Go Ask Alice – Daily Journaling – Paragraph Format

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					Daily Journaling – Directions – Keep a daily journal for the next 16 days, just like Alice
does in the book. Use each prompt as a guideline for each specific journal entry,
allowing yourself time for one each day. A paragraph response (5 quality sentences) is
the absolute minimum for acceptable work. Write more if you want a higher grade.
Journals will be graded on a weekly basis.

Go Ask Alice – Daily Journaling – Week One – Paragraph Format

   1. Create a top 10 list – What are the ten most common stressors that teens have to
      deal with on a day to day basis?
   2. Choose the most frequent stressor from your top 10 list. Why is this item the
      most stressful? Explain your answer in detail. Provide examples if necessary.
   3. In the beginning of the text, Alice feels like she doesn’t fit in. Is fitting into a
      group or clique important to you? Do you need to have people around you
      appreciate who you are in order to be happy? Why or why not?
   4. Alice’s family seems to allow her to have a lot of freedom for a young teenager.
      Do you think that parent involvement plays an important role in the process of
      becoming an adult? Why or why not?

Go Ask Alice – Daily Journaling – Week Two – Paragraph Format

   1. Alice starts to find comfort through drug use. How did she get this way? In your
      opinion, what could be done to help Alice? Should her “friends” step in? What
      about her parents? Is her situation realistic? Explain your answer.
   2. Drug use is rampant for Alice – it seems like she can get whatever she wants,
      whenever she wants it. Is this accurate for teenagers? If so, why? If not, why?
   3. What one word would you use to describe Alice? Why do you choose this word?
   4. The 1970’s was a very different time. Do you think that a teenager could run
      away and move to California today? If so, why? If not, what is different about
      now as opposed to then?

Go Ask Alice – Daily Journaling – Week Three – Paragraph Format

   1. We get to see all of Alice’s emotions and thoughts on the page, but she can’t
      really tell other people what she tells her diary. Write a note from Alice to her
      parents describing how she feels about them, about drugs, and about her life at
      this point.
   2. Running away from problems is not a healthy way to face reality. Would you
      ever consider running away? Where would you go? Would you tell anyone? Do
      you think you’d be able to make it on your own at your age? Why/Why not?
   3. Alice has obviously taken many risks with her life and her choices. Does she
      have a chance to come out of this as a better person? Do you think she has a
      chance at getting to college or getting back on track? Why or why not?
   4. What would you tell your best friend if you knew that he or she was using drugs
      and making choices similar to those that Alice is making? Would you tell anyone
      else? Why or why not?

Go Ask Alice – Daily Journaling – Week Four – Paragraph Format

   1. Alice wants to eventually become a counselor. Do you think that she would be a
      good counselor? Why or why not?
   2. Alice made many mistakes in the book. What were the three most damaging
      mistakes? Why?
   3. Should books like this be taught in schools? Why or why not?
   4. While the editor is given credit, Go Ask Alice was written anonymously, meaning
      that the author is unknown. Do you think this book was fiction or non fiction?
      Why or why not? What leads you to that conclusion?

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