A guide to healthy living in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula

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       A guide to healthy living in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula

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Bay HealthStyles is an annual publication. Please call the Rappahannock Record at 435-1701 or the Southside Sentinel at 758-2328 to be
included in this local directory or to make updates or changes. Listings are free to businesses in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula.
Highlighted listings showcase an advertiser. The area code for all listings is 804 unless otherwise noted.

Emergency Numbers                                Gloucester                                        493-0652
National Suicide Crisis Hotline                 Commonwealth Assisted Living                     Reedville
800-784-2433                                     Gloucester House                                  Bay Aging Adult Day Break
Poison Control Center                           7657 Meredith Dr.                                 454 Main St.
800-222-1222                                     693-3116                                          453-3332
The Haven 24 hour hotline                       www.commonwealthal.com                            Saluda
800-22HAVEN                                      Cary Adult Home                                  Saluda Riverside Convalescent Center
                                                 7336 Cary Ave.                                    672 Gloucester Rd.
Alcohol Abuse & Addiction                        693-7035                                          758-2363
Middle Peninsula Northern Neck Community        Sanders Senior Living Community                  Tappahannock
Services Board                                   7385 Walker Ave.                                  Essex House
800-693-9882                                     693-2000                                          17976 Tidewater Trail
www.mpnncsb.org/employment.php                   Walter Reed Convalescent Center                  443-5921
Urbanna                                          7602 Meredith Dr.                                 Warsaw
Tidewater Recovery                              693-6503                                          Orchard Senior Living Community
381 Virginia St.                                 Hayes                                             20 Delfae Dr.
758-4242                                         Ransom Home for Adults                           313-2400
Saluda                                           8146 Broad Marsh Ln.                              River Meadows
Mental Health Substance Abuse                   642-6927                                          42 Mitchell Ave.
Administration                                   Irvington                                         313-2033
13794 Tidewater Trail
                                                 Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury              www.americanretirementhomes.org
                                                 132 Lancaster Dr.
                                                 438-4000                                          Warsaw Healthcare Center
Allergists & ENT                                                                                   5373 Richmond Rd.
Gloucester                                                                                         333-3616
Pierre Martin                                   Kilmarnock
7570 Hospital Dr., Suite B 105                   The Lancashire
                                                 287 School St.                                    West Point
693-3478                                                                                           Riverside Convalescent Center West
Tappahannock                                     435-1684
                                                 www.vahs.com                                      2960 Chelsea Rd.
Virginia Allergy & Asthma                                                                         843-4323
Joseph Vilseck                                   Commonwealth Assisted Living                     West Point Adult Home
1396 B Tappahannock Blvd.                        Mayfair House                                     505 Main St.
527-1190                                         460 South Main St.                                843-4366
Ambulance Services                               Locust Hill                                       Cardiology
Tappahannock                                     Mizpah Nursing Home                              Gloucester
Lifecare Medical Transport                      758-5260                                          Cardiovascular Center of Hampton Roads
1019 Elm St.                                     Mathews                                           Andrew Burton, Eric Chou, Edward Chu,
443-0767                                         Riverside Convalescent Center                    Richard Edwards, William Gillen, William
                                                 603 Main St.                                      Harris III, Daniel Langdon, Anthony Lombardo,
Assisted Care                                    725-9443                                          Hugh McCormick, Paul Micale, Allan Murphy,
& Senior Living                                  The Brambles                                     Charles Vaughan, Rafic Zaitoun
Farnham                                          20 Plantation Rd.                                 7547 Medical Dr. Suite 2100
Farnham Manor                                   725-1211                                          694-5553
511 Cedar Grove Rd.                              Montross                                          Kilmarnock
394-2102                                         Washington & Lee Home                            David Hughes
                                                 for the Elderly                                   101 Harris Dr.
                                                 2556 Flat Iron Rd.                                435-7735
Charles D Price III                            Dentistry: General               Ric Davila
107 DMV Dr.                                     Aylett                           2845 General Puller Hwy.
435-3103                                        Andrea Mitman                   758-3806
Tappahannock                                    769-4699                         Tappahannock
Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists            Burgess                          Joey Colina
Robert M. Bennett, Brian Holdaway, Shelton W.   Alfred D. Hurt, Jr              1646 Tappahannock Blvd.
Thomas, J.A. (Tom) Thompson                     746 Jessie Dupont Mem. Hwy.      443-5984
658 Hospital Rd., Suite 302                     453-3101                         John Gregory
443-6235                                        Stephen Radcliffe               625 Charlotte St.
www.vacardio.com                                216 Jessie Dupont Mem. Hwy       443-3820
                                                453-4361                         Robert Johnson
Chiropractic & Acupuncture                      Callao                           139 Prince St., Suite 1
Gloucester                                      Richard Cottrell & Associates   443-4484
Towne and Country Chiropractic                 529-7339                         Hollis Wolcott
Layton Merithew                                 Fredericksburg 540-710-1088      523 Daingerfield St.
6091 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.                    King George 540-775-7671         443-6642
693-0093                                        www.cottrellsmilesva.com         Urbanna
Hayes                                           Colonial Beach                   Eric Miller
Gloucester Chiropractic Center                 Mark Gares                      5372-A Old Virginia St.
Steven Yates                                    222 Wilder Ave.                  Urbanna Professional Center
2654 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.                    224-0727                         758-1103
642-6106                                                                         www.ericmillerdds.com
Kilmarnock                                      Deltaville Dentistry            Warsaw
Northern Neck Chiropractic                     C. Ben Lennon                    Irina Chandler
351 South Main St.                              15613 Gen. Puller Hwy.           253 Main St.
435-3333                                        776-9484                         333-0226
www.nncpc.com                                   Gloucester                       Roy Pugh
                                                Heath Allen, Timothy Leigh      5671 Richmond Rd.
Pure & Simple Family Chiropractic                                               333-4054
56 Irvington Rd.                                6882 Main St.
                                                695-2575                         West Point
www.pure-n-simplechiro.com                      Harold Dumas                    Sam English, DDS
                                                693-3635                         628 Main St.
Mathews                                         Hayes                            843-3233
Towne and Country Chiropractic                 CR Harris                       www.samenglishdds.com
Layton Merithew                                 2922 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.     Mark Neale
12 Court St.                                    642-4893                         428 9th St.
693-0093                                        Irvington                        843-3602
Reedville                                       Robert Westbrook
Claire Michie-Acupuncture                      4346 Irvington Rd.               Dentistry: Oral Surgery
858 Main St.                                    438-1000                         Glen Allen
453-4488                                        Kilmarnock                       Kanyon Keeney
Saluda                                          Daphne Papaefthimiou,           11545 A Nuckols Rd.
                                                Steven Short                     270-5028
Family Chiropractic
                                                508 Irvington Rd.                www.oralfacialsurgery.com
John Earl Lemon
498 Gloucester Rd.                              435-3102                         Gloucester
758-1800                                        Brooks Johnston                 Daryl Pirok
www.backandbodyworks.tsfl.com                   28 Waverly Ave.                  7547 Medical Dr., Suite 1100
www.adjustyourhealth.tsfl.com                   435-2110                         693-4220
                                                Dale Lazar                      Hayes
Tappahannock                                    283 North Main St.
Atlas Family Chiropractic                                                       Hampton Roads Oral
                                                435-3008                         and Maxillofacial Surgery
Jeffrey White, Natalie White                    David Newman
217 Duke St.                                                                     Kenneth Tankersley
                                                61 Irvington Rd.                 2654 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.
443-6967                                        435-1220
Richard Banker Chiropractor                                                     684-9325
                                                Michael Nickerson               Tappahannock
215 Queen St.                                   240 S Main St.
443-5099                                                                         Walter K. Murphy
                                                435-6916                         1413 Tappahannock Blvd.
                                                Mathews                          443-5232
West Point                                      Mathews Dentistry
West Point Chiropractic Clinic                 C. Ben Lennon
Joanne Schmit                                                                    Dentistry: Orthodontics
                                                9979 Buckley Hall Rd.            Hayes
712 Main St.                                    725-9485
843-2093                                                                         David Morris
                                                Montross                         2674 B G. Washington Mem. Hwy.
                                                Family & Cosmetic Dentistry     642-2112
Colon/Rectal Surgery                            Charles Palmer
Tappahannock                                                                     Kilmarnock
                                                493-8993                         Beth Faber
Michael Francis                                Saluda
Med. Arts Building A                                                             100 DMV Dr.
                                                Christopher Marshall            435-0686
659 Hospital Rd., Suite 203                     Saluda Professional Center
443-6232                                        655 Gloucester Rd. (758-2143)
Tappahannock                                  Deltaville                                     Tappahannock
Beth Faber                                   Fishing Bay Family Practice                   Tappahannock Family Practice
1790 Ball St.                                 Steven Griswold, Sterling Ransone, Jr.         Ryan Williams, Anastasia Cleary
443-6419                                      16681 General Puller Hwy.                      300 Mount Clement Park, Suite C
                                              776-8000                                       443-6063
Dentistry: Periodontist                       Gloucester                                     Urbanna
Hayes                                         Riverside Gloucester                          Urbanna Family Practice
Harvey Woodruff III                          Family Practice                                James R. Robusto
2654 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.                  Donald Tschan, David Kemp                      5399 Old Virginia St.
642-3558                                      Building B 7560 Hospital Dr., Suite 101        758-2110
woodruffperiodontics.com                      693-4300                                       Warsaw
                                              Gloucester Primary Care                       Warsaw Medical Arts
Dentistry: Prosthodontist                     Frank West III, Robert Cross                   Richard Dunn, Teresa Williams, NP
Hayes                                         7547 Medical Dr., Suite 2300                   333-6400
Philip Render                                693-4084                                       West Point
7198 Chapman Dr.                              Hartfield                                      TMPG West Point
684-9971                                      Chesapeake Medical Group                      Family Practice
                                              Matthew Jaeger                                 Marlene Capps, Donald Carver, Lisa Cash
Dermatology                                   9891 Gen. Puller Hwy.                          405 15th St.
Gloucester                                    776-9221                                       843-3131
Dermatology Consultants                      Hayes                                          White Marsh
of Gloucester                                 Riverside Hayes Medical Center                TMPG White Marsh
David Muffelman                               Daniel Muench                                  Family Practice
6790 Wood Ridge Dr.                           2246 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.                   Louise Kirk
693-6527                                      642-6171                                       4844 G. Washington Mem. Hwy., Suite 8
                                              Heathsville                                    693-0042
Diagnostic Imaging                            Chesapeake Medical Group                      White Stone
Hayes                                         John G. Daniel, Bonnie Daniel                  White Stone Family Practice
Tidewater Diagnostic Imaging                 8152 Northumberland Hwy.                       B. Keith Cubbage, David Nichols, Linda Toney,
3630 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.                  580-7200                                       Robert Duffer, Rachel Kancianic, Inez Pruitt
757-867-6101                                  Kilmarnock                                     30 Shady Ln.
                                              William Stallings                             435-3133
Endocrinology                                 RGH 101 Harris Dr.
Colonial Beach                                435-8000                                       Fitness & Weight Management
Luma Ghalib                                  Paul Alan Sutherland                          Deltaville
700 McKinney Blvd, Suite 12                   RGH 101 Harris Dr.                             Curves for Women
224-6322                                      648-3663                                       16273 Gen. Puller Hwy.
                                              Chesapeake Medical Group                      776-7762
Family Practice                               Bridgett Wolf-Small, Tamara Hall, ACNP         Gloucester
Aylett                                        86 Harris Rd.                                  Riverside Wellness and Fitness Center
Bon Secours Aylett                           435-2651                                       7516 Hospital Dr.
Medical Center                                Lively                                         693-8888
Augustine Lewis III, Mark Rosenberg           Chesapeake Medical Group                      Curves for Women
7864 Richmond Tappahannock Hwy.               Norman Rocky Tingle, Jr., Salvatore Bavuso     6736 Main St.
769-3096                                      36 Lively Oak Rd.                              Hartfield
King William-Dawn Community Doctors          462-5155
                                                                                             Middlesex Family YMCA
Alice Pyles, Allen Tsui, Motsumi Moja, Mary   Lottsburg
                                                                                             11487 General Puller Hwy.
Lynn Booker                                   Lottsburg Family Practice
11814 King William Rd.                        D. Downs Little
769-3022                                      1949 Northumberland Hwy.
Burgess                                       529-9996                                       Hayes
Bay Harbor Medical Arts                      Mathews                                        Curves for Women of Gloucester
Vikas Maan                                    Mathews Family Medicine                       2351 York Crossing Dr.
740 Jessie Dupont Mem. Hwy.                   Bruce Bradfield, Shannon Burris                684-0877
453-5466                                      28 Church St.                                  Heathsville
Lewis Clinic                                 725-4115                                       Northumberland Family YMCA
W. Emory Lewis                                Riverside Mathews Medical Center              59 Monument Place
15137 Northumberland Hwy.                     Steven Griswold, David Kemp 10976 Buckley      580-8901
453-3777                                      Hall Rd.                                       Kilmarnock
Callao                                        725-5005                                       Curves For Women
Callao Medical Arts                          Montross                                       459 Main St.
Michael Chatterson                            Westmoreland Medical Center                   435-7776
17452 Richmond Rd.                            Lisa Jenkins Haynie, Andrew F Walker, Angela   Northern Neck Family YMCA
529-6141                                      Ernst                                          39 Harris Rd.
Colonial Beach                                18849 Kings Hwy.                               438-0223
Alfred Larry Boulware, Russell Williams      493-9999
700 McKinney Blvd., Suite 12                  Mount Holly                                    ShapeWorks
224-6322                                      Lloyd T Griffith                              Carolyn Prescott
                                              5962 Cople Hwy.                                436-5004
King William                               General Practice                              Kilmarnock
Snap Fitness                              Aylett                                        The Audiology Offices
694 Sharon Rd.                             King William-Dawn Community Doctors          45 N Main St.
769-7627                                   Alice Pyles, Allen Tsui, Motsumi Moja, Mary   435-0758
Mathews                                    Lynn Booker                                   www.audiologyoffices.com
Mathews Family YMCA                       11814 King William Rd.                        Beltone-Ledford Audiology & Hearing Aid
10746 Buckley Hall Rd.                     769-3022                                      Center
725-1488                                   Hartfield                                     25 Office Park Dr., Suite 4
Curves for Women of Mathews               CMG Family Practice                          435-1134
6253 Buckley Hall Rd.                      Ellen Ann Duer                                Family Hearing Aid Center
725-3400                                   9891 General Puller Hwy.                      720 Irvington Rd.
Montross                                   776-9221                                      435-1644
Westmoreland Family YMCA                                                                Miracle Ear Hearing Aid Center
18849 Kings Hwy.                           General Surgery                               12 S. Main St.
493-8163                                   Gloucester                                    435-0670
Tappahannock                               Middle Peninsula General and Vascular        Mathews
Curves                                    Surgery                                       The Audiology Offices
1649 Tappahannock Blvd.                    Jeffrey Molle                                 28 Church St.
445-8600                                   7547 Medical Dr., Suite 1500                  725-5706
Riverside Fitness                         693-3081                                      www.audiologyoffices.com
1025 Hobbs Hole Dr.                        Gloucester Surgery                           Montross
443-0500                                   Melvin Ressler                                The Audiology Offices
Warsaw                                     7554 Hospital Dr., Suite 303                  112 Peach Grove Ln.
Get Fit Express for Women                 693-3400                                      493-7500
4308 Richmond Rd.                          Kilmarnock                                    www.audiologyoffices.com
333-9100                                   Chesapeake Medical Group                     Tappahannock
Richmond County Family YMCA               Buchanan Dugan
                                                                                         The Audiology Offices
45 George Brown Ln.                        95 Harris Dr., Building 2
                                                                                         1251 Tappahannock Blvd.
333-4117                                   435-2686
West Point                                 Steven J. Oltermann
Greater West Point Family YMCA            95 Harris Dr. Building 1
3135 King William Ave.                     435-1608                                      The Hearing Aid Place
843-3300                                   Tappahannock                                  721 Charlotte St.
                                           Riverside Tappahannock Surgical Associates   443-5925
Free Health Clinics                        Michael Francis, Reginald Mason               http://thehearingaidplace.net/
Hayes                                      Medical Arts Building A                       Hospice & Home Care
Gloucester-Mathews Free Clinic            659 Hospital Rd., Suite 203
                                           443-6232                                      Farnham
2276 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.                                                             The Doctor in the House
642-9515                                                                                 691 Normans Corner Rd.
Kilmarnock                                 Health Products & Nutrition
Northern Neck Free Health Clinic          Gloucester
                                           N-Touch Nutrition                            Gloucester
51 William B. Graham Court                                                               Hope in Home Care
435-0575                                   6091 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.
                                           693-0093                                      S. Bay Building, Second Floor
www.nnfhc.com                                                                            6655 Main St.
Tappahannock                               Hayes                                         824-9232
Tappahannock Free Clinic                  Healthy Solutions                            Riverside Walter Reed
317 Duke St.                               4858 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.                  Home Health
443-9590                                   693-2450                                      7542 Hospital Dr.
                                           Kilmarnock                                    693-8825
Gastroenterology                           Higher Health Foods                          Gloucester Point
Gloucester                                 43 N. Main St.
                                                                                         Family Centered Resources
Internal Medical Associates               436-0011
                                                                                         1528 G. Wash. Mem. Hwy., Suite 9
of Gloucester                              Saluda                                        684-2444
Richard Crowder                            Family Chiropractic                          www.fcr-inc.com
7547 Medical Dr., Suite 2200               John Earl Lemon
693-2720                                   498 Gloucester Rd.                            Hayes
Tappahannock                               758-1800                                      Concordia Home Health Services
Bon Secours                               Tappahannock                                  2988 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.
Tappahannock Towne Center                  Mid Virginia Health Food Services            642-1051
Gastrointestinal Specialist                Veggie Corner                                 Kilmarnock
Frederick Duckworth, Ofer Feder            172 Melody Ct.                                Intrepid USA Home Health Services
Kathleen Pack, RNFNP                       445-0073                                      26 Office Park Dr., Suite 1
1396 B Tappahannock Blvd.                                                                435-0500
443-9308                                   Hearing & Audiology                           RGH Home Health Services
Gregg Valenzuela                          Gloucester                                    101 Harris Rd.
659 Hospital Rd.                                                                         435-8587
                                           The Audiology Offices                        Visiting Angels
Medical Building A, Suite 101 (443-6020)   Ann Depaolo Wietsman, Linda Carr-Kraft        67 Irvington Rd.
                                           6105 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.                  435-2229
                                           695-1199                                      www.visitingangels.com
Tappahannock                                       Deltaville                                    Medical Equipment
Hospice of Virginia                                Riverside Fishing Bay Family Practice       & Supplies
Tappahannock Towne Center                          Christian Wathen                              Hayes
1328 Tappahannock Blvd.                            16681 General Puller Hwy.                     Mobjack Medical
443-4090                                           776-8000                                      4148 Eagle Rd.
www.americanhospice.com                            Gloucester                                    642-5678
Mid Atlantic Home Health                          Andrew Burton, Richard Edwards, William      Kilmarnock
1413 Teakwood Dr., Suite D                         Gillen, William Harris III, Daniel Langdon,   Anchor Pharmacy
443-2971                                           Hugh McCormick, Paul Micale, Allan Murphy,    2 S Main St.
Riverside Tappahannock Hospice                    Rafic Zaitoun                                 435-2186
659 Hospital Rd., Medical Arts Building A, Suite   7547 Medical Dr., Suite 2100                  Mathews
201                                                694-5553                                      Hudgins Pharmacy
443-6130                                           Gloucester Primary                           256 Main St.
Urbanna                                            Robert David Cross, Sarah Ebbers West         725-2222
Hospice Support Care                              7547 Medical Dr., Suite 2300
of Middlesex                                       693-4084
                                                                                                 Horizon Home Care Supplies
606 Remlik Dr.                                     Internal Medicine Associates
                                                                                                 1222 Sycamore Dr.
758-0050                                           of Gloucester
Warsaw                                             Richard Crowder, Robert Davis, Geoffrey
                                                                                                 Med-Air Homecare
Hospice Support Services                          Thomas, Roger Alan Watkins, Thomas Young
                                                                                                 Essex Square Shopping Center
of the Northern Neck, PO Box 262                   7547 Medical Dr., Suite 2200
333-0084                                           693-2720
                                                   Cary Fishburne                               Warsaw
Americare Plus                                                                                  Regal Medical Services
42 Mitchell Ave.                                   7363 Walker Ave.
                                                   695-0305                                      333-4646
www.americanretirementhomes.org                    Laura Kerbin
                                                   7544 Medical Dr.                              Mental Health: Psychiatry
White Stone                                                                                      Gloucester
Family Centered Resources                         693-9037
                                                   Hayes                                         Mary Boland
220 Chesapeake Dr., Suite H                                                                      9228 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.
436-0009                                           Brian Moylan
                                                   2246 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.                  693-5640
www.fcr-inc.com                                                                                  Laura Mark, Parthiv Sheth, Salman Siddiqui
                                                                                                 9228 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.
Hospitals                                          Kilmarnock
Gloucester                                         James Bryant, Jennie Web-Wright, June
                                                                                                 Phillips & Rose PC
Riverside Walter Reed Hospital                    Daffeh
                                                                                                 7580 Hospital Dr., Suite 201
7519 Hospital Dr.                                  101 Harris Dr.
693-8800                                           435-8000
                                                   Vicki Kinsel                                 Warsaw
Kilmarnock                                         101 Harris Dr.                                Warsaw Counseling Center
Rappahannock General Hospital                     435-2651                                      Joseph Dolansky
101 Harris Rd.                                                                                   414 Main St.
                                                   Bay Internists                               333-3671
                                                   John Deschamps, Steven Glessner, Kevin
www.rgh-hospital.com                                                                             White Stone
                                                   McGrath, Patricia Monge-Meberg, Charles D
Mechanicsville                                                                                   Andrew J Billups, PSYD
                                                   Price III, Joseph Bessler, Jackie L. Oren
Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical                                                           220 Chesapeake Dr.
                                                   107 DMV Dr.
Center                                                                                           435-6777
8260 Atlee Rd.
764-6000                                           HCA Physician Services                       Mental Health:
http://www.bonsecours.com/hospitals/memorial       95 Harris Rd.                                 Child Psychiatry
                                                   435-6472                                      Gloucester
Tappahannock                                                                                     Salman Siddiqui
Riverside Tappahannock Hospital                   Lottsburg
                                                   Lottsburg Family Practice                    9228 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.
Rt 17 and 360                                                                                    693-5068
618 Hospital Rd.                                   D. Downs Little
                                                   1949 Northumberland Hwy.                      Warsaw
443-3311                                                                                         Salman Siddiqui
                                                   Tappahannock                                  414 Main St.
Internal Medicine                                                                                333-3671
Aylett                                             Bon Secours Tappahannock
Brian Blackwell, Motsumi Moja                     1396 B Tappahannock Blvd.
                                                   443-9308                                      Mental Health:
11814 King William Rd.                                                                           Licensed Counselors
769-3022                                           Bon Secours Tappahannock Primary Care
                                                   Bruce Bucher                                  Deltaville
Burgess                                            721 Charlotte St.                             Middle Peninsula Northern Neck Community
Riverside Bay Harbor Medical Arts                 443-5378                                      Services Board
Vikas Mann                                         Randy Ferrance, Irim Massay, Renick Smith,   Youth & Family Services
140 Jessie Dupont Mem. Hwy.                        David Trent, George Tucker III                776-7501, 776-7529
453-5466                                           618 Hospital Rd.                              Gloucester
Colonial Beach                                     443-3311                                      Middle Peninsula Northern Neck Community
Alfred Larry Boulware, Luma Ghalib                John Michos, Gregg Valenzuela                Services Board
700 McKinney Blvd., Suite 12                       659 Hospital Rd., Suite A 101                 Gloucester Counseling
224-6322                                           757-594-4006                                  800-639-9668, 693-9668
Robert Anderson, Brian Clemmons, Wanda
Dungan, Emily Eanes, Karen Fowlkes, Hilda   Obstetrics & Gynecology                          Oncology
Guzman, Jamie Norman, Carolyn South         Gloucester                                       Gloucester
9228 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.                Premiere Health Care                            Peninsula Cancer Institute
693-5068 or 693-5057                        for Women                                        Mark Ellis, Laura Kerbin, Kimberly Schlesinger,
Philips & Rose PC                          Joel Backer                                      Guy Tillinghast, Mashour Yousef, Nancy
7580 Hospital Dr., Suite 201                7547 Medical Dr., Suite 1200                     McKinney, Michael McKenna
693-0810                                    693-2670                                         7544 Medical Dr., Suite B
Chesapeake Counseling Associates           Gloucester Women’s Clinic                       693-9037
Carolyn Dolan, Wanda Dungan, Jennifer       Robert Klink, Janet Dehoux ANP, Lisa Casanova,   Virginia Oncology Associates
Pritchett                                   Robert Henke, Leslie Hurt, Diane Maddela,        John Regan, Ronald Ruszkowski
7319 Martin St., Suite 2                    William Harry Woessner                           6876 Main St.
695-2557                                    7685 Meridith Dr.                                693-3232
Gloucester Point                            693-4410                                         Kilmarnock
Carolyn Dolan                              Kilmarnock                                       Katherine Salvant
642-9792                                    James Hamilton                                  RGH 101 Harris Dr.
Hayes                                       95 Harris Rd.                                    287-3000
Therapy Associates                         435-0023                                         Bon Secours Oncology Assoc.
of Gloucester                               Virginia Women’s Center                         Susan Schaffer
Carolyn Tighe, Patricia Holloway,           Kathryn Stout                                    RGH- Cancer Center
Dr. Aziz                                    102 DMV Dr.                                      101 Harris Rd.
Abingdon Office Park, Suite 10              436-8038                                         435-8583
642-3414                                    www.vwcenter.com                                 http://www.bonsecours.com/cancer/
Kilmarnock                                  Matthew Vogel                                   Montross
Diana Lunn Jamison, Andrea Latell,         CMG, Building 2                                  Mid-Rivers Cancer Center
Carol-Winter Allen                          95 Harris Rd.                                    Dr. Christopher Walsh
25 Office Park Dr. #2                       435-2686                                         15394 Kings Hwy.
436-9218                                    Tappahannock                                     493-8880
W.E. Pullman & Associates                  Bon Secours Tappahannock                        Tappahannock
Wesley E. Pullman                           Dominion Women’s Health                          Joseph Evers, David Trent, George Tucker III
77 S. Main St.                              Danny Shaban, Thomas Mead, Biali Espinosa,       618 Hospital Rd.
435-9800, 436-2708                          Zvonko Spasic, Claire Murphy                     443-6137
                                            Tappahannock Towne Center
Keystone Counseling
                                            1396 B Tappahannock Blvd.                        Ophthalmology
                                            443-9308                                         Gloucester
40 Court St.                                Laura Gogia
725-1202                                                                                     Hampton Roads Eye Associates
                                            648 Hospital Rd., Suite B 305                    Todd Geisert, Kearfott Stone, Jeanne Brooks
Warsaw                                      443-6240
Middle Peninsula Northern Neck Community                                                    7590 Hospital Dr.
Services Board                                                                               693-5560
                                            Occupational Therapy                             Heathsville
Warsaw Counseling Center                    Gloucester
Brian Clemmons, Elizabeth Clemmons, Jamet                                                    Robert Jacey
                                            Tidewater Physical Therapy                      710 Train Ln.
Cowan                                       6965 Fox Hunt Ln., Suite 201
414 Main St.                                                                                 580-2454
                                            694-8111                                         Kilmarnock
333-3671                                    Virginia Health Rehabilitation Agency
Mona Shelvin                               7602 Meredith Dr.                                Old Dominion Eye Care
4485 Naylors Beach Rd.                      693-6503                                         Harold Weiler
333-4426                                                                                     101 Technology Park Dr.
                                            Hayes                                            435-0547
Mental Health:                              Tidewater Physical Therapy
                                            7190 Chapman Dr.                                 Tappahannock
Marriage and Family                                                                          Juan Astruc, John O’Keefe, Ali Tabassian
Gloucester                                                                                   648 Hospital Rd., Suite 304
Carol Dolan                                Kilmarnock
9228 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.                Carousel Physical Therapy
                                                                                             Lee R. Brock
693-5068, 693-2673,                         500 Irvington Rd.
                                                                                             Riverside Tappahannock Medical Arts Bldg.,
800-542-2673                                435-3435
                                                                                             Suite 200
Hayes                                                                                        800-552-4024
Carolyn Tighe                              RGH Sports Medicine Center
7192 Chapman Dr. Suite 10                   43 Harris Rd.                                    Opticians
642-3414                                    435-8501                                         Gloucester
Lively                                      King William                                     Morris Optical Company
Brooke’s Lively Therapy                    King William Physical Therapy                   6105 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.
Susan Brooke                                694 Sharon Rd., Suite R                          695-9595
462-7919                                    769-7504                                         Martin, Thomas, Walker Prescription
                                            Urbanna                                          Opticians
Neurology: Sleep Disorders                  Rural Infant Services Program                   7558 Hospital Dr.
Gloucester                                  5372 B Old Virginia St.                          693-5919
 Riverside Neurology and Sleep Disorders   758-5250
Tom Bond
Hayes                                        Weems                                          Mathews
Wicox Eye Center                            Floyd Griffith, James Prince                  Riverside Mathews
Tyndall Square                               853 Irvington Rd.                              Medical Group
2652 G. Washington Mem. Hwy., Suite 1        435-2616                                       Karen Ransome, Ginger Richardson C.P.N.P.
642-9800                                     West Point                                     10976 Buckley Hall Rd.
Kilmarnock                                   Floyd Griffith, James Prince                  725-5005
Fashion Focus Optical                       417 8th St. (843-3843)                         Tappahannock
853 Irvington Rd.                            Orthopedics                                    Randy Ferrance, Stewart Jennings
435-2616                                     & Sports Medicine                              618 Hospital Rd.
Stylish Eyes                                Gloucester                                     443-3311
266 D N. Main St.                            Riverside Gloucester Center                   Warsaw
435-2620                                     for Orthopedic Surgery                         Riverside Pediatrics- Warsaw
Warsaw                                       David Muron, Rich Hughes PA-C, Chris Schultz   Sharon Band, Alison Dunn, Laila Jennings
Fashion Focus Optical                       PA-C                                           16 Delfae Dr.
396 Main St.                                 7544 Hospital Dr., Suite 202A                  333-1260
333-3684                                     693-0529
West Point                                   York River Orthopedics                        Pharmacies
West Point Vision Care                      and Sports Medicine                            Aylett
100 Winters St.                              Hugh Bryan III, Andrea Crawford                King William Good Neighbor Pharmacy
843-9030                                     Building C                                     7890 Richmond Tappahannock Hwy.
                                             7584 Hospital Dr., Suite 202                   769-3885
Optometry                                    693-4645                                       Callao
Colonial Beach                               Kilmarnock                                     Rite Aid
Gilchrist Eyecare Center                    West End Orthopedic Clinic                    17422 Richmond Rd.
Charles Gilchrist                            David R. Antonio, Ann Robbins                  529-6230
420 A Colonial Avenue                        95 Harris Dr, Building 5                       Gloucester
224-2061                                     435-3146                                       Gloucester Pharmacy
Gloucester                                   Tappahannock                                   7453 Hargett Blvd.
Michael Xu                                  Glenn Spiegler                                694-5815
6819 Walton Ln., Suite A                     Riverside Medical Arts Bldg. A                 Rite Aid
757-480-5005                                 659 Hospital Rd., Suite 202                    6908 Main St.
Eyemax                                      443-4227                                       693-2160
Hien Nguyen                                                                                 Wal-Mart Pharmacy
6651 Main St.                                Pain Management                                6819 Walton Ln.
694-4999                                     Tappahannock                                   694-0060
Hayes                                        Meenakshi Bindal                              Hartfield
Peter Wilcox                                618 Hospital Rd.                               Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy
Tyndall Square                               443-6143                                       9893 General Puller Hwy.
2652 G. Washington Mem. Hwy., Suite 1                                                       776-9990
642-9800                                     Pediatrics                                     Hayes
Eastern Eye Associates                      Deltaville                                     Farm Fresh Pharmacy
Gemma Meadows, Mark Meadows                  Fishing Bay Family Practice                   Rt. 17
2285 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.                 Karen Ransone, Pamela Strotmeyer, Ginger       642-2208
642-2290                                     Richardson C.P.N.P.                            Rite Aid
Hudgins                                      16681 Gen. Puller Hwy.                         2460 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.
Paul Edwards                                776-8000                                       642-2115
44 Cricket Hill Rd.                          Gloucester                                     Heathsville
725-2430                                     Gloucester Pediatrics                         Heathsville Pharmacy
Tappahannock                                 Barbara Allison-Bryan                          8152 Northumberland Hwy.
Lee R. Brock                                5659 Parkway Dr., Suite 230                    580-7400
Riverside Tappahannock Medical Arts Bldg.,   210-1055                                       Kilmarnock
Suite 200                                    Courthouse Pediatrics                         CVS
800-552-4024                                 Harriette Fishburne, Cary Fishburne, Erika     100 James B. Jones Memorial Hwy.
Ronald Ball, Jonathan Noble                 McLean                                         435-1602
1660 Tappahannock Blvd.                      7363 Walker Ave.                               Main Street Pharmacy
443-0203                                     695-0305                                       308 North Main St.
Gilchrist Eyecare Center                    Hayes                                          435-8818
Charles Gilchrist                            Children’s Clinic                             Wal-Mart Pharmacy
402 Airport Rd.                              Abingdon Square                                200 Old Fair Grounds Way
443-5388                                     642-9231                                       435-6317
William G. Ryan                             Kilmarnock                                     Walgreens Pharmacy
611 Della St.                                Chesapeake Medical Group                      573 N Main St.
443-3901                                     Barbara Kahler, Rebecca Wright, CPNP           435-8890
Warsaw                                       86 Harris Dr.                                  King William
Northern Neck Eye Center                    435-1152                                       King William Pharmacy
Floyd Griffith, James Prince                                                                7890 Richmond Tappahannock Hwy.
396 Main St.                                                                                769-3885
Lively                              RGH Rehabilitation Services                     Kilmarnock
Lively Drug                        43 Harris Rd.                                    William Olson, Ronald Washburn
36 Lively Oaks Rd.                  435-8501                                         RGH 101 Harris Dr.
462-5644                            King William                                     435-8539
Mathews                             King William Physical Therapy                   Tappahannock
Hudgins Pharmacy                   694 Sharon Rd., Suite R                          Peninsula Radiological Associates
256 Main St.                        769-7504                                         Riverside Tappahannock Hospital
725-2222                            Tappahannock                                     618 Hospital Rd.
Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy           Essex Physical Therapy                          443-6044
Rt. 198 S.                          311 Virginia St.
725-2556                            443-4850                                         Renal Dialysis
Montross                            Urbanna                                          Gloucester
Rite Aid                           Rural Infant Services Program                   RAI
15748 Kings Hwy.                    5372 B Old Virginia St.                          7547 Medical Dr., Suite 1400
493-9505                            758-5250                                         693-8897
Tappahannock                        Warsaw                                           Tappahannock
Rite Aid                           Belfield Physical Therapy                       Tappahannock Dialysis Center
1840 Tappahannock Blvd.             549 Main St.                                     1922 Tappahannock Blvd.
443-4709                            333-8222                                         443-6542
Tappahannock Pharmacy              West Point                                       Warsaw
517 Church Ln.                      West Point Physical Therapy                     Vicki Kinsel
443-3461                            100 Winter St., Suite 106                        4709 Richmond Rd.
Wal-Mart Pharmacy                  843-9033                                         333-4444
1660 Tappahannock Blvd.
443-1988                            Podiatry                                         Rheumatology
Urbanna                             Hayes                                            Lively
Marshall’s Drug Store              Tina Frye                                       John Melton
50 Cross St.                        2900 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.                     36 Lively Oaks Rd.
758-5344                            642-1417                                         462-5155
Warsaw                              Kilmarnock
Rite Aid                           The Foot Center                                 Social Worker
4671 Richmond Rd.                   720 Irvington Rd.                                Gloucester
333-4122                            435-1644                                         Phillips & Rose PC
West Point                          Tappahannock                                     7580 Hospital Dr., Suite 201
Rite Aid                           Ronald Landess, Joan Shumaker                   693-0810
14th and Main St.                   Medical Arts Building A                          Middle Peninsula Northern Neck Community
843-2880                            659 Hospital Rd., Suite 104                      Services Board
White Stone                         443-6400                                         Gloucester Counseling
White Stone Pharmacy                                                                9228 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.
                                    West Point
416 Chesapeake Dr.                                                                   693-5068
                                    Total Foot Care
435-1051                                                                             Chesapeake Counseling
                                    Kristen Gringrich
                                                                                     7319 Martin St., Suite 2
                                    712 Main St.
Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation                                                    695-2557
Gloucester                                                                           Hayes
Tidewater Physical Therapy         Pulmonary Disease                                Regina Gerstman, Carl Neighbors, Freddie
6965 Fox Hunt Ln., Suite 201                                                         Vines, Michelle Zielenski
694-8111                                                                             7192 Chapman Dr., Suite 10
                                    John Michos
Virginia Health Rehabilitation                                                      642-3414
                                    659 Hospital Rd. Medical Building A, Suite 101
7602 Meredith Dr.                   443-6020                                         Kilmarnock
693-6503                                                                             Merlin Steider
Riverside Physical Therapy         Radiation Oncology                               113 DMV Dr.
7519 Hospital Dr.                                                                    436-9926
693-8867                            Riverside Middle Peninsula Cancer Center        Mathews
Hartfield                           James Wassum                                     Brad Skelding
Peak Performance Therapy           7544 Medical Dr.                                 Second Floor, 40 Court St.
10880 General Puller Hwy.,          693-4900                                         725-1202
Suite B                             Montross                                         Urbanna
776-0000                            Mid Rivers Cancer Center                        Susan Gamble Hallatt
Hayes                               Christopher Walsh                                381 Virginia St., Suite 200A
Tidewater Physical Therapy         15394 Kings Hwy.                                 758-4242
7190 Chapman Dr.                    493-8880                                         Warsaw
642-3028                                                                             Warsaw Counseling Center
Riverside Therapy Services         Radiology                                        Susan Campagnola, Clayton Neal, Judith
2656 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.        Gloucester                                       Notorianni
642-5601                            Peninsula Radiological Associates               414 Main St.
Kilmarnock                          Riverside Walter Reed Hospital                   333-3761
Carousel Physical Therapy          7519 Hospital Dr.
500 Irvington Rd.                   693-8856                                         Spas & Massage
435-3435                                                                             Deltaville
www.carouselpt.com                                                                   Massage by the Bay
                                                                                     16314 General Puller Hwy. C-2
Gloucester                                 Spa 2 U                                  Kilmarnock
Premiere Health Care                      Mobile Therapeutic Massage                David Harris
for Women                                  Ruth Forrest                              Bldg. 3, 95 Harris Dr.
Nicole Hogge                               453-5367                                  435-1661
7547 Medical Dr., Suite 1200               Saluda                                    Tappahannock
692-2670                                   Tami’s Touch                             Bon Secours- Virginia Urology
                                           2747 General Puller Hwy.                  C. Ryan Barnes, Douglas Ludeman, Scott
Hayes                                      815-1667                                  Rhamy
Bridgewaters Aveda Salon and Spa          Rivah Day Spa                            Tappahannock Towne Center
6661 Hickory Fork Rd.                      624 Gloucester Rd.                        1396 B Tappahannock Blvd.
693-6272                                   758-5775                                  443-5393
Trendsetters Salon and Day Spa            Urbanna                                   Jeffrey Haskins
1755 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.               Charlotte Baldwin                        Riverside Medical Arts Bldg. B
684-0990                                   758-2126, 695-4768                        668 Hospital Rd., Suite 300
Hayes Therapeutic Massage                                                           443-6245
                                           Suzanne White
2961 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.
                                           57 Cross St., Suite D                     Vascular Surgery
642-5502, 642-2100
Relaxation Station-Massage and Movement                                             Tappahannock
Therapy                                                                              Bon Secours Virginia Surgical Associates
3759 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.                                                         L. Paul Bosher
                                           Sports Medicine
642-4231                                                                             Tappahannock Towne Center
Gloucester Chiropractic Center            White Marsh                               1396 B Tappahannock Blvd.
2654 G. Washington Mem. Hwy.               John Elliott                             443-9308
642-6106                                   4844 G. Washington Mem. Hwy., Suite 8
Hair By Sarah                                                                       Bay HealthStyles seeks to ensure that all
                                           Speech Pathology                          content and information published here
11144 General Puller Hwy.
776-0061                                   Gloucester                                is current and accurate as of the date of
                                           Virginia Health Rehabilitation Agency    publication. This information does not in any
                                           7602 Meredith Dr.                         way constitute legal or professional advice, it
Charlotte Baldwin                         693-6503                                  is a directory of professionals. In addition, Bay
758-2126, 695-4768                                                                   HealthStyles cannot be held responsible for the
Moxie Body Salon                          Rural Infant Services Program            contents of any external links listed here.
18 North Main St.                          5372 B Old Virginia St.
435-3100                                   758-5250, 800-305-BABY (2229)
Tyme for Me Massage
Stephanie Reeves
511 S Main St., Suite B                    Gloucester
436-6555                                   Riverside Walter Reed Urology
                                           Fredrick Arnold
                                           7552 Hospital Dr., Suite 302 (693-9062)

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