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					Demonstration of Using
  a Tablet PC in the
           Iver Iversen
   University of North Florida
         Jacksonville, FL
               Tablet PC
   A Tablet PC is like a regular PC
   You can draw and write on the Tablet
   Drawing can be “anything”
   Drawing can be interactive with
   Slides with drawing and writing can
       be saved electronically and placed
       on the internet or on Blackboard
   Many models. E.G., Toshiba, Fujitsu,
   General price range $1500-3000
   Fujitsu Stylistic - $2300 including stand
    with CD-room drive
   Some models are like a laptop where the
    screen can be flipped over so it becomes a
   Other models are a slate (without a fixed
    keyboard), such as the one demonstrated
The Fujitsu Tablet PC has a docking station
with CD-ROM and keyboard for use outside
the classroom. The Tablet also has USB ports
and Internet connections.
            Tablet Software
   Microsoft has generated Windows XP
    for Tablet PCs
   This software enables the user to use
    a pen in all Windows based programs
   Office 2003 has screen icons for Pen
   Additional vendors have produced a
    variety of Pen-based programs,
    especially for handwriting recognition
Windows XP for Pen Computers Comes with
Journal software
          Main Current Uses
   Draw/annotate graphs during class in
    Research Methods and Experimental
    Psychology courses
   The slide presentations with
    drawings/diagrams can be saved and
    placed on the electronic Blackboard
    after class
Control Equipment in Animal Learning Laboratory
Typical Graph with Free Running
Research on
Rhythms of
operant behavior
reinforced by
wheel running
Sor: Opus 31 no 16

Is there a problem
in Bar 11?

How would you play
Is there any difference in format?

         JPG                     BMP
   The Tablet PC replaces the old
    blackboard and transparencies
   The Tablet PS is a forum for a very
    interactive PowerPoint presentation
   The Tablet PC is very portable
   The Tablet PC is easy to use