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									         Diploma in Civil Engineedng / Diptoma
         in Electrical & Mechanical Englneering
                      Term-End Examination                a

                  BET-O11: MATHEMATICS-I

Time : 2 hours                                  MoximumMalks : 70

     No,e t Attempt Q. No. I uhich is compulsory ond ony
            other lout questions. In all, soloe fioe questions.
            All questionscofty equal morks. Use oJ colculators
            is pemitted.

l.     {a) Simplib and express the result with positive

       {b) Find whetheror not th€ lirst polynomialis a lactor of
           the second.
                 n2      E   ^24    --2    1.

       (c)   Solve

     1                                                        P.T.O.
  (d)    In a circle with centre O and radius5 cm, AB is a
         chord of length6 cm. lf OM -t AB, find the lengthof

  (el    If circumference a circleis 44 cm., find its area.

  (f)    Computethe el€venthterm of the sanes

  b) Find a unit vectorperpendicllarto the vectorsi, f.
   (h)   Find the principal value of

            sin230' + cos230'

   0     Find the radianmeasurecorespondingto 15".
   (k)   Find th€ equationof a straight[n€ passingthrough
         (4, 3) and slope2.

         Determinelhe equationof a circle if ils centreis
         (8, - 6) and radius 5 units.

             What is meaning of the lollowing box ln a flow
             chaft ?

         (n) Mention fout computerprogramminglanguag€.

    2.   (a) The first term ol an AP is 4, and the tenth term is
             31. Determine sumol the first 10 terms.
         (b) Express lollowingwithout logariihms:
              log x = logP + 2 log Q-log        K- 3

                           f              l-6
                           l        !*'v"
                                        l                    5+5+4

    3.   (a) ll     a2 + bz - 7 ab, prove ihai
                   2 log (a + b) = log 9 + log a + log b
         (b) Find th€ middlet€rm in ihe expression

                       /           -3f
                       I           b/
              then complte the l"llue oI n,

         1                                                    P.T.O.
4.   (a)   Provethat

                                 sn x)     L

     (b) Show that
             sin 105' + cos 105' = cos45 '

     tc)   Findthe angleof elevation the sunat a time when
           a wrtical pole 12 mehes hrgh castsa shadow 20
           metres longon the ground.                    5+5+4

5. (u) Find the equations lineswhich passthrougha point
           (4, 5) and makean angleof 45" with the line

     (b) Find the equationof a line thai has x-interc€pt-3
         and is perpendicular th€ line 3x + 5y = 4

     (c,   Find the equationof a line passingthrough ihe point
           {1, 3) and maktng angleof 60'with the positi\re
           direction ol x-axis.                            5+5+4

6. ia) Find the co-ordinates of the ceDtre and radius of the


     (b) Find the €ccentricity, foci, and centre for the ellipse

            In the adjoining{igure,AB and CD are h{o chordsol
                                 eachother at p
            a circle, inters€cting
            If z BAC = 40", ard t BpD = 110.,
            find Z PBD.

7.   (al   r r. * l - z i + 3 f a n d b = z t * ss t ,
           then find a x b. Veriiy that a nnd a x b are
           perpendjcular lo each otber,

           Find the value of ), so that the vectors
              zi-ai +2t ansl-r.i*st
           are perpendicllar to each other

           Show thdt the vectors
            u=3t*4i anu=el._rzf
           are parallel.

     1                                                    1,000
      Diploma in Civil Engineering,/Diploma in
         Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
                     Term-End Examinatiorl
                          June, 2OO5

                        BET-012: PHYSIGS

Time : 2 hours                                   MaximumMorks: 70

     (i)     Answer ang five questions. Quesfion no. 1 's
     (ii)    All qlestions cofty equol marks..
     (iii)   Giue SI units of physicol quantities in numerical

             You can use o colculotot.

l.           any seuen parts :
     Ans.r./er                                                    2x7

     (a)     Define intensityof soundwaves,and write its units.

     (b)     Draw shess - strain curve for a steel wire.

     (c)     The resistance an electricheater is 25 Q and its
             ends are connected to the poles of.a 90 V dry
             battery. Calculate the current flow in the heater

BET.O12                                                       P.T.O.
     ld) Why paramagnetic and diamagnetic substances
           cannot be used to make permanentmagnets?
           Convert 120" on Celsiusscaleinto Fahrenheitscale.
     (f)   Define Diopter.

     igl   Draw ray diagram for image formed when the obj€ct
           is kept between F and C in froi,t of a concave

     (h) Give t',{/o applications of Pascal's Law.

2.   (a) Name the lactors allecting velocig ol sound wave in
           a gaseousmedium, Discuss
                                  them.                           6
     (b) An ai! column with a tuning fork of frequency
           v = 256 Hz resonates with column lengths of
           334 cm and 101.8 cm. Calculate the speed of
           sound in air.                                          4

     tcl   Dellne surlace iension and give iLs SI unit How
           does the ,"alue of surface tension depend on
           temperature?                                   2, 1, 1

3.   (a)   Whai is a paramagnetic substance ? Give one
           example. State txo properiies of paramagn€tic
           substances.                                     1 ,1 , 2
     (b) Define one calorie of h€at. How is it related with
           Joule?                                               2,2

           Calculaie mean kinetic energy for one gram mole oI
           hydrogen ai S.T.P. Given density of hydrog€n at
           S.T.P. is 0 09 kg m-3.                                 6

4. la) State Kirchhoff's law of black body radiation. 2
   (b) A \teel wire of lenglh 4 ? h and cross-seclion
           3 0x10_5 m2 stretchesby the same amount as a
           copper wire of iength 3 5 m and cross-section
           4'0X10 5 mz under a given load. What is the rdtio
           of the Young's modulusoI ste€lio that of copper ?         6
           Define ihe term magnification in lenses. Calculate
           the focal length ol a convex lens that can be used to
           throw 29 times magnifiedimage.ol an object on a
           screen20 cm away.                                       2,4

           Explain construction and working of a compound
           microscop€,with a neat labelleddiagram.        1,5
     (b) A wire 2 crn long and 0.40 mm in diameter has a
           resisianceof 4 O. Caiculatethe resistivityof the
           material oI th€ wire.                                     4
     (c)   A charge q is moving with a velocig 1, in a region
           wbere both the magneiic field.B and electric field
            E are simuitaneously present. Whai is the Lor€ntz
           lorce acting on the charge ?                              2
     (d)   What is the principle of a galvanometer ?                 2

6.   (a)   Whai are secondary cells ? Explain their worldng
           principle.                                       2,2

     {b)   Calculai€ the operating magnetic lield required ior
           accelehting protons if the ndius of the cyclotron
           dees is 50 cm and its oscillator lrcquency js 16 MHz.
           cj,,eD e - 7.6 x 10-19 C; -    = 1.67 x lO-27 kg.         4

BET-o12                                                        P.T.O.
     (c)   State FaEday's laws ol electrolysis. Eiplain      the
           importance of Faraday constant in el€ctroiysjs.         3, 1
     (d)   Why are the passengers advised to remove ihe ink
           {rom their pens \rhile going up in an aeroplane ?         2

7.   Write short note$on any ,&o of ihe following :                7x2
     (a)   Determinaijonof Mechanical        of
                                    Equlvalent heat

     {b)   Daniel Cell

     lc)   Archimedes'principle

     {d)   Tele.cope

             Diploma in Clvil Engineering / Diploma
             in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
                       Term-End Examination
                            June, 20O5

                        BET-013 CHEMISTRY
    Time: 2 hours                                   Maximum Morks ' 70

       (i)     Question No. I is compulsor!,.
.      (ii)    Ansuer ony fo          questions/rom Quesiions No.
       (iii)   All questionscarrg equol marks.
       (iu) Use ol calculator is allowed.

    r, (a)     Define ionizationenergy.How does it vary acrossthe
               periods in the periodic table ?
       (b) Ljst any four charact€ristics non-metals.
       (c)     What is red mud ? Explain briefly
       (d)     lce floats on liquid water. Give reasons.
       {e)     Ditferentiate bet'r./eena Calorie and a British Thermal
       (0      Wtit€ the us€sof molybd€numdisulphide.
       (s)     Define glass transition t€mperatute- How          is it
               important ?                                               2x7

    BET-o13                                                         P.T.O.
2.   (a) What is modem periodlclaw ? Descdbevariousparis
          of the modem perjodictable.
     (b) Giv€ the eleckonic configurationsof the following

                Ms l'12),Fe '26), As(33), Sn(50)
          List five generalpropertiesof d block elem€nts. 5, 4, 5

3.   (a) Discussany two meihodsol pr"paration of hydrogen
          gas and list its five uses.
     (b)             the following reactions
          (il                   '-
                 NH4NO3 (.)

          (i0    3 NO2 ki + H2O (i) '-------+

          How is nitric acid produced by Oshrald proc€ss ?
          List t o usesoI nitric acid.                 5, 2, 7

4.   b)   Write any iwo or€s ol iron. How is iron extracted
          using a blast fumace ? Illustrate your answer with the
          help o{ the chemieal reactions involved and a labelled

     (b) Give compositionand usesof lollowing alloys ,
                Brass,Gold (18 carat)                         1o,4

          What is meant by demineralisation of '&arer ?
          Describe ihe proc€ss of demin€ralisation
                                                 using ion

BE'T                                 2
     (b) What is boiler corrosion ? Suggest iis preventive

           Explain ReverseOsmosisprocesso{ desalinationof
           braikish wat€r.                             6,4, 4

6.   (a)   Illustrai€Otto Hoffmann's by-productoven process
           to nanulacture metal)u coke.
     (b)   Discuss Fischer Tropsch process to produce synthetic

           De{ine cloud and pour pojnis of lubricants. How are
           rhese deternined ? Stap 'herr (ignifi(dnce in
           lubricaiion.                                     5,3,6

z.   (a) What do you mru by polgmers ? Write the
           mechanismof free radicalpolgmerisation.

     {b)   What is w canizationof rubbers?

     \CJ   Give composition.propertiesand usesof pyrex glass
           and optical glass.
     (d)   What is clay ? Explain the term plasticity and
           describe methods to obtain '€quired plasticig.

BET-o13                                                       1,000
         Diploma in Civil Engineerlng / Diploma
         in Electrical & Mechantcat Engineering
                         Term-End Examination

                  BET-O14 APPLIED

Tirhe | 2 hows                               Moximum Morks: 70

     Note I Atterhpt Q. M. I rahich is cofipvttotg and ony
            othet lour questions. In oll, sahreftoe qvestions.
            All questionscarty equol motks.UseoJ cqlculator
            is permitted.

l.     (a) Select tbe righl answer from the given four
           alternatives.                          10x1=1O
            (i)    A particle of mass m has momentum p, !t's
                   kinetic ene4g ruill be
                   {a)    n1p

                   (b)     2p2



BET.O14                                                    P.T.O.
      {ii)    A particle moves in a circular path of radius r.
              In half the period ol revolution, its displacement
              and distance co\reted are
              lal   2\ 2nr

              {u)               ll'
              lcl   2\ ft

              ld)   r, ft

      (iij)   The re$ltani o( t'.ro Jorces P and Q aciing ar
              an angb e is equd to
              {a) {P' + Qf + 2PQsine
              (b)   iP' + Qt + 2PQcose
              (c)   {P" + Q' -         2PQsin0
                            -    -;-
              (d)   \jP' + Qz -        2PQcose

      {ie) The efliciency of a tifting machineis the rafio
              {a)   its outputto input
              (bl   work done by it to the viork done on lt
              ic)                adr,antage lts r,€locity
                    its mechanical        to            ratio
              (dl   AUof the above

      {v) A lifting machine ha\,ing an efficiency less thah
           50% is known as
           (a)   reversiblemachine
           (b)   id€al machine
           (c)   noh-.e!€rsible0achine
           (d)   None of the above

      (vi) Th€ velocity raiio of a simple wteel and .!de
           with D and d as the diameters of effort wheel
           and load axle is
           (a) D+d

           {b)   D-d
           (c)   Dd
           (d)   D/d

      (vii) The iime of tlight of a proiectiie on a horizo al
            plaoe is
           ,^,   2u sin cr

           (b)   2u coso

BET-O14                                                   P.T.O.
      {uit The maximumdisplacement a body moving
            with simple harmonic motion from its mean
            position is called
            {a)   oscillation
            {b)   amplitude
            (c)   beat
            (d)   None of the above
      (ix) The dope on the rcad surfaee generalb
           providedon the curvesis known as
            (a)   angleof frictton
            {b)   angleof repose
            {c)   angleof banking
            (d)   None ol the abor€
      (xl   The kinericenergyo[ a body of mass I kg is
            12.5 kg m2 s_2.Its momentumln llnits of kg

            (a)   25
            (b)   5
            (c) o
            ld) 1.2.s

  (b) Fi in the blank:                                4x1-4
            If the resultantof two forces and 'Q' acting
            at an angle0 makesan angleof cr with P, then

          (ii)    The coefficient of static fricton is aways
                              than coefficient of d!'namic friction.
          (ii')   Th€ centroid of an equilateral triangle of sid€ 'h'
                  is located from any of its three sides at a
                  distance           h,
          {i')    A ball dropped lrom the top of a tower reaches
                  the ground in 6 seconds. The height of the
                  to\lrer $

2.   An electriclight fixture weighting15 N hangsfrom a point
     C by h^,ostringsAC and BC. The string AC is inclinedat
     60'to the horizontal and BC at 45" to the vertical   as
     shown in figur€ 1. Determin€the {orcesin the stringsAC
     and BC.                                                  14

       Figurc 1

BET-O14                                                           P.T.O.
3.   A truss shown in figure 2, is subjected t\xo point loads
     at B and F Find the fo:cesin all the members the ttuss
     and tabulatethe results                                  14
               F-    3m  ----+F-       3m  -----i
     1.5 >P


                 Figure 2
4.   (a) Definecoefficient staticfrictionandangleof friction.
         Showthat p = tan 0 wh€r€the lettershar,€thef usual
     (b) Two block A and B of weights 1 kN and 2 kN
         respectiveD in equilibriumposition as shown in


          II the coeffici€ntof friction behreenthe hvo block as
          well as the block B and the floor is 0 3, find ihe
          minimum {orce (P) requirei to move the block B.

     (a)   Show that there are h,\'o angles ol projection for a
           projectile to have the same horizontal range. What will
           be the maximuh heights attained in the tJ/o cases ?
           Compare ihe t'.,,/ohejghis for 0 = 30" gnd 60".

     (b)  A projectile is lired honzontallg with a velociiy of
          98 ms-r from a hill 490 m high.
          (i) time taken to reach the ground
          (ii) th€ distanceof ihe target from th€ hill, and
          (iii) the velocity with which the dy         strikes the
6.   Find the moment of ineriia of a T s€ction . as shown in
     tigure 4 about X-X and Y-Y axesthrough the C.G. of
     the section.                                                  14
                      F_      150 mm ___l
            50 mm

                              ,50 mm.
                              F- -n

                              Figure 4

BET-O14                            7                            P.T.O.
7.   (a) State Newlon's second law of motion and prove that
          impulse is equal io the chang€ in momentum

     {b) Two masses 7 W          d 12 kg are connected at the
         t1r,o ends of a light inextensible string that passes
          over a frictionl€ss pulley. Find the acceleration of the
          massesand the tension in the string when the masses
         are rcleased.

a, (a)   A block of mass 0 8 kg is dragged along a level
          surlac€ at constant acceleration by hanging a block
          of mass 0.2 kg as shown in figure 5. Calculate th€
         tension in the siring and the acceleration of the


                      Figure 5

      Two blocksof masses = 2 kg andMz = 5 kg arc
      moling in the same direction along a frictionless
      surface with speeds 10 mt1 and 3 mi1
      respecth,ely, being abeadof Ml. An ideal spnng
      with K = 1120 N m-r is attached the backsideof
      block Mz as shoumin figure 6. Find the maximum
      compressjorof the spring!^then block collide.

          -----' 10 mtl            ---- 3 ms-i


BET.O14                                             1,o00
      Diploma in Civll Engineering / Diploma
      in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
                    Term-End Examination
         BET-015 ENGINEERING
               :           MATERIALS

Time , 2 hours                                 MaximumMorks: 70

Note t   Attempt dlt questions. All questions carry equal

1.   (a) Fiil in the blank ;                        7x1=7
         (i) Dull paiches developedon a paini sudace is
                -            deiectol paint.
         (ii)    White lead and zinc oxide are -             in a
         (iii)                is the defect formed due to
                 improper sawing of timber.
         (iv) Outemost ring beiween the bark and sapwood
              whjch is rlot yet converled jnto wood is known

         (')                   is obtained by bumlng limestone
                 containing lot of clay and other substance.
         (vi)    Shale is a -_           type of material.
         (vit                   rocks are formed bv alteration oI
                 original structure under heat and pressure.

BET.'                                                          P.T.O
     (b)   State hue/faLse {or the follc*/,Jingstatements :       7x1=7
           (i)   The second class bricks have a minimum
                 crushing strength of 45 kghm2.
           (i4   A good timber should have regular annual rings.
           (iii) Blue siain is a def€ct of timber due to Fungi.
           (iv) A good sand should not have coarse and
                angular gYainso{ pure silica.
           (v)   Sandstone is a sedimeniary rock.
           (vi) Dolomite is a soft rock.
           (vii) A good brick should have a crushing str€ngih of
                 lessthan 105 kg,/cmz.
2.   Answer any trr,o o{ the followins :
     (a)   List the method of quarrying of stones and explain
           any tlro of ihem.
     (b)   Discuss the qualirv o{ good bricks.
     (c)   Explain the manulacturing tiles.

3.   Answer aoy trro of the {otlowing t                       7x2=14
     (a)   What are the essentialqualities of good building
           sion€s ?
     (b)   Dscuss the     selectlon ol     materials for   cement
     (c)   Explain the signilicanceof compactjonof concrete.
           How v,,ill you achleve this at a constyuctlon site ?

4.   Answer any lu,o ol the following :                   7x2=14
     la)   What ts decayol timber ? Explain variouscausesof

     (b)   Explain the chamcteristics good timber.
     (c)   Discuss propertiesof disiempers.

5.   Write short noteson :                           31xa=14
     (a)   Rapid HardeningCement
     (b) Blast Furnaica
                      Slag Cement
     {c) Air-entrainingcemeni
     (d    Lo;heat cement

BET-.                                                      1,000
       Diploma in Civil Engineering / Diploma
       in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
                    Term-End Examination

           BET-016: ENGINEERING

Time : 2 hours                                   MoximumMarks: 70

Note :     Port A is to be attempted on ansuer scrlpts ond
           Pott B on drawing she€is. Use oJ calculator is

                               PART A

     Attempt ony elgh, questions. All the questions cofty
     equol morks. (5 morks each)

l.   What are aligned s!6tem and unidirectional system of
     dimensioning ?

2 . What is the dillerence between a plain-scale and a
     diagonal-scale? lndicate the formula for the length of scale.

3 . lnscritte a circle in a given Equilateral-Triangle.

4.   Define Ellipse,Parabolaand Hlperbola by any method.

BET.O16                                                        P.T.O.
     Give the name of ihat curve which is traced out by a
     moving point on the circumference of a circle without
     slipping along a straight line and where it is used.
6. Define Projection and state the position of any object with
     respect to reference-planes {H.P and VP) in 3d Angle
     Projections of hro Points 'A' and 'B' are gi\€n in the figure.
     State the position of each point with respect to the planes
     of projection, giving the disiances in mm.

8.   What do you undeEtandby Tracesof a lioe ? Explain in

9,   Define 'plane' and make a list of different typgs of planes
     with simple sketches.

lO. What are ihe differentpositlonswhlch a solidcan takewith
    respectto the Reference-planes and V.P) ?

                                   shape? ExplainIn brief
11. How canwe developany calindrical
    with sketches.

12.Ditfercntiate         between        'lsometric-view'      and
                           Indicate the ratio beftreen Isometric
     Iength and Actual length also.

                           PART B
    Attempt ong two questions. quesfions
                            A/l        coftIesequol
    morks.(15 markseach)
13. Construct a parabola by Rectanglemethod when the
    abscissa {Axis) - 60 mm and the double-ordinate
    (Base) 100 mm.
14. A line 'PQ' 60 mm longhasits end 'P' in both H.P arld
    VP It is inclined 45'to H.P and 30'to VP Drawthe
    projectionsof line and determineits Tracesalso.
15. A PentagonalhJramid, edge of base 30 mm and height
    70 mm has its ole €dge ol the baseon the horizontal
    plane (H.P). Draw ihe projections the RJramidwhen its
    axismakes angleof 60'to the horizontal
               an                            plane(H.P.).
16. Two viewsof a coneare givenin figure.Draw its lsometric

BET.O16                                                 1,000
           Diploma in Civil Engineering / Diploma
           ln Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
                     Term-End Examination
                            June, 2OO5

                 BET-017 COMPUTER
                        :       BASTCS
Time : 2 hours                                 Moximun Mdrks: 70
Note :
     (il     Question no. 1 is compursory.
     lii)    Attempt any fout'questions out oJ the remaining
             questions numbered 2 to 7.

1,   Fill in the blanksllom the choicesbelow:                      14
.    (t)     First dialog box that appears after opening of
             MS Word is .-- --      .
     (ii)    You can use styles to .-           yow documents
             in Microsoft Word.
     (iii)   You use the -   --     toolbox to apptg common
             characterand paragraph{ormar' ro splecledlext
     (iv)    The unit o{ slze measurement of fonts is called

     (v)     For s€lecting a particularprintef you have to cJick
                          defalit printer.

BET.O17                                                      P.T.O.
  (vi)                  ls us€d to insert the contenis o{
         clipboard into the documeni.

  {vii) Marking a block of texi is done b9 dragging it with

  (viii) A passage of text is del€ied by seiecting it and
         pressing-          keY.
  (ix) The short-cut key to open an existing file is

  {x)                      displaysihe contents of and name oi
         the active celi.
  (xi)   In the Page Sefup oI MS Excel, . --                has
         the option to selectthe area to b€ printed (i.e- range
         ol cellsor rows or colurrns),
  (xii) In MS Excel _--              ate included in ihe
        worl,sh€ets and can be moved, copied and /eslzed as
         any other graphicalobject lt can be viewed along
        with the data and many charis can be inselled
  (xlil) -         is tbe name given to the main computer
         equipmentand its periph€raldevices.
  (xlv) Insiructions       to   compuiei   ate   given   through

   (a)Alt, (b)poini, (c)Ctrl+O,ld) format,(e)mouse, del'
   (g) tip cf ihe clay, (h) Embedded  charts, (l) prosram'
   0 fotmula bar, (k) hardware, (l) Set 3s, (m) She€{tab'
   {n) cursor, 10)paste, (p) iormat

2,   Attempi an9 tDo oI ihe following :                        2x7=14

     (i)     Whai is a computer ? Describe the general
             architecture a computer.

     (it)    What are MailMerge and data source ? What
             iheir advantages

     (iiii   What are ihe steps r'nvolvedin copying a worksh€et
             to a new worksheei ?

3.   Attempi any tlrJo of the fojlowing :                      2x7=14

     (i)     How will you create a custom list in MS Excel ?

     {ji}    Lisf and explain the contents ol fo[nattjDg tooJ bar.
             Make necessary   assumptions.

     (iii) Where can one lind pictures to be insert€d in a
           document ?

4.   Attempt any one of the following :                              14

     (i)     Cr€at€ a slide show that shows the dajly time
             schedule an afmy personnel6n a week day, (max
                         with the name, tiile slides,morning and
             of 5 slides),
             evening duties, name of regiment etc. Write content
             oI each slid€ on the answer sh€et. Mak€ necessary

     (ii)                                             How do
             Explain, in detail, ihe Windowsaccessori€s.
             you prini in Windows ?

BET-017                                                         P.T.O
5.   Att€mpt any tuo of the lollowing j                   2x7=14
     (i)    Explain differeni tlpes of chartsjn Excel.

     1i1) What is a footnot€ ?
     (iii) What is the role of "F1" key jn Windows ?

6.   Attempt any l(ro of the folLowtng ,                  2x7=14
     (i)    What does Jormaftingof a floppy disk mean ?
     (ii)   What are the lunctions in MS Excel ? cjve h/,/o
     (iii) DiflerentiatebetweenFIND and REPTACEfunctions.

7.   Attempt any one of the followins ,                          14
     (i)    Ust the steps followed for finding a document in a
            computer by searching.
     (iij   Is it possible to convert text into table using
            Microsoft Word ? Justify youl answer wrtD an

BET.O17                                                      1,000
       Diploma in Civil Engineering / Dlploma
       in Electdcal & Mechanical Engineering
                       Term-End Examination

                  BET-021 MATHEMATICS.II
Time : 2 hours                                     MaximumMorks, 70

Nole :     Question r'o. 1is coitpulsory. Attempt anyfour
           qu€stiohs out' oJ the rcmdining questions
           numbered 2 to 7. Use oJ colculotor is permittecl.

1.   (a)   Select the correct answer from ihe four given
           altematives each pari given betow :

                        _                  ,t,,
           {,)   rr y = ro9 IlaD y). lhprr      i, eq]|/'l t"
                 lal    2 sec2x
                 (b)    2 cosec2x
                 (c)    2 secsx
                 (d)   2 cosecrx

BET.O21                                                         P.T.O.
          The point on tha curve y2 = x, the tangent at
          ,J.,bichmahes ar, angle o{ 45', wiih x-axis will
          be given by
          ,u, 1 1 aJ
          .      f1 1\
                 \.t t)
          (c) (2,4)

          ' [+'
          The right circular cylinder o{ given guriace
          {including the ends) shail have maximum volume
          jf the ratio of lts height to its diametet is

          la) 2

          ,o) ;
           (c) 15
           (d)   1

           lf i(x) = xz + 3x + 4, tlren i(A) -
           (a) A2+3A+41
           (b) A2+3A+4
           (c)   A2 + 34
           (d) (A+41(A+l)
           where A is a squar€matrix

          The mode of the following sequenceof numbers
          25, r5, 23, 40, 27, 25, 23, 25, 2D

          la) 25
          (b) 20
          lc)    23
          (d)    None of the above

                         l 4          3l
      (vi) Inverseof I                 I is
                         L-7          1J

                 f r 1l
                   4 3 l
           ,.    |
           Ial   I                I
                 I* - r
                                 . 1
                                 I I
                 L       7        l

                             a        3l
           ( b i -'l f                 I
                 " l-7                1_l

                 ,[1             o]
           ( c ) ; 1              |
                zJ               rl
               '' f1             -3l
           ldr *l                      I
                     "17              4l

BET.O21                                              P,T.O.
          lvlr,    -         rs equal Io

                  l' a. l   ---r
                            5      5

                  (b) :+:i

                  .,  3    4.
                  tcl ;+;t
                  (d)       None of ih€ above
   {b) Siaie wh€therihe followingstatemenis true or
       falseand justi{! your an$rer.
       (jl - 1e (--,2)

                          .3 -cl
          lit)      li'r' -: --=           = 27
                   r+ 3      x+J

          lriD r) y = t4x - 5f, rh,n lv = 4{4x 5)3
          Fill in the blank.

                       l"-2          x+ v l f 0         3l
          (i) rf I                        l=l             lihen
                       l'-s         4a-81 L4            12)
                  x = _ y =            _ z =      -

          ( i t L e t A = 1 4 5 6 1a n d =
                                   , B                       then

                  AB=                  A+BT=
           (ii0   I sin 2x
                  l - o * =

           (iv) Average ';alue may be termed

2. la) Elaluate

           Im- - --

           It 2x' + y" -   6y -   9x - 0. determinerhe equarion
           ol the normal to ihe curve at the poini (1, 7).      7+7

3. la) Show that the tunction

                  l*'         x
                           when +1
           f(x)= j
                  l2          x
                           when =1
           ls dlscontinuous x = 1.

     (b)           f   1
           Lvatuate| -   dx.                                    /+/
                  J ex+1

4.   (a) Evaluate I
     (b) Rnd the area bet$een the paratolas yz = 4ax and
           ,2 = 4ay.

BET-021                                                       P.T,O.
5.   (a) Solve lor o suchihat the expression                             is

     (b) lf {2+3i(3-4               = x + iy, evaluat€andy.
                                                    x                         7+7

                   1 1 2                5 1
6.   (a) I I A - I                      land
                   L-1          3    -41

                       -t             1l
              t                          l
           B=10          -1           4 l f i n dw h e t h t h em a t r i x

                Lu          ,       -1]
           expression for €ach of [t A + B, {ji) AB and liii) BA
           is possible/valid. State with reasons when a matrix
           expression is not \Elid,/possible.

           Determine the inverse of the matrix

                f r             , -,1
                i                           l
           A-l-1                3        0l
                f o -2                    ,l                                  ,*,
7.   (a)   Show that th€ variance of the first n positive iniegets


     The following iable shows the mirrks obtained by
     100 candidaiesin an examination. Calculate the
     mean and standarddeviation.                      7+7

           Marks         No. ol Candidates
           1- 10                3
          21-30                 26
          4 1- 5 0
          51 60                 I

BET-021                                             1,000
     Diploma in Civil Engineering / Diptorna
     in Electrlcal & Mechanical Engineering
                 Teml-End Examination
                       June, 2O05

Time: 2 hours                           MaximumMorks: 70

Noae :    Question no. 1 is computsory. Attempt on9 tow
          questions Jrcm the rcmaining. Assume suitable
          data whereuer necessoryand mention it clea y.
          Use ol colculotor is ottowed.

l-. Choose corect answers
          the              from iie givenalt€matives.
    (i) The relation behre€n young,s ModuL,s E, Bulk
        modulusK, and Poisson'sratjo p is given by
          (a) E=2K(1 -2p)

          (b) E = 3K(1 + &)

          (c) E=3K{1 -2p)

          td) E=2Klt+p)

8ET-o22                                              P.T.O,
  (it     The elastic modulus of steel is 18 iimes the €lastic
          modulus of concrete. The modulat ratio will be

          (a) e

          (b)   18

          (c)   36

          (d)   None of the abov€

  (iii)   If the Young's modulus of elasticity of a material is
          n ic€ its modulus ot ngidiiy, the Poisson's raiio oI the
          material is

          (a) -1

          (b) -05

          (c) 05

          (d)   zero

   (iv)   If a prismatic member with area of cross section A
          is subj€ctedto tensile load P, then the maximum shear
          str€ssand its inclination with the direction of the load,

          (a)   P/A and 45"

          (b) P,u2Aand 45'

          lc)   P/2A and 60'

          (d)   P/A and 30"

          Compatibility condition in a compositebai ensures

          (a)   strains in the components of the bar are equal
          (b)   stressesin the compon€nts of the bar are equal
          (c) strains and stresses th€ compon€ntsof the
              bar are equal
          (d)   None of the above
   (vi)   Maximum bending moment in a beam occurswhere
          (a) deflectionjs zero
          (b)   shear force is maximunl
          (c)   shear force is minimum
          (d)   shear force changes sign
   (vit   The variaiionof bendingmoment in the portion of a
          beam carryinglinearlyvarying load is
          (a)   linear
          (bl   parabolic
          (c)   cubic
          (d)   constant
   (viit) A poftion of the beam bet'r,,eentwo sdctians is said
          to be in pure bendingwhen there is
          (a)   constant berding mofient and Ero sl.€ar [orce
          (b)   constant shear force and zero bending rnoment
          (c)   constant b€nding moment and constani shear

          ld)   None of the above

BEr-o22                                                     P.T.O,
   (ix)   Ii the length of a simply supportedbeam carrying a
          concentrated load at the centre ]s doubled, the
          defleciionat the centre will becone

          la)   hro times
          (b)   four tim€s
          (c)   eight times
          (d)   sixteen times

   {x)    An isotropicmaterlalis one which has
          (a)   same elastic properties in all three direcilons
          (b)   same elastic properties in at least two dlrections
          (c)   different elastic properties in all direciions
          (d)   None o.f'!he above

   {x') Bucklingload for a column dependsupon
          (a)   length of the column only
          (b)   least lateral dimension only
          (c)   both lensth and teast lateml dlmension
          (d)   None of the above

   (xit Principal planesare the planes
          (a)   which have maxlmum shear stresses
          (b)   which ha'"€ zero sh€ar shesses
          (c)   which ha!,€ maximum normal stresses
          (d) which have minimum normal stresses

   (xiii) A propped canttlever is a,/an

          (a)   stable and statistically determinate beam
          (b)   unstable and statistically indeterminate beam
          (c)   stable and statisiically indeterminate beam

          {d)   unstable aDd siatisticallg determinate beam

   lxiv) If th€ load at the free end of a caniileverbeam is

          la)   sjope and deJlectjon al the fixed end will

          (b)   slope and deflection at the fixed end will

          (c)   slope and defleciion at the fixed end willremain
          (d)   None of the above

   A iimber beam 200 mm wide and 400 mm deep is simply
   supported over a span of 4.0 m. Find th€ maximum
   uniformly disiributed load that the beam can carry, if ihe
   bendingsire.s is nor to exceed8 N/mm2.                     l4

   If a 2.0 m long bar having a square cross s€ction of
   300 mm side is subjected to a compressive force of
   600 kN/mm2, find the changein votumeif elasticconstant
   E and r for the material are knour as 100 kN/mmz and
   0.2 respectively.                                               14

BEl-022                                                         P.T.O
4.   A beamABCD 20 m long is loaded shownin figure.
     Th€ beamis supported B and C. Draw B.M. and S.F.
     diagram         principal
            indicating       numerical
                                    values.           14

        tzm-t------."............_ --1-
                           12n                  6^ -,

     A compound bar is constructed fast€ningthree bars
     50 mm wide by 12 mm thick together io form a bar
     50 mm wide and 36 mm thick The middle bar is of
     airrninlum atloy {oI which E = 70 kN/mm2 and the oulside
     bars are of brasswith E = 100 kN/mm2. If the bars are
     initiallylastenedat 18oC and temperature the whole of
     the assembly then raisedto 50' C, delerminethe stresses
     q€t up in lhe brassand lhe aluminrurn.
                                          o, dnd o .
     may be taken as 18 x 10-6 Kr         and 22 x 1O-5 K:1
     respectively.                                              l4

6.   A beam of triangularcrosssectionoI basewidth 120 mm
     and heigbt 100 mm is subiected io shear torce of 5 kN.
     Find ih€ maximum shearstr€ssat th€ n€utralaxis.        14

     A solid shaft has to transmit 90 kW power at 160 RPM.
     Find the suitablediameter {or ihe shatt if the maximum
     torque transmitted in each r€volutjon exce€dsthe mean by
     25%. Take allowable shear stress as 70 N,/mmz.           14

  A steel bar of.ectangu)arsection 40 x 60 mm pinned ai
  each end is 3 m long. Determinethe buckiingload when it
  is subjected to axial comprcssion and also calculate axial
  stress using Euler's expression.Determine,the mininum
  length for which Euler'sequalionmay be valid.                14
  Take pyoportionality limii as 250 MPa ahd
  E . 200 GPa {2 \ 105 N/mn21

BET422                                                     1,000
      Diploma in Civil Engineering / Diploma
      in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
                   Term-End Examination
                           June, 2OO5

           BET-023: ELEMENTS SURVEY

Time , 2 hours                                   Moxinum Morks : 70

Note .     Question no. 7 is c!mpulsory. Attempt ony four
           questions lrom the rcmaining. All questions carry
           equal marks. use of colculator is permitted

1.   Select the most appropriate an$,/er for each of the
     following multiple choice obj€ctive type quesiions given
     below.                                                  2x7=14

     (i)   Geodet:c suweying is dilferent lrom Plane 5urveying

           (a)   the curvature of th€ €arth

           (b)   the la€e difference of elevation betreen various

           (c)   coverage of very large area

           (d)   undulations of the iopography

BET-023                                                        P.T.O.
   (it     Number of link in a 30 m metric chain is
           (a)    100
           (b)    150
           (c)    180
           (d)    200

   (iii)   'Ranging' is the process
           (a)    Iixing rangingrods on d suney line
           (b)    aligning the chain in a straight line behveen tro

           (c)    iaking olfsets from a chain ljne
           (d)    chaining over a mnge of mountains

   (ivl    Which of the following is not used for measuring
           n,"l:r   ^flc,lc   ?

           (a)    Line Ranser
           (b)    Sieel Tape
           (c)    Optical Square
           (d)    Cross Staff

   (v)     Local attraction in compasssuruegingmay exist due

           (a)    incorfeci levelling of magneiic needle
           (b) loss of magneiismof the needle
           (c)    friction of the needle at the pivot
           (d) presence of magnetic substancesnear the

      {vi) Il th€ R.L. of a B.M. is 100.0 m, the backsight
           1.215 rn and the foresight 1.8?0 m, the R.L. of
           the torwardsfation is
             la) 99 345 m
             (b) 100 345 m
             (c) 100.655m
             (d) 103 085 m
     {vit The instrumeni usedfor accurate
                                        centering plane
          tabie surveyjs
            la) Spirjt level
            (b) Alldade
            (c)   Plumbing fork

            {d)   Trough compass

2.   Dilferentiate between the following ierms :        3!x4=1s
     (i)    Plan and Map
     (ii)   Plane Survey and Geodetic Survey
     (ii0 Main Station and Tie Siatton
     (iv)   Backsight and Foresight

3.   {a)    A 30 m chain was found to b€ 3 cm too long after
      '     chaining 1800 m. The same chain was observedtc)
            be 5 cm too long alter chainingthe total distanceof
            4000 m. Assumingthat the chain was correct at the
            commencement of work, find the true iength of the
            total distancechained.

BET.O23                                                      P.T.O.
     {b) WiL\ the help ol a n€at sketch, describ€the 3-4-5
         offsei method for obtainingperpendicularoffset to a
         cbain )ine.                                   10+4=14

4.   (a)   Deline the {ollowing ,
           (i)    Magneticdeclination
           (ii)   Local attraction
     (b)   Convert the following reduced bearings io whote
           circle b€arings:
           (i) s 54'32 W
           (it s 39" 52',W                                   7+7=14

     Following readings were taken during a levelling exetcise.
     The inshment was shifted atter 5s and 8th reading. Enter
     the r€adings in the regular li€ld-book format and find RLs
     o{ the statiom, if the RL of stariing slation is assumed to
     be 105.000.
     2430. 3546. 3113, 2106, 0945. 2.598. 2744.
     7 615, 0 974, 0 823 and 0 178.             14

6 . State the thtee point problem. Explain how it is solved by
     the gaphical method.                                           )4

     Describe in brief the temporary adjustments oJ a theodolite.
     Explain how would you measure    the bearingof a line with
     a theodolite.                                                  14

BET,O23                                                        1,000
       Diploma in Civil Engineering / Diploma
       in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
                     Term-End Examination
                         June, 2O05
                         : E/M ENGINEERING
Time: 2 hours                                   MaximumMarks: 70
Note :      All questions compulsory. UseoJ calculator
            is permitted.

l.   Selectthe correct answerfrom the given four alternati\res
     for the following multiple choice quegtions :     14x1=14
     (i)    In cold countries, water pipes sometimes burst,

            (a)   the pipe contracts
            {b)   water expands on freezing
            (c)   when water {reezes, pressure jncreases
            (d)   when water freezes, it takes heat lrcm pipes
     (ii)   Heat required to raise the temperature of a body
            through 1" C is known as
            (a) specificheat capacity
            (b)   water equr\,?lent
            (c)   molar s!,eci{ic beat
            (d)   thermal capacity

BET-o24                                                          P.1.O.
   (iii) the    lue of        is

          \al   zPro
          (b)   benreen 0 and 1
          (c)   negative
          (d)   great€r than 1

   {iv)   It lhe Iempevaturc of lbe source js increased,
          efliciency of a Carnot engine
          (a)   increases
          (b)   decreases
          (cl   remains constanl
          (d)   lirst increases and then remains constant

                     processoccursat constant
          Ah adiabaLic
          (a,   temperature
          (b)   pressure
          (c)   heat
          {d)   None of the above

   (vi) The capacityof lift and cranesls definedin terms of
          (a) the height to be lifted
          (b) carryingload in kg or tonnes
          (c) horsepower of the motor
          (d) None of the above

   {vii) When a capacjtor js connected to a batiety
          la)   an allernatjng currmi flows in the circu]i

          {b)   no curent ilows al all
          (c)   a current flows for some timc and finally it
                decreas€sto zero
          (d)   cunent keeps on increasing and teaches
                maximum after sorne time
   (viir) A bird sitting on a high power lin€
          (a)   gets killed instandy
          (b)   gets a mild shock
          (c)   is not affected practically
          (d)   gets a fatal shock

   {n}    Figue 1 shows cunents in a part of electrical cirqji.

          The current i is
          (a) 1A
          (b) 13 A
          (c) 17 A
          (d) 37A

e,ttAZq                                                           P.T.O.
   tx,    Four conductorsof equal length and of resistance
          10 O each are connectedin the form of a squar€.
          The eq{rivalent resistancebetween hro opposite
          cornersof tie squareis
          (a) 2'5 I
          (b) 10 o
          (c) 20 o
          (d) 40 c)

   lxi)   An inductor may sior€ energyin
          {a) its electrictield
          (b) iis coiis
          (c) its magneticfield
          (O both in electricand magneticlields

   (xii) In a losslesstransformer,
                                 an alternating current of
          2 A is llowing in the primary coil. The number of
          tums in the primary and secondary coilsare 100 and
          20 respectilely. The ,.,alue of cufient in the
          secondary is
          (a) 0.08 amperes
          (b) 0.4 arnperes
          (c) 5 amperes
          (d) 10 amperes

  (iit   In seriesLCR AC circuit, the phase angle bet een
         cur.ent and voltage is

         la)        Any ang@ben een u ano t
         {b} I2
         (c) r

         toJ l1ny angte betweenu ano
  (xiv) Which of the following quantities remains constant in
        a slepdown lransformer?

         {a)        Cunent
         (b)        Voltage
         (c)        Power
         {d)        None of the above

  Answerany t.oo of the following :
  (a) A Carnot heat pump opemtes between the
      temperaturelevels - 5" C and 25" C. If the power
      consumptionol the heat pump is 5 KW determine;

         {i)        the rate at which energy is iejected at 25" C,

         (ii)       the coefficient of performance.

  {b) What are the five major air pollutants coming out of
         an IC engin€ ? Explain in detail.                           7

         Differentiaie between the fuel systems in a Diesel
         engine and a Peirol engine.                                 7

BET-o24                                                         P.T.O.
    Answer any t.!o ot the following :
    (a)   Derive expression for        work   done   during   an
    (b)   Why sholrld you have trees in the exteior area of
          the building? Justily your answer
    (c)   What are the proiection systemsavailable in the high
          rise buildings for avoiding fire hazards ?

4, Answer any l!.,o o{ ihe followjng :
    (aJ Three capacitorsof 1 pF, 2 yF, and 3 pF are joined
        in series first and then in parallel. Calculate the rdiio
        ol equivalent ca!,acitance in the two cases,
    (b)   Calculate the potential differ€nce bet'reen th€ points
          A and B ftom the data as shown in figure 2.

                            Figure 2

BEf 024
     (c) A 100 Q resistor, 100 mH inductor
                          a                   and 100 frF
         capacitor are all connectedin parallel acrossa
         200 V, 50 Hz a.c. source. Findthe currentsupplied
         by the sourceand its relativephaseWith r€spectio
         the voltage.

5.   Anst er any ttr)o oJ the following
     (a) A powel transmissionline feeds input power at
         2300 V to a stepdown transformer,with its primary
         windings having 4000 turns. What should be the
         numb€r of turns in the secondarywindingsin order
         to get output power at 230 V ?
     tbi   A 250 V DC series    motor runsat 500 rpm, when
           taking a cunent of 25 A. The r€sistanceof the
           armature 0.5 e and ihat of the field is 0.3 O. If
           the current remains constant, calculaiethe
           necessary additional resistance reducethe speed
           to 250 rpm.
     (c)   An 8-pote, 50 Hz tnductjonmoior runs ai 720 rpm
           whenon lull load.Calculate   the
           (i) slipof the rotor
           (ii) speedof the statorfieldwjth relerence stator
           {ili) speedof the statorfieldwith rel€rence rotor
           (iv) frequenc,of rotor curr€nts
           M speed at rotor field rviih relerence to rotor
           {vi) speed of rotor field with reference to stator

Ber-o24                                                    1,000
       Diploma in Civil Engineering/ Diploma
       in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
                    Term-End Examination
                              June, 2OO5

           BET-026; WORKSHOP
Time : 2 hours                               Maximun Marks : 70

Note :     Question no. I is compulsory. Attempt six
           questions Jram Port A ond tbo questions Jrcm
           Part B

l.                             (2
     Atiempt any seuen questions mark each).Choosethe
     correct answerslrom amongstthose giv€n below : 2x7=14

     (a)   The knot which can be easilyseparated from the
           body of wood is known as
           (i) Dead knot
           (ii)   Live-knot

     (b)   The tool which is usedfor drawing hro,parallellines
           dl a limp on a woodensurface i 'np erlnp rc
           lnown as
           (i)    Markns Knife
           (ii) Marking Gauge
           (iii) Monise Gauge

BET.O26                                                     P.T.O.
  (c)   For the preparationof oifpaint. litharge ts us€d as a
        (i)    Base
        (ii)   Drier
        (iij) Vehicle

  (d)   The abiliiy of sand particl€s to stick iogether is

        (i)    Cohesiveness
        (ii)   Adhesiveness
        (iii) Collapsibility

  ie)   Dunns welding,Borax is usedas a
        (i)    Filler meial
        (ii)   Parent metal
        (iii) Flux
  (fl   Hard Solder usuallymelts at a temperatureoi about
        (t     600'c
        (ii) 400'c
        tiii) 350'c
  (s)   Hammers are generallgmade of
        (i)    Casi iron
        (ii)   Wrousht-iron
        (iii) Cast-steel
  (h)   Auger is used as a
        (i)    Measuring tool
        [ii) Bonns too]
        (iii) Markins tool

          For Oxy-Acetylenew€lding process, oxygen gas is
          filled in the cylinderat a pressureof
          (i)    90 ks,/cm2   100 ks/cm2

          lii)   125 ks/cmz - 14o ke/cmz
          (iri) I75 kg,/cm2 190 kg/cmz

          A cylindrical shape in a mould can be developed

          (i)    Trtangle
          (ii)   Circle
          (iii) Rectangle

                         PART A
     Attempt any six queslions.AII the questionscarry
     equo/morks(6 narks each).                   6x6=36

2.   What are      the common us€s ol timber in building

3.   Describein brief the characteristics a good oil-paint.

4.   How is French'polish pr€pared ? Differenhatebetween
     Paint and Polish.

5.   How are the tools of carpentry classified Explain wiih

6-   What js "Settjng ol Saw Teeth" ? Why is it done ?

BET-o26                                                       P.T.O.
7 . Distinguishbetwe€n"Facingsand" and "Parting-sand.

6.   Nam€ the common sheet metal working machinesas per
     their nature of work.

9 . What do you undersiandby Gas welding ? Make a list ol
     tools and equipmenttequiredfor Oxy-Acetglene

10. Distinguishbetw€en solderingand brazing pfoc€

                         PART B
     Attempt anv tuo questions.All the questionscarry
     equal morks(10 morkseach).                 10x2=2O

1 1 . Sketch and describethe constructionand working of the
     "Band-Saw .

12. Describewiih ihe help of sketch€s, different iypes of
     "Gas W€ldingTechniques'

1 3 . What do you mean by stakes ? Nam€ and sketch i\ro iypes
     of siakesgivingtheir usesin sheetmetal work.

14. Explainin brief the uarjousiyp€s of air compr€ssors
     are gen€rally used at construction plant sites.

BET-026                                                     1,000
        Diploma in Civil Engineering ,/ Diploma
        ln Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
                     Term-End Examination

                  BET.037: FLUIDMECHANICS

Time : 2 hours                                     Maximum Marks : 7O

Note :      All questions ore compulsory. Use ol colculotor
            is permitted.

l-   Selectthe correctaltemative.                             7x2=14
     (i)    Neunon'slaw of viscosityrelates
            (a)   ihe shear stress and strain in a fluid
            (b)   the shear stress, pre&ure and velocity
            (c)   the shear stress and rate of strain
            (d)   none of the above

     {ji)   A uujd is a substance that
            (a)   cannot withstand any shear lorce
            (b)   cannoi remain at rest under the action ol a
                  sh€ar force
            (c)   flows in ihe absence of extemal lorces
            (d)   is jncomp/essible and jnviscid

BET-037                                                        P.T.O,
  (ili)   Capillarig rise and depression phenomena

          (a)    are observed on9 ln vertical tubes

          (b)    depend solely upon the surface t€nsion of the

          (c)    depend upon the surface tension of the liquid as
                 well as the matedalof the tube

          (d)    depend upon th€ pr€ssure dlfference behteen
                 the liquid and the en\nronm€nt

  tiv)    Relation behreen Co, C., and Cu is
          (a) C, = :!

          (b) c, = =!

          k) cd = ci"
           d\    a   _ ta c \1/2

   (v)     The pressure at a point is equal in all directions

           (a) only when rhe lluid is inviscid

           (b)    when the fluid i5 incompressible

           (c)    when ihe fluid is at rest, regardlessof its nahrre

           (d)    in a laminar flow

     (vj)   Ol the various methods of measuring discha€e
            through a pipe lin€, the one with the least loss of
            energy and direct r€adingis
            (a) by m€ans ol a venturimeter
            (b) by meansof an orilicemeter
            (c)   by meansof a Ilow nozzle
            (d)   by tra\,€rsing a piiot-static probe
     (vii] In parall€l-pipe
            (a) the pipes must be placed geomeirically parallel
                to each other
            (b) the flow mu.r be rhp samp rn all pines
            (c)   the head loss acrosseach of the parallel pipes
                  must b€ the same
            (d)   none of the abov€ :s valid

2.   Answer any tt,o of the Iollowing I                     2x7=14
     (a)    Find the heighi through which water rises by
            capillary acUon in a glass iube ol 2 mm bore il ihe
            surface tension at the prevailing temperature is
            0 075 N,zm.
     (b)    Water Jlows through a horizontal venturimeter,
            35 cm x 20 cm diameter, at the rate of
            0.082 cumec.If the differenceof pressureis 0 32 m
            of water, calculate lhe coeffici€ni o{ the
     (c)    An oil of specificgravity 0 80 is flowing through a
            pipe of 100 mm diamei€r at a velocity of 1 m/sec.
            Determinewh€ther ihe llow i9 laminar or turbulentit
            ihe kinematic viscosity the o'l is 1 x lO E mz/s.

BET037                                                        P.T .
3.   Ansrrer any tuo of the loilowing :                         2^7=14
     {a)   li)    A ptpe oI 25 cm diameter cauies water with a
                  mean veloci9 ol 4 m/sec. Calculaie the
           {ii)   ll the pipe is bifurcated jnta two pjpes al 72 crn
                  diametereach, Jind the v€locityin each pipe.
     (b)   A sharp'edg€dorifice of 6 cm diam€ter discharges
           water under a bead of 6 m. Find th€ valu€sot the
           coefficients of velocity, coeflicient of contraction,
           and coefticientof dischargeil ihe measuredrate of
           flolv is 0.016 cumecs.The diameterof the jet ai th€
           vena-contracta 5 cm,

     k)    What is Euler's equaiion of motion ? Derive the
           equation along a s\eatnline and obtajD Bemoulli's
                                               made il any.
           €quationfrom it. List the assumptions

4.   Answer any one of the lollowing ,                                 14
     (a)   A 160 mm diameter pipe reduces in diameter
           abruptly to 120 mm diameter. If the pipe caries
           water at OO4 m3,/sec, calculate the loss of head
           acoss the contYaction.
           Take the coefficientof coniractionas 0 60.
     (b)   Find the Ioss of head due to friction in a pipe
           carryjng water. The pipe is 400 m long and 20 cm
           in diamei€r. Th€ dischargeibrough the pip€ is
           O 05 cumecs.

5.   Answer any or€ of the following I
     (a)   The cross'section an op€n channelis a trapezium
           wiih a bottom widih of 5 m and sizeslopes1 vettical
           to 2 hoyizontal. Calculaie th€ discharge if the depth
           ol warer is 2 m a-d S = __-.      Use Chezys lormula
           c=45.                                                   14
     (b)   Write short notes on any toat:               nr3!=M
           (l)    Viscosity
           (ij)   Turbulent Flow
           (iii) Hydraulic Slope
           (iv) Venturimeier
           (v)    Energy Gladient Ljne
           (vi) Intemal Mouthpiece

BET-037                                                       1,000

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