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					Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                      1

Part I

Format for Self-study
I. Profile of the College

    1. Name and address of the college:          Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya,
                                                 Chandranagar, Latur – 413 512
    2. For communication:

                            Name                           Region    Telephone Ext. No.
                                                            code      Number
     Principal Shri R.L.Kavle                              02382     53645     --
     Vice-Principal Shri S.R.Mohite                        02382     45933       043
     Vice-Principal Shri S.B.Jadhav                        02382     45933       042
     Steering Committee Co-ordinator Shri                  02382     45933       064

    Fax No.:            02382-53645


                                  Name                               Region    Telephone
                                                                      code      Number
     Principal Shri R.L.Kavle                                       02382     45380
     Vice-Principal Shri S.R.Mohite                                 02382     40110
     Vice-Principal Shri S.B.Jadhav                                 02382     20558
     Steering Committee Co-ordinator Shri                           02382     50473

    Fax No.:    02382-53645


3. Type of college:

Affiliated              Constituent

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                        2

4. University to which the college is affiliated:

    Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded.

5. Financial category of the college:

Grant-in-aid            Self-financing                  Government funded

6. Does the University Act provide for autonomy to colleges?

    Yes          No

    If yes, has the college applied for autonomy?

    Yes          No

7. Date of establishment of the college:                      Month & Year
8. Dates of UGC recognition :

                                                    Month & Year
     i.        Under 2f                             May-1973
     ii.       Under 12B                            May-1973

9. Is it a recognised minority college?

    Yes          No

10. Campus area in acres :      2 acres

11. Location of the college:

    Urban                       Semi-urban                    Rural
    Tribal                      Any other

12. Current number of programmes and departments of the college

    a) Number of programmes:

                      Programmes                                   No
     Certificate course                                            Nil
     Diploma                                                       Nil
     UG                                                            03
     PG Diploma                                                    Nil
     PG                                                            02
     M.Phil.                                                       01
     Ph.D.                                                         03
     Post Doctoral fellowship                                      Nil

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                               3

     Any others 1) Y.C.M.O.U.(UG)                                 03
     2) Y.C.M.O.U. (PG) M.Lib.                                    01
     3) B.C.A. and B.C.S. – (U.G.) – Non Grant                    02
     Total                                                        15

    b) List the departments in the college: Faculty wise :

     Faculty of Science
     Departments           07
         1) Department of Physics and Electronics
         2) Department of Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry
         3) Department of Botany
         4) Department of Zoology and Fishery Science
         5) Department of Mathematics
         6) Department of Microbiology
         7) Department of Computer Science & I.T.
     Faculty of Arts
     Departments           13
         1) Department of English
         2) Department of Marathi
         3) Department of Hindi
         4) Department of Russian
         5) Department of Pali
         6) Department of Sanskrit
         7) Department of Political Science
         8) Department of Public Administration
         9) Department of Sociology
         10) Department of Geography
         11) Department of Economics
         12) Department of History
         13) Department of Physical Education
     Faculty of Commerce
     Departments          01
     1) Department of Commerce
     Any other

13. Number of permanent and temporary members of the teaching staff at present :

                                                             Female Male    Total
     Permanent teachers (Total)                              03        46   49
     Teachers with Ph.D. as the highest qualification        --        16   16
     Teachers with M.Phil. as the highest qualification      01        05   06
     Teachers with PG as the highest qualification           02        25   27
     Temporary teachers (Total)                              03        08   11

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                       4

     Teachers with Ph.D. as the highest qualification         --         --        --
     Teachers with M.Phil. as the highest qualification       --         --        --
     Teachers with PG as the highest qualification            03         08        11
     Part-time teachers (Total)                               --         --        --
     Teachers with Ph.D. as the highest qualification         --         --        --
     Teachers with M.Phil. as the highest qualification       --         --        --
     Teachers with PG as the highest qualification            --         --        --
     Self-financing Courses (Total)                           04         13        17

     Teachers with Ph.D. as the highest qualification         --         --        --
     Teachers with M.Phil. as the highest qualification       --         --        --
     Teachers with PG as the highest qualification            04         13        17

14. Number of members of the non-teaching staff of the college at present:

                                                              Female Male           Total
     Technical staff                                          02         50         52
     Administrative staff                                     --         26         26

15. Number of students enrolled in the college according to regions and countries :

     Certificate/Diploma                                Female     Male        Total
     Students from the same state where the             --         --          --
     college is located
     Students from other states of India                --         --          --
     NRI students                                       --         --          --
     Other overseas students                            --         --          --
     Grand Total                                        --         --          --

     UG                                                 Female     Male       Total
     Students from the same state where the             588        974        1562
     college is located
     Students from other States of India                02         --         02
     NRI students                                       --         --         --
     Other overseas students                            --         --         --
     Grand Total                                        590        974        1564

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                           5

     PG Diploma                                         Female   Male   Total
     Students from the same state where the             --       --     --
     college is located
     Students from other states of India                --       --     --
     NRI students                                       --       --     --
     Other overseas students                            --       --     --
     Grand Total                                        --       --     --

     PG                                                 Female   Male   Total
     Students from the same state where the             77       176    253
     college is located
     Students from other states of India                --       --     --
     NRI students                                       --       --     --
     Other overseas students                            --       --     --
     Grand Total                                        77       176    253

     M. Phil.                                           Female   Male   Total
     Students from the same state where the             01       07     08
     college is located
     Students from other states of India                --       --     --
     NRI students                                       --       --     --
     Other overseas students                            --       --     --
     Grand Total                                        01       07     08

     Ph.D.                                              Female   Male   Total
     Students from the same state where the             05       16     21
     college is located
     Students from other states of India                --       --     --
     NRI students                                       --       --     --
     Other overseas students                            --       --     --
     Grand Total                                        05       16     21

     Self-financing cources                             Female   Male   Total
     Students from the same state where the             95       231    326
     college is located
     Students from other states of India                --       01     01
     NRI students                                       --       --     --

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                                           6

        Other overseas students                             --                 --            --
        Grand Total                                         95                 232           327

16. Details of the last two batches of students :
                                        Batch 1                                Batch 2

                                  UG           PG          Total          UG                  PG             Total
                                       Year of entry                                         Year of entry

                          UG                      PG               Tota              UG                  PG          Tot
                        (1998-99)            (1999-2000)            l          (1999-2000)           (2000-2001)      al
    Admitted to       BA   I 300          MA I GEO 80              773     BA   I 300              MA I GEO 80       765
    the program       Bcom I 193          MA I ECO 66                      Bcom I 200              MA I ECO 65
    (entry year)      BSc I 120                                            BSc I 120
    Appeared for      (2000-2001)         (2000-2001)                      (2001-2002)             (2001-2002)
    the final year    BA III 197                                           BA III 235
    examination       Bcom III 156        MA II GEO 71             557     BcomIII 156             MA II GEO 62      581
                      BSc III 78          MA II ECO 55                     BSc III 78              MA II ECO 50

    Passed in the     (2000-2001)         (2000-2001)                      (2001-2002)             (2001-2002)
    final             BA III 171                                           BA III 182
    examination       Bcom III 121        MA II GEO 51             420     BcomIII 130             MA II GEO 58      455
                      BSc III 43          MA II ECO 34                      BSc III 53             MA II ECO 32
    Passed in first   (2000-2001)         (2000-2001)                      (2001-2002)             (2001-2002)
    class             BA III 35                                            BA III 48
                      Bcom III 92         MA II GEO 37             201     BcomIII 106             MA II GEO 43      250
                      BSc III 21          MA II ECO 16                     BSc III 36              MA II ECO 17
    University        (2000-2001)         (2000-2001)                      (2001-2002)             (2001-2002)
    ranks, if any     BA III 3                                             BA III 5
                      Bcom III 3          MA II GEO 1               8      BcomIII 2               MA II GEO 1        9
                      BSc III 0           MA II ECO 1                      BSc III -               MA II ECO 1

      Note : The list of the University Toppers is given in Appendix – I

17. Give a copy of the last annual budget of the college with details of plan and non-plan
    revenue/ expenditure (Attach separately).

                                                  Annual Budget
Sr.No. Head of Expenditure                                            Budget Provided
1        Salaries and allowances (Teaching and Non teaching)               2,28,00,000-
2        Laboratory Expenses                                                 2,00,000/-
3        Library Expenses                                                    2,66,500/-
4        Cultural Activities                                                 2,80,000/-
5        Contingencies                                                      10,77,500/-
   Note :Last two years “Audit Reports” are given in Appendix – XIII.

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                          7

18. What is the „unit cost‟ of college education? (unit cost = total annual revenue budget(actuals)
    divided by the number of students enrolled)

    The unit cost of college education is Rs. 12,814/-

19. What is the temporal plan of academic work in the college?

    Semester System                          Only for BCA and BCS
    Annual System                            For the remaining courses.
    Any other (specify)                      Ph.D. programme has been offered by a few

20. Is the credit system of instruction followed?

    Yes         No

21. Does the college have the following support services:

    Central library
    Computer centre
    Health centre
    Sports facilities
    Guest house
    Welfare schemes
    Grievance redressal cell
    Vehicle parking shed
    Non-resident centre
    Any other (specify)

    Audio Visual Unit
    NCC Boys
    NCC Girls

22. Does the college have collaborations/ linkages with national/international institutions?

    Yes         No

    If yes, list them giving important details:

    a)     The Department of Chemistry has linkage with IIT Mumbai and NCL, Pune.

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                       8

    b)     For Functional English classes, assistance from Central Institute of English and
           Foreign languages Hydrabad is taken. They provided us educational video
    c)     Pushkin Institute of Russian language MOSCOW, assisted us in the form of
           books, typewriter, educational slides, films and cassettes from 1978 to 1991.
    d)     Some of the teachers are doing Ph.D. under the renowned teachers of their field
           in the universities like Shivaji University, Kolhapur, North Maharashtra
           University, Jalgaon, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University,
    e)     Some of the teachers are also associated with the academic activities of the
           Y.C.M.O.University, Nashik.
    f)     The Department of Sanskrit has collaboration with Bhandarkar Oriental
           Research Institute, Pune.
    g)     The Department of Physics has collaboration with IUCAA, Pune.

23. Does the management run other educational institutions besides the college?

    Yes         No

    If yes, give details.

     Sr.No. Name of the Institution                            Strength of the     Total
                                                               students            Staff
     1         Yeshwant Highschool, Latur                           1285             44
     2         Jijamata Kanya Prashala, Latur                        694             26
     3         Yeshwant Primary School, Latur                        661             17
     4         Shri Gyanba More Primary School, Latur                679             08

24. Give details of the resources generated by the college last year through the following means:

              Source of funding                Number     Quantum
     i. Donations                                 --         --
     ii. Fund raising drives                      01      11,676/-
     iii. Alumni association                      --         --
     iv. Consultancy                              --         --
     v. Self-financing courses                    03     31,00,372/-
     Any others
     vi. M.P.S.C. Coaching classes                01       28,000/-
     Vii M.B.A. And CET                           01       59,000/-
     Viii Functional English                      01       42,250/-

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                    9

Criterion-wise Inputs
Criterion I: Curricular Aspects

1. What is the range of programme options available to the students for awards such as degrees,
   certificates and diplomas?

    B.A, B.Com, B.Sc, M.A.(Economics), M.A.(Geography), B.C.A., B.C.S, M.Phil, Ph.D.


                                       Faculty of Arts
    I.     Optional Language-History-Political Science
    II.    Optional Language-History-Public Administration
    III.   Optional Language-History-Economics
    IV.    Optional Language-Sociology-Political Science
    V.     Optional Language-Sociology-Public Administration
    VI.    Optional Language-Sociology-Economics
    VII. Optional Language- Political Science-Economics
    VIII. Optional Language- Political Science-Public Administration
    IX.    Optional Language-Functional English-Geography
    X.     Optional Language-History-Geography
    XI.    Optional Language-Sociology-Geography
    XII. Optional Language-Public Administration-Geography
    XIII. Optional Language-Economics-Geography
    XIV. History-Public Administration-Geography
    XV. Sociology-Public Administration-Geography
    XVI. History-Economics-Geography
    XVII. History-Political Science-Economics
    XVIII. History-Political Science-Public Administration
    XIX. History-Political Science-Economics
    XX. Sociology-Political Science-Public Administration
    XXI. Sociology-Economics-GeographyFaculty of Commerc

                                          Faculty of Commerce
    I.      Mathematics OR Computer for Business and Competitive Skills.
    B.Com. II
    I. Banking and Finance OR Co-operation and Rural Development
    B.Com. III
    I. Cost Accounting OR Marketing and Personnel Management
    II. International Trade OR Insurance and Transport

                                      Faculty of Science
    II.   Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics
    III.  Physics / Mathematics / Computer Science
    IV.   Physics / Mathematics / Electronics
    V.    Physics / Computer Science / Electronics
    VI.   Physics / Chemistry / Analytical Chemistry
    VII. Chemistry / Botany / Zoology
    VIII. Chemistry / Botany / Fisheries Science

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                  10

     IX.     Chemistry / Botany / Microbiology
     X.      Chemistry / Zoology / Fisheries Science
     XI.     Chemistry / Zoology / Microbiology
     XII.    Chemistry / Microbiology / Analytical Chemistry
     XIII.   Chemistry / Botany / Analytical Chemistry
     XIV.    Botany / Zoology / Analytical Chemistry
     XV.     Chemistry / Computer Science / Analytical Chemistry

Note: At U.G. level for I and II year students (a) English is compulsory and (b) They have
to choose one of the languages as their second language out of the six languages available :
Additional English, Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit, Russian and Pali.

2. To what extent are the programme options career oriented?


     B.A. – Functional English and Geography are specially carrier oriented.
     B.Sc – Microbiology, Fishery science, Analytical Chemistry, Electronics and Computer
     Science are also career oriented.
     B.C.A. and B.C.S. are totally career oriented courses, so also B.Com.
     Traditional courses are also useful as minimum requirement for getting jobs now-a-
     days is graduation. Those who want to study further are also benefited. Thus, almost all
     the courses run by our college create job opportunities in their fields.

3. Do students have flexibility to pursue a programme with reference to :

i. Time frame

     This is decided by the University.

ii. Horizontal mobility

     This is also decided by the University.

iii. Elective options

     Students are permitted to opt for any combination of subjects as mentioned in point
     number 01 above.

iv. Non-core options


4. How are the college mission and goals, if any (other than the general transmission and
   generation of knowledge), reflected through the curricula?

     1. College mission and goals are reflected through curricula. Such courses are available
        in all the faculties e.g. in the Arts Faculty subjects such as Sociology, History,
        Political Science make students aware of our traditional values / contemporary
        problems. In the Commerce Faculty, subjects like Enterepreneurship, Taxation,

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                     11

        Secretarial Practice etc. can give students confidence to start their own business /
        enterprise. In the Science Faculty, one of the objectives of the institution viz.
        Development of Scientific Temper is clearly reflected through the curricula. Another
        of the objective of the institution – to create / have job oriented courses is clearly
        reflected through BCA / BCS curricula. It is, therefore, safe to say that many of the
        aims and objectives of the institution are reflected through the curricula designed by
        the University.

5. Is there any mechanism to obtain feedback from academic peers and employers on the
   teaching programmes?

     Yes         No

     If yes, how is the feedback used in the initiation, review and redesigning of teaching
     programmes? Give details.

     We have informal feedback mechanism in which suggestions made by our teachers are
     discussed with the seventeen teaches from our college, who represent various academic /
     managerial bodies of the university. The informal suggestions made by our teachers
     centre on the needs of the student community and changing times. These suggestions
     are communicated to the university through these seventeen members, so as to make
     teaching / learning process more meaningful and useful to the students of this region.
     (For a list of these seventeen members kindly refer to Criterion II: Teaching-Learning
     and Evaluation, Point No. 20)

6. How long does it take for the college to introduce a new programme within the present
   university system?

     About one year.

7. Has the college introduced any new courses inspite of delay in university processes?

     Yes         No

     If yes, give details.

8. Give details of college-industry-neighbourhood networking, if any.

     Functional English as well as B.Sc / B.Com / B.A. / B.C.A. / B.C.S. students sometimes
     visit, with their teachers, industries, newspaper offices, T.V. Centre (EMRC
     Hyderabad), Hotels, Hospitals in and outside Latur. For some of the courses at U.G.
     level and for P.G. courses one project is compulsory as partial fulfilment of their
     studies. As a result, our students visit above mentioned places and develope good
     rapport with the industrial and business establishment and prepare their project
     reports. Some of our former teachers and students also have industries in the Industrial
     Area of Latur. They whole heartedly cooperated with us. In addition to this, our NSS
     and two NCC units, over the years, are maintaining cordial relations with the
     neighbouring villages. This has helped to maintain a favourable equation with the
     industry / business establishment and the common masses.

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                  12

9. Furnish details on the following aspects of curriculum design :

i. Innovation such as modular curricula:

     Through participation and organisation in workshop for curricular development. For
     example, we organised Workshop on Emerging Trends and Problems in Higher
     Education on 29, 30 November, 1997 and State Level Conference on Curriculum
     Development in Physics on 2,3 May 2002. The teachers of Microbiology, Botany,
     Physics, Russian Language and Mathematics participated in the Workshop / Seminar
     on curriculum development. Many of our teachers, as mentioned earlier, serve as
     Chairman / Member / Expert of BOS in various subjects.

ii. Interdisciplinary/ multidisciplinary approach :

     Courses such as B.Sc, B.Com, B.C.A. B.C.S. are basically interdisciplinary. So,
     teachers of the Departments of Mathematics, Electronics, Languages, Economics
     engage classes for various courses. In addition to this, teachers belonging to different
     Departments are invited to deliver lectures.

10. Any other highlights :

     a) There is harmony among all the teaching and non-teaching staff. For all functions of
        the college, staff and students work in a team spirit. From time to time the Staff
        Academy arranges lectures by our teachers to inculcate the spirit of
        interdisciplinary approach.

          The College has also organised Seminar / Symposium on
     a)    “Uses of Microorganism in Biotechnology” on December 9, 1990.
     b)    “Recent trends in Biotechnology for rural and industrial development” on March
           20,21, 1999.
     c)    “Assessment of Environmental Pollution due to Industrialisation and
           Urbanisation” on February 10,11, 2001.
     d)    “Review of constitution of India” on 10,11,12 February, 2001.
     e)    “Satyashodhaki Sahitya” on 17, 18 February, 2001.
     f)    “Introductory School on Astronomy and Astrophysics” 15 to 19 October, 2001.

Criterion II: Teaching-Learning and Evaluation

1. How are students selected for admission into various courses ?

     a)   Through special entrance tests
     b)   Through interviews
     c)   Through their academic record
     a)   Any other (specify )

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                   13

2. a. Is there a provision for assessing students‟ knowledge and skills for a particular
   programme(after admission)?

     Yes        No

     If yes, cite examples.

     Through general quiz and G.K. Test in the topics, the aptitude of the students is
     assessed. There are also informal discussions with the students to judge their aptitude
     for the course(s).

     b. Does the college provide bridge/remedial courses to the educationally   disadvantaged

     Yes        No

     If yes, cite examples.

     Extra periods are conducted by our teachers to bring the weaker students at par with
     other students. Personal attention for counselling is given. For the educationally
     disadvantaged students special classes are conducted. Extra time is allowed for
     BCS/BCA students to come at par with other students.

     c. How are advanced learners challenged to work ahead of the rest?

     Advanced learners are challenged to work ahead of the rest through different means.
     The college tries to help the promising bright students by (a) giving them additional
     borrower’s tickets and frequently monitoring their progress (b) arranging to get them
     merit scholarships and financial help from donors (c) additional borrower’s ticket is
     also given to those who excel in co-curricular, extra-curricular activities. (d) cash
     prizes are also given to the toppers in pre-annual examination conducted by the college
     (e) encouraging students to actively participate in various social activities through NSS
     and NCC programmes (f) carrying on discussions, not only in class rooms, but also
     through their associations to clear their doubts in subjects and other problems relating
     to them (g) encouraging them to write articles / submit presentations for their wall

3. Does the college encourage the teachers to make a teaching-plan?

     Yes        No

     If yes, when and how is it made?

     The college has a formal teaching plan. At the beginning of every academic year, a
     diary is given to all the teachers. It is mandatory on the part of the teachers to write
     their annual teaching plan, for all the paper, in this diary. Every HOD goes through
     this diary in order to help implement the teaching plan. As per the General Time-Table
     for all subjects, HOD allots papers to his / her colleagues. A copy of individual
     teacher’s time-table is also submitted to the office. The content and depth of knowledge
     and progress in covering the syllabi is reviewed in the faculty-wise coordination
     committee meetings.

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                          14

4. Are syllabi unitised according to a teaching schedule through the semester/year?

     Yes         No

     If yes, give details of implementation in terms of monitoring, mid-course correction, etc.

     There is daily monitoring by the teacher and monthly monitoring by the Principal as
     well as random checking is also carried out by the Co-ordination Committee / Principal,
     as such, so far no mid-course correction was required.

5. How does the college supplement the lecture method of teaching with other learner-centred
   teaching methods?

        The lecture method of teaching is supplemented with such other methods /
     techniques such as educational tours. Whenever college organises seminars /
     workshops, students are encouraged to participate in it. Students are motivated to
     work on projects. We see to it that there is a greater involvement of teachers and
     students in the teaching, learning process by adopting means like drilling method,
     demonstration method, etc. Charts, maps, models are also used in the class rooms. The
     college has provided a separate hall with LCD projector and computer for on-line
        There was a paper on Appreciation (of music, art, film etc.) for the students of
     Marathi at B.A. Second year level. The college has shown video films to the students
     and arranged live demonstration of music and painting for the students followed by the
     comments of the artist / expert.

6. Is there a centralised „media‟ facility to prepare audio visuals and other teaching aids?

     Yes         No

     If yes, give details.

     We have a separate Audio-visual unit. Graphs, Charts are also available in some of the
     Departments. Modern facilities of communication like audio, video, xerox copier, T.V.
     set, VCR, VCD player, O.H.P., L.C.D. projector, slide projector, film projector
     epidioscope are available in the college.

7. Furnish the following :

        Teaching days                                                         180 days
        Working days                                                          220 days
        Work load                                                             18/20 hours / week
        Ratio of full-time teachers to part-time teachers (last two years):   2000-01 68:2
                                                                               2001-02 75:2
        Ratio of teaching staff to non-teaching staff (last two years):       2000-01 68:78
                                                                               2001-02 75:78
        Percentage of classes taught by full-time faculty                     100 %

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                        15

8. Are evaluation methods communicated to students at the beginning of the year?

     Yes         No

     If yes, give details.

     In the Principal’s address, at the beginning of the year, these methods are
     communicated to the students. Besides this, those seeking admission in the college are
     given a printed detailed prospectus which gives information about our college including
     a list of management members, LMC members, subject combinations, rules regarding
     admission, home examinations, college discipline, composition of students council,
     uniform and code of conduct in the campus, various awards and scholarships, NSS,
     NCC, Research activities, vocational guidance, competitive examination coaching
     centre, various associations, annual magazine, Open University courses, Ladies / Boys
     Hostel, Sports facilities, various competitions, Earn and Learn scheme, library, fee
     structure, Public Holidays, parking, University code for conduct of examination, yearly
     academic calendar with a list of all the teachers with their phone numbers.

9. Does the college monitor the overall performance of students to ensure the achievements of
   the course objectives ?

     Yes         No

     If yes, give details:

     Periodic tests and pre-annual examination are conducted for all the traditional courses.
     Functional English (a vocational course), M.A. and B.Sc. Third year Computer Science
     students submit project reports. B.C.A. and B.C.S. students also prepare project
     reports. Every month attendance report of the students is sent to their parents.
     Sometimes parents of the students are requested to come to college and meet the
     coordinator / Principal to know about the attendance and other problems relating to
     academic progress and discipline. For science stream, all the students’ record books are
     checked by the concerned teachers. In addition to this, through various cultural and
     sports activities, students’ curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular abilities and
     performance are assessed.

10. How are teachers recruited? When and how are new teaching positions created? Give details.

     Teachers are appointed as per UGC, Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada
     University, Nanded and Government of Maharashtra norms. The positions are created
     due to retirement, increase in the workload and in the natural process of development.

11. Provide the following information about the teaching staff recruited during the last two years.

                                 Teaching staff recruited from
                             Same State                           Other States
      Same institution          Other institutions
               --                            70                        10

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                        16

12. Does the college have the freedom and the resources to appoint and pay temporary / ad hoc
    teaching staff?

     Yes         No

     If yes, give details.

     If no, how are additional projects/expansion managed?

     In case of non-grant courses like Functional English and Computer Science, the college
     collects tuition fee from the students and appoints teachers on Clock Hour / Temporary

13. Number of teaching staff who have attended seminars / conferences / workshops as
    participants / resource persons in the last two years:

                             Participants     Resource persons
      National level               37                 03
      International level         02                    --

14. Does the college follow the self-appraisal method to evaluate the performance of the faculty
    in teaching, research and institutional programmes?

     Yes         No

     If yes, how are teachers encouraged to use the feedback?

     At the end of the academic year, every teacher submits a self appraisal report to the
     Principal. This report contains subject(s)/paper(s) taught, result analysis, contribution
     of teacher for the development of college, research / publications, extension activities,
     suggestions and demands of the teacher not fulfilled by the college. The Principal goes
     through this report and accordingly encourages the teacher to use this feedback from
     the next academic year. However, for the promotion of teacher to the senior scale and
     selection grade, last three years self appraisal report is sent to the University for
     evaluation and based on this performance and the interview, teachers are promoted.

15. Does the college follow any other teacher performance appraisal method?

     Yes         No

     If yes, give details of the same and state how the results of the appraisal are used.

     Every faculty has a co-ordination committee which discusses, on the basis of subject
     wise results, as declared by the university, the performance of the teacher in the
     meeting held at the beginning of the academic year. Every teacher is provided with
     daily teaching report diary, which is checked at the end of every month by co-ordinator
     / Vice-principal / Principal. From the academic year 2002-2003, the college has decided
     to evaluate the performance of the teachers through students’ feedback. Every month
     co-ordinator / Principal visits every class in order to obtain feedback from the students.

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                     17

16. Does the college conduct refresher courses / seminars / conferences / symposia / workshops /
    programmes for faculty development?

     Yes         No

     If yes, give details.

     The college conducted the following Seminars / Conferences during 9 th Plan Period of
     Sr. Subject           Topic                                      Date of Conference
     1     Microbiology Recent Trends in Bio-technology for 20,21 March, 1999
                           Rural and Industrial Development
     2     Physics         Emerging Trends in Non-conventional 8,9 October, 1999
                           and Renewable Energy
     3     Pol. Science    Review of Constitution of India            10,11,12 February, 2001
     4     Zoology         Assessment of Environmental Pollution 10,11 February, 2001
                           due      to    Industrialisation     and
     5     Marathi         Satya Shodhakiya Sahitya                   17,18 February, 2001
     6     Physics         Introductory School on Astronomy and 15 to 19 February, 2001
     7     Physics         Curriculum Development in Physics          2,3 May, 2002
     Our teachers participate in the refresher courses / orientation courses arranged by the
     Academic Staff college of various universities.

17. Give details on a few faculty development programmes and the number of teachers who
    benefited out of them, during the last two years:

1.      Teachers are encouraged to take benefit of the U.G.C. – F.I.P. scheme. So far 05
        teachers took benefit of the scheme. In addition to this, 09 teachers attended
        Refresher Courses in the last two years.

18. How many faculty have received teaching awards?

     The following teachers have received awards. The “Shahu Bhushan” award is given by
     Shiv Chhatrapati Shikshan Sanstha, Latur (Parent body of the college).
     Sr.No. Name of the Faculty       Designation              Award
     1        Dr.J.M.Waghmare         Retired Principal        Best Teacher Award by the
                                                               Government of
     2        Dr.B.M.Mantale          Retired Reader in        Best Teacher Award by the
                                      Zoology                  Government of
     3        Principal A.S.Jadhav    Retired Principal        Priyadarshani Award,
                                                               Shahu Bhushan Award, Best
                                                               Teacher Award given by
                                                               Yeshwantrao Chavan
                                                               Smruti Pratisthan,

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                       18

                                                                     Ambejogai ,Marathwada
                                                                     Gaurav Puraskar given by
                                                                     Marathwada Lok Vikas
                                                                     Manch, Mumbai and
                                                                     Shikshak Ratna Puraskar
                                                                     given by Maharashtra
                                                                     Primary Teachers
     4        Principal R.L.Kavle         Principal                  Shahu Bhushan Award
     5        Shri R.R.Soni               Lecturer in Commerce       Shahu Bhushan Award
     6        Shri V.Y.Deshmukh           HOD, Russian               Shahu Bhushan Award
     7        Shri M.S.Deshmukh           Retired Vice-principal     Shahu Bhushan Award
     8        Shri S.B.Jadhav             Vice-principal             Shahu Bhushan Award
     9        Shri S.T.Mothe              HOD, Commerce              Shahu Bhushan Award
     10       Shri V.R.Dadge              Librarian                  Shahu Bhushan Award
     11       Dr.V.P.Suryawanshi          HOD, Mathematics           Shahu Bhushan Award
     12       Dr. S.M.Muttepawar          Reader in Mathematics      Shahu Bhushan Award
     13       Shri M.R.Patil              Lecturer in History        Shahu Bhushan Award
     14       Shri Y.V.Reddy              Retired HOD, English       Shahu Bhushan Award
     15       Shri V.B.Pawar              HOD, Economics             Shahu Bhushan Award

19. What are the national and international linkages established for teaching and/or research?

     1. The Department of Chemistry has linkage with the internationally known
        educational establishment like IIT (Mumbai) and NCL (Pune)
     2. The Department of Russian Language had linkage with Pushkin Institute of Russian
        Language, Moscow (Russia) from 1978 to 1991.
     3. The Department of Microbiology has linkage with nationally reputed Institute of
        Science, Aurangabad and School of Life Sciences, North Maharashtra University,
        Jalgaon (M.S.)
     4. The Department of Physics has linkage with Shivaji University, Kolhapur (M.S.) and
        Inter Universities Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune.
     5. The Department of Sanskrit Language has linkage with Bhandarkar Oriental
        Research Institute, Pune.

20. Any other highlights?

     a) The following teaching staff members of our college are active members of various
     Authorities of the University . These authorities have direct relationship with teaching,
     learning and evaluation.
     Sr.No. Name                      Position held
     1       Prin. R.L.Kavle          Senate and BOS Member of S.R.T.M.University,
     2       Dr.V.K.Jadhav            Management Council Member, Academic Council
                                      Member and Chairman BOS, Botany,
                                      S.R.T.M.University, Nanded.
     3       Shri V.G.Gaikwad         Dean, Physical Education and Member of Senate,
                                      S.R.T.M.University, Nanded.
     4       Shri C.S.Mali            Chairman, BOS, Physics and Member Academic
                                      Council, S.R.T.M.University, Nanded.

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                  19

     5         Dr.R.S.Awasthi            Member, Academic Council, Chairman, BOS,
                                         Microbiology, S.R.T.M.University, Nanded.
     6         Shri V.Y.Deshmukh         Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in Russian and Member,
                                         Academic Council.
     7         Dr.S.M.Sonone             Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in Pali and Member,
                                         Academic Council.
     8         Dr.M.P.Gadekar            Member of Senate
     9         Shri K.B.Mane             Member, BOS, Geography.
     10        Dr.D.G.Salunke            Member of BOS, Zoology
     11        Dr.V.S.Shembekar          Member and Subject Expert, BOS Zoology,
                                         Dr.B.A.M.University, Aurangabad.
     12        Dr.S.B.Waghmare           Member, BOS Sociology, S.R.T.M.University,
     13        Shri O.N.Madansure        Member, BOS Sanskrit, S.R.T.M.University, Nanded
     14        Dr.P.N.Sagar              Member, BOS, Management Science,
                                         S.R.T.M.University, Nanded.
     15        Shri V.B.Pawar            Member, BOS, Economics, S.R.T.M.University,
     16        Shri S.G.More             Member , Board of Management,
                                         Y.C.M.O.University, Nashik
     17        Shri S.D.Salunke          Chairman, Sub committee (For Analytical
                                         Chemistry), BOS, Chemistry, S.R.T.M.University,

b) (i) At the beginning of the academic year 2002-03 all the teachers have submitted their
   self evaluation report. (ii) In the academic year 2002-2003 teachers are also being
   evaluated by the students.

c) Innovative programmes to be implemented are discussed in the co-ordination
   committee meetings.

Criterion III: Research, Consultancy and Extension

1. How does the college promote research?
    PG Students doing project work                        Yes, In addition to PG
     students, our UG students of Functional English and Computer Science also submit
     project work under the guidance of the teachers.

         Teachers are given study leave                          Yes

         Teachers provided with seed money                       No

         Research Committee for submitting project proposals     Yes,

         Adjustment in teaching schedule                         Yes

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                    20

2. What percentage of teachers are engaged in active research in the college? (guiding research
   scholars, operating projects, publishing regularly etc.)

     28.5 %

3. How many are full time research scholars and how many have registered as part time
   scholars?(Research scholar means M.Phil. or Ph.D. Student)
    full-time              08
    part-time              21

4. Does the college provide financial support to research students?

     Yes         No

5. Provide details of the ongoing projects:
    Total no of projects               04
    Total outlay in Rs.         1,34,000/-

6. Does the college publicise the expertise available for consultancy services?

     Yes         No

     If yes, give details.
         Consultancy services are offered informally through the Departments of Chemistry,
     Physics, Zoology & Fishery Science and Microbiology. Such services are provided as a
     social obligation and honorary services.

7. Does the college have a designated person for extension activities?

     Yes           No

     If yes, indicate the nature of the post.

     Full-time                   Part-time              Additional charge

8. Indicate broad areas of the various extension activities of the college:

     i. Community development                           ii. Social work
     iii. Health and hygiene awareness                  iv. Medical camp
     v. Adult education and literacy                    vi. Blood donation camp
     vii. AIDS awareness                                viii. Environment awareness
     Any others       :
     ix. Village adoption through the university

9. Are there any outreach programmes carried out by the college other than NSS & NCC, for
   example Population Education Club, Adult Education, National Literacy Mission or any

     Yes         No

         Adult Literacy Programme.

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                    21

10. How are students and teachers encouraged to participate in extension activities?

         Those students who participate in extension activities are felicitated. They are given
     certificates, shields, cash prizes etc. Those who excel in their chosen field are given
     additional borrower’s card. Based on their over all performance including their
     extension activities they are given “Shahu Shree” Award. Their names are displayed
     permanently on a board. University also gives awards to students who participate in
     such activities.
         Teachers are also encouraged to participate in extension activities as it is useful to
     the society as well as for their self-appraisal. Many of the teachers voluntarily and
     enthusiastically participate in these activities.

11. Does the college work and plan the extension activities along with NGO‟s and GO‟s?

     The college has been highly active in social work and social awareness programmes. It
     is actively associated with -
   i.        Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti (ANS)
  ii.        Vivek Vahini
 iii.        Annabhau Sathe Dalit Samaj Sudharak Sangha
 iv.         Late Flight Cadet Prasad Shendge Memorial Trust, Latur.
         Extension activities along with NGO’s and GO’s are given in Appendix – II.

12. Any other highlights :

     1. The following staff members are recognised by the university as Research Guides
     for doing M.Phil / Ph.D.
      Sr.No. Name of Research guide                         Subject
      1        Dr. V.K.Jadhav                               Botany
      2        Dr. S.B.Waghmare                             Sociology
      3        Dr. S.R.Gundekar                             Marathi
      4        Dr. M.P.Gadekar                              Marathi
      5.       Dr. R.S.Birajdar                             Chemistry and Physics
      6        Dr. S.J.Phule                                Geography

     Following teachers have applied and are likely to get recognition as Research Guide

      Sr.No.    Name of the Teacher                               Subject
      1         Dr. D.G.Solunke                                   Fishery Science
      2.        Dr. V.S.Shembekar                                 Fishery Science
      3.        Dr. R.S.Awasthi                                   Microbiology

     2. The following teachers are doing research work leading to Ph.D. degree.
      Sr.No. Name of the Teacher                              Subject
      1.       Shri S.B.Jadhav                                Geography
      2.       Shri B.S.Chandrabansi                          Chemistry
      3.       Shri C.S.Mali                                  Physics
      4.       Shri G.G.Musmade                               Physics
      5.       Shri S.D.Salunke                               Chemistry
      6.       Shri E.U.Masumdar                              Physics
      7.       Shri B.B.Sanap                                 Chemistry

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                        22

      8.        Smt. S.V.Gore                                    Chemistry
      9.        Shri D.V.Vedpathak                               Microbiology
      10.       Smt. A.A.Jadhav                                  English
      11        Shri M.H.Gavane                                  Political Science
      12.       Shri S.S.Thombare                                Public Administration
      13.       Shri H.S.Patange                                 Commerce
      14.       Shri D.G.Palke                                   Chemistry
      15.       Shri D.B.Sonkamble                               Geography
      16.       Shri O.N.Madansure                               Sanskrit
      17.       Smt. S.G.Kulkarni                                Hindi

   Research centre –
   The following Departments are recognised as research centre for Ph.D. by
                        1. Department of Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry
                        2. Department of Microbiology
                        3. Department of Marathi
                        4. Department of Zoology and Fishery science (likely to get)
                  2. In order to inspire and help students to develop their personalities
                      the college arranges various functions / programmes. We have
                      different associations and committees to look after these activities.
                  3. The NSS and NCC (Boys and Girls) units of the college are very
                      active. The details of their activities are given in Appendix – III.
Similarly the report on Extra Curricular Activities, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Reading
Competition and Mahatma Phule Writing Competition is also given in Appendix – III.

Criterion IV: Infrastructure and Learning Resources

1. Enclose the master plan of the college campus indicating the existing buildings and the
   projected expansion in the future.

     The plan is enclosed separately. Please see Appendix - IV

2. How does the college plan to meet the need for augmenting the infrastructure to keep pace
   with academic growth?

     The college receives grants from the U.G.C. as well as from Govt. of Maharashtra. In
     addition to this the college has received donations from individuals, institutions, MLAs
     and MPs. (Please refer to Criterion VII, Point No. 12). The college hopes to get such
     grants and donations in future also to meet the need for augmenting the infrastructure
     to keep pace with academic growth.

3. How does the college maintain its infrastructure?

     The college maintains infrastructure through maintenance grant received from the
     State Government and the U.G.C. In addition to this we have collected a fund in the
     name of the former Principal; this amount is kept in a fixed deposit, the interest on
     which is also utilised for the maintenance of the infrastructure.

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                      23

4. How does the college ensure optimum utilisation of its infrastructure facilities?

     The class rooms, laboratories, auditorium, computer centre, audio-visual unit, language
     lab, Ladies Hostel, Library are the major infrastructural facilities of the college. There
     are separate offices for NSS, NCC (Girls and Boys), DTP, Competitive Examinations,
     Open University, Employer’s Credit Co-operative Society, Pump House,
     Administrative block and Guest House. The college has also parking shed. In order to
     ensure optimum utilisation of infrastructure facilities college adopts shift system for
     U.G. and P.G. classes and the library timings are 8.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. The premises
     are also used for conducting inter-collegiate cultural and literary programmes, sports
     events and also for MH-CET, LIC, MPSC Examinations. The college is centrally
     located; whenever possible college ground / open stage is used by various organisations
     for their meeting.

5. Does the college encourage using the academic facilities?

     Yes         No

     If yes, give details.

     The college is centrally located. External agencies approach the college, which allows
     them to use some of its facilities. The college provides accommodation facilities to the
     NGO’s like Rotary, Lions Club and State Government for arranging M.P.S.C.
     examinations, MH-CET examination and LIC/Bank examinations and as an election
     booth and for the NGO’s meetings.
     It is not possible for the college to encourage external use of its academic facilities. The
     college has shift system. The college starts at 8.00 a.m. and sometimes classes run up to
     7 to 8 p.m. In exceptional cases the college allows outsiders to use the library facility.

6. What efforts are made to keep the campus beautiful and pollution free?

     Under Earn and Learn scheme the students are appointed to clean the premises. Some
     female sweepers on fixed pay are also appointed to clean the campus. The college also
     educates and encourages students to keep the campus clean.

7. Is there an advisory committee for the library ?

     Yes         No

8. Is the library interconnected with other libraries for inter-library borrowing ?

     Yes         No

9. Is there a book bank facility in the central library?

     Yes         No

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                       24

10. Are the following activities of the central library computerised?

      i.   Lending of books                  ii.  Purchase of books
      iii. Lending of audio-                 iv.  Book bank
           visual material
      v. Stock verification
     Any others
      vi.    Efforts are being made regarding computerisation of library. The
             work is in progress. At present there is one server with fifteen nodes.
      vii.   Internet facility is available.

11. Provide the number of books/ journals/ periodicals that have been added to the central library
    during the last two years and their cost.

                              The Year before last             The Year before
                              Numbe    Total cost            Number     Total cost
                                r      (Rs. '000)                       (Rs. '000)
      i. Text books               791 1,28,374-00                622     98,360-40
      ii. Other books             1138      1,79,320-95           934 1,47,540-60
      iii. Journals/               158       59,908-70            156    69,447-75
      Any others
      iv. CD                          48     18,050-00            165    46,020-00
      v. Floppy                       05                --         03            --
      vi Audio Cassettes              --                --          --           --

12. Does the library have the following facilities?

      Reprography
      Computers
      Audio & Video Cassettes
      Internet
      Any other (specify)        We arrange Book exhibitions on certain days like Dr.
     S.R.Rangnathan’s Birth and Death anniversary.

13. Furnish the following details :

        Working days of the library      Average 272 days per year. (Library reading
         rooms are kept open on Sundays and other holidays)

        Working hours of the library

        Main Library                            10.00 a.m. to 05.40 p.m.

        Reading Room                            8.30 am to 11.30 p.m. i.e. for 15 hours.

        Total no of books in the library        68,181 as on 6.9.2002

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                     25

14. Is there a central computer facility in the college?

     Yes        No

     If yes, give the configuration and other hardware and software details.

     Our college does not have central computer facility, but the Department of Computer
     Science and IT has central server facility for their laboratories. In addition to this the
     office and the library have their own networking system.

                    Hardware details of the Computer Science and IT Department

Sr.No. Location        Configuration                                                  No.    of
1          Server CUV4x-D, Dual socket 370, Apollo pro/33A chipset,                       04
           Room   P-III 933 MHz-Dual, 256x4=1GB, 40 GB Seagate
                  Barracuda, D-Link 538 NIC, Samsung (Smarten 45Bn),
                  Samsung Keyboard, Logitech (Scroll)-Mouse,
                  LG52 x CD ROM drive.
2      Server     Intel Corporation, 454 EB x 0.86 A.0022.P15 SE 440B x -2,               04
       Room       P-III 600 MHz, 128+64+64+MB, 10 GB, D-link, 538 TX
                  Samsung monitor, Samsung Keyboard, Logitech Mouse,
3.     Lab-1      Motherboard-Intel-810, Processor – P III 500 MHz,                       26
                  RAM – 64+32 MB, LAN card – D Link 538 TX,
                  Monitor–Smarten, Keyboard – Samsung,
                  Mouse–Logitech 3btn, Speaker-Typhoon, Hard disk–10GB
4.     Lab-2      Intel P III, 1810-Ns366-6A69MV3G, HDD 20 GB,                            20
                  RAM 128 GB, Monitor–Smarten, Keyboard–Samsung,
                  Mouse – Logitech, D Link, DFE – 538 TX 10/100 Adapter
5      Lab-4      Mother board–Intel-810, Processor – Pentium III,                        10
                  RAM-128 MB, LAN Card–D-link , DFE – 538 TX,
                  Monitor–Smarten 45Bn Samsung, Hard disk–20 GB,
                  Keyboard – Samsung, Mouse – Logitech.
6      Lab-5      Motherboard–Intel-810, Processor–Pentium-III,                           15
                  RAM-128MB, LAN card–D-Link DFE – 538 TX,
                  Monitor – Smarten 45 BN, Samsung, Hard disk – 20 GB,
                  Keyboard – Samsung, Mouse – Logitech
7.     Lab-6      Processor– P III 1.13 A GHz, Motherboard i810E,                         28
                  RAM–128 MB, Hard disk –40GB, Monitor – Samsung
                  (Smarten 45), Keyboard – Amkette, Mouse – Logitech,
                  Network card – Digi 5500 TX.
   Note: ISDN Internet facility is also available.

15. Give the working hours of the computer centre and its access on holidays and off hours.

     Computer Science and IT department server access time is 08.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.
     (Monday to Saturday). The college extends it up to 10.00 p.m. when the university
     examination approaches for the benefit of the students. The laboratories can be
     accessed on holidays in the afternoon.

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                    26

16. How many departments have computers of their own? Give the configuration and other

Sr.No. Location                                    Configuration                    No     of
1         Library     Intel 440 Ex, 266 MHz Celeron, 16 MB, DE-538/Realtek,         05
                      Wipro, Wipro, Logitech, Typhoon, 2 GB HDD, 1.44 MB.
2         Library     Intel 810, P III – 1.13 GHz, 128 MB, Digi – 5600,             10
                      Smarten 45 Bn, Amkette, Logitech, 40 GB
3         Office      P-II Celeron 300 MHz, 1440 Lx MB, DE 530 NIC, RAM             08
                      32 MB, 2 GB HDD, Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse
4         Office      Intel P-III 1.13 A GHz, i810 MB, Digi 5600 TX NIC,            06
                      RAM 128 MB, 40 GB HDD, Keyboard TVS Gold,
                      Monitor Smarten, Logitech Mouse.
5         DTP         Intel corporation, SE 440 Bx2, P-III 600, 128+128 MB,         01
                      10 GB HDD, D-Link 538 TX, 1.44 MB, Creative 48
                      Samsung (Smarten 4 Bn), Samsung Keyboard,
                      Logitech Scroll, Creative Multimedia card.
6         DTP         Intel 810, P-III 866, 128+128 MB, 20 GB, D-Link 538           03
                      TX, 1.44 MB, LG 52x, Samsung (Smarten 550),
                      Samsung Keyboard, Logitech (Scroll), Typhoon
                      Multimedia Card.
7         Physics     P-IV, 1.7 GHz, 128 MB RAM, 1.44 MB FDD, 40 GB                 01
          Department HDD, Internet Keyboard, Scroll Mouse, 52 x CD ROM
                      Drive, 15” SVGA Smarten, AGP Card, Printer Epson
                      Lx300, Fax Modem LAN bit 56 K E , UPS- 500 Dx,
                      820W speaker.
8         Audio       500 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 2 GB HDD, CD ROM, Colour                  01
          Visual Unit Monitor, Keyboard, 10 Mbps Network card, Mouse,

     Note: The Library has dial up internet connection.

17. What is the output of the centre in developing computer aided learning packages in various
    subjects during the last three years?

     Our Computer department developed some educational slides which we periodically
     show in Power Point to our students but no separate learning package has been made
     till now for any department as it was not necessary for the syllabi prescribed.

18. How are computers and their accessories maintained in the computer centre and other
    locations of the college?

     The responsibility for maintaining computers and accessories is given collectively to the
     Teachers in the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. They
     look after all the hardware and networking problems and designing of software(s) for
     the college.

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                       27

19. What are the various health services available to the students, members of the teaching and
    non-teaching staff of the college?

     Some of the Management Members are medical practitioners. As and when teachers
     and students approach them, these doctors provide medical help at concessional rate.
     (some times free of charge).

20. What are the physical and infrastructure facilities available in the sports and physical
    education centre? Give details.

     Play ground for the following sports is available within the college campus.
            1. Kho-kho.
            2. Volley Ball.
            3. Basket Ball.
            4. Indoor facilities for Table Tennis.

21. What are the incentives given to outstanding sports persons?

     Special Identity card is provided to them. These students are also given additional
     academic and sports facility. Besides this, during the annual social gathering players
     are presented with Cups / Shields / Blazers and Certificate. The college congratulates
     and honours them with prizes.

22. Give details of the participation of students during the last year at the university, state,
    regional, national and international meets.
                              Participation of students     Outcome
     Inter               Kho-Kho Boys                       I in University
     Collegiate          Kho-Kho Girls                      I in University
                         Badminton – Girls                  I in University
                         Chess                              II in University
                         4x400 Relay                        II in University
                         Weight Lifting – 62 Kg             I in University
                         Weight Lifting – 69 Kg             III in University
                         Weight Lifting – 75 Kg             III in University
                         Weight Lifting – 90 Kg             III in University
                         Wrestling – 63 Kg.                 II in University
     Inter               Kho-Kho Boys 6 players             Participated
     University          Kho-kho Girls 2 players            Participated
                         Table Tennis Boys 1 player         Participated
                         Table Tennis Girls 1 player        Participated
                         Basket Ball – 2 players            Participated
                         Chess 1 player                     Participated
                         Volley Ball – Girls 3 players      Participated
                         Wrestling – 1 player               Participated

23. What are the major physical and infrastructure facilities available in the workshop and centre
    for instrumentation?

     The college does not have workshop and centre for instrumentation, but we do have a
     separate construction unit, with carpenter, electrician, mason and plumber – minor
     repairs are done through these regular employees.

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                       28

24. Give details of the hostel facilities available in the campus?

     There are two hostels; one for the Girls and the other for the Boys.
     Girls Hostel:
     1. 40 rooms with twin sharing accommodation for 80 girl students is available.
     2. Cot, Chair, Table, Cup-board, Tube-light, Bulb and Fan are installed in the rooms.
     3. Mess facility is available (at the rate of Rs. 500/- per student per month).
     4. Play ground and Indoor games facilities are available.
     5. Telephone / Mobile phone facility is available.
     6. One Rector and three assistants are appointed to look after the hostel.
     7. Medical facility is available.
     8. Visitor’s room is available.

25. Any other highlights :

     a.   Boys Hostel (Only for poor students)
     1.   The hostel comprises 19 rooms where 38 students are accommodated.
     2.   In every room a bulb, a tube, a fan and a cot is provided.
     3.   The hostel has its own spacious play ground.
     4.   For the management of the hostel the college has constituted hostel committee and a
          lecturer from the college looks after the administration of the hostel.
     5.   Visitor’s room is available.
     a.   The college is developing botanical garden in the boys hostel campus.
     b.   The college has its own fish pond in boys hostel campus.
     c.   The college has its own SCSS Quality DTP unit. This unit prepares all the question
          papers of the college, provides stationery to the college, notes for students, prints
          annual magazine, prospectus, teachers’ daily teaching dairy, subject notes, souvenir
          etc. The unit saves 30 to 35 percent of expenditure on stationery and printing. Other
          details are enclosed in Appendix – V.
     d.   The information about the library is given in Appendix – VI.

Criterion V: Student Support and Progression

1.        Furnish the following details:
         Percentage of students appearing for the qualifying exam after the minimum period of
              UG Entry Year (1999-2000)                PG Entry Year (2000-2001)
                 B.A.                    79.00%        M.A.Geography         78.00%
                 B.Com.                  78.00%        M.A.Economics         77.00%
                 B.Sc.                   65.00%

         Drop out rate
                UG Entry Year (1999-2000)               PG Entry Year (2000-2001)
                B.A.               21.00%               M.A.Geography      22.00%
                B.Com.             22.00%               M.A.Economics      23.00%
                B.Sc.              35.00%

    Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                     29

            Progression to employment and further study (UG to PG or PG to Ph.D.): It is difficult
             to ascertain. After graduation students hardly come into contact with the college.

         Prominent Positions held by Alumni : Office bearers of the Alumni Association as well
         as a list of the other prominent alumni is given below:

                             Rajarshi Shahu College Alumni Association, Latur

    Sr.No.      Name of the Alumni                                Position held
    1           Dr.Sopan Nivratirao Jatal                         President
    2.          Shri Ashokkumar Agrawal                           Vice-president
    3.          Shri Dharmaraj Madhav Hallale                     Vice-President
    4.          Principal Raosaheb Limbraj Kavle                  Executive President
    5.          Prof. Manik RangraoPatil                          Secretary
    6.          Sau. Meenabai Mohanrao Patil                      Joint Secretary
    7.          Shri Madhav Vishwanath Bavge                      Treasurer
    8.          Shri Gopal Bajirao Shinde                         Member
    9.          Shri Babruwan Kishanrao Gomsale                   Member
    10.         Shri Waman Narayanrao Dhumal                      Member
    11.         Shri Vivek Gopinathrao Terkar                     Member
    12.         Sau. Kamal Narhare                                Member
    13.         Shri Bhagwat Baburao Thete                        Member
    14.         Shri Yeshwant Vasantrao Gade                      Member
    15.         Shri Subhash Tukaram Kasale                       Member
    16.         Adv. Balwant Jadhav                               Member
    17.         Shri Balkishan Dhaygude                           Member
    18.         Shri Shrikant Shrinivas Soni                      Member
    19.         Shri Pandurang Kabra                              Member
    20.         Shri Narayan Laxman Lokhande                      Member
    21.         Shri Shivaji Kishanrao Patil                      Member
    22.         Dr. Ajay Anirudha Jadhav                          Member
    23.         Dr. Satish Pandharinath Deshmukh                  Member
    24.         Dr. Ram Jawale                                    Member
    25.         Shri Vithal Ambaji Benale                         Member
    26.         Shri Dilip Dhumal                                 Member
    27.         Shri Laximan Deshmukh                             Member
    28.         Adv. Uday Gavare                                  Member
    29.         Shri Nanasaheb Jagganath Kale                     Member
    30.         Shri Vishnu Harishchandra Suryawanshi             Member
    31.         Adv. Pandurang Galale                             Member

             The following are prominent ex-students of the college.

Sr.      Name
1        Shri Justice Naresh Harishcndra           High Court Judge, Bombay High court
2        Shri Nikhilkumar Hiralal Amga             Deputy Collector, Osmanabad
3        Shri Dinkarrao Mane                       M.L.A. (Ausa Constituency)

    Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                    30

4        Shri T.M.Kamble                           Ex.M.L.C. and Leader of Dalith Panther
5        Shri Sudarshan More                       Member, Board of Management, Y .C.M.O.U.
6        Shri Madhav Bawage                        Social Worker, National Youth Awardee, Delhi
7        Shri Chotumiya Dadumiya Fakir             Executive Engineer, Aurangabad
8        Shri Shivajirao Chaphekarande             Executive Engineer, P.W.D.
9        Shri Dattatraya Baliram Mule              Rachna Construction, Latur
10       Shri Suresh D. Lahane                     Govt. Contractor
11       Dr. S.N.Jatal                             Jatal Hospital, Latur
12       Shri Rajkumar Gachate                     C.A.Pune
13       Shri Kabra                                C.A.Latur
14       Shri Barpute                              C.A.Latur
15       Shri Sarda                                C.A.Latur
16       Shri Sampat Narsing Patil                 Librarian, Kholeshwar Mahavidyalaya,
17       Shri R.V.Bawage                           Lecturer, Govt. College, Nagpur
18       Shri A.B.Khandagale                       HOD, Politics, Sant Damaji College
19       Shri Baburao Borgaonkar                   Vocal Classical Singer, Latur
20       Dr. Ram Borgaonkar                        Tabla Player, Latur
21       Shri R.D.Makane                           Lecturer, Engineering College, Nilanga
22       Shri V.V.Sukale                           Lecturer in Economics, R.S.College, Latur
23       Shri D.R.Kaste                            Lecturer in Economics, R.S.College, Latur
24       Shri N.J.Kale                             Lecturer in Geography, R.S.College, Latur
25       Smt. A.A.Jadhav                           Lecturer in English, R.S.College, Latur
26       Smt. S.J.Kulkarni                         Lecturer in Commerce, R.S.College, Latur
27       Adv. P.G.Galale                           Advocate, Latur
28       Adv. Udaya Gaware                         Advocate, Latur
29       Adv. Balwant Jadhav                       Advocate, Latur
30       Adv. Jamadar                              Advocate, Latur
31       Shri L.K.Deshmukh                         Social Worker and Politician
32       Shri Tatyarao Kamble                      Social Worker
33       Shri Gopal Shinde                         Architect, Latur
34       Shri Dharmaraj Hallale                    Press reporter, Latur
35       Shri Dayanand Ujlambe                     Lecturer, Sant Janabai College, Gangakhed
36       Shri Mohan Mane                           Vice-President, M.C. Latur
37       Dr. Balaji Dhengale                       Medical Officer, Civil Hospital, Latur
38       Shri Mohan Kamble                         Editer, Daily Janjagar
39       Shri Jayprakash Mane                      Editer, Daily Rajdharma
40       Shri Birajdar                             Sales Tax Officer
41       Shri Dhade                                Custom Officer
42.      Dr.Manchak Garad                          Deputy Director, Forensic Laboratory,
43.      Shri V.G.Kadam                            Lecturer in Pol.Science, R.S.College, Latur

        Our Junior college has produced hundreds of engineers and doctors. Their names are
    not included in the above list. However, the college would like to mention just one of them
    (at present T.Y. Chemical Engineering student, U.I.C.T.,Mumbai) – Deepak V. Deshmukh
    – who was selected as a young scientist on full scholarship by the British Council to lead the

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                      31

four member delegation of young scientists at the London International Youth Science
Forum ( held at London ) from July 23 to August 7, 2002.

2. How many students have passed the following examinations in the last five years?

     UGC-CSIR(NET) Examination                   01
     GATE                                        02
     Indian Civil Services Examinations          --
     GRE                                         20
     TOEFL                                       --
     GMAT                                        --
     Any others
      IIM (A)                                    01
      CET FOR MBA                                45

3. Does the college collect feedback from students regularly?

           UG students
           PG students
           Research scholars

     If yes, what was the feedback obtained from the students of last year? How was it used?

      Feed back is obtained twice a year. If there are some suggestions regarding teaching,
     these suggestions are communicated to the concerned teachers.

4. Does the college publish its updated prospectus annually?

     Yes         No

     If yes, what are the contents of the prospectus?

     The prospectus gives details about the admission procedure, calendar of events,
     combination of optional subjects, courses offered, the structure, rules, regulations
     regarding discipline, scholarships available, list of Management Members, LMC
     Members, as well as teachers with their phone numbers, list of donors, information
     regarding facilities available in the college.

5. What kind of financial aids are available to students from the central government, state
   government, the institution and others? Give details.

     Sr.No.        Name of the Scholarship
     1             GOI Scholarship
     2             Open Merit Scholarship
     3             National Merit Scholarship
     4             Financial Aid to meritorious students
     5             Eklavya Scholarship
     6             Physically Handicapped Scholarship

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                     32

     7            Physics and Mathematics Scholarship
     8            Scholarship to freedom fighter’s children
     9            Government public school scholarship
     10           Principal A.S.Jadhav Vidyarthi Sahaya Nidhi
     11           Late Shri G.S.Baldawa Scholarship
     12           Agroya Scholarship

6. Mention the number of students who have received financial aid during the last two years.

                       Financial aid                    Year before last    Year before
                                                          2000-2001          2001-2002
     i. GOI Scholarship to SC ST                              261               283
     ii. Open Merit Scholarship                                35                44
     Any others
     iii. National Merit Scholarship                           13                25
     Iv Financial aid to meritorious students                  02                02
     v. Eklalvya Scholarship                                   25                12
     vi. Physically Handicapped Scholarship                    08                06
     vii. Physics and Maths Scholarship                        --                --
     viii. Scholarship to freedom fighter’s children           01                01
     ix. Govt. Public School Scholarship                       01                02
     x. Sports Talent Search Scholarship                       --                01
     xi. Maheshwari Pragati Mandal Scholrship                  --                01

 7. Does the college have an employment cell and a placement officer who offers career
    counselling to students? If yes, give details of the cell and its office.


     i. Employment cell:
     ii. Placement officer:

         Ours is not a professional college, so there is no employment cell and a placement
     officer. The college has a vocational guidance committee which displays advertisements
     and guides students who approach the committee members. This committee also guides
     students to approach university employment and guidance bureau for seeking

8. Do teachers participate in academic and personal counselling? Give details.

        Teachers also act as local guardians for the hostelites. Counselling is done for the
     Project Report. In addition to this, teachers do personal counselling whenever the
     students are in need of it approach the teachers. Students’ psychological needs are also
     taken into account while counselling.

9. How many students were employed through placement service during the last year?

     Not Applicable.

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                       33

                                 UG             PG            Research
                                 students       students      scholars
      i. Local                   --             --            --
      ii. Central government     --             --            --
      iii. State government      --             --            --
      iv. Public sector          --             --            --
      v. Private sector          --             --            --

10. Does the employment cell motivate the students to seek self-employment?

     Yes        No

     Not Applicable.

     If yes, how many are self-employed?

11. Does the college have an Alumni Association?

     Yes        No

     If yes, indicate the activities of the Alumni Association.

        The college alumni association has been formed recently. In the first meeting of this
     association the former students decided to collect a fund of Rs. 51 lakh to construct a
     hostel for poor students. In addition to this they have also decided to help needy
     students by adopting them for completion of their studies.

12. How are the policies and criteria of admission of students made clear to prospective students?

     Through the detailed prospectus prepared according to the rules.

13. State the admission policy of the college with regard to overseas students.

     As per the Government and University rules.

14. What are the support services given to overseas students?

     Not Applicable.

     i. One window admission service                    ii. Overseas students office
     iii. Special accommodation                         iv. Induction courses
     v. Socio-cultural activities                       vi. Welfare programme
     vii. Police clearance
     Any others

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                      34


15. What are the recreational / leisure time facilities available to students?

     i. Indoor games                             ii. Outdoor games
     iii. Nature Clubs                           iv. Debate Clubs
     v. Student Magazines                        vi. Cultural Programmes
     vii. Audio Video facilities                 viii. Dance Music Competition
     ix. Essay writing
     Any others
       x.       Spell Check/
                Science quiz /
                General knowledge
                test /
                Group Discussion.

16. Any other highlights :

         In some subjects students and the staff go on Study-cum-Recreation tours once in a
     year. Sports, NSS, NCC and Cultural activities of the college contribute to develop
     discipline, social awareness and talents of the students. The college has associations like,
     Science Association, Commerce Association, Literary & Debate Association, Forum of
     Free Enterprise and MBA-CET Centre which help the students for their all round
         The details are enclosed in Appendix – VII.

Criterion VI: Organisation and Management

1. Does the college have an efficient internal co-ordinating and monitoring mechanism?

     Yes         No

     If yes, give details.

        As per the Maharashtra State University Act 1994 our executive council constituted
     a Local Management Committee. It consists of representative(s) of executive council,
     representative(s) of Teaching and Non-teaching staff. Local Management Committee
     monitors and co-ordinates the activities of college.

           List of LMC members is given in Appendix – VIII.

         Principal, Vice-Principal(s); faculty co-ordinators and committees look after the
     internal coordination and smooth functioning of the administration.

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                     35

2. Were any committees/external agencies appointed during the last three years to improve the
   organisation and management?

     Yes         No

     If yes, what are the recommendations?

3. Does the college have an inbuilt mechanism to check the work efficiency of the non-teaching

     Yes         No

     Give details.

     Registrar looks after the work efficiency of the non-teaching staff. He is accountable to
     Vice-principal and Principal, who calls meetings of the non teaching staff in order to
     review their efficiency.

4. Is there a special committee for preparing the academic calendar?

     Yes         No

     Academic calendar is given by the University.

5. During the last two years have all the decisions of the selection committee/general body been

     Yes         No

     If no, give reasons.

6. Does the college conduct professional development programmes for non-teaching staff?

     Yes         No

     If yes, give details

     The college has given computer training to all the non-teaching staff of the office which
     is fully computerised.

7. What is the current tuition and other fee structure?

      S.     Programme           Tuition Libr Labor Others Hostel               Mess
      No.                                ary  atory
      1.     BA-I                    800  100       -- 347

      2.     BA-II                    800     100         --   287

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                             36

      3.    BA-III                    800     100            --     287

      4.    BCOM-I                    800     100            --     347

      5.    BCOM-II                   800     100            --     287
      6.    BCOM-III                  800     100            --     287
      7.    BSC-I                     800     100          300      347
      8.    BSC-II                    800     100          300      287
      9.    BSC-III                   800     100          300      287
      10.   MA-I ECO                 1000     150            --     362
      11.   MA-II ECO                1000     150            --     302
      12.   MA-I GEOG                1000     150            --     362
      13.   MA-I GEOG                1000     150            --     287
            Self Financing
      14.   BCS-I                  12000      150          500      362
      15.   BCS-II                 12000      150          500      302
      16.   BCA-I                  12000      150          500      362
      17.   BCA-II                 12000      150          500      302

8. Have there been changes in the tuition and other fees during the last three years, give details.

     There is an increase in the eligibility fee by the University from the academic year 2000-
     2001 (Rs. 50/- per student)

9. Furnish the amount spent under the various heads of expenditure last year.

      Head of Expenditure                               Budget provided     Amount actually
                                                                            spent in Rs.
      Salaries and Allowances                              2,28,00,000-00       2,14,04,868-00
      Stationery                                              1,35,000-00           1,42,333-00
      Printing                                                  20,000-00             61,659-00
      Postage and Telegram                                      30,000-00             32,009-00
      Electricity and Gas                                     1,90,000-00            402,653-00
      Telephone                                                 20,000-00             44,632-00
      Advertisement                                             45,000-00             58,540-00
      Lab.Expenditure                                         1,90,000-00           1,98,177-00
      Study Tour                                                16,000-00              3,950-00
      Audit Fee                                                  5,500-00             10,500-00
      Seminar and Conferences                                   12,000-00              8,429-00
      Travelling                                                35,000-00             32,653-00
      Building Insurance                                        20,000-00             27,928-00
      Affiliation Fee                                           50,000-00             54,000-00
      Washing Allowance                                         25,000-00             18,360-00
      College Dead Stock Repair                                  6,000-00              3,491-00
      Science Apparatus Repairs                                 10,000-00             16,510-00

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                        37

      Furniture Repairs                                     38,000-00            46,278-00
      Bank Commission and Interest                           8,000-00            32,051-00
      Water Charges                                          3,000-00            24,877-00
      Rent, Rates and Taxes                                 75,000-00            73,563-00
      NCC Expenditure                                               --              113-00
      College Examination                                   40,000-00          1,43,900-00
      Chalk Piece                                            2,000-00             4,949-00
      Botanical Garden                                       2,000-00             7,790-00
      Miscellaneous                                         30,000-00            41,477-00
      Earn and Learn Scheme                                         --           70,615-00
      Office Computer Software                                      --           50,000-00
      Refresher Course                                              --            6,000-00
      Library Books                                       2,00,000-00          1,82,394-00
      Library Preservation                                   4,000-00             1,250-00
      Book Binding                                           6,000-00             9,092-00
      Journals                                               3,500-00             4,262-00
      Reading Room                                          53,000-00            65,928-00
      Furniture                                           2,50,000-00          5,42,290-00
      Office Equipment                                              --           57,550-00
      Science Apparatus                                             --            1,373-00
      Extra Curricular Activities                         1,00,000-00          1,11,535-00
      Gymkhana                                              65,000-00            54,299-00
      College Gathering                                     65,000-00            69,678-00
      College Magazine                                      50,000-00            48,997-00
      Ground Preparation                                            --           14,500-00

     The details about the Purchase Committee are given in Appendix – IX.

10. During the last two years did the college have an excess/deficit budget?

     Yes                No

     Govt. of Maharashtra has not released non-salary grant since the academic year 1999-

11. Is there an internal audit mechanism?

     Yes        No

12. What are the various welfare programmes of the college? Give details.

     The college has Staff Welfare Fund. In case of illness, accident, death etc. an emergency
     loan is sanctioned to the employee from the welfare fund. LIC, medical reimbursement,
     consumer durables loan through credit co-operative society are some of the welfare
     programmes of the college.

13. Is their a grievance redressal cell in the college?

     Yes        No

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                      38

     If yes, how does it deal with grievances of the employees and others?

     The college has constituted Grievance Redressal Committee. The Committee has six
     members drawn from teaching as well as non-teaching staff.
          As there is harmony among the teaching as well as non-teaching staff the cell
     worked smoothly. The grievance redressal committee works as per the following
     1.        The Grievance committee shall entertain and hear the grievances or complaints
               of teachers and other employees working in the college.
     2.        The grievance committee shall entertain the complaints or grievances only from
               individuals and no collective complaints shall be entertained.
     3.        The grievance committee shall entertain and consider complaints like.
           i. Placement in respective scales and designations, removal of teacher from
              headship without the prior approval of the university, not forwarding
              applications for orientation and refresher courses.
        ii.   Not permitting the teacher to attend such courses.
      iii.    Refusing muster.
      iv.     Leave without pay, refusing to acknowledge the letter and any other grievances.
      4. The complaint once dismissed shall not be entertained again, unless the grievance
             committee decides to reopen the case.

14. List the various loans available to the members of the teaching and the non-teaching staff of
    the college. What are the requirements and the eligibility criteria necessary to obtain loans
    that are available?

         The college has employees’ co-operative credit society. In order to be eligible for
     loan the employee should be permanent. Depending on the repayment capacity, loan
     amount is sanctioned up to Rs. 2,00,000/-. The society also provides consumer durable
     articles on instalment basis.

15. Any other highlights :

         1. In order to motivate the staff, our college deputes some of the teachers to visit
            famous educational institutes of Maharashtra and other colleges from
            Maharashtra visit our college quite often. Recently some of the colleges from
            Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh also visited our college.
         2. The Rajarshi Shahu College Employees’ Co-operative Credit Society is trying its
            best to become self-reliant i.e. it does not want to borrow money from the bank
            and wants to generate its own resources. The following figures will give you some
            idea about the society’s financial position.
         a.     Share Capital                 27,49,980/-
         b.     Members deposits              73,73,339/-
         c.     College deposit               14,80,392/-
         d.     Other deposits                 2,00,000/-
                       Total               117,93,711/-
         Loans disbursed (in this year)    158,42,019/-
         Vehicle Loan                           9,17,141/-
                       Total               167,59,160/-
         75% of the loan disbursed is from Society’s own source and 25% of the loan amount
     is borrowed from the Latur District Central Cooperative Bank.

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                      39

         3. The college account unit is fully computerised. Payments are done through
         4. Stock verification is done every year by the internal stock checking committee.
         5. The college has an Earn and Learn scheme for the students:
            In this academic year 41 students are working under this scheme.
            Out of these 28 students do cleaning of this campus.
            4 students do cleaning in the boys hostel.
            3 students keep vigil at the cycle stand.
            2 female students are working in the office.
            2 female students work in the ladies hostel, they assist the warden.
            2 students under this scheme engage classes run by the college for slum dwellers’
            children in Coil Nagar, Latur (Bal Sanskar Kendra, Coil Nagar, Latur). Our
            students teach children the importance of health and hygiene, various games,
            songs etc. If the children have academic difficulties, our students help them out.
         6. There is no interference in the working of the various committees constituted by
            the college for its smooth functioning.

             The list of different committees of the college is given in Appendix – X.

VII : Healthy Practices

1. Has the institution adopted any mechanism/ process for internal quality checks?

     Yes                 No

     If yes, give details.

                In the co-ordination committee meetings, common staff meetings and also
         LMC meetings attempts are made for internal quality check of the faculty.
                The college takes feedback from students. Teachers submit their self
         appraisal report to the Principal, who evaluates the teachers. Staff members also
         evaluate the Principal. Finally, college is evaluated by the Alumni, parents, visitors
         and President and Secretary of the Sanstha (Management).

2. Is the College sensitised to latest managerial concepts such as strategic planning, team-work,
    decision making and computerisation?

     Yes                 No

         The college is on its way to computerisation. At the beginning of every academic
     year a common staff meeting is held in which Principal outlines the policy. All the
     teachers participate in this decision making process. The committees are formed for
     various functions in which teaching / non-teaching members work without the
     interference of the management.

3. Does the College have

         Twinning programmes                                Not Applicable
         Student Exchange Programmes                        Not Applicable

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                      40

         MoU‟s with
            Industries                                      Not Applicable

               Research organisations                       Not Applicable

4. What are the national / international linkages established by the college for training and

         The Department of Chemistry has linkage with the NCL, Pune and IIT, Mumbai.
     The Department of Russian Language had linkage with Pushkin Institute of Russian
     language Moscow (Russia) from 1978-1991. The Department of Microbiology has
     linkage with nationally reputed Institute of Science, Aurangabad and North
     Maharashtra University, Jalgaon (M.S.). The Department of Physics has linkage with
     Shivaji University, Kolhapur and IUCAA, Pune and IUCCA, Pune.

5. How does the college strengthen the regular academic programmes through other
   complementary systems like self-financing courses, non formal mode and distance

        The college has B.C.A., B.C.S. as self financing courses. The college also runs
     M.P.S.C., M.B.A. I.I.T., J.E.E. Classes. The college has Centre of Yeshwantrao Chavan
     Maharashtra Open University. Students are also encouraged to join these courses.

6. What are the practices of the college to impart value based education?

        This is done mainly through foundation course and guest lecturers, as well as
     through NSS, NCC and departmental associations of the students.

7. How does the college inculcate civic responsibilities among the students?

         The college inculcates civic responsibilities among the students through their
     participation in social activities such as Blood Donation, Pulse Polio Drive, Anti AIDS
     drive, street corner shows for social awareness, slum cleanliness drive and Tree
     plantation. This is mainly done through NSS and NCC.

8. What are the efforts of the college towards all round personality development of the learners?

        The college arranges personality development camp, debate competition and
     provides sports facilities and encourages students to participate in cultural activities
     and group discussions through Open Fourm.

9. How is the college geared to achieve its specific goals and objectives?

            Pursuit of excellence is the motto of the institution. The college follows regularly
     the University prescribed curricula and this is reflected in the excellent results produced
     by this college year after year. The college not only looks after the academic excellence,
     but also sees to it that the students achieve all-round development. The students excel in
     various debate, cultural and sports activities. Several of the staff members are social
     workers who motivate the students to take part in socially useful activities like tree
     plantation, blood donation, anti-AIDS drive, development of scientific attitude and they
     actively work for the eradication of superstition.

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                           41

10. What are the institutional efforts to bring in “community orientation” in its activities?

           The college has full-fledged NSS / NCC units, mainly through these units the
     college brings community orientation in its activities. Our staff members Shri
     O.N.Madansure, Shri M.V.Bawage are actively involved in community oriented activity
     like anti superstition drive. Our former Principal(s) Dr.J.M.Waghmare and Shri
     A.S.Jadhav are well known thinkers and social workers who are famous in
     Maharashtra for their views on Development of Scientific Attitude in the society. Shri
     Bawage (Accountant) is also famous throughout Maharashtra state for his work against

11. Indicate the efforts to promote general / transferable skills among the students such as
    a. Capacity to learn

       The college shows educational video cassettes in addition to the traditional teaching.
       The college has LCD projector and Internet facility.

     b. Communication skills

       Majority of the students come from vernacular medium. To improve their English on
       Saturdays in an extra class, students are encouraged to speak on the topic which is
       given to them earlier.

     c. Numerical skills

       Through problem solving in Mathematics and Commerce. Preparation for Physics
       Olympiad, display of information about Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics
       Olympiad by the Physics department.

     d. Use of information technology

       The college encourages the students to join Computer and I.T. Courses.

     e. Work as a part of a team and independently

       The college involves its students whenever college organises State, National Level
       Seminar, Conferences. Project work is done sometimes independently, sometimes as
       a team. Through various associations and through writings for wall magazines and
       through writing of articles, poems, stories in the college magazine “Shabdhagandha”.
       By arranging departmental study tours to encourage students / teachers to work as a
       team. Also through NSS, NCC activities, team spirit is developed.

12. Any other institution-specific innovations which have contributed to its growth.

      Junior College is attached to the Senior College administration. There are no
 separate non-teaching employees for the Junior College wing. Our Junior College results
 are so good that, it is famous through out Maharashtra as “Latur Pattern”. Earlier it was
 known as “Shahu Pattern” but as it gained popularity and became wide spread, it is now
 popularly known as “Latur Pattern”. Many College Teams from Maharashtra visit this
 college to have first hand knowledge of its pattern.

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                 42

 1.  From the year 2000, the Government of Maharashtra has constituted Ideal
     Educational Institute Award (It’s Marathi equivalent is Adarsh Shikshan Sanstha
     Puraskar). We are proud to say that our institution bagged the very first award in
     the year 2000.
 2. The college also runs classes for IIT Entrance, MBA Entrance, Medical Entrance and
     Maharashtra State Public Service Commission Entrance.
 3. Prizes in memory of donors: There are sixty prizes for Junior college and 28 prizes
     for senior college students. The list is printed in the prospectus.
 4. The students who are good in their studies, who participate in various activities of the
     college, whose behaviour is praise worthy, is given “Shahu Shree” award by the
     college. The names of “Shahu Shree” awardees are displayed near the reception
        List of the “Shahu Shree” award winners
Sr.No. Name                                                      Year
1.      Shri Kakade Digambar Baliram                             1973-1974
2.      Miss Prandekar Urmila Asaram                             1974-1975
3.      Shri Suryawanshi Vishnu Harishchandra                    1975-1976
4.      Shri Kale Nanasaheb Jagannath                            1987-1988
5.      Shri Londhe Dadasaheb Murlidhar                          1989-1990
6.      Shri Terkar Vivek Gopinathrao                            1990-1991
7.      Miss Jadhav Anuja Anirudha                               1993-1994
8.      Shri Tolmare Shashikant Shivappa                         1994-1995
9.      Shri Ujlambe Dayanand Gopalrao                           1995-1996
10.     Shri Thombare Mahadev Dadarao                            1996-1997
11.     Shri Hallale Dharmaraj Madhavrao                         1997-1998
12.     Shri Shaikh Ismail Shaikh Salim                          1999-2000
13.     Miss Kondekar Rupali Mahavir                             2001-2002

 5.   A unique feature of this institute is that there is complete harmony among the
      management members. The office bearers are the same since its inception in the year
      1968. Our management members are highly motivated individuals who sacrificed
      their life for the betterment of the college. We, therefore, decided to honour
      management members, who crossed 70 years, for their life time achievement /
      contribution. On 2-10-2001 we honoured these members under “Jeevan Gaurav
      Puraskar” life-time achievement award. Following management members are
      honoured with “Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar”
 i.      Shri Gurunathrao Chavan – Vice-president.
 ii.     Adv. Narayanrao Patil – Secretary
 iii.    Dr. Narayanrao Garad – Member
 iv.     Shri Bhudev Patil – Member.
 7. It is a matter of pride for us that the first Principal of this college,
      Dr.J.M.Waghmare, became the first Vice-Chancellor of the newly established Swami
      Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University at Nanded to which this college is now
      affiliated. He is also received “Shahu Ratna” Award, the highest award given to a
      teacher by the Management. He is also the Chairman of the “SAAC” State version of
 8. The Management tried its best to start Foreign Language Courses in our college.
      Initially Russian was introduced followed by German and French. German and
      French Language teachers left our college for better prospects but Russian is still
      taught here. Ours is the only college in Maharashtra State where Russian is taught as

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                     43

       a second language. Under U.G.C. schemes our Russian Language Teacher was sent
       twice to Russia for attending (i) International seminar in 1978 and for (ii) Higher
       Studies in 1985.
 9.    Students who excel in studies and other activities are given a special “Merit Card”.
       They are given additional books. These students are also felicitated at a special
       function called “Gun-Gaurav Satkar”.
 10.   The college has an “Earn and Learn” scheme for poor students. This scheme is run
       through funds collected in the name of our former Principal Shri A.S.Jadhav. This
       fund is collected mainly through the former students.
 11.   On the teacher’s day i.e. 5th September every year college awards “Shahu Bhushan”
       to meritorious teachers for their contribution and devotion for the development of
       the college. Shahu Bhusan award is also given to non-teaching staff. All the
       management members remain present and interact with the staff.
 12.   Every year in the month of September (the month in which our university is
       established) the college organises for a week personality development camp. This is
       done in collaboration with Late Flight Cadet Prasad Shendge Memorial Trust.
 13.   From this academic year every student has to give a promise in writing at the time of
       admission stating that (s)he will follow all the rules and regulations of the college and
       will see to it that the campus is clean and pollution free. Students can write their
       expectations from the college.
 14.   Every month all the employees contribute Rs. 25/- for the common welfare fund. This
       amount is utilised at the time of emergencies. This welfare fund was utilised when
       Lab. Attendant Shri B.Y.Shinde died of Kidney failure. After his death, his wife
       started working in the college. Govt. has refused to pay her salary as there is a ban on
       employment. However, the management pays her from its own resources on
       compassionate ground.
 15.   The college is gradually computerising and Computer Literacy Training is given to
       the concerned staff free of charge.
 16.   The following of the staff members received National / State level awards.
 a.    Dr.J.M.Waghmare (First Principal of the college and first Vice Chancellor of Swami
       Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded) received “Adarsha Shikshak
       Puraskar” from the State Government.
 b.    Shri A.S.Jadhav (Former Principal of the college) received National level
       “Priyadarshini Award” for his contribution in the field of education.
 c.    Dr.B.M.Mantale (Former Vice-Principal) received “Adarsha Shikshak Puraskar”
       from the State Government.
 d.    Shri V.B.Pawar (Major in the NCC) received life time achievement award known as
       “Raksha Mantri Puraskar” at the hands of State Defence Minister Mallikarjun on
       26th January, 1995.
 e.    Shri. M.V.Bawage (Accountant) received National level “Yuva Puraskar” for his
       contribution in the field of social work at the hands of Youth and Welfare Minister,
       Govt. of India.
 f.    Shri V.G.Gaikwad (Director, Sports and Games, R.S.College Latur and Dean of
       Physical Education, Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada Universty, Nanded)
       received state level “Shiv Chhatrapati Puraskar” from the Government of
 g.    Shri R.L.Kavle (Principal) received “Krutadnyata Award” from Lions Club, Latur.
 h.    The N.S.S. Programme Officer Shri M.R.Patil received “Best Programme Officer”
       award in 2002 by Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded.
 17.   We received grants / donations from the following

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                                       44

Sr.    Date/Year      Name of the Donar          Purpose                 Amount        Amount
No.                                                                      Declared      Received
1.     1994-95        Shri Sharadraoji           Construction of         25,00,000/-   25,00,000/-
                      Pawar (Chief               College Building (in
                      Minister)                  its Silver Jubilee
2.     1998-1999      Dr. Gopalraoji Patil,      Purchase of             10,00,000/-   10,00,000/-
                      Member of                  Computers
                      Parliament (Rajya
3      08.09.1998     Shri Gopinathrao           Construction of         10,00,000/-    5,00,000/-
                      Mundhe (Dy. Chief          Hostel Building
4      20.11.1999     Shri Gopinathrao           Construction of         --             5,00,000/-
                      Mundhe (Dy. Chief          Hostel Building
5      11.03.2000     Shri Vilasrao              Construction of         10,00,000/-   10,00,000/-
                      Deshmukh (Chief            College Building
6      08.06.2000     Shri Vilasrao              Construction of         25,00,000/-    5,00,000/-
                      Deshmukh (Chief            College Building
7      1999-2000      Shri Ravindra              Ladies Hostel           --             5,00,000/-
                      Gaikwad (Ex-MLA)
8.     20.04.2001     Shri Vilasrao              Purchase of             25,00,000/-   21.25,000/-
                      Deshmukh (Chief            Computers for
                      Minister)                  Information
                                                 Technology Dept.)
9.     1999-2000      Donations from             Hostel Building         --             8,94,056/-
                      other sources
                      (Ex.Students and
10.    1999-2000      Shri Shivraj Patil         Construction of Boys    --            10,00,000/-
                      (Ex. Speaker-              Hostel building
11.    Upto 1996      Manjara Charitable         Cash Award to           --               34,500/-
                      Trust, Latur               meritorious
                                                 educational institute
12.    1996-1997      Manjara Charitable         Cash Award to           --               22,000/-
                      Trust, Latur               meritorious
                                                 educational institute
13.    1997-1998      Manjara Charitable         Cash Award to           --               43,500/-
                      Trust, Latur               meritorious
                                                 educational institute
14,    1998-1999      Manjara Charitable         Cash Award to           --               52,833/-
                      Trust, Latur               meritorious
                                                 educational institute
15.    1999-2000      Manjara Charitable         Cash Award to           --               85,000/-
                      Trust, Latur               meritorious
                                                 educational institute

Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur – 413 512 (Maharashtra)                               45

16.    2000-2001      Manjara Charitable         Cash Award to           --       50,000/-
                      Trust, Latur               meritorious
                                                 educational institute

 18. Uniform for students is compulsory (From Junior college to P.G. classes).
 19. Team of our teachers visits famous educational institutes of Maharashtra
     Educational Institutes, not only from Maharashtra, but also from Karnataka and
     Andhra Pradesh, visit this college to see its functioning.
 20. The college received “Best Examination Centre Award” given by Swami Ramanand
     Teerth Marathwada University.
 21. Shri Kiran Shinde the President of Student Council of Rajarshi Shahu
     Mahavidyalaya, Latur is elected unopposed as “President of Students Council of
     Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada Univeristy, Nanded” for the academic year
     2002-2003. He is also ex-officio member of SAAC.
 22. On the very first day of every academic year college provides an educational diary in
     which academic planning, periods engaged, individual time table, leaves taken,
     academic calendar, etc. is included.
 23. From the academic year 2002-2003 the college has decided to give awards to those
     teachers who fulfil their last university examination result target.
 24. College also gives interest free loan to the teachers for the purchase of books on
     demand. Shri V.Y. Deshmukh took benefit of this scheme.
 25. The college magazine “Shabdagandha” received the best college magazine award for
     the year 2001-2002.


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