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 Comprehensive Mathematics
       Instructor Information
                              e-mail is the preferred
Instructor: Dr. Norman Landis form of communication
                                use this address, not
Office:     Becton 211B         my University address
                               all PowerPoint lectures
Website: will appear on the
Phone:      692-2230 (University Extension 2230)
                I hardly ever check my
Office Hours:   voice mail. Be warned!
      Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2:00-3:00,
        Course Requirements
Text:       Thinking Mathematically (5th Edition)
            Blitzer (Pearson/Prentice-Hall)
             1. Seven one-hour exams (90%)
             2. Comprehensive Exam (10%) ????
             3. Homework              (optional)
  Class participation and attendance can act as a
  positive adjusment to your final grade
       Course Requirements
• Calculator:
  – You will need a calculator for chapter 8.
  – You might find it useful for some other chapters.
  – Must be able to do exponentiation: xy
  – Get a cheap one (10 or 15 bucks). If your cell phone
    has one, you can use that.
  – Allowed all semester (including exams).
• There will be seven exams and a final (comprehensive)
   – one exam for each of the seven chapters covered
      • non-cumulative
      • multiple choice
      • 15% per exam. Lowest grade dropped.
   – Comprehensive exam covers almost the entire course.
                                            Around week 14 10%
   – No make-up exams will be given without prior approval of
     the instructor and without appropriate documentation of a
     legitimate reason making you unable to take the exam.
• Homework will be assigned all during the semester.
   – The homework assignment sheet for the semester is on the
     back of the syllabus handout. These are also available at my
   – The homework should not be submitted and will not be used
     in determining your final grade.
   – Obviously doing the homework problems will
      • help you learn the material
      • help you when you take the examinations.
   – Use the homework to ask questions in class; if you find
     some problem particularly difficult, we can solve it in class.
       Self-Evaluation Exams
• I try to give a self-evaluation exam after the
  completion of each chapter.
   – These exams are not graded by me (other than
     anonymous grading to find trouble spots in the chapter).
   – They are short versions of "real" exams.
   – You will be given the answers at the end of the exam
     and grade the exam yourself.
   – Go over problems that you get wrong; the kinds of
     questions asked on these exams are very similar to the
     kinds of questions on the "real" exams!!!
       Instructor Assistance
• I should be contacted via the e-mail address
  mentioned earlier.
  – I am happy to help students on an individual
  – I provide most of my assistance by e-mail
  – but also have office hours (also shown above)
  – Calling my phone is usually fruitless, so if you
    wish to contact me, use e-mail.
–   Chapter 1: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
–   Chapter 2: Set Theory
–   Chapter 3: Logic
–   Chapter 6: Algebra: Equations and Inequalities
–   Chapter 8: Consumer Mathematics
–   Chapter 11: Counting Methods and Probability
–   Chapter 12: Statistics

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