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Spirit of Ma'at December 2010

Letters From Our Readers – VOLUME ONE

How has the Great Shift been treating you?

I am finding I don't make any plans for the future any more. I am more and more just living
to make it through the day

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices? I don't have life goals
anymore. Activities I used to enjoy don't seem to interest me anymore. I feel like I am in a
void just waiting for something to happen. I feel the pain of the Earth and the animals
much more acutely. I have become a strict vegetarian.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago? Yes. Interpersonal
friction just doesn't bother me anymore. I have no tolerance for petty squabbles and tend
to isolate myself when I feel tension in the air at work or at a social activity.

What is important to you now? I am impatient for the world to change. I want the killing
and the trampling of all life on earth to stop now. I get angry at the utter disregard for life
and feel such pain when I see ecosystems destroyed by greed.

Have your relationships changed? I still wish for a life partner but I am no longer willing to
put up with anyone who does not honor me and my beliefs.

What have you lost? What have you gained? I have lost some friends and social activities but
I have gained a greater sense of self worth and freedom and love for all life.

Have you noticed anything unusual? I am able to feel whether a person's good or evil by just
being in their presence. I have a strong sense that tells me when to leave a situation and
when danger is afoot. I notice beautiful hawks flying above me wherever I go and think they
are my guides. I am mush more intuitive.

Have your beliefs changed? I believe that we are truly sparks of God and we are creators of
our own reality.


I can't answer the first question because I don't believe the Great Shift is treating me any
way. I am a co-creator and not being acted upon by an outside force in that way. Just as
the Cathars believed, there is a struggle between the manifest and unmanifest, mind and
Spirit--for the human reality--duality. This is and continues to be a daily struggle because I
still identify much of the time with object consciousness--all the while knowing that I am
Divine Essence!! So I think we all have the opportunity to use the shift in whatever way
suits us best--the global elite know this and are enforcing their agenda because of it. The

Shift isn't for the growth of Good or Evil. It simply is what it is and we can use it as a
resource. We all have the same chance, but probably not the same confidence and
knowledge of it as the Global Elite does. They are not sleeping in the same way we

Three years ago a casual remark someone said to me changed my life forever. They said,
"You know, there was never a plane found at the Pentagon." Referring, of course, to Sept
11. Of course there was a plane! A 747 crashed into the Pentagon. There would be debris
and bodies everywhere. The propellers and fuselage are massive. But as most of the Maat
team knows, there was no plane and that research lead to a MASSIVE awakening which is
the entire point of the Great Shift. Wake up, everybody. The word Apocalypse means
"unveiling of truths that have been hidden" and for some reason I am one of the humans
that is being revealed to all these incredible truths. Sometimes I just "know" something
instantly. It just pops into my head. Like that the 4 Perfecti Cathars that escaped from
Mont Segur took their "treasure"--truth papers to Rennes-le-Chateau and they were found
by Saunier. I did not read that somewhere, nor did I even know those towns were close to
each other. But now that I've researched it I realize that many scholars and researchers also
think that is the case. That is only one of many truths that have been revealed to me-- and
I really don't think I'm special, but only that my frequency is tuned to Truth. I'm guessing
that if a person opens their mind, heart and energy field, these truths will also be revealed
to them. The emotional impact, admittedly, has been difficult. I am still in mourning, a
little traumatized and shocked at how so many of us blissfully and ignorantly believe
complex lies propagated on us by the brainwashing elite. The lies go so far back and are so
complex that I feel honestly very often completely overwhelmed. I've had to deeply
consider what the hell I am even here for and what am I supposed to do besides know the
Truth. What is the point!!?? There is a point and I am not here experiencing this, I am here
because this is happening. I chose to come here and be here and hold the energy and space
for Truth. I am a Freedom Warrior.

My favorite teacher is Eckhart Tolle and I believe he teaches the same core Truths that
prophets like Jesus and Buddha, Cathars etc teach about being Presence and disidentifying
with the mind. Relationships have changed because most people prefer to --even when
given the facts--continue to believe in the fabrication--beyond all silly beliefs--how can a
resource-poor, band of non-technical guys without a country hold off the world's super
power for 9 years!!!! There is no war!!!! It's so clear to me now and so crazy that so many
other people don't see it. Americans in particular have their own brand of ignorance.

I have lately been questioning the "rules of engagement". Why is this prison-like force
allowed to exert their preferences and influences on humans so overtly and we are not
allowed to get help from outside sources? How about those of us who request the outside
help? Is it a game? It just seems like the odds are stacked. I must be missing something. And
yet Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz had the power to get back home the entire time. The
witch knew that and kept it from Dorothy. It's the same thing happening to humans on
Earth. Dorothy had to wake up and then she could go home by her own mechanism. (But
then she did get help from the Good Witch!) I think humans should be given the truth and
then let them decide what to do. They can‘t make true choices until they are awake and
have all the facts!

And the missing children! We must be willing to hear and accept the truth no matter how
damaging it is to us because to remain in darkness is hurting innocent children and animals.
Over the past 10 years there are now 20,000,000, Yes, twenty million missing children. How
can 20 million children go missing and no one questions it?! Why are we not demanding that
they be found and not stop until they are? Because it would all lead back to the White

I am able to hypothetically philosophize about really understanding what it means to be
Present and to dis-identify with object consciousness, but it's difficult to engage that 100%
of the time. I get derailed with stress and feeling like I have to hit marks to pay bills and
stuff like that. But I always come back to that one Spiritual truth. I have the power to set
me free. Freedom is a state of mind. I think we have to be willing to know the Truth before
we can fully wake up since most of our mental processes are based on lies. That in and of
itself is a weak frequency. My mind and Spirit ended up being able to handle the dark Truth
and that has lead to the Light Truth about ascension and our human ability to ignite our
Light Bodies to transcend the lessons of this somewhat weird mental Earthly existence.

I've lost some naive hope in the world leaders and lost all hope in mainstream media.
Everywhere I look I see manipulation. Even Disney propagates pornographic subliminals in
their children movies!!!!!!!!! Floride is toxic and kills our Pineal gland. Endocrine disruptors
are the most common cosmetic ingredients--there is a war on for our Pineal Gland--the
master gland of ascention. And THEY know that. It's the plan!!!

I have gained 30 lbs which is a struggle in and of itself. I fell into deep depression when I
found out the truth about 911--doesn't anybody else get that that date was chosen on
purpose? That THEY got a good laugh out of all the people calling 911 that day? That is how
sick they are. It's outrageous. And the oil spill ( not a spill at all) on Earth Day. It was a slap
in the face and a childish "ha ha take that tree huggers!"

The Truth on that level is abhorrent and so dark that most people couldn't handle it their
minds would shatter and they would die of fright. But lately I have had a gnosis type
experience where I experience the thinness of the veil and deeply realize and feel my
Divine Being and the rest of the stuff just seems to fall into the background.

It's been interesting for sure and a real eye opener for human consciousness. And how our
brain works. I am ready to continue on my opening to completely drop the object
consciousness and move into the new dimension of Presence. I am ready for the New Earth
and am committed to what my role in that is. I just feel confused sometimes and a little
helpless, especially when I get tired or feel lonely.

But am really confident that there is a bigger plan and I don't know all the details. The
Earth is so beautiful and whoever created that program rocks my world and I'd like to meet
that frequency one day and hang out and ask a lot of questions!

Thanks for listening. It's been a very wild ride in my own mind and my outside world hasn't
really changed much! Except for my fat butt!!

From A.E. Reynolds

Dear Cal and Spirit of Ma'at fellowship,

Just thought I would send you some of my thoughts to your query below.

As the patriarch of my family, we have been going through many karmic experiences with
family members with many old relationship issues from the past coming up into our faces in
the present.
Evidently we are cleaning up some old unfinished business, and hopefully we are doing it
right this time around. The situations seem to be more aggravated and urgent lately, with
lots of emotions and history to work through; also having to deal with the older generation
becoming senile and in need of family interventions to care for them, while resources are
being rapidly depleted. It is a time of swallowing one's pride, getting back to the basics,
and doing what we can with what little we have at hand.

It has been a time of maturing, and realizing our own insignificance and disillusionment,
losing the impossible dreams in order to focus on the reality of now.
This world is not meant for us to change, but to live in it as it is, and to learn the lessons
we were sent here to learn. Utopia is a dream, a goal, but can also be a frustration in
trying to attain it.
I think the best we can do is to mind our own business, and live the life we want to live in
our own privacy. Focus on what one can attain, be it within or without oneself.
The world around us may be beyond help in many cases, but each person will ultimately
answer to their creator alone for their own actions.

There may be a parting of ways for this world of people as the great shift transpires, and it
will be a very natural evolvement - nothing dramatic. The split must occur in order to
allow the more evolved ones to progress without the hindrances of the lesser evolved ones.
The current situation is not healthy or fair.

I have also noticed less and less sexual desire and activity lately, sex does not seem to be
good enough anymore. It is like an animalistic thing, and we are waiting for something
better and more dignified for us.
Maybe it is just me, but I am losing interest in a lot of things that used to interest me. I
tend to ignore the more useless activities, and seem to be more focused on matters of
importance and seriousness.
It seems a bit easier to detach from ideology, stale friendships, or habits of the past. I am
more critical in my thinking, and less emotional.
It makes it easier to make the break without all the emotional baggage.

Strange dreams have been occurring, I have been assisting on some of the spaceships,
preparing for something - they will not let me remember.
On the other hand, it seems more difficult to meditate or practice healing arts - it seems
less effective, or confused, or non-focused. The energy patterns are being dispersed and
diluted from some over powering forces. It seems as if we are under attack, and there is
great etheric interference. The end result is to hunker down even more, and protect

I think we can help each other out to a very limited degree; the rest is up to each individual
to do their own.
Hopefully, we can break out of this phase and emerge into a new realm of brotherly and
sisterly love that we have had only glimpses of thus far.

Peace be with you,
Rick Beaufait

I find myself stepping back farther and farther from every "drama" filled event. It's as if I
don't care and can't go there anymore. I've become more and more detached.

I state my truth and let the "chips fall where they may" no matter what. My sister doesn't
talk to me anymore because I told her that her behavior was unacceptable (she was having
a tantrum) and she was too old to act that way anymore.

I am more receptive to people in other dimensions. My mother passed away and I have been
contacted by her 3 times since she passed.

I give things away. I don't want to take care of a lot of "things" anymore.

I have become so detached from my relationship with my "significant other" I thought it
would end but it didn't, it got better.

I get more done in less time.

I understand more. I can firgure things out - make charts, graphs, write manuals.

I'm more observant and see what people don't know they say and do and witness that to

I saw golden "needles" falling from the sky like rain all over where I live just before (or
maybe it was after) a storm.

I saw "books" evenly spaced all over the earth with their pages blowing in the breeze. The
earth was seeded with new knowledge.

Sometimes I wake up because all my cells feel like they are spinning. When your cells spin
that fast you can't sleep anymore. It's very energizing.

Sometimes I wake up and can hardly more, I feel like I weigh 600 pounds. My legs feel like
lead when they hit the floor.

Many of my "truths" have been ripped away. There is always a period of "well then what is
the truth?" that follows. The biggest one was "Jesus is the savior of the world". I now know
we each have to do 100% of our part (which is 25%) to save our self. I saw myself in hell and
asked for a master to come and lead me out and the person that arrived was me!

I don't worry about dying anymore. I'm not even sure I'm going to die even though everyone
says I will and if I do I don't care.

I "catch myself in the act" when I'm reacting instead of acting.

My vocabulary has increased for no reason.

I guess that's enough. Thanks for asking!

How has the Great Shift been treating you?

During these years the physical changes were very large, thin 8 kilos, I eat
much more naturally, and then workshop in 2005 with Drunvalo, Living from the heart and
the Merkaba, my life turned into a longer spirituality.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
Currently I have a loving vision of the people, try to live brotherly feeling 24 hours a day
although it is very difficult to live well in today's society. My options are Love, Health and
stay awake in the light.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
Yes, I am the author of the book 2012 La Puerta, you can buy on Amazon in its English
version. That story I wrote in 1997 and has many similarities with Drunvalo speaks on the
subject. After having published three years ago, I was called from different parts of the
world to wonder why I knew things that only a few knew, including those who asked me
that. Others told me I was contacted from five years and passed information to me, others
told me I have a role to play in 2012 in the areas of rescue, so people do not know me talk
about my past and future

What is important to you now?
The most important thing now is to try to wake up to light as many people, for that
organize talks about 2012 as an excuse to have my book, and it is amazing how people
come to my talks. I was also taken to an area of my country they say is the valley of ERKS
and rescue zone have prepared our Elder Brothers.
In this area, the guide led me live in a house whose address is 2012! I took this sign as the
place which should lelvar people to feel the same I felt when I was there, and I think it is a
place where you should be living now.
Have your relationships changed?

What have you lost? What have you gained? Totally

Have you noticed anything unusual?
Yes, in dreams, every night I'm in a kind of ship, I can see the control room and control,
sometimes there are many people other are very few, but I know my house is a rescue zone
and that if I not move from here will not have problems with the dramatic changes ahead

Have your beliefs changed?
Sure, after 6 years of practicing the Merkaba and make a habit of living from the heart, I
confirmed that we are creators of our reality and life and what we find in 2012 will be our
beliefs and only what we have in our hearts.

With love,

Nice receiving your email. I have a thing or two to say about the great shift and how it‘s
been treating me. In fact, I was much in need of a catch-up and a reflection on my life and
how it‘s going.

Well, the great shift for me has brought many things to surface. Some of it I like, some of
it, I don‘t, but it really just is and that‘s how my perspective is. I‘m more present, involved
with today, this moment, following the next inner directive. Sometimes, magic. Others,

Well, what‘s most present for me at this moment is confronting my career life and medical
issues, having those issues, challenge me, in my convictions and in my personal power.

With my career, because that most acutely reflects me; who I‘ve become, what I‘ve done…
I also have strong planetary placements in the 10th house, this area is so important to me
right now.

I have always had discouraged dreams, could never quite find my path, could never quite
trust my path, my convictions were weak. I‘ve been all over the place the last 10 years. My
initial aspirations to be a performer were squashed early on by my family, from a wounded,
unhealed place, I went into teaching, only to have had a short lived career, with unstable
employment history and two resignations. I moved to Miami in 2004 to try to heal those
wounds, to attend to the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. I failed out of that school too,
in 2007, when I had a complete falling out of my life, hitting rock bottom.

A large part of my devastation was failing my third year of school, I was already on unstable
ground, doing everything in my power to attend it, despite it being largely out of my
means, it was also part of the reason, I had such a tragic teaching career.

It was for me, like a comet that contently follows its path, only to be smashed out of orbit
by a meteor strike. I still haven‘t fully recovered from it, 3 years later.

I ruined my teaching career back then, have had instable employment, but have done
alright with Massage Therapy, which I did, while attending BBSH, to go with the healing.

Massage, has brought in the money since March of 2010, when I quit my day job, in order to
travel for the summer, and relocate.

I see the proof, I am still not always trusting. I am in disbelief, angry, I still want to go back
to teaching, I am getting older, want to be more professional, do something more
intellectual than just Massage. But, of course, I have not worked through the process yet.

I have in the great shift, seen some miracles happen, where, for instance, I will think to
myself, ―I want to teach and perform belly dance‖ and then I find myself doing that. I also
wanted a free Master‘s degree and serendipitously, I got that! I also said to myself I wanted
a free car after a freak car crash that I had in April and should have died, but I walked
away uninjured, and lo and behold, I got a free car!

I also said I wanted free rent and I got two months free, well, maybe for that one, I have to
work a bit harder, or maybe it will happen, don‘t know yet. Rent is due November 1st.

I‘ve also had many dramas in my life, such as falling in love with someone who was off
limits - an amor prohibido.

No, it wasn‘t a married man, just another one of God‘s creatures, that ethically, was
wrong for me to get involved with. And it ultimately, ended up costing me my last job.

Over all, the shift has produced more mayhem and turmoil for me. I am hoping that this is
all part of the plan; that it‘s supposed to get worse before it gets better.

My immune system has really been stressed because of all of this. I was talking to a woman
today on the Beta Mannan line, telling her about my severe dysplasia, all over my cervix on
every single time on the clock, including the center and her words, really made an
impression on me when she said, ―Wow, sounds like you‘ve been under a lot of stress,
you‘re immune system is really compromised.‖

It was the first time that I made the connection between stress and my physical state. I
always have been extremely blessed to have a strong healthy body. I have been feeling
myself depleting and weakening.

I am here now. I understand the nature of the reality, of the shift, etc. Sometimes I feel
too human, I can quite maintain homeostasis spiritually. I am still too imperfect despite all
the spiritual training I have done. This is the first time, where I have abdicated that
spiritual taboo that I used to devoutly follow. Perhaps it‘s because I feel beyond hope and
beyond being saved.

On that line, I have shrugged it all off and say, ―Well Bethany, you may not make it through
the shift, and you have to accept that.‖ I do. Sometimes, I‘m ready to go. I think about my
own death. On the one hand I am relieved that all my struggling and hardships will be
dissolved finally and my body, mind and spirit can finally rest. That‘s what I‘m so in need
of: Rest- long and deep that I can be rejuvenated again.

I don‘t feel like any temporary rest will ever be enough though. My body physically can‘t
keep up the demands of modern day life. The guilt and the push, push to always make
money, the constant battle with what feels like poverty. I have given up. I surrender. I
can‘t take any more. That‘s why, if I‘m chosen to go, I will go. I will accept that. And even

welcome it. Maybe that‘s part of the reason why I still live in Florida. I don‘t care anymore.
I‘ve had it. Maybe a younger, newer, fresher me would have moved to Sedona. Now, I‘ll
stare death back in the face, if it wants to stare at me. I‘ll play with fire, if it wants to. I
am not afraid anymore. I lost everything so many times, struggled with the same problems
for so long, that now I am just, indifferent, but also, in another way, I am also unafraid,
and I am also integrated on a different type of soul level and wholeness.

On a soul level, I feel like a master. On a physical level in terms of earning money,
practical level, I am still a toddler learning how to walk. I feel like a complete failure.

For the first time, life has got me. I don‘t know what‘s next. I pray every day, to find my
way, in meaningful, stable, and even lucrative work. I hope it will find. But, again, at this
point, I have resigned to the fact, that it just might not. And I am okay with that.

Whatever my fate is meant to be, I will accept, lovingly.

From Bethany Reis

Last month I received a bunch of news letters and emails that were extremely depressing,
doomsday and rather negative concerning the shift. I thought perhaps I must be living in
denial, as none of it resonated with me, so I sat down in meditation to ask for clarity. No
fear thoughts, no tension, nothing negative or disconcerting was shown to me, but I did not
receive any concrete answers, so I asked my guides to give me something concrete to go on
through a sign. I got up from meditation and printed out a form I needed, then discovered
that my printer was unplugged, although I was certain that it was plugged in that morning.
Somehow it worked without electricity. I took this as a sign that whatever I "believe" is
going to happen will happen. It is really an individual thing.

Judging from the events that have been happening in my life, it would appear that we are
already living in the fourth dimension, because very odd and unexplainable things continue
to occur every day! For instance, if something stops working and I send it love, it simply
starts working again. My house never seems to get dirty anymore. It almost sparkles
everywhere I look. Gas goes further, I have less bills and almost no need for money.
Everything just shows up. The other day a friend asked me if I could call Direct TV and
order a control unit for him. I was too busy to take that on, but agreed. As I was looking for
the number, my phone rang. It was direct TV. They had the wrong number, but I asked
them if I could order a unit for my friend and they were marvelously kind and did
everything for me. It arrived two days later. I do not even use Direct TV, so they do not
have my number in their system. Every day something like this happens. I love it.

Environmentally, this year in particular has been surreal. In my area, Malibu, CA. the
weather has been amazingly perfect since last November 2009. It is unprecedented.
Everything has been green and lush and calm and beautiful all year round. We all comment
to each other, "Wow, what a perfect year. I love this weather. Could it be more gorgeous?" I
feel as though I am living in a heavenly paradise.

The only discomfort I have been experiencing has been internally. My level of awareness is
jumping so much faster than ever before that I am able to see with ultra clarity, many of
my old habits and unproductive belief systems. It is painful realizing how unconscious I have
been, and knowing I still have a long way to go before I wake up fully.

Perhaps I owe what I have written to Drunvalo, because ever since I met him and began
practicing his meditations, my whole life has become one magical miracle and all I think
about every day is love and gratitude. Instead of wasting time in worry or thinking about
what wrong has been done, I realize time is incredibly valuable, so every second is spent in
meditation, reading Drunvalo's books, singing, playing the piano, writing ( my work), or
playing outside in nature. If the world is going to come to an end as we know it, I want to
enjoy every second. In fact, the only thing that really feels important to me now is
connecting to source and living from my heart. It is easier than ever to love everyone
unconditionally and also easier to find the beauty everywhere.

One other thing I have taken note of is that my dear friends who are doing what they love
to do for business are thriving right now. Business is booming. But those who work for a
living, at a job that just pays the bills, are experiencing hard times. It seems living from the
heart, loving what you do, playfulness and happiness elevate people to a place that
vibrates high above all the dire predictions.

Either my experience is the calm before the storm, or the beginning of a new era of light,
love and divinity. I am not sure which one it is, but either way, being as happy as possible
right now can only help.

Love and joy
Ehsida Bisset

How has the Great Shift been treating you?

Some huge UPS and DOWNS...but the DOWNS seem to work through faster than they used
to. The highs received afterwards are wonderful! Money is flowing, my massage healing
business is flourishing. Creation is at a high. Life is good.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?

I am on a different path than my husband. He has become more relgious. I have become
more spiritual. I choose to not feel fear with regards to my beliefs about God anymore. I
now choose love in all things and ways, letting go of societal induced guilt. I don't have a
desire to attend church anymore. That shifts the things that were once a common bond
with my spouse and family.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?

Yes, I look around at those that are suffering, sad, depressed, anxious and I recognize the
'keys' to feeling joy and embrace them on a consistent basis.

What is important to you now?

It is important to feel free in the choices I make. I no loner look so much to others to
figure out what I want in my life. Material things don't mean as much. I give away allot of
'things' and also share any spare money I might have available.

Have your relationships changed?

I have a wide eclectic group of 'spiritual family' that I enjoy having in my day to day life. I
love being with high energy people that are awakened, they are in tune to the true joys of
life. I am more at peace with everyone that I am around. They can be who they need to
be, I only ask to be accepted for who I am. Alot of my relationship have become more
loving, especially those that 'understand'. If I want to connect with a friend that is far
away, all I have to do is think them here and our energies say hello.

What have you lost? What have you gained?

So far I dont' feel I have lost anything. However the shift has changed what my spouse and I
have in common. I don't think that is a bad thing, but he might say it is.

Have you noticed anything unusual?

I have noticed that I can manifest what I want in a short period of time. All I have to do is
think about it, sometimes 'say' it and within a day or so, things move out of the way for it to
happen. They are usually small creations, such as manifesting that a client call and cancel
because I need some time to myself. I want to use this manifestation skill to do bigger
things, so I am working on my gratitude and creative thoughts.

Have your beliefs changed?

Yes, I no longer believe in a fearful, wrathful God. I no longer believe in guilt. I believe in
love and the many fruits there of. Peace, joy and freedom of thought.

From Susanne Hull

Hi to you all,
Yes things are certainly different!! I went through the "Chaos" about 11 years ago, ( which is
hitting the people who know nothing about all the grand events taking place now) They are
having great issues: relationship, health, business etc.
I feel the energy! Especially around dates 10.10.10, new moons solstices etc. and it makes
me anxious and sometimes queasy, I know its not mine so can get rid of it. I have been
following Crimson Circle monthly stuff since 1999, that‘s why I‘m in a space now that
others are just starting to go through.
I did have great changes in my life, relationships, especially family, my choices about my
life etc.,

I have changed" I don‘t sweat the small stuff", I‘m trusting of myself, and feel more
peaceful than I have ever done, I work with people with cancer and don‘t take others stuff
on board (If I hadn‘t worked on myself I would be a mess). I am now
be more accepting of all people
I do see things very differently, especially on a personal level, I can see others with love,
even when others see them as awful, I am accepting of all things which wasn‘t me before, I
don‘t have "fear" like I used to. No matter what happens, -- its OK.
Important to me now is- being true to myself, standing up for myself, enjoying, laughing
Yes relationships have changed, I left a 38 year marriage 11 years ago, but we are back
together, and I am more loving and accepting, which makes my husband mirror me- same
with kids etc. accepting them as they are (they are bipolar as is my husband) and not trying
to "fix" the situation.
I have gained ME I‘m a different person and still am peeling the onion, but its all good as I
understand so much now about what I did in past lives and what I do now.
Yes the more I change the more people around me change ( I came back from a trip toning
in Egypt with C.Circle group from around the world) I came back and people said what has
happened to you? you are glowing, so the more I let go the more I gain- I have gained
everything worthwhile, lost a lot of our superannuation, but I dont feel fearful-weird!.
I notice how people are suffering and they dont have a clue whats going on, they are very
fearful.Of course the weather is very unusual, but I understand the clearing necessary.
Yes my beliefs have changed, as I stated above, Im sure we are all going to come through
this shift without half the world being wiped out, Im very optimistic.

Blessings Narelle
Telford Australia

Hi Spirit of Ma‘at Staff,

Thanks for this interview, I look much forward to read other posts to get an idea on how
others feel about the shift; not an easy topic to involve people with in everyday life...

My comments in blue color below...

How has the Great Shift been treating you?
Kindly, lovingly so far. i have quit a job that did not suit any longer my beliefs and few
months later i got my dream job, very unexpectedly in a way that seems impossible...
against all odds... i am very, very grateful and see a beautiful picture of a new society a
new way of living right in front of my inner eye every day. i know and the shift has made
me aware of the fact that work in general in the way we know it today is not what is
awaiting us – there...
i have been treated with awareness, higher consciousness for our earth and all living
organisms in it. the way i use energy, water, resources, food, the way i look at human
beings – everything changed and is still changing...

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?

Fundamentally! as I say above, my consciousness changed and the way i look at
consumption of ―stuff‖ and ―things‖. i am choosing with my heart now, having left many
things behind that were comfortable but ―not right‖.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
Yes I do! the whole world economy, globalization, politics etc – i see beyond it and don‘t
want to be part of it any longer. i more and more step out of it and live a simple life

What is important to you now?
Giving to others, making conscious choices, understand what i can contribute to help.
Nature, nature became very important to me now, it ever has been, but now it is different.
beauty has a different sound...
I sometimes feel guilty – want to do more – contributing to bigger changes and this is hard.

Have your relationships changed?
Yes. I left many relationships behind – the ones that did not do me good. i have new ones
now, and found very ―old‖ ones back – what a gift!

What have you lost? What have you gained?
Loads of money :-))) when I stepped out of a harmful occupation I left behind people that
took advantage of me.
I gained freedom, own choice, loving people and a life that is fulfilling and immensely

Have you noticed anything unusual?
I have a different relationship to my body. It feels as if I could sense every single cell.
Sometimes they vibrate and communicate all together and i can feel that. There are
moments of big awareness but also sadness for my beautiful mother earth and the pain she
is in. I also notice that time has absolutely no more meaning to me. Everything is parallel
and floating. i see disastrous events around me and know they are part of a whole. I have
seen a crop circle in a meditation, one that I have not found among the reported ones. I
wonder where it is and what it means...

Have your beliefs changed?
YES completely! my perception of god, the universe, the deep sense of creation and what it
is (I am a biologist by training :-) I have read a lot during the last 6 years of different kind,
from different people. And now my own belief is building which feels good and safe. It gives
me some hope in a world that must come to an end soon. I look forward to anything ahead.
I try to do now all I can every day without thinking/worrying too much on tomorrow – that‘s
all I can do I think.

Love – Regina

How has the Great Shift been treating you? With intensity, anguish and forgiveness

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices? With Difficulty - husband
nearly died on 13 different occasions, med. malpractice changed both of our lives, he lost

job and our PPO arbitrarily changes an important med that stabilized his condition and
nearly caused him to bleed to death. The same med in E.R. helped him to survive, yet PPO
wouldn't pay for it and I had too, several id thefts, people he worked for unable to pay for
his services and so we are going under, losing house, but still loving, doing human kindness,
etc. An incredible learning time

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago? I see that our gov't is
not able to deal with some of the urgent situations in our midst, we need to get out of war,
feed and house people and not let institutes and business too important to fail, though
corrupt get the goodies once again at the tax payer's expense. Also, more importantly, love
prevails and there are many angels and good people who have helped us each step of the
way. Thank you.

What is important to you now? Life, hope, change for the better, and birthing a brave new

Have your relationships changed? Yes, I am caretaker and after 3.5 years - very stressed and
tired. My husband is now living life more fully and that is a joy.

What have you lost? What have you gained?
 Gained reality and aware that people can do harm as well as good.
Have you noticed anything unusual? Lots - particularly with health, economy and the sorry
state of Earth.

Have your beliefs changed? More willing to take my own responsibility in events and to do
my best to move forward to better times and opportunities.

How has the Great Shift been treating you?

I'm still kind of confused. Is it really happening?

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?

It seems I'm getting stronger and clearer but also are some of the
things I'm struggling with.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?

It seems I'm more depending on myself

What is important to you now?

I wish I could see a positive change in the world. But I guess I
should focus on my world.
You have Obama instead of Bush, that's positive. We in Holland have
some extreme right politicians gaining power, that is not good.

Have your relationships changed?
Thanks for the questions. Things might get clearer also in relationships.

What have you lost? What have you gained?

I lost some friendships that were not benefitting anymore. I know better now,
what I want.

Have you noticed anything unusual?

It seems like when the spirits come in, they come in strong!

Have your beliefs changed?

It is more melting together. I'm less focused on one believe. Seeing
more what connects.

From Phillip Van der Zee

How has the Great Shift been treating you? It has been a total emotional roller coaster for
me. It's been very hard. It took a while to understand what the Great Shift was all about
but suddenly like from 2007 to the present, it's been very noticeable.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices? I finished my Master's so I
could work from home and continue to learn things about my profession so I can provide a
good quality product. I enjoy my work very much. It came though at a tremendous
emotional cost to me. I don't even want to set foot inside the university for now so I can
just live a little. My choices now are based on my clients needs and how I can better
myself to provide a good product. My work ethics are glowing very well and in very
naturally. Right now I would say that my choices for myself are based on finding some
inner peace and quality time with myself and the family. My pets have become a central
part of my life at home. Perhaps I can say my eyes have been opened and I just try to
integrate spirituality with the material life.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago? Absolutely. Two or three
years ago I did not quite understand that everything starts inside one self. Now I
understand that and take care of my inner self a lot more. I think more about how and
why things happen to me and to the others. I try to understand the other's point of view.

What is important to you now? My career, my inner self, continued growth, and family.

Have your relationships changed? Absolutely; all my friends just left me from one day to
the next. I have not gone out or out of my way to make any new ones and just relate to my
family. I still have all my friends from way back through emails and SKYPE, but the ones I
had here close to home just closed the doors on me. I'm glad they did, I feel a lot better.

What have you lost? What have you gained? I lost a lot of fears and dreamy hopes. I've
gained a more balanced view of life and think in more concrete terms. I've gained more
patience with some areas and less with others. I finally accepted if I take care of myself I
tend to be more tolerant of others. I try not to detonate situations nor allow situations to
detonate me. I've gained a really big amount of respect for spiritual experiences and do
not doubt.

Have you noticed anything unusual? My dreams are centered on a lot of time-time warping
and unusual religious practices. My amount of dreams has been curtailed because I've shut
myself off for a while but they still filter through. My spiritual experiences have taken a lot
of time to digest and surprised me in many ways. It's amazing how many things are out
there in the Universe.

Have your beliefs changed? Let's say I'm more easygoing and a lot more concerned about
others. I try to think of why do these things happen? I listen to my astrologer a lot more
and look for ways to make life flow with some ease, not easily, just a little more fluid.

From Millie Rosario

How has the Great Shift been treating you?

This is such a broad question encompassing so many aspects of life and feelings it is tricky.
In this moment I can come up with some observations, albeit not of the most cheerful. I'm
personally, especially in this moment, very much ''over'' the density, the thickness, and
limitations of physical life and 3D consciousness especially my own....feeling so nostalgic
for something not yet here, and not quite lost.....not retrieved, and not gained.
My heart however is of the 5D realms at the least, and pours out like a leak in its natural
eternal flow of giving, but I'm frustrated by my consciousness which cannot seem to break
though its limiting ways to encompass and embrace the completeness and memories/hopes
I have of abilities of telepathy, teleportation, instant healing, quantum consciousness,
constant presence in the embrace of the Beloveds of Family through the Heart Field not
necessary physically but no matter where one went one felt to be within the embrace of
their loved ones. I remember the Oneness, and instant empathy and compassion,
sensitivities that are sublime, and a joy of Being that is indescribable.......I'm remembering
and missing everything I know, felt on the emotional levels. I'm missing also the lightness of
being, as in a light body that moves along with thought, and that is weightless, Beautiful,
shimmery with Light and rainbow colors, prisms, and sparkles.....all this I know, but cannot
live in this time. It is painful. Today it makes me extremely sad, and weary of it all. I'm
Yet I'm finding strange healings taking place that I've not attempted. I seem to wake up
with some ailments simply gone. Much happens at night. Sometimes I wake up more tired
than when I retired.
Other days I try to live with purpose and I network a great deal now on computer keeping
abreast of world events, waiting for the signs of the Big Shift that comes to make the
changes everyone can see without a doubt. I also spend time assuaging fears put out by fear
mongerers, and instilling a loving stabilizing force whenever I can. It is my work now.

I see how much I've awakened to who I am more than in the beginning of my life, or rather
after I was ''indoctrinated'' into 3D ways from a child who knew their divinity, I thought to
become as others, but it didn't work out that way. I've had to spend my life unschooling
myself from 3D earth and digging out like the Sacred Archeologist, my own Knowings,
Essences, Feelings and way of being from some ancient memory, and doing my best to live
it here and now to bring sanity into my own reality. This has made my life a quiet one,
away from the matrix, and feeling like I'm ''on hold''....for some other time and other place.
Present living for just my self seems to be not enough, like I know I'm not here just for my
self.....but I'm here for the Oneness....and waiting for that to manifest.....to bring it on.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
These ''changes'' of being more of myself, has forced me to trust my self more, to know that
I KNOW, and that my inner wisdom is from the Eternal Great Source, and that I must live as
Her even in this body. It is tough to remove oneself from such a deep matrix, Maya, and
remain true to my quiet Wise Woman, but it is the only way I can live here with sanity,
dignity, and grace.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
Not too much, I was born seeing this world as foreign and crazy, and it still is now even
more so. I'm here for the Earth Changes, The Shift, The Ascension, The Golden Age.....we're
just closer now.

What is important to you now?
Being ever more true to my Essence, of Eternal Wisdom, Beauty, Grace and God.

Have your relationships changed?
Yes....lol....I can only have a very few.....and these few are scattered all over the world
and are all online. Now I can only tolerate those who have an understanding of who I truly
am, a Divine Being, and who knows they are too. Those who have the courage to think in
radical ways, and in deep integrity.

What have you lost?
I've lost the chains, the teachings of the patriarchy, the matrix, the dark spiral into
technologies as king. I've lost people who don't aspire to something greater in their own
Spirit and who don't see the Greater Spirit within me. I've lost all desire for ambition and
material things....though I never had much of that. I've lost sense of clock time as I live
without that need. I've lost the dogma of priests and all teachings of men and their left
brains. I've lost all that has kept me small.....thank you God.

What have you gained? I've gained a larger confidence in my Divine Being, the one who
remembers the Ascended State of Love and Beauty. I've gained a greater confidence in
living from that Knowing, and a greater confidence in dismissing, and even dismantling
anything and everything that is less than that through my body, through the trillions of
Light cells in my body.....I dismantle the creations of the patriarchy. I am a Warrior, a
destroyer of limitations, and I dismantle as I Walk and Breathe......I tear down constructs
of smallness, and make room for greatness of Spirit and magnificence. I walk this path of
dismantling, making room for something of Largesse. We still have yet to experience this
New Thing, never before seen in this Universe.

Have you noticed anything unusual? lol.....yes, the path I walk works. Things fall apart that
don't serve the Great Spirit, and things change around me, and where I focus. I make magic
happen. The Great Dismantling is in place, and soon things will be renewed.

Have your beliefs changed?
My beliefs have not changed from when I was a child, but they have only become stronger
by seeing the falsity of what is here (on Earth) . I went from not believing what I'm seeing,
to almost believing, to being confused, to not believing what I'm seeing, because now I'm

I hope this has served you and readers.

Lady of the Woods

How has the Great Shift been treating you?

It has tossed me but not too high; it has let me go under, but not for too long; it has given
me hope, snatched it back; clarified my life, then thrown it to the winds; it has thrown me
off a bucking bronco, and let me gently swing from a tree on a warm spring day.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?

They have left me alive and well but still searching, still restless, still out-of-sorts and
slightly sad.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?

I am slightly more at ease and comfortable but ‗see things differently‘? I‘m not sure. I‘m
still naively looking to a new Earth as a wake-up and out of this strange life where I haven‘t
quite ‗got it‘ yet.

What is important to you now?

My son; this amazing little soul who already sees clearly in his world and advises me in
mine. My relationship; which continues to show me that despite all the work I still haven‘t
moved far but which still offers me a helping hand every day of my life. Also me; I am
important to me. My family, my mother, brother and sister, and my close friends.

Have your relationships changed?

No. That is the saddest thing I could say.

What have you lost? What have you gained?

I have gained a little more faith. I have gained a lot more vibration. I have gained a lot
more clarity but sometimes that only serves to show me how much work there is left to do.
I haven‘t gained much compassion for myself and I wonder if I really have it for others too.

Have you noticed anything unusual?

Just this vibration that I feel physically – I wonder if I imagine it – it used to be there for
period of time and now it seems to be there nearly all the time. I think I could/should use
it in some way but as I don‘t know how I just notice and sink into it from time to time.

Have your beliefs changed?

Well – I wonder deeply about right and wrong and the fundamentals of our society that
determines what is and what is not a crime. The unequal world trade system supported by
our selfish over-consumption is keeping half the world in poverty. Is that less of a crime
than shooting someone in the arm? Is it?? Who says? Otherwise, my fundamental beliefs
have not changed

Alison Eades

How has the Great Shift been treating you?
The Great Shift has been treating me, very well. I have truly been blessed to be here at this
time and feel so honored to experience it firsthand.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
Well they have literally turned my life upside down. I have gone from earning £400 a week
in a part time job and having loads of friends, to just unplugging myself out of the matrix
and not working at all for the past 15 months, I now happily live on £65 a week and I get a
lot of my food from foraging on the land and I now also do Solar Gazing and have integrated
much more with the natural world. I intuitively knew that I had to get rid of my bed and I
now sleep in a huge hammock bolted from wall to wall, which has enhanced my connection
to spirit and my dreams are so much more vivid and I now can recall them much better.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
Yes indeed, especially with my regards towards material things, I just sold everything, only
food and clothing are of any real importance. Things that I would have fought to protect in
the past I had a fervor to sell, as they felt like they were cluttering and choking my life.

What is important to you now?
Solar Gazing as Sol my sky mother downloads the incoming energetics through my eyes and
then like a grounding rod I transfuse the energy through the souls of my bare feet into
Gaia's body.
Staying out of the matrix as much as possible, Connecting with nature and living an
authentically with a spirit guided virtuous heart.

Have your relationships changed?

I used to have loads of friends however when I started to awaken they all just organically
fell away, actually many thought I have turned rather strange as some of the changes were
so drastic.

What have you lost? What have you gained?
I have lost almost everything of any material value and all of my former associates except
for one who also awoke :0) I have lost the fear of death that used to feel me with morbid
dread and give me panic attacks during the night.
I have gained a wonderful connection to spirit and I am now so chilled out and my life flows
very unconflicted and harmoniously. I have gained a sense of knowingness that everything is
okay at the quantum level even though the human condition looks a little messy to say the

Have you noticed anything unusual?
Time is behaving differently it is flowing faster and faster. I am observing more as my sight
is changing I now see more fine grain detail especially within nature and recently I feel that
I have walked into a higher version of myself.

Have your beliefs changed?
Could I please answer this question with a poem :0)


I forgot that I'm a wise old soul
existing before time,
I forgot about my brilliance
like a star that would not shine,

I forgot that I'm a part of you
and you're a part of me,
I forgot I'm an expression
of the great infinity,

I forgot to stop to go within
and listen to my soul,
I forgot that we're all actors
and our lives are just a role,

I forgot I am pure consciousness
I was trapped within my mind,
I forgot I had a wondrous gift
to share with all mankind,

I forgot that I'm a part of God
and thought I was so small,
I forgot my true identity
yes I forgot it all.

And finally Cal this one is for you :0)

Heavenly Journey

I think I'll leave my body and fly just like a balloon,
And hide from worldly worries on the dark side of the Moon,
But there's one thing that I need before I float off in the blue,
I need a sky companion and I want it to be you,
We'll fly beyond the storm clouds, then watch from up above,
Then glide right through a rainbow and feel each others love,
You'll shower in the stars at night in a special place,
I'll dry you with a comets tail and gently kiss your face,
The Moon will wane before us hung in heavens height,
For there's nothing that can challenge our spirits endless flight,
Lucid shifting landscapes changing everyday,
We'll hug and spin together across the Milky Way,
Venus shines upon us beaming her devotion,
Our dreamy drifting dalliance in nights celestial ocean,
I'll write you lovers poetry and you shall be my muse,
Andromeda and Orion will oversee our cruise,
We'll sleep with clouds as pillows and borrow angels wings,
Then fly like magic love birds and slide round Saturn's rings,
And should we tire of drifting with the stars all floating by,
We'll hook onto a meteor and soar across the sky,
Please take my hand come fly with me, were headed past the Sun,
We're flying till we find the place where two souls merge as one.

Big Hug for you and thanx for allowing me the opportunity to express myself and share with
From My Heart to Yours Leon x

How has the Great Shift been treating you? That is a loaded question. ;) Seriously while
there have been challenges ultimately it has benefited in the short term and long term.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices? A great deal for these are all
denoting changes taking place at a deep inner level. Change takes place through the
choices unconscious as much as the conscious choices do. Each are connected.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago? Absolutely. As I grow and
evolve my perceptions and insights change hence it is always in a state of flux in a positive

What is important to you now? That much has remained constant. To grow and be who I am
and, in the process, to assist and serve others through unconditonal love.

Have your relationships changed? Some yes...some have been strengthened and some have
run their course and found separate paths taken.

What have you lost? What have you gained? I have not truly lost anything. It is all about
releasing without expectations to remember that all is within us and there are never any
true disconnections.

Have you noticed anything unusual? That is a part of life and the wonders of how we grow.
Of course and all the time. :)

Have your beliefs changed? They have evolved into a deeper state of consciousness and

'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without
ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

From ―Ash‖

Dear Spirit of Ma‘at,

Thank you for providing the opportunity of sharing my thoughts and experiences with
the Forum that you are creating. I have been wishing that there was some way to obtain
a mutual perspective on the Shift that is taking place.

To begin, I am in business management for newspaper distribution here in Salt Lake City,
Utah. I am also a certified computer geek, a licensed massage therapist of over 22 years,
and a Reiki Master since the mid-1990s. I think that I have a somewhat unique perspective
of life. I am also a Buddhist, studying Tibetan Buddhism, the tradition of the Dalai Lama.
I have also been studying the Mayan Calendar and culture since 2003, from the perspective
Of Ian Lungold, Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, Barbara Hand Clow, and of course Drunvalo
Melchizedek. I have both bought and read their books and watched many of their videos or

I was born into the predominant religion here in Salt Lake City, that being the Mormon
faith. I long ago left association with the church due to reasons of sexual orientation and
the fact that I had so many spiritual questions that the LDS religion could or would not
answer. I became a Buddhist due to the teachings of the Dalai Lama and the focus on
enlightenment that the Buddhist philosophy provides. I knew there was a level of spiritual
development that most major religions either did not know about or would not provide
instruction for if they even acknowledged enlightenment.

Since my journey has led me to this point, I have noticed that until lately I have been the
only one centered on this spiritual perspective among my peers. Even though I am still
somewhat unique, I have found a handful of other seekers that I now share common ground
with. I see more and more people describing themselves and spiritual but not religious. I
have also seen a trend to become more ―green‖ among these peers in the last few years. I
believe whole-heartedly that the Shift is directly responsible for this change. I have also

directly seen the influence the time acceleration has had on the world around me. So have
a lot of others, some knowingly, some unconsciously.

My world these days seems to flow under the guidance of Barbara Hand Clow and her New
Moon readings that she posts, along with the 4 major equinoxes and solstices. Each month,
I really look forward to what she has to post. I have sold my house and downsized to a 2
bedroom apartment as this is all I need to survive during this shifting time. Since adopting
the Buddhist and Mayan view on spiritual matters, I have been able to release the anger
and yes, hatred, for the LDS religion and it‘s continued persecution of those who do not
agree with their apparent judgmentalism. This was recently on display on a national level
from remarks made by one of the church leaders.

As to what comes next, I am still working on that. The changes are coming so fast that I
have given up trying to get settled into any one frame of mind about pretty much
everything. I am an optimist, so I have a positive view about the outcome, whatever that
turns out to be.

Namaste - The light within me honors the light within you.
Enjoy yourself! Be extra kind to yourself and others.

Bryan Stone-Daly

There is no easy way to express the tremendous amount of change I've gone through in the
last two years. To say it has been a most difficult emotional rollercoaster ride is putting it
lightly. The Great Shift as of June 2008 moved me and my husband from the small town St.
Cloud, Minnesota to Las Vegas, Nevada. This was done in a whirlwind of expectation on my
husband‘s part and some doubt on mine. It had been twenty years since my husband left
the city of his birth and his family. He had the opportunity to work out of our home and he
wanted to go back to his roots. I am a water person, my sign is Pisces and my Mayan tone is
the Rainstorm, but while we were deciding to put our home up for sale I had a dream and
the beings in my dream told me that the desert would bloom. I also had an aura photo
taken along with my husband and a reading done. The person who did the reading saw both
my husband and I living out west and working in some sort of spiritual capacity? So we sold
our home and packed up two large moving trucks and drove to Las Vegas. This was an
extremely difficult move on all levels. Physically exhausting, emotionally we left our
daughter in Minnesota to be close to my husband‘s family. His thoughts were we would
have a close relationship to his brothers and mother but the total opposite has happened
and we feel very alone and isolated here. We have moved many times in the last twenty-
two years and I have always been able to adjust to my new surroundings but not this time.
Something is very different. I feel Las Vegas is a very unnatural place. The beauty of the
desert is smothered and abused by a lack of consideration to the fact that water is
precious. I have feelings of intense pressure but it's difficult to explain these feelings. I
think the pressure seems to be coming from the earth mother herself. When we did the
meditation on 10-10-10 I went to the center of the Earth and found it full of balls of light
like myself. When I moved out into the universe I found these balls of light everywhere and
the feeling I had from them was a desperate attempt at asking for help from
Father/Mother. I felt an overwhelming feeling of sadness about what is happening to the

earth and her people perpetrated by greedy faceless corporations. I felt that we, those of
us who are starting to wake up cannot succeed unless the Divine intervenes. I can say that
I definitely see things differently. I see everything so painfully clear. So much love, so
much fear and I feel so much emotion and confusion. I feel connected to everything and I
am questioning everything. What's important to me is to somehow stay in the present
moment and to stop looking back at the past or into an unknown future. I know this is the
key to playing my part well. In relationships I have noticed that the people who were part
of my life are disappearing. That being said my husband and I have very few close
relationships with others. Our relationship together is stronger than ever which is the only
part of my life that feels right. I have lost my light hearted nature but have gained insight.
What is unusual to me is the fact that the people around me seem more asleep than ever.
I have been given so many signs in nature. A rock in my yard has a huge embossed flower of
life etched into it. I have been given things that just cannot be explained rationally. Gifts
that just appear. I feel so full of love and compassion for everyone and everything on earth
that it hurts. My heart actually feels a physical pain when I see the Gulf of Mexico, when I
shop and the stores are full of products made in China, when I look at our countries people
and see our constitutional rights disappearing. I don't understand how this Galactic
Underworld which has its emphasis on ethical considerations can looks so dark at the
dawning of the 7th day. My beliefs have not changed. I believe we are all One and this is
all I believe. Nothing feels real anymore. I know that October is important with the 7th
day beginning on November 3rd. Let us hope that we can move into this energy peacefully.
Let us hope that enough of us are co-creating a peaceful outcome and may we all be

In Lak'ech ~ Belinda

How has the Great Shift been treating you?

I feel tossed and turned by the changing energies these days, but also feeling more
connected to the Earth and my multi dimensional self.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?

I feel changed. Much of my life has been shaken up.     I'm looking forward to things
settling into a more peaceful stability.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?

Oh yes! Much more aware of Unity consciousness and the perplexities of living in duality
down here on planet earth.

What is important to you now?

Finding balance in these turbulent times. Keeping my heart open and living in harmony
with all that is.

Have your relationships changed?

Yes. Some have fallen by the way side. Its been difficult.

What have you lost?

I've lost a lot of things that tie me to this duality.   I don't feel at home here in our

What have you gained?

I've gained a more interactive relationship with the Earth, Nature Spirits, Star Parents and

Have you noticed anything unusual?

Some strange visuals...concentric rings, flashes of bright blue light, yellow sacred
geometric patterns on my bedroom ceiling...

Have your beliefs changed?


Hope this is some help. I seem to be in the middle of cleansing some toxins (runny nose
etc.) nicely timed with 10-10-10.

Love and light,

Ted Coombs

How has the Great Shift been treating you?
Great, sometimes I feel out of place, sometimes I'm moving from one reality to other,
uncertain which one I'm sometimes

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
Become more aware of nature, of environment, more selective with my choices

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
Yes, I don't associate anymore with people who suck my energy, who are always negative or
down, who are always complaining. I'm not tolerant at all

What is important to you now?
My spiritual growth, my connection with the whole, to be ONE with Creator

Have your relationships changed?
Yes, more selective and more picky with whom I share my energy

What have you lost? What have you gained?

I've gained confidence and lost patience with people who are not in the now

Have you noticed anything unusual?
Jumping realities, at the beginning I bought into the fear of the unknown. Now I go for the

Have your beliefs changed?
NO, they are the same; more firm.

Thank you Cal, if was great to have met you. You are a beautiful entity.


How has the Great Shift been treating you? I seem to move from one emotion to another,
unsettled. I feel like crying daily and feel a heaviness inside--except when I am meditating.
Interesting and something to listen to!

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices? I move from self discipline
and peace to the complete polar opposite! I am extremely emotional and impatient about
so many things that seem to be lingering without completion in my life and that of my

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago? I just see more of the
changes and evidence of things speeding up tremendously.

What is important to you now? To find peace and love and relinquish all fear--or continue
to return to love when I feel distressed/fearful.

Have your relationships changed? I feel my relationships are shifting, mostly with my 3
teenage sons, certainly not of a completely negative nature, but I want them to prove
trustworthiness and stay connected. We are for the most part, however, it is quite
emotional with them on a daily basis at some point and time. I have twins that are 15 and
a 17 y/o.

What have you lost? What have you gained? I sometimes feel I have lost my purpose and
sense of belonging. I am not sure how I am making a difference to the greater whole and
am extremely hard on myself when I "know" more, yet am not the perfect example. I do
realize it is the journey and not the destination, however, my emotions are intense!

Have you noticed anything unusual? I am curious as to whether I am feeling intuitive shifts
and energetic patterns, or if I feel like I am losing my mind sometimes! I believe I feel
energy in a profound way and notice that I have a good bit of pain in my lower extremities
at this time and over the past 6 months or so.

Have your beliefs changed? My husband and I have been studying the Master Key System
and now have our boys studying it and working the program. We are having weekly

discussions, as we feel that if they can get hold of their thoughts and control them now, it
will be infinitely rewarding in the future for them.

From Janet Summers

Hi there,
I'll use your questions - as far as I understand them - as a general guideline for my replies
first and then add something of my own.
My story may not be exactly what you expect to read.
I am a pensioner (64y) and worked for 40 years in water research, water quality monitoring,
pollution control, water quality standards and guidelines for the State of Namibia.
I grew up in Belgium and have a R. Catholic background. When I arrived in Namibia (1970-
71) I started to 'deviate' from standard dogma and focused more and more on metaphysical

How has the Great Shift been treating you?
I feel more and more confused, isolated and misunderstood; standing accused of 'senility'.
I hardly find co-spirited, co-minded people here.
The bodily changes at times play havoc and family, friends and medical practitioners do not

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
The fear does exist that the environment might decide to further isolate by referring me to
an institution for permanent medical supervision and treatment.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
Personally yes - but what is the use? It's like sitting in front of a mirror and just talking to

What is important to you now?
Personal survival. Personal education through books and internet. Enjoy the occasional
fruitful conversation.
Try to apply practices, ideas, principles quietly for myself. Forgiving others and try to
accept and love myself.
Knowing that my soul chose this incarnation and environment - so use it and learn from it.

Have your relationships changed?
No, except for increasing isolation. I try to see the positive aspect: e.g. alone = all One.

…I suddenly realized that my encapsulation hurts not only me but others too. I may perhaps
not be able to share or to give anything
anymore. But in my loneliness and self-pity, I was busy building a cocoon, preventing their
gifts to reach me, gifts of ... love, perhaps.
When I cannot give, I cannot receive either; when I cannot receive, others cannot give; I
may be timid, clumsy, in such things,
but others may even be more timid, more clumsy, but quietly without anyone knowing,
they pray, they meditate, they give, include me

in their love, ...and I, I shut doors and windows... What right do I have to refuse their gifts?
This process of inner conversion or ascension, is still on-going.

Kind regards,
Roland M Roeis

Response to the ‗Great Shift‘ survey

The question, ―Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?‖ caught
my attention. A resounding yes, I do, but then I have to ask myself is that because of the
shift or just growth? I have personally felt for a long time that I am on an accelerated
program for learning. My whole life has been a quest for understanding what I consider
metaphysical truths. It does seem to me that the last two years or so has definitely put me
on the fast track. It has not all been pleasant but it has been definitely interesting.

Some areas that I see things differently is how we are all connected. Not just some of us,
but ALL of us. For me, I see the ego diminishing and the concern for humanity increasing.
Not only for humans, but all of life on earth. I am aware of the connective of all things.

Here is a small example. I have not been too fond of insects, although I understand they
have a purpose here. Where I live, there was a millipede running across the floor. My first
response was, ―On no, look at the millipede, uggh!‖ My friend who was standing near
looked at it and squished it but not totally so that it was withering. I felt upset that it
looked like it was suffering and said so, then he did squish it. When I saw that, which
happened all very fast, I actually felt pain for the millipede. I mentally blessed it as my
friend took it away. I was surprised at my response and thought about it over the next few
days. My son would never kill an insect in the house. He would get it in a cup and take it
outside. I always thought that was very sensitive of him and sweet. I had more territorial
feelings and would kill the insect if it was in the house, but never outside of the house.
Now my feelings have transformed and my awareness has become more intense, for
everything on earth. I found myself pondering over this change. It is not just for the critters
I like, but for all. Of course, I would not allow an infestation of insects either. My removal
of them would be much kinder than in the past.

I notice I have much more patience, and I was not born a patient woman. All my decades of
metaphysical studies perhaps is the result of this, but I really think it is more than that. I
am more kinder. If some negativity is directed towards me, I protect myself energetically
and then feel compassion for the person who thinks they need to behave negative.

I have a different sense of time to the point that it seems time has speeded up. I am also
more intuitive. I ―feel‖ my way into situations more than I did before. My friends have also
commented on feeling that the energy is different now. It is slightly different for everyone.

We are living through strange times it would seem.

Namaste, Kath

How has the Great Shift been treating you? Mainly leading me to a world of truth, respect
and faith!

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices? It's impacting my life as if
there are no places for the "old" games! It seems as if life was leading me to a path where I
have to accept my incarnation, my life and things around me for what they are.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago? Yes, I assume my
connection to the earth and the total universe, trying to spread love, first to me and then
to others. I am sure that the real life is what I learn from my experience on earth, but it's
also a continuity, a follow-up that leads me to perfect love!
Everything has a meaning; also, there is a need for me to meet and accept my female part
and to take care of my injuries

What is important to you now? To live my life in consciousness, to feel and follow my
intuition, respect myself and the whole universe!

Have your relationships changed? A lot! I was working for the food industry! It was urgent
for me to change job and life! Difficult for me to stay with noisy people, (and still it is!)
also those feeling of being "victims" and accusing life or others for what they face. I know
that I am coming from other planets, worlds! But that's not really important! The
importance is what I feel and do now.

What have you lost? The feeling of being nothing and that my place is not on earth! What
have you gained? Confidence, a sense of being connected to other realms...

Have you noticed anything unusual?

Have your beliefs changed? Yes, a lot; in fact it‘s not really my beliefs that have changed …
but mostly the fact of recognizing what I did profoundly knew that was right but didn‘t dare
facing, living and telling it!

From Agnes Warnimont

Hello Cal. As of late i have been studying Subqantum Kinetics, and Super Gravity Waves
and of course the Flower of Life. What is important to me now, Oneness in all i do. I am
That, I am. While standing in the rain a few days ago looking at a rainbow it came to
me, Color is the suffering of Light, because, White slows down and separates so that we
may behold the glory of Color with our feeble vision, what a wonderful gift from the Spirit
of the Omni-Verse. The time we are now in is much the same, beware of de-visionary
propaganda, instead of looking at the coming storm, behold; Light's Laser like holography,
sparks of creative fire, dazzling, spectacular display sending sightless sounding signals
through my brain. Protons huddled around neutrinos, electrons beating time through space.
Waltzing, whirling photons blazing in my mind's eye. Flashing a feeling of belonging in the
Omni-Verse to the center of my being. Please let me throw some curved Light into the cold
hard facts of science; Mental-ize our spatial concepts, because, the space that lies

between us is only make believe. And in time we will find,to accept life with all its
fractured lines because, it is only Love that binds. So even though we are clothed in
reflected light, and enveloped by as if reality, we must hold true and spherically expand
straight and narrow ways with our faith and love and light, and oh yes, our sight.

The blessings already are. Peace Out. Christopher Dailey.

Thank you beautiful people at ―Spirit of Ma‘at‖ for the opportunity to express my thoughts,
feelings and experiences as humanity travels with Mama Earth into faster vibrational

How has the Great Shift been treating you?

Energy shifts are what you make of them. I endeavor to remain in a meditative IAM
Presence state of complete peace, joy and love. Therefore, the Great Shift is affecting me
VERY positively.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?

I no longer participate in the ―drama‖ of my personal human life OR the ―drama‖ of the
collective of humanity. When ―challenges‖ (so-called ―difficulties‖) come my way I just
smile, deal with the situation, and forget about it. When humanity‘s struggles come into
my awareness I just send Love and Light to the situation.

What have you lost? What have you gained?

NOTHING is lost or gained; everything just IS. Duality consciousness creeps into us when we
least expect it.

When we think of dimensions we generally think of 3D as a dimension, 4D as a higher
dimension, 5D higher, etc. But there‘s NO higher or lower. There is only faster vibrational
frequencies. Higher/Lower dimensions are duality consciousness thinking. Vibration is
Oneness Consciousness thinking.

When we mention Higher Self versus lower self we are acknowledging that our lower self
exists. IAM learning only to say, ―Self‖ in relation to my Soul. Higher Self/lower self is
duality consciousness thinking; Self is Oneness Consciousness thinking.

I want to take this opportunity to tell Drunvalo how very very much he has influenced me
through the opportunities to watch his You Tube videos and have his Mer-Ka-Ba CD. Thank
you, Drunvalo. Namaste ♥♥♥

God's Will be done, not mine. Feel unity consciousness with AllThatIs.

Love, Ann

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express myself in this forum. I love and
appreciate the magazine "Spirit of Ma‘at" coming into my mail box each month and read
every bit of it.

What does the "Shift" mean to me, a rebirth, a leap in the evolution of humankind. I
believe we have been here before, had the chance to make such a leap and lost it in the
midst of fear and darkness. Whether it was something so big we could not fight it or
whether it was just a part of us not ready for such divinity, I don't know. When I use the
word divinity I mean the power to create beyond belief. Often it is belief that holds us

I have read much, studied much, learned much from others but in the end it has always
been my heart that speaks to me. My life has been filled with a yearning I cannot describe;
a feeling of great importance that I must unravel in order to feel it's meaning, to smell it's
purpose and to touch it's spirit. I am shifting, I am growing, I am becoming a new life form
and the transition is painful and often times scary. Again how do we navigate such strong
feelings and desires but through the heart.

If there is one thing I have learned in my sixty-one years, it is love can show me the way
through anything. It sounds corny, trite even but all truths are simple truths or they would
be too hard to understand and follow. If we could love others the way we want to be loved
this world would shift right now and we would be the better for it. Not being loved the way
we think we should have or at all often taints our knowledge and understanding of what
love is. We can't love our selves therefore anyone else so love is lost in a whole lotta pain
and trauma. I have felt it, seen it in the face of others. I have reached out to someone
who is not loving him/her self and cried at the top of my lungs..."Just Love Yourself", all
else will follow naturally.

If loving ones self were so easy I guess the world would not be such a scary place. Anger
and hate would have no place to survive, nothing to grow on or out of. That is what is
shifting, how we love ourselves. Until we learn all karma, all past events and trauma are
no longer here now, they are GONE, not here now. We are here now. We are not in the
past or in tomorrow but here now with each other, with ourselves. If we could come from
love always and live in the moment, joy and bliss would rule the world.

Finally I need to say this. The time is coming for love to rule. I have seen this vision and
know it is true. My heart tells me no matter what is happening now, whatever pain or
sorrow I feel now, love will wash it away. There is no turning back, we are becoming who
we really are, love incarnate.

Namaste Belinda.

How has the Great Shift been treating you?

Spiritually I am doing well. For the most part I am feeling very empowered. Just physical
plane work is non-existent. :)

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?

Not at all. Accountability & service have always been present.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?

Not at all. Accountability & service have always been present.

What is important to you now?


Have your relationships changed?

Not really... still evolving.

What have you lost? What have you gained?

3D wealth. Spiritual empowerment.

Have you noticed anything unusual?

Not unusual... more accountability is becoming evident for others'... grace is diminishing
for corruption.

Have your beliefs changed?


From Jim

How has the Great Shift been treating you?
Absolutely wonderfully thank you

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
In a most positive way - things getting better and better!

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
Yes, I'm a lot more certain and very grateful for Drunvalo's teachings

What is important to you now?
Living from the heart

Have your relationships changed?
For the better

What have you lost? What have you gained?
Lost fear and personality issues.
Gained confidence and self respect / love

Have you noticed anything unusual?
Much more connected to nature which is wonderful

Have your beliefs changed?

From Yvonne

The Great Shift has been a time of great highs and low lows. I keep thinking it will get
easier, but then things begin unraveling again. Mostly, the arena has been with family ties
and close relationships—in attempting to see the beauty in all things and all people—even
when humanness seems to push the idea of light beings or higher selves to the very limit.
Even when those I've turned to in the past, whom I've thought of as being more spiritually
connected than me have been exposing their humanness. So, in a way, I feel adrift, but still
attempt to remain positive. Financially, things have been sluggish too. Either abundance or
drought, but unanticipated albeit small windfalls of sorts have gotten my partner and me
through much of the year.

The common variable again has been friends and family: Trying to balance the needs of
various relationships. Attempting to be more equitable while maintaining a healthy balance
for our own personal needs. This has meant sometimes saying no to certain people and yes
to others, often times at risk of hurting the feelings of those who may have felt negatively

All the upheaval of major life changes from three years ago left an unanticipated chasm in
the family. Everyone spinning out of their own orbits and comfort zones into uncharted
territory. Then, there were small grievances about who was getting the most attention.
Was it healthy? So many emotions surfaced and had to be dealt with that I think it must
have been. (Easier to say now.) Past grievances became somehow magnified. Emotions
flared, feelings got hurt. It seemed, as it still seems now, that some of these situations are
only beginning to play out.

Presently, I just want open channels, no more withholding, which I've found doesn't
accomplish much. I don't want to be so worried about hurting someone's feelings that I can't
say with as much love as I can muster what seems to need saying. There doesn't seem to be
time anymore for petty grievances, misunderstandings, and miscommunication. I just need
straight talk.

My relationships have evolved because of this complex web of diverse prioritizing. I'm still
trying to bring it all together, but I seem to need help with the underpinnings, making
others comfortable enough to offer their insights. We have to trust one another to be
upfront and honest.

I think I've lost the naivete, the ―ignorance is bliss‖ sort of status quo that before was true
of my movement through my relationships. Definitely there has been an undercurrent that
I've gotten dragged into at times, and while not the worse for wear, I have had to eat my
own share of crow; even so, I'm more aware for it and hopefully more compassionate.

I've noticed that those I suspected had it all together may have actually been going
thorough some of the same themselves. That more or less we're all in this soup together
just needing some inspiration to settle on the missing ingredients.

My beliefs have only gotten stronger. My belief that something better is around the bend, if
we can only hang on for a little while longer: there's the promise of a better, more
harmonious future for everyone.


How has the Great Shift been treating you?
I have been feeling shaked and shocked.
I feel sometimes very fearful without understanding what is going on with me. Many
memories of the past that had been hidden deep in my subconscious are coming out.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
Never before as I do now I have been feeling the present moment. I do not have plans for
the future anymore, this has been a strange decision, because I do not feel that I chose to
make the decision of not planning for the future, it came strangely natural due to things
are changing so fast around my life and in my life that I do not see the way of following a

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
Very much. The perception of time has change totally. Things that according to the
calendar happened one year ago, six months ago or even one week ago, I feel them so very
far away of the present moment. The perception of the one year, six months, one month,
last summer, lost the meaning for me. Every event that passes goes very far away that I can
not remember when was it really.

What is important to you now?
To be in peace, to be in compasion towards myself and others. Remembering everyday that
the seed of everything is Love. That reality is beyond the physical world. To pay attention
to my emotions and thoughts. To learn to trust the flowing life.

Have your relationships changed?
Absolutely. I just see my parents as my channels to come to the world. People who were
affecting me a lot have fade away.

What have you lost? What have you gained?
I lost many ideas or beliefs about myself and others and I gained new possibilities to
approach life.

Have you noticed anything unusual?
I have become more intuitive. More sensitive.

Have your beliefs changed?
Absolutely. My beliefs about religion have change a lot. Now I can say from my heart that I
want a world without religions.

Diana Jaramillo

How has the Great Shift been treating you?

Just about everything my ego has been attached to is either gone or might be soon. I know
it is in order that I anchor in to the true essence within. I see this happening all around
me, with friends and clients.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?

Made me take risks I might not have taken otherwise. Made me readier to give up all
earthly manifestations of all I've worked for, if that is the will of Great Spirit. Made me
more flexible. Sometimes, I experience some depression, then bounce out of it.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?

I think I see things more clearly. Since the early nineties I've known that this Great
Purification/End to Illusion was underway. It's just clearer to me how quickly it's

What is important to you now?

Essence. My guiding spiritual GPS system, Goddess, Heart, whatever we're calling it these

Have your relationships changed?

The dependent/co-dependent relationships that couldn't evolve are gone. The ones that
CAN evolve ARE evolving.

What have you lost? What have you gained?

Lost: a couple jobs, a home, some friendships, pets. Gained, and increasing: more inner
balance and clarity.

Have you noticed anything unusual?

HAHAHAHA!!!!!! Been a part of some healings (both as "healer" and "healee") that
completely blew my rational left-brained perception to bits. Seen so many
miracle/"coincidences" too.

Have your beliefs changed?

Broadened and deepened, not essentially changed. Still knowing we are here to embody
Spirit through our bodies and lives. No matter what.

From Kim

Hi there, i will give fast reply to each of your questions!

I do not know - good i suppose!

I choose what I feel good, or at least try.

More aware.

Freedom - positive thoughts - light - love - inside of me.

Yes - the right vibration dictates.

Last the old world - more peace inside.

All the time - but is it unusual?

I would say, No - I have always known.

From Jussi Hirvonen

My name is Dario Anchava, Age 36, Born in Argentina, American Citizen, living in Miami
since age 6. Now live in Colombia. I have 3 kids and married to a Colombia.

It has been a mixed bag personally. Actually, I take that back. It has been what in the of my
mind I was waiting for; to experience huge mistakes in life so that I would get on tract
because of it.

The universe has made sure I have no other alternative but to focus on my personal
expansion and consciousness. I have been placed in a corner, with only one way out my
financial mess that back would make me happy.

I was led to move out of the country and start a business which I lost all of my money. That
lead me to do what my heart always asked for; help others find their True inner power. I
have been purged of lots of limiting beliefs and perspectives. I have been led to commit to

my personal mastery and led to writing a book and later finding out that I could heal others
energetically and remotely, all learned organically.

Today I am severely in debt but have access to my unlimited inner power and know that I
must build a new and bright future while keeping my perspective on the infinite and
helping others do the same.

I now treat others energetically and help heal and transform their lives.

I have had the fortune to experience things I would have never
done, like sacred medicine with shamans and led many healing seminars here in Colombia.

It‘s been the experience of pain and pleasure, or giving Birth. Personally. My wife is going
through the same, but has more difficulty than me to connect inwardly.


Dario Anchava

WOW...Really, I can go ON about this... It's years in the making, or maybe a lifetime
actually!! Hindsight ties many strings together...Anyway,

1. How has the Great Shift been treating me... Well, moving and shaking...all of my life is
changing, constantly and intensely, and if I didn't recognize it as such, I would be living a
rigid existence here and well, we know where that takes us... and if I didn't relax and just
trust in the Universe and go with it , even with anxiety in tow... I am not following my
path!! Cal, I need a chat session, it's too much to type!!

In June I moved to a different part of the U.S., not knowing one person there, and I am a
single Mom with no money, thinking, for many reasons that this is the best spot... like I
said, years of dreams, "voices", visuals, and feelings have set the premise for my
move......and man it was the right one to make!!
I was receiving so much info I didn't have any knowledge of, that I would Google it and find
out it was real true stuff!! It got to be sooooo much that I actually prayed for it to stop
because I couldn't digest it fast enough... it did stop in it's way...and then became bigger in
another way... like it took over!!!! And I was like, ok, I KNOW this is what I am suppose to
be doing and I know where I am suppose to be... JUST BECAUSE????
ahahahahaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......well.....!!YEAH!! Isn't this crazy!!!??????
All I knew was what I knew, and I didn't know how I knew... just a feeling, a knowing that I
am not from here and that I am suppose to be doing something, but I dont know exactly
what and, MAN, this is just crazy fucking shit... I'm a !!!!MOTHER!!!! I can't be flying "on a
whim"...and then again, it isn't crazy, it is more real than the hand in front of my face...
I'll write more shortly...

From Sasha

How has the Great Shift been treating you? I believe that live has changed. I have been
following many sites and people that speak out about disclosures, changing earth, changing
times, follow teachers, etc. From Drunvalo to Tom Kenyon to Dolores Cannon to the
Camelot Project, etc., etc. Of course I have the luxury of time since I am retired and can
spend as much time as I choose researching these issues on the net.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices? I have decided to follow the
―love timeline‖ and desperately wish to believe in a new world. I made sure that I try to be
on best when talking to people, even those that I previously would bark at. I have
somewhat prepared myself by buying a supply of food and will install shortly solar heating
and photovoltaic panels. (All much to the chagrin to my spouse). I furthermore tell about
my findings and inform my daughters, sister-in-laws, etc. I believe that it is important that
as many people as possible need to know what is going on. Some people believe that I have
gone cuckoo but I don‘t care.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago? I live more on a conscious
level. Other preparing myself, I am not pursuing financial goals any longer.

What is important to you now? Well since I am still a 3D person, I worry at times, about my
wife, my daughters and what is dear to me. I wish that the dark cabal would fall and that
governments around the world would stop their secrecy and disclose it all.

Have your relationships changed? I read somewhere that a lot of baby boomers are going or
have gone through lot of divorces and or splitting up. I am a just a pre-boomer and have a
good marriage of close to 40 years. So I guess no, my relationships seem to be the same.

What have you lost? What have you gained? Not lost, but I think have gained a lot of
knowledge and insight.

Have you noticed anything unusual? More tired. More accident prone. Going outside for a
while in the evenings and watch the stars (―beam me up please ;-)). Eating much less
animal flesh. I am not seeing brighter colors as some have reported. Still doing my Merkaba
meditation, unfortunately though, nothing seem to happen to me.

Have your beliefs changed? Religion wise? No I changed already in the mid sixties (from a
church going to a not). I have always believed in a GOD and or a supreme being.

Cal. I listened to an internet radio interview with you and Cyrilla Gallagher. It was
enjoyable, do you do these interviews frequently? I have your books too, was a bit surprised
to hear that you really believed in the pole shift to have happened.

Okay enjoy what you are doing in beautiful Sedona and wish you all a brave new and good

From Johan

The Great Shift is Physical , is Energy , is Psyche is Transformation. Psyche , the Butterfly
of the Soul comes forward as we rebirth through the 6th Chakra and the Thyroid. Realizing
Truth, Realizing Harmony , Purification. This is the Quickening , this is the Happening.
Physical and Spiritual are One, Form is formless , formless is form.

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate bodhi svaha

Gone Gone Gone to the Other Shore , Beyond all Suffering , Beyond Nirvana

This is the teaching of the True Buddha , Maitreya and as followed by his Chelas. THis is the
Rainbow , this is the Bridge, this is the Way and the Truth. The Radiance of the Buddha
shines on All.

Om ah hum vajra guru pedme sidhi hum , Hear the Sounds of the Masters of the Elements of
the True Guru.

Om tat tat tat , BLiss BLiss BLiss , Peace Peace Peace

Let this be heard by those with ears to hear.

om Love and Blessings of the Violet Flame and the Violet Planet I am Saint Germain

I am Unconditional Love I am That I am

So be it , Salat

Ah lani lano ama oo. Ogo ono ala la.

We are the truth and the light. Let the light shine bright for all to see!

Ho‘ oponopono Kala Kalana Kala ‗ana

From Justin

The shift has been described as an ongoing process of subtle energy changes; I can freely
state that its effect in my life mirrors this assessment.

It is not as though I have been making great breakthroughs. Rather, I, and those most
important to me, seem to be going through a period of tiny stair-steps away from old
thinking. My friends seem to be mellower about personal relationships, more inclined to
include "love" as an action response in trying circumstances. Those I know who have least
connection to spirit seem to experience the opposite: an exponentially heightened reaction
of confusion, irrationality, and fear.

The energy of the times has affected my chief relationship, with my husband. This
summer, at key numerological and astrological points including the recent 10-10-10, we had
massive rows over nothing, in arguments highly unusual for our eleven year relationship. It

is as though the energy brought out issues that were before this covered up and ignored.
Tolerance of old energy no longer seems possible.

Untruths, lies - none of it seems to be able to ride as it did before. Shady dealings at my
son-in-law's business came to light during this summer.

Days seem to be going faster and faster, and those who cannot keep up, are falling away.
We have had a rash of deaths in friends and family around us this summer. My aunt's two
daughters both lost their ill husbands within two weeks of each other. My own mother
shows strong signs of coming to her end.

I am paying more attention to grounding and staying spiritually connected. I read the news
via online sources and make sure to stay away from hate-filled rhetoric espoused by public
media. It is too painful to listen to anymore, and I feel confident that negative forces in
politics and economics are creating their own demise.

Good luck with your survey.

Love and light,

Linda Martin

First.....thanks so much for doing this. It takes a village and we have a global village of
tribe. Oneness approaches in the 3rd dimension - assisted greatly by cyberspace!

How has the Great Shift been treating you? I look at it as tides. Sometimes you catch the
wave, sometimes you have to paddle a little harder, but even that is just a perception of
illusion. This is calling us to total surrender to love.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices? Surrender of the self,
surrender to the energy of the unknown. Trusting the energy that creates all the time to
co-create with my beliefs and emotions and intentions. I have become a much better
gardener of my own vibrational frequency.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago? Yes......as we surrender,
things go from what we are learning and knowing to what we believe and trust and finally,
it becomes us.

What is important to you now? Holding the high vibration of love in a human body and
experiencing the sensory abilities of this wonderful human body beyond my imagination.
Communing with tribe is important, music, and reminding the people who cross my path, at
my seminars, etc. that they are a unique beautiful expression of the pure divine energy
that creates all the time.

Have your relationships changed? Yes. It‘s mathematical really. Vibrational frequency
attracts and releases. And thus relationships have come and gone. Oh, and I moved to

Bali. And I am in love in a way I have never experienced before with a mate who is
harmonious with my vibrational frequency beyond my imagination and who‘s growth
trajectory is harmoniously in alignment with mine beyond my imagination. I teach a
workshop on this – so I‘m feeling kinda authentic at the moment :)

What have you lost? What have you gained? I have lost the perception of separation and the
need to seek completion outside myself. At least to a great degree that is ever increasing.
I have lost the need to struggle. I teach a seminar on using a theta brainwave and quantum
physics to reconfigure self definition in the subconscious mind. I have gained a whole new
sense of freedom and love and safety in myself and the world.

Have you noticed anything unusual? Yes, that what used to be usual is now unusual and the
magic feels normal now. The veil is thinner. Manifestations materialize effortlessly and
quickly. Life is a lot more fun than it used to be! The alchemy of love, gratitude and
adoration, focusing on my heart‘s desire and what feels good is supported by the changing
energies. It is a relief to be beyond focusing on what‘s wrong and trying to fix it.

Have your beliefs changed? My beliefs change everyday. I consciously change them to
make sure I have a belief matrix that supports the dream within that is inspired by the
communion with the energy of love. My perceptions of what is real have changed vastly.
Objective observance has gotten stronger, thus judgment and fear have relaxed.

OM Swasti Astu! (Indonesion for sort of Namaste meets Aloha :)
All love and great gratitude for your time and service in reading all of these!


The Great Shift was transformed in a beautiful and promising trip for me. My creativity
increased very much, my dreams became more lucid, I remembered who I am and can
understand with major facility the changes around me. Three years ago, I did not have
clearly even where I was going and now I can see the horizon with more clarity. My
friendship diminished to the simplest form and I won in wisdom and confidence. During
the Great Shift I did not lose anything of value, on the contrary; my beliefs became strong
and I won especially in love and learned to see beyond the appearances. I give thanks to
God, my family, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Diane Cooper and all persons that there gave me
his real friendship and guide. I learned to value what I have and to seeing the changes as
opportunities to go out of the crisis.

Zully Brito (Venezuela)

How has the Great Shift been treating you?
Where do I start? After working through some very difficult decisions and making some
tough changes in my life as a result of those decision, the great shift has been treating me
incredibly well! I had to do a lot of work to get there, though.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?

Within the past 14 months, I have:
- made the decision to "walk away" from my career. I had been mapping out this career for
years and was finally beginning to achieve the levels I had wanted to achieve and the
promotions I had worked very hard to earn. Since making the decision to "walk away", I
have watched many opportunites for promotion pass me by.
- sold my home and moved to a location I never thought I'd want to live in
- given up owning a home and chose to rent an apartment instead and let many possessions
"flow away" to family, friends and others because I no longer had the space and no longer
really needed them
- made the decision to live my life quite differently - I no longer chase career goals and I
live more simply now, I have a renewed sense of purpose in my life and I now make
decisions around what is in the "greatest and best good for all" as opposed to making
decisions that will enhance my career - I will only accept career opportunities now if they
fulfill a spiritual purpose instead of a career goal purpose
- made the decision to start writing as I have learned so much from making these changes -
I feel my story would help others to make similar changes

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
LOL....I see things differently now than I did 2 or 3 MONTHS ago, let alone years!

What is important to you now?
My spirituality is most important to me now. I no longer care about career advancement. I
care about being part of the "ground crew" and I want to work toward creating a beautiful
new earth for us all to enjoy.

Have your relationships changed?
Yes, my relationships have shifted a great deal. I have let friends who aren't really spiritual
drift away, I have deliberately left a few friendships as I realized they were no longer
serving any purpose beyond "obligation", my relationships with my spiritual friends have
deepened immeasurably and I crave time with them now. My relationship with my son has
always been really strong but it's deepened as well as I have learned that he has so much to
teach me. Spiritually, we are a generation apart and we come at things from different
angles but in the end, we both believe the same things.

What have you lost? What have you gained?
I've lost my old life and the person I used to be. I have gained an incredible new life and a
lifestyle that is fun, rewarding and downright incredible. I've gained a whole new
perspective on life and I now use a different "filter" for making decisions about how I want
to spend my time.

Have you noticed anything unusual?
I believe I have truly awakened over the past few months and now that has happened, I am
making connections in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways. Information is now "pouring
in" at such a rapid rate that I can barely keep up with it all. I see connections everywhere
in all things and especially in things that never appeared to be related at all.

Have your beliefs changed?

Again, where do I start? I no longer believe that my purpose is to be promoted or to chase
a career. I no longer believe that I must work hard and give all of myself and more to
others. I have learned how important balance is in my life and I've learned how important
it is to give to myself before I give to others. I've learned about the 4 Universal Laws and I
am starting to practive them in my daily life. I've learned that life doesn't have to be
difficult and hard and challenging, that it can be absolutely incredible! I've learned how to
bring joy into my life and I now believe it's possible for all of us to be joy-filled once we
learn how.

From Debbie

How has the Great Shift been treating you?
very nice, I have to work a lot every day , I light candles and talk to the angels, I thank
them and talk to my girls and husband about all that can happen, we want to build a
wooden pyramid for meditation, we are going to live in a yurt, we work more with mother
earth, I feel that all the major lessons in my life are happening now, (just to mention I live
in Israel, 10 minutes from the Gaza strip and we do hear the bombing here).
How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
It makes me be firm in the middle not allowing me to be dragged to places where my
energy will be lost, I am devoted to my heart and the divine plan, even if sometimes it
takes me time to realize what I have to do, or to take a decision.
I chose to do the meditation in the city - where we live is just an ordinary village with
ordinary people and I feel that the way I live and the choices that I make is the message to
the people around me. These changes gave me the force to give birth to my beautiful girl,
three months ago, all alone at home with husband only, and big girl asleep in the next
room, at an unassisted child birth, it was a very strong experience for me.
Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
Oh yeah! I see things differently almost every full moon, I work every day.
What is important to you now?
To get my family to the yurt, get the pyramid project finish this year, not to worry
financially anymore, to keep growing my girls at home, to be happy and healthy and keep
listening to my angels and guides, to be able to travel in the world and participate in one of
Drunvalo's workshop, to open my own business for colon hydrotherapy treatment, that
everything in my life will easily flow for me.
Have your relationships changed?
Yes, very much.
What have you lost? What have you gained?
I've gained happiness and I let go of people that tortured me in the relationship I had with
them (one sister, one brother)
Have you noticed anything unsual?
There is no usual in my life, i love the magic in my life.
Have your beliefs changed?
They became stronger, because I cleaned and released a lot of fears this year.

With lots of love,
Hila Gal-Tamir

Although the fact that I am writing this to you and am still in a physical body indicates
clearly to me that the shift has not happened yet, the energies building up to it seem to be
having a deep effect on my life and consciousness.

In the last two years, my life has been reduced to ashes on many levels. I lost large amount
of money and virtually all personal possessions. I lost my home and most important to me,
my wife of many lives and 25 years in this one. This being a permanent and primary
relationship to me, a high priority to me is now getting back to be on the same frequency
with her.

I have no further personal interest now in remaining on this plane, EXCEPT that I am aware
of work I need to complete in order to go home. I want to clear all levels of debt that I am
aware of, I want to help all those connected with me, and I have some things I would like
to contribute to the world. I experience this like being on a business trip in a foreign
country, working to do a good job so I can get back home.

My beliefs have not changed, but my understanding has deepened. Now as it looks to me I
spent most of this lifetime as an incredible jerk, mind-centered, arrogant, and unloving.
However, to call me a jerk would probably be a great insult to jerks, so I'll take it back, I
was something else.

I guess some of us are slow learners and need some intense experiences to even begin to
wake up. Now I am interested in developing my love relationship with Mother Earth, Father
Sky and Great Spirit, also of course my own Angels. Most of my friends do not have physical
bodies. I spend my time, while I attend to my work, continually remembering to give up
my thoughts and all that seems important to me, and listening to my Angels' thoughts
instead. And I am finding that they have laid out each day and each minute for me so much
better than I could do it myself.

And whether I am physically here for another five minutes or another 10,000 years, I want
to spend it listening to them and opening up to be a completely clear channel for their
love, here or wherever I may be from now on.


How has the Great Shift been treating you?
It‘s been a rocky ride so far; lots to let go off, mainly ego, lust and anger and the idea that
I can play a significant role in whatever community I enter... But the most amazing times in
all of history as well.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
Less chance and need to control things, more entering into the flow. Trust life and the
divine rightness of all things.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
Very much. Less need to be popular, more introspection.
What is important to you now?

Positive thinking, love more, think less. Talk less, more nature walks and time happily
spent alone.
Have your relationships changed?
Dropped most of them; deepened the worthy ones.
What have you lost? What have you gained?
LOST: Money, illusions, homes, relationships. Gained: Inner peace, neighbors, contact with
nature, health,
Have you noticed anything unusual?
Besides chemtrails, mind-control, aliens and ufo's you mean? Time seems to be spiral
towards a zero point, less hours in a day, the moon and some clouds seem much closer to
the erath, almost as if I can reach out and touch them. Since a few months the energy
seems to have shifted towards a more positive feeling.
Have your beliefs changed?
Yes. No more control. No more divine intervention. Its basically up to us to re-create reality
on a day to day basis. And Positive, absolutely positive thoughts is the only way. No more
nagging at Governments, companies, conspiracies... all waste of time and good energy.

With love,
Wim, Portugal

What a shift has been happening this year in 2010, let alone the past three years!

On a personal level, as with a lot of people, this to me has been about purification and
moving me out of situations that are no longer working in my life and moving from the head
into the heart.

Three months ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, but instead of seeing this as a
negative I have used this "Dark Night of the Soul" to sift it for its gold and I found the gift -
a wonderful piece of work that I need to get out to the masses!

Over the past three years my relationships have changed in that I have people around me
now that resonate with my vibration - it is important for me to be with loving people that
come from the heart and not the head and I see things differently now in that I need to
connect with people from a place of unity and love.

I may have lost a part of my "old self" through my illness but what I have gained is the need
and desire to shift more into the heart and follow what my Soul wants!

Love and blessings,
Linda Raven

How has the Great Shift been treating you?

Very kindly.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?

I‘m in expanse! I‘m very positively charged and energized:) People around me also more
joyful :) I stopped running away from "real" life - facing problems become fun for me.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?

My seeing changed completely. I had dream about amputation of my head and my heart and
I received back the new ones. See yourself - what a DREAM it was :)))

What is important to you now?

Freedom from fear – I‘m ice-breaker now. I became a living statue - melted from the ice
age. To live.

Have your relationships changed?

I received some of my relationships back and quality of the rest improved substantially. I‘m
making wider circles in human family.

What have you lost? What have you gained?

I gained so much that I cannot say that I have lost something.

Have you noticed anything unusual?

Ha ha ha :D

Have your beliefs changed?

Yes - they are / have been erased.

With love
Ewa S

How has the Great Shift been treating you? Absolutely kicking my butt. Turning my world
upside down, emptying out everything that doesn't serve me or others, and beating me up
until I get VERY CLEARLY what I need to get within - love, compassion, honor, integrity,

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices? Can't be around anyone who
isn't about where I am now - utter disaster. Otherwise, good, very good. Except for
metastatic breast cancer since about three years ago, which I have managed to survive
naturally, but which became utterly surreal this past year.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago? Yes, my life is devoted
now to the above attributes of being, nothing else.

What is important to you now? Mostly love, of myself, Gaia and all beings.

Have your relationships changed? Yes, either authentic or gone.

What have you lost? What have you gained? Lost some material things, bodily perfection
(material things) and gained everything I could imagine gaining. Clarity, patience, love,
compassionate, honor, integrity, truth - although all had always been me, I had let some
aspects slip a bit since I was a child.

Have you noticed anything unusual? Yes, when I stay in surrender, love and grace, all works
perfectly. If I try to orchestrate, all hell breaks loose. NO ERROR FOR EGO.

Have your beliefs changed? Yes, very much.

Gratitude & grace,

How has the Great Shift been treating you?
It has been expansive with lots of inner work to release old energies that do not serve, and
periods of rest and amazing periods of AT ONE-NESS feeling the Ever PRESENT NOW moment
...from my experience it is an overwhelming feeling of Love and Connectedness to
Everyone and Everything Everywhere on a Deep Cellular Level....

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?

More Inner work...and integrating energies and experiences...I have become more
accepting but I can catch myself if old judgements/schemas which were mainly fear based
which can subtly creep in...When this occasionally happens I feel Disequilibrium ...I thank
the lesson and integrate it and send it to All-There-Is ...it impacts lifestyle and choice
making. I continue to Allow and Expand Love into my life and relationships....
Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
Yes this journey has been learning/integrating/expansion.....more walking your talk, living
your truth
What is important to you now?
Love, Loving personal/planetary and beyond ...Let go and Let Love...developing a wider
understanding of All-There-Is ......extending knowledge to others if they choose by being
my truth or otherwise and the journey back
Have your relationships changed?
Some have deepened some have naturally completed
What have you lost? What have you gained?
Loss and gained are dualistic ... experience can be at one end of the pole or the other...its
about integration...all is ok...we played our role now we know the truth.....
Have you noticed anything unusual?
I've noticed Synchronicity
Have your beliefs changed?

My core belief since childhood was of God.... that has not changed...the biggest change has
been my understanding of my 'being' and my 'connection' more accurately OUR connection
with All-There-Is and each other.


I do not notice a Great Shift, (though there was a impact when I find out about the
extraterrestials, the NWO, Reptilians, etc. and the awakening and transformation of
humanity, two years ago).
However I certainly notice a much more quiet mind, whithout annoyance, anger, fear, etc.
I notice that my wishes and desires fulfill very quick. When I have a question, the answer
comes almost the next day on internet, I notice, that "things" go sometimes, fast, without
me considering or thinking about it, as if that "thing'' or situation had already decided to
work out in a certain way, I just have to follow it, all of this have not been this way before
(so fast).
Sometimes there is a vibration at night throughout my whole body as if I am a purring cat.
I do not feel very well, here it is difficult to say, because my health has not been good all
my life.
Overall, there is more peace in my mind and heart, but that would be expected, since all
my life I have been desperate searching for answers about why everything is as it is, where
we come from etc.
and I got many answers from internet, but of course that also is part of the whole "game".
Relations and situations become more clear. Love flows much more easely from my heart to
Life became more exited since I sence an unseen force and kind of plan behind everything,
also beings who guided us, and "miracles" happend.
I was listening to an interview of Kerry Cassidy and there was a break for four minutes,
at that moment my brother calls me to tell me that my mother had died, we talk a little
and we hang up. My mother was very old, suffering and dying, so I was not surprised or very
sad, I just sat there and listen to the music of the break. After six ! minutes I sort of
realise, that the break took so long and I listen more aware of the music, it was The Lords
Prayer by Singh Kaur, I kind of unconsciously had wondered why this music was chosen for
the break, than I saw that the interview was gone and that there was a complete different
program on my computer, it is not possible that this could ever happen, I should not know
how to put that music on my computer, the interview was disappeared ! there was that
Now I realise how all the answers can come to me on internet, they are put there.............
More and more I can release grip on my life and go with the flow.
I think, there is not more to wish for than this

With love

Hi Cal,

It's been a while since we last talked.

I have gone through great changes in the last 6 months. I have had many waves of
incredible realizations, especially concerning the grand deception which is occurring here
on our Divine Mother Earth.

I completely believe Drunvalo concerning the ascension. Not only are We ascending (some
of us), but Mother Earth is also ascending. Many new age teachers and channels are
predicting that we are ascending into the 4th dimension. Many are predicting that our
planet Earth will remain as she is physically and that the ETs will introduce new
technologies that will change our planet and the vibrations here. We will then live in a

All of these teachings are manipulated onto the Earth and her inhabitants by ETs that wish
to continue enslaving the human population. In this regard, David Icke is correct. This is all
Part of the Grand Deception.

Drunvalo has told us that Mother Earth is going to ascend into the 5th dimension. This is
absolutely true. Now the 5th dimension is a completely different and higher frequency then
our 3D Earth. The closest description of 5D is the inner civilizations of our Sun and the stars
in the heavens.

So we can forget about all of the new technologies etc. that so many people predict. They
will be completely useless and unnecessary. Now we, as the inhabitants of Mother Earth
will be given choices very soon. Those who wish to ascend with Mother Earth need to stay
here on Earth, through the difficult Earth changes.

As Drunvalo has instructed, Mother Earth will guide us and protect us if we connect with her
through unconditional love. We will see and go through the doorways she will present to us.
We will then enter into the 5D, and transform into 5D bodies. Mother Earth will also
transform into a star (5D body) on March 31, 2013. Remember, it is the procession of the
Equinoxes, not the procession of the Solstices. 12/21/12 is an important date because this
is when Mother Earth will begin straightening on her axis to prepare for the shift. This shift
into 5D is unprecedented, as in the past, Mother Earth continued in 3D at the end of each
procession of the equinoxes. This time it will be very different.

Another Event that will occur soon is that many star ships from the Galactic Federation of
"Light" will appear to take as many humans off of the planet as possible. They will tell us
that they are here to save us, to take us to a new Earth they have prepared for us. But in
reality, they will take us to bases in Mars and other planets in Our solar system to continue
feeding off of the magnificent power of humanity. This is the GRAND DECEPTION. They
consider us as their slaves, their herd, and they are coming to harvest us. These evil ETs
are masters in the art of deception, and they are and will "appear" to us as ascended
masters and beautiful ET races, but in reality they are extremely evil and feed off of
humanity, as they have been doing for many thousands of years. This was the fall of
humanity that the legends speak of. Through their technologies and the manipulations of
DNA they "appear" in these artificial bodies to deceive us.

So I would advise everyone to not get on these ships of deception, but rather stay on planet
Earth and trust that she will protect us.

Listen to Drunvalo. He is absolutely correct in this regard. If you would like more info,
please feel free to write me. If this all sounds rather far fetched, then I suggest sending
this letter to Drunvalo and hear his reply. :-) Best regards Cal, and thank you for the
opportunity to write you concerning this.

With Love, Compassion and Discernment,
Greg Calise

How has the Great Shift been treating you?
Very well! I love the changes and I love chaos because it will bring always a new order.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
As I am moving with the changes I don't feel them. My choice has been for a long time to
help bring Heaven to Earth, helping people to open their hearts and to live in the optimal
possible way. My choices have not changed in these last two years.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?

What is important to you now?
The same as always: living from my Heart and sharing the best of my self and get the best
out of the others in a loving and respectful way.

Have your relationships changed?
They did not change in the last 2 years. The good ones are staying good.

What have you lost? What have you gained?
I did not lose anything; gained a bit more security.

Have you noticed anything unusual?
No, I did not.

Have your beliefs changed?
My beliefs have stayed the same.

I think that if we really know why we are here, that the changes don't affect us. If we chose
to be on the Path of the Heart, then no tzunami (in whatever level) can affect us which
makes it easy to do what we incarnated for (came in) to do. I feel loved, guided, protected
and inspired to give the best of my self and help others to get the best of them to the
surface. In the meantime I help as many people as possible to overcome and heal their
emotional pains and damages. I see that more and more people are self secure, take their
own responsibility and fulfill their mission in life.
We always lived in unity, which was a bit boring. Therefore we invented the duality world
and stepped in. Meanwhile we have lived all scenarios possible and are reaching the end of

this duality world. Everybody talks about 2012. As Dru once said, we have passed that
borderline already. So, now we have entered or are entering a whole new period in which
we will combine the best of the unity world with the best of the duality word. I call it:
bringing heaven to earth. This is something completely new and we can go on for a long
time polishing this new concept. This is new in the whole universe, as far as I can find out.
It is thrilling!! So, I love life!!

Love, Donna

Well, for me, the Great shift since 2008 has been life altering.
I lost everything, literally, and have had to start over at 60-now 62.
I have always had an inner faith and have had several spiritual experiences before I had
done any studying to have terms associated with what I experienced.
I have learned that there is NO dollar amount that takes the place of LOVE and forgiveness.
In relationships, iIt is essential to find a balance between setting healthy boundaries and
loving unconditionally.
Life moves forward and is ever changing. "Go with the flow" is not just made up
Love is all there is, is above all, the true essence of who we are at the core of our Spirit.
If we have no conscious connection with that eternal, all pervasive, Love, we live in the
"fall" of man (human).
I have chosen to Love and be raised up since the fall of 2008.


The Great Shift has been treating me with great tenderness and kindness. I
feel loved by life. This is a complete turnaround to how I felt when I was
younger. Then I felt unloved, unlovable, and forgotten. I would see bumper
stickers proclaiming MAGIC HAPPENS...I would think...yeah maybe, but not to
me. Now I feel Magic everywhere. This has been on the increase over the last
2-3 years.

This profound turnaround has led to different choices; feeling safe enough
to walk away from my job, take up dancing, enjoy myself more, become part of
the community via the Organic Garden etc.

I see things without the filter of fear now....I still have the filter just
in case I want to use it....but it is now optional!

Joy is important, kindness is important, being more myself is important.

My relationships have changed...I seem to have more friends, people who
actively seek out my friendship, some old friends who I felt fed up with
have simply dropped away.

I have lost a lot of my fear and insecurities. I have gained a sense of freedom and joy. I feel
far more optimistic than I used to.

Unusual - Life has always seemed unusual to me!

I think some of my core beliefs about what is possible have changed. I used to limit
everything, now I feel far more open to infinite possibilities....anything could happen and
possibly will!

....Okay, the Real Estate Lady has been and gone....No Pet sited!! The Handyman will be
round to sort out the waterproofing needed....I wonder what his name is!!

Best wishes and thanks for the Spirit of Maat....


Dear Staff of the Spirit of Ma‘at,

I´am Martina Baumann from Germany.
In this time, I listen to me and many poesy comes.
They tells me the kind of truth in my heart.
I send you in the moment, one from it. Who gives me the hope, that I never walk alone.
It´s from the Wonder - Angel. And in germany. I trust you understand it.

I´am sure, that we all are one.
Thank you for all.

In love
Martina Baumann

How has the Great Shift been treating you? Overall I have been treated very well by my
Guardians and my Higher Self. I feel protected and blessed every day.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices? Being retired has granted
plenty of free time to concentrate and see through all the illusions that bombard us. I am
no longer a slave and free to think and act according to the will of Prime Creator in my life.
I "go with the flow" as much as possible outside of the matrix. Negative people seem to be
attracted to me seeking energy by attempts to provoke anger through acts of deliberate
personal trespass.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago? Both see and think
differently. I know longer believe everything that appears in the fear based media.

What is important to you now? Connecting with fellow Light Workers to help raise the
frequency of this planet. Continuing my service work with suffering and recovering addicts.

Have your relationships changed? I have forgiven many past trespasses against me and by

What have you lost? What have you gained? I lost my trust in the "system", my desire for
material gain. I have gained increased intuition in my dealings with others. I both
recognize and communcicate with my totems now.

Have you noticed anything unusual? People are starting to wake up in many different ways.
There seems to be a distinct "polarization" taking place in this Country between those that
are awake and those that continue to live in blind obedience to the matrix. I sense
disclosure of many hidden truths are about to be revealed officially very soon.

Have your beliefs changed? My perceptions of reality have changed.

Doug Filer

Hi there,

At the end of 2007 I gave up a 20 year sales career, changed my diet as I was constantly
sick and anxious, gave up alcohol and began to read more ‗spiritual‘ material.
In 2008 things moved very quickly, I began studying Nutritional Medicine, enrolled in
spiritual Workshops and read many books from Doreen Virtue to the Seth Material....I was
reading as though I only had a few months to live and had to devour every book that had
been written. I also began to see and feel things during meditation and last year started to
channel poetry.
In early 2009 I had a strange pull toward Wicca and Paganism which I had never dreamt
would interest me....I am now a Priestess who performs ceremony as a Celebrant and study
Druidry (currently going through the Bardic grade.)

During this time my outlook, beliefs and conditioning has been challenged and I consider
myself to be ‗awake‘ (most of the time J)
I no longer live in a brand new oversized home, I live in a smaller lowset which is more
rural, eco-friendly and am embarking on keeping chickens and growing my own produce.

As far as relationships go, many old friends have left my life and my husband finds it very
difficult dealing with the ‗new me‘ as he is a devout atheist. I am a solitary in my practices
and silent about many things as I have suffered ridicule at times.

I am now in a place where I can accept the loss of relationships as lack of understanding
and allow everyone to have their own opinions and path. Initially I wanted to ‗convert‘
everyone as I felt so amazing and at peace after finally realising who I am.

I now use my Magickal name in business and when I write as I can freely express who I am. I
also attract similar people into my life now.

If someone had told me three years ago where I would be today, I would probably have
laughed in their face!

Yours in Love and Light
Amber Moon

P.S I am still devouring books in the same way but choose from them the ideas that
resonate with me.

Dear Cal, thanks for this initiative...I am happy to share my steps! Warm greeting from
Marian from Holland.

How has the Great Shift been treating you?
Very well, thank you. I don't know when the Great Shift started.....though as it seems such
a chain of events leading up to it, being part of it? Almost impossible to frame in time.
Well, me being a visionary person......Ha! I am continuously grateful for living in a body
now, passionately.
Immersing wholeheartedly in the senses and joy of nature, the great lady Gaia. She is
becoming so close to me and I to her.
My mission is to support her in the clothing of her new garments....the merging of Heaven
and Earth on this planet.
I know much about that and I am beginning to remember....also that I am the one I've been
waiting for, which moves me to tears.
It's a great healing on my autonomy and I experience that as a life lesson. The intertwining
of events, unfolding, is one of the most magical and wondrous aspects of life, I think.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
My life has become whole and complete, although huge changes keep going on, more
focussing on my mission here on the Great Lady Gaya I activated my MerKaBa in the FOL
workshop in 1996 and I think I understand the meaning of the Secret Space in the Heart,
being in the silent presence of my spirit, a presence that's full of possibilities and very, very
rich. When I am focused on that center and enter inside, I feel like a jaguar in dense
rainforest, poised and conscious of the body and senses. It's a prey animal energy in that it's
very accurate in it's movement and focus. In that state I can walk the streets and raise my
hand to stop traffic, when danger appears. It's very powerful, like there's No Time between
decision and action almost I am aware of that capacity and use it consciously, with care.
It's a tool I'm going to learn to use and adjust. For the benefit of all life. When in that state
I am like a lighttower, swooping it's light over a crowded street, I am completely at ease
with what is. Sounds like a wizard hmmmm? I am friends with Merlin, could be his teaching.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
Yes, very much so, I know my reality is my creation and I can see how it's being created,
even sometimes why.
Being much more centered in the heart brings quietude and grace, no pressing urge to
change things as they are. It's perfectly okay, it's ALL RIGHT.

What is important to you now?

Living from the heart, my job as a Nanny, foodconsultancy, a soulmate connection and
healing of my autonomy in the first place

Have your relationships changed?
Yes, very much, my family is more and more on the background, with ease at the same
time. New friends step in, sleeping friensdhips are rekindled.
I found a soulmate, spring this year, which has great impact on my whole being.

What have you lost? What have you gained?
I've lost old believe systems and selfcomplaint, weight too almost 20 pounds, over 2 years.
Guess those were the believe systems......ha.
I gained soul confidence a lot, sensing my purpose and conscious creating capacity.
Changing my attitudes and rigid thinking. Much more joyful and appreciative. Lost of joking
and finding humour in situations. I can see the Christ consciousness in people often. Their
intention, which strengthens my compassion. No fear at all, lots of trust, no fear to change
too. I guess this means I am quite happy! Yes!

Have you noticed anything unusual?
Nature is "talking" to me more, sending loving vibrations, the presence of plants and tree is
tangible. Time is more cyclic, less linear....don't know how to explain that in detail, it's
just an experiential thing. I am inviting much more people in my life and I am more open
to receive friendship and honest sharing.
I am showing my vulnerability much more, without feeling powerless.....ha, that shows
something of my past tendency to control The 10-10-10 energies came through me at 18.00
in the evening, yesterday, I knew about the world meditation at 6.00 12.00 and 18.00 hrs.
The 18.00 Whoooosh almost knocked me down, exactly on the moment I stepped down in a
dry ditch....to make a picture. I had to grab the branches around me to steady myself.
Swooning almost. Only later I understood it was the energy-wave of 18.00 o'clock.

Have your beliefs changed?
Yes, very much so! I've been expressing them in quite a strong way, trying to open closed
doors and windows in other people.
This is something, I believe, I can let go of now. Just speak my truth, which is expressed
here in this list of questions and answers.

Thank you very much, such a great initiative this!

Much love and warm embrace,
Marian from Holland.

How has the Great Shift been treating you?
Janet - my wife - and I have had differing experiences depending upon whether, it is the
spiritual, emotional, mental or physical bodies. We have been studying with Lord Kuthumi-
Agrippa (the Agrippa was added after his latest retreat) for the last three years and so we
knew much of what to expect and when. However expectation did not detract from the
impacts. Certainly our consciousness levels have risen - intuitiveness has increased, instant
ability to slot into a 5D type state of meditation, manifestations do seem to be toooo co-

incidental not be the affect of the new energies et al, a feeling of being in parallel
universes, feet on terra firmer and head somewhere else. Mentally we have become very
much sharper; this is offset by intermittent brain fog, when the most recent 'things' are just
zapped until a grounding takes place and memory recovers! Physically has been much
different, Janet, a sensitive physic, has undergone much pain in many places, muscles,
bones, joints, and the effects hormonal changes. Simply put we really do feel the onset of
our Adam Kadman bodies starting to materialise. This is at a high level just now but the
pain thresholds in and around old operational areas, in both us, tell us there is makeover
going on internally. We have both intended that we become 35 year olds from +/- 70s, so
we await our new frames with eagerness!!!!
I have had the opposite physical manifestations, apart from old surgery areas I have a
feeling of elevation, as though one has started to exist at 5000 feet instead of 100 feet.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
Very little really since we have adapted with the advance knowledge. We do find that we
need many more quiet times and retreat periods.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago? This is covered above.

What is important to you now? To keep on keeping on and to be aware on a daily basis that
we live in the NOW and go with the flow of happenings. To be an initiate of the Light; to
be a keeper of the Light; to be an ambassador of the Light and to be an immaculate Being
of the Light - in the goodness of divine timing!!

Have your relationships changed? The old ones have dropped away, including family
members much to their anger and irritation, and new ones who are also on the 'train' so to

What have you lost? What have you gained? Lost the old and gained the new - outlined
above in bits.

Have you noticed anything unusual? Different yes, unusual no, since we have studied the
messages from the Masters et al. Folk who are awakening and just do not know what is
going on, must feel as though their minds have deserted them!!

Have your beliefs changed? No, since I/we have never believed in the control freakery of
the church and the twisted messages that are delivered or of society's 'social' control. Yes,
we have to be aware of the rules since fines and prison is counter productive!! but we do
live in our 'Authentic Selves' to the extent that those around us allow, in all senses.

From Peter

It has been a very interesting few years. Things I have noticed:
1- A definite pressure in the frontal lobe.
2 - 11:11 showing up everywhere including numerous other seemingly meaningful number
combo's such as 12:12 and more often when I am in deep thought almost as if in answer to
some inner question

3 - synchronicity off the chart and way more often than in the past
4 - energy, such as auras, often exploding into awareness and at times when I was not
looking for it
5 - much more negative energy in friends and family. Drama is off the chart.
6 - The national media has gone nuts and some are very aware and others seem in a trance
and oblivious
7 - Politicians have lowered the public veil and are seen by most as the 'emperor with no
clothes' and as cheats and liars
8 - CEO's and the business world in general has been laid bare and seen for what they have
always been; slaves to money working in a trance state where the soul has little voice
9 - Money is being shown as the trojan horse it has always been. Issued by the King so he
and his friends can control the masses.
10 - Energy of the personal kind seems to be in a wave form with extreme highs followed by
lows. Sun gazing, deep meditation, and other energy building efforts are unbelievably good
on some days and seem impossible to stay focused on others.

To summarize the change is like ocean waves moving forward and then receding only to
crash back with even greater force each pulsing cycle. When you are riding the wave it is
important to grab all the energy you can when it is at its peak so that you can survive the
crash when you are slammed into the ocean floor. Those of us that are aware of the
changing reality know that the positive energy is winning and growing stronger. When the
waves finally recede for the final time a new earth and a new sun will be illuminating
something we have prayed for and will be clean and ready for a new phase of creation.

Looking forward to seeing you all there. - Don Gross

1) How has the Great Shift been treating you?
I think mainly by positive way, for now I understand the meaning and
functioning of many a things around me, connections all around,
between people, nature. I realize an urge necessaries for much
compassion, cooperation, help others rather than hurt others, however
it requires a very hard sport training, the outcomes are in better
behavior, being more emphatic and understandable, I feel it in my
every cells, the harder I train the better occasions are happening around
me, being able to change the flow of future from negative to positive
Last period, two - three moths I have found in me some gifts, hidden
one, experiencing six sense, having vision of occasion which will
occur in my view, deeper sensitivity to love all around me, mainly nature, I
have found also shamanic skills which are working much beter than
classical medicine.

2) How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
Yes, for now I have a bigger vision of future, seeing possibilities of
brighter future I´ve never been imagined. Knowing outstanding people,
wisdom I have never known about, making choice to travel and realize

some of my goals, implementing shamanic and energy medicine
to daily praxis, so I would like to make some certificate program of
it. I´ve lost some connections to my friends in order to go my way,
keeping my faith and way of life. For sure, I would like to see the
sacred places of Sedona, Arizona and get knowledge of tribal Indians.

3) Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
Yes, I see how people are living their lives without purpose, to be
concentrated only for making more money, but their lifes are going
down, making them more angry and older, not understanding that happiness is
to running 15 miles in forest and see the sun above mountains.

4) What is important to you now?
Having good relations with my colleagues, doing fine medicine,
sporting, taking care of my parents to be healthy, enjoying everyday
of my life by sporting activities with my dog, Deutscher boxer named
Segal and I also look for love of a lifetime, however I need finally
Good partner.

5) Have your relationships changed?
In working place to better, implanting energy of good, also I have
outstanding communication with my parents and I like people who are
behaving very well or at least trying to change within.

6) What have you lost? What have you gained?
I´ve lost not so much, only for now I do not prefer things which were
very important some two years ago, losing some connections with
my friends, but that´s life like a flow in the river, something You
lose and other win. I have won my spirit and connections relating to
my future.

7) Have you noticed anything unusual?
I have realized the more positive I am the more work and good
relations I have, including patients or friends. For now I am able to
work much quicker and still in very high level of quality, it´s like speed of light.

8) Have your beliefs changed?
For sure yes, but some of them I would like also to realize physicaly.

Sincerely, Ivan.

1. It's like a sort of lightening up in density...or maybe it's just a ol' geezer getting lite

2. U.S. and World problems appear to be more insurmountable than ever before.              That
maybe ol' geezer perception too.

3. Egos are becoming more obvious and harder to control in general, somehow . That's
said in the mind-set of "The Course In Miracles" where feeling 'attacked' the compulsion to
'attack back' is less avoidable and happening more .......also in general.

From Lawrence

Hi Cal,
Here is my reply to your questionnaire
How has the Great Shift been treating you
I find that I have been directed to new friends, new knowledge and learning and my family
are taking a back seat from me and I am letting the loose the struggle of a worn out path to
nowhere how have these changes impacted your life and your choices yes I now make
choices without looking for the approval of others do you see things differently than you did
two or three years age yes I am more open and definitely feel Spirit all the time what have
I lost I have lost the neediness and the fear of failure what have I gained Belief in myself
Have I noticed anything unusual Yes , that I feel constantly guided to new friends, ideas,
and websites that help me along my path Have my beliefs changed yes my strongest the law
of attraction. No negitive thinking, No judgement. and that spirit is

From Susan

Blessings to all of you!
These are my feelings:

How has the Great Shift been treating you? A lot of motion!

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices? Now, I give things a second
thought, even a third one. I try to make decisions being my Highest Self in action. To say it
in simple words, and following our Master Jesus' teachings, I ask myself all the time: How
the Christ would act in this case? Then, I follow my inner lead.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago? I wouldn't say I see them
differently, I would say I get more strong feelings, vibes, in many instances, about things
that probably didn't mean much before. Sometimes I feel like my physics skills are
developing, or active.

What is important to you now? Being ready for the outcome. I strongly believe, as I have
declared it to people around me, that your preparation must be spiritual, not material.
Material things are going to be provided, magically or miraculously to those people that
were ready for the New Heaven and New Earth.

Have your relationships changed? Not my relationships, but me. I have become so sensitive
that I am so aware of the energy around me. I have become "picky" when it comes to
interrelate, interconnect with people.

What have you lost? What have you gained? I am fortunately still seeing the glass half full
most of the time.

Have you noticed anything unusual? We are living in a Pandora's box today's day.

Have your beliefs changed? They are more aligned with all creeds, religions, spiritual
movements. We are becoming more universal as spiritual beings. We are heading back to
The Source.

Elvira R. Baez

How has the Great Shift been treating you?
Amazing expansion of love & abundance...

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
I've opened even more, more grounded & connected to people & the planet/Kosmos.

What is important to you now?
My relationships (Partner, family, community), sustainable gardening & living, health...
Have your relationships changed? My current relationship(since meeting 9-11), has been
destroyed & recreated numerous times; and every time we each have experienced
incredible growth & expansion of love, et al.

What have you lost? What have you gained?
Sold home & bought new home(larger & twice lot size) for less $$ - abundance.

Have you noticed anything unusual?
Yes, constant noise(Emfs, etal in the atmosphere), expanding greed & violence in the govt
& corporate bedfellows.

Have your beliefs changed?
Less stuck on shoulds & shouldn'ts & "sacred cows"....
Thanks for asking all these Q's.

Lila Skye

In a phrase, It's "All Talk and No Action". It's been about 55 years or so since I read or heard
the part of the Bible where Jesus said, "The things I do ye shall do also and Greater things
than these shall you also do". OK, Billy Graham, Michael Jackson and the President talked
to more that 5,000 people at a time, but I don't take that as anything Great.
The New Age, I have found the same, "All Talk but No Action".
I have had years of Empty Promises, I got more today. The Weather is really Extreme and
so is a lot of other things. Our life is falling apart as I/we know it.

I know that to Build a Building, Garden or Meal the first thing you do when the work really
begins is get in there and make a big mess, or that is what it looks like. As for me the mess
has been getting Bigger and Bigger and so far all I have heard is talk that it will get better.
Years and Years of talk from many sources.

Bob (*_*)

I am Frank and coming from Holland

There is a website called Niburu.nl where a lot of Dutch people react of their physical and
psychical problems during the ascension
I am one of the group members of Ascension and Health, we want to help people with their
struggle during this time of ascension.
We advise the Schumann resonance to connect with the earth frequency.
 I wish you all the best and you team

How has the Great Shift been treating you?
Well I have some emotional and physical difficulties such as_
- Feeling tired sometimes
- awakening more tired then when i went to sleep
- Headaches
- Pain in mine muscles
- Sudden anger or fear and sometimes feeling happy

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
My work does not longer fit to me I‘m a Dutch MP and for many years busy with alternative
healing and spiritual psychology.
I want now to be part of the ascension and want to be part of NIBURU.nl for disclosure.
10-10-10 is the moment so i shall see what for decision I shall make, I'm willing to sell my
house for it, money does not see so much, on the other hand I have some financial
responsibilities en will look if I can still do these responsibilities

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
I had more anger and fear in the past and i'm looking forward to live without struggle

What is important to you now?
Now is important that i get the correct guidance, i try to be confident but sometimes i
loose the confidence

Have your relationships changed?
I am more concerned about all the people because there are a lot unconscious people so i
talk about this
I also overall experience less anger and abuse of power in myself

What have you lost? What have you gained?

Lost some relationships and gained the confidence that how i live it is better for
humankind because i have to tell people what is going on It feels like going home and i look
forward to experience a struggle free live, wit respect, peace, love and that anyone can
experience hapiness

Have you noticed anything unusual?
Above i explained

Have your beliefs changed?
I'm more certain that there are a lot of helpers not human and i look forward to meet
them. Finally what i believe that i am a part of if we call it God but that everyone and
everything is a part of it, there are no boundaries. But it is difficult to realize. Because
with our power we did in our past lives thing where I am embarrassed of course was my ego
responsible for that but it is that kind of power I fear most; because of the abuse in the
past. That is why it is so difficult to believe that we can use the god power for benefit of all

When I turned 60, I realized I have to take better of my body and spirit. I have become
more tolerant of things that used to bother me. I have become more in tune to nature and
take more time to enjoy things like a sunset or sunrise and the stillness before the noise of
cars and people in a hurry. Thank you for listening to me.
Blessings to you.

Sincerely yours, Cheryl Becker

How has the Great Shift been treating you?

Lots of challenges physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Transformation

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?

My life has gotten better. And I make better choices.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?

Most definitely. I'm much less judgmental and accepting of "what is."

What is important to you now?

Peace. Maintaining inner harmony and staying connected to my inner guidance.

Have your relationships changed?

Yes. My marriage has deepened and grown in spiritual closeness. Many other relationships
have fallen away, as our frequencies are no longer compatible.

What have you lost? What have you gained?

Eliminated a lot of fear and out-modded beliefs and thought patterns. Opened my heart
and mind to greater love, acceptance and surrender.

Have you noticed anything unusual?

Spirit works in miraculous ways!!

Have your beliefs changed?

Most definitely. Much more accepting of Self and Others.

Blessed be, Niomi

How has the Great Shift been treating you?

There have been Great Changes in the lives of myself and my wife, but fortunately, we are
riding the Great Wave in a very satisfying direction, having learned a Great Deal along the

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?

In 2005 we moved to Nashville, TN, not quite knowing what we were getting into, but it's
been a wonderful Great Adventure. Nashville is a fantastic portal of the New Earth.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?

Yes, mostly as a result of studying many things, including Drunvalo's works, and integrating
them into our lives.

What is important to you now?

Right now, we're studying and implementing the NINE DIMENSIONS model described by
Barbara Hand Clow. That is the most practical and enlightening thing we've found currently
that fits present conditions.

Have your relationships changed?

Generally, getting along with people better - even people who had been previously very
challenging to get along with.

What have you lost? What have you gained?

I won't even go into what we've lost - it's been very challenging, but we've definitely come
out the other side much stronger. Gained experience and wisdom, through Grace.

Have you noticed anything unusual?

What is NOT unusual these days? "These are the days of miracles and wonder" - that's not
just a phrase, that's a news headline.

Have your beliefs changed?

Our (myself and my wife have what we call a "study group" which is the laboratory for all
I've written above) beliefs have expanded considerably. As I mentioned, the NINE
DIMENSIONS has really helped bring alot of things into focus. I often refer to Drunvalo's
SERPENT OF LIGHT. I give him huge credit for his teachings. If I understand him correctly,
I find his assertion that there will be a massive decrease in earth's human population to be
more apocalyptic than I choose to go along with. But I do consider him a master teacher, a
great story-teller, and I give him immense credit and respect for his devotion to raising
consciousness on this planet at this time.

Maximum Aloha,
Francis Perry

How has the Great Shift been treating you?

Mixed; while many blessings on a daily basis - status quo is more the reality than a sense of
moving towards anything

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?

becoming more distant from those that I love - family, friends, and while an outgoing
person finding solitude (myself) and the internet as my time users.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
for certain I see things more clearly - but continued confusion at those in decision making
positions behaving both irreverently and foolish.

What is important to you now?
Sharing what I have learned.

Have your relationships changed?
Almost all have changed in some way or another.

What have you lost?
Nothing has been lost.

What have you gained?
Certainty - sense of knowing

Have you noticed anything unusual?
Having visited Sedona for two experiences in the past 4 months - 35 days and then 15 days -
Spiritual Chaos; on both occasions.

While I enjoyed the experiences from a learning perspective I experienced a high level of
fear, anxiety, a lack of perspective of the importance of Sedona to the World Community.

From a business perspective I noticed that the Sedonans limited no differently than the
Mexicans - who are afraid to make any movement with out advisors - no matter how limited
the advisors are.

Have your beliefs changed?

Shifted, but not changed. Over the past three years have developed a perspective on a 15
sense world model with an easy to understand sharing process. Working with what I
consider a new thought - enmity - and how to use our newly developed Vortex Tool to
eliminate enmity.

I had never explored enmity - but in doing so I find a door way necessary to be opened in
order to experience love. Enmity is a quality that exists in all of us to some degree. How
to work with it is what has changed me. (I believe)

I trust this is of value, and I attach the program/process that may be of interest to

Mitchell L Gold

Hello and thank you , also thank you for your book, i was in Drunvalo class in 01-2009. My
personnel life is changed tremendously. I became a healer and i am taking this road very
strongly. I am gaining a lot of power and vibrations in my body and brain thru Dahn Yoga ,
big respect and thanks to these people.
I see people are changed a lot. a lot of interest in spirituality and respect to Mother Earth
and Universe.
My relations with my family are changed. i see thinks differently and I am changing myself
or just observe the situation and learn a lot.
I am coming to Drunvalo work shop I would like to meet you personally. My name is Inessa
Tsinman .I live in Chicago. Thank you for your hard work.

From Inessa

How has the Great Shift been treating you?

I feel like an island in the middle of a storm. Most everyone I know is affected, mostly
emotionally with unusual outbursts, crying for no reason, anger welling up. I see this as
simply reaction to DNA shift, global uncertainty and personal upwelling of long held secrets
that are coming to light. (pun intended).

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
I have been favorably impacted. More comfortable in my physically unverified knowings of a
great shift. I'm more settled, and have fairly well removed myself from day to day needs,
have to's and shoulds. When I travel now it's with less enthusiasm, more resistance and the
last 3 times I've returned w/ intense colds the following day. I see it as integration of
change, resistance to the travel and internal reflection of the upset around me.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
Not really, not essentially. I understand the potential outcome of the shift more
concretely, i.e. the effects of Light and how that vibration produces both internal and
external changes. I see these as good yet also realize many will not and have compassion
and concerns for their intensity of resistance and what that creates. It will not be a happy
thing to watch. Yet allow and love are the keywords here.

What is important to you now?
I'm laughing here. I now read romance novels, at age 60! Never before!! But I use the
tearjerker times the reading brings up, knowing it is love. I stop reading and ride that
wave, consciously sending love out to an 'imaginary' grid around the planet and all the
points of light on it to assist, strengthen and coordinate those points of Love/Light. Great
'job', huh!

Have your relationships changed?
Yes, 2 old girlfriend relationships have been fractured by rather violent, unnecessary
outbursts of intense anger and judgment on their part making me wary of them, as tho they
are no longer trustworthy in the old dynamic. I did not 'kill' the friendships, but they are in
a sort of limbo... waiting the outcome, the settling into the new... which they both seem
to be doing. My 'reaction' was to just back off.

What have you lost? What have you gained?
Lost? physically nothing. Emotionally, perhaps the larger uncertainty as I grasp more firmly
to the pull of the new birthing of the change. Oh I've lost income from client base with less
funds available to them. Odd, since I'm aware I create my own abundance..
Gained? weight.!! hahahahaa Ok, I've actually gained a permanent income at an early age
due to my ex husbands death.. widow benefits! More than I would have on my own. So a
grand replacement of my 'lost' income! Emotionally & mentally I've gained more comfort
in the peace of allowing the chaos around me and not becoming sucked in. Haven't watched
news/read papers or on line anything for over 22 years. So the withdrawal has been over a
long time. I'm relaxed into my being alone to read, write, etc.

Have you noticed anything unusual?
Oh yeah! I had a prepaid trip scheduled. Many 'signs' and indicators said 'don't go'. I always
earned a lot of money if I did. The day before flying out, I sought clarity and cancelled
what I could. Two days later, while I'd have been gone, I saw a shift, like a wiggle/ a

shimmer of movement as tho two 'fields of energy' bypassed each other. Like the 'claritin'
ad, removing a film over things that brought light, color and freshness to the view, that
happened to. But I realized some shift of great magnitude has just occurred and a serious,
monumental and very negative thing had NOT happened. Having know aforehand that 'thing'
was on the possible event line, so large, it made me cancel the trip, I had agreed to not
have to have proof of what it may have been in order to feel justified. And so it 'wasn't'!
Other stuff like ET awareness, unusual for me, has occured. Light has been different,
lighter! Colors more vibrant... things seem 'washed', cleaner.. tho it doesn't always last.
But I can tell a new vibration has been breeched, entered.

Have your beliefs changed? No.

Dolly Mae

I have noticed that my life has been placed on hold. All avenues are blocked, and I have no
interest in anything.
By that I mean that my old passions are dying off, hopefully in preparation for some new
ones! Almost everything I used to be interested in, I no longer care about. I am being
stripped down to the core of my being and having to confront what I really think about
myself. This has not been a pleasant experience at all. I feel sometimes like I am literally
being turned inside out. I don't have any control over my life right now, and I feel like I
shouldn't be starting any new projects. My guidance is telling me that this situation is
temporary, and will be rough for me, but that when the process is over I will be fired up
again, but on a whole new level.
Meanwhile I continue to do my radio show and work whenever there is work.
For me the "Great Shift" cannot come soon enough!

Ken MacLean

How has the Great Shift been treating you? Answer: In a way good

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices? Answer: very much because I
am living in de now, and sometime is it difficult for my family.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago? Answer: YES VERY

What is important to you now? TO LIVE IN THE NOW HAPPY

Have your relationships changed? YES

What have you lost? What have you gained? I HAVE LOST NOTHING I HAVE ONLY GAINED.

Have you noticed anything unusual? YES THE WORLD IS CHACNING AND THE PEOPLE TOO,

Have your beliefs changed? I BELIEVE IN MY SELF AS A GOD WITHIN.


How has the Great Shift been treating you?
Probably like everyone else, uncertainty, insecurity, depression.
But hope that the Divine has the purpose and the plan.

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
Challenges with the reality of our country's vulnerable state has caused
paralyzing economic conditions that seem to be frightfully indefinite.

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
Of course, how could you not? Too many things are happening to all of us
that will impact the future of us all, in one way or another.

What is important to you now?
The means to survive it all.

Have your relationships changed?
Actually for the better, most of us share the common affect these changes
have caused.

What have you lost? What have you gained?
Financial security
Friendship security

Have you noticed anything unusual?
Please, the list is too obvious and too long

Have your beliefs changed?
No, my beliefs are solid and my faith is intact.
Hope is the challenge!

From Carol

It will be very interesting to see all the results from this survey as I have been seeing an
increase of negative energy on the part of people around me for 6 years. This negativity is
what has pushed me back into dealing with past issues that were very deep-seated and not
pleasant to face again on my part.

What I have seen is much irrational and obsessive-compulsive behaviour on the part of
family and friends I know who are just over-reacting over every little thing. Most of these
are not very spiritually-minded people and are just looking to blame someone else for every
problem in their life because they do not want to do the work of looking inward. I am a

very sensitive person and always trying to help others and it became a huge burden for me
as I was not a fighter to take part in the game. I have had to start confronting people with
the truth, however, and withdrawing from them because of the negative energy coming
from them. Luckily I also have found new more compassionate people coming into my world
who have good hearts and have themselves experienced much struggle along the way. It is
almost like an elixir of love that we share together in these new relationships. Two years
ago was the tipping point for much of the truth coming out and there were a number of
suicides amongst families I know all within a year. These were all very sensitive people.
There were also others I know who took to alcohol and drugs and the friends and family
around them unfortunately got caught in the trap of enabling them and being in denial
because of the fear of public exposure.

For my part, luckily I have always been aware of what was coming. I experienced much
trauma from a young age with suicide, poverty, abusive relationships and watching a
generation of self-destructive behaviour with drugs and alcohol. I always was attracted to
writings of the New Age through astrology, Edgar Cayce, Eastern religion and Christianity. I
traveled to Findhorn, Scotland in 1979 after a chance encounter with the book, "The Magic
of Findhorn" which had helped me survive a difficult period of my life with bad health and
feeling very much alone. There I found many others like me who were all experiencing the
same things and shared in the beliefs of a New Age coming. It has not been easy with some
of the awakening experiences, but it has helped knowing that there are others out there
who understand what is happening. Some of my symptoms were a permanent state of "deja
vu", sleep walking, panic attacks, vivid dreams and nightmares of things crashing and
burning with people running around pretending like nothing is happening. Many dreams
have been precognitive and at other times like past lives or replays of traumas I had when
young. I have lost friends through betrayal as everyone seems to be lining up taking sides
and I thought of how Jesus must have felt being betrayed but he knew his destiny.

I am feeling more of a balance now and am able to help others who are ready to understand
that we are all evolving and must face our own shadow before the year 2012 . There is
much to look forward to and I feel we are now on our way. It has been a long process for
me and I am sure that many of the people who are like me came into this world to help in
this process. I was never really understood much by my own family or even close friends,
but they are now becoming more understanding.

Thanks for the community you have created for those going through this shared
transformation into a daunting future.


From my own personal experience as the great shift moves us more into who we truly are
life becomes more ordinary.
In the recognition that everything is within life from a spiritual perspective has completely
At the beginning of the journey we are all enthralled by the beauty of our inner

Then there comes a day when you say, "Where is spirit, where have my guides gone?" This
can be a very strange and lonely place to be and sometimes it happens in an instant.
In one moment you go from always having someone by your side to direct and comfort you
and in the next instant you stand alone.
The only place to go from this point is within and for the first time in a long time there is
only you.
From having daily contact with a constant source of inspiration it all goes even your
meditations are completely changed.
You look for the wondrous scenes you always saw when you went within and now there is
only silence.
I remember in one of Ram Dass's talks he explains the process and the stages we pass
through and at each transition he says that we find that level we work through will always
turn out to be an illusion.
The illusion is that spirit is outside of us to be experienced when in fact it is all within,
even our guides turn out to be part of ourselves so our inner dialogue is always with our
own soul.
During these years of transformation I have found my spiritual path becoming very ordinary
without the highs and lows of the previous part of the journey.
I love nothing better than to be in the company of spiritual people from what I would call
the new school rather than the old school who have acertain irreverence for spirituality.
Gone are the days of being "holy" in the old sense. The new holiness comes from being
yourself and speaking with total frankness, humor and without limitation. The things I have
heard in spiritual groups would appall those of the old school but they fill me with joy as I
know that that person is speaking from the heart and it moves me in a way that no
inspirational books ever could, not that I read them many more. My books have become as
redundant as my guides.
When the new "children" step on to the path with such hope and expectation I look upon
them lovingly as they do not know what is in store for them for they see only the shining
jewels to entice them on their way.
They have no idea of the inner searching and the letting go which is in store for them. I
watch the "children" as they grow and are nurtured, I see them come out of their shells as I
was nurtured too and came out of my shell and I see them becoming more ordinary as well.
So, in recent years my personal journey has brought me to this point where there is only me
and my heart but it is not a lonely place anymore because each day more and more my
understanding that everything is within me increases. There are days when I wake with a
depressed feeling which is the fear I still carry, I was born in fear like the rest of the world
and it is my greatest teacher.
Then there are days when I step outside and I am overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. In
these last few years she has woken up too and the great mother along with father sky are
part of our inner worlds and in time to come when oneness becomes a reality earth and sky
will be our new religion.
With love, Margaret Hunt

The last two years energetically have felt like a build up. I know there are positive energies
coming into the Earth and the Universe but, are hard to handle or incorporate on a physical
level. I would say that the last 5-7 years have just been nuts.

You say to yourself "when are the positive energies you feel, envision and send to All
going to be visible". I think I am tired, I try so hard and I am frustrated by the lack of
physical evidence that things are changing for the good.

The past 5-7 years I have really worked on all levels to transmute all dogmatic and false
beliefs, which is a good thing. But, then I look around me and can hardly stand to be
around human beings. The narrow minded ignorant and "I don't care" attitude is
sometimes hard to handle. I know I need to start connecting with more positive people in
my life, which is a goal I am working on now.

I have this wonderful sense of love within me, meanwhile why the hell isn't it manifesting
even in my own physical life? Am I trying too hard and not allowing?

Yep, I am tired of waiting. Have even considered leaving this physical life.
Can't though because I know I am here for the long run and have complete trust
and faith that I haven't finished my plan. In the movie Terminator 3, John Connor
was telling his to be wife, (not word for word re-telling)

(What if you knew you were here to do something really wonderful, but there was
a catch, something really bad has to happen first.)

That has stuck with me ever since I saw the movie, probably because sometimes I really
feel that way. It's like I will be needed after the shit hits the fan.
Does anyone else feel this?
Is it a deeply ingrained memory from another life?

I know that the next two years will see many more Earth changes and my thoughts are
"let them come".

As I write this I think I will just ride the wave and keeping working on me. All change does
come from within.

Cal, can't believe I wrote this with limited, supposed bad four letter words. :)

In Spirit and waiting to see what life brings.

Fran Cairo

How has the Great Shift been treating you? WONDERFUL

How have these changes impacted your life and your choices? THEY HAVE MAKE ME MORE

Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago? YES, VERY DIFFERENT...,


Have your relationships changed? YES

What have you lost? What have you gained? I HAVE GAINED.

Have you noticed anything unusual? ALL IS GOOD.


How has the Great Shift been treating you?
Ans: I admired by all
How have these changes impacted your life and your choices?
Ans : I reach to the destination what I want to
Do you see things differently than you did two or three years ago?
Ans : Yes
What is important to you now?
Ans : To be a Healer
Have your relationships changed?
Ans : Yes
What have you lost? What have you gained?
Ans : Lost the negetive thoughts and gain is unlimited to describe.
Have you noticed anything unusual?
Ans : Yes, someone telling in my ears
Have your beliefs changed?

From Tulsi

Spirit of Ma'at ezine

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