Unit 204 by 5oc1S0y


									                                           Understanding by Design
                                   Stage 1 - Desired Results
                                   Unit Four – Flip, Slide, Turn
Standards:                                                                                       CS
M7G1: Students will construct plane figures that meet given conditions
M7G2: Students will demonstrate understanding of transformations

Standard Elements
*Perform basic constructions using compass and straight edge:
-Copying a segment
-Copying an angle
-Bisecting a segment
-Bisecting an angle
-Constructing perpendicular lines
-Perpendicular bisector of a line segment
-Constructing a line parallel to a given line through a point not on the line
*Recognize that many constructions are based on the creation of congruent triangles

*Demonstrate understanding of translations, rotations, reflections, and relate symmetry to appropriate
*Given a figure in the coordinate plane, determine the coordinates resulting from a translation,
dilation, rotation, or reflection

Understandings: (ENDURING)                              Essential Question(s):
What will students understand as a result of this   U   Overarching/Topic/Guided Questions           Q
                                                        How can we use basic constructions to form
*Students will understand geometric constructions       congruent triangles?
are based upon congruent triangles
                                                        How can the coordinate plane help me
*Students will understand reflections, translations     understand properties of reflections,
and rotations are actions that produce congruent        translations and rotations?
geometric objects

*Students will understand that coordinate geometry
can be a useful tool for understanding geometric
shapes and transformations
Students will know…                                    Students will be able to…

   1.) basic constructions use a compass and              1) draw basic constructions of angles, lines,
       straight edge                                         and triangles

   2.) transformations: translations, rotations, and      2) perform transformations: translations,
       reflections using the coordinate plane                rotations, and reflections

   3.) the coordinates from performing                    3) use the coordinate plane with
       transformations                                       transformations

                               Stage 2 - Assessment Evidence
Performance Task(s):
                                                T      Other Evidence:

Performance Tasks:                                     **Opening Questions
www.georgiastandards.org                               **Construction Vocabulary
Flip, Slide, Turn Unit 4                               **Constructions Packet with “you try’s”
                                                       **Quizzes (1)
   1.) Find the Hidden Treasure Chest                  **Class Discussions
   **Culminating Activity**                            **Performance Tasks
   2.)Construction Tasks                               **Transformation activities
   3.) The Amazing Transforming Trees Task             **Study Guide
   4.) Stations Rotations with construction tasks      **Unit Test

                                    Stage 3 - Learning Plan

   Teacher Resources: Holt Mathematics Course Two

   Week One:
      Anticipation Guide
      Construction PPT and Vocabulary Packet
      Constructions Packet with “you try’s”
      Station Rotation for check point grade
      Find the Hidden Treasure Task

       Week Two
        Construction Quiz
        Transformation PPT and vocabulary flip book
        Translation Activity
        Reflections Activity
        Rotations Activity
Week Three
   Study Guide
   Unit 4 Post Test
   The Amazing Transforming Trees Task
   Origami

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