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					Stevens-Henager College to Introduce Interactive Study Guides for Online
Date: 10-11-2011 08:28 AM CET
Category: Science & Education
Press release from: Stevens-Henager College

Salt Lake City, Utah, October 10, 2011 - Stevens-Henager College will soon introduce interactive study guides for its online
courses, with the aim of providing a supportive and friendly environment for students to complete their coursework.

 These study guides are designed to make learning a fun and interactive experience for students, while helping them prepare
for examinations and future coursework.

 Easy to use and navigate through, the study guides will focus on the highlights of the student’s course and aid students in
completing their weekly lessons. Students can also use the study guides to review quizzes and other assignments.

 The first set of study guides will be available for Stevens-Henager College’s American Civilization course, but they will soon
be made available for most of Stevens-Henager’s online courses.

Stevens-Henager College currently offers online degrees at the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s levels through its Salt
Lake City/Murray campus, in fields such as healthcare, information technology, business, and graphic design.

Some of the degrees available online at Stevens-Henager College include an Associate of Applied Science in Business
Management & Accounting, Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Arts, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Bachelor of
Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Graphic Arts, Bachelor of Science Completion in Nursing,
Bachelor of Science Completion in Nursing Administration, Master of Science in Healthcare Administration, and Master in
Business Administration (MBA).

 While these programs are also available on-ground, Stevens-Henager College’s online students are provided the same
resources and support as their classroom-based counterparts. Additionally, they have 24/7 access to online services, study
materials, and communication tools, such as email, forums, etc., that facilitate one-on-one interaction with instructors.

 Candidates interested in enrolling in an undergraduate online degree at Stevens-Henager College must have a high school
diploma or an equivalent GED® credential. For candidates who want to prepare for their GED exams, tutoring is available at
Stevens-Henager College at no cost to them.

 Individuals interested in online graduate degrees at Stevens-Henager College must also meet the specific eligibility criteria of
the program they’re looking to enroll in.

For details on Stevens-Henager College’s online degree programs, call 1-888-829-2907 or visit

 About Stevens-Henager College®
 Established in 1891 and one of the oldest colleges in Utah, Stevens-Henager College has built up a reputation in training
generations of successful graduates. It is located over ten convenient locations throughout Utah and Idaho. Stevens-Henager
College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), which is recognized by the
U.S. Department of Education as a national accrediting agency.

Stevens-Henager College
383 West Vine Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84123

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