303rd BG _H_ Combat Mission No. 207

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					                       303rd BG (H) Combat Mission No. 207
                                        19 July 1944
                             Target: Hollriegelskreuth, Germany
                                Crews Dispatched: 37
                         Crews Lost: Lt. Boyce, 4 KIA, 5 POW
                  Crew Members Lost or Wounded: 2 killed by flak
                        Length of Mission: 8 hours, 40 minutes
                         Bomb Load: 10 x 500 lb M43 bombs
           Bombing Altitudes: Group A - 26,000 ft; B - 25,000 ft; C - 24,000 ft
                             Ammo Fired: 21,000 rounds

       he 8th Air Force concentrated its attacks on strategic industrial targets in Germany.

T      The 303rd BG(H) furnished three formations as the lead, low and high Groups of the
       41st CBW-C. Group Operations Officer, Maj. Louis M. Schulstad led the Combat
Wing. Two aircraft returned early: #42-37841 Banshee, 360BS (Ross), internal failure of
the No. 1 engine; #42-97298 The Floose, 358BS (Stein), oil line failure. Its bombs were
jettisoned over Germany.

         Weather over the target was 2/10 low clouds with some medium and high clouds.
Visibility was 15 miles. The primary target was bombed visually from 26,000, 25,000 and
24,000 feet utilizing 350 500-lb. G.P. M43 bombs. Good results were reported. One
aircraft jettisoned its bombs twelve miles northeast of Strasburg and another at an
undetermined target of opportunity.

        From five to fifteen enemy aircraft attacked the high Group in the target area.
Moderate to intense and accurate anti-aircraft fire was encountered at the target. Chaff
had little beneficial effect. Ten aircraft sustained major and six, minor damage.

                         Two 360BS tail gunners were killed by flak fragments in the target
                         area. Sgt. Leslie F. Traver, #42-97853 Lucky Linda, was killed by flak
                         that went through his flak suit and hit him in the back. Sgt. Carl W.
                         Seitz, #43-37930 (No Name), was hit in the neck.

                         B-17 #42-31583 Clover Leaf, 358BS, piloted by 1Lt. Marvin S. Boyce,
                         was shot down by enemy fighters. 1Lt. Clinton A. Moser, low Group
   Sgt Carl W. Seitz     pilot, gave the following account of this loss:

    On the turn away from the target, Clover Leaf, was straggling from her position in the high
    Group, evidently from flak damage acquired on the bomb run, as one of the port engines
    was smoking. An ME-109 came in on the left from six o'clock high and gave the B-17 a
    long burst. The ME-109 peeled away, turned back, and gave another short squirt, peeled
    away below in a split-S, zoomed up, and looked as though it was going to make another
    pass. At this time the ME-109 was engaged by a P-51. After one long pass by the P-51,
    both fighters were seen diving below in a dog fight. The damaged Fort came across to the
    right and above our Group and at that time I saw four men come out. None of them
    opened their 'chutes that I could see from my position in the aircraft.

                                          Mission 207 - 1
                                   MARVIN S. BOYCE CREW - 358th BS
                            (crew assigned 358BS: 22 June 1944 - photo: June 1944)
                     (Back L-R) Sgt Robert L. Baker (BT-KIA), S/Sgt Hobart L. Byrne (E-POW),
          S/Sgt James L. Jones (R-KIA), Sgt William V. Shokal (WG-KIA), Sgt Sidney N. Chambers (TG-KIA)
                        (Front L-R) 2Lt Lawrence M. Wolf (B), 2Lt Melvin A. Brown (N-POW),
                           2Lt Robert G. Taylor (CP-POW), 2Lt Marvin S. Boyce (P-POW)

       Lt. Boyce reported the P-51 shot
down the ME-109, then came up and flew
alongside Clover Leaf, wiggled his wings,
saluted, and flew away to hunt another
German fighter. Five crewmen made
successful parachute jumps, landing in
the vicinity of Munich. Lt. Boyce, 2Lt.
Robert G. Taylor, 2Lt. Melvin A. Brown,
1Lt. Stanley E. Moody, and S/Sgt. Hobart
L. Byrne were captured and became
prisoners of war. Lt. Taylor suffered
wounds in his leg and foot and was                           Lorraine American Cemetery near Moselle, France
treated by German doctors. The aircraft
crashed at Stutzing.

       S/Sgt. James L. Jones, Sgt. Robert L. Baker, Sgt. William V. Shokal, and Sgt.
Sidney N. Chambers were all killed. S/Sgt. Jones is buried in Ardennes American
Cemetery near Liege, Belgium. Sgt. Chambers is buried in Lorraine American Cemetery
near Moselle, France.

                                             Mission 207 - 2
             Aircraft Formation at Assembly Point - Group A

                                         592 - PFF
                            Ross                         Holbrook
                            841                          557 - PFF

           Tellinguisen                                              Means
                340                                                   569
Nafius                    Crawford                       Cook                  Fletcher
196                          124                          597                    595
             Hahn                                                    Hobbs
              853                                                     861
Foley                      Fontana
930                          893

             Aircraft Formation at Assembly Point - Group B

                          Kirkland                        Lee
                             085                          949

            Latshaw                                                  Lehmann
              086                                                      099
Freeland                  Vermeer                        Brown                  Newton
   590                      680                           166                     875
              Stein                                                   Stark
              298                                                      739
Miller                     Boyce
622                         583

Two (2) aircraft aborted this mission:
      Lt. Ross in 841
      Lt. Stein in 298

                                      Mission 207 - 3
         Aircraft Formation at Assembly Point - Group C

                   Arnold                           Akers
                    483                              830

         Walker                                                Keating
          484                                                    432
Baltes             Langford                         Hamilton              Bliss
 944                 206                              411                  666
         Crozier                                               Eldridge
          177                                                     076
Gould              Jenkins
183                  960

                      Bomb Strike of Ho llriegelsk reuth

                              Mission 207 - 4
                     358th Bombardment Squadron Crew Lists

    B-17G #42-97622 Paper Dollie                       B-17G #43-37590 Neva-The Silver Lady
P   Miller, Cecil M., F/O                            P     Freeland, Troit D., 2Lt
CP  Petersen, John N., F/O                           CP    Prudhoe, Louis J., 2Lt
NAV Cooper, Saul A., F/O                             NAV Kosta, Alexander, 2Lt
TOG Severson, Jack O., Jr., Sgt                      BOM Nugent, Robert F., 2Lt
ENG Sheets, Earl W., S/Sgt                           ENG Abernathy, Wylie C., S/Sgt
WG  Carlson, Karl W., Sgt                            WG    Moran, George J., Sgt
RO  Wilson, William H., S/Sgt                        RO    Wilson, Clarence K., S/Sgt
TG  Zweck, William A., Sgt                           TG    Dyszel, Bernard J., Sgt
BT  Pierce, James M., Sgt                            BT    Cerzosimo, Bernard P., Sgt

   B-17G #42-31583 Clover Leaf CR-L                      B-17G #42-97085 (No Name)
P     Boyce, Marvin S., 2Lt    POW                   P   Kirkland, Robert A., F/O
CP    Taylor, Robert G., 2Lt   POW                   CP  Larson, Oliver B., 2Lt
NAV Brown, Melvin A., 2Lt      POW                   NAV Gard, John M., 2Lt
BOM Moody, Stanley E., S/Sgt   POW                   BOM Draves, John J., 2Lt
ENG Byrne, Hobart L., S/Sgt    POW                   ENG O'Connor, Robert E., S/Sgt
RO    Jones, James L., S/Sgt   KIA                   BT  Sweeney, Charles R., Sgt
TG    Chambers, Sidney N., Sgt KIA                   RO  Mullaney, Donald F., S/Sgt
BT    Baker, Robert L., Sgt    KIA                   WG  Holland, Huber D., Sgt
WG    Shokal, William V.., Sgt KIA                   TG  Philson, Norbert M., Sgt

                                         KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS
CREW POSITIONS           TOG - Togglier              VI - Voice Interpreter    DOW - Died of wounds
CMP - Command Pilot      BT - Ball Turret Operator   OBS - Observer            EVD - Evaded the enemy
P - Pilot                TT - Top Turret Operator    PAS - Passenger           INT - Interned in neu cntry
CP - Co-Pilot            TG - Tail Gunner            PHO - Photographer        REP - Repatriated
NAV - Navigator          NG - Nose Gunner                                      RES - Rescued
ANV - Ass't. Navigator   RG - Radio Gunner           RESULTS OF MISSION        ESC - Escaped
MNV - Mickey Navigator   WG - Waist Gunner           KIA - Killed in action    BO - Bailed out
ENG - Engineer           LWG - Left Waist Gunner     WIA - Wounded in action   DCH - Ditched
BOM - Bombardier         RWG - Right Waist Gunner    MIA - Missing in action   CR-L - Crashed on land
RO - Radio Operator      GUN - Gunner                POW - Prisoner of war     CR-S - Crashed at sea

                                           Mission 207 - 5
         358th Bombardment Squadron Crew Lists - Cont'd.
   B-17G #44-6086 My Blonde Baby                  B-17G #42-97949 (No Name)
P    Latshaw, William E., 1Lt                 P   Lee, Gareth G., 2Lt
CP   Helms, John R., 2Lt                      CP  Bowman, William E., F/O
NAV Ivy, Wallis S, 1Lt                        NAV Sweig, Morris, 2Lt
BOM Doan, Curtis E., 2Lt                      BOM Townsend, Charles D., 2Lt
ENG Pickens, Donald E., S/Sgt                 ENG Leimgruebler, Victor H., S/Sgt
RO   Tidwell, Andrew W., S/Sgt                WG  Olive, Martin, Sgt
TG   Hedrick, Warren L., Sgt                  RO  Adkinson, James E., S/Sgt
BT   Ginn, William E., Sgt                    TG  Newman, Gerald D., Sgt
LWG Miller, Horace J., Sgt                    BT  Grundon, Joseph D., Sgt

       B-17G #42-97298 The Floose                      B-17G #42-102680 (No Name)
P       Stein, Lawrence J., 2Lt               P        Vermeer, Bernard E., 2Lt
CP      Riseden, Jack W., 2Lt                 CP       Byrnes, James H., 2Lt
NAV Larkworthy, Bernard J., 2Lt               NAV      Zarelli, Michael L., 2Lt
BOM Carloss, Earl W., 2Lt                     TOG      Splawn, Elzie B., Sgt
ENG Card, Harry R, S/Sgt                      ENG      Varvil, Willis E., S/Sgt
WG      Grissom, Manley E., Sgt               BT       Schley, John G., S/Sgt
RO      Meyer, Fred R., S/Sgt                 RO       Moon, Charles E., S/Sgt
BT      Truesdell, William P., Sgt            TG       Kennedy, Robert F., S/Sgt
TG      Williams, Clarence J., Sgt            RWG      Ferris, James H., Sgt

   B-17G #42-31739 Pugnacious Peter              B-17G #43-37838 Fearless Fosdick
P     Stark, Donald D., 1Lt                   P     McNamara, James F., Capt
CP    Conley, George L., 2Lt                  CP    Moreau, Joseph A., 1Lt
NAV Wyner, Maxwell I., 2Lt                    NAV Contos, Spiros P., 1Lt
TOG Nelson, Richard G., 2Lt                   BOM Ledbetter, Lamar E., 1Lt
ENG Batten, Delmer G., S/Sgt                  ENG Rossman, Carl H., T/Sgt
RO    Steinhagen, Joseph R., S/Sgt            RO    Lowe, Gareth W., T/Sgt
TG    Morrow, James C., Sgt                   TG    Fox, Howard E., Sgt
BT    Richkind, Max, Sgt                      BT    Ross, Ben A., S/Sgt
WG    Eggink, James H., Sgt                   WG    Tate, Royce G., S/Sgt
                                              PHO Zaphiriou, James G., Sgt

                                     Mission 207 - 6
              359th Bombardment Squadron Crew Lists

    B-17G #42-31183 Bad Penny                  B-17G #42-97944 Daddy's Delight
P   Gould, Graham C., 2Lt                   P    Baltes, George E., 2Lt
CP  Lasker, Yale, 2Lt                       P    Marble, Robert A., 2Lt
NAV Leigh, Thomas W., 2Lt                   NAV Macaulay, Edward H., 2Lt
BOM Reynolds, Ralph J., 2Lt                 BOM Glover, Fred E., 2Lt
ENG Mogck, Leonard, S/Sgt                   ENG Stenger, John J., Jr., S/Sgt
RO  Anderson, Augustus C., S/Sgt            RO   Giltenboth, Charles L., S/Sgt
BT  Thompson, Val E., Sgt                   BT   Kanz, Milton C., Sgt
TG  Gloria, Tony N., Sgt                    TG   Posluszny, Branislaw B., Sgt
WG  Bandy, Peter C., Sgt                    WG   Godsey, Austin C., Sgt

    B-17G #44-6076 Liberty Run                    B-17G #42-31830 Marie
P   Eldridge, Truman K., 2Lt                P   Akers, Robert O., 2Lt
CP  Sheehan, Daniel J., Jr., 2Lt            CP  Giddings, Leslie W., 2Lt
NAV Durkin, James A., 2Lt                   NAV Montone, Neil A., 2Lt
BOM Campbell, Sanders H., 2Lt               BOM Cappucci, Joseph R., Sgt
ENG Barnes, Frederick E., S/Sgt             ENG Shanker, Herbert, S/Sgt
RO  Rowlett, Samuel A., S/Sgt               RO  Meyer, Gerald E., S/Sgt
BT  Strong, Ralph T., Cpl                   BT  Saam, Donal W., Sgt
TG  Panos, Andrew T., Cpl                   TG  Vogel, Cletus H., Sgt
WG  Wesley, LaFon, Sgt                      WG  Meyer, Fulton R., Sgt

     B-17G #42-31483 Bonnie B                  B-17G #42-107206 Old Black Magic
P   Arnold, William J., 1Lt                 P     Langford, Allen W., 1Lt
CP  Quiggle, Robert A., 2Lt                 CP    Zimmerman, Paul E., F/O
NAV Claster, Stanley M., 2Lt                NAV Donovan, James R., 2Lt
BOM Callahan, Ellsworth D., 2Lt             TOG Torley, Donald W., 2Lt
ENG Williams, Robert M., S/Sgt              ENG O'Leary, Daniel R., S/Sgt
RO  Moreira, Joseph A., S/Sgt               WG    Munn, Edwin C., S/Sgt
BT  McClure, James D., Sgt                  RO    Whisman, Chester C., S/Sgt
TG  Surrell, John M., Sgt                   BT    Gray, William W., S/Sgt
WG  Lichtenwalter, Ralph W., Sgt            TG    Mulstein, John E., Jr., Sgt

                                   Mission 207 - 7
         359th Bombardment Squadron Crew Lists - Cont'd.

    B-17G #42-102960 (No Name)                B-17G #42-31177 Lonesome Polecat
P   Jenkins, Harry F., 2Lt                 P     Crozier, Harry J., 2Lt
CP  Blanchard, Samuel B., 2Lt              CP    Mowrey, Paul M., 2Lt
NAV Nute, Gordon B., 2Lt                   NAV Kennedy, Clyde R., 2Lt
BOM Protzman, John W., 2Lt                 TOG McCoy, Charles W., 2Lt
ENG Gillespie, Norton A., S/Sgt            ENG Passenant, Robert J., S/Sgt
RO  Loosemore, Wesley G., S/Sgt            RO    Hoyt, Robert B., S/Sgt
BT  Fydrychowski, John J., Sgt             BT    Jara, Felix M., Sgt
TG  Cregan, John M., Sgt                   TG    Stumpff, George W., Sgt
WG  Allen, Charles G., Sgt                 WG    Butcher, Robert C., Sgt

   B-17G #42-102484 Heller's Angel            B-17G #42-97781 The '8' Ball MK III
P    Walker, Lewis M., 1Lt                 P     Moser, Clinton A., 1Lt
CP   Doyle, Joseph J., 2Lt                 CP    Carpenter, Arthur G., 1Lt
NAV Young, Warren I., 2Lt                  NAV Ehrke, Warren D., 1Lt
BOM Rawlings, Loren F., 1Lt                BOM Bowen, Richard R., Capt
ENG Sublett, James W., Sgt                 ENG Duffey, Willis A., S/Sgt
RO   Lunday, Albert J., S/Sgt              RO    Zionkoski, John T., T/Sgt
BT   Hundley, Walter L., Sgt               BT    Parrish, Vernon, Sgt
TG   Reckert, Arthur C., Sgt               TG    Seelock, Joseph J., Sgt
WG   Mathis, Henry C., Sgt                 WG    Mays, Pearl E., T/Sgt

                                  Mission 207 - 8
               360th Bombardment Squadron Crew Lists

    B-17G #42-107196 Temptress                        B-17G #42-97853 Lucky Linda
P   Nafius, Verner H., 1Lt                   P        Hahn, James T., 2Lt
CP  Smith, Richard L., 2Lt                   CP       Fulks, James O., 2Lt
NAV George, Sidney L., 2Lt                   NAV      Woodbury, Benton R., 2Lt
BOM Smith, Herbert L., S/Sgt                 BOM      Cummins, James E., 2Lt
ENG Ellis, Richard R., S/Sgt                 ENG       Kalasky, Pete M., S/Sgt
RO  Birkenholz, Irving, S/Sgt                RO        Conkling, John R., S/Sgt
BT  McGinley, James E., Sgt                  BT        Darbowski, Andrew, Sgt
TG  Jinkens, Billy B., Sgt                   TG        Traver, Leslie F., Sgt   KIA
WG  Rydquist, Roy K., Sgt                    WG        Lusk, Robert F., Sgt

   B-17G #42-97861 Iza Vailable III              B-17G #43-37930 (No Name)
P   Hobbs, Willard, 2Lt                      P   Foley, Norment, 2Lt
CP  Huckins, Earl R., 2Lt                    CP  Rowe, Robert A., 2Lt
NAV Dunn, Robert L., 2Lt                     NAV Conklin, James M., 2Lt
BOM Rice, Charles G., S/Sgt                  BOM Littlefield, Robert I., 2Lt
ENG Cole, Bethel A., S/Sgt                   ENG Snell, Edward A., S/Sgt
RO  Wiggans, Earl E., Sgt                    RO  Johnson, Vernelle V., S/Sgt
BT  Bibik, James J., Sgt                     BT  Stewart, Charles R., Sgt
TG  Glaser, Morris B., Sgt                   TG  Seitz, Carl W., Sgt         KIA
WG  Callahan, Fred, Sgt                      WG  Gordley, Damon, Sgt

    B-17G #42-31340 Miss Liberty                       B-17G #44-6124 (No Name)
P    Tellinghuisen, Oscar A., 2Lt            P        Crawford, William C., 2Lt
CP   Howard, Victor L., 2Lt                  CP       Kidd, Warren D., 2Lt
NAV Roche, William J., 2Lt                   NAV      Kleppner, J. Clarence, F/O
BOM Proud, Rexford I., 1Lt                   BOM      Pleasanton, Kenneth H., S/Sgt
ENG Manser, Charles, T/Sgt                   ENG      Le Roux, Lyle W., S/Sgt
RO   Haynie, John D., T/Sgt                  RO       Miller, William L., S/Sgt
BT   Watson, Judson F., S/Sgt                BT       Whitney, Daniel F., Sgt
TG   Hudson, Ward A., S/Sgt                  TG       Barder, Emmett R., Sgt
WG   Jacobs, John W., S/Sgt                  WG       Patton, Nelson R., Sgt

                                    Mission 207 - 9
          360th Bombardment Squadron Crew Lists - Cont'd.

  B-17G #42-97893 Minnie the Moocher                      B-17G #42-97557 PFF (305BG)
P     Fontana, Bernard C., 1Lt                      P      Holbrook, N.S., 1Lt
CP    Cambron, Richard H., 2Lt                      CP     Comerford
NAV Nurock, Leon, F/O                               NAV    Hallen
BOM Duros, Constentine J., 2Lt                      BOM    Zurth
ENG Perry, Robert N., S/Sgt                         ENG    Van Dien, J.R., T/Sgt
RO    King, Raymond C., S/Sgt                       RO     Burgin, J.O., T/Sgt
BT    Durfee, James R., Sgt                         TG     Sabatino, J.A., S/Sgt
TG    Price, Kirkland T., Sgt                       GUN    Quarnstrom, F.R., S/Sgt
WG    Weems, Thomas L., Sgt                         PAS    Orenstein, R., 2Lt

         B-17G #42-37841 Banshee                          B-17G #42-97592 - PFF (305BG)
P       Ross, James A., 2Lt                         P      Johnson, Charles E., Jr., 1Lt
CP      Polezoes, Stanley, 1Lt                      CP     Schulstad, Louis M., Maj
NAV Wade, Robert E., 2Lt                            NAV    Prince, Alan M., 1Lt
BOM Elmore, Kenneth L., S/Sgt                       NAV    Carroll, George M., 1Lt
ENG Litwiller, Harold D., S/Sgt                     BOM    Prussman, Henry G., 1Lt
RO      Allard, Charles G., S/Sgt                   MNV    Desmond, MacChesney, 1Lt
BT      Pope, Carey G., S/Sgt                       ENG    Alston, Madison I., T/Sgt
TG      Blackwell, Haywood E., Jr., Sgt             RO     Yonge, Walter C., S/Sgt
WG      DeBartolo, Albert L., Sgt                   TG     Gable, Richard E., 2Lt
(Abortive)                                          GUN    Hollritt, Alfred K., S/Sgt
                                                    GUN    Conlan, Thomas J., T/Sgt

                                          Mission 207 - 10
              427th Bombardment Squadron Crew Lists

    B-17G #42-102411 Miss Lace                      B-17G #42-102569 Miss Lace
P   Hamilton, Max B., 2Lt                  P        Means, Wilford T., 2Lt
CP  Newman, Vernon V., 2Lt                 CP       Luther, Joseph P., 2Lt
NAV Parker, Joseph B., 2Lt                 NAV      Sumbur, Simon, 2Lt
BOM Ziesche, Charles W., 2Lt               BOM      Keese, Thomas R., 2Lt
TT  Barnes, Charlie, S/Sgt                 TT       Payne, Joseph E., S/Sgt
BT  Paterson, Richard E., Sgt              BT       Miller, Robert L., Sgt
RO  Jarvis, Robert F., S/Sgt               RO       May, J.H., S/Sgt
TG  Coleman, Warren M., Sgt                TG       Turner, James W., Sgt
WG  Butler, Edward B., S/Sgt               WG       Sileo, J.J., Sgt

    B-17G #42-37875 Flying Bison                 B-17G #44-6166 The Red
P    Newton, John A., 2Lt                  P   Brown, Tracy D., Jr., 2Lt
CP   Mowatt, Frank G., 2Lt                 CP  Van Antwerp, Robert G., 2Lt
NAV Lange, George L., 2Lt                  NAV Rusk, Donald M., 2Lt
ENG Muzyka, Myron M., S/Sgt                BOM Prusha, Elmer E., F/O
TT   Turner, Leonard A., S/Sgt             TT  Duffek, Francis T., S/Sgt
BT   Bricker, Albert W., Sgt               BT  Born, Robert S., Sgt
RO   O'Leary, James A., S/Sgt              RO  Bridge, Howard R., S/Sgt
TG   Hobgood, John F., Sgt                 TG  Blim, Raymond C., Sgt
WG   Reeves, James E., Sgt                 WG  Fisher, Clelland F., Sgt

  B-17G #43-37597 Earthquake McGoon                 B-17G #43-37666 Full House
P     Cook, J.S., 2Lt                      P        Bliss, Robert P., 2Lt
CP    Mason, Frederick H., 2Lt             CP       Morrow, John E., 2Lt
NAV Page, Ralph E., 2Lt                    NAV      Dombrowski, Alexander, 2Lt
BOM Warmuth, Werner G., 2Lt                BOM      Sullens, Tom C., S/Sgt
TT    Slight, Joseph L., S/Sgt             TT       Shumar, Carl K., Sgt
BT    Eaglehouse, Robert F., Sgt           BT       Eakins, Charles A, Jr., Sgt
RO    Howell, Forrest W., S/Sgt            RO       Herman, Benjamin, Sgt
TG    Smalley, John L., Sgt                TG       Plesinger, Michael J., Sgt
WG    Duggan, William W., Sgt              WG       Curry, Richard L., Sgt

                                 Mission 207 - 11
         427th Bombardment Squadron Crew Lists - Cont'd.

    B-17G #42-102432 Tiny Angel                   B-17G #42-102595 Little Tush
P   Keating, Donald W., 2Lt                   P   Fletcher, John E., 1Lt
CP  Droll, Louis P., 2Lt                      CP  Johnston, Lawrence M., Jr., 2Lt
NAV Hibbard, Troy W., 2Lt                     NAV Spooner, Ramon L., 2Lt
ENG Tow, Weyman J., 1Lt                       ENG Haakonsen, Raymond E., 2Lt
TT  Foerster, LeRoy H.M., S/Sgt               TT  Lance, Calvin L., Sgt
BT  Forry, Harvey W., T/Sgt                   BT  Eichenberger, Frederick J., Sgt
RO  King, Earl J., T/Sgt                      RO  Brady, Joseph F., S/Sgt
TG  Brown, Edgar S., S/Sgt                    TG  Rogers, Norman F., Sgt
WG  O'Neil, Austin J., S/Sgt                  WG  Clark, Jay R., S/Sgt

       B-17G #42-107099 Old 99
P     Lehmann, Elroy C., 1Lt
CP    Heil, Lee C., 2Lt
NAV   Cooper, Edward G., 1Lt
BOM   Smoleroff, Theodore L., 2Lt
TT    Sydor, Joseph, T/Sgt
BT    Koon, Bennie, Sgt
RO    Kelley, James D., T/Sgt
WG    Baker, Russell W., Sgt
TG    Ruhge, Wayne L., S/Sgt

                                    Mission 207 - 12

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