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COMENIUS PROJECT questionnaire


									                    COMENIUS PROJECT

          Please circle if you are a teacher or student.
   1. Name two things that you have learned about each partnership
       country. Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Scotland, Turkey
   1. The Romanian Comenius team of teachers and students have
learned a lot about each partnership country:
     -Bulgaria: the food is similar to ours and they are very good dancers;
     - Turkey: very friendly people; they have exams every year;
     - Scotland: talk freely upon different topics; they like to sing. They
are also very proud of their country and love talking about it;
     - Italy: they like having fun, really enjoying life.
   2. How has the project helped you to understand other cultures?
   2. Being involved in everything concerning this project gave us the
   opportunity to discover new aspects related to the culture of the other
   partnership countries, especially aspects regarding their traditions,
   food, religion, songs and dances etc.
   3. How has involvement with the project helped you to learn another
   3. Listening to the foreign teachers and pupils speaking their own
   languages allowed us, the Romanian pupils and teachers, to learn a
   few words in Turkish, Italian and Bulgarian.The involvement in the
   project contributed to enriching vocabulary and improving fluency in
   English. We could say that the biggest improvement is the ability to
   respond spontaneously to complex ideas, often using new vocabulary
   acquired as a result of the project.
   4. In what way has the project helped you to develop your reading and
   writing skills – mother tongue and other languages?
   4 It helped the entire Romanian team to develop our reading and
   writing skills as we communicated via email and messenger with the
Funded by EU Comenius Education and Culture Lifelong learning
   teachers and pupils of the partnership schools. The project also
   fostered the ability to communicate in writing complex ideas and
   5. How has the project raised awareness of your own region and
   country amongst teachers, students, parents, and local community?
   5. Especially the Romanian pupils have become more aware of the
   beautiful places and the hospitable people our country has. We are
   proud to be Romanians trying to prove to everybody that this country
   worths to be discovered and explored. An interesting aspect of this
   issue is that the project has shown that every nation is different but the
   people are the same. This first year of the Comenius project made the
   Romanian side more aware of the need to have a true image of our
   values and country.
   6. How has your knowledge of your own country’s identity increased?
   6. As we’ve just mentioned, the project helped the Romanian pupils
   to discover more beautiful things, some of them unknown till then,
   about Romania, including aspects related to new customs and places
   to be visited. For the Romanian students and teachers such a project
   enabled us to give to the other partnership schools/countries a true
   picture of Romania and the Romanian people and at the same time to
   develop self-esteem and confidence.
   7. In what manner has the project motivated you in your work?
   7. Some Romanian pupils became more sociable with the others
   thanks to the project. Other pupils became even more motivated to
   learn English and other foreign languages. This first year of
   Bridges4Europe Comenius project motivated all the Romanian team
   to learn more about other cultures and even our own culture.Teachers
   in particular are more interested in initiating and developing such
   projects and also in implementing many aspects of it in our high
   school curriculum.
   8. How has the project or how will the project help you in your career?
   8. One pupil from our team thinks that the project will help him in his
   career as he improved his social skills by making new friends
   belonging to different cultures and he also became responsible and
   more aware of different details. This Comenius project helped
   everybody in the way of developing more the abilities of team work,
   abilities which play a very important role in our career. It was obvious
   that the project encouraged co-opertaion, team spirit, individual
   responsibility and truthfulness, creativity and problem-solving
   capability aspects that are essential in a successfull career.It increased
   self-discipline as well as spontaneity of response to different complex
   concepts, attitudes which are necessary in our career.
Funded by EU Comenius Education and Culture Lifelong learning
   9. What has been your most memorable Comenius Project experience?
   9 For the entire Romanian team, the most memorable Comenius
   project experience was the reunion in Romania. Being the first
   international project within our high school, working, being involved
   in it was a real professional challenge. That’s why we put all our
   effort, worked with enthusiasm in order to prepare the project meeting
   here, in our country/high school in March 2008. It has been a fantastic
   experience for us, interesting, motivating and useful both for the
   teachers and pupils.It also offered us the chance to make many new
   friends. The Comenius project reunions in Scotland and Italy also
   impressed the teachers and students involved in them, giving the
   opportunity to know the culture of these two countries, to find out
   more aspects related to their life style and educational systems.
   10. What has been your worst Comenius Project experience?
   10. We can’t say that we had a worst experience. We faced some
   difficult aspects but using the team work intensively we succeeded in
   overcoming them.
   11. How has the project helped you/ your school in your knowledge of
   ICT and the Internet?
   11. For this project we had to use a lot the Internet and the computer
   in general so it definitely helped us to improve our knowledge in this
   area. Working with information by using the Internet helped to
   improve communication insofar as students learned how to select and
   re-direct information that was not relevant for their own purposes.
   12. In what way has the project helped you/ your school in other
       technology use?
   12. We learned more about managing digital photos and video
        cameras, projectors, DVD players.
   13. How has the project helped to raise the ethos of your school?
   13. The ethos of our school has grown because we were able to meet
   people who taught us new interesting things also being motivated to
   involve in a project like this one.
   14. How has the project improved your school’s reputation in your
   local area?
   14. Our school’s reputation increased as we live in a small town and
   everybody found out about this project being really happy to know
   that we had invited foreigners to visit us, wanting to learn everything
   about the Bridges4Europe Comenius project.
   15. How has the project helped to develop your self-confidence/self
   15. Catalin Bunduc, one of the students who are part of our Comenius
   team, thinks that the project helped him increase his self-confidence as
Funded by EU Comenius Education and Culture Lifelong learning
   his Comenius colleagues told him that he is really friendly, an
   outgoing person and a nice company. Also, the fact that he had to be
   responsible made him believe more in himself. Besides the project’s
   effect of developing more our self-esteem, it made us realize a lot
   about the similarities that exist across Europe in the experiences and
   outlook of young people. Due to the project environment the
   participants were very motivated to contribute and lost the fear of
   making mistakes.Certainly these constitute another important aspect
   that increased the Romanian Comenius team’s self-confidence.
    16. How has the project helped to improve international cooperation?
    16. The Romanian pupils and teachers have perceived this project as a
   starting point for more international cooperation between people
   belonging to different cultures, the first step towards knowing each
   other better, towards respecting everyone’s beliefs. We hope that in
   time, with the help of this kind of projects, we will become ONE BIG

Funded by EU Comenius Education and Culture Lifelong learning

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