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									                  Bachelor in Infonnation              Technology          (BIT)

                                   Term-End Examination
                                        Decemberr 2006

                             CSI-01: COMPUTER
Time.' 3 Hours                                                           Masimurrl Marhs.' 75
Note :     There are hoo sections in this paper. Section A consists of objectiue type questions
           and short dnswer type questions. SectionA is of 30 marks. All questions in Section
           A ane cornpvlsory.Atternpt any three questions frorn Section B. Section B carries
           45 marks.

                                           SECTION A

1.   There are 10 objective type questions in this question. Each objective type question has
     four choices.Select the best choice aB your answer. If none of the given choices is valid,
     then mark 0 as your answer. Each objective type question carries 1 mark.              70x:1=70

     (a)   Which of the following media eonnot be used for star or bus topology ?
           (i)    T\vieted pair cable
           (ii)   Co-axial cable
           (iii) Optical fibre
           (iv) None of the above
     (b)   Which of the following layers is concemed with the medium and circuits to send
           electrical signals ?
           (i)    Physical layer
           (ii)   Datalink   layer
           (iii) Session layer
           (iv) Tlansmission layer

     (c)   Which of the following devices is not used in data communication ?
           (i)    Statisticalmultiplexer
           (ii)   Microprocessor
           (iii) Modem
           (iv) Front-end processor

csr-01                                                                                        P.T.O.
     (d)   When a CPU is interrupted, it
           (i)    stops execution
           (ii)   acknowledges interrupt and continues
           (iii) acknowledges intermpt and branches to a subroutine
           (iv) waits till the interrupt is removed.
     (e)   The three key elements for a graphics workstation include the host processor,
           display controller and
           (i) plotter
           (ii)   keyboard
           (iii) cRT
           (iv) digitizer
     (f)   Cryptography is used in
           (i)    scheduling of jobs
           (ii)   file management
           (iii) data validation
           (iv) data protection
     (g)   The network topology that supports bidirectional links between each possible
           node is
           (i) ring
           (ii)   star
           (iii) tree
           (iv) mesh
     (h)   Spatial locality refers to the problem that once a location is referenced
           (i) it will not be referenced again
           (ii)   it will be referenced again
           (iii) a nearby location is referenced soon
           (iv) a distant location is referenced soon
     (i)   Overlay is
           (i)    a part of an operating system
           (ii)   a single memory location
           (iii) a single contiguous memory that was used in olden days for running large
                 programs by swapping
           (iv) overloading the system with many user files
     C)    The basic difference between broadband and baseband is
           (i)    reliability
           (ii)   transmission
           (iii) capacity
           (iv) availability

 2.      (a)   what do you mean by an operating system ? What are the different
                                                                                  functions of
               an operating system ? Is UNfx a multiuser, time-sharing and
               operatittg system ? Give reasons.

         ft)   Describethe features of a good passwordsystem for a multiuser
                                                                             computer system.
         (c)   Define the following terms :
               (i)    System Call
               (ii)   Full-duplex transmission
               (iii) Ll cache and LZ cache           \

               (iv) Digital Certificate
      (d)      What is Ethernet ? Explain the protocol of Ethernet.
      (e)      What is the need of data back-up ? Name at least two devices
                                                                                that can be used
               for data back-up. Which one of tirern is most suitable ? Justify your
      (0       Which of the three components processor,memory and hard
                                                                       disk is slowest ?
               Define the access-timefor that comporlent.

                                             SECTION B

Attempt any three questions,Each question carries 75 rnarks'
3.      (a)    What do you mean by drive cache ? What are the advantages and
               of using drivb cache ?
                                                                                      ? what are
        (b)    what is circuit switching ? How is it different from packet switching
               the advantages of circuil switching over packet switching ?
                                                                                can this type of
        (c)    what are the main objectives of distributed system ? where                            4
               system be used ? How is it different from parallel computers
        (d)    Explain the OSVISO model.
                                                                             Internet when
4.      (a) what do you mean by modem ? How does the dial-up work in the
            you are sending a message from a computer ?
        (b) what is the advantage of DMA data transfer as opposed to prograrr-controlled
            data transfer ?
        (c) Give the block diagram of a raster-gcan display processing system' Explain
            images are stored in a refresh buffer'
        (d) Discuss the relative merits of GUI systems from the point of view of
               (i)     programmer
               (ii)    oPeration user
               (iii) end user

 5.      (a)   Distinguish between the following :
                (i)    System calls and System commands
                (ii)   RAM and ROM
                (iii) Bridge and Router
                                                                                 ? Explain any
         (b)    what are the different types of services provided by an Internet
                                                                                 the network ?
         (c)    what are the security mechanisms for a computer connected on
                Explain any one of those.

 6.      (a)    Explain the function of
                (i)    OPtical Character Reader
                (ii)   Magnetic Ink Character Reader
                                                                           any four computer
         (b)    What is the need of upgrading a computer system ? ExPlain
                system upgrades.
                                                                           machine ? Explain
         (c)    what is an instruction ? How is it executed in von Neumann
                with the helP of an examPle


                   Bachelor in Information                   Technology          (BIT)

                                   Term-End Examination
                                          Decemb@ts 2006

                                  CS l-02: SYSTEMS ANALYSIS
Time; 3 Hours                                                                   Maxirrlurn Marks : 75

Note :         Section A is compulsory. Questions 1 to 10 of Secti.on carry oirc mark each.
               Questions 11 to 14 carry 5 rnarks each. Answer any three questions from.,Section
               B. Each question of Section B carries 15 marks.

                                                SECTION A
                                                                                               "       1
1.       The following is an example for application software :
         (a)   Compilers
         (b)   Assemblers
         (c)   Interpreters
         (d)   Library Information System
2.                       is a problem-solving technique that              a system into its
         component   pieces for the purpose of studying how well those component parts work
         and interact to accomplish their purpose.
         (a)   Systems Analysis
         (b)   Systems Design
         (c)   Coding
         (d)   Maintenance

3    .   A                   is a representation of either reality or vision.
         (a)   Repository
         (b)   Model
         (c)   Structure
         (d)   Message

4.                      iVare set of techniques used to collect information          about system
         probleffis, opportunities, solution requirements, and priorities.
         (a)   Fact frnding
         (b)   Information Gathering
         (c)   Reverse Engineering
         (d)   Both (a) and (b)

csr-a2                                                                                             P.T.O.
5;'       A""'r
            .:-----        is something that will limit your flexibility in defining a solution to
      " '
          your objectives.

         (a)      Obiective
                    '                                               -;"t:t :   :    ::,::;                               :.:'r,,
                          i:-i.,1          ,:-'ir1i"i'i;-:''r'-.''.;:'i                          ;:'   rl':'   :'r'l':

         (b)      Constraint
         (c)     Schedule
         (d)      System proposal                             ::r.                           .

         (a)                                                         i
                 non-functional requirement'
         (b)- functional requirement
         (c)     desiiablerequirement
         (d)., system proFpsal. r : ,rr, ,                         . ,:                                                         ., , ..,,

         consistency, and conforrnanee to stand.ards'                              . l
         (a)     Requirementsmanagement
         (b)     Requirements validation
         (c)     Sampling
                                    *                                                                                            .
         (d)     Questionnaire

8.                               is a technique for organizing and documenting a system's data.

         { q ) , , D . 4 t 9 , - r o d e l l i n g. , : : ,
                                                ..                :,,                                      :
         .G) Functionalmodelling
         (c) Normalization
         (d) Relationship
                                                                                                                         '' '
9.                               is adescriptive property or characteristic of an entity.
         (a)     An entity
         (b)     An attribute
         (c)     A default value
         (d)     A key

10.                      is an attribute, or a group of attributes, that assumes a gniqrrc vah're
         for each entity instance.

 '       (a) Akey                                    . ,, r , ,, , ' , ,                 l

         (b)     A degree
         (c)      Cardinality
         (d)      Domain

11.   Give any five examples of software developinent projects which are perfectly suitable
      to be developed using Spiral model. Justiff your answer.

L2.   Write any five tasks that are performed during Analysis phase of a Software
      Development Life Cycle.

L3.   Draw an E-R diagram for the Grade Card Printing                    System of a university.
      Assumptions can be made wherever necessat!, '                                        ,; .,    ',.5
                                                         - : I
                                                 . r .                                     , :

L4.   Explain any five duties of a Systems Analyst.                                                  5
                                           _ :                   .   i            : .

cs l,-02                                         3,                                              P.T.O.
                                          SECTION B

Answer any three of the following Questions,Each question carries 15 rnarks.

15.   List at least 10 requirements of a Stud,ent Admission                 System    of   a
      Umversitflnstitution. Make necessary assumptions.                                        15
16.   Write the problem definition of a software project which is amenable for development
      using Waterfall Model. Justify your answer.                                              15

17.   Draw detailed (at least upto 3 levels) Data Flow Diagrams for various processes
      involved in a Student Adrnission System. Make necessary assumptions.            15

18.   Explain the fact frnding/information gathering techniques with the help of an example.   15

cs r-02                                                                                    2,000
                   Bachelor in Information           Technology (BIT)
                              Term-End. Examination
                                    December, 2006

              CSI-03: SOFTWARE
                                      AND TOOLS
Time : 2 Hours                                                       Maximum Marks : 60
Note :     All questions from Section A are eompulsoryt. Answer any two questions frorn
           Section B. All objectiue type questions cclrry one mark each.

                                         SECTION A

1.    What key combination takes you to the first column in a row in a spreadsheet from
     .anywhere in that row ?
      (a) Shift + Home
      (b) Home
      (c) Control + Home
      (d) Control + <-

2.    How can you select a range in a spreadsheet ?
      (a) Go to beginning, shift key pressed, drag with mouse till end of range
      (b) Same as (a) but with control key pressed
      (c) Same as (a) but with Alt key pressed
      (d) Not possible

3.    How can you put a new line within a cell ?
      (a) Use Enter key
      (b) Press Alt + Enter
      (c) Press Shift + Enter
      (d) Press Control + Enter

4.   Which key combination will undo your last action ?
     (a) Control-Y
     ft)   Alt-Y
     (c)   Control +-
     (d)   Alt e-

cs t-03                                                                              P.T.O.
5.    What is the width (in terms of behaviour) of a double in Java ?
      (a)   4
      (b)   Compiler dependent
      (c)   I
      (d)   2

6.    Which of the following modifications to a font is zof possible in Excel ?
      (a)   Bold
      (b)   Superscript
      (c)   Changing angle of italics
      (d)   Changing angle of orientation in a cell

7.    In which case would you get an error message when trying to insert a row ?
      (a)   Only frrst row has d.ata
      (b)   Only last row has data
      (c)   The row above is blank
      (d)   Both first and last rows have d.ata

8.    Which of the following is false about an import statement ?
      (a)   Must be the first statemente in a file
      (b)   Can be preceded by a comment
      (c)   Can be preceded by a package statement
      (d)   Can be preceded by any statement other than package

9.    The final modifier cannot appear before'a
      (a)   class
      (b)   method
      (c)   variable
      (d)   statement

10.   The value of an instance variable zof explicitly assigned is
      (a)   0
      (b)   null
      (c)   random
      (d)   undefined

cs r-03
11.   (a)   Write a Java program to input two arrays with the same number of elemqnts'
            The output should be an array where each element is the product of the two
            corresponding elements in the input arrays.
      (b)   How would you insert a pie-chart in a separate sheet in a workbook to show the
            values in some column oi th" spreadsheet ? Describe the main options you can
            change for the chart.                                                             10

                                                SECTION B
 Answer a,nytwo questions
                        from this section.

  t2.    Distinguish between the following :
         (a)    rnner class and static nested class
         (b)    Private and protected class member modifier
         (c)    character class and char data type
         (d)    Case and default keywords
         (e)   While and do-while loops

 18.     (a) Describe with suitable examples
                                             the various facilities available in Excel for
             auditing forniulae.
        (b)    Explain briefly
               (i)    Volatile variable
               (ii)   Casts
               (iii) I11""g".u,

 14.    (a)    Write a Java-program to-input a natural number
                                                              n and output the sum of the
               first n natural numbers. Use recursion.
        (b)    In. a spreads.\et yo11need to highlight every
                                                                 cell in a column with blue if its
               value is 0, with red if the value is-netative and
                                                                 with green ir-it"'"J"" tr'o""iir"".
               How will you do this ? Also describe tow you
                                                               will         for the column to show
               only positive values.                                "oirrg"

                 Bachelor in Infonnation                Technology         (BIT)
                                Term-End Examination
                                        December, 2006

                         CSI-04: GOMPUTTNG
Time :3 Hours                                                           Maximum Marks : 75

Note :       Th;ereare two secti,onsin this paper. Section A is compulsoryt. Answer any three
             questions frorn $ection B.

                                           SECTION A

1.   State true/false for the following statements :
     (i)     Turnaround time is the required time for the system to respond to a query.
     (ii)    COBOL is a procedural language.
     (iii)   Excelerator is an example of expert system.
     (iv)    Throughput is the amount of work'that can be done by people in a given period
             of time.
     (v)     Seeret password method is prevent leakage of information.

2.   Explain two main features of the following. AIso, write two applications of each of the
     following :                                                                                16
             Data Warehousing
     (ii)    ClienUServerDatabases
     (iii) Decision Support System
     (iv) Artifrcial Intelligence

3.   Explain any nine important criteria for measuring a system. Also,'g,ive an example of
     each.              .

csr-04                                                                                      P.T.O.
                                             SECTION B

Ansuer any three questions from this section,

4.    (a)    What is the importance of "processing control design" in software'development ?
             Explain different types of processing controls in software design.
      (b)    Explain how relational database model is better when compared to other database
             models. Give at least three important features of relational databaee model to
             support your answer.

6.    (a)     At present, is'it possible to:create an artificially intelligent human/aninmal ? If
              yes, give three reasons to support,your answer. If no, give three problems faced
            , in developing the above.
      (b)    Why is Neumann - Hadass used ? What are the different levels of
       '     Neumann - Hadass model ? Explain them with their importance in developing an
             information system                                                                     8

6.    (a)    Explain the importance of different activities in 'Analysis' and 'Design' phase of
             system development life cycle.                                                         10
     (b)     What are expert systems ? Explairi the working of an expert system with the help
             of an example.

7.   (a)     Why is evaluation required during the development of software and at the end of
             the implementation ? Explain different criteria of system evaluation. Also, give
             three main advantages of the evaluation report and evaluation process.
     (b)     Explain the important services of database system. How are these servicee
             classified into DBMS and database application ? Give the nameg of any two

cst-04                                                                                          2,000
                    Bachelor         in Infomation         Technologf,' (BIT)                        ,
                                     Terrn-End Examination                        :
                                       ; Decemb€rr 200G :

                    CSI-08: OUALITYMANAGEMENTpRtNCIpLES,
                                                                                          '      I

 Tirrye.' 3 Hours                                                               M axi,lnu,rn'
                                                                                            Marks .' 75
 Note:         All questions frorn SectionA are coi,mpa1"oO. Answer
                                                                        ,any th79e questio.ns
               section B. AII rnultiple choice type questionscarry one mark each.

                                              SECTION A
         (a)   Decision table
         (b)   Decision tree
         (c)   PERT
         (d)   Gantt chart
2.       Which of the following is a testing level ?                                  .
         (a) White Box testing
         ft)   Integration testing                                                            r: : '
         (c)   Black Box testing
         (d)   Static Analysis
3'       Which of the following characteristics do not belong to object oriented
                                                                                 approach ?                      1
 '       (a) Generalization

     Which of the following is not a type of CASE tool ?                :
     (a) Documentationtools
     ft)       Financial tools'
     (c)       Risk analysis tools
     (d)       Project planning and analysis tools
5.   A rectangle symbol in a Data FIow Diagram represents                                                :       I
     (a) An entity that is outside the system
 .   (b) A process or transform
     (c) A data flow
     (d) Store or repository

CSI-08                                               1                                                       p.T.O.
                                           maintenance is done after a
6.    : First step that initiates adaptive
        (a) request for service
       (b)    detection of error
       (c)    source code request
       (d)    reception of project details

7.                 expressesthe number of entities to which another entity can be associated
       within a relationship set.
       (a)    CardinalitY
       (b)    Primary key
       (c)    Modality
       (d)    All of the above

8.     All levels i4 a company accept responsibility in TQM due to
        (a)   Team work
        (b)   Documentation
        (c)   Commitment of Chief Executive
        (d)   Statistical process control

9.      What acts are related to legal issues in the computer software industry ?
        1.    Data Protection Act
        2.    Data Classification Act
        3.    Health and Safety Act
        4.    Data Security Act
        (a)   AII of the above
        ft)   1and2
        (c)   3 and 4
        (d)   1 and 3

10.     Which of the following is not an objective of FTR ?
        (a)   To uncover errors in function's logic or implementation for any representation of
              the software
        (b)   To make projects more manageable
        (c)   To make project debugging details available in release versions
        (d)   To verify that software under review meets its requirements

11.     A credit card company decides to computerise its functioning,                             20
        (a)   Describe data objects.
        (b)   Describe Relationships and attributes.
        (c)   Describe any possible collaborations among classes.

 cs l-08
                                           SECTION B

Answera,nythree questionsfrom this section.

L2.   Give a brief explanation for each of the following :                                    L5
      (a)   SQCP
      (b)   DFD
      (c)   SCM
      (d)   FTR
      (e)   Structured Walkthrough

13.   (a)   Explain the differences between traditional      and OO approaches to software
            design.                                                                            5

      (b)   Discuss the importance of communication in projects.                               5

      (c)   Briefly describe the basic concepts of project planning and control.               5

14.   (a)   Why is software quality important ?                                    ''          7

      (b)   Briefly d.iscussthe philosophy of Joseph Juran and Philip Crosby, the "Quality
            Gurus".                                                                            I

15.   (a)   What are the      various   issues that   should be kept in mind while testing
            software ?
      (b)   Highlight the importance of baselines in SCM with an example case study.           7

csl-08                                                                                       2,000
                       Bachelor in rnformation                  Technology    (BrT)
                                      Term-End. Examination
                                           f)ecemb€rr 2006

                         CSI-09: GOMMUNTCATTON
Time : 3 Hours                                                               Maxirnum Marks : TS
Note :       There are two sections in this paper. Section A is compulqorXt and. consistsof I0
             obiectiuetype questions and descriptiue questions. SectionB consistsof 4 questions
             from uthich you haue to answer any three questions.

                                                 SECTION A

1.    There are 10 objective type questions in this section. There are four choices given for
      each question. Select the best choice as your answer. Ifyou feel that none ofthe given
      choices are correct then mark'0'as your answer. Attempt all the:quegtions. Each
      question carries one mark.                                                         10x1=10

     (i)     When a signal is sent over a long network cable, signal gets weakened due to
             (a) Attenuation

             ft)       Multicasting
             (c)       Striping
             (d)       Mirroring

     (iil    The purpose(s) of a Bridge iVare to
             (a) isolate networks by MAC addresses
             (b)       manage network traffic by filtering packets
             (c)       translate from one protocol to another
             (d)       All of the above

     (iii)         '          are'used where the network is being locally segmented.
             (a)       Remote Bridges
             (b)       Half Bridges
                                                                               , i . . 1 ,. ,

             (c)       Token Ring                                                         . i
             (d)       None of the above

cs r-09                                                                                         P.T.O.
 .,.   (iv) A complex network that needs a device which not only analyses the address of
          - ,each sggment, but also can find the best path for sending data and filtering
            broadcast. .traffic to, the local segment is
               . ' ' , ' , .                    -          !         : .
                                  '11':''i;:: '': .' ;"
                                    !   . . . . . .       :'
             (a)   Switch
             ft)   Router
             (c)   Bridge
             (d)   Hub

       (v)   Collection qf communicalion lines and routers form
                                '"''':'r" ' '        :      i: 'r
             (a) Hqsts:i
             (b) Su,fngt :
             (c)   End system
             (d)   Gateway

       (vi) A higf; pgrformance WAN protocol that operates at the physical and data link
            layer:s of the OSI reference model is
            (a) X.25
             (b)   CSU/DSU
             (c)   Frame Relay
             (d)   LAP.B

       (vii) A routing technique for reducing the number of bits needed to transmit
          , broadcasting is called
             (a) Digitalbroadcasting
             (b)   Digital compression                                          :
             (P) Mrrlticasting                                              :
             (d)   MBONE

       (viii) A well planned network will be
              (a) more reliable
             (b)                                                    "
                   Iower in cost and more flexible
             (c)                                                l
                   sirnple tq support and use
             (d)   All of the above

       (ix) A low-cost cqmputing device that works in a seryer-cenfric computi4g model
            *T"l            requiqe powerful processorsanfl.large anount qf RAM and ROM i9
            (a) Thin client
             G)    Thick client
             (c)   RISC
             (d)   None of the a-bove

     (x)                                     l
             Frame Relay operates at the                of OSI model.
             (a)   Network layer
             ft)   Session layer
             (c)   Physical and Application layers
             (d)   Physical and Datalink layers

2.   Expand the follswing :
     (i)     ISAPI
     (ii)    CGI
     (iii) coPS
     (iv) SATAN
     (v)     SET

3.   \{ritg any two functionalities for each of the following ngtwork devicep :        4>A=8
     (i)     Gateways
     (ii)    Modems
     (iii)   Hubs
     (iv)    Switches

4.   What is E-Commerce ? Mention the types of E-Commerce. For each classification, give
     an ex4mple in support, along with their systems of paymgnt.       :

csr-09                                                                                 P.T.O.
Answer any three questions frorn this section.

5.       (a)   Mention the uses of the following WAN technologies :                            5x2=10
               (i)    Router
               (ii)   Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
               (iii) x.25
               (iv) Frame Relay
               (v)    Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS)
         (b)   What is MBONE ? List any three uses of MBONE.                                        s

6.       (a)   lVith the help of a diagram, explain how the network costs can be calculated \Mith
               the help of a spreadsheet methodology (Network Cost Analyzer).
     I   (b)   "For RAID systems to work, fault tolerance isn't an option,' it's a necessity."
               Explain, how fault tolerance is an integrated part of a RAID theory. AIso list
               different levels of RAID.

7,       (a)   Explain the need of security implementation in networks. Describe any five
               security measures to protect the systems from the intruders.                         7

         ft)   Explain the following public key algorithms :                                        8
               (i)    Diffie-Hellman
               (ii)   RC4

8.       (a)   Mention any seven fntranet applications for an IT based organization.
         (b)   How is packet switching different from circuit switching ? Is TCP/IP a packet
               switched technology or circuit switched technology ? Explain the principle of
               packet switching in data transfer ?

cs r-09                                                                                        2,000
                    Bachelor in fnformation                Technology           (BIT)
                                  Terrn-End. Examination
                                        f)ecemberr 2006

                                    CSI-13 NETWORKING
    Time.' 3 Hours                                                             Maximurrl Marks : 75
    Note :     There are two sections in this pd,per.All questionsfrom SectionA are compulsory.
               Answer any three questions from Section B. Multiple choice questions carry one
               mark each.

                                               SECTION A

    1:   Encryption is handled by the
         (a)   Transport layer
         (b)   Sessionlayer
         (c)   Presentation
         (d)   Network layer

    2.   Ethernet ad.dress of
                          is                   bit size.
         (a)   32
         (b)   48
         (c)   64
         (d)   16

    3.   If an IP address starts with a bit sequenceof "11L0", it is a class            address.   I
         (a) A
         (b) B
         (c) C
         (d) D

    4.   ATM is a                technology.

         (b)   statistical TDM
         (c)   synchronous TDM
         (d)   asynchronousSDM

    cst-13                                                                                    P.T.O.
5.    A Radio broadcast is an example of                   transmission.
      (a)   Full duplex
      (b)   Half duplex
      (c)   Simplex
      (d)   Triplex

6.    To implement decentralized accesscontrol, ethernetuses the approach of                       1
      (a)   loopback
      (b)   LIFO
      (c)   CSMA/CD
      (d)   FIFO

7.    Which of the following layers in ATM network is used for protocol transformation ?           I
      (a)   Data link
      (b)   ATM
      (c)   AAL
      (d)   Physical                                                                          I

8.    Disk strip set without                        is a cost efficient way to increase disk
      performance.                                                                                 1
      (a)   Key
      (b)   Volume name
      (c)   Mirzor
      (d)   Parity

9.    Which of the following functions is not a user right tool function ?                         1
      (a)   Access computer from network
      (b)   Add computer to the domain
      (c)   Mirroring
      (d)   Log on locally to this computer

10.                  utility creates an emergency repair disk with the updated disk information.   1
      (a) WINDISK.EXE
      :(b)- UDISK.EXE
      (c) RDISK.EXE

11.   Assume you are designing a network for a Gargent manufacturing and distribution
      company. The company has 3 departments at different locations in India like
      Administration, Manufacturing and Distribution departments at New Delhi, Gqjarat
      and Mumbai respectively. Further, distribution department has .4 sub distribution
      departments in Mumbai at different locations.
      Each department has 25 computers, 2 printers and one FAX machine, and each
      sub-department has 10 computers and 2 printers while Administration department is
      working as the central office which maintains all database, transactions and main
      The main server is connected with servers of other departments and sub-departments.
      Give answer of the following, based on the network defined above :
      (i)    Draw and explain the best suited physical and logical topology for the network
      (ii)   Justifu the need of each hardware device you may use in the network at different
      (iii) Which cable is best suited for this company ? Compare merits and demerits of all
            the available cables, to justify your answer.                                       5
      (iv) Which operating system is best for this companJ ? Justify your answer.               4
      (v)    Explain the best hardwares and softwares you should use in the netvork to
             implement the security

cst-13                                                                                      P.T.O.
                                                SECTION B

Answer any three questions from this section.

L2.    (a)   Explain any two functionalities of each of the following :                          3x2-6
             (i)    Presentation layer
             (ii)   Data link laYer
             (iii) Internet layer of TCP/IP
      (b)    Explain, how the microwave communication works. In what ways is it different
      '      from the satellite communication ? Give at least three differ"r.u".                    s
      (c)    In OSI model, how does the transport layer ensure the complete reliability of the
             message and the proper ordering of the message ?                                       4

13.   Write three differences between each of the following pairs                           3x5=15
      (a)    Token ring and Token bus
      (b)    Message switching and Packet switching
      (c)    Connection oriented and Connection-less services
      (d)    10 Base 2 and 100 Base T cable
      (e)    Gateway and Router

L4.   (a)    What is the importance of mirroring ? How do we mirror a disk partition on
       :I    Eerver ? can we establish the mirror of boot partition ? If yes, how f If no, why
             not ?
      (D     How does NTFS file system provide the 'recoverability' and 'compression' of
             files ? Explain your answer with the help of suitable examples for each.

15.   (a)    Wh-at is disk stripping ? What are the differences between strip set with parity
             and. without
                          -parity ? .Explain, how you can create and remove strip qet- witir
             parity and without parity.
      (b) Explain the different check points for evaluating the Administrator Account and
          Administrators Group.

16.   (a)    What are the different types of activities that could be addressed by the network
             administrator in the security policy ? Also, explain why these activities are
             included in the security policy.                                                      10
      (b)    How are the configuration of a local printer and a network printer different ?
             Explain with suitable diagram.

csr-13                                                                                       2,000
                   Bachelor in Information                 Technology         (BIT)

                                  Term-End Examination
                                        December, 2006

Time : 3 Hours                                                              Matcimum Marks :75

Note :         AII questionsfrom Section A are compulsorTt. Questions 1- 10 in Section A are
               rnultiple choice questionsand ce.rry one mark each. There are four options for each
               rnultlple choice type question. Mark the correct option. If more than one option is
               rnarked, your answer witl be treated as wrong, Answer any three questions from

                                              SECTION A

1.       The level of database abstraction in which all the database entities and the
         relationships among them are included is called

         (b). conceptual level

         (c)   external level

         (d)   procedural level

2.       An- attribute or combination of two or more attributes of an entity set that is used to
         identify instance of the set is called

         (a)   TuPle
         (b)   Record

         (c)   Relationship

         (d)   KeY

csl-14                                                                                           P.T.O.
3.   Identify the relationship   sets used in the following diagram :


     (a)    Ernployee only
     (b)    Works for only
     (c)    Works for and report to
     (d)     Department and employee

4.   When the Conceptual scheme can be changed without         affecting the existing   external
     schema, it is known as

     (a)     physical data depend.ence

     (b)     logical data independence
     (c)     physical data independence

     (d)     logical data dependence

                      contains the data portion of the database.


     (a)     Data dictionary
     ft)     System catalog
     (c)     Data frles
     (d)     Database manager

6.   Which of the following is not directly supported by hierarchical model ?
     (a)     l-to-many
     (b)     1-to-1
     (c)     Many-to-many
     (d)     Many-to-1

7.    Which of the following do not belong to multi key fiIe organisation ?
      (a)   Virtual storage access method
      (b)   Cellular partition
      (c)   Inverted file organisation
      (d)   Multilist file organisation

8.    An un-normalized relation contains                 values.
      (a)   diatomic
      (b)   mono-atomic
      (c)   non-atomic
      (d)   multi-atomic

9.    In network data model, a set type refers to                  relation between owner and
      member record type,
      (a) 1:1
      (b) 1:N
      (c) N:1
      (d) N: N

lO    If there exists a linear order among data items and transactions request locks in that
      order, then there cannot be any
      (a)   Cursor
      (b)   Deadlock
      (c)   Rollback
      (d)   Trigger

11.   What are views ? How is view defined ? Explain with a suitable example.

12.   Metro Line Hospital maintains the records/information of their patients, doctors,
      patient's case history, testing details, rooms and treatment details. You must specify
      and write your assumptions wherever necessary in this system. Perform the following
      tasks based on the above system :
      (a)   Draw an ER diagram that captures all the required information. Clearly highlight
            the relationships, primary keys and mapping constraints.
      (b)   Derive tables from ER diagram for the required database. (Show proper entries
            in the tables)                                                                      5
      (c)   Produce a table that is in BCNF which comespondsto the ER diagram.                  5

csl-14                                                                                      P.T.O.
                                        SECTION B
Answer any.three questions from this section, Each question carries 75 narks.

lB.    (a)    Define referential integrity. Define foreign key and explain the concept behind
              declaration of foreign keys with the help of an example'
       ft)    What are normal forms ? What is the motivation behind normalizing a
              database ? Explain the first, second,BCNF normal forms with a suitable example
              for each.

14.    Ttre following relations are part of a relational database. The primary key in each table
       is underlined.
       Project (Proj ect-No, Project-Name, Project-Manager)
        employee t"-pt"f""-N",   employee-Name)
       .Assigned-To  (Project-No, employee-No)
       (a)    Write SQL-DDL       statement for implementing    the above defined database.
              (Creating tables)
       (b)    Find the details of employees who are working on both projeets, namely
              and'Project2'.                                                                       2
                                                             'Projectl' but not on 'Project2'.     2
       (c)    List the names of employees working on project
                                                                        'A12345'.                  2
       (d)    Delete the record of employee whose employee number is
                                                                                    'A43210' is
       (e)    List the names of employees who are working on a project for which
         '    the project manager.

15.    Write at least two differences between the following with the help of examples :       3y-5=15
       (a)    Fourth normal form and Third normal form
       (b)    Triggers and Assertion
       (c)    Outer JOIN and Inner JOIN
       (d)    Conceptual data model and Physical data model
       (e)    Database instance and Database schema

 16.   A relational database is to be created to record the information about the entities and
       relationships for Shop rnanagernent systern; It should contain the information about
       shop, shop owner, customer, requirement, stock and supplies etc.
       Make necessaryassumptions'wherever required.,
       Do the following on the basis of above defrned specifrcations :
        (a)   Dr'aw an ER diagram with all relationships.
        (b)   Give an SQL-DDL definition of the database. Identify relerential integnty
              constraints that should hold, and also include them in the DDL definition.
        (c)   Write the SQL statement which explains the use of lOartesian product,
              and'Join'operations on the above database.                                           3
        (d)   Show the normalized (third form) tables with justification'                          3
        (e)   Find the names of shops and shop's owners who have earned maximum profit in
              the financial year 2004-2005.                                                        3

 c s l-1 4                                                                                     2,000
                  Bachelor in Information                Technology         (BIT)

                                Term-End. Examination
                                      Decemberr 2006

                             CSI-15: VISUAL PROGRAMMING
Time.' 3 Hours                                                           Ma,ximurn Marks : 75
Note :      There are two sections in this paper. Section A is compulsoryt which consists of
            10 objectiue type questions and three descriptiue type questions. Section B consists
            of 4 questions from which you haue to answer any three.

                                             SECTION A

l.    There are 10 objective type questions. There are four choices given for each question.
     'Select the correct choice. If you feel that none of the given choices is correct then write
      '0' as your
                  answer. Attempt all the questions. Each question carries one mark.          70x7=70

     (i)    Vois the suffix character for
            (a)   Integer
            (b)   Currency
            (c)   String
            (d)   Double

     (ii)   n is the operator used to find
            (a)   Remainder
            (b)   Quotient
            (c)   Product
            (d)   None of the above

     (iii) The file extension for a form file of VB is
           (a) .cls
            (b)   .ocx
            (c)   .vbp
            (d)   .frm

    5                                                                                         P.T.O.
   (iv) DDB financial function is used to
          (a)    return the interest rate
          (b)    return the depreciated value of an asset for a specific duration
          (c)    return the future value of an investment
          (d)    None of the above
   (v)    An action that an object is capable of performing is called as
          (a)  event
          (b) 'property

          (c)    method
          (d)    characteristic
   (vi)                contains the controls, which one can use in the creation of the user
          (a) Tool Bar
          (b)    Tool Box
          (c)    Progress Bar
          (d)    Status Bar
   (vii) ADO stands for
          (a)    Active Data Object
          (b)    ActiveX Data option
          (c)    ActiveX Document
          (d)    None of the above
    (viii) In VB, the menu interface for the application can be designed using
          (a)    Menu Designer
          (b)    Menu Wizard
          (c)    Menu Editor
          (d)    Menu Builder
    (ix) API stands for
          (a)    Application Performing Interface
          (b)    ActiveX Application Interface
          (c)    ActiveX Programming Interface
           (d)   Application Programming Interface
    (x)    To run the VB application, we press
           (a)   Fl
           (b)    F3
           (9)    F5
           (d) F10

csl-15                                            2
2.'   Write the full forms for the following :
      (i)   MDI
      (ii) RDo
      (iii) IIs
      (iv) OLE
      (v) ODBC

3.    Write an event procedureto take the frrst name,middle name and the last name of a
      personin 3 separatetext boxesas input and display the completename in a different
'     text box. Also, count the number of charactersin the complete,nameand display the
      same.Draw the sampleuser interfacewith appropriatecontrols.

4.    Write an event procedureltofind the largest number amongthe three numbers given
      as input. prite the codefor the splash screenalso.

    5                                            3                                   P.T.O.
                                             SECTION B

Answer any three questions from this section.

5.       (a)   Explain the usage of the following controls on the form :                             7
               (i)    List Box
               (ii)   VScroll Bar
               (iii) Data Control
               (iv) OLE
               (v)    Picture box
               (vi) Command. button
              (vii) Progress bar
         (b) Write an event procedure to find the sum of the digits of a given number. Draw
              the sample interface. Also, place an EXIT button to quit from the application.         I

6.       (a)   Write an event procedure to frnd the sum of the following series :                    8
               Draw the sample interface for the application
         (b)   Write an event procedure to generate the first 5 elements in a fibonacci series.      7

7.       (a)   Write an event procedure to simulate a penalty calculation application for a
               library. Mention the assumptions made. Also, design the sample layout with
               appropriate controls.                                                                10

         (b) .Explain the following command button events :                                          5
               (i)    Lost focus
               (ii)   Drag Drop
               (iii) Mouse Move
               (iv) Key Down
               (v)    Double click

8.       (a)   What is a database ? Explain the sequence of steps to be followed to create a
               database using the Data Manager.                                                      7

         (b)   Write an event procedure to simulate multiplication by addition. Your program
               should accept two integers as inprrt and display the result.
               (Example : 2 x 5 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = l0)
               Draw the sample interface and also write the code for the splash screen.              8

csr-1                                                                                             2,000
                        Bachelor in rnformation
                                                                  Technology          (BrT)
                                        Term-End. Examination

                           -             r
                                              December, 2006
                                                       v             v

                               CSt_16 HUMAN COMPUTER
                                    :              TNTERFACE
     Time : J Hours
                                                                                    Maximum Marks.. Ts
     Note ;        There a,re two sections
                                           in       paper. Section A is eomput*o,
                   questions from Section

                                                   SECTION A
     1.     Expand the followirg :
            (i) ASP                                                                                    5x1=5
            (ii) DHTML
            (iii) cur
            (iv) WML
            (v) JCL

 2'        For each of the folrowing
                                     statements, state whether
                                                               true or false :
           (i)                                                                                   r0xr=10
                  ,i:r:?f##;f:*::*"ffi#puters emphasize lu,u'o"ship worksetting
                                                    *              ro         and
           (ii)  storyboard- is an abstract
                                              representation of the activities
                 by users of the imagi""J                                      that can be performed
                                             ,;;;_  to achieve their purposes.
           (iii) Humans and
                               ,o*prr-t"", rrr* la"otical probrem
           (iv) Hypercard is                                       .oirrir* abilities.
                               a graphically oriented frame
           (v)                                                based system.
                  A system adaptive
                         is       ,rri"nr"rr;r;;;;#;;"#,
                  MySeL is used to design
          lll                              the user interface.
          (vii) gp"up"rs, printer
                                   and Head_mounted    display are output devices.
          (vitt)               is used as the container for
                 il;teffi;lorm                               the contrors and is meant for
           (ix) OS/2 Warp has
                                 OOUI style of interface.
           (x) E'macs is an
                               e[<amplefor t"ogrug"-o"iented,
                                                               large combinatoric command
3.        consider a batch processing
                                         application and list various
          life cycle and expl;in each                                 steps involved in UI design
                                      l*    briefly.

                                              SECTION B

Answer any three questionsfrom this section'
                                                                                      the HCI'     8
                                                           developments have'helped
4.      (a)     Explain how the sAil and lvw technological
                                                         o rr^r                                    7
        (b)     List and explain any seven applications of
                      ^r o"i*ohlo awqrnnle          dor each' explain the following :
5.      With the help of suitable exampldcase study
        (a)     Embedded comPutation
        (b)     Computer mediated communication
        (c)     Multimedia in UI design
                                                  importance of HCI with context to
6.       with the help of an example, explain t}e                                                  fi
         hearing imPaired.

                                                              electrical appliances like micro
                      the essential features of uI design for                                           7
             ovens and washing machines
                                                                                  ie MS-word'
         (b)ExplaintheGUlfeatureswithreferencetoanyMs-officetoollilr                           .        8
             Excel, PowerPoint or Access'

     c s t -1
                   Bachelor in rnformation                 Technology    (BrT)
                                     Term-End Examination
                                             Decemberr 2006

 Time.' 2 Hours                                                         Maximurn Marks.' 60
 Note :      There are two sections in this pq.per. SectionA is eompulsoryt and, carries S0
             marks. Section B consists of four questions.Attempt any three questions
             Section B_

                                               SECTION A

 1.    Data in database systems is
       (a)   integrated and shared
      ft)    costly to integrate
      (c)    sharable with permissions
      (d)    difficult to maintain

2.    Specialization creates more classes on the basis of

      (a)    introduction   of new characteristics

      ft)    specialized group of attributes
      (c)    relationships between entities
      (d)    combination of attributes

3.    Log contains
      (a)    Redo information
      (b)    Undo information
      (c)    Commit Marker
      (d)    All of the above

4.    Which one of the following is not a valid bQL sublanguage ?
      (a) DDL
      (b)    DSL
      (c)    DML
      (d)    DCL

csr-20                                                                                  P.T.O.
5.      Recovery is based on

        (a)    concurrency control of transactions
        (b)    red.undant information   in logs

        (c)    securitY constraints
        (d)    None of the above

6.      NULL     values in a relation are

        (a)    allowed bY NOT in a keY
        (b)    treated as logical values
        (c)    reported in data dictionary

        (d)    not allowed in data entrY

7.      Natural JOIN of two relations involves

        (a)    Cartesian product
        (b)    Cartesian product and selection
        (c)    Cartesian product, selection and projection

        (d)    Cartesian prod.uct, selection, projection and display

 8.     While deleting a target of foreign key reference if the mode is CASCADE it implies

         (a)   set to NULL
         (b)   also deleted
         (c)   not existent
         (d)   None of the above

         The major drawback of relational approach is                                        1
         (a)    sharing makes it prone to attacks
         (b)    integrity constraints are difficult to keep
         (c)    inconsistencyof data
         (d)    slower program execution than programming languages
 10.     Advantage of Client Server System is that it allowe
         (a)    development of complex software
         (b)    moderateperformance
         (c)    enforcement of integritY
         (d)    use of old mainframe

11.   (a)   Explain why is normalization required.                                          5

      (b)   Discuss the main problems that can occur when concurrent accessto database is
            allowed.                                                                        5

      (c)   What are the differences between DBMS and knowledge base ?                      5

      (d)   Describe the various protocols for deadlock prevention.                         5

cst-20                                                                                  P.T.O.
                                           SECTION B
There are four questions in this section. Attempt any three questions out of these.

12.   (a)   Discuss the main characteristics of database approach and how it differs from the
            traditional file system.
      (b)   Define BCNF. How doee it differ from 3NF ? Why is it considered a stronger form
            of 3NF ?

13.   What are the different partitioning techniques in a DDBMS ? EIow can a relation be
      put back together after completb partitioning ? Why is data replication useful in
      DDBMS ?                                                                                   10

14.   (a)   Discuss the UNDO and REDO operations and the recovery techniques that use
            edch of these.

      ft)   What is data independence ? What are the different types of data
            independence? What are the differences between them ?

15.   (a) what is a view in sQL ? Horn' is it defined ? what are the problems that may
          arise when one attempts to update a view ?
      (b)   What primary characteristics should an oID possess ? Discuss the concept of
            polymorphism in reference to OODBMS.

csr-20                                                                                    2,000
                       Bachelor in rnformation                   Technology           (BrT)
                                      Te'm'End            Examination
                                             Decemb€rr Z00G

                             csl-21 : COIVIPUTER
     Time.' 3 Hours
                                                                                  Maximurrl Marks.. Ts
     Note ..      Thereare tuso sections thispaper. section
                                       in                  o t"
                          from  sectionB.                       "o*ffi

                                                  SECTION A
     1.    State whether the following statements
                                                 are true or false.                      '   1                 0
           (i)                 in the strategic managementprocessis
                ffi"ff*"ffp                                             analyzing the external
           (ii) organizational designis
                                        the organization'sformal '4urswvrA by which job tasks
                                                                 framework uy wruci
                are  divided, grouped and coordinated.
           (iii) qr5"tt decisions
                                   tend to be made at lower levels in
                 organization is said to be decentralized.            an organization, the
           (rv) Job descriptions focus
                                          on the job, and job specifications focus on
                                                                                       the person.
           (v) The selection.process
                                        is the process ofscreeningjob applicants
                  most appropriate candidates are hired.                            to          that the
           (vi) A selection device is
                                       valid if it measures the same thing consistently.
          (vii) Motivation is an internal
                                             state that makes certain outcomes appear
          (viii) tlhe search to achieve
                                         the right individuar - job fit begine with selection.
          (ix) Performance evaluation
                                           can be used for general human resource
                 identify training and develop-"rrirr"udr.                            decisions and to
          (x) when a manager is
                                        evaluated on cost per unit of production
                 departm.nt, the evaluation criterion                                   in his or her
                                                        being used is behaviours.
2'        (a)   suppose you are a manager of an
                                                   IT organisation. what techniques of budgetary
                control would you apply itt yoo" organisation
                                                              ? Give         roiyiir"- u.rr*"".            7
          (b)                                                        ""uror"
                What is the importa4ce of strategic planning
                                                              ?.Explain two major components of
                strategic planning.
          (c)   what are the different structures
                                                  of organisations ? Explain any one of them in
                detail, with an example.

CSI-21                                                1
                                            SECTION B
                                                                               ? Give
3.     (a) Explain the conceptof motivation. Is motivation necessary a manager
              reasons for your answer.
                                                                        how it functions'          7
       (b)    Explain what the goal setting theory of motivation is and
                                                                       giving examples'           10
4.     (a) What are the various methods of job analysis ? Explain this
       (b) Briefly discuss how job analysis can help in proper human resource
           in an organisation.
                                                                             ? Explain the

O.     what is the importance of performance evaluation in an organisation                        L5
                                                               including its components'
       s60 dag""" feedback uppro".h of performance evaluation,
6.     (a)    Explain the various types of tests available in a selection.proQess'
                                                                               important for an
        (b)   Explain in detail the process of recruitment' why is recruitment                     10
              organisation ?

                   Bachelor in fnformation                               Technology
                                  Term-End Examination                                                                                                                 i

                                          Decemb€rr 2006
                                           t    .    ,   .               t

                                      .    :                                                                                         -
                                                                 '   I       .   :   r   ,   .   .   .   '   ,               .   i

                           CSI-22: tll/EB-SITE
                                             MANAGEMENT                                                                                           i ' .   i
                                                                                                                                                                '   ! . . l

Time.' 2 Hours                                                                                                                           Maximam"IVlafks.' 60
Note .'     Section A is cotnpulsory. QuestionsI to 10 carry L mark each. Answn'r'ony t*o
            questionsfrom Section B.                                                                                                            i , . , . l l   : f , r

                                                                                                                 .   i

1.                     indicates that text should appear in bold face.
      (a) <A>
      (b) <B>
      (c) <C>
      (d) <D>

2.                    indicates the location where all relative URLs,
      originate.                                                 -' : ,: '
      (a)   < BASEFONT >
     ft)    < BASE >
     (c)    < BIG >
     (d)    All of the above

s.                  embeds a baelcground spund fiIe,,within; dofirments.                                                                                                        ,t
     (a)    < FGSOUND >
     ft)    < BGSOUND >
     (c)    < SOUND >
     (d)    < BDO >

4.                  specifies attributes for a table column; :" ; ;, ' : i ; ,,:                                                                                              'r,l

     (a)    < COLGROUP >
     (b)    < col, >
     (c)    < COMMENT >
     (d) <DD>

'5. ' - " -
   '.'' :
          (a)   < DEL
                    -   i   i ' t : ,       . '. :. .
                                            '           ' : :. . i; :. '. i                           ,     : : ,   .   , 1 ..   : . . r : . , a ,
         (b) <DIR>"''                   :

         (c)    <CLASS>                     ; 1 , ,s : , : , : ' . , . , ' , 1
         (d) < BoDY >
                                                               , : . " i1 , i ,           ,       , . , ;
                                                                                  , ' r

6.       In JavaScript, the            method belongs to the window object and displays a
         small dialog box with a message string and an OK button.
         (a)    alert
         (b)    anchor
         (c)    back
         (d)    atan

7,       In JavaScript, the            method belongs to the string object and generates an
         HTML anchor for a hypertext target in a document.
         (a)    alert
         (b)    anchor
         (c)    back
         (d)    atan

8.      , The following are similar : ,
         (a)    VBScript,JavaScript
         (b)    VBScript, ASP
         (c)    JavaScript, JSP
         (d)    DHTML, C language                                                                                           :'

9.       The following is an Object'OrientediFrogramming tanguage :                                                              -

         (a)    Java
         (b) c
         (c) IITML
         (d) XML

10.      CGI programscan be written using                                                         i
         (a)    DHTML onlY
         ft)    PERL
         (c)    HTML only
         (d)    XML only

csl -22
  11'    Design a web page about your
                                        institution in appropriate colours. It
         based. Write a suitable fffn{l document.                              should be frame
  12'    write a program using pERUASp
                                       for finding the rargest of input integers.
  13.    Write at least five advantages of
  L4'    write a frameset statement pair
                                         to design a table as shown berow :
                                        FOUR       EIGHT
                    ONE                 FI\M        NINE

                                         STX        TEN
                                       SEVEN      ELE\IEN

                                                                      SECTION B                                        ,
                                                                                           i               .       ,
                                                                                               . . :

                                                questio         15 markt:
Answer any two of the foLlowing quest.ion:'Ealh       ,tu,ca,rri7s
                                                                          ,, ;:
                                                       i '
                    :   .

                                                        to apply for reservation to a train

15.   Design a Railway Reservation Form for 'travellers                                                                            "   I       :..t

                                         I      ?             coinPonent s ' M a k g necessaty
:'    (use HTML). Your form should' have basrc tormatting of'                                                                                         15
                                                                                                                                                      : -
      assumPtions.(Indicate them)            j                                         ;               i       :
                                                                                                                           u   .           j

                            , .   1 . , ,   i . r                     : ' : r ; r_ '
                                                    " r ' l ' : ' ;
                                                           followed by two buttons labelled as
16.   Design a form which consists; of a"text area                                              text
      ,,ReverseTexf,' and "Reset" respeitiv,ily.lTt g oCer sh3uJd be able to enter text in
                                                      buttg9,.all the text  * ft9, tgxt area should
      area. When he/she clicks on "nat'"iiiil"*lJ                                          text and
      be reversed (i.e. the first chara.#'lf       **t *itt'tq"**".lTt,,tl"T"-*'"_:f
                                           i.n"r*f,, button, the text ig. the:text area should be
      vice_versa).when he/she clicksl oo
                                                               pmgram uiingiPERl for the above
      cleared. Make necessary as"omptions.-W"it" a CGI                                                                                                 15
                                                     using ASP'
      Write the necessary code for the above problem

                   Bachelor in Information                 Technology          (BIT)

                                   Term-End Examination
                                          December, 2006
                                          Tl-     ^--

                      :         OF
Time : 2 Hours                                                              Maximurn Marks : 60

Note:           There are two sections in this paper. Section A is eompulsory. Answer any two
                questions from Section B.

                                                   SECTION A

1.       For each of the following stater,nents,state whether it is true or false :               10

         (i)    LISP is an interpreted language.
         (ii)   Proced.ural and. declarative knowledge are derived from same facts.
         (iii) Indexing is a technique used for knowledge organisation.
         (iv) lCognrtive Science' is a stream which is a combination of AI and psychology.
         (v) 'T\rring tesf, is used for defrning intelligence
         (vi) Knowledge base is an essential component of an expert system.
         (vii) 'Dilation' is a term defrned in Fuzzy logic.
         (viii) A formal system d.oesnot consist of propositional inference rules.
         (ix) Intelligent editors are special knowledge based systems,
         (x)    Inferencing is used for drawing conclusions in AI applications.

2.       Differentiate   between the following :                                                  10

         (a)    Backward and Forward chaining
         (b)    Informed and Uninformed         search
     I   Also mention one application of each.

8.       Transform the following into disjunctive normal form                                     10

cst-23                                                                                          P.T.O.
                                                   SECTION B

Attempt any two questions from this section

4.   (a) Define following terms with respect to FOPL                                        10
           (i)     Predicates
           (ii1 Functions
           (iii) Variables
           (iv) Constants
           (v)     Quantifiers
     (b)   Write five application areas of AI.

O.   (a)   Write a LISP function to compute the following series :

                                   x2         x4
                       F = X +
                                   p _ w T

           Define the factorial function separately.
     (b)   Evaluate the following
           (i)     (cons ' (*23) ' (1))
           (ii)    (append ' (a) ' (bc)' (d))
           (iii)   x (reverse ' (a (bc) d))

6.   (a)   Meltlorr major building blocks of an expert system. Explain the functioning of
           each block.                                                                      10
     (b)   Explain breadth frrst search with an example.                                    5

csr-2s                                                                                  2,000
                        Bachelor in Information               Technology         (BrT)
                                            Term-End    Examination
                                               December, 2006
                    I       tl i :j:'

    Time :2 Hours .                     ,
     Note,,;            are two ,sectlonsin this paper, All questionsfrprn SeetionA are eonipulaory,
    '.r,         llrcre
                 Answer any tuto questions.frorn Section B.

                                                  SACTION A

    1.     State whether following statements are true or false:
           (i) Private, protected, and public are the accessspecifiers in c++.
           (ii) GOTO statement is not available in C++.
          (iii) In C++, a structure by default has all its members public.
          (iv) Overloading is a type of polymorphism.
          (v)    C++ supports multilevel inheritance.

    2.    Explain the following with the help of an example each :                                 5:<J=15
          (i)    Class and Objects
          (ii)   Inheritance
          (iii) Abstraction

    8'    (a)    Write a program in C++ to display the size of int, char, and. float data types.        s
          ft)    What is a constructor ? Explain how constructor is defined in C++ with the help
                 of an example.


csl-24                                                                                             P.T.O.
                                          SECTION B

Answer (rny two questionsfrorn this section.

4.    Write a program in C++ for multiplication of two matrices. Write appropriate classes;
      member functions and member data.                                                     15

5.    (a)   Write a program in C++ to swap two integers.
      (b)   Write an interactive program in C++ to calculate the gross-salary and net-salary
            given the basic salary, DA, TA, perks, HRA and. deductions. Mention the
            assurnptionsmade, if any.                                                          10

6.    (a)   Explain two advantages bf object oriented programming, with example.
      (b)   Write an interactive program in C++ to read two strings, concatenate them and
            find the length of the resultant stnng.                                            10

cst-24                                                                                     2,000
                 Bachelor in Information                Technology          (BIT)
                                Term-End Examination
                                       December, 2006

Time;,3 Hours                                                            Maximum Marks : 75
Note :       There are two sections in this pdper. SectionA is eornpulaory. Attempt any three
             questions from Section B.

                                             SECTION A

1.    State whether following statements are true or false :
      (i)    URLg are read. from left to right.
      (ii)   The default HTTP port is 80.
      (iii) HTML files are compatible with any browser.
      (iv) JavaScript code cannot be embedded into the HTML.
      (v)    HTML document contains either static or dynamic information.

2.    (a)    what is HTML ? Explain the basic code of HTML with an example.                     5
      (b)    what is web ? Explain the process of embedding a picture on web.                   5
     (c)     Explain the use of multirnedia applications in online education.                   5

3.   Write the code for web page which should have :                                            10
      (i)    Green background colour.
     (ii)    One image on left-top corner.
     (iii) A table consisting of one paragraph on uses of HTML.
     (iv) Links for some web sites for tours and travels
     (v)     Red colour of text and font size = 12.

cs |-27                                                                                     P.T.O.
                                              SECTION    B

Answer dny three questions from this section.
4.    (a)   Explain     the style sheets. Write   a code for depicting CSS with an
            example.                                                                              5

      (b) Explain five advantages of applet programming.                                          5

      (c)   What is 3-tier ClienUserver architecture ? How can it be used in web
            development ?

            Write code for creating a table using HTML. The table should be of four rows and
D.    (a)
            three columns.                                                                        5

      (b)   Describe essential features of the following protocols :                              L0
            (i)    HTTP
            (ii)   FTP
            (iii) SMTP

            (v)    IP

6.    (a)   Explain the following in relation to a web broweier :
            (i)    Favorites button                                                  .
            (ii)   Refresh button
            (iii) Address bar
            (iv) Stop button
      (b)   What is T)ocument object model ? Write four components in which web pages can
            be divided.                                                                           5

      (c)   What is event hand.ling ? How does JavaScript handle mouse events ?                   5

7.    (a)   What is' document linking ? Explain with an example. Also, explain how a
            hyperteit link is created.                                                            5

      (b)   What is image-map ? Explain client side image'map with an example,                    5

      (c)   Explain how animations are added to an HTML page.,                                     5

csr-27                                                                                          2,000
                    Bachelor in Inforrnation                  Technology     (BIT)
                                     Term-End Examination
                                             Decemb€rr 2006 ,

                              CS l-32: DISCRETEMATHEMATICS
Time.' 3 Hours                                                             Maxirrlu,m Mark,s.' 75

Note:          All questions from Section A are compulsory. Atternpt any three questions from
               Section B.

                                                   SECTION A

1.      State whether the following statementsare true or false. Give reasonsfor your answer. 10

        (i)    If A = {a, b, c, dl, the relation
               R = l(a, b), (b, b), (c, c), (a, b), (b, a)l
               is not an equivalence relation.

        (ii)   'The sun rises
                              in the West'is not a statement.

        (iii) A f'l B = B for two sets A and B, where B c A.

        (iv) The formula (P v q v R) n (l p v Q) is in principal disjunctive normal form.

        (v)    If f :A -+ B and g: B -+ C are two functions and gof is injective, f and. g are

2.      Define the following and give an example for each of them :

        (a)    Tautolory

        (b)    Injective function

        (c)    Dual of a formula

        (d)    Partial order relation

csr-32                                                                                      P.T.O.
3. , (q)      Let

              Q : 2 + . 4 : = 7 , : , .I , ;. ;. : - , . ' t   , ,,,, , .,       :.   .,
              R : Every odd natural number is a prime number
              Write down the truth values of
    ,         (i)
              (ii) PJQ
              ( i i i )( P v l Q ) c + l n
        (b) Let A =ll,zt,g,atrrrat":Or'.i".':         .f rro-l"t and.2<x<Zl. Write
         . A U B in set builder form and A n B in tabular form.            .' l            4
        (i)   D'eterminewhether (P v (Q + P)) =+ I Q is a contradictionor not.             4

                                                     SECTION B

A t t e m p t a n y t h r e e q u e s t i o n s f r o m t h i s s e c t i o n . . . . j . ,

4.      (a)    State the distributive laws for sets' VeriS       them for the sets A = ll' 2''3' 4l'
                                                                                              I             5
               8=15,6,?landC=11,5,81.                                              .,
        (b)    Checkwhether (P n q) +R              and G n lQ) =+lR are logically equivalent, using
               truth tables.

                           (L   2   3   4)                 (r   2   3    4.].
                                                                                     -a-r:-.                5
              - t
        ( c ) L e- f = l                    l a " a g- l
                                                     =                     tbetwopermutations.
                           [ 2 8 1 4 )                     l z t 4 3 )
               (i)      Find fog and gof. Are theY equal ?                              .l

               (ii)     Check whether fog is a:r even permutation'              :

5.      (a)  When 60 studentg .were asked what programling              llngulges, thel *knol'
             2b students said they know C language, 2b
                                   -koo*                      students said they know Pascal,
             15 students said they       Fortran. FoJh"t, 10 students said they know both C
                 pasJ, E studerits said they know both C and Fortran,.T studentF laid lhey
          ', and                                                                      the three
             know both Pascal and Fortran and 3 students said they hnow ' all'
             languages. Use a Venn diagram to find   the follciwing : ': : :     : "'                       5

               (i)      How many students do not know any programming language' ?
               (ii)     How manY know C, but not Fortran ?

        (b)    Draw a gating network corresponding to the following formula :
                        (a + b). (a + c + d') . ((a + b). (c. d))

                                               [o.z 0.3 04' to.lI                 o'2 o'3 o'1I
         (c)    If X = la, b, c, d), A                       'i         ' B= tfg' b ' ; ' u l ' s t a t e
                                               t;'?'            "                                           4
                De Morgan's laws and verify them for A and B.
                                                               propositional/Predicate calculus
 6.      (a)    Tlanslate each of the following sentences into
                formulae :
                (i)   Every positive real number has a positive square root'
                (ii) There are some students who scored a first class in Mathematics but not in
                (iii) Every student knows English or Hindi'

         ft)    Fortworational numbersxandydefine * byx* J = x+ y-xy'                        Checkwhether
                'r is
                (i) a binary operation,
                 (ii)    associative, and
                 (iii) commutative.
                 Find the identity          element with respect to *. Does every .element have an
                 inverse ? Justify.

          (c)   Fill in the missing entries in the following table- :

                     P              a             P n a              P-Q
                     T                                  F
                                    T                   F
 7.   ( a ) L e t A = l ! , . 2 , , 3 r 4 , - b l , B = 1 2 , g , 4 , b , 6 )a n d
                                                                                   C = 1 4 , 6 , g , 1 0 ,l 2 l . S u p p o s e
            f :A+ B is definedbyflx)=X * l andg: B + i i. d#;;Uy'gt"l-=
                                                                                                                         2".              7
            (i) check that both f and g are injective as
                                                                                   well as surjective.
            (ii) Find gof. What is (gof)-l ?
            (iii) Find flog-l. Is it the same as (gof)-, ? Why ?                                              t .' '

      (b) write the following in principal conjunction
                                                                                normal form.                                              4
      ( c ) L e t U . = t 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , G , 7 , 8 , g l , A = t 2 ,5 , 6 1 ,B =
                                                                                      l l , Z , g l , C = { 8 ,4 , 5 , 7 , g 1 .
            (i) FindAABandAAC.
                (ii) Find A x. B.                   :                                                                                 4

cs t-32
                      Bachelor in Information                  Technology           (BIT)

                                     Term-End Examination
                                           December, 2006

                              CSI-99: STATISTICAL'
T im e ; 3 H o u r s                                                            Maximum Marh,s :75

Note :         Qwestion 7 is compulsory. Answer any three questions frorn Q. 2 to Q. 5' Use of
               calculators is not allowed.

1.    (a)      Which of the following statements are true ? Give reasons for your answer.                    10
               (i)   If the probabilities of n independent events are pl, P2, Pg,..., P1, then the
                     probability that at least one of the events will happen is Pr . pz . PQ. "'pn'
               (ii) The probability of getting a ticket of multiple of 5 in a random draw from a
                     bag containing tickets of even numbers from 1 to 100, tt
               (iii) If the correlation coeffrcient is 0, the two regression lines are parallel.
               (iv) .The number of ways in which five people can be Iined up to get on a bus
                     are l2O.
               (v) (*) =      in 0 < x < 1, is a valid probability density function if k = 1.
         (b)   A problem of Statistics is given to three stud.ents A, B, and C whose chances of
               solving it arc          urra I   respectively. What is the probability that the problem
                             f;, ]
               will be solved ?

         (c)   The probability that a man aged 60 will live to be ?0 is 0'65. What is the
               probability that out of 10 men, now 60, at least 7 will live upto 70 years ?                   6

         (d)   The probability density function of a random variable X is                                     5

                       x        0      1        2      3      4       5        6
                      p(x)     k      3k        5k     7k     9k     1lk      13k
               (i)      Find the value of k.
               (ii)     Find P(X < 4), P(X > 5), P(3 < X < 6).
               (iii) What will be the minimum value of k so that P(X < 2) > 0'3 ?
         (e)   Give an example of a real life situation, with justifrcation, to illustrate how the
               Poisson distribution approximates the Binomial distribution.

cs r-99                                                                                              P.T.O.
 2.    (a)    If the probability that an individual suffers a bad reaction from a certain injection
              is 0'001, determine the probability that out of 2000 individuals
              (i)      exactly 3

              (ii)     none
              (iii)    more than one individual
              will suffer abad reaction.

       ft)    A function f(x) is defined as follows :

                            l    |

              f(x)={+(2x+3)                      2<x<4

                            L0                       x>4
              Showthat it is a probabilitydensityfunction.
      (c)     rn a certain assembl5rplant, three machines, 81, B, and B, make Byvo, 457o and
                   respectively, of the products. It is known from past experience that 2Vo,BVo
              and' ZVoof the products made by each machine, respectively, are defective. If a
              product were chosen randomly and found to be defective, what is the probability
              that it was made by machine B, ?
      (d)    Consider the density function

                                k..E,        0<x<1
             f(x) =
                        {            0   elsewhere,
             (i)       Evaluate k.
             (ii)      Find F(x) and use it to evaluate P(0.g                    0.6).
      (e)    What is a control chart ? Describe its use in controlling                            a process ln   an

3.    (a)    Calculate the mean and standard deviation for the following :

              Size of item                   6        7        8       9    10           11        L2
              Frequency                      3        6        9       13    8           5         4
      (b)    Find the regression line of y on x for the following data :
                   x             1       3       4         6       8   I    11      L4
                   v             1       2       4         4       5   7    8        I
      (c)    In a normal distribution, slVo of the items are under 45 and 8Vo are over 64. Find
             the mean and standard deviation of the distribution.

4.    (a)    In a- city A. 2OVoof a random sample of 900 school boys had a certain slight
             physical defect. In another city B, L8.5Vo a sample of 1600 school blys
             had the same defect. Is the difference between the proporiions signifrcant ?


                                                                    :^45,     50, 52, 48' 47' 49'^
       (b)    The nine items of a sample have the following values        !!,
                                                                    from the assumed mean of
              bB and bl. Does th" or"un of these ditreisig;incantry
              47'5 at |Vo level of significance ?
              [You may like to use the following values
                                                                        b ='              = 2'261
              t o . o u , , 1 ' 8 6 , t o . o s , = 1 ' 8 3 , t o . o z g , 2'3I, to,oru,
                          =                       g                                     9

       (c)            of five                     is tossed 320 times and the resul is

               No. of heads
                                                                                                                    a binomial
              I You may use the following values :
               X?.ou,u11'07,     =           =       X|'r,6 = 16'81
                                        X?.or,u 15"09'

                                                           for the rice yield data gLven in the
        (a)    Find the moving averages of lengths B and 5
               table below :
                                                                        1998 r999 2000 2001
                    Year        L990 1991 L992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997
                Rice crop                                                                                 '34
                                                                     39     40         42       32                 4L          36   38
                area (in          36       36      35          36
                                                                             eliminated ? what
            urt"g         of these averages can the effect of the cycles be
                                                                            of the time series ?
            conclusions can you draw regarding the C and S components
                                                                                 is conducted in
        (b) A sample survey for estimating the number of orange orchards
                                                                the strata (in area) were 0: 3'
            some districts of Himachal Pra-ttesh.The sizes of
                3_6,6-lSaregreaterthanorequaltolS,res-pectively.Asimple.random                  *
                sample of villages in each stratum was chosen'.tld lh" 1:-I"^t.:tt,"i*?:,y
                ffi:H;;;iii"G?as                 noted.The datagathered sivenin the table
                                     Total lro. of             Villages             No. of orchards in the
                   Stratum                                      chosen                    villages choseln
                                                                                 1 , 4 , 2 , 8 , 7 , 5 , 0 , 4 , r ,0I , 0 ,
                        A                  250                      20                          4
                                                                                 5 -6 . 3 . 0 . , 0 , 7 , 1 , 5
                                                                                 2 , 5 , L , 9 , 6 , 7r 0 , 4 , 7 , 0 , 5 ,
                        B                  150                      15
                                                                                 2 L ,1 1 , , 5 , 6 , 1 8 , 5 , L 4 , 1 5 ,
                        C                   90                      t0
                        D                   60                      5            30, 29,38,66, 15
                                                               districts, as well as the variance
                 Estimate the number of orange orchards in the
                 of the estirnated number of orchards.

                   Bachelor        in Infonnation           Technology       (BIT)

                                   Term-End Examination
                                          December, 2006

     CSM-01: GOMPUTER          lN
Tirne .' 2 Hou,rs                                                           Maxirnurn Marks.' 60

Note :         All questions from Section A are eompulsotXt. Answer any two questions frorn
               Section B. AII otijectiue type questions carry one mark each.

                                               SECTION A

1.   Bitmaps are also known as
     (a)       Vector graphics
     ft)       Binary file
     (c)       Raster graphics
     (d)       JPEG files

2,   For higher resblution,                    storage space is required.                       I
     (a)       much more
     (b)       very less
     (c)       marginally less
     (d)       None of the above

3.                      stylus is attached to the tablet with a cord.                           1
     (a)       Wacom
     ft)       CalComP
     (c)       Digitizer
     (d)       AceCat

4.   The device which allows the users to directly activate data by touching the screen is      1

     (a)       Mouse
     (b)       Stylus
         (c)   Sonic digitizer
         (d)   Touch Ecreen

CSM-01                                                                                       P.T.O.
5.    Using
      to a new location, stretching the surrounding part of the image with it.
      (a)    Offset
      (b)    Smear                                  .r':     .                         :i'   ;

      (c)    Spherize
      (d)    None of the above

6.    CLUT stands for
      (a)    Colour Look-up Tables
                                                                               i   '         ': rr : rl-"'
      ft)    clear Look-up Tables                                                                            "
      (c)    Colour Look-up Templates
      (d)    Clear Look-up Templates

7.                      detects interruption in a matrix of light beams.
      (a)    Touch sensitive device

      ft)    Sonic digitizer
      (c)    Light-detector    digitizer
      (d)    Magnetic-field sensor

8.    The graphics tablet is a                     , flat                  which takes input from a

      (a)    pressure sensitive, mechanical device
      (b)    pressure sensitive, electronic device
      (c)    not a pressure sensitive, electronic device
      (d)    not a pressure sensitive, mechanical device

9.    The RGB value is to be                ,   , in order to reduce the brightness.
      (a)    reduced.
      (b)    kept constant
      (c)    increased
      (d)    None of the above

10.                     digitize images by translating them into bit-maps.
      (a)    Printers
      (b)    Digital cameras
      (c)    Mobile phones with camera
      (d)    Optical scanners

 11.   State whether Tbue or False :
       (a)   Vector Graphics are built up from primitives, basic drardng instructions
                                                                                          such ae
             line, rectangle, ellipse etc. and later on g"oop"Jiog"ther to-forrn objects.
       (b)   Bitmaps occupy very less amount of storage *h"n .o-pared to JpE; format.
       (c)   Bitmaps degrade when they are resized
       (d)   "CalOomp" provides the widest tilt sensitivity.
       (e)   When transmitting or processing electrical signals, any undesirable change
                                                                                         to the
             signal due to spurious effect in the circuit o" truo.-i"sion path is ialled

 12.   Mention any two applications of the following :                                               g
       (a)   Vector graphics
       (b)   Bitmapped graphics
       (c)   Graphics tablet
       (d)   Pressure sensitive stylus

ls.    Explain briefly the following along with an application for each :
       (a) Touch screeng

       G)    Window media player
       (c)   Light-detectordigitizers
       (d)   Bar-code reader

                                             SECTION B

Answer any two questions from this section.

l:4.   (a)    why   is an image manipulation required ? List what are the tools/options
                        in (with" respect-to) a package along with their purpose respectively.
       ft)    What is the use of palettes ? List the different layers that are available
                                           pros and cons of image resolution.                        8
              palettes. Also, discuss the
15.    (a)    Explain tJre purpose and working principles of the following :
              (i)    Digital Camera
              (iil   Scanner
       (b)    Explain the features of MS-PAINT.
16.    Discuss the features for the following :
       (i) . Formatting tools of any word processing package'
       (ii)   Animation, Iayout design and editing aspects of any presentation package.

                        Bachelor in rnformation TechnorogF (BrT)
                                      Term-End Examination

                                            Decemb€r, 2006

                                      :            PRtNCfpLES
     Time.' 3 Hours
                                                                               Maximum Marks.. Ts
     Note :       Att the questions frorn Sectio"
                        gecti,onB' A, objectiud
                  tom                           type questions carry one mark each.

                                                 SECTION A

     1.     QuickTime is best defined as
            (a) An authorirg tool                                                              I
            (b) A multimedia plug_in
            (c) Graphic Editing Tool
            (d) Video Editing Tool

 2'         3D-MN( sofbwareis mainly used
                                          for producing
           (a) Vector images
           ft) 3-D images
           (c) Video clips
           (d) Audio clips

3'         which one of the following is not
                                             an authoring sofbware?
           (a) Flash
          ft)   Director
          (c)   Illustrator
          (d)   Imagee

4'        In NTSC standard for analog video
                                            asingle frame consists of
          (a) EZShorizontal scan lines
          ft)   ZS5 horizontal scan lines
          (c)   200 horizontal scan lines
          (d)   20 horizontal scan lines

    (a) .Psd
    (b) jpeg
           (c)     .tiff
           (d)     .dxr
                                                                                  l                 1
6.         Adobe Premier is a./an
           (a) Image Editing Tool
           (b)        Editing Tool.
           (c) Sound Editing Tool
           (d)     Animation TooI
                                                             element on the screen is                1
7.         Technique used to focus attention on a particular
           (a) Visual coding
           (b) ScriPting
           (c) Screen coding
           (d) None of the above
 8.         Pen based inPut sYstem is                                                      r
            (a) Mouse
            (b) Printer
            (c) Digital Tablet
            (d) None of the above

 g . A m u l t i m e d i a P C s h o u l d b e e q u i p p e d w i t h a m o n i t o r h a v i n g l .
       (a) Super Video Graphics Arrays card
       (b) Super Visual Graphics Arrays card
            (c)      Multimedia Graphics Arrays card
            i;       None of the above
                                                               are stored in                             1
  10.       All the multimedia elements of Macromedia Director
             (a) Cast
             (b) Stage
             (c) Score
             (d) Lingo
                                                                    for developing a multimedia
     11.     Prepare the project outline, logic flow and storyboard                       .   2          0
             application for CSM-05

                                            SECTION B

Answer aity three questions frorn this section'

12.    (a)    What is an authoring software ? List three different types of authoring
              and their aPPlication areas.
                                                                                       it uses
       ft)    Describe any frve features of Macromedia Flash and discuss the metaphors
              in its authoring environment.

13.    (a)    Explain the importance of scripting in multimedia development
                                                                                  creating a
       ft)    what is cross-platform application ? List various problems in
              cross-Platform aPPlication.
       (c)    Explain the role of a visualizer in multimedia development process'

                                                                                      what is
L4.    (a)    List the various types of media elements used in a multimedia project'
                               r"rti.rl one media format to another format ? What type of tools
              the need of
                           "on                                                                      8
              are used to convert these medii among various formats ?
       (b)    Discuss the considerations of Belecting atnd using an audio editing Program'
       (c)    How would you determine whether the tool was capable in terms of
              computer based training programme  (CBD and web based training proglam

 15.    Explain the following termS :

        (a)    MIDI
        (b)    Vector Graphics
        (c)    CMYK colour model
        (d)    Desktop publishing
        (e)    Website hosting

                      Bachelor           in Information              Technology    GIT)
                                         Term-End. Examination
                                                December, 2006

                                       DESIGN AUTHORING
                      CSM-04: MULTIMEDIA     &
    Time : 3 Hours                                                                Maxirrru,mMarks.' 75

    Note :          AtI the.questions from SectionA are eonpulsory.     Answer any three questions
                   from SectionB, AIt objectiue type questionscqrry one mark each'

                                                       SECTION A

    1.    Image with high resolution will have                                                       1

          (a)      high file size and qualitY
          (b)      low fiIe size and quality
          (c)      no effect on the frle size
             (d)   None of the above

    Z.'      Imported Bitmap image in Flash can be efited in Flash after applying the command        1
             (a)   Break apart
             (b)   ShaPe hint
             (c)   T$eening
             (d)   Transform

    3.                                     Publishing iis
             Software not used for Desktop D r ' L l i . L i ; c c                                   1

             (a)   Pagemaker
             (b)   Photoshop
             (c)   Flash
             (d)   Adobe Acrobat

    4.       Technique used to focus attention on a particular element on the screen is              1
             (a)   Screen coding
             (b)   Visual coding
             (c)   ScriPting
             (d)   E-communication

    csM-04                                                     1                                  P'T'o'
  5.      To remove the jerks in an animation
          (a) frames per second should be increased
          ft) frames per second should be decreased
          (c) anchor tags should be more
          (d) None of the above

 6.       Spotlight effect in Flaeh can be generated by applying
          (a) layer masking option
          (b) shape hint option
          (c) add motion guide option
          (d) stage properties option

 7.       Run Length Encoding (RLE) is a
          (a) File format conversion technique
         ft)    Optical Bar-code Reader
         (c)    Optical Character Reader
         (d)    CompressionTechnique

 8'      Coloured picture can be converted to black and white by applying
                                                                          the command                 I
         (a) HSB
         ft)    Grayscale
         (c)    RGB
         (d)    CIVIYK

9'       which of the following allows the multiple users to simultaneously
                                                                            view and. annotate
       , electronic documents with pens as highlighters
                                                        ?                                             I
        (a) Digital Tablet
        (b) Virtual Reality
        (c) White Board
        (d) None of the above

10.     CLUT stands for
        (a) colour          rable
        (b) Colour Lightness Upguau Table
        (c) Clarity Luminosity Upgrade Table
        (d) None of the above

11'     (a)    Describe      islu-es- relating to user needs for developing an educstional,
               multimedia tutorial for any topic.
        ft)    Explain the capabilities and limitations   of developing an interactive and a
               non-interactive presentation.
        (c)    List out and explain any two hardware and two software components
                                                                                 required for

                                            SECTION B

Answer any three questions from this section.

12,   (a)   Explain in detail the role of an animator and a video editor in multimedia
            production.                                                                        8

      (b)   Explain . any two    application areas of multimerlia   production other thin
            education/training                                                                 7

13.   (a)   Desfiibe the problems you are likely to encounter in creating a cross-platform
            program. List any three ways to deal with these problems.                          I

      (b)   Discuse the various formats and architecture used to integrate video in a
            multimedia program.                                                                7

L4.   Explain the importance of the following factors in the develgpment of a multimedia CD
      with the help of an example :                                                       5x3=15

      (a)   Storyboarding
      (b)   Feasibility study
      (c)   In-house debugging

15.   Explain the following grving a situation where they can be used :                  3x5=75

      (a)   Optical Character Recognition
      (b)   Real-timecompression
      (c)   Bit-depth
      (d)   Video Scan Converter
      (e)   MBONE

CSM-04                                                                                       2,000
               Bachelor in Information               Technology      (BIT)

                             Terrn-End Examination
                                     Decemberr 2006

Time : 2 Hours                                                     Maximum Marks : 60
Note :     All questions from Section A are eompulsorXt. Answer any two questions from
           Sect;ion Alt objectiue type questions c&rry one mark each.

                                        SECTION A

L.   The line break can be inserted by using              tag.
     (a) < LINE >
     (b) < BREAK >
     (c) <BK>
     (d) <BR>

2.   To change the color of the background of a web-page                Attribute of

     (a)" BACKGROUND

     (c)   COLOR
     (d)   BGCOLOR

3.   The Body tag attribute which is used for unvisited links is
     (a) LINK="#..."
     (b) ULINK="#..."
     (c) VLINK="#..."
     (d) ALINK="#..."

4.   Bulleted lists are created using the following HTML tag :
     (a) <BL>
     (b) <oL>
     (c) <LI>
     (d) <uL>

CSM-05                                                                                 P.T.O.
5.    Table Row is created using the following HTML tag :
      (a) <TD>
      (b) <TH>
      (c) <TR>
      (d) <Tw>

      (a) BGCOLOR          i
      (d) TABLECOLOR

7.    A                it tlt" program which is used to view and test your HTML document.      1

      (a)   HTML Editor
      (b)   Web Browser
      (c)   Web Server
      (d)   Front Page

8.                 is the unpaired tag.
      (a)   <select>
      (b)   <HI>
      (c)   <HR>
      (d) <u>

9.    The                 attribute of < IMG > tag, is used to grve path of the image, where
      to go to find the image.                                                                 1
      (a) PATH
      ft)   SRC
      (c) ALT
      (d) REL

10.   ----:----                                                                  will see.
                    tag is used to define wha.ta browserthat is not frames-enabled             I
      (a) < FRAMESET>
      (b) < FRAME VISIBLE="FALSE">
      (c) < NOFRAMES>

11.   (a)   Write the steps for adding sound file to your web document. Explain any four
            types of audio formats available for web page.                                     10
      (b)   Write an HTML code to display the unordered list nested inside the ordered list.
      '     It should display different types of unordered lists like square, circle etc.      10

CSM-05                                                                                    P.T.O.
                                          SECTION B

Answer any two questionsfrom this section.

12.   (a)   Explain any five attributes of < BODY > tag with example.                          L0
      (b)   How'do we insert e-mail links to a web-page ? Explain with the help of example.    5

13.   Design a Student FeedBack Form for IGNOU. The forrn should have basic formatting
      components for Username, Password, Address, Hobby, Country etc. Make necessary
      assumptions.                                                                             15

14.   (a)   Differentiate between cell padding and cell spacing with the help of gn example.   5
      (b)   Write the HTML code for the following :                                            10

                        Class                 Number
                             Section A          40
                             Section B          60
                 X           Section A          50

CSM.O5                                                                                     2,000
                Bachelor in Information             Technology (BIT)
                                Term-End Examination
                                   Decemberr 2006

                      CSM.21 : MARKETINGDEVELOPMENT
Time.' 3 Hours                                                       Maxirrlum Marks.' 75

Note :   There are tuto Sections in this paper. Section A is compulsory which consists of
         15 objectiue type questions and a descriptiue question. Section B consists of fiue
         questions frorn which you haue to answer any three.

                                        SECTION A

1.   (A) There 4re 15 objective type questions in this section. There are 4 choices given
         for each question. Select the best choice as your answer. If you feel that none of
         the given choices are correct then mark '0' as your answer. Attempt all the
         questions. Each question carries one mark.                                    15x7=75

             (iii) Advertisement.
              (a) Product
                (b)   Pricing
                (c)   Promotion
                (d)   Market research

         (ii)   SWOT analysis is required for
                (a) Market research
                (b)   Market segmentation
                (c)   Marketing mix
                (d)   Advertisement

         (iii) I(AM stands for
                (a) Knowledge Accessand Management
                (b)   Key Advertisement Management
                (c)   Key Account Management
                (d)   Knowledge and Management

CSM-21                                                                                         .
                                                                                          P . TO .
         (iv)                function in marketing involves financing, riek bearing, market
                research, information and creation of demand and supply.
                 (a)  Physical
                (b)   Monetary
                (c)   Exchange
                (d)   Facilitating
         (v)    Product life cycle goes through               stages.
                (a) 7
                f t ) 4
                (c)   6
                (d)   5
         (vi) FMCG stands for
              (a) Fast Moving Consumer Goods
                (b)   Fast Moving Customer Group
                (c)   Financial Management Control Group
                (d)   Fund Management and Control Group
         (vii) VALS and PRIZM are used for
               (a)  Market research
                (b)   SWOT analysis
                (c)   Market segmentation
                (d)   Marketing mix
         (viii) Giving name, term, sign, symbol or design or some combination of these to
                the product or service ofa seller to differentiate it from others in the rnarket
                is known as
                 (a)   Trademark
                G)    Logo
                (c)   Styling
                (d)   Branding
         (ix) ORG-MARG is a/an                     company.
              (a) Advertisement
                (b)   Market Research
                (c)   Distribution
                (d)   Multimedia
         (x)    In              sampling population is divided into certain areas and then
                random selection is done for survey.
                 (a) Stratified
                (b)   Quota
                (c)   Cluster
                (d)   Group

         (xi) VOD stands for
              (a) Video on Demand
                 (b)   Voice over Document
                 (c)   Video on Display
                 (d)   Video on Distribution
         (xii) Digicash is a form of
               (a)   Credit-debit system
                 (b)   CYbercash
                 (c)   Electronic currency
                 (d)   Credit card transaction
         (xiii) TRPS stand.s for
                 (a) Trade Related Promotion System
                (b)  Television Rating Point System
                 (c)   Television Report Promotional System
                 (d)   Television Rating Promotion System
         (xiv)               is an effect in which one image transforms into another.
                 (a)   Sliding
                 (b)   Morphing
                 (c)   Tbansition
                 (d)   Fading
         (xv) GSM stands for
              (a)  General Standard Mobile
              (b)  Group Special Mobile
                 (c)   Geo System Mobile
                 (d)   General System Mobile
    (B) Develop a marketing strategy for the new MP3 player to be launched by your
        company. Discuss the plan of action covering the following aspects :               15
         (a)     Identification of target audience
         (b)     Ad campaign strategies to be adopted
         (c)     Implementation of multimedia ad campaign

CSM-21                                                                                  P.T.O.
                                           SECTION B

Answer any three questionsfrom this sectian.

2.   (a)   What do you understand iy marketing ? Discuss its functions.                           10
     (b)   Discuss the role of marketing in digital era.                                          5

3.   (a)   Explain the 4 P's of marketing.                                                        .8
     (b)   Discuss the relevance of product life cycle in planning for market strategy.            7

4.   (a)   "Customer perception of quality translates directly into sales and profit." Discuss.   I
     (b)   Discuss the relevance of segmentation in marketing.                                    7

6.   (a)   Describe in brief different types of authoring tools.                                  7
     (b)   Discuss the tools required for developing multirnedia ad campaigns.                    8

CSM-21                                                                                      2,000

                Bachelor       in Information        Technology         (BIT)

                       Terrn-End       Practical     Examination
                                    December, 20OG


Time : 7 Hour                                                         Maximum Marles : 30
                                                                         Meightage : 15Vo)

Note :       There are two questions in this paper of 10 marks each. Both are compulsory'
             70 marks are for uiua-uoce. programs are to be written in Jaua.

1.   Write and run Java program that inputs three names and then prints them in their
                                                                                     . 1 0

Z.       Write and run Java program to implement GCD (Greatest Common Divisor) function.     10


             Bachelor       in Inforrnation          Technology          (BIT)

                    Terrn-End        Practical       Examination
                                  December, 2006

Time : 1 Hour                                                         MaximurrL Marks : 30
                                                                         Meightage : 157o)

Note :   There are two questions in this paper of 10 rnarks each' Both are compulsorYr'
         I0 rnarks are fo, uiua-uoce. AII progrdms are to be written in Jaua.

1.   Write and run a Java program that generates a random integer and then uses nested
     if ... else statement to determine whether it is divisible by 2, 3, 5 and 6.

Z.   Write and run a Java program that removes all occurrences of a given character in a
     given string.                                                                          10

     P/S2                                                                                  1,000

                    Bachelor in Information               Technology         (BIT)
                          Term-End Practical              Examination
                                        December, 2006

Time : 1 Hour                                                             Maximum Marh,s : 30
                                                                             Meightage.' 15Vo)
Note :       There is one cornpulsor5r question in this paper carrying 20 marks. 70 marks are
             for uiua-uoce.

1.   A library keeps information about books and journals. Each book/journal is given a
     unique number and requires information about the publisher. The library also'
     maintains information about issuing and return of books/journals tolfrom their
     (a)     Design and create appropriate tables specifying the keys, validation checks and
             constraints. Enter frve sets of meaningful data in each of the tables.               8
     (b)     Create three views for library database.                                             6
             (i)    Libraryadministrator
             (ii)   Library members
             (iii) Issuing officer
             Give appropriate accessrights to each of the views. Make suitable assumptipns,
             if any.
     (c)     Write and run the following queries :                                                6
             (i)    List the Computer Science books which have been issued on a particular
             (ii;   List the Science journals which have not yet been returned so far after the
                    date of return is over.

CSI-2OP/S1                                                                                    1,000

                    Bachelor in rnformation              Technology (Brr)
                           Term-End Practical Examination
                                        December, 2006

Time : 1 Hour                                                             Maximum Marks :30
                                                                             Meightage : 15Vo)
Note :       There is one eorlpulsory   question in this paper carrying 20 rnarks. l0 marks are
             for uiua-uoce.

l'   A bank maintains information about their customers maintaining accounts in the bank
     and the loan they have taken from the bank. Each customer is given a unique number.
     Perform the following activities. (Make suitable assumptions, ii any).
     (a)     Design and create appropriate tables, specifying the keys, validation checks and
             constraints. Enter five sets of meaningful data in each of the tables.                8
     (b)     Create three views for bank database as follows :                                     6
             (i) Bank administrator
         '   (ii)   Old customer
             (iii) Bank clerk
             Give appropriate accessrights for each of the views. Make suitable assumptions,
             if any.
     (c)     Write and run the following queries :
             (i)    List the customers who have more than Rs. 50,000 deposit money in the
             (ii)   List the customers' name who have taken loan from the bank in the current

CSI-2OP/52                                                                                   1, 0 0 0

                     Bachelor in Information             Technology          (BIT)

                          Term-End        Practical      Examination

                                       f)ecemberr       2006

                        CSI-22P/S1 WEB SITE MANAGEMENT
Tirne : 1 Hour                                                              Maximurn Marks : 30
                                                                               (Weightage : 15Vo)

 Note :        Answer the following question. 70 marks are for uiua-uoce.

 l.      Design a web page which consists of a suggestion/feedbackform for some e-learning
         material of a course. The form should contain appropriate questions and the student
n.l.'    will answer them by just clicking on the check-boxesplaced against the corresponding
         Implement using ASP
          CGI Programming using PERL.                                                            20

         Note : Place a,ppropriate controls on the form designed.

  C S I . 2 2 P l1
                 S                                                                              1,000

               Bachelor in Information                 Technology (BIT)
                      Term-End Practical Examination
                                    f)ecemberr        2006

                     CSI-22P/S2 WEB SITE MANAGEMENT
Time . ' I H o u r                                                      Maximum Marh,s : 30
                                                                           (Weightage : 157o)

Note :     Answer both the following questions.70 marks are for uiua-uoce.

t.    Design a polling application/a survey application by placing a question and four option
 .    buttons for choosing the answer. Allow the user to select only one answer. Display the
      statistics immediately after pressing the "submif,' button. Design proper user interface
      with appropriate controls. Implement using ASP or CGI programming using PERL.                 10

2.    Write a program which accepts the user s enrollment number and displays whether he
      got the merit scholarship or not. Design appropriate form on a web page.
      Make necessaryassumptions.
      Implement using ASP OR CGI programming using PERL.                                            10

csl-22Plsz                                                                                       1, 0 0 0

                Bachelor      in Infomation          Technology         (BIT)
                       Terrn-End       Practical     Examination
                                    December, 2006

                   :         oF       tNTELLtcENcE
Time.' 1 Hour                                                         Maximum Marks.' 30
                                                                         Meightage : 15Vo)
Note :      There are two questions of 10 marks ea,chin this paper, Both are compulsory.
            10 marks are for uiua-uoce.

l'   Write a program in LISP that uses function to convert the temperature in degrees
     Fahrenheit to equivalent degrees Celsius. Hence use this function to perform
     conversion of temperature given by user.                                         10

2.   Write a program in LISP that uses a function which returns Nft member of the list
     L. (Assume that the elements are numbered. from zero onward.s.)
     e.g. (funnth 2 ' (a b c d)) should return c.
     Hence use this function to produce element in the list L at position n entered by the
     user.SayL='(abcd).                                                                      10

        1                                                                                1, 0 0 0

                 Bachelor in rnformation                Technology         (Brr)

                        Term-End. Practical             Examination

                                         December, 2006

Time : 7 Hour                                                            Maximum Marks : 30
                                                                            (Weightuge : 15To)

Note :       There are two questions of 10 murks each in this paper. Both are eompulsory'
             10 marks are fo, uiua-uoce.

1.   Write a function in LISP that finds nth fibonacci number
         e.g. fibon (n)
     If n = 0 or 1 should return    1.

Z.       Write a function in LISP called "list-intersect" that takes two lists as argument. The
         function should return a list containing elements belonging to both lists.
         e.g' (list-intersect (3 5 7) (1 2 3 4)) should return (3)'

         Note : Do not use LISP intersectionfunction.


                Bachelor in Information                Technology        (BIT)
                       Term'End         Practical     Examination
                                     December, 2006

Time : I Hour                                                          Maxirrlum Marks : 30
                                                                          Meightage.' tr57o)
Note :      There are two questions of 10 marks each in this paper. Both are compulsory.
            10 rnarhs are for uiua-uoce.

1.   Write a program in C++ that implements the concept of Inheritance such that the
     classes "cricket-playef', "football-player" and "hockey-playey'' are derived from the
     parent class "Player'. Incorporate meaningfi.rl data in each respective class such as
     name, age, matches, game etc. Now taking the name of the player as input, the output
     should display the name of the player'and respective game, and matches which s/he
     has played.                                                                             rc

2.   Write a program in C++ to multiply two matrices of size 2 x 2 and display the
     resultant matrix.                                                                       L0

        1                                                                                  1,000

              Bachelor in Information                 Technolory         (BIT)

                     Term-End Practical Examination
                                   December, 2006

Time : 7 Hour                                                          Maximum Marhs.' 30
                                                                          (Weightage : 157o)

Note :    There q,re tuto questions of 10 marks each in this paper. Both are eornpulsory.
          10 rnarks are for uiua-uoce.

1.   Write a program in C++ to handle the trunk-calls of a telephone exchange. A trunk-call
     can be an ordinary, urgent or lightning one. The charges depend on the duration as
     well as on the type of the trunk-call. Write program using the concept of polymorphism
     such that the details of the type of call and respective duration of call made by a user
     are provided as the input and hence the bill is generated for the user.                    10

2.   Write a program in C++ to take 2 strings as input, find the lengths of the strings and
     concatenate them. Also, find the length of the resultant string.                           L0

CSI-24PlS2                                                                                  1,000

             Bachelor in Information                  Technology       (BIT)
                    r erm-End Practical               Examination
                            .     Decemberr'2006

Tirne .' I Hour                                                      Maximum Marhs : 30
                                                                        Meightage : 157o)
Note :   There are two questions, each carrying 70 marhs. Both questions are eornpulsory.
         L0 marhs are for uiua-uoce.

1.   Create a logo of IGNOU and write IGNOU at the bottom of it.                              10

2.   Create a cover page for a book titled "CSM-05 : Multimedia Web Authoring." Make
     appropriate diagram(s) for the cover page.                                               10

CSM-O1P/S1                                    1   ,   .                                     1,000

              Bachelor in Information                 Technology         (BIT)

                     Term-End Practical Examination
                                   December, 2006

     CSM-O1P COMPUTER           lN
                     APPLICATIONS ART AND DESIGN
Time.' 1 Hour                                                          Maxirrlum Marh,s : 30
                                                                          Meightage : 157o)
Note :    There are two questions, each carrying 70 rnarks. Both questions o,recompulsory,
          L0 marks are for uiua-uoce.

1.   Create a satellite type of an image and show the effect of movement to it.                10

2.   Create a cover page of your starter-kit titled : "BIT starter-kit". Make an appropriate
     diagram(s) for the cover page.                                                            10

CSM-O                                                                                        1,000

               Bachelor in rnformation              Technology         (BIT)
                        Term-End Practical          Examination
                                    Decemb€rr 2006

                 CSM-OSP MULTIMEDIA
                       :          WEB AUTHORING
Time : I Hour                                                        Maxirrlurrl Marks .' 30
                                                                        (Weightage.' 15Vo)

Note :    There are tuo questions of 10 marks each. Both questions are compulsory.
          10 marks are for uiva-uoce.

1.   Write an HTML code to develop a web page having a table as shown below :            10

                   Image                  Button             Text

           URL              URL           Button             Text

     Also insert the indicated objects.

2.   Create an examination form using HTML containing the following frelds and then
     perform the validation of each field using JavaScript :                            10
     .   Surname
     o   Address'
     .   Program code
     r   Centre code
     .   RC code
     .   Subject code

csM-osP/s                                    1                                        1,OOO

                      Bachelor    in Information          Technology        (BIT)

                             Tem-Fnd          Practical   Examination
                                        December, 2006

                        CSM-0SP: MULTIMEDIAWEB AUTHORING
Time : 7 Hour                                                             Maxirrlurrl Marh,s : 30
                                                                             (Weightage : 157o)

Note :          There are two questionsof 10 marks each. Both questions are compulsory'
                70 marks are fo, uiua-uoce.

1.   Write HTML code to generate the following output :

                      Humidity   Today's Humidity

         City                    Max.           Min.




         Size of rows and columns should be equally spaced'

2.       Create a form using HTML containing the following frelds in text box and
         perform the validation of each field using JavaScript/VBScript.
         .      Credit Card number               : Text
         .      Password                         : Text
         .      Amount to be withdrawn           : Text


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