Instructional Services Librarian by kylemangan


									                           UNIVERSITY OF NORTH FLORIDA
                           THOMAS G. CARPENTER LIBRARY
                               POSITION DESCRIPTION

TITLE:                Reference Librarian/Instructional Services
CLASS CODE:           9055
POSITION:             31352
UNIT:                 Library


The position of Reference Librarian/Instructional Services shares in the provision of information
services with librarians in the Reference Department which includes the Documents, Periodicals,
and Special Collections Sections. The Librarian works with the Library Instruction Coordinator
in implementing the library instruction program and promoting information literacy. The
Librarian shares reference desk duties, including some nights and weekend duty, with other
members of the Reference Department. Assigned activities are based 90% on primary activities
and 10% on service activities mutually agreed upon by the Librarian and the Head of Reference.


A.   Primary Activities

      1.   According to the departmental schedule, provides individual reference and
           information services in person, by telephone, and by electronic communication
           using traditional print reference sources, electronic services, and referral skills.
      2.   Instructs individual library users in the use of the library’s resources.
      3.   Prepares library subject guides and instructional material in print and via the web.
      4.   Assists in training Reference staff.
      5.   Assists the Library Instruction Coordinator in administering the library
           instruction program.
      6.   Communicates instruction activities and goals with the Library Instruction
           Coordinator on a regular basis.
      7.   Responsible for assisting in scheduling and providing instruction to university
           students and faculty by conducting classroom instruction sessions and general
      8.   Responsible for participating in library instruction of university students and faculty
           by assisting in the design, production, and delivery of a lower level one-hour credit
           course in library research skills.
      9.   Maintains and reports accurate statistics reflecting instruction activities.
     10.   Responsible for assisting in promoting the library instruction program and
           information literacy. Creates promotional materials for print and web
     11.   Identifies assessment methods and tools for use in measuring student learning
     12.   Works on special projects assigned by the Head of Reference Department based
         on Library need and individual interest and ability.
     13. Attends workshops, seminars, and conferences to stay current on trends in
     14. Participates in collection development by developing knowledge of print and
         electronic research material, evaluating sources, and recommending purchases.

B.   Service Activities

     Service activities comprise 10% of the Librarian’s activities, are included in the annual
     performance evaluation, and affect merit pay received. Service activities may include
     service at the library and university levels; participation in professional organizations;
     other external activities on a local, state, regional, or national level; professional
     development; and scholarship. Suitable activities include but are not limited to the

     Serve as a member or chair of a campus committee
     Conduct research resulting in the publication of a book or article in the field of
     information science or other appropriate discipline
     Edit a listserv or blog
     Participate actively in state, local, or national library associations
     Pursue grants, awards, scholarships, or other honors giving evidence of scholarly activity
     and achievement
     Serve as a consultant or resource person
     Participate in campus or department workshops
     Serve as a guest lecturer for faculty
     Mentor a newly hired faculty member
     Organize a conference or meeting
     Participate in continuing education activities

C.   Proficiencies

     1.   Develops and maintains knowledge of and skills in using library resources, including
          print and electronic research material, computer software, and Web-based services.
     2.   Develops and maintains effective presentation skills.
     3.   Maintains knowledge of new technology and techniques in library instruction and
          evaluates for use at UNF.
     4.   Develops expertise in selecting appropriate research databases and examples for
          classroom sessions and individual instruction.
     5.   Maintains awareness of communication needs of different learners. Uses common
          communication technologies to provide assistance to students in and outside the
     6.   Maintains awareness of student assignments and the role of the library in completing
          these assignments.
     7.   Collaborates with classroom faculty to integrate appropriate information literacy
          competencies and skills into library instruction sessions and assignments.
     8.   Analyzes teaching faculty expectations and desired learning outcomes to determine
          appropriate information literacy proficiencies and resources to be introduced into
          library instruction.
     9.   Makes appropriate use of classroom instructional technologies.
    10.   Establishes and maintains a working relationship with assigned academic departments
          in order to promote library instruction and incorporate instruction sessions into the
    11.   Works in a team environment and provides the team with knowledge and skill to
          improve instructional services.
    12.   Acquires and updates teaching skills and knowledge of teaching methods.

Performance and Evaluation Criteria

   The Reference Librarian/Instructional Services is evaluated by the Head of Reference on the
   basis of the position’s job description, with input from the Library Instruction Coordinator,
   the Director of Public Services, and from the incumbent in the form of self-evaluation. The
   Librarian will receive annual performance evaluations based upon a standardized scale
   consisting of five levels: exemplary; above satisfactory; satisfactory; below satisfactory; and
   unsatisfactory. The Librarian’s ranking on the scale will then determine any merit pay that
   may be available.

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