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         College of the Desert                          The Fashion Institute of Design &
                                                             Merchandising (FIDM)
                                                         FIDM GENERAL STUDIES CORE REQUIREMENTS
ENG-001A Composition                                    GNST 1040 ENGLISH COMPOSITION
ART-003A Basic Design and Color                         GNST 1230 COLOR AND DESIGN THEORY
MATH-001A (or higher- any College of the Dessert        GNST 1450 COLLEGE MATHEMATICS*
College Math course above the Intermediate Algebra
SP-004 Public Speaking                                  GNST 1600 EFFECTIVE SPEAKING
SOC-004 Sociological Analysis and Critical Thinking     GNST 1650 CRITICAL THINKING*
                                                                          ADDITIONAL GNST EQUIVALENCIES
                                                        Transfer advisors need to cross-check FIDM Programs of Study list to
                                                        note the specific curriculum of a major before advising students on
                                                        what transferable courses to take. The general studies requirements for
                                                        each major vary so advisors need to be very specific on which courses a
                                                        student should take.
ART-001A Beginning Drawing and Composition              GNST 1080 DRAWING FUNDAMENTALS*
ART-002A History of Art (+)                             GNST 2020 SURVEY OF WESTERN ART I*
ART-002B History of Art
ART-002B History of Art (+)                             GNST 2420 SURVEY OF WESTERN ART II*
ART-002C History of Modern Art
ECON-002 Principles of Microeconomics                   GNST 2570 MICROECONOMICS**
CH-001A General Chemistry (or)                          GNST 2630 PRINCIPLES OF CHEMISTRY**
CH-003 Introductory General Chemistry (or)
CH-004 Fundamentals of Chemistry
BI-004 Elements of Biology                              GNST 2760 PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY**
ART-002C History of Modern Art                          GNST 2780 MAJOR ART MOVEMENTS *
ECON-001 Principles of Macroeconomics                   GNST 2870 MACROECONOMICS**
BUMA-001 Principles of Management                       BUAD 2100 MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS
BUMA-0027 Marketing                                     MMKT 2880 MARKETING ESSENTIALS

          NOTES: *Indicates courses that may not be a requirement in all majors. Such courses will be
          transferred in if they are a requirement or an elective choice in the transferring students
          program’s curriculum. ALSO: Major specific course may be accepted by the Department Chair
          with review of class projects / exams and course description.
          **Indicates courses only offered in FIDM’s Business Management Bachelor of Science Degree to
          complete student’s lower division general education requirements.

          DATE:_____01/22/2011_______               SIGNATURE:
          REV. 01/2011                                                     Ben Weinberg – Articulation Officer

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