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					To                                                              Dated 25.02.2010

The Director General
Nirman Bhawan,
New Delhi

         Sub: - 2nd Cadre review of Group B Ministerial Staff

         Ref: - Our representation No.GBCPWDOSAAI/41 dated


      Your kind attention is invited to this Association’s above mentioned
representation under which a cadre review proposal for Head Clerks and Office
Superintendents was submitted to you.

2.0      In the said proposal we have categorically objected to the proposal of the
         Department for the merger of Head Clerks and OS-II category and to treat
         the OS-II and OS-I category as one group as per 6th CPC’s specific
         recommendation contained in Para 7.46.25 which was accepted by the
         Finance Ministry (Implementation Cell) vide their O.M. Finance Ministry,
         Department of Expenditure (Implementation Cell)) vide its No. 46(5) E-
         III(B) 2010 dated 17.05.2010.(copy enclosed)

3.0      Please note that the issue of merger of HC & OS-II into a single category is
         subjudice and any move to frame a cadre review proposal clubbing Head
         Clerks and OS-II into a single category will be highly arbitrary and gross
         injustice due to following facts:

      a) There is an OA filed by our Association against the impugned proposal of
         the Department for the merger of HC & OS-II into a single category pending
         before the Hon’ble Principle Bench of CAT, New Delhi.

      b) The impugned proposal of the Department for the merger of HC with OS-II
         has been returned by the Ministry of U.D. enquiring whether any court case
         is pending on the subject matter.
      c) It is an un disputed fact that Department as on date also issues promotion
         orders from H.C to OS-II which itself shows that the HC is a feeder cadre
         and OS-II is promotional cadre. In this regard, documentary proof is the
         Directorate’s recent Office Order No. 5/28/2010-EC.IV(SC) dated 30.12.2010,
         vide which 19 Head Clerks were promoted to the post of OS-II out of
         which 7 of them were posted in the offices replacing/substituting the OS-I.
         (Copies enclosed)

4.0      Justice can be met only if the Department accepts the fact that OS-II is a
         promotional post for Head Clerks, OS-II & OS-I are required to be treated as
         a single category on admitted fact of functional parity and inter
         changeability (as has been accepted by the Department on many occasions
         even in Courts). Accordingly, cadre review proposal is required to be made
         in a realistic manner considering the 452 Head Clerks as one block and 130
         OS as another block. Such a proposal will be in the larger interest of the
         Group B Ministerial staff consisting of 452 Head Clerks and 130 Office
         Superintendents (OS-II & OS-I) so that both Head Clerks and Office
         Superintendents are benefited in the cadre review in monetary terms and

       Further we request your good self that Cadre Review proposal may be
finalised in consultation with us which is a requirement as per DOPT instructions.
It appears that certain quarters are still interested to formulate a proposal
considering the HC & OS-II as one block ignoring our legitimate demands. Such a
proposal will benefit only a few employees who are at present on the top of the
seniority list. Further, such proposal will be suicidal and at the sacrifice of large
number of other employees of Group B Ministerial staff(Head Clerk and Office
Superintendents.) Any such proposal will not be acceptable to us and will be
opposed tooth & nail.

      We have formulated our cadre review proposal considering all the above
facts and hope that your good self will find the said proposal submitted on
8.2.2011 justified, reasonable and consider the same in a positive light.

With regards

Copy for information and necessary action forwarded to:-

   1. The Director (Works), Ministry of UD, Nirman Bhawan New Delhi
   2. The Dy. Secretary, Department of Expenditure, North Block,New Delhi
   3. The Director (S&D) CPWD., Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi. W.r.t. the Cadre
      review proposal submitted by this assocaition.

General Secretary

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