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					May 20, 2011 - (New Minor version )
  1. Fixed: Support for IP blocklist on SQL server backend providers
  2. Fixed: Global content filter not working for MxScan Lite
  3. Update: Country IP Database
  4. Fixed: Sanesecurity change in naming scheme causing mismatch in lookup.
      (recommended to apply this update for improved catch rates)
  5. Update: Update clamAV to version 0.97 using netFarmBuild
  6. Update: DCC client 1.3.139
  7. Fixed: Auth issue with MxUri

December 27, 2010 - (New Minor version )
   1. Updated: ClamD version 0.96.5
   2. Updated: ME version 5.x onwards comes with built in clamD. For compatability reason
      moved default MxScan built-in ClamD engine port to 3311 (from 3310).
   3. Updated: Virus Database signatures are removed from cache when clamAV is disabled.
      Reduced memory consumption when only Sanesecurity is running but ClamAV disabled
   4. Updated: Country IP database
   5. Updated: Added "--daemon" to clamav
   6. Updated: Excluded registry entries of clamav in Mxscan due to ME 5.x built-in clamav

November 13, 2010 - (New Minor version )
   1. Fixed: Scores of certain content filters were not included in the cumulative mxscan score
      (reported by Clive).
   2. Fixed: Same sender/receipt Content Filter not working in certain instances
   3. Fixed: Unable to start MxScanPro Engine if valid license key was not found
   4. Updated: SpamD engine updated. Now supports Razor checks if option enabled
   5. Updated: MxScan Sender Whitelist (Using MeWebmail Whitelist) now also accepts full
      domain name whitelist
   6. New: Ability to disable DNSBL scanning for Outgoing emails only (reduce false
      positives) when Outgoing scanning is enabled. This option is ENABLED by default
   5. New: Added sanesecurity.ftm to the Sane signature databases

October 10, 2010 - (New Minor version 2.2.300.0 )
   1. Fixed: When saving changed to the DNSBL or URLBL the new entries were sometimes
      not saved in the focus was still in the current row
   2. Updated: Interface tweaks for restarting/stopping mxscanengine and updating ClamAV
   3. Fixed: [IsDNSServerAvailable] was check was always returning a true
   4. Fixed: Country IP lookup database not always returning the country result
   5. Updated: Code cleanup for implicit errors
   6. New: Added new option for global.config file called 'ScanNullPostOffice'. When set to
      enabled will scan all messages even if the PostOffice/Account value is not present in the
      message hdr file. However, certain features will not work if the PostOffice information is
   7. New: Added new SpamEating Monkey DNSBL
   8. Updated: Updated ClamAV to version 0.96.3. 30% in memory utilization
   9. Updated: Potential issue with null dns lookup value stored in dns cache
   10. Info: Due to increased incidents of fraud, MxScan will now authenthicate all license
       online. This process will be transparent to the majority of users
   11. Fixed: FilterMultipleExpressionAndOR bug in MxScanConfig Content Filter (reported
       by Stefano)
   12. Fixed: SpamAssassin scores not counted on non english based systems where the decimal
       point is not a "."
   13. Updated: Country IP Database

August 3, 2010 - (New Minor version )
  1. Fixed: [Critical] Fixed Error exception thrown "Error in [Monitor_Process_Inbound]. " when
      processing certain message subjects (reported by TomR)
  2. Fixed: Attachment Filter Grid was not disabled although the Keyword filter was disabled
      in MxScanconfig
  3. Fixed: Content Filter Return Result separator was changed to more unique separator
  4. New: New RDNS test lookup feature in MxScanConfig. Good for testing if the the DNS
      server you have specified is able to make lookups at the corresponding RDNSBL Server.
      i.e Spamhaus is known to block request from public DNS servers
  5. Updated: Improved MxScan_ME mta event for earlier exit of processed messages
  6. Fixed: Content Filter Was saving Search Scope to Body when edited eventhough
      something else was selected.
  7. Updated: Increased timeout value for sanesecurity update to accomodate large file
  8. Fixed: If the default SNF port was changed MxScan would not correctly send the xml
      socket command for SNFServer
  9. Updated: Removed MxRate for all NEW installs
  10. Updated: Country IP database

July 1, 2010 - (New Minor version )
   1. Updated: SpamAssassin updated to version 3.31. Razor spam checks option is no longer
        available in this version as the updated win32 build does not yet support this at the
        moment. This newer version of SpamD has more frequently updated rules compared with
        3.25 and as such better overall catch rates.
   2. Updated: Updated Email Mime Parser component which fixes certain exceptions thrown.
   3. Updated: Country IP Database
   4. Updated: Updated Zip compression dll
   5. New: Under 'Message Archive Index Management' page Double clicking a selected
        message row will display its contents
   6. New: Under 'Message Archive Index Management' page Right clicking selected message
        row(s) will show menu for message extraction
   7. New: New "Attachment Filter" module for the Content Filters. Allows spam scoring
        based on attachment names in the message
   8. Fixed: Custom MxScan filters filter scope not saved correctly with default setup.
   9. Fixed: Will not prompt to save when Content filters have been edited/remove/added in
       certain instances
   10. Updated: [Applies to New install only] : MxRate DNSBL is not enabled by default as
       they do not appear to be responding to lookups. Recommended that MxRate lookups be
       disabled .
   11. New: Add new GBUdb (ArmResearch) DNSBL to the list. ** MxScan automatically
       checks and disables the GBUdb DNSBL if Message Sniffer is used because SNF already
       has built in checks for GBUdb ip reputations lookups, as such this is redundant.
   12. Fixed: When FilterAction=MoveToInboxSpamFolder and the domain was set up as a
       smart host, temp debug files would be placed in the MxScanMe\Temp folder.
   13. Fixed: When Editing "Global Keyword Filters" the Expression type was always
       displaying the type of "Text" eventhough the actual value was not
   14. Fixed: The Global Keyword Filter - OBSCURED_EMAIL was causing the
       MxScanEngine service to hang when processing emails with certain content. This filter
       has been permenantly removed.
   15. Updated: Test SpamD connect button in MxScanConfig now also does a Gtube test for
   16. Updated: ClamD self check changed to 28800
   17. Fixed: Archive index was generated even though setting was disabled (reported by

June 1, 2010 - (New Minor version )
   1. Updated: On future reinstalls the SNF/GBUdbIgnoreList.txt is retained during any
   2. Updated: Additional logging info for log files when dnsbl max depth > 1
   3. Updated: ClamAV Build 0.96.1
   4. Fixed: Multiple instances of SpamD when "Save and Restart" is selected

April 19, 2010 - (New Minor version )
   1. Fixed: On certain Ms Windows non-english versions, would throw the exception "Error
       in [d]"
   2. Fixed: Double clicking to edit a "Global Keyword Filters" does not work.
   3. Fixed: Monitor SMTP outbound queue sent counter incorrectly counting and incorrect

April 8, 2010 - (New Major Version )
   1. Info: ** New Major Version. MxScan Professional version 2.0 requires a 2.0 license key.
       Version 1.x license keys are not compatible.
   2. Fixed: Updated ClamFastScan protocol to support newer version of ClamD
   3. New: Added new MxScan Filters for Empty/Blank Sender. You can now assign spam
       scores to this test.
   4. New: Added new MxScan Filters for Empty/Blank Subject. You can now assign spam
       scores to this test.
   5. New: Added new MxScan Filters for Empty/Blank Sender Raw MessagBody. You can
       now assign spam scores to this test.
   6. Fixed: Installer failes to install in certains situations for windows server 2008 when
       creating shortcuts (permission issues)
   7. Updated: Added network timeout for ClamD shutdown command
   8. Updated: Dcc 1.3.120
   9. Updated: Country IP database
   10. Fixed: Will skip Footer/Disclaimer Insert to message when message is Base64 Encoded
       as to avoid message appearing with a blank body after getting parsed by the local email
   11. New: Added new module SMTP Outbound Queue Monitor. Can be used as an early
       warning system for bulk email activity on the server. Notification email alert will be sent
       upon hitting threshold count.
   12. Updated: Increased garbage collect ClamD max ram threshold due to increase signature
   13. Updated: Increased ClamD ping timeout for ClamD Restart/Retry process to accomdate
       slower loading of signatures on certain servers.
   14. Updated: Change of algorithm for detecting incoming "Received: From" ip addresses in
       the email message headers (reported by Paul H.)
   15. New: Added new URLBL definition. Enabled by default.
   16. Fixed: Total Messages in daily spam reports did not add-up because the ignored counter
       was not updated correctly.
   17. Updated: Updated Message Sniffer Engine to version 3.0.2
   18. Updated: Ability to specify the From email address in the ReverseDNS blacklist module

January 5, 2010 - (New Installer 1.8.620.0)
   1. New: Ability to specify if the message is to be forwarded as an Attachment or Directly
      forwarded without any changes for the FILTERACTION=Forward
   2. Updated: ClamAV Version 0.95.3
   3. Updated: Contains updated SpamAssassin ruleset which fixes a bug in one of the date
      based rules for the 2010
   4. Updated: Updated country database
   5. Updated: Other minor fixes and enhancement

October 23, 2009 - (New Installer 1.8.610.0)
   1. Updated: New Mail Parser version Component
   2. Improved: ClamD service force restarted when encounters an error exception so that the
      file locks are released

October 10, 2009 - (New Installer 1.8.600.0)
   1. Improved: Rewrote portions of the DNS routine to reduce traffice/lookups sent. This
      should result in lower data transfer for DNS traffic.
   2. Updated: Modified certains portions of RDNSBL Logging code to bulk for slightly
      reduced diskIO and smaller service.log file sizes
   3. Improved: Reduced/Simplified logging for smaller service log file
   4. Improved: Additional checks so that the whitelisting/blacklisting will only kick in if the
      list is not empty
   5. Updated: Updated ClamAV to version 0.95.2 due to pending EOL of 0.94 on April 2010

September 22, 2009 - (1.8.500.2)
   1. Updated: Changed DNS lookup poll interval to 150ms and reduced timeout to 2secs
   2. Fixed: Improved multithreading thread safety in MxScanEngine
   3. Fixed: When used with version 4 of MailEnable the MxScan-Spam folder would
      sometimes not appear in the webmail interface. This only fixes cases where the
      MxScan-Spam folder has yet to be created.

August 13, 2009 - (1.8.500.1)
  1. Fixed: Did not move email to mxscan-spam folder when catchall was enabled
  2. Fixed: Did not correctly process ME-senderwhitelist when catchall was enabled in certain

July 25, 2009 - (New Installer 1.8.500.0)
   1. New: Accepts placeholder for tag message subject filterAction - [#SPAMSCORE#]
   2. Fixed: When refreshing in MxScanConfig and when the db provider type is other than
       'tab delimited files' there could be an incorrect postOffice list refresh
   3. Updated: Maximum limit in Message disclaimers/Footers increased to 5000 chararcters
       from 2000 characters
   4. Fixed: redundant reloading of Configuration Data in MxScanLite
   5. Fixed: When moved "Inbox Spam Folder" FilterAction was used there was a possibility
       that a copy of the message data was still left in the mxscan_hold_1 queue folder
   6. Fixed: When viewing the Spam Quarantine Folder with Full Details enabled there is a
       Null Error displayed when the message header file contained a null subject
   7. Fixed: Ability to use any other ClamAV unofficial signatures as part of the Sanesecurity
       Scoring. Any other ext clamAV signatures will use back the "Phish and Junk" spam
   8. Updated: IP Blocklist database moved to a separate DB. This should reduce the risk of
       potential db corruption and provide for better management. As part of the move to the
       new DB, the old IPblocklist data will NOT be migrated over to the new DB
   9. Updated: MailParser Version
   10. Fixed: Bug with Archive function when the message contained an empty recipient which
       occured when a catchall address was used (reported by Jesper)
   11. Fixed: Redundant whitelist check for senderWhitelist when a previous whitelist was
       already found
   12. Updated: Increased default no activity purge interval for IPBlocklist from 15 to 30
   13. Updated: Increased default DNS cache (when enabled) time from 5 minutes to 15
   14. Updated: Reduced DNS component size
   15. Updated: DCC client dcc-1.3.113
   16. Updated: Reduce DCC high score from 6 to 5 points (only applicable for NEW
       installations). Existing users can manually reduce the score in order to reduce false
       positives for SPAM-LOW when DCC is the only test that matches
   17. New: Ability to set a custom From, Subject (supports placeholder [#SENDER#],
       [#RECIPIENT#], [#SPAMRESULT#], [#SPAMSCORE#]), Msg Body Header for
       forwarded messages when FilterAction=Forward Message matches. (suggested by Gerrit)
   18. Fixed: Possible Increased Memory consumption when DNS caching is enabled.
   19. Fixed: FilterAction=moveToSpamInbox settings section was missing

May 1, 2009 - (New Installer 1.8.300.0)
  1. Updated: Sniffer Rule updates now uses CURL instead of WGET as this is the
      recommended way of getting updates from ArmResearch
  2. Info: Installer will execute an initial call back to our servers for statistical purposes. Only
      the product type. No other information is included.
  3. New: Will check for Orphan Message Data files in \mxscan_hold_1 > 5 days old and
      remove the orphan message if the corresponding header file is not located
  4. Updated: DCC client dcc-1.3.103
  5. New: A new FilterAction called "Move to Inbox Spam Folder" has been added. This will
      allow spam tagged messages to be moved to the users Inbox folder which can then be
      viewed from ME webmail. A message purge function is also included to remove these
      messages after X amount of days to prevent the spam folder from growing out of control
  6. Fixed: Sanesecurity spam.ldb incorrectly reported as being updated due to mismatch in
      the time stamp
  7. Updated: New updated release of the mail parser component
  8. Fixed: Possible random thread deadlock issue due to dns lookups. MxScanEngine now
      uses a different DNS lookup routine
  9. Updated: Optimizations in the geolocation data loadup. This will result in slightly better
  10. Updated: Optimization in country lookups
  11. Updated: Change in max memory utilization in clamd before cleanup
  12. New: Thread deadlock detection function. If a thread takes too long the process a
      message it will be terminated after the timeout of 4 minutes, service will then restart in
      about 2-3 minutes depending on the Service recovery failure settings. Enable only when
      adviced to do so.
  13. New: High performance DNS Caching for RDNSBL, URLBL and Senderbase lookups.
      Cache hardcoded for 5 minute expiration.
  14. Updated: Other minor fixes and changes
  15. Info: Decided not to ugprade to ClamAV 0.95 yet because we have seen some issues with
      the just released new version. We believe however most of these issues will be addressed
      over time. ClamAV 0.94.2 will show an update warning however this can be safely
  16. Fixed: After a postOffice has been deleted in MailEnable, the Daily Domain summary
      report might still be sent out (reported by Jeff).
  17. Updated: Changed MxScanEngineME service so that the Service recovery failure count
      is reset after 1 day. Should not make a difference

Feb 24, 2009     - (New Installer
   1. Info: Consolidated installer for version 1.8.202 . Contains all of the latest patches and
      updates. You do not need to apply if your system is already updated to version 1.8.202

Feb 19, 2009 - (New Patch
   1. Fixed: MeSenderWhitelist not working correctly when the MailEnable Provider was set
       to use Mysql or SQL Server
   2. Updated: DebugLogs file will NOT have the dateshown in the entry. This will reduce the
       amount of diskspace required for the log files.

Jan 31, 2009 - (New Patch
   1. Fixed: Will not check for MailEnable Sender whitelist if message is outgoing type
2.     Fixed: Permission issues with Sanesecurity Signatures when a rsync occurs.

Jan 20, 2009 - (New Installer
   1. Updated: Sanesecurity signatures are back and stronger than before. There are 2 more
       additional signatures added which would mean better catch rates. The updates are now
       done via rsync (included in installer) which means that after the initial download is
       performed only the changes are downloaded.
       - If the Sanesecurity update interval has been set to 0 please set it back to a value other
       than 0 so that updates are received correctly. The recommended setting is to check for
       updates every 8 hours.
       - Rsync that is included run under cygwin. If there are other daemons/services running
       undger cygwin please make sure that you are using the latest version of cygwin
   2. Fixed: Certain URLs might not be correctly whitelisted from URIBL checks although
       they are in the whitelist. The URL whitelist result is logged to a single line so that it is
       shorter and takes up lesser space in log files.
   3. Fixed (thanks Dave): Whitelist/Blacklist values can only use wildcard(*) at the back
       and/or front of an entry. An (*) in anywhere else would cause an error in processing and
       skip all further entries. The system will now checks for such entries when loading and
       bypass these entries to prevent the whitelist/blacklist filter to fail
   4. Fixed : Windows firewall exceptions not automatically added/remove when running the
       installer on Vista/Win2008
   5. Updated: Other minor enhancements and fixes

Jan 13, 2009 - (New Installer
   1. New: MxURI Blacklist Service Cloud. Provides access for Professional users with an
       Active Subscription to query the Private MxUptime URL Blacklist servers. This blacklist
       is designed to catch Spamvertised URLs earlier or that are not caught by SURBL and
       URIBL. Please ensure that the license key details is the same as when you placed your
       order. You can verify the information online by logging in to the customer portal located
       at . If you have any firewalls installed please allow
       outgoing HTTP 80 connections from MxScanconfig.exe and MxScanEngine.exe
   2. Updated: Better processing of Spam URLs and detection algorithm optimized
   3. Fixed: Possibility of the MxScanEngine service not starting correctly when the Windows
       application logs are full
   4. Fixed: Better handling of large (>100k) IP Blocklist
   5. Updated: Change Filter Order for Performance reasons. The RDNS test is the Stage 4
       Filter while the URBL test is the Stage 5 filter.
   6. Fixed: The URLBL Checks may sometime fail if the primary DNS server is not available
   7. Fixed: Possibility of incorrectly whitelisting certain URL
   8. Fixed: URLBL maximum number of URLs to check might not be enforced correctly
   9. New: SpamAssassin Ruleset Auto Updater. When enabled will check, update the
       SpamAssassin rules and restart SpamD if there are new rules. Runs on a daily basis.
   10. Info: New versioning system. Major.Minor.Revision
   11. Info: Separate Installers for the Lite Version and Professional Version. Professional users
       should download the MxScanME_Pro_setup.msi installer.
   12. Updated: Other minor enhancements and fixes

Dec 15, 2008 - (New installer
   1. Updated: SOSDG has decided not to continue support for their CYGWIN build of
       ClamAV. As such we have now moved to a win32 Native port of clamAV that does not
       require a cygwin layer. The clamAv has been updated to version 0.94.2
   2. Updated: Increased disclaimer text size from 1000 characters to 2000 characters
   3. Fixed: Error in Illegal path when moving quarantive messages due to invalid
   4. Updated: Sanesecurity Signatures are not being distributed anymore. It is yet to be seen
       if the project will resume in 2009. The installation will now set the default signature
       updates to disable (set to 0, please do no change this). We have also included the last
       known signatures just prior to the discontinuation. These signatures (included) will still
       work however their effectiveness/catch rate will decline over time.
   5. Updated: Other minor enhancements and fixes

Nov 15, 2008 - (Patch
   1. Updated: Maintainance installer recompiled with all previous patches.
   2. Fixed: Minor changes and fixes
   3. Fixed: Possibility of Email Notices/Reports generated by MxScan not getting out
      correctly when it was sent to a single recipient
   4. Updated: DCC client dcc-1.3.99

October 21, 2008 - (Patch 1.6.720.4)
   1. Fixed: Regex expression that would cause a CPU% consumption and lockup when
      processing certain messages
   2. Updated: DCC client
   3. Updated: Message Temp holding queue will be processed with the earliest message first
   4. Fixed: Changes in Sanesecurity DB caused all matches found to be tagged as a Virus
      instead of Spam.

September 15, 2008      - (Patch 1.6.720.3)
   1. BREAKING CHANGES: A decision has been made for the Body content to not be
       Indexed in the Archive in order to reduce the amount of disk space required to store the
       archive index database. The old historical index content for the body will be eventually
       removed from the Index Archive. If you want to keep a copy of your previous body
       content index, please make a copy of the mxscan-archive.mdb database. This should
       reduce the size the of the database by half
   2. Improved: MxScan Tab interface reorganized and restructured for a more logical
   3. New: ClamAV 'FastScan' option which is available if MxScan is used solely for the
       purpose of AntiVirus Scanning. When enabled the MxScan MTA Event will attempt to
       scan messages in realtime without the need to move the messages to the MxScan Holding
       queue. This translates to better IO performance because a round trip is not required.
   4. New: A new global option for Enabling/Disabling the AntiSpam & Content Filter
   5. Improved: An improvement in the processing algorigthm for moving messages in and out
       of the holding queue that results in lesser Disk IO. Messages that are processed by
       MxScan are now tagged by "_" just before the file extension.
   6. Improved: MxScanConfig has the ability to parse even bigger log files (Msg Transaction
       log) and uses lesser memory than before
   7. Fixed: MxScan Daily Summary Report by Domain would not generate correctly if the
       PostOffice Daily Summary Report was not also enabled
   8. New: Will use the Sender Whitelist values of MailEnable. Option to Disable/Enable
       checking of MailEnable Sender White values.
   9. Improved: Will use the actualy Message Data "From" value as the sender email address
   10. New: Ability to selectively open and view mxscan transaction log files
   11. Improved: Removal of TqmcubeTrap, Psbl and RatsDyna from RDNSBL for all new
       installation. Will not effect existing installations
   12. Improved: Addition of BRBL and Junkemailfilter to DNSBL for all new installation.
       BRBL will enabled by default with a score of 5.0 points. If you do not wish to have this
       enabled you have to manually disable this via MxScanConfig after upgrading/patching

August 18, 2008 - (Patch 1.6.720.2)
  1. Fixed: ClientIP valued picked up as null in certain instances
  2. Improved: MxScanconfig will display the sync server hostname and port used for
      connecting to the Sniffer GBU cloud which is also used for receiving the update
  3. Improved: Quarantine Manager will now use the the values from the message command
      file instead of the message data when displaying the list of messages in the quarantine.
      However, when the message is double clicked it will display the values from the
      message data instead.
  4. Improved: Can copy to clipboard field values in Quarantine Manager. For example
      sender value can be copied to clipboard and used in the whitelist later
  5. New: Option to use the built MailEnable Ent. sender whitelist values in MxScan
  6. Improved: Added new whitelisted URI for better performance
  7. Updated: New release of Mime Parser DLL
   8. Fixed: Blank lines inserted in URL Whitelist for URLBL in MxScanConfig
   9. Improved: To reduce false positives in DCC Check, enter a score of 0 (zero) disable the
       particular check. There has been some false positives for the Fuz2 check. Alternatively,
       lower the score of the DCC check if false positives is is an issue
   10. Improved: A significant improvement in disk I/O when processing the DCC results
   11. Update: Updated DCC client

August 2, 2008 - (Patch 1.6.720.1)
  1. Improved: RDNSBL will skip non routeable IP addresses
  2. Improved: SpamAssassin socket scanning routine has been improved to prevent
      deadlocks when multiple threads are used

Jul 20, 2008 - (New Minor version 1.6.720.0)
    1. Updated: Will not scan outgoing emails from ip
    2. Updated: Slightly longer ClamD ping timeout. MxScan will wait slightly longer before
        giving up home in trying to talk to the ClamD
    3. Fixed: Country Blacklist When saving certain countries would not save correctly
    4. Updated: Will prompt with message is the service startuptype=disabled and attempting to
        start the MxScanEngine service via MxScanConfig
    5. Fixed: Fixed bug in ReleaseMail_ME
    6. Updated: First release Sniffer version 3.0
    7. Fixed: Support for ME with Microsoft SQL server as the backend database provider.
    8. Fixed: Support for ME with Mysql SQL server (with MysqlODBC connector) as the
        backend database provider.
    9. Fixed: Processing Queue Manager in MxScanConfig would sometimes throw an File IO
        does not exist exception
    10. Fixed: Log viewer in Mxscan did not filter correctly when a search was made in the
        ScanTest tab
    11. Fixed: Reports would sometimes not generate correctly
    12. Improved: Enhanced the tooltips/help in MxScanConfig so that it pops up when clicked
    13. Fixed: Was not correctly showing the IP Blocking SMTP statistics in MxScanconfig is
        the log files directory were not in the default location
    14. Fixed: Message headers will not include the link because
        certain filtering programs were tagging the link in the header as spam
    15. Updated: Updated ClamAV to version 0.93.3-1a
    16. Updated: Initial DNS Servers check will try up to 10 minutes before a critical error is
    17. Updated: Improved on the inline tooltips/help information
    18. NEW: New backscatter filter. This filter is designed to reduce the number of unsolicited
        Non Delivery Notifications or bounces. Module is still experimental **
    19. Updated: Will Temporarily bypass message disclaimer's insert for forwarded or replied to
        blackberry messages due to certain instances when message appears as blank??
    20. Updated: If duplicate instance is detected running in a different session, the other
        instances will be terminated forcefully
   21. Updated: Will now remove the temporary pdk folder created by SpamD
   22. Fixed: FilterAnalysis was generating incorrect percentage statistics
   23. Fixed: MxScanConfig would sometimes still lock up the log files even when the realtime
       log viewer was closed

June 18, 2008 - (New Minor version 1.5.618)
   1. Fixed: When enabled Chinese Charset filter incorrect identifies certain emails as a match
   2. Fixed: Inccorrect System summary filtering reports in certain situations
   3. Updated: Outgoing messages that was sent through the server via relay permission were
      not scanned by ClamAV because the necessary Account information was missing in the
      message command file. Now by default the outgoing messages are scanned when
      ClamAV is enabled unless specified otherwise
   4. Fixed: Message subject tagging did not work correctly for messages with domain key
   5. Updated: If the Windows Firewall is detected running exceptions are added to it for the
      SpamAssassin and ClamAV executables
   6. Updated: Other enhancements and minor fixes to MxScanConfig
   7. Fixed: Automated Reports would generate correctly if the log files were logged by
      another process
   8. Fixed: In MxScanConfig Some of the whitelist/blacklist values does not get saved when
      the datagrid is still in edit mode
   9. Updated: Updated ClamAV SOSDG to build 0.93-1-2

June 1, 2008 - (New Minor version 1.5.601)
   1. Fixed: Upon reinstallation of new version, will now retain the previous globalConfig
       Archive folder setting
   2. Updated: Sniffer version updated to SNFServer2-9rc2.25
   3. Fixed: License key mechanism is better prepared to handle non english system dates
   4. Improved: Set service recovery mode to restart for the first and second attempts. This will
       improve resiliency in the event the service is killed off by another application.
   5. Improved: MxScan will now load and use the MailEnable SMTP IP Whitelist Values
       upon the service startup. IP addresses in this whitelist will not be not be checked for
       spam. However the AV checks will still occur
   6. Improved: Basic checks for DNS Server settings in MxScanConfig when saving.
   7. Improved: Basic blocklist counts for message in active and pending blocklist in the
       [View IP blocklist]
   8. Improved: Ability to Copy the Msg Sender, Recipient, Subject and ScanTest results to
       the clipboard for further looks up/processing
   9. Improved: MxScanConfig now has a "DNS Test" form that can be used to perform a
       simple dns recursive lookup test.
   10. Fixed: Better error handling for invalid message headers in the Quarantine Manager
   11. Updated: Updated ClamAV SOSDG to build 0.93-1
   12. Fixed: Error in Country Lookup routine could cause a possible crash
   13. New: The much requested domain level spam filtering reports is available. This can set to
       be sent to individual domain administrators so that they can get an idea of how much
       spam has been filtered by MxScan.

April 13, 2008 - (New Minor version 1.4.413.0)
   1. Fixed: Log entry for filter action did not show the correct header text that was being used
       in the actual header insert
   2. Fixed: Will now use a single IP addresses for checking whitelisted/blacklisted IP when
       processing a message with multiple received from IPs
   3. Fixed: MxScan will now handle separate MailEnable Data Directory settings other than
       the default
   4. Fixed: Updated Sniffer to version SNFServer2-9rc2.22.6 which resolves a bug in the their
       prior release due to the sync mechanism. This indirectly effected the rule base updates
       and GBUdb sync process in certain instances

April 8, 2008 - (New Minor version 1.4.408.0)
   1. New: IP Blacklist Monitor module. Able to set an interval to check to see if your email
       server ips are listed in the Reverse DNS Blacklist and to notify via email
   2. New: SMTP IP Blocklist module. Able to automatically add specific ip addresses of
       messages to that hit certain scores and criterias to the blocklist, so that an ip thats sends
       spam is blocked altogether during the SMTP dialogue (return 530 error).
   3. Fixed: Daily Summary report will not throw an error when processing a zero byte log
   4. Fixed: Sane Security Update interval was not working correctly. It was doing hourly
       checks instead of the correct specified interval.
   5. Fixed: Outlook calendar invitations were not processed correctly.
   6. Fixed: In certain instances senderbase might use an incorrect IP in the lookup
   7. Fixed: Daily internal job schedules would not run at the correct time
   8. Fixed: Sender disabled/enabled label color
   9. Fixed: Other minor misc fixes and enchancements
   10. Updated: Updated MessageSniffer version to the latest build of SNFServer2-9rc2.15
   11. Improved: Changed ClamAVExternalSignatures RuleUpdateInterval to check every 8
       hours instead of the earlier 6 hours because the rules are not release as often
   12. Improved: DNS timeout set to 2 seconds from 2.5 seconds. Although the half second
       looks small, it can add up if you have multiple rbls
   13. Improved: Setting a max ClamD daily exception count of 15 before ClamD is
       permenantly disabled until restarted. This is to prevent looping and a message backlog
   14. Updated: Updated ClamAV main.cvd

March 15, 2008 - (New Minor version 1.3.315.0)
  0. IMPORTANT: Due to the change in Versioning , you must first uninstall the previous
     version before install this build.
  However, if you have version 1.201 installed the installer will upgrade the database if
     installed to the same directory and you should be able to retain your previous settings.
  1. New: Revised Versioning Info to Major.Minor.MonthDate.Revision.
  2. New: New Add-on SaneSecurity Signatures Module as a separate SpamFilter Test.
3. Fixed: Duplicate Domains exception in certain instances when calling Populate Domain
    function in MxScanConfig.exe
4. Improved: Change made to main services to accomodate a Mailenable Clusters
5. Improved: Mxscanconfig spam quarantine message viewer now has an option to show
    more details
6. Fixed: MxScanConfig - When refresh log viewer (F5) clear all filtered values box
7. Improved: global.config save function improvements
8. Fixed: Does not certain entries when certain modules are disabled
9. Improved: Updated clamAv build to the latest 0.92.1-2a Sosdg build
10. Fixed: Uses postoffice information as the Domain information instead. If both the domain
    name is the same as the postOffice name then none of the domain level settings would be
    lost. But if there is a difference between the domain and postoffice some of the domain
    level settings might be lost and would need to be reset
11. Info: Will now use the term PostOffice instead of Domain/Account so that it is more
    inline with Mailenable naming scheme
12. Improved: Will now only sync postoffice list with MxScan if there has been updates
    since the last sync for better performance.
13. Fixed: Populate domains at times does not show complete list
14. New: Experimental spam filter checks by using SenderBase data. Please set to a low
    score to avoid false positives because this feature is still in beta
15. New: Ability to filter/search postoffice for "PostOffice Options" module
16. Improved: MxScanConfig overview page updated to reflect the new Spam filter
17. Improved: MxScanConfig LogViewer now has an option for color coding for easier
18. Improved: MxScanConfig LogViewer now has an option to export select records or all
    records to a tab delimited file
19. Improved: MxScanConfig LogViewer as a context menu when right clicked
20. Fixed: Sniffer server was not automatically shut when the mxscanengine service was
21. Fixed: MxScanConfig Quarantine manager was not deleting the headers files when the
    delete function was called.
22. Fixed: MxScanConfig Processing manager was not deleting the headers files when the
    delete function was called.
23. New: Daily Summary reports can now be set and emailed automatically to the system
24. New: Spam Filter Analysis and Breakdown (also has a pie chart)
25. Improved: Sniffer now stores its log files in a subfolder. This makes the base app folder
    look neater
26. Improved: Sniffer rule updates have been coded to take advantage of the new SNFserver
    rule base notification. They areare now updated within 5 minutes from the time it
    becomes available.
27. Improved: When performing an upgrade installation will first check to make sure that the
    previous service has been removed.
28. Improved: Increased DNS lookup timeout to 2.0 seconds from 1 second in order to
    accomodate slower dns servers.
29. Improved: Reorder the automatic script which creates a .cmd file when there are multiple
       filters available. MxScan should be the first filter to run
   30. Improved: Ability to filter and search for messages in Quarantine Manager

Feb 10, 2008 - (Version Build 1.201)
   1. Info: Compiled with latest patches with new versioning type.
   2. Improved: Installer comes with updated clamAV db
   3. Improved: Come with updated Sniffer Engine
   4. Fix: MTA Event bug will null value with reinstallation
   5. Improved: Updated new MessageSniffer result codes for the new GBUDB feature
   6. Fix: MessageSniffer rule update loop when using technology demonstrator license
   7. Fix: DCC checks reporting incorrect score values at certain times
   8. Fix: Postmaster messages not being scanned by mxscan
   9. Improved: MxScanEngine Service installation routine changed to make it more fault
   10. Fix: Filter Actions not picking up the right account name
   11. Fix: Thread halt issue when encounteres unknow mime parse error

Jan 31, 2008
   1. Fixed: dbnull issue with content filters

Jan 30, 2008
   1. Fixed: Issue with Clamd not scanning emails in the unregistered version

Jan 22, 2008
   1. Improved: Installation for other languages than english
   2. Fixed: Forwarding Message Filter Action bug fixed

Jan 20, 2008
   1. Improved: Updated ClamAV version to ClamAV/SOSDG For Windows v0.92-2
   2. Fixed: Registry Version information
   3. Improved: daily cleanup of leftover temp dcc files

Jan 18, 2008

   1. Fixed: Antivirus not checking for newly added domains in ME if the domain master list
      is not refresed in MxScan
   2. Fixed: SpamChecks not checking for newly added domains in ME if the domain master
      list is not refresed in MxScan

Jan 12, 2008 - (Version Build 1.1.0)

   1.   New: Release Build 1.1.0
   2.   Improved: Garbage collection for mxscan engine
   3.   Improved: New Keyword filters expression types
   4.   New: Enable/Disable Virus + Spam checks on a per domain basis (registered version
     5. New: Integrated Message sniffer (requires registered version of MxScan and a separate
         active Message Sniffer Subscription)
     6. Fixed: Improved error handling on sniffer update mechanism
     7. Improved: New Sniffer Rule update interval set to check every 2 hours instead of 1
         because avg release is 2 hours
     8. Improved: MxScan now support's inplace Upgrades. Setup now upgrades an existing
         installation so you dont lose the old settings. This is only for version 1.0.5 and above
     9. Improved: Minor cosmetic changes in MxScanConfig
     10. Fixed: Skipping of message scanning when MTA event set to > 1.
     11. New: Added DCC check maximum size for better performance
     12. New: Country Score Filters that allow you to add a specific score from emails originating
         from specific countries. Can also be used a HAM test by adding a negative score
         (registered version only)
     13. Fixed: Mime Parsing error with structurally flawed mime headers
     14. Fixed: Duplicate message headers insertion
     15. Fixed: MessageSniffer Rules based update for Technology demonstrator license should
         not fire
     16. New: SpamD memory utilization daily monitor. Will automatically restart SPAMD if
         memory exceeds 100mb threshold during daily check.
     17. New: ClamD memory utilization daily monitor. Will automatically restart CLAMD if
         memory exceeds 80mb threshold during daily check.
     18. Improved: Removed Senderscore from the default list of DNSBL checks because its
         getting no hits
     19. Improved: Added a few more default dnsbl server to the list which we have found

Dec 31, 2007

1.      Fixed: Bug Timer Event causing possible loop

Dec 29, 2007

     1. Fixed: Problem with shortcuts
     2. New: User Defined Keyword Filters with individual scores
     3. Fixed: ClamAV permission issues

Dec 20, 2007

     1. New: Shortcircuit module to skip additional testing when upper threshold is reach. This
        significantly speeds up processing time
     2. New: Separate DCC Check Feature
     3. New: Ballon ToolTips in the MxScan Configuration utility
Dec 10, 2007 - (BUILD 1.0.4)

   1.   New: Release Build 1.0.4
   2.   New: Cumulative fixes and enchancements
   3.   New: Support for multi-domain settings in the Registered Version
   4.   Improved: Improved Footer/Disclaimer supports
   5.   Fixed: Bug in recipient blacklisting

Dec 2, 2007

   1. Fixed: Memory Utilization issue for large log files when running MxScanConfig with the
      realtime viewer

Nov 30, 2007

   1. New: Additional Filter action of "Forward to email address", to allow the user to forward
      tagged emails to another address

Nov 27, 2007

   1. Updated: Improved on the Message Footers (now called Disclaimers). Disclaimers are
      now a richtext box and can contain up to 1000 characters
   2. Updated : Message log autosorted upon form loadup
   3. Updated : DNS lookup up optimization an retry
   4. Improved: SpamAssassin tuning and configuration for for threading issues. Also reduced
      amount of memory taken by SpamD

Nov 22, 2007

   1. Updated: Message Footers are now optional and can be changed or removed by the user
   2. Fixed : Fixed bug with empty strings

Nov 21, 2007

   1. Fixed: MxScan Service hanging when processing certain messages with a long list of

Nov 19, 2007

   1. Fixed: Encoding issue for non English text would not appear correctly. This has been
      fixed. (thanks Josi!)
   2. Improved: Optimized the Whitelist/Blacklist filter so that wildcards are also accepted
   3. Improved: Log filtering speed
Nov 16, 2007

   1. Updated: Updated version of ClamAV for Windows v0.91.2-5a has been released and
      packaged together.

Nov 13, 2007

   2. Updated: Updated version of ClamAV to v0.91.2-4
   3. Improved: Made code optimization for the Reverse DNS lookups. You can query a
      particular RBL server for multiple response codes with each result tied a different score
      by using just one lookup.

Nov 11, 2007

   1. New : Multi-threading capabilities added.

Nov 8, 2007

   1. Fixed : RDNS Gateway Servers Parsing
   2. New : Message viewer to view the contents of the messages in the SpamQuarantine and
      Processing Queue.

Nov 7, 2007

   2. Improved : Optimized code for gateway checking
   3. Improved : Optimized code Reverse DNS Checks
   4. Improved : Change algorithm to work for multiple Gateways
   5. Improved : Socket return command will now work in multi language
   6. Improved : Auto clean up the orphan temp .MAI marker files
   7. All emails processed by the MxScan Freeware will be tagged with a small one line footer.
      This will help keep the Lite version free.
   8. New: Added a Eicar virus test to check the Virus Scanner

Nov 5, 2007

   1. Improved : Optimized URL checking for faster performance
   2. Improved : Randomized list of URL for URIBL checking if more than X count because
      spammers might insert fake URLs at the top
   3. New : Real-time Activity Monitor to see what is going on in the system in realtime
   4. New : Ability to save and have the system reload most of the settings without needing to
      restart the program

Nov 1, 2007
First release. Version 1.0.0

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