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                *==--=-=c= ==*==c--=:.                          F***
                                AI\ID hTTRITION
                            Term-End Examination
                                 3*==emh=r, g**€

                       C F r u - 1: Y O U A N D Y O U R F O C D

    ?i-= : 5 h**r€

    **f*;        €.sxsr    J€.= gxes--*r:= fr: all. Gue=*ff*r: F-E+- fs
                  t*-=g-€=*ry:" Cft g*=sli*-:s effrri; €q:r*l r::==*=-.

    :-      =    -==:::     t3- g"-*ng       t=r-g i. = - 3 se.te.r€= =a:h : J*

                 {:}     3{*€=iti*.

                 {::}    *?a*r*-.i=i=-t=

                 (iii) Fd      group

                 {:v} ?:*-c**ii*g      r*=t}:*s

                 {v}     **.s=*i=-:*       f**d=

    ==.-=                                                                 =.:,=.
     {b}   Match the items in Column A with the items in
           Column B :                                               1A
                  Colurnn A                 ColumnB

           {i}    F*cd acceptar:se {1}      Body building

           {ii}   Physiclogical       {2} Socio-cultural factors

           {iii} Pr*tein              {3} Sunlight

           {iv) Vitamin A             {4} Cheese

           tv)    Blanching           {5) Eyes

           {vi} Vitamin D             (6) Greenleafyvegetables
           {vii} Iron                 (71 Roasting
                                                                         t -

           {viil} lodine deficien*y   {8}   Fruits and vegetables

           {ix}   Dry heat            {9}   Hygroscopic

           {x}    Sugar               t10) Spoilage

                                      {1U Goitre

2.   {a}   What are the functionsof food ? Explain in detail.       15

     {b}   Brieftrydescribethe functions of carbohydrates.          5

CFN- 1
3.       {a}   List llv* f***         €fs *l =+rtr *f t}:* f*ll*xi-€
               nutrients :
               (ii)  Vitamin E
               (iii) Calcium
               (iv) Vitamin C
               (v) Vitamin K

         (b)   Describethe effects of deficiencyin the case of the
               nutrientslistedin (a).                              15

*.       {=}   "?*e   veget=**. *i=tary pa*er* is nutriti*lally
     '         a*eq::at=." Gi?€ :===*r:=tc j*=tify this statement.          5

         *:    Deseribe the =*--*=       -e*1**= *s*d far prs3ari-g
               foods for cooking.                                          10

         {*}   SifJsr=-tiele betqreeft dry l=at and rnsist }:eat
               -etl:?d: =l ==**== =iliirlg *xa-ples af each cf the
               -=tl:#= xitl:i- tl:= *ry as r*=ll as r-slst heat ca*king.    5

5.       {a}   1#}:at ar€ t}:= =*:==l=,=*n:ur*** i* *::r ccuntry ?          Z

         (b)   Briefly describe effectsof the following on cooking
               q.=lity a-* *.lri=-l =*-ts-l r                      J*

               (i)    Sprouting

               {::}   3ar=}:i-g

               {i:1} F'e:-=*teti*-
               {i*    3a:**1liq
               (v)    Refining

-=1t-:                                                                 =.:.*.
      {c}   Discussthe usesof nuts and oilseeds the diet.
                                               in                   I

6.    {a}   List three types of beverages,
                                         giving examples.           g

      {b}   Discussthe n*mp*sitian and preparaticn of tea and
            coffee.                                                 T

      {c}   "Carbsnated beverages low in nutritive value and
            high in cast." D* y*u agreewith this statement? Give
            rgasons.                                                s

      {d}   Comment *n the nutritive value of fruit juices and
            milk-based beverag€s.

7.    {a}   What causesfc*d spoilage? Describein brief,             s

      {b}   Discuss the methads of fireserving perishable and           :
                          foods.                              jG        :.

      {c}   Which polnts shsulCwe keep in mind while storing
            non-perishablefaads ?                                   g

8.    Write short notes cn any four of the following :             20

      {a}   Selectisn of splces

      {b}   Classificatian of vegetables

     {c}    Nutritive value of pulses

     {d)    Nutrient lasses on cooking

     (e)    Uses of sugar and jaggery in food preparations

C F N -1                            4
        =?€= €k *-:        + gIn*r---r E;{E'.€
                      Friil qfiqr
                    i{ffqt,   2006

        *"-.<a-::                    *k
                        sl=f i*k €=EFT

{€: = #                              sa€rctf.€ :**

==*-:                                            ==:_*.
   {{s) ETTTq Ei rqi qT 4rmq s 41 *ii t Fffi|{
        Efiq :                                 1B

                f          f       r          y        q             i
           {i} €fil r45frT         {1} rrfl-{Frrfsl                       j

           {ii} qIHfRqad           tzt €rqrks-qiqfds                      1

           {iii} *-sq              {3) W

           {iv} ffiq    q          {4} *'s t.r$'{)

           {v} qikry               t5} g*fj
           {vi} ffi{    E1         {6} Etl q*EK €ffi

           {vii} ds ffiq           {7t T{qT

           {viii} a{q}Sqq1 Eq1 t8} qr1 3t{ €ffiltr

           {ix} €iA 3*q q{      {e} 31rffi
                €ts qqT{rfs.r{l

           {x) **                  1r0}lsrs qEI-s €        tr-{lEf

z. (6) *'ff         b fid €T t ? trRR + qffir{q I                    15

     (s) srdf=iit Erytr d*q q E h *f{q I
                      4r                                             5

C F N -1
     s. {€} #            €€ fu    t +* €r€t et
                       *t€:    "=
              (ii) ffi-{    {
              {*:} ea€qq
              (iv) ffiq     H]
              (v) ffiq      t
        {€} €{ {€} ii €*€€ *E€ *=T +t 6fir€i * **
            E:* FE-fi €        €-qq .                :5
                    e1rfl-{qqfdq}quTr€s fr qqfc6+ l"
     4. (o) "ylrsTdrfr                Fq
              {s sr{ m gE * firq isRur
                                     fidr{q |            "        5
         (s) @,*          fra crq q<rffd dqnwd tg q5d
,             d qr* qrd trrlreTfiFrdfor qotamfqq |   10
-'       ('r) fr-qqffiit fr *q d-q qr q+rt silr wd t

            + S * R':;.,l d t * s < r s u r S E f q q t
                    F                                   5

     5. tol eqRi{r t fuq efiiiit 61gqrfrq qnr t z 2

              qr ffi             5$.a * E?*ii €t **q:f       ==
              +ifqq :                                             7a
              {:: n5€T
              (ii) T{qT
              (iii) IgqrfrflET
               i,* F:s€ f*:        =F{€ €=:+€t HffiqT
               (v) qffirr

      ==--:                                                   =.:.*.
           (q) sTrfl-{ Fr*qr g'm} s*T fr-iw* * Bqq}* e1
               qqf qifq'q I

    6.    {6} Eir trdr{ * iq q{:-x *1, F{Erprtfr Eg q*
               q{r{q r
          {€} qFry Er*?* *$ qqrs 4i sf,{ FT-+i
                    s*{                            eqT*
               s1 Bfb qi wf Bifrq I
          {'r) "*srgffi tq qq:*s6T frqrtqq qH sq *dr A
               afl{ +i=Ttr
                         wrqr r" €: slrqFg sE;f *
               * ? srq.tsffi * fs,EerK"|wr{q I
          {q} N.C * {€ a*{ gr"r-qrsrftdtq qg1r$*
                qiqqrc€ qTqq{ -#qilt fdnsq I

    l .   (s) {sr{r qE# & sipr *} t ril 6f{trT* ? **q
               fr E-h e.RqI                                5
          (€) qrq a|* ET-& * * s{F{ di qrfr €Er q{I#
                                                                t *

               61 qR-{Ri-n e? trF{* 61 Tqt +ikq I
                         *T*                               10
          {.T) g'.{Fr *t ry-t €Er qqrr$ qsTnn srFr
                    a                  6}     sr}
               Ft furyqrdl s} LqHd {sTTETRq?
8.        ffifr*ffiar                 q{ TiRTtrfi|]qf
          frtuq:                                          ?8
          (E)   qqTC sr q{t=t
          (E)   ffi    sT qJtrs{uT
          (r)   *t q; dqry.qs qr<
          (q)   rrtqq qqr€ s:H q}ry€FrTqT qTk
          (s)   *iorq EiTt t qlqi sft gg A sqqh

C F N -1                                            3,***
                             C==?==]CA?3 PROGNAMME IN rS$G
                                      AND NUT3;"IOF{
                                                    T*rr**End Examinatisn
                                                             Secember, BOSG

                                             *=il-U : YSUE FOOD AND tTS

                             a-   t

         ttme: J haurs                                                   irfgxfm um Mgr=-= : ==:-:

        3€=f=:                        €.sx*r   Ji*e questi*ns fn sll. Quesfion n*. J =S
                                      **-=--*;*ry.  ;All guesf
                                                      |      isns t*rry -squal marks.
                                                  ,r t- o^*r ,    -^ ---: ^, ,
.              -        .               .     i          .       _   .

        :.             {a}            Give cr:s example far sach *f the f*llowing :             E

                                      {i}    Function of prcteins

                                      (ii)   PEM

                                      {:::} F:=blsrns encour:teredin preg*ancy

                                      {:v} 3*ppl*:nentery f*od f*r 6-r:*i:th *ld infant

                                      {v}    F:*blerns sf ad*l*scer:ce

     tb)   Fill in the blanks :

           til    By the time the child is two years old,
                  per cent sf the brain sizeis reached.

           {ii}   Measurementcf the subcutaneous is known

           {iit              is the developing baby from the Bth
                  week after conceptian until birth.

           {iv}   The Indian reference woman is 2} to 39 years
                  of Bg€, healthy a*d weighs         kg.

           {v}                    is    the   chie{   storage   form   of
                  carbohydrate humans.

     (c)   Explain the following in 2 - 3 sentences
                                                  each ,                    10

           (i)    Osteopsrosls

           {ii}   Goitre

           (iii) Oedema

           {iv} Embryo

           {v)    Hydrolysis

2.   {a}   What are RDls 7             Present the RDIs Jor Indian
           adults.                                                          10

     tb)   What are the food groups includedin the daily food
            guide ? Discussthe importanceof these food groups
            in planning balanceddiets.                                      1B

CF N . 2
=.        {*}   lll*=tr=:e tl:s patl: ihat filsd has t* f*ll*rar in tl:e tr*dg.
                ,*i==*=s :-, e d:==slio* and absarption of fa*
                                                                        i* tl:=
                body.                                                           10

          {b}   *s:i.e      g:+wth. Enumerate the c*tical p*ri**s           =f
                growth.                                                          :*

*-       {a}    1{llat i= *al*.i*tisn      ? Explain giving examples.             s
         *:     Enumeratethe common nutritionaldeficiencies
                among Indian preschoolchildren.                                   B

         {=}    1113*ii =-*r=F balaac ? Enumerateihe ec:rlp**e*t=
                of energyneeds.

                I*=-ri* *:€ -.t*ti*nal        .eeds d*rlng prsgrarlry. H*r-
                ca- ?*. :-set **m         ?                                      :*

         {}}    H*":; d*ss the grcwth pattern of a* i*fant differ from
                tl:at *f a pr*s*l**l ehild ? Giv* tl:= nulritional neeGs
                of an infant,                                            :*

g-              'Adolescence
         {aJ                    is a unique period of dynamic change.'

                C*-=:srit    ** t}:s statem€nt, highlgl:ting the changes

                a:?d tls -*i*e-t      requirements during this peri*d.           :*

         *:     3x31a*-, 1**       $J::: yr:u lneet tle nutritis*al   needs oe
                a*.lt= ra:i*: varying food budgets.                              :*

==--=                                                                      ====*',-
7' {a}                           n
     {b}                             Give'ihe
                    ff:,i";,ff ::"J:ns 5+5
        :;:frT,::i:11.j         I

            - Fats and oils
            - Weight gain

8,   Write short nstes cn ang four of the following :   5+5+5+5

     {t     t;ff::"t.   sf creating good food habits amons

     tii)   Nutritional needsa{ elderlY

     tiii) Schocl mealsand packedlunchesfor school children

     {1v} Food and its functi*ns

     {v)    Nutritional requlrementof preschoolers

                                                 ff             T.r-r1-
                                                  HI  \ r ! .
                                                                 LJ tfi   ' - -

             =:** afu qtqrr { srfiq-Epr€dg=q
                        F{ta 'r$gr
                         qgffi,      2os6

             *-q€.g;r. -2: &TFrs'T
                                 *tr{       s*t e*-65

    g€€: 3 €€                               a{{Tffiry 6€ = E:-::==-:=

    =k;           qffr tT* * 3d'{ *eq" t n7;{a
               f jTrf tF**3r€vryH f r

    :.    {€} ffi       Hd€ 4I qa-S     El-*ffi *fdq =


               {i} H}*qi * 4l{


               {i:} *.€.ryT.
                                  qTsl ErTTqq
               {i::} rTq?E{*lT *a
               {iv} 6 qr€ * ftru & f*q EE 3{:ET{

        {€) Rtr TP;:;f :
            {i) Ei q{ Bt e1E Trs erqrs b fu   *r
                T%xR{td,ra              t}qkrtl
           (ii) sTqRqlq ET{T qrq 6}
                           b                            6ila

           {iii} dryr'T       * EE sa {Filr€ * *4T sq   d-d
                 €n frttr
           {iv} zo * ss q{ si F{*r qRgl |essT sr{
                          R.ef. *, qrr*q *er{ qfd€;
                qildTr* * I

                                x3e} { ardiq6r rgs {srtrn
                Fq*       |
    (T)                x-€€ *1: z-s qrqdid srrflFq :           10
          {i} W

          {iv} ryI
          (v)   qsI-sTtIEf&T

z. (s) eTR.S.BTI$. Et-fit ? qTd.qqrfg. qFndi
       + fu eTR.S.BTrdi.
                      *t qTcT* Sf{q I                          10
   (€) efu *qr qffirqld nFqrirdTqrsEf Fr
       t' l Tigkn qilETfr qt{qT qqTt { F{ €Er
       q'il t qcq Bt qqf *?fdq I

3 " {6} Trft q **e= = = qR €q * E€li€ I $e -
        *'-iqq + E-     pqgiiqr,r ST ETSq HT q
           aiFq I
     {E} gf€ 41 ffi=s= -                                   I gk qi Fryt?q€Er{=
           sT HR{q ET-                                ilq I

4_   {4} Sq}'r''rqn €
     {s} qTdq re:                     :              = ql€ ett q* HFtr=f
           grq=* qH                       -:          ?
     {r}- qixiw.:=rg.qiqtM=
        qZBT6I G:-=- |

     {6} rTtTiE-i€rT
                 fo #                              -FFr           ffi+*

         *    \    .                           -          _           $
                                                                           -     )
           6 / sTrrr
                   fl€                                il{ T{i s{ sfiH F I
     {qs} qs *rE € :                                €'nq q4 En61gi qkFE €
           qTE Hrf,FE *--                             Sf{ f,t{TT ,t ? jTTTT
                                                               FIdr       T
           qlqr;rrq€ sg-j                              €i ETq€* *fsq I
           'fu-#aa1                                                   s1q3g
6"   {€}
           EE 3ffifaT .. : +
                    €                                             qTAqnsdqi a*T '=
           riFii Eir -ffi                                 HI wt1s ffii         ffi, Err
            l r   |   |   i   \

     {€} f*r{-fT{ ffi  :                                  ET-* Eq&1 B? qbsr:
         $T|{Tq?Fjffid+T                                  +"S W Hfi            ? {ry   il
           € E-qFi€               i

z. (s) tnss ryq F{r t ? q=dr6} gf€ *1 FFRr* e.{t
       * fffi sr* rq},T61 dry Fr*1 ${tFr*-nrq1 EEf
       dfdq :                                      ts
   (€) ffi       x€6 t rFqtr{d *f {S-qd s:fd
       q-aqq t gsi * ffitrrd E6 Eq{T frfqq : 5+5
              q{TT 3TR f,H

              qq{ * ?-€

B. ffiS*ffi                    a5; T{ TiQrrdeqffi
   kngq :                                   s+S+s+S
   {i}   qtE} € E}qT ffi;+ti   +rd   a{E* HHt   6r qfl€
   (ii) wr BTrg Eirir sT TinrTrflsffi
   {iii} q'mi Erca} ff, qn t tq qt wl
                  +                                *qq
         B*{ *+s Eiq

   {iv} *q{    B*{ ss-h qr{
   (v) qlq=i      qrryrfi HT TiHUTTFq-s

CFN-2                                                     3,**0
                      F***reApgtrg€ eruF**-
                   AI€* ruX,3TRXTE*F{
                          Tersn*End *xaminati*R

                                *ecercber,    ***S

                      CFhl-s : €C*ilI*MICS *F =***

    Ti-* : 3 fu*urs                                     I/icxr n'i Lru?'?
                                                                / r   !   F    ,   t

                                                               f VLieiEn i

       :                           =5
    1.   (a)   Explain each ,:f ti-ie    i    J                         .--'
               each :

               {i}     Fcad buelgeting

               {ii}    Fiscicutrturc

               {:ii} }emcnstratic:-r farrn
               {*      F1ilk grid

               {v}     Facd iaws

         tb:   F::l in the blanks :

               {i}     A price index is a sysiern *f *xpr€ssitie 1==
                       curreni price as a percentege *f

           {ii}                play a very important role in
                   i*creasingths yield of crops.

           {iii} Anirrrals used l*r fasd productian are called

           (iv)    Fair price sh*ps    are part    of    the

           {v} ;::Ti::;                pricedoes greatiy
                                               nat     arrect
                   the Cemand f*r ar: item, the demand is _

     ic)   Match ihe iterns in C*lumn A with the items in
           Cclumr: * :
                Cclumn A                    Column B

           {i}     Food expenditure {1}               to changes

           {ii} Inc*rneetasticity{z} il:me
           {iii}   Food from land     {3}   Food availabillty

           {iv}    Piant prctection   {4) Seasonal fruits

           {v}     Horticulture       i5}   Pesticides

2.   {a)   How can we classify fo*ds based on source ? List one
           example *f each fo*d group based on source.              6

     tb)   Describe the inputs required for production of food
           crops.                                                  1*

     {c}   List four uses of a kitehen garden .                     a

3.              How d*e===       d l:'G=lrati*n *f trndiaFrcfure f.*ri=
                for the F=- ---:- --:=::=:=.- Sgstem {F*5} ?
                          :     :l      _:E=*n

     {b}                        =t.==t===--=-==--=iiti*s
                Lisi the -€==--=:=:=          w}:ieh 5*r.- :?:e ecr* Gi
                pilS,  ==t3:_=:-=
                              r j:    :==ink thess f*rcrn**:::*= =1aJ*{=-F

     (c)        Expiainf.                        ,   i t : a c is u b s i d i e s "

4.   {ai        Deseri*e  ':'.                                    qlt-'€fi pe .:-ri
                                                 . ir an* subsidies      to
            farms b= -==-==:

     /l-\   1I /1---+            :
                             e r
                V v r i d r *L Vl ' .            a.r pfCgrAmm€S =r* urgenlzgt             i "::"

                pcultry tr,

     {*}    RrieflV gv;---=};-::: :r-:i:-= th* l*3!*wirig ir: tits 1:cu3:-
                             ::::=       *f

            {ii           N€F-r:

            {ii}          N*=?==-=:
                                  :::::t: :::=::ri
                                                 R*gistraii*:-: Fr*g: ail{:::-?€

            {iii}         Ce-: : li:              -=:-**di::gFarrx*=

            {ivi             ,,,
                          P?'-                       teries

            iu;           St*in                      rS

5-   {a}    What a:=r=:- - r:,                  r.ti-s= *f suppEc:xe:-tary fse.=; =
            I         J

     ib)    €xplain                  E::
                                       =   -:-=r=-::i*r     sxpplerx*=t*ii*:-:=       g:i? ::=

     (c)    List the ';          *i.' nmes run b5,the Cav€rnrncn{
            Briefly *===== ::: _ r := pr*gramff:€s*

6.   (a)         What are food standards ? Explain their role in
                 promoting fsod safety, giving examples.                      I

     {b}         Describe in brisf the grading of :                           6

                 {i}    fcodgrains

                 {ii}   fruits and v*gctables

     {c}         How dc the practices af fo'od producers} distributars
                 and handlers infiuence food quality ? Discuss the
                 effects oJ consuming poor quality foods.                   3+3

7.   {a}                          adulteratian Explaingiving suitable
                 XIJ:=:""d                                                    5

     {b}         Discuss     adulteration   in   foodgrains   and   other

     tc)         Describe the precautions you would take to prevent                   n
                 purchas* *l adr:l:sraled foads.                             I*

8,   \,Vrite short notes cn any four of the following :                      2*

     {i}         Objectives *f Operatian Flood Programme

     tii)        Subsidies in agriculture sector

     {iii}       Factors influencing food expenditure

     {iv}        Consumer education
     {v}         Achievements *f Operatian Flood

CFN-3                                       4

         ?*€€ ark *$$                            q'f+F€
                                      if H-qFlr-Tm
                              rr*is rySqn
                         -q1rff, z&ss

         €,€-*g=.=3, *i€                         EE'T

 5€€.:5 ry=*                                          saFI#5€Sa€= :**
                                                          (W T Toa/o)

 *tr :   g* =i= trf* * Fr{ #ftq I tga tr ; t#
         € : ** rfl* * srs #r{t;{* t

: 1. {€} *             E*€ Bt ?*s Etryii €€9.{q:
                                       fr                              l*
         {:}   €Er FfE Ffi-iT
         {::} €+=q
         (iii) reflE    g1I

         {iv} q€ *{tr
         {v} €lg       €'qq

     {€} Aa F;= q€q :                                                   5
         {il €€ ?"€?e qdqta Biaa el
             *€€ * ERrrn A Fq q €s                            €*   *
             EqrmT I

 *=--=                        =   t    r",
                                             r                     ==:.*.
        {ii)               q€-m}s} EFr 6} q-6rt fr EEF
                Tf-d€?riTtr€: frrqTflT I
        {iii}   €fst *rEq + ff, r3r fuq u.rl qr& qE
                                 \   r\-

                          _Hffird 6 |
        {iv} ERa q{ gqr+                                   qr
                                                 Fcqq xrrTml
        {v} trE{ qkr d qHq                 ffi   ryq qt qiry qi

   {T} trfllq' E qi q-* qT qfrtr ?s q,1q-* t fqerq
       sRq :
        {i}     lsEi qq          {1} sTFr qHq} * qk
        {ii) tsTr€t
                  *{             t?) qqtri
        {iii) TR t     qg]g       {3} Isfs 3sq'|effi
        {iv} qHry    E{qTi {firq{ {4} ihq*

        {v} EI{a'r*              {5) qi?-rlqrs
z, (q) €in q{ BTrqTfrn qq:fr +t *t qtrFil AqT
        qT €?Fd: ? €l€ qr sxsnRa
                 +             q*-{ gfil q-i ql
        lfd-qd ffi3qnrsi
                      €tdq I
   (s) €tEI'F€Tt qt +qlar{* frq silrffi"mqT'T* sr
       wiq qiF q I                                10
   ('I) *q, Ertr*T * qE Er*Iil q} E-frqa CRq I                    4

3. {6} ti|{$q €EI fr=tr Erffitr          fu-itrF!' gq=
       tqT.*.q5j H l-tr   F= qil?j "+* trrce f,{flT E                                                                                           l
   (E) E+ HrE EFqa+i -FJTq'E
                        ffi        dtrsq m-r*.er.F*    iJ

                   S]' iTTt'TR6q F '                                       fld* : q"ii d

         {?T} {sftr KI*X € * -                                               q# .aiTi€%ffiG€}*i                             =
              {T+E"ry ffiT ffi'g T_                                            qfiEq i                                                      ,;

4.       (q) H{Eii ffiETryiiqrE                                           tq.l ffi qF Effi qffi                      ffi-
                   ryrer *a*ffi=                                          = ryh e*:f€ !                   1
                              'ru fu
         t€i q=fr qE+ ffiff F
                        .                                                    1               ffi              ffi sfue=
                   l6pffii                     ff*flffi                    trffiffiF             I                                          j
                   ;Trif-qrffi                                                                   '}Ti"s+lff.r
         \    ti
                            rr          tr\F   i    s=jilrT *.- GEffieffi
                                                    \+'*{i   E   =:        ltil*_lt\i    ffit        c.
                                                                                                          ffiT ff.f{
                   * HI{€:-**re=                                                                                                     =_:j
                   {i} 4fu- {NnFnr
                   irii            iryTq ryeffi
                                      -    *                          1    EIffiSri ffiiffiq
                   i:iii fu#"?qq"*-:=-j-'{ry*
                   {ivi q,Ee€s
                   {vi             {ffi             rutfryre

5.   {€i           T{H +E"I ffidtrf}                                  E -:       €w             € =                                  E-=
     (e;           wffi wEnTffiTHF:ffiE-, t ffi q HF-rtr{Tffir=trqI
                   ffir6Tr| qT qlffiq I
     rrTi i+-ffi-i{ ET{t ';-nffi F' :
     \       r,/             -rr   1.     cf,r \r                            *ryrry     Tjl=J4j"ll            +T ryqrtr


                   qii-ffiq i                        ffi                   ;ridT* Er qqiq q qrr
                   qtkq" !          l

CF N - 3
6. (s) lsEr qFffi Fn e ? €rs g{Kf wr* t 3aq1
        TR$I 41 r{:6rq t* ff qT;ffi* *fqq I  s
     (€)ffi*fut-sro'rwg*qfrwtq*iFq:                        6
           {i} tsE|r{
           {ii} xef ai:{ Ekdf
     {T} {srErenrq*1, Hi        e*{ €!d qqTt RqTq:ffi
         EIm)e1 HS-q€R* €rs* q?nfrn
              t ? €{:Ef :qqaf **rgn qqrff * w*I
         * t}* Ei-A      *t q"i aikq I          s+S
r.   (6) {sfs eTqRfi €T e ? BqgrnB-{t6lq th gq
         w-sEq r                                  5
     (e^) ratut* e*{ sFr aqat d alqfrellT st Eqi
          *if{q I                                          s t
     (r) erqFdlrdrgiErr{HT 6} Ig-ffi 6} H * :€              '
         Brrq€T glq*llH q'rrit ? Edq qRq I                ls

8.ffifrtffi                        t
     ftefuq:                                              E*
     (i)   $f*fiT   wts e'rdsq * s*q
     (ii) FF *-e g * qr1 ErmT   elTffm H€r=rnrq

     {iii) Tsfs Erq * E*trkf, BTt qTA 6rq.d
     {iv} s$*6,:    *ET:

     {v} B{qtqtq rFryfs EqETFnf

CFN-3                                                   3.*30

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Description: IGNOU Question Papers June/December 2006