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                                                                       Short Description         Contents
            Releasing the                 7824 Chris Imagination
Doing a Literature ReviewSocial Science Research Hart                             `This book The provide anReview in framework \for b
                                                                                                an Literature excellent Research Re
                                                                1998 `This book can providecan excellent framework for bolstering w
            A Social Fourth Guide                             and Wendy book sets out proven out proven and techniques which c
Good Essay Writing Sciences Edition 60985 Peter Redman Apr-11 This MaplesThis book sets approachesapproaches and techniq
            A Guide for Students         53629 and Thomas 2009 Are you            'This is a splendid contribution for enhancingquestio
                                                                                               Your introduction: starting with a resea
How to do Your Research Projectin Education GaryApplied Social Sciences doing a research project? Do you need advice on how
            A Step-by-Step Guide for Students
The Literature Review                    48627 Diana Ridley                       The Literature Review s\ a concise of Purposes of
                                                                                               Introduction The Multiple its great stre
                                                                2008 `I highly recommend Diana Ridley is book. Onestep-by-step gu
                        Second Proposals                                          research requires effective and thorough preparatio
                                                                                               Introduction \ The indispensable guide i
Developing Effective Research Edition 46601 Keith F Punch 2006 Successful Keith Punch's updating of his Proposal: Readers, E
                                         39572 Mike Wallace and Alison Wray
Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates                                    'A coherentPart One: Becoming a critical will be in
                                                                                                 approach to developing critical reading
                                                                2006 'A systematic, very clear, accessible introduction. thatreader an
            A Comprehensive Guide Content and Process 2007 'The book is an excellent edition to those already available Th
                        Third                                                     Like         PART I: Getting this bestselling text, th
Surviving Your Dissertation Edition to50146 Kjell Erik Rudestam and Rae R Newtonthe previous editions ofStarted \ Chapter 1.inSu
            The Skills Second Edition 49276 Tom Burns           2008 Watch Tom Burns introduce edition: "The effect on our to Un
                                                                                               Background \ Essential Study Skills - S
Essential Study Complete Guide to Success at University and Sandra Sinfield Praise for the firsthis bookIntroduction \ Goingstuden
             Research LiteraturePaper
                        Third to Reviews
ConductingFrom the InternetEdition 57751 Arlene Fink                              This book for anyone wants to research to research
                                                                                               Preface \ for anyone wants social, Wh
                                                                2009 This book is intended is intendedReviewing the Literature - hea
Doing Your Masters Dissertation          23371 Chris Hart                          Masters Dissertation is a practical and comprehens
                                                                                               PART ONE: ESSENTIAL to researchin
                                                                2004 Doing Your A practical and comprehensive guide PREPARATIO
                                          Management Tissington, Markus to Write Successful Business is a Essay Writing \ Plann
                                                                                  Writing Business Essays Management Essays is
                                                                                               An Introduction
How to Write Successful Business and52746 Patrick Essays 2009 HowHasel and Jane Matthiesen andto systematic guide to s
            A Step-by-Step Guide for the First-Time Researcher
Your Research Project Second Edition 37202 Nicholas Walliman                      'A key asset lies in the lies in of presentation of \
                                                                                               Research and the the quality of presen
                                                                2005 `A key asset of the bookof the bookqualityResearch Problem teI
            The Essential Guide for      23128
Your Undergraduate Dissertation Success Nicholas Walliman                         Your of theWhat'shelpful I have seen in terms of Gu
                                                                                                 most It Dissertation: The Essential he
                                                                2004 'This book is oneUndergraduate All For? \ What Types of Disse
            An Essential Guide           50657 Bob Smale and Julie Fowlie to Succeed at University understand comprehensiveand
                                                                2009 How                       How to comprehensive study skills de
How to Succeed at University to Academic Skills and Personal Development This book uniquelyis a uniquelyyourself and yourstu
            A Guide Article in 12 Weeks  55151 Wendy            2009              This book provides and beautifully organized dead
                                                                                               Introduction: Using This Workbook \ We
Writing Your Journalto Academic Publishing Success Laura Belcher `A comprehensive, well-written the instruction, exercises, book
Doing Your Education Research Project                           2008 ' and Marionaccessible book Thinkrelatively thorough begin
                                                                                  This JonesSection 1 and before you do \ The ben
                                         51105 Neil Burton, Mark Brundrett approachable, well designedguides you through the whole
                                         55259 Zina O'Leary
The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project                                The GuidePART ONE: TAKING THE LEAPgives
                                                                                                to Doing Your Research Project Proje
                                                                2009 . . The EssentialEssential Guide to Doing Your ResearchINTOs
             PGCE at M-Level
Doing Your A Guide for Students          52966 Keira Sewell                       An indispensable guide who wants to get the most
                                                                                               1. What will for PGCE who wants to ge
                                                                2008 An indispensable guide for anyone the anyoneat M level do foro
                        Second Edition
The Good Writing Guide for Education Students                                     'What a super to studying after a break, or need he
                                                                                               PART I READING AND Eats, Shoots R
                                               Dominic Wyse 2007 Whether you are returninglittle book this is. LikeTHINKING \ 1 a
Study Skills for Health and Social Care53632 Claire Craig                          for Health PART ONE: GETTING STARTED stude
                                                                                                for Social and Students will help \ Intr
                                                                2009 Study SkillsStudy Skillsand Health CareSocial Care Students wi
Writing Your Thesis Second Edition  050655     Paul Oliver                        Praise designed edition:postgraduate and researc
                                                                                               PART ONE: `This book will OF ACAD
                                                                2008 This new edition isfor the 1st to helpTHE PROCESSundoubted
Your Dissertation in Education                                  2008 Scott Buckler Dissertation in Education provides a TO THE
                                                                                  Your         PART ONE: INTRODUCTION practical
                                         50070 Nicholas Walliman andYour Dissertation in Education provides a systematic, systemat
            A Comprehensive Guide for the Social Sciences 2001 Doing a Literaturea Literature ONE: a practical and comprehen
Doing a Literature Search                10585 Chris Hart                                      PART Search provides a practical and
                                                                                  Doing Search provides BASIC KNOWLEDGE: OR
Study Skills for Dyslexic Students                              2007              Includes CD-Rom. AreManaging Yourto manage \yo
                                                                                               Chapter 1: you struggling Workload
                                         49199 Sandra Hargreaves '[W]ith all the contributors having completed the PostgraduateC
                                                                Huff               be easy to be paralyzed by the and responsibilitie
                                                                                                Preface Part I: Choosing an Academ
Designing Research for Publication 53755 Anne Sigismund 2008 It is easy toIt is paralyzed by the \possibilitiespossibilities and re
            Winning Thesis or Dissertation
                        Second Edition
Writing the A Step-by-Step Guide 039376                          and Here's an experience-based, step-by-step, practical guide to ta
                                                                                  This         Preface and Acknowledgments \ About
                                               Allan A Glatthorn2005 Randy Joyner is an experience-based, step-by-step, practica
Writing Skills for Social Workers                                Joan Mulholland `This work provides some tools for sharpening think
                                                                                               PART I: for sharpening thinking, writing
                                         45388 Karen Healy and 2007 `This work provides some tools ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF W
Doing Your Social Science Dissertation                                            Dissertations can rewarding, and for some the mo
                                                                                               Introduction: most rewarding, and in so
                                         48312 Judith Burnett 2009 Dissertations can be the mostbe the why do a dissertation for the
                                         51939 Nicholas Walliman andYour Undergraduate Dissertation in Health and\ HealthTypespro
Your Undergraduate Dissertation in Health and Social Care                         Your         <DC>What's It All For? What and of
                                                                2009 Jane Appleton Undergraduate Dissertation in Social CareSoc
            A Postgraduate Guide
Writing for Academic Success             39594 Gail Craswell                      Written in aIntroduction \ PART ONE: GENERAL A
                                                                                                clear and accessible style, Writing rich
                                                                2004 'Gail Craswell has written an excellent book. Chapters are forIS
            Six Steps to
The Literature Review Success                                   2008 Brenda T McEvoy in user-friendly language,streamlining the lit
                                                                                  Written      Preface \ method for this resource the
                                         54944 Lawrence A Machi andA clear, understandable six-step Acknowledgments \ About offe
                                         47116 Bernard Moss 2007 `The dictionary format is particularly particularly effective. Listen
Communication Skills for Health and Social Care                                                Introduction Acceptance \ Active both
                                                                                  `The dictionary format is\ effective in providing This
                        Second Edition
Doing & Writing Qualitative Research040315                                        Accessible,Approaching concise, this revised editi
                                                                                                practical and those who seek informati
                                               Adrian Holliday 2007 'The book is an indispensible tool forQualitative Research \ Sta
Study Skills for Criminology                                    2005 'Embarking 'Embarking Introduction can be aONE: be business
                                                                                   on Harrisonon degree \Martin daunting a dauntin
                                                                                                 and Emma PART
                                         39477 John Harrison, Mark Simpson, Olwen a universitya university degree canSTUDYING I
            The Key Terms Buster         46962 Zina O'Leary
The Social Science Jargon You Need to Know                                        - Are you confused by academic jargon? - Do you k
                                                                2007 - Are you confused by academic jargon? - Do you know your `d
            Academic Skills              50477 Caroline Education                 This book is for students who/f003Read, this. Youa
                                                                                               <DC>Introducing books like English k
Read, Research and Write for ESL Students in HigherBrandt 2008 'Calling all lecturers: your jobs depend on have learntResearch,
How to Write a Master's Thesis                                                    How to Write a Masters Thesis is a comprehensive
                                                                                               Overview a comprehensive manual on
                                         57741 Yvonne N Bui 2009 How to Write a Masters Thesis isof the Master's Degree and T
How to Publish Your PhD                  40138 Sarah Caro                          student should Ever-Changing WorldPublish your
                                                                                                student a copy of How to of How to Pu
                                                                2009 'Every PhD 'Every PhD The buy should buy a copy of AcademicP
Study Skills for NursesSecond Edition                           2007 Praise for Tom Mason How'This book 'This book for you Tech
                                                                                  Praise edition: to edition: Time Effectively \ if you
                                               Elizabeth Mason-Whitehead and previousfor previous Manageis definitely is definitely f
            How To Do Second Edition SearchNiall &Oacute; Dochartaigh
Internet Research Skills            040611
                         Your Literature                        2007 Internet Research all is a clear and concise guide \to the effe
                                                                                  Covering Introduction \ Books \ Articles Subject
                                                and Find Research Information Online Skills of the essential aspects, Internet Rese
Doing Postgraduate Research Edition 044693                                        The prospect of undertaking postgraduate research
                                                                                                 helpful guidebook both for \ Scoping Y
                                               Stephen Potter 2006 . 'Offers a practical andIntroduction \ Getting Goingstudents an
            A Guide forSecond and Faculty Maria Piantanida2009Noreen B Garmanforprimarily for doctoral students inand related
                          Students 057460
The Qualitative Dissertation Edition                                              Written doctoral students in education education
                                                                 and Written primarily         Foreword \ Foreword by Frances Schoo
The Postgraduate's Companion                                    2008 'At last     The Postgraduate's Companion is research degree
                                                                                               Introduction and How to practical and -
                                         47846 Gerard Hall and Jo Longman virtually everything that a postgraduateaUse this Book a
                                                                2009 Jane Evans-Brain addition to the SAGE series, this book is an
                                                                                  A new         Introduction \ GETTING A PLACEMEN
Making the Most of Your Placement 54224 John Neugebauer and A new addition to the SAGE Study SkillsStudy Skills series, this
Essay WritingStudent's Guide             52240 MunLing Shields                    Essay student guide withis a to Use this Book Lea
                                                                                                Introduction: a mission: guide with a m
                                                              Feb-10 Essay Writing is a Writing in Context Howstudentto enable stud
Writing and Presenting Research                                                   Arranged inConventions or sections enlivened with
                                                                                                easily followed is an invaluable introdu
                                         39474 Angela Thody 2006 This accessible and wide-ranging bookAlternatives? \ Principle
             Dissertation in Business and Management
                                          and Writing           2006              Giving quick and realistic For It tells enable a stress
                                                                                               What's difference. You? Before abou
Doing Your The Reality of Researching39745 Reva Berman Brown This is a research book with a In Thissupport to \the truthYou B
            Tips and Thesis or for Students the C Lunenburg and Written forIrby
                                         52832                  2008 Beverly J both
                                                                                  Written for Preface \ About students, this user-frien
                                                                                                and students, this user-friendly book pr
Writing a Successful Strategies Dissertation inFred Social and Behavioral Sciences facultyboth faculty and the Authors \ Part I. Ge
             Guide your Presentation 35729                      and Michael Shoolbred
                                                                                  This readers a detailed a detailed preparationpre
                                                                                               Why do a Presentation? \ What the and
A Student'sMakingto Presentations Count Barbara Chivers 2007 This book gives book gives readersguide to theguide to Makes
             for Psychology
Study SkillsSucceeding in Your Degree                           2006 'For anyoneStudy SkillsIntroduction \ a useful Want To guide Psy
                                         23478 Richard Freeman and Antony Stone                 for Psychology You concise Do a to w
                                                                                   starting a degree this is Sohas been shaped aroun
             to Online Learning
IntroductionA Guide for Students                                                  The book addresses myths and misconceptions of
                                                                                               Introduction \ Debunking the Myths reg
                                         61187 Julie Globokar Jun-10 The book addresses myths and misconceptions regarding onlin
             Literature and Systematic 55255 Jill Jesson andMar-11 Many of theMany of theIntroduction And science methodology t
Doing Your TraditionalReview             Techniques            Lydia Matheson                    standard social Overview, What This
                                                                                   standard social science methodology texts do notT
Study Skills for Social Workers                               Apr-10 Robin Kiteley book isIntroduction: What IDoes this students
                                                                                  The            student focused. focused. I envisage
                                         52964 Christine Stogdon and 'The book is completely completely student envisage Book Aimh
            A Student's Guide
Making Supervision Work for You                               Apr-10 'Amongst the plethora of advice up the Supervision Process \ O
                                         56039 Jerry J Wellington                              Opening and guidance books and book
                                                                                  'Amongst the plethora of advice and guidance articl
Key Research and Study Skills in Psychology Sieglinde McGee                        to recommend thiswith a single source covers jarg
                                                                                               Useful to my students Note Making a
                                                              Apr-10 'I am happyProviding studentsComputer Skills \as it from which
           Core Knowledge for Social 55652 David ThomasSep-10 D Hodges Written for advanced undergraduate students, post
                                       and Health           and                               Designing and Managing Research Pro
Designing and Managing Your Research Project Researchers Ian Written for advanced undergraduate students, postgraduate st
           How Student's Survival Guide Gareth Davey 2008
The Internationalto Get the Most from Studying at a UK University                             <DC> 1 Choosing and applying for com
                                                                                The International Student's Survival Guide is a your
           Vital Skills at Success in 48024 Alan                                Studying and Learning atprovides a concise and ac
                                                                                               at University University provides a con
Studying and Learningfor University Your Degree Pritchard 2008 Studying and Learning How We Learn \ Reading for Academic
                                       48906 Gordon Rugg, Sue Gerrard and Susie HooperStress and well-being: an overview \ Wa
The Stress-Free Guide to Studying at University                                  positive and supportive supportive guide to unders
                                                              2008 Providing a Providing a positive and guide to understanding, pre
           Essential Tips for Students58819 Pete Greasley Feb-11 This book gives book gives students an insider's viewRead Thl
Doing Essays and Assignments                                                                  Introduction: Why You Should of what
                                                                                This students an insider's view of what lecturers an
                                       62259 Nigel Research
The Essential Student's Guide to Using the Web forFord                          In recent years, has provided students Evidenceba
                                                                                              Introduction : Becoming an and researc
                                                            Feb-11 In recent years, the internet the internet has provided students
           A Guide for Beginners
Doing a Research Project               60113 Uwe Flick                          In this new book, writtenTHE written researchers,
                                                                                              PART ONE: for BASICS: first time re
                                                            Mar-11 In this new book, specifically specificallyfirst timefor SETTLING U
           A Basic Guide to Reviewing the Research and Writing Your Project
Doing a Research Project in Nursing 61343 Carroll Siu and Oct-11 Comerasamy
                        Second Edition
How to Do Media and Cultural Studies                                            If you're trying to bridge the gap we know anything
                                                                                              Introduction: How your course and your
                                             Jane Stokes Mar-11 If you're trying to bridge the gap between do between your cour
           Designing and Planning Your Work
Your Research Project Third Edition59193                    Mar-11 In the third editionthird edition of this book, you'll book, you'll fin
                                             Nicholas Walliman                  In the of this bestselling bestselling find everything
           Early YearsSecond Edition
                         Research 059352
Doing your A Step by Step Guide Project                     Mar-11              This of a much-loved book guides you through you
                                             Guy Roberts-Holmes This new editionnew edition of a much-loved book guides you
                       Series      Imprint    Pages       BIC Codes   Subject    Cloth ISBN   Cloth Price   Pre-Pub PricePaper ISBN
                                               230 pages JDL,YJB,JBS   Study        (General)"Available as
                                                                                               #65.00                 Pa copy
                       Published in association with The Open University SkillsCl 978-0-7619-5974-8 an inspection 978-0-7619-5975-5
                                               164 pages JDL,CTK Study Skillswrite good essays. Extensively revised and updated in this fourth edition,
                                                                                    (General),Essays/Dissertations"Available as an inspection copy
This book sets out proven approaches and techniques which can help everyone Cl 978-0-85702-370-4                      Pa 978-0-85702-371-1
                                               272 pages JDL,GRS,CTK SkillsClliterature review \ Decide on & Evaluation - again \ Deciding on an appr
                                                                       Study          978-1-84787-442-9
                                                                                               #60.00                 Pa 978-1-84787-443-6
           Your introduction: starting with a question \ Project management \ The(General),Research Methods your question(General),Essays/Dissertation
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JDL,GRS,YJB                   (General),Research Methods & Evaluation (General),PGCEs & MEds,Pro
                                                                       Study SkillsCl 978-1-4129-3425-1               Pa 978-1-4129-3426-8
                                               176 pages JBB,JDL,YJB   Social Research Methods,Study for Developing Proposals Generating Theories Me
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-4129-2125-1
                                                                                               #67.00                 Pa 978-1-4129-2126-8
           Introduction \ The Proposal: Readers, Expectations and Functions \ A General Framework Skills (General),Qualitative\ Methods,Quantitative and
                                               240                                 Cl 978-1-4129-0221-2
                                                                                               #67.00                 Pa 978-1-4129-0222-9
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages CTK,JDL Essays/Dissertations (PG),Study Skills (PG),Study Skills (Academic)"Available as an
                                               1. The Research         Scholarly Aids/Research a Suitable Topic \ Chapter 3. Methods of an inspection copy
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-4129-1678-3
                                                                                               #59.00                 Pa 978-1-4129-1679-0
           PART I: Getting Started \ Chapter 328 pages GRS Process \ Chapter 2. Selecting Tools,Study Skills (General)"Available as Inquiry: Quantitativ
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JDL                           (General)"Available as
                                                                                               #54.00                 Pa copy
                                                                       Study SkillsCl 978-1-4129-4584-4 an inspection 978-1-4129-4585-1
                                                - Why? For Whom? How? \ Searching and Screening, Methodological Quality (Part an inspection copy
                                                                                                                      Pa 978-1-4129-7189-8
           Preface \ Reviewing the Literature 272 pages GRS,CSA Literature Reviews,Research Methods (General)"Available as1: Research Design and
                                               496 pages JDL
                       Essential Study Skills series                                (General)"Available as
                                                                                               #67.00                 Pa copy
                                                                       Study SkillsCl 978-0-7619-4216-0 an inspection 978-0-7619-4217-7
                                               160                                  (UG),Business & Management (General)"Available as an inspection copy
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages KM,JDL Study SkillsCl 978-1-84787-590-7  #60.00                 Pa 978-1-84787-591-4
                                               464                     Study        (General),Social Research Methods"Available as an inspection copy
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JDL,JBB,YXDS SkillsCl 978-1-4129-0131-4  #73.00                 Pa 978-1-4129-0132-1
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JDL,JBB,JCB                   (General)"Available as
                                                                                               #57.00                 Pa copy
                                                                       Study SkillsCl 978-0-7619-4139-2 an inspection 978-0-7619-4140-8
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JDL                           (General)"Available as
                                                                                               #50.00                 Pa copy
                                                                       Study SkillsCl 978-1-4129-4716-9 an inspection 978-1-4129-4717-6
                                                 \ Week 1: JDL         Study Skills Writing \ Week 2: Starting Your Article \ Week 3: Advancing Your Argum
                                                                                                                      Pa (Academic)"
           Introduction: Using This Workbook376 pages Designing Your Plan for(General),Publishing (PG),Publishing978-1-4129-5701-4
                                               224 pages YXDS,JDA,JDL  EducationalCl 978-1-4129-4754-1
                                                                                    Research Methods,Education issues \ Reviewing (General),Teacher Tra
                                                                                               #70.00                 Pa 978-1-4129-4755-8
           Section 1 Think before you do \ The benefits of practical research \ Analysing situations û identifyingStudies,Study Skills existing ideas \ Section
                                               320 THE GRS               WORLD The challenge of tackling a research project \ So what is this thing called
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-84860-010-2
                                                                                               #65.00                 Pa 978-1-84860-011-9
           PART ONE: TAKING THE LEAP INTOpagesRESEARCHResearch \Methods & Evaluation (General),Research Methods (General),Study Skillsr
                                               136 pages JDA,JDFT,JDF   difference between the#54.00
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-84787-428-3
                                                                                                Postgraduate Certificate in Study,PGCEs & MEds,Training S
                                                                                                                      Pa 978-1-84787-429-0
           1. What will the PGCE at M level do for me?: What is the Education Studies,Teacher Induction,PostgraduateEducation and the Professional Gr
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages CTK,JDA,JDFT                 Cl 978-1-4129-4858-6
                                                                                               #57.00                 Pa Induction,Education"Available as an
                                                                       Essays/Dissertations,Education Studies,Teacher 978-1-4129-4859-3
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JDL,MJ,MQC                    (UG),Other Health Specialties,Study 978-1-84787-389-7
                                                                       Study SkillsCl 978-1-84787-388-0               Pa Skills for Nurses"Available as an ins
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JDL                           (General)"Available as
                                                                                               #64.00                 Pa copy
                                                                       Study SkillsCl 978-1-4129-4688-9 an inspection 978-1-4129-4689-6
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages YXDS,JDFT,JDA                 Research Methods,Teacher Induction,Education Studies,Essays/Disserta
                                                                       EducationalCl 978-1-4129-4622-3                Pa 978-1-4129-4623-0
                                               194 pages JDL,JCB,GRS SkillsCl 978-0-7619-6809-2 an inspection AND SEARCH MANAGEMENT \ Th
                                                                         THE        (General)"Available as
                                               192                     Higher      Cl 978-1-4129-3608-8
                                                                                               #67.00                 Pa (General),Specific
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JDFX,JDL,JDGS2 & Further Education (general),Study Skills978-1-4129-3609-5 Learning Difficul
                                               392 pages GRS,JDL Study Skills the Right Conversation \ Chapter Pa Criteria for Contribution \ Chapter 3:
                                                                                    (PG)"Available as an
                                                                                               #69.00                 2:
            Preface \ Part I: Choosing an Academic Home \ Chapter 1: FindingCl 978-1-4129-4014-6 inspection copy978-1-4129-4015-3
                                   <IM>A Corwin PressAuthors \ Part I: Establishing the Foundations \ 1. Laying the Groundwork for the an inspection cop
                                               288 the Publication                                                    Pa 978-0-7619-3961-0
           Preface and Acknowledgments \ Aboutpages JDL,YXDS Study Skills (General),Educational Research Methods"Available asThesis and Disser
                                               224 pages JBS,JDL Study SkillsCl 978-1-4129-2071-1 - Basic Methods & Skills"Available as an inspectio
                       Social Work in Action series                                            #67.00
                                                                                    (General),Social Work             Pa 978-1-4129-2072-8
                                               280                                  (General),Essays/Dissertations"Available as an inspection copy
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JDL,CTK Study SkillsCl 978-1-4129-3112-0 #60.00                 Pa 978-1-4129-3113-7
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JDL,MJ,JBS                    (General),Other Health
                                                                                               #60.00                 Pa 978-1-84787-070-4
                                                                       Study SkillsCl 978-1-84787-069-8 Specialties,Social Work & Social Policy (General)
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JDL                           (General)"Available as
                                                                                               #67.00                 Pa copy
                                                                       Study SkillsCl 978-1-4129-0300-4 an inspection 978-1-4129-0301-1
                                   <IM>A Corwin Press Publication Literature Reviews"Available as an inspectionPa 978-1-4129-6135-6
                                               184 pages CSA                       Cl 978-1-4129-6134-9
                                                                                               #34.00                 copy
           Preface \ Acknowledgments \ About the Authors \ 1. The Literature Review Process: Getting Started: The Purpose of a Literature Review The L
                                               224 pages JBS,MJ,JBSN   Social Work &978-1-4129-2284-5
                                                                                   Cl Social Policy Practice \ Assessment \ Barrier Gestures \ as an inspe
                                                                                               #67.00                 Pa 978-1-4129-2285-2
           Introduction \ Acceptance \ Active Listening \ Advising \ Advocacy \ Anti-discriminatory(General),Other Health Specialties"AvailableBreaking Ba
                                                \ Starting JDL,CTK,CSA Qualitative Research (General)"Available as an about Data \ Writer Voice \ Writing ab
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-4129-1129-0
                                                                                               Counts                 Pa 978-1-4129-1130-6
           Approaching Qualitative Research216 pagesOut \ Showing the Workings \ What#67.00 as Data \ Writinginspection copy
                                               208                                 Cl Criminal#57.00 (General)"Available as an inspection copy
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JBV,JDL Criminology & 978-1-4129-0322-6   Justice               Pa 978-1-4129-0323-3
                                               you know JDL,GRS,YJBK5 SkillsCl 978-1-4129-2176-3 tell the difference between `anomie' and `alienatio
                                                                       Study        (General)"Available as
                                                                                               #57.00                 Pa copy
 Are you confused by academic jargon? - Do 344 pagesyour `discourse' from your `dialectic'? - Can you an inspection 978-1-4129-2177-0
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JDL                           (General),Specific Study Skills (General)"Available as an inspection copy
                                                                       Study SkillsCl 978-1-4129-4736-7               Pa 978-1-4129-4737-4
                                               320 pages Selecting Essays/Dissertations,Research Methods Research Your Problem \ Conducting Ethica
                                                                                                                      Pa 978-1-4129-5710-6
           Overview of the Master's Degree and Thesis \GRS,CTK a Research Topic \ Using the Literature to (General),Scholarly Aids/Research Tools"
                                               144 pages KNTP,JDJ Publishing (PG),Career Your PhD \ ChoosingPaPublisher \ Preparing and Presenting
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-4129-0790-3
                                                                                               #60.00                 a 978-1-4129-0791-0
           The Ever-Changing World of Academic Publishing \ Books or Articles? \ RevisingDevelopment (Academic),Publishing (Academic)"Available as
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages MQC,JDL,MJ                    for Nurses,Nursing,Study Skills (General)"Available as an inspection cop
                                                                       Study SkillsCl 978-1-4129-3416-9               Pa 978-1-4129-3417-6
                                               184 Guides \ Searching the Keyword978-1-4129-1112-2 inspectionNews and Multimedia \ Governments, Ar
           Introduction \ Books \ Articles \ Subjectpages GRS                      Cl Search #67.00 \ Interaction, copy
                                                                       Internet Research"Available as an              Pa 978-1-4129-1113-9
                                               320 pages JDF,JDL Postgraduate Study,Study Skills (PG)"Available as an inspection copy
                       Published in association with The Open University                       #65.00
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-4129-2404-7               Pa 978-1-4129-2405-4
                                   <IM>A Corwin Press Publication
                                               328 pages YXDS,CTKTheses the Cl 978-1-4129-5107-4 the Dissertation Journey \ 1. Coming to Study \ 2.
                                                                                    Authors \ Part I. Facing
           Foreword \ Foreword by Frances Schoonmaker \ Preface \ About & Dissertations,Essays/Dissertations"Pa 978-1-4129-5108-1
                                               520 - Dr Ged Hall and Dr Jo Longman \ What #70.00
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-4129-3025-3
                                                                                               is a Postgraduate Research Degree? - Professor
                                                                                                                      Pa 978-1-4129-3026-0
           Introduction and How to Use this Book pages JDF,JDL Postgraduate Study,Study Skills (PG)"Available as an inspection copy Stuart Powe
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages KM                            Management (General),Study Skills (General)"Available as an inspection
                                                                       Business & Cl 978-1-84787-567-9                Pa 978-1-84787-568-6
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JDL                           (General),Essays/Dissertations,Study Skills (UG)"Available as an inspect
                                                                       Study SkillsCl 978-1-84787-089-6               Pa 978-1-84787-090-2
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages GRS,CTK,JDL                  Cl 978-1-4129-0292-2
                                                                                               #67.00                 Pa 978-1-4129-0293-9
                                                                       Research Methods (General),Essays/Dissertations (PG),Study Skills (Academic)"Ava
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages KM,CTK,KMMS                   Management (General)"Available Pa an inspection copy
                                                                       Business & Cl 978-1-4129-0350-9                as 978-1-4129-0351-6
                                   <IM>A Corwin pages JDL,CTK,JDCJ SkillsCl 978-1-4129-4224-9
                                               I. Getting Started \ 1. Study        (General),Essays/Dissertations,Essays/Dissertations (UG),Exam Techniq
                                                                                               #44.00                 Pa 978-1-4129-4225-6
           Preface \ About the Authors \ Part 352Press Publication Selecting a Suitable Topic: Sources of Topics Criteria for Topic Selection Summary \ 2
                                                Skills Series                       (General),Presentation
                                                                                               #46.99                 Pa 978-0-7619-4369-3
                       SAGE Essential Study 176 pages JDL,YXL Study SkillsCl 978-0-7619-4368-6 Skills,Presentation Skills (UG),Presentation Skills
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JC                            in Psychology,Psychology (General),Study Skills (General)"Available as a
                                                                       Study SkillsCl 978-0-7619-4239-9               Pa 978-0-7619-4240-5
                                               136 Online Education: Myth #1: Aids/Research Tools,Study Skills (General)"Available as an inspection #2:
                                                                                                                      Pa 978-1-4129-7822-4
           Introduction \ Debunking the Myths ofpages GRS,JDL Scholarly Taking Online Courses is "settling" for a Lesser-quality Education Myth copy
                                               184 pages GRS,CSA Literature Reviews,Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"Available as an inspec
                                                                                   Cl \ Searching - The Library As Resource \ Reading Different Types Of Lit
           Introduction And Overview, What This Text Adds To Existing Sources. 978-1-84860-153-6                      Pa 978-1-84860-154-3
                                               288                                 Cl Social Policy (General),Study Skills (General)"Available as an inspectio
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JBS,JDL Social Work &978-1-84787-456-6   #60.00                 Pa 978-1-84787-457-3
                                               176 pages JDL           Study SkillsCl 978-1-84860-617-3
                                                                                    (General)" #60.00                 Pa 978-1-84860-618-0
           Opening up the Supervision Process \ Opening Up the Supervision Process \ The Changing Context for Postgraduates à and Why it Matters \ G
                                               224 pages JCB           Research Methods Literature \ Good Essay as an inspection copy
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-84860-020-1
                                                                                               #60.00                 Pa 978-1-84860-021-8
           Useful Computer Skills \ Note Making and Study Tips \ Evaluating Academic in Psychology"Available Writing \ Good Writing Skills and Basic N
                                            264 pages GRS          Research Design"Available as an inspection copy
                                                                               Cl 978-1-84860-192-5
                                                                                          #65.00                  Pa 978-1-84860-193-2
          Designing and Managing Research Projects: An Overview \ Designing a New Research Project \ Developing Research Aims and Objectives \ P
                                             your course \ 2 Leaving home and 978-1-4129-4601-8 English language an inspection \ 4 Living costs a
                                                                                (General),Study Skills
                                                                                           the UK                 Pa 978-1-4129-4602-5
          <DC> 1 Choosing and applying for200 pages JPS,JDL Study SkillsClarriving in#64.00 \ 3 (UG)"Available as requirements copy
                                            224                                 (General),Higher & Further Education (general),Study Skills (PG),Presen
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JDL,JDFX Study SkillsCl 978-1-4129-2962-2                   Pa 978-1-4129-2963-9
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages JDL                       (General),Study Skills
                                                                                          #54.00                  Pa 978-1-4129-4493-9
                                                                   Study SkillsCl 978-1-4129-4492-2 (UG)"Available as an inspection copy
                                            150 pages                          Cl 978-1-84920-202-2
                                                                                          #50.00                   Process \ How to Impress and Distress
          Introduction: Why You Should Read This Book (And Keep It To Yourselfà) \ An Insight into the Marking Pa 978-1-84920-203-9
                                            216 pages JDFX,GRS Internet Research,Online Learning & DistancePa Essentials : Learning
                                                                               Cl 978-0-85702-364-3
                                                                                          #60.00                   Education"
          Introduction : Becoming an Evidencebased Critical Thinker This Book \ Learning & Critical Thinking - The 978-0-85702-365-0 & Assessmen
                                            232 THE GRS             Why Social Research? - Introduction and an Pa 978-1-84920-781-2
                                                                               Cl 978-1-84920-780-5
                                                                                          #60.00                  inspection copy
          PART ONE: THE BASICS: SETTLINGpagesGROUNDS \Research Methods (General)"Available as Overview \ Getting from a Research Idea t
                                            192 pages                                     #60.00
                                                                               Cl 978-0-85702-747-4               Pa 978-0-85702-748-1
                                            256 pages anything? \ Cultural Studies (General),Communication and Media Studies (General),Sociology (G
          Introduction: How do we know anything about GR,GTS,YJB                research Communication, Media and978-1-84920-786-7 Getting Started \
                                                                   Why do weCl 978-1-84920-785-0                  Pa Cultural Studies? \
                       SAGE Study Skills Series pages GRS                      Cl 978-1-84920-461-3
                                                                                          #65.00                  inspection copy
                                                                   Research Methods (General)"Available as an Pa 978-1-84920-462-0
                                             you through your EarlyEarly Childhood project from start to finish and draws on the work of as an inspection
                                                                               Cl 978-1-84920-519-1
                                                                                          #65.00                  Pa Methods"Available
This new edition of a much-loved book guides224 pages JDDB,YXDSYears research Education,Educational Research978-1-84920-520-7 Early Years prac
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