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					          Chapter One
    Theoretical Foundations
Gardner’s “Multiple Intelligences”

        Mallory Donaldson
        Samantha Watson
           Tim Bishop
   These „word smart‟             Hyper-studio
    people learn best              Audio recorders and
    through language                digitizers
    including speaking,            Video recording
    writing, reading, and           (storytelling, news program,
    listening. They are able        speaking)
    to verbally or in writing      Chats
    explain, convince, and         CD-ROM
    express themselves.            Story-creation software
    They enjoy writing and         “Wings for Learning”/
    creating with words.            Sunburst‟s “Muppet Slate”/
                                    “Pine Artist and Creative
   These „number smart‟               Calculation Tools
    people learn best through          Science and math software
    numbers, reasoning, and            Spreadsheets
    problem solving. They are
    able to create and                 Power-Point
    manipulate visuals and             Webquests
    create mental pictures from        IBM‟s “Math and More”
    many perspectives. They            Vanderbilt University‟s
    like to weigh, measure,             “The Adventures of Jasper
    calculate, and organize data.       Woodbury”
                                       “Learn Smart”
                                       “Lego Logo”
   These „picture smart‟        CAD-Computer-Aided
    people learn best             Design
    visually and tend to         Animation software
    organize their thinking      Puzzle building tools
    spatially. They like to      Photoshop/ Paint/ KidPix/
    think and create              Appleworks
    pictures. They are also      Flying Colors
    drawn to information         Hyper-studio
    that is presented in a       Digital Cameras/ Scanners
    visual form.                 GTV- Geographic
                                 HyperCard or Link Way
   These „social smart‟ people learn         Email projects
    best through interaction with other       Chat
    people through discussions,               Video and teleconferencing
    cooperative work, or social
    activities. They are able to create       Video recording
    synergy in a room by being aware          Group Presentations
    of the feelings and motives of            Peer Tutoring
    others. They are concerned with           Forums
    the capacity to understand the
    intentions, motivations and               Discussions
    desires of other people. This             Telecommunications Projects
    allows them to work effectively           Collaborative computer software
    with others. Educators,                    or games
    salespeople, religious and political      Group decisions software
    leaders and counselors all need a         Word Processing
    well-developed interpersonal
    intelligence.                             Webquests
   These „nature‟ people learn best        Audio, Video, Digital Cameras
    through the interactions with the          Record Natural World
    environment including outdoor           Word processing
    activities, field trips, and
                                               Journaling, Natural
    involvement with plants and
    animals. They see the subtle                 Information
    meanings and patterns in nature         Data Organization
    and the world around them. They            Observations

    are able to adapt. This enables         Desktop Presentations
    human beings to recognize,                 Show Change Over TIme
    categorize and draw upon certain
    features of the environment. It         Microscopes and Probes
    combines a description of the core         Nature up Close

    ability with a characterization of      Field Trips
    the role that many cultures value.
   These „wondering‟             Email
    people learn best though      Chat
    seeing the „big picture‟      Listservs
    of human existence by         Blogs
    asking philosophical          Discussions
    questions about the           Teleconferencing
    world. These people
                                  Any Interactive
    have a concern with            Communication Tool to
    „ultimate issues‟.             help Students Address
                                   their Questions.
     Children with Special Needs
For these children there are many Software programs that can be used in
      the classroom to help adhere to the special needs of each child

   Deaf Students                       Microflips “Full Talk”
   Physically-Handicapped              “Smart Keyboards”
   Blind Students
                                        Eduquest‟s “Talking
   Hearing-Impaired                     Mouse”
                                        Eduquest‟s “Speech
   Visually-Impaired                    Viewer”
                                        Eduquest‟s “Screen
        Musical and Rhythmic
   “Music Smart”
   Use of Music, Rhythms        Organization of Music
    or Patterns helps in             MP3 players
    inductive and deductive          CD burning
    reasoning                    Recording programs
                                 Give peer editing
                                  privileges because they
                                  will be good listeners
                                     On-line journaling
   “Self Smart”
                                     Inspiration/Kidsperation
   Very in touch with their
    own emotions
                                      for brainstorming
   Helps others concentrate on      Word for journaling,
    themselves through writing        writing etc.
    or drawings or charts.           Multi-media portfolios
   Good at reading emotions
             Bodily Kinesthetic
   Enjoy expressions          Work the camera in a
    through movement and        class skit
    hands on activities:       Keybording
    dance, sports, making      Concentrations in using
    models, etc.                a computer mouse
   “Body Smart”
   Would like to learn
    through touch and
   http://www.america-

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