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									WHAT’RE DEAD CATS GOOD FOR, HUCK? (Whatever Schrödinger


(A Treatise Concerning Life and its Persistence, Wrong headedness and its Consistence, Insanity

and its Resistance and Universal Truth and its Insistence with a literary tour of Inconvenient Truths

and half Truths which hold us back)

“It “isn’t what we don’t know that is the problem; it’s what we know for sure that just aint so” Quote from

Mark Twain

… In the vast majority of cases, these conceptions about reality which belong to the prevailing paradigm or

worldview-aren’t accurate. So, if History’s any guide, much that we take for granted about the world today

simply isn’t true.” Quotation from John Hagelin PhD

By : Allan Scott Helgeson

I: And OUR point is -?

Life – It surges and testifies to its own importance with every breath you take –

with every thought you think – with every beat of your heart! However part of

what you are, though intimately associated and inextricably intertwined with life

seems to exist outside of the physical. There is something here, within me, which

is also within you who are reading these words. What is it, you ask? In my

opinion, it is the need to know what this is all about. To my way of thinking, the

―Powers That Be‖ in our physical reality haven‘t done anything to actually satisfy

that curiosity on our parts. Instead, they have done everything to obscure ―THE

TRUTH‖ so that we can not comprehend or even recognize it. With your help I

wish to shine a light upon the part which is not directly physical so that we may

more fully comprehend its importance to our physical existence.

What I am hoping to do with this book or this series of books is to help to convert

the generalized FOG in which we find ourselves to a clear day on the

MOUNTAIN and I assure you, I cannot do this without your help. What Mountain,

you ask. You know – the figurative one which literary Truth Seekers have been

climbing in some fashion since the spoken word was incepted. We are all

seeking that Ultimate MASTER of knowledge, the wise Guru who possesses the

answer to Life, The Universe and Everything. (I suppose it may actually be 42),

but perhaps we can take a journey of discovery together here and find out.
Though I hope that it will be entertaining, entertainment is not my prime purpose

in writing this. My prime purpose in writing it is to convince you to reexamine your

way of viewing the world around you. What I believe is that in order to obtain

the TRUTH, we can climb the mountain, or we can stay on level ground and

deduce it or, we can follow the White Rabbit into the Rabbit Hole. Possibly, it

may be necessary to do all three one at a time. Ah, but is there any kind of

logical sequence to follow, if we are going to take the threefold Journey of

which I have just spoken? Do we know whether its level ground, Rabbit Hole or

High Mountain that we wish to examine first? Since I‘m in charge of this book, I

believe that we will begin with Level ground, if that‘s all right with you, that is. If

it‘s not alright, well, we‘re going to start here anyway.

Children tell stories, but in their tales are enfolded many a mystery and moral

lesson. Though they may relate many ridiculous things, keep looking in those

ruined places for a treasure. Our moral guidebooks were written to help people

be less afraid of the world around them while providing some physical reference

points for rules of interaction with their fellows. Perhaps they served their

purpose at the time, however, we cannot use them today and expect that they

apply in all cases or expect that what they say makes sense completely; we just

need to use sane judgment in accepting or rejecting their validity. Understand

that it is very difficult for a person to truly understand the Universalist Concept

which simply states ―God is the Universe and the Universe is God.‖ Certainly this
concept didn‘t really originate in the times when ―The Bible‖, for instance, was

written. In those days, the concept of a Universe was not considered.

For most people, who enjoy and have enjoyed the ―ridiculous stories of

Childhood‖, God is a Human- Like figure with distinctly human qualities such as

jealousy and rage and Love. God, to the mind and imagination of primitives is

capable of hatred, disapproval, loathing and disgust and lust. God had a son,

even, because God is very like the Gods of earlier times and requires a son in

order to understand that which is human and to therefore acquire the ability to

forgive humans their trespasses. But, I must interrupt this reverie for a moment. If

God is perfect as the holy books claim, how is it that he was unable to

sympathize with his creations until he created a son who could tell him what it

was like to suffer as a human? The perfection which was God should have

already understood that suffering and known that it wasn‘t fun although it may

have been instructive.

Early people had no Universal concept at all. They knew nothing of cosmology

(or cosmetology for that matter) or of other places in our Galaxy or of other

Galaxies. Their concept of God was based on the earth and the heavens which

they assumed were placed in the sky for the amusement of mankind.

Everything which was not Earth (our level plane of existence) was either Heaven

(our highest mountaintop of aspirations, home of the GURU, or Hell (Down the

rabbit hole). All of their conceptions of God were based upon these simplistic
assumptions and it seems that it was on these simplistic assumptions that the

Holy Books were based.

What this book is about is these very things. I am going to try to explain how we

have been mislead by our own teachers not on purpose, necessarily but

because they were incapable of seeing God as the Universe and instead saw

God merely as a powerful human being and, wishing to be taken as important

persons, they made up childish stories and claimed (through the use of

persuasive speech, insanity thugery, sleight of hand or some sickness such as

Epilepsy) to be speaking the Word Of God).

When they convinced others to write their words, those others didn‘t wish to be

seen as fools, so, they attested under the influence of Gold or other forms of

payment, when asked, that there was evidence in great abundance that as far

as they could deduce, the originators of whatever stories and anecdotes were

contained in those writings were under the direct influence and tutelage of The

Almighty! As the stories spread farther, they grew in importance and became

the ―TRUTH‖ no matter their validity or lack thereof. How can there be anything

but confusion when all that is supposedly truth is derived from lack of truth or at

least a lack of understanding of the Truth?

It is no small wonder that you who are reading this have been confused and

also it is no small wonder that early peoples were told to fear God. The priests

and Holy Men, who based their livelihoods upon the inability of the populace to
comprehend the workings of God did not want people inquiring too deeply into

the nature of God, because the answers of the Holy Men would likely begin to

ring of falsehoods since they truly had no more knowledge of God than did the

General Public. If they could keep the public ―God Fearing‖, then the

embarrassing questions wouldn‘t be asked and the Holy Guys could maintain

the fraud and keep their jobs. So, we know what they think they‘re afraid of

and we know what we are afraid of as well, or do we? What fears drive us

when it comes to the powers of God? If you examine the fears closely you may

come to the conclusion that most of them have been propagated by the

numberless members of various clergies.


According to those who really understand fear:

Fear of the unknown is really the only true Fear. Every other fear is a hollow

pretense. The worst thing about fear is it sometimes seems that we do not fear

that which we should fear in the manner it should be feared and we create

meaningless fears simply due to our lack of ability to understand things.

-And, what about our sins? You all know what Sins are. Are there not seven

deadly ones? Lust, Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath and Envy with the one at

the base of the others actually being Envy. There is an innate need for the

“Envy” of your fellows which weighs down every human psyche. It seems to me
to be a slavish and ugly yoke which would best be removed in order for

humanity to progress.

Do we understand the concept of time, or not? From a relativistic Newtonian

viewpoint, we sort of do but with the introduction of Quantum Probability; time

becomes something else entirely and seems beyond the comprehension of

mere mortals. How can we make sense of a Universe (or more accurately, a

Multiverse) where not only is everything possible but everything is possible

simultaneously?! I‘ll admit that the notion is a difficult one to grasp. Einstein

himself said that quantum probabilities made the universe ―Too Spooky‖ to suit

his comfort level, an understatement on his part for sure! According to

Quantum Mechanical Theory, EVERYTHING is possible! So – what would you

imagine the Multiverse is like if somewhere; each of us has made the ―other

choices‖ which we considered at every branch point in our lives. Again,

according to quantum physics, every time such alternate choices were made,

there were new timelines generated! That is what is meant by infinity. (The latter

statement can be taken at many levels of truth and it‘s up to you, as Dustin

Hoffman‘s character Bernard LaPlante says in the movie HERO, to choose the

layer of Bullshit with which you are most comfortable). Or, perhaps, the layer

which is least fearsome to you is the one you must choose

Whichever layer we pick, the idea is that The Multiverse is itself a living sentient

organism and we are all component cells sharing ultimately the same

experiences and destined, whether or not we understand the fact, to profit from

this Multiversal experience by gaining an ultimate understanding of –

EVERYTHING! Now, if that is really true, aint it ―way cool‖ as they say?

According to this thought stream, living and dying and being reborn are the

physical aspects of existence while learning and understanding and loving are

the spiritual ones. What if we are not just citizens of Earth as the mystics who try

to center everything here would have you believe, and are Instead citizens of a

dynamic and electrically energized cosmic alliance of souls who are seeking

enlightenment with the ultimate endpoint of knowing and understanding GOD.

If all of the above is actually true, then once we have achieved this knowledge,

we can expand existence again by shouting with one voice something like “Let

there be light!” It is this ability which we seek to obtain by existing. Most of us

look no further than the level ground of the planet upon which we stand and to

some extent, it might be possible that there is the only place we need to look,

however, the richness of our Universe and the Fullness of our lives can be

enhanced by Following the White Rabbit and by climbing the mountain to ―See

The Man‖. I am writing this book in order to encourage you to try these

adjuvants to existence. I hope that, if you do, your lives as well as the lives of

every entity of which you know, will have more meaning to you.

Obviously, the established and recognized authorities of all types have lied to

and mislead us. The question automatically arises, should we be angry? The

answer to that is yes, but our anger is often misdirected for we rail at THEM when

it is WE who have allowed this state of affairs to develop.   We blame others for

our circumstances, but because we believe that we have no right or inclination

to hold others accountable we use this notion to justify our general lack of

action while if the blame were placed squarely on our own shoulders, we might

be compelled to alter or abolish our circumstances!

We are angry because we take things personally which are the products of our

and everyone else‘s laziness, greed and slovenliness. We take things personally

and whine about it not being our fault! We look for someone to blame and can

find only fate or some infinitely powerful being such as ―God‖.

Let‘s digress a moment and think about all of this. Because some Infinitely

Powerful being such as ―God‖ has made this Multiverse and is thus responsible

for everything in it, that Infinitely Powerful being must have had a reason for

doing so. Since this being is basically beyond our comprehension or analysis,

we have two choices. Choice #1, blindly accept everything that happens and

react to try and make things better or suffer in dumb misery or two, Join some

religious organization which sports leaders who claim to be ―infinitely wiser than

we‖ and blindly follow their recommendations even should those
recommendations result in the destruction of all which we hold dear! According

to religious leaders and zealots who ponder such things, this Infinitely powerful

being will have eventually had enough and come from wherever it has gone at

the head of a Holy Army and lay waste to all evil in the world ushering in a

millennium of peace. (Wasn‘t all evil in the world supposedly destroyed by

Noah‘s Flood?)

According to many mystics, December 21, 2012 is supposed to be the day of

the ―END OF THE WORLD‖ It is the beginning of 2008 right now and supposedly,

according to Jack Van Impe‘ and other insane mystics the date of the

―Rapture‖ should have been December 21st 2005. There should have been a

huge lightshow and the Heavens, were supposed to open up and Jesus was

supposed to transport all of the ―Worthy Ones‖ to heaven to live for seven years

before ushering in the ―Millennium of peace‖ Did this happen and just receive

no news coverage in light of the Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, or what?

In my opinion, the reason for our having been made is not so that we will be

constantly taken over by evil forces which will be rooted out and eventually

destroyed by some great warrior GOD with a flaming sword at the head of a

holy army. Instead, it is to provide us with challenges and opportunities to excel!

If we can solve our own problems using our god given tools such as logic and

compassion, it will cause us to grow both as a species and as individuals!
So, I am throwing down the Gauntlet and I challenge you to expand your

horizons as a humane human being. Can you do it? (You don‘t have to answer

yet, but please think about it!)


AND- I believe there is hope. Even Christian Conservatives, some of whom I vilify

in this work, as you will see, are beginning to ―Get It‖. By this, I mean they are

beginning to get a clue as to the significance of such things as global climate

change and mass extinctions (don‘t tell the Caribbean Monk Seal), brought

about by the gross negligence exhibited by many companies in the Military

Industrial Complex and Big Energy. The Green movement is picking up steam

and it‘s about time! Since Al Gore released his ―An Inconvenient Truth‖ there

has been a measured 23% decrease in the Ice Sheet known as the North Pole.

This will without a doubt result in accelerated climate change wit resultant

inundation of coastal areas throughout the world and I am sorry to say, this will

mean in turn, huge numbers of refugees resulting in a humanitarian crisis the like

of which this planet has never seen. Even worse yet, many of the climate

changes are already irreversible, no matter what direction we go in dealing with

them. We are already screwed, my friends and what we will have left now, is

damage control!

If you doubt the effects upon weather patterns worldwide, that Global Warming

has, look at the damage that has been done by hurricanes, tornados floods
and droughts over the period from 2004 – 2008. The Des Moines and Cedar

Rapids areas were affected in the summer of 2008 by floods the like of which

were not supposed to occur under normal weather cycles until the late 2080s or

beyond, yet there they were! New Orleans and many cities South of The Quad

Cities in Iowa and Illinois suffered from a huge amount of flooding along the

Mississippi that according to what should have been normal weather patterns,

should not have occurred.


I have a word of caution to big energy and your dupes and puppets such as

Oklahoma Senator Imhofe. You have created this crisis and you have felt

insulated from it by a layer of money which your greed told you would be

enough to protect you. You were possibly very wrong. If you were, this is going

to cost you a lot of money and you will no longer be able to dodge the

responsibility which you bear for causing this crisis! My first impulse would be to

drag you all out of your boardrooms and drown you in your new water

inundated coastal areas! Unfortunately, that would solve nothing other than to

make some of us feel a sense of satisfaction for a few moments. That isn‘t what

we‘re going to do, I hope, especially since your accumulation of wealth may be

able to be applied towards softening the climatic blow that may be coming.

To the Bush Administration, I send accolades for your having been a part of the

most disastrous and insane period of governance the world has seen since Joan
the Mad and her deformed and demented Hapsburg son, Rudolph! I believe

that the name of George Bush should be changed to Nero and instead of

Rome; we can say he fiddled while the World burned which he has. Nothing we

do is going to stop climate change completely. It doesn‘t matter how much

money we throw at it because while it was never the inexhaustible dumping

ground which Big Energy and the MIC saw it to be, once it is moving in a

particular direction, halting the momentum will take decades and only that if

we all place ourselves on the same page and address the problem realistically!


in regards to continued existence, two virtues required of all of us, if this is going

to be a problem with a workable solution and not ―The Happening‖ as in the

movie by M. Night Shyamalan. Faith, not in your own religion dictated iconic

God but in the God of the Multiverse. Everyone‘s GOD that is the God of whom

I speak. This is a God with whom we all communicate on a daily basis, not

through the intercession of some mystic or priest spouting mumbo jumbo, but

the GOD that we all know. This is the God that speaks wisdom to us every day

and tells us that to destroy life needlessly and heedlessly in the name of some

cause or religious agenda is just wrong! We must have faith that that which this

GOD communicates to us is the true word! The word of GOD is not contained

within the pages of some Holy Book either (most especially not The Bible or The

Koran!), but is instead written across the double Helix of our DNA.
I was watching a program featuring a televangelist one morning and I observed

his method of trying to describe the power of God. He said, as I do, that God

can communicate directly with us if God so wishes. He said that no matter

where we are, God will find us if he needs to tell us something. That was close to

the truth but this man still didn‘t really get it. I reiterate, God is ALWAYS aware of

us because God is ALWAYS with us! God never leaves us for God is part of us

and we are part of God. Keep trying to wrap your mind around that one if you

can. No matter what effort we put forth we can never separate ourselves from

God! In my opinion, this separation fallacy is what keeps the Priests and

Neocheaters and Mystics in business, OUR Business! Therefore, they are quick to

encourage any feelings of separation. Don‘t expect any of them to tell us the

real truth because their jobs depend upon our not understanding this truth and

instead believing that our only way to the truth is through them! Remember the

words reiterated by Al Gore in ―An Inconvenient Truth‖ and quoted from Upton

Sinclair ―It‘s hard for a man to understand the truth if his salary (or in this case, his

livelihood) depends upon his not understanding it!‖ The Priests, other mystics and

Neocheaters are out of business if either they or we understand these truths.

They tell us that we must have faith, and we must, but let‘s place our faith in the

Master Architect, not in them!

Besides faith, we are going to need our common humanity. We are going to

need compassion for and belief in the virtue of our fellows and to understand

that they all want the same things which we want. They want dignity and a
feeling of self worth and also a feeling that they are appreciated and accepted

by their fellow travelers on this cosmic mud ball. They need to feel that they

contribute to humanity‘s causes and to trust that everyone is willing to do their

fair share. They want to feel that their genes in the form of their children have a

better than even chance of carrying themselves through the centuries to come

until our species learns humility and gains a sense of responsibility for our world

and our circumstances.


For too long, the Mystics and Neocheaters have been telling us to have

patience and that soon God would reveal his plan to them and that they would

in turn reveal the plan to the rest of us. Well, that waiting game might have

seemed alright before Global Climate Change intruded itself into our lives, but it

isn‘t now. Global Climate Change would, of itself be enough of a burden to

bear for any species and will be for every species, but we are unfortunately

going to be faced with other disasters of nearly equal destructive potential on a

global scale.

HIV/AIDS is still in its infancy and no one seems to want to discuss it.

Multiply drug resistant forms of tuberculosis have emerged and threaten again

to be the direct or ultimate cause of more death and suffering than any such

disease that has surfaced amongst the Human Race. Many other emerging

diseases such as the much publicized MRSA are also making their presence felt
and it could actually be a race between them to determine which one is the

most virulent killer! Then, to top it all off there is the ever present drone about the

next Global Pandemic of Avian Flu or Airborne Hanta Virus!

I was on my way to work another morning recently, (actually, it could be any

morning, I suppose) and I heard a commentary concerning True Virtue Perfume.

According to the announcer/DJ the perfume was available for ordering online

and contained essences spoken of in the Bible. The claim was that this perfume

would make someone who uses it smell like God! Smell like God?! If there is one

notion I wish the reader of this book to GET it is that there is nothing of any sort in

the Multiverse (Multiple Universes according to Quantum Physics) that is not

God. I do not mean LIKE God, I mean God Him/her/Itself! It all smells like God!

It IS God! Everything is GOD. I myself have got to resist the tendency to preach

or proselytize because your feelings and ideas about these things count and

you must convince yourself concerning such fundamental issues. I cannot hope

to persuade or con or bully you into acceptance of my thoughts, all I wish to do

is encourage you to ask ―What If‖? What if my traditionalist beliefs are mistaken

and this man‘s visions are accurate? Could it be possible that such Truths, if they

are indeed truths actually might set me free? Examine your feelings and what

seems to make sense to you. Does the traditional dogma which you have been
taught to believe make sense out of the universe, or are you left merely with

―God works in mysterious ways‖?


This book is an attempt to lead you on an evolutionary journey to ultimately

expand your consciousness. I ask the questions which I ask and comment as I

do so that YOU will ask these questions of yourselves! I earnestly hope you might

arrive eventually in a place where you will value HUMANITY to the exclusion of

all other mundane concerns. Rather than comparing the DIVINE (that which is

productive in a multiversal sense) with the PROFANE, (anything destructive or

non constructive), I shall compare the HUMANE with the PROFANE! We will

examine the human situation as it exists now and discuss the possible reasons for

our being in the philosophical mess that we seem to be caught up in. We don‘t

trust our governments, we don‘t trust ourselves, and therefore we don‘t trust in

GOD. Because we do not have the faith to trust in GOD, we don‘t trust in

anything! Hopefully, we can get around to considering even such questions as

Who Are We? Why Are We Here? And what is our (My) Ultimate Reason for


In order to understand these concepts effectively you must discard concepts of

mystical forces beyond your comprehension or control and recognize that belief

systems are exactly that, no more, no less. You don‘t have to do anything other

than believe. You needn‘t be indisputably right. If you can dispose of the need
to be right, perhaps you can dispose of the need to impose your beliefs on

others. Explain your thoughts, by all means, but do not coerce in any way for

when you do, it can lead to conflict literally over mental images alone. In other

words you or someone else that you know may be willing to kill over nothing!

While it is true that there is an undeniability concerning existence (we are here

and that‘s a fact no matter how we got here), there are some who like to

academically appreciate the reason(s) for being as we are. So, how did we

get here? Was it through evolution, or direct creation? All of the Scientific

evidence (and it‘s a lot and growing all of the time) says that Evolution, or more

correctly, decent with modification is the driving force behind our civilization.

Perhaps, because of that we have a unique ability to determine whether or not

our species continues to survive and grow spiritually and emotionally into a

productive and cosmically evolved population of contributors to Universal

Peace and progress.

So, now you know and understand the reasoning which led to our being given

free will! You see, if we achieve peace ourselves, then it will be peace of the sort

that we will know we can maintain and which we will know we deserve (after all

we will have earned it ourselves by making the proper choices and preserving

life wherever possible!). We will have earned it by waking up and as a

consequence, Growing Up!

We will try to understand such things as are presented in the Michael Moore film

Sicko where it is shown that in societies where monetary considerations are a

priority, the health of the entire economic system suffers while when People are

the main consideration, everyone profits. His four examples of Canada, Great

Britain, France and Cuba are Classic. Canada, with a relatively open border to

the US will permit any citizen of Canada to have access to free health care and

nearly free drugs and pharmaceuticals of other types. The same it true in Great

Britain, France and Cuba.

It is funny that 2 of these are countries which the US chooses to make into villains

or Buffoons in portraying them and yet, these places treat all patients with a

level of professionalism and compassion that we here in the US can only dream

about. An especially sad note that I can sense is that Michael Moore‘s ―Pro

Humanity‖ Stand is being labeled as ―Anti – American‖. So, if we are standing

for humanity – we are standing against America? Am I the only one who finds

this notion problematic?

OK, I‘ll admit that the portrayals seen in SICKO are probably the best of the best,

but, even depictions of the worst conditions in Cuba such as were presented by

the anti Michael Moore forces at CNN (Conservative News Networks) showed

conditions no worse than those seen in documentaries of poorly run hospitals

and nursing homes in the US! The thing which was forgotten as the ―photo
Journalists‖ from CNN tried to show that Michael Moore had glamorized his

presentations, was that the equally bad as the United States Health Care system

in Cuba was free and Universal while that in the US wasn‘t. If we are receiving

poor health care at a government run center, it is somehow more

understandable than that we should receive such poor care at a Modern

Commercially run medical facility. CNN, however, is really good at saying things

the equivalent of ―That Scalding water which is taking your skin off isn‘t hot at all

compared with pressurized, superheated steam!‖ Sheeesh!

One thing that I must make note of is that I at least feel that CNN is still a news

network. I cannot even say that about Fox News. They are an editorial network

and a spin machine. I have never seen such shoddy opinionated coverage of

the events of our world in my life. They should be truly ashamed! To be

ashamed of a lack of journalistic integrity however would require that they

understood what is meant by the phrase. It is obvious to most persons that they

haven‘t the faintest idea of what Journalistic Integrity means. One could almost

hope that GOD himself would strike them ―Dumb‖ and not just choose to leave

them ―Stupid‖!

Again, they are probably suffering from the delusion that God may eventually

find out about them but won‘t know all of the details because God wasn‘t here

when they committed their sins. In the song from the 1970s called ―SIGNS‖ there

is a verse which goes
―And the sign said anyone caught trespassing, will be shot on sight! So I jumped

on the fence and yelled at the house HEY! What gives you the right- To put up a

fence to keep me out or to keep Mother Nature in? If God were here, he‘d tell

you to your face, ―man you‘re some kinda‘ sinner!‖

In these Interesting lyrics are described our most fundamental Faith Related

problem. IF God was here - Everyone has been taught to think that. They imply

that God is off somewhere. God is off somewhere? Where do you suppose that

that somewhere would be? Heaven, you‘d guess! Of course heaven‘s not

here! That is why we can commit crimes against humanity and other atrocities

and hope that God doesn‘t find out or that God doesn‘t see! But – search your

souls – we all share the same knowledge and that knowledge tells us that GOD

IS HERE! Always, God is here. Before us – Behind us, within us and never without

us and the most important thing to comprehend is, whether God exists or not,

WE do and in one way or another whether it is God or God Man, we are not

without guidance and that guidance suggests that we can never hide evil

deeds for long especially not from ourselves.

If you believe that the part of the Bible dealing with Caine and Abel is factual,

and that God did not know that the crime of murder based on jealousy was

being committed when it was, nor where the body was hidden, you probably

have no real concept of God‘s true nature at all! Again, you ask, if God always

knows our hearts and souls and minds, why doesn‘t God stop us from
committing crimes? The answer is – Because our wills are free! Deep down, we

all sense this to be the truth but we have differing levels of acceptance of reality

basically coincident with our level of mental sophistication!

There are persons who believe that the notion of Intelligent Design requires an

active involvement of a ―Fatherly‖ Multiversal Entity all of the way to those with

visions of a completely uninvolved computer programmer who set things in

motion but who then washed his celestial hands of the entire process, allowing it

to proceed unshepherded. I must confess that I am closer to the latter notion

than the former but I still believe that a creative entity may at least have

capability of and ultimate capacity for oversight of the process without

interfering in it other than the occasional ―nudge‖ if we go too far astray.

Taking this thought process a bit farther then, if The Designer was intelligent

enough to plant seeds and to let them grow, with the ultimate form dictated by

chemistry, quantum probability and the nature of the environment, it still

designed, it just didn‘t tinker. The creative intelligence designed the physics and

chemical processes involved. That creative intelligence was responsible for

designing the rules and possibilities. The pattern was left up to chance and

environmental pressure both of which were also designed by the Master

Planner. Direct creation, then, is a matter of semantics only. We are allowed to

exist perhaps because we provide variety to the Creator‘s existence. Perhaps

the creator found itself surprised at our ultimate physical form and the effects
which the peculiarities associated with that form; have on our various behaviors

and thought processes.


If we observe our development through the eyes of a researcher in genomics

we may note that as the level of phylogenetic sophistication increases the

complexity of genetic material whether in coding or non coding areas increases

proportionally. Looking for functional elements in mammalian and other

vertebrate genomes has been described as ―like looking for needles in a

haystack," according to a well known genomic researcher. This person goes on

to say that by focusing on conserved elements, you get a much smaller

haystack, and that while it's not guaranteed to have every needle in it, and not

everything in it is a needle, one is much more likely to find a needle if one looks

in this smaller haystack than by looking in the big one. Recently, the use of such

techniques has revealed many more levels of genetic control in an organism as

simple as a common fruit fly, what might be implied from this concerning

sophisticated control mechanisms in something as complex as a Chimpanzee,

Bonobo, Dolphin or Human Being boggles the mind!

One well known research team aligned whole-genome sequences for four types

of familiar organisms (vertebrates, insects, worms, and yeast). The vertebrates

included human, mouse, rat, chicken, and puffer fish, and the insects included
three species of fruit fly and one species of mosquito. Two worm species and

seven yeast species rounded out the set.

When looking at similarities and differences between genomes from different

phylogenetic branches on the tree of life a new tool called PhastCons has been

developed. In contrast to traditional tools that compute conservation levels

based on sequence similarity at each nucleotide position, phastCons allows for

a lot more complex comparisons of genetic material by taking into

consideration such things as how closely related various compared species are

already known to be and using this information to draw further comparisons.

After applying phastCons to multiple alignments of each of the four groups of

eukaryotic species, the researchers estimated that only 3 to 8 percent of the

human genome‘s non coding areas were the same in the other vertebrate

species. On the other hand, the more compact extra gene (those noncoding

sequences mentioned earlier) genomes of insects were more highly conserved

(37 to 53 percent), as were those of worms (18 to 37 percent) and yeast (47 to

68 percent). In other words, the fewer free choices an organism is capable of

making, the more similar its non coding segments of DNA are to other organisms

of less behavioral complexity, while as one would imagine after gleaning

information from the previous data, these scientists also observed that the

proportion of conserved sequences located outside of protein-coding regions

tended to increase with genome length and with the species' general biological

The main thought here which serves as an indictment of so-called Direct

Creation is the possession of these non-coding sequences and their size

relationship to potential freely chosen complex behaviors. Why would they be

there if the imprint of each organism was indelibly scrawled by the hand of

God? Why put a bunch of useless junk into the genomes of more advanced

organisms? If God is perfect as the creationists claim and makes perfect

creations, one might assume that there would be no need for non-coding DNA

sequences. It seems certain that God did not design human beings merely as a

vehicle for Transposons! Nor, I dare say did the designer‘s intent appear to

make human beings an example of perfection, merely practicality.

What begins to be obvious is the fact that the more behavioral complexity there

is in a species (The More It‘s potential choices vary), the more so called junk DNA

is found in the genome of members of that species. The choices and potential

for making wrong ones have grown into our DNA through evolution. In my

opinion, the junk DNA which we possess is there because it has been

accumulated to provide us with backup material to make genes from as well as

providing us with quantum probability backups as a product of the behavioral

choices we make and the resultant probability lines which we generate.

Individuals within a particular reality framework don‘t necessarily benefit from

this ―junk DNA‖ but populations which are the raw material with which evolution

works presumably do.
Our junk DNA is in part proof of a legacy of genetic inheritance which goes

back to the Universal Common Ancestor and progresses right through to Homo

sapiens. It is a testimony to the ability of the Multiversal Oversoul to anticipate

every possible choice made by every being that exists across the threshold of

quantum physical reality!

What are the most important questions and considerations here? Well, what it

may actually come down to if you will is, it doesn‘t matter! Whether we are here





To put it bluntly then, evolution was truly intelligently designed It was designed

to allow life to exploit every opportunity and every utilizable niche and expand

to occupy these as they become available in a sense mimicking the sorts of

potentialities seen when quantum probability is considered and unfortunately

for some of these organisms, if the niches disappear or are in some other fashion

made unavailable, then specialists who have occupied them are doomed to

"adapt or die" as it were. That is, unless they have enough ―Junk DNA‖ from

which they can construct new probability and genomic directives like Human

Beings and perhaps Rats Cockroaches and Coyotes can.

I of course, understand, if you claim to be a strictly scientific thinker, that any

sort of Multiversal Architect is beyond analysis and if you don‘t have faith, then

you cannot rationally take the actions of such a being into account but just

because you cannot analyze or measure God doesn‘t mean that God isn‘t real.

At the same time, just because you are a believer in the idea of a Multiversal

Architect does not mean that Scientific Inquiry is not valid. The two are not

mutually exclusive and as a matter of fact, if you have faith, you understand

that Science is just another tool provided to us by the Master Architect.

It seems that throughout the geological time span some species manage to

adapt but most die out with their niches when the sum of their choices runs out.

The amazing thing to me which more than anything else says that a design does

exist is that as soon as a new niche becomes available irrespective of (and

sometimes because of) previous extinctions, some life form invariably evolves to

occupy it no matter how incredible the chain of events necessary for it to do so.

Quantum Mechanics, Chaos Theory, call it what you will, it happens and

perhaps it is even predictable that it will do so.

Just another thought, (like it‘s the last I‘ll propose – not), intelligent design of the

frameworks for infinite reality is proven by the very "randomness" of these events

as no matter how random they appear; they still must follow what seem to be
definable and determinable physical rules and laws in order for them to take

place. The lack of proof of involvement of some guiding entity‘s hand in all of

this, is not due to the proof not being there, it is instead, our lack of the

technological ability to detect or to predict it completely, yet the fact that most

of us sense or feel that there IS a Multiversal Designer (whether or not) we

choose to ignore or accept these feelings, speaks volumes.

Since, however the ―Proof‖ of GOD will be forever open to interpretation,

perhaps we ought to devote our energies and time to understanding God‘s

works and will, rather than proving or disproving GOD‘s existence or that God‘s

―WORD‖ is contained in some ―Holy Book‖ or another.

It is understandable however, that for some persons, proving that the words

written by some dried up old perverts in some holy book or another for the

purpose of acquiring power are the supposed words of their Deity, has NOTHING

to do with advancing the causes of humanity! Instead, it is only designed to

advance the causes of the men who wrote the words at the time. The fact that

human beings are still killing one another over the agendas of misapprehending

individuals that are long since dust has got to be the ultimate in cosmic irony.

Allow me, if you will, to provide you with the three ‖Words of GOD‖ and here

they are – LIVE like your life was important, because it is! LEARN that tolerance
means accepting things which GOD has provided and trying to understand that

which you fear. LOVE everything for which GOD is responsible (That means one

another and everything else as well.) These words provide a framework for

accepting both the GOLDEN RULE and all of Quantum Reality! LOVE guides

acceptance of the GOLDEN RULE and LIVE and LEARN relate to Quantum Reality

and Experience as well as Observation of associated wonders! To love God, you

needn‘t run about shouting that you love God, nor need you worship reverently

in the church or temple of your choice. Instead, embrace God‘s works, which

means that you must respect all existence and protect it by assuring its


Things do occur by chance - but only because chance too was designed in

order to assure that life would continue the pattern of self replication which

began with some simple strands of Ribonucleic Acid and will end only when we

KNOW not only the Program but the Programmer intimately.

When we speak of intelligent design or Biblical or Qharanic Fundamentalism we

still have our share of malcontents who really hold out no hope for something

―better‖. There are also those whose Multiversal center has somehow grown to

become the centrist ―ME‖ If any of these types fail at anything, their failure has

usually been considered by them to be a personal punishment from GOD for

their transgressions whether real or imaginary. Well, I have news for them. No

individual is important enough in the overall cosmic scheme to be individually
singled out by GOD for punishment. We set up the circumstances for any

punishment we receive and we carry out the sentences! GOD knows that we

will do that justly and allows us the free will to control these things.

One problem which most of us experience concerning the development of true

faith is our inability to see beyond this life which we are presently experiencing.

If we could see that things go on ad infinitum, we could probably understand

the importance of positive actions while at the same time being better able to

forgive ourselves for negative ones.


Since we create our own reality, this act of continuous creation makes us the

Stars of our productions, co-stars in some other plays, and extras in the

remainder. What we really see is not always what everyone else sees, nor do we

always see the same thing under the same circumstances because quantum

rules are total chaos from a finite point of view. Good thing, our producer and

director, Best Boy and Gaffer are all GOD! Only the mind of God is capable of

envisioning all of quantum existence simultaneously! WE live it. GOD KNOWS it!


Yet, If GOD knows so much, why are Ecological disasters and Inhumanities

permitted to occur across the Globe. Butchery of Dolphins by Japanese,

Norwegian and American Fishermen, Sexual degradation and Genital
mutilation of young (poor) Muslim women and sexual slavery involving persons

of all ages all across the world are things which MUST be offensive in the Eyes of

a loving, caring GOD. Certainly, international laws forbid the dumping of

radioactive or other hazardous wastes into our oceans yet such goes on,

sanctioned secretly by most governments who owe their souls to large

international companies, to the detriment of all life on this planet!

Finally, people, given the tools, always seem capable of slaughtering one

another without mercy or remorse to the benefit of the Military Industrial

Complex but to the detriment of our collective souls and consciences. The

slaughter of innocents is often connected to a concomitant slaughter of

innocence. It causes those with a strong sense of justice to become

discouraged and cynical and sometimes downright murderous! In the movie

―Tombstone‖ Kurt Russell, who portrayed the famous Frontier Marshall Wyatt

Earp, asked Doc Holliday (portrayed by Val Kilmer) what it was that motivated a

man like Johnny Ringo (Michael Biehn).

―A man like Ringo‖ Doc said, ―Has a great Big Hole right through the middle of

him. He can never Kill enough or steal enough or cause enough pain to fill it!‖

―What does he want?‖ Wyatt asked.

―He wants Revenge!‖ Doc answered.

―Revenge for What?‖ Wyatt Inquired.
―Revenge for being‘ born!‖ Doc explained.

Revenge for being born? Are there really persons who feel that they deserve

that? Do YOU, rather like Cho Seung-Hui the shooter at Virginia Tech in April of

2007 hate the world that you were born into? Do you hate GOD for being the

force behind the things that you hate about the world? Why? Well, you say

because the above should be enough to bring tears to the figurative eyes of

GOD. But – God does nothing. How, can it be that bad things occur and God

does nothing?! The answer is: Free Will. Humanity needs to clean up its own

messes and really, as a species, we cannot be touched where it counts, which is

in our spiritual essences or Souls, if you will. The only souls damaged by

destructive actions are the souls of the perpetrators of these actions!

The above examples serve as an introduction to the conceptualized visions

presented in the dialogue to follow. Read it with the understanding that MY

VIEWS are themselves but a piece of the puzzle! I suppose I am just arrogant

enough to hope that reading this book will begin your journey towards The

Great Awakening! Waking up might not be fun, but it is necessary. The price of

ignorant, unheeding somnambulism is just too damn high! We can no longer

afford to pay it! Besides, look around you and sense the wonders! Things are not

so bad and if you acquire faith as you read this book, they will never be ―BAD‖

again, at least, not for you!
You don‘t have to live a good life or a bad life in order to gain celestial

attention, you have it, always! God does not judge you, nor as some of the

clergy claim does God Love you or demand love or worship from you. The

ONLY thing that one might sense as a demand from God is that we love all living

things and those processes which sustain life in our sphere. ―But, I‘ve always

been told that God Loves me!‖ you protest ―- and I‘ve also been told that I must

serve God and accept certain duties in order to please God and be proven

worthy of God‘s attention!‖

Do you really believe that? Well, how do we gain God‘s attention and God‘s

forgiveness and God‘s love if we are not yet proven worthy of these things? Oh,

of course! Through the Clergy, that is how! Allow me to ask you why it is that the

clergy is more worthy than you are to receive or demand God‘s attention? If

you say because they have studied and attained wisdom concerning such

matters and they know where God is, I‘ll tell you that that sort of thinking is the

sort that makes terrorists out of young persons who seek meaning from life and

are told by clerics that if they maim innocents, their lives will be meaningful.


Now, I realize that your culture may be one where the likelihood of your turning

into a suicide bomber is fairly remote, but even should you be a Muslim who

belongs to a so-called Terrorist Sect you must ask if acts of terror bring you closer

to God? The answer, surprisingly to some is NO, only closer to dead! Why?
Because we are all as close to God as we can ever be! We are IN God, God is

in us and around us and part of us and we, in turn, are part of God! We cannot

separate ourselves from reality no matter how many possibilities there are

according to Quantum Mechanics! No matter which reality frame we inhabit at

any given moment, no matter which tangent, wild or tame, we take off on at

the next moment, we will never be out of God‘s perceptional range because it

encompasses all that is truth at any given point in temporospatial reality! That

which is material is impermanent, that which is God is eternal!

What is the main impediment to the advance of civilization and mankind? In the

minds of many who ask such questions, it is materialism, and it is materialism

which has led us to the precipice upon whose brim we now collectively stand. It

is materialism which may drive us on over and into the pit. Our only salvation will

be our realization and understanding of our common humanity!

As an example of blatant materialism, I submit to you that Al Gore, who now

refers to himself as ―The Former Next President of the United States‖ has put

together a compelling and scientifically truthful movie in the form of his AN

INCONVENIENT TRUTH. The facts and images presented are very compelling to

a thoughtful layman, let alone to those who have even a modicum of scientific

training, yet – where has our focus been shifted?

―Al Gore?‖ people are asking, ―How can we believe him when it has been

shown that his monthly electricity bill is $20,000!?‖
―Shown by whom?‖ Is the question which I propose.

―Why, competent authorities!‖

―What competent authorities?‖

No one seems to be able to answer that question satisfactorily. Why? Because

these ―Facts‖ are contrived – not facts at all – merely spin which is used to

discredit Al Gore. Maybe a discredited Al Gore will be less believable and

therefore people won‘t start to demand expensive (this is where materialism

comes in) solutions to the very real problem of global climate change. At worst,

perhaps it will slow the pace of such demands.

One would at least hope that such will be the case, though the oil companies

and government agencies under the Bush Administration seem determined not

to do anything much about the problem despite suggestions from the American

Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Academy of

Science that some plan must be devised and enacted – Yesterday!

If you watch the movie ―Who Killed the Electric Car?‖ you will be totally

unsurprised to see that the Government and Big Oil and The Car manufacturers

were all to blame. You might be surprised to note, however, that 25% of the

blame is laid on the consumer‘s doorstep! Many of us asked for the big

luxurious gas guzzlers, After all, having one is quite a status symbol amongst the

unenlightened that constituted the majority of you until you read this book.
Yes, the problem of global climate change is very real. But, it is going to cost

money to deal with it. If we hide our heads in the sand, perhaps we can count

our stacks of money a while longer without worrying about dealing with it! This is

the blindness which goes hand in hand with focusing upon immediate material

gain to the exclusion of all else including common sense.

Glass which is processed with potassium rather than sodium is incredibly strong

and resistant to shattering. It doesn‘t cost a lot more to make, but since it

doesn‘t easily shatter or break, it would be a superior product yet most of our

glass is made with sodium. Why do you suppose that is? Well, I‘m sure you

already know the answer, yet you still accept it. Why?

If we don‘t even consider the economics, but instead speak mainly to issues of

public safety, you still accept it. Why? The consumers of this world could

influence the process by refusing to buy cheaper though unsafe goods. Also, I

imagine that if someone would follow all associated ramifications of this to their

logical end including issues concerning consumer confidence, they might

actually find that the good glass was better for the economy overall!

My quarrel with materialism isn‘t with making enough money to live comfortably

and invest wisely. It isn‘t with mass produced goods which are inexpensive

because they can be mass produced efficiently. My quarrel is with pure stupid

greed which doesn‘t consider the good of humanity nor long term perspectives

but instead is only concerned with bottom lines today!

impermanent (Corporeal, material), has no reality; reality lies in the eternal.

Those who have seen the boundary between these two have attained the end

of all knowledge. If you understand this concept, you realize that that which

pervades the universe is indestructible; no power can affect this unchanging,

imperishable reality. While the body is mortal (and presumably the Banks as

well), the spirit, which dwells in the center of each material body, is immortal

and immeasurable. I really don‘t believe that the Banks can make that claim!


The point here is most persons that I know are not contented with their lives. They

look around and see corruption in the highest offices and in the supposed

bastions of morality such as the Vatican and in the Episcopal Church ad

nauseum. In the Fundamentalist Churches all over the world, no matter what

their denomination or designation, there are cries to essentially "Hate" rather

than "Love" your neighbor.

In the Western World especially, we all sit atop a stack of "third world" bodies

and we try not to notice that fact but more and more of the extremities of these

bodies are getting in the way of our "Guilt Free" meander through what, to many

of these same bodies, would have been "Material Heaven". We are ignoring a

health crisis in the form of the HIV/AIDS epidemic which dwarfs all other such

crises from the past and we are allowing people to suffer and die needlessly
because for some reason we all think that it is happening somewhere else!

Do we ask at what cost our Lifestyle comes? Do we wonder what it is like to be a

"Third Worlder"? Not usually on the surface, not yet, at any rate, but our

subconscious, part of which is in communication at many levels with the rest of

humanity is beginning slowly to awaken to the fact that for us to live so high on

the Hog 3/4 of the World's population must sit under the "Rain from the Anus" of

that Hog upon which we ride so high and so proudly - like God personally

placed us there! We certainly have not learned generosity or charity and Pride

in the American way of Life is being force fed to us and called ―Patriotism!‖

Here in the US, our politicians claim that to be American is to be ―Right‖.

Furthermore, they claim that we are one nation under God, Indivisible, with

Liberty and Justice for all and that saying the Pledge of Allegiance (to the

flag!?) is a good and patriotic thing to do. For the heck of it, perhaps we should

examine some of these ―Patriotic‖ words

How long has it been since those of us who reside here in the US were really one

nation? Perhaps the last time that we still felt like one nation was during World

War II? Oh, Did the Japanese Americans feel that we were one nation? Did the

Native Americans feel that way? Did the Poor or the other disenfranchised

including Blacks feel that way? How about other immigrant populations?
Unfortunately, the answer to when we all felt like one nation was probably

never! Under God, What does THAT really mean?

In other Western countries and in all countries around the world within the

confines and strictures of their individual laws, the story is very much the same

one. Keep the poor and disenfranchised from considering their plight with too

much clarity of purpose or vision for surely then, cross comparisons would follow

and the general populace the world over would realize that, in most cases, they

are all being royally screwed by their governments!


I am asking you to examine your lives and the Words and deeds of both you

and the governments and religious institutions and the Holy books which guide

those institutions. I am asking people to "stop and smell the gunpowder" and to

realize that this vague sense of uneasiness about the meaning of life which is the

least that we all feel, stems from the fact that governments and religious

institutions both ancient and modern and the Military Industrial complex have

worked together to keep us, in the countries from whence change might

actually arise, placid and docile enough that they may play their petty power

games across the surface of the Globe without fear of any REAL consequences

most especially the consequences associated with accountability in an ethical
or even in a material sense.

I am asking you all to wake up to the fact that the human characteristics which

should unite us are the very ones which have been manipulated to divide us

and to cause us to mistrust one another. We should examine the unusual things

which have contributed to our religious beliefs and to our concept of God, and

try to determine how these religious beliefs have in many cases been designed

to divide us as well.

We should perhaps consider those things which we have been told by the

corporate Powers since the first civilizations arose on our planet and since the

Writing of the "Code of Hammurabi" to be questionable at best unless we can

determine that these ideas contribute to our understanding of one another

rather than to our misapprehensions.

The time for tales is done! We need new and accurately measured truths. I am

actually hoping to inform and inspire you to not be satisfied with the World View

you have been told to have and instead to develop one based on actual

observation and consideration.

I am attempting to show you the truth of your existence and why it and the

existence of each and every other living being on this planet is extremely

important to you! I will employ as many different methods to explain who and
what you are as are available to me. Know that the God which you either do or

do not recognize is a God which demands nothing from you other than you try

not to harm others by your existing, striving and seeking. It is not a God which

asks you to do much or anything in its name (you needn‘t sacrifice your best

and brightest) other than to respect all other forms of life and those processes

which sustain it (life).

The secret to understanding the infinite is to understand the definition of infinity

and to understand that infinity means without end. There is no limit to what God

will allow. If it exists, it exists because God permits it. People who claim that one

thing or another is offensive in the sight of God are really saying that these things

are offensive in their eyes. We cannot offend God! God already knows what

we are going to do before we do it and God permits it to be done because

each soul must find its own way! No one, not even the worst of us is capable of

causing offense to such a being!

We are here to learn the rules of interaction and spiritual advancement, not in

relation to materially centered activities but those which enrich and evolve our

collective souls. The major goal in our existing is to comprehend this fact! If we

were to presume that we know any facet of God‘s will, this is the facet which

we should know.

Through various mechanisms, God has made the Multiverse. It is our job to strive

to understand how and why and never to be satisfied with materially centered
explanations which are a seductively simple and extremely naive trap for our

conscious minds. But … more on that as we progress one step at a time into our

final epiphany of understanding.

Always remember, Civilization IS progressing! Women and Children the World

around are better fed and healthier than at any time in our previous history. The

fact that we are lamenting that which is undone and remains so tells us that our

level of awareness has actually increased even if it seems to have been

accompanied by an increased level of apathy. Even though we see people

such as Former Texas Representative and well connected Gangster Tom Delay,

getting ahead because we elect such persons to public office, we must not lose

sight of the larger issues. The most positive thing is that we recognize that there

are problems at all and furthermore that we recognize this fact concerning

places which are not in our own back yards or neighborhoods!

Levels of awareness must always precede activities of a corrective sort. Human

nature will not allow us to act in ways which cost us effort until we‘ve lamented

our inactions and their price for a long enough, period. Eventually, we DO act

to correct problems and so – far, it‘s always been in time. Hopefully this will

continue to be the case and I hope this book is a nudge in that direction! I also

hope that we are already waking up to the notion that HIV/AIDS must be

conquered as the greatest challenge we have ever faced as a civilization with

Global climate change running a close second! Believe me when I assure you
that history will judge us all very harshly if we continue to persist in our failure to

come to grips as a society with these two crises!


NO matter what your situation may be, there is always at least one person

whose problems are worse or whose possessions are more numerous. This is an

unwritten rule of existence! Live With It! This is the main reason why material

attachments are of so little use though we use them to define ourselves, they

define everyone else instead and merely frustrate us because if we must have

an accounting of material possessions, there will NEVER BE ENOUGH yet any

amount of material attachment at all is TOO MUCH! I reiterate: Materialism is

sooooooo…….. Seductive! Everything and I mean everything which I own in turn

owns me. Think about it.

According to quantum theory, however, material actually isn‘t even real unless

we see and recognize that we see that which passes as material. Try viewing the

Movie “What the Bleep do we Know” to obtain a better perspective on this

matter.   So – are you ready to begin the search for truth? Let us commence this

search at its ultimate source as we look at the Power behind it all!

We can begin Chapter 1 on level ground. I‘m not sure when we will find

digression necessary but I‘m sure it will be. The concepts are all jumbled

together in my mind, but I am certain that level ground is the best place to
begin our examination of the various facets of reality. We‘ll venture up the

mountain and down the rabbit hole soon enough, I‘ll wager.

CHAPTER 1: The Piper’s Tune





Before you accuse me of pirating this statement from Star Trek, I shall admit that I

did take it from that source and others. This does not mean that we should not

have individual possessions, nor does it imply that we cannot have individual

agendas or work to achieve them in a productive fashion, it merely means that

we must be willing to set these agendas aside at times in order to promote the

needs of humanity and other living beings whose right to exist is just as poignant

as the rights of humanity to exist. This, of course implies that life in all of its

manifestations must be preserved and protected as long as the actions required

to do so do not violate the PRIME COMMANDMENT above.

To advance humanity as a whole, let us first discuss the idea of utilization of

power over others in a correct fashion. Of course, this power is provided in

degrees which sometimes seem indirectly proportional to our ability to handle it.

Now, perhaps you only have power over a few or perhaps only over yourself.

You may be disappointed, you may be angry; you may feel like everyone else

gets ahead by making the choices which are most convenient at the time. You,
on the other hand have constantly tried to do the right thing and it feels like all

you receive in reward is what drops from the East end of a West bound horse.

When or if you suddenly achieve a position of power over others, some of whom

you have grown to resent, what do you do? Do you gain vengeance upon the

universe by making their lives miserable? Or – do you use your new power in

benevolent ways? Too many would see this power as a chance to ―Get Even‖ –

But – Consider your choices well here! To ―Get Even‖ is the cheap shot! It

cheapens you, and it builds resentment in others! The best approach is to do

that which exalts you and your colleagues and produces tangible benefits both

for yourself and humanity as a whole.

Whether you realize it, or not, doing the right thing earns you rewards in the long

run because when you pass on (and we‘re all headed down that road, my

friend), having done the right thing will count because either physically,

spiritually or both, there will be people gathered around you who will be glad

you were here and who will miss you after you leave, and you WILL have made

a difference! Even if you haven‘t a penny to your name, you will be possessed

of immeasurable wealth which you can take with you in a figurative sense to

heaven, (or, more accurately, the next jumping on point on the Karmic

Karma this and karmic that! What in the name of The Anheiser Bush is Karma

anyway? Definition time – Karma is: according to Hindu and Buddhist

philosophy; the concept that the quality of people’s current and future lives is

determined by their behavior in this and in previous lives. Sometimes it is used as

a conceptualized designation for the “atmosphere” radiated by a place or

situation and sometimes it is used interchangeably with Destiny. Feel Joy, for

now you have been enlightened! At this time and in this place which you reside

at present, this was your Karma!

The Catch 22 is if we blow it and we easily might, we are unworthy of

advancement. To show restraint, to show compassion, turns out to be a much

more difficult road in some ways and if we do not have to fight for our own

survival, we have no excuse for not contributing what we have to the causes of

humanity. Even so, many of us end up being niggardly, cynical, self - indulgent

and downright mean spirited because though we KNOW the truth of things, we

can‘t seem to dissociate our wants from our needs! The worst part of this is that

oftentimes our needs would benefit both ourselves and our fellow living

creatures. How is it then that we end up doing the wrong thing when we know

very well what the right thing actually is? ―What if I want that money tomorrow

we whine? I can‘t give it away!‖
We all need the approval of our fellows. What we oftentimes seem to want

however is for them to Envy us. According to what society has taught us, if we

can make them Envy us, we gain power over them to play upon their own

greed and desires, while, if we cause them to admire us, to actually approve of

us, the only way to get them to do anything is through Love. Most of us don‘t

believe in the power of Love, much to our detriment and even if we do believe,

deep down we lack faith in our fellows and in our God.

Most of us are presented daily with opportunities to fail (ourselves) karmically;

however it would be good not to fail at this juncture of our lives (whatever

juncture that might be). Even though most of us know intellectually that it is best

to be benign and tolerant of the views and foibles of others, few pass the test

and become truly humane. This failure most often leads to self loathing and

vain regret. To get past these destructive thoughts, we must understand at our

deepest point that though marginalizing our brothers is wrong and hurtful to our

overall progression as a species, it is not uncorrectable if we look to a future

where the only focus we possess on mistakes of the past is to see them clearly

enough so that we may learn not to repeat them.

If we could muster the political will to make a change in human consciousness,

many of the nutritionally deprived poor in the world (and many of these are
kids), could be saved! But – to save them we would threaten the so –called

―American Way of Life‖, (or the British or Canadian or German or Danish or

Japanese Ways of life), which Governmental Servants, Elected Representatives,

Business Executives, The Idle Rich, and Lawyers keep saying is under attack by

forces (of good conscience) from without and within. (No matter that we might

go from being shallow and self serving to instruments supporting mankind‘s


One human character flaw which allows us to become oblivious to what is right

sometimes (at least for some) is to ignore mistakes of the past and/or to color

past incidents which should fill us with remorse and regret in the light of heroic

struggles against incredible odds so that when the opportunity to commit the

same errors occurs again, we will quickly take advantage of it and commit them

without hesitation. This is the sort of thinking which led the US and a limited

number of allies to believe that it would be expedient to start a war with the

country of Iraq. If we could have faced reality and seen past actions of the

same sort with the light of truth illuminating them, I do not believe that the

President could have gotten the approval he needed for unilateral action.

The Military industrial complex and Halliburton were quite adept at inducing the

proper sorts off selective blindness to lead the US into that very sticky quagmire
and others followed because they wished to look braver than France who

having held control of that area of the world for the longest period of time ,

knew better than to return there! We all know the result. Death, destruction,

more long lasting enmities and hatreds established than we will ever be able to

deal with, and an all encompassing sense of frustration and futility as once

again we find that the World‘s most powerful military machine is incapable of

defeating the resolve of a (to them) oppressed and occupied people, to be

free of US interference no matter how benevolent that interference attempts to

appear. An observation which is too late to do much good, the frustration rate

Amongst our (The US) military must be quite high because it (The Military) is

experiencing extremely high suicide/attempted suicide rates despite what the

administration and their General Officer ―Patsies‖ try to feed to us in the form of

positive news. In 2006 the suicide rate was the highest it has been since such

records began to be kept. To me this does not say that the military is convinced

of the purity of our purpose in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world.

With regards to our less fortunate brothers in Iraq and other ―Poor‖ or

―underdeveloped‖ nations, the same erroneous supposition has always come

forth from the ―Haves‖ in regard to the ―Have Nots.‖ ―They ought to be able to

make something of themselves, we have!‖ (Though many of these were born

into wealth, and must have made something of their selves in Utero). They must
have the same moral and political beliefs which WE have because WE are the

only ones who know how human beings should live. Well, those of us who are

beginning to be aware of what reality truly is are beginning to understand the

rules of Karma and we know that we are here not really by the grace of God

but instead by an accident of chance.

Grace is a figurative and relative term, not an absolute! (We all require so much

enlightenment that we have to take a celestial ―roll of the dice‖ to put us into

each new life path)! Thus, when we chose to be born, we might just as easily

have been born in Bangladesh as in Bangor Maine, in Rhodesia as easily as

Rhode Island, or in Nepal as easily as Naples. Think on the universal implications

of that the next time you sit down at your computer console to read the latest

sports scores or stock quotes.

To provide you with an example of either deliberate misuse of power or merely a

lack of will to use power for constructive purposes I must now point out the

situations with Hurricane Katrina and the Dec. 26 2004 Tsunami and how the

clean ups and reconstructions have been mishandled and the poor and

destitute have been neglected. When the Mississippi Corridor in the United

States was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in the Fall of 2005, the money

situation amongst the ―Haves‖ and the ―Have Nots‖ was brought into crystal
clarity, for even here in the United States, the Governmental policies favoring

the Wealthy resulted in a monumental disaster for those who could not afford to

leave the threatened areas and whom the Government did not see fit to

adequately warn concerning the real danger headed towards them.

Evidently, the Conservative Government in the area and the one in Washington,

D.C. were not concerned enough about persons in lower income groups to

come up with anywhere near an adequate evacuation plan or assistance to

evacuate by any means, (preferring, I assume, to wait and be forced to spend

much more money cleaning up bodies and other debris afterwards).

This same lack of adequate preparation for evacuation or waiting out the storm

was true even of the days before the advent of Hurricane Wilma in Florida the

autumn that Katrina struck. Again, financial priorities made it literally impossible

for the hurricane weary population of southern and south central Florida to

seriously consider leaving in any major numbers and no governmental agency

seemed to be encouraged to provide assistance to those in the poverty income


In a disaster such as Katrina, help needs to be immediate and only later should

the costs be figured, ―Make it Happen!‖ should have been the cry of any

President of the US or any State Governor or Legislator. Instead, of braggadocio

and bravado and only hollow concern, Politicians need to act where rapid

actions are warranted and ―To Hell with Convention!‖ ―Bring ‗em on!‖ should
have applied to the problems associated with Katrina and Rita Cleanup, not the

destruction of Iraq! However the expediencies of material economics dictated

that things proceeded in a different manner!

The lack of concern by world governments which belong to industrialized

nations is well illustrated by several conditions associated with worldwide

requirements for energy.

So, is only the US government guilty of such oversights? Obviously this is not the

case.   The Tsunami aftermath was a fiasco also. While the effects and

devastation resulting from and attributable to poverty may well have been less

in The Mississippi Corridor than in the areas that had been hit by the Tsunami in

late December of 2004, the cost in human suffering and in lack of confidence in

available safety nets was still extensive. Not only then, was the lack of

confidence experienced, but later on, when rebuilding should have been well

under way according to Sound Byte Politics, there was no action taken

immediately nor after 4 months had much been done to help either area

rebuild other than a lot of verbal exchanges of vehement, useless rhetoric as

one side or the other pointed fingers or dodged the blame.

Meanwhile the victims suffered and awaited the fulfillment of big promises

which provided little relief. As I have already mentioned, In America the major

attention was focused on being prepared to have Mardi gras! It is unfortunate

that the areas hit by the Tsunami had no similar incentive to clean up at least
some of the mess! Once the eye of the media is directed away from such

crises, the eye of the public who are unaffected goes with it. God still sees but

God plays no favorites. We all pay our money as it were and we all take our

chances. If our fellow man will not help us, we are lost and it is fruitless to hope

that GOD will somehow directly intervene in these situations, though many

clergymen would tell you different!

We all need to understand that the way God acts is through the actions and

conscience of our fellows. Surely, if they do not act, the Universe weeps. It is

humanity, however that suffers! We bear the burden for our inactions at such

times, not GOD. God sets the stage as I have said, but WE write the script! The

direction is ours. God produces but as a silent partner, mostly!

Going on with our apparent lack of concern considering our less fortunate

brethren, for some reason, common persons never seem to be considered worth

taking note of until a lot of them are displaced or killed in a natural disaster of

some sort. Until the damage is assessed and the blame game starts being

played, these persons, the ones in economic disenfranchisement are not

considered important. Once the Hue and Cry and blame begin after the

devastation of a Natural disaster is fully comprehended then their importance is

immeasurable and it is the same after wars and revolutions and police actions.

Now, really, did anyone in the New Orleans vicinity with a net worth of $100,000

or more have to stay behind and face Katrina? Some chose to and some of
those lost everything but at least they had the choice. The poor and already

destitute should not have been expected to get themselves out of harm‘s way

and trite Conservative statements about ―Work Ethic‖ and making something

out of themselves simply shouldn‘t have applied there, yet, they evidently did

and that is truly to the administrations, and to our nation‘s and other nation‘s

collective shame (We get the Governments we deserve!).

In this same vein, does the War effort in Iraq on either side take the concerns of

the poor schmuck in the street who is merely trying to keep his family fed and

protected through all of the chaos, into consideration at all? When people in

the US who are tired of the war and want to get out at any cost except more

American lives say that we need to just ―Nuke ‗em all‖, do they realize what

they are really saying or suggesting. Well, they need to so – let‘s consider The

War Prayer by Mark Twain – right here and right now!

The War Prayer

By Mark Twain

It was a time of great and exalting excitement. The country was up in arms, the

war was on, in every breast burned the holy fire of patriotism; the drums were

beating, the bands playing, the toy pistols popping, the bunched firecrackers

hissing and spluttering; on every hand and far down the receding and fading

spread of roofs and balconies a fluttering wilderness of flags flashed in the sun;
daily the young volunteers marched down the wide avenue gay and fine in

their new uniforms, the proud fathers and mothers and sisters and sweethearts

cheering them with voices choked with happy emotion as they swung by;

nightly the packed mass meetings listened, panting, to patriot oratory which

stirred the deepest deeps of their hearts, and which they interrupted at briefest

intervals with cyclones of applause, the tears running down their cheeks the

while; in the churches the pastors preached devotion to flag and country, and

invoked the God of Battles beseeching His aid in our good cause in outpourings

of fervid eloquence which moved every listener. It was indeed a glad and

gracious time, and the half dozen rash spirits that ventured to disapprove of the

war and cast a doubt upon its righteousness straightway got such a stern and

angry warning that for their personal safety's sake they quickly shrank out of sight

and offended no more in that way.

Sunday morning came -- next day the battalions would leave for the front; the

church was filled; the volunteers were there, their young faces alight with martial

dreams -- visions of the stern advance, the gathering momentum, the rushing

charge, the flashing sabers, the flight of the foe, the tumult, the enveloping

smoke, the fierce pursuit, the surrender! Then home from the war, bronzed

heroes, welcomed, adored, submerged in golden seas of glory! With the

volunteers sat their dear ones, proud, happy, and envied by the neighbors and

friends who had no sons and brothers to send forth to the field of honor, there to

win for the flag, or, failing, die the noblest of noble deaths. The service
proceeded; a war chapter from the Old Testament was read; the first prayer

was said; it was followed by an organ burst that shook the building, and with

one impulse the house rose, with glowing eyes and beating hearts, and poured

out that tremendous invocation

*God the all-terrible! Thou who ordainest! Thunder thy clarion and lightning thy


Then comes the "long" prayer. None could remember the like of it for passionate

pleading and moving and beautiful language. The burden of its supplication

was, that an ever-merciful and benignant Father of us all would watch over our

noble young soldiers, and aid, comfort, and encourage them in their patriotic

work; bless them, shield them in the day of battle and the hour of peril, bear

them in His mighty hand, make them strong and confident, invincible in the

bloody onset; help them to crush the foe, grant to them and to their flag and

country imperishable honor and glory --

An aged stranger entered and moved with slow and noiseless step up the main

aisle, his eyes fixed upon the minister, his long body clothed in a robe that

reached to his feet, his head bare, his white hair descending in a frothy cataract

to his shoulders, his seamy face unnaturally pale, pale even to ghastliness. With

all eyes following him and wondering, he made his silent way; without pausing,

he ascended to the preacher's side and stood there waiting. With shut lids the

preacher, unconscious of his presence, continued with his moving prayer, and
at last finished it with the words, uttered in fervent appeal, "Bless our arms, grant

us the victory, O Lord our God, Father and Protector of our land and flag!"

The stranger touched his arm, motioned him to step aside -- which the startled

minister did -- and took his place. During some moments he surveyed the

spellbound audience with solemn eyes, in which burned an uncanny light; then

in a deep voice he said:

"I come from the Throne -- bearing a message from Almighty God!" The words

smote the house with a shock; if the stranger perceived it he gave no attention.

"He has heard the prayer of His servant your shepherd, and will grant it if such

shall be your desire after I, His messenger, shall have explained to you its import -

- that is to say, its full import. For it is like unto many of the prayers of men, in that

it asks for more than he who utters it is aware of -- except he pause and think.

"God's servant and yours has prayed his prayer. Has he paused and taken

thought? Is it one prayer? No, it is two -- one uttered, the other not. Both have

reached the ear of Him Who heareth all supplications, the spoken and the

unspoken. Ponder this -- keep it in mind. If you would beseech a blessing upon

yourself, beware, lest without intent you invoke a curse upon a neighbor at the

same time. If you pray for the blessing of rain upon your crop which needs it, by

that act you are possibly praying for a curse upon some neighbor's crop which

may not need rain and can be injured by it.
"You have heard your servant's prayer -- the uttered part of it. I am

commissioned of God to put into words the other part of it -- that part which the

pastor -- and also you in your hearts -- fervently prayed silently. Was this

ignorantly and unthinkingly? God grant that it was so! You heard these words:

'Grant us the victory, O Lord our God!' That is sufficient. The *whole* of the

uttered prayer is compact into those pregnant words. Elaborations were not

necessary. When you have prayed for victory you have prayed for many

unmentioned results which follow victory--*must* follow it, cannot help but follow

it. Upon the listening spirit of God fell also the unspoken part of the prayer. He

commandeth me to put it into words. Listen!

"O Lord our Father, our young patriots, idols of our hearts, go forth to battle -- be

Thou near them! With them -- in spirit -- we also go forth from the sweet peace of

our beloved firesides to smite the foe. O Lord our God, help us to tear their

soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells; help us to cover their smiling fields with

the pale forms of their patriot dead; help us to drown the thunder of the guns

with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain; help us to lay waste their

humble homes with a hurricane of fire; help us to wring the hearts of their

unoffending widows with unavailing grief; help us to turn them out roofless with

little children to wander unfriended the wastes of their desolated land in rags

and hunger and thirst, sports of the sun flames of summer and the icy winds of

winter, broken in spirit, worn with travail, imploring Thee for the refuge of the

grave and denied it -- for our sakes who adore Thee, Lord, blast their hopes,
blight their lives, protract their bitter pilgrimage, make heavy their steps, water

their way with their tears, stain the white snow with the blood of their wounded

feet! We ask it, in the spirit of love, of Him Who is the Source of Love, and who

the ever-faithful refuge is and friend of all that are sore beset and seek His aid

with humble and contrite hearts. Amen.

(*After a pause.*) "Ye have prayed it; if ye still desire it, speak! The messenger of

the Most High waits!"

It was believed afterward that the man was a lunatic, because there was no

sense in what he said.

It is a fact that no one ever seems to consider such situations as the War in Iraq

or relief from natural disasters as the same sort of problem, but fundamentally,

they are. We lose sight of one another in these situations. Somehow a person in

Iraq whose children are in jeopardy and a person in New Orleans whose supply

of clean water has been interrupted are not able to be seen on our radar. If it is

not in our backyard it oftentimes has no reality for us. If it has no relevance to

the maintenance of the hold which the wealthy have on our collective

imaginations, it is not made to look either significant or relevant.

After Katrina most of the relief and cleanup efforts were concentrated in areas

where Mardi Gras was going to take place. This is an unsurprising observation in
the USA since it is a country which so revels in wealth inspired traditions such as

Mardi gras. The authorities made certain that the area was cleaned up before

―Fat Tuesday‖ so the Fat Cats could grow their wallets even fatter! No wonder

other humanitarian efforts flagged. You don‘t want to impede Mardi gras in the

interests of a few thousand people who are still unable to be assured of where

their next meal is coming from or that their water is safe to drink.

The problem with electing the Wealthy to Public Office is they have no way to

relate to their constituencies until after some disaster affects those constituents!

Another problem The REAL TRADGEDY for all countries is people now seek office,

not because they wish to help their fellows, but through a desire to gain legally

or illegally, incredible material wealth. Though all politicians do not realize this

goal, enough do that it becomes associated with fact that political office brings

opportunities for great wealth! The real shame is that what used to be called

―Corruption‖ is now just called ―Making the Most of opportunity! Barack

Obama, Hillary Clinton. John McCain, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee all

needed to remember what they were seeking in 2008, and it was not supposed

to be a quick road to wealth!

WEALTH is Incentive?

A man of wealth, who spends his time accumulating it to no other purpose than

the “Noble” desire to see it increase itself, however, is no man at all but a thing
of rock and stone who has lost the memory of his own humanity. Think on this,

those of you who devote thought to such things, (I’ll mention this theme more

than once, so if you miss it this time there will be opportunities to consider it later


Bill Gates was reported at the time of this original writing, to be the World‘s

richest man with a net worth exceeding 55 Billion US dollars!) (Warren Buffet has

passed him up, now – Hooray for you, Warren). I will guarantee you that Gates

and Buffet together are literal paupers compared to some of the ―Old Wealth‖

which is hidden in Multi National companies and Swiss Banks etc. I am as sure as

I am writing this that the next Monetary peak which is waiting to be climbed is at

least the ability to call someone a literal Quadrillionaire and we won‘t even

discuss those who are Multiple Trillionaires because they‘ve been around since

before World War I! I would also wager, and I doubt that I would be too wide of

the mark, that the Quadrillionaire has some relationship to the Military Industrial


According to the Rules of Karma to which I constantly refer, the state of extreme

wealth which I mention above results in he who will be born to a status in the

next life which is worthy of his niggardliness in this one! YOU oh wealthy man

whose spirit is imprisoned by a golden idol, you and you alone will make

determination of your penance. Dig deep into your psyche, cast off the shield of

self justification and look to your DNA and the common humanity with which it is
inextricably interwoven and realize that that screaming conscience which you

fail to heed will be the taskmaster in charge of where and when you land next.

We should do more in the Middle Class to right these wrongs. It has always been

the Middle Class who acts in such circumstances but in this case we are

distracted by Mass Media Entertainment (Bread and circuses).

You see, bread and circuses cover the tracks of those who do not wish their

presence to be known. High drama and world chaos are the material from

which they extract their wealth but should we ask (Are Material possessions what

these persons unnamed truly seek. Or is it something else with which we as a

collective provide them?)

Does GOD communicate ―HIS‖ thoughts on this to us? The Clergy and the

authorities who rule by coercion and threats of force or direct communication

with God claim that they are appointed by God or by an act to God and that

because of this, we must support their actions and their activities no matter what

travesties these actions constitute and no matter how silly the actions look.

Whatever they are doing, they do for our own good, they claim. After all, we

have no ability to relate to the Universal powers. Therefore we must abdicate

our responsibilities of self government and subvert our desires in deference to

Guidance, we‘re glad if they offer guidance but forced obedience plants the

seeds for rebellion and terror and long lasting hatreds and feuds which would

potentially place us in a world much like that which we live in now. Is there a

way out of this before we ruin ourselves and our planet? Hell, who knows?

Perhaps in the pages to follow, you can find an answer!



On a note of positivism concerning Human Nature, though one might think that

the depths of resentment which arose between combatant interests following

World War II and other conflicts would transcend all common humanity, they

evidently have not! If such fears are yours, does the following provide you hope

for a better world?

Nearly sixty years after the Japanese empire signed articles of surrender on the

deck of the Iowa Class Battleship Missouri, Information has been published of

polls in which we see that – United States Citizens are far more likely than the

Japanese to expect another world war in their lifetime. On a side of perhaps

an overall effect of ―Getting a clue‖ Most people in both countries still believe

that the first use of a nuclear weapon is never justified as the pictures and stories

from the atomic bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki still

circulate and speculations still run rampant as to the justification for these atom

bombs being used at all. The war claimed about 400,000 U.S. troops around the

world, as well as more than three times that many Japanese troops and

(because of the firebombing of Tokyo and these to some, unnecessary nuclear

attacks), at least 300,000 Japanese civilians.
No one has ever treated the common Chinese people worse than the

occupying Japanese did during World War II, yet in December of 2006 the two

countries had a frank discussion concerning the ―War Years‖ So far as has been

ascertained, there was nothing present except good will during that discussion.

This is amazing, don‘t you think? The Japanese are equally able to discuss the

WAR with American Representatives. These same ―civilized‖ Japanese are not

very progressive, however, when it comes to following the dictates of

International Treaties concerning the Slaughter of Cetaceans (Whales and


I once talked to a former American Infantryman (a gunnery sergeant to be

exact about his experiences during World War II in Europe. He was a

replacement gunnery sergeant and had a gunnery crew working under him.

Their purpose was to act as gunnery reserves and relief and they were shuttled

around freely. This man told me about incompetent officers even up to the

General Officer level who made bad choice after bad choice which inevitably

led to the demise of literally thousands of infantrymen and the unnecessary

abandonment and destruction of perhaps millions of today‘s dollars worth of

artillery and other ordinance and equipment.

According to this source, training accidents claimed hundreds of lives due to

incompetent decision making on the part of officers who had had no combat
or other real world experience. (Sounds like every other war, doesn‘t it?). He

told me that before being shipped home, he and many other such relief crews

were taken to a debriefing camp ostensibly for rest and recovery. When I asked

him what this R and R was like, his eyes grew troubled. He said that he didn‘t

remember a lot about it except for him and his fellows standing in assembly in

their skivvies on the parade ground of this camp or compound and listening to

blaring loudspeakers while extending their arms to the sides and supporting five

gallon buckets of water for unknown periods of time.

Obviously, there were unusual things that went on during that war on both the

European and Pacific fronts. Civilization goes on and international business

continues and The MIC continues to grow stronger and more in control of our

destinies and imaginations!

Speaking of being forgiving, dolphins, Especially Tursiops truncatus (the

bottlenose dolphins) are forgiving of tremendous transgressions against their

persons. The worst transgressions committed against them are by the Japanese

who seem to have convinced themselves that Dolphins are mere fish and that

slaughtering them by the thousands is perfectly acceptable. Then there are the

Norwegians who don‘t really give a hang what they are. All that the Norwegian

whalers seem to care about is that they are easy targets.
Do the Dolphins reciprocate? No, at least they don‘t seem to. They still help

humanity when they can. Perhaps the unbalanced priorities of the Japanese

fishermen with respect to Dolphins are due to a coldness developed by all

Japanese since they are the only population that has ever been ―Nuked‖! I‘m

not certain what the excuse of the Norwegians may be. Perhaps they are still

feeling like Vikings and the Dolphins are helpless enough to be similar to

European coastal villages where they raped and pillaged centuries ago!

Well, at least for the Japanese something productive came out of the ashes of

having been nuked, since Japan and the United States have forged a close

political alliance. Americans and Japanese now generally have good feelings

about each other, but people in the two countries understandably have very

different views on everything from the U.S. use of the atomic bomb in 1945 (Now

there‘s a surprise), fears of North Korea and the American military presence in

Japan and of course a growing yearly Dolphin cetaceacide!

It may be possible that since Norwegians were directly responsible for delaying

Germany‘s development of atomic bombs so that the US could be first and

drop such bombs on Japan has made the Norwegian Fishing fleet feel an

empathetic identification with the Japanese and causes them to wish to

emulate Japan‘s attitudes towards Dolphins. Who Knows? What does seem

obvious though is that these persons who attack and slaughter our ocean
brethren either convince themselves that these beings are mere animals or they

are not concerned that they are intelligent beings at all but again, they like the

fact that they are helpless targets. Bullies are indeed the same no matter which

people they belong to!

A War as World Wide as World War II certainly left many unanswered questions

and certainly its unusual beginnings and endings have raised more questions

than have ever been answered. Associated with the war have been numerous

conspiracy theories and cover ups which cover many different subjects from

Anthrax Bombs to the rationale behind the Fire Bombings of Dresden and Tokyo.

Other theories concern the timing of the US entry into the War while others yet,

unrelated, explain the so-called ―Philadelphia Experiment.‖ One has nothing to

do with the other, but both are conspiracies which arose from the remnants of


Some WWII conspiracy theorists have focused on the story of JAMES

RUSBRIDGER. As the theory goes he was supposedly killed and framed as a sex

pervert by MI5 to remove as it were, a thorn in the paw of military intelligence.

He had been a tremendous irritant to the security services of both the British and

U.S. Governments due to his letters to newspapers which poured scorn on the

Official Secrets Act and his books, such as The Intelligence Game, which cast

doubt on the official version of events which led to WWII. Where Rusbridger
aged 65 at the time of his death, really annoyed the spooks was when he

unearthed Britain's code-cracking secrets, in particular the story that the British

had cracked Japanese naval codes in advance of the attack on Pearl Harbour.

Rusbridger wasn‘t satisfied with this, however and made even more damning

claims such as one which alleged that that the U.S. Government had been

informed that the Attack on Pearl was going to occur and had themselves

issued the Typhoon warnings which had resulted in American Fighters being

secured against a possible blow of nature so that they could not respond to the

BLOW by Japan as well as failing to inform their sacrificial lambs Husband E.

Kimmel (Naval Commander) and Walter Short (Army Commander) that an

attack was imminent.

What Rusbridger essentially claimed was that the U.S. wanted the attack to

occur to give them an excuse to enter the war at that time. (Far Thinkers were

already planning their ―Toyota plants in Detroit etc.). They knew that if they

entered the war right then an eventual victory for the Allies was assured and

before it happened, enough Jews would be eliminated by Germany‘s final

solution that a ―State of Israel‖ would be possible to establish with the Sanction

of the newly formed United Nations without displacing so many Arabs as to

completely shift the power structure in the Mideast. It was further predicted that

with Germany being ―Shamed‖ by its involvement of extermination of lower

level Jews the main force of opposition in the Western World against the
establishment of a Jewish State in the Middle East (namely a United Germany)

would be nullified, thereby paving the way for Zionists to take over the area of

the Middle East where Israel is now located.

This claim has never really been dealt with other than by official denials and has

certainly been given no credence by established forms of evidence until

recently when shows on the Discovery Cable Channel seem to have provided

corroboration based on WW II related documents which have been brought to

light under the Freedom of Information Act.

It is interesting to consider the information presented by others which observes

that the ships in the So-Called Battleship Row at Pearl Harbor were all ancient

hulks soon to be decommissioned and that the USS Arizona, the most

celebrated of these due to the loss of almost a full crew in the attack had had a

lot of transfers of crewmen to other, ―modern‖ ships to be replaced with

Malcontents and Goldbricks as they were described by the High Naval

Command at the Pentagon. Many of these men would probably have caused

nothing but problems had they lived and remained in the Navy, but at the

bottom of Pearl with the Arizona, they were instantly transformed into Heroes!

I do not mean to besmirch their names or belittle their sacrifice inadvertent

though their heroism was. I am merely pointing out the fact that those who

knew about the attack had things planned well in advance and that these men
were ―malcontents‖ in the eyes of the upper echelons of the navy not because

they necessarily were of bad character, but because they were just not as

willing to do anything asked of them without question as some others were.

Being unwilling to be a robot is tantamount to saying ―I am expendable‖ in any

branch of the service you might name. This then killed two birds using one stone,

as it were.

Whatever the reasons for entering the war or however it did happen ultimately,

the attack on Pearl Harbor still lives in ―Infamy‖ but the U.S. and Japan live in

cooperative association though there are still some differing philosophies seen.

The United States also has its differences with the reunited Germany, but overall

there is a spirit of cooperation between the two which is unparalleled in recent


Recently, George Tenet (Former director of the CIA) was interviewed by the

Anchor of the CBS program Sixty Minutes. During this interview, Tenet said that

the possibility of an attack using the means which Al Queada employed on the

two towers had been known about for several years before it was actually

enacted. In July of 2001 Tenet alleged, he had spoken to the then National

Security Advisor, Condoleza Rice about an imminent attack on US interests. Ms.

Rice turned the matter over to a subordinate and it was never dealt with

(because special interests were better served by allowing the attack to

proceed?). After all, with the attack on the Towers, George Bush, et al could
begin the ―War on Terror‖ and the dismantling of the constitution and Bill of

Rights. (Oh, that‘s OK, we weren‘t using them anyway!).

If you as a reader care to speculate along these lines a bit further: Do you

remember filmed shots or videos of the two towers during windstorms? Do you

recall how far they swayed from side to side? Do you recall a suspension bridge

over a place called Tacoma Narrows which collapsed due to Metal Fatigue?

Or, did you read in The Mothman Prophesies where the Silver Bridge across the

Ohio collapsed for some of the same reasons as Tacoma Narrows did? Fine, you

say but what do these disasters have to do with one another?

Well, consider the Metal Fatigue issue for a few moments, as I ask you do you

remember how those towers swayed in the wind? If they had ever broken off

just what do you suppose would have happened? After the earlier Bomb attack

in the WTC basement, what did the engineers find when they examined the

safety of these twin bastions of materialism? Was there even more weakness? If

we believe the official explanations, the answer would be a resounding NO! This

book does not really accept any official explanations and is more likely to follow

the reasoning of Michael Moore and the producers of ―Loose Change‖. If the I-

35 Bridge between Minneapolis and St. Paul is any example of the quality of

engineering responsible for building the WTC then we can in a way, be thankful

that the two towers are not still up there threatening the safety of New Yorkers.
We will have a lot more to discuss concerning these events but for now, the

direction is onward.

What we can possibly discern here is a pattern. The pattern is one where

governments fan the fires of grudges to keep tempers flaring and conflicts

going, (make particular note of the Bush Administration and misleading

statements made concerning Iraq, Iran and North Korea!) The common people

however, eventually tire of these conflicts and allow common humanity to hold

sway until someone fans the embers of hatred again and the MIC can peddle

new, improved wares!! The general line of approach by current administration

personnel has remained the same. Stumble, fall, get a few guys killed and sell

weapons, by all means, sell weapons (of course it goes without saying that

―Make Money‖ is a really important part of all of this as well)!

In the US the general consensus amongst those who call themselves Christian

Conservatives is that Man is going to destroy man eventually. Date after date

has been proposed and has passed into history but they keep predicting doom

after doom! What a faithless conglomerate of self indulgent whiners they are!

So far though, none of these ―Doom‖ dates has proven to be an accurate

determination. To receive a firm prediction of when that will be is evidently not

possible. This is the case even when we ask the major doomsayer Pat Robertson
himself or his fellow fear monger Jack Van Impe. No, they just continue to say

that they are sure it will be soon and if we want the proof send $19.95 plus

shipping to purchase the newest set of video tapes concerning the coming

Apocalypses! No guarantee of money back if we aren‘t satisfied will justify such

fear mongering! Of course, if they are right, there will be no chance of getting

money back even were we to decide that that was what we wanted.

These people should be labeled traitors to humanity and tarred and feathered,

not listened to! The problem here is that we have a fascination with disaster and

the fact that the impending doom may well affect us seems no impediment to

collectively buying in to all of this crap! Do any persons who supposedly believe

in the words written in the Bible believe that God is going to allow the Earth to

again be ravaged by such an Apocalypse?! They preach that the Bible is the

word of God, yet they heed it selectively or interpret it to support their own

personal agendas and belief systems!

Does not God promise that he will never again destroy humankind, after Noah?

The wicked have all been removed. We presumably have only Noah‘s genes.

Where is Noah‘s reverence for life and his goodness?

Gone! It is gone because of a simple truth. If we are all possessed of the

capacity for good, (what point to the destruction of all life in the flood,

otherwise?), then what need have we for Priests and Lawyers? Very quickly
after the Bible was first printed, it was realized that it could be a two edged

sword for the clergy. The only chance which the Clergy had for continued

employment was for somehow, some aberrant behaviors to have snuck into

humanity once again under the very scrutiny of an evidently not so perfect


Thus were other books of the bible written! Thus were the clergy able to assure

their place in the noble hierarchy of enlightened individuals who must be

listened to for the sake of our immortal souls. We are after all, bound once

again for apocalyptic destruction! Only the clergy have the wherewithal to

save us! The problem is that salvation doesn‘t come cheap and we had better

get used to an expensive tab accompanying our continued salvation. Also, if it

seems that the time frame is not exactly precise, we must understand that

―imminent‖ demise does not necessarily mean tomorrow, or next week or even

next year. These guys only promise that it will occur eventually. It is absolutely

necessary that we continue to support their non productivity in the meantime in

order that they may be continually on guard and seeking excuses concerning

their lack of ability to envision a firm date for the ―Rapture‖.

(Speaking of Apocalypses), there are some who feel that perhaps the Final War

has arrived, with fighting dragging on in Afghanistan and Iraq as part of the U.S.

campaign against terrorism and no end in sight to the conflict which causes

some people to feel that such a world war is already upon us. It is amazing that
the type of justification which has been used by Governmental Administrations

to continue to have young men and women killed in wars with no true moral

purpose is not wanting to have the deaths already accumulated to be as

meaningless as the deaths in all such wars of occupation always seem to be.

The logic is totally inverted but one comes to expect this from the persons who

run governments those who as I have intimated above, will cause wars to be

precipitate even where it could be possible to prevent them. These same

people, who evidently never studied the history of other occupations of other

countries by other military machines, are always responsible for the new wars.

Besides, War is big business! Of course, the real money maker is paranoia

inspired by seemingly unresponsive governments which are, in reality, as

controlled by The Military Industrial Complex as are the rest of us.

Muhammadism/Islam and it‘s propensity towards violent resolutions of conflict,

Gods! What a religion for the MIC! They love it!

If one subscribes to the fear provoking prevaricatory literature of the so-called

―Left behind Prophesy Club.‖ One begins to imagine that the Iraqis are going to

rebuild Babylon and turn it into a world commercial center from where the Anti –

Christ (Is it possible that the US is rebuilding Babylon and that George Bush is the

Anti – Christ?), will wreak his horrible harm upon the world. Perhaps, my friends,

Bush is not doing this to stop the Biblical prophecy but instead, to assure that it

takes place! These idiots probably like the idea of throwing in the towel and
eventually waiting for God to come and make it all better through the direct

intervention of Jesus Christ. Why should WE save ourselves? Let‘s make it

happen! Bring Jesus back! (We may have to request that Constantine return

also and begin the Holy Roman Empire once more!)

Of course the fact that there in reality, is no individual Anti – Christ isn‘t going to

stop these people from trying to destroy our civilization in the name of their own

personal interpretation of God which, when you look at the mess they have

made of things in the name of profit, sounds like the very thing which they

supposedly fear! No wonder they are wishing for an Apocalypse, nothing short

of that will clear all of this mess up!

In America, George Bush seems to have hurried his agenda after the shellacking

that the Republican Party in the US took at the polls in November of 2006. There

seemed immediately to be more urgency about promoting the ―Bushy

Agenda‖ which the powers behind the American President and his cabinet

seemed to desire. The thing which these great, extremely wealthy fools don‘t

understand is that in their struggle to expand their bottom lines from the

exploitation of chaos, it is they who have turned this world into such a mess and

while an Apocalyptic change may be the only thing which can help us, it isn‘t

coming through direct actions of any Supernatural Entities. It is coming because

they have created the conditions! They have sewn the wind, as it were, and
whether we reap the Whirlwind or the benefits of a Wind Farm is pretty much up

to chance at this point!

We can continue to allow Big Energy and The MIC, (Many of the officials of

which are right wing zealots), to dictate the direction which our civilization takes,

or we who are in the General Public can do something to take back control of

civilization from these guys whose only rationale is represented by the size of

their profit margins! They possess no ethics other than those which bring them

wealth. They are not evil per se; some of them are probably otherwise decent

people except for their service to Mammon! They are not purposely malicious

but many in their employ are, and many of these don‘t even understand the

part they play in our universal melodrama!

These forces have been in operation since the inception of our civilization and

were incepted in Babylon as well as Mesopotamia and spread to Egypt ,

Athens, Phoenicia, Troy, What is now Cairo, Beijing, Jerusalem, Carthage, Rome,

Tokyo, Manila, Paris, Hong Kong, Casablanca, Bombay, New Deli, Karachi,

Buenos Aires, Rio DeJanerio, New York, Heidelberg, Berlin , The Vatican, Oslo,

Stockholm, Minsk, Moscow, Leningrad, Ramat Gann, Bangkok, Sydney,

Havana, Mexico City, Chicago, St. Louis, Omaha, Denver, Las Vegas, Los

Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Nashville, Louisville,

Raleigh, Mobile, New Orleans, Kansas City, Dallas, Houston, Galveston, El Paso,

Laredo, Laramie, Butte, Pierre, Bismarck, Anchorage, Honolulu, Winnipeg,
Saskatoon, San Diego, San Fernando, Phoenix, Miami, Orlando, Savannah,

Atlanta, Mobile, Huntsville, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Flint, Detroit,

Bangor, and Washington DC to name a few (The ones who aren‘t named are

still ―unnamed co – conspirators‖).

As an aside, isn‘t it interesting that the Phoenicians, who were the first

international traders, managed to procure the compensated directive to print

the Bible? They and they alone had final word on its content! They somehow

seem to have slanted the Word of God‘s Law into the World of Commerce.

(Well, why not? They knew that the bible had been written over a span of at

least 1000 years by numerous writers with varying agendas.) There was really no

hope of consistency so, why not embellish and make it work for them? Go Forth,

My Children – Go forth and be fruitful and multiply - (Your personal Wealth

Portfolios!) and Tax Shelters!

So, what do the Wealthy Executives of the World Do? What do they do? They

support business activities to the exclusion of all else. With their eyes on their

profit margins, they justify all means of crooked activities and shady deals.

Single – mindedly they wreak all sorts of damage and then hire members of

Mankind‘s second Oldest Profession to try and smooth things over! They

shamelessly pursue natural resources and are willing to commit any fraud in the

name of obtaining them. When (not if), they are caught, in step the Attorneys

and with a few greased palms and a few contrived phrases in some courtroom,
they walk away scot-free with a license to commit Environmental and Societal


The strongest rivalry between the U.S. and Japan now is economic. The

presence of American products has increased in Japan, though Tokyo

continues to have a large trade surplus with Washington. Japanese are most

likely to name the U.S. as the most important country for their economy, possibly

a reflection of the success among Americans that Japanese automobile and

electronics manufacturers have enjoyed. Americans were most likely to name

China as most important for the U.S. economy and to prove it we have

increased trade tensions between the United States and China after America

ran up a $162 billion deficit with China last year, the largest ever with a single


In an effort to demonstrate how well America has responded to the economic

competition presented by the Japanese, I present the following parable:

A MODERN PARABLE … A Japanese company (Toyota) and an American

company (Ford) decided to have a canoe race on the Missouri River. Both

teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance before the

race. On the big day, the Japanese won by a mile.
The Americans, very discouraged and depressed, decided to investigate the

reason for the crushing defeat. A management team made up of senior

management was formed to investigate and recommend appropriate

action. Their conclusion was the Japanese had 8 people rowing and 1 person

steering, while the American team had 8 people steering and 1 person rowing.

Feeling a deeper study was in order, American management hired a consulting

company and paid them a large amount of money for a second opinion.

They advised, of course, that too many people were steering the boat, while not

enough people were rowing. Not sure of how to utilize that information, but

wanting to prevent another loss to the Japanese, the rowing team's

management structure was totally reorganized to 4 steering supervisors, 3 area

steering superintendents, and 1 assistant superintendent steering manager.

They also implemented a new performance system that would give the 1 person

rowing the boat greater incentive to work harder. It was called the 'Rowing

Team Quality First Program,' with meetings, dinners, and free pens for the rower.

There was discussion of getting new paddles, canoes, and other equipment,

extra vacation days for practices and bonuses.
The next year the Japanese won by two miles. Humiliated, the American

management laid off the rower for poor performance, halted development of a

new canoe, sold the paddles, and canceled all capital investments for new

equipment. The money saved was distributed to the Senior Executives as

bonuses and the next year's racing team was out-sourced to India.

Sadly, this is the End.

Here's something else to think about: Ford has spent the last thirty years moving

all its factories out of the US, claiming they can't make money paying American


TOYOTA has spent the last thirty years building more than a dozen plants inside

the US. The last quarter's results: TOYOTA makes 4 billion in profits while Ford

racked up 9 billion in losses.

Ford folks are still scratching their heads.

Robert Allen and a few other self proclaimed experts have been touting

another Get Rich Quick and protect your current assets from the ―Chinese

Threat‖ scheme, in numerous spam postings on the Web and a few other self

proclaimed experts have also gotten on the bandwagon so there may be at

least some truth to this though how much is help and how much is hype is (as

always with stuff from the web) anybody‘s guess. Some see economic

competition as the most important battle between countries these days and

many feel that the competition is going to be in Dollars, not bullets and missiles

that is, if the World survives this present round of insanity!

Perhaps, if we would all aspire to achieve the ideal of peace espoused by John

Lennon in the song, IMAGINE we would realize that though competition may be

healthy in one sense, it might be better for our collective souls and psyches to

find that competition in some arena other than a conflict driven one so that we

might aspire to live in a country whose motives were not so often open to

question. It would be wonderful if whenever the US government does anything -

persons around the world knew that the actions taken are in the collective

interests of civilization. Alas, this is not (and very likely never will be), the case!

Yet, ―Imagine‖ – a world where competition consisted of who could accomplish

more to serve the interests of Humanity?

Another war where forgiveness has resulted, it seems was the Viet Nam War.

Lots of lives ruined, hard feelings, lack of confidence in governmental policies
again, and of course more and more conspiracies! Yet, if an American travels to

the former Saigon which is now Ho Chi Min City there are Holiday Inns and

MacDonald‘s Restaurants and Kentucky Fried Chicken Stores because the War

provided US and International Industrialists with major economic opportunities!

The ―I‖ in MIC is there for a reason and though much of this industry is involved

with production of weapons, large segments of it also provide consumables of

other types!

Vietnamese and Laotians who remain in their native countries, are actually

grateful to the US because they were able to export the ―Mung‖ to the United

States and other countries, getting rid of these whom they considered

undesirable, in a way more sure than any genocide would have been. This was

how The MIC with the cooperation of the US government led them into the

position of Consumers, by conceding little but a few tens of thousands of young

American Lives and making an investment in the future of Capitalism.

As attested to in the discussion which I presented above, US motives are almost

always questioned, and deservedly so! Truly, though, don‘t we all long for a

Government which inspires Trust and Belief rather than Distrust and Disbelief? I

know I do, and I suppose John Lennon experienced something akin to these

feelings when he wrote the song IMAGINE. In his musings he envisioned not

really no countries, but a system of self governance directed by a lack of

worldliness on our parts that he tried to describe. Imagine, indeed! So, where
DOES Forgiveness reside? Could it be that we have no farther to look than within


One of the most problematic situations which arose during World War II

concerning forgiveness is the one in which many of the soldiers and marines and

combat engineers who risked death liberating all of the pacific Islands such as

Guam from the Japanese faced a moral dilemma the solution to which none of

them are proud of. As these men searched each island rooting entrenched

and dedicated enemies, they began to take prisoners and soon the number of

prisoners began to be a problem.

They could not be left unguarded. Yet to detail enough men to guard them

would have caused already depleted Allied Forces to become even more

depleted. This was unacceptable! The problem was, they were supposed to be

the good guys and the only workable solution was also unacceptable but there

were no alternatives! They drew lots and herded the Japanese prisoners into

central locations and as mercifully as possible, one would hope, machine-

gunned them to death. The screams of the wounded and the dying haunt

many of these men to this day and most of them are in their mid to late 70s or

80s. They have a real job of forgiveness of themselves to do. Most of them

cannot quite seem to come to grips with it. They need to forgive themselves!

But – as they were leaving Guam for new destinations, Tokyo Rose called these

men, ―The Butchers of Guam‖ They would forever be paying for these acts, is
what she said. Many of them believed her then and still do now and for those

who could not suppress the mental pictures, I imagine it HAS been a sort of living

hell. I guess you can forgive yourselves, now guys. You were just following orders

from the MIC. There was no way to refuse them! The most damnably horrible

facet of war is that sometimes there is no Free Will! If there is no free will, there

can be no sin which is the topic of the next chapter, by the way.


GOD (the real GOD) doesn‘t seem concerned with our puritanical ideas of sin or

lack thereof. God is concerned with the preservation of life and the best way to

preserve life is to follow the GOLDEN RULE. You can commit no wrong that God

hasn‘t already seen, no evil that God hasn‘t permitted. Do you think yourself

and your choices so important that God would hold them against you?! Only

other men assign blame! God doesn‘t fix the blame. God fixes the problem

even should that ―Fix‖ take several generations!

Don‘t you think that we demonstrate incredible arrogance and ignorance when

we deny mistakes and hope that if the denials are long enough and loud

enough, our problems will simply go away?! We need to LEARN from bad

choices. We must regret them so that they are not repeated over and over and

eventually, we‘ll get it and will understand that to do good from the fear of

punishment if we do bad, is a hollow, useless pretense! Instead, we should learn

that to do that which is good is its own reward because to follow the Golden

Rule puts you in tune with the harmonics of the Multiverse! You who are reading

this probably say things like you wish God would tell you to your face what is the

right choice in a particular situation. If God makes your choices for you, what is

YOUR character like? Yes, God knows your character but it is important that

YOU know your character. You won‘t, if you don‘t have free will.
Anything that we do purely for ourselves is a waste of our time and more

importantly, a waste of our spirit. We were told otherwise because it is no fun to

find our way back from chaos unless there is opposition! If we learn after

overcoming adversity, then the lessons should stick and we can be Angels in

Training for others of the infinite realities! We‘ve all got THAT to look forward to

eventually, but first we must escape the confines of a self – involved existence!




An Old Plains Indian Saying

There is no Evil like Hatred and no Virtue like patience and fortitude. An Old

Buddhist saying.

The most fundamental and enduring freedom we can possess as a race is the

freedom from tyranny but the type of tyranny from which we need to be freed is

tyranny of the soul and spirit, not political or any other sort of conventional

Tyranny of the Soul is the worst kind of tyranny, the kind which ensnares all of the

fundamentally selfish desires which we all possess and which is almost surely

going to appeal to us at the most basic levels, those of the Id (I want) and the

Ego, (I am) Hmmmm - I remember a quote “I am That I am, Tell them I am has

sent you.” This comes from the movie The Ten Commandments starring

Charleton Heston and is taken somewhat loosely from Exodus 3; 14. I AM THAT I

AM. Tell them I AM has sent you! (You see, this was all the conception of Moses

who was trying to find some way to lead his people from bondage and into a

new hope.

I am certain that he may have gone to Mount Ararat or wherever, hoping to be

alone with his, - and perhaps GOD’s thoughts and to develop a plan of action

but as I have indicated elsewhere, starvation and deprivation oftentimes lead to

temporary insanity and as he asked himself who was God, he had an Epiphany

which his troubled brain mistook for a communiqué from GOD ALMIGHTY! As he

asked himself who God even was the answer arose ―I AM‖! (This is because in a

sense, we all are GOD!).

Well, the rest is history. Moses was an educated person and had read both the

Code of Hammurabi (Too long winded and self important, they‘d never go for it)

and the Commandments of Solon the Athenian (Good stuff but perhaps not

prohibitive enough nor indicative of enough potential punishment for the
Hebraic mentality of the time) so Moses sort of did a Reader‘s Digest

condensation of the two and the so called Ten Commandments were the result.

What does this tell you? It should tell you that fundamentally, the God of Our

Fathers is presented as The Ego. “I yam what I yam and that’s all what I yam!”

(Popeye the Sailor) The Descartean Ideal of reality saw man as the only thinking

and therefore Real being and the remainder of living things as mere

―Automata‖. Man, therefore was justified in engaging in acts of wanton cruelty

and destruction because the Earth and all of its resources were ―Ours to Waste if

we so desired!‖ (Of course the Catch 22 was, yes, we could waste everything,

but if we did, what had we accomplished?). In other words, even if Descartes‘

was technically correct, he obviously didn‘t‖ get it‖!).

It therefore becomes possible and even fashionable in some circles, to blow up

buildings and people with equal detachment as we engage in our petty little

squabbles which are basically disputes over those same things we coveted as

children. One of the main problems with bringing such fantasies to life, however

is that the collateral damage is much more extensive than it was then. No

matter, nothing is more important in the scheme of being than the human ones

Didn‘t Descartes tell us that in his famous affirmation of individual identity, ―I think

– therefore I am!‖?
Now, we did at one time have the opportunity to listen to the famous French

Chef and part time philosopher Pierre Deshorzes‘ who said “No, The words

should say „WE THINK therefore WE ARE!‟ ” Had we merely learned then and

there that it is wrong headed to put Descartes before Deshorzes; we would have

had a civilization worthy of our creator and we would have viewed existence

from the proper perspective.

What of the other living things? They were made, according to the Bible and

Descartes as amusing toys for Humanity to ―Waste or save‖ as the childishly

niave impulses strike us. I am now appealing to that part of you which does

communicate with God, and it is not the EGO. It is called the Super Ego with

super meaning in this case, More Than or ABOVE the Ego which is the realm

where God awaits our ascension in order that we may be worthy to speak with

celestial beings who hope that we will manage to get past the level of I Want

and I am to WE ARE! Charleton, Tell Them WE ARE has sent you! It is somehow

more inclusive for WE ARE – EVERYTHING! How‘s that for aspirations to greatness?!

Let‘s go back for a moment, though. After all, we need to ascend a step at a

time, not in one Grand Epiphany! If there are future generations reading this

book, and I hope that there are, depending upon your level of civilization and
sophistication, try to forgive these times their crass callousness and stupidity.

Certainly, I wish that we would have had a more cosmically informed focus.

The trouble at this time is that we have allowed ourselves to remain infants for far

too long or maybe these throes are the natural struggles of a species which is

trying to some extent to rise above the basic animal needs and instincts to a

higher level of consciousness which might allow us to progress onward to some

destiny other than repeated cycles of self immolation and abasement. – But, the

fairy tales appealed to the CHILD in each of us and while this child was created

by GOD (THE MASTER ARCHITECT) it is a tool of I AM/I WANT (The God and Satan

of organized religion).

Obviously, along with The MIC, I see Organized Religion as one of the greatest

hurdles which we as a species must clear in order to become Humane and

Enlightened. Humanity and Enlightenment - HMMM! Could THESE be the goals to

which our creator would have us aspire? What, those qualities rather than

greed, avarice and stupidity? What have we done to put us into such a moral

and ethical dilemma?

The general populace, especially in the countries where they are nutritionally in

a state where they might actually be able to threaten the status quo given the
proper motivation, are kept in a state of contentment and lack of concern for

the general state of the world with our own version of “Bread and Circuses.”

―Entertain us, and we will not question your motives. Provide us with shopping

malls and we will provide you with happy customers. Advertise to us and shape

our thoughts properly and we will never question the inanity of some of the

messages. Instead, we‘ll seek to get our whites whiter than white (whatever that

means) and our colors bright. We‘ll seek not to offend with body odors and we‘ll

make certain that our Toilet Paper is soft and gentle or feels like a White Cloud.

(Speaking of Toilet paper, did you in America know that it is often the European

custom to burn it immediately? This is a good protection from fecal coliforms

and pathogens!).

We will faithfully devour food and beauty products and personal care items as

we seek to become better human beings through mass consumption because it

is the mass consumption which allows the 445 persons or families in this world

who have individual net worth of over 1 billion (one thousand million) US dollars

to be assured that their gravy train will not derail. (Certainly this is true for the

Trillionaires in any denomination and the Quadrillionaire!),

If any of you are familiar with Kevin Trudeau (he writes books too!), you are

aware that some persons feel that our devouring of food is more than mere

gluttony and greed. According to HIM, we are being forced to eat more
because the food and drug companies place chemicals in the foods of various

types which serve to addict us to them. Well, this WOULD be one way for us to

help assure the wealth of those already too wealthy, but others in the entire

competitive picture would be jealous and have to add their own addicting

substances and the next manufacturer would have to do the same ad infinitum.

It makes a lot more sense to wage individual wars over drugs. According to

Kevin Trudeau and Michael Moore, the pharmaceutical companies and the

FDA are also working their deviltry by not seeking cures to disease because

there is no money in cures, while chronic sickness and continuous pill popping

are a source of incredible profit! As a matter of fact, there is a new spin war

starting over antioxidants. Thousands of reputable labs have conducted studies

which demonstrate the benefits of including these substances in our diets. The

problem which the Pharmaceutical Companies see is that these substances

may work too well so doubt about their efficacy must be established in the

minds of at least some consumers or the healthier public may cease to consume

so many drugs. So, let‘s make up some bogus studies about antioxidants being

hazardous. Some people will have to believe them. Consumption will drop and

Drug sales will increase accordingly, or so it is hoped.
When one considers the activities of the MIC and how conscienceless they are,

it isn‘t too hard of a stretch to imagine that a similar lack of conscience and an

ability to rationalize has allowed them to think that keeping us healthy enough

to function but chronically in need of their products is actually beneficial to

society. In such a morally confused world as we live, it is not difficult to envision

this possibility, though that doesn‘t necessarily make it so.

If we were to list those who have net worth of over 500 million the list would grow

into the thousands and if we chose a lower limit of 100 million the list would

expand to around 500,000 individuals and the estimate is that 8.3 million persons

World Wide have a net worth excluding homes and automobiles of 1 million US

dollars or more. What we can all see is that 1% of the World‘s people control 80

or more percent of the World‘s wealth. As the elderly Englishman in the movie

SICKO said, it‘s amazing that we put up with it – but – the majority of us are

frightened , shackled by debt and so demoralized that we feel that maybe it‘s

better to just take orders and hope for the best.

The reason for so many millionaires is Consumerism, what some call Affluenza

and it continues to afflict new persons each year while those of us who are

Middle class (Net worth of 100,000 or so US dollars up to 1 million) are being

squeezed more and more by both sides of the economy which makes some of
us resent both ends of the spectrum and begin to develop unreasonable


Consumerism and Gadget worship has become so prevalent in our society that

the spin artists in the add world have actually managed to convince us that a

trip to a shopping mall constitutes a worthwhile outing! There are Bus trips

scheduled to Mall of the Americas and other areas of the country have their

own mall packages. As far as Gadgetism goes, there are actually persons alive

today who believe that Digital Watches are a really neat idea! There were

persons who were willing to pay one thousand or more dollars to be one of the

first to purchase an I–Phone (the joint venture between Apple and ATT). When

examining the rationale behind this entire sorry idea, I can‘t help but think that

it‘s a pity that we are civilized consumers and exacters and don‘t take on some

more practical aspects of other animal social orders, eliminating those members

who are not interested in the general welfare but only in themselves.

Of course, if we were merely animals, we couldn‘t HATE and therefore, we

would be in that Garden of Eden out of which we were cast upon our achieving

self awareness. The one problem with self awareness is that it leads to self

loathing and a concomitant hatred of others in whom we perceive those

qualities we most despise in ourselves. Were we mere animals, we could be at
peace, still in the Garden (though extremely ignorant). (It is also true that we

would be lacking Digital Watches and I-phones!).

If we were more God Like, the self awareness would be a fine thing because we

would know that to err is human. To lust is human. To rape your own planet and

give nothing back is human. Once we admitted the problem, namely, that we

are human, we could move on past self loathing to self exploration and self

actualization and who knows, we might be able to crawl out from beneath our

own self imposed limitations into the society of cosmically aware beings who

actually understand and value the multiverse.

Of course, were we more God – Like, we could learn to forgive for we would

know that there can be no transgressions against our persons, by beings who

are in the throes of spiritual growth. The biggest obstacle to forgiveness is our

inability to come to grips with this fact. We take everything too personally,

because in our minds, it is still all about us. We must learn that it is about

Humanity as a whole, the collective WE, not ME.

It is essential that we take our stewardship of our planet and its environmental

treasures, seriously and that we do everything that we can, now, to prevent

future environmental disasters. All of this is real my friends and we must act out of
Love for the Environment and Love of Ourselves. We need to act without hatred

clouding and coloring our motives with personal agendas. Violent action is

never justified except when defending ourselves. To use violence to ―Make a

statement‖ is the worst kind of self – delusion. No one listens to a ―Statement‖

when they feel the loss of a loved one or a friend. All that they can do,

especially when all that they feel is – alone, as I discuss later on, is carry on the

Hatred! There you have the origins of terrorism and its associated cycles of

violence, namely the human being who is crying out for attention, because he

feels lonely or lost and marginalized!

Understand that Allah‘s, or Jehovah‘s or The Master Planner‘s will is all the same

because no matter what differences we ascribe to the entities mentioned, we

are talking about the same entity, The All Father, the Force behind it all and your

petty semantic arguments matter not a whit to this being whose will and

presence is all pervasive though it will never force you physically to accept that

truth. Any acts to supposedly enforce Allah‘s will if you are a Muslim, or the will

of those called by other terms, which include the deaths of innocents, are not

acts which Allah or any Universal Power desires I‘ll guarantee that to all of you.

Believe me when I tell you if Allah wanted some cartoonists or Salmon Rushdie

dead for some misrepresentation of Islam, Allah is capable of dealing with these

people personally and requires no power seeking cleric to issue a fatwa in

Allah’s name. Fatwas proclaiming this or that person or group as enemies of
Islam are issued by clerics who seek power. Allah needs no one to fight his

battles for Allah is power and Allah is truth as are all of the God Names which I

mention since they are the same God! It is this SAME GOD that the mystics of all

denominations hold out in front of us to make us insecure or afraid. Why? Well,

for starters, so we will look to them for answers and never question their overall

lack of tangible contributions to society as we seek to have them save our souls

from those entities which they made up in the first place! We really don‘t need

them unless they convince us that we do! Don‘t allow them to manipulate your

insecurities and fears. Stand before GOD on your own and speak YOUR TRUTH.

Say I AM – to God!

Look around you and see that life abounds and Hope Endures, THIS, not to

destroy, is the message conveyed by The Master Planner and his messengers. To

destroy the works of The Master Architect goes directly against the will of this

Master Force whose greatest work, his only true work, is LIFE from which springs

all other greatness as perceived by man and perpetuated in the name of Allah

or Jehovah or Yahweh or any other name we choose. Only if you understand

this basic fact, do you ―GET IT‖ if you don‘t, you don‘t get it, so join the crowd

who think that their leaders are somehow wise, even when they do patently

stupid and immoral things.
―But they promise that we will be eternally laid after commission of cowardly

and patently stupid acts by ‗Celestial Virgins‘!‖ ―Duuhhhh‖ Boys, certainly you

cannot be Men and believe such nonsense!

If the agendas of any of these “leaders of men” result in the loss of or “sacrifice”

of innocent lives then these agendas are in complete contradiction to the

desires of THE GOD OF LIFE no matter WHAT we call Him; ALLAH, BUDDAH, ODIN,


SATAN. All of these names mean only what we believe them to mean, nothing


These names are merely icons which are acceptable to particular cultures but

they all mean the same thing, the force which we all sense which exists under

and within and without the Known Universe! The Force behind it all, The force

which, slave or not, tells you that you are free because your will is free and

disasters and terrorist acts and torture and imprisonment really have no way to

harm you because you and the actions and the persons who might harm you

physically are all a part of the same reality. You are all GOD in your spirit and

though the flesh feels pain, the Spirit is untouchable, just as GOD is untouchable!

God has shown you again and again that LIFE must be supported and

encouraged. Should you choose to ignore this fact, then you are working

against God‘s Manifesto as it were, but it really will not matter much in the long

run. God‘s purpose will be carried out because Life is the way of the universe,
But - just as populations of Bacteria are killed by various actions, so some of you

reading this may be killed or kill. If you do, you are a bump in the Universal

Purpose and you and your actions will eventually fade from our collective

recollection. If you support life, however, congratulations! You‘ve picked the

winning side and the results of your actions and those of likeminded others will

endure throughout the ages, a testimonial to the fact that you finally ―Got it!‖

To fight for liberty, independence, human rights one can use political methods,

which are lawful. ―Freedom fighters or revolutionaries don‘t blow up buses

containing non-combatants; terrorist murderers do. Freedom fighters don‘t set

out to capture and slaughter school children; terrorist murderers do. This is the

difference between terrorists who are thugs and bullies and independence

fighters who still try to be ―The Good Guys‖ (though if forced to resort to

violence, they have lost faith in the long run and in the big picture). The problem

is that sometimes, when dealing with others, equally devoid of faith, conflict

becomes unavoidable though no more excusable. That is certainly great for the


Some terrorist organizations claim to have other good aims, not only the goal of

political liberation, but such things as a struggle against crime and drugs but no

matter the cause, if one insists upon employing the methods of the enemies of
civilization, they risk being branded with them as enemies of civilization. We

should remember this, if we remember nothing else!

So, do you want to be part of a struggle or part of a World? If you achieve

through monstrous means, the world for which you are striving and you have

been a monster yourself, then not only will there be no place for you in your new

world, but there will be no place for you alongside the Master Planner, or God or

Allah, or Jehovah or Yahweh or any other supreme being until you go back and

do it again in the proper way, demonstrating not arrogance, stupidity, moral

cowardice and a complete lack of faith, but instead, belief in yourself, your

Deity and in the correctness and justice of your deity‘s creation.

Self defense is part of living and continuing to live. It is an instinctual and

immediate need and we cannot be blamed for violence which is perpetrated

when we are physically defending ourselves from physical attack, but, when

God in whatever manifestation you envision him has the power to directly work

his will, what arrogance must you possess in order to believe that it is necessary

to take it upon yourself to personally enforce that which you or some other

human being interprets to be God‘s will. I am sorry, but who are they and for

that matter, who are you to say that you are doing God‘s will? Fatwas are

engaged in by and for fat heads!
In one set of disturbances in 2006 which achieved World Wide Prominence and

hypocritical denunciations for political gain, a Danish Newspaper allowed some

satirical cartoons to be drawn which pictured the Prophet Muhammad in ways

which are less than complementary in some cases. Rather than asking what it is

about their religious practices that would cause such depictions to be drawn,

insane crowds of idiotic individuals with a mob mentality started shouting

Death to this person or group and Death to that person or group, and burning

embassies etc.! Hello – that is exactly the sort of activity which made the

drawings seem to be OK in the first place! If these particular individuals wish to

be given credence, they should try to be civilized and engage others

intellectually, not with torches and pitchforks!

If Muslims see calls for violence in the Koran, then those are not the words of

Allah. They are instead, the words of men seeking power. All deities are one.

None of them need more power. They already have all of the power that exists

in the Multiverse. They needn‘t subjugate or convince anyone of anything! They

are not enhanced by people‘s beliefs! They are trying to help us evolve

spiritually but the power is already theirs!

To achieve freedom, perhaps rather than engaging in violent and patently

stupid actions, those who wish to make statements ought to try making positive
ones. If you get back what you give and hatred is what you give, hatred is what

you‘ll receive in return. If however you give Love and inspiration, Love and

Inspiration will be what you receive in return. You do the math. As long as you

are engaged for the long haul, you won‘t be disappointed. Remember to have

faith. Your point of view will be heard and as long as others respect it intelligent

dialogue will eventually produce truth.

Self loathing and a vain hope of self – redemption are the reasons for most acts

of desperation committed in the names of Gods and countries. Self loathing is a

luxury which the human race can no longer afford. We must love ourselves and

care for ourselves and other members of our species. Salvation can be found by

actions which promote and exalt the Human Race, and help it to spiritually

evolve, not by those actions which degrade it. The MIC would shape your

thinking into believing that I speak lies, but I speak for all of humanity! The only

Agenda I support is the preservation of Life and Humanity!

We must not allow ourselves to sink into despair and self deprecation, instead,

we must become aware of the fact that although we are capable of great

depravity and stupidity we are also capable of heroism, self – sacrifice and

Love, unselfish, unswerving, love. To express this love in a way which is more

creative and positive and more beneficial for our fellow passengers on Planet
Earth, we need merely shift focus from ―I Love God (whatever your name for

God is), to I Love Life because it doesn‘t matter what someone else‘s name for

God is. YOUR God and MY GOD are the same and it is a GOD OF LIFE, not


If one possesses faith in our conception of God, (True Faith), then there is nothing

another Human Being can say which should unnerve or upset them concerning

another‘s CONCEPT of GOD because they KNOW that God cannot be harmed

by negative or satirical depictions of either GOD itself nor of those who are

considered prophets of GOD. Truth is unassailable! If one possesses faith, then

they KNOW that. If in doubt, and this doubt should cause one to try to eliminate

all opposition by violence or intimidation, they merely confirm the inadequacies

of their belief system! Those embassies which they might burn and those persons

who are killed while someone is seeking vengeance in GOD‘S name no matter

what that name may be, merely fuel the flames which consume us all and our

systems of Belief! To try and prove that one is right by doing wrong, never works!

If you continue to read this book, you will see that fact incontrovertibly. If we get

into semantic squabbles about names, we miss the point. The CONCEPT is the


Any of us who claim to believe in God whatever name we have for it, should

fundamentally be aware that life is to be preserved when and wherever

possible! Where life is concerned, we should all take the Hippocratic Oath, the

primary tenant of which is “First, Do no Harm!”

Now, read on with a comprehension of the fact that no matter the content of

some chapters in this book, my overall pervasive purpose for writing this book is

to Promote, preserve and protect Life on Earth! By that, I mean ALL LIFE! In order

to understand what I mean, you must read the rest of these pages! I urge you to

do so with an open mind and heart. I call you then a seeker of Wisdom; let us

hope that I am a speaker of the same! If I am not, then there are fewer answers

available than I had hoped and fewer routes to salvation than you probably

would like.

Do you recall the words attributed to Benjamin Franklin reminding you that “Any

People, who are willing to give up essential liberty in the name of temporary

safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety?” Good words whether or not they

really emanated from him. These words are an anathema to the Patriot Act, the

vilest set of rules which have ever been promoted and passed in the United

States and which trade upon the same fears that Franklin warned us about. The

quickest route to the loss of freedom is fear of that freedom!

You should also be reminded of the words which pertain to that statement

which were uttered by no less honorable a personage than The Dali Llama.

“Brute force, no matter how strongly applied, can never subdue the basic

human desire for freedom and dignity. It is not enough, as communist systems or

other dictatorships have assumed, merely to provide people with food, shelter

and clothing, or with reasons to fear reprisal should they not agree with

government policies. Human nature needs to breathe the precious air of liberty.

Eventually they will be willing to make any sacrifice to advance Liberty‟s cause”

Whenever any standing base of authority must hold an army and physical

threats over the populace which they govern, the authority which they actually

possess is tenuous at best. If a government is just, the people will be grateful for
its services and for its guidance. They will obey the rules because they know that

these rules benefit them and their social groups. They will understand that if they

wish to have a sense of order, there must be rules which provide guidelines for

the limits of social interaction.

You will note, as we progress in our discussion that we have a fresh take on the

origins of the Universe by a Designing Intelligence. (Now I hope I‘ve not

misplaced the strict scientists because I am speaking here of INTELLIGENCE that

Designed everything according to the rules that apply to this reality, I am not

describing a design by The God of the Old Testament Who isn‘t pictured as

possessing enough intelligence to do anything in a subtle fashion!) Intelligent

Design, as I indicate in the first parts of this book, in this case means the design of

DNA, RNA (Especially RNA), and the elements which contributed to the

evolution of the first Life Form which may have been something as simple as an

autocatalytic strand of RNA!

All Science is valid in its pursuits when those pursuits are conducted in the

interests of achieving truth. Sometimes Science‘s conclusions are wrong and

there are some things which Science is unable to evaluate, things which must

be taken on faith, but all in all, The Scientific approach is one of the greatest

and most useful tools which the creator has led us to find.
I am going to ask you something now? Is America really the greatest country

on Earth? Let‘s consider that question from as many angles as possible. We

continue to ask who we are and where we are going but the answer isn‘t

always clear nor is the way. We continue to examine war and poverty and

lawyers and emerging diseases, government cover-ups and conspiracies,

commercialism and capitalism and how you can help keep us (humanity) on

the correct path.

It is my fervent hope that by the time you have finished this book, you will know

more about who we have been, who we are and who we need to become in

order to assure the future of civilization than anyone who hasn‘t read these

words. I hope, overall, that it will aid you in being a better, more compassionate

and more understanding human being who will know not to ―sweat the small

things‖ and that all of the things we are able to influence have so far been small

things which add up to an emergent picture much greater than we could ever


According to the Cheyenne in the statement I quoted in Chapter 3 dealing with

our greatness and that of our enemies, since we are GREAT and we are our own

worst enemy, then as a people, we must be very great indeed. No matter what

is implied to the contrary about certain segments of the population, please do

not lose sight of the fact that I believe that, on the whole, we ARE great. I hope I

may have been inspired to write a few things here that will help us to maintain or

even to increase our level of greatness.
The Buddhist sayings scattered throughout this book, are meaningful both on the

surface and under it. Hatred allows the justification of any evil action whether it

is reasonable or not. It causes people of otherwise moral character to lose sight

of their morality. It causes compassionate people to lose their compassion and it

causes otherwise humane persons to lose their humanity; (just think of the

Holocaust and of the genocide in Rwanda). All of mankind‘s ills, at least those

which do not result from natural cause are mitigated in one way or another by

hatred or even more fundamentally, by fear.

An even more problematic cause of worldly ills stems from the first person who

looked at something with their right brain‘s perspective and decided that that

something was fearsome in one way or another, yet upon analysis of that

something with their left brain they were able to control their fear of it and

furthermore, figure out how to exploit the fundamental fear that all of their

contemporaries would likely have of the same factor by not allowing them the

luxury of analysis of the problem. Playing upon their contemporaries‘ desire to

do things the easy way, they called their attention to the problem and then told

them that they needn‘t worry about it and that indeed if persons other than

that person 1 would just throw their fates into person number one‘s capable

hands, person number 1 would do the worrying for them. This was a case of the
first mystic and the first example of controlling of potentially productive people

by persons with no desire to do anything other than manipulate.

The reasons for this type of approach may be hatred of humanity and what

seems our true nature or dislike of work of a productive kind for one reason or

another but the reasons are invariably selfish reasons.

We may hate other people because their definition of GOD is not the same as

ours (Though the conceptualization generally is), how silly is that?

―You say Eeether, I say Eyether, and I‘m going to kill you because of it!‖

Some people are born to greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them by

others and some decide that they are CHOSEN. What‘s up with that? I believe

, now, is the time for some illustrations of perspective and how it influences our

Universal paradigm and if you read the Bible or the Torah, you may be of the

opinion that Jewish People are indeed GOD’S CHOSEN but, what makes a

CHOSEN PEOPLE? WHAT DEFINES WORTH?             Well, value is in the eye of the

beholder and GOD‘S CHOSEN are oftentimes chosen by themselves for reasons

unclear to others!
Some persons claim that Catholics, (Roman Catholics) are chosen by Jesus

Christ to be the standard bearers in this world. The conference of Nicaea is

where Roman Emperor Constantine (A Life Long Pagan) decided this and

where it was agreed upon that Christ was divine in Origin even though he

denied it himself according to the writings! They consider the Pope to be the

representative of God on Earth, CHOSEN (by a vote of the College of Cardinals)

but ostensibly therefore chosen by GOD, and the Pope is the Holiest of Holies to


Obviously, Christianity was becoming the vogue. Since this was the case,

something had to be used to unify the Holy Roman Empire and perhaps the rest

of the World as well. Constantine decided that the best instrument to do this

would be Christianity after a few re-writes of the New Testament. OK, since

under Judaism the Jews were the chosen people, there had to be a newer

religion advanced if someone else wanted to be the chosen people, hence the

newer Christian Religion was necessary.

Those things which grew from these Chosen People were such things as the

Spanish Inquisition, and the sale of indulgences and Priests Molesting Young

Children who trusted them while the Church Authorities took great Pains to

cover up the knowledge of such incidents. Quite a legacy to live up to so I

suppose it should come as no surprise that the College of Cardinals elected
Pope Benedict XVI as the replacement for Pope John Paul II. As a Private

German Citizen Joseph Rat zinger was in the Nazi Youth Corps during World War


Supposedly, this was required of all Germans in his age group and when he

deserted in 1945 it may not have been because he feared retribution but

instead, he found and took his first opportunity to escape since those in charge

were occupied, themselves with other concerns. The truth here is hard to

discern and basically is a matter of faith.

I will continue to believe, partly because of the suffering of the persons in the

German Concentration camps no matter whether it was ―Their OWN Fault‖ as

Hitler claimed, that all people are precious and should have our respect (This

means the people of The Sudan and the People of South Africa and the People

of Rwanda, Somalia and those in Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia, as well as those in

Afghanistan and those in Iraq and those in Iran (towards whom the insanity of

the then US President was beginning to be directed at the time these words

were written) and which took a long time to be discredited. Also, my heart and

prayers go out to all of those poor unfortunates (who don‘t exist) that the US

government has imprisoned and denied basic human rights to under the

covering blanket of the ―Patriot Act‖.
There are Muslim Clerics asking for depictions of the Holocaust which will be

derogatory towards Jews following the cartoons concerning Islam which

appeared in Danish Newspapers. The problem here is that, ―I can be insensitive,

if YOU can be insensitive‖, is an unwinnable conflict that only can add to World

misery and enrich the MIC even more!

If you really were to compare the suffering which was supposedly borne by

Jesus on the cross whose hands and feet hurt and whose head was adorned

with a crown of thorns while he had the almost certain knowledge of paradise

to come, how can it possibly be contrasted to the suffering of those in the

camps, or the others mentioned who were at the collective mercy of a

conglomerate of psychotic, heartless butchers who were using DANTE‘S

INFERNO as their standard operating procedures manual and who , as a group

were even more inventive than DANTE or the Marquis De Sade‘?

What blackness and hopelessness must be in the soul of any person who can

look directly into the eyes of a pregnant human female and shoot her in the

head? We‘ve all seen pictures of such atrocities and we are horrified yet

fascinated by them, perhaps though, if we found them truly unacceptable we

would have a bit more success at convincing ourselves of their wrongness! The

Nazi Death Camps were horrible blights upon the human soul, but there are

operational death camps all around the Globe which are no less horrible.
We know of their existence but excuse it with trite expressions of regret and

concession. ―We can‘t win ‗em all!‖, but the only victory for people in death

camps is death because for most of them, that is the only hope they have that

their suffering will end. Just keep in mind should you ever end up in a similar

circumstance, God forbid, YOU cannot be touched! Your body suffers but YOU

are not your body. You will endure, you will persist and YOU can thwart those

who think that our physical selves are all by showing them that they are nothing

compared to the true essence of being! Who knows, perhaps they might learn

something if you tell them you forgive them for their circumstances and mean it!

Then YOU win and humanity benefits as well!

As you sit complacently reading this or knowingly shaking your head in

affirmation of its correctness, thousands of your fellow humans are suffering and

dying at the hands of people as normal seeming in their realities as you are in

yours. The main difference is where you live and before you say Thank God look

once more at your surroundings as they morph, way back there in your sense of

Quantum Reality into less familiar ones and you find yourself either suffering

these horrors or inflicting them upon others with your conscience screaming

(and whoever engages in such actions will have a screaming conscience)! Not

a very pretty picture, is it? Is it enough to make you want to do something about

It.? I hope so!
Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Malaysia, Nepal and Muslim nations the world over, are

presently places where a ―war on terror‖ embroils the United States (and in a

way, The World). Iraq was and is a place where we try in vain (free elections

notwithstanding) to accomplish that which for one reason or another other

nations have tried previously to accomplish. Namely, to impose our will upon

the collective will of a smaller country with a lifestyle and belief system which we

neither understand nor appreciate and which from our much more

―enlightened‖ perspective had been woefully upon the wrong path until we

decided in our infinite wisdom to change their destiny and hopefully, the destiny

of the rest of the world which we seem to feel is also upon the wrong path. (This

seems especially true of Iran) but more on that, later!

You are correct, of course, if you say that Iraqis voted in fairly high numbers

(though less than hoped) during the January 31, 2005 elections. To say that the

conflict with the US was then resolved, would however, be incorrect. The US still

had no exit strategy that they were willing to reveal Because of this, by

February, 2006 more and more Iraqis were saying that they‘d been better off

under the rule of Saddam Hussein! In Late February it was looking good for a

new civil war in Iraq and it was looking like this civil war was happening by

February, 2007. Certainly it was in full swing by summer of 2007 and no
disingenuous statements by presidential candidates on either the Republican or

Democratic side made any real difference in the numbers of dead and


This is the lesson of history yet we never seem to learn from it! The Iraqi Prime

Minister from the Newly Elected Iraqi government tried to address the World

Economic Powers and convince them of the need for more than talk and ―Tut -

Tuts‖ when he addressed the assemblage on July 19, 2005 as well as on the

previous day and while he received lots of encouragement the money still

didn‘t begin to pour in even though he assured these people that all but 2

provinces were under control and were exhibiting very little sign of insurgency.

The problem was and is, of course, that these men also watched CNN and they

KNEW that the insurgency was far from over. What the world economic leaders

suffered from was a lack of confidence in the United States and/or Great Britain

both of whom did not very prominently support the pleas by the Iraqi Prime

Minister, providing a sense that they had no confidence in the ultimate

outcome and that perhaps they, too, were waiting for a miracle. Unfortunately,

it was a miracle which never came, did it?

Instead, the war drags on interminably with those in charge (who evidently

haven‘t made enough money yet) claiming that it is only a matter of time

before democracy triumphs and a new country will arise where the Iraq of
Saddam Hussein once stood. Meanwhile deaths and chaos increase and

nothing is done to advance the causes of civilization.

Iraq is a trap for the US and her allies but it is a trap from whence the MIC and

the Bush/Cheney administration are withdrawing massive amounts of money!

The fact that other equally (in their enlightened opinions) well-intentioned

countries have tried unsuccessfully numerous times throughout the long and

bloody history of humanity to accomplish the same thing as The US and its allies

were attempting with very little to show for it was uppermost in their minds but,

evidently was never factored into the US‘s ―Better World‖ through forced

diplomacy, pictures of Saddam in his underwear, and military interventionist

strategy. Hanging the poor look alike did nothing to contribute to International

Peace efforts, either especially since most of us suspected that the Real

Saddam Hussein resides somewhere in the Caribbean with a huge bank

account and 24 hour body guards!

We, after all, were not these other countries and we knew that, given the choice

and the facts, any country would literally jump at the chance to engage in our

own form of republicanism which for want of a better term, The Bush entourage

labeled Democracy.
So, with all of these wonderful possibilities, free elections and free choices, why

did not and do not the majority of Iraqis; Sunni, Kurd and Shiite embrace the

American Ideal for their country? Why do they not jump for joy and thank Allah

that ―The Yanks Came‖? What‘s up with that?

Why, instead of constituting a few malcontents as US spin indicates, does the so-

called Iraqi Insurgency seem to be gaining ground while the credibility of the US

is fading even farther and faster in the opinion of everyone except that selfsame

US? In Mid and late February of 2005, and all during March and April, some of

the most brutal attacks of the Iraqi Insurgency were carried out against other

Iraqis and these continued all through 2005 and beyond. Again, why, since the

Iraqis felt such friendly inclinations towards the US did the New Iraqi Prime

Minister ask The Government for a timeline for US withdrawal from the country of


These attacks were not staged to cause common Iraqis to fear going to the polls

as had been claimed before the elections so the spin masters in the

Administration were forced temporarily into silence as they attempted to form a

credible strategy of lies and innuendos to explain why the new democracy

didn‘t seem to be working. People the world over do not like to live in an
occupied country. It is very difficult to speak in a reasonable fashion or tone

when your attention and your country are both occupied.

Perhaps now, I must have faith that at least some ―Would Be Terrorists‖ have

picked up and are reading this book. Allow me again to tell those of you who

are reading this book and who perhaps belong to a terror cell that you must

have faith! Do not think that YOU personally or those who direct you need to

defend Allah. Allah has all of our lives in his hand as it were, Allah owns the

whole show! You see, I can say Allah as well as any other name to describe the

Master Architect or ―The Universe/Multiverse‖ if you will.

They are all the same and just as I see a Rose and call it a rose while someone

else has a designation which is different; it remains the flower that it is whether I

name it or whether it is named by others! Does it not seem silly to contemplate

killing one another over the Name of such a flower? Yet – human beings are

willing to kill one another over what name we give to GOD! How can this be?

Well, there are persons who feel that being in possession of the name of GOD

and the associated religion makes them better than others. Know this – all of

COULD designate a religion favored by GOD it would be LIFE and all those

mechanisms which support it!

No Muslim should believe for one moment that Allah is not in control because

the UNIVERSE IS ALLAH and the GOD JEHOVAH and every other GOD Name

which people use to represent verbally that which is ALL. The All Father, The

Master Architect, they all mean the same thing! That THING is: The GOD OF LIFE.

If you promote death in any way, you may receive some sort of petty feelings of

vengeance accomplished, you may feel that , even temporarily, you are taking

control over your life and the lives of others that you destroy in your desperate

acts of stupidity, but at least admit to yourself that you are doing it for your

leaders because they tell you to and because you evidently lack faith in Allah

and you‘re pissed off at life and therefore at the God of Life and would instead,

believe in the MEN who tell you to go against the Will of Allah who is, as I have

said, The GOD OF LIFE.

If you die a hypocrite, the martyrdom thing seems somehow less meaningful

and dying for the desires of men to obtain power over other men when you will

never even see the fruits of your sacrifice say that you‘ve allowed those men to

do a real ―Head Job‖ on you.
If You do not know that the only rewards that you will receive in this life are the

rewards associated with good works and positive, productive works, not from

blowing innocents into bloody bits, but instead from producing tangible value,

then you do not even begin to understand Allah‘s purpose which never has and

never will have anything to do with blowing innocents including yourself into

bloody bits!.

Why do you allow men who are no wiser than you, to tell you what Allah‘s

purpose is? Believe this, Allah speaks to you in your heart and if something your

leaders ask you to do feels wrong, that is Allah‘s way of telling you that it is

wrong. Believe me or yourself, that Allah will never demand that you sacrifice

YOUR LIFE or the life of any other innocent. When someone demands that

innocents suffer, they do not represent the GOD OF LIFE, they represent a Human

Directed Agenda. For only Human Beings engage in acts of wanton cruelty.

Isn‘t it wonderful of you terrorists to contribute to that already too bloody


If you achieve faith, you should be able to tell the difference and for those of

you in charge of sending young men and women off to die to advance YOUR

AGENDA rather than the Will of Allah, perhaps YOU should aspire to possession

of the Faith which you claim to have in Allah for only in a true understanding of

Allah‘s purpose which is to support life in all its manifestations, does REAL power

reside! All else is idolatrous nonsense and YOUR idol is POWER over others!
One of the most accurate definitions of Insanity which I have ever heard defines

insanity as trying the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

The invasion thing which the U.S. has done in Iraq has been done before by

persons who claimed that the country invaded wished for their help. Every time

it has been tried, it has failed, yet, The Bushites did it again! It is this knowledge

which weighs heavily upon the hearts and minds of many common Americans.

Dear Lord, is there nothing upon which we may depend save insanity?

US relationships with their most staunch and dependable allies were severely

strained by the arrogance of this unilateral action and the subsequent

innuendos about former U. S. Allies. What is cool about degrading a people

who have been known as our friends and allies since the Revolutionary War.?

The Government of America at this time encouraged such things as ―France

Bashing‖ Now, sometimes France HAS been a contrary ally, but they still have

been an ally and they don‘t deserve to be disrespected!

IN OUR Most Prized institutions of Sanctuary, World Wide - Churches, Monasteries,

Halls of Government, Halls of Justice, Blue Chip Businesses, Hospitals, Sports

Arenas, Schools, Court houses, City Halls, Universities, Community Colleges and

Private Homes and Care Facilities, we are under a constant attack by discord

and disbelief in the Rightness and sanity of the Universe! We look to our leaders
and find only materialistic greed and requests to sacrifice our will for the will of

the majority or the will of Allah or the will of God. How can this provide an

example to live by which produces tangible benefits?

As you are reading this book, I am almost certain that you are angry with

someone or about something. You feel like you are drowning and if not for the

fact that the feeling of drowning has become ―normal‖ you would be as

incredibly frightened on the surface as you are deep down. What Is Up With


No one has Faith, in anything! Everyone has decided that the world is run by

Scam Artists Con-Men and LAWYERS! And all of those other types that we doubt

the sincerity or dedication of. Or they think that everyone else is so self-involved

that they are unable to contemplate the plight of the ―Other Guy‖. Worse yet,

most of us have been led over time to believe that there isn‘t a damn thing we

can do about it! Well – I have good news and bad news. Acceding to the

demands of conventionality, I shall provide you first with the BAD NEWS- YOU‘RE

RIGHT – There isn‘t a damn thing that YOU can do about it

So – you ask ―What‘s the GOOD NEWS?‖ Okay, here it is- WE can do plenty

about it, but – WE is the key!
I don‘t know how many persons I have spoken to say they believe that mankind

will eventually destroy itself, (I mentioned this in Chapter 2), but this attitude

leads to acceptance of our own inability to first admit to and then correct our

mistakes. The only way to do this is by employing the WE. Again, WE is the key!

WE THINK, THEREFORE WE ARE! We have power. WE can influence governmental

policy in other ways than with our votes and in a TRUE Democracy that is what

must be done!

WE must go to our windows, throw them open and shout at the top of our

voices, as a collective whole. ―I‘m mad as Hell! I‘m not going to take this any

more!‖ Just like the crazy newscaster played by Peter Finch did in the 1976

movie ―NETWORK‖! Ok if one person does this enough, it‘s probably the rubber

room for them just like it was for him but increased numbers and visibility might

amount to increased chances of such a movement being taken seriously. If two

people shout ―I‘m mad as Hell, I‘m not going to take this anymore!‖ then they

will make space for them in the rubber room as well. But if all we can do is

double our numbers each time, here is and are the probable eventual


4 shouters – rubber room; 8 shouters – rubber rooms; 16 shouters – rubber rooms;

32 shouters - rubber rooms; 64 shouters- rubber rooms; 128 shouters – rubber

rooms; 256 shouters – stadium with Astroturf – Guys with Uzis; 512 shouters – more
guys with Uzis and a ―supervisory person to hear the shouts; 1024 shouters – an

offer to pay anyone who will shut up and go home; 2048 shouters – a threat of

some kind of concentration camp and more rubber rooms and stadiums and

guys with Uzis. What, you say it couldn‘t happen!? Read the Patriot Act, we

have essentially given our government, our servants, the right to round any of us

up that they deem a threat to national security and to hold us without trial or

benefit of council.

So I will warn you that under a rather broad umbrella of the definition of what

constitutes terrorism, an action such as the above could be included as terrorist

acts if we tried to organize a national effort, especially. At the same time, a

single person can accomplish nothing. ―WE‖ is the key!

Do not forget, however, that the U.S. Policy at this time had been one of

incredible arrogance and stupidity and that The President actually asked

congress for permission to give policing powers to the US military so that in times

of national emergency he might call upon them to enforce the law of the land. I

am not certain what his intent was here but I am certain it was no coincidence

that his poll numbers were slipping at the time. If he had gotten away with this,

the need for actions of civil disobedience might have had to be well considered

and performed in the shadow of true danger to the participants and here I
speak of performing such actions in the U.S. where public reaction to

slaughtering these persons might be somewhat negative. I know that if we

consider such acts in all of the countries where they need to be participated in,

we will definitely have bloodshed before it‘s over! Again, I remind you of the

words of the Dali Llama, who said that freedom, is sometimes worth sacrifice

even sacrifice of one‘s own life (but never the lives of noncombatants!).

If you doubt the insanity of the policies of the U.S. Administration in power at this

time, think about the fact that the U. S. Justice Department actually

recommended that the CIA be exempted from international laws concerning

torture of prisoners so that they might be able to torture information out of

suspected terrorists. The fact that under control of homeland security the

definition of ―Terrorist‖ seems to have been broadened makes many persons in

the Civil Liberties camp very nervous and with good cause!

We may need to be willing to engage is some acts of ―Civil Disobedience‖ in

order to get our points across, yet there are those in the government who would

argue that Civil Disobedience is never necessary in a Democracy because the

constitution which each possesses defines and empowers the common citizenry

with far-reaching power. However, one well known individual felt that sometimes

Civil Disobedience‖ was the only way to go. I speak here of Henry David

Henry David Thoreau, who felt strongly that civil disobedience in a democracy

was the obligation of its citizens, argued that sometimes the constitution is the

problem, not the solution. Moreover, legal channels can take too long, he

argued, for he was born to live, not to lobby. His individualism gave him another

answer: individuals are sovereign, especially in a democracy, and the

government only holds its power by delegation from free individuals. Any

individual may, then, elect to stand apart from the domain of law.

Martin Luther King, Jr., who was also involved in acts of civil disobedience, asked

us to look more closely at the legal channels of change. If they are open in

theory, but closed or unfairly obstructed in practice, then the system is not

democratic in the way needed to make civil disobedience unnecessary. Other

activists have pointed out that if judicial review is one of the features of

American democracy which is supposed to make civil disobedience

unnecessary, and then it ironically subverts this goal; for to obtain standing to

bring an unjust statute to court for review, often a plaintiff must be arrested for

violating it. Perhaps ―Daring to Hope for Change‖ as Barack Hussein Obama

our first Black contender for the US Presidency is something to which we may all

Finally, the Nuremberg principles require disobedience to national laws or orders

which violate international law, an overriding duty even in (perhaps especially

in) a democracy. Again WE is the key.

Now, if my Grammatical construction makes it seem like I was educated in the

Hill Country of Arkansas, I defend my use of We Is as due to the fact that WE is in

this case a Collective WE and therefore used as though it were a singular


WE have to look at what WE use as guidance, The Torah, the Bible, The

Quorhan. WE must examine the words and pronouncements of their writers with

a more critical eye and we must understand that the agendas which they had

may not really relate to present day realities except in the most general of


Of Course, the writers of the Bible and The Book of Mormon, for that matter, had

an agenda! The writer(s) of The Quorhan had an agenda. The writers of the

Torah and Bhagavad Gita had the same agenda though they perhaps had it

first amongst the books already mentioned, the three books (excluding the

Bhagavad Gita) are at the center of conflict in both the Middle East and the

Western World and fundamentally are the root cause of the WAR ON TERROR
too as people who espouse one or another of these guides engage in conflicts

which are basically disagreements over which of these are more correct in their

presentation of GOD‘S TRUE WORD!

One might ask whether any of them are. After all what is the need for such

WRITTEN guidance when GOD , no matter what his name is according to the

belief systems under consideration, would have the ability to write the WORD

upon the very soul and spirit of every human being! That word, inscribed across

our DNA would be basically incorruptible and unalterable while any written

presentation of so – called Universal Truth (God‘s Word) would be subject to

agenda driven human alteration!

Perhaps the intent of these books was benign when they were written. Truly, they

had a noble purpose a purpose of elevating the consciousness of humanity but

if one tried to use a repair manual for the Model T Ford to guide them in repairing

a Humm Vee, all they would achieve at best would be a confused,

dysfunctional vehicle and at worst, they would build a death trap which might

rush madly onward and take out a lot of other vehicles as it sped to its own

destruction!! (If you read a repair instruction manual the equivalent of the

Bhagavad Gita, it would explain internal combustion and mechanics in general
but you would have specific instructions for neither type of vehicle. Each would

have to be figured out on its own)

People the world over are appalled at Man‘s Inhumanity to His Fellows, yet they

say that War and Conflict are inevitable pretty much as I presented to you in the

introductory segments of this book. WHY? I‘ll answer it this way. – Because we, in

our hearts, feel that the examples that these books provide, dictate that such

struggles are condoned by whomever we picture God to be! Aren‘t the pages

of all of these filled with stories of slaying and betrayal and people doing insane

things to prove they have faith? (By the by, If you feel a NEED to prove that you

have FAITH – You don‘t have it!).

People read REVELATIONS (The Revelations of St. John the Devine) and they feel

we are all doomed anyway but that it‘s OK to be doomed because Christ, Or

the Messiah or some Celestial Virgins or Camel and Date Salesmen will come

and make everything better, tossing out the ―evil ones‖ and ushering in a

Millennium of peace. In that Millennium of Peace, whatever people have

written the Darn book will be set above everyone else and everyone they don‟t

like will be cast into some pit or another.

Basically, the childish message is always the same. If you aren‘t happy with the

world, just believe the way that we tell you and your enemies will suffer while we
and you ascend to greatness! What these guys who write this crap don‘t or

didn‘t understand is that our picture of the world has been enhanced and

expanded. We have left these trite little promises made when everyone but

those of your tribe was an enemy, far behind, yet we can‘t seem to let go of the

BOOKS! What is up with that? Scrap the Bible, I say. Scrap the Torah! Scrap the

Bhavad Gita! Scrap the Book of Mormon and Scrap the Quran!

If you look at the messages in any of the above guides, it might bring you to a

realization that the Chosen People spoken of in any of these three books are the

People from whom those particular stories arose, or their parent race. I don‘t

think a single one of them says that The Norwegians will inherit The Earth (My

parent race, and by the way, when they do inherit the Earth I‘ll be darn glad

that the Republican Congress of 2004 had gotten rid of ―The Estate Tax‖, The re-

named DEATH TAX, since I am sure that the tax bill for inheriting the Earth would

be fairly substantial!) If you do not sense my meaning by this time, then you

never will and I am beating a Dead Horse, as they say.

If you are beginning to see the light, then you have accepted the notion that

Norwegians will inherit the Earth, so, read on. There is much more illumination to

come! I suggest this even possessed of the knowledge that you may be riding a
deceased equine! Illumination, by the way, is one of the goals of the group

known as the illuminati.

It seems to me that the one hope that we have is to look to our ―Common

Humanity‖ (WE) and work together to correct the main problems that afflict us

before they are no longer within our capability to correct! Divisive elections such

as the ones of 2000 and 2004 in the United States, do not help anything, nor did

the revelations which were presented in the movie Fahrenheit 911, (Or

Subsequent events which continued to support the worst fears about the

administration of the time and its policies) make us feel very secure concerning

those ideals which were possessed by the persons who lead the United States.

On the one hand, these things were of major import, while on the other hand it is

important to look for reasons to be united rather than to be divided. It seems

that by November of 2006

The general public in the US had finally had enough of the ―Conservative

Agenda‖ but even then George Bush failed to get the hint opting instead to do

as much damage to the country as he could in the time he had left.

Again, our major area of focus should be our common humanity. The Group

known as The Rosicrucians has been working unceasingly to attempt to help all

of us be more aware of our Common Humanity for centuries. If you ever get the
notion, they are worth at least a couple of hours of computer research time.

They are true believers in the potential of the human spirit and in how it can

transcend our petty material focus with a purpose that is at once humbler and

which ultimately is of more practical value in today‘s world.

Contradictions/hypocrisy, (And speaking of hypocrisy, as well as cynicism and

political opportunism at its most odious ,the actions and words of Tom Delay the

representative from Texas who is slightly to the right of Attila the Hun in his

political leanings), should have been thoroughly audited to provide an

opportunity to examine hypocrisy and cynical opportunism in politics overall. We

need to understand why we allow these characteristics and attitudes, which are

so disruptive, to blatantly exist when all that they lead to is frustration and


How, for example, can persons of self declared Good Moral Character spend

time and effort fighting abortion with vigor and dedication yet fail to see the

suffering of children who are brought into a world that is unprepared to deal

with their numbers. The world wide statistics are telling, to say the least. In 54

countries (61% of the world population) abortions are legal and they still don‘t

have much effect upon the populations of those countries nor upon their

In 97 countries (39% of the world population) abortions are illegal yet many of

the statistics cited above still are similar. Abortions are a much less potent force

upon the children of the world than diseases and starvation. The latter two

conditions have a tremendous impact upon the world‘s children and basically

these children don‘t have a collective voice either!

There are approximately 46 million abortions conducted each year, 20 million of

them obtained illegally and there are at least 126,000 abortions conducted

each day yet the children who manage to be born still die in record numbers for

the same reasons that abortions are performed, the people of the world do not

have the resources to deal with the Grim Reaper (minus Billy and Mandy, of


Approximately 1,370,000 abortions occur annually in the U.S. according to the

Alan Guttmacher Institute. In 2001, 1.31 million abortions took place.

88% of abortions occur during the first 6 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. 60% of

abortions are performed on women who already have one or more children.

47% of abortions are performed on women who have already had one or more
abortions. 43% of women will have had at least one abortion by the time they

are 45 years old.

Again, the main cause of such appalling abortion rates is poverty, not moral

corruption as some in the Anti-Abortion camp seem to believe. CURE THE

POVERTY and Abortion will become less necessary and therefore, less common.

To all those with no faith who believe in some twisted fashion that insane acts

whether or not they result in , he deaths of innocents, are justified when they are

committed in the name of some religion inspired agenda or another, I say there

is no justification for the killing of innocents and if these persons had faith they

would realize that they are supposed to do what they can to support life but

that if there is a need for violence against the innocent or in defense of them,

when they are finished acting, there shouldn‘t be a whole lot of people

screaming ―Murderer!‖ at them or calling them ―Monster‖.

If an individual supports a just cause, they are Lionized, not Demonized (And

certainly not Simonized), Oh No, I am waxing wroth. Since in the case of such

cowardly actions as have been committed by such wonderful human beings as

Eric Rudolph committed, a lot of people ARE screaming these things, there may
be a ―Duh!‖ due here for the brains of these misguided souls to try and


THE WORLD WIDE POVERTY STATISTICS (from The World Bank) state that 20% - (1.2

billion people) - of the world‘s people exist on less than $1 per day. More than 3

billion people exist on less than $3 per day. If you compare this with the so –

called horror stories related by some of the ―Poverty Stricken‖ victims of

Hurricane Katrina you realize just how wide is the Gulf between the persons who

are considered ―Poor‖ in the United States where people who live on less than

$1000.00 per month for a family of 4 are considered to exist in conditions of

poverty while the truly poor in the rest of the world exist on less than $360.00 per

month for a family of 4 (a two and one half fold difference)!

It has also been determined that 1.5 billion people live in 100 countries that are

poorer now than they have ever been before in their history. Most of these

countries are major recipients of ‗aid.‘ During October 1999, according to the

United Nations statistics, world population exceeded 6 billion people.

Now, I am not including these statistical reports to bore you. I am not including

any up to this point to shock you either. I merely am using them, as uninteresting
to some of you as these numbers may be, to inform you concerning the overall

human condition.

The gap between the rich and the poor is wider than ever. In 1976, Switzerland

was 52 times richer than Mozambique; in 1997, it was 508 times richer. Only 4% of

the wealth of the world‘s richest 225 people - $40 billion - would be enough for

basic healthcare, food, safe water, sanitation and education for all of the

world‘s people. Today, with skyrocketing energy costs the gap between rich

and poor can only widen.

According to UNDP reports, women are the poorest of all. They do 67% of the

world‘s work, earn 10% of the world‘s pay, and own only 1% of the world‘s land.

Between 1970 and 1995, adult illiteracy declined by almost half from 57% to 30%

- two thirds of the remaining 840 million illiterates are women. (United Nations)

Each day, 25,000 people die of hunger 90% of these starvation deaths happen

where food is plentiful but people simply cannot afford to buy it. War, disaster,

and famine account for only 10% of starvation deaths - the real problem is

poverty and the fact that Women are convinced that they have no hope or

any potential for power other than that which men delegate to them.
In the following report, there is more evidence that poverty is not only a problem

but that Western Countries probably have the Solution if they will just commit to


As reported on Jan. 17, 2005: UNITED NATIONS - Global poverty can be cut in

half by 2015 and eliminated by 2025 if the world‘s richest countries including the

United States, Japan and Germany more than double aid to the poorest

countries, hundreds of development experts concluded in a report Monday. At

stake is life or death for tens of millions of impoverished people, it said.

The report spells out the investments needed to meet the U.N. goals adopted by

world leaders at the Millennium Summit in 2000 to tackle poverty, hunger and

disease and promote education and development, mainly in African and Asian


What has been proposed is a strategy of investment to help empower the lives

of very poor people that lack the tools and sometimes even the basic means to

stay alive, much less be productive members of a fast-paced world economy.

As has been iterated by such authorities as Professor Jeffrey Sachs, head of the

U.N. anti-poverty effort and lead author of one oft cited report; these are the

poorest of the poor. The proposed investments range from schools, clinics, safe
water and sanitation to fertilizer, roads, electricity and transport to get goods to


―The system is not working right now — let‘s be clear,‖ Was what he said.

―There‘s a tremendous imbalance of focus on the issues of war and peace, and

less on the dying and suffering of the poor who have no voice.‖

According to the report, 1 billion people live on a dollar a day or less, many of

them going to bed hungry every night; life expectancy in the poorest countries

is half that of people in high-income countries. And every month, for example,

150,000 African children die of malaria because they don‘t have bed nets to

keep out mosquitoes; a tragedy Sachs called the ―silent tsunami.‖

Now, I am sorry, but I see a racially motivated problem here. Those persons in

the ―Right to Life‖ movement would do far more good for ―Those‖ whom they

claim‖ Have no voice‖ by making certain bed nets are provided to villages in

malaria prone areas world wide. 150,000 children per month, that‘s one million

three hundred thousand children who die needlessly per year of malaria (and

that is just malaria!). There are equally alarming statistics which define the

lethality of other diseases, but I propose that since most of these children are

black and most of the so-called ―Right to Lifers‖ are White Christian

Conservatives, the plight of these ―Mud People‖ provides them with little to be
concerned about! Well, after all, WE ALL KNOW JESUS DIDN‘T CARE ABOUT

these ―Mud People!‖ At least this fact is known by Christian Hypocrites World


In 1970, the world‘s nations agreed to provide 0.7 percent of their gross national

income for development assistance, and that figure was reaffirmed by the U.N.

conference on financing development in Monterey, Mexico, in 2002. So far,

only five countries have met or surpassed the target. These countries are

Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway (Hip Hip Hooray!), and

Sweden. Six others have made commitments to reach the target by 2015:

Belgium, Finland, France, Ireland, Spain and Britain.

A major impediment to achieving the desired goal, however is that 11 of the 22

richest donors according to the Paris-based Organization for Economic

Cooperation and Development are far from the target and have not set

timetables to reach it — including the United States, Japan and Germany. If all

22 rich countries come up with the money, more than 500 million people can

escape poverty and tens of millions can avoid certain death in the next

decade, the report said. Unfortunately it is hard to muster Political Will to save

―Mud People‖ anywhere in the world.
If the countries kept up the 0.7 percent level of aid-giving for another decade, it

said, ―by 2025 extreme poverty can be substantially eliminated‖ for the

remaining 500 million people surviving on a dollar a day. ―Our generation for

the first time in human history really could see to it that extreme poverty on the

planet is ended, not just by half but ended by the year 2025,‖ Sachs said. ―We

are not asking for one new promise from any country in the world, only the

follow-through on what has already been committed,‖ he stressed. But trying to

get the United States and the other rich nations to double or triple the amount

of development assistance they give is expected to be an uphill struggle — and

the target of a major lobbying effort.

The resources to meet the U.N. goals are definitely within the means of the

world‘s 22 richest nations, Sachs said. ―The required doubling of annual official

development assistance to $135 billion in 2006, rising to $195 billion by 2015,

pales beside the wealth of high income countries — and the world‘s military

budget of $900 billion a year,‖ the report said. The United States now spends

only about 0.15 percent of its GDP on development aid, well below the 0.7

percent figure which Sachs said was needed.

President Bush‘s administration pledged $22.3 billion in aid for 2006, or 0.18

percent of gross national income. If it were to meet the report‘s target for 2006,
Washington would have to contribute more than double — $54.5 billion. Unless

rich countries come up with the money, the report warned that the ―already

dwindling faith in international commitments to reduce poverty will likely vanish.‖

However, it was more important for President Bush to shake his saber and rattle

his rifle by proclaiming that he wished to see Osama Bin Laden captured more

than anything else before the elections of Fall, 2008 usher Barack Obama into


Former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, who led the project‘s task force on

trade, said ―it is in the self-interest of rich countries to support poor countries‘

development‖ for their own security and for economic growth because new

markets will open up.

Sachs presented Annan with the report, a 13-volume work totaling 3,000 pages.

Annan called it an important contribution to the debate on meeting the U.N.

goals, which he said ―are eminently achievable.‖ Annan said he will use the

report to help prepare his own recommendations in March for world leaders

who will attend a follow-up summit in September that will also tackle U.N. reform.

To further enforce the proposition that poverty is one of the major threats to

world stability I give you the example of the tsunami that occurred on
December 26, 2004 and the subsequent Death and devastation. The 9.0 Quake

that generated these waves, did little damage, having been centered in the

ocean off of the coast of Indonesia, but unless you have been in a coma and

are reading this book in your first waking hours, you know that the resultant

Tsunamis claimed perhaps as many as half a billion lives directly or indirectly

throughout the Pacific as waves were seen as far away as the coast of Somalia.

Rescue workers are trying to bury as many of the victims who have been killed in

one Indonesian Seaside area, as possible, as quickly as possible in order to cut

down on the all too likely development of diseases which would potentially lead

to further devastation.

Disease was, of course, a concern after several weeks but the amazing thing is

even persons who were affected by the disaster directly pitched in to help and

a tremendous World-Wide relief effort was undertaken which, while it did

nothing to alleviate the conditions which led to vulnerability of the very poor in

the first place, did do a wonderful job of trying to ease the suffering of persons

most directly affected by this disaster.

By the way, there was an Urban Legend circulating about the Tsunami

immediately after it occurred. This particular Urban Legend claimed that the

Bush administration was responsible for it and that the quake was not naturally
caused. It claimed further that the cause had been a large nuclear explosion

which had been centered at the epicenter of the quake and that it had been

set off to kill large numbers of Muslims and demonstrate to the Muslim World that

the United States and its Western allies were serious about the war on terror to

the point where such damage would be acceptable more than once, if

necessary to make their point.

It is unlikely that this is the case, even the US is most likely not so inhumane,

however, those who wish to recruit terrorists might be able to use this rumor as a

recruitment tool. Certainly, as always, it is indeed an ill wind which blows no

one no good and if the new Urban Legend can be employed to promote new

agendas, it will be so used. I do offer a word of caution to terrorists the world

around. In the event that the Urban Legend mentioned above IS true, do you

realize what you may be calling down upon your peoples when or IF you Sew

the Seeds of Chaos as it were. The maelstrom you reap may cost you more than

you can possibly afford.

If your cause were truly just and your methods unimpeachable, then you might

claim sacrifice in the name of the noble cause of freedom, but since you insist

upon using the covert means of the coward, you may have been shown that no

disorganized band of terrorists can match the covert brutality and callous
indifference of a government run by thugs which can disguise what they do as

a natural disaster mainly because they have the budget and know how.

I do not mean to undervalue the compassion of the common man or even of

the government(s) which might have been behind such acts as I‘ve hinted at

above. Whether or Not Governments find the aftermath of the Tsunami to be a

time of opportunity for sound bites and for making vain declarations of

commitments which make them appear Humane, they will have to appear

committed to aiding the survivors of this disaster.

The common man, no matter where he is, does feel a certain amount of

empathy for the victims and has no desire but to help. The problem here over

the long haul is that reactive compassion is always less effective and more

expensive than proactive compassion would have been.

Unfortunately, human greed leads to accepting a paradigm of self absorption

which requires something as attention getting as this tsunami to shatter its

indifferent attitudes and even then some individuals Officials and Non-officials

alike, will see such a disaster as an opportunity to exploit grief and doubt in

victim and non-victim populations. We saw these both in the areas of the

Tsunami and in the US Gulf Coast areas after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita struck.
I was helping to solicit funds for further work to clean up after Katrina and saw

that though we had written to him many times, a prominent lawyer on my list

had not replied, so, I decided to call him. When he answered his message and

called me back, I identified myself and told him of the charitable collection for

the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

He cleared his throat and said then in an angry tone. ―I have a widowed

Mother who doesn‘t even know where her next meal is coming from because

her medical bills are so extensive she can hardly afford food!‖

―Why, that‘s terrible!‖ I said, I now understand your reluctance to …….‖

―My brother is confined to an institution for the criminally insane and his wife and

kids have no one to look out for them or even to purchase essentials!‖ he


―Well, ―I said, ―Rest assured that in situations like yours we understand if your

money is committed elsewhere and don‘t……‖
He interrupted once again – ―My sister is in a Hospital in St Louis and has been

confined there for many weeks with an intractable bladder infection! Chances

are she will end up losing everything!‖

―Really –―I said. ―I understand, don‘t give the donation another thought!‖

―The thing is,‖ He said ―If I don‘t give them a damn dime, how do you expect

that I would contribute to your stupid cause?‖

Lawyers, God love ‗em!

The physical debris from these disasters (mentioned above) are being cleared

as they will be whenever such a disaster strikes, and the needs of the victims

have been seen to to a large extent. Eventually, the dead will be buried and

everyone will go home after commissions are appointed to study the reasons for

the disaster having been so devastating.

The commissions have met will meet, and study and debate and recommend

and blame. The conclusions and recommendations will be passed to the

appropriate elected officials who have had the luxury of time away from the

disaster to aid them in developing a new perspective. There will be more studies
and a couple of token steps and changes will be initiated purely on a trial basis

here or there or perhaps both as pilot projects and block granted activities

limited to small areas.

Data will be obtained and evaluated but by this time there will have been

several months of other stories in the news. The results and recommendations will

be archived and that will be the end of it until the next disaster, at least if we

follow the same old procedures and ―business as usual‖

One very interesting Public service Spot which appeared on Television after this

disaster showed George Bush Senior and Bill Clinton asking for Americans to

donate to Tsunami disaster relief by surfing to a particular Web Site and

choosing from a list of relief organizations all of whom they guaranteed would

use the majority of monies received to fund the relief effort with a minimum

going for administrative expenses.

One of the most impressive things about the add was that the two sat side by

side and didn‘t show much aversion for one another. ―We come to you‖ they

said, ―not as two former U.S. Presidents, but as two Concerned American

I guess it just goes to show that in extreme conditions, even politicians can be

heroic. That these two were able to do this thing, small though the gesture may

have been, should provide us all with hope for a better world as we see a great

human strength demonstrated here, a willingness to cross even craggy idealistic

barriers in order to accomplish something for the common good.

It should also be noted that Bush the Elder and Former President Bill Clinton

worked together on Katrina relief efforts but that they were seldom seen

together. I suppose their ideological differences affected their relationship to a

greater extent when the person considered culpable was The Former President‘s


Q: What do you call 12 Lawyers Sky-diving

A: Skeet

During this Tsunami the areas which were hardest hit and the areas which

suffered most were areas where those living in poverty made their homes.

Although a lot of tourists from wealthy Western Countries and other countries

were listed amongst the dead and missing and some foreign workers as well

and as you can see from the statistics which are about to be presented, many

of the unaccounted for and missing may never be recovered of even located.
As any reader may glean, the disaster did not do as good a job of bringing

People and their governments together as it did bringing victims together but it

is very difficult on a Global Basis to disrupt the Status Quo, as I have already

indicated, business as usual remains the uppermost consideration. The non

native casualties were probably more of a motivating force in the cleanup and

relief efforts than were the natives, unfortunately (at least from a humanitarian

perspective), but then again, ANY motivating force was better than none!

Of course, there were a lot of persons who were casualties that were not native

to the areas affected. In times of disaster such as this, there are no distinctions

made by nature and if there are lower numbers of persons killed in such a

disaster percentage wise it is usually because facilities where they are staying

are more resistant to such events.

In many ways the direction of response here in the areas hit by the Tsunami was

more effective than was the direction of the response to the advent of

Hurricane Katrina in September of 2005 along the Mississippi Corridor in the

southeastern central Gulf Coast region of the United States.
As an example (not out of self serving interest at all): Norwegian officials said 13

of its citizens died in the disaster and 446 were reported missing and another 930

were unaccounted for. (This shows that despite our world prominence, even we,

were not immune to the effects of this terrible disaster.) By the way, Missing in

Norway and Unaccounted For are not the same. In most countries, as you can

see from the other reports here, it does mean the same but an unaccounted for

Norwegian may merely be out on the ice skating with all sorts of celestial beings

with many of whom we have an intense relationship)

The casualty figures and reports coming out of the areas hit hardest,

demonstrate the extent of countries who lost individuals and show that people

were lost from all socio-economic strata -But by far and away, those least

protected from this horrible and extensive disaster as with the case of Hurricane

Katrina in the US in September of 2005 were those living in poverty.

Some of their vulnerability stemmed from inadequate living facilities and

therefore inadequate shelter and some of it stemmed from their psychological

profiles which make them more passive in the face of natural disasters since

they have in many instances developed a ―Victim‖ mentality anyway and feel

themselves to be cast about by the Winds of Fate.
It‘s kind of like the extras in some monster movie. We all know that they are there

as Monster Food. That‘s why they are there and for no other reason. They are

there to put on faces filled with fear and point in horror and shout “Ahhhh!

Gozirra, Gozirra!, Arrghhhhhach!” And they are stepped on and squished!

―God put me into this awful condition‖ some of them naturally think. ―This is why;

God is now going to claim my insignificant life.‖ This is no commentary upon who

THEY are, but it is a definite commentary upon whom WE are! WE have allowed

these conditions of poverty to persist when WE have the resources to correct or

alleviate them!

The only recourse most of these people have is dumb acceptance because

they have abandoned all hope just as surely as the souls in Dante‘s Inferno. We

can be the people whose actions and words and deeds will lift them out from

amidst the squalor and despair into a world where hope actually seems to have

justification in their existences. Wouldn‘t it help us all if we could at least provide

them with that much?!

Of course the fact that when push came to shove we were woefully

inadequate in providing disaster relief or abatement for our own poor and

destitute following Hurricane Katrina in September of 2005 speaks even more to
the reasons that the United States does not do more in situations such as this. It is

better to look aloof and selfish than to be the world‘s richest country and to

appear totally inept! We will have more to say about Katrina later.

On January 23, there was a 6.5 Richter quake in the Pacific and the remaining

public in the areas hit, panicked again. Who can blame them? The thing is,

once people are afraid, they can be led to do nearly anything! This includes the

persons of The United states and the rest of the Western world. There have been

several disasters of fairly imposing proportions around the world since December

26, 2004 but nothing else has had quite the impact of that one. Also none of the

subsequent disasters have resulted in such tremendous loss of life.

We, (Homo sapiens), should not allow so many persons to remain in harm‘s way,

yet we do – Why? Why do we consistently refuse to acknowledge our culpability

for the plight of our fellow travelers on this ―Spaceship Earth‖ As I have

indicated above the possibility of decreasing World Poverty by 2025 is only real if

the US fulfills its commitments but the United States seems presently to be more

interested in fulfilling the commitments of war than those of peace. What is the

matter? Are there no more true empathic abilities in our species?

We are NOT LOST in that sense, but – We are wandering in a massive milieu of

unreal expectations and desires brought on by persons who are trying intensely
to sell one product or service or another. This is the major problem associated

with Capitalism. It is not an immoral system per se, but it begins to shape events

surrounding it so that they are directed towards selling products. We slip a little

at a time into being slightly untruthful in our descriptions of one product or one

service and the next guy has to exaggerate slightly more to convince you that

his is better yet. We get caught up in a web of deception which suddenly is

indistinguishable from truth and we don‘t even realize it!.

Unfortunately, this finds its way into almost every aspect of our lives until we

become like the proverbial tribe of persons who are incapable of telling the

truth, not because they are inherently dishonest but because in their culture, the

truth has become unrecognizable!

This Wandering could ultimately cause us to completely leave the path to

cosmic understanding. We can‘t allow this, we must wake ourselves up and get

free our bondage to that which is material and pay attention to the things that

matter, like the plight of fellow travelers upon this mote of rock who experience

such devastation and suffer more than they ought to due to our neglect of their

basic needs. We do this sometimes because some of us can find passages in

the Bible or other Holy Books which say that these poor are destined to be so

and there is nothing we can do about it.
When Jesus supposedly came into this realm from heaven through whatever

means, the purpose was to help us forgive ourselves for our misdeeds, however,

this did not give us a Holy Indulgence for abdication of our common humanity.

The Golden Rule urges always to do that which we can for others in need in the

same fashion we would hope that they would look after us were we the suffering

and devastated ones. Yet, there exists apparently, a lack of political will to deal

with these problems. This lack of political will stems from the lack of credible

Moral Leadership by religious leaders the World around!

In 2005 this was further emphasized by electing Joseph Rat zinger, a former Nazi

Youth Corps member to become Pope Benedict XVI; (one more demonstration

that the Roman Catholic Church has never totally disapproved of Nazism!)

Jesus (if he had ever existed) in Today‘s world might act as Joseph F. Girzone‘s

Joshua does or he might be a bit more world wise. An innocent seeming

individual wandering the streets of New York might indeed inspire people with

his innocence and perhaps encourage them to trust one another again. It is a

nice story and I can certainly see why readers are attracted to it, but it does not

really fit into modern reality.
The Golden Rule , yes, but let us approach people in OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL NICE

WAY, not like we are some saint. Unfortunately, in this day and age, if you are

too innocent seeming, you will be immediately marginalized and ignored. Well

then, let‘s work a few miracles! Special effects, they might impress a few people

who see them, but the rest won‘t believe.

The only way to impress a large segment of the population is through massive

exposure on TV, and that is only if we fit the definition of Heroic Sports Figure who

only takes steroids unwittingly.

We want heroes because many of us feel less than heroic at such times as this,

however, we want persons to admire because we see ourselves often as less

than admirable, yet we are extremely quick to tear these icons down and

trample them if they don‘t perform, if they don‘t make us forget our weaknesses.

Tiger Woods had a lot of people interested in Golf until he began to lose

tournaments. Of course it wasn‘t long until he began to win them again, but a

slump results in immediate condemnation from ―Loyal Fans‖ who seem to

always be demanding to be impressed today and ―The Hell with what you did

yesterday!‖ This isn‘t the path to cosmic consciousness. We cannot achieve this
state of cosmic consciousness by becoming intolerant or strict in our evaluations

of our heroic icons or our religious ones.

The Holy books of many religions were written by men and are therefore fallible

to a great extent. Interpretations of this so-called ―Holy Scripture‖ are oftentimes

based upon the agendas of those who actually provide the interpretations.

Though many of these interpreters encourage us to do that very thing, we

cannot look at only one side of the coin. Nothing is simple enough that we can

examine it only half way and decide that we know everything about it.

Abortion, poverty, disease - sides of the same coin in differing guises. Looking for

perfection in our heroes and being unforgiving of errors in their actions, these

two states of mind are also two sides of the same coin. The contradictions of

daily life and the messages which are delivered to us all on a daily basis set up a

tremendous internal conflict.

The pressures of that conflict can erupt into violence at a moment‘s notice.

They do. Recently there have been extremely violent outbursts at Sporting

Events, both professional and collegiate, These incidents have embarrassed all

participants, but that embarrassment was after the fact, where were the

behavioral controls before? Road Rage is growing world wide. In record
numbers our fellow citizens are throwing their vehicles at one another, like

toddlers in a dispute at a day care. And what‘s up with that?

To allow fear or frustration to drive us to commit insane acts is wrongheadedness

to the Nth Degree. To allow fear of terrorism to cause persons belonging to a

free society to literally vote to become less free by electing dictators and

censors is the kind of mistake which brings to mind Benjamin Franklin‘s famous

non-quote which I shall paraphrase here. Any people who are willing to forego

individual liberties in the name of temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor


In “The Republic” Plato made it clear that Free Speech was of critical

importance to the development of any progressive society. ―Free Speech-―How

brave a thing is freedom of speech, which has made the Athenians so far

exceed every other state of Hellas in greatness!‖ or, more probably, attributing

the victory to the ancient good order of Athens and to the favor of Apollo and

Athena. Damn those ancient Greeks anyway – what the hell do they know? A

lot as you will see when you read Solon the Athenian‘s list of 10 Proscriptions

Commandments) a bit later on.
Have we in the United States and other Western Democracies had our freedom

too long and has it been provided to present generations too easily that we

should hold it in such lax esteem? The people to whom we have ceded control

of our national and international conscience and consciousness tell us that the

terrorists hate our free way of life and then proceed to remove far more

individual liberties than have any terrorists and we smile and thank them for

doing so, especially after George Bush gets up in front of Congress and the TV

audience and claims that he and his people are the champions of World-Wide

Freedom!. What’s Up With That? Well, perhaps they do champion the freedom

from having to think for ourselves.

The Ukrainian people felt that self-determination was something worth the

struggle as was testified to by their reactions to THEIR fraud filled elections of

2004, reactions which actually bore fruit when their supreme court ordered new

elections. Perhaps the memories of being under Soviet control were still fresh

enough that they truly valued their freedom and were not willing to cede it to


In order to keep the Ukrainian people in perspective and appreciate their good

qualities more, I feel the need to relate an anecdote to you concerning some
Ukrainian immigrants who decided to volunteer as Firefighters in a small

retirement community in the Midwestern United States.

They were instrumental in getting their division equipped by procuring cast-offs

and donations from the fire fighters in surrounding communities and they

received a modicum of training and took to it well enough that they soon

became known in their community as marginally competent for house and

brush fires alike, but because of the median age of these men, (65) they were

considered a marginal asset at best by the regional fire command whose duty it

was to contact surrounding communities and request aid should the need ever

arise.(a multiple alarm fire for example).

For several months there were no such major emergencies but one day the

Famous Sausage plant in Beltsburg caught fire and due to the volatile nature of

some improperly stored cleaning solvents and due to the fact that these

solvents had been stored next to the drippings room where lard and other types

of industrial fat products were sequestered. In moments a quiet little blaze

became a raging inferno and the regional fire command sent out multiple

alarms which reached the Mundane Township where the Ukrainian retiree

division was centered.
When the first company volunteer firefighters appeared on the scene, the

sausage company president rushed to the fire chief and said, ―All of our secret

formulas are in the vault in the centre of the plant. They must be saved and I will

give $50,000 to the fire department that brings them out intact.‖ But the roaring

flames held the fire-fighters off. Soon more fire departments had to be called in

as the situation became more desperate.

As the firemen arrived, the president Of the Sausage Company shouted out that

the offer was now $100,000 to the fire department or company who could bring

out the company‘s secret files. Still, though the money was alluring to all of

them, good common sense and self - preservation won the day.

―Looks like that sausage is well done!‖ one on looking man exclaimed in


When all seemed hopeless and the President had resigned himself that his

company‘s best secrets were lost, there came the sound of a lone siren, wailing

like a banshee in the darkness hailing the approach of a one final lone and late

participant in the drama. All of the firemen who were standing on the periphery

haplessly spraying their ineffectual streams of water onto the billowing flames

looked up as they heard the approaching fire crew.
―Aw, that‘s just the Mundane township volunteer crew!‖ one sub - chief was

heard to exclaim. ―They have an outdated engine and equipment which has

been donated by the rest of us. They‘re a nice bunch of harmless Old Ukrainian

retirees, but they don‘t have any business coming here! They haven‘t got the

training to handle a fire of this magnitude!.

Then, something amazing occurred! The little run-down engine, operated by

these Ukrainian volunteers, passed all the newer sleek engines parked outside

the plant.....and drove straight into the middle of the inferno.

In Open Mouthed admiration outside the other firemen watched as the

Ukrainian old timers jumped off and began to fight the fire with a precision and

effort that left the on looking crews literally gaping in absolute fascination.

Certainly, they had never witnessed such a spectacular performance by any fire

crew! Amazingly, within a short time the mundane old timers had accomplished

the impossible by extinguishing the fire and saving the secret sausage formulas.

They then climbed back into their truck and drove slowly to where the cheering

crowd of admirers awaited them.
The grateful sausage company president joyfully and tearfully (and aware of the

photo opp)announced that for such a superhuman feat he was upping the

reward to $200,000 and walked over to personally thank each of the brave,

though elderly, Ukrainian firefighters.

The local TV news reporters rushed in after capturing the event on film.

―What are you going to do with all the reward money?‖ a young and excited

anchor woman asked of the Crew‘s Captain

Vell,‖ said Olec Sputski, the 70 year old Captain, ―Da furst ting we gonna do is fix

da brakes on dat focking truck!‖

A lot of times, heroism results from just that. People get thrust into a situation with

no way out other than heroic performance and they accomplish the impossible

or die trying to!
One of the most important messages which I deliver in this book is that you, the

reader, must never take anything on faith alone that is guaranteed by flawed

beings such as humans other than the fact that there is a supreme being in

charge of everything and that we have everything we need to make our

civilization work and pass on to a higher degree of maturity as a collective

people. The other important thing to keep in mind is that WE are the ultimate

observer and WE determine the ultimate nature of our reality.

God Guides the manifestations of the Multiverse but WE guide our own destiny.

You need to understand that anything which men have said is open to question

and challenge. Men have agendas! If their agenda and yours are working at

cross purposes, in order to achieve theirs, they must deceive those who do not

hold their same views.

All rule books and self-help books and religious exercise books are written to

support or fulfill one agenda or another. Individual agendas are what civilization

is all about. There are no guarantees or warrantees in the arena of life, so be

cautious and circumspect and humble in your dealings with others. The other

guy always has the potential to catch you by surprise, sometimes with

unpleasant results. Remember that you are not so clever, yourself, as you
believe you are and life, while it may still surprise you, will be less likely to

overwhelm you.

God is really all-pervading, above the mind, without features, imperishable, and

infinite. How can such a one be worshipped? That is why, out of compassion for

his creatures segments of the God Consciousness can occasionally assume the

Earthly form of what Hindus call the guru or that which Christians call an Angel or

what Muslims call either an Angel or a Jinn and Jews call A Rabi or an angel

depending on how impressive this being is.

The guru is parcel of the supreme God enclosed in human skin. He walks the

earth, concealed, bestowing grace on his disciples. This is a picture of God

painted by the words of a Hindu Scholar. If you are of any other religious

persuasion, I challenge you to find something wrong with the statement which is

very much what was said about God by Benjamin Franklin of the Colonial United

States of America.

To me, the “Guru” can be anyone at any time who suddenly finds himself or

herself in direct communication with the essence of the Universal Creative

Energy Being (The Master Architect). God can deliver messages to us by this

means and we can receive them unafraid. There is no way for a normal human

being to ―see‖ God but we can sense God‘s message at all times. Sometimes
we feel compelled to pass it on! At those times it can have great impact upon

people and events.

This is probably the most important advice which I can provide to you. GOD has

at his command all of space and time and reality. Do you really believe that

God‘s word would ever be difficult to hear or to understand? The word and

method of communicating it can change in such a way that it would never be

perceptible to us. Why must such alterations be perceived unless they have

purpose of themselves? No, my friend, those who claim that GOD would ever

need to be interpreted have no concept of GOD‘s true essence or nature.

GOD IS, communication and clarity and understanding. There is no need for

interpreters to communicate with that which is tuned into our very souls!

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