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The Ties That Bind


									         Volume 10      Dec 2009

The Ties That Bind
                    To achieve excellence in teaching and world-class research in
                    computer engineering.

                    	Foster an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit
                    	Prepare graduates for lifelong learning and leadership
                    	Conduct cutting-edge research in collaboration with industry
                      and eminent international institutions

                                       SCE ORGANISATION CHART

                                                          ACTING CHAIR
                                                    Prof Goh Eck Soong, Angela

                  ASSOCIATE CHAIR (Academic)                       HEAD, Computer Communications
                    Assoc Prof Yeo Chai Kiat                             Assoc Prof Cai Jianfei

                ASSOCIATE CHAIR (Administration)                       HEAD, Computer Science
                    Assoc Prof Hui Siu Cheung                          Prof Stephen John Turner

                   ASSOCIATE CHAIR (Research)                          HEAD, Computing Systems
                  Assoc Prof Lee Bu Sung, Francis                      Assoc Prof Goh Wooi Boon

                   ASSISTANT CHAIR (Students)                         HEAD, Information Systems
                    Assoc Prof Quek Hiok Chai                           Assoc Prof Tan Ah Hwee

PulSCE welcomes your articles. Articles selected may be edited for length and clarity. Kindly include high-resolution
photographs and provide captions. Please email articles as Microsoft Word attachments to
Subject: PulSCE.

Contact Information
Editor - PulSCE
School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University
Block N4 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798 Tel: (65) 6316 8871 Fax: (65) 6792 6559
                                                                                 Reg. No. 20060 4393R

                         Cover: The School celebrates yet another milestone.
                              This year, the iconic Computer Engineering Club
                      celebrates its 10th Anniversary. The cover is a showcase
                          of all the students who have pledged their time and
                         energy to build a club that has brought SCE together.

                                              03                         10             35

                  EDITORIAL BOARD           BULLETIN
                               Advisor      02 A Showcase of School Achievements
             Assoc Prof Hui Siu Cheung
                               Editors      FEATURE
                  Ms Marlini Bte Bakri      07 CEC Celebrates 10 Years of Friendship
         Ms Shivohne Saldanha (CSC/2)
                           Ms Jean Tan
                                            10 Green Guardians
                     Ms Pfeiffer Chung
                                            11 Singapore's Top IT Developers
                      Mr Seah Wen Kor       12 A Bright Spark
                          Mr Moses Hng      13 Ascent is Excellent!
                          Ms Lau Li Jun
               Mr Eugene Tang (CSC/2)
        Mr Pahlevi Fikri Auliya (CSC/3)     VERBATIM
             Mr Brian Marshal (CSC/3)       14   A Man of Distinction
       Mr Tarun Harish Ledwani (CE/2)       15   Our Tech Geeks Rock!
                  Ms Abha Apte (CE/1)
              Ms Shreya Sharma (CE/1)
                                            16   An Honoured Member of our Alumni
                                            17   Bridging the Gap!
                    Mr Toh Leong Teck
      Enquiries/feedback, please email      18 Snapshots of School Events

     PulSCE is an annual publication of     BYTES
   the School of Computer Engineering.      33 A Series of Short Articles
Bulletin            02

SCE Alumnus Honoured at Nanyang Alumni Awards
A   lumnus Mr Wee Keat Kheng, Raymond was conferred the Nanyang Alumni
    Service Award, on 24 October, at the Nanyang Alumni Awards 2009.
The annual award ceremony, held at the Nanyang Auditorium, honours
exceptional members of the Alumni who have rendered outstanding
service and contributed in furthering the interests of the University,
and its alumni. Mr Wee graduated from SCE in 2001, and is presently the
Section Head for ICT, School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology at ITE
College East, in Simei. He has played a central role in the development
of the School of Computer Engineering Alumni Association (SCEAA),
in mid 2001. 

*Read on pg 16

Hibernater Rises above                                              SCE is Home to Singapore’s Top IT
Competition                                                         Developers
B   lazing past two rounds of grueling presentations,
    undergraduates Chua Khim Teck and Hoon Thien Rong
left an indelible impression on the judges at this year’s SiTF
                                                                    U   ndergraduate Aaron Ng Shuo and Research Associate
                                                                        Lu Yixiang were among the 26 local software developers
                                                                    featured in The Straits Times’ Digital Life, for their innovative
Awards, held on 25 September. The competition hosted                creations that have added to Singapore’s efficiency and good
by the Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF)              reputation as an IT hub. A first year computer engineering
provides homegrown talents the opportunity to place their           student, Aaron designed an awards registration software
best foot forward, and present their novel creations on a           for the Singapore Navy, while former SCE student Yixiang,
nationwide level.                                                   now a Research Associate for the School’s, Computational
     With their creative internet application, Hibernater, the      Arts Group was nominated for developing the AniMaker,
duo clinched the Merit Award, under the Tertiary Student            a software application that simplifies the process of stop
Category. The Hibernater is a file-saving program that allows       motion animation. 
users to re-launch recently
closed files on another                                             *Read on pg 11
computer installed with the
program, eliminating the
need to use conventional
saving methods such as
                                                                    NTU Ministerial Forum
thumbdrives and emails. The
application is available and
                                                                    Receives a 2.0 Upgrade
free for download at this site:                                         dding a technological boost to this year’s Ministerial Forum                                                     were Computer Science undergraduates Pan Zheng Xiang,
                                                                    Xie Ran, Peter Wong, Billy Chua and Arnav Singh who designed
                                                                    an innovative web 2.0 media platform, StudentsConnect.
SCE Student wins IES-Yayasan                                        Leveraging on the strengths of popular new media applications,
                                                                    this initiative allowed tech-savvy students who were unable to
Mendaki Scholarship                                                 attend as well as those present, the convenience of putting
                                                                    forth their views through mobile devices, linked to the

T   hird year computer science undergraduate, Ahmad Hafiz
    Bin Ismail was awarded the Institution of Engineers (IES)-
Yayasan Mendaki Scholarship, on 11 October during the 43rd IES
                                                                    internet. The upgrade also allowed organisers
                                                                    to easily harvest results for polls. Other than
                                                                    the students, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
Annual Dinner and Dance. Introduced in 1985, the scholarship        too had his hand at this technological boost
is awarded to promising local Muslim students, pursuing an          — which allowed him to receive questions
education in Engineering, at the tertiary level. Only two such      via a mobile device. Further improving the
scholarships are available annually, with one winner coming         annual event, the team also designed a
from a university and the other a polytechnic. Delighted by the     Forum Ticketing Management System
win, Ahmad Hafiz is motivated to strive even harder to achieve      which acted as a security feature,
his goal of pursuing a career in Singapore’s creative infocomm      able to keep track of the 1500
industry.                                                          student strong attendance. 
                                                                                                        03           Bulletin

A Second Consecutive Win for SCE
T   he Annual Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Program began in 1999 to support
    talented PhD students who demonstrate potential for research leadership.
For the second consecutive year, an SCE student has risen above the competition
to claim the award. This achievement is testament of the School’s research caliber
and its ability to groom promising researchers. This year, PhD student Duan Li Xin
was honoured with the award for his passion and zeal towards research. He is
encouraged to strive even harder to pursue his research goals. Winners of the
award will receive a cash prize, Fellowship Plaque and internship opportunities
at Microsoft Research Asia (Beijing). For 2009, only two such honours have been
awarded to students in Singapore. Li Xin is notable the only NTU student to receive
the award. 

Team from SCE Wins Best                                                “Our Tech Geeks Rock!”
Paper at ICSBB ‘09

P   hD student Hamid Reza Sharifzadeh, Associate Professor
    Ian McLoughlin and Research Associate Farzaneh Ahmadi
                                                                       C    omputer Science students Rajamoorthy Karapaya,
                                                                            Chua Khim Teck and Hoon Thien Rong were listed as being
                                                                       among Singapore’s rocking group of tech geeks, in the National
formed the winning team for the Best Paper at the International        Day supplement of the Straits Times. The trio were mentioned
Conference of Systems Biology and Bioengineering (ICSBB) ‘09,          in the article for developing Singapore’s first truly Location
held from 1-3 July. The paper titled Speech Reconstruction             Based Service (LBS) on mobile, MyWobile, which integrates
in Post-Laryngectomised Patients by Formant Manipulation               elements of social networking and even gaming. In addition,
and Pitch Profile Generation investigates the possibilities of         it allows developers to rapidly create as well as deploy LBS
returning laryngectomy patients their ability to speak with a          applications within a day without incurring high-costs. The
more natural sounding voice, without the need for surgery.             project was launched on 15 December 2008, in collaboration
The method uses auditory information, allied with analysis,            with key partners such as Azione Capital and Microsoft. 
formant insertion as well as novel methods for spectrum
enhancement and formant smoothing.                                    *Read on pg 15

Champion at the Youth Research
Program’s 5th Anniversary Challenge
F  or its 5th Anniversary, the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN)
   has looked to Singapore’s youth to illustrate the impact and potential of research
through a competition titled, Youth Research Program’s 5th Anniversary Challenge.
Students were required to create a multimedia presentation on the given theme
“How Research Impacts our Lives”. Winning this national challenge was second year
Computer Engineering student Pan Zheng Xiang, whose goal has always been to
transform lives with the innovative use of computer technologies. 
Bulletin             04

AYG Mascot on the World Wide Web
A    part from it being the inaugural Asian Youth Games (AYG), it was perhaps
     the first time a mascot took on the world-wide-web to reach out to netizens
through the use of an instant messenger. Together with event organisers,
computer science undergraduate Pan Zheng Xiang introduced a fresh approach
to the games by creating a program known as iChat with Frasia, which
garnered the lion more than 17,000 messages. Coded in the Microsoft Visual C#
language, the program is able to replicate real chatting, where it can respond
to questions in real time. The application has the capabilities of recognising key
words, Singlish and even emoticons. Zheng Xiang worked hard on this project
for two months before the start of the games and is pleased with the results.
“My dream was to make Frasia come to life, and to do my part in connecting
youths to the AYG. I realised that the key was through innovation in technology.
I attribute this milestone to SCE, for providing me with a nurturing environment
and knowledge,” said the undergraduate. 

SCE Champ Takes-Off to Germany!                                          The Winning Circle
M    aster’s of Engineering student, Safiullah Hussaini was one
     out of the five, from NTU who emerged winners in the
Singapore round of the Rohde & Schwarz Engineering Case
                                                                         U    ndergraduates Nguyen Tran Nam Khan and Doan Tuan
                                                                              Anh from SCE were finalists at the ACM International
                                                                         Collegiate Programming Contest which took place on 18 –
Study Competition. The team of five outwitted many others                21 April at Stockholm. Forming the team NTU KbPeckers,
to win the opportunity of                                                the students had to partake in a series of arduous local and
an expense paid trip to                                                  regional contests before making it to the coveted world
M u nich, G er many to                                                   finals. Together with their coach Mr Kevin Anthony Jones, SCE
compete in the grand                                                     Lecturer, the students dedicated their weekends to training.
finals on 25-26 June. In                                                 “I feel very fortunate to have the team come this far and
this round, the students                                                 I’m excited by the prospects of travelling to Stockholm. I’m
were tested on their                                                     also eager to meet others who share a similar enthusiasm for
knowledge of optimising                                                  coding,” said Doan Tuan Anh. 
a radio communications
system for Air Traffic
Control — for the theme, “Ready for take-off! The future of
air traffic control is in your hands”.
      “Coming from different backgrounds and engineering
                                                                         SCE wins Best Paper
schools did help as each of us brought something different to the
table,” said Safiullah who was delighted by the opportunity.
                                                                         P   hD student Liu Yongchao together with Professors Bertil
                                                                             Schmidt and Douglas Maskell were the winning
                                                                         authors at the 20th IEEE
                                                                         International Conference

Going Places                                                             on Application-specific
                                                                         Systems, Architectures
                                                                         and Processors which was

A    ng Jun Han graduated with a degree in Computer
     Engineering in 2008, where he wasted no time in harnessing
his talents and making a mark for himself. Jun Han is one of the
                                                                         hosted in Boston, USA
                                                                         from 7-9 July. The SCE
                                                                         trio clinched the Best
four responsible for the popular website Through             Paper Award for their
the site users can obtain directions, estimated time and cost            submission titled, “MSA-
(which would include ERP charges) to go from one location                CUDA: Multiple Sequence
to another in Singapore. This simple to use web-application              Alignment on Graphics Processing Units with CUDA”. The paper
has received rave reviews from the press and was singled-                investigates the possibilities of using CUDA-enabled GPUs,
out by Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, in the                   to provide a cost effective high-speed solution to multiple
2009 Budget Speech as a good example of an innovative local              sequence alignments (MSAs). MSA-CUDA outperforms a PC
start-up.                                                                cluster with 32 CPU cores on a single GPU which has a hardware
      The application is available at the following site:                cost of less than $500.  
                                                                                                         05           Bulletin
                                                                                                                STAFF NEWS

Taking Flight at ADMA
A   ssociate Professor Li Jinyan together with peers from the Institute of Zoology and
    Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, received
the Best Application Paper Award, for their submission titled, “Discovery of Migration
Habitats and Routes of Wild Bird Species by Clustering and Association Analysis”, at
the International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications (ADMA) 2009,
on 17 -19 August, in Beijing, China. The winning paper describes the use of data mining
techniques that are able to analyse the migration patterns of birds, in relation to
weather conditions as well as the spread of infectious diseases. The collaboration is a
good example of another successful multi-disciplinary research venture between SCE
and its partners. 

                                                               Inspiring Worlds of Excellence

                                                               H    eld on 27 March at the Nanyang Auditorium, the Nanyang Awards
                                                                    2008 is a special ceremony that celebrates the achievements and
                                                               contributions of faculty, staff and students throughout the University.
                                                               Honoured this year for his passion to inspire students, Associate
                                                               Professor Ong Yew Soon received the Excellence in Teaching Award.
                                                               “A crucial aspect of teaching lies in understanding how people learn
                                                               and adapting to the needs of students. Interaction provides an
                                                               excellent source for improving my teaching technique,” explained the
                                                               Professor whose goal is to inspire, encourage and motivate students
                                                               to learn and succeed. 

National Day Honours                                                  SCE Staff Nominated as
                                                                      Nokia Visiting Professor
T   he National Day Awards recognise various forms of merit
    and service to Singapore. The School is proud to announce
that Professor Seah Hock Soon has been honoured with the
Public Administration Medal (Silver). The Public Administration       A   djunct Associate Professor Dr Li Haizhou, from the Division
                                                                          of Computing Systems at SCE has been nominated by
                                                                      the Nokia Foundation to work and lecture in Finland. Aside
Medal is awarded to individuals for efficiency, competence
and industry. The Professor has made great contributions to           from working and lecturing in Finland, Professor Li who
Singapore’s scientific community for over 20 years, especially        specialises in improving the way people and computers
in the area of Computer Graphics and Imaging. Apart from              communicate with each other will receive a grant valued at
being the Director of the School’s gameLAB, Prof Seah is the          10,000 Euros (about $20,000). Only two such scientists have
Founding President of both the ACM SIGGRAPH Singapore and             been honoured the title of Nokia Visiting Professors for 2009.
the South East Asian Computer Graphics Society (SEAGRAPH).            Past Nokia Foundation winners include Mr Linus Trovalds, who
The Professor has also published a text book, “3D Computer            created the Linux open source operating system, and virtual
Game Programming” this year.                                         world Habbo’s creators Aapo Kyrola and Sampo Kiralainen. 

*Read on pg 14

A Giant Success
E   arning the dragon’s share of votes, Draconika was named Singapore’s Favourite
    Float for this year’s Chingay Parade. The magnificent three-headed dragon was the
first Chingay float fielded by the University. SCE professors Quek Hiok Chai and Goh
Wooi Boon were part of the multi-disciplinary team, responsible for the construction of
the towering dragon. “The enthusiastic commitment and joviality of all the members
of the Draconika engineering team made this project enjoyable despite the tight
timeline,” said Associate Professor Goh Wooi Boon. 
Bulletin            06
      NEW @ SCE

Full Marks for SCE Programmes
Peer Tutoring
T   he Student-led Tutorial Group (STG) has seen a sharp rise in the number of tutors
    and tutees. Introduced in 2006, this initiative was started to encourage students
to assist and learn from one another. This year, 15 students spanning 11 Computer
Science and Computer Engineering modules, took on the position of tutors for over 50
students. “After joining the STG, I am able to understand my lessons more thoroughly
and I feel more prepared for my exams,” shared Monica Elysia Vionna, second year
Computer Science student, and a participant of the STG.
     To improve the programme further, an online survey was made available for the
very first time. The team was able to receive valuable feedback on ways of improving
the programme. “This meaningful ongoing project has benefited many students, and
we would like to expand it further where possible,” said Brian Marshal, third year
Computer Science undergraduate, and the STG programme Vice-Chair. 

                                                  — Brian Marshal and Seah Wen Kor

Double Degree Programmes                                             Click to Learn
Now Doubly Good
                D   ouble Degree in Computing and Business,
                    as well as the Georgia Tech Double Degree
                programmes are taking a double-take on their
                curriculum. The two programmes will now
                offer Computer Engineering degrees. What
                this means is that students will have greater
                option and can choose to pursue either a BEng
                in Computer Engineering or Computer Science,
                under these programmes.
                     SCE is constantly taking steps to ensure
                that its programmes give students greater
                options, and are designed in-sync with the
                needs of students, as well as the industry. 

                                                                    C   lickers are rapidly gaining popularity and making their
                                                                        way into classrooms. In Semester 1 of 2008/09, it was
                                                                    introduced to the Software Engineering course conducted by
                                                                    Mr Kevin Anthony Jones. The course is the first in NTU to have
                                                                    incorporated the device, with each student being issued a
                                                                    personal clicker. The credit card sized gadget is equipped with
                                                                    buttons that correspond to the options of questions, which
                                                                    allows Mr Jones to conduct weekly summative quizzes and polls
                                                                    to ensure that students have a good grasp of course materials.
                                                                          Statistics derived from the quiz enable the lecturer to
                                                                    review questions that have yielded poor results, and to address
                                                                    problem areas more rapidly. The easy-to-use Clickers have also
                                                                    received the thumbs-up from our students. “Fast and effective
                                                                    results, straight away! I hope to see Clickers used in more
                                                                    of my courses!” exclaimed Toh Zhi Yong, Computer Science
                                                                    undergraduate. 
                                                         07            Feature

A Letter from the 10th CEC President
To my fellow SCEians,

I t has been a decade since the Computer Engineering Club (CEC) was first founded.
  Indeed, it will be a great challenge to match the good standards set by our
predecessors. Nevertheless, we will do our utmost best to match, and rise above
the challenges set before us.

    At CEC, we strive to inject vibrancy into campus life, enabling SCE-ians to
     immerse themselves in an IT-savvy culture; while enjoying campus events and
     activities that suit their diverse interests. Through the events organised, we
      hope to provide a platform to facilitate interaction between lecturers and
      undergraduates, outside the classroom.

      One of our goals this year is to establish CEC as the nucleus for all activities
      in NTU, where we hope to promote collaboration between academic and
      special interest clubs, which in turn will create more opportunities for
       networking and for personal growth. Secondly, we plan to strengthen
       our relationship with members from the industry. We trust that our
       strategic partnerships will help fellow SCE-ians pave successful careers.

        With your confidence and trust in the CEC we hope that together, we can
        achieve these goals. This is a year of reflection and change. As we celebrate
        10 years of CEC, let’s remember to keep good traditions alive by staying
        together as one SCE family, and at the same time be ready to embrace
        positive change.

        Thank you and warmest regards,

       Eugene Tang
       10 th Management Committee

                                                           10 th CEC Management Committee
Feature    08
Ties That Bind
— Celebrating 10 Years of Friendship

                he Computer Engineering Club (CEC) was formed
                                                                         Roll of Honour: Presidents of the CEC
                a decade ago to foster a unique SCE identity, and
                to cultivate active participation among members     Yeo Suan Hau, Justin                2000/2001
          of the School. For ten years, the CEC has brought the
          School together as a unit through a series of engaging    Sun Wei Yeh                         2001/2002

          events that envelope areas such as welfare, social,       Chye Choon Hoong, Adrian            2002/2003
          cultural, educational and sports. The Club has in many
          ways succeeded to live-up to its promise.                 Koh Meng Tat                        2003/2004
               Each year, a committee is nominated by students,
                                                                    Heng Tong Chuan                     2004/2005
          as officers. With them, these dedicated student
          representatives bring fresh perspective, to the events    Chan Xinyi                          2005/2006
          organised. Their strong sense of purpose and
          engaging events have allowed for friendships to be        Aditya Malla                        2006/2007
          formed, enriching further the SCE experience.
                                                                    Toh Cher Kiang, Daniel              2007/2008
               To the many who have served in the committee,
          the School applauds you for your contributions! Thank     Xiao Yuhong                         2008/2009
          you for sharing your enthusiasm, friendship and the
          unforgettable memories.                                  Tang Hon Fye, Eugene                2009/2010
                                                              09            Feature

Class Notes

              CEC has given to me more than what I could have contributed in my
              student years. The friendships, skills and memories will stay with me
              as long as I live. I hope that the members of CEC will learn to cherish
              their time whilst they are in NTU to not just get the grades they desire,
              but to build the bonds that will stay with them after they graduate.
              Because when you step out of school and into the marketplace, it’s not
              what you know but who you know that will affect your career paths.

                                                             — Justin Yeo, Suan Hau
                                                              CEC President 2000/1

              I’m proud to have graduated from SCE and I think the experiences
              I had at the School has set me up for many of goals and
              achievements. The formation of the SCEAA is a testament to this.
              We wanted future generations to feel like they were part of something
              bigger, and have an affinity to SCE — where they would want to give
              back to the School and broader NTU community.

              My message to new CEC members would be that the School provides
              a great platform for students to look at the world and think, as
              well as understand new technologies and trends, but they have to
              find what they are passionate about and building off that platform.
              Professors are approachable and resources are available, so be bold
              to approach them about doing projects and going the extra mile. In
              the real world, it’s passion that differentiates people from the crowd.

                                                               — Eddy Abraham
                                          CEC Protem Honorary General Secretary

              I can see that each committee puts in their best effort to make
              bigger and better events each year. The number and the scale of
              the events are also restricted by budget and on sponsorship request
              outcomes. Something that has really changed in the past 10 years is
              the constitution of the students in SCE and in the CEC. 10 years ago,
              the local students in SCE are mostly from A-levels; now they are mostly
              from Polytechnics. Also, 10 years ago the CEC Management Committee
              are mostly from local students; now there is high proportion of them
              from international students. I hope that the CEC MC is aware of this
              change and will make appropriate changes to their events and efforts
              so that they can serve the students better.

                                                       — Assoc Prof Yow Kin Choong
Spotlight            10
Green Guardians
       he depletion of natural resources and rising environmental issues
       have brought the entire world together to find solutions that will
       ensure the sustainability of the earth. Steps have been taken by
nations globally to embrace clean energy sources, and Singapore is no
exception. In its bid to play its part as a socially responsible urban nation,
Singapore has committed millions of dollars to R&D efforts in the clean
energy sector. “As a nation, we have to invest to develop new technologies
and alternative sources of energy,” said Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for
National Development at a recent press conference.
     In light of Singapore’s aim to generate green energy for its own
future challenges, Associate Professor Douglas Maskell was awarded over
$1 million in funding, under the National Research Foundation, Clean Energy
Research Programme (CERP). The project titled, “Low-cost Concentrating
PV (CPV) Systems Optimised for Singapore’s Wet Tropical Climate” is a
collaborative effort between the SCE Professor and researchers from
Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The CERP was launched in 2007 to accelerate
research and development efforts to help drive the growth of the Clean
Energy industry in Singapore. Only eight such projects received the
prestigious grant, this year.
     The project is a long term study to measure the various components
of Singapore’s insolation (solar radiation). It will allow the researchers
to understand the issues that affect solar concentrating systems which
would result in better models, and understanding of direct and diffuse
radiation characteristics, for areas which share Singapore’s wet tropical
climate. Generally, harnessing solar energy in these areas through solar         From left: Reaseach Assoc Jayaraman Ramkumar and Assoc Prof
concentrators such as mirrors is cost ineffective, as it leads to high           Dauglas Maskell.
levels of diffused (reflected) light with only intermittent periods of
direct sunlight.
     The results from this study could provide ground-breaking
answers on how Singapore can transform solar energy into a
renewable form of energy similar to countries such as the United
States, Europe and Australia — where large scale concentrating solar
power (CSP) systems, have become integral to the total energy mix.
The models derived from the study will then be integrated into
concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) and concentrating solar thermal (CST)
models, which will more accurately account for all components of the
total solar radiation.
     This will then provide new possibilities, particularly at low
concentration areas, for cost effective concentrator systems which are
optimised for wet tropical climates. “This project is poised to pave
the way for more cost-effective and efficient tapping of solar power in
Singapore, which will operate hand-in-hand with the existing power
generation techniques,” said Research Associate Jayaraman Ramkumar,
from the Centre of High Performance Embedded Systems who is assisting
Assoc Prof Douglas Maskell in the study. 
                                                                                        11            Spotlight

                Top IT Developers
                                                            Lu Yixiang
                                                            Research Associate, gameLAB
                                                            Designed a stop-motion animation tool, Animaker

                                                            EPulSCE: What would be your most essential technical
               Aaron Ng Shou                                item, an item you can’t do without (this can be a
                                                            software or hardware item)?
                                                            Yixiang: Visual studio for windows development and
                                                            Xcode for mac os x development.

        aking their mark as Singapore’s Top IT              EPulSCE: What do you love about your job?
        Developers are Aaron Ng Shuo a first year           Yixiang: It gives me chance to create and innovate.
        student, and alumnus Lu Yixiang, a Research         It gives me chances to keep learning more about
Associate at SCE’s gameLAB. We caught-up with the           software development.
two and jotted down some notes handy for aspiring
developers!                                                 EPulSCE: What are the valuable lessons you’ve learnt
                                                            and what would be your advice to aspiring Computer
Aaron Ng Shou                                               Engineers/Scientists?
1st Year Computer Engineering Undergraduate
Designed an Awards Registration Software for the Navy       Yixiang: The best code is the code you don’t have to
                                                            write. Before you start writing a piece of code, one
EPulSCE: What was the first thing you programmed?           should always look into what has already been done
How old were you?                                           and with that, reflect on what could be utilised to save
Aaron: A java midlet game for mobile phones, for a          cost and time.
course assignment. I was 18 yrs old then.
                                                            EPulSCE: Can you tell us briefly what the Animaker is
EPulSCE: Tell us more about the program you designed        about? And your future hopes for it?
for the Navy?                                               Yixiang: It is a stop-motion animation tool. It assists
Aaron: What it does is that it helps to register awards     users automate the connection between a digital
recipients, designate seats for both guests and award       camera as well as manage and process the contents
winners - where it has the capability to amend details,     taken from the camera. I hope for more camera model
in real time. So if there’s a change everyone involved in   support and more features.
the ceremony will be provided with a new copy of the
programme, eliminating coordination problems usually        EPulSCE: How do you feel about the nomination?
faced in such ceremonies.                                   Yixiang: I feel honored and lucky. Without the support
                                                            of Prof Seah Hock Soon or the help of two fellow
EPulSCE: How does it feel to be so young and to receive     developers Chen Quan and Andy Wyliando, I couldn’t
such honour?                                                have done it so smoothly. 
Aaron: I feel like I got a big pat on the back, it has
given me great encouragement to move forward, no
matter how difficult it can be ahead.

EPulSCE: When designing a program the one thing you
always keep in mind is?
Aaron: The interaction between software and users.
What do users want to experience? It’s important
to listen and understand what users really want.
Communication is key.

EPulSCE: Your hopes for the future?
Aaron: To work with other experienced developers and
learn their ways of programming, and understanding
why other developers see and builds things the way
they do.
Spotlight    12
                                                                       A Bright Spark

                                                                             My dream was to make
                                                                           Frasia come to life, and to
                                                                            do my part in connecting
                                                                                youths to the AYG.
                                                                              I realised that the key
                                                                             was through innovation
                                                                            in technology. I attribute
                                                                              this milestone to SCE,
                                                                             for providing me with a
                                                                              nurturing environment
                                                                                                            — Pan Zheng Xiang
                                                                                                       third year undergraduate

                   an Zheng Xiang’s debut began in 1998 when           He stood out further, as being the inventor of iChat
                   he designed a sand filter that he presented to      with Frasia, which cleverly allows users of instant
                   then Minister of Education (MOE) Mr Teo Chee        mesengers to send and receive messages from the
            Hean, as part of the MOE Gifted Education Innovation       mascot of the inaugural Asian Youth Games, Frasia.
            Programme. This first brush with innovation thrilled       “My dream was to make Frasia come to life, and to
            him and gave him a greater sense of purpose. He found      do my part in connecting youths to the AYG. I realised
            the prospects of being able to make a difference to        that the key was through innovation in technology.
            shape human life exhilarating. Since then, this young      I attribute this milestone to SCE, for providing me with
            innovator has taken giant steps to put his ideas to good   a nurturing environment,” said the undergraduate.
            use. Zheng Xiang is now a third year undergraduate at      Another first, Zheng Xiang together with his peers
            SCE where he continues to apply classroom lessons to       leveraged on popular new media platforms to create a
            innovate and inspire those around him.                     program that allowed students to log in wherever they
                  A Computer Science student, Zheng Xiang              were, to contribute to the discussion as well as polls
            religiously works towards his philosophy of transforming   during the NTU Student Union Ministerial Forum.
            lives with the innovative use of computer technology,            This well-rounded student also busies himself with
            where he reminds himself that one has to “dare to          other extra curricular activities. Among which, Zheng
            dream, and dare to innovate”. In Poly he took part in      Xiang is a valued member of the People’s Association
            countless competitions such as the Microsoft Imagine       Youth Movement Youth Executive Committee.
            Cup. Even while serving his National Service, Zheng        He involves himself in community work where he
            Xiang made innovation central, and improved processes      reaches out to underprivileged children and persons
            where he could. In his capacity as an NS man he led        with disabilities.
            10 award winning Work Improvement Team (Innovation               When asked how he copes with his full schedule.
            Category) projects, earning him the due title of           He replied, “Through proper time management,
            “A Star Soldier”, in Pioneer, a publication produced by    passion and an iron-willed determination”. His advice
            the Singapore Armed Forces.                                to his peers is to “do the best wherever you can, at
                  This year, has been a fruitful year for Zheng        where you can, with what you can”. With a positive
            Xiang who bagged the firs prize at the Youth Research      mindset about life and the desire to make a difference,
            Program’s 5th Anniversary Challenge, conducted by          Zheng Xiang has certainly set a good example not just
            the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology.        for his peers, but for everyone to follow. 
                                                                                         13           Spotlight

Ascent is Excellent!
            recruitment portal dedicated to graduating         easily post jobs and search for suitable candidates.
            undergraduate students of SCE, Ascent was          The service is also open to Professors in the School,
            the brainchild of former professor, Asst Prof      looking to hire.
     Tay Joc Cing, to address the influx of job invitations         Other than Pahlevi, Ascent has a team of
     from organisations looking specifically for Computer      dedicated students that are doing their best to improve
     Engineers and Scientists. Since its birth, the            this exclusive SCE service, for its graduating students.
     programme has been instrumental in matching               The Ascent team comprises of its three business liaison
     students to employers. Presently the portal is under      officers, Randy Tandriansyah, Varun Subramanian,
     the stewardship of the Computer Engineering Club          Adilla Inda Diningsih, and its two IT officers Harish
     (CEC) with the support of Assoc Prof Quek Hiok Chai,      Murugasamy and Harshit Jain. Each student plays a
     Assistant Chair (Students) and Mr Seah Wen Kor,           fundamental role in expanding the reach, and usability
     Assistant Manager (Students and Alumni), where it         of the portal ( 
     has over 305 registered job seekers and 24 registered
                                                                  Interview Tips from Students, for Students!
          The current committee headed by the CEC Career
     and Development Officer Pahlevi Fikri Auliya and his         “Research on the company and work out
     subcommittee, hope to further increase the number            possible interview questions and answers.
     of users on both ends, where they intend to provide          Importantly, show confidence on the day of the
     their peers with even more options to launch fulfilling      interview.”
     careers. The jobs vary from part-time to full fledged                               — Jeow Li Huan (BCG/3)
     positions in the country’s top firms such as Merrill
     Lynch and IBM.                                               “It is important to pause for a while before
          This easy-to-use web portal allows job seekers          answering a difficult question (even if you
     the convenience of uploading their resumes, and has          know the answer, e.g. what is your weakness?),
     a built-in search capability that enables students to        otherwise they might think you are reciting a
     look for available job openings, by matching specific        memorised answer.”
     keywords. Students can also choose to subscribe to an                                 — Wang Hao (BCG/3)
     e-mail notification service that will keep them updated
     on the latest posts. Likewise, registered employers can                   — Seah Wen Kor & Pahlevi Fikri Auliya
Verbatim                14
A Man of Distinction

                                                                                 Inspiration comes from…
                                                                                 As a Christian, I gain inspiration from the Bible.
                                                                                 “And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to
                                                                                 them likewise”.

                                                                                 Satisfaction is in …
                                                                                 Helping others achieve their potential. However, to do
                                                                                 this, I have to be organised first. It is hard for me to work
                                                                                 with a cluttered mind and space. Thus, satisfaction can
                                                                                 come from simply organising my thoughts, schedule,
                                                                                 emails, desk, etc. and seeing how this results in clarity
                                                                                 of mind.
Professor Seah Hock Soon receiving his award from President Nathan.
                                                                                 Looking back…
                                                                                 Time passes very quickly. Once in a while we need
                                                                                 to pause to take stock of our personal lives. We are

                             or twenty years, Professor Seah Hock Soon has       often too busy to even think about what we should
                             chosen to build a profession out of educating,      be doing, instead of just doing things. What are some
                             and helping others improve themselves. His verve    of our low value investments of time and money?
                       and passion for teaching has indeed made a difference     We need to reduce these, so that we can spend more
                       to the lives of many, and in shaping the future of        time with family and other important matters. I have
                       Singapore. In recognition of his meritorious service to   no regrets in embracing an academic life; it allows me
                       the Nation, the Professor was recently awarded the        time to pursue interests which are aligned with the
                       Public Administration Medal (Silver), at the National     University.
                       Day Awards Ceremony.
                                                                                 Winning the National Day Awards…
                       Teaching is…                                              Many people contributed to the award — the
                       Spending time to identify the important learning          management, support and R&D teams that worked
                       outcomes and how best to deliver the contents to          with me as well as those who I am collaborating with
                       inspire students’ understanding and liking for the        right now. I am grateful for the Award and hope that
                       subject. I must continue to be a learner myself.          it will inspire others to strive for excellence in their
                                                                                 own realms.
                       Students are…
                       I don’t see students as being different from the people   A wise man once told me…
                       whom I interact with, be it in teaching, research or      I like a quote from Jim Collins, the author of the
                       administration. I practise the principle of being fair    best-selling book, Good to Great: “Humility is not
                       and respectful towards all, and appreciate different      thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less”.
                       point of views. The only way I know how to work is        Jim found a humble leader in every great company that
                       in developing a trusting environment where everybody      he researched. This reminds that it is not about me but
                       works towards a common goal.                              about the larger goal of building a great team.

                       Innovation is…                                            3 important things…
                       Being disciplined (staying the course) and creative       Set high personal standards, do the right things, and
                       in juggling many things, as well as having the ability    be patient.
                       to “connect the dots” and understand that some
                       challenges complement one another. Therefore,             When choosing a career…
                       working on a slightly broader scope with different        Do something that you like and are competent in. Align
                       groups of people can often create synergy of some sort,   your goals with the institution’s. Just giving your best
                       in tackling today’s complex multi-faceted problems.       effort is not good enough. 
                                                                                                                   15          Verbatim

Our Tech Geeks Rock!

 Champs Tu ZI
     on stage

Left to right: Malcolm Yam, Hoon Thien Rong, Chua Khim Teck and Rajamoorthy Karapaya.

                             ock stars in their own right, final year computer          year to make their “mobile world” a dream come true.
                             science students Rajamoorthy Karapaya, Chua                “It’s about getting your priorities right, understanding,
                             Khim Teck, Hoon Thien Rong and Malcolm Yam                 sharing the workload and working together to pull
                      (who joined the trio recently), have been rocking                 through different milestones,” shared Rajamoorthy.
                      the Information Technology (IT) circle with their                       Other than juggling demands from school, the
                      radical application MyWobile, which boasts the title              students had to overcome challenges of building a
                      of being the first Location Based System introduced               sound business, which would include producing a
                      in Singapore. The application whose debut was on                  useful product able to compete in the ever-changing IT
                      15 December 2008, allows users to network, share                  arena. The students are presently working closely with
                      information, and uncover the latest news, events,                 partners Azione Capital, a company that provides seed
                      and places to go; where it promises “complete 360°                funding to promising new ventures. They have also
                      real time-information” in the palm of your hands. Like            formed strong working relations with Microsoft, Nokia
                      all good celebrities, our IT starlets received media              and Ericsson – companies that support and are working
                      attention and were featured in this year’s National Day,          to support MyWobile.
                      Straits Times Special as Singapore’s innovative sons,                   The future has much to hold for the four, who
                      in the highly competitive IT market.                              remain optimistic, “We’re looking to expand the reach
                           The team of four came together with a vision of              of the application and garner more users, we want it
                      finding success similar to Microsoft and even social              to be a tool that gives convenience and adds value to
                      media giants akin to Facebook and Myspace – whose                 the life of users - for them to gain information as and
                      humble origins spawned from late night discussions in             when they need it”.
                      university dormitories. With the skills they acquired                   For more information on MyWobile, visit
                      in the classroom and the spirit to conquer the           
                      unchartered, the students worked hard in their third
Verbatim               16
An Honoured Member of our Alumni

Raymond receiving his award from Dr Su Guaning.

       aymond Wee Keat Kheng graduated in 2001. As a student,
       he participated actively in School activities where he
       played a central role as the President of then, Applied
Science Club (ASC). Even after graduating from SCE, he continued
to contribute to the growth of the School, laying fundamental
building blocks of the School of Computer Engineering Alumni
Association (SCEAA), the bridge which now links the School and
its Alumni. For his exceptional contributions in furthering the    EPulSCE: What do you miss most about University life?
interests of the University and its alumni, Raymond was awarded    Raymond: All the ECAs (especially ASC and Union Council ones)
with the Nanyang Alumni Service Award on 24 October. In this       and my hostel life in Hall 6 and 13.
issue, we get personal with Raymond who presently is the Section
Head for ICT, School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology at      EPulSCE: How has your academic journey in NTU helped prepare
ITE College East, in Simei.                                        you for your present career?
                                                                   Raymond: The leadership position in the ASC, the challenging
EPulSCE: What are your thoughts on receiving the award?            curriculum and vibrant hostel life have provided me with a
Raymond: It was my pleasure and honour to receive the award. I     platform to try out new things. It gave me the time and space to
would like to thank my fellow Alumni counterparts namely, Eddy     make as many mistakes as I can, work on ideas and network with
Abraham, Tew Ming Wei, Lawrence Chia, Lam Yi Phern Aylwin,         friends from different walks of life.
Lee Ser Wei and New Wei Wei, Yeo Quan Hui and Lum Yuit Ming
Cyndi, for their pioneering work at the School of Computer         EPulSCE: What words of advice do you have for your juniors, and
Engineering Alumni Association’s (SCEAA) first Management          even your students, in terms of their personal and professional
Committee and Protem Committee. They were the backbone             development beyond their university years?
of the SCEAA from 2002-2005. Among others, I would also like       Raymond: Six take-aways:
to thank, Dr Yow Kin Choong, and Mr Seah Wen Kor for their         Family – Most important among this list of six. We should work
contribution to the SCEAA. Above all, I would like to thank my     to provide for our family and strive for a balanced “work-life”
wife, Jannes Tan Jing Farn for her support and understanding.      Mentor – Find at least one mentor to help you along your career
                                                                   Ask, aware and get it done — know your strength, ask lots of
EPulSCE: Your thoughts on ECAs. Are they important?                questions, be aware and most importantly, get things done
Raymond: Of course, I am what I am today mainly because            “Sell” yourself — Presentation and leadership are also critical
of my involvement in ECAs. In the Management Committee,            skill sets for career development
we can make a few mistakes, which could result in our              Positive mindset and good habits — Check out the 7 Habits of
subcommittee members losing their ECA points. At work, any         Highly Effective People
mistake can cost a co-worker’s livelihood.                         Keep upgrading to stay competitive and ahead. 
                                                                             17             SCEne

Bridging the Gap!

                                                           n 4 September students from SCE made time to
                                                           give back to the community through a Thematic
                                                           Workshop for the Elderly. The workshop jointly
                                                   organised with IDA, aims to foster inter-generation
                                                   bonding between youth and seniors, with technology
                                                   as the bridge between the two.
                                                        The students together with members from IDA
                                                   spent the afternoon at the Multi-Media Lab, coaching
                                                   the elderly participants on the use of computer
                                                   technology such as writing tablets and pen-input
        We enjoyed                                 devices. Our young cyber-guides proved to be patient
                                                   and proactive consultants, providing the much needed

        the training                               support to the seniors.
                                                        IDA hopes that such workshops will encourage the

                                                   elderly to continue to pick-up infocomm skills that are
                                                   able to enrich their golden years. “We enjoyed the
                                                   training tremendously!” exclaimed one of the senior
                                                   participants. 

      — exclaimed one of the senior participants                                         — Pfeiffer Chung
SCEne    18

To A Prosperous New Start
               he School has grown in strength with new             Freshmen, Meet your Mentors
               students joining our SCE family, and introductions   Mentors and students stood side-by-side as they rang
               are nothing short of a must! To welcome our          in the year of the Ox on 28 January, at the Nanyang
        freshies, the School organised a host of activities. Here   Auditorium. Tossing the customary Yu Sheng and
        is a peek at the fun we shared, while getting to know       chanting in unison for prosperity and good health, the
        each other!                                                 get-together gave
                                                                    both mentors and
        Freshmen Orientation!                                       students a chance
        Held on 5 August the orientation was organised to           to bond beyond
        help new students ease into life at SCE. Taking to the      classroom walls.
        stage and giving sound advice to our freshmen, were         The annual event
        members from the faculty as well as senior students         helps to bridge
        ready to impart golden nuggets of wisdom to assist          the gap between
        with the transition. The information sharing session        students and their
        acts as an open two-way channel which aims to dispel        mentors.
        uncertainties about the programme, giving our new                The event's
        students a good kick-start to varsity life.                 success would
                                                                    not have been
                                                                    possible without
                                                                    the help of the
                                                                    College. 
                                                                                                                                 19                 SCEne

SCE Freshmen Orientation Camp ‘09
    t was five days of good fun, company and big
    laughs that brought our freshmen out of their
    shells and into the groove of making new                                                                                Day 2 :
friends, and trying out new things. Organised                                                                               We had about three microseconds to
                                                                                                                            haul our paralysed, race-exhausted
together with students from MSE, the joint camp                                                                             limbs out of bed. After breakfast,
had the freshmen rolling on beaches, eating                                                                                 the race continued – only this time,
wasabi coated cookies and dancing the night                                                                                  in Sentosa. We were later brought to
                                                                                                                             various places in Singapore such as
away! We sent two of our students Abha Apte and                                                                              the IMM building, and Singapore Flyer!
Shreya Sharma to get the dish about the camp.                                                                                Then followed the best part of the day
                                                                                                                             — beach games!
Here are candid accounts about the five-days
of fun!

                                                                 Day 3 :
                                                                 After breakfast, tele-matches
                                                                 were on the agenda. We played
                                                                 a couple of teambuilding games,
                                                                 stopped for a meal, and then
                                                                 had a mass dance! It was the
                                                                 first activity that didn’t involve
                                                                 eating wasabi coated cookies or
                                                                 performing physical feats that
                                                                 defied the laws of nature.

Day 1 :                                                                                                                               Day 4 :
We had to assemble at the 179 berth where we met the seniors                                                                         Energized by a heav y
from MSE and SCE who seemed nothing less than nice. The                                                                              breakfast, the fun and frolic
said friendliness manifested itself in some great ice breaking                                                                       continued in the form of mass
games. We then had an NTU alumni talk and an Emit Asia talk                                                                          games and mass dance which
before we were whisked off to an NTU-wide Amazing Race.                                                                               was followed by a long and
Just as I was ready to pass out, we were refuelled with some                                                                          much needed wash up.
dinner, after which the race continued. The day ended with                                                                            In the evening, I could barely
banner painting which was tons of fun!                                                                                                contain myself at the sight
                                                                                                                                      of a heavily laden buffet
                                                                                                                                       table. I burnt all the calories
                                                                                                                  consumed at ‘The Arena’ during the much
                                                                                                      anticipated clubbing night. There’s no better place to get to
                                                                                                      know people than on the dance floor!

                                                                 Day 5 :
                                                                 The last day of camp! We got sweaty and dirty at the mini sports day but enjoyed every minute
                                                                 of it. We finally got a chance to relax after the exhausting but exhilarating day at the prize
                                                                 presentation. Acknowledgement of the main committee members who had put together the
                                                                  entire 5-day camp commenced. Guess I really owe it to them for showing me, along with a
                                                                 bunch of other scared freshmen that University life might be new and scary but it’s easy to get
                                                                 through as long as you have plenty of friends and seniors by your side!

                                                                                                                           — Abha Apte and Shreya Sharma
SCEne   20
Harcharan Singh Challenge ‘09
                      he annual challenge was conducted from the 6 - 14 October. SCE-
                      ians could choose to participate in a variety of games such as tennis,
                      street soccer, basketball, carrom, Scrabble and international chess.
                 The games often witnessed familiar “playgrounds” morph into battle
                 grounds, as players vied for top spot.

                 The event culminated with an Award Presentation Ceremony held on 15
                 October at the Student’s Activities Centre. There, to show his support
                 was Guest of Honour, Associate Professor Quek Hiok Chai, who presented
                 trophies and prizes to the deserving winners. 

                 Below are the names of SCE’s best sportsmen and women:

                  Sport            Category                  Name
                  Tennis           Men’s Singles Winner      Bharath Jayaram
                  Badminton        Men’s Singles Winner      Ankit Agarwal
                                   Men’s Doubles Winners     Ankit Agarwal, Ashish Anand
                                   Women’s Singles
                                                             Shen Xujing
                                                             Nurgozha Yermurat,
                  Street Soccer    Winners                   Shynggys, Yerbolat, Arman
                                                             Illyassov, Assylan
                                                             Gan Lu, Zhong Hua, Yang
                  Basket Ball      Winners
                                                             Wujun, Zhang Kaibin
                  Table Tennis     Men’s Singles Winner      Shreyans Rai
                  Chinese Chess    Winner                    Tang Carman
                  UNO Stacko       Winner                    Zhang Haolin
                  Carrom           Winner                    Ng Yong Hwee
                  Scrabble         Winner                    Varuna Manevannan
                                   Winner                    Andrean Susilodinata

                 The events this year introduced new activities such as Scrabble, Captain’s
                 Ball and Tennis which perhaps led to the increase in the number of
                 participants.The Sports and Recreational committee headed by Inge Wong
                 and Gu Xinchi did an outstanding job conducting the games.

                 Congratulations to all winners and the organising committee, for the job
                 well done!

                                                                      — Shivohne Saldanha
                                                                                                     21               SCEne

Spread the SCE word!
       his year, the School has taken even greater strides to reach out to students     1. Infocomm Degree Presentation
                                                                                           17 January 2009
       interested in pursuing a future career in the dynamic field of computer
       engineering or computer science. Among other successful School run events such   2. MSc Information Session
as the SCE Tea Party and Msc Information Session, SCE has organised new events, to         10 Feb 2009

enrich further our students learning experience. Students were able to gain valuable    3. SCE Tea Party
first hand information from industry and academic experts through seminars such as         16 May 2009

Research Opportunities in NTU, Singapore and Beyond, held on 5 October and the          4. Research Opportunities in NTU,
Infocomm Degree Presentation, early this year on 17 January. Here are snapshots from       Singapore and Beyond
                                                                                           5 October 2009
the events! 

  1                                                                  3

  2                                                                 4
  SCEne             22
Congratulations Class of 2009!
       eady to make the transition from student to professional were the 131 graduate and 349 undergraduate
       students, who marched tall and proud into the Nanyang Auditorium, all set to take their place in the
       convocation ceremony, held on 29 July 2009. There to celebrate this joyous occasion with them were
their families and friends; their pillars of support who have seen them through one of the most rigorous
degree programmes offered.
     There to congratulate the graduating class of 2009 was Dr Chong Yoke Sin, Chief Operating Officer
of Integrated Health Information Systems. Concurrently she is the Group Chief Information Officer of the
Singhealth cluster of public healthcare institutions. A wealth of experience, she highlighted the importance
of keeping an open mind, to listen and to recognise the strengths of others as well as to maintain a positive
attitude. Most importantly, she stressed on the pertinence of staying happy and standing up for one’s
believes. Standing-up for his believes, was valedictorian Daniel Toh Cher Kiang, who delivered his speech
with great panache.

     Present at the ceremony was donor Mr Yap Yee Chuan, President of the Information
Technology Management Association who was there to show his support to the
organisation’s prize winner, Ma Nan. An excellent student Ma Nan was awarded with the
Information Technology Management Association Gold Medal cum Book Prize.

Other prize winners are as follows:

 NAME                                 AWARD
 NGUYEN QUANG HUY           CE        Accenture Book Prize
 WU LINGWEI                 CE        Defence Science & Technology Agency Gold Medal
 EDWIN BOAZ SOENARYO        CE        Hewlett-Packard Gold Medal
                                      Information Technology Management Association
 MA NAN                     CE        Gold Medal cum Book Prize
 EDWIN BOAZ SOENARYO        CE        Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal
 EDWIN BOAZ SOENARYO        CE        Media Development Authority Book Prize
                                      Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
 SHEN NAN                   CSC       Gold Medal
 SHEN NAN                   CSC       Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal
 WATT PEI YI (QU PEI YI)    CSC       Tata Consultancy Services Gold Medal
 CHANDRA LIMANTARA          CSC       University Scholars Award

Congratulations Class of 2009! 
                                                                                  23   SCEne

Graduates’ Evening

   t was an evening made out of magic for the 133 attendees all geared to
   celebrate the accomplishments of our graduating students, who have
   successfully completed their degree programmes at SCE. Among the
many present to show their support at the NTU Alumni Club ballroom
were; Prof Angela Goh (Acting Chair), Assoc Prof Hui Siu Cheung (Assoc
Chair, Admin), Assoc Prof Quek Hiok Chai (Asst Chair, Students), SCE Alumni
Association President Lee Ching Ping and Guest-of-Honour Ms Sally Chua,
from the Alumni Affairs Office.
     The evening was a flurry of activity with games that left all in stitches,
good food and company, as well as great prizes that were given-out to
15 lucky winners. Winning top prize was David Koe, who walked away with
a Philips Home Theater. Falling not far behind was Anna Carolina Liong and
Liew Boon Hoe who won the second and third prize respectively.
     The event was a roaring success! This year, a special performance
was put-up for the graduating class by SCE staff Calvin Leaw, who
sang his heart out to all present. It was indeed a joyous occasion that
brought everyone together. More importantly, the get-together allowed
for graduating students the opportunity to strengthen their friendships,
before continuing their journey into the next chapter of their lives. 
SCEne   24
             We LOVE SCE! EXCLAIM 8!
                              olourful balloons, streamers, carnival games as
                              well as the lingering sweet smell of popcorn and
                              cotton candy brought out the child in everyone
                       at this year’s, EXCLAIM 8! The SCE Day, themed
                       Carnival, was celebrated with much delight, bringing
                       the entire SCE community together at the Nanyang
                       Auditorium foyer on 5 March. Students, faculty, staff
                       and the alumni were invited to attend this special day,
                       where the focus was in strengthening and promoting
                       esprit de corps.
                            During the event, awards were presented to
                       faculty, staff and students under the following
                       categories: Top 10 Most Popular Lecturers, Most
                       Approachable Technical Staff, Best Sportsman,
                       Best Sportswoman, Best DDP, Best CEC Event and
                       Outstanding Contributions/Awards to CEC.
                            The celebrations continued with fun games
                       hosted at the foyer. Scoring perhaps the most number
                                            of participants was the Deal or
                                            No Deal segment. Similar to the
                                            popular television game show,
                                            students were required to make
                                            difficult choices of picking the right
                                            briefcases. Other games played
                                            during the afternoon’s festivity
                                            include an eating contest. Old
                                            favourites such as chapteh and pick-
                                            up sticks were also not forgotten.
                                                  The SCE carnival was a grand
                                            success! The event would not
                                            have been possible without the
                                            hard work put in by the event
                                            organisers. On behalf of the School,
                                            we’d like to congratulate you for a
                                            job well done, and THANK YOU for
                                            the wonderful afternoon!! 
                                                                                                         25           SCEne

An Evening of Elegance
and Splendour

       he SCE Dinner and Dance is one of the grandest
       events organised by the Computer Engineering
       Club and this year, it was nothing short of a
colossal success. This magnificent event was held at
the Orchard Hotel on 22 August, where the theme for
the evening was Elegance with Simplicity.
     The excitement in the air was practically palpable
almost all through the night, reaching richter high
levels during the crowning of the SCE Pageant’s king
and queen. Twelve of SCE’s most stunning set the
stage ablaze as they sashayed down the ramp and           dance group. Putting together an event of this scale
mesmerized the audience with a spectacular salsa          was undoubtedly a herculean task and it is extremely
performance. Stealing the hearts of the distinguished     commendable that the organising committee, headed
panel of judges, were Phang Sheng Long, Elmer Lin,        by Stanwin Siow and Eugene Tang, pulled it off with
Kenji Chee, Sheryl Chia, Michelle Tan and Asta Foo who    such finesse. In all, the SCE Dinner and Dance ’09
bagged the first, second and third places in the men’s    was a very extravagant yet elegant event and was an
and women’s categories respectively.                      undeniably memorable experience for all.
     Quah Hou Teck may not have been crowned king               The CEC would also like to take this opportunity to
of the pageant, but he too walked away smiling, and       thank event sponsors; The Hair Secrets, comboutique.
with an XBOX 360 to boot! The undergraduate was           asia, Emma, I-dazzle, CYC, TOSS, Crossover, StyleHouse,
the first prize winner for the Lucky Draw. Hari Haran     NTU Student Affairs Office, NTU Alumni Affairs Office
Chandrasekaran and Chia Chaiying also walked away as      and Robin Photography, without whose support the
lucky winners.                                            event could not have been such a success. 
     The evening was finally brought to a close with
a performance by the Cultural Activities Club’s, tap-                                    — Tarun Harish Ledwani
SCEne   26
SCE Alumni Gold Class Movie Experience

         “This event was hosted
                                                       lumni members spent a special Saturday
                                                       afternoon on 21 March at the plush Gold Class

           to strengthen alumni                        lounge of Golden Village, Vivo City for the
                                                 screening of the highly anticipated movie Watchmen.

            bonding. The good                    Organised by the School together with the SCE Alumni
                                                 Association (SCEAA) the event was an absolute success

         turnout testifies to the                that saw the attendance of over 60 alumni members
                                                 including their partners. Among the many present,

        strong affiliation amongst               was Associate Professor Quek Hiok Chai, Assistant
                                                 Chair (Student Affairs), as well as SCEAA President,

           alumni towards their                  Lee Ching Ping.

               alma mater”                       This event gave all present the chance to escape from
                                                 hectic daily routines in exchange for an enjoyable
                            — Mr Seah Wen Kor    afternoon with great company. For many it was an
                             Assistant Manager   opportunity to catch up with old friends as well as
                      (Students & Alumni), SCE   meet new people with similar interests. Registration
                                                 began as early as 1pm and attendees were treated to
                                                 an assortment of light bites while they waited eagerly
                                                 for the curtains to be raised.

                                                 “This event was hosted to strengthen alumni bonding.
                                                 The good turnout testifies to the strong affiliation
                                                 amongst alumni towards their alma mater” said Mr
                                                 Seah Wen Kor, Assistant Manager (Students & Alumni).
                                                 Both the School and SCEAA look forward to organising
                                                 more events to fortify the relationship between the
                                                 School and its graduated students. 
                                                                                     27             SCEne

SCE Alumni Honours CEC Members!

                                            or the past ten years, the Computer Engineering Club (CEC) has been
                                            the anchor of the student community, and the catalyst for uniting
                                            the School together. In celebration of the Club’s 10th anniversary, the
 One of the most satisfying           School organised a casual get-together, to celebrate not just the success
                                      of the Club but also the people behind it. Alumni members as well as
 aspects of being a faculty           current members of the CEC were invited to an afternoon’s soiree on
                                      14 November, at the Union Square.
   member is to meet up                    This joyous occasion received good support from the CEC Alumni who

  with graduates. I had a             were delighted to catch-up with old friends and muse over the good times
                                      shared. Some even came prepared with videos and photos from the past,
   great time at the CEC              which were later screened for all to see. A blast from the past, the videos
                                      and photos brought back good memories that had everyone smiling. There
  10th anniversary event.             to share the memories were members of the SCE faculty, Prof Angela
                                      Goh (Acting Chair), Assoc Prof Quek Hiok Chai (Assistant Chair, Students)
  It is heartening to learn           and Assoc Prof Lau Chiew Tong who were delighted to meet with the
                                      graduates. Present also was Ms Yong Tsuey Ling (Asst Director, Alumni
 of the careers our alumni            Affairs Office).

 have built for themselves                 “One of the most satisfying aspects of being a faculty member is to
                                      meet up with graduates. I had a great time at the CEC 10th anniversary
 and the families that have           event. It is heartening to learn of the careers our alumni have built for
                                      themselves and the families that have formed since they left NTU,” said
formed since they left NTU            Prof Goh.
                                           The organising committee is encouraged by the turn-out as well as
                                      the positive feedback received. More such events will be organised in the
                 — Prof Angela Goh    coming year, where the goal is to strengthen the friendship between the
                  Acting Chair, SCE   SCE Alumni and the School. We’ll see you then! 

                                                                                                     — Moses Hng
  SCEne         28
Long Service Award

                                                        Winners of the Long Service Award.

                                                              he equivalent to the Oscars, the Long Service Awards are
                                                              presented annually to recognise outstanding staff who
                                                              have dedicated selflessly, years of service to the School.
                                                        Celebrating their achievements, the School’s Welfare Committee
                                                        organised the Long Service Award Ceremony cum Lunch, on
                                                        26 February. The joyous occasion brought the entire SCE staff
                                                        together for an afternoon filled with fun and laughter.
                                                             This year, the following staff were honoured for their many
                                                        years of service to the School:

                                                                                 25 YEARS OF SERVICE

                                                                Assoc Prof Lee Keok Kee        Assoc Prof Leong Peng Chor

                                                                                 20 YEARS OF SERVICE

                                                               Assoc Prof Lau Chiew Tong           Mr Leow Aik Beng

                                                               Assoc Prof Quek Hiok Chai            Mr Teo Choo Eng

                                                                                 15 YEARS OF SERVICE
    Everyday is different. I’m surrounded by                Assoc Prof Andrzej Stefan Sluzek      Mr Chia Khoon Guan
 energetic students who can make anyone feel
                                                                Assoc Prof Cai Wentong             Ms Chua Poo Hua
  young. Being in close contact with students,
 and playing a small role in their development,                 Assoc Prof Hsu Wen Jing            Mdm Lee Choi Wah

makes my job interesting. Furthermore, I learn             Assoc Prof Maylor Karhang Leung         Mr Tan Swee Huat
 from them, and even after they’ve graduated
                                                                Assoc Prof Yeo Chai Kiat           Mr Toh Leong Teck
we’ve stayed friends. Working in NTU does not
only encompass just our daily work. It is, in my                                 10 YEARS OF SERVICE

  opinion, being part of shaping the education              Prof Rajapakse Jagath Chandana       Mrs Ho-Ang Lye Choon
  and growth of our future generation. This to
                                                                  Asst Prof Tan Su Lim             Mr Lai Chee Keong
  me, makes my job an enriching and fulfilling
 experience, which no other job can well offer                     Mr Chng Kee Wah                     Mdm Neo Ai Li

                                  — Mr Teo Choo Eng          This year, all 140 staff who attended the event walked away
                                     Cluster Manager    winners at the Lucky Draw. Prizes included NTUC vouchers, and
                          (Computer Science Lab), SCE   limited edition water bottles. 
                                                                              29            SCEne

SCE Staff Lunch at Zhou’s Kitchen!
              t’s never easy to find time to relax and actually get to know the people you work
              with outside the office. With this in mind, the Staff Welfare Committee took the
              opportunity to organise a staff lunch away from campus, giving the entire SCE staff
           population the much needed break to catch-up and reacquaint themselves with their
           peers, outside the workplace.
                 The expedition saw faculty, research and administration staff boarding busses and
           making their way to Jurong Point where lunch was simmering at Zhou’s Kitchen. With
           an assortment of lip-smacking dishes and a cozy ambience, the place was the perfect
           setting for good conversation. “The lunch was organised to foster team spirit and allow
           staff to network. From feedback received from staff members, we decided to host the
           event outside of NTU,” said the Welfare Committee’s Publicity Officer, Goh Tong Hai.
                 The Committee promises even more staff events, in the year to come. For those
           who missed the rendezvous, here’s a snapshot of the afternoon’s event! 

1                                                              2


4                               5


                                    1   A full kitchen at Zhou's Kitchen.
                                    2   Our Reseach staff striking a pose for the camera.
                                    3   Thumbs-up to the SCE Staff Lunch!
                                    4   Professors working on the next big thing?
                                    5   Say Cheese!!
                                    6   Another one for the album!
  SCEne             30
Emerging Research Lab Open House
                                                                  n 28 July, the Emerging Research Lab (ER Lab)
                                                                  hosted its open house, EROH 09, at the
                                                                  Nanyang Executive Centre. The event was well
                                                           received and garnered strong support from members
                                                           of the industry as well as academia. Founded in 2005,
                                                           the ER Lab is dedicated to nurturing the growth of
                                                           innovative research areas, in the field of computing
                                                           and engineering that have the potential to bolster
                                                           Singapore’s economy.
                                                                Eager and ready were the members of the
                                                           ER Lab who prepared a series of interesting talks and
                                                           live demonstrations. Topics spanned across diverse
                                                           areas such as Cellular Fluorescence Imaging, Cognitive
                                                           Neural Systems, Speech Recognition Technologies as
                                                           well as Virtual Spaces and Sensory Agents — areas
                                                           that have secured the lab over $6 million in external
                                                           funding, since its inception. 
                                                                                                 — Pfeiffer Chung

High Performance Computing
      racing ourselves for a high-speed journey into
      new scientific frontiers, the School together
      with the College of Engineering and NTU Library
organised the first High Performance Computing (HPC)
Exhibition and Seminar, where industry experts from
companies such as IBM, HP and Microsoft were invited
to present cutting-edge technology in HPC.
     Gracing the event was Prof Soh Yeng Chai, Associate
Dean (Research), for the College of Engineering,
who unveiled NTU’s imminent step towards HPC.
The opening address was delivered by Organising
Chair Associate Professor Francis Lee, Associate Chair
(Research). This was then followed by presentations
by the various industry and academic experts. Among
the many speakers invited, was Professor Stephen
John Turner, Head of Computer Science whose main
research areas of interest include high performance
computing and Grid Computing. 
                                                                                                          31              SCEne

                                        SCE-BII Workshop on Bioinformatics
                                        and Computational Biology

                                               joint SCE-BII workshop on computational biology and bioinformatics was co-organised by
                                               SCE’s Bioinformatics Research Centre and Bioinformatics Institute (BII), on 28 September.
                                               This provided a venue to discuss and share insights on the latest research in the areas
                                        of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. The one day workshop saw investigators from
                                        both sides presenting their work, mainly, in the following areas of research: Gene Expression
                                        Analysis and Networks; GPU implementation of Bioinformatics Algorithms; Protein Sequence
                                        Annotation and Analysis; and Protein Binding and Structure Prediction.
                                             “This was an important event that brought the computational biology community of SCE
                                        and the researchers from BII closer. The common interests include both improving education
                                        and enhancing competitiveness of research. I enjoy the mutual understanding with the SCE
                                        leadership and faculty,” said Dr Frank Eisenhaber, Director of BII. 


        rganised by SCE’s Parallel and Distributed Computing Centre, the
        13th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Distributed Simulation
        and Real-Time Applications (DS-RT 2009), saw the congregation
of world experts, on 25-28 October, at the Nanyang Executive Centre.
The event garnered good support, where it received a significant number
of submissions — fortifying the status of the DSRT as being the leading
symposium in it s research area.
     Among the highlights of the four-day event were the key-note
speeches delivered by prominent speakers, Dr Kaylan Perumalla from
Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Dr Stephen R. Ellis from NASA Ames
Research Center. Other than the exciting programmes organised on
campus, participants were given the chance to discover the sights and
sounds of the roaring lion city. This is the first time the symposium is held
in Asia. 
  SCEne           32

Created intentionally or spontaneously, cyberworlds are information spaces and communities that immensely
augment the way we interact, participate in business and receive information throughout the world.
Cyberworlds seriously impact our lives and the evolution of the world economy by taking forms such as
social networking services, 3D shared virtual communities and massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

10th in the series, the 2010 International Conference on Cyberworlds will address a wide range of research and
development topics, including but not limited to:
 Shared virtual worlds  Collaborative spaces  Virtual humans and avatars  Intelligent talking agents
 Augmented reality in collaborative spaces  Networked collaboration  Haptic interaction and rendering
 Cognitive informatics  Brain-computer interfaces  EEG-based emotion recognition  E-learning in virtual
collaborative spaces  Online multiplayer games  Art and heritage in cyberspace.

The conference papers will be published in IEEE Proceedings and a special journal issue.
The conference will be held in Singapore at the Nanyang Technological University.
Organized by:                                          Supported by:         In cooperation with:
                                                                                                         33             Bytes

Heartiest congratulations to the following staff on their new appointments!

    PROFESSOR                   ASSOCIATE                   MANAGER                       PRINCIPAL LABORATORY EXECUTIVE

                               Assoc Prof Tang           Mrs Hon-Chan                                               Miss Wong
  Prof Cai Wentong                                                                   Miss Chua Poo Hua
                                   Xueyan               Meng Chee, Jessica                                       Heng Keow, Priscilla

                                                         Cupid’s Arrows
                                                         L   ove is in the air and news does definitely travel — especially good ones!
                                                             Tying the knot this year is Carine Liang and Leslie Lim, who graduated
                                                         in 2005. Taking time off from their busy schedules to relive their days
                                                         of courtship, the couple returned to have their bridal photo taken at
                                                         the Electronics Lab. “We wanted our photos to be different and special.
                                                         We met in school and spent a lot of time at this lab together,” shared the
                                                         two lovebirds. Taking the plunge as well this year are former students,
                                                         Justin Koh Meng Tat (Class of 2005), Seah Peck Beng (Class of 2005) and
                                                         Lin Su Wei (Class of 2007), Augustine Khoo (Class of 2005) and Cai Huizhuan
                                                         (Class of 2006). Other than our alumni, Executive Officer, Ms Joanne Chua
                                                         also celebrated her nuptials this year on 2 August.

                                                         Congratulations to all! 

                                                                                             Baby, Baby!

                                                                               W    e’ve been told that the stork has made it’s
                                                                                    delivery to someone at SCE! Assoc Prof Yow Kin
                                                                               Choong and family have much reason to celebrate as
                                                                               they ushered in the arrival of their little princess,
                                                                               Yow Xun Jing. Congratulations Prof Yow! 
   Bytes                  34
Singapore Arts Festival
4  th year undergraduate Adrian Liew traded time
   away from friends for a spot to volunteer at the
Singapore Arts Festival. The month long commitment
had the student help with organising a series of events
during the festival; where he gained greater awareness
and appreciation for the arts, as well as the people
behind the scene. “Volunteering for the Singapore Arts
Festival is a totally different experience from being in
the audience,” said Adrian. 

                                                                      Beauty and the Brains
                                                           C   omplete with look s and
                                                               ambition, this brainy bunch
                                                           stepped-up and conquered the
                                                           catwalk at this year’s NTU Pageant.
                                                           Confident off and on camera,
                                                           our SCE students Anika Gupta,
                                                           Zheng Kai Zhong, Anna Carolina
                                                           Liong and Yang Wu Jun were
                                                           among the few who made it into the finals of the University wide
                                                           hunt for fresh faces! 

Adrian Liew (first from left)

                                                           Now on Facebook
Computer Engineering Club                                  S   CE gets hip this year and is racking-up some serious numbers on
                                                               its Facebook fan page. With its first status update on 10 June,
Has a Fresh New Look!                                      the Facebook page offers the entire SCE community an opportunity
                                                           to share photos, videos, views as well as receive updates on SCE’s

T   he Computer Engineering Club website has received      very latest. Like a rocking superstar, the page presently has a cult
    a major facelift! Adding a splash of colour, the       following of over 1000 fans! So if you have a Facebook account look us
site is a good source for students to learn more about     up and add us, NOW! Other than Facebook the School is in the midst of
the activities organised by the Club. Features on the      exploring other social media platforms that are able to strengthen the
new website include a photo gallery, event timetable,      relationship of the SCE community. 
links to important websites and the new E-Refresh,
a student run online newsletter! 
                                                                                  35   Bytes

Hot off the Blog!
      logs have mushroomed in cyberspace and have become second nature
      to many. For some it has been a trusty confidant while for others, blogs
      have become stumbling great finds that are rich in information.
One blog that we’ve stumbled upon belongs to our “jolly good fellow” Tan
Chade Meng. Chade Meng graduated from SCE in 1995 and was the first
Singaporean ever to be employed by Google, where he presently sits as the
Head of Google University’s, School of Personal Growth. Chade Meng’s wit,
candour and delightful perspective about life have made his blog quite the
read and him, a rather successful individual. Here are tips from the Jolly
Good Fellow on how to deal with distress:

1. Know when you’re not in Pain.
When you’re not in pain, know that you’re not in pain. On one level,
it increases happiness. When we’re suffering pain, we always tell ourselves,
“I’ll be so happy if I’m free from this pain”, but when we’re free from that
pain, we forget to enjoy the freedom from pain. This practice of constantly
noticing the lack of distress encourages us to enjoy the sweetness of that
freedom, and thereby helps us to be happier.

2. Do Not Feed the Monsters
Let’s pretend distress are monsters that occupy our minds, wrecking havoc
in us. What can we do to stop them? Interestingly, our monsters need us to
feed them. If we don’t feed them, they’ll just get hungry and maybe they’ll
go away. Therein lay the source of our power. We cannot stop monsters from
arising, or force them to leave, but we have the power to not feed them. Not
feeding monsters is very good economics.

3. Do Not Feel Bad About a Thing
We have the tendency to feel bad about feeling bad (“meta-distress”, I call
it). This is especially true for good people. We would berate ourselves by
saying things like, “Hey, if I’m such a good person, why am I feeling this much
anger?”. It is important to recognize that distress is a natural phenomenon
we all experience from time to time. Also recognise that feeling bad, about
feeling bad is an act of ego. It’s a reflection of our ego’s image about
itself, which results in the creation of new distress, for no good reason.
The antidote; is to let the ego with good humour. And remember, meta-
distress is really bad economics.

4. Start Every Thought with Kindness and Humor
In every situation, it’s useful to begin each thought with kindness and
compassion; kindness both for oneself and others. In my experience,
the most important quality of kindness is its healing effect. Imagine taking a
rough, spiky brush and repeatedly brushing it hard and quickly on an area of
your skin. Eventually, your skin will become inflamed and painful. Kindness is
gentle and with constant practice, it heals.
     I also find it very useful to see humor in my own failings. Every time
I lose my temper or have a thought of greed or spitefulness, it’s like I’ve
fallen off the wagon again. I can interpret falling off the wagon as a painful,
humiliating, embarrassing experience. However I think of the experience as a
scene in an old black-and-white comedy. So every time I fail, it’s a comedy. 

The article was adapted from Chade Meng’s blogsite
New Staff        36
Academic Staff

         Dr Cheng Sheung Chak, James              Dr Xiao Xiaokui                   Mr Tan Kheng Leong
         Assistant Professor                      Assistant Professor               Lecturer
         Division of Information Systems          Division of Information Systems   Division of Information Systems
         N4-02b-43                                N4-02c-115                        N4-02b-47
         Tel: 6790 5048                           Tel: 6790 4948                    Tel: 6790 5193

                                                  Dr Wu Jianxin
         Dr Michael Harold Lees
                                                  Assistant Professor
         Assistant Professor                      Division of Computer
         Division of Computer Science             Communications
         N4-02c-113                               N4-02c-108
         Tel: 6790 6277                           Tel: 6790 4318

Research Fellows                           Research Associates

         Dr Md. Saiful Islam                          Mr Perumal Anandagopu             Mr Deng Chenwei
         Research Fellow                              Research Associate                Research Associate
         Centre for Computational                     Bioninformatics Research          Centre for Multimedia &
         Intelligence                                 Centre                            Network Technology
         N4-B1a-02                                    RTP/XF-03                         N4-B2b-05 CeMNet Anx
         Tel: 6790 4618                               Tel: 6790 6616                    Tel: 6790 4745

         Dr Manoranjan Paul                           Mr Chen Chaohai
                                                                                        Mr Zhang Hui
         Research Fellow                              Research Associate
         Centre for Multimedia &                      Centre for Advanced               Research Associate
         Network Technology                           Information Systems               Emerging Research Lab
         N4-B2b-05                                    N4-B3b-13                         N4-B3b-06g
         Tel: 6790 4745                               Tel: 6514 8349                    Tel: 6790 4964

                                                      Mr Kallam Hanimi Reddy
         Dr Li Xin                                                                      Li Yuefeng
                                                      Research Associate
         Research Fellow                              Centre for Computational          Research Associate
         GameLab                                      Intelligence                      GameLab
         N4-B1b-13                                    N4-B1a-02                         N4-B4b-09
         Tel: 6790 6124                               Tel: 6790 4618                    Tel: 6790 6767

                                                      Ms Fitriani                       Ms Zeng Min
         Dr Lin Juncong
                                                      Research Associate                Research Associate
         Research Fellow                              Centre for High Performance
         GameLab                                                                        Parallel & Distributed
                                                      Embedded Systems                  Computing Centre
         N4-B1b-13                                    Research TechnoPlaza,
         Tel: 6790 6124                                                                 N4-B2a-03
                                                      RTP/XB-03                         Tel: 6513 2178
                                                      Tel: 6790 6643

         Dr James Decraene                            Mr Goh Chun Fan
         Research Fellow                              Research Associate
         Parallel & Distributed                       Centre for High Performance
         Computing Centre                             Embedded Systems
         N4-B2a-03                                    Research Techno Plaza,
         Tel: 6513 2178                               RTP/XB-03
                                                      Tel: 6790 6643
                                                                              37          New Staff

Project Officers

          Ms Jain Divya                    Mr Rui Xiaoguang                   Mr Wong Yin Mun
          Project Officer                  Project Officer                    Project Officer
          Bioinformatics Research Centre   Centre for Multimedia &            GameLab
          RTP/XF-03                        Network Technology                 NS1-05-19
          Tel: 6790 6615                   N4-B2b-05 CeMNet Anx               Tel: 6514 8354
                                           Tel: 6790 4745

          Ms Zheng Yuting                  Mr Cai Yundong
                                                                              Ms Wu Xiaoqun
          Project Officer                  Project Officer
                                                                              Project Officer
          Centre for Advanced              Emerging Research Lab
          Information Systems              N4-B3b-06f
          N4-B3b-06f                       6790 4964
                                                                              Tel: 6790 6124
          Tel: 6790 4964

          Ms Yu Ling                       Mr Chen Wenda                      Li Jiaming
          Project Officer                  Project Officer                    Project Officer
          Centre for Computational         Emerging Research Lab              Parallel & Distributed
          Intelligence                     N4-B3b-06g                         Computing Centre
          N4-B1a-02                        Tel: 6790 4964                     N4-B2a-03
          Tel: 6790 4618                                                      Tel: 6790 4623

          Mr Ajith Joseph                  Mr Chua Zin Yan                    Ms Sally Alexia Anggoman Ang
          Project Officer                  Project Officer                    Project Officer
          Centre for Multimedia &          Emerging Research Lab              Parallel & Distributed
          Network Technology               N4-B3b-06j                         Computing Centre
          N4-B2b-05 CeMNet Anx             Tel: 6790 6968                     N4-B2a-03
          Tel: 6790 4745                                                      Tel: 6790 4623

          Mr Dong Liang                    Mr Gao Shan                        Ms Sari Setianingsih
          Project Officer                  Project Officer                    Project Officer
          Centre for Multimedia &          Emerging Research Lab              Parallel & Distributed
          Network Technology               NS-B3b-06f                         Computing Centre
          N4-B2b-05                        Tel: 6790 4964                     N4-B2a-03
          Tel: 6490 4745                                                      Tel: 6513 2176

          Lum Guan Ting, Jackson           Mr Le Minh Duc                     Mr Win Cho Aye
          Project Officer                  Project Officer                    Project Officer
          Centre for Multimedia &          GameLab                            Parallel & Distributed
          Network Technology               NS1-05-19                          Computing Centre
          N4-B2c-06                        Tel: 6514 8354                     N4-B2a-03
          Tel: 6790 6579                                                      Tel: 6513 2178

          Mr Nipendra Kayastha             Ms Neha Tripathi
          Project Officer                  Project Officer
          Centre for Multimedia &          GameLab
          Network Technology               N4-B4b-09                 Administrative Staff
          N4-B2b-05 CeMNet Anx             Tel: 6790 6767
          Tel: 6790 4745
                                                                               Mr Leaw Pei Wen, Calvin
                                                                               Clerical Officer
          Tian Xinmei                                                          General Office
                                           Thia Kai Ming
          Project Officer                                                      N4-02a-32
                                           Project Officer
          Centre for Multimedia &                                              Tel: 6790-5786
          Network Technology
          N4-B2b-05 CeMNet Anx
                                           Tel: 6790 6767
          Tel: 6790 4745
                                                                               Mr Hng Kak Tat, Moses
                                                                               Executive Officer
                                                                               (Student Affairs & Alumni)
                                                                               Tel: 6790 4483
 Graduate Programm
                  es in th
                           e                                                      Schoo                              ng
                                                                                             l of Computer Engineeri

Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore is ranked globally as one of the best universities in the World.
Under the University’s College of Engineering, the School of Computer Engineering (SCE)-NTU, established in 1988,
offers graduate and undergraduate training in Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

Powered by a strong R&D infrastructure and a networked global alliance, the School offers its students the prospects of
pioneering next-generation research in a wide spectrum of technological areas. For over two decades, SCE has paved the
way for many exceptional engineers, arming each with the relevant tools to redefine the way we live.

The School offers the following programmes on a                      Research areas covered under the M.Eng. and Ph.D.
part-time and full-time basis:                                       programmes are as follows:
                                                                     • Audio, Speech and Signal Processing
                               Full-time            Part-time
                                                                     •   Computer Graphics and Visualisation
                          Minimum Maximum      Minimum Maximum
                                                                     •   Computer Network and Cross Layer Mobility
Master of Science
                                                                     •   Computer Security
• Bioinformatics                                                     •   Computer Vision
• Embedded Systems         1 Year    2 Years    2 Years    4 Years   •   Data Mining and Machine Learning
• Digital Media                                                      •   Databases and Information Retrieval
• *Information Systems
                                                                     •   Distributed Systems and High Performance Computing
                                                                     •   Embedded Systems
By Research
                                                                     •   Intelligent Robotics and Control
Master of Engineering
                           1 Year    3 Years     1 Year    4 Years   •   Mobile Media and Multimedia Understanding
                                                                     •   Modelling and Simulation
Doctor of Philosophy
                           2 Years   5 Years    2 Years    7 Years
(Ph.D.)                                                              •   Service Computing and Intelligent Agents
                                                                     •   Wireless and Smart Sensor Systems
* In collaboration with Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and
  Information, NTU.

                                    Tax-free scholarships are available to assist with tuition,
                                research as well as examination fees, and carry a monthly stipend.

                       For more information: Or
                       Block N4 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798 (65) 6790 5786       (65) 6792 655

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