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									                                                                                                           VTT EXPERT SERVICES LTD

                                       Newsletter                                                                         1 | 2010

  is at the                                                                                In this issue

heart                                                                                       1     Expertise is at the heart of
                                                                                                  VTT Expert Services Ltd
of VTT Expert Services Ltd
                                                                                            2     VTT Expert Services Ltd is part
                                                                                                  of the VTT Group

          TT Technical Research Centre                                                      3     Services for tomorrow’s challenges
          Finland established VTT Expert
                                                                                            4     New at VTT Expert Services Ltd:
          Services Ltd in early 2010.
                                                                                                  Services for the forest industry
The new company supports industrial
processes through expert services,                                                                Analytics gets to the heart of the
including testing, certification and                                                              problem
approval services, and inspection, analysis
and calibration services. The company operates under the VTT brand and is part of           5     Improved fire safety
the VTT Group.
                                                                                                  Safer and more durable transport
“We want to be profiled as a practical and rapid solver of technical problems relating
                                                                                                  equipment, machinery and
to customer products and production. Top-level expertise and a diversified range
of equipment and services enables us to function in comprehensive support of our
customers’ business operations,” says CEO Laura Apilo.                                     6      Reliable information about the
    In terms of the company’s strengths, Apilo highlights its high-level expertise and            construction market, property and
multi-disciplinary services. With VTT Expert Services Ltd, clients have access to the             buildings
whole range of VTT expertise.
    “Our range of services will be extended in those highly specialised areas where               Testing reveals the characteristics
it will benefit clients the most. Our services are a natural extension of VTT’s R&D               of construction products and
activities, which is why we will be developing our operations in those industries where           systems
VTT has strong expertise, such as the energy sector, and many others,” Apilo explains.     7      Certification or approval for an
More focus on forecasting                                                                         assured access to the market
Apilo points out that market activity has become very fast-paced, posing new                      Easier market entry for electro-
challenges for clients of VTT.                                                                    technical, electronic and healthcare
    “Things happen in very fast cycles, and changing regulations and trends generate              products
new kinds of needs. This means that the ability to forecast and react rapidly becomes
very important. We aim to serve our clients in a way that enables us and them to          8       Quality assurance
prepare for changes before they have tangible effects on business operations.”
    The most visible trend in the company’s field is internationalisation.                        Change of address details
    “High-quality expert services are in international demand, and our client base                Contact persons
includes a number of international operators. We can help our clients to take their
products to the European internal market and elsewhere,” Apilo says.
    “We aim to create a long-term partnership with our clients. In this way we can
                                                                                          Editor in chief: Laura Apilo
offer the best possible added value in the development of our clients’ business.”
                                                                                          Address source: VTT Expert Services Ltd’s
                                                                                          marketing register
                                                                                          Address changes:

                                                             VTT Expert Services Ltd is
                             VTT EX
                                    PERT   SERVIC
                                                    ES LTD

                                                                      part of the
                                                                        VTT Group

VTT Group was established at the               market-based services, which in turn will          The new company is independent
beginning of 2010. The new group               make VTT more competitive.                     of public funding. It will develop its
                                                   In addition, the VTT Group will offer      operations by reflecting current market
consists of the parent VTT, three
                                               the company better prerequisites for           conditions, changes in demand,
state-owned limited companies                  customising services to fit clients’ needs.    customers’ evolving needs and current
and a number of partly owned                       In business terms, this recent             competition. The company aims to
companies involved in technology               development does not translate into            develop continuously, with focus on
transfer. VTT Expert Services                  discontinuity. Clients will continue to        increasing value to clients and promoting
                                               have access to all existing services, and      proactive and dynamic operations. VTT
Ltd is one of the new companies
                                               the group will continuously develop and        Expert Services Ltd strives to develop
launched at the beginning of the               expand its offerings. Accreditations and       new innovative service concepts and
year.                                          authorisations have been transferred to        products.
                                               VTT Expert Services Ltd in such a way              Through the company, clients have
                                               that their validity will not be interrupted.   access to the entire range of VTT’s

                                               Nor is there any impact on the pricing         expertise. VTT Expert Services Ltd will
        he VTT Group will increase
                                               of services, since VTT’s services were         continue to be a part of the VTT brand.
        the exploitability and impact of
                                               subject to market-based prices even            Therefore, all assignment documentation
        VTT’s scientific results. The new
                                               before the change. You can read more           and reports will continue to include the
structure will also improve VTT’s ability to
                                               about the range of services offered by VTT     VTT logo with the company name. VTT
provide efficient and flexible services for
                                               Expert Services Ltd in the following pages     Expert Services Ltd welcomes all clients!
its customers and partners. The parent
                                               of this newsletter.
organization, VTT Technical Research
Centre of Finland, which conducts
self- and jointly funded research on the
departmental format as well as contract
research, will continue its operations
directly under the Ministry of Employment
and the Economy. VTT will continue to
house the entire gamut of VTT’s research
and development operations.

Flexibility in service development
VTT Expert Services Ltd offers its services
to a wide range of customer sectors,
primarily for external customers, but also
as a subcontractor in VTT’s research
     The group structure enables more
efficient evaluation and development of
                                                                                 Services of the VTT Group.

Services for

                                                                                              We offer our clients:
                                                                                              •	 A	high	level	of	expertise	and	a	
                                                                                                 comprehensive	range	of	equipment.	
                                                                                              •	 Practical	solutions	for	product	and	
                                                                                                 production	management.
                                                                                              •	 Conformity	assessment	services	
                                                                                                 for	products	and	production	and	
                                                                                                 support	for	market	launch.
                                                                                              •	 Fast	solutions	for	acute	technical	
                                                                                                 problems	and	assessments	of	long-
                                                                                                 term	performance.
                                                                                              •	 Access	to	the	whole	range	of	VTT’s	
                                                                                              •	 A	comprehensive	expert	partnership	
                                                                                                 to	support	our	clients’	business.

                                      VTT Expert Services
                                      Ltd supports its clients
                                      in the development of
                                                                                       Other sources of information are also
                                      products, services and                           accessed to provide expert opinions for
                                      processes and their                              our customers. The expertise of the entire
                                      subsequent market                                VTT Group is available when needed.
                                      launch, as well as
                                                                                       Support for product development
                                      during maintenance.
                                                                                       and maintenance
                                                                                       Our wide-ranging expertise and resources
                                                                                       can be exploited in the development of
                                                                                       new product and service concepts and

            hrough our services,            of customers’ production processes,        various product development projects.
            customers can anticipate        products and services.                          Our strength is in our flexibility:
            and respond to tomorrow’s           “We must ensure that production,       assignments can be carried out either at
challenges today,” says Pekka Salmi, Vice   products and services meet market and      the customer’s premises or in our own
President of Customer Relations at VTT      user requirements as well as regulatory    facilities,” Salmi says.
Expert Services Ltd.                        demands. To this end, we offer a range
    “Our high level of expertise and        of certifications, inspections, testing,   A proactive approach to changes
comprehensive range of equipment            analyses and calibrations. These can       “Continuous monitoring of changes in
give us a strong base to support our        be combined to build comprehensive         the operating environment and in the
customers’ business. We offer practical     solutions for the management of products   market is an integral part of our services
and rapid solutions to customers’ product   and production,” Salmi explains.           and service development, as we strive to
and production-related problems and                                                    respond to clients’ needs in a proactive
assess both the long-term and short-term    Solutions for technical problems           way whenever possible.”
functionality of products and systems,”     If you are in need of a solution for           “We are familiar with international
Salmi adds.                                 technical problems or support for          requirements and are actively involved in
                                            maintenance, the specialists at VTT        the standardisation of many fields where
Services for product and                    Expert Services Ltd are the right people   our services are required. Together with
production management                       to help you. Our expert reports and        our international network of partners, we
VTT Expert Services Ltd offers services     assessments are based on computational     can offer solutions which both ensure our
which aim to ensure the competitiveness     and experimental studies and analyses.     clients’ competitiveness and save time.”

                                                                                                                   UUTISKIRJE 3
                                                                                                                  NEWSLETTER| |32
                                                                               Analytics gets to the
                                                                               heart of the problem
                                                                               Our analytics sector specialises in applying its
                                                                               wide-ranging expertise and hardware to solve
                                                                               problems and explain phenomena. “We don’t just
                                                                               produce a graph for our client; we offer added
                                                                               value by interpreting the results and providing our
                                                                               views on the background of analyses. We seek to
                                                                               determine why a problem has occurred and how
                                                                               it can be avoided in the future,” Service Manager
                                                                               Birgit Aurela explains.

                                                                               Process faults and material damages are typi-
                                                                               cal manufacturing problems which can be solved
                                                                               through analytics. We delve into the reasons be-
                                                                               hind faults by identifying foreign materials in the
                                                                               process and working out their origin. Material and
                                                                               structural damages are investigated by analysing
New at VTT                                                                     the genuineness and quality of materials and in-
Expert Services Ltd:                                                           specting cracks in machine part structures among
                                                                               other things.
Services for the forest industry
                                                                               “Our solutions can be applied to a range of issues
As a result of the merger of VTT and KCL, VTT Expert Services Ltd can          across society. Analytical services can be utilised
offer a comprehensive range of expert and laboratory services for the forest   by the manufacturing industry, trade and transport
industry.                                                                      sector, installation and design agencies, insurance
                                                                               companies and public administration,” Aurela says.
The services cover the entire value chain of paper production, from fibre
raw material to the printed end product. Our offering also includes services   Additional information:
related to chemical recycling, energy and environmental analyses.              Service Manager Birgit Aurela, Analytics
                                                                               Tel. +358 20 722 7405
Solutions for many challenges of the manufacturing process are sought in
cooperation with experienced specialists and the client. In addition to the
forestry and chemicals industries, our expertise can be exploited by the
design and technology sectors, as well as the energy and environmental

A particular strength we can offer the forest industry is our solid know-how
of methodology and processes. Our comprehensive solutions can benefit
the entire innovation chain of our clients.

“We aim at creating long-term partnerships to build up trust and enable
mutual planning for the future. In this way, the client uses our services to
add as much value as possible to their business,” says Tiina Hausalo,
Service Manager, Expert and Laboratory Services for the Forest Industry.

Additional information:
Service Manager Tiina Hausalo, Expert and Laboratory Services
for the Forest Industry
Tel. +358 20 722 7419

                                                                                 SERVICES OFFERED BY VTT EXPERT SERVICES LTD

Improved fire safety
The specialists of VTT Expert Services Ltd work to guarantee the fire safety of materials,
products and systems in accordance with the requirements of the market, users and
regulations. The products and systems manufactured in Finland must meet international and
European standards.

“We ensure the fire safety of our clients’ products and systems. We work out the standard
requirements for any new markets at which products are aimed. In addition, our specialists
are involved in international networks, preparing standards and ensuring their suitability for the
Finnish environment,” says Tiina Ala-Outinen, Service Manager, Fire Safety.

Clients are encouraged to exploit our fire safety expertise and testing services at the product
development stage in order to ensure a fluent and efficient compliance verification.

VTT Expert Services Ltd also has a range of hardware for international standards. Our testing
premises at Otaniemi, Espoo include facilities and equipment for the fire testing of materials and
structures, as well as extinguishing systems.

Additional information:
Service Manager Tiina Ala-Outinen, Fire Safety
Tel. +358 20 722 6688

                                                  Safer and more durable transport
                                                  equipment, machinery and structures
                                                  The manufacturers of machinery and structures are faced with increasing expecta-
                                                  tions in terms of structural performance across the product’s life cycle. VTT Expert
                                                  Services Ltd offers manufacturers its expertise and a comprehensive range of serv-
                                                  ices to ensure the durability, safety and compliance of machinery, structures and
                                                  transport equipment.

                                                  Our services support research and development: solutions for structural integrity
                                                  and performance issues are worked out together with the customer. Our range of
                                                  services covers type testing for products and systems in accordance with market re-
                                                  quirements and the management of national and international approvals.

                                              “We are specialised in demanding tests and calculations related to structural
                                              behaviour. With their extensive experience of structural performance, our specialist
can choose the right method for the customer’s needs, whether it is product development, problem solving or compliance verifica-
tion,” says Service Manager Markku Hentinen.

VTT Expert Services Ltd has comprehensive and up-to-date research facilities and equipment for structural testing at its premises in
Espoo and Tampere.

Additional information:
Service Manager Markku Hentinen, Structural Integrity
Tel. +358 20 722 6212

                                                                                                                     NEWSLETTER | 4
Reliable information about
the construction market,
property and buildings
VTT Expert Services Ltd offers comprehensive knowl-
edge of the construction industry. Our services include
building surveys and damage assessments, building
and structural performance reports, short-term market
forecasts for the construction industry and property val-
uation reports.

Our services produce valuable data for renovation
projects, for example, for planning and scheduling rep-
lumbing works. Market forecasts are valuable in terms
of deciding production quantities and preparing for
changes in demand.

The assessment of the performance of new solutions
in construction is also important. Both new-build            Testing reveals the characteristics of
and renovation construction are currently facing new
challenges such as energy-efficiency assessments             construction products and systems
and monitoring and energy-efficient construction
requirements.                                                Construction materials, products and systems face a number of differ-
                                                             ent requirements from regulatory standards to the demands of users.
VTT Expert Services Ltd serves the construction in-          It is worth using expertise early on in the project, starting with research
dustry with a variety of solutions based on customers’       and development.
needs, from tailor-made one-off assessments to stand-
ardised reports and documentation.                           The testing, inspection and compliance assessment services of VTT
                                                             Expert Services Ltd cover an extensive range of construction products
”We aim to quickly resolve the customer’s problem            and materials. Our services include HVAC and low-energy construction
and respond to questions, confidentially and based on        products and systems and protection and safety technology for build-
verified data with the trust that characterises our work,”   ings.
Service Manager Juhani Hyvärinen explains.
                                                             “We assess the properties of construction products on the basis of mar-
Additional information:                                      ket requirements and determine performance characteristics of build-
Service Manager Juhani Hyvärinen, Expert Surveys of          ing products for the purposes of product and system development and
Buildings and Construction Market                            product approvals. As specialists in experimental studies, we can accel-
Tel. +358 20 722 4299                                        erate the product development process for the customer,” says Service
                                                             Manager Eero Punakallio.

                                                             “Assignments are always tailored for the customer. Our staff has exten-
                                                             sive experience in research and testing. Coupled with our comprehen-
                                                             sive range of equipment, this enables us to add genuine value to our
                                                             customers’ business.”

                                                             Additional information:
                                                             Service Manager Eero Punakallio, Construction Products and Systems
                                                             Tel. +358 20 722 6918

                                                                                  SERVICES OFFERED BY VTT EXPERT SERVICES LTD

Easier market entry for electrotechnical,
electronic and healthcare products
The specialists at VTT Expert Services Ltd work to ensure the reliability and safety of electro-
technical, electronic and healthcare products in accordance with the requirements of the
market, users and regulations. Customers benefit from using these services from the prod-
uct development stage onwards.

Our expertise covers all issues of electronics reliability, fault mechanisms, effects of environ-
mental conditions, and electromagnetic compatibility. VTT’s extensive experience combined
with comprehensive testing facilities offers solutions for test design and tailored and stand-
ardised testing.

VTT Expert Services Ltd is close to the customer, which helps us provide services in a flexible
and cost-efficient manner. VTT Expert Services Ltd is the only Notified Body in Finland under
the Medical Devices Directive and IVD Directive. For manufacturers of explosion-protected
electrical apparatus, the company offers ATEX-compliant (Directive 94/9/EC) CE marking
services in the capacity of a Notified Body as well as IECEx certification.

“With the aid of expert services for product life-cycle management and our testing services, customers can get a more extensive view
of stress factors over a product’s life cycle and prepare for them at the appropriate level. Testing, audits, certifications and associated
training help our customers bring their products to the market quicker,” says Service Manager Antti Turtola.

Additional information:
Service Manager Antti Turtola, Electrotechnical, Electronic and Healthcare Products
Tel. +358 20 722 5639

Certification or approval for an assured access to the market
                                   VTT Expert Services Ltd serves as an independent certifier of products, operating systems
                                   and persons; as a Notified Body under several directives, and as an issuer of product and type
                                   approvals. CE marking and the Wheel Mark give products access to the European Union and
                                   EEC markets. The marking process often requires the services of an independent third party, and
                                   voluntary VTT certifications may ease the entry of the product in the national or international market.

                                   VTT Expert Services Ltd strives continuously to adapt its product range to customers’ needs.
                                   “Requirement assessment and reporting for new products are an integral part of our work. Through
                                   us, clients can access not only our services, but those of all VTT,” says Service Manager Liisa

                                  “Our clients have praised the extensive range of our operations and convenient and knowledgeable

Additional information:
Service Manager Liisa Rautiainen, Certifications, CE Marking and Product Approval
Tel. +358 20 722 4920

                                                                                                                          NEWSLETTER | 6
Quality assurance                                                                                    VTT Expert Services
                                                                                                     in brief:
The reliability of our results and accuracy in our work is vital to VTT Expert
Services Ltd. Our testing, calibration, inspection and certification services                        • Number of staff: 250
have been accredited by the national body FINAS. Accredited areas can be                             • Turnover (budget): 22.5 M€
viewed on the FINAS website (                                                          • Services: expert services, reports
                                                                                                       and assessments; certifications
VTT Expert Services Ltd has also acquired the necessary notifications to act                           and approvals; testing, inspections
as a Notified Body, and we are a certified approval body.                                              and analyses, calibration service
                                                                                                     • Customer base: product and
As part of VTT’s operating system, our system is ISO 9001:2000 certified                               service producers, developers,
(Det Norske Veritas).                                                                                  users, communities and authorities

Additional information:
Quality Manager Mari Juntunen
Tel. +358 20 722 4771
                                                                                                     More information on our
                                                                                                     services and operations
                                                                                                     can be found at

Change of address details

The launch of VTT Expert Services Ltd does not affect contact persons and their contact details. Phone numbers and email addresses
stay the same. However, postal and billing addresses have changed. The new addresses are:

Espoo (head office):                            Jyväskylä:                                      The billing address for hard copies:
P.O. Box 1001, FI-02044 VTT                     P.O. Box 28, FI-40101 Jyväskylä                 VTT Expert Services Ltd
Biologinkuja 7                                  Koivurannantie 1                                P.O. Box 340
Tel. +358 20 722 111                            Tel. +358 20 722 111                            FI-00038 LOGICA, Finland
Fax +358 20 722 7026                            Fax +358 20 722 2597
                                                                                                Online billing:
Tampere:                                        Oulu:                                           Party Identification Number: 003722975132
P.O. Box 345, FI-33101 Tampere                  P.O. Box 4, FI-90571 Oulu                       Online payment operator: Logica
Tekniikankatu 1                                 Kaitoväylä 1                                    Operator number: 003703575029
Tel. +358 20 722 111                            Tel. +358 20 722 111
Fax +358 20 722 3499                            Fax +358 20 722 2320                            VTT Expert Services Ltd’s Business ID is

Contact persons

Laura Apilo, CEO                                Email addresses are in the form
Tel. +358 20 722 4951                 

Pekka Salmi, Vice President                     Customer service
Customer Relations                    
Tel. +358 20 722 6821                           Tel. +358 20 722 111 (switchboard)
                                                Fax +358 20 722 7026
Matti Lanu, Vice President, Services            Opening hours 8.00 am - 4.00 pm
Consulting, Testing and Certification
Tel. +358 20 722 6935

Service managers’ contact details are on                                                                          VTT EXPERT SERVICES LTD
pages 4 - 7.

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