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STUART LITTLE - Download as PowerPoint by xEAlh0


Chapter 1 In The Drain

        The Little family (Mr.Little, Mrs. Little and
        their son George) have a new baby
        named Stuart. Stuart is the main
        character of the book. When Stuart is
        born the Little family is surprised that he
        is very small and looks like a mouse.

        In this chapter the author tells how
        Stuart‟s life is different from our lives.
        Mr.Little has to make special things, like
        a little bed made out of a cigarette box
        and little clothes, for Stuart.

        Mrs. Little drops her ring in the bathtub
        drain. Mr. Little lowers Stuart down the
        drain to get the ring.
  Chapter 2
Home Problems
     Stuart liked to play the piano with his
     family. Stuart goes inside the piano to fix
     the one key that always gets stuck. He
     has to dodge the keys when someone
     plays the piano.

     Stuart also retrieves lost ping-pong balls
     from under the sofa. This is a hard task
     because the balls are so big.
     He uses all his strength to push the balls
     out from under the sofa.

     The Littles changed words in songs that
     mentioned mice because Stuart might
     get scared by the words. One of the
     songs is “Twas the night before
     Christmas” and another is “Three Blind
Chapter 3 Washing Up
Stuart and George wake up and
exercise. After that they wash up. Stuart
climbs a rope to get to the sink and
uses a wooden hammer to turn the
water on.
Stuart gets his doll-sized toothbrush
and brushes his teeth. Stuart has
trouble when he brushes his teeth
because he looses his balance. George
tries to build a brace for Stuart so that
he won‟t fall in the sink.
Chapter 4   In Chapter 4 Stuart gets trapped.
            After he washes up, Stuart gets out
 Exercise   the tub and walks into the living room.
            He sees Snowbell (Mrs. & Mr. Little‟s
            cat) laying on the floor. “Hello” Stuart
            says. Snowbell replies by making fun
            of Stuart and challenging him to
            prove that he isn‟t a „wimp‟.

            To show he is strong, Stuart jumps
            up and catches a rope that is
            connected to the window shade. The
            shade snaps up and traps Stuart
            inside. Snowbell feels really happy
            that Stuart is caught. He takes
            Stuart‟s hat and cane and puts them
            near a mouse hole so that Stuart‟s
            parents will think that Stuart has left
            them to live with mice.
            The Little family can‟t find Stuart.
         Chapter 5            Rescued

• The Little family can not find Stuart. When
  everybody is looking George found Stuart‟s hat
  and cane near the mouse hole. and George
  called everybody over to the mouse hole.
  George thinks that Stuart is stuck in the mouse
  hole. George said “I‟ll pull the floor apart” and
  then Mr. Little said. “No! I will.”
      Chapter 5 Rescued
George went down to the cellar to find the
other side to the mouse hole. George had
to move boxes, trunks, flowerpots and
broken chairs. George didn‟t find the
mouse hole. He did find a rowing machine.
      Chapter 5 Rescued
When it was lunch time no one was
hungry. They were all worried about Stuart
being eaten by a cat or being hurt. They
missed him.
Even George didn‟t eat his dessert. Mrs.
Little was crying and looking at Stuart‟s
small chair.
    Chapter 6 A Fair Breeze
One morning when Stuart woke up, he put on a sailor
suit and went to the shore to try to get a job on a boat.
Stuart finds a job on a boat. The name of the boat is the
“Wasp”. The owner of the Wasp has a enemy who owns
a boat named the “Lillian B. Womrath”. The “ Womrath”
bumps into the Wasp. The owner of the “Wasp” will let
Stuart work on the “Wasp” if he beats the “Lillian B.
Womrath” in a race.
Stuart sails the “Wasp” to show the owner that he is a
good sailor. He is so happy that he does a little dance
and gets so distracted that he almost crashes into a
tramp steamer.
Chapter 7 The Sailboat Race
The man who owns the “Wasp” is going to pay
Stuart five dollars a week to race his boat for
Stuart runs to the “Wasp” to get started in a race
against the “Lillian B. Womrath”. The two boats
begin to race. Everyone cries, “Go!” throughout
the whole race. As Stuart was looking around,
he saw a police officer fall into the lake near the
boats. This creates a big wave that is coming
directly at Stuart. He holds on tightly and the
boat doesn‟t capsize.
In the end Stuart wins the race.
      Chapter 8        Margalo
One day, Stuart wants to get some cheese
from the refrigerator. Stuart‟s Mom opens
the refrigerator to get the pudding. Stuart
jumps inside to get some cheese.
Mrs. Little does not see Stuart in the
refrigerator. She closes the door,
trapping Stuart inside.
               Chapter 8 Margalo

Margalo is a bird that the Little‟s find
nearly dead on their window sill. They feed
her and take care of her.
Stuart meets Margalo and worries that
Snowbell will eat her. Stuart decides to
guard her with his bow and arrow.
Snowbell gets shot in the ear by Stuart
when he tries to eat Margalo.
         Chapter 8 Margalo
Stuart wants to get out of the refrigerator but he
can‟t because in is dark and his voice can‟t
penetrate through the wall. Accidentally, he falls
into a saucer and stumbles in the prunes.
The temperature in the refrigerator makes
Stuart‟s teeth chatter and he shivers. Half an
hour later, Mrs. Little opens the refrigerator. She
finds a frozen Stuart standing on a butter plate.
Chapter 9 A Narrow Escape
      Chapter 10 Springtime
 Margalo runs away because one of
 Snowbell‟s friends plans to eat her. A
 pigeon informs Margalo about Snowbell‟s
 friend‟s plan.
The Little family looks for Margalo but can‟t
 find her. Stuart runs away to find Margalo.
     Chapter 11 Automobile
  The Little's lose Margalo (Stuart‟s best friend). Stuart
goes to go find her. He stops at the doctor‟s office. Stuart
asks the doctor which way he should go. The doctor
gives him a car that doctor made. The doctor tells Stuart
to press a button in the car to make it turn invisible.
Stuart tries to press the button again to make the car
visible but he hits the wrong button and the car starts.
The car moves all by itself. Stuart and the doctor try to
catch the automobile as it zips and crashes through the
room. The doctor finally finds the car stuck in the
fireplace. The car was damaged. The doctor cautions
Stuart to think before he acts.
Chapter 12 The School Room
             • Stuart changes his
               clothes and goes to
               school Number Seven.
               Instead of teaching
               subjects, Stuart decides
               that he will just to talk to
               the students all day long
               about being King of the
               World. The students
               listen but think that Stuart
               is out of his mind
  Charter 13 Ames crossing
Stuart stopped to get a drink of sarsaparilla.
 He parked his car in front of the general
 store. When the storekeeper came to
 smoke a cigarette stuart joined. Stuart
 asked “do you have any sarsaparilla in
 your store”. “Certainly” said the
 storekeeper. The storekeeper went in the
 store, and came back with the drink. Stuart
 whipped his cap off, lay down and used
 his cap as a dipper.
Chapter 13
Ames crossing
The store keeper asks Stuart,
“how tall are you”.
Stuart answers, “Two inches and a quarter
  tall”.. The storekeeper asked stuart “there's
  a girl you have to meet”. Who is it said
  Stuart. her name is Harriet Ames, she‟s just
  your size. She‟s young and quite pretty.
  She‟s may be interested in you, said the the
  storekeeper. Stuart went to the post office to
  fill his fountain pen with ink. Well he
  happened to glance toward the door and
  what he saw startled him so that he almost
  lost his balance and fell into the ink. A girl
  around two inches tall had entered. Stuart
  said “must be the Ames girl” she is pretty.
             Chapter 14
        An Evening on the River
• Stuart‟s dream of paddling down the river with
  Harriet is nearly ruined. The canoe leaks.
• He works hard to repair the canoe. He worries
  about what Harriet will decide to do once she
  gets his invitation.
• Harriet arrives. Stuart discovers his canoe has
  been ruined. He is heartbroken. Harriet
  suggests things they can do to still go on a
  canoe ride. Stuart‟s dream is ruined. Harriet
  invites Stuart to her Country Club and to dance,
  but Stuart is miserable and says “No.” Harriet
  goes home.
                Heading North
                 Chapter 15
• The next morning, Stuart wakes. The rain has
  stopped. He fills the gas tank with five drops of
  gas and drives North in search of Margalo.
• He meets a man telephone pole repairman.
  Stuart talks to him about what is in each
  direction and asks him if he has seen Margalo
  and birds.
• He decides to drive North.
• At the end of the book he is traveling North and
  he is sure that he is “going in the right direction.”
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