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									                                        Oliver Tseng

          Software engineering position that will utilize my design and problem solving skills

          Over 10 years experience in web development and 20 years in software development. A self-
          starter with an entrepreneurial spirit while being a team player. Possess ability to learn quickly
          and rapidly add value to projects.

                Languages:        Java/J2EE/J2SE (10 yrs), PHP (5 yrs), JSP (3 yrs), HTML (10 yrs), C
                                  (8 yrs), C++ (1 yr), SQL (7 yrs), Javascript (5 yrs), CSS (8 yrs), XML
                                  (5 yr), Perl (1 yr), Unix Shell (3 yrs)
                Frameworks:       Struts (2 yrs), Spring (1 yr), JavaPageFlow/Beehive (6 mos)
                App Servers:      JBoss (2 yrs), BEA WebLogic (2 yrs), Tomcat (2 yrs)
                Databases:        Oracle (3 yrs), MySQL (3 yrs), MS SQL Server (2 yrs), Informix (1 yr),
                                  DB2 (1 yr), PostgreSQL (1 yr)
                ORM:              Hibernate (2 yr)
                E-Commerce:       Blue Martini 4.0 (2 yrs)
                EAI:              Vitria BusinessWare 3.0 (5 mos)
                CRM:              Siebel Communications 99 5.6 (5 mos), Siebel Tools 99 5.6 (5 mos)
                ERP:              SAP R/3 4.6 (3 mos)
                IDE:              Eclipse (8 yrs), BEA Workshop (6 mos), JBuilder 4 (2 yrs)
                Tools:            Borland Together (6 mos), PowerDesigner (6 mos), Erwin (1 yr),
                                  Rational Rose 2000 (6 mos), Rational ClearCase (6 mos), MS Visual
                                  SourceSafe (1 yr), Borland StarTeam (3 mos), Rational DDTS (6 mos),
                                  Seapine TestTrack (6 mos), DbVisualizer (1 yr), Quest TOAD (1 yr),
                                  Dreamweaver (6 mos), MS Visio (2 yr), emacs (1 yr), vi (4 yrs), brief
                                  (3 yrs), sccs (1 yr)
                Software Design: UML (use case/activity/sequence/class diagrams) (2 yrs)
                OS:               Linux (5 yrs), Sun Solaris (1 yr), HP-UX 10 (1 yr), Windows NT
                                  4.0/2000 (3 yrs), Windows 95/98/XP (8 yrs)

          Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, GA              Sep 08 - Current
          Java Developer (TechSoft/Northrop Grumman)

Last update: 11/10/11                          Oliver Tseng Resume                                      1/4
               Design and develop PHINDIR White Pages to provide directory information of public
                health officials and organizations.
               Design and develop Countermeasure Supply Tracking for Strategic National Stockpile.
               Design and develop GIS mapping infrastructure for Countermeasure Inventory Tracking
                (CIT) System.
               Design and develop Data Exchange functionality (IIS HL7) for Countermeasure Response
                Administration (CRA) System.
                Technologies: GeoServer 1.7.4, OpenLayers 2.8, PostGIS 1.4.0, PostgreSQL 8.4, BEA
                WebLogic, Tomcat, Jboss, Java 6, MS SQL Server, Eclipse, HAPI HL7, PHINMS, Spring,
                Hibernate, JMS, Agile Methodology

          VeriSign, Savannah, GA                                                  May 06 – Sep 08
          Software Engineer

               Member of Configuration Engineering team to build/deploy web applications.
               Developed Java applications to automate Starteam tasks.
                Technologies: BEA WebLogic 8.1,Borland Starteam, Eclipse 3, Java 5, TOAD, Oracle,

          DataScan Technologies, Alpharetta, GA                                   Sept 05 – May 06
          Java Contractor

               Member of design and development teams to create J2EE app to replace legacy wholesale
                floorplan application.
               Maintained build process for deploying application from development to QA and UAT.
                Technologies: BEA WebLogic 8.1, WebLogic Workshop, Oracle 9i, Together 2006,
                Hibernate, EJB, Java 1.5, JSP, Web Services, Borland Starteam, Eclipse 3, Maven, Ant,
                JUnit, TOAD, Spring Framework, Scrum Methodology

          S.P. Richards, Smyrna, GA                                               Mar 01 – Sept 05
          Java Developer

               Lead developer of Java development team to create J2EE application to maintain and
                report on all customer rebate programs used by the company.
               Designed and developed Java application used daily by operations to synchronize data
                between Order Management system and Warehouse Management system.
               Developed corporate web site (
               Developer for Blue Martini CIS 4.0 Remote Desktop for merchandise information
                Technologies: JBoss 4, Eclipse 3, Struts, JSP, Tiles, Hibernate, PowerDesigner, Erwin,
                DB2, Informix, PostgreSQL 8, MySQL, MS SQL Server 7.0, LDAP, DbVisualizer, Blue
                Martini 4.0, Java 1.4, Java Web Start, J2SE/Swing, PHP 4, JUnit, cvs, Visual SourceSafe,
                Linux, HP-UX, AS/400

Last update: 11/10/11                         Oliver Tseng Resume                                      2/4
          Stonebridge Technologies, Atlanta, GA                                     Oct 00 – Mar 01

               Member of team of three to build Stonebridge J2EE Application Framework for Web
                applications. Designed, implemented, and tested pluggable security, error logging, data
                caching, multiple database connectivity, cryptography, data wrappers, and email
               Team leader of two developers to develop internal issue tracking application.
                Technologies: J2EE, XML, Oracle 8i, MySQL, JBuilder 4, WinCVS, Allaire JRun, Resin,
                TogetherJ, Windows NT

          Andersen Consulting, Atlanta, GA                                          June 00 – Oct 00

               Member of team of nine for EAI project for CLEC client. Designed, coded, and tested
                Siebel Connector with Metasolv Provisioning and Kenan Arbor Billing.
                Technologies: Vitria BusinessWare, Siebel Communications, Java 2, CORBA, XML,
                Windows NT, Oracle 8, Orbixweb 3.2, MS Visual SourceSafe

, Atlanta, GA                                                Sept 99 – May 00
          Senior Systems Engineer

           ·    Member of team of six developers to develop e-commerce site (
           ·    Lead developer of team of two in Blue Martini/SAP integration.
                Technologies: Blue Martini, SAP (BAPI), Java, JSP, Oracle, InterShop, Perl, Rose,
                JBuilder, MS Visual SourceSafe, TestTrack, TOAD, HomeSite, Dreamweaver

          Hewlett Packard, Atlanta, GA                                              Jan 99 - Sept 99
          Web Contractor (Volt)

           ·    Member of team of five to develop custom BellSouth intranet application for presales
                quotation workflow system.
                Technologies: Java, C++, Sun Workshop, Rational Rose, HP-UX, LDAP, ClearCase

          Consumer Financial Network, Duluth, GA                                    May 98 – Nov 98
          Web Contractor

               Member of team of eight to develop e-commerce site (

          Enterprise Software Consultants, Duluth, GA                               Mar 97 - Feb 98

               Developed several small business commercial web sites.

          General Instruments, Duluth, GA                                           Sep 96 – Feb 97

               Designed and implemented functions for satellite settop box.
Last update: 11/10/11                          Oliver Tseng Resume                                     3/4
          Scientific-Atlanta, Norcross, GA                                        Jun 95 – Sep 96
          Senior Electrical Engineer

               Lead software developer and testing coordinator of Korean and Japanese settop boxes.

          Schlumberger Industries Electricity Management, Norcross, GA            Jan 90 – Jun 95
          Software Engineer

               Designed firmware in C/Assembly for residential and commercial electricity meters.

          Georgia Institute of Technology                                         1985 - 1989
          Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, Highest Honors                     3.7 / 4.0
          Certificate in Computer Engineering

          Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform (SCP)                      Oct 2001

          Founder of                                     Jan 2004 – Present

          US Citizen

          Atlanta, GA

          Available at:

Last update: 11/10/11                         Oliver Tseng Resume                                      4/4

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