ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT

TERM:                     Spring 2006

COURSE NUMBER:            MAR 4323

CATALOG DESCRIPTION:      This course is concerned with planning and managing
                          programs for advertising products and services. It involves
                          preparatory research, setting of objectives, planning of
                          budget media, creative programs and evaluation of
                          advertising effectiveness.

PREREQUISITE:             MAR 3023

INSTRUCTOR:               Fred D. Pragasam

OFFICE:                   Building 42 #3304

OFFICE HOURS:             Mon-Wed 11-3.00 and other times by

PHONE:                    Office: (904) 620-1382
                          Home: (904) 998-1972
                          Home Page:

REQUIRED TEXTS:           Contemporary Advertising by William F. Arens; Irwin;
                          10th Edition; 2006

COURSE CONTENT:                                                       Weeks

                      Introduction to Course                           .5
                      Advertising Perspectives                        1.5
                      Crafting Marketing and Advertising
                       Strategies                                      4.0
                      Creating advertisements & Commercials           2.5
                      Buying Media Space & Time                       2.5
                      Building Relationships Through Integrated
                       Marketing Communications                        1.5
                      Tests (including final and review)              2.5

                   TOTAL                                              15.0
GRADING:          3 Tests                        240 points
                  Final Exam                     100
                  Group Projects                 100
                  Individual Projects             70
                  Class Attendance               15
                  Participation                  15
                  (Class commitment incorporates attendance,
                   interest, involvement, contribution, and preparation
                   for class)
                   TOTAL                         540
                  Grading Scale
                  93 – 100        =     A
                  90 -- 92        =     A-
                  87 -- 89        =     B+
                  83 -- 86        =     B
                  80 -- 82        =     B-
                  77 -- 79        =     C+
                  70 -- 76        =     C
                  60 -- 69        =     D
                  0 -- 59         =     F

ASSIGNMENTS:      As directed. Students are expected to utilize the library as well as
                  relevant professional publications in preparing cases and the
                  weekly advertising evaluations.

REQUIREMENTS:     Written and oral communications will be part of group projects and
                  case assignments.

APPLICATIONS:     Internet exercises will be assigned.

COVERAGE:         Advertising outside the U.S. will be examined.

ISSUES COVERED:   Advertising’s role in social issues, including the environment, will
                  be discussed.

ETHICAL ISSUES:   The ethical issues in advertising will be discussed throughout the
                  course: through lecture, outside speakers and cases.
INTEGRITY:                  All work for a grade is to be the student’s own work. Each student
                            is expected to adhere to the code of conduct as outlined in the UNF

NOTE:   If you have a disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), that
         might impair your performance in this course, please inform me of the disability
        during the first week of class so that I may take appropriate actions.
                                ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT
                                       Marketing 4323
                                    Spring Semester, 2006
                                      Fred D. Pragasam

         The primary objective of this course is to prepare students to understand and ultimately
manage the advertising process as an integral part of corporate strategy. It is not designed to
train students to be copywriters, art directors, or to be proficient in any of the creative aspects of
the advertising business. It does provide a basis of knowledge of sound advertising principles
and techniques.

        The course is designed to encourage learning both inside and outside the classroom.
Inside the classroom the emphasis will be on lecture, active discussion and sharing of personal
advertising evaluations. Outside the classroom, the emphasis will be on analyzing current

        Both tests and the final examination may include multiple-choice, true-false, short answer
or in-class essay questions. In analyzing the cases, material should be taken from text, lecture,
cases, videos, news events and any presentations by outside speakers.

      Students are required to assess at least one advertisement every two weeks in any
medium (TV, radio, newspaper, magazine). A guideline will be provided for evaluation criteria.

       Make-up exams will be given only for University-excused absences. The student must
inform the instructor before the examination.

        Assignments turned in after their assigned dates will not be considered except in the
case of a bona fide emergency/University-excused absence. In the case of an emergency, the
student should notify the instructor as early as possible and request an extension.

         Students are expected to attend all scheduled class sessions except in case of illness,
emergency or as otherwise defined by the University; in these instances, the instructor should be
notified in writing and such absences will be excused. More than (3) three unexcused
absences will reduce the student’s class commitment grade in proportion to the number of
Commitment also includes participation in class discussion and presentation of materials from
the advertising evaluations.
                             Marketing 4323
                             Course Outline
                          Spring Semester, 2006
                            Fred D. Pragasam

Jan9    Course Overview: Chapter 1: The Dimensions of Advertising

Jan11   Chapter 1 (continued)
        Project Discussion and Topical analysis

Jan13   Chapter 3:The Social, Ethical, and Regulatory Aspects of Advertising

Jan23   Chapter 4 Scope of Advertising from Local to Global
        Guest Speaker

Jan25   Chapter 5:Marketing and Consumer Behavior: The Foundations of Advertising
        Project Proposal Discussion

Jan30   Chapter 6: Market Segmentation and Marketing Mix

Feb1    Test 1*

Feb6    Chapter 7: Information Gathering for Advertising Planning

Feb8    Chapterr 8: Marketing and Advertising Planning

Feb13   Chapter 9: “Planning Media Strategy:

Feb15   Case and Project Discussions
        Chapter 10: Relationship Building

Feb20   Test 2*

Feb22   Chapter 11: Relationship Building
        Project Discussion

Feb27   Chapter 12: Creative Strategy and the creative process;

Mar1    Chapter 12: Creative Strategy Continued

Mar6    Chapter 13 Creative Execution

Mar8    Chapter 14 Producing Ads for Print,Electronic and Digital Media
March13       Test 3*

March15       Chapter 15: Using print Media

March 21-26 Spring Break

March 27      Chapter 16: Using Electronic Media, Television and Radio

March29       Guest Speaker

April3        Chapter 17: Using Digital Interactive Media and direct mail

              Project review

April5        Chapter 18 Using Out of Home, Exhibitive and Supplementary media

April10- 12   Project Review and Preparation

April17       Project Presentation and Course Evaluation

April19       Project presentation Continued

Final Examination April 25-29*

Note: Class schedule and test dates are subject to change

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