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									                           UNIV 1301 CRN 32541
                                     Visual Culture

Semester Term and Year:   Summer 2011

                          Daniel Duarte
                          Office: AAC rm 113
       Professor:         Office Hours: W 3:00 – 5:00 or by appointment
                          Phone: 747-7300
                          This section of Univ 1301 will examine visual culture. Examination of
                          visual culture may include but is not limited to the following media:
  Course Description:     photography, painting, sculpture, fashion, advertising, virtual reality, and
                          other electronic imaging systems.

                          Borders: Crossing into Your Future (3rd edition)
   Required Texts:
                          Course Packet found in BlackBoard
                          Online articles

                          This course will also place a significant emphasis on acquiring and
                          practicing the skills needed to help you successfully make the transition
                          into college. We will specifically focus on strengthening academic skills
                          such as time management, reading for content, writing, note taking, test
   Course Objectives:     taking, and overall organization. The most important skill that will be
                          emphasized in this course is “critical inquiry.” The activities and
                          assignments in this course will promote student interaction and
                          involvement with various members of the UTEP community including
                          other students, staff and faculty members.

                          Class Participation and Attendance Students will earn points based
                          on completion of in class assignments, punctuality, participation
                          and attendance. 10pts per week x 15 (150)
                          Centennial Museum Exhibit Visit and Paper A two page reflection
                          paper on the visual aspects and meanings you gained from the
 Grading Breakdown:       exhibit(s). 50 pts
 (exams, papers, etc.)    Rubin Center Museum Exhibit Visit and Paper A two page
                          reflection paper on the visual aspects and meanings you gained
                          from the exhibit(s). 50 pts
                          Discussion/Activity Questions (Borders Book) Discussion responses
                          are informal but require your full attention. Discussion questions
                          will assist you if you apply your energy to writing about your
                          experiences in the class and experiences with course materials. 100
                              Quizzes will be conducted after each article assignment is due, 5
                              total 25pts x 5 (125)

                              (3) Campus Events Students are required to attend three campus
                              events (one per month) and write a two page reaction paper to the
                              event. You may choose to go to a sporting event, play, film, art
                              exhibit, lecture or other campus event. Each event must be
                              different. 150 pts

                              Career Portfolio: to include job resume, DISCOVER, CAPP report,
                              and Career Expo paper The career portfolio is compiled by
                              completing assignments to include Academic advising activities, job
                              inventory (DISCOVER) completion, use of JobMine database, and
                              attending Career Expo. 150 pts
                              Group research assignment This assignment will include a group
                              research paper and presentation. The group assignment should be
                              over some of the issues discussed in the films, readings and other
                              material covered in the course. The research paper should include
                              at least 5 references from different sources (magazines, journals,
                              books) using the MLA citation style. The group presentations will be
                              held during the last week of class and should use Microsoft
                              Powerpoint 200 pts
                              Students are taught using lectures, online course materials
    Teaching Method:          including BlackBoard, team activities, individual assignments,
                              journaling, portfolios, participating in campus activities and art
                              exhibitions, and student research.

                              Students will complete individual and team activities and also utilize
Brief Description of Course
                              learning skills. Students will be required to attend activities outside
                              the classroom, to include exhibits at the Rubin Center, Centennial
                              Museum, and Union Gallery.

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