2010_IEEE_ECE by T537Daea


									Home appliances based embedded project

 Code                          Project titles
NT 01    GPS based Vehicle Tracking System and guided robot to the target with shortest
         path estimation.
NT 02    Embedded Based Car digital Dashboard
NT 03    Direction detector of an emergency vehicle with safety warning system.
NT 04    Design of 1-wire digital thermometer and inter integrated circuit I2C protocol with
         Real time clock.
NT 05    Wireless Networking of smoke detector with voice alerts.
NT 06    Embedded based clap operated home Appliances control
NT 07    DTMF based home automation control from mobile phone
NT 08    Density based intelligent traffic light controller with PC data base
NT 09    Embedded based Coin operated mobile charging system.
NT 10    Vehicle over speed control & drunken drive alert system.
NT 11    Embedded system based Electronic globe
NT 12    RFID based vehicle authentication system
NT 13    Improved railway controller application programming.
NT 14    Embedded based automatic toll gate collector with PC
NT 15    PIC and PC based Intelligent Bus Fare Information System
NT 16    Bank Locker Security With Mobile Alert through voice announce
NT 17    Embedded based Irrigation control with dry run prevention
NT 18    Embedded based gas leakage identification with power inter lock

Robotics Projects
 Code                                  Project titles
RA01     Embedded based Hazardous robot for industry
RA02     Telephone operated Robot with help of DTMF and PIC
RA03     Spy robot using PIC and PC
RA04     PC based Robot for different position control.
RA05     Fabrication of Pneumatic Pick and Place Robot in textile industry.
RA06     Crack detector Robot in Railway Department.
RA07     Solar panel Tracking Robot
RA08     Fingerprint operated multipurpose robot in industrial and nuclear plants
RA09     Crane operating Robot through PC
RA10     Object Tracking Robot using Sensor.
RA11     Artificial intelligent (Fuzzy logic)based Automatic path finding Robot
RA12     Embedded based wireless missile launcher for war field applications
RA13     RF Based Vehicle Tracking System by using robot.
RA14     Microcontroller based multipurpose stepper motor action controller for Robots.
RA15     Embedded based conveyer controlled robot in mine and industry.
RA16     PC operated solar based multi purpose robot
RA17     War field tanker controlled robot with human finger print security

Bio-Metric based Projects

 Code                                     Project titles
BM01     Finger Print Based Medical Information System For Patient
BM02     ATM theft identification using human finger print

BM03     Car security system using authorized human finger print

BM04     Bank security system using human finger print

BM05     Wireless data cryptography using human finger print in communication field

BM06     Railway / flight ticket reservation using human finger print
Wireless Communication System

 Code                                      Project titles
WC01     Wireless based distribution Transformer Monitoring and control System from
WC02     Vehicle Accident Identification System with auto dialer using DTMF.
WC03     Bio signal Monitoring and control System
WC04     Encryption and decryption based Secured Communication For Military
WC05     Intelligent Controller For thermal plants
WC06     Embedded based boiler automation in thermal plants
WC07     Smart Antenna & Low Power RF Transceiver

Security System

 Code                                      Project titles
SS01     Embedded based electric fencing
SS02     GSM based industrial security system
SS03     RFID based shopping trolley
SS04     RFID based air port travel bag identification

PC Interactive Projects

 Code                                      Project titles
PC01     Stepper motor control via parallel port of PC.
PC02     8- Character Running message display with help of LCD.
PC03     Data Acquisition using PC
PC04     PC Based Soft Starter
PC05     Voice Enabled Robotic Activation using RF
Bio-Medical based Projects

 Code                                      Project titles
BMD1       Heart Beat Checker for patient in ICU.
BMD2       IGBT Based High Frequency Water Purifier.

Code                      Project Titles                                       Year
BT01     A Wrist and Finger Force Sensor Module for Use during               2009
         Movements of the Upper Limb in Chronic Hemi paretic Stroke

BT02     Circuit and Coil Design for In-Vitro Magnetic Neural Stimulation    2008

BT03     A Wireless-Implantable Micro system for Continuous Blood            2008
         Glucose Monitoring

BT04     Determination of Sit-to-Stand Transfer Duration Using Bed and       2008
         Floor Pressure Sequences

BT05     Wireless E jacket for multi parameter Bio-physical Monitoring and   2009
         telemedicine application

General Monitoring, Control and Automation

 Code                                  Project titles
GMC01 Agriculture plant water supply and dry run prevention.
GMC02 Personalized Identifier and access control system-using PC.
GMC03 Yarn Lee Strength Measurement

GSM based Projects
 Code                                      Project titles
GSM01      Data acquisition using GSM
GSM02      Car security system using GSM
GSM03      Railway Accident avoid Monitoring system
GSM04      Home security system using GSM
GSM05      GSM based Home automation
GSM06      Electricity Billing through GSM
GSM07      Voting Machine through GSM
GSM08      Industrial monitoring system using GSM

PLC based project
 Code                                        Project titles
PLC01      Elevator control system
PLC02      Escalator control system
PLC03      Material handling system
PLC04      SCADA-PLC interfacing design solution

Electrical projects
 Code                                        Project titles
EP01       Embedded based cyclo converter

EP02       Embedded based Boost converter

EP03       Embedded based Buck Converter

EP04       Embedded based voltage commutated chopper

EP05       Embedded based DC motor speed control using SCR

EP06       Embedded based AC motor speed control using SCR

PLCC based application
 Code                                  Project titles
PLCC01 PLCC based data acquisition system

PLCC02 PLCC based networking
PLCC03 Intelligent based traffic signaling system
PLCC05 Device control using PLCC

PLCC06 Security system using PLCC

PLCC07 Biomedical data collection system through PLCC

PLCC08 Microcontroller based paying system through PLCC

PLCC09 Overflow indication of tanks in dams through PLCC
PLCC10 Microcontroller based stepper motor action control through PLCC

PLCC11 Sequential process control through PLCC

PLCC12 Data communication using PLCC

PLCC13 Voice communication using PLCC
PLCC14 Railway signaling system using PLCC

PLCC15 PLCC intercom
PLCC16 Closed loop control system

PLCC17 Accident identification system
PLCC18 Street light control system

PLCC19 PLCC remote controller

PLCC20 Alarm system for college

Industry based Embedded Project
 Code                                       Project titles
IEO1       Furnace/gas leakage monitoring and control for industrial application

IE02       Microcontroller to microcontroller communication with lcd using MSSP

IE03       Embedded based multiple parameter measurement system in windmill

IE04       Microcontroller based automatic boiler temperature controller for industry
IE05   Advanced security system for industry with encryption technic using

IE06   Public address system with specific target speech processing technic

IE07   First fault announcing system for industries with voice announcement

IE08   Fire detection and extinguishing system for industrial safety

IE09   Microcontroller based data acquisition system to pc

IE10   Automatic fluid level monitoring on/off control with dry alert
       Bottle filling machine with automatic variable quantity filling system

IE11   Lift control automation

IE12   Hi tech car parking system with priority based slot allocating system

IE13   I2c based multipheripherals interfacing system

IE14   I2c based distributed embedded system

IE15   Dc motor speed control system using PWM

IE16   Wireless controller for dc motor

IE17   Fuzzy logic based quality control conveyer with identification of good and bad

IE18   Embedded based energy saving conveyor control system for industries

IE19   Embedded based frequency monitor control system for economic power

IE20   Microcontroller based maximum demand controller for industries with
       Lcd displays

IE21   Microcontroller based induction motor speed controller through wireless

IE22   Microcontroller based fault recognition in power transmission lines

IE23   Closed loop control for stepper motor

IE24   Production monitoring/control system through pc
IE25   Embedded based diagnosis of failed distribution transformer with fault status

IE26   Embedded based energy saver using pressure controller

IE27   Embedded based finger print recognisation for industrial/college attendance system

IE28   Security integrated system based on wireless acess protocol for remote monitoring

IE29   Intelligent road transport monitoring system

IE30   Extensible embedded web server architecture for internet based data acquisition
       and control

IE31   Smart telephone design a concept to integrator to integrate the services of telephone
       voice and web browser

IE32   Web server based energy measurement & controlling unit

IE33   Implementation of wireless based attendance register

IE34   Web server based intelligent temperature monitoring and alert system

IE35   Power plant monitor and control system

IE36   Automatic chemical drip level controller for biomedical applications

IE37   Embedded based motor speed control using PWM method

IE38   Embedded based V/F method induction motor speed control

IE39   Air pollution, velocity monitor in environment
IE40   Embedded based automatic jogging ,breaking, plugging for motors

IE41   Embedded based automatic phase changer in industries

IE42   Embedded based centralized wireless monitoring in textile industries

IE43   Multipoint temperature controller using PC and microcontroller

IE44   Bi-directional DC motor speed controller

IE45   Security system for boiler temperature management system
IE46   Weather monitoring system

IE47   Multi channel motor speed monitoring/control

IE48   Embedded networking using RS232 port

IE49   Industrial automation and security system using RS232 standard

IE50   Thermal power station automation using embedded technology

IE51   Control and monitoring of production flow and power consumption

IE52   Microcontroller based first fault announcing using speech

IE53   Boiler management and control system

IE54   Multi channel emergency indicator

IE55   Lift control system with positioning monitoring

IE56   Pressure control system based on piezoelectric transducer

IE57   Sequential control system for conveyer system

IE58   Temperature controller through fiber cable

IE59   PC based protection- monitoring system for textile industry

IE60   PC based boiler control system

IE61   Intelligent security system for industries

IE62   Digital counter using proximity sensors

IE63   Multi channel heating system with different set points

IE64   Microcontroller based boiler management system

IE65   PC based programmable temperature controller for furnaces

IE66   Microcontroller based position control for stepper motor

IE67   Security system with auto dialer & remote monitor

IE68   Power room monitor with data logger
IE69     Programmable multi channel water level controller

IE70     Object detection using ultrasonic waves

IE71     Air leakage detection based on pressure sensor

IE72     Modular IR remote control for industrial automation

DSP application projects

 CODE                               PROJECT TITLE                                    YEAR

EML001    Design of Online Surface Inspection System of Hot Rolled Strips            2009
EML002    Coherent Multi-scale Image Processing using Dual tree Quaternion           2008
EML003    Minimum Variance Optimal Rate Allocation for Multiplexed H                 2008
          264/AVC Bit streams
EML004    Noise and Signal Estimation in Magnitude MRI Rician Distributed            2008
          Images: A LMMSE algorithm
EML005    Analysis and Compensation of Rolling Shutter Effect                        2008
EML006    Texture Analysis and Classification with Linear Regression Model           2008
          based Wavelet Transform
EML007    Dynamic De-noising of Tracking Sequences                                   2008
EML008    Efficient Non-local mean for De-noising of Textural Patterns               2008
EML009    Wavelet, Ridge lets, and curve lets for Poisson Noise Removal              2008
EML010    Universal Impulse Noise Filter Based on Genetic Programming                2008
EML011    Phase Shifting for Non-separable 2 D Hear Wavelets                         2008
EML012    Reversible integer color transform                                         2007
EML013    A universal noise remove algorithm with an impulse detector                2007
          Feature based wavelet shrinking algorithm for image denoising              2007
          Image sharing using visual cryptography                                    2007
          A fast method automated detection of blood vessel and lesions in retinal   2007
EML016    images
Power Electronics projects

Code                              Project Title                                Year
  1. A Novel Robust Control Method for the Series–Parallel Resonant            2009
  2. A Review of the State of the Art of Power Electronics for Wind Turbines   2009
  3. A ZCS Current-Fed Full-Bridge PWM Converter With Self-Adaptable           2009
       Soft-Switching Snubber Energy
  4. Balanced Driving System for Multiple Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamps       2009
  5. Pulse width Modulations for the Comprehensive Capacitor Voltage           2009
       Balance of n-Level Two-Leg Diode-Clamped Converters
  6. PWM Resonant Single-Switch Isolated Converter                             2009
  7. Improved Z-Source Inverter With Reduced Z-Source Capacitor Voltage        2009
       Stress and Soft-Start Capability
  8. A New Analog Controller for Three-Phase Four-Wire Voltage Generation      2009
  9. Design of a 5-kW, 1-U, 10-kW/dm3 Resonant DC–DC Converter for             2009
       Telecom Applications
  10. Digital Carrier Modulation and Sampling Issues of Matrix Converters      2009
  11. Magnetic Resonant Coupling As a Potential Means for Wireless Power       2009
       Transfer to Multiple Small Receivers
  12. New Techniques for Measuring Impedance Characteristics of Three-Phase    2009
       AC Power Systems
  13. Operational Analysis and Modulation Control of Three-Level Z-Source      2009
       Inverters With Enhanced Output Waveform Quality
14. Selective Harmonic Elimination PWM Control Scheme on a Three-Phase       2009
   Four-Leg Voltage Source Inverter
15. Three-Level AC–DC–AC Z-Source Converter Using Reduced Passive            2009
   Component Count
16. Topological Design and Modulation Strategy for Buck–Boost Three-Level    2009
17. A Modular Fuel Cell, Modular DC–DC Converter Concept for High            2009
   Performance and Enhanced Reliability
18. Capacitor Ripple Current in an Interleaved PFC Converter                 2009
19. Design and Implementation of a Robust Current                            2009
   Controller for VSI Connected to the Grid Through an LCL Filter
20. Optimal Geometric Control of Power Buffers                               2009
21. A Multipulse-Structure-Based Bidirectional PWM Converter for High-       2009
   Power Applications
22. A Novel Three-Phase Three-Leg AC/AC Converter Using Nine IGBTs           2009
23. Bidirectional Switch Commutation for a Matrix Converter Supplying a      2009
   Series Resonant Load
24. Digital Combination of Buck and Boost Converters to Control a Positive   2009
   Buck–Boost Converter and Improve the Output Transients
25. Single-Phase Multilevel PWM Inverter Topologies Using Coupled            2009
26. A Generalized Theory of Boundary Control for a Single-Phase Multilevel   2009
   Inverter Using Second-Order Switching Surface
27. A Reduced-Part, Triple-Voltage DC–DC Converter for EV/HEV                2009
   Power Management
28. A Soft-Switching Scheme for an Isolated DC/DC Converter With             2009
   Pulsating DC Output for a Three-Phase High-Frequency-Link PWM
29. Characteristics and Design of an Asymmetrical Duty-Cycle-Controlled      2009
   LCL-T Resonant Converter
30. Comprehensive Relationship Between Carrier-Based PWM and Space            2009
   Vector PWM in a Five-Phase VSI
31. Three-Level ZVS Active Clamping PWM for the DC–DC Buck Converter          2009
32. Three-Port Series-Resonant DC–DC Converter                                2009
   to Interface Renewable Energy Sources With Bidirectional Load and
   Energy Storage Ports
33. A Input-Series- and Output-Parallel-Connected Inverter System for High-   2009
   Input-Voltage Applications
34. A Physically Based Fluorescent Lamp Model for a SPICE or a Simulink       2009
35. DC-link Voltage Control of a Full Power Converter for Wind Generator      2009
   Operating in Weak-Grid Systems
36. Diode-Assisted Buck–Boost Voltage-Source Inverters                        2009
37. Evaluation of Three-Phase Transformerless Photovoltaic Inverter           2009
38. Passivity-Based Control for an Interleaved Current-Fed Full-Bridge        2009
   Converter With a Wide Operating Range Using the Brayton–Moser Form
39. Zero-Voltage-Switching Control for a PWM Buck Converter Under             2009
   DCM/CCM Boundary
40. FPGA-Based Digital Pulsewidth Modulator With Time Resolution Under        2008
   2 ns
41. Maximum Boost Control of the Z-Source Inverter                            2008
42. A Cascade Multilevel Converter Topology With Reduced Number of            2008
43. A Family of Isolated Interleaved Boost and Buck Converters With           2008
   Winding-Cross-Coupled Inductors
44. LED Driver With Self-Adaptive Drive Voltage                               2008
45. Loop Gain Measurement of Paralleled DC–DC Converters With Average-        2008
   Current-Sharing Control
46. Optimal Winding Arrangements of a Bearingless Switched Reluctance         2008
47. An Improved Topology of SEPIC Converter With Reduced Output                 2008
    Voltage Ripple
48. Topological and Modulation Design of Three-Level Z-Source Inverters         2008
49. Design and Development of Z- Source Inverter for photo voltaic              2008
50. Design and Development of Matrix converter.                                 2008
51. Design and Development of Luo converter for photo voltaic applications      2008
52. Simulation and Development of high frequency dc-dc converter                2008
    automobile lighting applications
53. Simulation and Development of Cuk converter for dc drive applications       2008
54. Simulation and Development of high frequency Inverter for Solar cell        2008
    supplied street lighting applications
55. Simulation and Development of three phase four wire four leg inverter for   2008
    inverter for UPS application
56. Modeling and analysis of Double fed induction generator for wind turbine    2008
57. Simulation and Development of power converters for hybrid power system      2008
58. Simulation and implementation of seven level cascaded multi level           2008
59. Simulation and implementation of seven level diode clamped multi level      2008
60. Simulation and implementation of seven level Hybrid multi level inverter    2008

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