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									      The most insightful mobile and e-marketing event to be held in Southern Africa

                          Mobile &
                          - Marketing
                                                                      13 & 14 July 2011
                                                  Indaba Hotel, Fourways, Johannesburg

*   Alastair Tempest, Chief Operations Officer, Direct Marketing Association of South Africa
*   Alexander Gregori, Mobile Marketing Strategist, MyMOBworld
*   Steven Ambrose, Head of Strategy, World Wide Worx
*   Tim Bishop, Chief Technical Officer, Prezence Digital
*   Lauretta Ngakane, Managing Director, MyMOBworld
*   Nicolas van den Bergh, Head: Digital Media, Isobar
*   Moti Grauman, Digital Media Manager, MediaShop
*   Sean Pashley, Managing Director, Starfish Mobile
*   Mike Carter, Head: Mobile Business Unit, Trigger
*   Ryan Sauer, Owner, Search Online Consulting
*   Ferdie Bester, Managing Director, ClickMaven
*   Tim Legg, Managing Director, MobiMedia
*   Jacques Hechter, Sales Manager, Prefix
*   Sam Beckbessinger, Strategist, Quirk
*   Bryan Casson, CEO, Casson Media
*   Warren Moss, CEO, Demographica
*   Godfrey Parkin, CEO, Britefire

                             People dealing with
                             the following should
                             attend this conference:
                             - Marketing and sales
                             - Search engine optimisation
                             - Business development         - Retailing
                             - Content development          - Branding
                             - Public relations             - Advertising
                             - Mobile marketing             - Digital marketing
                             - Systems engineering          - Web management
                             - Online marketing             - Software development

                                                    Speaker companies
         Mobile & -Marketing:                                                  DAY 1                       13 July 2011
Moving to even higher Grounds                                          08:00
                                                                               Registrations and refreshments
                                                                               Opening remarks

                                                                       09:00   Mobile marketing basics
With over 45 million cell phone users and 6.9 million internet                 ·   what is mobile marketing?
users in South Africa, the way companies communicate with                      ·   standards
consumers has changed immensely during the last ten years.                     ·   formats
Target markets behave differently and this in turn influences the              ·   measurements
way companies market themselves, their products and their                      ·   training and networking
                                                                               Lauretta Ngakane, Director, MyMOBworld
                                                                       09:35   Introducing web 2.0 and marketing
Not so long ago, it was a far-fetched concept to be able to send               ·    what is web 2.0 marketing?
consumers advertising and promotional material via their cell-                 ·    famous and successful examples
                                                                               · profitable strategies
phones. Now is it not only possible but also a highly successful               ·    using blogs, feeds and podcasts for marketing
marketing communications medium.                                               ·    basing marketing/ branding on user generated content
                                                                               Nicolas van den Bergh, Head of Digital Media, Trigger/ Isobar
Web marketing on the other hand is no longer in its infancy but
                                                                       10:10   South Africa as a pioneering mobile marketer in Africa
has developed so rapidly that it is almost vital for survival.
                                                                               ·  development of the mobile marketing industry in South Africa
Companies no longer view internet marketing as a optional                      ·  integrated mobile media
communication tool but as essential.                                           ·  mobile advertising
                                                                               · marketing in the South African context
Technological innovations in the mobile and e-marketing arena                  Sean Pashley, Managing Director, Starfish Mobile
offer a great variety of exciting marketing opportunities.             10:45   Mid-morning refreshments
Helping businesses create a stronger presence in the market and        11:00   The In-The-Market theory and effective email campaigning
ensuring that advertisements engage consumers.                                     the
                                                                               · In-The-Market theory
                                                                               · targeting relevant?
Nearly 4 decades ago the first portable handset, better known as               ·   sharing and networking
                                                                               ·   value of the inbox
a mobile phone was invented which back then you could only                     ·   effective emailing
perform three functions: talk, listen and dial. Little did the world           ·   examples
know how this invention would enable people to send and                        Warren Moss, Chief Executive Officer, Demographica
receive sms's, mms's, email's, browse, shop, purchase, pay, take
                                                                       11:35   Mobile search - how it's changing the online landscape
pictures, record videos, play music, socially network just to
                                                                               ·   insights into user search behaviour on a mobile phone
mention few.                                                                   ·   different advertising methods to target mobile users
                                                                               ·   mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Increase in cellphone usage in South                                           ·   voice search and the future of mobile search
Africa                                                                             5
                                                                               · tips on how to improve your mobile search campaign
                                                                               Ferdie Bester, Managing Director, ClickMaven
                                                2001    2007
                                                                       12:10   Essentials of mobile as a brand marketing and
                                                2002    2008
                                                                               communication platform in South Africa
                                                2003    2009                   ·   establishing your brand in the mobile space properly.
                                                2004    2010                   ·   understanding context to deliver perfect user experiences over
                                                        2011                       mobile.
                                                                               ·   marketing, advertising and retention using mobile components.
                                                                               · mobile (M)commerce opportunity, transactions and
Acknowledgement: “World Wide Worx Statistics”
                                                                               · v mobi - ensuring you make the right choice for your
                                                                                   target market
With mobile and e-Marketing now an essential marketing tool,                   ·   emerging mobile technologies in Africa
all activities from attracting new business and retaining current              Tim Bishop, Chief Technical Officer, Prezence Digital
business to developing brand identity are covered. There is no         12:45   Lunch
doubt that when implemented correctly, the return of investment        13:35   Strategic branding in the digital age
can far exceed that of traditional marketing strategies.                       ·   digitalizing brand structures
                                                                               ·   strategic branding
Trade Conferences International has organised a conference that                    PC
                                                                               · web vs. mobile web
                                                                               ·   finding equilibrium within the digital spheres
brings together marketing, advertising, communication and                      Godfrey Parkin, Chief Executive Officer, BriteFire
public relations practitioners and service providers in the mobile
and IT environments, to explore opportunities that both the web        14:10   Social media in SA – Facebook is Gold!
and mobile offers advertisers and marketers.                                   ·   what is social media?
                                                                               ·   what is social marketing?
                                                                               · to create a social presence
Delegates attending this conference will discover latest trends,                   how
                                                                               · to make money on social networks
analyse marketing techniques, address industry challenges and                  ·   measuring success of social marketing
understand how technological innovations can benefit the                       Ryan Sauer, Owner, Search Online Consulting
marketing efforts of their companies.                                  14:45   Mid-afternoon refreshments
                                                                       15:00   Case study : Achieving mobile marketing excellence
Join us at this informative event to explore the wonderful world                   The
                                                                               · Cell C , Nike Football starter pack project
of digital marketing!!                                                         Mike Carter, Head of Mobile Business Unit, Trigger/Isobar
                                                                       15:35   End of day
        DAY 2                          14 July 2011                        MARKETING YOUR COMPANY AT THE
08:00   Morning refreshments
                                                                          MOBILE AND e-MARKETING CONFERENCE
08:50   Opening remarks                                                       TCI events are known to give sponsors the opportunity
                                                                            to reach high powered delegates attending the conference.
09:00   Beyond technology: Mobile marketing that makes an impact!
        · tried and tested principles of communication can be                Exhibiting your company's products or services therefore
            applied using the latest in mobile technology, to achieve             allow you excellent networking opportunities. It
            strategic marketing objectives.
                                                                          also gives the sponsoring/exhibiting companies an opportunity
        ·   overview: local South African mobile arena - the SA
                                                                             to penetrate the IT Market and position itself as an active
        ·   practical application of mobile marketing techniques –          participant in the digital marketing industry in South Africa.
            making use of the ‘Mobile Toolbox’ to boost your marketing
            efforts and promote your brand or company, including                  Sponsorships available include packages such as
            examples and case studies                                     cocktail sponsor, lunch sponsor, sponsorship of delegate bags,
        ·   placing technology firmly within the grasp of the marketing       folders, conference material etc. If you are a Mobile/Web
            professional.                                                   marketer or service provider, dealing with digital marketing,
        ·   relevant for global brands and for local companies and        it is YOUR opportunity to align yourself as a major role player.
            SME’s too
        Tim Legg, Managing Director, MobiMedia
                                                                                 If you answer yes to any of the following,
09:35    Mobile strategies for businesses                                  sponsoring the Mobile and Web Marketing Conference
         · mobile marketing?                                                            is the right option for you…
         ·   three most common mistakes when going mobile
         ·   basic mobile marketing tools                                     Do
                                                                             Ö you want to position your company’s profile as a
         ·   building a mobile marketing campaign                             leader in the industry?
         Alexander Gregori, Mobile Marketing Strategist,                      Do
                                                                             Ö you want to gain direct access to a high quality and
         MyMOBworld                                                           niche focused audience consisting of the major players in
                                                                              this industry?
10:10    New trends in the mobile internet                                    Do
                                                                             Ö you want to maintain your company’s reputation for
         · cellphone takes centre stage                                       being involved and committed to the development of the
         ·   social networking points the way                                 Mobile and Web Marketing sector in South Africa?
         · consumer is reinvented                                             Do
                                                                             Ö you want to create brand awareness and provide a
         · new hype cycle?                                                    permanent reminder to attendees of the services and
         Steven Ambrose, Owner, World Wide Worx                               products provided by your company?
                                                                             Ö you want to exhibit your products or services to a very
10:45    Mid-morning refreshments                                             specialised audience consisting of top delegates and
11:00    Is South Africa the leader?
         ·   South Africa’s position in the mobile marketing arena
         ·view from Europe and the USA
             mobile banking, micro credit, sales promotions etc.
             consolidating South Africa’s position
                                                                            Your Speaker Panel
         Alastair Tempest, Chief Operations Officer, Direct Marketing
         Association of South Africa

11:35    Mobile advertising trends
         ·  mobile trends to watch out for
         ·  fundamentals you can’t ignore                                 Alexander Gregori      Mike Carter       Lauretta Ngakane
         ·  optimizing mobile advertising
         · rise of tablet PC’s and broadband innovation
         Sam Beckbessinger, Strategist, Quirk
12:10   Using Google Places to promote your business
        ·   what is Google Places?                                           Ryan Sauer        Godfrey Parkin           Tim Bishop
        ·   benefits of Google Places
        ·   enhancing your listing using location search
        ·   claiming your business on Google Places
        ·   building a Google Places profile
        Bryan Casson, Chief Executive Officer, Casson Media

12:45   Lunch                                                               Bryan Casson Sam Beckbessinger            Sean Pashley

13:35   Online advertising for retail
        ·   tapping into the right target audience
        ·   maximizing limited resources for effective advertising
        ·   future of online retail advertising
        Moti Grauman, Digital Media Manager, MediaShop                    Alastair Tempest         Tim Legg      Nicolas van den Bergh
14:10   Email marketing
        · marketing fundamentals - getting it right!!
                    o database
                    o communication
                    o design                                                Warren Moss       Jacques Hechter Steven Ambrose
                    o delivery
                    o analyzing statistics
        ·  spam and best practices
        ·  targeting and segmenting for more effective campaigns
        Jaques Hechter, Sales manager, Prefix

14:45   Closing remarks                                                     Ferdie Bester                             Moti Grauman
        Closing of the conference
                                                         Mobile and e-Marketing Conference 2011
                                                 13 & 14 July 2011, Indaba Hotel, Fourways, Johannesburg
The size of your budget doesn’t matter, TCI will create the right branding opportunity for you
Please tick the option/s you are interested in and either fax or email the form back to TCI: Fax: 086 582 2981, or e-mail to info@tci-sa.co.za
     GOLD SPONSOR: package to be finalised                                                                           SILVER SPONSOR: package to be finalized
     COCKTAIL SPONSOR: R25 000                                                                                      BANNERS: R3 000 - R8 000
     COFFEE & REFRESHMENT AREA: R12 000                                                                             DELEGATE FOLDERS: R5 000
     BRANDING OF REGISTRATION AREA: R15 000                                                                         DELEGATE CD ROMS: R3 500
     VISITORS & DELEGATES CARRY BAGS: R5 000                                                                        NAME BADGES: R5 000
    PROMOTIONAL INSERTS: R1 000 - R10 000                                                                           BEVERAGE SPONSOR: R1 000 - R5 000
    PROMOTIONAL GIFTS: R1000 - R10 000                                                                              LUNCH TABLE SPONSOR: R3 000
    DELEGATE GIFTS: R1 000 - R10 000                                                                                TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT: R1 000 - R15 000
     EXHIBITION STAND: 3 x 3 s.qm = R11 700                   OPEN SPACE = R800 per sqm
All the above prices are quoted without VAT.                             (Only for stand bigger than 18 sqm)
COMPANY NAME: ______________________________________ CONTACT PERSON: ___________________________________
COMPANY PHONE NO: __________________________________ COMPANY FAX NO: ____________________________________
PERSON DEALING WITH ACCOUNTS: ________________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS:___________________________________
POSTAL ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
APPROVING MANAGER: _________________________________________
DATE: __________________ SIGNATURE: __________________ AMOUNT (incl. VAT) _______________________
Please note: Upon receiving the signed sponsorship form, an invoice will be issued electronically which must be processed within three days after forwarded.
Once the sponsorship form has been completed, the company will be held responsible for payment. When payment is made please supply the company name.
The organisers reserve the right to make necessary changes to the venue or programme should the need arise. Above costs exclude VAT and only includes the
cost of the promotional opportunity.

                                                          DELEGATE REGISTRATION FORM
                                                        Mobile and e-Marketing Conference 2011
                                                 13 & 14 July 2011, Indaba Hotel, Fourways, Johannesburg
 Please register the following delegates for the above conference :
 FULL NAME :                                                     DESIGNATION :                                              EMAIL :

 FULL NAME :                                                     DESIGNATION :                                              EMAIL :

 FULL NAME :                                                     DESIGNATION :                                              EMAIL :

 FULL NAME :                                                     DESIGNATION :                                              EMAIL :

 FULL NAME :                                                     DESIGNATION :                                              EMAIL :

 ORGANISATION :                                                                                                  COMPANY V AT NO :

 COMPANY TEL NO.                                                                             FAX NO:

 PERSON DEALING WITH ACCOUNTS :                                                                                EMAIL:


                                                                             REGISTRATION DETAILS :

                                                                                                                              4 Simple Ways To Register
                               Registration fee:                                                                                                   Contact us for more
                                                                                                               Fax: 086 582 2981
                                                                                                                                                   information 011 803-0009
      Registration Fee: R5 930 + VAT = R6 760.20 pp
      For three or more bookings: R4 744 + VAT = R5 408.16 pp                                               Post: Trade Conferences International,
            Registration cost does not include transport and accommodation                                                                                     E-mail: info@tci-sa.co.za
                                                                                                            PO Box 665, Fourways, 2055
 Please note: Upon receiving the registration form, an invoice will be issued electronically. In order to guarantee your booking, payments must be made within 5 days of receiving the invoice.
 When payments are made, please supply the bank with your company name as reference.
  Fees include lunch, refreshments and conference documentation. The organisers reserve the right to make necessary changes to the programmes, speakers, venue or the dates should the need arise.
 CANCELLATIONS: will only be permitted within 5 days of registration. Thereafter your organisation will be held liable for payment of the full amount with no exceptions.
 Cancellations must be done in writing and forwarded to Ryno van Ellewee at ryno@tci-sa.co.za or faxed to 086 582 2981.

                                NB: I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood all the terms and conditions of
                                              registration, and have the authority to approve the registration
 FULL AMOUNT TO BE PAID:                                                                         (incl. VAT)
 DESIGNATION:                                                                                    EMAIL:
 APPROVING MANAGER ’S SIGNATURE:                                                                 DATE:

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