smooth operation of servers, workstations and network hardware. Design, develop
and maintain VPN network infrastructure.

   Projects: For latest list of projects, please visit my online portfolio at:
   C&H Sugar – 12 Special Memories Sweepstakes
   Development Timeframe: 1 Month
   Lead developer, working closely with C&H’s marketing staff as well as project managers to develop an
   online sweepstakes web application celebrating C&H’s centennial. The application awarded points to end
   users based upon daily login’s as well as awarding points for sending e-mails to friends and taking online
   quizzes regarding C&H’s products.
   This web application was developed in C# and contains several reusable class library projects:
      Newsletter E-mail Blasting System – allows administrative use of several off-the-shelf components
       including FreeTextBox (FTB), an HTML editor for ASP.NET, to manage newsletters sent to C&H’s
       subscriber base. This powerful newsletter tool allows users to generate HTML formatted e-mails
       without actually knowing HTML. Incorporating an object oriented design and building this system
       entirely in a class library has allowed this application to be easily redistributable to other clients and
       easily maintainable between the .NET 1.1 and 2.0 frameworks.
Brad Pfautsch
4321 Standing Rock Court, St. Charles, MO 63304
Web: E-mail:
Phone: (636) 447-4202

         o Sending a newsletter blast was designed around using the System.Web.Mail (1.1) and the
           System.Mail.Net (2.0) classes by establishing a class to utilize threading. Use of threading allows
           the application to off-load the mundane task of sending e-mails to a worker thread. The worker
           thread was designed to send out small batches of e-mails to keep server loads down. This was
           accomplished by sleeping the thread for every x number of e-mails sent.
         o Undeliverable e-mails are managed via a custom written Windows Service. I wrote the service to
           utilize the core classes and methods of the Newsletter E-mail Blasting System class library. I wrote
           the service to easily manage multiple client newsletter subscription lists. For each client, an account
           is established via a central administration section. The administration section contains each client’s
           newsletter system information including the e-mail address bounces are sent to as well as database
           login information. Utilizing Chilkat’s Bounce .NET component, bounced e-mails are unsubscribed
           from the client’s subscription lists and user statistics reports are updated to reflect bounces.
         o Management functions include the ability to:
              Add/edit/clone newsletter
              Create revision history of newsletter e-mail templates
              Add/edit/delete subscribers
              Send test seed e-mails to designated recipients
              Send e-mail blasts to subscribers
              Import e-mail subscribers from CSV text file
              Advanced tracking features reports newsletter views as well as click through statistics for each
                subscriber and reports on undeliverable e-mails.
      Quiz Editor – supplies administrative users with a tool to manage trivia questions for the sweepstakes.
       Users earn registration points for every question answered correctly.
      Sweepstakes Editor – allows administrative users to maintain monthly sweepstakes information,
       including CSS styling to allow for variations in text/background colors on the client side.

   Midwest Business Systems (MBS) – Corporate Website
   Development Timeframe: 1 Month
   Lead developer designated to repurpose an eCommerce VB.NET application originally written for another
   client. Sole responsibilities included reviewing current application logic and redesigning classes/methods to
   more closely follow performance, security and design rules. Other key responsibilities included re-
   engineering of the shopping cart class to allow for product volume pricing integration into the shopping cart.
   Other key features involved enhancing existing product option classes I had developed for another
   eCommerce site. Enhancements to the product option class included addition of text field product options
   to capture customized information from the end user. These options capture order detail information for
   MBS’s online offerings which include customized checks/envelopes/forms/AR statements, etc.

Technologies: ASP.NET 1.1/2.0, c#, VB.NET, Web Services, HTML/XHTML/DHTML, Ajax, PHP, JavaScript, CSS,
COM, SQL Server, Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Views, DTS, MySQL, Visual Source Safe

Kupper Parker Communications                                                         March 2005 – March 2006
Senior Developer
Lead developer responsible for designing, developing and maintaining web applications/eCommerce
applications for existing and new clients. Vast array of projects included working mainly with .NET (both C#
and VB.NET) and Active Server Pages (both VBScript and JScript). Other responsibilities included Microsoft
SQL Server 2000 database maintenance and security.

   Furniture Rewards – Online Catalog Website
Brad Pfautsch
4321 Standing Rock Court, St. Charles, MO 63304
Web: E-mail:
Phone: (636) 447-4202

   Lead developer responsible for developing an online catalog presence for Furniture Rewards, a company
   that sells furniture exclusively through rewards programs offered by companies such as Maritz, Enterprise,
   American Express and others. This project was built repurposing the same eCommerce application used
   above for MBS. However, this web application incorporated a few unique features. Those features include:
      Previous/Next product – while browsing categories/products details, the client wished for users to have
       the ability to navigate between products within a category by simply clicking next/previous. This was
       accomplished by using session variables to store collections of the current category’s
       products/subcategories via a recursive stored procedure. While browsing the current product’s details,
       the current product’s ID was compared against the collection. The ability to navigate between products
       was established based upon the current product’s position in the collection.
      Alternate Views – the client also wished to display alternate product views to the end user while viewing
       product details. Using a junction table, the relationship between products and images was simple,
       however, the client wished to upload pictures of unique sizes, but display at the same size in the
       alternate view User Control. To accomplish this I used the System.Drawing and
       System.Drawing.Imaging class to establish cropping points for each individual image and subsequently
       cropping uploaded images to one uniform size.

   BFAscher – Corporate Website
   Main responsibilities included troubleshooting the store locator section of the web application. This website
   was designed and developed prior to my arrival at Kupper Parker Communications. The client had
   expressed concerns that the store locator was not correctly returning results based on supplied zip codes.
   Upon troubleshooting, I discovered the original stored procedure did not account for distances less than
   one mile from the supplied zip code. The stored procedure had inherent mathematical faults of which
   involved returning the cosign of zero, which returned an error when two values collectively equaled zero.

   Domino Sugar – Corporate Website
   Main responsibilities include general web site maintenance of existing eCommerce site originally written
   using ASP 3.0/JScript. Other responsibilities included incorporating the eCommerce section of the site with
   CyberSource, Bank of America’s online credit card processing API provider and writing a C# web
   application to integrate Domino’s shopping cart with UPS’s Rates and Services API. The core features of
   the shopping cart shipping calculator included:
      Calculating Shipping – the shopping cart was written to allow customers to calculate shipping charges
       on their existing cart contents without having to step through most of the checkout process.
      UPS Rates and Services Integration – once an item has been added to the cart, the customer has the
       ability to enter their ship-to zip code to calculate the shipping charges for their cart contents. This web
       application utilizes UPS’s Rates and Services API to calculate shipping based on product
       sizes/weights; however the application also integrates the ability to override UPS’s rates with pre-
       defined or additional shipping and handling charges on a per product basis.

   Busch Beer – Corporate Website
   Development Timeframe: 3 weeks
   Lead developer responsible for building the NASCAR/BUSCH 25th Anniversary Weekly Poll. This C#
   application was written to supply weekly polls to end users, incorporating an administration area for
   maintenance of weekly poll questions and answers. Key features included:
     Poll Administration – the administration section was written to allow content management of polls
      including the ability to add/edit/launch/expire poll questions. Administration also provided the ability to
      add/edit/remove poll answers and allow for single or multiple answers.

Brad Pfautsch
4321 Standing Rock Court, St. Charles, MO 63304
Web: E-mail:
Phone: (636) 447-4202

      Send To A Friend – simple c# method allowing end users to send an e-mail link to the 25th
       Anniversary polls. This portion of the application utilized regular expressions for e-mail address
       validation and the System.Web.Mail class for sending e-mails.
      Polls Web Services – a deprecated portion of the application once used to supply a web
       services feed to a Flash component on the site. Invoking the web service returned a link to the current
       poll as well as current poll’s id number and question text. This was deprecated due to changes to the
       Flash application’s graphical interface.
   Univex Corporation – Corporate Website
   Lead developer responsible for completing an eCommerce application for the client. I began development
   on this application approximately mid-way through the development life cycle. Previous developer had
   used a VB.NET eCommerce starter kit downloaded from Microsoft. Remainder of site programming
   included these key features:
      Dealer Account Sign-up –only allow approved dealers are able to order online. End user supplies
       specified credentials, which in turn is reviewed by a site administrator. After review of user’s credentials
       their account is either approved or rejected. Upon approval, user is able to order online and gain
       access to restricted portions of the site.
      Product Quote Request – an end user that does not have a dealer account can request a price quote
       on a product.
      Shopping Cart:
         o Database driven shopping cart – the shopping cart was written as a class to allow for easy
           customization and repurposing. Using a class as well as utilizing overloading methods has allowed
           the cart to seamlessly evolve since its inception. The most recent modification to the class was
           used above for MBS.
         o Promotional Codes Integration – provides the following cart functionality:
              Free Shipping – provides ability to create promotional codes to offer free shipping on orders.
               Administrative section supplies ability to set minimum purchase amounts to qualify.
              Flat Rate Discount – provides ability to create promotional codes to offer flat rate discounts of
               either a percentage or a fix dollar amount on an order.
              Bundle Discount – provides ability to create promotional codes to offer either a percentage or
               fixed dollar amount discount on combinations of two products when purchased at the same
              Buy One Get One Free – provides ability to create codes to offer an additional item for free
               when purchasing one at regular price.
              Package Voucher – provides ability to create codes to offer special promotional packages.
               Package vouchers provide the ability to combine any multitude of products together. When
               combining products, the ability to supply minimum and maximum quantities and prices for each
               product is provided. Packages may also be setup to automatically populate the cart with all
               products and quantities required for the package upon entering the promotional code.
              All promotional codes have the ability to supply launch/expire dates, maximum number of uses
               as well as the ability to make promotions combinable with other offers.
      Product Options – integrated into this eCommerce application a highly flexible class for complete
       administration of product options. Administration provides the ability to add/edit/remove product
       options. This class was originally written for two product options (Single and Group), but has been
       modified to supply all below:
         o Single Option – this option displays as a checkbox product option. Used when a product has
           multiple product options that may be combined.
         o Group Option – this option displays as a dropdown product option. Used when a product has
           multiple product options that may not be combined.

Brad Pfautsch
4321 Standing Rock Court, St. Charles, MO 63304
Web: E-mail:
Phone: (636) 447-4202

         o Text Option – this option displays as a text box for user input, with the option of displaying as
           single-line or multi-line.
         o Quantity Group – this option displays as a dropdown option. This option is used when either limiting
           product quantities or allowing fixed quantities is desired. When used in conjunction with volume
           pricing, shopping cart behavior can be modified. For instance, when flagging a product as
           combinable, each time a product is added to the cart, it’s added as a new item. Otherwise the
           product’s quantity will be updated in the cart.
         All options allow administrative users to supply an option name as well as a short description. Each
         product option also provides ability to control product price variances based on selected options.

Technologies: ASP.NET 1.1/2.0, c#, VB.NET, Web Services, HTML/XHTML/DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, COM, SQL
Server, Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Views, DTS, Visual Source Safe

Falk Harrison Creative                                      October 2000 – March 2005, Consulting to present
Systems Administrator/Developer/Consultant
Sole developer responsible for designing, developing and maintaining web applications/eCommerce
applications for existing and new clients. Systems administrator responsible for implementation and
maintenance of Window and Linux bases servers and databases crucial to web development. Current
responsibilities include providing consulting services for existing and new web application development.

   Munro Shoes – Corporate Online Catalog
   Sole developer hired on a contractual basis to establish an online web application showcasing Munro’s
   products. This application was programmed repurposing the above eCommerce application used for
   Furniture Rewards, MBS and Univex, with a few additions:
      Shoe Width/Sizes/Heel Height – class written to provided ability to reference shoes against appropriate
       sizes, widths and heel heights.
      Product Color Options – Similar to Product Options, color options provides the ability to manage all
       aspects of a shoe’s color options, including the ability to upload images associated with each color
       option. Uploading also supplied the ability to control the size ratio of the thumbnail as well as vary
       image quality. This was all done utilizing the System.Drawing and System.Drawing.Imaging classes.
       Color options also allows for assigning a product color and product material to each color option. These
       options are essential in forming the products SKU numbers displayed in the product details.
      Event/Location Management – class written to allow administrative users to manage locations that offer
       Munro’s shoes as well as link events to these locations. Locations can be searched by state or zip
       code. Searching by zip code uses same stored procedure functionality implemented for BFAscher

   OSI Outsourcing – Corporate Website
   OSI Outsourcing – Sole developer responsible for entire life cycle of site from HTML built-out to ASP
   3.0/VBScript application programming incorporating MySQL as the back-end database. The role-based
   web administration system provides users several functions:
      News Releases – give users the ability to add, edit, delete, launch and expire news releases
      Contact Form Reporting – gives qualified users the ability to download website contact form
       submissions to an excel spreadsheet. Reporting features gives users ability to filter results by industry
       as well as date ranges.
      Contact Form Routing – gives qualified content editors the ability to administer e-mail address
       collections. Recipients are based on which industry is selected on the contact form.
Brad Pfautsch
4321 Standing Rock Court, St. Charles, MO 63304
Web: E-mail:
Phone: (636) 447-4202

      Users Administration – qualified administrators have the ability to add, edit, delete, launch and expire
       user accounts. Administrators also have the ability to assign roles to user accounts.

   LCM – Loan Consolidation Website
   LCM – Sole developer hired on a contractual basis to establish a secure online web application to capture
   potential student loan consolidation applicants. Since this application co-exists on the same server as OSI
   Outsourcing, and the host does not support .NET, the application was written on the same scripting
   language as OSI. The application is written with certain logic to abide by federal guidelines regarding
   student loan consolidation. The loan application collects applicant information, references and existing loan
   information. The entire process is broken into four simple steps. For security purposes, I incorporated all
   server side form validation using regular expressions and utilized session variables to store applicant
   information during the application process. The web administration system is an extension of the system
   used for OSI Outsourcing, providing qualified administrators the ability to view applications filtering by
   application status and by date range.

   The Stolar Partnership – Corporate Website
   Falk Harrison Creative was contracted to redesign the client’s corporate website. As sole developer my
   duties included HTML build-out from Photoshop documents as well as re-engineering the ASP/VBScript
   content management system originally developed by another firm. The re-engineering process consisted
      Database ERD – SQL Server database diagram to establish foreign key relationships between the
       appropriate tables as well as re-writing application logic to follow the diagram. The previous developer
       had neglected to do so.
      Areas of Practice – when relating areas of practice to attorneys, the previous developer hard-coded
       these categories into the attorney administration area. When modifying areas of practice, the client
       would then need to contact the developer to make the appropriate changes in the attorney
       administration section.
      Industries Served – added functionality to the CMS to allow for administrative users to manage
       industries served. Functionality included the ability to relate attorneys and areas of practice to each
      FAQ’s and Helpful Links – basic addition to CMS to allow for adding, editing, sorting, launching and
       expiring FAQ’s and links.
      Search Engine – completely custom written search engine utilizing SQL Server for site-wide searching
       of static and dynamic content. Utilized regular expressions to strip all HTML from static pages and
       catalog each page’s content in a database table.

   TKH Inc. – Corporate Website
   Sole developer responsible for entire life cycle of web application build-out establishing a document based
   news section utilizing CGI/Perl. This was the only option available since the client had a limited budget and
   did not want to incur added costs associated with web hosting plans providing database access. The
   content management for news releases was built using a flat file (delimited text file) for storing news
   releases. Administration functions included typical content management functions

Technologies: ASP.NET 1.0/1.1, VB.NET, Web Services, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, COM, SQL Server, Stored
Procedures, DTS, Java/JSP, CGI/Perl, Vignette

Brad Pfautsch
4321 Standing Rock Court, St. Charles, MO 63304
Web: E-mail:
Phone: (636) 447-4202


2000 – Fundamentals of Application Development – Vignette

1996 – Bachelor of Science – Truman State University – Kirksville, MO


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