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									VIP Detailed Assignment Help:
Below I have broken down each assignment into a more clear and understandable “how-to” format. If
you are ever confused by the lesson’s explanation on how to do an assignment, read below! 

 I would like you to answer the questions from the lesson and post them to the Discussion Group. Click
on "Discussion Groups" to the left. You'll see topics come up on the right-hand side. The first three
groups are for 1.02. Choose the one for your last name. For example, the first one is for last names A-H.
Once you've found your group click on it and scroll down. You should see a gray box with a link "new
message." Click on "new message" and paste your answers into the box that comes up. Give it a subject
title and click submit. Now others will be able to see your post. Next you read at least two other
students' posts and respond to them by clicking "reply to this message." Once you've posted your
responses you go to "Assessments." Click on 1.02, and in the comments box put today's date and the
names of the two people you responded to. Then check "submit for grading" and click submit. That's it!

You will write either a journal entry, make a chart, or create a collage--as long as your product answers
these questions:
How does government affect your life?
Product requirements:
Explain (or represent with pictures if you are doing a collage) at least three ways in which government
affects your life.
Product Choices:
Journal: Write one paragraph explaining at least three ways that the government affects your life.
Chart: Create a chart listing at least three functions of the government and how those functions affect
your life.
Collage: Create a collage representing at least three ways that the government affects your life.
You can pick how you want to do it, but basically I am looking to see you tell me 3 ways gov. affects your

You just need to write a 2 paragraph letter to me about how your "internship" is going. (you are on a
pretend internship to Washington DC--that's the theme of the course and you'll be called that
throughout the course-instead of a student). It needs to be at least 2 paragraphs, in letter format, and
you should answer the following questions:
Why did you decide to participate in the Washington, D.C. internship?
Are you excited to begin your journey? What intrigues you the most?
What topics are you most excited to learn about?
Do you have any questions or concerns at this point?

Basically you are going to incorporate the answers to the Declaration of Independence study guide that
you did (this is in the lesson area of 2.2) into a "script". You will also need to incorporate some of the
grievances the colonists had against the king into it (these were discussed in the SAS Pathways link—the
username to get into it is ‘flvs’. You will pretend you are a tour guide, walking some people through the
National Archives Building in DC, and you are going to explain to them everything about how the
Declaration was written and what it was about (see the directions for exactly what to include here). You
can take the tone like, “hi my name is John and I am here to tell you all about the Declaration of
Were you able to read the example in the lesson about the Barbie Museum tour guide? That should
help you set the tone of your script.

You basically need to do a 5 paragraph essay arguing whether or not you think the colonists had the
right to declare independence from Britain. You use the SAS website in the lesson (username: flvs) and
you have to use at least 3 facts in the essay, including mentioning one of Britain's other colonies and it's
status. You also have to cite your resources (even if they are from the lesson).

This is an oral quiz. Please review the following info and give me a call:
Here is what to expect on our first discussion based assessment (2.4) ...
we will discuss:
1) Greece and Rome
2) Types of governments (from 1.6 notes)
3) Grievances of the colonists
And your plans for collaboration in the class!

For this assignment I need you to either write a speech OR do a visual representation about the
preamble. You basically need to break apart that paragraph into the 6 purposes of the government. You
should list each purpose and give me a MODERN example of what our government is doing (or not
doing) today to fulfill this purpose. The key is to be sure to list the purpose and give an example of it in
action. You can also do a VISUAL presentation (like a powerpoint or a flyer) with pictures to represent
each purpose...just be sure to explain each picture and give an example of what the gov. is or isn't doing
to fulfill each purpose.

For this assignment there is a WORKFILE in the lesson (if you go to 2.8, then activity, then back one page,
in the top right hand corner, right click and open the workfile. Your assignment is to fill that in and turn
it in to me. To fill it out you will need to watch the hurricane Katrina video in the lesson (PBS frontline
video) and then you will also have to interview someone who has been through a hurricane before (this
can be a family member if you'd like). That's it!

For this assignment you just need to tell me 2 ideas that you learned (where you were like, "aha...I get
it!"). Just list 2 ideas from module 2, and explain what you learned about them.

SO, all you need to do is write write 3 paragraphs answering the following question.
What is the Tinker Standard and how does it affect schools today?
Be SURE to incorporate all of the following in your 3 paragraphs:
Tinker Case Review:
Clearly addresses the Focus Question: What is the Tinker Standard and how does it affect schools today?
Describes the facts of the Tinker case using the Document Analyzer and SAS videos as sources.
Defines the Tinker Standard.
Provides at least one detailed personal example or an example from a research source, of a way that the
Tinker Standard is applied in schools today.
Includes at least three references to the Document Analyzer sources and cites the sources in the Case
Review. Review information on Properly Citing Your Sources.
Must be at least three paragraphs in length.
Follows all rules of spelling, grammar, and capitalization. View the Tinker Case Review Grading Rubric
before beginning the Assignment.
This is the individual option--you can also choose to go to the live online debate to get credit for this.
Look at the calendar on my annct page and see if you are available to go. You can do it either way, as
long as you go to at least one online collaboration before you finish the class (you will have 5
opportunities to do so). So it's up to you!

Interview someone who has been summoned for Jury Duty and ask the following:
Jury Duty Interview Questions
Name of the person you are interviewing, and your relationship with this person:
Was this person part of the voir dire, or screening process?
Was he or she dismissed or chosen to serve on the jury?
If dismissed, does this person know why?
If he or she was chosen, did the case go to trial?
If so, how long did he or she sit on the jury?
What type of court was it - county court or state court?
Was it a Grand Jury or Petit Jury?
Was it a criminal or civil trial?
What did this person learn about the court process?
Did this person feel he or she was fulfilling an important civic duty by serving?
Make up 2 additional questions of your own:

In either a letter to your local representative, a TV announcement, informative pamphlet or a
song/ will answer the following question: Should the government be able to wiretap your
phone without a warrant? You can do it however you want (a lot of people just write a letter to a
Either way you do it, here is what you need to include in the product...
Here are the requirements of the product:
Product Requirements
Provide background information on the Patriot Act.
Answer the focus question stating your opinion.
Use at least three facts or statistics from the lesson page and external resources as evidence to support
your answer to the focus questions. Read more about using facts and statistics as supportive evidence.
It should be creative, innovative and informative.
As long as it has all of the above, you are good to go!

As for 3.8H, it isn't exactly an essay, it is a can do it one of 2 ways. You can do 3 paragraphs
for one side (supporting national security over privacy) then next, 3 paragraphs for the other side
(supporting privacy over securiy). OR, you can just do 6 total paragraphs ans make it like a conversation.
To do it this way, it is like you are writing a conversation between two political candidates. One is for
security taking priority, the other for freedom. It should be a back-and-forth conversation, like they are
responding to and undermining each others' points while emphasizing their own. In this assignment you
show me that you can appreciate both sides of the argument.
Which ever way you choose, be sure to use information about the USA PATRIOT Act in the debate. Both
candidates should have three main points (corresponding to each having at least 3 paragraphs of
speech). and you should use facts from the lesson to support each side. You also must give cite your
resources (websites you used to find info).

You just think of a quote that summarizes the lesson (or your favorite part of it) and put it in a bigger
color and font (so not really a sticker, but something that stands out) then write a paragraph about why
you chose this quote and what you learned in module 3.

This is an oral quiz…look this info over and call me anytime:
Here is what to expect on the 4.2 discussion based assessment:
-be able to discuss your jury duty interview (assignment 3.5)
-3 main parts of the Constitution (the actual document--the name of the intro, middle and end of the
-branches of government and federalism
-civil rights movement (famous Supreme Court Cases in that time)
-US Patriot Act

for 4.3, you need to write a 500 word "journal entry" talking about your decisions from the simulation
(why you voted the way you did). You will pretend you are that Senator...for example:
"Hi voters! This is Senator Rodriguez here, and I wanted to explain to you some of the decisions I've
been making..." Again, this should be a minimum of 500 words. AND then at the end of the blog, answer
the 5 reflective questions from the lesson.

I want you to take the typology test in the lesson (it's a link you have to click on) then, in a well-
developed paragraph, answer the following questions:
What were your typology results?
Were you surprised by your typology results?
Who else did you ask to respond to the typology questionnaire?
What were their thoughts on the results? Were they surprised?
What can we learn by these types of studies?

First of all, you are using the workfie from the lesson, in 4.5 right? Now, for 4.05 you are looking up your
elected officials' names, political party, and email address (and filling in the workfile chart). You can find
all of this for your federal and state officials through Project Vote Smart. All you need is your 9-digit zip
code, and if you don't know it there's a link on the site to find it. Once you put in your zip code, hit go,
then click on "current officials". This will bring up the names that go into the chart. At the top of the
chart, you will fill in our current president and vice president. Then for the US senators and house of rep,
you can look under Congressional on the website to find this info. Then, Gubernatorial is the Governor.
Then state legislative is for your state senator and rep. To find your local official, go to google and type
in your city and "mayor".

THEN, for either one of the US Senators (Nelson or Lemieux) go on their website and summarize one
main story that you see on their page.
**be sure to put in the contact info for each official as well. Here is help with this:
you can just click on the official's name on the projectvotesmart website, then it will bring up his/her
info. On the right is their URL and below that says "complete contact info" to click on...that's where all
the contact info is. BUT just an email or their URL will work for me.

For this assignment you will be making up your own idea for an interest group and then creating a
presentation to showcase this interest group (who it is, what it does and how it plans to make changes
to meet it's goal). You should think up a catch name and logo, explain your group in detail (who you are,
why you choose this group and what the issue is). THEN, 50 points of the assignment is to creat a plan
for change--in other words, how will you get the government to work with your group. See the rubric in
the lesson for more ideas on what kind of action plan you could take to get some change. You can make
it like a flyer on a word document or make it a powerpoint presentation. either way! :)

To fill out the workfile that is in the lesson, you will need to:
Access the Project Vote Smart Voting Records page.
Select your state.
Click on Congress.
Click on your U.S. Representative.
Scroll down to “Pick an Issue.”
Choose an issue and view their voting record on that issue.
This should give you the info you need to fill out the workfile.

To fill out that workfile, you have to go to the project vote smart voting records website (the link is in
the lesson, but here's the direct URL:
 Next, you will do the following:
Select your state, and click Go.
Click on Congress.
Click on the name of the official you are researching.
Read through the voting record as well as other areas throughout the page to learn about the
committees they serve on.
Then you write a letter to your senator about the following info:
Introduce yourself and your educational background (what grade you are in, what class you are taking,
where you attend school, both traditional and online).
Mention that you are a constituent and some of the interesting information you have learned about
Write about the issue you selected and explain why it is of interest to you.
Be sure to give at least two facts or comments on your topic that you have learned.
Present your questions to the official concerning the issue. Some possible questions might include: How
do they feel about the issue? Why do they feel this way? What persuaded them to vote the way they
did? How important do they consider the issue to their constituents?
Basically, you are researching a senator and some of his voting records, then writing him a letter
answering the questions above.
Be sure to submit the whole workfile with the letter at the end of it.

Create a list of at least 5 items you did not know before completing this module. Be sure to be
descriptive in your statements. For example, instead of saying “I did not know what Interest Groups
were," say “I did not know Interest Groups were private organizations that try to influence public

For 5.1 you just use the profile format in the lesson (did you see the workfile-it is titled 'MyGovBook
profile template'?). You will fill it out and also answer the reflection questions at the end. Be sure to
incorporate all the requirements. Also-be sure to incorporate how your candidate fulfills the jobs of the
president under the "about me" part of the profile format.
Here are the product requirements:|
Your product should introduce your Presidential candidate. Your candidate should have a fictitious or
made up name and persona. You will need to include an image of your candidate. You can create one or
use an existing image.
Your product should clearly illustrate how your candidate meets all three Constitutional requirements
for a President. Your product should clearly illustrate how your candidate meets at least three societal
requirements for a President. (Remember, there is no list of societal requirements to refer to. Think
about the qualities you look for in a Presidential candidate.)
Your product should clearly illustrate how your candidate is best prepared to do each of the 6 jobs of a
President highlighted for you in the lesson.
5. Submit the answers to the following reflection questions:
If you could change one of the Constitutional requirements for Presidents which one would you change
and why?
Explain what you consider to be the most important societal requirement of a Presidential candidate.
Why is this quality so important?
In the lesson you read about Amendment 22. Do you feel that the 22nd Amendment should be
repealed? Give at least two solid reasons to support your opinion on why it should or should not be

All you need to do is choose 2 political cartoons from the website in the lesson, and analyze them by
answering the questions in the lesson. Did you see those?
Be sure to answer in as much detail as possible, and you are good to go! You can also find ONE on the
website, and then draw your own--either way works for me, as long as you answer the questions from
the lesson for each cartoon.

For 5.5H, you basically need to give me your opinion (in 5 paragraphs--an intro, 3 body, and a
conclusion) on whether or not you think the President should have the power to declare war. As long as
you discuss the War Powers Act and any other 2 facts from the lesson to support your opinion you are
good to go. Also be sure to cite your sources.
For 5.8 presidential survey, you were supposed to read about impeachment and watergate then submit
a study guide with questions from that reading, THEN you had a few questions that you were supposed
to ask your friends/family (a survey) to see how well people understand what impeachment is, then you
tell me what the results are.
So you submit the study guide answers and the survey results with 2 reflective question/answers with
your thoughts on the issue.

Basically you just need to list a few words you remember learning about (like vocab words) then in a
paragraph explain/summarize what you learned in module 5.

For 6.2 you write a 3 paragraph letter to an editor about an issue you want changed in your community.
You are going to propose a change to this issue (a ballot initiative) that you want people in your
community to vote on. You need to explain the problem and explain the exact fix you are proposing, and
ask people to support your initiative. The key is to be as detailed as possible about the problem (be very
specific) and also very detailed about how YOUR idea for an initiative will specifically help. What change
will it bring if people vote on it? How will it help the problem?
THEN, at the bottom, you need to answer the reflection question of "How is the ballot initiative you
propose an example of direct democracy?"

You can do this assignment one of 2 can do a 2 hour volunteer experience for your local
government (then you write about that and upload a signed form to verify you attended)...OR you can
create a flyer about what it takes to be citizen and some of the rights and responsibilities of citizens.
Here is more help:
You create a flyer incorporating the following requirements: First, what are the requirements to
becoming a naturalized US citizen (be specific and even tell me some of the questions on the
naturalization test). Next, you will list AND explain what you think are a citizens top five RIGHTS and top

Participate in a local political event, write a blog on your experience and what it takes to be a citizen of
the US and include the signed participation form (scanned in or take a digital picture of it and upload as
a jpg).

You will create a flyer or powerpoint telling me how to be a registered voter in Florida. Be sure to
include all the requirements to vote in FL, how to register, how to vote specifically in your community
(polling locations, etc) and when the next election is. Also be sure answer the reflection questions at the

For 6.6 you basically need to to create a flyer (or you can do a powerpoint) that makes people want to
have the job that you are showcasing (must be a government job) is what I am looking for:
Educational Pamphlet:
o       Must include graphics and color
o       Include all of the assessment requirements
o      Must be organized and professional in nature
Presentation Requirements
1.     Name of government career
2.     Job description (what do they do day to day?)
3.     Training and education requirements (Licenses? College degrees?)
4.     Location requirements (Where do employees need to live?)
5.     Highlights of this career (interesting facts-like salary, benefits, opportunity for advancement,

This is an oral quiz. Look over the following information and give me a call:
For the 6.7 discussion based assessment, here are some tips:
During your phone call we will be discussing:
•        topics and assignments since your last oral component (Module 4, 5, and 6),
•        the 06.02 Focus Question: "Is direct democracy good for state government?", and
•        your choice for the greatest American Symbol.
Just to give you some more details about what to expect when I ask you about modules 4-6, here are
some topics I will cover:
electoral college
initiative, referendum, recall
responsibilities of a state government

Write a fake email to a future student telling me what you liked about the class and what changes you
would like to see.

you need to fill out the collaboration guide that is located in the 6.8b lesson area (it is the blue link, you
right click it and open it up, copy and paste the info into a doc and fill it out based on how your
collaboration webinar went)...just upload that saved guide in the assessment area.

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