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					Cal-(IT)2: A Bold Public-Private Partnership
    University of California Experiment

      UCSD Chancellor’s CEO Breakfast
              March 23, 2004
        Faculty Club, UC San Diego

                            Dr. Larry Smarr
     Director, California Institute for Telecommunications and
                      Information Technologies
                     Harry E. Gruber Professor,
           Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering             1
               Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD
Where is Telecommunications Research Performed?
                A Historic Shift

     70%                   Percent Of The Papers Published
                        IEEE Transactions On Communications
       U.S. Industry

                                Non-U.S. Universities 85%


              Source: Bob Lucky, Telcordia/SAIC
 Cal-(IT)2--An Integrated Approach
      the Future of the Internet
     UC San Diego & UC Irvine Faculty
    Working in Multidisciplinary Teams
With Students, Industry, and the Community

      California Institute for Telecommunications and
   Information Technology Has Experienced Leadership
                 Founding Director, NCSA   Chief Scientist, AT&T Labs

Director, UCSD
   Center for

                                             Director, Institute of
                                              Materials Research
                                           & Engineering, Singapore

             Manager, Information Services, SDSC                        4
         Broad Academic Participation in Cal-(IT)2
            e.g. – the UCSD Division in ’03-’04
                                                       •   45 Receiving Funding
•   102 Unique Faculty from 23 Departments
                                                           Directly Through Cal-(IT)²
    –   Jacobs School-ECE, CSE, BioEng, MAE, SE
                                                           Industrial Sponsored
    –   Cal-(IT)² (ORU), IGPP, IR/PS, 6th College
                                                           Research Projects
    –   Math, Physics, Bio, Chem/Biochem, GeoSci
    –   CogSci, Communication, Econ, Psychology
                                                  •        33 Supervising Cal-(IT)²
                                                           Graduate Fellowship
    –   Medicine, Neuroethology, Neuroscience,
        Visual Arts, Music                                 Recipients
•   94 Graduate Students (Fellowships and              •   16 Supervising Cal-(IT)²
    Graduate Student Research Support)                     Undergraduate Summer
    –   Jacobs School--BioEng, CSE, ECE, MAE               Scholarships
    –   Math, Physics, Mat Sci                         •   17 Receiving Matching
    –   Econ, IR/PS,                                       Funds From Cal-(IT)²
    –   History, Literature, Music, Political Science, •   13 Self-identifying Research
        Visual Arts                                        Projects As Related To The
•   20 Undergraduate Students                              Cal-(IT)² Mission

        Two New Cal-(IT)2 Buildings
         Are Under Construction
  Bioengineering • Will Create New Laboratory Facilities
UC Irvine
                            –   Interdisciplinary Teams
                            –   Wireless and Optical Networking
                            –   Computer Arts Virtual Reality
                            –   Clean Rooms for Nanotech and BioMEMS

                                                 UC San Diego

    See for Live VideoCams     State of California    6
                                            Provided $100M Capital
              State of California Required a 2:1 Match
               From Industry, Feds, Campus, Private
$40,000,000         Actual Fed
                    Proposed Fed
 35,000,000                                                       $30M Campus
 30,000,000                                                      Garamendi Funds

                                                                 Industrial Funds
                                                                    $85M So Far
                                                            80% of Initial Funds Held In!

               00-'01   01-02    02-'03   03-'04   04-'05

         Total Federal Grants So Far$160M
          - Double Our Predicted Amount!

                            Bottom Line—Cal-(IT)2
                         Far Exceeded Required Match                               7
 Innovation Driven by Cal-(IT)2 Industrial Partners
 Teaming with Academic Research and Education
• Our Partners Are:
  – Funding Faculty Research Projects
  – Supporting Graduate/Undergraduate Fellows
       –   Qualcomm – 50
       –   Ericcson – 27
       –   Conexant / Intersil / SkyWorks / MindSpeed -- 14
       –   AMCC -- 4
  –   Joining on Federal Grants
  –   Providing Access to Living Labs Equipment
  –   Endowing Chaired Professorships
  –   Co-Sponsoring Workshops/Conferences
  –   Hosting Seminars or Lectures
                           The OptIPuter Project –
   Removing Bandwidth as an Obstacle In Data Intensive Sciences
• NSF Large Information Technology Research Proposal
   – Cal-(IT)2 and UIC Lead Campuses—Larry Smarr PI
   – USC, SDSU, NW, Texas A&M, Univ. Amsterdam Partnering Campuses
• Industrial Partners Provide Equipment and Researchers
   – IBM, Sun, Telcordia/SAIC, Chiaro Networks, Calient, Glimmerglass
• $13.5 Million Over Five Years
• Optical IP Streams From Lab Clusters to Large Data Objects
NIH Biomedical Informatics                               NSF EarthScope
                Research Network
                                                           and ORION

       Cal-(IT)2 Has Enabled Formation of
Academic / Industrial Collaboration Research Teams
   •   Ericsson
       – $ 6.2 Million Total Including UC Discovery Match
       – 17 UCSD Professors, 17 Students, 4 Post-docs
           –   Multi-Antenna Wireless Communications Systems
           –   Linear Power Amplifiers for 3G Applications
           –   Adaptive Systems
           –   CDMA Systems
   •   AMCC
       – $ 2.3 Million Total Including UC Discovery Match
       – 5 UCSD Professors, 7 Students, 1.5 Post-Docs
           – Multi-Terabit Optical Networks: Characterization, Modeling and Coding
   •   Conexant / Intersil / SkyWorks / MindSpeed
       – $ 1.9 Million Total Including UC Discovery Match
       – 7 UCSD, UCI Professors, 9 Students
           –   Advanced CMOS Analog System Design
           –   Transmit Diversity and Beam Forming Methods for Wireless Communications
           –   Improved OFDM RF Transceiver Components for Wireless LAN Applications
           –   Power Management for Communication Devices
           –   Multi-Frame Video Enhancement Algorithm
   •   Orincon
       – $ 1 Million
       – 5 UCSD Professors, 4 Students, One Post-Doc                                 10
           – WISE: World Information Security Environment
   New Industrial Clusters Developed Recently:
        Nissan, Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota
• Sponsored Research
  – $ 3.9 million total including UC Discovery match
     – 5 Professors (ECE, CSE, CogSci, Psychology), 13 students
        –   Human Centered Intelligent Driver Support Systems
        –   Vision Based Occupant Posture Analysis for Safe Airbag Deployment:
        –   Software Service Design for Automotive Infotronics
        –   Advanced Engineering Methods for Networked Automotive Software
• Donated Infrastructure
  – Infiniti Q45
  – VW Passat

            New Centers Are Forming:
        UCSD Center for Networked Systems
Andrew A. Chien, Director (CSE)                In Serious Discussions with:
                                        AT&T, Alcatel, HP, Sony Online
    New Technologies

    New Applications                           Systems

     15+ Great         New Technologies and               Measurement, Modeling,
    Researchers!           Frameworks                          and Analysis

        Technologies and Frameworks for Robust, Secure,
                 and Open Networked Systems

    UC Irvine Integrated Nanoscale Research Facility –
Cal-(IT)2 Materials and Devices Collaboration with Industry
• Collaborations with Industry       • Working with UCI OTA to
   – Joint Research With Faculty       Facilitate Tech Transfer
   – Shared Facility Available For   • Industry and VC Interest in
     Industry Use
                                       Technologies Developed at INRF
                                         $5M      Research Funding

                                                  ’99-’00     ’00-’01     ’01-’02     ’02-’03
                                         M $
                 ORMET Corporation
                                          $3      Equipment Funding



                                                '99-'00     '00-'01     '01-'02     '02-'03

                                                 Federal agencies
                                                 Industry partners
                                                 State funding
                                                 Private foundations
     Only Three Years From Research to Market
    New Broadband Cellular Internet Technology
• First US Taste of 3G Cellular Internet                Installed
                                                        Dec 2000
   – UCSD Jacobs School Antenna
      – Three Years Before Commercial Rollout
• Linking to 802.11 Mobile ―Bubble‖
   – Tested on Campus CyberShuttle
                                                         Rooftop Qualcomm
• Verizon Introduces in San Diego                        1xEV Access Point

  Fall 2003

                                           CyberShuttle March 2002
High Resolution, Low Jitter Video Diagnosis Tool
  Cal-(IT)2, Qualcomm, Path 1, & UCSD Stroke Center
     End-to-End Quality of Service Management
  Video Delivered Over Broadband Cellular Internet
           to Specialists Viewing Station
      (Standard Laptop With Cellular Modems)
      Current Coverage 10 Mi. Around Campus

        Prototype Led to a $5-million, 5-Year Grant from the    15
       National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke
         Homeland Security Has Become
           a Major Focus for Cal-(IT)2
                                Tiled Display

           Situation Room Envisioned Two Years From Now
                 Source: Jason Leigh, EVL,   UIC—Cal-(IT)2   Partner
  NSF Award: Responding to Unexpected Events
      A Classic ―One-Institute, Two-Campus‖ Grant
• Five-Year $12.5 Million Large ITR Award-Started Oct 1
  – Twenty-Five Researchers and Professors
     – UCI PI: Sharad Mehrotra
     – UCSD PI: Ramesh Rao
     – Univ. Maryland, Univ. Of Illinois, BYU, Univ. Colorado, ImageCat
  – Community and Industrial Partners
     – City of Los Angeles, Irvine and San Diego Police
     – Ericsson, HNS, HP, Intersil, Parity, SAIC, SBC, Symbol, Qualcomm
  – Living Laboratory in San Diego Gas Lamp District
• Goal
  – Transform Ability of Responding Units to Gather, Manage,
    Use & Disseminate Information During an Emergency
  – To Reduce Response Latency and Cascades of Crisis
    Through IT Innovations, Saving Lives And Property
  Wireless Internet Information System for Medical
         Response in Disasters (WIISARD)
• First Responder Wireless Location Aware Systems
  For Nuclear, Chemical & Radiologic Attacks
     – Total NIH Award: $4.1 Million.
     – Duration 10/03 To 10/06


                            Leslie Lenert, PI,   18
                              UCSD SOM
              Cal-(IT)2 Collaboration
     Can Extend Corporate Vision—Example #1
• Original Focus:                 • New Vision:
   – ―Plug And Play‖ WiFi            – Mobile WiFi ―Bubbles‖ for First
     Hotspots Powered By               Responder Command Posts
     Cellular Internet Backhaul   • New Systems:
   – Derived From Cal-(IT)2
                                     – MANPACK: Self-contained Battery
     CyberShuttle Architecture
                                       Powered Rugged Units for Mobile
                                       WiFi Access to Web
                                     – Specifications Developed With
   Entrée Wireless                     WIISARD Team Based On Mass-
                                       Casualty Scenarios
                                  • New Opportunities:
                                     – Prototypes Testing With First
                                       Responders Within WIISARD Drills
                                     – Collaborative Design Of Advanced
                                       Multi-mode, Always Best Connected,
                                       Model of Connectivity Necessary for
                                       Disaster Operations
                   Source: Leslie Lenert, M.D., UCSD SOM
               Cal-(IT)2 Collaboration
      Can Extend Corporate Vision—Example #2
• Original Focus                   • New Vision: Mass Casualty
   – Indoor Location-Aware           Preparedness
     Systems Using WiFi                – Navy/DARPA Contract for Mass
     Technologies                        Casualty Tracking within Military
• Initial Market:                        Hospitals
   – Healthcare                        – WiFi Tags For Victims At Disaster
• Initial Application:                   Sites (WIISARD)
   – High-Value Asset              • New Systems
     Tracking                          – Wireless Pulse-Ox Patient Tracking
       – Infusion Pumps, Wheel           System (WIISARD) Integrated with
         Chairs, etc.                    AwarePoint Product
                                   • New Opportunities
                                       – WIISARD Team Facilitates Testing of
                                         Prototypes of Flagship Asset
                                         Tracking System at VA Hospital
                                       – Collaborative Development of Clinical
                     Source: Leslie Lenert, M.D., UCSD SOM
           Cal-(IT)2 and Emerging Industries:
 Gaming is a Defining Cultural Form of the 21st Century
• We Bring Innovative,      • Cal-(IT)2 Corridor is a Leading
  Multi-Disciplinary          Game Development Region
  Expertise to Push Forward • Creating an Experimental Game
  the Technological and       Lab within Cal-(IT)2@UCSD
  Expressive Fronts         • Industrial Engagements Include:
                               –   Sammy Studios
• Visualization Provides       –   Sony R&D
  Early Testbeds for Future    –   Sony Interactive
  Forms Of Gaming,             –   Rockstar
                               –   NDL Inc.
                               –   Havok
• Which In Turn Creates
                               –   Criterion/Renderware
  New Opportunities Of
  Visualization Research

   Exorarium--A Collaboration Between
Author David Brin and Artist Sheldon Brown

                            Computer Gaming Is Providing
                              The Conceptual, Technical
                             and Aesthetic Foundations
                               for Future Cultural Forms

 Multi-User Museum and                            23
On-Line Gaming Experience
               Keep Up with Calit2
   Visit Our Multimedia ―Newspaper‖ Web Page

  Federal Grants

                                       Major Events
                                       Calit@UCSD                              Day

                                         New UCI
       New                               Division
 Industrial Grants                       Director


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