Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Product Pipeline Review – Q1 2011

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					 Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Product Pipeline Review –
                        Q1 2011
                                                                                          Reference Code: GMDHC1270CDB

                                                                                                Publication Date: JUN 2011

Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Product Pipeline Review – Q1 2011                               GMDHC1270CDB / Published JUN 2011

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Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Product Pipeline Review

Ta b le o f Co n te n ts
Table of Contents                                                                                                     2
List of Tables                                                                                                        4
List of Figures                                                                                                       4
Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Snapshot                                                                                    5
    Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Overview                                                                                5
    Key Information                                                                                                   5
    Key Facts                                                                                                         5
Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Research and Development Overview                                                         6
    Key Therapeutic Areas                                                                                             6
Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Pipeline Review                                                                           9
    Pipeline Products by Stage of Development                                                                         9
    Pipeline Products – Monotherapy                                                                                  10
Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Pipeline Products Glance                                                                 11
    Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Clinical Stage Pipeline Products                                                       11
         Phase I Products/Combination Treatment Modalities                                                           11
    Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.–Early Stage Pipeline Products                                                          12
         Pre-Clinical Products/Combination Treatment Modalities                                                      12
Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Drug Profiles                                                                            13
    XEL 001HP                                                                                                        13
         Product Description                                                                                         13
         Mechanism of Action                                                                                         13
         R&D Progress                                                                                                13
    XEL 001HG                                                                                                        14
         Product Description                                                                                         14
         Mechanism of Action                                                                                         14
         R&D Progress                                                                                                14
    XEL 002BG                                                                                                        15
         Product Description                                                                                         15
         Mechanism of Action                                                                                         15
         R&D Progress                                                                                                15
    XEL 002BI                                                                                                        16
         Product Description                                                                                         16
         Mechanism of Action                                                                                         16
         R&D Progress                                                                                                16
    XEL 002BP                                                                                                        17
         Product Description                                                                                         17
         Mechanism of Action                                                                                         17
         R&D Progress                                                                                                17
    XEL 002LG                                                                                                        18
         Product Description                                                                                         18
         Mechanism of Action                                                                                         18
         R&D Progress                                                                                                18
    XEL 003FL                                                                                                        19
         Product Description                                                                                         19
         Mechanism of Action                                                                                         19
         R&D Progress                                                                                                19

Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Product Pipeline Review – Q1 2011                             GMDHC1270CDB / Published JUN 2011

©Global Markets Direct.. This report is a licensed product and is not to be photocopied                             Page(2)
Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Product Pipeline Review

    XEL 003FP                                                                                                          20
         Product Description                                                                                           20
         Mechanism of Action                                                                                           20
         R&D Progress                                                                                                  20
    XEL 004FP                                                                                                          21
         Product Description                                                                                           21
         Mechanism of Action                                                                                           21
         R&D Progress                                                                                                  21
    XEL 005OP                                                                                                          22
         Product Description                                                                                           22
         Mechanism of Action                                                                                           22
         R&D Progress                                                                                                  22
    XEL 006LG                                                                                                          23
         Product Description                                                                                           23
         Mechanism of Action                                                                                           23
         R&D Progress                                                                                                  23
    XEL 007DO                                                                                                          24
         Product Description                                                                                           24
         Mechanism of Action                                                                                           24
         R&D Progress                                                                                                  24
Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Pipeline Analysis                                                                          25
    Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Pipeline Products by Therapeutic Class                                                 25
    Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Pipeline Products By Target                                   
Description: Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Product Pipeline Review – Q1 2011 Summary Global Market Direct’s pharmaceuticals report, “Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Product Pipeline Review - Q1 2011” provides data on the Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s research and development focus. The report includes information on current developmental pipeline, complete with latest updates, and features on discontinued and dormant projects. This report is built using data and information sourced from Global Markets Direct’s proprietary databases, Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s corporate website, SEC filings, investor presentations and featured press releases, both from Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and industry-specific third party sources, put together by Global Markets Direct’s team. Scope - Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Brief Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. overview including business description, key information and facts, and its locations and subsidiaries. - Review of current pipeline of Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. human therapeutic division. - Overview of pipeline therapeutics across various therapy areas. - Coverage of current pipeline molecules in various stages of drug development, including the combination treatment modalities, across the globe. - Product profiles for late stage and clinical stage products of Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. with complete description of the product’s developmental history, mechanism of action, therapeutic class, target and major milestones. - Recent updates of the Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s pipeline in the last quarter. - Key discontinued and dormant projects. - Latest news and deals relating to the products. Reasons to buy - Evaluate Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s strategic position with total access to detailed information on its product pipeline. - Assess the growth potential of Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in its therapy areas of focus. - Identify new drug targets and therapeutic classes in the Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s R&D portfolio and deve
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