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Date ____/_____/______ _____________________________________________ Managers Name _____________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________ City State zip In accordance with our conversation, let the following constitute the agreement between us. I hereby engage you to render your services to me as my sole and exclusive personal representative, manager and director of all my personal business and affairs, in all branches of the entertainment industry throughout the world for a period of _____________________________ (_______) years from the date hereof, and you hereby accept such engagement and agree to render your services to me during and throughout the term hereof. Your duties hereunder are to use all reasonable efforts to further my professional career and business interests and to guide and advise me with respect to my career and to act for me as my advisor and personal manager in all matters concerning our professional interest whenever you are called upon to do so. It is agreed, however, that it is not the intention of this agreement for you to provide employment for me. You are to represent me with any and all booking offices.

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Description: Personal Management Contract