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					                Suffolk County Community College
                                     College Brief

NO. 57       February 9, 2009

TO:          All College Employees

FROM:        George Gatta, Executive Vice President

SUBJECT:     Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)

This spring, Suffolk County Community College is participating in the Community
College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE). The CCSSE is a national survey
focusing on teaching, learning, and retention that is being administered at SUNY
community colleges as part of Strengthened Campus-Based Assessment.

Results obtained through this survey will be used to gauge community college quality
and can impact how our graduates and our faculty are perceived. Moreover, the data
collected will assist us to move forward as a nationally-ranked College of Excellence.

During the month of March, the survey will be conducted in classes randomly selected by
CCSSE. Instructors whose classes are selected for participation, will receive specific
information on administration of this instrument from the College’s Office of
Institutional Effectiveness.

Research shows that students who read and write more, and who interact in positive ways
with faculty and peers, gain more in terms of essential skills and competencies.
Identifying what students do in and out of the classroom, knowing their goals, and
understanding their external responsibilities will help institutions create an environment
that enhances student learning, development, and retention.

I encourage you to convey to your students the importance of taking this assessment

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