N-Bit Serial Adder Design

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					                              N-Bit Serial Adder Design

Name: __________________________

Objective: The purpose of this experiment is to give students an exposure to a "system"
design using shift registers and a simple logic controller including a sequential full-adder

Equipment: One standard Logic Lab Kit and TTL chips (7495 ICs or equivalent, other
ICs as required).


        1.0 Complete the design of the circuit shown in Figure 1.1 for the bit size N
            specified by your instructor.

        2.0 Assemble and test your circuit implementation. If your circuit is operating
            properly, a valid sum should appear on the A-register lamps at the end of N
            clock pulses. The B-register should be empty.

        3.0 Use your circuit to perform various adding and/or subtracting problems to
            verify proper circuit operation. Remember that subtraction can be performed
            with an adder circuit by using one's or two's complement arithmetic.

        4.0 When you have your circuit designed and operating properly, have your
            instructor sign below.

                                                  Instructor's Signature

        5.0 Write a formal laboratory report using the format specified in class. Show
            your logic diagram in your report.

                       A register

A input

                                      z    S
Clock                                       C        D      Q
                                          Y   z(t)              z(t+1)

                         B register
             B input

Figure 1.1