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                                January - 2005

AC 173 .A413                             1982
   The nature of matter : physical theory from Thales to Fermi / Ginestra
   Amaldi ; translated by Peter Astbury.
   Atoms and molecules -- The atom -- Atomic physics -- Natural radioactivity
   -- How radioactive particles are detected -- The atomic nucleus --
   Artificial radioactivity -- Accelerating machines -- Cosmic rays --
   Nuclear energy -- Sub-nuclear particles.

AE2 .Q46 H43 2002 EB                     2002
   The construction of knowledge in Islamic civilization [electronic
   resource] : Qud*ama b. Ja*far and his Kit*ab al-Khar*aj wa-*sin*a*at
   al-kit*aba / by Paul L. Heck.

AS2.5 .R64 2003 EB                       2003
   Conferences and conventions [electronic resource] : a global industry /
   Tony Rogers.

AY 59 .U55 1952                          1953
   The Unicorn book of 1952 / prepared under the editorial direction of
   Joseph Laffan Morse.
   National affairs -- Business -- The world -- War in Asia -- Arts,
   sciences, and entertainment -- People.

AZ183 .U5 E44 2004 EB                    2004
   Electronic collaboration in the humanities [electronic resource] : issues
   and options / edited by James A. Inman, Cheryl Reed, Peter Sands.

B105 .M4 P46 2003 EB                     2003
   The quest for meaning [electronic resource] : friends of wisdom from Plato
   to Levinas / Adriaan Peperzak.
   Instead of an introduction -- Philosophia. The question : Philosophia ;
   Philosophy as participation in history -- Christians who philosophize :
   Faith ; Culture ; The philosophy of Christians ; Theology ; The "spirit"
   of philosophy ; Integration ; Modern philosophy ; Experience ; Autonomy of
   reason? ; Philosophia -- Why Plato now? Diagnosis : Pleasure ;
   Authenticity and semblance ; The culture of semblance and pleasure ;
   Philosophy -- Plato's ideal : Desire and desires -- The philosopher in the
   city -- Platonic and Christian hope. Hope in the Phaedo -- Christian hope
   -- Conversion -- Fulfillment. The question -- Christianity and Judaism --
   Christianity and "Greece" : Plato's ideal ; Metanoia ; Faith and theory ;
   Praeparatio Evangelica? ; Plato and Christ -- Anselm's Proslogion and its
   Hegelian interpretation. Hegel on Anselm -- Anselm -- Anselm against Hegel
   -- Two remarks -- Ascent: Plotinian motifs in Bonaventure's Itinerary of
   the mind to God. Plotinus' travel guide to God -- Bonaventure's guidance
   for the encounter with God : Creation ; History ; The one (chapter five) ;
   The good (chapter six) -- Bonaventure's contribution to the twentieth
   century debate on Apophatic theology. Bonaventure and Apophatic theology
   -- Desire for wisdom -- The wisdom of the cross -- Life, science, and
   wisdom according to Descartes. Philosophy and Christianity (An hour with
   Pascal). Philosophy -- Theory and wisdom -- Christianity -- Christian and
   philosopher -- Pascal's Memorial : The living God and the God of
   "philosophy" -- Philosophy and belief -- Can a Christian be a philosopher?
   -- Leibniz on God and suffering. Suffering -- Suffering and evil -- Why is
   there evil? -- The utility of evil -- God and freedom -- The God of
   Leibniz -- The battle with God -- Ignorance and acceptance -- Toward peace
   -- Hegel and modern culture. Hegel's framework -- Freedom -- Culture --
   Absolute spirit -- Hegel Now? -- Epilogue -- The significance of Levinas
   for Christian thought. God -- Salvation and the law -- Mysticism and love
   -- Death -- Resurrection and forgiveness -- Autonomy and heteronomy.

B105 .M53 W45 2003 EB                    2003
   Lost souls [electronic resource] : the philosophic origins of a cultural
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   dilemma / David Weissman.
   Plato's divided line -- Descartes' revisions of the Line -- Consequences
   -- Descartes' heirs: ontological foundationalism and "the end of western
   metaphysics" -- The cogito's demise -- Churning -- Ideas to reformulate
   and save.

B105 .S55 S54 2002 EB                    2002
   Simplicity, inference and modeling [electronic resource] : keeping it
   sophisticatedly simple / edited by Arnold Zellner, Hugo A. Keuzenkamp and
   Michael McAleer.
   The enigma of simplicity / Hugo A. Keuzenkamp, Michael McAleer and Arnold
   Zellner -- What is the problem of simplicity? / Elliott Sober -- Science
   seeks parsimony, not simplicity : searching for pattern in phenomena /
   Herbert A. Simon -- A macroeconomic approach to complexity / Marcel
   Boumans -- The new science of simplicity / Malcolm R. Forster -- What
   explains complexity? / Bert Hamminga -- Occam's bonus / A.W.F. Edwards --
   Simplicity, information, Kolmogorov complexity and prediction / Paul
   Vit*anyi and Ming Li -- Simplicity and statistical inference / Jorma
   Rissanen -- Rissanen's theorem and econometric time series / Werner
   Ploberger and Peter C.B. Phillips -- Parametric versus non-parametric
   inference : statistical models and simplicity / Aris Spanos -- The role of
   simplicity in an econometric model selection process / Antonio Aznar, M.
   Isabel Ayuda and Carmen Garc*ia-Olaverri -- Simplicity in a behavioural,
   non-parametric context / Dirk Tempelaar -- Keep it sophisticatedly simple
   / Arnold Zellner -- Communication, complexity and coordination in games /
   Mattias Ganslandt -- The simplicity of an earnings frontier / Uwe Jensen
   -- Simplicity : views of some Nobel laureates in economic science /
   Michael McAleer.

B105 .V54 F68 2003 EB                    2003
   Vision's invisibles [electronic resource] : philosophical explorations /
   V*eronique M. F*oti.

B105 .W6 B76 2002 EB                     2002
   Women philosophers of the seventeenth century [electronic resource] /
   Jacqueline Broad.

B178 .M67 2000 EB                        2000
   Myth and philosophy from the Presocratics to Plato [electronic resource] /
   Kathryn A. Morgan.

B187 .T5 T73 2002 EB                     2002
   Traditions of theology [electronic resource] : studies in Hellenistic
   theology, its background and aftermath / edited by Dorothea Frede and
   Andr*e Laks.

B378 .A5 S3613 2003 EB                   2003
   Plato's Parmenides [electronic resource] / translation with introduction
   and commentary by Samuel Scolnicov.

B395 .P519 2003 EB                       2003
   Plato as author [electronic resource] : the rhetoric of philosophy /
   edited by Ann N. Michelini.
   How to read a Platonic prologue: Lysis 203a-207d -- Plato's Socratic mask
   -- Plato's politic writing and the cultivation of souls -- Glaucon's
   couch, or mimesis and the art of the Republic -- Socrates' argumentative
   burden in the Republic -- To hear the right thing and to miss the point:
   Plato's implicit poetics -- Rhetoric as part of an initiation into the
   mysteries: a new interpretation of the Platonic Phaedrus -- Six
   philosophers on philosophical esotericism -- Subtext and subterfuge in
   Cratylus -- The man with no name: Socrates and the visitor from Elea --
   Metaphysics and individual souls in the Phaedo -- On the philosophical
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   autonomy of a Platonic dialogue: the case of recollection -- The rhetoric
   of philosophy: Socrates' swan-song.

B395 P76 2004 EB                         2004
   Plato within your grasp [electronic resource] / by Brian Proffitt.

B398 .L9 .R46 2003 EB                    2003
   Eros, wisdom, and silence [electronic resource] : Plato's erotic dialogues
   / James M. Rhodes.
   1. Eros, wisdom, and silence in Plato -- 2. Modern views of Plato's
   silence -- 3. Mystic philosophy in the seventh letter -- 4. Symposium :
   titanic eros -- 5. Symposium : prophetic eros -- 6. Symposium : Dionysian
   eros -- 7. Phaedrus : democratic tyrannical eros -- 8. Phaedrus : musical
   eros -- 9. Phaedrus : the rhetoric of eros -- 10. Eros, wisdom, and
   silence in the Socratic art.

B430 .A5 C7513 2000 EB                   2000
   Nicomachean ethics [electronic resource] / Aristotle ; translated and
   edited by Roger Crisp.

B485 .H45 2004 EB                        2004
   Analyses of Aristotle [electronic resource] / Jaakko Hintikka.

B485 .H56 2003 EB                        2003
   Aristotle [electronic resource] / Otfried H*offe ; translated by Christine
   Part 1: "The Philosopher"? -- Part 2: Knowledge and science -- Part 3:
   Physics and metaphysics -- Part 4: Ethics and politics -- Part 5: The

B491 .R4 S37 2003 EB                     2003
   Aristotle on false reasoning [electronic resource] : language and the
   world in the Sophistical refutations / Scott G. Schreiber.

B598 .P44 .V47 2004 EB                     2004
   Vergil, Philodemus, and the Augustans [electronic resource] / edited by
   David Armstrong ... [et al.].
   Vergil's farewell to education (Catalepton 5) and Epicurus' letter to
   Pythocles / Diskin Clay -- Philosophy's harbor / Francesca Longo Auricchio
   -- Vergil's epicureanism in his early poems / R*egine Chambert --
   Consolation in the bucolic mode : the Epicurean cadence of Vergil's first
   eclogue / Gregson Davis -- A secret garden : Georgics 4.116-148 / W.R.
   Johnson -- Vergil in the shadow of Vesuvius / Marcello Gigante -- The
   vocabulary of anger in Philodemus' De Ira and Vergil's Aeneid / Giovanni
   Indelli -- Anger, Philodemus' Good king, and the Helen episode of Aeneid
   2.567-589 : a new proof of authenticity from Herculaneum / Jeffrey Fish --
   Philodemus : avocatio and the pathos of distance in Lucretius and Vergil /
   Frederic M. Schroeder -- Piety in Vergil and Philodemus / Patricia A.
   Johnston -- Vergil's de pietate : from ehoiae to allegory in Vergil,
   Philodemus, and Ovid / Dirk Obbink -- Emotions and immortality in
   philodemus on the gods 3 and the Aeneid / Michael Wigodsky -- Carmen inane
   : Philodemus' aesthetics and Vergil's artistic vision / Marilyn B. Skinner
   -- Vergil and music, in diogenes of babylon and philodemus / Daniel
   Delattre -- Horace's Epistles 1 and Philodemus / David Armstrong -- Varius
   and Vergil : two pupils of Philodemus in propertius 2.34 / Francis Cairns.

B669 .D43 I25 2002 EB                    2002
   Iamblichus De anima [electronic resource] / text, translation, and
   commentary by John F. Finamore and John M. Dillon.

B701 .Z7 B47 2001 EB                     2001
   Proclus' hymns [electronic resource] : essays, translations, commentary /
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   by R.M. van den Berg.

B741 .L43 2002 EB                        2002
   An introduction to classical Islamic philosophy [electronic resource] /
   Oliver Leaman.
   Al-Ghazali's attack on philosophy. How did God create the world? --
   Immortality and the active intellect -- Can God know particulars? --
   Reason v. revelation in practical reasoning. Are the ethics of religion
   objective or subjective? -- Happiness, philosophy and society -- How to
   read Islamic philosophy.

B753 .G34 M58 2001 EB                    2001
   Al-Ghazali and the Ismailis [electronic resource] : a debate on reason and
   authority in medieval Islam / Farouk Mitha.

B785 .F434 M37 2002 EB                   2002
   Marsilio Ficino [electronic resource] : his theology, his philosophy, his
   legacy / edited by Michael J.B. Allen and Valery Rees with Martin Davies.

B823 .C55 2003 EB                        2003
   Panpsychism and the religious attitude [electronic resource] / D.S.

B828.3 .M265 2003 EB                     2003
   Laughing at nothing [electronic resource] : humor as a response to
   nihilism / John Marmysz.
B831.5 .C75 2000 EB                      2000
   Gender and language [electronic resource] : towards a feminist pragmatics
   / Christine Christie.

B839 .K65 2003 EB                        2003
   Being and some twentieth-century Thomists [electronic resource] / John

B840 .D36 2003 EB                        2003
   Meaning, expression, and thought [electronic resource] / Wayne A. Davis.
   Speaker meaning -- Expression -- Alternative analyses -- Communication --
   Reference -- Languages -- Basic word meaning -- Conventions --
   Compositional word meaning -- Living languages -- Thought -- Sentences,
   propositions, and thoughts -- The constituency thesis -- Ideas or concepts
   -- The possession of concepts -- The acquisition of concepts -- The
   association of ideas -- Objects, images, and conceptions -- The language
   of thought hypothesis -- Objections to ideational theories -- Priority
   objections -- Incompleteness objections.

B945 .C144 P37 2003 EB                   2003
   A passion for the impossible [electronic resource] : John D. Caputo in
   focus / edited by Mark Dooley.

B945 .M4853 E84 2003 EB                  2003
   Ethics and selfhood [electronic resource] : alterity and the phenomenology
   of obligation / James Richard Mensch.
   Selfhood and certainty -- Empathy and self-presence -- The divided self: a
   phenomenological history of ethics -- Rescue and the origin of
   responsibility -- An ethics of framing -- Freedom and alterity -- Alterity
   and society.

B945 .S3264 E96 2003 EB                  2003
   Experiences between philosophy and communication [electronic resource] :
   engaging the philosophical contributions of Calvin O. Schrag / edited by
   Ramsey Eric Ramsey and David James Miller.
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   Introduction: In-between philosophy and communication studies / Ramsey
   loving struggle to the struggle to love: a conversation with Calvin O.
   Schrag / Ramsey Eric Ramsey, David James Miller -- PART II. PUBLICS AND
   THEIR PROBLEMS -- Communicative praxis and collective decision making:
   from phenomenology to the politics of experience to dialogic constitutive
   practices / Stanley Deetz, Amy Grim, Alexander Lyon -- Limitations of the
   public sphere: the repressive voice of modernity / Raymie McKerrow --
   Transversing dualisms and situating the embodied self in organizational
   theory and practice / Majia Holmer Nadesan -- PART III. ON GIVING AND
   SUFFERING -- Gift of acknowledgment / Michael J. Hyde -- Awaiting the year
   of the donkey / Stephen Pluh*a*cek -- On hearing the call: from the pain
   of affliction toward healing / David James Miller, Michael J. Millington
   -- PART IV. PHILOSOPHIZING THE IN-BETWEEN -- Feminism after postmodernity:
   some places of narrative in communicative praxis / Dennis K. Mumby --
   Epistemology, tropology, hermeneutics, and the "essence of language" /
   Lenore Langsdorf -- Procreation in a beautiful medium: eroticizing the
   vectors of communicative praxis / Ramsey Eric Ramsey.

B1649 .P64 K34 2004 EB                   2004
   Karl Popper [electronic resource] : critical appraisals / edited by Philip
   Catton and Graham Macdonald.

B1875 .G33 2001 EB                       2001
   Descartes embodied [electronic resource] : reading Cartesian philosophy
   through Cartesian science / Daniel Garber.

B2137 .G27 2003 EB                       2003
   Rousseau's counter-Enlightenment [electronic resource] : a republican
   critique of the Philosophes / Graeme Garrard.
   The enlightenment republic of letters -- Philosophe, madman,
   revolutionary, god: the many faces of Jean-Jacques Rousseau -- Unsociable
   man: Rousseau's critique of enlightenment social thought -- Rousseau's
   counter-enlightenment republic of virtue -- On the utility of religion --
   Dare to be ignorant! -- The worst of all possible worlds.

B2430 .B33954 G46 2003 EB                2003
   The Sunday of the negative [electronic resource] : reading Bataille,
   reading Hegel / Christopher M. Gemerchak.

B2430 .L484 C36 2002 EB                  2002
   The Cambridge companion to Levinas [electronic resource] / edited by Simon
   Critchley and Robert Bernasconi.
   Introduction / Simon Critchley -- Levinas and Judaism / Hilary Putnam --
   Levinas and the face of the other / Bernhard Waldenfels -- Levinas's
   critique of Husserl / Rudolf Bernet -- Levinas and the Talmud / Catherine
   Chalier -- Levinas and language / John Llewelyn -- Levinas, feminism and
   the feminine / Stella Sandford -- Sincerity and the end of theodicy :
   three remarks on Levinas and Kant / Paul Davies -- Language and alterity
   in the thought of Levinas / Edith Wyschogrod -- Conepts of art and poetry
   in Emmanuel Levinas's writings / Gerald L. Bruns -- What is the question
   to which 'substitution' is the answer? / Robert Bernasconi -- Evil and the
   temptation of theodicy / Richard J. Bernstein.

B2430 .L484 C64 2001 EB                  2001
   Ethics, exegesis, and philosophy [electronic resource] : interpretation
   after Levinas / Richard A. Cohen

B2430 .R554 K37 2003 EB                  2003
   Ricoeur's critical theory [electronic resource] / David M. Kaplan.
   Hermeneutics. -- Narrative. -- Selfhood. -- Practical wisdom. -- Politics.
   -- Critical theory.
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B2599 .M7 M47 2001 EB                    2001
   Leibniz's metaphysics [electronic resource] : its origins and development
   / Christia Mercer.

B2758 .A4513 2002 EB                     2002
   Theoretical philosophy after 1781 [electronic resource] / edited by Henry
   Allison, Peter Heath ; translated by Gary Hatfield ... [et al].
B2799 .E8 K45 2002 EB                    2002
   Kant's search for the supreme principle of morality [electronic resource]
   / Samuel J. Kerstein.

B2799 .I48 G74 2001 EB                   2001
   Kant's doctrine of transcendental illusion [electronic resource] /
   Michelle Grier.

B2898 .W57 2003 EB                       2003
   The conspiracy of life [electronic resource] : meditations on Schelling
   and his time / Jason M. Wirth.
   The nameless good -- Theos Kai pan -- Nature -- Direct experience -- Art
   -- Evil -- The haunting -- Peru*sottama.

B2936 .Z7 H44 2003 EB                    2003
   Hegel's History of philosophy [electronic resource] : new interpretations
   / edited by David A. Duquette.
   Hegel's method for a history of philosophy: the Berlin introductions to
   the Lectures on the history of philosophy (1819-1831) / Angelica Nuzzo --
   With what must the history of philosophy begin? Hegel's role in the debate
   on the place of India within the history of philosophy / Robert Bernasconi
   -- The dawning of desire: Hegel's logical history of philosophy and
   politics / Andrew Fiala -- Hegel on Socrates and irony / Robert R.
   Williams -- Ancient skepticism and systematic philosophy / Will Dudley --
   The historicity of philosophy and the role of skepticism / Tanja Staehler
   -- The place of Rousseau in Hegel's system / Allegra de Laurentiis --
   Hegel between Spinoza and Derrida / Merold Westphal -- Systematicity and
   experience: Hegel and the function of the history of philosophy / Kevin
   Thompson -- Is there progress in the history of philosophy? / Vittorio
   H*osle -- The "end of history" revisited: Kantian reason, Hegelian spirit,
   and the history of philosophy / Jere Paul O'Neill Surber.

B2948 .F425 2001 EB                      2001
   Hegel and Aristotle [electronic resource] / Alfredo Ferrarin.

B2949 .L5 D83 2002 EB                    2002
   Hegel, Nietzsche, and philosophy [electronic resource] : thinking freedom
   / Will Dudley.
   Introduction: Freedom and philosophy -- Pt. I. Freedom in and through
   Hegel's philosophy -- Place of freedom in Hegel's philosophy -- Freedom of
   willing: Hegel's Philosophy of Right -- Freedom beyond willing: from the
   Philosophy of Right to absolute spirit -- Freedom through Hegel's
   philosophy -- Pt. II. Freedom in and through Nietzsche's philosophy --
   Place of freedom in Nietzsche's philosophy -- Freedom of willing:
   decadence and nobility -- Freedom beyond willing: from nobility to tragedy
   -- Freedom through Nietzsche's philosophy -- Conclusion: Philosophy and

B3051 .A35 F6713 2002 EB                 2002
   Philosophical writings [electronic resource] / Johann Gottfried von Herder
   ; translated and edited by Michael N. Forster.
   Part I. General Philosophical Program: -- How philosophy can become more
   universal and useful for the benefit of the people -- Part II. Philosophy
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                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM
   of Language: -- Fragments on recent German literature -- Treatise on the
   origin of language -- Part III. Philosophy of Mind: -- On Thomas Abbt's
   writings -- On cognition and sensation, the two main forces of the human
   soul -- On the cognition and sensation of the human soul -- Part IV.
   Philosophy of History: -- On the change of taste -- Older critical
   forestlet -- This too a philosophy of history for the formation of
   humanity -- Part v. Political Philosophy: -- Letters concerning the
   progress of humanity -- Letters for the advancement of humanity.
   Johann Gottfried von Herder (1744-1803) is one of the most important
   German philosophers of the eighteenth century, who had enormous influence
   on later thinkers such as Hegel, Schleiermacher, and Nietzsche. His
   wide-ranging ideas were formative in the development of linguistics,
   hermeneutics, anthropology, and bible scholarship, and even today they
   retain their vitality and relevance to an extraordinary degree. This
   volume presents a new translation by Michael Forster of Herder's most
   important and characteristic philosophical writings (some of which have
   never before been translated) in his areas of central interest, including
   philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophy of history, and
   political philosophy, as well as his general philosophical program. An
   introduction sets the writings in their historical context and examines
   their philosophical achievement.

B3199 .A34 S53 2002 EB                   2002
   Adorno's positive dialectic [electronic resource] / Yvonne Sherratt.

B3248 .G34 G37 2004 EB                   2004
   Gadamer's repercussions [electronic resource] : reconsidering
   philosophical hermeneutics / edited by Bruce Krajewski.
   From word to concept: the task of hermeneutics as philosophy / Hans-Georg
   Gadamer -- After historicism, is metaphysics still possible? on Hans-Gerog
   Gadamer's 100th birthday / J*urgen Habermas -- Being that can be
   understood is language / Richard Rorty -- On the coherence of hermeneutics
   and ethics: an essay on Gadamer and Levinas / Gerald L. Bruns -- Gadamer
   and romanticism / Andrew Bowie -- Literature, law, and morality / Georgia
   Warnke -- A critique of Gadamer's aesthetics / Michael Kelly -- On
   dialogue: to its cultured despisers / Donald G. Marshall -- Gadamer's
   philosophy of dialogue and its relation to the postmodernism of Nietzsche,
   Heidegger, Derrida, and Strauss / Ronald Beiner -- Meaningless
   hermeneutics? / Joel Weinsheimer -- Radio Nietzsche, or, how to fall short
   of philosophy / Geoff Waite -- The art of allusion: Hans-Georg Gadamer's
   philosophical interventions under National Socialism / Teresa Orozco -- On
   the politics of Gadamerian hermeneutics: a response to Orozco and Waite /
   Catherine H. Zuckert -- The protection of the philosophical form: a
   response to Zuckert / Teresa Orozco -- Salutations: a response to Zuckert
   / Geoff Waite.

B3279 .H49 B273 2003 EB                  2003
   Martin Heidegger and the problem of historical meaning [electronic
   resource] / Jeffrey Andrew Barash.
   Foreword / Paul Ricour -- Introduction -- Toward an ontology of history:
   1912-1927. The emergence of the problem of historical meaning in
   nineteenth-century German thought -- Metaphysics and historical meaning in
   Heidegger's early writings -- Existence and history : Heidegger's radical
   turning point between 1918 and 1923 -- The theological roots of
   Heidegger's interpretation of historical meaning -- Historical meaning in
   the fundamental ontology of being and time -- Toward a history of being :
   1927-1964 -- Anthropology, metaphysics, and the problem of historical
   meaning in Heidegger's interpretation of the Kehre.

B3279 .J664 L48 2002 EB                  2002
   Hans Jonas [electronic resource] : the integrity of thinking / David J.
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B3317 O39 2004 EB                        2004
   Nietzsche within your grasp [electronic resource] / by Shelley O'Hara.

B3323 .P434 S3813 2003 EB                2003
   A philosophy of hope [electronic resource] : Josef Pieper and the
   contemporary debate on hope / Bernard N. Schumacher ; translated by D.C.

B3376 .W56 .E52 2003 EB                  2003
   Wittgenstein's account of truth [electronic resource] / Sara Ellenbogen.

B3376 .W563 T73545 2002 EB               2002
   Wittgenstein's Tractatus [electronic resource] : a dialectical
   interpretation / Matthew B. Ostrow.

B3376 .W564 G66 2002 EB                  2002
   Wittgenstein and William James [electronic resource] / Russell B. Goodman.
   Preface -- Abbreviations -- Introduction -- Varieties of pragmatic
   experience -- Wittgenstein and The varieties of religious experience --
   Wittgenstein and The principles of psychology: an introduction -- What is
   it like to be a human being? -- Language and meaning -- Pragmatism
   reconsidered -- Coda -- Notes -- Index.

B3376 .W564 W595 2004 EB                 2004
   Wittgenstein's lasting significance [electronic resource] / edited by Max
   K*olbel and Bernhard Weiss.

B4165 .P474 .G76 2003 EB                 2003
   Chaim Perelman [electronic resource] / Alan G. Gross and Ray D. Dearin.

B4377 O39 2004 EB                        2004
   Kierkegaard within your grasp [electronic resource] / by Shelley O'Hara.

B4378 .C5 P38 2002 EB                    2002
   Kierkegaard, religion, and the nineteenth-century crisis of culture
   [electronic resource] / George Pattison.
   The sublime, the city and the present age -- Kierkegaard and the world of
   the feuilletons -- The present age: the age of the city -- 'Cosmopolitan
   faces' -- Food for thought -- A literary scandal -- The reception of
   either/or -- New Year's day -- Kierkegaard and the nineteenth century (1)
   Manet -- Kierkegaard and the nineteenth century (2) Dostoevsky -- Learning
   to read the signs of the times.

B4568 .U54 F3913 2003 EB                 2003
   Three Spanish philosophers [electronic resource] : Unamuno, Ortega,
   Ferrater Mora / Jos*e Ferrater Mora ; edited and with an introduction by
   J.M. Terricabras.

B5241 .W55 2004 EB                       2004
   Defending Japan's Pacific war [electronic resource] : the Kyoto School
   Philosophers and post-white power / David Williams.
   Rise and fall: 1. Roman questions: American empire and the Kyoto school --
   2. Revisionism and the end of white America in Japan studies -- The decay
   of Pacific war orthodoxy: 3. Philosophy and the Pacific war, Imperial
   Japan and the making of a post-white world -- 4. Scholarship or
   propaganda, Neo-Marxism and the decay of Pacific war orthodoxy -- 5.
   Wartime Japan as it really was, The Kyoto school's struggle against Tojo,
   1941-44 -- In defence of the kyoto school: 6. Taking Kyoto philosophy
   seriously -- 7. Racism and the black legend of the Kyoto school --
   Translating Tanabe's the logic of the species: 8. When is a philosopher a
   moral monster?, Tanabe versus Heidegger versus Marcuse -- Nazism and the
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                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   crises of the Kyoto school : 9. Heidegger, Nazism and the farmas affair --
   The European origins of the Kyoto school crises: 10. Heidegger and the
   wartime Kyoto school -- After farmas, the first paradigm crisis
   (1987-1996): 11. Nazism is no excuse, after farmas- the allied Gaze and
   the second crisis (1997-2002) -- After america, philosophy: 12. Nothing
   shall be spared, a manifesto on the future of Japan studies.

B5305 .C66 2004 EB                       2004
   A companion to African philosophy [electronic resource] / edited by Kwasi
   Wiredu ; advisory editors, William E. Abraham, Abiola Irele, and Ifeany A.

B5802 .A89 S44 2001 EB                   2001
   Autonomy in Jewish philosophy [electronic resource] / Kenneth Seeskin.

BC129 .L34 2003 EB                       2003
   Free logic [electronic resource] : selected essays / Karel Lambert.

BC141 .N53 2004 EB                       2004
   Cognition and chance [electronic resource] : the psychology of
   probabilistic reasoning / Raymond S. Nickerson.

BD111 .G45 2003 EB                       2003
   What happens to us when we think [electronic resource] : transformation
   and reality / Michael Gelven.

BD161 .F565 2001 EB                      2001
   Intellectual trust in oneself and others [electronic resource] / Richard

BD161 .R477 2003 EB                      2003
   Epistemology [electronic resource] : an introduction to the theory of
   knowledge / Nicholas Rescher.

BD161 .S385 2004 EB                      2004
   Seeing, thinking and knowing [electronic resource] : meaning and
   self-organization in visual cognition and thought / edited by Arturo
BD171 .N49 2002 EB                       2002
   The correspondence theory of truth [electronic resource] : an essay on the
   metaphysics of predication / Andrew Newman.

BD181.5 .M27 2003 EB                     2003
   Understanding understanding [electronic resource] / Richard Mason.
   What we understand -- How we understand -- Understanding and knowledge --
   Intelligibility -- Failures of understanding -- Beyond understanding --

BD241 .I554 2000 EB                      2000
   Interpretation and allegory [electronic resource] : antiquity to the
   modern period / edited with introductory essays by Jon Whitman.

BD331 .M47 2000 EB                       2000
   On clear and confused ideas [electronic resource] : an essay about
   substance concepts / Ruth Garrett Millikan.

BD362 .H84 2003 EB                       2003
   Transcendence and history [electronic resource] : the search for ultimacy
   from ancient societies to postmodernity / Glenn Hughes.
   The problem of transcendence -- The terror of history -- History and
   transcendence -- Deformations of history -- Cosmopolis, culture, and art
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   -- Ezra Pound and the balance of consciousness -- Cosmology : the problem
   of divine presence in the world -- Anthropology : the problem of divine
   presence in human consciousness -- Conclusion: the drama of universal

BD418.3 .L69 2000 EB                     2000
   An introduction to the philosophy of mind [electronic resource] / E.J.
   Introduction -- Minds, bodies and people -- Mental states -- Mental
   content -- Sensation and appearance -- Perception -- Thought and language
   -- Human rationality and artificial intelligence -- Action, intention and
   will -- Personal identity and self-knowledge.

BD 420 .F53 2004                         2004
   Platonic theology. Vol. 4, Books 12-14 / English translation by Michael
   J.B. Allen ; Latin text edited by James Hankins.

BD450 .F72 2001 EB                       2001
   Dilthey's dream [electronic resource] : essays on human nature and culture
   / Derek Freeman ; foreword by James J. Fox.

BD560 .M38 2003 EB                       2003
   For love of matter [electronic resource] : a contemporary panpsychism /
   Freya Mathews.

BF31 .E52 2004 EB                        2004
   The concise Corsini encyclopedia of psychology and behavioral science
   [electronic resource] / W. Edward Craighead and Charles B. Nemeroff,
BF38 .A28 2003 EB                        2003
   About psychology [electronic resource] : essays at the crossroads of
   history, theory, and philosophy / Darryl B. Hill, Michael J. Kral,
   Convergence and conjunction at the crossroads / Darryl B. Hill and Michael
   J. Kral -- Where history, theory, and philosophy meet : the biography of
   psychological objects / Kurt Danziger -- Moral dimension of psychological
   practice, theory, and subject matter / Charles W. Tolman --
   Psychotherapists as crypto-missionaries : an examplar on the crossroads of
   history, theory, and philosophy / Brent D. Slife, Amy Fisher Smith, and
   Colin M. Burchfield -- Theory of personhood for psychology / Jack Martin
   and Jeff Sugarman -- Self-esteem and the demoralized self : a genealogy of
   self research and measurement / Scott Greer -- Cultural turns in
   psychology / Karen M. Seeley -- Feminists rethink gender / Meredith M.
   Kimball -- Retrieving the past for the future : boundary maintenance in
   historical and theoretical psychology / Henderikus J. Stam.

BF 38.5 .S5 1960                         1960
   Tactics of scientific research : evaluating experimental data in
   psychology / Murray Sidman.

BF39.2 .S34 S33 2004 EB                  2004
   Scaling methods [electronic resource] / Peter Dunn-Rankin ... [et al.].

BF76.5 .H35 2003 EB                      2003
   Handbook of research methods in experimental psychology [electronic
   resource] / edited by Stephen F. Davis.
   Psychology's experimental foundations / C. James Goodwin -- Current and
   future trends in experimental psychology / E.J. Capaldi and Robert W.
   Proctor -- Traditional nomothetic approaches / Richard J. Harris --
   Traditional idiographic approaches / Bryan Saville and William Buskist --
   The importance of effect magnitude / Roger E. Kirk -- The changing face of
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   research methods / Randolph A. Smith -- Ethical issues in psychological
   research with human participants / Richard L. Miller -- Research with
   animals / Jesse E. Purdy, Scott A. Bailey, Stephen Schapiro --
   Cross-cultural research / David Matsumoto -- Comparative psychology /
   Mauricio R. Papini -- Animal learning and animal cognition / Lewis Barker
   and Jeffrey S. Katz -- Sensation and perception research methods / Lauren
   Fruh VanSickle Scharff, Stephen F. Austin -- Taste / Scott A. Bailey --
   Olfaction / W. Robert Batsell, Jr, -- Psychological psychology / Brenda J.
   Anderson ... [et al.].

BF109 .A1 D45 2005 EB                    2005
   Psychology's grand theorists [electronic resource] : how personal
   experiences shaped professional ideas / Amy Demorest.
   The psychodynamic approach : Sigmund Freud -- The behavioral approach :
   B.F. Skinner -- The phenomenological approach : Carl Rogers.

BF173 .A655 2004 EB                      2004
   Analytical psychology [electronic resource] : contemporary perspectives in
   Jungian analysis / edited by Joseph Cambray and Linda Carter.
   History of analytical psychology / Thomas B. Kirsch -- Archetypes :
   emergence and the psyche's deep structure / George B. Hogenson --
   Developmental aspects of analytical psychology / Jean Knox --
   Understanding consciousness through the theory of psychological types /
   John Beebe -- Analytic methods revisited / Joe Cambray and Linda Carter --
   Transference and countertransference : contemporary perspectives / Jan
   Wiener -- The emerging theory of cultural complexes / Thomas Singer and
   Samuel L. Kimbles -- Spiritual and religious aspects of modern analysis /
   Murray Stein -- Synchronicity as emergence / Joe Cambray -- The ethical
   attitude in analytic training and practice / Hester MacFarland Solomon.

BF173 .J85 A33 2004 EB                   2004
   The fantasy principle [electronic resource] : psychoanalysis of the
   imagination / Michael Vannoy Adams.

BF173 .M3592 2003 EB                     2003
   The ethical dimension of psychoanalysis [electronic resource] : a dialogue
   / W.W. Meissner.
   Freudian ethics -- Psychoanalysis and ethical systems -- Psychic
   determinism and motivational principles -- Volition and will -- Freedom of
   the will -- Psychodynamic hedonism and the pleasure principle --
   Narcissism and egoism -- Object love and altruism -- Ethical
   decision-making and self-deception -- Responsibility -- Superego and moral
   development -- Superego functions and conscience -- Character and virtue
   -- Values.

BF 173 .W44 1964                         1964
   The abnormal personality / Robert W. White.
   Historical introduction: origins of abnormal psychology -- Clinical
   introduction: examples of disordered personalities -- The development of
   personality -- The integration of personality -- Anxiety and defense --
   Neurotic conflict and its effect on personality -- The symptom syndromes
   of neurosis -- Psychotherapy: basic methods and principles --
   Psychotherapy: variations and technical aids -- Conduct disorders --
   psychosomatic disorders -- Effects of injuries and abnormal conditions in
   the brain -- Common symptom syndromes of cerebral disorder -- Depressive
   and manic disorders -- Schizophrenia -- The problem for society.

BF175.4 .R34 W35 2001 EB                 2001
   Fair sex, savage dreams [electronic resource] : race, psychoanalysis,
   sexual difference / Jean Walton.

BF175.4 .R44 F76 2004 EB                 2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   The dogma of Christ [electronic resource] : and other essays on religion,
   psychology and culture / Erich Fromm.

BF176 .U73 2004 EB                       2004
   Essentials of psychological testing [electronic resource] / Susana Urbina.

BF201 .U88 2004 EB                       2004
   Dualism [electronic resource] : the original sin of cognitivism / William
   R. Uttal.

BF204.5 .R87 2003 EB                     2003
   Human experience [electronic resource] : philosophy, neurosis, and the
   elements of everyday life / John Russon.

BF237 .M25 2005 EB                       2005
   Detection theory [electronic resource] : a user's guide / Neil A.
   MacMillan and C. Douglas Creelman.

BF311 .I58 2004 EB                       2004
   proceedings of the sixth International Conference on Cognitive Modeling
   [electronic resource] : 6th ICCM 2004, integrating models : July 30-August
   1, 2004, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh,
   Pennsylvania, USA / edited by Marsha Lovett ... [et al.]

BF316.6 .G67 2004 EB                     2004
   Strategy representation [electronic resource] : an analysis of planning
   knowledge / Andrew S. Gordon.

BF323 .S63 F68 2003 EB                   2003
   Foundations of social cognition [electronic resource] : a festschrift in
   honor of Robert S. Wyer, Jr. / edited by Galen V. Bodenhausen, Alan J.
   Introduction / Galen V. Bodenhausen, Alan J. Lambert -- Morphing of
   attitude-change into social-cognition research / William J. McGuire -- I.
   ELEMENTS OF SOCIAL COGNITION -- Effects of expectancies on the
   representation, retrieval, and use of social information / David L.
   Hamilton, Leonel Garcia-Marques -- Accessibility revisited / Norbert
   Schwarz ... [et al.] -- Heuristic strategies for estimation under
   uncertainty: the enigmatic case of anchoring / Fritz Strack, Thomas
   Mussweiler -- II. PERCEIVING PERSONS AND GROUPS -- Accidental tourist:
   capturing incidental (versus intentional) impressions / Donal E. Carlston,
   Lynda Mae -- Activating and inhibiting social identities: implications for
   perceiving the self and others / Galen V. Bodenhausen, C. Neil Macrae,
   Kurt Hugenberg -- Perceiving groups: how, what, and why? / Steven J.
   Sherman, Amy L. Johnson -- Finding prejudice in all the wrong places: on
   the social facilitation of stereotypes in anticipated public settings /
   Alan J. Lambert, Alison Chasteen, B. Keith Payne -- III. MOTIVATIONAL
   CONTEXTS OF SOCIAL COGNITION -- How strategies for making judgments and
   decisions affect cognition: motivated cognition revisited / E. Tory
   Higgins, Daniel C. Molden -- Effects of power on those who possess it: how
   social structure can affect social cognition / Deborah A. Greenspan,
   Dacher J. Keltner, Cameron Anderson -- Value conflicts in intergroup
   perception: a social-cognitive perspective / Natalie Wyer

BF367 .F84 2003 EB                       2003
   Visual cultures and critical theory [electronic resource] / Patrick Fuery
   and Kelli Fuery.

BF385 .S89 2004 EB                       2004
   Learning maps and memory skills [electronic resource] / Ingemar

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

BF412 .B44 2004 EB                       2004
   Beyond knowledge [electronic resource] : extracognitive aspects of
   developing high ability / edited by Larisa V. Shavinina, Michel Ferrari.

BF431 .M72 2004 EB                       2004
   Motivation, emotion, and cognition [electronic resource] : integrative
   perspectives on intellectual functioning and development / edited by David
   Yun Dai, Robert J. Sternberg.
   Cognition in motivational and affective contexts -- Intelligence and
   personality : from psychometrics to personal dynamics -- Development of
   intellectual competencies -- Intellectual functioning and development in
   social and cultural contexts.

BF432.5 .S8 R65 2004 EB                  2004
   Essentials of Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales (SB5) assessment
   [electronic resource] / Gale H. Roid and R. Andrew Barram.

BF 448 .G53 2005                         2005
   Blink : the power of thinking without thinking / Malcolm Gladwell.
   The statue that didn't look right -- The theory of thin slices : how a
   little bit of knowledge goes a long way -- The locked door : the secret
   life of snap decisions -- The Warren Harding error : why we fall for tall,
   dark, and handsome men -- Paul Van Riper's big victory : creating
   structure for spontaneity -- Kenna's dilemma : the right-and wrong-way to
   ask people what they want -- Seven seconds in the Bronx : the delicate art
   of mind-reading -- Conclusion: listening with your eyes : the lessons of
   How do we think without thinking, seem to make choices in an instant--in
   the blink of an eye--that actually aren't as simple as they seem? Why are
   some people brilliant decision makers, while others are consistently
   inept? Why do some people follow their instincts and win, while others end
   up stumbling into error? And why are the best decisions often those that
   are impossible to explain to others? Drawing on cutting-edge neuroscience
   and psychology, the author reveals that great decision makers aren't those
   who process the most information or spend the most time deliberating, but
   those who have perfected the art of filtering the very few factors that
   matter from an overwhelming number of variables.

BF463 .M4 G53 1999 EB                    1999
   Intentions in the experience of meaning [electronic resource] / Raymond W.
   Gibbs, Jr.

BF469 .H86 2004 EB                       2004
   Human spatial memory [electronic resource] : remembering where / edited by
   Gary L. Allen.

BF515 .P29 2004 EB                       2004
   Pain [electronic resource] : psychological perspectives / edited by Thomas
   Hadjistavropoulos, Kenneth D. Craig.

BF531 .N67 2004 EB                       2004
   Emotional design [electronic resource] : why we love (or hate) everyday
   things / Donald A. Norman.
   The meaning of things. Attractive things work better -- The multiple faces
   of emotion and design -- Design in practice. Three levels of design :
   visceral, behavioral and reflective -- Fun and games -- People, places and
   things -- Emotional machines -- The future of robots -- Epilogue: we are
   all designers.
BF531 .R45 2004 EB                        2004
   The regulation of emotion [electronic resource] / edited by Pierre
   Philippot, Robert S. Feldman.
                                 Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

BF575 .A88 M37 2003 EB                   2003
   Psychology and the question of agency [electronic resource] / Jack Martin,
   Jeff Sugarman, Janice Thompson.

BF575 .F2 S26 2004 EB                    2004
   Master your fears [electronic resource] : how to triumph over your worries
   and get on with your life / Linda Sapadin.

BF575 .G7 D365 2002 EB                   2002
   Singing mother home [electronic resource] : a psychologist's journey
   through anticipatory grief / Donna S. Davenport.

BF575 .I5 H36 2004 EB                    2004
   Handbook of closeness and intimacy [electronic resource] / [edited by]
   Debra J. Mashek, Arthur P. Aron.
   What are closeness and intimacy? -- How can closeness and intimacy be
   measured? -- What are the general processes of closeness and intimacy? --
   What individual differences play a role in closeness and intimacy? -- What
   situational factors play a role in closeness and intimacy? -- Is there a
   dark side to closeness and intimacy?

BF576 .E466 2003 EB                      2003
   Emotional literacy handbook [electronic resource] : promoting whole-school
   strategies : antidote.

BF637 .C45 Y56 2004 EB                    2004
   A lifetime of communication [electronic resource] : transformation through
   relational dialogues / Julie Yingling.

BF637 .C6 S69 2004 EB                    2004
   Counseling and psychotherapy theories in context and practice [electronic
   resource] : skills, strategies, and techniques / John Sommers-Flanagan,
   Rita Sommers-Flanagan.
   Introduction to psychotherapy and counseling theory and technique --
   Psychoanalytic, brief analytic, object relations, and interpersonal
   approaches -- Individual psychology : the therapeutic approach of Alfred
   Adler -- Jung and the practice of analytical psychotherapy -- Existential
   theory and therapy -- Carl Rogers : person-centered theory and therapy --
   Behavioral theory and therapy -- Cognitive theory and therapy -- Choice
   theory and the new reality therapy -- Feminist theory and therapy --
   Constructivist theory and therapy -- Multicultural and non-western
   theories -- Integrative theories of counseling and psychotherapy.

BF637 .F67 F66 2004 EB                   2004
   Forgiveness and the healing process [electronic resource] : a central
   therapeutic concern / edited by Cynthia Ransley and Terri Spy.
   Forgiveness : themes and issues / Cynthia Ransley -- Christianity,
   therapy, and forgiveness / Terri Spy -- Be cautious about forgiveness /
   Cynthia Ransley -- The role of forgiveness in working with couples / Jane
   Cooper and Maria Gilbert -- Organisations and forgiveness : the challenge
   / Michael Carroll -- Transformation, healing or forgiveness? : assisting
   victims of crime through restorative practice / Guy Masters -- In the
   aftermath of political trauma : what price forgiveness? / Fathima Moosa,
   Gill Eagle, and Gill Straker -- My journey towards wholeness and
   forgiveness with the aid of therapy / Joy Green -- Letting go : a question
   of forgiveness? / Cynthia Ransley and Terri Spy.

BF637 .L4 P79 2005 EB                    2005
   The psychology of leadership [electronic resource] : new perspectives and
   research / edited by David M. Messick, Roderick M. Kramer.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

BF637 .P4 B32 2004 EB                    2004
   How to persuade people who don't want to be persuaded [electronic
   resource] : get what you want-every time! / Joel Bauer & Mark Levy.
   Draw in the listener -- Change the moment -- The transformation mechanism
   -- The body metaphor -- The paper metaphor -- The quick pitch opening --
   The quick pitch body -- The slogan pitch -- Convince with samples -- The
   power of free -- The power of gifts -- Solid proof -- Dynamic clarity --
   Be distinct -- Overcome resistance -- The look -- The platform pitch --
   The mechanism emergency kit.

BF637 .P4 M67 2004 EB                    2004
   Maximum influence [electronic resource] : the 12 universal laws of power
   persuasion / Kurt W. Mortensen.
   Introduction -- The power of persuasion -- The 12 universal laws of power
   persuasion -- Your pre-persuasion checklist : the inside secrets of
   maximum influence -- Law of dissonance -- Law of obligation -- Law of
   connectivity -- Law of social validation -- Law of scarcity -- Law of
   verbal packaging -- Law of contrast -- Law of expectations -- Law of
   involvement -- Law of esteem -- Law of association -- Law of balance --
   Pre-persuasion -- Epilogue.

BF637 .S4 .C32 2004 EB                   2004
   Lost and found [electronic resource] : 23 things you can do to find
   personal freedom / Arthur Caliandro with Barry Lenson.

BF637 .S4 H47 2004 EB                    2004
   What are you waiting for? [electronic resource] / Justin Herald.

BF637 .S4 M355 2004 EB                   2004
   Talk to the mirror [electronic resource] : feel great about yourself each
   and every day / Florine Mark and Maria Scott.
   There's a reason they call it the present -- Where does the river go for a
   drink? -- The golden rule gets a makeover -- Just being me -- A whole
   lotta choices goin' on -- How to beat the blues -- Take the distress out
   of stress -- When love hurts -- Mirror, mirror on the wall, am I seeing me
   at all? -- Lighten up-and I'm not just talking about the scale -- Don't
   get older-get bolder -- Living well is the best reward.

BF637 .S4 S43 2004 EB                    2004
   The 15-second principle [electronic resource] : short, simple steps to
   achieving long-term goals / Al Secunda.
BF637 .S4 S517 2004 EB                   2004
   Optimal human being [electronic resource] : an integrated multi-level
   perspective / Kennon M. Sheldon.

BF637 .S8 F342 2004 EB                   2004
   Diamond power [electronic resource] : gems of wisdom from America's
   greatest marketer / Barry Farber.

BF637 .S8 G55 2004 EB                    2004
   Unstoppable [electronic resource] : the pathway to living an inspired life
   / Adrian Gilpin.

BF637 .S8 K63 2004 EB                    2004
   Living the 80/20 way [electronic resource] : work less, worry less,
   succeed more, enjoy more / Richard Koch.

BF637 .S8 S388 2004 EB                   2004
   Mentored by a millionaire [electronic resource] : master strategies of
   super achievers / Steven K. Scott.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

BF697 .J36 2000 EB                       2004
   Changing conceptions of psychological life [electronic resource] / edited
   by Cynthia Lightfoot, Chris LaLonde, Michael Chandler.

BF697 .W66 2002 EB                       2002
   Understanding identity [electronic resource] / Kath Woodward.

BF698 .M54 2000 EB                       2000
   The complete idiot's guide to personality profiles [electronic resource] /
   by Allen R. Miller and Susan Shelly.

BF698.35 .P47 C53 2004 EB                2004
   Performance addiction [electronic resource] : the dangerous new syndrome
   and how to stop it from ruining your life / Arthur P. Ciaramicoli.
   What is performance addiction? -- Performance addiction in your life --
   Evidence of performance addiction -- The scene of the crime -- Image love
   and your relationships -- Exceptional mediocrity -- The lure of glamour --
   The quest for glory -- Meaning and joy -- Parenting and performance
   addiction -- Balancing work and life.

BF698.9 .E45 M33 2002 EB                 2002
   The hidden genius of emotion [electronic resource] : lifespan
   transformations of personality / Carol Magai, Jeannette Haviland-Jones.

BF698.9 .O3 P465 2004 EB                 2004
   Personality and organizations [electronic resource] / edited by Benjamin
   Schneider, D. Brent Smith.
   Introducing personality at work : personality psychology for
   organizational researchers / Robert Hogan -- Personality and organization
   : a European perspective on personality assessment in organizations /
   Adrian Furnham -- Persistent conceptual and methodological issues in
   personality assessment -- Four lessons learned from the person situation
   debate : a review and research agenda / Greg L. Stewart and Murray R.
   Barrick -- Personality, interactional psychology, and person organization
   fit / Timothy A. Judge and Amy Kristof-Brown -- The implications of
   impression management for fillreak personality research in organizations /
   D. Brent Smith and Chet Robie -- The role of personality in work and
   well-being vocational psychology and personality / W. Bruce Walsh -- The
   dispositional approach to job attitudes : an empirical and conceptual
   review / Barry M. Staw -- Personality and work-related distress / Jennifer
   M. George and Arthur P. Brief -- The role of personality in understanding
   micro organizational processes -- J-U-S-T-I-F-Y to explain the reasons why
   : a conditional reasoning approach to understanding motivated behavior /
   Lawrence R. James and Joan R. Rentsch -- Personality and leadership /
   William D. Spangler, Robert J. House and Rita Palrecha -- Personality and
   citizenship behavior in organizations / Dennis W. Organ and Julie Paine --
   The role of personality in understanding meso organizational processes :
   the role of personality in group processes / Lisa M. Moynihan and Randall
   S. Peterson -- Personality and organizational culture / Benjamin Schneider
   and D. Brent Smith -- Reflections on personality and organization / Chris
   Argyris -- Where we've been and where we're going : some conclusions
   regarding personality and organization / D. Brent Smith and Benjamin

BF698.95 .E96 2004 EB                    2004
   Evolutionary psychology, public policy, and personal decisions [electronic
   resource] / edited by Charles Crawford, Catherine Salmon.
   personal decisions: the evolutionary context / Charles Crawford -- The
   essence of evolutionary psychology: an introduction / Charles Crawford,
   Catherine Salmon -- Beyond sociobiology: a kinder and gentler evolutionary
   view of human nature / Maria G. Janicki -- Darwin and evolutionary moral
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   psychology / Harmon Holcomb -- PART II: COGNITIVE AND AFFECTIVE
   PSYCHOLOGICAL PROCESSES -- Mentalism and mechanism: the twin modes of
   human cognition / Christopher Badcock -- Self-deception: helping and
   hindering public and personal decision making / Michele K. Surbey --
   Ancestral emotions, current decisions: using evolutionary game theory to
   explore the role of emotions in decision making / Timothy Ketelaar --
   Natural law and natural selection: deontic reasoning as part of evolved
   human nature / Laurence Fiddick -- PART III: REAL-WORLD APPLICATIONS --
   Marital cooperation and conflict / Margo Wilson, Martin Daly -- The
   pornography debate: what sex differences in erotica can tell about human
   sexuality / Catherine Salmon -- Why don't men pay child support? Insights
   from evolutionary psychology / Todd K. Shackelford, Viviana A.
   Weekes-Shackelford -- Evolutionary life history perspective on rape /
   Randy Thornhill, Craig T. Palmer -- Women in the workplace: evolutionary
   perspectives and public policy / Kingsley R. Browne -- Is psychopathy a
   pathology or a life strategy? Implications for social policy / Kirsten N.
   Barr, Vernon L. Quinsey -- Cultivating morality and constructing moral
   systems: how to make silk purses from sows' ears / Dennis L. Krebs --
   Darwinism and public policy: the view from political science / Robert S.

BF721 .S54 2003 EB                       2003
   Child development [electronic resource] : thinking about theories /
   Phillip T. Slee, Rosalyn H. Shute.

BF722 .P45 2004 EB                       2004
   Observing children in their natural worlds [electronic resource] : a
   methodological primer / Anthony D. Pellegrini with Frank J. Symons, John

BF 723 .A35 T73 2004                     2004
   Trajectories of physical aggression from toddlerhood to middle childhood :
   predictors, correlates, and outcomes / NICHD Early Child Care Research
   Network ; with commentary by William F. Arsenio.
   Abstract -- Introduction -- Method and data analysis -- Person-centered
   trajectories of physical aggression -- Predictors of aggression
   trajectories -- Person-centered aggression trajectories and third grade
   outcomes -- Variable- and person-centered analyses of physical aggression
   compared -- Discussion -- References -- Acknowledgments -- Commentary. The
   stability of young children's physical aggression: relations with child
   care, gender, and aggression subtypes / William F. Arsenio.

BF723 .A76 B67 2004 EB                   2004
   Don't give me that attitude! [electronic resource] : 24 rude, selfish,
   insensitive things kids do and how to stop them / Michele Borba.

BF723 .C5 D492 2004 EB                   2004
   The development of the mediated mind [electronic resource] : sociocultural
   context and cognitive development / edited by Joan M. Lucariello ... [et
   Katherine Nelson's vision of the mediated mind -- Two kinds of knowledge
   acquisition -- New insights into the functions, development, and origins
   of theory of mind : the functional multilinear socialization (FMS) model
   -- Meaning and use : children's acquisition of the mental lexicon -- Voice
   and silence : a feminist model of autobiographical memory -- Developments
   in early memory : multiple mediators of foundational processes -- The
   development of future thinking : constructing future events in
   mother-child conversation -- Narratives, gossip, and shared experience :
   how and what young children know about the lives of others -- Acquiring
   art, spoken language, sign language, text, and other symbolic systems :
   developmental and evolutionary observations from a dynamic tricky mix
   theoretical perspective -- Literacy and the mediated mind -- Katherine
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Nelson : contextual functionalist -- The virtues of rigorous

BF724 .B487 2003 EB                      2003
   Blackwell handbook of adolescence [electronic resource] / edited by Gerald
   R. Adams and Michael D. Berzonsky.
   Part 1: Biological and genetic processes -- Part 2: The social context of
   adolescence -- Part 3: Developmental patterns and processes -- Part 4:
   Personal relationships -- Part 5: Problem behaviors.

BF724 .H33 2004 EB                        2004
   Handbook of adolescent psychology [electronic resource] / edited by
   Richard M. Lerner, Laurence Steinberg.
   The Scientific Study of Adolescent Development: Past, Present, and Future
   ADOLESCENCE -- Puberty and Psychological Development / E. Susman & A.
   Rogol -- Cognitive and Brain Development / D. Keating -- Socialization and
   Self-Development: Channeling, Selection, Adjustment, and Reflection / J.
   Nurmi -- Schools, Academic Motivation, and Stage-Environment Fit / J.
   Eccles -- Moral Cognitons and Prosocial Responding in Adolescence / N.
   Eisenberg & A. Morris -- Sex / R. Savin-Williams & L. Diamond -- Gender
   and gender role development in adolescence / N. L. Galambos -- Processes
   of Risk and Resilience During Adolescence: Linking Contexts and
   ADOLESCENCE -- Adolescence Across PLace and Time: Globalization and The
   Changing Pathways to Adulthood / R. Larson & S. Wilson --
   Parent-Adolescent Relationships and Influences / W. Collins & B. Laursen
   -- Adolescents' Relationships with Peers / B. Brown -- Contexts for
   Mentoring: Adolescent-Adult Relationships in Workplaces and Communities /
   S. Hamilton & M. Hamilton -- Work and Leisure in Adolescence / J. Staff,
   et al.
   Diversity in Developmental Trajectories Across Adolescence: Neighborhood
   Influences / T. Leventhal & J. Brooks-Gunn -- Adolescents and Media / D.
   Roberts, et al. -- The Legal Regulation of Adolescence / E. Scott & J.
   -- Adolescent Health from an International Perspective / R. Blum & K.
   Nelson-Mmari -- Internalizing Problems During Adolescence / J. Graber --
   Conduct Disorder, Aggression, and Delinquency / D. Farrington --
   Adolescent Substance Use / L. Chassin, et al. -- Adolescents with
   Developmental Disabilities and Their Families / P. Hauser-Cram & M. Krauss
   -- Volunteerism, Leadership, Political Socialization, and Civic Engagement
   / C. Flanagan -- Applying Developmental Science: Methods, Visions, and
   Values / L. Sherrod, et al. -- Youth Development, Developmental Assets and
   Public Policy / P. Benson, et al. -- Afterword: On the Future Development
   of Adolescent Psychology / Beatrix and David Hamburg.

BF724.3 .I3 K76 2004 EB                  2004
   Identity in adolescence [electronic resource] : the balance between self
   and other / Jan Kroger.

BF724.3 .J87 2004 EB                     2004
   The justice motive in adolescence and young adulthood [electronic
   resource] : origins and consequences / edited by Claudia Dalbert and
   Hedvig Sallay.

BF724.6 V53 2004 EB                      2004
   Men navigating midlife [electronic resource] / Robyn Vickers-Willis.

BF753 .E33 2002 EB                       2002
   National identity, popular culture and everyday life [electronic resource]
   / Tim Edensor.
   Popular culture, everyday life and the matrix of national identity.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Theories of nationalism : reductive cultural perspectives. Popular culture
   and national identity. Everyday life and national identity.
   Conceptualising identity. The redistribution of national identity --
   Geography and landscape : national places and spaces. The nation as
   bounded space. Ideological rural national landscapes. Iconic sites. Sites
   of popular culture and assembly. Familiar, quotidian landscapes.
   Dwellingscapes. Homely space. Conclusion -- Performing national identity.
   Formal rituals and invented ceremonies. Popular rituals : sport and
   carnival. Staging the nation. Everyday performances : popular
   competencies, embodied habits and synchronised enactions. Conclusion --
   Material culture and national identity. Social relations and object
   worlds. Commodities and national identity. Material culture and semiotics.
   Things in place and out of place. The biographies of objects. Automobiles
   and national car cultures. Conclusion -- Representing the nation :
   scottishness and Braveheart. Introducing Braveheart. Scotland in film.
   Battles over Braveheart. Celebrating Braveheart. Criticising Braveheart.
   Recycling images : the tourist industry, heritage and film in Scotland.
   Geographies of William Wallace. Other representations of Wallace.
   Performances and rituals : re-presenting Wallace. The reception of
   Braveheart outside Scotland. Conclusion -- Exhibiting national identity at
   the turn of the millennium. 'Self-portrait' at the Millennium Dome. The
   'andscape'. Interpretation of the 'andscape'.

BF1031 .K45 2004 EB                      2004
   The Skeptic's guide to the paranormal [electronic resource] / Lynne Kelly.

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   Dreaming and the self [electronic resource] : new perspectives on
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   Dream time with children [electronic resource] : learning to dream,
   dreaming to learn / Brenda Mallon.

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   Dunwich's guide to gemstone sorcery [electronic resource] : using stones
   for spells, amulets, rituals, and divination / by Gerina Dunwich.

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   Self-initiation for the solitary witch [electronic resource] : attaining
   higher spirituality through a five-degree system / by Shanddaramon.

BF1571 .F346 2004 EB                     2004
   Progressive witchcraft [electronic resource] : spirituality, mysteries,
   and training in modern wicca / by Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone.

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   Magic and ritual in the ancient world [electronic resource] / edited by
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   Grimoire for the apprentice wizard [electronic resource] / Oberon

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   Art, origins, otherness [electronic resource] : between philosophy and art
   / William Desmond.

BH301 .E45 M4613 2003 EB                 2003
   Disgust [electronic resource] : the theory and history of a strong
   sensation / Winfried Menninghaus ; translated by Howard Eiland and Joel
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

BH301 .E8 G86 2004 EB                    2004
   Production of presence [electronic resource] : what meaning cannot convey
   / Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht.

BH301 .P78 A75 2003 EB                   2003
   Theatre and consciousness [electronic resource] : the nature of
   bio-evolutionary complexity in the arts / Gordon Scott Armstrong.

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   The theory of moral sentiments [electronic resource] / Adam Smith ; edited
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   Value, respect, and attachment [electronic resource] / Joseph Raz.

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   Real ethics [electronic resource] : reconsidering the foundations of
   morality / John M. Rist.

BJ 1012 .V45 1985                        1985
   Vice and virtue in everyday life : introductory readings in ethics /
   [compiled by] Christina Hoff Sommers ; under the general editorship of
   Robert J. Fogelin.
   Good and evil -- Theories of moral conduct -- Virtue -- Vice -- Freedom
   and responsibility -- Self-respect -- Morality and the family -- Morality
   and society.

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   The Blackwell companion to Christian ethics [electronic resource] / edited
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   politics / Muhammad Saed Abdul-Rahman.

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   Rethinking evil [electronic resource] : contemporary perspectives / edited
   by Mar*ia P*ia Lara.
   Introduction : Contemporary perspectives / Mar*ia P*ia Lara -- Is God
   evil? / Isabel Cabrera -- What's the problem of evil? / Susan Neiman --
   "Radical finitude" and the problem of evil : critical comments on
   Wellmer's reading of Jonas / Peter Dews -- Radical evil : Kant at war with
   himself / Richard J. Bernstein -- Reflections on the banality of (radical)
   evil : a Kantian analysis / Henry E. Allison -- The polyhedron of evil /
   Gustavo Leyva -- An evil heart : moral evil and moral identity / Maeve
   Cooke -- Understanding evil : Arendt and the final solution / Robert Fine
   -- Toward a sociology of evil : getting beyond modernist common sense
   about the alternative to "the good" / Jeffrey C. Alexander -- The evil
   that men do : a meditation on radical evil from a postmetaphysical point
   of view / Alessandro Ferrara -- Major offenders, minor offenders / Sergio
   P*erez -- On pain, the suffering of wrong, and other grievances :
   responsibility / Manuel Cruz -- Forgiveness and oblivion : a new form of
   banality of evil? / Carlos Pereda -- "Happy endings"/unendings :
   narratives of evil / Carol L. Bernstein -- Narrating evil : a
   postmetaphysical theory of reflective judgment / Mar*ia P*ia Lara.

BJ 1406 .K543 1758 V.1                   1758
   An essay on the origin of evil ./ by Dr. William King ; translated from
   the Latin, with large notes ; to which are added, two sermons, by the same
   author, the former concerning divine prescience, the latter on the fall of
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

BJ1406 .M28 2001 EB                      2001
   Evil and the Augustinian tradition [electronic resource] / Charles T.

BJ 1451 .S68 1991                        1991
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   Nicomachean ethics, book 3 and book 5 / Aristotle -- A plea for excuses ;
   Three ways of spilling ink / J. L. Austin -- The vulgar notion of
   responsibility / F. H. Bradley -- Of liberty and necessity / David Hume --
   On the irrelevance of free-will to moral responsibility and the vacuity of
   the latter / W. I. Matson -- Alternate possibilities and moral
   responsibility / Harry G. Frankfurt -- Types of responsibility / Kurt
   Baier -- The straight rule of responsibility / J. L. Mackie -- Fishing the
   red herrings out of the sea of moral responsibility / Peter A. French --
   The moral and legal responsibility of the bad Samaritan / Joel Feinberg --
   Responsibility and failure / John Martin Fischer -- On blaming / Lionel
   Kenner -- Blameworthiness and obligation / Richard B. Brandt -- Freedom
   and responsibility / Jean-Paul Sartre -- Responsibility for self / Charles
   Taylor -- Negligence, mens rea, and criminal responsibility / H. L. A.
   Hart -- Criminal insanity / Herbert Fingarette -- Collective
   responsibility / D. E. Cooper -- Can a random collection of individuals be
   morally responsible? / Virginia Held -- Sharing responsibility / Michael
   J. Zimmerman -- The corporation as a moral person / Peter A. French --
   Corporativism / John Ladd -- Vicarious agency and corporate responsibility
   / Larry May.

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   Friendship [electronic resource] : liberty, equality, and utility / James
   O. Grunebaum.

BJ1547.4 .S37 2003 EB                    2003
   Extreme virtue [electronic resource] : truth and leadership in five great
   American lives / Crispin Sartwell.
   Emma's passion (commitment) -- Voltairine de Cleyre : priestess of pity
   and vengeance (self-reflection) -- Barry Goldwater : bastard out of
   Arizona (integrity) -- Lame Deer : spiritual adventurer (connectedness) --
   Furious purity : Malcolm's truth.

BJ1611.2 .B445 2004 EB                   2004
   Operation excellence [electronic resource] : succeeding in business and
   life, the U.S. military way / Mark Bender.
   Operation motivation, you can't say no to the drill sergeant --
   Discipline, it's habit forming -- Confidence, the ultimate lifestyle --
   Sacrifice, sorry, you really can't have it all -- Endstate, understanding
   the mission -- Learning, no such thing as graduation -- Problem-solving,
   we're here to fix things! -- Ethics, one dilemma after another --
   Organization, the structure of success -- Execution, the art and science
   of high performance -- Teamwork, with the emphasis on work -- Leadership,
   something for everyone -- Tactics, going for the win -- Health, choose or
   lose -- Wealth, leveraging the military mind -- Relationships, the
   toughest game in town.

BL51 .R5996 2003 EB                      2003
   Mystical consciousness [electronic resource] : Western perspectives and
   dialogue with Japanese thinkers / Louis Roy.
   Western philosophies of consciousness. Major contributions. Brentano --
   Husserl -- Sartre -- Lonergan -- Complementary contributions. From
   intentionality to consciousness : Searle -- Degrees of consciousness :
   Crosby -- Further clarifications : Helminiak -- Affective side : Morelli
   -- Accounts of mystical consciousness. Forman on pure consciousness events
   -- Realm of transcendence according to Lonergan -- Moore on the "how" of
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   consciousness -- Price on bare consciousness -- Granfield on the mystical
   difference -- Three classics. Plotinus : consciousness beyond
   consciousness. Grand worldview -- Intellect's share in the good --
   Ordinary consciousness -- What happens beyond consciousness? -- No
   blackout and yet no self-consciousness -- Ecstasy, or enstasy? -- Eckhart
   : when consciousness becomes divine consciousness. Emptiness of the human
   intellect -- No awareness -- Nothingness -- Detached love without a why --
   Is the soul equated with God? -- Soul's breakthrough to the Godhead --
   Schleiermacher : consciousness as feeling. Feeling -- Prereflective and
   reflective consciousness -- Absolute dependence -- Three kinds of
   consciousness -- Dialogue with Zen philosophy. Western views of the self.
   Arguing against the self -- Arguing for the self -- Transcending the self
   -- Japanese views of the self. Suzuki -- Nishitani -- Western view of
   nothingness. Plotinus and Eckhart -- Hedger -- Nishitani as interpreter of
   Plotinus, Eckhart, and Heidegger -- Japanese views of nothingness.
   Nishitani's approach to nihilism -- Nishitani's characterization of
   "absolute nothingness" --Hisamatsu's characterization of "oriental

BL60 .R585 2002 EB                       2002
   Religion, theology, and the human sciences [electronic resource] / Richard
   H. Roberts.
   Spirits of capitalism and the commodification of the soul. The closed
   circle : Marxism, Christianity and the 'end of history' -- Religion and
   the 'enterprise culture' : the British experience from Thatcher to Blair
   (1979-1999) -- Power and empowerment : New Age managers and the dialects
   of modernity/postmodernity -- The end of the university and the last
   academic? -- Theology and power in the matrix of modernity/postmodernity.
   Lord, bondsman, and churchman : integrity, identity and power in
   Anglicanism -- Ruling the body : the care of souls in a managerial church
   -- Theology and the social sciences -- Religion and social science :
   identity, globalisation and the transmutation of the religious field. The
   souls of Europe : identity, religion and theology -- Globalised religion?
   the Parliament of the World's Religions (Chicago 1993) in theoretical
   perspective -- Time, virtuality and the goddess : transmutations of the
   religious field -- Identity as vocation : the prospect for religion.

BL65 .M4 M48 2003 EB                     2003
   Metaphysical healing [electronic resource] : a medical dictionary,
   bibliography, and annotated research guide to Internet references / James
   N. Parker, and Philip M. Parker, editors.

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   Religion and the obligations of citizenship [electronic resource] / Paul
   J. Weithman.
   Participation, full participation and realized citizenship -- Religion's
   role in promoting democracy -- Conceptions of the democratic citizen --
   Public argument -- Principles -- Robert Audi on secular reasons -- John
   Rawls on public reason

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   Kings, nobles and commoners [electronic resource] : states and societies
   in early modern Europe, a revisionist history / Jeremy Black.

BL 80.2 .S6455 1994                      1994
   The illustrated world's religions : a guide to our wisdom traditions /
   Huston Smith.
   Point of departure -- Hinduism -- Buddhism -- Confucianism -- Taoism --
   Islam -- Judaism -- Christianity -- The primal religions -- A final

BL238 .Z45 2003 EB                       2003
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   The resurgence of religion [electronic resource] : a comparative study of
   selected themes in Christian and Islamic fundamentalist discourses / by
   David Zeidan.

BL303 .L8713 2004 EB                     2004
   The Routledge dictionary of gods and goddesses, devils and demons
   [electronic resource] / Manfred Lurker ; translated from the German by
   G.L. Campbell.

BL 304 .C36 1988                         1988
   The power of myth / Joseph Campbell, with Bill Moyers ; Betty Sue Flowers,
   Myth and the modern world -- The journey inward -- The first storytellers
   -- Sacrifice and bliss -- The hero's adventure -- The gift of the goddess
   -- Tales of love and marriage -- Masks of eternity.

BL503.2 .B37 2003 EB                      2003
   A culture of conspiracy [electronic resource] : apocalyptic visions in
   contemporary America / Michael Barkun.
   The nature of conspiracy belief -- Millennialism, conspiracy, and
   stigmatized knowledge -- New world order conspiracies (I) : the new world
   order and the illuminati -- New world order conspiracies (II) : a world of
   black helicopters -- UFO conspiracy theories, 1975-1990 -- UFOs meet the
   new world order : Jim Keith and David Icke -- Armageddon below -- UFOs and
   the search for scapegoats (I) : anti-Catholicism and anti-Masonry -- UFOs
   and the search for scapegoats (II) : anti-Semitism among the aliens --
   September 11th : the aftermath.

BL625 .H85 2003 EB                       2003
   Lives in spirit [electronic resource] : precursors and dilemmas of a
   secular Western mysticism / Harry T. Hunt.

BL627 .B53 2003 EB                       2003
   Finding the center within [electronic resource] : the healing way of
   mindfulness meditation / Thomas Bien, Beverly Bien.
   The key-- Week one: Know where you are -- Week two: Find a path to the
   center -- Part II: The door -- Weeks three and four: A gentle approach to
   meditation -- Week five: Bring meditation into your life -- Week six: Look
   deeply at your life -- Part III: The path -- Week seven: Work with dreams
   -- Week eight: Transform negative emotions -- Week nine: Cultivate healthy
   relationships -- Week ten: Meditate on paper -- Part IV: Arriving home --
   Week eleven and beyond: What kind of a Buddha are you? -- The ten-week
   program: a recap.

BL795 .W28 M55 2003 EB                   2003
   Herodotus and religion in the Persian Wars [electronic resource] / Jon D.

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   Landscapes, gender, and ritual space [electronic resource] : the ancient
   Greek experience / Susan Guettel Cole.

BL820 .S66 R44 2004 EB                   2004
   Book of the Sphinx [electronic resource] / Willis Goth Regier.
   Phix and Horemakhet -- Secrets -- Confrontations -- Riddles -- Body --
   Eros -- Mind -- Symbol of symbols.

BL1140.4 .B437 J37 2003 EB                2003
   Tales for the dying [electronic resource] : the death narrative of the
   Bh*agavata-Pur*a*na / E.H. Rick Jarow.

BL1225 .D82 R63 2003 EB                  2003
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Ritual worship of the great goddess [electronic resource] : the liturgy of
   the Durg*a P*uj*a with interpretations / Hillary Peter Rodrigues.

BL1225 .K3 E62 2003 EB                   2003
   Encountering Kali [electronic resource] ; in the margins, at the center,
   in the West / edited by Rachel Fell McDermott and Jeffrey J. Kripal.
   Introducing K*al*i studies / Jeffrey J. Kripal and Rachel Fell McDermott
   -- K*al*i / David R. Kinsley -- K*al*i the terrific and her tests: the
   *S*akta devotionalism of the Mah*abh*agavata Pur*a*na / Patricia Dold --
   The domestication of a goddess: cara*na-t*irtha k*al*igh*a*t, the
   mah*ap*i*tha of K*al*i / Sanjukta Gupta -- Dominating K*al*i: Hindu family
   values and tantric power / Usha Menon and Richard A. Shweder -- K*a*li in
   a context of terror: the tasks of a goddess in Sri Lanka's civil war /
   Patricia Lawrence -- K*al*i M*ay*i: myth and reality in a Banaras ghetto /
   Roxanne Kamayani Gupta -- Wrestling with K*al*i: South Asian and British
   constructions of the dark goddess / Cynthia Ann Humes -- "India's darkest
   heart": K*al*i in the colonial imagination / Hugh B. Urban -- Why the
   T*antrika is a hero: K*al*i in the psychoanalytic tradition / Jeffrey J.
   Kripal -- Doing the mother's Carribbean work: on shakti and society in
   contemporary Trinidad / Keith E. McNeal -- Margins at the center: tracing
   K*al*i through time, space, and culture / Sarah Caldwell -- K*al*i's new
   frontiers: a Hindu goddess on the internet / Rachel Fell McDermott --
   Appendix: documentary film and video resources for teaching on K*al*i and
   fierce goddesses / Sarah Caldwell

BL1283.84 U73 2003 EB                    2003
   Tantra [electronic resource] : sex, secrecy politics, and power in the
   study of religions / Hugh B. Urban.

BL1375 .Y63 C43 2003 EB                  2003
   Reconciling yogas [electronic resource] : Haribhadra's Collection of views
   on yoga / Christopher Key Chapple ; with a new translation of Haribhadra's
   Yogad*r*s*tisamuccaya / by Christopher Key Chapple and John Thomas Casey.

BL1800 .V66 2004 EB                      2004
   The sinister way [electronic resource] : the divine and the demonic in
   Chinese religious culture / Richard von Glahn.
   Ancestors, ghosts, and Gods in ancient China -- The Han cult of the dead
   and salvific religion -- Shanxiao: mountain goblins --0 Plague demons and
   epidemic Gods -- The song transformation of Chinese religious culture --
   Wutong: from demon to deity -- The enchantment of wealth.

BL1900 .L3 E5 2002 EB                    2002
   Tao te ching [electronic resource] / Lao Tzu ; translated by David Hinton.

BL1900 .L35 W28 2003 EB                  2003
   A Chinese reading of the Daodejing [electronic resource] : Wang Bi's
   commentary on the Laozi with critical text and translation / Rudolf G.

BL1920 .Z46 2003 EB                      2003
   The Penumbra unbound [electronic resource] : the neo-Taoist philosophy of
   Guo Xiang / Brook Ziporyn.
   Classical Chinese philosophical background -- Overview of Guo Xiang's
   philosophical project -- Problem of spontaneity and morality in earlier
   Xuanxue -- Guo's solution: the image of traces -- Dangers of traces --
   Interactivity without traces: "vanishing (into) things" -- Unification of
   independence and interdependence -- Lone-transformation -- Unity of
   activity and nonactivity -- Guo Xiang's use of the term Xing: the
   inherency of change and the confluence of chance, freedom, and necessity
   in the notion of the self-so -- Comparative notes on freedom and
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

BL1929 . C35 2002 EB                     2002
   To live as long as heaven and earth [electronic resource] : a translation
   and study of Ge Hong's traditions of divine transcendents / Robert Ford

BL2525 .M42 2003 EB                      2003
   Rediscovering America's sacred ground [electronic resource] : public
   religion and pursuit of the good in a pluralistic America / Barbara A.
   Toward a debate on common ground -- pt. I. Looking back to rediscover
   America's sacred ground. Rediscovering the roots of America's sacred
   ground in John Locke ; The United States Constitution: establishing
   America's sacred ground -- pt. II. Rooting the contemporary debate in
   sacred ground. Taking sides and looking left ; Looking right ; Grounding
   the debate ; Conclusion. America's sacred ground: our civic faith --
   [Appendixes.] A.A few definitions ; B. Freedom of conscience in
   revolutionary period constitutions and declarations of rights ; C. Drafts
   of the Religion Clause in the debates of the First Congress.

BL2525 .W853 2003 EB                     2003
   All in sync [electronic resource] : how music and art are revitalizing
   American religion / Robert Wuthnow.

BL2560 .M6 R84 2001 EB                   2001
   Of wonders and wise men [electronic resource] : religion and popular
   cultures in southeast Mexico, 1800-1876 / by Terry Rugeley.

BM42 .L54 2001 EB                        2001
   The life of Judaism [electronic resource] / edited by Harvey E. Goldberg.
   Ethos of an Eastern European community / Ghitta Sternberg -- Preparing for
   Passover in North Africa / Irene Awret -- Religious roles of elderly women
   / Susan Starr Sered -- Synagogue life among American reform Jews / Frida
   Kerner Furman -- Orthodoxy in an American synagogue / Samuel C. Heilman --
   Worship in the Havura movement / Chava Weissler -- Turning to Orthodox
   Judaism / Lynn Davidman -- Tradition and innovation in the marriage
   ceremony / Einat Ramon -- Bat Mitzvah among Russian Jews in America / Fran
   Markowitz -- Books as a path to Jewish identity / Claudio Segr*e -- Memory
   and the Holocaust: two perspectives / Ismar Schorsch and Jackie Feldman --
   Meanings of the western wall / Danielle Storper Perez and Harvey E.
   Goldberg -- Moroccan Jewish shrine in Israel / Yoram Bilu -- Religion,
   study, and contemporary politics / Tamar El-Or -- Ethiopian Jewry and new
   self-concepts / Hagar Salamon.

BM487 .A3 1999 EB                        1999
   The Dead Sea scrolls study edition [electronic resource] / edited by
   Florentino Garc*ia Mart*inez & Eibert J.C. Tigchelaar.
   v. 1. 1Q1-4Q273 -- v. 2. 4Q274-11Q31.

BM487 .P32 2004 EB                       2004
   The Dead Sea scrolls [electronic resource] : and the personages of
   earliest Christianity / Arthur E. Palumbo, Jr.
   Who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls? -- The baptism of John -- John's food and
   dress -- The first ones -- Zadok -- John the Baptist -- Dositheus -- James
   the Righteous -- The hymn scroll -- The Kittim -- The lion of wrath --
   Herod, Agrippa I, and, Agrippa II -- The coming visitation -- Khirbet
   Qumran and the scrolls -- The family of Jesus -- Microletters -- The trial
   and crucifixion of Jesus -- The hypothesis -- The slavonic Josephus -- The
   fate of the son of Joseph -- Simon Magus -- Saul, Paul, the pillars, and
   the Twelve -- The creation of Christianity.

BM503.5 .N487 2001 EB                    2001
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM
   The reader's guide to the Talmud [electronic resource] / by Jacob Neusner.

BM503.6 .N477 2002 EB                    2002
   How the Talmud works [electronic resource] / by Jacob Neusner.

BM521 .N49 2002 EB                       2002
   The halakhah [electronic resource] : historical and religious perspectives
   / by Jacob Neusner.

BM534 .M34 2003 EB                       2003
   Talking to the other [electronic resource] : Jewish interfaith dialogue
   with Christians and Muslims / Jonathan Magonet.
   Foreword / by Prince Hassan bin Tallal -- Interfaith dialogue : a personal
   introduction -- The challenge to Judaism of interfaith dialogue -- Chances
   and limits of multicultural society -- Reflections on the Jewish immigrant
   experience -- Controversy for the sake of heaven -- Between controversy
   and conflict -- The Ten Commandments and the quest for universal values --
   Risk-taking in religious dialogue -- Teaching the teachers -- Jewish
   perceptions of Jesus -- When I see what Christians make of the 'Hebrew'
   Bible -- Jewish perceptions of Muhammad -- The challenges facing the
   Muslim community -- Towards a Jewish-Muslim dialogue -- Haman's new
   victims -- An evening of mourning for the victims of the massacre at the
   Hebron mosque -- Prayers for peace in the Middle East -- From a narrow
   place : a New Year Sermon -- The journey to dialogue -- Afterword / by
   Karen Armstrong.

BM601 .N52 2001 EB                       2001
   The theology of the halakhah [electronic resource] / by Jacob Neusner.

BM610 .S28 2002 EB                       2002
   Revelation and the God of Israel [electronic resource] / Norbert M.

BM660 .G78 2003 EB                       2003
   Rituals and ritual theory in ancient Israel [electronic resource] / by
   Ithamar Gruenwald.

BM723 .A68 2003 EB                       2003
   Beholders of divine secrets [electronic resource] : mysticism and myth in
   Hekhalot and merkavah literature / Vita Daphna Arbel.

BM755 .W395 D48 2003 EB                  2003
   The maiden of Ludmir [electronic resource] : a Jewish holy woman and her
   world / Nathaniel Deutsch ; foreword by Janusz Bardach.

BP44 A23 2003 EB                         2003
   Islam : questions and answers [electronic resource]. Volume 9, Pedagogy
   education and upbringing / Muhammad Saed Abdul-Rahman.

BP55 .H39 1999 EB                        1999
   The idea of idolatry and the emergence of Islam [electronic resource] :
   from polemic to history / G.R. Hawting.

BP55 .M47 2003 EB                        2003
   Method and theory in the study of Islamic origins [electronic resource] /
   edited by Herbert Berg.
BP60 .R46 2003 EB                        2003
   Revolutionaries and reformers [electronic resource] : contemporary
   Islamist movements in the Middle East / edited by Barry Rubin.
   Why radical Muslims aren't taking over governments / Emmanuel Sivan --
   Radical Islam in Egypt : a comparison of two groups / David Zeidan -- The
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   development of Palestinian Islamic groups / Reuven Paz -- Radical Islamist
   movements in Turkey / Ely Karmon -- Islamism and the state in North Africa
   / Bruce Maddy-Weitzman and Meir Litvak -- Hizballah : between armed
   struggle and domestic politics / Eyal Zisser -- Balancing state and
   society : the Islamic movement in Kuwait / Shafeeq N. Ghabra -- The rise
   of the last Islamist movement in Turkey / Nilufer Narli.
   Fethullah Gulen and his liberal 'Turkish Islam' movement / Bulent Aras and
   Omer Caha -- Islam and democracy / Ali R. Abootalebi -- Mediating Middle
   East conflicts : an alternative approach / Geore E. Irani -- Liberal Islam
   : prospects and challenges / Charles Kurzman -- Inside the Islamic
   reformation / Dale F. Eickelman -- Islamist movements in the Middle East :
   a survey and balance sheet / Barry Rubin.

BP63 .I5 H66 2003 EB                     2003
   Indonesian Islam [electronic resource] : social change through
   contemporary fat*aw*a / M.B. Hooker.

BP63 .I5 S295 2001 EB                    2001
   Modern trends in Islamic theological discourse in 20th century Indonesia
   [electronic resource] : a critical study / by Fauzan Saleh.

BP80 .M773 K548 2003 EB                  2003
   Memoirs of a mission [electronic resource] : the Ismaili scholar,
   statesman and poet al-Mu*ayyad fi*l-D*in al-Sh*ir*az*i / Verena Klemm.

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   Understanding the Qur*an [electronic resource] : themes and style /
   Muhammad Abdel Haleem.

BP130 A23 2003 EB                        2003
   Islam : questions and answers [electronic resource]. Volume 3, The Qur'aan
   and its sciences / Muhammad Saed Abdul-Rahman.

BP131.6 .N44 2001 EB                     2001
   The art of reciting the Qur'an [electronic resource] / Kristina Nelson.

BP132 .H88613 2003 EB                    2003
   Kernel of the kernel [electronic resource] : concerning the wayfaring and
   spiritual journey of the people of intellect : Ris*ala-yi Lubb al-lub*ab
   dar sayr wa sul*uk-i ulu'l-alb*ab [sic] / a Sh*i**i approach to Sufism
   from the teachings of Sayyid Mu*hammad *Husayn *Tab*a*tab*a**i ; compiled,
   edited, and expanded by Sayyid Mu*hammad *Husayn *Husayn*i Tihr*an*i ;
   translated [from the Persian] by Mohammad H. Faghfoory ; foreword by
   Seyyed Hossein Nasr.

BP135 A23 2004 EB                        2003
   Islam : questions and answers [electronic resource]. Volume 4, The hadeeth
   and its sciences / Muhammad Saed Abdul-Rahman.

BP163 .I77313 2000 EB                    2000
   The Islamic world and the West [electronic resource] : an introduction to
   political cultures and international relations / edited by Kai Hafez ;
   with a foreword by Mohammed Arkoun and Udo Steinbach ; translated from the
   German by Mary Ann Kenny.

BP165.5 A23 2003 EB                      2003
   Islam : questions and answers [electronic resource]. Volume 1, Basic
   tenets of faith : belief (Part 1) / Muhammad Saed Abdul-Rahman.

BP165.5 A232 2003 EB                     2003
   Islam : questions and answers [electronic resource]. Volume 2, Basic
   tenets of faith : belief (Part 2) / Muhammad Saed Abdul-Rahman.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

BP166 .B29513 2001 EB                    2002
   Nature, man and God in medieval Islam [electronic resource] : *Abd Allah
   Baydawi's text, Tawali* al-anwar min matali* al-anzar, along with Mahmud
   Isfahani's commentary, Matali* al-anzar, sharh Tawali* al-anwar / edited
   and translated by Edwin E. Calverley and James W. Pollock.

BP166.2 A23 2003 EB                      2003
   Islam : questions and answers [electronic resource]. Volume 7, Divine
   unity (Tawheed) / Muhammad Saed Abdul-Rahman.

BP166.22 A23 2003 EB                     2003
   Islam : questions and answers [electronic resource]. Volume 5, Polytheism
   (shirk) and its different forms / Muhammad Saed Abdul-Rahman.

BP171 A23 2003 EB                        2003
   Islam : questions and answers [electronic resource]. Volume 6, Alliance
   and amity, disavowal and enmity / Muhammad Saed Abdul-Rahman.

BP173.4 .R68 2004 EB                     2004
   Engaged surrender [electronic resource] : African American women and Islam
   / Carolyn Moxley Rouse.
   Engaged surrender -- A community of women : consensus, borders, and
   resistance praxis -- Gender negotiations and Qur'anic exegesis : one
   community's reading of Islam and women -- Historical discourses -- Soul
   food : changing markers of identity through the transition -- Conversion
   -- Performing gender : marriage, family, and community -- Searching for
   Islamic purity in and out of secular Los Angeles County.

BP173.63 .B46 2003 EB                    2003
   Civil democratic Islam [electronic resource] : partners, resources, and
   strategies / Cheryl Benard.
   Mapping the issues : an introduction to the range of thought in
   contemporary Islam -- Finding partners for the promotion of democratic
   Islam : options -- A proposed strategy -- The hadith wars -- Hijab as a
   case study -- Strategy in depth -- Correspondence about the U.S.
   Department of State's portrayal of Islam.
BP173.7 .I895 2003 EB                    2003
   Rethinking Islamist politics [electronic resource] : culture, the state
   and Islamism / Salwa Ismail.
   The study of Islamism revisited -- Confronting the other : conservative
   Islamism in Egypt -- Religious 'orthodoxy' as public morality -- The
   state, Islamism and cultural politics in Egypt -- Contemporary Islamism as
   popular movement : socio-spatial determinants in the Cairo urban setting
   -- Islamist politics in Algeria and Tunisia : a state-society perspective
   -- The paradox of Islamist politics.

BP188.8 .I7 B67 2002 EB                  2002
   Mystic regimes [electronic resource] : Sufism and the state in Iran, from
   the late Qajar era to the Islamic Republic / by Matthijs van den Bos.

BP191 A23 2003 EB                        2003
   Islam : questions and answers [electronic resource]. Volume 8, Schools of
   thought, religions and sects / Muhammad Saed Abdul-Rahman.

BP192 .C65 2002 EB                       2002
   Sacred space and holy war [electronic resource] : the politics, culture
   and history of Shi'ite Islam / Juan Cole.
   Early modern Arab Shi'ites and Iran: The Shi'ites as an Ottoman minority
   -- Rival empires of trade and Shi'ism in Eastern Arabia -- Jurisprudence:
   the Akhbari-Usuli struggle -- Indian money and the Shi'ite shrine cities
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   -- Mafia, mob and Shi'ism in Iraq ; India and the British Empire: The
   Shi'ite discovery of the West -- Women and the making of Shi'ism -- Sacred
   space and holy war: the issue of jihad ; The twentieth century: Shi'ites
   as national minorities -- The modernity of theocracy.

BP194 .S83 2001 EB                       2001
   Doctrines of Shi*i Islam [electronic resource] : a compendium of Imami
   beliefs and practices / Ja*far Sobhani ; translated and edited by Reza

BP195 .N58 J35 2002 EB                   2002
   Surviving the Mongols [electronic resource] : Niz*ar*i Quhist*an*i and the
   continuity of Ismaili tradition in Persia / Nadia Eboo Jamal.

BP603 .L49 2003 EB                       2003
   Legitimating new religions [electronic resource] / James R. Lewis.
   Religious experience and the origins of religion -- Native American
   prophet religions -- Jesus in India and the forging of tradition --
   Science, technology, and the Space Brothers -- Anton Lavey, the Satanic
   Bible, and the Satanist tradition -- Heaven's Gate and the legitimation of
   suicide -- The authority of the long ago and the far away -- Atrocity
   tales as a delegitimation strategy -- Religious insanity -- The cult
   stereotype as an ideological resource -- Scholarship and the
   delegitimation of religion.

BP605 .H36 L35 2004 EB                   2004
   Bounded choice [electronic resource] : true believers and charismatic
   cults / Janja Lalich.
BQ732 P74 2003 EB                        2003
   Buddhism [electronic resource] : the American experience / Charles S.

BQ4012 P74 2004 EB                       2004
   Buddhism [electronic resource] : the ebook : an online introduction /
   Charles S. Prebish, Damien Keown.

BQ4570 .P755 E62 2003 EB                 2003
   Encountering Buddhism [electronic resource] : Western psychology and
   Buddhist teachings / edited by Seth Robert Segall.

BQ4570 .P76 P78 2002 EB                  2003
   Psychology and Buddhism [electronic resource] : from individual to global
   community / edited by Kathleen H. Dockett, G. Rita Dudley-Grant, C. Peter
   I. Foundations. 1. On the path of the Buddha : a psychologists' guide to
   the history of Buddhism / C. Peter Bankart, Kathleen H. Dockett, and G.
   Rita Dudley-Grant -- 2. Five manifestations of the Buddha in the West : a
   brief history / C. Peter Bankart -- 3. Value and meaning in Gestalt
   psychology and Mahayana Buddhism / Edward S. Ragsdale -- II. Healing and
   psychotherapy : alternatives in psychotherapy. 4. Buddhism, psychology,
   and addiction theory in psychotherapy / G. Rita Dudley-Grant -- 5.
   Suffering from biobabble : searching for a science of subjectivity / Polly
   Young-Eisendrath -- 6. Role of responsibility in daseinanalysis and
   Buddhism / Belinda Siew Luan Khong -- 7. Classical Buddhist model of a
   healthy mind / Richard P. Hayes -- III. Empowerment, responsibility, and
   the challenges of change. 8. Buddhist empowerment : individual,
   organizational, and societal transformation / Kathleen H. Dockett -- 9.
   The role of religion and spirituality in community building / Leonard A.
   Jason and John Moritsugu -- 10. Transcending self and other : Mahayana
   principles of integration / Kathleen H. Dockett and Doris North-Schulte --
   11. Environmental problems and Buddhist ethics : from the perspective of
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   the consciousness-only doctrine / Shuichi Yamamoto -- 12. Buddhist social
   principles / David W. Chappell -- IV. Future directions : global impact.
   13. On the path to peace and wholeness : conclusion to Psychology and
   Buddhism / G. Rita Dudley-Grant, C. Peter Bankart, and Kathleen H.

BQ4570 .S6 C66 2003 EB                   2003
   Constituting communities [electronic resource] : Therav*ada Buddhism and
   the religious cultures of South and Southeast Asia / John Clifford Holt,
   Jacob N. Kinnard, and Jonathan S. Walters.

BQ5925 .W47 2002 EB                      2002
   Westward dharma [electronic resource] : Buddhism beyond Asia / edited by
   Charles S. Prebish, Martin Baumann.

BQ9262.5 .M367 2004 EB                   2004
   Seeing through Zen [electronic resource] : encounter, transformation, and
   genealogy in Chinese Chan Buddhism / John R. McRae.

BR65 .A62 V38 2003 EB                    2003
   The journey toward God in Augustine's Confessions [electronic resource] :
   books I-VI / Carl G. Vaught.

BR115 .A8 C4313 2003 EB                  2003
   Hand to hand [electronic resource] : listening to the work of art /
   Jean-Louis Chretien ; translated with an introduction by Stephen E. Lewis.
   How to wrestle with the irresistible -- Silence in painting -- A polyptych
   of slumbers -- The strange beauty of Charon -- The cat as instrument of
   nudity -- From God the artist to man the creator -- Like a liquid bond --
   Elementary tears.

BR115 .A85 B88 2003 EB                   2003
   Pilgrimage through a burning world [electronic resource] : spiritual
   practice and nonviolent protest at the Nevada Test Site / Ken Butigan.

BR115 .C45 G67 2002 EB                   2002
   A theology of the built environment [electronic resource] : justice,
   empowerment, redemption / T.J. Gorringe.

BR115 .E3 B58 2004 EB                    2004
   Is the market moral? [electronic resource] : a dialogue on religion,
   economics, and justice / Rebecca M. Blank, William McGurn.
   Introduction / E.J. Dionne Jr., Jean Bethke Elshtain, and Kayla M. Drogosz
   -- Viewing the market economy through the lens of faith / Rebecca M. Blank
   -- Markets and morals / William McGurn -- A reply to McGurn / Rebecca M.
   Blank -- A reply to blank / William McGurn -- Creating a virtuous economy
   / Rebecca M. Blank -- Creative virtues of the economy / William McGurn.

BR115 .P7 B634 2004 EB                   2004
   The Blackwell companion to political theology [electronic resource] /
   edited by Peter Scott and William T. Cavanaugh.
   Scripture : Old Testament / Walter Brueggemann -- Scripture : New
   Testament / Christopher Rowland -- Augustine / Jean Bethke Elshtain --
   Aquinas / Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt -- The Reformation / Andrew
   Bradstock -- Liturgy / Bernd Wannenwetsch -- Eastern Orthodox thought /
   Michael Plekon -- Carl Schmitt / Michael Hollerich -- Karl Barth / Haddon
   Willmer -- Dietrich Bonhoeffer / Stanley Hauerwas -- John Courtney Murray
   / Michael J. Baxter -- William Temple / Alan M. Suggate -- Reinhold
   Niebuhr / William Werlpehowski -- Feminist theology, Southern / Kwok
   Pui-lan -- Feminist theology, Northern / Elaine Graham -- J*urgen Moltmann
   / Nicholas Adams -- Johann Baptist Metz / J. Matthew Ashley -- Political
   theologies in Asia / Aloysius Pieris -- Black political theologies / M.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Shawn Copeland -- Gustavo Guti*errez / Roberto S. Goizueta -- Stanley
   Hauerwas / R. R. Reno -- Trinity / Kathryn Tanner -- Creation / Peter
   Scott -- Christology / Raymund Schwager -- Atonement / Timothy J. Gorringe
   -- Spirit / Mark Lewis Taylor -- Church / William T. Cavanaugh --
   Eschatology / Robert W. Jenson -- State and civil society / Daniel M.
   Bell, Jr. -- Democracy / John W. de Gruchy -- Critical theory / Marsha
   Aileen Hewitt -- Postmodernism / Catherine Pickstock -- Globalization /
   Peter Sedgwick -- The Islamic quest for sociopolitical justice / Bustami
   Mohamed Khir -- Abrahamic theo-politics : a Jewish view / Peter Ochs.

BR115 .P7 J44 2002 EB                    2002
   Christianity's impact on world politics [electronic resource] : not by
   might, nor by power / Kurt W. Jefferson.

BR195 .M65 C36 2002 EB                   2002
   Wandering, begging monks [electronic resource] : spiritual authority and
   the promotion of monasticism in late antiquity / Daniel Caner.
   Acknowledgments -- Abbreviations -- Introduction -- Wandering in the
   Desert and the Virtues of Manual Labor -- Xeniteia in the Desert --
   Stories of the Wandering Pioneers -- Settling the Desert -- Wandering in
   Dejection and the Solace of Manual Labor -- Wandering and Sustenance in
   the Desert -- Wandering and Communal Stability in the Desert -- Apostolic
   Wanderers of Third-Century Syria -- An Apostolic Paradigm for Ascetic
   Wanderers: The Acts of Thomas -- A Manual for Apostolic Wanderers:
   Pseudo-Clement's Letters to Virgins -- The Continuing Influence of the
   Apostolic Paradigm -- In Support of "People Who Pray": Apostolic
   Monasticism and the Messalian Controversy -- The Evolution of the
   Messalian Profile -- Toward a Broader Definition of the Messalian
   Controversy -- Conflicting Assumptions of Orthodox Monastic Practice in
   the East -- Conflicting Assumptions of Orthodox Monastic Practice in the
   West -- Apostle and Heretic: The Controversial Career of Alexander the
   Sleepless -- Alexander the Apostolic Man -- Alexander the Heretic --
   Spiritual Authority and the Messalian Controversy -- Hypocrites and
   Pseudomonks: Beggars, Bishops, and Ascetic Teachers in Cities of the Early
   Fifth Century -- Beggars at the Gates -- John Chrysostom and the
   Christmongers of Constantinople -- Nilus and the Ascetic Parasites of
   Ancyra -- John Chrysostom and the Monks of Constantinople -- Monastic
   Patronage and Social Mobility -- Monastic Patronage and the Two Churches
   of Constantinople -- Dalmatius and Ascetic Enthusiasts in the Downfall of
   Nestorius -- Eutyches and the Circumcellions of Constantinople -- Toward a
   New Era in Church and Monastic Relations -- Epilogue -- App The Life of
   Alexander Akoimetos -- Select Bibliography -- Index.

BR238 .P42 2001 EB                       2001
   Subtle bodies [electronic resource] : representing angels in Byzantium /
   Glenn Peers.

BR526 .B58 2003 EB                       2003
   The fracture of good order [electronic resource] : Christian
   antiliberalism and the challenge to American politics / Jason C. Bivins.
   Whether picketing outside abortion clinics, speaking out at school board
   meetings, or attending anti-death penalty vigils, many Americans have
   publicly opposed local, state, or federal government policies on the basis
   of their religious convictions. In this book, Jason Bivins examines the
   growing phenomenon of Christian protest against civil authority and
   political order in the United States. He argues that since the 1960s,
   there has been a proliferation of religious activism against what the
   protesters perceive as government's excessive power and lack of moral
   principle. Calling this phenomenon "Christian antiliberalism," Bivins
   finds at its center a belief that American politics is based on a liberal
   tradition that threatens the practice of a religious life and gives
   government too much social and economic influence. Focusing on the
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Catholic pacifism of Daniel and Philip Berrigan and the Jonah House
   resistance community, the Christian Right's homeschooling movement, and
   the evangelical Sojourners community, Bivins combines religious studies
   with political theory to explore the common ground shared by these
   disparate groups. Despite their vast ideological and institutional
   differences, these activists justify their actions in overtly religious
   terms based on a rejection of basic tenets of the American political
   system. Analyzing the widespread dissatisfaction with the conventional
   forms of political identity and affiliation that characterize American
   civic life today, this book sheds light on the complex relations between
   religion and democratic society.

BR563 .N4 C5 2003 EB                     2003
   Black magic [electronic resource] : religion and the African American
   conjuring tradition / Yvonne P. Chireau.
   "Our religion and superstition was all mixed up" : conjure, Christianity
   and African American supernatural traditions -- "Africa was a land a'
   magic power since de beginnin' a history" : old world sources of conjuring
   traditions -- "Folks can do yuh lots of harm" : African American
   supernatural harming traditions -- "Medical doctors can't do you no good"
   : conjure and African American traditions of healing -- "We all believed
   in hoodoo" : conjure and Black American cultural traditions.

BR563 .N4 F73 2003 EB                    2003
   Between Sundays [electronic resource] : Black women and everyday struggles
   of faith / Marla F. Frederick.
   Introduction -- Strange meetings -- "Of the meaning of progress" --
   Gratitude and empathy -- Reading church history -- Righteous discontent --
   "Are we a church or a social change organization? -- Televangelism (and
   shifting discourses of progress) -- "Loosed women" -- Financial priorities
   -- Sexual politics -- Conclusion.

BR563 .N4 H39 2003 EB                    2003
   Prophesying daughters [electronic resource] : Black women preachers and
   the Word, 1823-1913 / Chanta M. Haywood.
   The prophesying daughters : biographical and historical background -- The
   act of prophesying : nineteenth-century Black women preachers and Black
   literary history -- Prophetic change : Jarena Lee's and Julia Foote's uses
   of conversion rhetoric in the context of reader distrust -- Prophetic
   journeying : the trope of travel in Black women preachers' narratives --
   Prophetic reading : Black women preachers and biblical interpretation --
   Prophetic works : prophesying daughters and social activism--the case of
   Frances Joseph Gaudet -- Can I get a witness? : the implications of
   prophesying for African American literary studies.

BR743.3 .N54 A3 2002 EB                  2002
   Florence Nightingale's theology [electronic resource] : essays, letters
   and journal notes / Lynn McDonald, editor.

BR744 .P58 2000 EB                       2000
   A history of the English parish [electronic resource] : the culture of
   religion from Augustine to Victoria / N.J.G. Pounds.

BR744 .P73 2001 EB                       2001
   Pragmatic utopias [electronic resource] : ideals and communities,
   1200-1630 / edited by Rosemary Horrox and Sarah Rees Jones.
   If heaven be on this earth, it is in cloister or in school : the monastic
   ideal in later medieval English literature / Derek Pearsall -- Chariot of
   Aminadab and the Yorkshire priory of Swine / Janet Burton -- Godliness and
   good learning : ideals and imagination in medieval university and college
   foundations / R.N. Swanson -- Hugh of Balsham, bishop of Ely 1256/7-1286 /
   Roger Lovatt -- Cruel necessity? Christ's and St John's, two Cambridge
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   refoundations / Malcolm G. Underwood -- Coventry's Lollard programme of
   1492 and the making of Utopia / P.J.P. Goldberg -- Thomas More's Utopia
   and medieval London / Sarah Rees Jones -- Social exclusivity or justice
   for all? Access to justice in in fourteenth-century England / Anthony
   Musson -- Idealising criminality : Robin Hood in the fifteenth century /
   A.J. Pollard -- Fat Christian and Old Peter : ideals and compromises among
   the medieval Waldensians / Peter Biller -- Imageless devotion : what kind
   of an ideal? / Margaret Aston -- English anchorite : the making, unmaking
   and remaking of Christine Carpenter / Miri Rubin -- Victorian values in
   fifteenth-century England : the Ewelme almshouse statutes / Colin Richmond
   -- Puritanism and the poor / Patrick Collinson -- Realising a utopian
   dream : the transformation of the clergy in the diocese of York, 1500-1630
   / Claire Cross.

BR759 .R415 2001 EB                      2001
   Faith, stories, and the experience of Black elders [electronic resource] :
   singing the Lord's song in a strange land / Anthony G. Reddie.

BR792 .C43 2000 EB                       2000
   Early Christian Ireland [electronic resource] / T.M. Charles-Edwards.

BR1105 .W66 2001 EB                      2003
   Christians at the heart of Islamic rule [electronic resource] : church
   life and scholarship in *Abbasid Iraq / edited by David Thomas.

BR1285 .G63 2004 EB                      2004
   God and Caesar in China [electronic resource] : policy implications of
   church-state tensions / Jason Kindopp, Carol Lee Hamrin, editors.
   Policy dilemmas in China's church-state relations: an introduction / Jason
   Kindopp -- State policy: control of religion -- A tradition of state
   dominance / Daniel H. Bays -- Control and containment in the reform era /
   Mickey Spiegel -- Accession to the world trade organization and state
   adaptation / Kim-Kwong Chan -- Church-state interaction -- Setting roots:
   the Catholic Church in China to 1949 / Jean-Paul Wiest -- Catholic
   conflict and cooperation in the People's Republic of China / Richard
   Madsen -- "Patriotic" Protestants: the making of an official church /
   Yihua Xu -- Fragmented yet defiant: Protestant resilience under Chinese
   Communist Party rule / Jason Kindopp -- Religion in U.S.-China relations
   -- Unreconciled differences: the staying power of religion / Peng Liu --
   Advancing religious freedom in a global China: conclusions / Carol Lee

BR1306 .H54 2001 EB                      2001
   Christianity in early modern Japan [electronic resource] : Kirishitan
   belief and practice / by Ikuo Higashibaba.

BR1495 .N5 R63 2003 EB                   2004
   Becoming sinners [electronic resource] : Christianity and moral torment in
   a Papua New Guinea society / by Joel Robbins.
   Part one : becoming sinners -- From salt to the law : contact and the
   early colonial period -- Christianity and the colonial transformation of
   regional relations -- Revival, second stage conversion, and the
   localization of the Urapmin Church -- Part two : living in sin --
   Contemporary Urapmin in millennial time and space -- Willfulness,
   lawfulness, and Urapmin morality -- Desire and its discontents : free time
   and Christian morality -- Rituals of redemption and technologies of the
   self -- Millennialism and the contest of values -- Christianity, cultural
   change, and the moral life of the hybrid.

BR1642 .M6 C34 2003 EB                   2003
   All religions are good in Tzintzuntzan [electronic resource] :
   evangelicals in Catholic Mexico / Peter S. Cahn.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

BR1642 .U5 G35 2003 EB                   2003
   Evangelical identity and gendered family life [electronic resource] /
   Sally K. Gallagher.

BS410 .V452 VOL. 81 EB                   2000
   Studies in historical geography and biblical historiography [electronic
   resource] : presented to Zechariah Kallai / edited by Gershon Galil and
   Moshe Weinfeld.

BS410 .V452 VOL. 93                      2003
   The book of Leviticus [electronic resource] : composition and reception /
   edited by Rolf Rendtorff and Robert A. Kugler ; with the assistance of
   Sarah Smith Bartel.
   Leviticus : its literary history and location in Biblical literature /
   Baruch Levine -- Hr in Leviticus and elsewhere in the Torah / Jacob
   Milgrom -- Leviticus : after Exodus and before Numbers / Graeme Auld --
   The structure of the book of Leviticus in the narrative outline of the
   priestly Sinai story (Exod 19:1-Num 10:10*) / Andreas Ruwe -- The rhetoric
   of ritual instruction in Leviticus 1-7 / James W. Watts -- The theology of
   the sacrifice according to Leviticus 1-7 / Alfred Marx -- The go-away goat
   / Mary Douglas -- Towards an integrated reading of the dietary laws of
   Leviticus / Walter J. Houston -- What connects the incest prohibitions
   with the other prohibitions listed in Leviticus 18 and 20? / Adrian
   Schenker -- Le sacerdoce / Ren*e P*eter-Contesse -- The priests in
   Leviticus-- is the medium the message? / Lester L. Grabbe -- Death and
   sexuality among priests (Leviticus 21) / Calum Carmichael -- The Old Greek
   translation of Leviticus / Sarianna Metso and Eugene Ulrich -- Reception
   of the Hebrew text of Leviticus in the Targums / Martin McNamara -- The
   reception of Leviticus : Peshitta version / D.J. Lane -- The book of
   Leviticus in the Dead Sea scrolls / Peter W. Flint -- Rethinking the
   notion of "scripture" in the Dead Sea scrolls : Leviticus as a test case /
   Robert A. Kugler -- Jesus, levitical purity, and the development of
   primitive Christianity / Bruce Chilton -- The rabbinic reception of
   Leviticus / Hannah Harrington -- *ny yh*vh : God's self-introduction
   formula in Leviticus in Midrash Sifra / Gerhard Bodendorfer -- Double time
   ... double trouble? : gender, sin, and Leviticus 12 / Linda S. Schearing
   -- "Coming before the Lord" : the exclusion of women from the public
   domain of the Israelite preistly cult / Judith Romney Wegner.

BS744 .C65 2000 EB                       2000
   The library in Alexandria and the Bible in Greek [electronic resource] /
   by Nina L. Collins.

BS1199 .T5 B75 2001 EB                   2001
   The concept of time in the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls [electronic
   resource] / by Gershon Brin.

BS1286.5 .S82 2002 EB                    2002
   The Targum of Samuel [electronic resource] / by Eveline van

BS1430.6 .H5 S37 2001 EB                 2001
   History, justice, and the agency of God [electronic resource] : a
   hermeneutical and exegetical investigation on Isaiah and Psalms / by
   Christoph O. Schroeder.

BS1545.2 W66 2001 EB                     2001
   The idea of retribution in the book of Ezekiel [electronic resource] / by
   Ka Leung Wong.

BS1830 .A252 L58 2000 EB                 2000
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Literature on Adam and Eve [electronic resource] : collected essays /
   edited by Gary Anderson, Michael Stone, Johannes Tromp.
   The penitence narrative in the Life of Adam and Eve / Gary A. Anderson --
   The fall of Satan and Adam's penance: three notes on The books of Adam and
   Eve / Michael E. Stone -- The punishment of Adam and Eve in the Life of
   Adam and Eve ; The exaltation of Adam and the fall of Satan / Gary A.
   Anderson -- The angelic prediction in the primary Adam books / Michael E.
   Stone / Ezekiel 28, the fall of Satan, and the Adam books / Gary A.
   Anderson / The legend of the cheirograph of Adam ; Selections from On the
   creation of the world by Yovhann*es T'lkuranci'i : translation and
   commentary / Michael E. Stone -- The original form of the Life of Adam and
   Eve : a proposal / Gary A. Anderson -- The literary development of the
   Life of Adam and Eve / Marinus de Jonge -- The exoneration and denigration
   of Eve in the Greek Life of Adam and Eve / John R. Levinson -- Cain and
   Abel in the Greek and Armenian/Georgian recensions of the Life of Adam and
   Eve / Johannes Tromp -- S*unde, Busse und Gnade in dem Leben Adam und Evas
   / Martin Meiser -- Adam als Bauer, oder, Die *Atiologie des Ackerbaus in
   Vita adae 1-21 und die Redaktionsgeschichte der Adamviten / Jan Dochhorn
   -- The Christian origin of the Greek Life of Adam and Eve / Marinus de
   For many centuries, the acts and destinies of the first-created human
   beings, Adam and Eve, have intrigued artists, story-tellers and
   theologians alike. This volume is a collection of articles on these
   traditions, written by some of the foremost scholars in the field. The
   volume consists of two parts. In the first part G.A. Anderson and M.E.
   Stone have combined a number of studies on the rich variety of Adam and
   Eve-traditions, from the Life of Adam and Eve onwards to late medieval
   writings in Armenian. The second part, edited by Johannes Tromp, consists
   of papers read at the 1998 Leiden symposium, and deals more specifically
   with the Life of Adam and Eve.

BS 2095 .T56 1992                        1992
   Good news : New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs.

BS2520 .P5 M38 2002 EB                   2002
   Philip, Apostle and Evangelist [electronic resource] : configurations of a
   tradition / by Christopher R. Matthews.

BS2575.6 .C76 C68 2002 EB                2002
   The crowds in the Gospel of Matthew [electronic resource] / by J.R.C.

BS2589 .M68 2002 EB                      2002
   Pauline Christianity [electronic resource] : Luke-Acts and the legacy of
   Paul / by Christopher Mount.

BS2615.52 .B66 2002 EB                   2002
   Caused to believe [electronic resource] : the Doubting Thomas story at the
   climax of John's Christological narrative / by William bonney.

BS2625.6 .H55 M2713 2002 EB              2002
   The first Christian historian [electronic resource] : writing the "Acts of
   the Apostles" / Daniel Marguerat ; translated by Ken McKinney, Gregory J.
   Laughery, and Richard Bauckham.
   Preface -- How Luke wrote history -- A narrative of beginnings -- The
   unity of Luke - Acts: the task of reading -- A Christianity between
   Jerusalem and Rome -- The God of Acts -- The work of the Spirit -- Jews
   and Christians in conflict -- Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5.1-11): the
   original sin -- Saul's conversion (Acts 9; 22; 26) -- The enigma of the
   end of Acts (28.16-31) -- Travels and travellers -- Bibliography -- Index
   of passages.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

BS2655 .M3 H83 2002 EB                   2002
   New creation in Paul's letters and thought [electronic resource] / Moyer
   V. Hubbard.

BS2665.53 .T64 2004 EB                   2004
   Romans [electronic resource] / John E. Toews.

BS2665.6 .S25 B87 2001 EB                2001
   Paul and the salvation of the individual [electronic resource] / by Gary
   W. Burnett.

BS2685.52 .C86 2001 EB                   2001
   Paul and the crucified Christ in Antioch [electronic resource] : Maccabean
   martyrdom and Galatians 1 and 2 / Stephen Anthony Cummins.

BS2880 .T4 A3 2003 EB                    2003
   The Acts of Thomas [electronic resource] : introduction, text, and
   commentary / by A.F.J. Klijn.

BT50 .M28 2001 EB                        2001
   The light of Thy countenance [electronic resource] : science and knowledge
   of God in the thirteenth century / by Steven P. Marrone.
   v. 1. A doctrine of divine illumination -- v. 2. God at the core of

BT75.3 .B58 2004 EB                      2004
   The Blackwell companion to modern theology [electronic resource] / edited
   by Gareth Jones.
   Theology -- History -- Themes -- Key modern figures -- Contemporary

BT83.5 .A427 2003 EB                     2003
   Godhead and the nothing [electronic resource] / Thomas J.J. Altizer.

BT83.55 .C35 2002 EB                     2002
   The Cambridge companion to feminist theology [electronic resource] /
   edited by Susan Frank Parsons.
   pt. 1. The shape of feminist theology -- Emergence of Christian feminist
   theology / Rosemary Radford Ruether -- Feminist theology as intercultural
   discourse / Kwok Pui-Lan -- Feminist theology as philosophy of religion /
   Pamela Sue Anderson -- Feminist theology as theology of religions / Rita
   M. Gross -- Feminist theology as post-traditional theology / Carol P.
   Christ -- Feminist theology as biblical hermeneutics / Bridget Gilfillan
   Upton -- Feminist theology as dogmatic theology / Susan Frank Parsons --
   pt. 2. The themes of feminist theology -- Trinity and feminism / Janet
   Martin Soskice -- Jesus Christ / Mercy Amba Oduyoye -- Holy Spirit and
   spirituality / Nicola Slee -- Creation / Celia Deane-Drummond -- Redeeming
   ethics / Susan Frank Parsons -- Church and sacrament - community and
   worship / Susan A. Ross -- Eschatology / Valerie A. Karras.

BT83.585 .S55 2002 EB                    2002
   Silence and the Word [electronic resource] : negative theology and
   incarnation / edited by Oliver Davies and Denys Turner.

BT160 .T47 2003 EB                       2003
   Theodicy in the world of the Bible [electronic resource] / edited by Antti
   Laato and Johannes C. De Moor.

BT198 .B33 2002 EB                       2002
   Isaiah's Christ in Matthew's Gospel [electronic resource] / Richard

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

BT590 .J8 C445 2002 EB                   2002
   The missing Jesus [electronic resource] : rabbinic Judaism and the New
   Testament / by Bruce A. Chilton, Craig Evans & Jacob Neusner.
   Introduction: finding a context for Jesus / Craig Evans -- The misplaced
   Jesus : interpreting Jesus in a Judaic context / Craig Evans. Response:
   Mapping a place for Jesus / Bruce Chilton -- Contexts of comparison :
   reciprocally reading Gospels' and rabbis' parables / Jacob Neusner.
   Response: Neusner's "Contexts of comparison" / Gary Herion -- The Gospels
   and rabbinic Halakah / Herbert Basser. Response: Reconstructing the
   Halakah of Jesus : appropriating early and late sources / Craig Evans --
   Getting it right : Jesus, James, and questions of sanctity / Bruce
   Chilton. Response: Dividing it right : who is a Jew and what is a
   Christian? / Scott Langston -- Conclusion: Jesus within Judaism / Bruce
   Chilton -- Some significant dates in the history of Judaism and

BT741.3 .G75 2004 EB                     2004
   Born again bodies [electronic resource] : flesh and spirit in American
   Christianity / R. Marie Griffith.

BT877 .I63 2002 EB                       2002
   Imagining the end [electronic resource] : visions of apocalypse from the
   ancient Middle East to modern America / edited by Abbas Amanat and Magnus

BV4 .S63 2002 EB                         2002
   Social constructionism and theology [electronic resource] / edited by
   C.A.M. Hermans ... [et al.].

BV43 .H37 2003 EB                        2003
   Carnival and other Christian festivals [electronic resource] : folk
   theology and folk performance / by Max Harris.

BV 245 .C628 1996                         1996
   The complete book of Christian prayer.
   The spirit of prayer -- Praise and thanksgiving -- Dedication to God's
   will -- Prayers for families and friends -- Prayers for people in special
   need -- Prayers for the world -- Prayers for God's help and strength --
   Confession and forgivness -- The pilgrimage of life -- Prayers for special
   occasions -- The Christian year -- Prayers for the church -- Blessings and

BV896 .J47 P47 2001 EB                   2001
   Christianity under Islam in Jerusalem [electronic resource] : the question
   of the holy sites in early Ottoman times / Oded Peri.

BV960 .B37 2004 EB                       2004
   The Promise Keepers [electronic resource] : servants, soldiers, and godly
   men / John P. Bartkowski.
   The rise and fall of the Christian men's movement -- Situating the Promise
   Keepers : history, culture, and religious identity -- Godly masculinities
   : archetypes of Christian manhood -- Reforming American culture : sport,
   gender, and religion at stadium conferences -- The ABC's of
   Promise-Keeping : accountability, brotherhood, and confessional culture --
   Multicultural evangelicalism : racial reconciliation and cultural
   diversity -- Conclusion: Promise Keepers' fate in a new millennium.

BV2185 .C36 2000 EB                      2000
   Studies in Asian mission history, 1956-1998 [electronic resource] / by
   Arnulf Camps.

BV3774 .N7 P47 2003 EB                      2003
                                   Inventory List

                   Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Calling down fire [electronic resource] : Charles Grandison Finney and
   revivalism in Jefferson County, New York, 1800-1840 / Marianne

BV3775 .B7 C65 2002 EB                      2002
   Business of the heart [electronic resource] : religion and emotion in the
   nineteenth century / John Corrigan.
   Introduction: Religion, emotion, and the double self -- The businessmen's
   revival -- The anxiety of Boston at mid-century -- Overexcitement,
   economic collapse, and the regulation of business -- Emotion, collective
   performance and value -- Emotional religion and the ministerial
   "balance-wheel" -- Men-women, and emotion -- Domestic contracts -- Clerks,
   apprentices, and boyculture -- Prayerful transactions -- Emotion,
   character, and ethnicity -- Epilogue: The meaning of the revival and its
   legacy -- Appendix 1. History, religion, and emotion: a historiographical
   survey -- Appendix 2. Emotion as heart, blood, and body -- Appendix 3.
   Emotion and the common sense philosophy.

BV3780 .D68 2001 EB                      2001
   Preacher woman sings the blues [electronic resource] : the autobiographies
   of nineteenth-century African American evangelists / Richard J.
   The cruelty of men whose faces were like the moon -- Jarena Lee and Zilpha
   Elaw: the beginnings of African American women's Christian autobiography
   -- Sojourner Truth and the embodiment of the blues-bad-preacher-woman text
   -- Rebecca Cox Jackson and the Black vernacular text -- The politics of
   conversion: Julia Foote and the sermonic text -- Smith, Elizabeth,
   Broughton: the daughters' departure -- Zora Neale Hurston: the daughter's
   return -- The blues bad preacher women: (per)forming of self in the novels
   of contemporary African American women.

BV4012.2 .A64 2003 EB                    2003
   Spiritual caregiving as secular sacrament [electronic resource] : a
   practical theology for professional caregivers / Ray S. Anderson ;
   foreword by John Swinton.

BV4208 .E85 P73 2002 EB                  2002
   Preacher, sermon, and audience in the Middle Ages [electronic resource] /
   edited by Carolyn Muessig.

BV4505 .K423 H35 2002 EB                 2002
   Kierkegaard and the treachery of love [electronic resource] / by Amy Laura

BV4580 .A445 2004 EB                     2004
   Ageing, spirituality, and well-being [electronic resource] / edited by
   Albert Jewell.
   Nourishing the inner being : a spirituality model / Albert Jewell -- The
   stars only shine in the night : the challenge of creative ageing / Malcolm
   Goldsmith -- Successful ageing and the spiritual journey / Harriet Mowat
   -- The caged bird : thoughts on the challenge of living with stroke /
   Penelope Wilcock -- The spiritual dimension of ageing / Elizabeth
   Mackinlay -- Ageing and the trinity : holey, wholly, holy? / Rosalie
   Hudson -- Older people and institutionalised religion : 101 spiritual
   questioning in later life / Peter G. Coleman -- The search for meaning of
   life in older age / Leo Missinne -- The dance of life : spirituality,
   ageing, and human flourishing / Ursula King -- Magic mirrors : what people
   with dementia show us about ourselves / John Killick -- Hearing the story
   : spiritual challenges for the ageing in an acute mental health unit /
   Deborah Dunn -- Eastern perspectives and implications for the West /
   Krishna Mohan -- Ageist theology : some pickwickian prolegomena / Kevin
   Barnard -- Geriatric burden or elderly blessing? / David Jenkins.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

BV4647 .L56 C4813 2004 EB                2004
   The ark of speech [electronic resource] / Jean-Louis Chr*etien ;
   translated by Andrew Brown.

BV 4850 .G624 1995                       1995
   God's little devotional book for graduates.
   These dynamic books combine inspiring quotes and corresponding scriptures
   with heart-stirring meditations to provide instant spiritual

BX133.2 .M45 2002 EB                     2002
   Two thousand years of Coptic Christianity [electronic resource] / Otto
   F.A. Meinardus.

BX830 1962 .G64 2004 EB                  2004
   The Catholic revolution [electronic resource] : new wine, old wineskins,
   and the Second Vatican Council / Andrew Greeley.
   A Catholic revolution -- The "confident" church -- The wineskins burst --
   What happened? -- "Effervescence" spreads from the council to the world --
   How do they stay? -- New rules, new prophets, and beige Catholicism --
   Only in America? -- Why they stay -- Priests -- Recovering the Catholic
   heritage -- Religious education and beauty -- Authority as charm --
   Liturgists and the laity.
   Publisher's description: How, a mere generation after Vatican Council II
   initiated the biggest reform since the Reformation, can the Catholic
   Church be in such deep trouble? The question resonates through this new
   book by Andrew Greeley, the most recognized, respected, and influential
   commentator on American Catholic life. A timely and much-needed review of
   forty years of Church history, The Catholic Revolution offers a genuinely
   new interpretation of the complex and radical shift in American Catholic
   attitudes since the second Vatican Council (1962-1965). Drawing on a
   wealth of data collected over the last thirty years, Greeley points to a
   rift between the higher and lower orders in the Church that began in the
   wake of Vatican Council II--when bishops, euphoric in their (temporary)
   freedom from the obstructions of the Roman Curia, introduced modest
   changes that nonetheless proved too much for still-rigid structures of
   Catholicism: the "new wine" burst the "old wineskins." As the Church
   leadership tried to reimpose the old order, clergy and the laity, newly
   persuaded that "unchangeable" Catholicism could in fact change, began to
   make their own reforms, sweeping away the old "rules" that no longer made
   sense. The revolution that Greeley describes brought about changes that
   continue to reverberate--in a chasm between leadership and laity, and in a
   whole generation of Catholics who have become Catholic on their own terms.
   Coming at a time of crisis and doubt for the Catholic Church, this richly
   detailed, deeply thoughtful analysis brings light and clarity to the years
   of turmoil that have shaken the foundations, if not the faith, of American

BX1406.3 .W45 2002 EB                    2002
   The courage to be Catholic [electronic resource] : crisis, reform, and the
   future of the Church / George Weigel.
BX1485 .L52 P68 2003 EB                  2003
   The call of God [electronic resource] : women doing theology in Peru / Tom

BX1490 .A85 2003 EB                      2003
   Priests, prelates and people [electronic resource] : a history of European
   Catholicism since 1750 / Nicholas Atkin and Frank Tallet.

BX1537 .G3 F67 2001 EB                   2001
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Catholic revival in the age of the baroque [electronic resource] :
   religious identity in southwest Germany, 1550-1750 / Marc R. Forster.

BX1547 .M5 B64 2001 EB                   2001
   The conquest of the soul [electronic resource] : confession, discipline,
   and public order in Counter-Reformation Milan / by Wietse de Boer.

BX1730 .S37168 2001 EB                   2001
   The Marrano Factory [electronic resource] : the Portuguese Inquisition and
   its New Christians 1536-1765 / by Ant*onio Jos*e Saraiva ; translated,
   revised and augmented by H.P. Salomon and I.S.D. Sassoon.

BX1751.2 .B7                             1961
   The absence of God -- Theophany -- Advent -- Incarnation -- Pentecost --
   Faith -- The transformation in Christ -- The Catholic affirmation -- The
   last things.

BX1818 .C68 2002 EB                      2002
   Court and politics in papal Rome, 1492-1700 [electronic resource] / edited
   by Gianvittorio Signorotto and Maria Antonietta Visceglia.
   A turning-point in the history of the factional system in the Sacred
   College: the power of pope and cardinals in the age of Alexander VI /
   Marco Pellegrini -- Court and city in the ceremony of the possesso in the
   sixteenth century / Irene Fosi -- 'Rome, workshop of all the practices of
   the world': from the letters of Cardinal Ferdinando de' Medici to Cosimo I
   and Francesco I / Elena Fasano Guarini -- The 'world's theatre': the court
   of Rome and politics in the first half of the seventeenth century / Mario
   Rosa -- Factions in the Sacred College in the sixteenth and seventeenth
   centuries / Maria Antonietta Visceglia -- The Secretariat of State as the
   pope's special ministry / Antonio Menniti Ippolito -- The
   cardinal-proctectors of the crowns in the Roman curia during the first
   half of the seventeenth century: the case of France / Olivier Poncet --
   The squadrone volante: 'independent' cardinals and European politics in
   the second half of the seventeenth century / Gianvittorio Signorotto --
   Roman avvisi: information and politics in the seventeenth century / Mario
   Infelise -- Hegemony over the social scene and zealous popes (1676-1700) /
   Renata Ago.

BX2266 .B87 L36 2003 EB                  2003
   The merchant in the confessional [electronic resource] : trade and price
   in the pre-Reformation penitential handbooks / by Odd Langholm.

BX2592 .H43 2001 EB                      2001
   The heads of religious houses, England and Wales. 2, 1216-1377 [electronic
   resource] / edited by David M. Smith, Vera C.M. London.

BX2592 .K55 2001 EB                      2001
   The heads of religious houses, England and Wales, I, 940-1216 [electronic
   resource] / edited by David Knowles, C.N.L. Brooke, Vera C.M. London ;
   with new material by C.N.L.Brooke.

BX4811.3 .B57 2004 EB                    2004
   The Blackwell companion to Protestantism [electronic resource] / edited by
   Alister E. McGrath and Darren C. Marks.

BX8063.7 .C3 H36 2001 EB                 2001
   Christian contradictions [electronic resource] : the structures of
   Lutheran and Catholic thought / Daphne Hampson.
   Luther's revolution -- The Catholic alternative -- Catholic
   incomprehension -- Nygren's detractors -- Ecumenical encounter -- Dialogue
   with Bultmann -- Kierkegaard's odyssey.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

BX8116 .B43 2004 EB                      2004
   MennoFolk [electronic resource] : Mennonite and Amish folk traditions /
   Ervin Beck.
   Stories and functions -- Inter-Mennonite ethnic slurs -- Origin tales and
   beliefs -- Trickster tales -- The Reggie Jackson urban legend -- CPS
   protest songs -- Painting on glass -- Indiana Amish family records -- The
   relief sale festival.

BX8143 .G86 A3 2003 EB                   2003
   Scattering point [electronic resource] : the world in a Mennonite eye /
   Jeff Gundy.

BX8276 .K46 2002 EB                      2002
   Wesley and the Wesleyans [electronic resource] / John Kent.
   The Protestant recovery -- Early Wesleyanism, 1740-1770 -- Later
   Wesleyanism, 1770-1800 -- Women in Wesleyanism -- Anglican responses.

BX 8444 .N497 S25 1987                   1987
   1987 centennial directory : Pastor: S.W. Williams, Jr. / [St. Paul A.M.E.

BX9225 .M39 A4 2000 EB                   2000
   "If you love that lady don't marry her" [electronic resource] : the
   courtship letters of Sally McDowell and John Miller, 1854-1856 / edited by
   Thomas E. Buckley.

CB161 .M384 2003 EB                      2003
   The 2030 spike [electronic resource] : countdown to global catastrophe /
   Colin Mason.

CB 245 .H85 2001 V.1                     2001
   The humanities : cultural roots and continuities / Mary Ann Frese Witt ...
   [et al.] ; with the collaboration of John Cell, Herbert L. Bodman, Jr.
   v. 1. Cultural roots -- v. 2. The humanities and the modern world.
CB251 .T49 1999 EB                       2000
   Through a glass, darkly [electronic resource] : blurred images of cultural
   tradition and modernity over distance and time / by Wil Arts (ed.).

CB351 .L44 2001 EB                       2001
   At the dawn of modernity [electronic resource] : biology, culture, and
   material life in Europe after the year 1000 / David Levine.

CB427 .D34 2000 EB                       2000
   Reflections on a disruptive decade [electronic resource] : essays from the
   sixties / Eugene Davidson.

CB427 .D345 2002 EB                      2002
   The narrow path of freedom and other essays [electronic resource] / Eugene

CB427 .E37 2003 EB                       2003
   Comparative civilizations and multiple modernities [electronic resource] /
   by S.N. Eisenstadt.

CC173 .C65 2004 EB                       2004
   A companion to archaeology [electronic resource] / edited by John Bintliff
   ; advisory editors, Timothy Earle and Christopher S. Peebles.

CC305 .E84 2002 EB                       2002
   Roadside crosses in contemporary memorial culture [electronic resource] /
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   by Holly   Everett.
   Memorial   culture : the material response to loss -- The cross-cultural
   roadside   cross -- Roadside memorial case studies -- Bereavement made
   manifest   -- Cross connections, social meanings.

CN380 .A8 T729 2003 EB                   2003
   Athens and Macedon [electronic resource] : Attic letter-cutters of 300 to
   229 B.C. / Stephen V. Tracy.

CN535 .H43 2000 EB                       2000
   History and silence [electronic resource]: purge and rehabilitation of
   memory in late antiquity / Charles W. Hedrick, Jr.

CS 2505 .L6 1875 V.1                     1875
   English surnames : an essay on family nomenclature, historical,
   etymological, and humorous; with several illustrative appendices / by Mark
   Antony Lower, M.A.

CS 2505 .L6 1875 V.2                     1875
   English surnames : an essay on family nomenclature, historical,
   etymological, and humorous; with several illustrative appendices / by Mark
   Antony Lower, M.A.

CT25 .S554 2002 EB                       2002
   The extraordinary work of ordinary writing [electronic resource] : Annie
   Ray's diary / Jennifer Sinor.
CT 275 .P848 A3 1853                     1853
   A narrative of the life and travels of Mrs. Nancy Prince / written by

CT275 .S521753 A3 2004 EB                2004
   Scraping by in the big eighties [electronic resource] / Natalia Rachel

CT1828 .S46 A3 2004 EB                   2004
   Gang of one [electronic resource] : memoirs of a Red Guard / Fan Shen.

CT3260 .M36 2002 EB                      2002
   Called to courage [electronic resource] : four women in Missouri history /
   Margot Ford McMillen and Heather Roberson.
   Ignon Ouaconisen, or, Fran*coise of the Missouri Nation -- Olive Vanbibber
   Boone -- Martha Jane Chisley Tolton -- Nell Donnelly Reed.

CT3748 .G65 2003 EB                      2003
   Reading Arab women's autobiographies [electronic resource] : Shahrazad
   tells her story / Nawar Al-Hassan Golley.
   Political theory : colonial discourse, feminist theory, and Arab feminism
   -- Why colonial discourse? -- Feminism, nationalism, and colonialism in
   the Arab world -- Huda Shaarawi's Harem years : the memoirs of an Egyptian
   feminist -- Narrative theory : autobiography -- Autobiography and sexual
   difference -- Arab autobiography : a historical survey -- Analysis of
   texts -- Anthologies -- Fadwa Tuqan's Mountainous journey, difficult
   journey -- Nawal el-Saadawi -- The literary and the political.

D9 .H88 2004 EB                          2004
   The Hutchinson dictionary of world history [electronic resource].

D11 H88 2004 EB                          2004
   The Hutchinson chronology of world history. Volume I, (Prehistory-AD 1491)
   [electronic resource].

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

D58 .P8 C43 2004 EB                      2004
   Cultural politics in Polybius's Histories [electronic resource] / Craige
   B. Champion.

D 59 .S864 1970                          1970
   The world to 1500 : a global history / L.S. Stavrianos.

D116 .H575 2003 EB                       2003
   Historiography in the Middle Ages [electronic resource] / edited by
   Deborah Mauskopf Deliyannis.

D126.5 T73 2003 EB                       2003
   Traditions and transitions in Israel studies [electronic resource] /
   edited by Laura Z. Eisenberg ... [et al.].
   Reassessing Israel's road to Sinai/Suez, 1956 : a "trialogue" / Mordechai
   Bar-On, Benny Morris and Motti Golani -- The Holocaust and its
   fifty-year-old commemoration : have we reached the limit? / Rachel Feldhay
   Brenner -- Controlling territory : spatial dimensions of social and
   political change in Israel / David Newman -- "A nation that dwelleth
   alone" : Judaism as an integrating and divisive factor in Israeli society
   / Ephraim Tabory -- Palestinians in Israel : social and educational
   conditions in the 1990s / Ilham Nasser -- Research on welfare and
   well-being in Israel : a Palestinian perspective / Khawla Abu Baker --
   Does post-Zionism have a future? / Deborah L. Wheeler -- The open society
   and its enemies : changing public discourse in Isreal / Leah Rosen and
   Ruth Amir -- Literature as a response to paradox : on reading A.B.
   Yehoshua's A journey to the end of the millennium / Stephen Schecter --
   Anthologizing the peace process / Mira Sucharov -- Power-relations,
   recognition, and dialogue : the dynamics of Israeli-Palestinian peace /
   Amal A. Jamal -- Economics as a security tool in an era of "peace" in the
   Middle East / Maen F. Nsour -- Changing Italian perspectives on Israel /
   Antonio Donno -- Israel turns fifty : new books published in Germany /
   Angelika Timm -- Israel in Chinese scholarship / Xu Xin.

D209 H88 2004 EB                         2004
   The Hutchinson chronology of world history. Volume II, (1492-1775)
   [electronic resource].

D214 .B575 2004 EB                       2004
   Rethinking military history [electronic resource] / Jeremy Black.

D234 .R53 2002 EB                        2002
   Renaissance monarchy [electronic resource] : the reigns of Henry VIII,
   Francis I and Charles V / Glenn Richardson.

D286 .M44 2001 EB                        2001
   The rise of the public in Enlightenment Europe [electronic resource] /
   James Van Horn Melton.
   Introduction: What is the public sphere? -- pt. 1. Politics and the rise
   of "public opinion": the cases of England and France: The peculiarities of
   the English -- Opacity and transparency: French political culture in the
   eighteenth century -- pt. 2. Readers, writers, and spectators: Reading
   publics: transformations of the literary public sphere -- Writing publics:
   eighteenth-century authorship -- From courts to consumers: theater publics
   -- pt. 3. Being sociable: Women in public: Enlightenment salons --
   Drinking in public: taverns and coffeehouses -- Freemasonry: toward civil

D299 H88 2004 EB                         2004
   The Hutchinson chronology of world history. Volume III, (1776-1900)
   [electronic resource].

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

D412.16 .H88 2004 EB                     2004
   The Hutchinson encyclopedia of modern political biography [electronic

D421 H88 2004 EB                         2004
   The Hutchinson chronology of world history. Volume IV, (1901-2003)
   [electronic resource].
D443 .H854 2003 EB                       2003
   The democratic peace and territorial conflict in the twentieth century
   [electronic resource] / Paul K. Huth and Todd L. Allee.

D443 .M33 2002 EB                        2002
   The ebbing of European ascendancy [electronic resource] : an international
   history of the world, 1914-1945 / Sally Marks.

D546 .B66 2002 EB                        2002
   The unquiet western front [electronic resource] : Britain's role in
   literature and history / Brian Bond.

D765.562 .B8 U5413 2003 EB               2003
   Battle for Budapest [electronic resource] : one hundred days in World War
   II / Kriszti*an Ungv*ary ; translated Ladislaus L*ob.

D769 .H38 2003 EB                        2003
   Heartland heroes [electronic resource] : remembering World War II / Ken.

D769.1 .S76 2000 EB                      2000
   Allies and adversaries [electronic resource] : the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
   the Grand Alliance, and U.S. strategy in World War II / Mark A. Stoler.
   The armed forces and national policy before World War II -- New strategies
   and policies for a coalition war, 1939-1941 -- Civil-military and
   coalition conflicts, February-December 1941 -- Global strategy
   reconsidered, December 1941-July 1942 -- The great strategic debate, July
   1942-January 1943 -- Britain as adversary, January-October 1943 -- Russia
   as ally and enigma, December 1942-October 1943 -- Civil-military
   coordination and conflict, February 1942-November 1943 -- The big two,
   October 1943-September 1944 -- National versus international postwar
   security and civil-military relations, January 1944-January 1945 -- Second
   thoughts on the allies, September 1944-April 1945 -- Victory and
   reassessment, April-August 1945.

D802 .F8 O76 2004 EB                     2004
   The surgeon and the shepherd [electronic resource] : two resistance heroes
   in Vichy France / Meg Ostrum.

D804.3 .B773 2004 EB                     2004
   The origins of the Final Solution [electronic resource] : the evolution of
   Nazi Jewish policy, September 1939-March 1942 / Christopher Browning ;
   with contributions by J*urgen Matth*aus.

D804.3 .C69 2003 EB                      2003
   Contested memories [electronic resource] : Poles and Jews during the
   Holocaust and its aftermath / edited by Joshua D. Zimmerman.
   Introduction: Changing perceptions in the historiography of Polish-Jewish
   relations during the Second World War / Joshua D. Zimmerman -- PART I. The
   prewar legacy: -- Emigration versus emigrationsim: Zionism in Poland and
   the terrtorialist projects of the Polish authorities, 1936-1939 / Emanuel
   Melzer -- Lw*ow, 1918: the transmutation of a symbol and its legacy in the
   Holocaust / David Engel -- PART II. The widening gap, 1939-1941: --
   Psychological distance between Poles and Jews in Nazi-occupied Warsaw /
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM
  Barbara Engelking-Boni -- Polish Jews under Soviet occupation, 1939-1941:
  specific strategies of survival / Andrzej *Zbikowski -- Facing Hitler and
  Stalin: on the subject of Jewish "collaboration" in Soviet-occupied
  Eastern Poland, 1939-1941 / Ben Cion Pinchuk -- Jews and their Polish
  neighbors: the case of Jedwabne in the summer of 1941 / Jan T. Gross --
  PART III. Institutional Polish responses to the Final Solution: -- Polish
  government-in-exile and the Final Solution: what conditioned its actions
  and inactions? / Dariusz Stola -- Attitude of the Polish underground to
  the Jewish question during the Second World War / Shmuel Krakowski --
  Polish Catholics and the Jews during the Holocaust: heroism, timidity, and
  collaboration / John T. Pawlikowski -- PART IV. Poles through Jewish eyes:
  -- Poland and the Polish nation as reflected in the Jewish underground
  press / Daniel Blatman -- Jewish and Polish perceptions of the Shoah as
  reflected in wartime diaries and memoirs / Feliks Tych -- Polish-Jewish
  relations in the writings of Emmanuel Ringelblum / Samuel Kassow --
  Metaphysical nationality in the Warsaw Ghetto: non-Jews in the wartime
  writings of Rabbi Kalonimus Kalmish Shapiro / Henry Abramson -- PART V.
  The destruction of Polish Jewry and Polish popular opinion: -- Ringelblum
  revisited: Polish-Jewish relations in occupied Warsaw, 1940-1945 / Gunnar
  S. Paulsson -- Hiding and passing on the Aryan side: a gendered comparison
  / Nechama Tec -- Some issues in Jewish-Polish relations during the Second
  World War / Israel Gutman -- PART VI. Aftermath: -- Cracow Pogrom of
  August 1945: a narrative reconstruction / Anna Cichopek -- Impact of the
  Holocaust on Jewish attitudes in postwar Poland / Bo*zena Szaynok --
  Jewish responses to antisemitism in Poland, 1944-1947 / Natalia Aleksiun
  -- Teaching about the Holocaust in Poland / Michael C. Steinlauf --
  Collective memory and contemporary Polish-Jewish relations / Zvi Gitelman
  -- Impact of the Shoah on the thinking of contemporary Polish Jewry: a
  personal account / Stanislaw Krajewski.

D810 .C88 M43 2002 EB                    2002
   The Comanche code talkers of World War II [electronic resource] / William
   C. Meadows.
   Notes on the Comanche sound system / by Jean O. Charney -- The origins of
   Native American code talking -- Native American veterans and code talkers
   in World War II -- "Get him back on that scale and weigh him again!" --
   "Utekwapa naka = I hear what you say" -- Fighting Po'sataiboo' : Crazy
   White Man -- "Numurekwa'etuu = Comanche speakers!" -- Appendix A, Members
   of Company E, 142d Infantry, Thirty-sixth Division, World War I. Appendix
   B, World War I Choctaw code talkers. Appendix C, Organization of the
   Fourth Infantry Division, 1941-1945. Appendix D, Combat narrative of the
   Fourth Infantry Division. Appendix E, Fourth Infantry Division campaign
   (June 6, 1944 to May 8, 1945). Appendix F, Fourth Signal Company
   activities, 1940-1945. Appendix G, Glossary of Comanche code terms.
   Appendix H, Known Native American code talkers of World Wars I and II
   (tribes, group size, form of code talking, and military units).

D810 .S7 W478 2002 EB                    2002
   Foreign fields [electronic resource] : the story of an SOE operative /
   Peter Wilkinson.

D842 .M426 2002 EB                       2002
   Memory and power in post-war Europe [electronic resource] : studies in the
   presence of the past / edited by Jan-Werner M*uller.
   Introduction : the power of memory, the memory of power and the power over
   memory / Jan-Werner M*uller -- Memory of sovereignty and sovereignty over
   memory : Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine, 1939-1999 / Timothy Snyder --
   Myth, memory and policy in France since 1945 / Robert Gildea -- The power
   of memory and memories of power : the cultural parameters of German
   foreign policy-making since 1945 / Thomas Berger -- The past in the
   present : British imperial memories and the European question / Anne
   Deighton -- Europe's post-Cold War remembrance of Russia : cui bono? /
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Iver B. Neumann -- Memory, the media and NATO : information intervention
   in Bosnia-Hercegovina / Monroe E. Price -- The past is another country :
   myth and memory in post-war Europe / Tony Judt -- The emergence and
   legacies of divided memory : Germany and the Holocaust after 1945 /
   Jeffrey Herf -- Unimagined communities : the power of memory and the
   conflict in the former Yugoslavia / Ilana R. Bet-El -- Translating
   memories of war and co-belligerency into politics : the Italian post-war
   experience / Ilaria Poggiolini -- Institutionalising the past : shifting
   memories of nationhood in German education and immigration legislation /
   Daniel Levy and Julian B. Dierkes -- Trials, purges and history lessons :
   treating a difficult past in post-communist Europe / Timothy Garton Ash.

D843 .B253 1998 EB                       1998
   The Cold War [electronic resource] : an international history, 1947-1991 /
   S.J. Ball.
   The search for preponderance, 1947-1952 -- Theories of victory, 1953-1962
   -- The balance of power, 1963-1972 -- A system under stress, 1973-1984 --
   The end of the cold war, 1985-1991.

D843 .E836 2004 EB                       2004
   Europe, Cold War and coexistence, 1953-1965 [electronic resource] /
   editor, Wilfried Loth.

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   Reinterpreting the end of the Cold War [electronic resource] : issues,
   interpretations, periodizations / edited by Silvio Pons and Federico

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   Frommer's Europe from $85 a day [electronic resource].

D909 .G65 2004 EB                        2004
   European cruises & ports of call [electronic resource] / by Fran Wenograd
   Golden & Jerry Brown.

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   Muslims in the enlarged Europe [electronic resource] / edited by Brigitte
   Mar*echal ... [et al.].

D1056.2 .M87 M87 2003 EB                 2003
   Muslim networks and transnational communities in and across Europe
   [electronic resource] / edited by Stefano Allievi and Jorgen Nielsen.

DA34 .L35 2003 EB                        2003
   British history for dummies [electronic resource] / by Sean Lang.

DA145 .C586 2004 EB                      2004
   A companion to Roman Britain [electronic resource] / edited by Malcolm

DA145 .S54 2004 EB                       2004
   Roman Britain [electronic resource] / David Shotter.

DA152.2 .A755 2003 EB                    2003
   Anglo-Saxon styles [electronic resource] / edited by Catherine E. Karkov
   and George Hardin Brown.
   Encrypted visions: style and sense in the Anglo-Saxon minor arts, A.D.
   400-900 / Leslie Webster -- Rethinking the Ruthwell and Bewcastle
   monuments: some deprecation of style; some consideration of form and
   ideology / Fred Orton -- Iuxta morem romanorum: stone and sculpture in
   Anglo-Saxon England / Jane Hawkes -- Beckwith revisited: some ivory
   carvings from Canterbury / Perette E. Michelli -- Style in late
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Anglo-Saxon England: questions of learning and intention / Carol Farr --
   House style in the scriptorium, scribal reality, and scholarly myth /
   Michelle P. Brown -- Style and layout of Anglo-Saxon manuscripts / William
   Schipper -- What we talk about when we talk about style / Nicholas Howe --
   'Either/and' as 'style' in Anglo-Saxon Christian poetry / Sarah Larratt
   Keefer -- Eating people is wrong: funny style in Andreas and its analogues
   / Jonathan Wilcox -- Aldhelm's jewel tones: Latin colors through
   Anglo-Saxon eyes / Carin Ruff -- The discreet charm of the Old English
   weak adjective / Roberta Frank -- Rhythm and alliteration: styles of
   *lfric's prose up to the Lives of saints / Haruko Momma -- Both style and
   substance: the case for Cynewulf / Andy Orchard.

DA205 .G55 2001 EB                       2001
   The Angevin empire [electronic resource] / John Gillingham.

DA345 .A45 2002 EB                       2002
   Kingship and politics in the reign of Edward VI [electronic resource] /
   Stephen Alford.

DA426 .D38 2001 EB                       2001
   Oliver Cromwell [electronic resource] / J.C. Davis.

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   Disraeli [electronic resource] / Edgar Feuchtwanger.

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   The culture of fascism [electronic resource] : visions of the Far Right in
   Britain / edited by Julie V. Gottlieb and Thomas P. Linehan.
   Women and the nation: the right and projections of feminized political
   images in Great Britain, 1900-18 / Matthew Hendley -- Reactionary
   spectatorship: British fascists and cinema in inter-war Britain / Thomas
   P. Linehan -- 'This fortress built against infection': the BUF vision of
   Britain's theatrical and musical renaissance / Roger Griffin -- The
   developing British fascist interpretation of race, culture and evolution /
   Richard Thurlow -- Britian's new fascist men: the aestheticization of
   brutality in British fascist propaganda / Julie V. Gottlieb -- The black
   shirt in Britain: the meanings and functions of political uniform / Philip
   M. Coupland -- The Blackshirts at Belle Vue: fascist theatre at a
   north-west pleasure ground / Helen Pussard -- Purifying the nation:
   critiques of cultural decadence and decline in British neo-fascist
   ideology / Steven Woodbridge -- Anglo-Italian fascist solidarity? The
   shift from Italophilia to Naziphilia in the BUF / Claudia Baldoli --
   Another form of fascism: the cultural impact of the French 'Radical Right'
   in Britain / Richard Griffiths -- The far right and the back-to-the-land
   movement / Dan Stone.

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   Neville Chamberlain [electronic resource] / David Dutton.

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   Modern Britain since 1979 [electronic resource] : a reader / edited by
   Christine Collette & Keith Laybourn.

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   Frommer's England 2005 [electronic resource] / by Darwin Porter & Danforth

DA679 .B74 2004 EB                       2004
   Frommer's best day trips from London [electronic resource] : 25 great
   escapes by train, bus or car / by Stephen Brewer & Donald Olson.

DA679 .O47 2004 EB                       2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Frommer's irreverent guide to London [electronic resource] / by Donald

DA679 .P67 2004 EB                       2004
   Frommer's London 2005 [electronic resource] / by Darwin Porter & Danforth

DA712 .O44 2000 EB                       2000
   Immigration and integration [electronic resource] : the Irish in Wales,
   1798-1922 / by Paul O'Leary.

DA910 .H88 2004 EB                       2004
   The Hutchinson encyclopedia of Ireland [electronic resource].

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   Ireland from $80 a day [electronic resource] / by Suzanne Rowan Kelleher.

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   The realm of St. Stephen [electronic resource] : a history of medieval
   Hungary, 895-1526 / P*al Engel ; translated by Tam*as P*alosfalvi ;
   English ed. edited by Andrew Ayton.
   The Carpathian Basin before the Hungarians -- The pagan Hungarians -- The
   first century of the Christian kingdom -- The twelfth century -- Early
   Hungarian society -- The age of golden bulls -- The last *Arp*adians --
   Charles I of Anjou (1301-1342) -- The new monarchy -- Louis the Great
   (1342-1382) -- The monarchy of Louis the Great -- The years of crises
   (1382-1403) -- Sigismund's consolidation -- Sigismund's foreign policy
   (1403-1437) -- Trade and towns -- The rural landscape -- The age of John
   Hunyadi (1437-1457) -- King Matthias Corvinus (1458-1490) -- Hungary at
   the end of the middle ages -- The age of the Jagiellonian Kings

DB956.4 .B67 2004 EB                     2004
   Hungary in the Cold War, 1945-1956 [electronic resource] : between the
   United States and the Soviet Union / by L*aszl*o Borhi.
   We do not wish to move a finger -- The myth of democracy -- The communists
   take over -- The merchants of the Kremlin -- Empire by coercion --
   Containment, rollback, liberation or inaction?

DB2186 .D69 2002 EB                      2002
   Czechoslovakia [electronic resource] / Maria Dowling.

DB2607 .F76 2002 EB                      2004
   Frommer's Prague & the best of the Czech Republic [electronic resource] /
   by Hana Mastrini.

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   Frommer's France 2005 [electronic resource] / by Darwin Porter & Danforth

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   The classical heritage in France [electronic resource] / edited by Gerald

DC33.7 .C5965 2000 EB                    2000
   Contemporary French cultural studies [electronic resource] / edited by
   William Kidd and Si*an Reynolds.
   Introduction: to the reader / William Kidd and Si*an Reynolds -- France @
   your fingertips: print and on-line resources / Elizabeth Ezra and Dougal
   Campbell -- How the French present is shaped by the past: the last hundred
   years in historical perspective / Si*an Reynolds -- French cultural
   policy: the special role of the state / Susan Collard -- French education:
                                Inventory List

                  Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   equal or elitist? / Lucy Mitchell -- Social difference: age and place /
   Marion Demossier and Susan Milner -- Sexual fault lines: sex and gender in
   the cultural context / Lucille Cairns -- The challenges of
   multiculturalism: regional and religious differences in France today /
   Alec G. Hargreaves -- French political culture: homogenous or fragmented?
   / Brian Jenkins -- If it isn't clear, it isn't French: language and
   identity / James Munro -- French public culture: places and spaces / Helen
   Beale -- Frenchness: constructed and reconstructed / William Kidd -- Sport
   and identity in the new France / Philip Dine -- Advertising culture in
   France: no Coca-Cola please, we're French!/ Alastair Duncan --
   A night at the theatre / Christophe Campos -- Cinema in a nation of
   filmgoers / Sue Harris -- Festivals and f*etes populaires / Sue Harris --
   From press barons to digital TV: changing media in France / Jean-Claude
   Sergeant -- From Messiaen to MC Solaar: music in France in the second half
   of the twentieth century / Mary Breatnach and Eric Sterenfeld -- Reading
   books in France: la culture du livre / Bernard C. Swift -- Intellectuals
   in French culture / Martyn Cornick -- The French contribution to
   contemporary cultural analysis / Jeremy F. Lane.

DC 39 .Y66 1877                            1877
   Aunt Charlotte's stories of French history : for the little ones / by
   Charlotte M. Yonge.

DC137 .H37 2000 EB                       2000
   Louis XVI [electronic resource] : the silent king / John Hardman.

DC369 .K45 2001 EB                       2001
   France and the world since 1870 [electronic resource] / J.F.V. Keiger.

DC611 .C2 Z37 2004 EB                    2004
   Cock & bull stories [electronic resource] : Folco de Baroncelli and the
   invention of the Camargue / Robert Zaretsky.
   On the horns of a dilemma -- On language, land, and ideology -- Cowboys
   and Indians at play in the Camargue -- The enduring empire of language --
   War and peace.

DC708 .L63 2004 EB                       2004
   Irreverent guide to Paris [electronic resource] / by Alec Lobrano.

DC708 .P67 2004 EB                       2004
   Frommer's Paris 2005 [electronic resource] / by Darwin Porter & Danforth

DC729 .G33 2002 EB                       2002
   The making of revolutionary Paris [electronic resource] / David Garrioch.
   The sights, sounds, and smells of life on the streets and in the houses of
   eighteenth-century Paris rise from the pages of this anecdotal chronicle
   of a perpetually alluring city during one hundred years of extraordinary
   social and cultural change. An excellent general history as well as an
   innovative synthesis of new research, The making of revolutionary Paris
   combines vivid portraits of individual lives, accounts of social trends,
   and analyses of significant events as it explores the evolution of
   Parisian society during the eighteenth century and reveals the city's
   pivotal role in shaping the French Revolution. David Garrioch rewrites the
   origins of the Parisian Revolution as the story of an urban metamorphosis
   stimulated by factors such as the spread of the Enlightenment, the growth
   of consumerism, and new ideas about urban space. With an eye on the broad
   social trends emerging during the century, he focuses his narrative on
   such humble but fascinating aspects of daily life as traffic congestion, a
   controversy over the renumbering of houses, and the ever-present dilemma
   of where to bury the dead. He describes changes in family life and women's
   social status, in religion, in the literary imagination, and in politics.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Paris played a significant role in sparking the French Revolution, and in
   turn, the Revolution changed the city, not only its political structures
   but also its social organization, gender ideologies, and cultural
   practices. This book is the first to look comprehensively at the effect of
   the Revolution on city life. Based on the author's own research in Paris
   and on the most current scholarship, this absorbing book takes French
   history in new directions, providing a new understanding of the Parisian
   and the European past.

DD97 .V6613 2000 EB                      2000
   The apocalypse in Germany [electronic resource] / Klaus Vondung ;
   translated from the German by Stephen D. Ricks.

DD120 .S7 B69 2000 EB                    2000
   Spaniards and Nazi Germany [electronic resource] : collaboration in the
   new order / Wayne H. Bowen.
   Introduction -- From second republic to Civil War, 1933-1939 -- From peace
   to war, April 1939-April 1940 -- The Axis temptation, May 1940-May 1941 --
   Enlisting in the new order, June 1941-January 1943 -- Spanish
   disengagement from the new order, February 1943-July 1944 -- The last
   defenders of the new order, August 1944-May 1945 -- Conclusion.

DD256.3 .M6613 2003 BEB                  2003
   Alternatives to Hitler [electronic resource] : German resistance under the
   Third Reich / Hans Mommsen ; translated and annotated by Angus McGeoch ;
   introduction by Jeremy Noakes.
   Carl von Ossietzky and the concept of a right to resist in Germany --
   German society and resistance to Hitler -- The social vision and
   constitutional plans of the German resistance -- The Kreisau Circle and
   the future reorganization of Germany and Europe -- Count Fritz-Dietlof von
   der Schulenburg and the Prussian tradition -- German anti-Hitler
   resistance and the ending of Europe's division into nation-states --
   Julius Leber and the German resistance to Hitler -- Wilhelm Leuschner and
   the resistance movement of 20 July 1944 -- Carlo Mierendorff's 'Socialist
   Action' programme -- Adolf Reichwein's road to resistance and the Kreisau
   Circle -- The position of the military opposition to Hitler in the German
   resistance movement -- Anti-Hitler resistance and the Nazi persecution of

DD257 D585 2001 EB                       2001
   The divided past [electronic resource] : rewriting post-war German history
   / edited by Christoph Klessmann.
   Workers in the Worker's State : German traditions, the Soviet model and
   the magnetic attraction of West Germany / Christoph Klessmann -- Everyday
   history : new approaches to the history of the post-war Germanies / Thomas
   Lindenberger -- Generations and generational conflicts in East and West
   Germany / Dorothee Wierling -- Sex and gender in the divided Germany :
   approaches to history from a cultural point of view / Ina Merkel --
   Secularisation in Germany after 1945 / Detlef Pollack -- Confrontation and
   co-operation : relations between the two German historiographies / Martin
   Sabrow -- Anti-semitism and philosemitism in the divided Germany /
   Wolfgang Benz -- Living with broken memories : some narratological
   comments / Konrad H. Jarausch.

DF229 .T55 P75 2001 EB                   2001
   Thucydides and internal war [electronic resource] / Jonathan J. Price.

DF572.5 .E83 2002 EB                     2002
   The empress Theodora [electronic resource] : partner of Justinian / James
   Allan Evans.

DF802 .G35 2001 EB                       2001
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Modern Greece [electronic resource] / Thomas W. Gallant.
DG241.2 .M68 2001 EB                     2001
   Plebs and politics in the late Roman Republic [electronic resource] /
   Henrik Mouritsen.

DG315 .P65 2004 EB                       2004
   The Emperor Constantine [electronic resource] / Hans A. Pohlsander.

DG416 .B73 2004 EB                       2004
   Frommer's Northern Italy including Venice, Milan & the Lakes [electronic
   resource] / by Reid Bramblett.

DG416 .P67 2004 EB                       2004
   Frommer's Italy 2005 [electronic resource] / by Darwin Porter & Danforth

DG470 .B49 2003 EB                       2003
   Beyond Florence [electronic resource] : the contours of medieval and early
   modern Italy / edited by Paula Findlen, Michelle M. Fontaine, and Duane J.

DG551 .D686 2001 EB                      2001
   Italy [electronic resource] / Nicholas Doumanis.

DG674.2 .D34 2004 EB                     2004
   Venice, the tourist maze [electronic resource] : a cultural critique of
   the world's most touristed city / Robert C. Davis and Garry R. Marvin.

DG732 .B73 2004 EB                       2004
   Frommer's portable Florence [electronic resource] / by Reid Bramblett.

DG732 .B73 2004 EB                       2004
   Frommer's Florence, Tuscany & Umbria [electronic resource] / by Reid

DG811.6 .M87 2003 EB                     2003
   Apocalypse in Rome [electronic resource] : Cola di Rienzo and the politics
   of the New Age / Ronald G. Musto.

DH521 .C66 2002 EB                       2002
   Belgium [electronic resource] : a history / Bernard A. Cook.
   The beginning -- The struggle with France -- The Burgundian period -- Four
   cities and a Begijnhof (Beguinage) -- The Spanish Netherlands -- The
   Austrian Netherlands -- The French Revolution and Napoleon -- Union with
   the Netherlands -- Revolution and independence -- The kingdom of Belgium
   -- Industry and workers -- From mid-century to the First World War --
   World War I -- Between the wars -- World War II -- Belgium since 1945 --
   Kings, prime ministers, and governments -- Leuven.

DJ411 .A53 M33 2004 EB                   2004
   Frommer's irreverent guide to Amsterdam [electronic resource] / by George

DK40 .T59 2001 EB                        2001
   Russia [electronic resource] / Vera Tolz.

DK51 .M546 2002 EB                       2002
   The military and society in Russia [electronic resource] : 1450-1917 /
   edited by Eric Lohr and Marshall Poe.
   Troop mobilization by the Muscovite grand princes (1313-1533) / Donald
   Ostrowski -- Costs of Muscovite military defense and expansion / Richard
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Hellie -- In defense of the realm / J.T. Kotilaine -- Second chigirin
   campaign / Brian Davies -- Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich / Peter B. Brown --
   Evaluating Peter's army / Carol Stevens -- Grand strategy of the Russian
   empire, 1650-1831 / John P. LeDonne -- Russian army in the Seven Years War
   / John L.H. Keep -- Military service and social hierarchy / Elise
   Kimmerling Wirtschafter -- Nobility and the officer corps in the
   nineteenth century / Walter Pintner -- Imperial war games (1898-1906) /
   John W. Steinberg -- Military aviation, national identity, and the
   imperatives of modernity in late Imperial Russia / Gregory Vitarbo -- "To
   build a great Russia" / David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye -- Battle for
   the divine Sophia? / Sergei Bogatyrev -- Tatars in the Muscovite army
   during the Livonian War / Janet Martin -- Baptizing Mars / William Reger
   IV -- 'Guardians of the faith' Jewish traditional societies in the Russian
   army / Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern -- Swords into plowshares / Nicholas B.
   Breyfogel -- Response of the population of Moscow to the Napoleonic
   occupation of 1812 / Alexander M. Martin -- Holy Sepulcher and the origin
   of the Crimean War / David Goldfrank -- Military reform, moral reform, and
   the end of the old regime / Josh Sanborn -- Russian military and the Jews
   in Galicia, 1914-5 / Alexander V. Prusin.

DK114 .M63 2004 EB                       2004
   Modernizing Muscovy [electronic resource] : reform and social change in
   seventeenth-century Russia / edited by Jarmo Kotilaine and Marshall Poe.

DK266.4 .B47 2004 EB                     2004
   The Soviet mind [electronic resource] : Russian culture under communism /
   Isaiah Berlin ; edited by Henry Hardy ; foreword by Strobe Talbott ;
   glossary by Helen Rappaport.
   The arts in Russia under Stalin -- A visit to Leningrad -- A great Russian
   writer -- Conversations with Akhmatova and Pasternak -- Boris Pasternak --
   Why the Soviet Union chooses to insulate itself -- The artificial
   dialectic : Generalissimo Stalin and the art of government -- Four weeks
   in the Soviet Union -- Soviet Russian culture -- The survival of the
   Russian intelligentsia.

DK288 .B45 2002 EB                       2002
   Nationalist mobilization and the collapse of the Soviet State [electronic
   resource] / Mark R. Beissinger.

DK511 .C37 S6 2001 EB                    2001
   Allah's mountains [electronic resource] : the battle for Chechnya /
   Sebastian Smith.

DK511 .C37 T572 2004 EB                  2004
   Chechnya [electronic resource] : life in a war-torn society / Valery
   Tishkov ; with a foreword by Mikhail S. Gorbachev.

DK687 .M59 2003 EB                       2003
   Armenia [electronic resource] : portraits of survival and hope / Donald E.
   Miller, Lorna Touryan Miller ; photographs by Jerry Berndt.
   Massive destruction : the 1988 earthquake -- Random violence : pogroms in
   Azerbaijan -- Fighting for survival : the war of independence in
   Nagorno-Karabakh -- Surviving the winter : paying the price for
   independence -- We live with hope : reflections on conditions in Armenia
   -- Concluding reflections : the meaning of being human -- Epilogue : ten
   years after independence.

DL971 .L2 T667 2004 EB                   2004
   Running with reindeer [electronic resource] : encounters in Russian
   Lapland / Roger Took.

DP14 .P67 2004 EB                        2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Frommer's Spain 2005 [electronic resource] : [with the best of Majorca &
   Ibiza] / by Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince.

DP48 .C594 2000 EB                       2000
   Contemporary Spanish cultural studies [electronic resource] / edited by
   Barry Jordan and Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas.
   List of contributors -- Introduction -- Pt. I. Redefining national
   identities. 1. Culture and development: the impact of 1960s
   'desarrollismo' / Alex Longhurst ; 2. Selling Spanish 'otherness' since
   the 1960s / Dorothy Kelly ; 3. Collective memory, the nation-state and
   post-Franco society / Michael Richards ; 4. Race, immigration and
   multiculturalism in Spain / David Corkill ; 5. 1992: memories and
   modernities / Tony Morgan ; 6. How Spanish is it? Spanish cinema and
   national identity / Barry Jordan -- Pt. II. Negotiating the past. 7.
   Heritage: devolution and the recovery of diversity / Tony Morgan ; 8.
   Cultural memory, commerce and the arts: the Valencian Institute of Modern
   Art (IVAM) / Trinidad Manchado ; 9. Postmodernism and the contemporary
   Spanish avant-garde / Antonio S*anchez ; 10. Screening the past: history
   and nostalgia in contemporary Spanish cinema / Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas ;
   11. Sects and secularity: another cinema, another Spain / Ryan Prout ; 12.
   Spectacle, trauma and violence in contemporary Spain / Cristina Moreiras
   Menor -- Pt. III. Media: regulation, markets, publics. 13. Public
   accountability and private interests: regulation and the flexible media
   regime in Spain / Philip Deacon ; 14. Politics and television news in
   Spain / I*naki Zabaleta ; 15. New media technologies in Spain: a healthy
   pluralism? / Richard Maxwell ; 16. The Spanish film industry in the 1980s
   and 1990s / Barry Jordan ; 17. Marketing with local culture in Spain:
   selling the transnational way / Richard Maxwell -- Pt. IV. Other voices.
   18. Gendered images: constructions of masculinity and femininity in
   television advertising / Elvira Ant*on ; 19. Representation of alternative
   sexualities in contemporary Spanish writing and film / Jacky Collins and
   Chris Perriam ; 20. Changing subjects: gendered identities in ETA and
   radical Basque nationalism / Carrie Hamilton ; 21. Re-registering Spanish
   feminism / Margaret Andrews and Anny Brooksbank Jones ; 22. Laws of
   silence: homosexual identity and visibility in contemporary Spanish
   culture / Alberto Mira ; 23. The politics and representation of disability
   in contemporary Spain / Madeline Conway -- Pt. V. Youth and popular
   cultures. 24. The construction of youth in Spain in the 1980s and 1990s /
   Mark Allinson ; 25. A punk called Pedro: la movida in the films of Pedro
   Almod*ovar / M*uria Tirana Toribio ; 26. Femme foetal: the triple terror
   of the young Basque woman in Pasajes / Ryan Prout ; 27. Media pleasures:
   reading the telenovela / Hugh O'Donnell ; 28. Football and fandom in Spain
   / Liz Crolley -- Glossary -- Further reading -- Index.

DR38.3 .T9 O88 2002 EB                   2002
   The Ottomans and the Balkans [electronic resource] : a discussion of
   historiography / edited by Fikret Adanir and Suraiya Faroqhi.

DR83 .D37 2004 EB                        2004
   The making of a nation in the Balkans [electronic resource] :
   historiography of the Bulgarian revival / by Roumen Daskalov.
   The national interpretation -- Concepts of the (Bulgarian) nation --
   Nationalism and romanticism -- The national and the spiritual (cultural)
   meanings -- The analogy with the renaissance -- The Bulgarian revival and
   the enlightenment -- Analogies with the reformation -- The Bulgarian
   revival and European development -- Modernity and modernization -- The
   transition from feudalism to capitalism -- Capitalism during the revival
   -- Ottoman feudalism -- The social (bourgeois) revolution and the agrarian
   thesis -- The economic and the national-spiritual interpretation --
   Excursus on periodization -- The urban "estate" and social struggles in
   older historiography -- Bourgeoisie and notables in earlier Marxist
   controversies -- Toward rehabilitation -- The peasants -- The
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   intelligentsia -- The class struggles between the social and national --
   Vulgar Marxist sociologism and its abandoning -- Paisii as a problem --
   Evolutionists and revolutionaries -- The hierarchy of national heroes :
   Rakovski, Karavelov, Levski, Botev : reappraisals and reshuffling -- The
   April uprising and the Russo-Turkish war -- The revolution -- Revisions
   and reappraisal -- Rightist visions of the Bulgarian revival -- The
   democratic image -- The battle of the Communists for the legacy of the

DR432 .L69 2003 EB                       2003
   The nature of the early Ottoman state [electronic resource] / Heath W.

DR438.8 .P58 2003 EB                     2003
   An Ottoman tragedy [electronic resource] : history and historiography at
   play / Gabriel Piterberg.

DR557 .Z87 2004 EB                       2004
   Turkey [electronic resource] : a modern history / Erik J. Z*urcher.

DR738.5 .K37 B44 2003 EB                 2003
   A neighborhood in Ottoman Istanbul [electronic resource] : fruit vendors
   and civil servants in the Kasap *Ilyas Mahalle / Cem Behar.

DR1246 .B87 2000 EB                      2000
   Burn this house [electronic resource] : the making and unmaking of
   Yugoslavia / Jasminka Udovi*cki, James Ridgeway, editors.
   The bonds and the fault lines / Jasminka Udovi*cki -- The making of
   Yugoslavia: 1830-1945 / Branka Prpa-Jovanovi*c -- Tito: 1945-1980 / Mirko
   Tepavac -- The interlude: 1980-1990 / Jasminka Udovi*cki and Ivan Torov --
   The media wars: 1987-1997 / Milan Milo*sevi*c -- The army's collapse /
   Stipe Sikavica -- Croatia: the first war / Ejub *Stitkovac --Bosnia and
   Hercegovina: the second war / Jasminka Udovi*cki and Ejub *Stitkovac --
   International aspects of the wars in former Yugoslavia: 1990-1996 / Susan
   L. Woodward -- The resistance in Serbia / Ivan Torov -- The opposition in
   Croatia / Sven Balas -- Neither war nor peace / Jasminka Udovi*cki --
   Kosovo / Jasminka Udovi*cki.

DR1673 .M34613 2003 EB                   2003
   Sarajevo essays [electronic resource] : politics, ideology, and tradition
   / Rusmir Mahmut*cehaji*c.

DS35.77 .G74 2003 EB                     2003
   Islam [electronic resource] : a mosaic, not a monolith / Vartan Gregorian.
   A brief survey of Islam -- Clash of modernists and traditionalists --
   Challenges of the twentieth century -- Islamism : liberation politics --
   Quests for democracy and modernity -- Need for mutual knowledge and

DS59 .K86 S79 2003 EB                    2003
   Crucial images in the presentation of a Kurdish national identity
   [electronic resource] : heroes and patriots, traitors and foes / by Martin

DS59 .L86 L89 2003 EB                    2003
   The Luwians [electronic resource] / edited by H. Craig Melchert.

DS61.5 .R46 2002 EB                      2002
   Remembering childhood in the Middle East [electronic resource] : memoirs
   from a century of change / collected and edited by Elizabeth Warnock
   Fernea ; introduction by Robert A. Fernea.
   The end of the Ottoman Empire (1923) / Mohammed Fadhel Jamali (Iraq) ;
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Nazik Jawdat (Syria/Lebanon) ; Charles Issawi (Egypt) ; Mansur al-Hazimi
   (Saudi Arabia) ; Janset Shami (Jordan) ; Selma Khadra Jayyusi (Palestine)
   -- European colonial rule and the rise of Arab nationalism (1830-1967) --
   Establishment of the state of Israel (1948) / Hoda Naamani (Syria/Lebanon)
   ; Yildiray Erdener (Turkey) ; Hassan Aziz Hassan (Egypt) ; Basima Bezirgan
   (Iraq) ; Afaf Lutfi al-Sayyid Marsot (Egypt) ; Mohammed Ghanoonparvar
   (Iran) ; Avraham Zilkha (Israel) ; Halim Barakat (Syria/Lebanon) ; G*uneli
   G*un (Turkey) ; Zbida Shetlan (Tunisia) ; Mahnaz Afkhami (Iran) -- New
   nations (1952-1963) -- Oil wealth and OPEC (1973) -- Israeli-Palestinian
   wars (1967, 1973) -- Camp David treaty (1979) -- Iranian revolution (1979)
   / Salah-Dine Hammoud (Morocco) ; Saif Abbas Dehrab (Kuwait) ; Hamza al-Din
   (Egypt) ; Akile Gursoy (Turkey) ; Rafiq Abdul Rahman (Palestine) ; Abdul
   Aziz Abbassi (Morocco) ; Fedwa Malti-Douglas (Lebanon) ; Awad Abdelrahim
   Abdelgader (Sudan) ; Ali Eftekari (Iran) -- The post-colonial Middle East
   (1971) / Shafeeq N. Ghabra (Kuwait) ; Maysoon Pachachi (Iraq) ; Esther
   Raizen (Israel) ; Lilia Labidi (Tunisia) ; Suad Joseph (Lebanon/United
   States) ; Abdelaziz Jadir (Morocco) ; Nahid Rachlin (Iran) ; Mustafa
   Mirzeler (Turkey/Kurdistan) ; Leila Abouzeid (Morocco) ; Ronda Abou-Bakr

DS79.76 .L37 2003 EB                     2003
   The Middle East in the shadow of Afghanistan and Iraq [electronic
   resource] / F. Stephen Larrabee ; prepared for the Center for Middle East
   Public Policy and the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.
   War on terrorism -- Iraq and Iran -- Syria and the Levant -- Turkey and
   Jordan -- The Arabian peninsula -- The impact on transatlantic relations.
   On May 5-6, 2003, RAND and the Geneva Centre for Security Policy held a
   two-day conference in Geneva that examined the impact of the Iraq war on
   the security of the Middle East. It was attended by specialists from the
   United States, Europe, and the Middle East. This document summarizes the
   main issues and points of discussion at the conference: the impact of Iraq
   on the war on terrorism; the future of Iran and Iraq, repercussions of the
   war on Syria, the Levant, Turkey, Jordan, and the Arabian peninsula; and
   the effect of the war on transatlantic ties.

DS87 .H37 2004 EB                        2004
   Hezbollah [electronic resource] : the changing face of terrorism / Judith
   Palmer Harik.
   Hezbollah's version of political Islam -- Hezbollah and the outside world
   -- The mechanics of Hezbollah's transformation from radical militia to
   mainstream party -- Managing the "true believers" -- Squaring jihad with
   the general public -- Serving the umma : Hezbollah as employer and welfare
   organization -- The grass roots speak : the 1998 municipal elections --
   The mechanics of military jihad -- The collapse of the "security zone" --
   Hezbollah's standing after the collapse of the "security zone" -- The
   terrorism vs. resistance controversy -- America's half-hearted war against
   terrorism -- Conclusions and implications.

DS110 .G2 G76 2000 EB                    2000
   Ancient sites in Galilee [electronic resource] : a toponymic gazetteer /
   by Salomon E. Grootkerk.

DS115.9 .J6 C65 2002 EB                  2002
   Passover in the works of Josephus [electronic resource] / by Federico M.

DS118 .G76 2004 EB                       2004
   Let's visit Israel [electronic resource] / Judye Groner ; pictures by
   Cheryl Nathan.

DS119.76 T45 2004 EB                     2004
   The stakes [electronic resource] : America in the Middle East : the
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   consequences of power and the choice for peace / Shibley Telhami.

DS121 .M33 2001 EB                       2001
   History of Biblical Israel [electronic resource] : major problems and
   minor issues / by Abraham Malamat.

DS122.8 .J83 M33 2000 EB                 2000
   Josephus and the politics of historiography [electronic resource] :
   apologetic and impression management in the Bellum Judaicum / by Gottfried

DS125 .J49 2002 EB                       2002
   The Jews in the modern world [electronic resource] : a history since 1750
   / Hilary L. Rubinstein ... [et al.].
DS126.5 .G69413 2003 EB                  2003
   Israel on the couch [electronic resource] : the psychology of the peace
   process / Ofer Grosbard ; with a foreword by Vamik D. Volkan.

DS135 .A92 V52216 2004 EB                2004
   Symptoms of modernity [electronic resource] : Jews and queers in
   late-twentieth-century Vienna / Matti Bunzl.

DS135 .F82 S34 2003 EB                   2003
   Obstinate Hebrews [electronic resource] : representations of Jews in
   France, 1715-1815 / Ronald Schechter.

DS135 .G3315 L37 2001 EB                 2001
   Generation exodus [electronic resource] : the fate of young Jewish
   refugees from Nazi Germany / Walter Laqueur.

DS135 .G5 D3813 2003 EB                  2003
   Child of our time [electronic resource] : a young girl's flight from the
   Holocaust / Ruth David.

DS143 .B46513 2002 EB                    2002
   Jewish identities [electronic resource] : fifty intellectuals answer Ben
   Gurion / by Eliezer Ben-Rafael.

DS143 .C665 2003 EB                      2003
   Contemporary Jewries [electronic resource] : convergence and divergence /
   edited by Eliezer Ben-Rafael, Yosef Gorny, and Yaacov Ro*i.

DS150 .R32 S3613 2002 EB                 2002
   Faith at the crossroads [electronic resource] : a theological profile of
   religious Zionism / by Dov Schwartz ; translated by Batya Stein.

DS274.2 .S33 A46 2003 BEB                2003
   Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf [electronic resource] : power politics in
   transition 1968-1971 / Faisal bin Salman al-Saud.

DS341.3 .E85 P47 2000 EB                 2000
   Perspectives of mutual encounters in South Asian history, 1760-1860
   [electronic resource] / edited by Jamal Malik.

DS356 .S34 2003 EB                       2003
   Afghan frontier [electronic resource] : feuding and fighting in Central
   Asia / Victoria Schofield.

DS371.2 .E38 2002 EB                     2002
   Before Taliban [electronic resource] : genealogies of the Afghan jihad /
   David B. Edwards.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   1. Introduction : into forbidden Afghanistan -- pt. 1. The Saur revolution
   -- 2. Lives of the Party -- 3. The armature of Khalqi power -- Coda : the
   death of a President -- pt. 2. The Pech uprising -- 4. A son of Safi -- 5.
   Anatomy of a tribal uprising -- Coda : the death of a Safi daughter -- pt.
   3. The Islamic jihad -- 6. Muslim youth -- 7. Fault lines in the Afghan
   jihad -- Coda : the death of Majrooh -- 8. Epilogue : Topakan and Taliban.
   David B. Edwards traces the lives of three recent Afghan leaders in
   Afghanistan's history -- Nur Muhammad Taraki, Samiullah Safi, and Qazi
   Amin Waqad -- to explain how the promise of progress and prosperity that
   animated Afghanistan in the 1960s crumbled and became the present tragedy
   of discord, destruction, and despair. Each of the men Edwards profiles
   were engaged in the political struggles of the country's recent history.
   They hoped to see Afghanistan become a more just and democratic nation.
   But their visions for their country were radically different, and in the
   end, all three failed and were killed or exiled.

DS436 .N47 1999 PT. 3, VOL. 5            2000
   Science, technology, and medicine in Colonial India [electronic resource]
   / David Arnold.

DS480.842 .P36 2004 EB                   2004
   India's partition [electronic resource] : the story of imperialism in
   retreat / D.N. Panigrahi.

DS481 .G3 I53 2003 EB                    2003
   Indian critiques of Gandhi [electronic resource] / edited by Harold
   The convergence of distinct worlds : Nehru and Gandhi / Robert D. Baird --
   Gandhi, Ambedkar, and untouchability / Harold Coward -- Of many Mahatmas :
   Besant, Gandhi, and Indian nationalism / Joy Dixon -- Sri Aurobindo's
   dismissal of Gandhi and his nonviolence / Robert N. Minor -- Tagore and
   Gandhi / T.S. Rukmani -- The Hindu Mahasabha and Gandhi / Ronald Neufeldt
   -- Gandhi and the Christian community / Timothy Gorringe -- The Mathatma
   and the Sikhs / Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh -- Indian Muslim critiques of
   Gandhi / Roland E. Miller -- Gandhi and the Hindi-Urdu question / Daud
   Rahbar -- Conclusion : A debate for our times / Julius Lipner -- Appendix
   : Chronology of Gandhi, his critics, and the independence movement /
   Hussein Keshani.

DS554.8 .H56 2005 EB                     2005
   Why did they kill? [electronic resource] : Cambodia in the shadow of
   genocide / Alex Hinton.
   Introduction : in the shadow of genocide -- The prison without walls -- A
   head for an eye : Disproportionate Revenge -- Power, patronage, and
   suspicion -- In the shade of Pol Pot's umbrella -- The fire without smoke
   -- The DK social order -- Manufacturing difference -- The dark side of
   face and honor -- Conclusion : why people kill.

DS559.73 .U6 L46 1998 EB                 1998
   The spitting image [electronic resource] : myth, memory, and the legacy of
   Vietnam / Jerry Lembcke ; consulting editor: Harvey J. Kaye.
   Introduction: the spitting image -- Yellow ribbons and spat-upon veterans:
   making soldiers the means and ends of war -- Dear Spiro Agnew: about
   soldiers, veterans and the anti-war movement -- The Nixon-Agnew
   counter-offensive: "good veterans" vs. "bad veterans" -- Spat-upon
   veterans: the evidence (or lack thereof) -- From Odysseus to Rambo: coming
   home stories -- From badness to madness: the mental labeling of Vietnam
   veterans -- Women, wetness, and warrior dreams -- Myth, spit, and the
   flicks: coming home to Hollywood -- We are what we remember.

DS647 .B2 P7 2004 EB                     2004
   A short history of Bali [electronic resource] : Indonesia's Hindu realm /
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Robert Pringle.

DS727 .C5234 2002 EB                     2002
   Chinese concepts of privacy [electronic resource] / edited by Bonnie S.
   McDougall & Anders Hansson.

DS735 .H27 2001 EB                       2001
   China [electronic resource] / Henrietta Harrison.

DS740.66 .H65 H65 2004 EB                2004
   Innocence to independence [electronic resource] : life in the Papua New
   Guinea highlands, 1956-1980 / Judith Hollinshed.

DS741.3 .D5 2002 EB                      2002
   Ancient China and its enemies [electronic resource] : the rise of nomadic
   power in East Asian history / Nicola Di Cosmo.

DS777.488 .D35 W353 2003 EB              2003
   Spymaster [electronic resource] : Dai Li and the Chinese secret service /
   Frederic Wakeman, jr.

DS777.53 P44 2001 EB                     2001
   Perilous memories [electronic resource] : the Asia-Pacific War(s) / edited
   by T. Fujitani, Geoffrey M. White, and Lisa Yoneyama.
   Absent images of memory: remembering and reenacting the Japanese
   internment / Marita Sturken -- The malleable and the contested: the
   Nanjing Massacre in postwar China and Japan / Daqing Yang -- Memories of
   war and Okinawa / Ishihara Masaie -- Images of Islanders in Pacific War
   photographs / Lamont Lindstrom -- Imagery and war in Japan: 1995 / Morio
   Watanabe -- Deliberating "Liberation Day": identity, history, memory, and
   war in Guam / Vicente M. Diaz -- Imperial Army betrayed / Chen Yingzhen --
   Korean "imperial soldiers": remembering colonialism and crimes against
   Allied POWs / Utsumi Aiko -- Memory suppression and memory production: the
   Japanese occupation of Singapore / Diana Wong -- Go for broke, the movie:
   Japanese American soldiers in U.S. national, military, and racial
   discourses / T. Fujitani -- Moving history: the Pearl Harbor film(s) /
   Geoffrey M. White -- "Trapped in history" on the way to utopia: East
   Asia's "Great War" fifty years later / Arif Dirlik -- For transformative
   knowledge and postnationalist public spheres: the Smithsonian Enola Gay
   controversy / Lisa Yoneyama -- "Frantic to join ... the Japanese army":
   Black soldiers and civilians confront the Asia Pacific War / George
   Lipsitz -- Colonialism and atom bombs: about survivors of Hiroshima living
   in Korea / Toyonaga Keisabur*o -- The politics of war memories toward
   healing / Chungmoo Choi.

DS779.215 .G75 2004 EB                   2004
   China's new nationalism [electronic resource] : pride, politics, and
   diplomacy / Peter Hays Gries.
   Introduction: Dragon-slayers and panda-huggers -- Saving face -- Chinese
   identity and "the West" -- A "Century of Humiliation"-- The "Kissinger
   complex" -- Victors or victims? -- China's apology diplomacy -- Popular
   nationalism and the fate of the nation -- Chinese nationalism and U.S.
   China policy in the 21st century
DS786 .G637 2004 EB                      2004
   A Tibetan revolutionary [electronic resource] : the political life and
   times of Bapa Ph*untso Wangye / Melvyn C. Goldstein, Dawei Sherap, and
   William R. Siebenschuh.
   Childhood in Batang -- The coup of Lobsang Thundrup -- School years --
   Planning revolution -- Returning to Kham -- To Lhasa -- The Indian
   Communist Party -- On the verge of revolt -- Escape to Tibet -- From Lhasa
   to Yunnan -- The return to Batang -- The seventeen-point agreement -- To
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Lhasa again -- With the PLA in Lhasa -- A year of problems -- An interlude
   in Beijing -- Beginning reforms -- Tension in Lhasa -- Labeled a local
   nationalist -- To prison -- Solitary confinement -- A vow of silence --
   Release from prison -- A new struggle -- Nationalities policy -- A comment
   by Ph*unwang.

DS786 .P253 2005 EB                      2005
   The British Empire and Tibet, 1900-1922 [electronic resource] / Wendy
   The Younghusband invasion, 1900-4 -- Masterly inactivity, Britain's
   Non-involvement policy, 1905- Beyond the frontier, the British
   administration in Tibet, 1904-8 -- Delicate work, the Dalai Lama, the
   China service and east Tibet, 1904-9 -- Revolution, invasion and
   independence, Britain, Tibet and China, 1910-13 -- The Simla Conference
   and the Bipartite Settlement, 1912-14 -- The China service and east Tibet
   1914-17 -- Lhasa unveiled, Britain and Tibet in the post war world,
   1918-22 -- Conclusion.

DS793 .S62 K595 2004 EB                  2004
   Holy war in China [electronic resource] : the Muslim rebellion and state
   in Chinese Central Asia, 1864-1877 / Hodong Kim.
   The background -- Xinjiang in revolt -- The emergence of Ya'q*ub Beg's
   regime -- Muslim state and its ruling structure -- Formation of new
   international relations -- Collapse of the Muslim state.

DS797.56 .N365 .H36 2004 EB              2004
   Notes from old Nanking 1947-1949 [electronic resource] : the great
   transition / William Stenhouse Hamiltion.

DS799.42 .B76 2004 EB                    2004
   Is Taiwan Chinese? [electronic resource]: the impact of culture, power,
   and migration on changing identities / Melissa J. Brown.
   What's in a name? : culture, identity, and the "Taiwan problem" -- Where
   did the aborigines go? : reinstating plains aborigines in Taiwan's history
   -- "We savages didn't bind feet" : culture, colonial intervention, and
   long-route identity change -- "Having a wife is better than having a god"
   : ancestry, governmental power, and short-route identity change -- "They
   came with their hands tied behind their backs" : forced migrations,
   identity changes, and state classification in Hubei -- Theory and the
   politics of reunification : understanding past choices and future options.

DS822.25 .H68 2005 EB                    2005
   Geographies of identity in nineteenth-century Japan [electronic resource]
   / David L. Howell.
   The geography of status -- Status and the politics of the quotidian --
   Violence and the abolition of outcaste status -- Ainu identity and the
   early modern state -- The geography of civilization -- Civilization and
   enlightenment -- Ainu identity and the Meiji State.

DS835 .G69 2004 EB                       2004
   Military intervention in pre-war Japanese politics [electronic resource] :
   Admiral Kato Kanji and the 'Washington system' / Ian Gow.

DS881.5 .S2 R35 2004 EB                  2004
   The last samurai [electronic resource] : the life and battles of Saig*o
   Takamori / Mark Ravina.
   "Powerfully sentimental", Saigo's early years in Satsuma -- "A man of
   exceptional fidelity", Saigo and national politics -- "Bones in the
   earth", exile and ignominy -- "To shoulder the burdens of the realm", the
   destruction of the Shogunate -- "To tear asunder the clouds", Saigo and
   the Meiji State -- "The burden of death is light", the war of the
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

DS882 .T48 2001 EB                       2001
   Reconfiguring modernity [electronic resource] : concepts of nature in
   Japanese political ideology / Julia Adeney Thomas.

DS896.38 R45 2004 EB                      2004
   Frommer's Tokyo [electronic resource].

DS935.5 .W57 2004 EB                     2004
   Going critical [electronic resource] : the first North Korean nuclear
   crisis / Joel S. Wit, Daniel B. Poneman, Robert L. Gallucci.
   A cornered dog will sometimes bite -- An extremely peculiar nation,
   March-May 1993 -- No sitting president would allow North Korea to acquire
   nuclear weapons, June-August 1993 -- The twilight zone, September-December
   1993 -- A sea of fire, January-March 1994 -- Ending history, April-May
   1994 -- At the brink, June 3-June 14, 1994 -- We liked you starting from
   then, June 14-30, 1994 -- Sailing to an uncertain destination, July-August
   1994 -- Progress usually comes at the eleventh hour, September-October
   1994 -- What does not kill me makes me stronger, October 1994-July 1995 --
   The land of counterpane.

DT13 .C66 2004 EB                        2004
   Forgotten Africa [electronic resource] : an introduction to its
   archaeology / Graham Connah.
   Africa : the birthplace of humanity -- Stone tools and adaptation : the
   origins of the genus homo -- Africa's gift to the world : the earliest
   homo sapiens -- Living off the land : later hunter gatherers in Africa --
   Putting ideas on stone : the rock art of Southern Africa -- Pictures from
   a lost world : the rock art of the Sahara -- Producing food : early
   developments in North and West Africa -- Producing food : adaptation in
   North East and East Africa -- The power of metal : the origins of African
   iron-working -- Ancient Egypt : 3000 years of achievement -- Nubia : a
   meeting place of different people -- Aksum : a trading metropolis on the
   Ethiopian plateau -- Church and state : survival in Ethiopia --
   Opportunity and constraint : the Lake Chad story -- Facing the
  Mediterranean : Carthaginian, Greek and Roman North Africa -- Qsar
  Es-Seghir : front door to Europe, front door to Africa -- Jenn*e-Jeno : an
  early city on the Middle Niger -- Voyages in the Sahara : the desert trade
  with West Africa -- Igbo-Ukwu : a challenge from the past -- Ancestral
  faces : ancient sculpture in Nigeria -- Benin City : from forest power to
  world fame -- Pots and people : early farmers south of the Equator -- The
  testimony of the dead : life in the Upemba Depression -- 'One beautiful
  garden' : production and power amongst the Great Lakes -- Facing two
  worlds : the trading settlements of the East African coast -- Projecting
  power : Great Zimbabwe and related sites -- Deserted settlements with a
  story : later farmers in Southern Africa -- Outsiders on the inside : the
  impact of European expansion -- Remembering Africa's past.

DT 15 .S4 1871                           1871
   The people of Africa : A series of papers on their character, condition,
   and future prospects / by E.W. Blyden, D.D., Taylor Lewis, D.D., Theodore
   Dwight, esq., etc., etc.
   I. The Negro in ancient history / Rev. Edward W. Blyden -- II. The Koran.
   African Mohammedanism / Taylor Lewis -- III. Condition and character of
   Negroes in Africa / Theodore Dwight, esq. -- IV. Condition of education in
   Liberia -- V. Extracts from Prof. Blyden's journal of a visit to Sierra
   Leone, in February, 1871 -- VI. The Syrian (Arabic) college -- VII. Arabic
   manuscript in Western Africa -- VIII. Mohammedanism in Western Africa /
   Rev. E.W. Blyden -- IX. Remarkable conditions of the African field -- X.A
   letter from the King of Musadu -- [XI] Extracts from N.Y. state
   colonization journal, April, 1871.

                                Inventory List

               Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

DT21.5 .R48 2003 EB                      2003
   Rethinking resistance [electronic resource] : revolt and violence in
   African history / edited by Jon Abbink, Mirjam de Bruijn & Klaas Van
   Resistance to Ube hegemony in nineteenth-century West Africa / Mirjam de
   Bruijn & Han van Dijk -- Colonial conquest in central Madagascar: who
   resisted what? / Stephen Ellis -- Revisiting resistance in
   Italian-occupied Ethiopia: the patriots' movement (1936-1941) and the
   redefinition of post-war Ethiopia / Aregawi Berhe -- Ambiguities of
   resistance and collaboration on the Eastern Cape Frontier: the Kat River
   settlement, 1829-1856 / Robert Ross -- African mutinies in the Netherlands
   East Indies: a nineteenth century colonial paradox / Ineke van Kessel --
   Absence of evidence is no proof: slave resistance under German colonial
   rule in East Africa / Jan-Georg Deutsch -- The Kawousan war reconsidered /
   Kimba Idrissa -- Sawaba's rebellion in Niger (1964-1965): narrative and
   meaning / Klaas van Walraven -- The vagaries of violence and power in
   post-colonial Mozambique / Gerhard Seibert -- Herero genocide in the
   twentieth-century / Jan-Bart Gewald -- 'Namibia, land of the brave':
   selective memories on war and violence within nation building / Henning
   Melber -- Dervishes, moryaan, and freedom fighters: cycles of rebellion
   and the fragmentation of Somali society, 1900-2000 / Jon Abbink.

DT35 .P56 2003 EB                        2003
   A place in the sun [electronic resource] : Africa in Italian colonial
   culture from post-unification to the present / edited by Patrizia Palumbo.
   The myths, suppressions, denials, and defaults of Italian colonialism /
   Angelo Del Boca -- Studies and research on Fascist colonialism, 1922-1935
   : reflections on the state of the art / Nicola Labanca -- Italian
   anthropology and the Africans : the early colonial period / Barbara
   S*orgoni -- The construction of racial hierarchies in colonial Eritrea :
   the liberal and early Fascist period (1897-1934) / Giulia Barrera --
   Gifts, sex, and guns : nineteenth-century Italian explorers in Africa /
   Cristina Lombardi-Diop -- Incorporating the exotic : from futurist excess
   to postmodern impasse / Cinzia Sartini-Blum -- Alexandria revisited :
   colonialism and the Egyptian works of Enrico Pea and Giuseppe Ungaretti --
   Mass-mediated fantasies of feminine conquest, 1930-1940 / Robin
   Pickering-Iazzi -- Orphans for the empire : colonial propaganda and
   children's literature during the Imperial era / Patrizia Palumbo --
   Colonial autism : whitened heroes, auditory rhetoric, and national
   identity in interwar Italian cinema / Giorgio Bertellini -- Black
   shirts/Black skins : Fascist Italy's colonial anxieties and Lo squadrone
   bianco / Cecilia Boggio -- Empty spaces : decolonization in Italy / Karen

DT38.9 .C9 G57 2002 EB                   2002
   Conflicting missions [electronic resource] : Havana, Washington, and
   Africa, 1959-1976 / Piero Gleijeses.

DT73 .B44 W38 2000 EB                    2000
   KV 5 [electronic resource] : a preliminary report on the excavation of the
   tomb of the sons of Rameses II in the Valley of the Kings / edited by Kent
   R. Weeks.

DT82.5 .S8 P69 2003 EB                   2003
   A different shade of colonialism [electronic resource] : Egypt, Great
   Britain, and the mastery of the Sudan / Eve M. Troutt Powell.
   Journeys from the fantastic to the colonial -- Black servants and saviors
   : the domestic empire of Egypt -- The lived experience of contradiction :
   Ibrah*im Fawz*i's narrative of the Sudan -- The tools of the master :
   slavery, family, and the unity of the Nile Valley -- Egyptians in
   blackface : revolution and popular culture, World War I to 1925.

                                Inventory List

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DT97 .H38 2003 EB                        2003
   A tale of two factions [electronic resource] : myth, memory, and identity
   in Ottoman Egypt and Yemen / Jane Hathaway.

DT137 .W4 .V58 2003 EB                   2003
   The Western Desert of Eqypt [electronic resource] : an explorer's handbook
   / Cassandra Vivian ; maps and illustrations by Vivienne Groves and Lyla
   Pinch Brock.

DT145 .W55 2002 EB                       2002
   Islamic monuments in Cairo [electronic resource] : the practical guide /
   Caroline Williams.

DT352.65 .F76 2004 EB                    2004
   From slave trade to empire [electronic resource] : European colonisation
   of Black Africa, 1780s-1880s / edited by Olivier P*etr*e-Grenouilleau.
DT515.45 .Y67 O425 2003 EB               2003
   Women in the Yoruba religious sphere [electronic resource] / Oyeronke
   Olajubu ; foreword by Jacob K. Olupona.

DU95 .L59 2004 EB                        2004
   Frommer's Australia 2005 [electronic resource] / by Marc Llewellyn & Lee

DU105.2 .L59 2004 EB                     2004
   Frommer's Australia 2004 [electronic resource] / by Marc Llewellyn & Lee

DU113 .D68 2004 EB                       2004
   Double vision [electronic resource] : Asian accounts of Australia / edited
   by Alison Broinowski.

DU117.2 .F59 F59 2004 EB                 2004
   Isabel Flick [electronic resource] : the many lives of an extraordinary
   Aboriginal woman / Isabel Flick and Heather Goodall.

DU122 .J36 T36 2001 EB                   2001
   Michi's memories [electronic resource] : the story of a Japanese war bride
   / Keiko Tamura.

DX 223 .G84 1993                         1993
   Milyen *ut v*ar r*ajuk? / *ossze*allitotta *es *irta, Rachel Guglielmo ;
   szervez*es, el*osz*o, Ors*os Ferenc ; magyarra ford*itotta, Tak*acs Tibor
   = The Gypsy road / written by Rachel Guglielmo ; project organizer,
   introduction, Ors*os Ferenc ; Hungarian translation, Tak*acs Tibor.

DX224 .A2413 2004 EB                     2004
   The Roma in Romanian history [electronic resource] / by Viorel Achim.
   The arrival of the Gypsies on the territory of Romania -- The Gypsies in
   the Romanian territories during the Middle Ages -- Emancipation -- The
   Gypsies in inter-war Romania -- The policy of the Antonescu regime with
   regard to the Gypsies -- The Gypsies during the communist regime -- The
   current situation of the Gypsies (Roma) in Romania.

DX241 .K46 2000 EB                       2000
   Between two fires [electronic resource] : Gypsy performance and Romani
   memory from Pushkin to post-socialism / Alaina Lemon.

E 18 .G66 1844                           1844
   Lights and shadows of American history / by the author of Peter Parley's
                                Inventory List

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E 18 .R63 1819 V.1                       1819
   The history of America / by William Robertson.

E 18 .R63 1819 V.2                       1819
   The history of America / by William Robertson.

E 18 .R63 1819 V.3                       1819
   The history of America / by William Robertson.

E 18 .R63 1819 V.4                       1819
   The history of America / by William Robertson.

E77 .A496 2003 EB                        2003
   American Indian history [electronic resource] / edited by Carole A.
   v. 1. Aboriginal action plan-Oliphant v. Suquamish Indian Tribe -- v. 2.
   Pavonia Massacre-Zu*ni Rebellion, appendixes, indexes.

E78 .C2 L386 2004 EB                     2004
   "Real" Indians and others [electronic resource] : mixed-blood urban Native
   peoples and indigenous nationhood / Bonita Lawrence.
   From sovereign nations to "a vanishing race" -- Regulating Native identity
   by gender -- Reconfiguring colonial gender relations under Bill C-31 --
   M*etis identity, the Indian Act, and the numbered treaties -- Killing the
   Indian to save the child -- Urban responses to a heritage of violence --
   Negotiating an urban mixed-blood Native identity -- Maintaining an urban
   Native community -- Racial identity in white society -- Band membership
   and urban identity -- Indian status and entitlement -- Mixed-blood urban
   Native people and the rebuilding of indigenous nations.

E78 .C2 N55 2000 EB                      2000
   Spirit wars [electronic resource] : Native North American religions in the
   age of nation building / Ronald Niezen ; with contributions by Manley
   Begay, Jr. ... [et al.].

E78 .M75 T44 2003 EB                     2003
   Twelve millennia [electronic resource] : archaeology of the upper
   Mississippi River Valley / James L. Theler and Robert F. Boszhardt.

E78 .O6 B38 2000 EB                      2000
   Warm Springs millennium [electronic resource] ; voices from the
   reservation / Michael Baughman and Charlotte Hadella.

E93 .M5818 2004 EB                       2004
   Forgotten tribes [electronic resource] : unrecognized Indians and the
   federal acknowledgment process / Mark Edwin Miller.
   Adrift with the Indian Office : the historical development of tribal
   acknowledgment policy, 1776-1978 -- Building an edifice : the BIA's
   federal acknowledgment process, 1978-2002 -- Bypassing the bureau : the
   Pascua Yaquis' quest for legislative tribal recognition -- Sometimes
   salvation : the Death Valley Timbisha Shoshones of California and the
   BIA's federal acknowledgment process -- A matter of visibility : the
   United Houma Nation's struggle for tribal acknowledgment -- From playing
   Indian to playing slots : gaming, recognition, and the Tiguas of El Paso,

E98 .E85 G37 2003 EB                     2003
   Real Indians [electronic resource] : identity and the survival of Native
   America / Eva Marie Garroutte.

E99 .C53 B444 2004 EB                    2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM
   Halfbreed [electronic resource] : the remarkable true story of George Bent
   : caught between the worlds of the Indian and the white man / David
   Fridtjof Halaas, Andrew E. Masich.
   Worlds apart -- Growing up Cheyenne -- In the white world -- Between two
   worlds -- Massacre at Sand Creek -- Riding with the dog soldiers -- Black
   Kettle and Magpie Woman -- Cheyenne autumn -- Death songs -- Walking the
   white man's road -- Lost in a new world -- Nothing lives forever.

E99 .C9 E84 2003 EB                      2003
   Creek country [electronic resource] : the Creek Indians and their world /
   Robbie Ethridge.
   Benjamin Hawkins in Creek country -- The beginnings of Creek country: a
   historical overview -- The landscape of Creek country -- The heart of
   Creek country -- The people of Creek country -- The hinterlands -- Creek
   farmers -- Creek ranchers -- Entrepreneurs, wage laborers, thieves, and
   the Creek frontier exchange economy -- The selling of Creek country -- The
   closing of Creek country.

E99 .C9 H34 2004 EB                      2004
   The invention of the Creek Nation, 1670-1763 [electronic resource] /
   Steven C. Hahn.
   Introduction : the question of the "Creek confederacy" -- Tall Coweta --
   Enemigos -- A new world order -- The challenge of triple-nation diplomacy
   -- Oglethorpe's friends, and enemies -- The twin -- The invention of the
   Creek Nation -- Epilogue : the legacy of the imperial era.

E99 .C9 S28 1999 EB                      1999
   A new order of things [electronic resource] : property, power, and the
   transformation of the Creek Indians, 1733-1816 / Claudio Saunt.

E99 .P58 A3 2004 EB                      2004
   Viet Cong at Wounded Knee [electronic resource] : the trail of a Blackfeet
   activist / Woody Kipp.

E109 .W4 T73 2004 EB                     2004
   Footprints of the Welsh Indians [electronic resource] : settlers in North
   America before 1492 / William L. Traxel.

E 159 .H7 1971                           1971
   Historic houses of America : open to the public / by the editors of
   American heritage ; editor in charge: Beverley Da Costa ; introduction by
   Marshall B. Davidson.

E160 .L354 2004 EB                       2004
   Frommer's national parks of the American West [electronic resource] / by
   Don & Barbara Laine ; with Jack Olson, Eric Peterson & Shane Christensen.

E160 .W49 2004 EB                        2004
   Family vacations in the national parks [electronic resource] / Charles

E169.12 .F69 2003 EB                     2003
   The fractious nation? [electronic resource] : unity and division in
   contemporary American life / edited by Jonathan Rieder ; Steven
   Steinlight, associate editor.
   Getting a fix on fragmentation: "breakdown" as estimation error,
   rhetorical strategy, and organizational accomplishment / Jonathan Rieder
   -- The fetish of difference / Richard Berstein -- Fragments or ties? the
   defense of difference / Martha Minow -- The myth of culture war: the
   disparity between private opinion and public politics / Paul DiMaggio --
   America's Jews: highly fragmented, insufficiently disputatious / Jack
   Wertheimer -- Once again, strangers on our shores / Mary C. Waters --
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Expelling newcomers: the eclipse of constitutional community / Cecilia
   Mu*noz -- The United States in the world community: the limits of national
   sovereignty / Douglas S. Massey -- "Who cares who killed Roger Ackroyd?":
   narrowing the enduring divisions of race / Jennifer Hochschild -- The
   ambivalence of citizenship: African-American intellectuals in search of
   community / Kevin Gaines -- Social provision and civic community: beyond
   fragmentation / Theda Skocpol -- Stable fragmentation in multicultural
   America / Paul Starr -- The moral compassion of true conservatism / John
   J. DiIulio Jr. -- Shaking off the past: third ways, fourth ways, and the
   urgency of politics / E.J. Dionne Jr. -- Epilogue: Into the unknown: unity
   and conflict after September 11, 2001 / Jonathan Rieder.

E175 .D47 2003 EB                        2003
   Women and the historical enterprise in America [electronic resource] :
   gender, race, and the politics of memory, 1880-1945 / Julie Des Jardins.

E175 .R48 2002 EB                        2002
   Rethinking American history in a global age [electronic resource] / edited
   by Thomas Bender.
   Transnationalism and the challenge to national histories / Prasenjit Duara
   -- Internationalizing international history / Akira Iriye -- Where in the
   world is America? The history of the United States in the global age /
   Charles Bright and Michael Geyer -- International at the creation : early
   modern American history / Karen Ordahl Kupperman -- How the West was one :
   the African diaspora and the re-mapping of U.S. history / Robin D.G.
   Kelley -- Time and revolution in African America : temporality and the
   history of Atlantic slavery / Walter Johnson -- Beyond the view from
   Euro-America : environment, settler societies, and the
   internationalization of American history / Ian Tyrrell -- From Euro- and
   Afro-Atlantic to Pacific migration system : a comparative migration
   approach to North American history / Dirk Hoerder -- Framing U.S. history
   : democracy, nationalism, and socialism / Robert Wiebe -- An age of social
   politics / Daniel T. Rodgers -- The age of global power / Marilyn B. Young
   -- American empire and cultural imperialism : a view from the receiving
   end / Rob Kroes -- Do American historical narratives travel? / Fran*cois
   Weil -- The modernity of America and the practice of scholarship /
   Winfried Fluck -- The exhaustion of enclosures : a critique of
   internationalization / Ron Robin -- The historian's use of the United
   States and vice versa / David A. Hollinger.

E175.4 .W9 H57 2003 EB                   2003
   Portrait of America [electronic resource] : a cultural history of the
   Federal Writers' Project / Jerrold Hirsch.

E175.8 .V43 2004 EB                      2004
   Uncovering our history [electronic resource] : teaching with primary
   sources / Susan H. Veccia.
   Primary sources : magical moments of insight -- The American Memory
   website from the Library of Congress -- Finding materials online --
   Strategies for teaching history / contributed by Stanlee Brimberg -- It's
   elementary! / contributed by Gail Petri -- History told firsthand in
   middle school / contributed by Laura Wakefield -- Focus on the questions
   in high school / contributed by Michael Federspiel -- Professional
   development -- Going to the source.

E 178 .H65 1849 V.1                      1849
   The history of the United States of America : from the discovery of the
   continent to the organization of government under the federal constitution
   / By Richard Hildreth.

E 178 .H65 1849 V.2                      1849
   The history of the United States of America : from the discovery of the
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   continent to the organization of government under the federal constitution
   / By Richard Hildreth.

E 178 .H65 1849 V.3                      1849
   The history of the United States of America : from the discovery of the
   continent to the organization of government under the federal constitution
   / By Richard Hildreth.

E 178 .H66 1851 V.1                      1851
   The history of the United States of America : from the adoption of the
   Federal Constitution to the end of the Sixteenth Congress / by Richard
   v. 1. Administration of Washington -- v. 2. John Adams and Jefferson -- v.
   3. Madison and Monroe.

E 178 .H66 1851 V.2                      1851
   The history of the United States of America : from the adoption of the
   Federal Constitution to the end of the Sixteenth Congress / by Richard
   v. 1. Administration of Washington -- v. 2. John Adams and Jefferson -- v.
   3. Madison and Monroe.

E 178 .H66 1851 V.3                      1851
   The history of the United States of America : from the adoption of the
   Federal Constitution to the end of the Sixteenth Congress / by Richard
   v. 1. Administration of Washington -- v. 2. John Adams and Jefferson -- v.
   3. Madison and Monroe.

E 178 .T24 1835                          1835
   A universal history of the United States of America : embracing the whole
   period, from the earliest discoveries, down to the present time ; giving a
   description of the western country, its soil, settlements, increase of
   population, &c. ; in three parts / by C.B. Taylor.

E178.25 A76 2004                         2004
   AP U.S. history [electronic resource] / Stephen Armstrong ; diagnostic and
   practice exams by Edward McBride.
E178.6 .C65 2004 EB                      2004
   A companion to 20th-century America [electronic resource] / edited by
   Stephen J. Whitfield.

E179.5 .H186 2003 EB                     2003
   From the fallen tree [electronic resource] : frontier narratives,
   environmental politics, and the roots of a national pastoral, 1749-1826 /
   Thomas Hallock.

E183.7 .C658 2003 EB                     2003
   A companion to American foreign relations [electronic resource] / edited
   by Robert D. Schulzinger.
   Introduction / Robert D. Schulzinger -- Ideas and foreign affaris / H.W.
   Brands -- "As far as we can": culture and US foreign relations / Susan
   Brewer -- International environmental issues / Kurk Dorsey -- Early
   national period, 1775-1815 / Peter P. Hill -- American expansion,
   1815-1860 / William E. Weeks -- United States and imperialism / Frank
   Ninkovich -- Relations with Africa since 1900 / Andrew DeRoche -- History
   as victim: the sorry state of the study of US-Japanese relations,
   1900-1945 / Michael A. Barnhart -- US-Latin American relations, 1898-1941:
   a historiographical review / Mark T. Gilderus -- Woodrow Wilson and World
   War I / Lloyd E. Ambrosius -- Recent explorations concerning the interwar
   period / Justus D. Doenecke -- World War II / Mark A. Stoler -- Early Cold
                                Inventory List

               Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

  War / Jeremi Suri -- United States-Latin American relations, 1942-1960 /
  Darlene Rivas -- From containment to containment? Understanding US
  relations with China since 1949 / Evelyn Goh, Rosemary Foot -- Korean War
  / James I. Matray -- Foreign relations in the 1950s / Richard H. Immerman
  -- Vietnam War / David L. Anderson -- Beyond Vietnam: the foreign policies
  of the Kennedy-Johnson administration / Randall B. Wood -- United States
  and the Middle East since 1967 / Peter L. Hahn -- US relations wtih Latin
  America, 1961 to the present: a historiographic review / Stephen G. Rabe
  -- Presidential elections and the cold war / Melvin Small -- D*etente over
  thirty years / Keith L. Nelson -- Nationalism and regionalism in an era of
  globalization: US relations with South and Southeast Asia, 1875-2000 /
  Robert J. McMahon -- Conclusion: From the end of the Cold War to the
  beginning of the twenty-first century / Robert D. Schulzinger.

E183.8 .F8 Y68 2004 EB                   2004
   Marketing Marianne [electronic resource] : French propaganda in America,
   1900-1940 / Robert J. Young.
   From peace to war, 1900-1914 -- Senders and receivers, 1900-1940 -- Words
   as weapons, 1914-1919 -- From war to peace, 1920-1929 -- The end of the
   postwar period, 1930-1935 -- From peace to war, 1936-1939 -- Words of war,

E183.8 .I5 G68 2002 EB                   2002
   American visions of the Netherlands East Indies/Indonesia [electronic
   resource] : US foreign policy and Indonesian nationalism, 1920-1949 /
   Frances Gouda with Thijs Brocades Zaalberg.
   American foreign policy and the end of Dutch colonial rule in southeast
   Asia: an overview -- "It's 1776 in Indonesia" -- The United States and the
   Dutch East Indies: the celebration of capitalism in west and east during
   the 1920's -- American visions of colonial Indonesia from the Great
   Depression to the growing fear of Japan, 1930-1938 -- The specter of Japan
   and America's recognition of the Indonesian archipelago's strategic
   importance, 1938-1945 -- The politics of independence in the Republik
   Indonesia and international reactions, 1945-1949 -- The emerging Cold War
   and American perspectives on decolonization in southeast Asia in the
   postwar era -- Indonesia's struggle for independence and the outside
   world: England, Australia, and the United States in search of a peaceful
   solution -- Armed conflict, the United Nations' Good Offices Committee,
   and the Renville Agreement: America's involvement in trying to reach a
   settlement -- Soviet strategies in southeast Asia and Indonesian politics:
   US foreign policy adrift during the course of 1948 -- Rescuing the
   Republic's moderates from Soviet communism: Washington's conversion to
   unequivocal support of Indonesia's independence.

E183.8 .J3 B5155 2004 EB                 2004
   Beyond bilateralism [electronic resource] : U.S.-Japan relations in the
   new Asia-Pacific / edited by Ellis S. Krauss and T. J. Pempel.
   Challenges to bilateralism: changing foes, capital flows, and complex
   forums / T.J. Pempel -- America in East Asia: power, markets, and grand
   strategy / G. John Ikenberry -- U.S.-Japan security relations, toward
   bilateralism plus? / Christopher W. Hughes and Akiko Fukushima -- Terms of
   engagement: the U.S.-Japan alliance and the rise of China / Mike M.
   Mochizuki -- American and Japanese strategies in Asia: dealing with ASEAN
   / Andrew MacIntyre -- Capital flows and financial markets in Asia:
   national, regional, or global? / Natasha Hamilton-Hart -- When strong ties
   fail: U.S.-Japanese manufacturing rivalry in Asia / Walter Hatch --
   Japan's counterweight strategy: U.S.-Japanese manufacturing rivalry in
   Asia / Walter Hatch -- Japan's counterweight strategy: U.S.-Japan
   cooperation and competition in international finance / Saori N. Katada --
   Japan and the evolution of regional financial arrangements in East Asia /
   Jennifer A. Amyx -- At play in the legal realm: the WTO and the changing
   nature of U.S.-Japan antidumping disputes / Saadia M. Pekkanen -- Japan,
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   the United States, and multilateral institution-building in the
   Asia-Pacific: APEV and the ARF / Kuniko P. Ashizawa -- The United States
   and JApan in APEC's EVSL negotiations: regional multilateralism and trade
   / Ellis S. Krauss -- Conclusion: beyond bilateralism, toward divided
   dependence / Ellis S. Krauss and T.J. Pempel.

E183.8 .R9 G626 2003 EB                  2003
   Power and purpose [electronic resource] : U.S. policy toward Russia after
   the Cold War / James M. Goldgeier [and] Michael McFaul.
   Power and purpose -- George H.W. Bush and Soviet regime change --
   Controlling the nukes -- Limited assistance for economic reform -- Bill
   Clinton's assistance policy -- Our man in Moscow -- Security partners? --
   NATO is a four-letter word -- Things fall apart : August 1998 -- Kosovo --
   Chechnya, again -- No deals -- George W. Bush and Russia - Lessons --
   Appendix: list of interviews.

E183.8 .S25 L57 2004 EB                   2004
   Inside the mirage [electronic resource] : America's fragile partnership
   with Saudi Arabia / Thomas W. Lippman.
   The pioneers -- Into the wilderness -- Little America -- Arabs and
   attitudes -- Funny money -- The little screen -- Come fly with me -- A
   Ford in their past -- The American way -- Down on the farm -- Christians
   and Jews -- Go directly to jail -- The cultural divide -- From swords to
   missiles -- Desert storms -- After September 11.

E183.8 .S65 D386 2002 EB                 2002
   The first Cold War [electronic resource] : the legacy of Woodrow Wilson in
   U.S.-Soviet relations / Donald E. Davis & Eugene P. Trani.
   Foreword / by Lawrence S. Eagleburger -- Foreword to the Russian edition /
   by Vyacheslav Nikonov -- Preface -- Introduction : 1913: Russo-American
   relations -- 1914-1916 : three ambassadors for St. Petersburg -- 1917 :
   the root mission and Stevens railway commission -- Wilson and Lansing face
   Lenin and Trotsky -- December 1917 : the struggle for a policy -- January
   1918 : point VI of XIV -- Northern Russia and Siberia -- 1919 : Paris in
   the spring -- The first cold warriors -- Conclusion: 1921 : the first cold

E184 .A1 W216 2000 EB                    2000
   Prejudice across America [electronic resource] / James Waller.
   The preparations -- Los Angeles: Taiko drums, blues, and the Banana
   Bungalow -- San Francisco: the goodness of Uncle Guy -- Chicago: Arvis
   tells it like it is -- Memphis: a grief observed -- New Orleans: an
   interlude -- Birmingham: "Bombingham" revisited -- Atlanta: "Don't tell me
   it's on Peachtree, again ..." -- Washington, D.C.: the beginning of a
   country and the end of our line.

E184 .E2 R83 2004 EB                     2004
   Ethnic routes to becoming American [electronic resource] : Indian
   immigrants and the cultures of citizenship / Sharmila Rudrappa.
   Introduction -- Finding our home in this world -- Workers at Apna Ghar --
   The Indo American center -- The politics of cultural authenticity --
   Becoming American -- Not white in public, not ethnic at home -- The
   cultural turn in politics and community organizing.

E184 .I8 C654 2003 EB                    2003
   Imagining Italians [electronic resource] : the clash of romance and race
   in American perceptions, 1880-1910 / Joseph P. Cosco.

E184 .M5 M46 2001 EB                     2001
   Recovering history, constructing race [electronic resource] : the Indian,
   black, and white roots of Mexican Americans / by Martha Menchaca.
   Racial foundations -- Racial formation: Spain's racial order -- The move
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   north: the Gran Chichimecca and New Mexico -- The Spanish settlement of
   Texas and Arizona -- The settlement of California and the twilight of the
   Spanish period -- Liberal racial legislation during the Mexican period,
   1821-1848 -- Land, race, and war, 1821-1848 -- The treaty of Guadalupe
   Hidalgo and the racialization of the Mexican population -- Racial
   segregation and liberal policies then and now.

E184 .P85 G68 2003 EB                    2003
   Colonial subjects [electronic resource] : Puerto Ricans in a global
   perspective / Ram*on Grosfoguel.
E 184 .S77 B65 2003                      2003
   Escape from slavery : the true story of my ten years in captivity--and my
   journey to freedom in America / Francis Bok, with Edward Tivnan.
   Map: Sudan and the surrounding regions -- Raid -- "Abeed" -- That's what
   happens when you disobey -- Why does no one love me? -- Abdul Rahman --
   Perfect slave -- Be careful -- This is your last night on earth -- Double
   game -- Act of kindness-and another -- Jabarona -- Process -- Cairo --
   September 15, 1998 - American journey -- Still "a good worker" - But now a
   paid one -- New abolitionists -- News from Sudan -- education of Francis
   Bok -- why? -- Finally, some good news from sudan -- Afterword: Continuing
   struggle - Acknowledgments.
   In this groundbreaking modern slave narrative, Francis Bok shares his
   remarkable story with grace, honesty, and a wisdom gained from surviving
   ten years in captivity. May, 1986: Selling his mother's eggs and peanuts
   near his village in southern Sudan, seven year old Francis Bok's life was
   shattered when Arab raiders on horseback, armed with rifles and long
   knives, burst into the quiet marketplace, murdering men and women and
   gathering the young children into a group. Strapped to horses and donkeys,
   Francis and others were taken north, into lives of slavery under wealthy
   Muslim farmers. For ten years, Francis lived alone in a shed near the
   goats and cattle that were his responsibility. Fed with scraps from the
   table, slowly learning bits of an unfamiliar language and religion, the
   boy had almost no human contact other than his captor's family. After two
   failed attempts to escape-each bringing severe beatings and death
   threats-Francis finally escaped at age seventeen, a dramatic breakaway on
   foot that was his final chance. Yet his slavery did not end there, for
   even as he made his way toward the capital city of Khartoum, others sought
   to deprive him of his freedom. Determined to avoid that fate and discover
   what had happened to his family on that terrible day in 1986, the teenager
   persevered through prison and refugee camps for three more years, winning
   the attention of United Nations officials and being granted passage to
   America. Now a student and an anti-slavery activist, Francis Bok has made
   it his life mission to combat world slavery. His is the first voice to
   speak for an estimated twenty seven million people held against their will
   in nearly every nation, including our own. Escape from Slavery is at once
   a riveting adventure, a story of desperation and triumph, and a window
   revealing a world that few have survived to tell.

E184.35 .D55 2004 EB                     2004
   The Jews of the United States, 1654 to 2000 [electronic resource] / Hasia
   R. Diner.

E 185 .61 .V744 2003                     2003
   Voices in our blood : America's best on the civil rights movement / edited
   by Jon Meacham.
   Inheritors of slavery / Richard Wright -- North toward home / Willie
   Morris -- Notes of a native son / James Baldwin -- A pageant of birds /
   Eudora Welty -- I know why the caged bird sings / Maya Angelou -- Opera in
   Greenville / Rebecca West -- America comes of Middle Age / Murray Kempton
   -- American segregation and the world crisis / William Faulkner -- The
   moral aspects of segregation / Benjamin E. Mays -- The cradle (of the
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Confederacy) rocks / Carl T. Rowan -- Parting the waters : America in the
   king years / Taylor Branch -- Prime time / Henry Louis Gates, Jr. --
  Letter from the South / E.B. White -- Segregation : the inner conflict in
  the South / Robert Penn Warren -- Travels with Charley / John Steinbeck --
  Liar by legislation / Hodding Carter -- Harlem is nowhere / Ralph Ellison
  -- An interview with Malcolm X / Alex Haley -- Wallace / Marshall Frady --
  Mystery and manners / Flannery O'Connor -- The Negro revolt against "the
  Negro leaders" / Louis E. Lomax -- "I have a dream ..." / James Reston --
  Capital is occupied by a gentle army / Russell Baker -- Bloody Sunday /
  John Lewis -- Mississippi : the fallen paradise / Walker Percy -- This
  quiet dust / William Styron --When Watts burned / Stanley Crouch -- After
  Watts / Elizabeth Hardwick -- The brilliancy of black / Bernard Weinraub
  -- Representative / Charlayne Hunter-Gault -- The second coming of Martin
  Luther King / David Halberstam -- Martin Luther King is still on the case
  / Garry Wills -- "Keep on a-walking, children" / Pat Watters -- "We in a
  war, or haven't anybody told you that? / Peter Goldman -- Radical Chic :
  that party at Lenny's / Tom Wolfe -- Choosing to stay at home : ten years
  after the march on Washington / Alice Walker -- A hostile and welcoming
  workplace / Ellis Cose -- State secrets / Calvin Trillin -- Grady's gift /
  Howell Raines.

E 185 .97 .K5 K52 2003                   2003
   Growing up King : an intimate memoir / Dexter Scott King with Ralph Wiley.
   ch. 1. Sleeping beauties -- ch. 2. Peace be still -- ch. 3. Shattered --
   ch. 4. Aftermath -- ch. 5. A question of faith -- ch. 6. Soul survivor --
   ch. 7. Schooled -- ch. 8. This little light of mine -- ch. 9. Wrecked --
   ch. 10. Answers from within -- ch. 11. Legacy -- ch. 12. Betrayed -- ch.
   13. Brightly beams our father's mercy -- ch. 14. A moving image -- ch. 15.
   Odd man in -- ch. 16. The meeting -- ch. 17. Sampling a relationship --
   ch. 18. Home front -- ch. 19. A way out of no way -- ch. 20. The reckoning
   -- ch. 21. Free at last.

E185.5 .N276 H8 2001 EB                  2001
   Fight for freedom and other writings on civil rights [electronic resource]
   / edited with an introduction by Christopher C. De Santis.
   FIGHT FOR FREEDOM (1962) : The first decade -- Between wars -- World War
   II -- Pinning down the law -- Victory poses problems -- Making democracy
   work -- OTHER WRITINGS ON CIVIL RIGHTS: Brown America in jail: Kilby --
   One more conference -- Cowards from the colleges -- Too much of race --
   The need for heroes -- What the Negro wants -- What to do now -- Walter
   White's first Twenty-Five -- Simple and the NAACP -- The accusers' names
   nobody will remember, but history records Du Bois -- Be your own Santa
   Claus by putting more civil rights in your stocking -- From Rampart Street
   to Harlem I follow the trail of the blues -- Langston Hughes speaks -- A
   sentimental journey to Cairo, Illinois -- Emmett Till, Mississippi, and
   congressional investigations -- Du Bois greatness has a birthday -- Golden
   anniversary of the NAACP -- Remarks by Langston Hughes in acceptance of
   45th Spingarn Medal.

E185.6 .D79733 2003 EB                   2003
   The souls of Black folk [electronic resource] : one hundred years later /
   edited with an introduction by Dolan Hubbard.
   "Centurion" / Thelma B. Thompson -- Introduction / Dolan Hubbard --
   Reviews of The souls of Black folk / compiled by Erica L. Griffin -- The
   souls of the "Black Belt" revisited / James Daniel Steele -- Alexandria,
   Tennessee : dusk and dawn of the rural veil / Reavis L. Mitchell, Jr. --
   Anna Julia Cooper, Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins, and the African American
   feminization of Du Bois's discourse / Barbara McCaskill -- They sing the
   song of slavery : Frederick Douglass's Narrative and W.E.B. Du Bois's The
   souls of Black folk as intertexts of Richard Wright's 12 million Black
   voices / Virginia Whatley Smith -- Du Bois's "Of the coming of John,"
   Toomer's "Kabnis," and the dilemma of self-representation / Chester J.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Fontenot, Jr. -- W.E.B. Du Bois and the construction of whiteness / Keith
   Byerman -- The intersecting rhetorics of art and blackness in The souls of
   Black folk / Amy Helene Kirschke -- "Looking at one's self through the
   eyes of others" : W.E.B. Du Bois's photographs for the 1900 Paris
   Exposition / Shawn Michelle Smith -- Constructing a psychological
   perspective : the observer and the observed in The souls of Black folk /
   Shanette M. Harris -- W.E.B. Du Bois and The souls of Black folk :
   generating an expressive repertoire for African American communication /
   Carolyn Calloway-Thomas and Thurmon Garner -- The "musical" souls of Black
   folk : can a double consciousness be heard? / Christopher A. Brooks -- The
   wings of Atalanta : classical influences in The souls of Black folk /
   Carrie Cowherd -- W.E.B. Du Bois and the invention of the sublime in The
   souls of Black folk / Dolan Hubbard -- A selected publication history of
   The souls of Black folk / compiled by M. Elaine Hughes.

E 185.61 .S910 2001                      2001
   Blacks in the spider's web : the great conspiracy of the arcane "white
   circle" in matters of race, religion, and politics / by Romaner J. Strong,
   The religious underpinnings -- The long history of racial strife -- The
   civil rights hoax -- The "real" Ku Klux Klan law -- Blacks and Jews --
   Great religions/great conspiracy -- Resurgence of Islam.

E185.615 .W465 2003 EB                   2003
   Whitewashing race [electronic resource] : the myth of a color-blind
   society / Michael K. Brown ... [et al.].
   Introduction: Race preferences and race privileges -- Of fish and water :
   perspectives on racism and privilege -- Bankruptcy of virtuous markets :
   racial inequality, poverty, and "individual failure" -- Keeping Blacks in
   their place : race, education, and testing -- Been in the pen so long :
   race, crime, and justice -- Civil rights and racial equality : employment
   discrimination law, affirmative action, and quotas -- Color-blindness as
   color consciousness : voting rights and political equality -- Conclusion:
   Facing up to race.

E185.625 .D969 2004 EB                   2004
   The Michael Eric Dyson reader [electronic resource] / Michael Eric Dyson.
   Dysonography -- Theories of race -- Affirmative action -- Multiculturalism
   -- Whiteness studies -- Gender views -- Afro-Baptist radicalism and
   rhetoric -- Religion and sexuality -- Biocriticism and black icons --
   Cinema noir -- The soul musics of black folk -- Hip-hop culture -- The
   predicament of postmodernity -- Coda : the life of the mind.

E185.8 .P39 2003 EB                      2003
   The claims of kinfolk [electronic resource] : African American property
   and community in the nineteenth-century South / Dylan C. Penningroth.

E185.86 .C58167 2004 EB                  2004
   Black sexual politics [electronic resource] : African Americans, gender,
   and the new racism / Patricia Hill Collins.
   Introduction: no turning back -- I. African Americans and the new racism
   -- Why black sexual politics? -- The past is ever present: recognizing the
   new racism -- Prisons for our bodies, closets for our minds: racism,
   heterosexism, and black sexuality -- II. Rethinking black gender ideology
   -- Get your freak on: sex, babies, and images of black femininity -- Booty
   call: sex, violence, and images of black masculinity -- Very necessary:
   redefining black gender ideology -- III. Toward a progressive black sexual
   politics -- Assume the position: the changing contours of sexual violence
   -- No storybook romance: how race and gender matter -- Why we can't wait:
   black sexual politics and the challenge of HIV/AIDS -- Afterword: the
   power of a free mind.
   Publisher's description: In Black Sexual Politics, one of America's most
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   influential writers on race and gender explores how images of Black
   sexuality have been used to maintain the color line and how they threaten
   to spread a new brand of racism around the world today. The ideal of pure
   white womanhood, Collins argues, required the invention of hot-blooded
   Latinas, exotic Suzy Wongs, and wanton jezebels -- images that persist in
   the media today in everything from animal-skin bikinis to the creation of
   the "welfare mom." Men confront a similar bias in a society that defines
   African American males as drug dealers, brutish athletes, irresponsible
   fathers, and rapists. Collins dissects the widespread impact of these
   distorted messages as she explores African American love relationships,
   sex in youth culture, interracial romance, sexual violence, and HIV/AIDS.

E185.86 .H7417 2004 EB                   2004
   We real cool [electronic resource] : Black men and masculinity / Bell
   About Black men : don't believe the hype -- Plantation patriarchy --
   Gangsta culture : a piece of the action -- Schooling Black men -- Don't
   make me hurt you: black male violence -- It's a dick thing : beyond sexual
   acting out -- From angry boys to angry me -- Waiting for daddy to come
   home -- Doing the love do -- Healing the hurt -- The coolness of being

E185.86 .S698 2005 EB                    2005
   Black families at the crossroads [electronic resource] : challenges and
   prospects / Leanor Boulin Johnson, Robert Staples ; foreword by Robert B.

E185.89 .R45 B76 2004 EB                 2004
   Atonement and forgiveness [electronic resource] : a new model for Black
   reparations / Roy L. Brooks.

E185.93 .M6 K38 2001 EB                  2001
   The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission [electronic resource] : civil
   rights and states' rights / Yasuhiro Katagiri.

E 185.93 .V8 P13 1847                    1847
   Sketches of old Virginia family servants / with a preface by Bishop Meade.

E185.96 H84 2001 EB                      2001
   Works for children and young adults [electronic resource] : biographies /
   edited with an introduction by Steven C. Tracy.
   FAMOUS AMERICAN NEGROES (1954) : Phillis Wheatley (about 1753-1784): whose
   poetry George Washington praised -- Richard Allen (about 1760-1831) :
   founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church -- Ira Aldridge
   (1807-1867) : a star who never came home -- Frederick Douglass (about
   1817-1895) : fighter for freedom -- Harriet Tubman (about 1823-1913) : the
   Moses of her people -- Booker T. Washington (about 1858-1915) : founder of
   Tuskegee -- Daniel Hale Williams (1858-1931) : a great physician -- Henry
   Ossawa Tanner (1859-1937) : whose painting hangs in the Luxembourg --
   George Washington Carver (about 1864-1943) : agricultural chemist --
   Robert S. Abbott (1870-1940) : a crusading journalist -- Paul Laurence
   Dunbar (1872-1906) : the Robert Burns of Negro poetry -- W. C. Handy
   (1873-1958) : father of the blues -- Charles C. Spauding (1874-1952) :
   executive of the world's largest Negro business -- A. Philip Randolph
   (1889- ) : distinguished labor leader -- Ralph Bunche (1904- ) : Statesman
   and political scientist -- Marian Anderson (1902- ) : Famous concert
   singer -- Jackie Robinson (1919- ) : first Negro in big league baseball --
   FAMOUS NEGRO MUSIC MAKERS (1955) : The Fisk Jubilee Singers -- James A.
   Bland : minstrel composer -- Bert Williams : artist of comedy song -- Bill
   Robinson : music with the feet -- Leadbelly : the essence of folk song --
   Jelly Roll Morton : from ragtime to jazz -- Roland Hayes : famous concert
   artist -- William Grant Still : distinguished composer -- Bessie Smith :
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   "The Empress of the Blues" -- Duke Ellington: composer and band leader --
   Ethel Waters : singer of popular songs -- Louis Armstrong : king of the
   trumpet players -- Marian Anderson : Metropolitan opera star -- Bennie
   Benjamin : Broadway song writer -- Mahalia Jackson : singer of gospel
   songs -- Dean Dixon : symphony conductor -- Lena Horne : singing star of
   Hollywood -- Famous jazz musicians : Congo Square to Carnegie Hall --
   FAMOUS NEGRO HEROES OF AMERICA (1958) : Estaban : discover of Arizona --
   Crispus Attucks : martyr for American independence -- Jean Baptiste Pointe
   du Sable : founder of Chicago -- Paul Cuffe : seaman and colonizer --
   Gabriel Prosser : freedom seeker -- James P. Beckwourth : frontiersman --
   Frederick Douglass: abolitionist -- Harriet Tubman : liberator -- Robert
   Smalls : patriot -- Charles Young : West Pointer -- Matthew A. Henson :
   explorer -- Ida B. Wells : crusader -- Hugh N. Mulzac : master mariner --
   Henry Johnson : a gallant soldier -- Dorie Miller : a hero of Pearl Harbor
   -- Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. : General of the Air Force.

E185.97 .B34 H36 2003 EB                 2003
   Mary McLeod Bethune & Black women's political activism [electronic
   resource] / Joyce A. Hanson.
   The making of a race woman -- Daytona Normal and Industrial Institute for
   Negro Girls -- Mutual aid, self-improvement, and social justice -- In the
   National Youth Administration -- The National Council of Negro Women.

E185.97 .D73 W65 2002 EB                 2002
   Du Bois and his rivals [electronic resource] / Raymond Wolters.
   Du Bois -- Du Bois and Booker T. Washington -- Du Bois and the National
   Association for the Advancement of Colored People -- Du Bois and the First
   World War -- Du Bois and Marcus Garvey -- Du Bois and Walter White -- The
   final years.

E185.97 .N48 J44 2002 EB                 2002
   Huey P. Newton [electronic resource] : the radical theorist / Judson L.

E185.97 .P67 M35 2003 EB                 2003
   The making of a Black scholar [electronic resource] : from Georgia to the
   Ivy League / by Horace A. Porter.

E302.1 .R46 2002 EB                      2002
   Republicanism and liberalism in America and the German states, 1750-1850
   [electronic resource] / edited by J*urgen Heideking, James A. Henretta
   with the assistance of Peter Becker.
   "Wir nennen's gemeinsinn" (we call it public spirit): republic and
   republicanism in the German political discussion of the nineteenth century
   / Rudolf Vierhaus -- The concept of the republic in eighteenth-century
   German thought / Hans Erich B*odeker -- Kant's republicanism and its
   echoes / Otto Dann -- Constitutions, charity, and liberalism by default:
   Germany and the Anglo-American tradition / A.G. Roeber -- Politics and
   sentiment: Catharine Macaulay's republicanism / Vera N*unning -- Between
   liberalism and republicanism: "manners" in the political thought of Mercy
   Otis Warren / Rosemarie Zagarri -- The liberal and democratic
   republicanism of the first American state constitutions, 1776-1780 / Willi
   Paul Adams -- Bennington and the Green Mountain boys: the emergence of
   liberal democracy in Vermont, 1760-1850 / Robert E. Shalhope -- The birth
   of American liberalism: New York, 1820-1860 / James A. Henretta --
   Republicanism, liberalism, and market society: party formation and party
   ideology in Germany and the United States, c. 1825-1850 / Paul Nolte --
   Festive culture and national identity in America and Germany, 1760-1860 /
   J*urgen Heideking -- Charles Follen's view of republicanism in Germany and
   the United States, 1815-1840 / Edmund Spevack -- "The right to possess all
   the faculties that God has given": possessive individualism, slave women,
   and abolitionist thought / Amy Dru Stanley -- Freedom of contract and
                                Inventory List

                  Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   freedom of person: a brief history of "involuntary servitude" in American
   fundamental law / Robert J. Steinfeld.

E441 .H895 2003 EB                       2003
   Calculating the value of the Union [electronic resource] : slavery,
   property rights, and the economic origins of the Civil War / James L.
   Slavery, property rights, and the American Revolution -- The origins of
   slaveholder aggressiveness -- Free labor and the competition of slaves --
   The antislavery debate over property rights -- The constitutionality of
   slavery prohibition in the territories -- The politics of Southern
   upheaval, 1846-1853 -- The Northern realignment, 1854-1860.

E 445 .V8 T9 1861                        1861
   A dissertation on slavery : with a proposal for the gradual abolition of
   it in the state of Virginia / by St. George Tucker ; Philadelphia: Printed
   for Mathew Carey, no. 118 Market-street. 1796.

E 449 .B415 1837                         1837
   An essay on slavery and abolitionism : with reference to the duty of
   American females / by Catharine E. Beecher.

E 449 .H64 1840                            1840
   Despotism in America : or, An inquiry into the nature and results of the
   slave-holding system in the United States.
   The relation of master and slave -- Political results of the slave-holding
   system -- Economical results of the slave-holding system -- Personal
   results of the slave-holding system.

E 449 .I58 1839                              1839
   An Inquiry into   the   condition and prospects of the African race in the
   United States :   and   the means of bettering its fortunes / by an American.
   Introduction --   Ch.   1. To northern abolitionists -- Ch. 2. Appeal to
   slaveholders --   Ch.   3. To the free states -- Ch. 4. To the union.

E 449 .P53 1834                          1834
   Lectures on slavery, and its remedy / by Amos A. Phelps.

E 449 .R32 1859                          1859
   The roving editor : or, Talks with slaves in the southern states / by
   James Redpath.

E449 .W84 1993 EB                        1993
   Witness for freedom [electronic resource] : African American voices on
   race, slavery, and emancipation / C. Peter Ripley, editor ; co-editors,
   Roy E. Finkenbine, Michael F. Hembree, Donald Yacovone.
   The rise of black abolitionism : the colonization controversy; the growth
   of black abolitionism; the rise of immediatism; moral reform; prejudice;
   two abolitionisms -- African Americans and the antislavery movement :
   blacks as advocates; slave narratives; black women abolitionists;
   antislavery and the black community; problems in the movement -- Black
   independence : a new direction; the African American press; in the common
   defense; antislavery politics; black antislavery tactics; by all just and
   necessary means -- Black abolitionists and the national crisis : the slave
   power; the fugitive slave law; black emigration; black nationality; blacks
   and John Brown -- Civil war : debating the war; the emancipation
   proclamation; blacks and Lincoln; the black military experience; the
   movement goes south; reconstruction.

E 450 .B883 B76 1856                     1856
   Biography of an American bondman / by his daughter.

                                    Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

E453 .V67 2001 EB                        2001
   Final freedom [electronic resource] : the Civil War, the abolition of
   slavery, and the Thirteenth Amendment / Michael Vorenberg.
   List of illustrations -- Acknowledgments -- List of abbreviations --
   Introduction -- Slavery's Constitution : Constitution, slavery, and the
   coming of the Civil War ; Secession crisis : amending the Constitution to
   protect slavery ; Preserving the Constitution in the War for Emancipation
   -- Freedom's Constitution : Popular origins of universal emancipation ;
   Emancipation and reconstruction, Republicans and Democrats ; Presidential
   emancipation : Lincoln's Reconstruction Proclamation ; Congress responds :
   proposals for an abolition amendment ; Drafting of the thirteenth
   amendment -- Facing freedom : Legal theory and practical politics ;
   Democracy divided ; African Americans and the inadequacy of constitutional
   emancipation -- Debating freedom : Antislavery amendment and Republican
   unity ; Slavery, Union, and the meaning of the war ; Constitutional
   freedom and racial equality ; Unconstitutional constitutional amendment ;
   Dubious victory -- Key note of freedom : New party, a new amendment : the
   radical Democrats ; National Union Party and the amendment ; Race,
   reconstruction, and the Constitution : the changing context ; Party unity
   and presidential politics -- War within a war : emancipation and the
   election of 1864 : Parties dividing ; Peace feelers and peace fiascoes ;
   Retreat from Niagara ; Miscegenation and abolition ; State politics and
   abolition -- King's cure : New campaign for constitutional emancipation ;
   Lame ducks, lobbyists, and Lincoln ; Confronting constitutional failure ;
   Final vote -- Contested legacy of constitutional freedom : Meanings of
   freedom : the Union states and ratification ; Securing the union : the
   Confederate states and ratification ; Enacting the amendment : Congress
   and civil rights ; Legacies denied : the thirteenth amendment in the
   gilded age ; Legacies preserved : the thirteenth amendment in the 20th
   century -- Appendix : Votes on antislavery amendment.

E 458 .R46 1862                          1862
   The true story of the barons of the South : or, The rationale of the
   American conflict / by E.W. Reynolds.
   pt. I. Our two systems of society -- pt. II. Our political apostasy -- pt.
   III. Our political regeneration -- pt. IV. The rebellion of the barons --
   pt. V. The providential alternative.

E 459 .F6 1863                           1863
   The sectional controversy, or, Passages in the political history of the
   United States : including the causes of the war between the sections / by
   William Chauncey Fowler.

E468 .C622 2003 EB                       2003
   Civil War and Reconstruction [electronic resource] / [selected and edited
   by] David C. King.

E470 .S313 2001 EB                       2001
   A Prussian observes the American Civil War [electronic resource] : the
   military studies of Justus Scheibert / translated and edited by Frederic
   pt. 1. The sinews of war -- pt. 2. The sinews applied.

E 470.2 .M119 1864                       1864
   Letter of the Secretary of War, transmitting report on the organization of
   the Army of the Potomac, and of its campaigns in Virginia and Maryland,
   under the command of Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan, from July 26, 1861, to
   November 7, 1862.

E477.8 .H86 2002 EB                      2002
   The last battle of the Civil War [electronic resource] : Palmetto Ranch /
   Jeffrey Wm. Hunt.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

E487 .G27 2003 EB                        2003
   Blood & irony [electronic resource] : Southern white women's narratives of
   the Civil War, 1861-1937 / Sarah E. Gardner.
   Everywoman her own historian -- Pen and ink warriors, 1861-1865 --
   Countrywomen in captivity, 1865-1877 -- A view from the mountain,
   1877-1895 -- The imperative of historical inquiry, 1895-1905 -- Righting
   the wrongs of history, 1905-1915 -- Moderns confront the Civil War,
   1916-1936 -- Everything that rises must converge.

E507.5 36 TH .V47 2003 EB                2003
   Love amid the turmoil [electronic resource] : the Civil War letters of
   William and Mary Vermilion / edited by Donald C. Elder, III.

E523.5 121 ST .G74 2003 EB               2003
   Subdued by the sword [electronic resource] : a line officer in the 121st
   New York Volunteers / James M. Greiner.

E565 .L88 2002 EB                        2002
   Louisianians in the Civil War [electronic resource] / edited with an
   introduction by Lawrence Lee Hewitt and Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr.

E580 .J49 2002 EB                        2002
   Texas in the Confederacy [electronic resource] : an experiment in nation
   building / Clayton E. Jewett.

E628 .R53 2003 EB                        2003
   Busy hands [electronic resource] : images of the family in the northern
   Civil War effort / Patricia L. Richard.

E628 .R63 2003 EB                        2003
   The Confederate belle [electronic resource] / Giselle Roberts.

E748 .A15 M34 2001 EB                    2001
   Acheson and empire [electronic resource] : the British accent in American
   foreign policy / John T. McNay.

E814 .F483 1999 EB                       1999
   Truman and Pendergast [electronic resource] / Robert H. Ferrell.
   ch. 1. Jackson County to Washington -- ch. 2. Collapse of the machine --
   ch. 3. Organizing and campaigning -- ch. 4. Victory -- ch. 5. Aftermath.

E840 .A6215 2003 EB                      2003
   America's role in nation-building [electronic resource] : from Germany to
   Iraq / James Dobbins ... [et al.].
   Germany -- Japan -- Somalia -- Haiti -- Bosnia -- Kosovo -- Afghanistan --
   Lessons learned -- Iraq.

E840.8 .B845 S33 2003 EB                 2003
   Ellsworth Bunker [electronic resource] : global troubleshooter, Vietnam
   hawk / Howard B. Schaffer.
   The years before diplomacy -- a "correct" year with the Per*ons -- O)n,
   briefly, to Rome -- Red Cross president -- In Nehru's India -- Recharging
   the battery -- The West New Guinea negotiations -- Brokering a Yemen
   settlement -- Troubleshooting in the Dominican Republic and Elsewhere --
   To center stage in Vietnam -- Tet and afterwards -- Vietnamization has
   succeeded -- The Panama Canal negotiations -- Final chapter.

E841 .G39 2003 EB                        2003
   Awaiting Armageddon [electronic resource] : how Americans faced the Cuban
   Missile Crisis / Alice L. George.
   The shadow of death -- Bunker mentality -- Ready or not -- The looking
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   glass -- Politics and strategy -- Children of the Cold War.

E 842 .L53 1988                          1988
   Life in Camelot : the Kennedy years / edited by Philip B. Kunhardt, Jr.
   The making of a legend -- The proud and privileged clan -- Stepping into
   politics -- Enter Jackie -- A wedding album -- A national figure -- The
   making of a king and queen -- Going for it! -- Nomination -- All out for
   election -- Coronation -- The good times -- Camelot had its bad moments --
   Wowing the world -- Assassination -- Saying goodbye.

E856 .M665 2002 EB                       2002
   Nixon [electronic resource] / Iwan Morgan.
   Nixon and reputation -- The Nixon character -- Elephant man -- American
   disraeli -- Cold warrior -- World statesman -- Imperial president --

E902 .C66 2005 EB                        2005
   Confronting the Bush doctrine [electronic resource] : critical views from
   the Asia-Pacific / edited by Melvin Gurtov and Peter Van Ness ; with
   contributions by Amitav Acharya ... [et al.].

E902 .M64 2004 EB                        2004
   Bush's war for reelection [electronic resource] : Iraq, the White House,
   and the people / James Moore.

E902 .T54 2004 EB                        2004
   Veering right [electronic resource] : how the Bush administration subverts
   the law for conservative causes / Charles Tiefer.

F2.3 .F76 2004 EB                        2004
   Frommer's New England [electronic resource] / by Herbert Bailey Livesey
   ... [et al.].

F 7 .W58 1841                            1841
   The early history of New England : illustrated by numerous interesting
   incidents / by Rev. Henry White.

F73.18 .H32 2004 EB                      2004
   Frommer's Boston 2005 [electronic resource] / by Marie Morris.

F 73.9 .A1 L85 1985                      1985
   Common ground : a turbulent decade in the lives of three American families
   / J. Anthony Lukas.

F74 .W9 B67 2003 EB                      2003
   Arab-American faces and voices [electronic resource] : the origins of an
   immigrant community / Elizabeth Boosahda.

F128.18 .W65 2004 EB                      2004
   Frommer's irreverent guide to Manhattan [electronic resource] / by Aaron
   Zwas ; with shopping by Karen Quarles.

F192.3 .F67 2005 EB                      2005
   Frommer's Washington, D.C. 2005 [electronic resource] / by Elise Hartman

F192.3 .R83 2004 EB                      2004
   Frommer's Washington, D.C. with kids [electronic resource] / by Beth

F224.3 .G66 2004 EB                      2004
   Frommer's Virginia [electronic resource] / by Bill Goodwin.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

F 227 .R65 1976                          1976
   Tidewater Virginia in color / text by Parke Rouse, Jr.

F 234 .P8 M36 1989                       1989
   Portsmouth : a pictorial history / Alf J. and Ramona H. Mapp.

F 234 .R553 W35 2003                     2003
   A right worthy grand mission : Maggie Lena Walker and the quest for Black
   economic empowerment / Gertrude Woodruff Marlowe.

F273 .P58 L49 2002 EB                    2002
   Queen of the Confederacy [electronic resource] : the innocent deceits of
   Lucy Holcombe Pickens / by Elizabeth Wittenmyer Lewis.

F309.3 .A27 2004 EB                      2004
   Frommer's Florida 2005 [electronic resource] / by Lesley Abravanel, with
   Laura Lea Miller.

F309.3 .S66 2004 EB                      2004
   Frommer's irreverent guide to Walt Disney World [electronic resource].

F319 .M6 .A27 2004 EB                    2004
   Frommer's South Florida [electronic resource] : with the best of Miami &
   the Keys / by Lesley Abravanel.

F319 .M6 D4 2003 EB                      2003
   La lucha for Cuba [electronic resource] : religion and politics on the
   streets of Miami / Miguel A. De La Torre.

F319 .M6 T48 2003 EB                     2003
   This land is our land [electronic resource] : immigrants and power in
   Miami / Alex Stepick ... [et al.].
   Becoming American : it's not a one-way street -- Competing elites : Cuban
   power, Anglo conversion, and frustrated African Americans -- Working in
   the USA : ethnic segregation and bureaucratizing interaction -- Just comes
   and cover-ups : African Americans and Haitians in high school -- Making it
   work : interaction, power, and accommodation in inter-ethnic relations.

F319 .O7 T96 2004 EB                     2004
   Frommer's Walt Disney World & Orlando with kids [electronic resource] / by
   Jim & Cynthia Tunstall.

F379 .N53 .B69 2004 EB                   2004
   Frommer's irreverent guide to New Orleans [electronic resource].

F379 .N53 H47 2004 EB                    2004
   Frommer's New Orleans 2005 [electronic resource] / by Mary Herczog.

F389 .M54 2000 EB                        2000
   Texas by Ter*an [electronic resource] : the diary kept by General Manuel
   de Mier y Ter*an on his 1828 inspection of Texas / edited by Jack Jackson
   ; translated by John Wheat ; with Botanical Notes by Scooter Cheatham and
   Lynn Marshall.
   Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- The diary: "Texas by Ter*an, his
   journey, 1828" -- Diary: B*exar to Nacogdoches -- Ter*an's letters from
   Nacogdoches -- Diary: trip to the Red River -- Diary: trip down the
   Trinity -- Diary: Nacogdoches to Matamoros -- Diary: up the Rio Grande to
   Mier -- Epilogue -- Appendix: Pavie's view of East Texas -- Notes --
   Bibliography -- Index.

F394 .L2 W66 2004 EB                     2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Life in Laredo [electronic resource] : a documentary history from the
   Laredo Archives / Robert D. Wood.

F395 .M5 C37 2003 EB                     2003
   Felix Longoria's wake [electronic resource] : bereavement, racism, and the
   rise of Mexican American activism / Patrick J. Carroll ; foreward by Jose*
   E. Limo*n.

F474 .S135 E38 2002 EB                   2002
   Fran*cois Vall*e and his world [electronic resource] : Upper Louisiana
   before Lewis and Clark / Carl J. Ekberg.

F474 .S29 N45 2000 EB                    2000
   Victory without violence [electronic resource] : the first ten years of
   the St. Louis Committee of Racial Equality (CORE), 1947-1957 / Mary
   Kimbrough and Margaret W. Dagen.

F 499 .S22 A43 2003                      2003
   Ghetto celebrity : searching for my father in me / Donnell Alexander.

F548.9 .P85 P47 2004 EB                  2004
   The near northwest side story [electronic resource] : migration,
   displacement, and Puerto Rican families / Gina M. P*erez.

F591 .C738 2004 EB                       2004
   A companion to the American West [electronic resource] / edited by William
   PART I. THINKING THROUGH THE AMERICAN WEST -- The making of the first
   American West and the unmaking of other realms / Stephen Aron -- Thinking
   CENTURY -- Passion and imagination in the exploration of the American West
   / James P. Ronda -- Environment and the nineteenth-century West: or,
   process encounters place / Andrew C. Isenberg -- Engineering the elephant:
   industrialism and the environment in the Greater West / David Igler --
   Mining and the nineteenth-century American West / Malcolm J. Rohrbough --
   Law and the contact of cultures / Sarah Barringer Gordon -- Native
   Americans in the nineteenth-century American West / David Rich Lewis --
   Western violence / Michael A. Bellesiles -- Bringing it all back home:
   rethinking the history of women and the nineteenth-century West /
   Elizabeth Jameson -- Empire and liberty: contradictions and conflicts in
   nineteenth-century western political history / Jeffrey Ostler -- PART III.
   African Americans in the twentieth-century West / Doublas Flamming -- The
   West and workers, 1870-1930 / James N. Gregory -- Societies to match the
   scenery: twentieth-century environmental history in the American West /
   Dan Flores -- Where to draw the line? The pacific, place, and the US West
   / Chris Friday -- Religion and the American West / Philip Goff --
   Transients and stickers: the problem of community in the American West /
   Anne Hyde -- American Indians in the twentieth century / Peter Iverson --
   The New Deal's West / Karen R. Merrill -- Art, ideology, and the West /
   Douglas R. Nickel -- "The West plays West": western tourism and the
   landscape of leisure / Marguerite S. Shaffer -- Hispanics and Latinos /
   Ram*on A. Guti*errez -- City lights: urban history in the West / Robert O.
   Self -- Politics and the twentieth-century American West / William
   Deverell -- The literary West and the twentieth century / David M. Wrobel.

F592.7 .L6945 2004 EB                    2004
   Lewis & Clark [electronic resource] : legacies, memories, and new
   perspectives / edited by Kris Fresonke and Mark Spence.

F592.7 .R63 2002 EB                      2002
   Lewis and Clark in Missouri [electronic resource] / Ann Rogers.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

F592.7 .S123 N45 2003 EB                 2003
   Interpreters with Lewis and Clark [electronic resource] : the story of
   Sacagawea and Toussaint Charbonneau / W. Dale Nelson.

F596 .H47 2004 EB                        2004
   The true life Wild West memoir of a bush-popping cow waddy [electronic
   resource] / Charley Hester ; edited by Kirby Ross.

F596 .S26 2003 EB                        2003
   Twenty thousand roads [electronic resource] : women, movement, and the
   West / Virginia Scharff.
   Seeking Sacagawea -- The hearth of darkness: Susan Magoffin on suspect
   terrain -- Empire, liberty, and legend: woman suffrage in Wyoming --
   Marking Wyoming: Grace Raymond Hebard and the west as woman's place -- "So
   many miles to a person": Fabiola Cabeza de Baca makes New Mexico --
   Resisting arrest: Jo Ann Robinson and the power to move -- The long
   strange trip of Pamela des Barres -- They paved paradise.

F 615 .N4 M87 2000                       2000
   African Americans in Minnesota : telling our own stories / Nora Murphy and
   Mary Murphy-Gnatz.
   Storytelling and history -- Meet George Bonga -- Meet William Grey and
   John Hickman -- Meet Mattie McIntosh -- Meet Nellie Stone Johnson -- Meet
   James Griffin -- Meet David Taylor -- Meet Eric Mosley and Mahamoud Aden
   Stories of the lives and times of nine African-American children and
   adults whose contributions to Minnesota's history span nearly two
   centuries, from the early 1800s to the present day.

F629 .D8 J64 2003 EB                     2003
   Warriors into workers [electronic resource] : the Civil War and the
   formation of urban-industrial society in a northern city / Russell L.
   The key city : Dubuque before the Civil War -- "Volunteer while you may" :
   mobilization for the war -- Independent soldiers and soldier-sons : the
   social origins of enlistees -- "The boys all stood to the work manfully" :
   the army as an industrial workplace -- Ten thousand men in shebangs : the
   army as an urban working-class environment -- "A duty of the hour" : the
   home front in Dubuque -- The Civil War generation : military service and
   social mobility -- Conclusion : Hawkeyes in blue.

F657 .R8 T35 2002 EB                     2002
   Great white fathers [electronic resource] : the story of the obsessive
   quest to create Mount Rushmore / John Taliaferro.

F790 .M5 F75 2003 EB                     2003
   MeXicana encounters [electronic resource] : the making of social
   identities on the borderlands / Rosa Linda Fregoso.

F849 .L35 G75 2002 EB                    2002
   The grit beneath the glitter [electronic resource] : tales from the real
   Las Vegas / edited by Hal K. Rothman and Mike Davis.
   Scripting Las Vegas : noir na*ifs, junking up, and the new strip / Norman
   M. Klein -- Las Vegas of the mind : shooting movies in and about Nevada /
   Francisco Menendez -- Discordant infrastructure / Peter Goin -- Growth,
   services, and the political economy of gambling in Las Vegas, 1970-2000 /
   Eugene Moehring -- Lighting Las Vegas : electricity and the city of glitz
   / Jay Brigham -- Build it and the water will come / Jon Christensen -- The
   social costs of rapid urbanization in Southern Nevada / Robert E. Parker
   -- Rise to power : the recent history of the Culinary Union in Las Vegas /
   Courtney Alexander -- Class struggle in Oz / Mike Davis -- "Squeezing the
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   juice out of Las Vegas" : reflections on growing up in Smalltown, USA /
   Brian Frehner -- I didn't know anybody lived there / Shannon McMackin --
   How I became a native / William N. Thompson -- Inside the glitter : lives
   of casino workers / Kit Miller -- "She works hard for her money" : a
   reassessment of Las Vegas women workers, 1945-1985 / Joanne L. Goodwin --
   The racial cauldron / Mike Davis -- Inside Jean / Constance Devereaux --
   Looking into a dry lake : uncovering the women's view of Las Vegas / Amie
   Williams -- Colony, capital, and Casino : money in the real Las Vegas /
   Hal Rothman -- Who puts the "sin" in "Sin City" stories? Girls of grit and
   glitter in the city of women / Kathryn Hausbeck -- Nevada goes global :
   the foreign gaming rule and the spread of casinos / William N. Thompson --
   Canto : Las Vegas / Richard Misrach.

F849 .L35 H47 2004 EB                    2004
   Frommer's irreverent guide to Las Vegas [electronic resource] / by Mary
   Herczog & Jordan Simon.
F849 .L35 H47 2005 EB                    2005
   Frommer's Las Vegas 2005 [electronic resource] / by Mary Herczog.

F864 .T248 2003 EB                       2003
   Taming the elephant [electronic resource] : politics, government, and law
   in pioneer California / John F. Burns and Richard J. Orsi, editors ;
   illustrations editors Joshua Paddison and Teena Stern ; associate editor
   Marlene Smith-Baranzini.
   Preface / Stephen Becker and Richard J. Orsi -- Taming the elephant: an
   introduction to California's statehood and constitutional era / John F.
   Burns -- A violent birth: disorder, crime, and law enforcement, 1849-1890
   / Roger D. McGrath -- The courts, the legal profession, and the
   development of law in early California / Gordon Morris Bakken -- "We feel
   the want of protection": the politics of law and race in California,
   1848-1878 / Shirley Ann Wilson Moore -- Capturing California / Joshua
   Paddison -- "Officialdom": California state government, 1849-1879 / Judson
   A. Grenier -- "None could deny the eloquence of this lady": women, law,
   and government in California, 1850-1890 / Donna C. Schuele -- The
   beginnings of Anglo-American local government in California / Edward Leo
   Lyman -- An uncertain influence: the role of federal government in
   California, 1846-1880 / Robert J. Chandler.

F868 .S7 L46 2004 EB                     2004
   Frommer's portable California wine country [electronic resource] / by
   Erika Lenkert.

F869 .L83 P66 2004 EB                    2004
   Frommer's Los Angeles 2005 [electronic resource] / by Matthew Richard

F869 .L85 A95 2004 EB                    2004
   Popular culture in the age of white flight [electronic resource] : fear
   and fantasy in suburban Los Angeles / Eric Avila.

F869 .L89 M514 2002 EB                   2002
   "Mi raza primero!" (My people first!) [electronic resource] : nationalism,
   identity, and insurgency in the Chicano movement in Los Angeles, 1966-1978
   / Ernesto Ch*avez.
   "A movable object meeting an irresistible force": Los Angeles's ethnic
   Mexican community in the 1950s and early 1960s -- "Birth of a new symbol":
   The brown berets -- Chale no, we won't go!": The Chicano Moratorium
   Committee -- "The voice of the Chicano people": La Raza Unida Party -- "Un
   Pueblo Sin Fronteras": The Centro de Acci*on Social Aut*onomo (CASA) --
   Afterword: "Why are we not marching like in the '70s?"

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

F869 .L89 M515 2004 EB                   2004
   Whitewashed adobe [electronic resource] : the rise of Los Angeles and the
   remaking of its Mexican past / William Deverell.
   Introduction: City of the future -- The unending Mexican war -- History on
   parade -- Remembereing a river -- The color of brickwork is brown --
   Ethnic quarantine -- The drama of Los Angeles history -- Conclusion:
   Whitewashed adobe.
F869 .L89 M566 2003 EB                   2003
   Murder at the Sleepy Lagoon [electronic resource] : Zoot suits, race, and
   riot in wartime L.A. / Eduardo Obreg*on Pag*an.

F869 .L89 N4 2003 EB                     2003
   L.A. city limits [electronic resource] : African American Los Angeles from
   the Great Depression to the present / Josh Sides.

F869 .O2 B83 2003 EB                     2003
   Buddha is hiding [electronic resource] : refugees, citizenship, the new
   America / Aihwa Ong.

F869 .O2 R48 2004 EB                      2004
   No there there [electronic resource] : race, class, and political
   community in Oakland / Chris Rhomberg.

F869 .S33 .L46 2004 EB                   2004
   Frommer's San Francisco 2005 [electronic resource] / by Erika Lenkert.

F869 .S394 D64 2003 EB                   2003
   The price of poverty [electronic resource] :   money, work, and culture in
   the Mexican-American barrio / Daniel Dohan.
   Institutions of poverty -- Income generation   in the barrios -- The job
   market -- The experience of low-wage work --   Networks and work -- Illegal
   routines -- The consequences of illegal work   -- Making ends meet -- Making
   welfare stigma -- The price of poverty.

F870 .S75 H385 2004 EB                   2004
   La nueva California [electronic resource] : Latinos in the Golden State /
   David E. Hayes-Bautista.

F880 .G65 2003 EB                        2003
   The tide of empire [electronic resource] : America's march to the Pacific
   / Michael Golay.

F1035.8 .K37 2004 EB                     2004
   Frommer's Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island [electronic
   resource] / by Paul Karr.

F1209 .B35 2004 EB                       2004
   Frommer's Mexico 2005 [electronic resource] / by David Baird & Lynne

F1219.1 .C46 D44 2003 EB                 2003
   Defiance and deference in Mexico's colonial north [electronic resource] :
   Indians under Spanish rule in Nueva Vizcaya / Susan M. Deeds.

F1219.76 .C35 H37 2001 EB                2001
   Time, history, and belief in Aztec and Colonial Mexico [electronic
   resource] / Ross Hassig.

F1221 .T3 V47 2000 EB                    2000
   Michoac*an and Eden [electronic resource] : Vasco de Quiroga and the
   evangelization of western Mexico / Bernardino Ver*astique.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM
F1234 .B465 2000 EB                      2000
   La Revoluci*on [electronic resource] : Mexico's great revolution as
   memory, myth & history / Thomas Benjamin.

F1435.1 .C39 B43 2002 EB                 2002
   Before the volcano erupted [electronic resource] : the ancient Cer*en
   village in Central America / edited by Payson Sheets.

F1435.1 .Q8 L66 2003 EB                  2003
   Lightning warrior [electronic resource] : Maya art and kingship at
   Quirigua / Matthew G. Looper.
   Life at the crossroads : Quirigua before K'ak'Tiliw -- A restive vassal :
   the early reign of K'ak'Tiliw -- Rebellion and revival : the first stelae
   of K'ak'Tiliw -- Dreams of power : stelae F, D, and E -- Foundation of the
   cosmic house : stelae C and A and zoomorph B -- In honor of a great
   warrior : the legacy of K'ak'Tiliw -- Appendix A. Rulers of Quirigua --
   Appendix B. Historical events recorded in the texts of Quirigua --
   Appendix C. Selected historical events from the texts of Copan -- Appendix
   D. Transcriptions and translations of the monumental inscriptions
   commissioned by K'ak'Tiliw.

F1435.3 .A6 M37 2003 EB                  2003
   Maya palaces and elite residences [electronic resource] : an
   interdisciplinary approach / edited by Jessica Joyce Christie.
   Elite residences at Blue Creek, Belize / Thomas H. Guderjan, Robert J.
   Lichtenstein and C. Colleen Hanratty -- At court in Copan : palace groups
   of the early classic / Loa P. Traxler -- A multipurpose structure in the
   late classic palace at Copan / E. Wyllys Andrews V ... [et al.] -- Palaces
   of the Royal Court at Tikal / Peter D'Arcy Harrison -- The political
   acquisition of sacred geography : the Murci*elagos complex at Dos Pilas /
   Arthur Demarest ... [et al.] -- Where did elites live? Identifying elite
   residences at Aquateca, Guatemala / Takeshi Inomata and Daniela Triadan --
   Access patterns in Maya royal precincts / Rodrigo Liendo Stuardo --
   Evidence for the functions and meanings of some northern Maya palaces /
   Jeff Karl Kowalski -- The function of a Maya palace at Yaxuna : a
   contextual approach / James N. Ambrosino -- Palace and society in the
   Northern Maya Lowlands / Edward B. Kurjack -- The tripartite layout of
   rooms in Maya elite residences : symbolic centering, ritual mediating and
   historical governing / Jessica Joyce Christie.

F1435.3 .C14 M55 1999 EB                 1999
   Star gods of the Maya [electronic resource] : astronomy in art, folklore,
   and calendars / Susan Milbrath.

F1435.3 .R3 S54 2000 EB                  2000
   From moon goddesses to virgins [electronic resource] : the colonization of
   Yucatecan Maya sexual desire / Pete Sigal.

F1465.2 .M3 H47 2001 EB                  2001
   Histories and stories from Chiapas [electronic resource] : border
   identities in Southern Mexico / by R. A*ida Hern*andez Castillo ;
   translated by Martha Pou ; foreword by Renato Rosaldo.
   1. The postrevolutionary National Project and the Mexicanization of the
   Mam people -- 2. The Modernizing Project : between the museum and the
   diaspora -- 3. Mam Jehovah's Witnesses : new religious identities and
   rejection of the nation -- 4. From Mestizo Mexico to multicultural Mexico
   : indigenismo in the Sierra Madre -- 5. Mam dance groups : new cultural
   identities and the performance of the past -- 6. Organic growers :
   agro-ecological Catholicism and the invention of traditions -- 7. From
   PRONASOL to the Zapatista uprising.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

F1465.2 .Q5 C66 2000 EB                  2000
   Renewing the Maya world [electronic resource] : expressive culture in a
   highland town / Garrett W. Cook.

F1465.2 .Q5 M36 2004 EB                  2004
   Paradise in ashes [electronic resource] : a Guatemalan journey of courage,
   terror, and hope / Beatriz Manz ; with a foreword by Aryeh Neier.

F1527 .F66 Z56 2000 EB                   2000
   Sandinista [electronic resource] : Carlos Fonseca and the Nicaraguan
   revolution / Matilde Zimmermann.

F1543.5 .G74 2004 EB                     2004
   Frommer's Costa Rica 2005 [electronic resource] / by Eliot Greenspan.

F1652 .P67 2005 EB                       2004
   Frommer's Bermuda 2005 [electronic resource] / by Darwin Porter & Danforth

F1788 .G58823 2004 EB                    2004
   Cuba after Castro [electronic resource] : legacies, challenges, and
   impediments / Edward Gonzalez, Kevin F. McCarthy.
   Political legacies, social challenges. -- Castro's political legacies :
   Caudilloism and totalitarianism -- Cuba's disaffected youth -- Cuba's
   racial divide -- The structural challenges ahead. -- Cuba's changing
   demographic structure -- The institutional legacy of a centralized economy
   -- The need for industrial restructuring.

F1845 .L3713 2003 EB                     2003
   Runaway slave settlements in Cuba [electronic resource] : resistance and
   repression / Gabino La Rosa Corzo ; translated by Mary Todd.
   Slave resistance in Eastern Cuba : the first few centuries of colonial
   rule -- El Portillo --The attack on El Portillo -- The captured runaways
   -- A settling of accounts -- Decades of economic development -- Active
   resistance in the eastern region, 1790-1820 -- Runaway slave settlements
   east of Santiago de Cuba -- Runaway slave settlements in the northern
   mountain ranges -- Eastern palenques in the period of slave plantation
   expansion -- Runaway slave settlements in the Mayar*i Mountains --
   Tightening of the eastern repressive system -- Consolidation of resistance
   and repression -- Expansion and decline -- Last large-scale attacks on the
   eastern palenques -- Last of the runaways living in settlements -- Runaway
   slave settlements as a system of resistance -- Specific characteristics of
   the eastern settlements -- Forms of settlement -- Types of dwellings in
   runaway slave settlements -- Adaptability of the repressive system.

F1927 .R56 2001 EB                       2001
   Taking Haiti [electronic resource] : military occupation and the culture
   of U.S. imperialism, 1915-1940 / Mary A. Renda.
   Publisher's description: The U.S. invasion of Haiti in July 1915 marked
   the start of a military occupation that lasted for nineteen years--and fed
   an American fascination with Haiti that flourished even longer. Exploring
   the cultural dimensions of U.S. contact with Haiti during the occupation
   and its aftermath, Mary Renda shows that what Americans thought and wrote
   about Haiti during those years contributed in crucial and unexpected ways
   to an emerging culture of U.S. imperialism. At the heart of this emerging
   culture, Renda argues, was American paternalism, which saw Haitians as
   wards of the United States. She explores the ways in which diverse
   Americans--including activists, intellectuals, artists, missionaries,
   marines, and politicians--responded to paternalist constructs, shaping new
   versions of American culture along the way. Her analysis draws on a rich
   record of U.S. discourses on Haiti, including the writings of policymakers
   the diaries, letters, songs, and memoirs of marines stationed in Haiti and
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   literary works by such writers as Eugene O'Neill, James Weldon Johnson,
   Langston Hughes, and Zora Neale Hurston.

F1965.3 .P67 2004 EB                     2004
   Frommer's Puerto Rico [electronic resource] / by Darwin Porter & Danforth

F2538 .W55 2001 EB                       2001
   Culture wars in Brazil [electronic resource] : the first Vargas Regime,
   1930-1945 / Daryle Williams.
   Introduction: The Brazilian Republic, Getulio Vargas, and the metaphors of
   war -- The Vargas Era and culture wars -- Cultural management before 1930
   -- Cultural management, 1930-1945 -- "The identity documents of the
   Brazilian Nation": The national historical and artistic patrimony --
   Museums and memory -- Exposititons and "Export quality" culture --
   Conclusion: Who won? National culture under Vargas.

F2659 .N4 S94 2003 EB                    2003
   Recreating Africa [electronic resource] : culture, kinship, and religion
   in the African-Portuguese world, 1441-1770 / James H. Sweet.
   Part I. Living and dying in the African-Portuguese diaspora -- Demography,
   distribution, and diasporic streams -- Kinship, family, and household
   formation -- Disease, mortality, and master power -- Part II. African
   religious responses -- Catholic vs. "other" in the world of believers --
   Theory and praxis in the study of African religions -- African divination
   in the diaspora -- Calundus, curing, and medicine in the colonial world --
   Witchcraft, ritual, and resistance in the African-Portuguese diaspora --
   Part III. Africans and the Catholic Church -- African Catholicism in the
   Portuguese world -- The impacts of African religious beliefs on Brazilian

F3409.5 S35 2004 EB                      2004
   Frommer's Peru [electronic resource] / by Neil E. Schlecht.

F3429.3 .R58 R58 2001 EB                 2001
   Ritual sacrifice in ancient Peru [electronic resource] / Elizabeth P.
   Benson and Anita G. Cook, editors.
   Why sacrifice? / Elizabeth P. Benson -- Decapitation in Cupisnique and
   early Moche societies / Alana Cordy-Collins -- Blood and the moon
   priestesses : spondylus shells in Moche ceremony / Alana Cordy-Collins --
   Blood, fertility, and transformation : interwoven themes in the Paracas
   necropolis embroideries / Mary Frame -- Children and ancestors : ritual
   practices and the Moche site of Huaca de la Luna, North Coast of Peru /
   Steve Bourget -- Ritual uses of trophy heads in ancient Nasca society /
   Donald A. Proulx -- Huari D-shaped structures, sacrificial offerings and
   divine rulership / Anita G. Cook -- The physical evidence of human
   sacrifice in ancient Peru / John W. Verano.

F3721.3 .S65 M55 2003 EB                 2003
   Millennial Ecuador [electronic resource] : critical essays on cultural
   transformations and social dynamics / edited by Norman E. Whitten, Jr.
   The modern political transformation of the Secoya / Kris Lane -- Haunting
   the present : five colonial legacies for the new millennium / Rachel Corr
   -- The Catholic church, ritual, and power in Salasaca / Michael A.
   Uzendoski -- Purgatory, Protestantism, and peonage : Napo Runa
   evangelicals and the domestication of the masculine will / Diego Quiroga
   -- The devil and development in Esmeraldas : cosmology as a system of
   critical thought / Norman E. Whitten, Jr., Dorothea Scott Whitten, Alfonso
   Chango -- Return of the Yumbo : the Caminata from Amazonia to Andean Quito
   / Luis Macas, Linda Belote, Jim Belote -- Indigenous destiny in indigenous
   hands / Dorothea Scott Whitten -- Actors and artists from Amazonia and the
   Andes / Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld -- Tigua migrant communities and the
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   possibilities for autonomy among urban Iind*genas / Jean Muteba Rahir --
   Racist stereotypes and the embodiment of blackness : some narratives of
   female sexuality in Quito / Mary J. Weismantel -- Mothers of the patria :
   la chola cuencana and la mama negra / Norman E. Whitten, Jr.

G70 .U54 2004 EB                         2004
   Unifying geography [electronic resource] : common heritage, shared future
   / edited by John A. Matthews and David T. Herbert.

G109.5 .M39 2004 EB                      2004
   GPS for dummies [electronic resource] / Joel McNamara.

G116 .G475 2004 EB                       2004
   Geography basics [electronic resource] / edited by Ray Sumner.

G116 .H88 2004 EB                        2004
   The Hutchinson guide to the world [electronic resource].

G151 .L484 2004 EB                       2004
   Guerrilla travel tactics [electronic resource] : hundreds of simple
   strategies guaranteed to save road warriors time and money / Jay Conrad
   Levinson, Theo Brandt-Sarif.
   Fasten Your Seat Belts-We're About to Take Off" -- Airfare Savings - Part
   I: Saturday Night Fever and the Power of 7, 14, and 21 -- More Airfare
   Savings With Advance Notice: How to Save Big Without a Saturday Night Stay
   -- "Last-Minute Airfare Savings" Doesn't Have to Be an Oxymoron -- First
   Class for a Fraction of the Cost -- Comfort in Coach Class: It Could
   Happen to You! -- Airfare Consolidators: Hacking Through the Jungle of
   Savage Wholesalers -- Far From the Madding Crowd: Is Airline Lounge
   Membership Worth the Cost? -- Navigating the Internet To Discover
   Unbelievable Airfares -- Maximize Your Opportunities For Earning Frequent
   Flyer Miles -- Getting the Most Mileage Out of Frequent Flyer Awards --
   The Many Benefits of Airline Alliances -- How to Capture the Best Price at
   the Best Hotel -- Ten Best Discount Rates to Request When Making a Hotel
   Reservation -- Hotel Loyalty Programs: Perks and Promotions Aplenty --
   Hotel Internet: Where to Book Good Rooms At Great Rates Online -- Car
   Rental Strategies: How to Put Those Savings in Overdrive -- The Affinity
   Card Advantage: Why Smart Travelers Buy Now and Pay Later -- The Art of
   the Complaint: How to Make It Right When Things Go Wrong -- The Last Word:
   A Quick and Easy Checklist of Ultimate Savings Strategies.

G155 .A1 K68 2004 EB                     2004
   Destination benchmarking [electronic resource] : concepts, practices and
   operations / Metin Kozak.

G155 .A1 S6285 2004 EB                   2004
   Sport tourism [electronic resource] : interrelationships, impacts and
   issues / edited by Brent W. Ritchie and Daryl Adair.

G155 .A1 T589525 2004 EB                 2004
   Tourism and transition [electronic resource] : governance, transformation,
   and development / edited by Derek R. Hall.

G155 .A1 W367 2004 EB                    2004
   Sports tourism [electronic resource] : participants, policy and providers
   / Mike Weed and Chris Bull.
   The study of sports tourism -- Tracing interest in sports tourism -- An
   overview of the sport-tourism link -- Conceptualizing the sports tourist
   -- Participant profiles -- A typology of sports tourists -- The policy
   context -- Prospects for integration -- The market for sports tourism --
   Provision strategies -- Sports tourism as a diversification strategy in
   Malta -- Urban sports tourism : the case of Sheffield -- Activity tourism
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   in Wales -- Winter skiing in the European Alps -- The development of
   research and practice.

G155 .E15 C63 2004 EB                    2004
   Coastal mass tourism [electronic resource] : diversification and
   sustainable development in southern Europe / edited by Bill Bramwell.

G156.5 .B86 O46 2004 EB                  2004
   When in Rome or Rio or Riyadh-- [electronic resource] : cultural Q&As for
   successful business behavior around the world / Gwyneth Olofsson.

G156.5 .E26 B83 2003 EB                  2003
   Case studies in ecotourism [electronic resource] / Ralf Buckley.

G 1021 .G4337 2003                       2003
   Oxford new concise world atlas / cartography by Philip's.

GB21 .C66 2003 EB                        2003
   Contemporary meanings in physical geography [electronic resource] : from
   what to why? / edited by Stephen Trudgill and Andr*e Roy.
   Preface / Professor Sir Ron Cooke -- PART I. SETTING THE SCENE -- Previous
   actors and current influences: trends and fashions in physical geography /
   Peter Sims -- Meaning, knowledge, constructs and fieldwork in physical
   geography / Stephen Trudgill -- PART II. PERSONAL MEANINGS -- Realms of
   gold, wild surmise and wondering about physical geography / Tim Burt --
   Goodbye to geographical reality: a retrospect on the new geography / Tim
   Bayliss-Smith -- PART III. RESEARCH MEANINGS -- Natural science of
   geomorphology? / Chris Keylock -- Putting the morphology back into fluvial
   geomorphology: the case of river meanders and tributary junctions / Andr*e
   Roy -- Simple at heart? Landscape as a self-organizing complex system /
   David Favis-Mortlock, Dirk de Boer -- Cultural climatology / John Thornes,
   Glenn McGregor -- Geomorphological and landscape wisdom - using local
   knowledge to manage slopes / Gerardo Bocco, Juan Pulido -- Conceptions of
   nature: implications for an integrated geography / Michael Urban, Bruce
   Rhoads -- Ethical grounds for an integrated geography / Keith Richards --
   PART V. FUTURES -- 'Writing's on the walls': on style, substance and
   selling physical geography / Heather Viles -- Conclusion: contemporary
   meanings in physical geography / Stephen Trudgill.

GB59 .C74 2003 EB                        2003
   Physical geography [electronic resource] : a self-teaching guide / Michael

GB451.2 .M275 2003 EB                    2003
   Introduction to coastal processes and geomorphology [electronic resource]
   / Gerhard Masselink and Michael G. Hughes.

GB1205 .G65 2004 EB                      2004
   Stream hydrology [electronic resource] : an introduction for ecologists /
   Nancy D. Gordon ... [et al.].

GC10.4 .M36 B47 2002 EB                  2002
   Inverse modeling of the ocean and atmosphere [electronic resource] /
   Andrew F. Bennett.

GC57 .O29 2002 EB                        2002
   Oceans 2020 [electronic resource] : science, trends, and the challenge of
   sustainability / [edited by] John G. Field, Gotthilf Hempel, Colin P.
   The coastal zone: an ecosystem under pressure / Han Lindeboom -- Climate
   change and the ocean / Gerald R. North, Robert A. Duce -- Fisheries and
   fisheries science in their search for sustainability / Gotthilf Hempel,
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Daniel Pauly -- Ocean studies for offshore industry / Colin P.
   Summerhayes, Karin Lochte -- Marine information for shipping and defense /
   David P. Rogers, Mary G. Altalo, Richard W. Spinrad -- Operational
   oceanography / Colin P. Summerhayes, Ralph Rayner -- A vision of
   oceanographic instrumentation and technologies in the early twenty-first
   century / Tommy D. Dickey -- Framework of cooperation / Geoffrey Holland,
   Patricio Bernal -- Capacity building / Miguel Fortes, Gotthilf Hempel --
   The vision to 2020 / John G. Field, Colin P. Summerhayes, Gotthilf Hempel.

GC67 .N38 2004 EB                        2004
   Future needs in deep submergence science [electronic resource] : occupied
   and unoccupied vehicles in basic ocean research / Committee on Future
   Needs in Deep Submergence Science, Ocean Studies Board, Division on Earth
   and Life Studies, National Research Council of the National Academies.

GC190.2 .C73 2001 EB                     2001
   Air-sea interaction [electronic resource] : laws and mechanisms / G.T.
   Csanady ; illustrations prepared by Mary Gibson.

GC211.2 .F35 2002 EB                     2002
   Ocean waves and oscillating systems [electronic resource] : linear
   interactions including wave-energy extraction / Johannes Falnes.

GE42 .B39 2005 EB                        2005
   A theory of ecological justice [electronic resource] / Brian Baxter.

GE43 .T48 2003 EB                        2003
   LifePlace [electronic resource] : bioregional thought and practice /
   Robert L. Thayer, Jr.
   Introduction: Bioregional thinking -- Grounding: finding the physical
   place -- Living: awakening to a live region -- Reinhabiting: recovering a
   bioregional culture -- Fulfilling: celebrating the spirit of place --
   Imagining: creating art of the life-place -- Trading: exchanging natural
   values -- Planning: designing a life-place -- Building: making bioregions
   work -- Learning: spreading local wisdom -- Acting: taking personal

GE195.7 .W46 2004 EB                     2004
   The psychology of environmental problems [electronic resource] / Deborah
   Du Nann Winter, Susan M. Koger.

GE197 .S44 2003 EB                       2003
   A fierce green fire [electronic resource] : the American environmental
   movement / Philip Shabecoff.
   The garden and the wilderness -- Subduing nature -- The awakening --
   Keepers of the house -- Saving ourselves -- The environmental revolution
   -- Saving land -- Saving life -- The search for pax Gaia -- The
   counterrevolution -- The new people's army -- The third wave -- Ebb tide
   -- Rebuilding the house.

GE220 .J87 2002 EB                       2002
   Justice and natural resources [electronic resource] : concepts,
   strategies, and applications / edited by Kathryn M. Mutz, Gary C. Bryner,
   and Douglas S. Kenney.
   Beyond "traditional" environmental justice / David H. Getches and David N.
   Pellow -- Assessing claims of environmental justice : conceptual
   frameworks / Gary C. Bryner -- Water, poverty, equity, and justice in
   Colorado : a pragmatic approach / James L. Wescoat Jr. ... [et. al.] --
   International environmental protection : human rights and the north-south
   divide / Tseming Yang -- Coincidental order of environmental injustice /
   Jeff Romm -- Environmental justice in an era of devolved collaboration /
   Sheila Foster -- Tribal sovereignty and environmental justice / Sarah
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Krakoff -- Expanding civil rights protections in contested terrain : using
   Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 / Luke W. Cole -- Forest
   management and environmental justice in northern New Mexico / Henry H.
   Carey -- NEPA in Indian Country : compliance requirement to
   decision-making tool / Dean B. Suagee -- Framework to assess environmental
   justice concerns for proposed federal projects / Jan Buhrmann --
   Protecting natural resources and the issue of environmental justice /
   Barry E. Hill and Nicholas Targ -- Mineral development : protecting the
   land and communities / Kathryn M. Mutz -- Hoping against history :
   environmental justice in the twenty-first century / Patricia Nelson

GF21 .H64 2002 EB                        2002
   Researching human geography [electronic resource] / Keith Hoggart, Loretta
   Lees, and Anna Davies.

GF26 .S78 2003 EB                        2003
   Studying cultural landscapes [electronic resource] / edited by Iain
   Robertson and Penny Richards.

GF43 .C65 2004 EB                        2004
   A companion to cultural geography [electronic resource] / edited by James
   S. Duncan, Nuala C. Johnson, and Richard H. Schein.
   Introducing cultural geographies -- Theoretical intersections --
   Nature/culture -- Culture and identity -- Landscapes -- Colonial and
   postcolonial geographies.

GF51 .B282 2003 EB                       2003
   Environmental change and human development [electronic resource] :
   controlling nature? / C.J. Barrow.

GF91 .U6 E94 2003 EB                     2003
   Everyday America [electronic resource] : cultural landscape studies after
   J.B. Jackson / edited by Chris Wilson and Paul Groth.
   The polyphony of cultural landscape study: an introduction / Paul Groth
   and Chris Wilson -- J.B. Jackson and the play of the mind: inquiry and
   assertion as contact sports / Patricia Nelson Limerick -- J.B. Jackson as
   a critic of modern architecture / Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz -- Learning
   from Brinck / Denise Scott Brown -- Looking down the road: J.B. Jackson
   and the American highway landscape / Timothy Davis -- The monument and the
   bungalow: the intellectual legacy of J.B. Jackson / Peirce Lewis --
   Crossing the American grain with Vesalius, Geddes, and Jackson: the cross
   section as a learning tool / Grady Clay -- Basic "Brincksmanship":
   impressions left in a youthful mind / Jeffrey W. Limerick -- Observations
   of faith: landscape context in design education / Tracy Walker
   Moir-McClean -- On modern vernaculars and J.B. Jackson / Gwendolyn Wright
   -- What (else) we talk about when we talk about landscape: for a return to
   the social imagination / George L. Henderson -- Normative dimensions of
   landscape / Richard H. Schein -- Private property and the ecological
   commons in the American West / Mark Fiege -- Gender, imagination, and
   experience in the early-twentieth-century American downtown / Jessica
   Sewell -- Campus, estate, and park: lawn culture comes to the corporation
   / Louise A. Mozingo -- The enacted environment: examining the streets and
   yards of East Los Angeles / James Rojas -- Medicine in the (mini) mall: an
   American health care landscape / David C. Sloane.

GF125 .B33 2002 EB                       2002
   Making sense of cities [electronic resource] : a geographical survey /
   Blair Badcock.
GN33 .E97 2003 EB                        2003
   Expressions of ethnography [electronic resource] : novel approaches to
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   qualitative methods / [edited by] Robin Patric Clair.
   PART ONE : AN OVERVIEW OF ETHNOGRAPHY -- Changing story of ethnography /
   Robin Patric Clair -- PART TWO : ETHNOGRAPHIC PERSPECTIVES -- Living and
   writing feminist ethnographies: thread in a quilt stitched from the heart
   / Pamala Chapman Sanger -- Musings on critical ethnography, meanings, and
   symbolic violence / Jim Thomas -- What is interpretive ethnography? An
   eclectic's tale / H.L. Goodall Jr. -- Postmodernism, ethnography, and
   communication studies: comments and a case / Bryan C. Taylor -- Ethics for
   post-colonical ethnography / Maria Cristina Gonz*alez -- Beauty and logic
   of aesthetic ethnography / Robin Patric Clari -- PART THREE : DIALOGUE AND
   INTERVIEW AS EXPRESSIONS OF ETHNOGRAPHY -- Ethnographic interviewing as
   contextualized conversation / Christina W. Stage, Marifran Mattson --
   Contextualized conversation: interviewing exemplars / Marifran Mattson,
   Christina W. Stage -- Hearing voices/learning questions / William K.
   Rawlins -- Sighted, blind, and in between: similarity and difference in
   ethnographic inquiry / Elaine Bass Jenks -- PART FOUR : PERSONAL
   NARRATIVES AS EXPRESSIONS OF ETHNOGRAPHY -- Ethnography as the excavation
   of personal narrative / Robert L. Krizek -- Telling the story of birth /
   Paaige K. Turner -- Watching the watchers: making sense of emotional
   constructions behind bars / Sarah J. Tracy -- PART FIVE : SHORT STORIES AS
   EXPRESSIONS OF ETHNOGRAPHY -- Hands / Lisa M. Tillmann-Healy -- He
   touched, he took / Christine E. Kiesinger -- Happy to be writing /
   Patricia Geist-Martin -- Millennium waltz: a story in three-quarter time /
   Julie M. Crandall, Mary Helen Brown -- PART SIX : NOVELS AS EXPRESSIONS OF
   ETHNOGRAPHY -- Geocommunication: a paradigm of place / Catherine Becker,
   -- "Reality ends here": graffiti as an artifact / Dean Scheibel --
   Sense-making artifacts on the margins of cultural spaces / Amardo
   EXPRESSIONS OF ETHNOGRAPHY -- Genealogy as an ehtnographic enterprise /
   Jason E. Combs -- In search of Naunny's ethnicity: an (auto)ethnographic
   study of a family's ethnic identity / Nick Trujillo -- Rhythms of
   dis-location: family history, ethnographic spaces, and reflexivity /
   Devika Chawla -- Starvin' Marvin's got an Injun: a visit to the homeland /
   Robin Patric Clair -- Epilogue: Future directions.

GN33 .P358 2001 EB                       2001
   The anthropological lens [electronic resource] : harsh light, soft focus /
   James L. Peacock.

GN36 .G312 P46 2002 EB                   2002
   Objects of culture [electronic resource] : ethnology and ethnographic
   museums in Imperial Germany / H. Glenn Penny.

GN282 .K35 2001 EB                       2001
   Adventures in the bone trade [electronic resource] : the race to discover
   human ancestors in Ethiopia's Afar Depression / Jon Kalb.

GN380 .I48 2004 EB                       2004
   In the way [electronic resource] : indigenous peoples, life projects, and
   development / edited by Mario Blaser, Harvey A. Feit, and Glenn McRae.

GN484.3 .L96 2004 EB                     2004
   Irregular connections [electronic resource] : a history of anthropology
   and sexuality / Andrew P. Lyons and Harriet D. Lyons.
   Introduction -- Three images of primitive sexuality and the definition of
   species -- Sex and the refuge for destitute truth -- Matriarchy, marriage
   by capture, and other fantasies -- The reconstruction of "primitive
   sexuality" at the Fin de Si*ecle -- "Old Africa hands" -- Malinowski as
   "reluctant sexologist" -- Margaret Mead, the future of language, and lost
   opportunities -- The "silence" -- Sex in contemporary anthropology --
   Conclusions and unfinished business.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

GN560 .M6 C76 2004 EB                    2004
   Mexicans & Americans [electronic resource] : cracking the cultural code /
   Ned Crouch.

GN585 .G85 P39 2004 EB                   2004
   Making modern mothers [electronic resource] : ethics and family planning
   in urban Greece / Heather Paxson.

GN635 .C5 C45 2004 EB                    2004
   Tibetan diary [electronic resource] : from birth to death and beyond in a
   Himalayan valley of Nepal / Geoff Childs.
   Raising the curtain -- The lay of the land -- Life begets death, death
   begets life : the life course begins -- Adolescent discord : family needs
   versus spiritual deeds -- Growing through travel : the pilgrimage for
   knowledge and prestige -- The merits of matrimony : commencing the
   householder life -- High peaks and deep valleys : the imponderable nature
   of everyday life -- Anticipating the end of the life course : the
   anxieties of old age -- Parting breaths : death is but a transition --
   Transcending death : rising corpses and reincarnations.

GN635 .E18 F55 2004 EB                   2004
   Filial piety [electronic resource] : practice and discourse in
   contemporary East Asia / edited by Charlotte Ikels.
   Ritualistic coresidence and the weakening of filial practice in rural
   China / Danyu Wang -- Filial daughters, filial sons : comparisons from
   rural north China / Eric T. Miller -- Meat rotation and filial piety / Jun
   Jing -- "Living alone" and the rural elderly : strategy and agency in
   post-Mao rural China / Hong Zhang -- Serving the ancestors, serving the
   state : filial piety and death ritual in contemporary Guangzhou /
   Charlotte Ikels -- Filial obligations in Chinese families : paradoxes of
   modernization / Martin King Whyte -- The transformation of filial piety in
   contemporary South Korea / Roger L. Janelli and Dawnhee Yim -- Filial
   piety in contemporary urban southeast Korea : practices and discourses /
   Clark Sorensen and Sung-Chul Kim -- Culture, power, and the discourse of
   filial piety in Japan : the disempowerment of youth and its social
   consequences / Akiko Hashimoto -- Curse of the successor : filial piety
   vs. marriage among rural Japanese / John W. Traphagan -- Alone in the
   family : great-grandparenthood in urban Japan / Brenda Robb Jenike.

GN635 .N42 K74 2003 EB                   2003
   Let shepherding endure [electronic resource] : applied anthropology and
   the preservation of a cultural tradition in Israel and the Middle East /
   Gideon M. Kressel.

GN645 .I43 2002 EB                       2002
   Images and empires [electronic resource] : visuality in colonial and
   postcolonial Africa / edited by Paul S. Landau and Deborah D. Kaspin.
   Introduction: An amazing distance: pictures and people in Africa / Paul S.
   Landau -- "Our mosquitoes are not so big": images and modernity in
   Zimbabwe / Timothy Burke -- The sleep of the brave: graves as sites and
   signs in the colonial eastern Cape / David Bunn -- Tintin and the
   interruptions of Congolese comics / Nancy Rose Hunt -- Cartooning Nigerian
   anticolonial nationalism / Tejumola Olaniyan -- Empires of the visual:
   photography and colonial administration in Africa / Paul S. Landau --
   Portraits of modernity: fashioning selves in Dakarois popular photography
   / Hudita Nura Mustafa -- Mami Wata and Santa Marta: Imag(in)ing selves and
   others in Africa and the Americas / Henry John Drewal -- "Captured on
   film": bushmen and the claptrap of performative primitives / Robert J.
   Gordon -- Decentering the gaze at French colonial exhibitions / Catherine
   Hodeir -- The politics of bushman representations / Pippas Skotnes --
   Omada art at the crossroads of colonialisms / Paula Ben-Amos Girshick --
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Bad copies: the colonial aesthetic and the Manjaco-Portuguese encounter /
   Eric Gable -- Conclusion: Signifying power in Africa / Deborah D. Kaspin.

GN751 .R26 2004 EB                       2004
   The lost land of Lemuria [electronic resource] : fabulous geographies,
   catastrophic histories / Sumathi Ramaswamy.
   Placing loss -- Science in the service of loss -- Occult losses -- Living
   loss at land's end -- Flooding history : geographies of loss -- Mapping
   loss -- Laboring against loss.

GN772.2 .A1 E37 2004 EB                  2004
   The early Upper Paleolithic beyond Western Europe [electronic resource] /
   edited by P. Jeffrey Brantingham, Steven L. Kuhn, and Kristopher W. Kerry.

GN848 .G37 2003 EB                       2003
   Dancing at the dawn of agriculture [electronic resource] / Yosef

GR161 .K57 2003 EB                       2003
   French fairy tales [electronic resource] : a Jungian approach / Bettina L.

GT521 .C37 2003 EB                       2003
   Fashion classics from Carlyle to Barthes [electronic resource] / Michael

GT2898 .A33 2004 EB                      2004
   Hideous absinthe [electronic resource] : a history of the devil in a
   bottle / Jad Adams.

GV21 .A73 2004 EB                        2004
   Arete [electronic resource] : Greek sports from ancient sources / Stephen
   G. Miller, [editor].

GV188.3 .U6 L37 2003 EB                  2003
   Organization behaviour for leisure services [electronic resource] / Conrad
   Lashley and Darren Lee-Ross.

GV413 .D45 2003 EB                       2003
   Public dollars, private stadiums [electronic resource] : the battle over
   building sports stadiums / Kevin J. Delaney and Rick Eckstein.

GV439 .A84 2003 EB                       2003
   Athletic intruders [electronic resource] : ethnographic research on women,
   culture, and exercise / edited by Anne Bolin and Jane Granskog.
   Reflexive ethnography, women, and sporting activities / Anne Bolin, Jane
   Granskog -- Just "tri" and "du" it: the variable impact of female
   involvement in the triathlon/duathlon sport culture / Jane Granskog --
   Postmodern aerobics: contradiction and resistance / Pirkko Markula --
   Cultural expressions of African American female athletes in
   intercollegiate sport / Terese M. Peretto Stratta -- Beauty or the beast:
   the subversive soma / Anne Bolin -- A woman's place is in the
   cardiovascular room?? Gender relations, the body, and the gym / Shari L.
   Dworkin -- Women who ride: the bitch in the back is dead / Barbara Joans
   -- "I was there": gendered limitations, expectations, and strategic
   assumptions in the world of co-ed softball / Faye Linda Wachs -- Changing
   body aesthetics: diet and exercise fads in a Newfoundland outport
   community / Dona Davis -- Kicking stereotypes into touch: an ethnographic
   account of women's rugby / P. David Howe.

GV504.6 .A35 B66 2004 EB                 2004
   T'ai chi for seniors [electronic resource] : how to gain flexibility,
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   strength, and inner peace / by Philip Bonifonte.

GV703 F37 2003                           2003
   Run like you stole something [electronic resource] / Damian Farrow &
   Justin Kemp ; illustrations by Jos Tan.

GV706.32 .S73 2004 EB                    2004
   Sport and the color line [electronic resource] : black athletes and race
   relations in twentieth-century America / edited by Patrick B. Miller, and
   David K. Wiggins.
   Sport and Black Pittsburgh, 1900-1930 / Rob Ruck -- Black entrepreneurship
   in the national pastime : the rise of semiprofessional baseball in Black
   Chicago, 1890-1915 / Michael E. Lomax -- Year of the comet : Jack Johnson
   versus Jim Jeffries, July 4, 1910 / Randy Roberts -- "A general
   understanding" : organized baseball and Black professional baseball,
   1900-1930 / Neil Lanctot -- "We were ladies, we just played like boys" :
   African-American womanhood and competitive basketball at Bennett College,
   1928-1942 / Rita Liberti -- A special type of discipline : manhood and
   community in African-American institutions, 1923-1957 / Pamela Grundy --
   Joe Louis : American folk hero / William H. Wiggins, Jr. -- "End Jim Crow
   in sports" : the Leonard Bates controversy and protest at New York
   University, 1940-1941 / Donald Spivey -- Jackie Robinson : "a lone Negro"
   in major league baseball / Jules Tygiel -- More than a game : the
   political meaning of high school basketball in Indianapolis / Richard B.
   Pierce -- "Cinderellas" of sport : Black women in track and field / Susan
   Cahn -- Jim Crow in the gymnasium : the integration of college basketball
   in the American south / Charles H. Martin -- Civil rights on the gridiron
   : the Kennedy administration and the desegration of the Washington
   Redskins / Thomas G. Smith -- Edwin Bancroft Henderson, African-American
   athletes, and the writing of sport history / David K. Wiggins -- The
   greatest : Muhammad Ali's confounding character / David W. Zang -- The
   sports spectacle, Michael Jordan, and Nike / Douglas Kellner -- The
   anatomy of scientific racism : racialist responses to Black athletic
   achievement / Patrick B. Miller -- Crisis of Black athletes at the outset
   of the twenty-first century / Harry Edwards.

GV706.4 .G76 2004 EB                     2004
   Mind games [electronic resource] : inspirational lessons from the world's
   biggest sports stars / Jeff Grout & Sarah Perrin ; foreword by Clive

GV706.4 .N46 2004 EB                     2004
   Existential psychology and sport [electronic resource] : theory and
   application / Mark Nesti.

GV706.5 .H84 2005 EB                     2005
   The uses of sport [electronic resource] : a critical study / John Hughson,
   David Inglis and Marcus Free.

GV706.5 .S73898 2003 EB                  2003
   Sporting dystopias [electronic resource] : the making and meaning of urban
   sport cultures / edited by Ralph C. Wilcox ... [et al.].
   Sport in the city : cultural, economic, and political portraits / Ralph C.
   Wilcox and David L. Andrews -- Sport and community/communitas / Alan G.
   Ingham and Mary G. McDonald -- Mediated sports, mayors, and the marketed
   metropolis / Gene Burd -- Urban(e) statuary times / Synthia Sydnor
   Slowikowski -- No Christmas dinner : the effect of major sporting events
   on local homelessness / Robin M. Mathy -- Rounders or Robin Hoods? :
   questioning the role of the ticket scalper as entertainment outlaw or free
   market capitalist / Michael F. Atkinson -- Horse racing in Chicago,
   1883-1894 : the interplay of class, politics, and organized crime / Steven
   A. Reiss -- Athletics in the Ward and beyond : neighborhoods, Jews, and
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   sport in Toronto, 1900-1939 / Danny Rosenberg -- Urban sanctuary : youth
   culture in a recreation drop-in center / Brian Wilson and Phil White --
   Researching youth sports programs in a metropolitan setting : essentials
   of, barriers to, and policy for achieving a comprehensive program /
   Michael A. Clark -- Soccer, race, and suburban space / David L. Andrews
   ... [et al.] -- New politics of urban consumption : Hoop Dreams, Clockers,
   and "America" / C.L. Cole and Samantha King.
   In place of "race," space : "Basketball in Canada" and the absence of
   racism / Gamal Abdel-Shehid -- Driving the lane against the Raptor : the
   production and racialization of (transgressive) subjects on the streets of
   Toronto / Andrew D. Thornton.

GV711 .C34 2004 EB                       2004
   Understanding sports coaching [electronic resource] : the social, cultural
   and pedagogical foundations of coaching practice / Tania Cassidy, Robyn
   Jones and Paul Potrac.

GV716 .S649 2004 EB                      2004
   Sports marketing and the psychology of marketing communication [electronic
   resource] / edited by Lynn R. Kahle, Chris Riley.

GV734.3 .H445 2004 EB                    2004
   Careers for sports nuts & other athletic types [electronic resource] / Ray
   Athletic coaches -- Sports managers and administrators -- Fitness careers
   -- Sports officials -- Sports communicators -- Sports entrepreneurs --
   Sports medicine professionals -- Physical educators -- Additional careers
   for sports nuts.

GV749.7 R45 2003 EB                      2003
   Executive adventures [electronic resource] / by Jane Reifert.

GV749.7 .T6 2003 EB                      2003
   To the extreme [electronic resource] : alternative sports, inside and out
   / Robert E. Rinehart and Synthia Sydnor, editors.
   Proem / Robert E. Rinehart, Synthia Sydnor -- Psychotic rant / Arlo
   Eisenberg -- Dropping into sight commodification and co-optation of
   in-line skating / Robert E. Rinehart -- Journey to La Gringa / Bob Galvan
   -- Windsurfing: a subculture of commitment / Belinda Wheaton -- Free
   dimensional skydiving / Tamara Koyn -- Soaring / Synthia Sydnor -- Small
   bikes, big men / Brett Downs -- BMX, extreme sports, and the white male
   backlash / Kyle Kusz -- Out of the gene pool and into the food chain / Lee
   Bridgers -- Mountain biking madness / Simon Eassom -- Eco (ego?) Challenge
   British Columbia, 1996/ Jim Cotter -- Another kind of life adventure
   racing and epic expeditions / Martha Bell -- The wrong side of the thin
   edge / Ron Watters -- Whitewater sports from extreme to standardization /
   Jean-Pierre Mounet, Pierre Chifflet -- Xtreem / David Dornian -- The great
   divide sport climbing vs. adventure climbing / Peter Donnelly -- Vintage
   days in the big waves of life / Greg Page -- Expression sessions surfing,
   style, and prestige / Douglas Booth -- Authenticity in the skateboarding
   world / Becky Beal, Lisa Weidman -- Drawing lines a report from the
   extreme world (sic) / Jeff Howe -- May 27, 1998 / MayKirsten Kremer -- Oh
   say can you ski? Imperialistic construction of freedom in Warren Miller's
   Freeriders / Joanne Kay, Suzanne Laberge -- Snowboarding the essence is
   fun / Jake Burton -- Selling out snowboarding: the alternative response to
   commercial co-optation / Duncan Humphreys.

GV 837 .R372 1968                        1968
   Swimming and water safety : textbook.
   Gives instruction in various strokes and techniques of swimming and diving
   and outlines the rules of preventative and emergency water safety.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

GV854.4 .C55 2002 EB                     2002
   Downhill slide [electronic resource] : why the corporate ski industry is
   bad for skiing, ski towns, and the environment / Hal Clifford.

GV863 .A1 B84 2004 EB                    2004
   Playing for their nation [electronic resource] : baseball and the American
   military during World War II / Steven R. Bullock.
   Vitalizing spirit : baseball in morale building and military training --
   Your duty, our duty : raising funds for the war and baseball equipment --
   The game's the thing : organizing military baseball -- Finest team
   assembled : exceptional military teams -- Qualified to serve : major
   league stars' military experiences during World War II -- What might have
   been : the impact of World War II on the careers of major leaguers --

GV863 .M8 L38 2002 EB                    2002
   Seasons in the sun [electronic resource] : the story of big league
   baseball in Missouri / Roger D. Launius.

GV863 .M82 S253 2002 EB                  2002
   Before they were cardinals [electronic resource] : major league baseball
   in nineteenth-century St. Louis.

GV865 .H65 H69 2001 EB                   2001
   Elston and me [electronic resource] : the story of the first black Yankee
   / Arlene Howard with Ralph Wimbish.

GV865 .M8 G34 2001 EB                    2001
   Musial [electronic resource] : from Stash to Stan the Man / James N.
   Growing up poor in the "home of champions" -- Rickey's farm -- Rookie
   supreme -- Pennants and wartime -- Return to glory -- A troubling year --
   Career year and near miss -- Player of the decade -- Anatomy of a
   superstar -- Aging superstar -- Keeping busy -- Hometown roots.

GV 865 .R596 A3 1999                     1999
   Catching dreams : my life in the Negro baseball leagues / Frazier "Slow"
   Robinson with Paul Bauer ; foreword by John "Buck" O'Neil ; introduction
   by Gerald Early.

GV871 .M66 2004 EB                       2004
   Coaching the Little League hitter [electronic resource] : teaching your
   players to hit with skill and confidence / John Monteleone.

GV873 .G76 2004 EB                       2004
   Growing up with baseball [electronic resource] : how we loved and played
   the game / edited by Gary Land.

GV877 .A46 2003 EB                       2003
   Curve ball [electronic resource] : baseball, statistics, and the role of
   chance in the game / Jim Albert, Jay Bennett.

GV943.9 .T7 Y68 2004 EB                  2004
   Youth soccer [electronic resource] : from science to performance / Gareth
   Stratton ... [et al.].

GV965 .K63 2004 EB                       2004
   In search of Burningbush [electronic resource] : a story of golf,
   friendship, and the meaning of irons / by Michael Konik.

GV979 .T68 K89 2004 EB                   2004
   Fit for golf [electronic resource] : a personalized conditioning routine
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   to help you improve your score, hit the ball farther, and enjoy the game
   more / Boris Kuzmic with Jim Gorant.

GV1029 .N53 2004 EB                      2004
   Formula One racing for dummies [electronic resource] / by Jonathan Noble
   and Mark Hughes.

GV1202 .G46 M35 2004 EB                  2004
   Geocaching for dummies [electronic resource] / by Joel McNamara.

GV1833.5 .B87 2002 BEB                   2002
   Rodeo queens [electronic resource] : on the circuit with America's
   cowgirls / Joan Burbick.

H62 .B63 2004 EB                         2004
   Asking questions [electronic resource] : the definitive guide to
   questionnaire design : for market research, political polls, and social
   and health questionnaires / Norman M. Bradburn, Seymour Sudman, Brian
   The social context of question asking -- Asking nonthreatening questions
   about behavior -- Asking threatening questions about behavior -- Asking
   questions about attitudes and behavioral intentions -- Asking and
   recording open-ended and closed-ended questions -- Asking questions that
   measure knowledge -- Asking questions that evaluate performance -- Asking
   psychographics questions -- Asking standard demographic questions --
   Organizing and designing questionnaires -- Questionnaires from start to
   finish -- Asking question FAQs.

H97 .H43 2004 EB                         2004
   Studying educational and social policy [electronic resource] : theoretical
   concepts and research methods/ Ronald H. Heck.

HA31.38 .H36 2004 EB                     2004
   Handbook on data envelopment analysis [electronic resource] / edited by
   William W. Cooper, Lawrence M. Seiford, Joe Zhu.

HA32 .L444 2005 EB                       2005
   SPSS for intermediate statistics [electronic resource] : use and
   interpretation / Nancy L. Leech, Karen C. Barrett, George A. Morgan ; in
   collaboration with Joan Naden Clay, Don Quick.

HA32 .S572 2004 EB                       2004
   SPSS for introductory statistics [electronic resource] : use and
   interpretation / George A. Morgan ... [et al.] ; in collaboration with
   Joan Naden Clay, Laura Jensen, and Don Quick.

HA201.12 .N37 2004 EB                    2004
   The 2000 census, counting under adversity [electronic resource] / Panel to
   Review the 2000 Census ; Constance F. Citro, Daniel L. Cork, and Janet L.
   Norwood, editors ; Committee on National Statistics, Division of
   Behavioral and Social Sciences and Edcation, National Research Council of
   the National Academies.
HA 201.12 .P745 2003                     2003
   Politics and science in census taking / by Kenneth Prewitt.

HA201.14 .N39 2004 XEB                   2004
   Reengineering the 2010 census [electronic resource] : risks and challenges
   / Panel on Research on Future Census Methods ; Daniel L. Cork, Michael L.
   Cohen, and Benjamin F. King, editors ; Committee on National Statistics,
   Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, National
   Research Council of the National Academies.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HA202 .K87 2004 EB                       2004
   Datapedia of the United States [electronic resource] : American history in
   numbers / edited by George Thomas Kurian.

HA214 .A14 2004 EB                       2004
   2004 county and city extra [electronic resource] : annual metro, city, and
   county data book / editors, Deirdre A. Gaquin, Katherine A. DeBrandt.

HA214 .S746 2003 EB                      2003
   Social change in America [electronic resource] : the historical handbook,
   2004 / edited by Patricia C. Becker.

HB74 .P65 E94 2004 EB                    2004
   Political events and economic ideas [electronic resource] / edited by Ingo
   Barens, Volker Caspari, Bertram Schefold.

HB75 .S29 2003 EB                        2003
   A companion to the history of economic thought [electronic resource] /
   edited by Warren J. Samuels, Jeff E. Biddle, John B. Davis.

HB90 .R67 2004 EB                        2004
   Comparative economics in a transforming world economy [electronic
   resource] / J. Barkley Rosser, Jr., Marina V. Rosser.

HB97.3 .A67 2004 EB                      2004
   Applied evolutionary economics and complex systems [electronic resource] /
   edited by John Foster and Werner H*olzl.

HB97.5 .P466 2004 EB                     2005
   Reduction, rationality and game theory in Marxian economics [electronic
   resource] / Bruce Philp.

HB97.5 .R42 2003 EB                      2003
   The micro-politics of capital [electronic resource] : Marx and the
   prehistory of the present / Jason Read.

HB99.5 .L36 2005 EB                      2005
   The new institutional economics of corruption [electronic resource] /
   Johann Graf Lambsdorff, Markus Taube & Matthias Schramm.

HB119 .S35 R44 2004 EB                   2004
   Schumpeter's market [electronic resource] : enterprise and evolution /
   David Reisman.
HB119 .V6 T74 2004 EB                    2004
   Paul Volcker [electronic resource] : the making of a financial legend /
   Joseph B. Treaster.
   A finance legend -- Seventy-six -- The power of the Fed -- Chairman --
   Youth -- School days -- Hardship -- Difficult choices -- The fallout --

HB143 .B48 2004 EB                       2004
   Hidden Markov models [electronic resource] : applications to financial
   economics / Ramaprasad Bhar, Shigeyuki Hamori.

HB195 .C695 2004 EB                      2004
   Economic theories of peace and war [electronic resource] / Fanny Coulomb.

HB501 .W567 2002 EB                      2002
   Capitalism after postmodernism [electronic resource] : neo-conservatism,
   legitimacy and the theory of public capital / by H.T. Wilson.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HB615 .B689 2004 EB                      2004
   Playing to win [electronic resource] : 10 steps to achieving your goals /
   Karren Brady with Leon Hickman.

HB615 .C59 2004 EB                       2004
   Risk analysis in theory and practice [electronic resource] / Jean-Paul

HB615 .D87 2004 EB                       2004
   Start it, sell it and make a mint [electronic resource] : 20 wealth
   creating secrets for business owners/ Joe John Duran.

HB615 .E3387 2003 EB                     2003
   The economics of risk [electronic resource] / Donald J. Meyer, editor.
   Risk and risk management / Keith J. Crocker -- States of the world and the
   state of decision theory / Mark J. Machina -- Gambling with the future /
   William R. Eadington -- Common value auctions and the winner's curse /
   John H. Kagel -- Sharing very high risks / Katherine Swartz -- Risk and
   agriculture / Rulon D. Pope.

HB615 .N397 2004 EB                      2004
   Narrative and discursive approaches in entrepreneurship [electronic
   resource] : a second movements in entrepreneurship book / edited by Daniel
   Hjorth and Chris Steyaert in association with ESBRI.

HB849.53 .E53 2004 EB                    2004
   The end of world population growth in the 21st century [electronic
   resource] : new challenges for human capital formation and sustainable
   development / edited by Wolfgang Lutz, Warren C. Sanderson, and Sergei

HB853 .G7 H56 2003 EB                    2003
   England's population [electronic resource] : a history since the domesday
   survey / Andrew Hinde.
HB2067 .P6513 2004 EB                    2004
   Against their will [electronic resource] : the history and geography of
   forced migrations in the USSR / by Pavel Polian.
   Forced migrations: pre-history and classification -- Forced migrations
   before Hitler and Stalin: historical excursus -- Forced migrations and
   Second World War -- Classification of forced migrations -- Part I. Forced
   migrations within the USSR -- Forced migrations before the Second World
   War (1919-1939) -- First Soviet deportations and resettlements in
   1919-1929 -- Dekulakization and kulak exile in 1930-1931 -- Kulak exile
   and famine repercussions in 1932-1934 -- Frontier zone cleansing and other
   forced migrations in 1934-1939 -- Forced migrations during and after the
   Second World War (1939-1953) -- Selective deportations from the annexed
   territories of Poland, Baltic Republics and Romania in 1939-1941 -- Total
   preventive deportation of Soviet Germans, Finns and Greeks in 1941-1942 --
   Retributive total deportations of the peoples of the North Caucasus and
   Crimea in 1943-1944 -- Preventive forced deportations from the
   Transcaucasia, and other deportations during the last stage of the war in
   1944-1945 -- Compensatory forced migrations in 1941-1946 -- Ethnic and
   other deportations after the Second World War, 1949-1953 -- Patterns of
   deported peoples settlement, and rehabilitation process -- Patterns of
   deported peoples settlement at the destinations -- Rehabilitation and
   internal repatriation of Kalmyks and peoples of the North Caucasus --
   Rehabilitation of Germans -- Rehabilitation of the Crimean Tatars --
   Rehabilitation of Meshketian Turks -- Repressed peoples and ethnic
   conflicts on the territory of the USSR in the 1990s -- Part II.
   International forced migrations -- Internment and deportation of German
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   civilians from European countries to the USSR -- The victors labor balance
   and labor reparations -- Internment of Germans in Southeast Europe --
   Internment of Germans on the territory of the Third Reich -- Some outcomes
   of the operation on internment of Germans -- Employment of labor of German
   civilians from European countries in the USSR, and their repatriation --
   Destination geography and employment of labor of German internees in the
   USSR -- Beginning of repatriation of internees, and new labor reparations
   -- Further repatriation process and its completion -- In lieu of a
   conclusion: geo-demographic scale and repercussions of forced migrations
   in the USSR -- Afterword at the crossroads of geography and history (by
   Anatoly Vishnevsky).

HB3505 .K68 2004 EB                      2004
   The coming generational storm [electronic resource] : what you need to
   know about America's economic future / Laurence J. Kotlikoff and Scott

HB3505 .V58 2004 EB                      2004
   Vital statistics of the United States [electronic resource] : births, life
   expectancy, deaths and selected health data / editors, Helmut F. Wendel,
   Christopher S. Wendel ; associate editors, Katherine A. DeBrandt, Mary
   Meghan Ryan, Mark Siegal.

HB3651 .D438 2003 EB                     2003
   Demographic change and the family in Japan's aging society [electronic
   resource] / edited by John W. Traphagan and John Knight.
   Introduction: -- Study of the family in Japan : integrating
   anthropological and demographic approaches / John Knight, John W.
   Traphagan -- Family and living arrangements: -- Changes in the living
   arrangements of Japanese elderly : the role of demographic factors / James
   M. Raymo, Toshiko Kaneda -- Under one roof : the evolving story of three
   generation housing in Japan / Naomi Brown -- Coping with demographic
   change: -- Generational reengagements : changing demographic patterns and
   the revival of intergenerational contact in Japan / Leng Leng Thang --
   Depopulation in rural Japan : "population politics" in T*owa-ch*o /
   Christopher S. Thompson -- Repopulating the village? / John Knight --
   Finding common ground : family, gender, and burial in contemporary Japan /
   Satsuki Kawano -- Demographic change and aging: -- Trends in the quantity
   and quality of life at older ages in Japan / Toshiko Kaneda, James M.
   Raymo -- Parent care and shifting family obligations in urban Japan /
   Brenda Robb Jenike -- Contesting coresidence : women, in-laws, and health
   care in rural Japan / John W. Traphagan -- Epilogue: -- Demographic and
   family change : problems and solutions / Susan O. Long, C. Scott Littleton

HB 3732 .R48 2002                        2002
   Rethinking stabilization policy : a symposium / sponsored by the Federal
   Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, August 29-31, 2002.
   Opening remarks / Alan Greenspan -- The evolution of economic
   understanding and postwar stabilization policy / Christina D. Romer, David
   H. Romer -- Is there a role for discretionary fiscal policy? / Alan J,
   Auerbach -- Monetary policy in a changing economic environment / Otmar
   Issing -- Monetary policy in a changing economic environment : the Latin
   American experience / Guillermo Ortiz -- Monetary policy in a changing
   economic environment / Yutaka Yamaguchi -- Monetary policy and real
   stabilization / Lars E.O. Svensson -- Should the European Central Bank and
   the Federal Reserve be concerned about fiscal policy? / Matthew B.
   Canzoneri, Robert E. Cumby, Behzad T. Diba.

HC13 .H57 2004 EB                        2004
   History matters [electronic resource] : essays on economic growth,
   technology, and demographic change / edited by Timothy W. Guinnane,
   William A. Sundstrom, and Warren Whatley.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Path dependence and competitive equilibrium / Kenneth J. Arrow -- Path
   dependence and reswitching in a model of multi-technology adoption / Paul
   Stoneman -- Path dependence, network form, and technological change /
   Douglas J. Puffert -- The tension between strong history and strong
   economics / Melvin W. Reder -- Financial history and the long reach of the
   second Thirty-years' war / Charles W. Calomiris -- Path dependence in
   action : the adoption and persistence of the Korean model of economic
   development / Phillip Wonhyuk Lim -- Continuing confusion : entry prices
   in telecommunications / Peter Temin -- After the war boom : reconversion
   on the Pacific coast, 1943-1949 / Paul W. Rhode -- Standardization,
   diversity, and learning in China's nuclear power program / Geoffrey
   Rothwell -- Incentives, information, and welfare : England's new poor law
   and the workhouse test / Timothy Besley, Stephen Coate, and Timothy W.
   Guinnane -- Family matters : the life-cycle transition and the antebellum
   American fertility decline / Susan B. Carter, Roger L. Ransom, and Richard
   Sutch -- Building "universal service" in the early Bell system : the
   coevolution of regional urban systems and long-distance telephone networks
   / David F. Weiman -- International competition for technology investments
   : does national ownership matter? / Trond E. Olsen -- Conjectural
   estimates of economic growth in the lower south, 1720 to 1800 / Peter C.
   Mancall, Joshua L. Rosenbloom, and Thomas Weiss -- The value-added
   approach to the measurement of economic growth / Mark Thomas and Charles
   Feinstein -- A user's guide to the joys and pitfalls of cohort parity
   analysis / Warren C. Sanderson -- Stochastic dynamic optimization models
   with random effects in parameters : an application to age at marriage and
   life-cycle fertility control in France under the old regime / Thomas A.
   Mroz and David R. Weir.

HC29 G53 2004 EB                         2004
   Dream merchants & howboys [electronic resource] : mavericks, nutters and
   the road to business success / Barry J. Gibbons.

HC59.15 .L58 2004 EB                     2004
   Little data book 2004 [electronic resource].

HC59.3 L58 2004 EB                       2004
   The little green data book 2004 [electronic resource] : from the World
   Development Indicators 2004 / [International Bank for Reconstruction and
   Development, the World Bank]

HC59.72 .E44 I467 2004 EB                2004
   Involuntary resettlement [electronic resource] : planning and
   implementation in development projects.

HC59.72 .I55 I545 2004 EB                2004
   Information technology policy and the digital divide [electronic resource]
   : lessons for developing countries / edited by Mitsuhiro Kagami, Masatsugu
   Tsuji, Emanuele Giovannetti.

HC59.72 .T4 I53 2004 EB                  2004
   Innovation systems [electronic resource] : World Bank support of science
   and technology development / Vinod K. Goel ... [et al.].

HC79 .C6 C678 2004 EB                    2004
   Contemporary consumption rituals [electronic resource] : a research
   anthology / edited by Cele C. Otnes, Tina M. Lowrey.
   Consumer rituals and the media -- Holidays and consumption -- Wedding
   rituals across cultures -- Gift exchange -- Pushing the boundary of

HC79 .C6 J64 2004 EB                     2004
   Don't think pink [electronic resource] : what really makes women buy--and
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   how to increase your share of this crucial market / Lisa Johnson, Andrea
   Brain training : how not to think pink -- Now you see "her" : the visible
   approach to marketing to women -- Now you don't (see "her") : the
   transparent approach to marketing to women -- Inside a woman's mind : the
   scientific underpinnings -- Shaping the generations : baby boomers (and
   matures) to gen yers -- Looking beyond the generations : the buying
   filters of life stages and roles -- Cultural influencers : the buying
   filters of emerging majorities -- Learning curves and life stages :
   relationship-building opportunities -- The internet-savvy woman :
   connecting with her online -- Online research : using e-marketing to see
   women clearly -- Enlisting women as your marketing partners : an alliance
   for brand success -- Investing in a transparent future.

HC79 .D4 G47 2004 EB                     2004
   Military power, conflict, and trade [electronic resource] / Michael P.

HC79 .E4 U38 2004 EB                     2004
   Evaluating sustainable development [electronic resource] : giving people a
   voice in their destiny / Okechukwu Ukaga and Chris Maser.
   Sustainable development and evaluation -- Developing a plan for the
   evaluation -- Data collection -- Analyzing and interpreting data --
   Communication and using evaluation findings -- Designing and implementing
   an evaluation plan.

HC79 .E5 E2163 2004 EB                   2004
   Eco-efficiency, regulation, and sustainable business [electronic resource]
   : towards a governance structure for sustainable development / edited by
   Raimund Bleischwitz, Peter Hennicke.

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   The economics of non-convex ecosystems [electronic resource] / edited by
   Partha Dasgupta and Karl-G*oran M*aler.

HC79 .E5 E354 2004 EB                    2004
   One with Nineveh [electronic resource] : politics, consumption, and the
   human future / Paul R. Ehrlich and Anne H. Ehrlich.
   Dominating a planet -- The costs of success -- The tide of population --
   The consumption factor -- Technology matters -- Dealing with
   overpopulation -- Addressing overconsumption -- A culture out of step -- A
   millenium assessment: human behavior and ethics -- Sustainable governance
   in america -- Healing a world of wounds.

HC79 .E5 G326 2004 EB                    2004
   Game practice and the environment [electronic resource] / edited by Carlo
   Carraro, Vito Fragnelli.

HC79 .E5 H648 2003 EB                    2003
   The real environmental crisis [electronic resource] : why poverty, not
   affluence, is the environment's number one enemy / Jack M. Hollander.

HC79 .E5 I5148 2005 EB                   2005
   Information systems for sustainable development [electronic resource] /
   [edited by] Lorenz M. Hilty, Eberhard K. Seifert, Rene Treibert.

HC79 .E5 I616 2004 EB                    2004
   The international yearbook of environmental and resource economics
   2004/2005 [electronic resource] : a survey of current issues / edited by
   Tom Tietenberg and Henk Folmer.

HC79 .H53 .B37 2004 EB                   2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM
   Globalization and a high-tech economy [electronic resource] : California,
   the United States, and beyond / by Ashok Deo Bardhan, Dwight M. Jaffee,
   Cynthia A. Kroll.

HC79 .H53 V5 2004 EB                     2004
   Successful marketing strategy for high-tech firms [electronic resource] /
   Eric Viardot.

HC79 .I5 A15 2003 EB                     2003
   Achieving justice [electronic resource] : comparative public opinion on
   income distribution / by Toril Aalberg.

HC79 .I55 D5455 2005 EB                  2005
   Digital economy [electronic resource] : impacts, influences, and
   challenges / Harbhajan S. Kehal, Varinder P. Singh [editors].

HC79 .T4 F54 2004 EB                     2004
   Territories of profit [electronic resource] : communications, capitalist
   development, and the innovative enterprises of G.F. Swift and Dell
   Computer / Gary Fields.
   Communications and innovation, business organization and territory -- From
   communications and innovation, to business organization and territory: a
   synthesis -- The railroad and telegraph as commerce system and market
   space -- Continental divide: the business enterprise of G.F. Swift &
   Company -- The Internet as commerce system and market space -- Global
   reach: the business organization of Dell Computer -- The rhyme of history.

HC102.5 .A2 O73 2004 EB                  2004
   Ordinary women-- extraordinary success [electronic resource] : everything
   you need to excel, from America's top women motivators / Courtney Anderson
   ... [et al.].

HC102.5 .C85 A3 2004 EB                   2004
   Can't take it with you [electronic resource] : the art of making and
   giving money / Lewis B. Cullman.
   Deal me in -- Marching to New Haven -- Weathering the war -- "You just
   might meet someone" -- From investor to owner -- Building a business --
   Giving as good as I got -- Letting go.

HC106.83 .Y35 2004 EB                    2004
   The trader's guide to key economic indicators [electronic resource] /
   Richard Yamarone.
   Gross domestic product -- Indices of leading, lagging, and coincident
   indicators -- The employment situation -- Industrial production and
   capacity utilization -- Institute for supply management indices --
   Manufacturers' shipments, inventories, and orders -- Manufacturing and
   trade inventories and sales -- New residential construction -- Conference
   board consumer confidence and University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment
   indices -- Advance monthly sales for retail trade and food services --
   Personal income and outlays -- Consumer and producer price indices.

HC107 .V8 C57 WINTER 2002 V.7 ISSUE 1    0199
   Commerce quarterly.

HC107 .V83 I53 2000                      2000
   Facts for business decisions.
HC110 .H53 S513 2004 EB                  2004
   Academic entrepreneurship [electronic resource] : university spinoffs and
   wealth creation / Scott Shane.

HC125 .T47 2004 EB                       2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Tercera v*ia y neoliberalismo [electronic resource] : un an*alisis
   cr*itico / Jeremy Lester ... [et al.] ; coordinado por John

HC154 .R62 2004 EB                       2004
   The road to sustained growth in Jamaica [electronic resource].

HC167 .S67 P47 2004 EB                   2004
   The Southern Cone model [electronic resource] : the political economy of
   regional capitalist development in Latin America / Nicola Phillips.
   The political economy of capitalist development -- Post-war development
   and regional integration -- Versions of neoliberalism -- The Mercosur
   project -- The reconfiguration of regionalist dynamics -- Labour --
   Business -- States -- The Southern Cone model.

HC200 .P6 A73 2004 EB                    2004
   Voices of the poor in Colombia [electronic resource] : strengthening
   livelihoods, families, and communities / Jairo A. Arboleda, Patti L.
   Petesch, James Blackburn.

HC254.5 .P93 2004 EB                      2004
   Production and consumption in English households, 1600-1750 [electronic
   resource] / Mark Overton ... [et al.].
   Household economies and economic development in early modern England --
   Probate inventories -- Household production -- By-employment, women's work
   and 'unproductive' households -- The material culture of consumption --
   Rooms and room-use -- Wealth, occupation, status and location.

HC280 .I55 T78 2004 EB                   2004
   Silicon and the State [electronic resource] : French innovation policy in
   the Internet age / Gunnar Trumbull.
   Technology and the State -- The State and the entrepreneur -- Private
   equity in the shadow of the State -- Minitel and the Internet --
   Regulation and the Internet -- Silicon and the State.

HC295 .L95 2002 EB                       2002
   Britain and the Greek economic crisis, 1944-1947 [electronic resource] :
   from liberation to the Truman Doctrine / Athanasios Lykogiannis.

HC305 .F47 2004 EB                       2004
   Rescued by Europe? [electronic resource] : social and labour market
   reforms in Italy from Maastricht to Berlusconi / Maurizio Ferrera &
   Elisabetta Gualmini.

HC329.5 .E5 K45 2004 EB                  2005
   Business, government, and sustainable development [electronic resource] /
   Gerard Keijzers.
HC336.27 .E26 2004 EB                    2004
   The economic prospects of the CIS [electronic resource] : sources of long
   term growth / edited by Gur Ofer and Richard Pomfret.

HC401 .B85 2004 EB                       2004
   Building market institutions in South Eastern Europe [electronic resource]
   : comparative prospects for investment and private sector development /
   Harry G. Broadman ... [et al.].

HC405 .Z9 P62 2004 EB                    2004
   Mapped in or mapped out? [electronic resource] : the Romanian poor in
   inter-household and community networks / Maria Amelina, Dan Chiribuca,
   Stephen Knack.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HC415.24 .M35 2004 EB                    2004
   The lessons of Lebanon [electronic resource] : the economics of war and
   development / Samir Makdisi.
   The period preceding the civil war: relative economic stability, growth,
   socio-economic gaps and underlying political instability -- The war
   period, 1975-90: resilience versus fragmentation -- The post-war period:
   aspirations versus reality. 1. Political background, growth and
   macroeconomics -- The post-war period: aspirations versus reality. 2.
   Labour market, governance and socio-economic issues -- Lebanon,
   development and globalization: concluding reflections.

HC415.25 .B68 2004 EB                    2004
   The peace business [electronic resource] : money and power in the
   Palestine-Israel conflict / Markus E. Bouillon.

HC415.26 .H385 2004 EB                   2004
   Jordan [electronic resource] : supporting stable development in a
   challenging region : a joint World Bank-Islamic Development Bank
   evaluation / Fareed M.A. Hassan, Djelloul Al-Saci.

HC444 .E263 2004 EB                      2004
   Economic growth, poverty, and household welfare in Vietnam [electronic
   resource] / edited by Paul Glewwe, Nisha Agrawal, David Dollar.

HC460.5 .G66 2004 EB                     2004
   Global change and East Asian policy initiatives [electronic resource] /
   Shahid Yusuf, M. Anjum Altaf, and Kaoru Nabeshima, editors.

HC460.5 .L563 2004 EB                    2004
   East Asian economic regionalism [electronic resource] / Edward J. Lincoln.
   Introduction -- Characteristics of the East Asian region -- Trade links --
   Investment links -- Broad regional institutions -- The East Asian
   alternatives -- More exclusive trade alternatives -- East Asian monetary
   cooperation -- Regional leadership -- Conclusion and U.S. policy

HC460.5 .S27 2004 EB                     2004
   Microregionalism and governance in East Asia [electronic resource] /
   Katsuhiro Sasuga.
   Introduction -- Theoretical perspectives on regions, regionalization, and
   microregionalism -- Guangdong and Chinese multilevel governance -- China,
   Guangdong and microregional integration -- Japanese foreign direct
   investment and East Asian microregionalism -- Cross-border production
   networks across the Taiwan strait -- The structure and operation of
   cross-border networks of governance -- Conclusion and implications.

HC467.95 .K6746 2004 EB                  2004
   The Korean economy beyond the crisis [electronic resource] / edited by
   Duck-Koo Chung, Barry Eichengreen.

HC 470 .2 .N49 2004                      2004
   A new international engagement framework for North Korea? : contending
   perspectives / Ahn Choong-yong, Nicholas Eberstadt, and Lee Young-sun,

HC 470 .C3 A44 2003                       2003
   Korea's capital investment : returns at the level of the economy,
   industry, and firm / Arthur Alexander.
   Capital, growth, and rates of return in Korea -- Estimating aggregate
   rates of return -- Rates of return in Korean corporations -- Rates of
   return in Korean nonfinancial industries -- Returns, productivity, and
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HC498 .A7192 2003 EB                     2003
   Arab economic integration [electronic resource] : between hope and reality
   / Ahmed Galal, Bernard Hoekman, editors.
   Between hope and reality : an overview of Arab economic integration /
   Ahmed Galal and Bernard Hoekman -- The economics and politics of Arab
   economic integration / Samiha Fawzy -- Egypt's export puzzle / Ahmed Galal
   and Samiha Fawzy -- A survey of barriers to trade and investment in Arab
   countries / Jamel Zarrouk -- Alternative paths to prosperity : economic
   integration among Arab countries / Denise Eby Konan -- Initial conditions
   and incentives for Arab economic integration : can the European
   Community's success be emulated? / Bernard Hoekman and Patrick Messerlin
   -- What can Arab countries learn from Europe? an institutional analysis /
   L. Alan Winters.

HD30.2 .C626 2004 EB                     2004
   Collaborative networked oganizations [electronic resource] : a research
   agenda for emerging business models / edited by Luis M. Camarinha-Matos,
   Hamideh Afsarmanesh.

HD30.2 .E46 2004 EB                      2004
   Embracing the knowledge economy [electronic resource] : the dynamic
   transformation of the Finnish innovation system / edited by Gerd

HD30.2 .G677 2005 EB                     2005
   Strategic knowledge management technology [electronic resource] / Petter
HD30.2 .I536 2004 EB                     2004
   Innovations of knowledge management [electronic resource] / Bonnie
   Montano, editor.
   Knowledge management methods -- Jewels and underwood -- The impact of
   informal networks on knowledge management strategy -- Knowledge capture
   between between consultancies -- Consultancies and freelance
   subcontractors -- Sharing of contextual knowledge in virtual communities
   -- Corporate memories -- Knowledge discovery process and introduction of
   domain knowledge -- The organizational characteristics of
   knowledge-centricity -- Knowledge management tools -- Making knowledge
   management system an effective tool for learning and training -- Web
   service modeling framework for the enhanced enhanced data warehouse --
   Enterprise portals and knowledge management processesl -- Amalgamating
   ontological modeling with bluetooth service discovery -- Effective
   integration of computer-supported collaborative learning into knowledge
   management structures -- Knowledge management for attaining strategic
   advantage -- Knowledge management -- The role of knowledge creation in
   competitive advantage -- Promoting organizational knowledge sharing --
   Value creation through through customer -- Derived revenue -- The impact
   of informal networks on knowledge management strategy.

HD30.2 .L54 2004 EB                      2004
   Manage IT as a business [electronic resource] : how to achieve alignment
   and add value to the company / Bennet P. Lientz, Lee Larssen.

HD30.2 .M347 2004 EB                     2004
   Organizational knowledge and technology [electronic resource] : an
   action-oriented perspective on organization and information systems /
   Rodrigo Magalh*aes.

HD30.2 .S234 2004 EB                     2004
   The conductive organization [electronic resource] : building beyond
   sustainability / Hubert Saint-Onge and Charles Armstrong.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HD30.2 .S67 2003 EB                      2003
   Business performance intelligence software [electronic resource] : a
   market evaluation / Dean Sorensen and Ken Peckham.

HD30.2 .W527 2004 EB                     2004
   People-focused knowledge management [electronic resource] : how effective
   decision making leads to corporate success / Karl M. Wiig.

HD30.2 .W53 2004 EB                      2004
   IT performance management [electronic resource] / Peter Wiggers, Henk Kok,
   Maritha de Boer-de Wit.

HD30.213 .G46 2005 EB                    2005
   Geographic information systems in business [electronic resource] / James
   B. Pick, editor.

HD30.213 .P37 2004 EB                    2004
   The past and future of information systems [electronic resource] / edited
   by Kim Viborg Anderson and Morton Thanning Vendelo.
HD30.23 .B5 2004 EB                      2004
   Strategic decision making [electronic resource] : applying the analytic
   hierarchy process / Navneet Bhushan and Kanwal Rai.

HD30.23 .S94 2004 EB                     2004
   Systems modelling [electronic resource] : theory and practice / edited by
   Michael Pidd.
   1: Complementarity in systems modelling / Michael Pidd -- Systems
   modelling -- Messes and wicked problems -- Hard and soft approaches --
   What do we mean by complementarity? -- References -- 2: Insights from
   complexity: organisational change and systems modelling / Michael Lyons --
   Introduction -- Complex adaptive systems and complexity -- Complexity and
   management -- Working with systemic problems -- The simulation of
   complexity -- Conclusion: complementarity intrinsic to complexity? --
   References -- 3: 'Classic' or and 'soft' or - an asymmetric
   complementarity / Peter Checkland and Sue Holwell -- Introduction --
   Classic or methodology -- Soft systems methodology -- 'Hard' and 'soft'
   perspectives -- The relation between 'hard' and 'soft' perspectives : an
   asymmetric complementarity -- Conclusion -- References -- 4: The
   effectiveness of high dependency care / Roth Kowalczyk -- Introduction --
   The issues -- Effective high dependency care provision -- Methods and
   methodology -- Analysing the introduction of high dependency care --
   Effects -- Conclusions -- References -- 5: Complementarity in practice /
   George Paterson -- Introduction -- Organisational setting for or/ms
   practice -- Types of assistance available -- Or/ms in relation to other
   consulting offerings -- Models and modelling -- Examples from the oil and
   gas industry -- Complementarity of hard and soft -- References -- 6: The
   complementary use of hard and soft or in developing tax policy / Joyce
   Brown and Ceri Cooper -- Introduction -- Background -- The hard or in the
   tax study -- The soft or -- Complementarity -- Acknowledgements --
   References -- 7: Mental models and learning in system dynamics practice:
   john morecroft -- Introduction -- Mental models, transitional objects and
   formal models -- Models of business and social systems -- The BBC World
   Service modelling project -- The impact on managerial thinking of the
   World Service project -- Discussion -- References -- 8: Using causal
   mapping - individual and group, traditional and new / Fran Ackermann and
   Colin Eden. -- Background to mapping -- Modes of use -- Applications of

HD30.23 .V575 2004 EB                    2004
   Visible thinking [electronic resource] : unlocking causal mapping for
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   practical business results / John M. Bryson ... [et al.].
   What to do when thinking matters -- How and why mapping works -- How not
   to miss the boat -- House of the rising fun -- It's a bummer to be JB --
   To merge or not to merge : that is the question! -- Small college hoping
   not to get smaller -- Making the most of our assets -- A question of
   turning around -- Learning from the chapters, or how does this all fit
   together and how can I make use of it? -- Benefits, limitations, and the
   future of mapping.

HD30.25 .M27 2004 EB                     2004
   Dynamic modeling for business management [electronic resource] : an
   introduction / Bernard McGarvey, Bruce Hannon.

HD30.255 .C654 2004 EB                   2004
   Institutional change for sustainable development [electronic resource] /
   Robin Connor and Stephen Dovers.

HD30.28 .B4533 2004 EB                   2004
   From business strategy to IT action [electronic resource] : right
   decisions for a better bottom line / Robert J. Benson, Thomas L. Bugnitz,
   William B. Walton.

HD30.28 .C415 2004 EB                    2004
   Business solutions on demand [electronic resource] : transform the
   business to deliver real customer value / Mark Cerasale, Merlin Stone.

HD30.28 L36 2004 EB                      2004
   Cool search [electronic resource] : keeping your organization in touch and
   on the edge / Jean Lammiman and Michel Syrett.

HD30.28 .W3353 2004 EB                   2004
   On the fly [electronic resource] : executing strategy in a changing world
   / Stephen J. Wall.

HD30.29 .L69 2004 EB                     2004
   The power of the 2x2 matrix [electronic resource] : using 2x2 thinking to
   solve business problems and make better decisions / Alex Lowy, Phil Hood ;
   foreword by James H. Gilmore and B. Joseph Pine II.
   The DNA of great problem solving -- Form, method and mastery -- The eight
   archetypal dilemmas -- Designing 2x2 matrices -- 2x2 thinking in action :
   Fujitsu FTXS tackles level 2 dilemmas -- 2x2 frameworks inventory.

HD30.29 .N344 2004 EB                    2004
   Smart questions [electronic resource] : learn to ask the right questions
   for powerful results / Gerald Nadler, William J. Chandon.

HD30.29 .V32 2003 EB                     2003
   Designing solutions for your business problems [electronic resource] : a
   structured process for managers and consultants / Betty Vandenbosch.
   All problems are local : understanding the situation -- What's the point?
   : agreeing on the objective -- People have to be interested : building
   relationships -- Size matters : determining the scope -- Less is more :
   constructing hypotheses -- How, when, and who? : planning the effort --
   People have to be part of it : nurturing commitment -- Not just the facts
   : building the logic -- If you can't choose, you lose : designing the
   solution -- Who's going to do it : driving execution.

HD30.3 .C873 2003 EB                     2003
   Communication best practices at Dell, General Electric, Microsoft, and
   Monsanto [electronic resource] / by Donald P. Cushman and Sarah Sanderson
   King ; with a chapter by Ted Smith III and Williams C. Adams.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HD30.3 .D462 2004 EB                     2004
   Squirrel Inc [electronic resource]. : a fable of leadership through
   storytelling / Stephen Denning.

HD30.3 .K547 2004 EB                     2004
   Rumors and rumor control [electronic resource] : a manager's guide to
   understanding and combatting rumors / Allan J. Kimmel.

HD30.3 .K7 2004 EB                       2004
   Managing uncertainty in organizational communication [electronic resource]
   / Michael W. Kramer.

HD30.3 .S765 2005 EB                     2005
   Storytelling in organizations [electronic resource] : why storytelling is
   transforming 21st century organizations and management / John Seely Brown
   ... [et al].

HD30.37 .W428 2005 EB                    2005
   Web portals [electronic resource] : the new gateways to Internet
   information and services / [edited by] Arthur Tatnall.

HD30.38 .M325 2002 EB                    2004
   Guarding your business [electronic resource] : a management approach to
   security / edited by Sumit Ghosh, Manu Malek and Edward A. Stohr.

HD30.4 .I574 2005 EB                     2005
   International assignments [electronic resource] : an integration of
   strategy, research, and practice / Linda K. Stroh ... [et al.].

HD30.4 .S38 2005 EB                      2005
   Research methods for organizational studies [electronic resource] / Donald
   P. Schwab.

HD31 .J629 2004 EB                       2004
   Business economics and managerial decision making [electronic resource] /
   Trefor Jones.

HD31 .L31568 2003 EB                     2003
   The sustainable company [electronic resource] : how to create lasting
   value through social and environmental performance / Chris Laszlo.
   The leap to sustainable value -- Toward an integrated bottom line -- The
   new ethics in business -- What gets measured gets managed -- Shareholder
   value and corporate responsibility -- The stakeholder mind-set and culture
   -- Companies creating sustainable value -- Patagonia, Inc. -- The Atlantic
   Richfield Corporation (ARCO) -- The Co-operative Bank -- Bulmers Limited
   -- The value creation tool kit -- Introduction to the tool kit -- The
   eight disciplines -- Putting it all together -- Surveys of multinational
   companies -- Postscript: leadership skills and the sustainable firm / Dr.
   Bruce Piasecki.

HD31 .V36 2003 EB                        2003
   Being there without going there [electronic resource] / by George and
   Keith van Ness.

HD31 .W424 2004 EB                       2004
   Productive workplaces revisited [electronic resource] : dignity, meaning,
   and community in the 21st century / Marvin R. Weisbord.
   A personal prologue: discovering theories x and y -- Scientific management
   revisited: a tale of two Taylors -- The consulting engineer: Taylor
   invents a new profession -- Lewin: the practical theorist -- The learning
   organization: Lewin's legacy to management -- McGregor and the roots of
   organization development -- The human side of enterprise revisited: a new
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   look at theories x and y -- Undoing Taylorism: Emery, Trist, and the
   sociotechnical revolution -- Open systems and the new paradigm: how Emery
   and Trist redefined the workplace -- Adding action to research: Lewin's
   practice theory road map -- Methods of diagnosis and action: taking
   snapshots and making movies -- Rethinking organizational improvement: new
   perspectives on consultation -- Improving whole systems: alternatives to
   the report-in-the-drawer phenomenon -- Management training in academic
   medicine -- Productivity after Taylor: systems learning replaces expert
   analysis -- Managing and consulting in the 21st century -- Transforming
   teamwork: working relationships in a fast-changing world -- Designing
   work: structure and process for learning and self-control -- Managing and
   consulting beyond the design limits: changing everything at once -- Future
   search: evolving a whole systems improvement strategy -- Improving whole
   systems worldwide -- How there and then looks from here and now: ten cases
   revisited -- Epilogue: still caught between paradigms: where do we go from

HD38.153 .G73 2004 EB                    2004
   Detail process charting [electronic resource] : speaking the language of
   process / Ben B. Graham.
   Introduction -- Who is involved in process improvement -- Defining a
   process improvement project -- Gathering the facts -- Process chart format
   -- Process chart building blocks -- Charting business processes -- Using
   process charts -- Process chart stories.

HD38.2 .C73 2003 EB                      2003
   Business, the universe & everything [electronic resource] : conversations
   with the world's greatest management thinkers / Stuart Crainer and Des

HD38.2 .F85 2004 EB                      2004
   Growing your company's leaders [electronic resource] : how great
   organizations use succession management to sustain competitive advantage /
   Robert M. Fulmer and Jay A. Conger.

HD38.2 .O29 2003 EB                      2003
   The competitive advantage of common sense [electronic resource] : using
   the power you already have / Fergus O'Connell.

HD38.25 .U6 D36 2004 EB                  2004
   Black Power Inc [electronic resource]. : the new voice of success / Cora
   Working while Black -- Beyond rage -- Sistas unite! : are black women
   corporate America's forgotten threat? -- Dissed by diversity : how
   diversity became a dirty word -- Generational warfare -- This generation
   needs no leaders -- What does all this mean for Main Street? -- Separate
   but equal.

HD38.5 .B698 2004 EB                     2004
   Extending the supply chain [electronic resource] : how cutting-edge
   companies bridge the critical last mile into customers' homes / Kenneth
   Karel Boyer, Markham T. Frohlich, and G. Tomas M. Hult.
   Introduction -- the great divide between customers and retailers --
   Decoupled extenaed supply chains -- Semi: Exteneded supply chains -- Fully
   extended supply chains -- Centralized extended supply chains -- Strategy :
   meshing operational and marketing goals -- Marketing : tapping customers'
   latent desires -- Supply chain design : how to bridge the last mile --
   Information technology : facilitating learning and streamlining
   transactions -- The future of the extended supply chain.

HD38.5 .E948 2004 EB                     2004
   Evolution of supply chain management [electronic resource] : symbiosis of
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   adaptive value networks and ICT / edited by Yoon S. Chang, Harris C.
   Makatsoris, Howard D. Richards.

HD39.5 H56 2004 EB                       2004
   Supply chain strategies [electronic resource] : customer driven and
   customer focused / Tony Hines.

HD39.5 .N445 2004 EB                     2004
   The supply chain imperative [electronic resource] / Dale Neef.
   Strategic concerns -- The extended global supply chain: new problems and
   new responsibilities -- Risky business -- Companies behaving badly -- The
   SEAAR movement -- Who is in charge here? organizational responsibilities
   for an ethical supply chain program -- The corporate ethics and risk
   management framework -- Choosing an aspirational code of conduct --
   Creating a case for action -- Choosing performance and process standards
   -- Creating measurable and verifiable indicators of performance --
   Building awareness and support for codes and standards -- The supplier
   program -- The audit process -- Compliance issues -- Reporting your good
   work - moving toward triple-bottom-line accounting -- Systems to monitor
   and audit social and environmental performance within the supply chain --
   Pulling it all together: the switcher/prem case study.

HD39.5 .P659 2004 EB                     2004
   Global purchasing and supply management [electronic resource] : fulfill
   the vision / Victor H. Pooler, David J. Pooler, Samuel D. Farney.

HD45 .I5374 2004 EB                      2004
   Innovation, entrepreneurship and culture [electronic resource] : the
   interaction between technology, progress and economic growth / edited by
   Terrence E. Brown, Jan Ulijn.

HD49 .W36 2004 EB                        2004
   The disaster recovery handbook [electronic resource] : a step-by-step plan
   to ensure business continuity and protect vital operations, facilities,
   and assets / Michael Wallace and Lawrence Webber.
   Getting started : overview of the project -- Risk assessment :
   understanding what can go wrong -- Build an interim plan : don't just sit
   there, do something -- Emergency operations center : take control of the
   situation -- Writing the plan : getting it down on paper -- Testing :
   making sure it works -- Electrical service : keeping the juice flowing --
   Telecommunications : your connection to the world -- Vital records
   recovery : covering your assets -- Data : your most irreplaceable asset --
   Networks : the ties that bind -- End-user PCs: the weakest link --
   Customers : other people to worry about -- Suppliers : collateral damage
   -- Fire : burning down the house -- Human resources : your most valuable
   asset -- Backups : the key to a speedy recovery -- Virus containment :
   high tech pest control -- Health and safety : keeping everyone healthy --
   Terrorism: the wrath of man.

HD53 .A96 2003 EB                        2003
   Artful making [electronic resource] : what managers need to know about how
   artists work / Rob Austin, Lee Devin ; foreword by Eric Schmidt.

HD56.25 .N35 2004 EB                     2004
   Essentials of balanced scorecard [electronic resource] / Mohan Nair.
   What is Balanced Scorecard? -- From management to performance management
   -- Mission, vision, values : the precursor to BSC -- Six success factors
   to implementing Balanced Scorecard -- Success factor one : understand self
   -- Success factor two : understand the Balanced Scorecard learning cycle
   -- Success factor three : know the road map for implementation -- Success
   factor four : treat Balanced Scorecard as a project -- Success factor five
   : use technology as an enabler -- Success factor six : cascade the
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   scorecard -- Eleven deadly sins of Balanced Scorecard -- The ultimate
   partnership : Balanced Scorecard and performance management.

HD 57 .7 .C367 2000                      2000
   Leadership skills for managers / Marlene Caroselli.
   What is a leader? -- The leader as visionary -- The leader as
   problem-solver -- The leader as team-builder -- The leader as manager --
   The leader as communicator -- The leader as power distributor -- The
   leader as liaison -- The leader as planner -- The leader as--leader.

HD57.7 .A419 2004 EB                     2004
   Business as war [electronic resource] : battling for competitive advantage
   / by Kenneth Allard.
   Worlds apart? -- War as an audit -- Building leaders of character --
   Deliver us from process -- Organizing for victory - while shooting as few
   bureaucrats as possible -- Business intelligence (another damned thing
   they didn't teach you in b school) -- The other side of the coin -
   enterprise security -- Testing your metl (or what to do when the mission
   really is essential) -- Putting it all together.

HD57.7 .B4 2004 EB                       2004
   Be-know-do [electronic resource] : leadership the Army way : adapted from
   the official Army Leadership Manual / [introduced by Frances Hesselbein
   and General Eric K. Shinseki, foreword by Richard E. Cavanagh]

HD57.7 .B57 2004 EB                      2004
   Leadership the Sven-G*oran Eriksson way [electronic resource] : how to
   turn your team into winners / Julian Birkinshaw & Stuart Crainer.

HD57.7 .C369 2004 EB                     2004
   The emotionally intelligent manager [electronic resource] : how to develop
   and use the four key emotional skills of leadership / David R. Caruso,
   Peter Salovey.
   Learn about the world of emotional intelligence: Emotions and reasoning at
   work; An emotional blueprint -- Understand your emotional skills: Read
   people: identifying emotions; Get in the mood: using emotions; Predict the
   emotional future: understanding emotions; Do it with feeling: managing
   emotions; Measuring emotional skills -- Develop your emotional skills:
   Read people correctly: improving your ability to identify emotions; Get in
   the right mood: improving your ability to use emotions; Predict the
   emotional future accurately: improving your ability to understand
   emotions; Do it with smart feelings: improving your ability to manage
   emotions -- Apply your emotional skills: Managing you: applying your
   emotional intelligence skills; Managing others: applying emotional
   intelligence skills with others; Building the emotionally intelligent
   manager -- Appendix 1: Assessing your emotional style -- Appendix 2: The
   emotional blueprint -- Appendix 3: Further reading and updates.

HD57.7 .C39 2004 EB                      2004
   The CCL guide to leadership in action [electronic resource] : how managers
   and organizations can improve the practice of leadership / Martin Wilcox,
   Stephen Rush, editors ; foreword by Frances Hesselbein.

HD57.7 .C63 2003 EB                      2003
   Value leadership [electronic resource] : the 7 principles that drive
   corporate value in any economy / Peter S. Cohan.
   Where do you stand? : the value quotient -- People matter : value human
   relationships -- Two heads are better than one : foster teamwork -- Growth
   matters : experiment frugally -- Trust is vital : fulfill your commitments
   -- Succeed can breed failure : fight complacency -- Profit is vital : win
   through multiple means -- Doing good matters : give to your community --
   Actions speak louder than words : value leadership for executives,
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   investors, and policymakers.

HD57.7 .C6425 2004 EB                    2004
   The art of the strategist [electronic resource] : 10 essential principles
   for leading your company to victory / William A. Cohen.
   The fundamental principle : commit fully to a definite objective -- Seize
   the initiative and keep it -- Economize to mass your resources -- Use
   strategic positioning -- Do the unexpected -- Keep things simple --
   Prepare multiple simultaneous alternatives -- Take the indirect route to
   your objective -- Practice timing and sequencing -- Exploit your success
   -- Strategy must be tailored to fit the environment -- Crisis strategy -
   what to do when things go wrong -- How to apply the principles of strategy
   -- The lessons are not only essential-- they're universal.

HD57.7 .D675 2004 EB                     2004
   Leadership passages [electronic resource] : the personal and professional
   transitions that make or break a leader / David L. Dotlich, James L. Noel,
   Norman Walker.
   What is effective leadership? -- How do leaders learn? -- Joining a
   company -- Moving into a leadership role -- Accepting the stretch
   assignment -- Assuming responsibility for a business -- Dealing with
   significant failure for which you are responsible -- Coping with a bad
   boss and competitive peers -- Losing your job or being passed over for
   promotion -- Being part of an acquisition or merger -- Living in a
   different country or culture -- Finding a meaningful balance between work
   and family -- Letting go of ambition -- Facing personal upheaval -- Losing
   faith in the system -- How companies can use passages to develop
   leadership -- An eight-step survive-and-thrive guide.

HD57.7 .G36 2004 EB                      2004
   Leading the way [electronic resource] : three truths from the top
   companies for leaders / Robert Gandossy and Marc Effron.
   The looming leadership crisis -- Leadership truth #1 : CEOs and board of
   directors at top companies provide leadership and inspiration --
   Leadership truth #2 : top companies have a maniacal focus on the best
   talent -- Leadership truth #3 : top companies put in place the right
   programs, done right -- Pay attention to subtlety : the little things are
   the big things -- Starting from scratch to build a strong leadership
   pipeline -- Future directions : new rules for the 21st century.

HD57.7 .G653 2003 EB                     2003
   Global leadership [electronic resource] : the next generation / Marshall
   Goldsmith ... [et al.].

HD57.7 .H3653 2004 EB                    2004
   Your coach (in a book) [electronic resource] : mastering the trickiest
   leadership, business, and career challenges you will ever face / by Robert
   Hargrove, Michel Renaud.

HD57.7 .H678 2003 EB                     2003
   The haves and the have nots [electronic resource] : the abuse of power and
   privilege in the workplace-- and how to control it / Harvey A. Hornstein.

HD57.7 .L415 2004 EB                     2004
   Leader development for transforming organizations [electronic resource] :
   growing leaders for tomorrow / edited by David V. Day, Stephen J. Zaccaro,
   Stanley M. Halpin.

HD57.7 .M385 2003 EB                     2003
   The many facets of leadership [electronic resource] / Marshall Goldsmith
   ... [et al.].

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HD57.7 .M3957 2004 EB                    2004
   Golf and the game of leadership [electronic resource] : an 18-hole guide
   for success in business and in life / Donald E. McHugh.

HD57.7 .N6 2004 EB                       2004
   No excuse leadership [electronic resource] : lessons from the U.S. Army's
   elite Rangers / [edited by] Brace E. Barber.
   Rangers are persistent / Brace Barber -- Rangers are humble / Robert "Tex"
   Turner -- Rangers are focused / Eric Faulkner -- Rangers are driven / Mark
   Chandler -- Rangers are instinctual / David Stockwell -- Rangers are
   honest / Lance Bagley -- Rangers are selfless / Eric Werner -- Rangers are
   confident / W. John Hutt / Rangers are dutiful / Scott Sharp -- Rangers
   are determined / Steve Adams.
HD57.7 .P494 2004 EB                     2004
   The leadership scorecard [electronic resource] / Jack J. Phillips, Lynn

HD57.7 .R625 2004 EB                     2004
   The accidental leader [electronic resource] : what to do when you're
   suddenly in charge / Harvey Robbins, Michael Finley.

HD57.7 .S43 2004 EB                      2004
   Inspire! [electronic resource] : what great leaders do / Lance Secretan.

HD57.7 .U43 2004 EB                      2004
   Into the unknown [electronic resource] : leadership lessons from Lewis &
   Clark's daring westward adventure / Jack Uldrich.
   Why Lewis and Clark matter: Lewis and Clark: leaders for their time - and
   ours -- The journey of the Corps of Discovery: a summary of key events and
   dates -- The leadership principles of Lewis and Clark -- Passionate
   purpose: the principle of a higher calling -- Productive partnering: the
   principle of shared leadership -- Future think: the principle of strategic
   preparation -- Honoring differences: the principle of diversity --
   Equitable justice: the principle of compassionate discipline -- Absolute
   responsibility: the principle of leading from the front -- Meaningful
   mentoring: the principle of learning from others -- Realistic optimism:
   the principle of positive thinking -- Rational risk: the principle of
   aggressive analysis -- Cultivating a corps of discovery: the principle of
   developing team spirit -- Epilogue.

HD57.7 .W56 2004 EB                      2004
   Building the bridge as you walk on it [electronic resource] : a guide for
   leading change / Robert E. Quinn.
   Building the bridge as you walk on it -- The fundamental state of
   leadership -- Entering the fundamental state of leadership -- Personal
   revitalization -- Becoming more aware and authentic -- Transforming others
   by transforming self -- A new view of leadership -- Reflective action --
   Authentic engagement -- Appreciative inquiry -- Grounded vision --
   Adaptive confidence -- Detached interdependence -- Responsible freedom --
   Tough love -- The stages of self-change -- Inviting others into the
   fundamental state of leadership.

HD57.7 .Y848 2004 EB                     2004
   Flexible leadership [electronic resource] : creating value by balancing
   multiple challenges and choices / Gary Yukl, Richard Lepsinger.

HD58 .M76 2004 EB                        2004
   Multinational firms' location and the new economic geography [electronic
   resource] / edited by Jean-Louis Mucchielli and Thierry Mayer.

HD58.6 .R435 2004 EB                     2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   The skilled negotiator [electronic resource] : mastering the language of
   engagement / Kathleen Kelley Reardon.
   Defining the art -- A versatile frame of mind -- Preparation and planning
   -- Prioritizing issues, setting and revising goals -- Ethical
   considerations -- The persuasive opening -- Persuasion strategy choices --
   The role of power -- When the discussion gets stalled or heated -- Taking
   negotiation talents global.

HD58.7 .M645 2002 EB                     2002
   Oh behave! [electronic resource] : reinforcing successful behaviors at
   work with consequences / by Bruce Moeller & Craig Muller ; with Andrew

HD58.7 .S33 2004 EB                      2004
   Organizational culture and leadership [electronic resource] / Edgar H.

HD58.7 .W527 2004 EB                     2004
   Hunting and gathering in the corporate tribe [electronic resource] :
   archetypes of the corporate culture / Keith D. Wilcock.

HD58.8 .B75 2003 EB                      2003
   Managing transitions [electronic resource] : making the most of change /
   William Bridges.

HD58.8 .C317 2004 EB                     2004
   Making sense of change management [electronic resource] : a complete guide
   to the models, tools & techniques of organizational change / Esther
   Cameron & Mike Green.

HD58.8 C36 2004 EB                       2004
   Atomic [electronic resource] : reforming the business landscape into the
   new structures of tomorrow / Roger Camrass and Martin Farncombe.

HD58.8 .D366 2004 EB                     2004
   Breakthrough [electronic resource] : how great companies set outrageous
   objectives, and achieve them / Bill Davidson.

HD58.8 .D96 2004 EB                      2004
   Dynamics of organizational change and learning [electronic resource] /
   edited by Jaap J. Boonstra.

HD58.8 .K568 2004 EB                     2004
   True change [electronic resource] : how outsiders on the inside get things
   done in organizations / Janice A. Klein.
   What is true change? -- The process of pulling change -- Aligning pulls
   across the organization -- Working within the existing culture to pull
   change -- Preparing insiders to wear two hats -- Preparing outsiders to
   wear two hats -- Getting to the right place at the right time to pull
   change -- Maintaining outsider-insider perspectives.

HD58.82 .B37 2004 EB                     2004
   Creating a reusable learning objects strategy [electronic resource] :
   leveraging information and learning in a knowledge economy / Chuck Barritt
   and F. Lee Alderman, Jr.

HD58.82 .G67 2004 EB                     2004
   Performance through learning [electronic resource] : knowledge management
   in practice / Carol Gorelick, Nick Milton, Kurt April.

HD58.82 .K66 2004 EB                     2004
   Learning for innovation in the global knowledge economy [electronic
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   resource] : a European and south-east Asian perspective / by Dimitrios

HD58.82 .L37 2004 EB                     2004
   Leading organizational learning [electronic resource] : harnessing the
   power of knowledge / Marshall Goldsmith, Howard Morgan, Alexander J. Ogg,
   Processes that work -- The real work of knowledge management -- Tangling
   with learning intangibles -- When transferring trapped corporate knowledge
   to suppliers is a winning strategy -- Informal learning -- The company as
   a marketplace for ideas -- Knowledge mapping -- Just-in-time guidance --
   Leaders that make a difference -- What leading executives know and you
   need to learn -- Rethinking our leadership thinking -- Learning at the top
   -- Unleash the learning epidemic -- Leading -- What's the big idea? the
   "little things" that build great leadership in organizations -- Changes
   for the future -- Learning stored forward -- Developing new ideas for your
   clients-and convincing them to act -- Making knowledge move -- The role of
   change management in knowledge management -- Building social connections
   to gain the knowledge advantage -- Case studies and examples -- Some key
   examples of knowledge management -- Leadership and access to ideas --
   Capturing ideas, creating information, and liberating knowledge --
   Learning at the speed of flight -- The audacity of imagination --
   Developing a learning culture on wall street.

HD58.9 .C643 2004 EB                     2004
   Performance management [electronic resource] : finding the missing pieces
   (to close the intelligence gap) / Gary Cokins.

HD59 I57 2001 EB                         2001
   Inside the minds [electronic resource] : the art of public relations.

HD59 .L36 2005 EB                        2005
   Applied public relations [electronic resource] : cases in stakeholder
   management / Larry F. Lamb, Kathy Brittain McKee.

HD60.5 .U5 R82 2004 EB                   2004
   The good corporate citizen [electronic resource] : a practical guide /
   Doris Rubenstein.

HD61 .C46 2004 EB                        2004
   Operational risk control with Basel II [electronic resource] : basic
   principles and capital requirements / Dimitris N. Chorafas.

HD61 .H55 2004 EB                        2004
   Smart risk [electronic resource] / Andrew Holmes.

HD61 .L49 2004 EB                        2004
   Operational risk with Excel and VBA [electronic resource] : applied
   statistical methods for risk management / Nigel Da Costa Lewis.

HD61 .M265 2004 EB                       2004
   Managing risk in nonprofit organizations [electronic resource] : a
   comprehensive guide / Melanie L. Herman ... [et al.].
   Managing risk in the nonprofit sector. Nature and purposes of risk
   management -- Recognizing the context for risk management -- Understanding
   the general risks facing nonprofit organizations. Property risks -- Income
   risks -- Liability risks -- People risks -- Reputation and mission risks
   -- Managing volunteer risks -- Governance and fiduciary risk -- Managing
   risks related to serving vulnerable populations -- Managing the risks of
   transporting clients -- Managing collaboration risk -- Risk financing for
   nonprofits. Fundamental objectives and alternatives for risk financing --
   Working with insurance professionals -- Insurance.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HD62.15 .O173 2004 EB                    2004
   Oakland on quality management [electronic resource] / John S. Oakland.

HD62.4 .B583X 2004 EB                    2004
   The Blackwell handbook of global management [electronic resource] : a
   guide to managing complexity / edited by Henry W. Lane ... [et al.].

HD62.4 .M396 2004 EB                     2004
   Emerging paradigms in international entrepreneurship [electronic resource]
   / edited by Marian V. Jones and Pavlos Dimitratos.

HD62.4 .T466 2004 EB                     2004
   Terrorism and the international business environment [electronic resource]
   : the security-business nexus / edited by Gabriele G.S. Suder.
   Introduction / Gabriele G.S. Suder -- Part 1. The geopolitical and
   geo-economic environment. The legacy of September 11 / Georg Witschel --
   Historical forces in international affairs and commerce : prospects for
   the international economy / Yusaf H. Akbar -- Terrorism and international
   business : conceptual foundations / Michael R. Czinkota ... [et al.] --
   The complexity of the geopolitics dimension in risk assessment for
   international business / Gabriele G.S. Suder -- Part 2. The trade and
   investment environment. The impact of geopolitical turmoil on country risk
   and global investment strategy / Michel Henri Bouchet -- The digital
   divide / Robert A. Isaak -- Global investment and trade flows : a
   framework for understanding / John McIntyre and Eric Ford Travis -- Part
   3. Business operation studies. The tourism sector / Fr*ed*eric Dimanche --
   The bank sector / Stefano Gori -- The evolution of contingency planning :
   from disaster recovery to operational resilience / Till Guldimann -- Part
   4. Implications of crisis in a synergetic world. Disaster management after
   September 11 : a 'normal accident' or a 'man-made disaster'? What did we
   know, what have we learned? / David H. Weir -- A new challenge for
   security policy / Kai Hirschmann -- Conclusions / Gabriele G.S. Suder.

HD62.45 .T7294 2004 EB                   2004
   Transfer pricing methods [electronic resource] : an applications guide /
   [edited by] Robert Feinschreiber.

HD62.5 .P66 2004 EB                      2004
   Roadmap to entrepreneurial success [electronic resource] : powerful
   strategies for building a high-profit business / Robert W. Price.

HD62.5 .T873 2004 EB                     2004
   The unofficial guide to starting a small business [electronic resource] /
   Marcia Layton Turner.

HD62.6 .B586 2004 EB                     2004
   Why nonprofits fail [electronic resource] : overcoming founder's syndrome,
   fundphobia, and other obstacles to success / Stephen R. Block.
   Preventing failure, ensuring success -- The need for alternative tools --
   The framework and the steps -- First-order and second-order approaches to
   change -- Recruitment disorientation -- Cultural depression in nonprofit
   organizations -- Political performance -- Role confusion -- Financial
   misfortune -- Fundphobia -- Founder's syndrome.

HD62.6 .C435 2005 EB                     2005
   Governance as leadership [electronic resource] : reframing the work of
   nonprofit boards / Richard P. Chait, William P. Ryan, Barbara E. Taylor.

HD62.7 .K56 2004 EB                      2004
   Business plans to game plans [electronic resource] : a practical system
   for turning strategies into action / Jan B. King.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HD66 .E3244 2005 EB                      2005
   E-collaborations and virtual organizations [electronic resource] /
   Michelle W.L. Fong [editor].

HD66 .N45 2004 EB                        2004
   Creativity in virtual teams [electronic resource] : key components for
   success / Jill E. Nemiro.

HD69 .B7 M665 2004 EB                    2004
   The pirate inside [electronic resource] : building a challenger brand
   culture within yourself and your organization / Adam Morgan.

HD69 .B7 P75 2004 EB                     2004
   Celebrity sells [electronic resource] / Hamish Pringle.

HD69 .B7 T393 2004 EB                    2004
   Brand stretch [electronic resource] : why 1 in 2 extensions fail and how
   to beat the odds : a brandgym workout / by David Taylor.

HD69 .C6 E35 2004 EB                     2004
   McKinsey's Marvin Bower [electronic resource] : vision, leadership, and
   the creation of management consulting / Elizabeth Haas Edersheim.

HD69 .C6 I57 2002 EB                     2002
   Inside the minds [electronic resource] : leading consultants : industry
   leaders share their knowledge on the art of consulting.

HD69 .C6 W459 2004 EB                    2004
   Getting started in consulting [electronic resource] / Alan Weiss.

HD69 .P75 C35 2004 EB                    2004
   Essentials of strategic project management [electronic resource] / Kevin
   R. Callahan, Lynne M. Brooks.
   The problem with project management -- The basics of project management --
   Project initiation -- Project planning -- Project execution and control --
   Project management maturity -- The project management office -- Project
   portfolio management.

HD69 .P75 .C463 2004 EB                  2004
   Microsoft Office Project 2003 [electronic resource] / Carl Chatfield and
   Timothy Johnson.

HD69 .P75 H444 2004 EB                   2004
   PMP [electronic resource] : final exam review / Kim Heldman.

HD69 .P75 H547 2004 EB                   2004
   Effective opportunity management for projects [electronic resource] :
   exploiting positive risk / David Hillson.

HD69 .P75 K462 2004 EB                   2004
   The project management tool kit [electronic resource] : 100 tips and
   techniques for getting the job done right / Tom Kendrick.

HD69 .P75 S76 2003 EB                    2003
   Microsoft Project version 2002 inside out [electronic resource] / Teresa
   S. Stover.

HD69 .P75 U98 2003 EB                    2003
   Dynamic scheduling with Microsoft Project 2002 [electronic resource] : the
   book by and for professionals / Eric Uyttewaal.
   Examples of projects: below we will give many examples of projects from
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   different industries -- Organizational change projects -- Implementing a
   new financial system -- Implementing a Six-Sigma quality system --
   Implementing supply-chain management -- Designing and implementing a
   project management methodology -- Creating a Project Management Office
   (PMO) -- Office relocation project -- Business process re-engineering --
   Designing and implementing a new job classification system -- Regulations
   implementation projects -- Projects to make changes to the manufacturing
   process in order to meet environmental standards -- Realizing
   equal-opportunity in the workplace -- Airport security projects -- Event
   projects -- Conferences -- Writing the year.

HD69 .S8 G59 2004 EB                     2004
   Strategic business alliances [electronic resource] : an examination of the
   core dimensions / Keith W. Gleister, Rumy Husan, and Peter J. Buckley.

HD69 .S8 M3275 2004 EB                   2004
   Business without boundaries [electronic resource] : an action framework
   for collaborating across time, distance, organization, and culture / Don
   Mankin, Susan G. Cohen.
   Introduction: business without boundaries in the new global economy --
   Across organizations: the John Deere Construction & Forestry Technology
   Program -- Across time, distance, and culture: the case of Radica Games
   Group, Inc -- What the Radica projects tell us about collaboration across
   time, distance, and culture -- Across the supply chain: the Solectron case
   -- What the Solectron initiatives tell us about collaboration across the
   supply chain -- The action framework, part I: from setting the stage to
   getting started -- The action framework, part II: from creating the
   infrastructure to doing the work.

HD69 .S8 S25 2004 EB                     2004
   SuperNetworking [electronic resource] : reach the right people, build your
   career network, and land your dream job-- now! / Michael Salmon.

HD69 .S8 .T57 2004 EB                    2004
   The power of we [electronic resource] : succeeding through partnerships /
   Jonathan M. Tisch with Karl Weber.
   The power of partnerships : getting from me to we -- Now who's boss? :
   lessons in partnership from the CEO's desk to the housekeeper's cart -- A
   family business : it all started with Sayde and Al -- The employee comes
   first : from the front line to the bottom line -- Turning customers into
   partners : creating value together -- Being a good neighbor : hanging up
   your tux and rolling up your sleeves -- E pluribus plenty : when
   competition gives way to cooperation -- Beyond the ballot box : good
   corporate citizenship takes more than your vote -- What's in it for the
   owners? : bringing dollars and sense to the bottom line -- New York rising
   : the power of partnerships in time of crisis.

HD69 .T54 F74 2004 EB                    2004
   Act! 2005 for dummies [electronic resource] / by Karen S. Fredricks.

HD69 .T54 T73 2004 EB                    2004
   Time power [electronic resource] : a proven system for getting more done
   in less time than you ever thought possible / Brian Tracy.
   Introduction - Getting More Done Faster -- The Psychology of Time
   Management -- Setting Goals and Objectives -- Getting Yourself Organized
   -- Establishing Proper Priorities -- Getting Things Done -- Managing
   Multi-Task Jobs -- Time Saving Techniques -- Overcoming Procrastination --
   Keeping Up -- Saving Time With Others -- Time Management for Salespeople
   -- The Philosophy of Time Management.

HD70 .A7 H365 2004 EB                    2004
   Handbook of Asian management [electronic resource] / edited by Kwok Leung
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   and Steven White.

HD70 .U6 W49 EB                          2003
   What is COSO [electronic resource] : defining the alliance that defined
   internal control / authored by Tiffany McCann ; editorial advisory by
   Marla Markowitz Bace].

HD73 .B36 2002 EB                        2004
   Toward pro-poor policies [electronic resource] : aid, institutions, and
   globalization / edited by Bertil Tungodden, Nicholas Stern, and Ivar

HD75.6 .E348 2004 EB                     2004
   Ecological economics [electronic resource] : principles and applications /
   Herman E. Daly and Joshua Farley.
   Part I: An introduction to ecological economics -- Why study economics? --
   The fundamental vision -- Ends, means and policy -- Part II: The
   containing and sustaining ecosystem: the whole -- The nature of resources
   and the resources of nature -- Abiotc resources -- Biotic resources --
   From empty world to full world -- Part III Microeconomics -- The basic
   market equation -- Supply and demand -- Market failures -- Market failures
   and abiotic resources -- Market failures and biotic resources -- Part IV
   Macroeconomics -- Macroeconomic concepts: GNP and welfare -- Money --
   Distribution -- The IS-LM model -- Part V International trade --
   International trade -- Globalization -- International flows and
   macroeconomic policy -- Part VI Policy -- General policy design principles
   -- Sustainable scale -- Just distribution -- Efficient allocation.

HD75.6 .S856 2004 EB                     2004
   Survival for a small planet [electronic resource] : the sustainable
   development agenda / edited by Tom Bigg.

HD76 B47 2004 EB                         2004
   Involving the community [electronic resource] : a guide to participatory
   development communication / Guy Bessette.

HD82 .G56 2004 EB                        2004
   Global monitoring report. 2004 [electronic resource] : policies and
   actions for achieving the Millenium Development Goals and related

HD83 .B69313 2004 EB                     2004
   The future of economic growth [electronic resource] : as new becomes old /
   Robert Boyer.

HD255 .D85 2004 EB                       2004
   Renovate to riches [electronic resource] : buy, improve, and flip houses
   to create wealth / Mike Dulworth and Teresa Goodwin.

HD255 .E3713 2004 EB                     2004
   Real estate millions in any market [electronic resource] / Terry Eilers.
   Identify exactly what you want to achieve -- Taking inventory of your
   personal resources -- The basic education--what you really need to know --
   How you make it all work -- Establishing yourself as a professional
   investor -- Analyzing the marketplaces -- Understanding comparable values
   before you begin the property and seller searches -- Using income to value
   investment properties -- Finding great bargain properties using
   traditional methods -- How to maximize your use of the Internet investment
   opportunities and other information -- Successful negotiation
   techniques--how to create win-win transactions -- Viewing and inspecting
   properties -- Four favorite creative low-down or no-down investment
   techniques for any market -- Six more creative, seller participation
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   low-down or no-down investment techniques -- Closing the transaction --
   Property management--the simple approach -- Institutional lending--general
   information -- Letters and dialogs for successful contacts -- Structuring
   a personal strategy.

HD255 .E37523 2003 EB                    2003
   Make money with fixer-uppers and renovations [electronic resource] / Gary
   W. Eldred.
HD255 .E37525 2003 EB                    2003
   Make money with small income properties [electronic resource] / Gary W.

HD255 .H66 2004 EB                       2004
   The new path to real estate wealth [electronic resource] : earning without
   owning / Chantal Howell Carey and Bill Carey.

HD255 .K37 2004 EB                       2004
   How to succeed and make money with your first rental house [electronic
   resource] / Douglas A. Keipper and Sean M. Lyden.

HD255 .L86 2004 EB                       2004
   5 magic paths to making a fortune in real estate [electronic resource] /
   James E. A. Lumley.

HD259 .D38 2004 EB                       2004
   A survival guide for buying a home [electronic resource] / Sid Davis.
   First Steps to Becoming a Homeowner -- Mortgage Loans -- Finding and
   Working with a Mortgage Lender -- Once You're Prequalified, It's Shopping
   Time -- Getting the Best Deal -- Buying Condos, Co-ops, and Other Options
   -- Insurance Matters for Homeowners -- Tax Aspects of Owning and Buying a
   Home -- Selling Your Home and Moving -- Buying a Manufactured, Modular, or
   Mobile Home -- How to Avoid the 15 Costliest Mistakes Homebuyers Make.

HD259 .E43 2003 EB                       2003
   Make money with condominiums and townhouses [electronic resource] / Gary
   W. Eldred.

HD259 .I79 2004 EB                       2004
   Sell your home and save thousands on the commission [electronic resource]
   / Robert Irwin.

HD851 .F57 2000 EB                       2000
   State, society, and land in Jordan [electronic resource] / by Michael R.

HD880.8 .Z63 E1985 2004 EB               2004
   Land tenure, conservation and development in Southeast Asia [electronic
   resource] / Peter Eaton.

HD1019 .Z8 S55 2004 EB                   2004
   The state must be our master of fire [electronic resource] : how peasants
   craft sustainable development in Senegal / Dennis C. Galvan.
   Buying rope is a young man's job -- The Serer of Siin -- Tradition in the
   Siin -- Land pawning as a response to the standardization of tenure -- Two
   romanticizations -- The king has come : now everything is ruined --
   Culturally sustainable development.

HD1375 .E353 2004 EB                     2004
   The beginner's guide to real estate investing [electronic resource] / Gary
   W. Eldred.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM
HD1375 .K393 2004 EB                     2004
   Double your income in real estate sales [electronic resource] / by
   Danielle Kennedy.

HD1379 .I674 2004 EB                     2004
   Tips and traps when selling a home [electronic resource] / Robert Irwin.
   Sell fast in any market -- 14 days to shaping-up your house for sale --
   Pricing to hook buyers -- Finding a really good agent -- Winning the
   negotiations -- Preparing the seller's disclosures -- Dealing with the
   home inspections -- Taking charge of the closing -- Selling by owner --
   The lease-option alternative -- The rental conversion alternative --
   Legally avoiding taxes on sale -- Selling in a bad market -- Financing the
   sale yourself -- 12 tools for getting your agent to work harder -- 12 tips
   when selling condos, co-ops, and townhouses -- Five troubleshooting keys
   when it won't sell.

HD1379 .P377 2004 EB                     2004
   The unofficial guide to buying a home [electronic resource] / Alan Perlis
   with Beth Bradley.

HD1382 .M365 2004 EB                     2004
   Real estate agent's field guide [electronic resource] : essential insider
   advice for surviving in a competitive market / Bridget McCrea.
   Foreword (by John foltz of Realty Executives) -- Driving forces -- Facing
   the forces of change -- Changing consumer demands -- Jumping on the
   technology train -- Pricing pressures -- The commission compression factor
   -- Dealing with discounters -- Selling real estate piecemeal -- Job
   hazards -- Risk management for agents -- Answering to a higher power --
   Spotting real estate trends -- Bracing for success -- Ensuring your future

HD1382.5 .H528 2004 EB                   2004
   209 fast spare-time ways to build zero cash into 7 figures a year in real
   estate [electronic resource] / Tyler G. Hicks.

HD1382.5 .S468 2004 EB                   2004
   Successful real estate investing [electronic resource] : how to avoid the
   75 most costly mistakes every investor makes / Robert Shemin.

HD1382.5 .T575 2004 EB                   2004
   Building big profits in real estate [electronic resource] : a guide for
   the new investor / Wade Timmerson and Suzanne Caplan.
   Stranger in a strange land -- Different players, different games -- Show
   me the money -- Retailing -- Landlording -- Section 8 rentals -- The
   wholesale game -- Doing well by doing good -- One man's misery -- Locating
   the hidden seller -- Going for broke -- Finding qualified contractors --
   Appraisers, agents and other professionals -- The closing process --
   Keeping the score -- Know when to hold them and know when to fold them --
   Building an empire -- Follow your gut.

HD1390.5 .V64 2004 EB                    2004
   How to buy and sell apartment buildings [electronic resource] / Eugene E.
   Vollucci, Stephen E. Vollucci.

HD1393.25 .S39 2004 EB                   2004
   Selling your business [electronic resource] : the transition from
   entrepreneur to investor / edited by Louis P. Crosier.

HD1394 .R68 2004 EB                      2004
   The successful landlord [electronic resource] : how to make money without
   making yourself nuts / Kenneth M. Roth.
   Attitude and leadership -- Valuing your property -- Terms and conditions
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   -- Prelude   to the lease -- The lease -- The lease continues -- The tenants
   are moving   in -- "Honey, the rent check didn't arrive" -- End of the
   tenancy --   "Honey, it's the accountant" -- The importance of insurance --
   Some final   observations.

HD1691 .S253 2004 EB                     2004
   The institutional economics of water [electronic resource] : a
   cross-country analysis of institutions and performance / R. Maria Saleth,
   Ariel Dinar.

HD1698 .M53 S35 2003 EB                  2003
   Water, power and politics in the Middle East [electronic resource] / Jan

HD1775 .V5 V478 2000                     1999
   Virginia agricultural statistics bulletin & resource directory.

HD2341 .L62 2004 EB                      2004
   Local enterprises in the global economy [electronic resource] : issues of
   governance and upgrading / edited by Hubert Schmitz.

HD2358 .I46 2003 EB                      2003
   Immigrant entrepreneurs [electronic resource] : venturing abroad in the
   age of globalization / edited by Robert Kloosterman and Jan Rath.
   United States : the entrepreneurial cutting edge / Pyong Gap Min and Mehdi
   Bozorgmehr -- Canada : a false consensus / Daniel Hiebert -- Australia :
   cosmopolitan capitalists down under / Jock Collins -- South Africa :
   creating new spaces? / Sally Peberdy and Christian M. Rogerson -- United
   Kingdom : severely constrained entrepreneurialism / Giles A. Barrett,
   Trevor P. Jones and David McEvoy -- The Netherlands : a Dutch treat / Jan
   Rath and Robert C. Kloosterman -- Italy : between legal barriers and
   informal arrangements / Mauro Magatti and Fabio Quassoli -- France : the
   narrow path / Emmanuel Ma Mung and Thomas Lacroix -- Belgium : from
   proletarians to proteans / Ching Lin Pang -- Austria : still a highly
   regulated economy / Regina Haberfellner -- Germany : from workers to
   entrepreneurs / Czarina Wilpert.

HD2365 .L56 2004 EB                      2004
   Outsourcing for radical change [electronic resource] : a bold approach to
   enterprise transformation / Jane C. Linder.

HD2385 .I5 W48 2004 EB                   2004
   What's this India business? [electronic resource] : offshoring,
   outsourcing, and the global services revolution / Paul Davies.

HD2731 .I58 2001 EB                      2001
   Inside the minds [electronic resource] : leading CEOs : the secrets to
   management, leadership and profiting in any economy.

HD2731 .S6 2004 EB                       2004
   Private capital markets [electronic resource] : valuation, capitalization,
   and transfer of private business interests / Robert T. Slee.
   Business valuation -- Capital structure -- Business transfer.

HD2741 .M33 2004 EB                      2004
   Mastering global corporate governance [electronic resource] / editor
   Ulrich Steger ; contributing authors Bill George ... [et al.].
   Introduction: a roadmap for the book / by Ulrich Steger -- Global
   corporate governance-issues, framework and evidence for board leadership /
   by Ulrich Steger -- Three burning questions for boards -- Learning from
   past experience.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HD2744 .N49 2004 EB                      2004
   The new investor relations [electronic resource] : expert perspectives on
   the state of the art / edited by Benjamin Mark Cole.
   Underpinnings of the new order -- IR implications for selected financing
   scenarios -- IR tactics in proxy wars and other crisis scenarios --
   Special case perspectives.

HD2746 .D43 2004 EB                      2004
   Stretch! [electronic resource] : how great companies grow in good times
   and bad / Graeme K. Deans, Fritz Kroeger.
   Mapping the challenges and hurdles to growth -- The consolidation game --
   Governments can help and hinder growth -- The growth objective -- Getting
   ready to grow -- Introduction to the stretch growth model -- Operations :
   removing bottlenecks and barriers -- Organization : creating
   high-performing companies -- Strategy : exploiting strategic levers --
   Stretch : achieving extraordinary growth -- Organizing for growth :
   resourcing implementation -- Reengineering your business processes for
   growth -- Future challenges for growth -- Overview of economic value added
   (EVA) and other value frameworks.

HD2746.5 .C358 2004 EB                   2004
   Achieving post-merger success [electronic resource] : a stakeholder's
   guide to cultural due diligence, assessment, and integration / J. Robert
   Carleton and Claude S. Lineberry.

HD2755.5 .H372 2004 EB                   2004
   Handbook of research on international entrepreneurship [electronic
   resource] / edited by L*eo Paul Dana.

HD2763 .K43 2004 EB                      2004
   Reforming infrastructure [electronic resource] : privatization,
   regulation, and competition.

HD2768 .G74 S83 2004 EB                  2004
   Successes and failures in regulating and deregulating utilities
   [electronic resource] : evidence from the UK, Europe, and the US / edited
   by Colin Robinson.
HD2769.15 .F86 2004 EB                   2004
   Funding effectiveness [electronic resource] : lessons in building
   nonprofit capacity / by Grantmakers for Effective Organizations ; Barbara
   D. Kibbe ... [et al.].
   Investing in nonprofit capacity / Barbara D. Kibbe -- Flexible frameworks
   for organizational effectiveness / Kathleen P. Enright -- Setting clear
   goals with high expectations / Janine E. Lee -- Better results through
   supportive engagement / Alexa Cortes Culwell, Lisa Sobrato Sonsini,
   Sterling K. Speirn -- Creating a culture of measurement / Melinda T. Tuan
   -- Afterword: Funding effectiveness for the long haul / Rick Cohen.

HD2769.15 .R39 2004 EB                   2004
   The future of philanthropy [electronic resource] : economics, ethics, and
   management / Susan U. Raymond.
   Section I: Philanthropy and the economy. Introduction to the issues --
   Measuring the economic importance of non profits: what happens when
   methods change -- Size counts in the foundation world: the dilemma of
   absorptive capacity -- What you know or whom you know? Relationships
   matter -- Foundation endowments: How big? How vulnerable? -- Does
   philanthropy interfere with markets? -- Venture philanthropy: two sides to
   the coin -- Wages in the non profit sector: poor cousin or twin sister? --
   Diversity and governance: the not good news -- Minority philanthropy: the
   future has arrived -- Will there be a non-profit shakeout? Comparing non
   profits to small business trends -- The growing demand for philanthropic
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   accountability: will there be room for risk? -- Managing through the
   market: responding to severe economic cycles -- The philanthropic
   instinct: government walks the talk -- Does Wall Street matter? The
   unknowns about elasticities -- Section II: Ethics and accountability.
   Introduction to the issues -- How shall we govern ourselves? -- The
   mission meets the numbers: is it ok to lie? -- A privilege and an
   obligation: why stewardship matters and competition is a good thing -- Are
   organizational hybrids non profits? The problem of fairness -- Have we
   learned nothing? Practical applications of lessons from corporate scandal
   -- Great expectations collide: the consequences of assumptions -- Section
   III: New non profit management dilemmas. Introduction to the issues --
   Organizational benchmarking: management solution or performance petard? --
   The illusion of knowing something: the diversity of "non profit"
   definitions -- Philanthropy and the non profit budget cycle: no silver
   bullet -- State budget deficits: why red ink today will plague management
   tomorrow -- Drilling down: deeper revenue sources for non profits -- Non
   profit compensation: charitable managers and their tax exempt colleagues.

HD2769.2 .E85 T48 2004 EB                2004
   The third sector in Europe [electronic resource] / edited by Adalbert
   Evers and Jean-Louis Laville.

HD2769.2 .U6 B47 2003 EB                 2003
   A voice for nonprofits [electronic resource] / Jeffrey M. Berry with David
   F. Arons.
   The age of nonprofits -- Nonprofits as interest groups -- The regulation
   of lobbying -- Chilling the liberals -- Different standard, different
   behavior -- Politically effective nonprofits -- The rules are never
HD2910 .C445 2004 EB                     2004
   Chinese enterprise, transnationalism, and identity [electronic resource] /
   edited by Edmund Terence Gomez and Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao.
   The making of Chinese business culture : culture versus organizational
   imperatives / Chang Ly-Yun and Tony Tam -- Chinese business firms and
   entrepreneurs in Hong Kong / Raymond Sin-Kwok Wong -- Corporate capitalism
   and socialist China / Andrew Wedeman -- Inter-ethnic cooperation in
   transnational perspective : Malaysian Chinese investments in the United
   Kingdom / Edmund Terence Gomez -- Networking strategies of Taiwanese firms
   in Southeast Asia and China / Chen Tain-Jy and Ku Ying-Hua -- Interfirm
   networking by Taiwanese enterprises in Malaysia and Indonesia / Chen
   Dung-Sheng, Jou Sue-Ching, and Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao -- Asia in Los
   Angeles : ethnic Chinese banking in the age of globalization / Maria W. L.
   Chee, Gary A. Dymski, and Wei Li -- Pathways to recovery : bankers,
   business, and nationalism in Thailand / Kevin Hewison.

HD3611 .D58 2005 EB                      2005
   Doing business in 2005 [electronic resource] : removing obstacles to
   Removing obstacles to growth : an overview -- Measuring with impact --
   Starting a business -- Hiring and firing workers -- Registering property
   -- Getting credit -- Protecting investors -- Enforcing contracts --
   Closing a business -- References -- Data notes -- Doing business
   indicators -- Country tables -- Acknowledgments.

HD3612 .P66 2004 EB                      2004
   The politics of regulation [electronic resource] : institutions and
   regulatory reforms for the age of governance / edited by Jacint Jordana,
   David Levi-Faur.

HD3616 .D452 L43 2004 EB                 2004
   Leading issues in competition, regulation, and development [electronic
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   resource] / Paul Cook ... [et al.].

HD3616 .M42 M67 2003 EB                  2003
   Yankee don't go home! [electronic resource] : Mexican nationalism,
   American business culture, and the shaping of modern Mexico, 1920-1950 /
   Julio Moreno.
   Liberalism, the state, and modern industrial capitalism in
   postrevolutionary Mexico -- Spreading the American dream : information,
   technology, and World War II -- Prophets of capitalism : the growth of
   advertising as a profession and the making of modern Mexico -- Advertising
   national identity and globalization in the reconstruction of modern Mexico
   -- J. Walter Thompson and the negotiation of Mexican and American values
   -- In search of markets, diplomacy, and consumers : Sears as a commercial
   diplomat in Mexico -- Industrial capitalism, antimodernism, and consumer
   culture in 1940s Mexico.

HD3616 .U46 M27 2004 EB                  2004
   Biz-war and the out-of-power elite [electronic resource] : the
   progressive-left attack on the corporation / Jarol B. Manheim.
   Epiphany -- Dollar$ to Doughnuts : financing social change -- Foundations
   of progressivism -- Archimedes' lever ... and Thor's hammer -- Them! --
   Capital punishment -- Left, with the right's stuff -- Us! -- From networks
   to netwar -- Biz-war and the out-of-power elite.

HD3850 .L23 2004 EB                      2004
   Labor issues in infrastructure reform [electronic resource] : a toolkit /
   Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility.
   [1]. Module 1 -- [2]. Modules 2-7.

HD4420.8 .G83 2004 EB                    2004
   Granting and renegotiating infrastructure concessions [electronic
   resource] : doing it right / J. Luis Guasch.

HD 4861 .C7 1833                         1833
   Wages or the whip : aAn essay on the comparative cost and productiveness
   of free and slave labour / by Josiah Conder.
   Is free labour cheaper than slave labour -- Application of the principle
   to tropical cultivation -- Is it possible to secure a regular supply of
   free labour in the sugar colonies?

HD 4903 .U5 A17 1984                      1984
   Statements of the United States Commission on Civil Rights : Firefighters
   v. Stotts : Hishon v. King & Spalding.

HD4904.25 .F395 2004 EB                  2004
   Fathers and mothers [electronic resource] : dilemmas of the work-life
   balance : a comparative study in four European countries / by Margret
   Fine-Davis ... [et al.].

HD4904.7 .H85846 2004 EB                 2004
   Human capital over the life cycle [electronic resource] : a European
   perspective / edited by Catherine Sofer.

HD4904.7 .O5 2004 EB                     2004
   On staffing [electronic resource] : advice and perspectives from HR
   leaders / editors, Nicholas C. Burkholder, Preston J. Edwards Sr., Libby

HD4928 .S74 F5 2003 EB                    2003
   Valuing employee stock options [electronic resource] : a comparison of
   alternative models / John D. Finnerty.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HD4965.2 .R47 2004 EB                    2004
   Responsible executive compensation for a new era of accountability
   [electronic resource] / edited by Peter T. Chingos ; contributors from
   Mercer Human Resource Consulting.
   How companies create value and drive success -- Assessment of executive
   pay programs -- Board governance of executive pay -- CEO/board score card
   -- Institutional shareholder perspective on executive pay -- FASB
   implications for executive program design -- Role of equity in pay
   programs -- Relative total shareholder return and the selection of peers
   -- The new executive compensation model -- Outside director compensation
   -- Executive communications : the role of compensation consultant.
HD5014 .I57 2003 EB                      2003
   Institutions and wage formation in the new Europe [electronic resource] /
   edited by Gabriel Fagan, Francesco Paolo Mongelli, Julian Morgan.

HD5325 .T42 1934 .S25 2002 EB            2002
   The general textile strike of 1934 [electronic resource] : from Maine to
   Alabama / John A. Salmond.
   Part 1: The strike: the national dimension -- Part 2: The strike: the
   regional mosaic -- Part 3: The strike: a local study -- Part 4: The
   strike: reflections.

HD5701.55 .U6 A43 2004                   2004
   America's dynamic workforce / United States Department of Labor.
   Executive summary -- American workers benefit from our labor system --
   Helping the less fortunate -- The challenges ahead.

HD5710.75 .U6 D377 2004 EB               2004
   International trade and labor markets [electronic resource] : theory,
   evidence, and policy implications / Carl Davidson, Steven J. Matusz.
   An overview of the issue -- Globalization and labor : the view from main
   street to mainstream -- Some simple models of trade and unemployment --
   Some empirics -- Policy analysis.

HD5710.75 .U6 K54 2003 EB                2003
   Job creation, job destruction, and international competition [electronic
   resource] / Michael W. Klein, Scott Schuh, and Robert K. Triest.
   Openness -- Job creation and job destruction -- Literature review -- Job
   flows and the exchange rate -- Regression implementation and results --
   Job flows and trade -- Policy implications -- Directions for future

HD5713.3 .P47 2004 EB                    2004
   Does "trickle down" work? [electronic resource] : economic development
   strategies and job chains in local labor markets / Joseph Persky, Daniel
   Felsenstein, Virginia Carlson.

HD5715 .R67 2004 EB                      2004
   Learning paths [electronic resource] : increase profits by reducing the
   time it takes for employees to get up-to-speed / Steve Rosenbaum, Jim

HD5715.2 .J626 2004 EB                   2004
   Job training policy in the United States [electronic resource] /
   Christopher J. O'Leary, Robert A. Straits, Stephen A. Wandner editors.
   U.S. job training / Christopher J. O'Leary, Robert A. Straits, Stephen A.
   Wandner -- Performance management of U.S. job training programs / Burt S.
   Barnow, Jeffrey A. Smith -- The effectiveness of publicly financed
   training in the United States / Christopher T. King -- Implementation
   issues in delivering training services to adults under WIA / Ronald
   D'Amico, Jeffrey Salzman -- Use of intermediaries to provide training and
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   employment services / Janet O. Javar, Stephen A. Wandner -- Individual
   training accounts, eligible training provider lists and consumer reporting
   systems / Paul Decker, Irma Perez-Johnson -- The scope of
   employer-provided training in the United States / Robert I. Lerman,
   Signe-Mary Mckernan, Stephanie Riegg -- International experience with job
   training / Lori G. Kletzer, William L. Koch -- Public job training /
   Christopher J. O'Leary, Robert A. Straits, Stephen A. Wandner.

HD5724 .A44 2004 EB                      2004
   America's top 300 jobs [electronic resource] : a complete career handbook.

HD5724 .A73 2005 EB                      2005
   America's 101 fastest growing jobs [electronic resource] : detailed
   information on major jobs with the most openings and growth / Michael

HD5764 .A6 S75 2004 EB                   2004
   The rise of unemployment in Europe [electronic resource] : a Keynesian
   approach / Engelbert Stockhammer.

HD5811.9 .A6 U55 2004 EB                 2004
   Unlocking the employment potential in the Middle East and North Africa
   [electronic resource] : toward a new social contract.

HD5875 .L33 2004 EB                      2004
   Labor exchange policy in the United States [electronic resource] / David
   E. Balducchi, Randall W. Eberts, Christopher J. O'Leary, editors.
   Overview of labor exchange policies and services / Randall W. Eberts and
   Harry J. Holzer -- Federal-state relations in labor exchange policy /
   David E. Balducchi and Alison J. Pasternak -- State and local labor
   exchange services / Neil Ridley and William A. Tracy -- Labor exchange
   performance measurement / David P. Smole -- Evaluating the effectiveness
   of labor exchange services / Christopher J. O'leary -- Information, tools,
   and technology : informing labor exchange participants / Jim Woods and Pam
   Frugoli -- Public provision of employment services in selected OECD
   countries : the job brokerage function / Douglas Lippoldt and Melvin
   Brodsky -- Experience and prospects for labor exchange policy / David E.
   Balducchi, Randall W. Eberts, and Christopher J. O'Leary.

HD6054.4 .U6 P37 2005 EB                 2004
   Race, gender, and leadership [electronic resource] : re-envisioning
   organizational leadership from the perspectives of African American women
   executives / Patricia S. Parker.

HD6061 .V35 2004 EB                      2004
   Why women earn less [electronic resource] : how to make what you're really
   worth / by Mikelann R. Valterra ; foreword by Barbara Stanny.

HD6473 .I754 J473 2001 EB                2001
   The guilds of Ottoman Jerusalem [electronic resource] / by Amnon Cohen.

HD6508 .F23513 2004 EB                   2004
   Hard work [electronic resource] : remaking the American labor movement /
   Rick Fantasia, Kim Voss.
   Why labor matters: the underside of the "American model" -- An
   exceptionally hostile terrain -- Bureaucrats, "strongmen," militants, and
   intellectuals -- Practices and possibilities of social movement unionism.

HD6515 .S45 L67 2004 EB                  2004
   Reorganizing the Rust Belt [electronic resource] : an inside study of the
   American labor movement / Steven Henry Lopez.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HD6955 .G72 2004 EB                      2004
   The dark side of organizational behavior [electronic resource] / Ricky W.
   Griffin and Anne M. O'Leary-Kelly, editors ; foreword by Robert D.
   An introduction to the dark side -- Workplace aggression and violence :
   insights from basic research -- Injustice, stress, and aggression in
   organizations -- When the dark side of families enters the workplace : the
   case of intimate partner violence -- Subtle (and not so subtle)
   discrimination in organizations -- Sexual harassment as dysfunctional
   behavior in organizations -- Out of the closet and out of a job? : the
   nature, import, and causes of sexual orientation discrimination in the
   workplace -- The dark side of politics in organizations -- Under-the-table
   deals : preferential, unauthorized, or idiosyncratic? -- Extreme careerism
   : the dark side of impression management -- Psychological contract breach
   and violation in organizations -- Alcohol and drug use in the workplace --
   Broadening our understanding of organizational retaliatory behavior -- On
   incivility, its impact, and directions for future research -- The
   methodological evolution of employee theft research : the DATA cycle --
   Dark side issues : concluding observations and directions for future

HD6971 .I495 2004 EB                     2004
   International and comparative employment relations [electronic resource] :
   globalisation and the developed market economies / edited by Greg J.
   Bamber, Russell D. Lansbury and Nick Wailes.

HD7095 .V63 2004 EB                      2004
   Income support for the unemployed [electronic resource] : issues and
   options / Milan Vodopivec.

HD7096 .G7 M33 2004 EB                   2004
   Welfare for the unemployed in Britain and Germany [electronic resource] :
   who benefits? / Frances McGinnity.

HD7105.35 .U6 P75 2004 EB                2004
   Private pensions and public policies [electronic resource] / William G.
   Gale, John B. Shoven, Mark J. Warshawsky, editors.
   The transition to hybrid pensions plans in the United States : an
   empirical analysis / Robert L. Clark and Sylvester J. Schieber -- What
   people don't know about their pensions and Social Security / Alan L.
   Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier -- Financial education and private
   pensions / Dean M. Maki -- Life-cycle saving, limits on contributions to
   DC pension plans, and lifetime tax benefits / Jagadeesh Gokhale, Laurence
   J. Kotlikoff, and Mark J. Warshawsky -- The effects of Social Security
   reform on private pensions / Andrew A. Samwick -- Pension choices with
   uncertain tax policy / Joel M. Dickson -- The design and cost of pension
   guarantees / Kent Smetters -- Effects of nondiscrimination rules on
   pension participation / Robert L. Clark, Janemarie Mulvey, and Sylvester
   J. Schieber -- Asset location for retirement savers / James M. Poterba,
   John B. Shoven, and Clemens Sialm -- Longevity-insured retirement
   distributions from pension plans : market and regulatory issues / Jeffrey
   R. Brown and Mark J. Warshawsky.

HD7105.4 .S54 2004 EB                    2004
   Beyond 401 (k)s for small business owners [electronic resource] : a
   practical guide to incentive, deferred compensation and retirement plans /
   Jean D. Sifleet.

HD7105.45 .U6 I56 2003 EB                2003
   The impact of low treasury bond rates on defined benefit pension plans
   [electronic resource] / authored by the Financial Executives Research
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HD7105.45 .U6 M86 2004 EB                2004
   Coming up short [electronic resource] : the challenge of 401(k) plans /
   Alicia H. Munnell, Annika Sund*en.
   Introduction -- 401(k) plans and retirement income -- Participation and
   contributions in 401(k) plans -- Investment decisions in 401(k) plans --
   The special case of company stock -- Leakages from 401(k) plans --
   Withdrawing 401(k) funds at retirement -- Making pension plans do their

HD7125 .D525 2004 EB                     2004
   Saving Social security [electronic resource] : a balanced approach / Peter
   A. Diamond, Peter R. Orszag.
   A brief overview of Social Security -- Goals for Social Security reform --
   Social Security's long-term deficit -- A balanced three-part plan to shore
   up Social Security -- Strengthening Social Security's effectiveness as
   social insurance -- Implications of our reform plan for benefits and
   revenue -- Individual accounts -- Questions and answers about our balanced
   reform plan -- Conclusions -- Appendixes: A. Social Security and national
   saving -- B. Trends in retirement age -- C. How the legacy debt arose: A
   simplified example -- D. Characteristics of tax-favored
   defined-contribution plans -- E. Should the trust fund invest in the stock
   market? -- F. Comparisons with models 2 and 3 of the President's
   Commission -- G. Memorandum from the Office of the Chief Actuary.

HD7125 .S765 2004 EB                     2004
   Strengthening community [electronic resource] : social insurance in a
   diverse America / Kathleen Buto ... [et al.], editors.

HD8038 .C55 H36 2003 EB                  2003
   Intellectuals at a crossroads [electronic resource] : the changing
   politics of China's knowledge workers / Zhidong Hao.

HD8072.5 .K22 2004 EB                    2004
   The 21st century at work [electronic resource] : forces shaping the future
   workforce and workplace in the United States / Lynn A. Karoly, Constantijn
   W.A. Panis.

HD8081 .A5 S76 2004 EB                   2004
   Americans at work [electronic resource] : a guide to the can-do people /
   Craig Storti.
HD8081 .A65 R69 2003 EB                  2003
   Race and the invisible hand [electronic resource] : how white networks
   exclude black men from blue-collar jobs / Deirdre A. Royster.
   Introduction -- Invisible and visible hands : racial disparity in the
   labor market -- From school to work in black and white : a case study --
   Getting a job, not getting a job : employment divergence begins --
   Evaluating market explanations : "the declining significance of race" and
   "racial deficits" approaches -- Embedded transitions : school ties and the
   unanticipated significance of race -- Networks of inclusion, networks of
   exclusion : the production and maintenance of segregated opportunity
   structures -- White privilege and black accommodation : where past and
   contemporary discrimination converge to produce durable inequality.

HD8081 .M6 B33 2004 EB                   2004
   The children of NAFTA [electronic resource] : labor wars on the
   U.S./Mexico border / David Bacon.
   Introduction -- Grapes and green onions -- Putting solidarity on the table
   -- Tijuana's Maquiladora workers -- Han Young -- Build a house, go to jail
   -- The strategic alliance -- Duro means hard -- Mexico's wars over
   privatization -- Transplanted expectations -- The world of the border has
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM


HD9057 .U64 K755 2004 EB                 2004
   Making dough [electronic resource] : the 12 secret ingredients of Krispy
   Kreme's sweet success / Kirk Kazanjian & Amy Joyner ; foreword by Dick
   Mix good taste with show business -- Be picky about your partners -- Make
   good use of your time and resources -- Expand and protect your brand --
   Think big, but grow carefully -- Be a guerrilla marketer with a soft touch
   -- Maintain high standards -- Harness the power of technology -- Give back
   to the community -- Select, treat, and train your employees well -- Build
   on your success -- Keep them coming back.

HD9370.5 .W67 2004 EB                    2004
   The world's wine markets [electronic resource] : globalization at work /
   edited by Kym Anderson.

HD9379 .F48 D65 2003 EB                  2003
   True to our roots [electronic resource] : fermenting a business revolution
   / Paul Dolan with Thom Elkjer.

HD9502 .U54 E573 2003 EB                 2003
   Pipe dreams [electronic resource] : greed, ego, and the death of Enron /
   Robert Bryce.

HD9502 .U54 E5888 2002 EB                2002
   Enron [electronic resource] : an accounting analysis of how SPEs were used
   to conceal debt and avoid losses / by Gordon Yale.

HD9502 .U54 K483 2004 EB                 2004
   The CEO and the monk [electronic resource] : one company's journey to
   profit and purpose / Robert B. Catell and Kenny Moore with Glenn Rifkin.
HD9502 .U64 E57 2002 EB                  2002
   Enron and the Powers Report [electronic resource] : an examination of
   business and accounting failures / [authored by Cheryl de Mesa Graziano].

HD9569 .H26 B75 2004 EB                  2004
   The Halliburton agenda [electronic resource] : the politics of oil and
   money / Dan Briody.
   Erle P. Halliburton and the million-dollar boast -- The road to riches --
   The man behind the dam that built Brown & Root -- Guns and butter --
   Collateral damage : the Leland Olds story -- Our man in office -- Vietnam
   and Project Rathole -- Empty pockets -- The big score -- Backseat Cheney
   -- Fall from grace.

HD9677 .S52 C36 2004 EB                  2004
   Blood diamonds [electronic resource] : tracing the deadly path of the
   world's most precious stones / Greg Campbell.
   1. From pits of despair to altars of love : Kenema, Sierra Leone -- 2.
   Diamond junction : a smuggler's paradise : Freetown, Sierra Leone -- 3.
   The gun runners : from Tongo to Tiffany's : Monrovia, Liberia -- 4. Death
   by diamonds : Operation no living thing : Freetown, Sierra Leone -- 5. The
   syndicate : a diamond is forever : London -- 6. Waging peace : taking the
   conflict out of "conflict diamonds" : Makeni, Sierra Leone -- 7. The way
   station : next stop, Liberia : Kailahun, Sierra Leone -- 8. "The base" :
   Osama's war chest : West Africa, Afghanistan, New York -- 9. The rough
   road ahead : mining for peace : Freetown, Sierra Leone.

HD9685 .E8522 P69 2004 EB                2004
   Power's promise [electronic resource] : electricity reforms in Eastern
   Europe and Central Asia / edited by Julian Lampietti.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HD9710 .G44 K55 2004 EB                  2004
   Driven [electronic resource] : inside BMW, the most admired car company in
   the world / David Kiley.
   The ultimate cars -- The ultimate history -- The ultimate family -- The
   ultimate brand -- The ultimate stylists -- The ultimate blunder -- The
   ultimate brand expansion -- The ultimate hydrogen future.

HD9711 .U6 L67 2003 EB                   2003
   The U.S. combat aircraft industry, 1909-2000 [electronic resource] :
   structure, competition, innovation / Mark Lorell.

HD9715 .A2 K39 2005 EB                   2005
   Knowledge management in the construction industry [electronic resource] :
   a socio-technical perspective / Abdul Samad Kazi.

HD9715 .E82 M56 2004 EB                  2004
   Innovation in construction [electronic resource] : a European analysis /
   Marcela Miozzo, Paul Dewick.

HD9720.5 .M66 2004 EB                    2004
   Making common sense common practice [electronic resource] : models for
   manufacturing excellence / Ron Moore.
HD9736 .E18 G55 2004 EB                  2004
   Global production networking and technological change in East Asia
   [electronic resource] / Shahid Yusuf, M. Anjum Altaf, Kaoru Nabeshima,

HD9999 .B442 B47 2004 EB                 2004
   Biotech industry [electronic resource] : a global, economic, and financing
   overview / Bryan Bergeron and Paul Chan.

HD9999 .B443 E85134 2004 EB              2004
   The economic dynamics of modern biotechnology [electronic resource] /
   edited by Maureen McKelvey, Annika Rickne, Jens Laage-Hellman.

HE196.5 .A87 2004 EB                     2004
   Assessing the benefits and costs of ITS [electronic resource] : making the
   business case for ITS investments / edited by David Gillen, David

HE7551 .F59 2004 EB                      2004
   Instant messaging rules [electronic resource] : a business guide to
   managing policies, security, and legal issues for safe IM communication /
   Nancy Flynn.
   The case for instant messaging management -- IM is used by someone in
   nearly every us company -- Uncovering unauthorized IM use in your office
   -- What's the best way to manage employees' IM use? -- Establishing an
   e-risk management and compliance team -- Instant messaging pros and cons
   -- Employers are responsible for employees' wrongs -- Compounds
   confidentiality concerns -- Protecting privacy in the IM world -- Use
   written rules and policies to enforce your strategic IM management plan --
   What constitutes appropriate (and inappropriate) IM content? -- Retaining
   IM business records -- Saving everything can be a costly mistake --
   Discovery: when IM is used as evidence-for or against you -- Beware the
   destruction of IM evidence -- Training is essential to IM policy
   compliance -- Employee compliance is key to IM policy success -- IM is big
   on Wall Street -- Regulated firms playing catch-up with e-mail retention
   -- Regulations extend to main street, too -- Instant messaging rules.

HE7631 .S758 2004 EB                     2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Customer-centered telecommunications services marketing [electronic
   resource] / Karen G. Strouse.

HE7661 .D47 2004 EB                      2004
   Project management for telecommunications managers [electronic resource] /
   Celia L. Desmond.

HE7781 .F47 2004 EB                      2004
   The broadband problem [electronic resource] : anatomy of a market failure
   and a policy dilemma / Charles H. Ferguson.
   Introduction -- Telecommunications in the internet age : very high stakes
   -- Technological performance -- Financial, strategic, and political
   conduct of the ilecs -- The ILECs' competitors -- The policy system and
   alternatives in the United States : causes and implications -- Policy

HE8085 .E25 2004 EB                      2004
   The economics of antitrust and regulation in telecommunications
   [electronic resource] : perspectives for the new European regulatory
   framework / edited by Pierre A. Buigues and Patrick Rey.

HE8635 .C66 2004 EB                      2004
   Competition in international voice communication [electronic resource] /
   Carlo Maria Rossotto ... [et al.].

HE8689.4 .B49 2004 EB                    2004
   Frequency assignment and network planning for digital terrestrial
   broadcasting systems [electronic resource] / Roland Beutler.

HE8700.72 .U6 M85 2003 EB                2003
   The rise of cable programming in the United States [electronic resource] :
   revolution or evolution? / Megan Mullen.

HE8700.8 .P85 2004 EB                    2004
   The billion dollar BET [electronic resource] : Robert Johnson and the
   inside story of Black Entertainment Television / Brett Pulley.

HE9685 .D95 2004 EB                      2004
   Telecommunications challenges in developing countries [electronic
   resource] : asymmetric interconnection charges for rural areas / Andrew

HE9713 .L563 2004 EB                     2004
   The mobile connection [electronic resource] : the cell phone's impact on
   society / Rich Ling.

HE9788 .A14 2004 EB                      2004
   4th party cyber logistics for air cargo [electronic resource] / by
   Sung-Chi Chu ... [et al.].

HE9803 .A3 K28 2004 EB                   2004
   Lessons from deregulation [electronic resource] : telecommunications and
   airlines after the crunch / Alfred E. Kahn.

HE9803 .J48 W96 2004 EB                  2004
   Flying high [electronic resource] : how JetBlue founder and CEO David
   Neeleman beats the competition --- even in the world's most turbulent
   industry / James Wynbrandt.
   The journey begins -- I can get it for you wholesale -- Morris Air spreads
   its wings -- Off to Southwest -- Opening up new skies -- A different kind
   of airline -- Preparing for take-off -- JetBlue takes flight -- Bringing
   TV to the skies -- Keeping customers happy -- The technology advantage --
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Getting the word out in style -- Dealing with disaster -- Preserving the
   culture -- Looking to the future -- David Neeleman's rules for succeeding
   in any business.

HF54.5 .H87 2004 EB                      2004
   The value factor [electronic resource] : how global leaders use
   information for growth and competitive advantage / Mark Hurd and Lars
   Capitalize on your information -- Leadership for success -- Leverage
   corporate ecosystems -- The customer ecosystem -- Supplier, partner and
   operational logistics -- Risk management -- Insight, oversight and higher
   returns -- The next frontiers.

HF54.56 .I55 2005 EB                     2005
   Inter-organizational information systems in the internet age [electronic
   resource] / Sean B. Eom, editor.
   Foundations -- An introduction to inter-organizational information systems
   with selected bibliography / Sean B. Eom -- A typology of
   inter-organizational information systems / Joseph B. O'Donnell, Bonnie C.
   Glassberg -- Classifying B2B inter-organizational systems : a role linkage
   perspective / Ilyoo B. Hong -- Technology infrastructure -- Information
   technology infrastructure for inter-organizational systems / Sean B. Eom,
   Choong Kwon Lee -- Application service provision : a working tool for
   inter-organization systems in the internet age / Matthew W. Guah and Wendy
   L. Currie -- Systems analysis/planning -- Business associations as hubs of
   inter-organizational information systems for SMEs : the 2Cities portal /
   F. Pigni ... [et al.] -- Systems management -- IOIS and interfirm networks
   : interdependencies and managerial challenges / Stefan Klein ... [et al.]
   -- Implementation and applications -- Inter-organizational information
   system adoption and diffusion : a review and analysis of empirical
   research / Hope Koch -- Evolution of DSS from single-user DSS to
   inter-organizational DSS / Sean B. Eom -- An examination of
   inter-organizational decision support systems / Daniel J. Power,
   Shashidhar Kaparthi -- Evaluation -- Evaluating inter-organizational
   information systems / Jill Drury, Jean Scholtz -- Research method and
   empirical study -- Comparative pairs analysis for inter-organizational
   information systems research / Christine Storer, Geoffrey N. Soutar,
   Mohammed Quaddus -- Empirical evidence on how information technology
   encourages the creation of strategic networks / Jose A. Medina-Garrido,
   Sebastian Bruque-Camara, Jose Ruiz-Navarro.

HF1002 .M66 2003 EB                      2003
   The business translator [electronic resource] / Dawn Montague.

HF1008 .I57 2002 EB                      2002
   Inside the minds [electronic resource] : the entrepreneurial problem
   solver : entrepreneurial strategies for identifying opporunities in the
   marketplace--for corporate executives, managers, salespeople &

HF1111 .S77 2004 EB                      2004
   MBA in a day [electronic resource] : what you would learn at top-tier
   business schools, if you only had the time! / Steven Stralser.
   Human resources -- Organizational behavior -- Leadership and team building
   -- Ethics -- Negotiation -- Money : Economics, finance, and accounting --
   Accounting and finance -- International, national, and local economics --
   Markets and strategy -- Marketing, strategy, and competitive analysis --
   Advertising and promotion -- Communications and presentations -- Systems
   and processes -- Project management -- Management information systems --
   E-commerce and the use of the world wide web -- Quality issues and
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HF1118 .K65 2004 EB                      2004
   Nova's GMAT prep course [electronic resource] / Jeff Kolby, Scott

HF1359 .G89 2003 EB                      2003
   Alternative capitalisms [electronic resource] : geographies of emerging
   regions / Robert N. Gwynne, Thomas Klak, Denis J.B. Shaw.

HF1379 .G593 2004 EB                     2004
   Globalization, economic development and inequality [electronic resource] :
   an alternative perspective / edited by Erik S. Reinert.

HF1416 .G554 2004 EB                     2004
   The global market [electronic resource] : developing a strategy to manage
   across borders / John Quelch, Rohit Deshpande, editors.

HF1417.5 .B4 WINTER 2002                 0019
   Beyond Virginia : a world of trade opportunities.

HF1418.5 .L66 2004 EB                    2004
   Locating global advantage [electronic resource] : industry dynamics in the
   international economy / edited by Martin Kenney with Richard Florida.
   Globalization in the apparel and textile industries : what is new and what
   is not? / Frederick H. Abernathy, John T. Dunlop, Janice H. Hammond, and
   David Weil -- Globalization, deverticalization, and employment in the
   motor vehicle industry / Timothy Sturgeon and Richard Florida -- The
   shifting value chain : the television industry in North America / Martin
   Kenney -- The organizational and geographic configuration of the personal
   computer value chain / James Curry and Martin Kenney -- Leveraging
   locations : hard disk drive producers in international competition / David
   G. Mckendrick -- Industry creation and the new geography of innovation :
   the case of flat panel displays / Thomas P. Murtha, Stefanie Ann Lenway,
   and Jeffrey A. Hart -- Globalization of semiconductors : do real men have
   fabs, or virtual fabs? / Robert C. Leachman and Chien H. Leachman -- The
   net world order's influence on global leadership in the semiconductor
   industry / Greg Linden, Clair Brown, and Melissa M. Appleyard -- From
   regions and firms to multinational highways : knowledge and its diffusion
   as a factor in the globalization of industries / Bruce Kogut.

HF1418.7 .D37 2004 EB                    2004
   Regionalism in global trade [electronic resource] / Dilip K. Das.

HF1456.5 .P3 P56 2001 EB                 2001
   The diplomacy of involvement [electronic resource] : American economic
   expansion across the Pacific, 1784-1900 / David M. Pletcher.
   1784-1890: The Chinese magnet and the Pacific distances -- Alaska:
   commercial gateway or dead end? -- Hawaii: sugar and strategy? -- The
   Southwest Pacific: illusion overcomes reality -- China I: four hundred
   million customers -- China II: the promoter's dream, the racist's
   nightmare -- Japan: the sincerest flattery -- Korea: the beginning of
   INVOLVEMENT, 1890-1900: The East Asia cockpit of the 1890s --
   Contradictions in the Pacific -- The catalyst of war -- Unfinish business
   and new directions -- Conclusion: The diplomacy of involvement.

HF1745 .F738 2004 EB                     2004
   Free trade in the Americas [electronic resource] : economic and political
   issues for governments and firms / edited by Sidney Weintraub, Alan M.
   Rugman, Gavin Boyd.

HF2651 .F27 A2326 2004 EB                2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Agriculture and the WTO [electronic resource] : creating a trading system
   for development / Merlinda D. Ingco and John D. Nash, eds.

HF3626.5 .F74 2004 EB                    2004
   Trade performance and regional integration of the CIS countries
   [electronic resource] / Lev Freinkman, Evgeny Polyakov, Carolina Revenco.

HF3788 .A783 L48 2002 EB                 2002
   The Indian diaspora in Central Asia and its trade, 1550-1900 [electronic
   resource] / by Scott C. Levi.

HF3790.5 .Z9 S556 2000 EB                2000
   The global world of Indian merchants, 1750-1947 [electronic resource] :
   traders of Sind from Bukhara to Panama / Claude Markovits.

HF 5065 .V5 R47 1989-90                  1900
   Membership roster buyer's guide / Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

HF5371 .W55 2004 EB                      2004
   Professional InfoPath 2003 [electronic resource] / Ian Williams and Pierre

HF5381 .B54 2002 EB                      2002
   Bigwig briefs [electronic resource] : career options for MBAs, real world
   advice from industry veterans on choosing the right career / [edited by
   Ginger Conlon].

HF5381 .C26597 2004 EB                   2004
   The career navigation handbook [electronic resource] / Christopher Hunt,
   Scott Scanlon, editors.

HF5381 .D16 2004 EB                      2004
   Career warfare [electronic resource] : 10 rules for building a successful
   personal brand and fighting to keep it / David F. D'Alessandro with
   Michele Owens.
   Try to look beyond your own navel -- Like it or not, your boss is the
   coauthor of your brand -- Put your boss on the couch -- Learn which one is
   the pickle fork -- Kenny Rogers is right -- It's always show time -- Make
   the right enemies -- Try not to be swallowed by the bubble -- The higher
   you fly, the more you will be shot at -- Everybody coulda been a
   contender; make sure you stay one.

HF5381 .O29 2004 EB                      2004
   Occupational outlook handbook. 2004-2005 [electronic resource] / U.S.
   Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

HF5382 .F368 2005 EB                     2005
   Enhanced occupational outlook handbook [electronic resource] / developed
   under the direction of Michael Farr, with database work by Laurence

HF5382 .Y58 2005 EB                      2005
   Young person's occupational outlook handbook [electronic resource].
   Management & business & financial operations occupations -- Professional &
   related occupations -- Service occupations -- Sales & related occupations
   -- Office & administrative support occupations -- Farming, fishing &
   forestry occupations -- Construction trades & releated workers --
   Installation, maintenance & repair occupations -- Production occupations
   -- Transportation & material moving occupations -- Job opportunities in
   the armed forces.

HF5382.5 .U5 C315 2004 EB                2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Career guide to America's top industries [electronic resource] : essential
   data on job opportunities in over 40 industries.

HF5382.5 .U5 F644 2004 EB                2004
   College majors handbook with real career paths and payoffs [electronic
   resource] : the actual jobs, earnings, and trends for graduates of 60
   college majors / Neeta P. Fogg, Paul E. Harrington, Thomas F. Harrington ;
   foreword by Michael Farr.

HF5382.5 .U5 P39 2004 EB                 2004
   Career guide for the high-tech professional [electronic resource] : where
   the jobs are now and how to land them / David Perry.

HF5382.7 .B465 2004 EB                   2004
   10 insider secrets to a winning job search [electronic resource] :
   everything you need to get the job you want in 24 hours--or less! / Todd

HF5382.7 .D55 2004 EB                    2004
   Guide to Internet job searching [electronic resource] / Margaret Riley
   Dikel and Frances E. Roehm.

HF5382.75 .A8 C37 2004 EB                2004
   Career information and resources for Australia [electronic resource] /
   Going Global, Inc.

HF5382.75 .C2 .C37 2004 EB               2004
   Career information and resources for Canada [electronic resource].

HF5382.75 .F8 C37 2004 EB                2004
   Career information and resources for France [electronic resource] / Going
   Global, Inc.

HF5382.75 .G3 C37 2004 EB                2004
   Career information and resources for Germany [electronic resource] / Going
   Global, Inc.

HF5382.75 .G7 .C37 2004 EB               2004
   Career information and resources for the United Kingdom [electronic

HF5382.75 .H85 C37 2004 EB               2004
   Career information and resources for Hong Kong [electronic resource] /
   Going Global, Inc.

HF5382.75 .I8 C37 2004 EB                2004
   Career information and resources for Italy [electronic resource] / Going
   Global, Inc.

HF5382.75 .J3 .C37 2004 EB               2004
   Career information and resources for Japan [electronic resource].

HF5382.75 .U6 .C37 2004 EB               2004
   Career information and resources for the United States of America
   [electronic resource].

HF5383 .B325 2004 EB                     2004
   The perfect cover letter [electronic resource] / Richard H. Beatty.

HF5383 .B5346 2003 EB                    2003
   101 best tech resumes [electronic resource] / Jay A. Block, Michael
                                Inventory List

                  Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HF5383 .K87 2005 EB                      2005
   Sales and marketing resumes for $100,000 careers [electronic resource] /
   Louise M. Kursmark.

HF5383 .N618 2004 EB                     2004
   Gallery of best cover letters [electronic resource] / David F. Noble.

HF5383 .N622 2005 EB                     2005
   Gallery of best resumes for people without a four-year degree [electronic
   resource] : a collection of quality resumes by professional resume writers
   / by David F. Noble.
   Best resume tips. Best resume tips at a glance. Best resume writing tips.
   Best resume writing strategies. Best resume design and layout tips. Best
   resume writing style tips -- The gallery of professional resumes. The
   gallery at a glance. How to use the gallery. Accounting. Communications.
   Construction. Customer service. Design. Education. Events planning.
   Finance. Firefighting. Health and safety. Healthcare. Hospitality. Human
   resources. Information systems/information technology. Law/law
   enforcement. Law enforcement. Maintenance. Management. Manufacturing.
   Purchasing. Real estate. Recruiting. Sales and marketing. Technology.
   Transportation -- Best cover letter tips. Best cover letter tips at a
   glance. Best cover letter writing tips. Myths about cover letters. Tips
   for polishing cover letters. Using good strategies for letters. Using
   pronouns correctly. Using verb forms correctly. Using punctuation
   correctly. Using words correctly -- Exhibit of cover letters.
HF 5383 .P4 1981                         1981
   The career connection : keys to employment, job hunting strategies,
   tactics, facts and information / by Ronald E. Petit.

HF5384 .F37 2005 EB                      2005
   Military-to-civilian career transition guide [electronic resource] : the
   essential job search handbook for service members / Janet I. Farley.
   Should you stay or should you go? -- Creating your overall transition
   strategy -- VA benefits and other opportunities -- Job search necessities
   -- Building an adaptable resume -- Creating effective job search letters
   -- Winning interview skills -- Evaluating and negotiating job offers --
   You're hired! now what?

HF5386 .B38 2003 EB                      2003
   Being the best [electronic resource] : the A-Z of personal excellence /
   Nicholas Bate.

HF5386 .G7 2004 EB                       2004
   The ultimate book of business skills [electronic resource] : the 100 most
   important techniques for being successful in business / Tony Grundy, Laura

HF5386 .M303 2004 EB                     2004
   Developing as a professional [electronic resource] : 50 tips for getting
   ahead / Marilyn Manning and Patricia Haddock.

HF5386 .N37 2004 EB                      2004
   Just enough [electronic resource] : tools for creating success in your
   work and life / Laura Nash and Howard Stevenson.
   Moving targets -- Stress! Excess! Success? -- The dangers of going for the
   max -- The satisfactions of just enough success -- The kaleidoscope
   strategy -- Your success profile -- Who are you? and why are you doing
   that? -- Complex patterns in real life -- Just enough -- Making successful
   choices -- Further calibrations of enough -- Just enough for a lifetime.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HF5387 .M47 2002 EB                      2002
   Promoting ethical conduct [electronic resource] : a review of corporate
   practices / authored by Cheryl de Mesa Graziano].

HF5388 .K34 2003 EB                      2003
   Values, prosperity and the Talmud [electronic resource] : business lessons
   from the ancient rabbis / Larry Kahaner.

HF5389 .C36 2004 EB                      2004
   Bridging the culture gap [electronic resource] : a practical guide to
   international business communication / Penny Cart*e, Chris Fox.

HF5415 .K427 2004 EB                     2004
   Offensive marketing [electronic resource] : an action guide to gaining
   competitive advantage / Hugh Davidson and Warren J. Keegan with Elyse
   Arno Brill.
HF5415 .L42 2001 EB                      2001
   Bigwig briefs [electronic resource] : guerrilla marketing : the best of
   guerrilla marketing / by Jay Conrad Levinson.

HF5415 .P484 2003 EB                     2003
   Marketing without advertising [electronic resource] / by Michael Phillips
   & Salli Rasberry, edited by Barbara Kate Repa.
   Advertising: the last choice in marketing -- Personal recommendations: the
   first choice in marketing -- The physical appearance of your business --
   Pricing -- The treatment of people around you -- Openness: the basis of
   trust -- Deciding how to educate potential customers -- How to let
   customers know your business is excellent -- Helping customers find you --
   Customer recourse -- Marketing on the Internet -- Dynamic interactive
   marketing -- Designing and implementing your marketing plan -- Creating a
   calendar of events.

HF5415 .Z23 2004 EB                      2004
   Precision marketing [electronic resource] : the new rules for attracting,
   retaining, and leveraging profitable customers / Jeff Zabin and Gresh
   The rise of precision marketing -- The precision marketing cycle --
   Exploiting the data -- Precision marketing in the age of Gaia -- Fifteen
   minutes of privacy? -- The precision marketing future.

HF5415.125 .B47 2004 EB                  2004
   Data mining techniques [electronic resource] : for marketing, sales, and
   customer relationship management / Michael J.A. Berry, Gordon S. Linoff.
   Why and whatis data mining? -- The virtuous cycle of data mining -- Data
   mining methodology and best practices -- Data mining applications in
   marketing and customer relationship management -- The lure of statistics :
   data mining using familiar tools -- Decision trees -- Artificial neural
   networks -- Nearest neighbor approaches : memory-based reasoning and
   collaborative filtering -- Market basket analysis and association rules --
   Link analysis -- Automatic cluster detection -- Knowing when to worry :
   hazard functions and survival analysis in marketing -- Genetic algorithms
   -- Data mining throughout the customer life cycle -- Data warehousing,
   OLAP, and data mining -- Building the data mining environment -- Preparing
   data for mining -- Putting data mining to work.

HF5415.13 B54 2002 EB                    2002
   Bigwig briefs [electronic resource] : become a VP of marketing : leading
   VPs of marketing reveal what it takes to get there, stay there, and
   empower others who work with you / [edited by Krista Smith].

HF5415.13 .J5878 2004 EB                 2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Powerhouse marketing plans [electronic resource] : 14 outstanding
   real-life plans and what you can learn from them to supercharge your own
   campaigns / Winslow "Bud" Johnson.
   Marketing Plan Success Stories -- Successful Marketing Plans Eliminate the
   Negatives -- Example: Energizer EZ Change Hearing Aid Batteries --
   Successful Marketing Plans Often Solve Consumer Problems -- Example:
   Jumbo-Koter by Wooster Brush -- Benefits Must Be Perceived by Customers --
   Example: Philips Long-Life Lightbulbs -- Consumer and Retailer Convenience
   Is Critical -- Example: L'eggs Hosiery -- Effectiveness Leads to Repeat
   Purchases -- Example: Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Gel -- Preemptive Ventures
   Are Often Winners -- Example: Treo Mobile Phone, Web/E-mail Device, and
   Organizer -- Sample Marketing Plans -- Secondary Research to Develop
   Market Reviews -- Example: Satellite Brand Alkaline Batteries -- Using
   Telephone Surveys in Completing Market Reviews -- Example: The Executive
   Conference Phone -- Market Reviews Completed With Online Surveys --
   Example: Tiffany Table Mats and Napkins -- Focus Groups Can Be the Key to
   Understanding the Consumer -- Example: Craftmaster Hardware Products --
   Using Online Consumer Qualitative Research -- Example: Eagle Central Air
   Conditioners in Taiwan -- Using Ethnographic Research to Understand
   Consumers -- Example: Twinkle Baby Shoes -- The Role of Trade Research in
   Marketing Planning -- Example: Selecto Housewares Boutiques -- Putting It
   All Together -- Example: New Top Plastic Laminates.

HF5415.13 .K654 2004 EB                  2004
   Ten deadly marketing sins [electronic resource] : signs and solutions /
   Philip Kotler.
   Your company is not sufficiently market focused and customer driven --
   Your company does not fully understand its target customers -- Your
   company needs to better define and monitor its competitors -- Your company
   has not properly managed its relationships with its stakeholders -- Your
   company is not good at finding new opportunities -- Your company's
   marketing planning process is deficient -- Your company's product and
   service policies need tightening -- Your company's brand-building and
   communication skills are weak -- Your company is not well organized to
   carry on effective and efficient marketing -- Your company has not made
   maximum use of technology.

HF5415.13 .M39 2004 EB                   2004
   Market segmentation [electronic resource] : how to do it, how to profit
   from it / Malcolm McDonald and Ian Dunbar.

HF5415.13 .S569 2004 EB                  2004
   Agency account handling [electronic resource] : avoiding blood, sweat and
   tears / Michael Sims.

HF5415.13 .T7353 2004 EB                 2004
   Trout on strategy [electronic resource] : capturing mindshare, conquering
   markets / Jack Trout.
   Strategy is all about survival -- Strategy is all about perceptions --
   Strategy is all about being different -- Strategy is all about competition
   -- Strategy is all about specialization -- Strategy is all about

HF5415.135 .W38 2004 EB                  2004
   101 marketing strategies for accounting, law, consulting, and professional
   services firms [electronic resource] / Troy Waugh.

HF5415.15 .F69 2004 EB                   2004
   The dollarization discipline [electronic resource] : how smart companies
   create customer value-- and profit from it / Jeffrey J. Fox, Richard C.
   Getting started with dollarization -- Value is a number -- Why dollarize?
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM
   -- After the bubble burst -- Dollarization and selling your price --
   Dollarization and selling something new -- Shortening the sales cycle --
   Dollarization to protect and keep business -- Removing doubt in the
   seller's mind -- Dollarization to get a prospect's attention --
   Dollarization and channel partners -- Dollarization and selling services
   -- Dollarization and marketing communications -- Pricing new products --
   Dollarizing and market segmentation -- Dollarization in consumer marketing
   -- Dollarization and the commodity myth -- Dollarization and new product
   direction -- The mechanics of dollarization -- How to dollarize any
   benefit -- Developing dollarization data -- Making dollarization work with
   the customer -- Constructing the customer value file -- The dollarization
   doctrine : ten rules for successful dollarization.

HF5415.153 .M338 2005 EB                 2005
   Fast second [electronic resource] : how smart companies bypass radical
   innovation to enter and dominate new markets / Constantinos C. Markides,
   Paul A. Geroski.
   Introduction -- Where do radical innovations come from? -- From new
   technologies to new markets -- Colonists and consolidators -- From
   colonization to consolidation -- Racing to be second -- The changing basis
   of competition -- Creating the markets of the 21st century.

HF5415.2 .S558 2004 EB                   2004
   The art & science of interpreting market research evidence [electronic
   resource] / D.V.L. Smith and J.H. Fletcher.

HF5415.5 .A3 2004 EB                     2004
   The relationship edge in business [electronic resource] : connecting with
   customers and colleagues when it counts / Jerry Acuff with Wally Wood.

HF5415.5 .B56 2004 EB                    2004
   CRM unplugged [electronic resource] : releasing CRM's strategic value /
   Philip Bligh, Douglas Turk.
   A new, more strategic approach to CRM -- A review of CRM failures --
   Strategy first : aligning CRM with company strategy -- Customer
   intelligence : the science of customer insight -- Demand visibility and
   response -- An enterprise-wide approach to CRM -- Implementing CRM

HF5415.5 .N49 2003 EB                    2003
   Why CRM doesn't work [electronic resource] : how to win by letting
   customers manage the relationship / Frederick Newell.

HF5415.5 .P458 2004 EB                   2004
   Managing customer relationships [electronic resource] : a strategic
   framework / Don Peppers, Martha Rogers.
   Part 1. Principles of managing customer relationships. Evolution of
   relationships with customers; Thinking behind customer relationships --
   Part 2. "IDIC" implementation process: a model for managing customer
   relationships. Customer relationships: basic building blocks of IDIC and
   trust; Identifying customers; Differentiating customers: some customers
   are worth more than others; Differentiating customers by their needs;
   Interacting with customers: customer collaboration strategy; Using the
   tools of interactivity to build learning relationships; Privacy and
   customer feedback; Using mass customization to build learning
   relationships -- Part 3. Measuring and managing to build customer value.
   Measuring the success of customer-based initiatives; Customer analytics
   and the customer-strategy enterprise; Organizing and managing the
   profitable customer-strategy enterprise; Delivery channel issues of the
   enterprise focused on building customer value; Store of the future and the
   evolution of retailing -- Appendix: Where do we go from here?

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HF5415.525 .L39 2004 EB                  2004
   Why customers come back [electronic resource] : how to create lasting
   customer loyalty / Manzie R. Lawfer.

HF5416.5 .M365 2004 EB                   2004
   The price advantage [electronic resource] / Michael V. Marn, Eric V.
   Roegner, Craig C. Zawada.

HF5429.215 .U6 B47 2004 EB               2004
   What I learned from Sam Walton [electronic resource] : how to compete and
   thrive in a Wal-Mart world / Michael Bergdahl.

HF5429.23 .M43 2004 EB                   2004
   How to buy a franchise [electronic resource] / by James A Meaney.
   Why buy a franchise? -- What is a franchise? -- Finding the right
   franchise for you -- Disclosure laws -- The disclosure statement --
   Financial feasibility -- Professional assistance -- Franchise salespeople
   and brokers -- The background of the franchisor -- Investigating existing
   franchisees -- Earning claims -- Understanding and negotiating the
   franchise agreement -- Your relationship with the franchisor -- Franchisee
   input and franchisee associations -- Conclusion -- Appendix A: Uniform
   franchise offering circular (sample) -- Appendix B: Franchise agreement
   (sample) -- Appendix C: State filing requirements.

HF5429.235 .U5 S54 2004 EB               2004
   Franchising & licensing [electronic resource] : two powerful ways to grow
   your business in any economy / Andrew J. Sherman.

HF5438.25 .A95 2004 EB                   2004
   Your successful sales career [electronic resource] / Brian Azar, with Len
   Introduction -- Getting started -- Discovering the salesperson within --
   Creating a "go" plan of action -- Finding the right job -- Getting started
   on the job -- Say goodbye to the old game of sales -- Getting there--the
   10-step interview for sales success -- Step 1-pre-call planning -- Step
   2-establishing rapport -- Step 3-finding the pain -- Step 4-budget, terms,
   and conditions -- Step 5-finding the decision maker -- Step 6-the review
   -- Step 7-the presentation -- Step 8-the reinforcement -- Step 9-the close
   -- Step 10-after the sale -- Staying on top -- Why sales careers plateau
   -- Optimize your time with client categories -- Marketing strategies for
   selling professionals.

HF5438.25 .B744 2004 EB                  2004
   The new science of selling and persuasion [electronic resource] : how
   smart companies and great salespeople sell / William T. Brooks.
   The new science of selling and persuasion -- Sales management -- Hiring
   and retaining great salespeople -- Selecting and empowering the right
   sales managers -- Sales management process -- Achieving total selling
   mastery -- Sales culture -- Accountability -- Integrating marketing,
   sales, and service for superior performance -- Successful product
   introductions -- Sales management and selling truths -- Organizational and
   salesforce audit.

HF5438.25 C66 2004 EB                    2004
   Connective selling [electronic resource] : the secrets of winning 'big
   ticket' sales / John Timperley.

HF5438.25 .C675 2004 EB                  2004
   The science of sales success [electronic resource] : a proven system for
   high-profit, repeatable results / Josh Costell.
   Measurability matters -- Defining value -- Receiving value -- Tests of
   reasonableness -- Every question counts -- Leave the brochures behind --
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Every reason to say yes -- When the world isn't perfect -- Using
   MeasureMax your way.

HF5438.25 .E18 2004 EB                   2004
   The new solution selling [electronic resource] : the revolutionary sales
   process that is changing the way people sell / Keith M. Eades.
   Solution selling concepts -- Solutions -- Principles -- Sales process --
   Creating new opportunities -- Precall planning and research -- Stimulating
   interest -- Define pain or critical business issue -- Diagnose before you
   prescribe -- Creating visions biased to your solution -- Engaging in
   active opportunities -- Selling when you're not first -- Vision
   re-engineering -- Qualify, control, close -- Gaining access to people
   with power -- Controlling the buying process -- Closing: reaching final
   agreement -- Managing the process -- Getting started with the process --
   Sales management system : managers managing pipelines and salespeople --
   Creating and sustaining high performance sales cultures.

HF5438.25 .H345 2004 EB                  2004
   Consultative selling [electronic resource] : the Hanan formula for
   high-margin sales at high levels / Mack Hanan.
   How to become consultative -- How to penetrate high levels -- How to merit
   high margins -- How to set partnerable objectives -- How to agree on
   partnerable strategies -- How to ensure partnerable rewards -- How to
   qualify customer problems -- How to quantify PIP solutions -- How to sell
   the customer's return.

HF5438.25 .L355 2004 EB                  2004
   The 100 greatest sales ideas of all time [electronic resource] / Ken

HF5438.4 .S52 2004 EB                    2004
   The secrets of great sales management [electronic resource] : advanced
   strategies for maximizing performance / Robert A. Simpkins.
   The changing world of sales management -- Planning for today and tomorrow
   -- Crafting the professional sales force -- Finding the sales team talent
   -- Strengthening the sales team -- Compensation programs that drive
   superior performance -- Now lead : measuring and managing performance --
   Coaching and counseling -- Looking towards the future.
HF5439.7 .C53 2004 EB                    2004
   Compensating the sales force [electronic resource] / David J. Cichelli.

HF5465 .U6 P4519 2004 EB                 2004
   Celebration of fools [electronic resource] : an inside look at the rise
   and fall of JCPenney / Bill Hare.
   The founder -- The visionary -- The betrayer -- The end.

HF5469.23 .D4 H36 2004 EB                2004
   New perspectives on retailing and store patronage behavior [electronic
   resource] : a study of the interface between retailers and consumers / by
   Torben Hansen and Hans Stubbe Solgaard.

HF5478 C65 2004                          2004
   eBay timesaving techniques for dummies [electronic resource] / by Marsha

HF5478 .S47 2004 EB                      2004
   EBay motors the smart way [electronic resource] : selling and buying cars,
   trucks, motorcycles, boats, parts, accessories, and much more on the Web's
   #1 auction site / Joseph T. Sinclair and Don Spillane.
   Introduction -- Used vehicle market -- Owning a used vehicle -- Prices --
   Quality checks -- Financing -- Insurance -- Bidding -- Warranties --
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Arranging delivery -- Selling strategy -- Auction listing -- Photographs
   -- Customer service -- Security -- Negotiation -- Completing the
   transaction -- The eBay way -- Auction management services -- eBay store
   -- Parts & accessories -- Other motors.

HF5478 .S4735 2004 EB                    2004
   eBay business the smart way [electronic resource] : maximize your profits
   on the web's #1 auction site / Joseph T. Sinclair.

HF5478 .S4737 2004 EB                    2004
   eBay global the smart way [electronic resource] : buying and selling
   internationally on the world's #1 auction site / Joseph T. Sinclair and
   Ron Ubels.
   Introduction -- Global prototypes -- Compliance, finance, and safety --
   Your trade reference system -- Customs clearance -- Customs documents --
   Import and export licenses -- Customs brokers and freight forwarders --
   Restricted imports and exports -- Taxes on sales -- Import duties -- Means
   of payment -- Letters of credit -- Currency exchange -- Operational costs
   -- Fraud -- PayPal basics -- Global payments -- Paypal import-export --
   Package shipping -- Bulk shipping -- Insurance -- Communication --
   Business culture and travel abroad -- Cross-border relationships --
   Manufacturing abroad -- Warehousing -- Services and digital content.

HF 5500.2 .G66 1984                      1984
   Managing yourself : how to control emotion, stress, and time / Alfred
   Goodloe, Jane Bensahel, John Kelly.

HF5548.32 .A326 2005 EB                  2005
   Advances in electronic business. Volume 1 [electronic resource] / Eldon
   Li, Timon C. Du [editors].

HF5548.32 .E18298 2005 EB                2005
   E-commerce and M-commerce technologies [electronic resource] / P. Candace
   Deans, [editor].

HF5548.32 .H55 2004 EB                   2004
   Building your business with Google for dummies [electronic resource] / by
   Brad Hill.

HF5548.32 .S782 2005 EB                  2005
   Strategies for generating e-business returns on investment [electronic
   resource] / Namchul Shin, editor.

HF5548.32 .V45 2005 EB                   2005
   Web copy that sells [electronic resource] : the revolutionary formula for
   creating killer copy every time / Maria Veloso.
   Getting started : the dynamics of web selling -- A simple blueprint for
   writing killer web copy -- From prospects to purchasers : the
   psychological motivators -- Crafting your copy -- E-mail marketing : the
   Internet's killer application -- Online marketing communications : it's
   what you do after people visit your website that counts -- Last but not
   least : tying it all together.

HF5548.34 K67 2004 EB                    2004
   Enterprise guide to gaining business value from mobile technologies
   [electronic resource] / Adam Kornak, Jorn Teutloff and Michael

HF5548.4 .M523 C675 2003 EB              2003
   Accessing and analyzing data with Microsoft Excel [electronic resource] /
   Paul Cornell.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HF5548.4 .M523 EB                        2004
   Mastering Excel 2003 [electronic resource] : programming with VBA / Steven
   M. Hansen.

HF5548.4 .M523 F8 2003 EB                2004
   Step by step Microsoft Office Excel 2003 [electronic resource] / Curtis

HF5548.4 .M523 S753 2004 EB              2004
   Microsoft Office Excel 2003 [electronic resource] / Craig Stinson, Mark

HF5548.4 .M525 C6783 2004 EB             2004
   Mastering Microsoft Office 2003 for business professionals [electronic
   resource] / Gini Courter, Annette Marquis.

HF5548.4 .M525 L46 2004 EB               2004
   Office 2003 timesaving techniques for dummies [electronic resource] / by
   Woody Leonhard.
HF5548.4 .M525 M36 2004 EB               2004
   Office 2003 application development all-in-one desk reference for dummies
   [electronic resource] / by Richard Mansfield.
   Office 2003 essentials -- Understanding Office programming -- Maximizing
   Word -- Making the most of Excel -- Advanced Access -- Exploiting Outlook
   -- InterOffice : working as a team -- Power techniques : advanced Office
   automation, VBA, and .NET.
   Covers all the new features in Office 2003 and shows developers how to
   make the most of Office's tools and technologies. Fully explains all the
   innovations in Office 2003 with step-by-step examples and practical advice

HF5548.4 .M525 M5253 2004 EB             2004
   Microsoft Office system [electronic resource] : inside out / Michael J.
   Young, Michael Halvorson.

HF5548.4 .M525 M527 2004 EB              2004
   Microsoft Office Frontpage 2003 step by step [electronic resource] /
   Online Training Solutions, Inc.

HF5548.4 .M525 M5357 2004 EB             2004
   Microsoft Office system step by step [electronic resource] / Online
   Training Solutions, Inc. and Curtis Frye.

HF5548.4 .M525 M872 2004 EB              2004
   Faster smarter Microsoft Office system [electronic resource] / Katherine

HF5548.4 .M525 M873 2003 EB              2003
   Faster smarter Microsoft Office XP [electronic resource] : take charge of
   your Microsoft office programs--faster, smarter, better! / Katherine

HF5548.4 .M525 M874 2003 EB              2003
   First look Microsoft Office 2003 [electronic resource] / Katherine Murray.

HF5548.4 .M5255 M52 2004 EB              2004
   Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 step by step [electronic resource] / Online
   Training Solutions, Inc.

HF5548.4 .M527 H37 2005 EB               2005
   Mastering Windows XP Home Edition [electronic resource] / Guy Hart-Davis.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HF5548.4 .R2 M36 2005 EB                 2005
   Managing business with SAP [electronic resource] : planning,
   implementation and evaluation / Linda Lau, editor.

HF5548.5 .J38 G74 2004 EB                2004
   Java foundations [electronic resource] / Todd Greanier.

HF5548.5 .S65 B79 2004 EB                2004
   Oracle database foundations [electronic resource] / Bob Bryla.

HF5548.5 .X25 B47 2003 EB                2003
   Essentials of XBRL [electronic resource] : financial reporting in the 21st
   century / Bryan Bergeron.

HF5548.83 .H66 2004 EB                   2004
   How to work for an idiot [electronic resource] : survive & thrive--
   without killing your boss / by John Hoover.

HF5549 .B265 2004 EB                     2004
   Human resources policies and procedures for nonprofit organizations
   [electronic resource] / Carol L. Barbeito.

HF5549 .B64 2004 EB                      2004
   Human resources JumpStart [electronic resource] / Anne M. Bogardus.

HF5549 .E14 2005 EB                      2005
   e-Human resources management [electronic resource] : managing knowledge
   people / [edited by] Teresa Torres-Coronas, Mario Arias-Oliva.

HF5549 .H865 2004 EB                     2004
   Human resources business process outsourcing [electronic resource] :
   transforming how HR gets its work done / Edward E. Lawler III ... [et
   Forces for change -- New roles for HR -- Evaluating the effectiveness of
   HR -- Design of the HR function -- Exult -- BP -- Bank of America --
   International Paper -- Prudential -- Lessons learned -- Outsourcing and
   the future of HR.

HF5549 .K775 2004 EB                     2004
   Human resources for the non-HR manager [electronic resource] / Carol T.

HF5549.2 .U5 J32 2004 EB                 2004
   Employing bureaucracy [electronic resource] : managers, unions, and the
   transformation of work in the 20th century / Sanford M. Jacoby.

HF5549.2 .U5 P96 2004 EB                 2004
   Human resources management for public and nonprofit organizations
   [electronic resource] / Joan E. Pynes ; consulting editor, James L. Perry.

HF5549.5 .A34 R83 2001 EB                2001
   A history of affirmative action, 1619-2000 [electronic resource] / Philip
   F. Rubio.
   "No rights which the white man is bound to respect" : bonded labor, white
   preferences and quotas, and American citizenship debates, 1619-1861 --
   "The special favorite of the laws" : Civil War, Reconstruction, and
   America's first "affirmative action programs," 1861-77 -- Black nadir,
   white labor : segregation, immigration, and how the Polish became "white"
   in America, 1877-1933 -- "We want something that is ... affirmative" :
   black labor confronts the New (white) Deal, 1933-1945 -- "The evil that
   FHA did ...." : white suburbs, "negro quotas," red scares, and black
   demands, 1945-55 -- "It was something that was hard to describe" : black
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   movement, white reaction, and affirmative action from the civil rights
   movement to Reagan-Bush, 1955-93 -- "And the last shall be first" : black
   reparations, white ambivalence, and historical memory, 1993-2000.

HF5549.5 .C35 P356 2004 EB               2004
   The human resource professionals' career guide [electronic resource] :
   building a position of strength / Jeanne Palmer with Martha I. Finney.

HF5549.5 .D39 C66 2004 EB                2004
   Kids at work [electronic resource] : the value of employer-sponsored
   on-site child care centers / Rachel Connelly, Deborah S. DeGraff and
   Rachel A. Willis.
   Introduction: policy issues and research questions -- The labor market and
   child care context in the United States -- Economic framework for the
   valuation of ESCC -- Description of study sites and data collection --
   Analysis of the use of employer-sponsored on-site child care -- A direct
   method for valuing employee benefits from ESCC using a contingent
   valuation approach -- Employee valuation of employer-sponsored on-site
   child care.

HF5549.5 .E37 E433 2004 EB               2004
   Electronic monitoring in the workplace [electronic resource] :
   controversies and solutions / [edited by] John Weckert.

HF5549.5 .E43 G84 2004 EB                2004
   Workplace investigations [electronic resource] : a step-by-step guide / by
   Lisa Guerin.

HF5549.5 .I6 A43 2004 EB                 2004
   The complete Q & A job interview book [electronic resource] / Jeffrey G.

HF5549.5 .J63 C76 2003 EB                2003
   Authentic [electronic resource] : how to make a living by being yourself /
   Neil Crofts.

HF5549.5 .M5 H828 2004 EB                2004
   The diversity scorecard [electronic resource] : evaluating the impact of
   diversity on organizational performance / Edward E. Hubbard.
   The Need for Diversity Measurement -- The business case for diversity --
   Introduction to diversity measurement -- The Diversity Return on
   Investment (DROI) Process -- Introduction to the diversity ROI process --
   Planning and collecting data -- Evaluating diversity's contribution --
   Track and assess progress -- Building a Diversity Scorecard -- Basic
   diversity scorecard components -- Diversity leadership commitment
   perspective -- Workforce profile perspective -- Workplace culture/climate
   perspective -- Learning and growth perspective -- Diverse
   customer/community partnership perspective -- Financial impact perspective
   -- Building your diversity scorecard -- Implementation Issues -- Achieving
   strategic alignment from Top to Bottom -- Implementing the Diversity
   Scorecard Process -- Hubbard Diversity Measurement and Productivity

HF5549.5 .M5 L54 2004 EB                 2004
   Putting diversity to work [electronic resource] : how to successfully lead
   a diverse workforce / Simma Lieberman, George F. Simons, and Kate Berardo.

HF5549.5 .M63 .C66 2004 EB               2004
   How to be a great coach [electronic resource] : 24 lessons for turning on
   the productivity of every employee / Marshall J. Cook.

HF5549.5 .R3 B32 2004 EB                 2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   How to manage performance [electronic resource] : 24 lessons for improving
   performance / Robert Bacal.

HF5549.5 .T7 B4815 2004 EB               2004
   The blended learning book [electronic resource] : best practices, proven
   methodologies, and lessons learned / Josh Bersin.

HF5549.5 .T7 D433 2004 EB                2004
   Confirmative evaluation [electronic resource] : practical strategies for
   valuing continuous improvement / Joan Conway Dessinger, James L. Moseley.

HF5549.5 .T7 E423 2004 EB                2004
   How to design and deliver training for the new and emerging generations
   [electronic resource] / Susan El-Shamy.

HF5549.5 .T7 L4264 2004 EB               2004
   Multimedia-based instructional design [electronic resource] :
   computer-based training, web-based training, distance broadcast training,
   performance-based solutions / William W. Lee, Diana L. Owens.

HF5549.5 .T7 R658 2004 EB                2004
   Improving on-the-job training [electronic resource] : how to establish and
   operate a comprehensive OJT program / William J. Rothwell, H.C. Kazanas.
   Foundations of OJT : building an effective organizational climate to
   support OJT -- The benefits of effective on-the-job training -- Building
   the right foundation : from identifying goals to establishing an action
   plan -- Ensuring sound management and consistent results -- Preparing
   trainers and learners -- Preparing and delivering OJT -- Discovering needs
   : how to determine when OJT is appropriate -- Analyzing work, worker, and
   workplace : how to fit the training to the job -- Preparing the training
   plan : how to develop the right sequence of activities -- Presenting the
   training : how to conduct the OJT session -- Evaluating results : how to
   assess post-training job performance -- Reviewing aids and alternatives to
   OJT : how to ensure the right mix of performance interventions --
   Reflections on OJT -- Six important success factors for comprehensive OJT

HF5616 .U5 B7 2004 EB                    2004
   GAAP implementation guide [electronic resource] / Steven M. Bragg.
   Researching GAAP implementation problems -- Cash, receivables, and prepaid
   expenses -- Short-term investments and financial instruments -- Inventory
   -- Revenue recognition -- Long-lived assets -- Investments -- Current
   liabilities and contingencies -- Long-term debt -- Leases -- Stockholders'
   equity -- Foreign currency.

HF 5621 .N63 2002                        2002
   The Penguin dictionary of accounting / Christopher Nobes.

HF5626 R87 2004 EB                       2004
   Wiley GAAP for governments 2004 [electronic resource] : interpretation and
   application of generally accepted accounting principles for state and
   local governments / Warren Ruppel.

HF5628.5 .A68 2004 EB                    2004
   Client at the core [electronic resource] : marketing and managing today's
   professional services firm / August J. Aquila, Bruce W. Marcus.

HF5630 .R39 2004 EB                      2004
   The real life guide to accounting research [electronic resource] : a
   behind-the-scenes view of using qualitative research methods / edited by
   Christopher Humphrey, Bill Lee.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HF5635 .B66 2004 EB                      2004
   Bookkeeping and accounting [electronic resource] : based on Schaum's
   outline of theory and problems of bookkeeping and accounting, third
   edition, by Joel J. Lerner / abridgement editors, Daniel L. Fulks and
   Michael K. Staton.
   Assets, liabilities, and capital -- Debits and credits : the double-entry
   system -- Journalizing and posting transactions -- Financial statements --
   Adjusting and closing procedures -- Repetitive transactions - the sale and
   the purchases journals -- The cash journal -- Summarizing and reporting
   via the worksheet -- The merchandising company -- Costing merchandise
   inventory -- Pricing merchandise -- Negotiable instruments -- Controlling
   cash -- Payroll -- Property, plant, and equipment : depreciation -- The
   partnership -- The corporation.

HF5661 EB                                2004
   Wiley CPA examination review. Volume 1, Outlines and study guides
   [electronic resource].

HF5661 W49 2004 EB                       2004
   Wiley CPA examination review. Volume 2, Problems and solutions [electronic
   resource] / O. Ray Whittington.

HF5667 .O6728 2004 EB                    2004
   Auditor's dictionary [electronic resource] : terms, concepts, processes,
   and regulations / David O'Regan.
   User guide -- Entries A-Z -- Sources -- Abbreviations -- List of
   institutions -- List of publications, texts, and legislation --
   Biographical names -- Non-English terms.

HF5667.15 .B73 2004 EB                   2004
   The audit committee handbook [electronic resource] / Louis Braiotta Jr.

HF5668.25 .P532 2004 EB                  2004
   The internal auditor at work [electronic resource] : a practical guide to
   everyday challenges / K.H. Spencer Pickett.

HF5681 .A27 S28 2004 EB                  2004
   Accounts payable [electronic resource] : a guide to running an efficient
   department / Mary S. Schaeffer.

HF5681 .A27 S3 2004 EB                   2004
   Accounts payable best practices [electronic resource] / Mary S. Schaeffer.

HF5681 .B2 B47 2003 EB                   2003
   Best practices of Sarbanes-Oxley implementation [electronic resource] /
   [by Cheryl de Mesa Graziano].

HF5681 .B2 S27 2003 EB                   2003
   Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 [electronic resource] : financial executive
   checklist / Financial Executives Research Foundation.

HF5681 .B2 T57 2004 EB                   2004
   Building financial models [electronic resource] : a guide to creating and
   interpreting financial statements / John S. Tjia.
   A projection model -- Design principles for good modeling -- Starting out
   -- Your model-building toolbox: F keys and ranges -- Your model-building
   toolbox: Functions -- Guerilla accounting for modeling -- Balancing the
   balance sheet -- Income statement and balance sheet accounts -- Putting
   everything together -- The IS and BS output sheets -- The CF sheet --
   Ratios: Key performance indicators -- Forecasting guidelines -- The cash
   sweep -- The cash flow variation for cash sweep -- Recording macros --
   On-screen controls -- Bells and whistles -- Writing a macro in VBA.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HF5681 .B2 T733 2004 EB                  2004
   How to read a financial report [electronic resource] : wringing vital
   signs out of the numbers / John A. Tracy.

HF5681 .W3 B7 2004 EB                    2004
   Accounting for payroll [electronic resource] : a comprehensive guide /
   Steven M. Bragg.
   Creating a payroll system -- Accumulating time worked -- Payroll
   procedures and controls -- Payroll best practices -- Payroll measurements
   and internal reports -- Compensation -- Payroll deductions -- Payroll
   taxes and remittances -- Benefits -- Payments to employees -- Unemployment
   insurance -- Payroll record keeping -- Payroll journal entries --
   Payroll-related laws -- Outsourcing payroll -- International payroll
   issues -- Setting up the payroll department -- Government payroll
   publications and forms -- Appendix A: Sources of payroll information --
   Appendix B: Dictionary of payroll terms.

HF5686 .B65 N37 2003 EB                  2003
   NASDAQ corporate governance proposals [electronic resource] : a financial
   executive checklist / Financial Executives Research Foundation.

HF5686 .B65 N97 2003 EB                  2003
   NYSE corporate governance proposals [electronic resource] : a financial
   executive checklist.

HF5686 .C7 G5687 2004 EB                 2004
   Manager's guide to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act [electronic resource] :
   improving internal controls to prevent fraud / Scott Green.

HF5686 .C7 M317 2004 EB                  2004
   What every investor needs to know about accounting fraud [electronic
   resource] / Jeff Madura.
   How accounting can distort stock values -- Accounting controls -- How
   boards of directors may prevent deceptive accounting -- Board culture to
   serve shareholders -- How investors can cope with deceptive accounting --
   Look beyond earnings.

HF5686 .C7 R348 2004 EB                  2004
   How to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley section 404 [electronic resource] :
   assessing the effectiveness of internal control / Michael Ramos.

HF5686 .C8 O455 2004 EB                  2004
   Designing strategic cost systems [electronic resource] : how to unleash
   the power of cost information / Lianabel Oliver.
   Is your cost system obsolete? -- What constitutes a strategic cost system?
   -- Redesign process -- Conceptualizing the cost model design -- How to
   calculate costs -- Costing issues -- Cost systems setup and test --
   Performance measurement and reporting -- Common pitfalls -- Lessons

HF5686 .N56 L37 2004 EB                  2004
   Wiley not-for-profit GAAP 2004 [electronic resource] : interpretation and
   application of generally accepted accounting principles for not-for profit
   organizations / Richard F. Larkin, Marie DiTommaso.

HF5686 .N56 M386 2003 EB                 2003
   Model policies and procedures for not-for-profit organizations [electronic
   resource] / Edward J. McMillan.

HF5718 .R674 2004 EB                     2004
   Gray matters [electronic resource] : the workplace survival guide / Bob
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Rosner, Allan Halcrow, John Lavin.
   "Full of uncommon insight and practical guidance, Gray Matters offers real
   business wisdom in an action-packed, endlessly entertaining illustrated
   [cartoons] format that trades cynicism for solutions."--P. 4 of cover.

HF5718.22 .L43 2004 EB                   2004
   How to prepare, stage, and deliver winning presentations [electronic
   resource] / Thomas Leech.
   Presentations: Vital to success in a changing world -- Overview: the
   fundamental fifteen keys to success -- Becoming a winning presenter --
   Prepare -- Plan: first analyze and strategize -- Organize: sort out your
   ideas to clarify and convince -- Support: Make your case -- Visual
   aids/graphics: a picture is worth 1,000 words, maybe -- Stage --
   Arrangements: the devil's in the details -- Working the charts,
   successfully -- Practice: Skip it at your risk -- Deliver -- Show time --
   Interact: Successfully managing Q & A -- Switching hats: becoming a
   sharper listener -- Special situations -- Follow up: it ain't over 'til
   it's over -- Not just one but a winning team -- Making sure it's not Greek
   to them: international presentations.

HF5719 T39 2004 EB                       2004
   Crystal reports 10 for dummies [electronic resource] / by Allen G. Taylor.
HF5734.5 .L46 2004 EB                    2004
   Death by meeting [electronic resource] : a leadership fable-- about
   solving the most painful problem in business / Patrick Lencioni.

HF5780 .U6 V57 1999                      1999
   Virginia shippers directory : fruit, vegetables, peanuts, Christmas trees.

HF5822 .D59 2004 EB                      2004
   Diversity in advertising [electronic resource] : broadening the scope of
   research directions / edited by Jerome D. Williams, Wei-Na Lee, Curtis P.

HF5827 .P378 2004 EB                     2004
   Careers in advertising [electronic resource] / S. William Pattis.

HF6146 .R3 N48 2004 EB                   2004
   Radio active [electronic resource] : advertising and consumer activism,
   1935-1947 / Kathy M. Newman.
   Introduction: the dialectic between advertising and activism -- Cultural
   critics in the age of radio -- The psychology of radio advertising:
   audience intellectuals and the resentment of radio commercials --
   "Poisons, potions and profits": radio activists and the origins of the
   consumer movement -- Consumers on the march: CIO boycotts, active
   listeners, and 'consumer time' -- The consumer revolt of "Mr. Average
   Man": Boake Carter and the CIO boycott of Philco Radio -- Washboard
   weepers: women writers, women listeners, and the debate over soap operas
   -- "I won't buy you anything but love, baby": NBC, Donald Montgomery, and
   the postwar consumer revolt -- Conclusion: high-class hucksters: the rise
   and fall of a radio republic.

HG103 M55 2003 EB                        2003
   Integrity-based financial leadership and ethical behavior [electronic
   resource] : a professional response to meeting the challenges and
   responsibilities / Frederick C. Militello, Michael D. Schwalberg.

HG106 .C37 2004 EB                       2004
   Statistical analysis of financial data in S-PLUS [electronic resource] /
   Ren*e A. Carmona.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HG106 .C49 2004 EB                       2004
   Copula methods in finance [electronic resource] / Umberto Cherubini, Elisa
   Luciano, and Walter Vecchiato.

HG106 .C86 2004 EB                       2004
   Introduction to the economics and mathematics of financial markets
   [electronic resource] / Jak*sa Cvitani*c and Fernando Zapatero.

HG106 .F63 2004 EB                       2004
   The mathematics of financial modeling and investment management
   [electronic resource] / Sergio Focardi and Frank J. Fabozzi.

HG177 .W37 2004 EB                       2004
   Webster's new world grant writing handbook [electronic resource] / by Sara
   D. Wason.
   Understanding corporate and foundation fundraising -- The new philanthropy
   -- Define the project -- Finding the right funders for your project --
   Approaching funders -- Organize the proposal -- Writing the proposal --
   Proposal review and follow-up -- Effective stewardship -- App. A. Sample
   proposal -- App. B. Proposal forms -- App. C. Characteristics of an
   effective fundraiser -- App. D. Government grants -- Glossary.

HG179 .B267 2004 EB                      2004
   It's more than money, it's your life [electronic resource] : the new money
   club for women / Candace Bahr, Ginita Wall.

HG179 .B435 2004 EB                      2004
   How not to go broke at 102! [electronic resource] : achieving everlasting
   wealth / Adriane G. Berg.

HG179 .C86 2004 EB                       2004
   Your financial action plan [electronic resource] : 12 simple steps to
   achieve money success / G. Cotter Cunningham.

HG179 .M3736 2004 EB                     2004
   Get rich slow [electronic resource] : build a firm financial foundation--
   a dollar at a time / Tama McAleese.

HG179 .M66 2004 EB                       2004
   Last chance to get it right! [electronic resource] : how to avoid the
   eight deadly mistakes made with money / J. Thomas Moore.

HG179 .N426597 2004 EB                   2004
   Quicken 2005 for dummies [electronic resource] / by Stephen L. Nelson.

HG179 .O638 2004 EB                      2004
   Love & money [electronic resource] : a life guide for financial success /
   Jeff D. Opdyke.

HG179 .R445 2004 EB                      2004
   Make your paycheck last [electronic resource] : how to create a budget you
   can live with / by Jason R. Rich.

HG179 .R7928 2004 EB                     2004
   Safely prosperous or really rich [electronic resource] : choosing your
   personal financial heaven / Howard Ruff.

HG179 .S2643 2004 EB                     2004
   Quick cash [electronic resource] : a guide to raising money during life's
   planned and unplanned changes / Richard E. Schell.

HG179 .T73 2004 EB                       2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Getting rich your own way [electronic resource] : achieve all your
   financial goals faster than you ever thought possible / Brian Tracy.

HG181 .B26 2004 EB                       2004
   Development of non-bank financial institutions and capital markets in
   European union accession countries [electronic resource] / Marie-Ren*ee
   Bakker, Alexandrea Gross.

HG181 .S84 2004 EB                       2004
   Opportunities in financial careers [electronic resource] / Michael
   Sumichrast and Martin A. Sumichrast.
   Introduction to financial careers -- U.S. banking history and regulations
   -- Commercial banks -- Savings institutions -- Credit unions -- Other
   types of nondepository financial institutions -- Securities and
   commodities brokers and dealers -- Insurance companies and real estate --
   Careers in financial services -- Corporate and industrial finance --

HG187 .E37 F549 2004 EB                  2004
   Financial governance in East Asia [electronic resource] : policy dialogue,
   surveillance and cooperation / edited by Gordon de Brouwer and Yunjong
   Policy dialogue, surveillance and financial cooperation in East Asia /
   Gordon de Brouwer and Yunjong Wang -- Policy dialogue in East Asia :
   principles for success / Stephen Grenville -- IMF and ADB perspectives on
   regional surveillance in East Asia / Gordon de Brouwer -- Structures to
   support stability and growth : some observations based on UK experience /
   Andrew Kilpatrick -- Complex political economy of cooperation and
   integration / C. Randall Henning -- Stocktake of institutions for regional
   cooperation / Takatoshi Ito and Koji Narita --Strengthening regional
   financial cooperation in East Asia / Haruhiko Kuroda and Masahiro Kawai.
   Management of financial crises : theory and policy / Prasanna Gai --
   Instruments and techniques for financial cooperation / Yunyong Wang --
   Compatibility of capital controls with the development of financial
   markets / Menzie D. Chinn -- Unilateral, regional and multilateral options
   for East Asia / Ramkishen S. Rajan -- Role of regional financial
   arrangements in the international financial architecture / Martin
   Parkinson, Phil Garton and Ian Dickson -- Basel Process and regional
   harmonisation in an Asian context / Shinichi Yoshikuni.

HG187 .J3 D47 2004 EB                    2004
   Designing financial systems in east Asia and Japan [electronic resource] /
   edited by Joseph P.H. Fan, Masaharu Hanazaki and Juro Teranishi.
   Introduction: globalization, financial technology and growth phase - some
   thoughts on redesigning financial systems in East Asia and Japan / Joseph
   SYSTEM? -- Can the financial restraint theory explain the postwar
   experience of Japan's financial system? / Masaharu Hanazaki, Akiyoshi
   Horiuchi -- The role of long-term funds for economic development:
   empirical evidence in Japan, Korea and Taiwan / Shin-Ichi Fukuda --
   Japanese economic success and the curious characteristics of Japanese
   stock prices / Randall Morck, Bernard Yeung -- Japanese securities frims,
   business corporations and financial institutions: a comparison of their
   investing behavior / Kenneth A. Kim, John R. Nofsinger -- Financial
   deregulations, weakness of market discipline and market development:
   Japan's experience / Mitsuhiro Fukao -- Macroeconomic effects of capital
   adequacy regulation in Japan / Heather Montgomery -- PART II. ISSUES IN
   governance of new technologies / Colin Mayer -- The benefits and costs of
   internal markets: evidence from Asia's financial crisis / Stijn Claessens
   ... [et al.] -- Large shareholders and banks: who monitors and how? /
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Yishay Yafeh, Oved Yosha -- Did families lose or gain control after the
   East Asian financial crisis? / Anya Khanthavit ... [et al.] -- The
   determinants of executive compensation in Japan and UK: agency hypothesis
   or joint determination hypothesis? / Katsuyuki Kubo -- PART III. TOWARD A
   NEW DESIGN OF FINANCIAL SYSTEM -- Toward an incentive compatible financial
   system: accounting and manageing the non-performing loans / Akio Kuroda,
   Koichi Hamada -- Further reforms of the JGB market for the promotion of
   regional bond markets / S. Ghon Rhee -- Reflections on the new financial
   system in Japan: participation costs, wealth distribution and security
   market-based intermediation / Yukinobu Kitamura ... [et al.].

HG220 .A2 C74 2004 EB                    2004
   Credit and state theories of money [electronic resource] : the
   contributions of A. Mitchell Innes / edited by L. Randall Wray.
   Introduction / L. Randall Wray and Stephanie Bell -- What is money? / A.
   Mitchell Innes -- The credit theory of money / A. Mitchell Innes -- The
   social origins of money : the case of Egypt / John F. Henry -- The
   archaeology of money : debt versus barter theories of money's origins /
   Michael Hudson -- The primacy of trade debts in the development of money /
   Geoffrey W. Gardiner -- The emergence of capitalist credit money /
   Geoffrey Ingham -- Conclusion : the credit money and state money
   approaches / L. Randall Wray.

HG220 .A2 R33 2004 EB                    2004
   Monetary theory [electronic resource] / Alan A. Rabin.

HG231 .D244 2002 EB                      2002
   A history of money [electronic resource] : from ancient times to the
   present day / Glyn Davies.

HG925 .C4834 2004 EB                     2004
   Changing institutions in the European Union [electronic resource] : a
   public choice perspective / edited by Giuseppe Eusepi, Friedrich

HG1616 .B7 F54 2004 EB                   2004
   Syndicated lending [electronic resource] / Andrew Fight.

HG1616 .M3 B44 2004 EB                   2004
   22 keys to sales success [electronic resource] : how to make it big in
   financial services / James M. Benson, Paul Karasik.
   Take control of the sale -- Focus on clients, not compensation -- Position
   with mission -- Go long and deep -- You've got to believe -- Don't be
   afraid to walk away -- Give them something to say "yes" to -- Develop a
   marketing plan -- Follow the 60-20-20 rule -- Automate your sales process
   -- Open the Johari window -- Market yourself as the expert -- Generate new
   business opportunities with existing clients -- Master the art of
   communication -- Demand objections -- Always be closing -- Be your own
   sales manager -- Cultivate your referrals -- Create your compelling vision
   -- Close more sales with scripting -- Make them love you -- Energize your

HG1710 .G58 2004 EB                      2004
   Electronic safety and soundness [electronic resource] : securing finance
   in a new age / Thomas Glaessner, Tom Kellermann, Valerie McNevin.

HG2040.15 .R44 2004 EB                   2004
   Mortgages 101 [electronic resource] : quick answers to over 250 critical
   questions about your home loan / David Reed.

HG2040.5 .U5 S525 2003 EB                2003
   Secrets of buying and selling real estate-- without using your own money
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   [electronic resource] / Robert Shemin.

HG2358.5 .U6 B68 2004 EB                 2004
   The complete startup guide for the Black entrepreneur [electronic
   resource] / by Bill Boudreaux.

HG2491 .S74 2004 EB                      2004
   Too big to fail [electronic resource] : the hazards of bank bailouts /
   Gary H. Stern, Ron J. Feldman.
   Introduction : our message and methods -- What is the problem? -- Why
   protection is costly -- How pervasive is TBTF? -- Why protect TBTF
   creditors? -- The growth of TBTF protection -- Testing our thesis : the
   cases of not too big to fail -- Can the problem be addressed? -- Creating
   the necessary foundation -- Reducing policymakers' uncertainty -- Limiting
   creditor losses -- Restricting payment system spillovers -- Alternatives
   for managing too big to fail -- Summary : talking points on too big to

HG3705 .K56 2004 EB                      2004
   Credit risk [electronic resource] : from transaction to portfolio
   management / Andrew Kimber.
   Fixed income credit -- The loan portfolio -- Credit derivatives --
   Securitization -- The credit risk of interest rate products -- The
   fundamentals of credit.

HG3752.5 .C65 2004 EB                    2004
   Collection management handbook [electronic resource] : the art of getting
   paid / A. Michael Coleman.

HG3851 .H63 2004 EB                      2004
   Managing global financial and foreign exchange rate risk [electronic
   resource] / Ghassem A. Homaifar.

HG3881 .F514 2004 EB                     2004
   Understanding international bank risk [electronic resource] / Andrew

HG4015 .P48 2004 EB                      2004
   Financial management and analysis workbook [electronic resource] :
   step-by-step exercises and tests to help you master financial management
   and analysis / Pamela P. Peterson, Frank J. Fabozzi, Wendy D. Habegger.

HG4026 .N365 2004 EB                     2004
   Finance for strategic decision making [electronic resource] : what
   non-financial managers need to know / M.P. Narayanan, Vikram K. Nanda.
   Finance and corporate strategy -- The resource allocation decision -- Cost
   of capital -- Capital structure and financing -- Payout policy -- Mergers
   and acquisitions -- Divestitures -- Risk management -- Performance

HG4026 .T715 2004 EB                     2004
   How to manage profit and cash flow [electronic resource] : mining the
   numbers for gold / John A. Tracy, Tage C. Tracy.

HG4027.65 .M364 2003 EB                  2003
   Not-for-profit budgeting and financial management [electronic resource] /
   Edward J. McMillan.

HG4027.7 .S5 2004 EB                      2004
   Smart financial management [electronic resource] : the essential reference
   for the successful small business / William W. Sihler, Richard D.
   Crawford, and Henry A. Davis.
                                 Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Basic frameworks for financial management -- Legal aspects of financing
   the startup, early-stage and emerging businesses -- Ratios as analytical
   tools -- Forecasting, budgeting, and cash management -- Managing accounts
   receivable -- Managing inventories -- Capital budgeting and corporate
   valuation -- Basic capital-structure decisions -- Nonequity financing for
   the enterprise -- Equity financing for the enterprise -- Exiting the
   unsuccessful business -- Exiting the successful business -- Summing up
   smart financial management.

HG4027.7 .V56 2004 EB                    2004
   Raising entrepreneurial capital [electronic resource] / John B. Vinturella
   and Suzanne M. Erickson.

HG4028 .A84 H36 2004 EB                  2004
   The handbook of European structured financial products [electronic
   resource] / Frank J. Fabozzi, Moorad Choudhry, editors.

HG4028 .C6 B46 2004 EB                   2004
   Compassionate capitalism [electronic resource] : how corporations can make
   doing good an integral part of doing well / Marc Benioff & Karen Southwick
   ; [foreword by Alan G. Hassenfeld].

HG4028 .V3 E365 2004 EB                  2004
   Cybernetic analysis for stocks and futures [electronic resource] :
   cutting-edge DSP technology to improve your trading / John F. Ehlers.

HG4028 .V3 L4437 2004 EB                 2004
   Franchise value [electronic resource] : a modern approach to security
   analysis / Martin L. Leibowitz.

HG4028 .V3 S825 2004 EB                  2004
   The value mindset [electronic resource] : returning to the first
   principles of capitalist enterprise / Erik Stern, Mike Hutchinson.
   Part I - Value mindset introduction. A revolution in value -- The
   efficiency of the market -- Other people's money -- Corporate governance
   in crisis -- Back to basics -- Introduction to incentives -- Growing value
   -- Focus on value -- The mindset of success -- Part II - Strategic
   reconfiguration. Unleashing hidden value -- Configuring companies --
   Changing organizational architecture -- Strategic reconfiguration in
   theory -- Strategic reconfiguration in practice -- The growth of content
   -- The benefits of strategic reconfiguration -- Part III - Financial
   architecture - challenging existing thinking -- Paying for size --
   Acquisitions -- Outcomes as real options -- Divestments -- Initial public
   offerings -- Financing issues -- Part IV - Motivating managers and
   employees to deliver value -- Awarding decision rights -- Fixed pay and
   incentives -- Balancing incentives -- Do options encourage value creation?
   -- The value of variable pay -- Franchising as a value mindset -- Share
   options -- Motivating all employees to create value -- The benefits of
   variable pay -- Part V - Taking strategic reconfiguration further - the
   public sector -- The state we're in -- How did the state grow so large? --
   Let us build up a decent world -- Reconfiguring global relations (I) --
   Reconfiguring the state -- Reconfiguring global relations (II) --
   Opportunity for all -- A final word.

HG4028 .V3 S828 2003 EB                  2003
   Against the grain [electronic resource] : how to succeed in business by
   peddling heresy / Joel M. Stern with Irwin Ross.

HG 4513 .S37 2003                        2003
   Wall Street words : an A to Z guide to investment terms for today's
   investor / David L. Scott.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HG4515.13 .W39 2004 EB                   2004
   Stocking up on sin [electronic resource] : how to crush the market with
   vice-based investing / Caroline Waxler.
   Why vice is nice -- The ethical dilemma and asset allocation -- This is
   research? -- Tobacco -- Gambling -- Weapons/defense/war -- Booze -- Sex --
   Drugs -- Vice in sheep's clothing -- Your vice's future -- Afterglow.

HG4515.15 .D38 2004 EB                   2004
   The triumph of contrarian investing [electronic resource] : crowds,
   manias, and beating the market by going against the grain / Ned Davis.
   Introduction -- Scientific studies on crowd psychology -- Brief history of
   manias and panics -- Headlines and cover stories -- Indicators of crowd
   psychology -- Postscript.

HG4521 B85 2004 EB                       2004
   Bull's eye investing [electronic resource] : targeting real returns in a
   smoke and mirrors market / John Mauldin.

HG4521 .D646 2004 EB                     2004
   The five rules for successful stock investing [electronic resource] :
   Morningstar's guide to building wealth and winning in the market / Pat

HG4521 .H2247 2004 EB                    2004
   Investment management [electronic resource] : portfolio diversification,
   risk, and timing--fact and fiction / by Robert L. Hagin.
HG4521 .M4567 2004 EB                    2004
   Warren Buffett wealth [electronic resource] : principles and practical
   methods used by the world's greatest investor / Robert P. Miles.
   Study the best to be the best -- The making of a billionaire : a timeline
   of Warren Buffett's wealth-building lifetime -- What kind of investor are
   you? -- Developing an investment philosophy -- Know what you own -- Invest
   in Main Street, not Wall Street -- Buy to keep, and buy a lot of a few --
   How you can learn from Buffett's investment mistakes -- Common myths about
   investing, wealth, and Buffett -- Five investment principles from the next
   Warren Buffett -- Warren Buffett's lessons on having a rich life -- The
   journey of a lifetime -- "The superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville."

HG4529 .A9 2004 EB                       2004
   A modern approach to Graham and Dodd investing [electronic resource] /
   Thomas P. Au.

HG4529 .M8597 2004 EB                    2004
   Intermarket analysis [electronic resource] : profiting from global market
   relationships / John Murphy.

HG4529 .T735 2004 EB                     2004
   Investment manager analysis [electronic resource] : a comprehensive guide
   to portfolio selection, monitoring, and optimization / Frank J. Travers.

HG4529.5 .B736 2004 EB                   2004
   Portfolio management in practice [electronic resource] / Christine
   Managing portfolios -- Portfolio theory -- Measuring returns -- Indices --
   Bond portfolio management -- Portfolio construction -- Types of analysis
   -- Valuation methodologies - shares -- Financial statement analysis and
   financial ratios -- Types of funds explained.

HG4530 .N53 2004 EB                      2004
   Hedge fund of funds investing [electronic resource] : an investor's guide
   / Joseph G. Nicholas.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Fund of funds in the hedge fund industry -- Hedge fund investment
   strategies -- Fund of funds mechanics and the two-tiered structure --
   Advantages and disadvantages of funds of funds -- Performance of funds of
   funds -- Fund of funds in a portfolio with traditional assets -- Defining
   objectives and identifying candidates -- Issues in due diligence : the
   fund of funds firm -- Issues in due diligence : portfolio management --
   Issues in due diligence : risk management -- Fund of funds selection case

HG4534 .B54 2002 EB                      2002
   Bigwig briefs [electronic resource] : become an investment banker /
   [editor, Ginger Conlon].

HG4551 .S393 2004 EB                     2004
   Equity markets in action [electronic resource] : the fundamentals of
   liquidity, market structure & trading / Robert A. Schwartz, Reto
HG4621 .E435 2004 EB                     2004
   Capital [electronic resource] : the story of long term investment
   excellence / Charles D. Ellis.

HG4621 .W37 2004 EB                      2004
   Investment leadership [electronic resource] : building a winning culture
   for long term success / James W. Ware, Beth Michaels and Dale Primer.

HG4638 .P47 2004 EB                      2004
   A complete guide to technical trading tactics [electronic resource] : how
   to profit using pivot points, candlesticks & other indicators / John L.

HG4661 .M324 2004 EB                     2004
   Buy the rumor, sell the fact [electronic resource] : 85 maxims of
   investing and what they really mean / Michael Maiello.

HG4661 .V53 2004 EB                      2004
   Pairs trading [electronic resource] : quantitative methods and analysis /
   Ganapathy Vidyamurthy.

HG4661 .W46 2004 EB                      2004
   Trading pairs [electronic resource] : capturing profits and hedging risk
   with statistical arbitrage strategies / Mark Whistler.

HG4751 .F55 2004 EB                      2004
   Financial systems, corporate investment in innovation, and venture capital
   [electronic resource] / edited by Anthony Bartzokas and Sunil Mani.

HG4751 .F84 2003 EB                      2003
   From concept to Wall Street [electronic resource] / Orn Fuerst, Uri

HG4751 .K68 2004 EB                      2004
   Attracting investors [electronic resource] : a marketing approach to
   finding funds for your business / Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya, and
   S. David Young.

HG4751 .S498 2004 EB                     2004
   Financing technology's frontier [electronic resource] : decision-making
   models for investors and advisors / Richard P. Shanley.
   Sharing the excitement of discovery -- Growth models that encourage
   investment -- Where to find capital : venture capital -- Where to find
   capital : public markets and private placements -- Creative and
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   alternative financing strategies -- Strategic alliances and corporate
   partnerships -- Mergers and acquisitions -- Profiles of corporate
   partnerships -- Tax planning strategies -- How to attract and retain
   quality employees and management teams -- Corporate governance in a
   post-Enron world -- Biotechnology beyond the U.S. borders -- Technology's
   future : the view from the frontier.

HG4751 .W55 2003 EB                      2003
   Term sheets & valuations [electronic resource] : an inside look at the
   intricacies of term sheets & valuations / by Alex Wilmerding.

HG4936 .H65 2004 EB                      2004
   Inside the yield book [electronic resource] : the classic that created the
   science of bond analysis / Sidney Homer and Martin L. Leibowitz ; with a
   foreword by Henry Kaufman and two new sections by Martin L. Leibowitz.

HG4963 .R34 2004 EB                      2004
   Managing credit risk in corporate bond portfolios [electronic resource] :
   a practitioner's guide / Srichander Ramaswamy.

HG5430.7 .A3 D54 2004 EB                 2004
   Cross-border investing [electronic resource] : the case of Central and
   Eastern Europe / Julia Djarova.

HG6024 .A3 C74 2004 EB                   2004
   Credit derivatives [electronic resource] : instruments, applications and
   pricing / Mark J.P. Anson ... [et al.].

HG6024 .A3 C85 2004 EB                   2004
   Risk transfer [electronic resource] : derivatives in theory and practice /
   Christopher L. Culp.

HG6024 .A3 J32 2004 EB                   2004
   The option trader handbook [electronic resource] : strategies and trade
   adjustments / George M. Jabbour, Philip H. Budwick.
   Trade and risk management -- Tools of the trader -- Long stock -- Short
   stock -- Calls and puts -- Spreads -- Combinations.

HG6041 .E48 2004 EB                      2004
   Financial risk taking [electronic resource] : an introduction to the
   psychology of trading and behavioural finance / Mike Elvin.
   Between Scylla and Charybdis -- Understanding trading competence -- A
   comprehensive model of trading competence -- Taming stress to become a
   better trader -- The psychology of perceptual bias -- Emotions, emotional
   intelligence, and trading -- Martial arts and Budo Zen : controlling fear
   and self-sabotage -- Trading standards and criteria : have you passed your

HG6041 .W37 2004 EB                      2004
   The complete guide to single stock futures [electronic resource] : what
   they are and how to trade them / Russell Wasendorf with Elizabeth

HG6042 .M348 2004 EB                     2004
   McMillan on options [electronic resource] / Lawrence G. McMillan.

HG6046.5 .C66 2004 EB                    2004
   Commodity trading advisors [electronic resource] : risk, performance
   analysis, and selection / [edited by] Greg N. Gregoriou ... [et al.].

HG8061 .Z48 2004 EB                      2004
   The complete book of insurance [electronic resource] : understand the
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM
   coverage you really need / by Richard Wm. Zevnik.
   Role of insurance in economy -- How the business of insurance is
   structured -- How insurance is marketed and sold -- Insuring other
   interests -- Homeowners insurance -- Loss of use and additional coverages
   -- Exclusions -- Conditions -- Liability coverages -- Liability coverage
   exclusions -- Liability coverages conditions -- Choosing liability limits
   -- Personal automobile policies -- Auto liability coverage exclusions --
   Medical payments coverage -- Medical payments coverage -- Uninsured and
   underinsured motorists coverage -- Physical loss or damage coverage
   provisions -- Business owners package policies -- Liability coverage
   exclusions -- Special property coverage -- Property coverage exclusions --
   Conditions -- Life, credit life, disability, and health coverages.

HG9396 .S853 2004 EB                     2004
   State health insurance market reform [electronic resource] : toward
   inclusive and sustainable health insurance markets / edited by Alan C.
   Monheit and Joel C. Cantor.

HJ1320.6 .R44 2004 EB                    2004
   Reforming fiscal and economic management in Afghanistan [electronic
   resource] / Michael Carnahan ... [et al.], editors.

HJ2051 .B78 2004 EB                      2004
   Restoring fiscal sanity [electronic resource] : how to balance the budget
   / Alice M. Rivlin and Isabel Sawhill, editors.
   Growing deficits and why they matter / Alice M. Rivlin and Isabel Sawhill
   -- Getting to balance : three alternative plans / Ron Haskins, Alice M.
   Rivlin, and Isabel Sawhill -- Reassessing national security / Lael
   Brainard and Michael O'Hanlon -- Restructuring domestic spending / Isabel
   Sawhill and Charles Schultze -- The impact of an aging population / Henry
   J. Aaron and Peter R. Orszag -- Meeting the revenue challenge / Henry J.
   Aaron, William G. Gale, and Peter R. Orszag.

HJ2361 .K37 2004 EB                      2004
   What the IRS doesn't want you to know [electronic resource] : a CPA
   reveals the tricks of the trade / Martin S. Kaplan.

HJ7390 .C87 2004 EB                      2004
   Customs modernization initiatives [electronic resource] : case studies /
   editors, Luc De Wulf and Jos*e B. Sokol.

HJ8015 .W48 2004 EB                      2004
   Sound practice in government debt management [electronic resource] /
   Graeme Wheeler.

HM 19 .T5 1976                           1976
   Sociological theory, its nature and growth / Nicholas S. Timasheff, George
   A. Theodorson ; consulting editor Charles H. Page.

HM24 .D957213 2004 EB                    2004
   Readings from Emile Durkheim [electronic resource] / edited by Kenneth

HM 51 .S663 1971                         1971
   Society today / contributing consultants: Robert R. Alford [et al.].
   The study of society -- The foundations of social life -- Groups and
   organizations -- The hierarchical arrangement of society -- The
   institutional order -- The interplay of culture and society -- The
   challenge of change.

HM 258 .B664 1972                        1972
   Effective small group communication / by Ernest G. Bormann, Nancy C.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM


HM435 .M33 2003 EB                       2003
   Classical horizons [electronic resource] : the origins of sociology in
   ancient Greece / George E. McCarthy.

HM449 .M85 2002 EB                       2002
   Reflections on multiple modernities [electronic resource] : European,
   Chinese, and other interpretations / edited by Dominic Sachsenmaier with
   Shmuel Eisenstadt.

HM535 .B474 2004 EB                      2004
   More damned lies and statistics [electronic resource] : how numbers
   confuse public issues / Joel Best.
   Missing numbers -- Confusing numbers -- Scary numbers -- Authoritative
   numbers -- Magical numbers -- Contentious numbers -- Toward statistical

HM554 .N67 2004 EB                       2004
   Shadows of war [electronic resource] : violence, power, and international
   profiteering in the twenty-first century / Carolyn Nordstrom.

HM 571 .A35 2003                         2003
   How it's done : an invitation to social research / Emily Stier Adler,
   Roger Clark.

HM621 .C8575 2004 EB                     2004
   Culture and public action [electronic resource] / edited by Vijayendra Rao
   and Michael Walton.

HM621 .S834 2004 EB                      2004
   An introduction to theories of popular culture [electronic resource] /
   Dominic Strinati.

HM646 .P67 2003 EB                       2003
   The post-subcultures reader [electronic resource] / edited by David
   Muggleton and Rupert Weinzierl.
   What is 'post-subcultural studies' anyway? / Rupert Weinzierl and David
   Muggleton -- Tastefully renovating subcultural theory : making space for a
   new model / Geoff Stahl -- Image, body and performativity : the
   constitution of subcultural practice in the globalized world of pop /
   Gabriele Klein -- 'Oh bondage, up yours!' Or here's three chords, now form
   a band : punk, masochism, skin, anaclisis, defacement / David Bloustien --
   Post-rave technotribalism and the carnival of protest / Graham St John --
   Bridging the micro-macro gap : is there such a thing as a post-subcultural
   politics? / Oliver Marchart -- Unlearning to raver : techno-party as the
   contact zone in trans-local formations / Toshiya Ueno -- Constructing
   'neo-tribal' identities through dress : modern primitives and body
   modifications / Theresa M. Winge -- Between criminal and political
   deviance : a sociological analysis of the New York chapter of the Almighty
   Latin King and Queen nation / Louis Kontos -- Radical hybridity :
   Latinas/os as the paradigmatic transnational post-subculture / Angharad N.
   Valdivia -- 'Race' and class in the 'post-subcultural' economy / Martina
   B*ose -- Diaspora experience, music and hybrid cultures of young migrants
   in Vienna / Roman Horak -- Global youth cultures in localized spaces : the
   case of the UK new Asian dance music and French rap / Rupa Huq -- Heavy
   metal and subcultural theory : a paradigmatic case of neglect? / Andy R.
   Brown -- The death and life of punk, the last subculture / Dylan Clark --
   'Lady' punks in bands : a subculturette? / Helen Reddington -- Resisting
   subjects : DIY feminism and the politics of style in subcultural
   production / Doreen Piano -- The 'X-files', online fan culture, and the
   real David Duchovny estrogen brigades / Rhiannon Bury -- 'Net. Goth' :
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Internet communication and (sub)cultural boundaries / Paul Hodkinson --
   Internet subcultures and oppositional politics / Richard Kahn and Douglas

HM671 .W47 2003 EB                       2003
   What justice? whose justice? [electronic resource] : fighting for fairness
   in Latin America / edited by Susan Eva Eckstein and Timothy P.
   Struggles for justice in Latin America / Susan Eva Eckstein and Timothy P.
   Wickham-Crowley -- Social inequality, civil society, and the limits of
   citizenship in Latin America / Philip Oxhorn -- An exception to Chilean
   exceptionalism? The historical role of Chile's judiciary / Lisa Hilbink --
   Presidential crises and democratic accountability in Latin America,
   1990-1999 / An*ibal P*erez-Li*n*an -- The vicious cycle of inequality in
   Latin America / Terry Lynn Karl -- Perpetrators' confessions : truth,
   reconciliation, and justice in Argentina / Leigh A. Payne -- Colombia :
   does injustice cause violence? / Marc W. Chernick -- Progressive
   pragmatism as a governance model : an in-depth look at Porto Alegre,
   Brazil, 1989-2000 / Sybil Delaine Rhodes -- Citizen responses to conflict
   and political crisis in Peru : informal politics in Ayacucho / David Scott
   Palmer -- Social justice and the new indigenous politics : an analysis of
   Guatemala, the Central Andes, and Chiapas / John A. Peeler -- The war of
   the peace : indigenous women's struggle for social justice in Chiapas,
   Mexico / June Nash -- Reflections on remembrance : voices from an Ixc*an
   village / Beatriz Manz.

HM683 .S25 2003 EB                       2003
   Landscapes of abandonment [electronic resource] : capitalism, modernity,
   and estrangement / Roger A. Salerno.

HM706 .S445 2004 EB                      2004
   Self, social structure, and beliefs [electronic resource] : explorations
   in sociology / edited by Jeffrey C. Alexander, Gary T. Marx, and Christine
   L. Williams

HM741 .T85 2004 EB                       2004
   Networking for job search and career success [electronic resource] / L.
   Michelle Tullier.
   What networking is and why it's important -- Where and how to network --
   Getting organized: don't skip this chapter! -- Identifying and expanding
   your network -- Assembling your self-marketing toolkit -- Honing your
   communication skills -- Fact-finding missions: networking to make
   decisions -- Strategy sessions: networking to reach your goals -- Referral
   meetings: networking to develop business -- Dealing with difficult people
   and surviving sticky situations -- Networking for introverts: 25 painless
   tips -- It's never too early to start: 25 networking tips for students --
   Doing unto others-the art and science of giving back -- Your action
   plan-the key to networking success -- Final tips for lifelong networking

HM753 .Q84 2004 EB                       2004
   Questioning identity [electronic resource] : gender, class, ethnicity /
   edited by Kath Woodward.

HM753 .S63 2004 EB                       2004
   Social identities [electronic resource] : multidisciplinary approaches /
   edited by Gary Taylor and Steve Spencer.

HM851 C78 2004 EB                        2004
   The power of many [electronic resource] : how the living Web is
   transforming politics, business, and everyday life / Christian Crumlish.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HM851 .I45 2003 EB                       2004
   Digital communities in a networked society [electronic resource] :
   e-commerce, e-business, and e-government : the Third IFIP Conference on
   E-Commerce, E-Business, and E-Government (I3E 2003), September 21-24,
   2003, S*ao Paulo, Brazil / edited by Manuel J. Mendes, Reima Suomi, Carlos

HM851 .I568 2005 EB                      2005
   The interaction society [electronic resource] : practice, theories and
   supportive technologies / Mikael Wiberg [editor].

HM851 .N475 2004 EB                      2004
   The network society [electronic resource] : a cross-cultural perspective /
   edited by Manuel Castells.

HM851 .W66 2005 EB                       2005
   Online communication [electronic resource] : linking technology, identity,
   and culture / Andrew F. Wood, Matthew J. Smith.

HM886 .S58 2004 EB                       2004
   Sites of violence [electronic resource] : gender and conflict zones /
   edited by Wenona Giles and Jennifer Hyndman.
   Gender and conflict in a global context / Wenona Giles and Jennifer
   Hyndman -- The continuum of violence: a gender perspective on war and
   peace / Cynthia Cockburn -- The sounds of silence: feminist research
   across time in Guatemala / Cathy Blacklock and Alison Crosby -- Like oil
   and water, with a match: militarized commerce, armed conflict, and human
   security in Sudan / Audrey Macklin -- No "safe haven": violence against
   women in Iraqi Kurdistan / Shahrzad Mojab -- From pillars of Yugoslavism
   to targets of violence: Interethnic marriages in the former Yugoslavia and
   thereafter / Mirjana Morokvasic-M*uller -- Geographies of violence: women
   and conflict in Ghana / Valerie Pretson and Madeleine Wong -- Gender, the
   nationalist imagination, war, and peace / Nira Yuval-Davis -- Refugee
   camps as conflict zones: the politics of gender / Jennifer Hyndman -- The
   "purity" of displacement and the reterritorialization of longing: Muslim
   IDPs in the northwestern Sri Lanka / Malathi de Alvis -- Escaping
   conflict: Afghan women in transit / Asha Hans -- War, flight, and exile:
   gendered violence among refugee women from post-Yugoslav states / Maja
   Korac -- The gendered impact of multilateralism in the post-Yugoslav
   states: intervention, reconstruction, and globalization / Edith Klein --
   New directions for feminist research and politics / Wenona Giles and
   Jennifer Hyndman.

HM1106 .C86 2004 EB                      2004
   The dark side of relationship pursuit [electronic resource] : from
   attraction to obsession and stalking / William R. Cupach, Brian H.

HM1106 .R442 2004 EB                     2004
   Relational models theory [electronic resource] : a contemporary overview /
   edited by Nick Haslam.

HM1111 .M68 2004 EB                      2004
   Motivational analyses of social behavior [electronic resource] : building
   on Jack Brehm's contributions to psychology / edited by Rex A. Wright,
   Jeff Greenberg, Sharon S. Brehm.
   About Jack -- Influences -- Reflections.

HM1126 .L683 2004 EB                     2004
   Becoming a mediator [electronic resource] : your guide to career
   opportunities / by Peter Lovenheim & Emily Doskow.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HM1126 .M39 2004 EB                      2004
   Beyond neutrality [electronic resource] : confronting the crisis in
   conflict resolution / Bernard S. Mayer.
   The crisis -- Conflict resolution: a field in crisis -- The rejection of
   conflict resolution -- The use (and misuse) of mediation -- Ten beliefs
   that get in our way -- Conflict resolution and society -- From resolution
   to engagement -- The power of engagement -- The conflict specialist --
   Embracing advocacy -- Redefining conflict resolution.

HM1196 .R47 2004 EB                      2004
   Resistance and persuasion [electronic resource] / edited by Eric S.
   Knowles, Jay A. Linn.

HM1206 .G586 2003 EB                     2003
   The globalization of corporate media hegemony [electronic resource] /
   edited by Lee Artz and Yahya R. Kamalipour.
   Globalization, media hegemony, and social class / Lee Artz -- Information
   technology and transnational networks: a world systems approach / Gerald
   Sussman -- Without ideology? Rethinking hegemony in the age of
   transnational media / Patrick D. Murphy -- The "Battle in Seattle": U.S.
   prestige press framing of resistance to globalization / Tamara Goeddertz
   and Marwan M. Kraidy -- High tech hegemony: transforming Canada's capital
   into Silicon Valley North / Vincent Mosco and Patricia Mazepa -- Britain
   and the economy of ignorance / Arun Kundnani -- "S*abado Gigante (Giant
   Saturday)" and the cultural homogenization of Spanish-speaking people /
   Martha I. Chew S*anchez, Janet M. Cramer, and Leonel Prieto -- Television
   and hegemony in Brazil / Joseph Straubhaar and Antonio La Pastina --
   Privatization of radio and media hegemony in Turkey / Ece Algan --
   Globalization and the mass media in Africa / Lyombe Eko -- Media hegemony
   and the commercialization of television in India: implications to social
   class and development communication / Robbin D. Crabtree and Sheena
   Malhotra -- MTV Asia: localizing the global media / Stacey K. Sowards --
   Political and sociocultrual implications of Hollywood hegemony in the
   Korean film industry: resistance, assimilation, and articulation / Eungjun
   Min -- Responses to media globalization in Caribbean popular cultures /
   W.F Santiago-Valles -- Radical media and globalization -- John Downing.

HM1211 .C67 2004 EB                      2004
   Culture from the inside out [electronic resource] : travel and meet
   yourself / Alan Cornes.
   Look in the mirror -- Self-imposed barriers -- Important cross-cultural
   traits -- Managing from the inside -- Important values orientations for
   the sojourner -- Applying the concepts -- Anticipate the challenges --
   Meet the challenges.

HM1211 .P47 2004 EB                      2004
   Cultural intelligence [electronic resource] : a guide to working with
   people from other cultures / Brooks Peterson.

HM1221 .S77 2005 EB                      2005
   Strategic planning for public relations [electronic resource] / Ronald D.

HM1221 .Z37 2004 EB                      2004
   Public relations worktext [electronic resource] : a writing and planning
   resource / Joseph M. Zappala, Ann R. Carden.

HM1236 H86 2004 EB                       2004
   Human beliefs and values [electronic resource] : a cross-cultural
   sourcebook based on the 1999-2002 values surveys / edited by Ronald
   Inglehart ... [et al.]

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HN16 .L67 2003 EB                        2003
   Loss [electronic resource] : the politics of mourning / edited by David L.
   Eng and David Kazanjian ; with an afterword by Judith Butler.
   Returning the body without haunting / Rosalind C. Morris -- Black mo'nin'
   / Fred Moten -- Ambiguities of mourning / Mark Sanders -- Catastropthic
   mourning / Marc Nichanian -- Between genocide and catastrophe / David
   Kazanjian and Marc Nichanian -- Passing shadows / Dana Luciano --
   Melancholia and moralism / Douglas Crimp -- Memory of hunger / David Lloyd
   -- Remains to be seen / Susette Min -- Mourning becomes kitsch / Vilashini
   Cooppan -- Theorizing the loss of land / David Johnson -- Left melancholy
   / Charity Scribner -- All things shining / Kaja Silverman -- Dialogue on
   racial melancholia / David L. Eng and Shinhee Han -- Passing away / Yvette
   Christians*e -- Ways of not seeing / Alys Eve Weinbaum -- Legacies of
   trauma, legacies of activism / Ann Cvetkovich -- Resisting left
   melancholia / Wendy Brown.

HN17.5 .H3357 2004 EB                    2004
   A handbook of comparative social policy [electronic resource] / edited by
   Patricia Kennett.

HN25 .W53 2004 EB                        2004
   What has happened to the quality of life in the advanced industrialized
   nations? [electronic resource] / edited by Edward N. Wolff.

HN39 .D44 M56 2004 EB                    2004
   Mind, heart, and soul in the fight against poverty [electronic resource] /
   edited by Katherine Marshall, Lucy Keough.
   Separate or common worlds? : faith and development partnerships for the
   new millennium -- Faith perspectives and the understanding of poverty --
   Millennium challenges for faith and development -- Peace for God.

HN49 .V64 V6388 2004 EB                  2004
   Volunteering as leisure/leisure as volunteering [electronic resource] : an
   international assessment / edited by Robert A. Stebbins and Margaret
   Introduction: Volunteering and Leisure / Robert A. Stebbins --
   Volunteering as Heritage, Volunteering in Heritage / Margaret Graham --
   Establishing Long-Term Commitment: Event Volunteering -- Adopting
   Sustainable Ethics: Voluntary Practice amongst Event Organizers / Graham
   Berridge -- Paths to Volunteer Commitment: Lessons from the Sydney Olympic
   Games / B. Christine Green and Laurence Chalip -- Changing Volunteer
   Lifestyles: Motivation and Satisfaction -- Volunteer Satisfaction and
   Serious Leisure in Rural Fire Departments: Implications for Human Capital
   and Social Capital / Kenneth B. Perkins and John Benoit -- Understanding
   American parks and recreation volunteers utilizing a functionalist
   perspective / Kenneth E. Silverberg -- A logistical regression model of
   the decision of volunteers to enter a sports coach education programme /
   Brian E. Wilson --
   Politics of Volunteering and Active Citizenship: Policy Issues -- Defining
   field characteristics of museums and art museums: An Australian
   Perspective / Deborah Edwards -- Volunteering in the Canadian context:
   Identity, civic participation, and the politics of participation in
   serious leisure / Susan M. Arai -- Managing Volunteers in Different
   Settings: membership and Program Management / Lucas C. P. M. Meijs and
   Linda Bridges Karr -- Encouraging the Next Generation: Sustainability and
   Youth Volunteering / Lucas Meijs -- Pressures on Volunteers in the U.K. /
   Geoff Nichols -- Examining best practice in volunteer tourism / Stephen
   Wearing -- Fostering Human Resources in the Leisure Field: 'Serious
   Leisure' and the Potential Role of Volunteers, a Proposal for Developing
   Countries / Antonio Carlos Bramante -- Epilogue: Leisure Volunteering:
   Future Research and Policy.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HN90 .R3 V37 2004 EB                     2004
   Bringing the war home [electronic resource] : the Weather Underground, the
   Red Army Faction, and revolutionary violence in the sixties and seventies
   / Jeremy Varon.

HN90 .S6 E67 2002 EB                     2002
   Snobbery [electronic resource] : the American version / Joseph Epstein.
   1. It takes one to know one -- 2. What is a snob -- 3. How snobbery works
   -- 4. The Democratic snob -- 5. Snob-jobbery -- 6. O WASP, where is they
   sting-a-ling -- 7. Class (all but) dismissed -- 8. Such good taste -- 9.
   In the snob-free zone -- 10. The high, fine nuttiness of status -- 11. to
   you, I give my heart, Invidia -- 12. A son at Tufts, a daughter at Taffeta
   -- 13. Dear old Yarvton -- 14. Unclubbable -- 15. Intellectual snobbery,
   or the (million or so) happy few -- 16. The snob in politics -- 17. Fags
   and yids -- 18. The same new thing -- 19. Names away -- 20. The celebrity
   iceberg -- 21. Anglo-, Franco-, and other odd philias -- 22. Setting the
   snob's table -- 23. The art of with-it-ry -- 24. A grave but localized

HN90 .S65 R49 2004 EB                    2004
   Minding the machine [electronic resource] : languages of class in early
   industrial America / Stephen P. Rice.

HN110.5 .Z9 S646 2004 EB                 2004
   Inequality in Latin America [electronic resource] : breaking with history?
   / David de Ferranti ... [et al.].
   Introduction : motivation and conceptual framework -- Different lives :
   inequality in Latin America -- Group-based inequalities : the roles of
   race, ethnicity, and gender -- Historical roots of inequality in Latin
   America -- State-society interactions as sources of persistence and change
   in inequality -- Economic mechanisms for the persistence of high
   inequality in Latin America -- Policies on assets and services -- Policies
   on markets and institutions -- Taxation, public expenditures, and

HN203.5 .C67 2002 EB                     2002
   This is Cuba [electronic resource] : an outlaw culture survives / Ben

HN373 .M85 2000 EB                       2000
   The Enlightenment [electronic resource] : a comparative social   history,
   1721-1794 / Thomas Munck.
   The enlightenment -- Tradition and communication in daily life   --
   Broadening the horizon: ways and means -- Books and readers --   The press
   -- Reason and the dissolution of certainties -- Property, the
   underprivileged and reform -- State, nation and the individual   in the late
   eighteenth century -- Conclusion.

HN384 .G65 2002 EB                       2002
   Science, reform, and politics in Victorian Britain [electronic resource] :
   the Social Science Association, 1857-1886 / Lawrence Goldman.

HN398 .E5 W337 2000 EB                   2000
   Power and protest in England, 1525-1640 [electronic resource] / Alison

HN488 .S68 S63 2002 EB                   2002
   The society of Norman Italy [electronic resource] / edited by G.A. Loud
   and A. Metcalfe.
HN655.2 .I56 H33 2003 EB                 2003
   The information revolution in Asia [electronic resource] / Nina Hachigian,
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Lily Wu.

HN670.24 .A8 K83 2004 EB                 2004
   Better a hundred friends than a hundred rubles? [electronic resource] :
   social networks in transition--the Kyrgyz Republic / Kathleen Kuehnast,
   Nora Dudwick.

HN723 .P37 2004 EB                       2004
   Toshi*e [electronic resource] : a story of village life in
   twentieth-century Japan / Simon Partner.

HN733 .B57 2002 EB                       2002
   Women, property, and Confucian reaction in Sung and Y*uan China (960-1368)
   [electronic resource] / Bettine Birge.

HN793 .N44 N44 2004 EB                   2004
   Ngecha [electronic resource] : a Kenyan village in a time of rapid social
   change / edited by Carolyn Pope Edwards and Beatrice Blyth Whiting.
   Opening: "New dawn." Background and contexts / Carolyn Edwards and
   Beatrice Whiting -- The village and its families / Beatrice Whiting and
   Carolyn Edwards, with Ciarunji Chesaina, John Whiting, John Herzog, and
   Dorothy Herzog -- The historical stage / Beatrice Whiting, John Whiting,
   John Herzog, and Carolyn Edwards, with Arnold Curtis -- Interlude: "Let
   women be supported." Women as agents of social change / Beatrice Whiting
   -- Changing concepts of the good child and good mothering / Beatrice
   Whiting, with Ciarunji Chesaina, Grace Diru, Jonah Ichoya, Priscilla
   Kariuki, Violet Nyambura Kimani, Irene Kamau, Rose Maina, Wanjiku
   Munge-Kagia, Jane Mwangi, John Whiting, Thomas Landauer, and Lynn Streeter
   -- The teaching of values old and new / Ciarunji Chesaina -- Aging and
   elderhood / Frances Cox, with Ndung'u Mberia -- The university as gateway
   to a complex world / Carolyn Edwards, with E.G. Runo and Ezra Arap Maritim
   -- Ngecha today / Violet Nyambura kimani.

HN981 .C6 B54 2004 EB                    2004
   Urban environment and infrastructure [electronic resource] : toward
   livable cities / Anthony G. Bigio and Bharat Dahiya.

HN981 .C6 G55 2004 EB                    2004
   Improving the lives of the poor by investing in cities [electronic
   resource] : an update on the performance of the World Bank's urban
   portfolio / Roy Gilbert.

HQ 10 .N37 1978                          1978
   Marriage and the family / Gilbert D. Nass.

HQ18 .B29 T78 2004 EB                    2004
   Truck drivers and casual sex [electronic resource] : an inquiry into the
   potential spread of HIV/AIDS in the Baltic Region / Marzena Kulis ... [et
HQ18 .U5 N35 2003 EB                     2003
   Rumors of indiscretion [electronic resource] : the University of Missouri
   "sex questionnaire" scandal in the Jazz Age / Lawrence J. Nelson.
   "A filthy questionnaire" -- Rumors of sex -- "Jellying" at Mizzou --
   Inquisition -- "Tallow candles" -- Up in smoke -- What really happened --
   "Facts are stubborn things" -- Denouement.

HQ21 .H3233 2004 EB                      2004
   The handbook of sexuality in close relationships [electronic resource] /
   edited by John H. Harvey, Amy Wenzel, Susan Sprecher.

HQ23 C74 2003 EB                            2003
                                   Inventory List

                   Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Mathematics and sex [electronic resource] / Clio Cresswell.

HQ23 .L29 2003 EB                        2003
   The trouble with nature [electronic resource] : sex in science and popular
   culture / Roger N. Lancaster.

HQ76.2 .G7 C63 2003 EB                   2003
   Nameless offences [electronic resource] : speaking of male homosexual
   desire in nineteenth-century England / H.G. Cocks.

HQ76.3 .U5 H36 2004 EB                   2004
   Handbook of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender administration and
   policy [electronic resource] / edited by Wallace Swan.

HQ76.3 .U52 S2633 2003 EB                2003
   Wide-open town [electronic resource] : a history of queer San Francisco to
   1965 / Nan Alamilla Boyd.
   Introduction : San Francisco was a wide-open town -- History / Jos*e
   Sarria -- Transgender and gay male cultures from the 1890s through the
   1960s -- Oral history / Reba Hudson -- Lesbian space, lesbian territory :
   San Francisco's North Beach district, 1933-1954 -- Oral history / Joe
   Baron -- Policing queers in the 1940s and 1950s : harassment, prosecution,
   and the legal defense of gay bars -- Oral history / Del Martin and Phyllis
   Lyon -- A queer ladder of social mobility : San Francisco's homophile
   movements, 1953-1960 -- Oral history / George Mendenhall -- Queer
   cooperation and resistance : a gay and lesbian movement comes together in
   the 1960s -- Conclusion : marketing a queer San Francisco -- Appendix A.
   Map of North Beach queer bars and restaurants, 1933-1965 -- Appendix B.
   List of interviewees -- Notes.

HQ76.8 .D44 D5418 2004 EB                2004
   Arco iris diferentes [electronic resource] / cordinado por Peter Drucker
   ... [et al.] : traducci*on de Enrique Mercado.

HQ515 .F37 1996 EB                       2004
   Continuity and change in family relations [electronic resource] : theory,
   methods, and empirical findings / edited by Rand D. Conger, Frederick O.
   Lorenz, K.A.S. Wickrama.

HQ536 .H638 2004 EB                      2004
   Thrice-told tales [electronic resource] : married couples tell their
   stories / Diane Holmberg, Terri L. Orbuch, Joseph Veroff.

HQ623 .D45 2004 EB                       2004
   The family on trial in revolutionary France [electronic resource] /
   Suzanne Desan.
   Freedom of the heart -- The political power of love -- Broken bonds --
   "War between brothers and sisters" -- Natural children, abandoned mothers,
   and emancipated fathers -- What makes a father? -- Reconstituting the
   social after the terror -- The genesis of the civil code.

HQ663.3 .F36 2003 EB                     2003
   Family history in the Middle East [electronic resource] household,
   property, and gender / Beshara Doumani, editor.
   Family and household in mid-nineteenth-century Cairo / Philippe Fargues --
   Size and structure of Damascus households in the late Ottoman period as
   compared with Istanbul households / Tomoki Okawara -- From
   warrior-grandees to domesticated bourgeoisie: the transformation of the
   elite Egyptian household into a Western-style nuclear family / Mary Ann
   Fay -- Women's gold: shifting styles of embodying family relations /
   Annelies Moors -- "Al-Mahr Zaituna": property and family in the hills
   facing Palestine, 1880-1940 / Martha Mundy and Richard Saumarez Smith --
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Tribal enterprises and marriage issues in twentieth-century Iran / Erika
   Friedl -- Adjudicating family: the Islamic court and disputes between kin
   in greater Syria, 1700-1860 / Beshara Doumani -- Text, court, and family
   in late-nineteenth-century Palestine / Iris Agmon -- Property, language,
   and law: conventions of social discourse in seventeeth-century Tarablus
   al-Sham / Heather Ferguson -- Ambiguous modernization: the transition to
   monogamy in the Khedival house of Egypt / Kenneth M. Cuno -- "Queen of the
   house?": making immigrant Lebanese families in the Mahjar / Akram F.

HQ728 .C679 2004 EB                      2004
   Couple observational coding systems [electronic resource] / edited by
   Patricia K. Kerig, Donald H. Baucom.

HQ728 .F3155 2004 EB                     2004
   Family investments in children's potential [electronic resource] :
   resources and parenting behaviors that promote success / edited by Ariel
   Kalil, Thomas DeLeire.
   "Family process" investments that matter for child well-being -- Family
   investment and child and adolescent adjustment : the role of genetic
   research -- Family influences on children's verbal ability -- The
   long-term impact of parental organization and efficiency -- Family
   investments in response to the developmental challenges of young children
   with disabilities -- Investments in children among immigrant families --
   Investments in sons and daughters : evidence from the consumer expenditure
   survey -- Expenditure decisions in single-parent households -- Parent
   versus child-based intervention strategies for promoting children's
   well-being -- A cross-national perspective on policies to promote
   investments in children.

HQ728 .F32443 2004 EB                    2004
   Family stories and the life course [electronic resource] : across time and
   generations / edited by Michael W. Pratt, Barbara H. Fiese.

HQ728 .S373 2005 EB                      2005
   Family communication [electronic resource] / Chris Segrin, Jeanne Flora.

HQ 734 .B657 1962                        1962
   Marriage / by Robert O. Blood, Jr.

HQ745 .I64 2004 EB                       2004
   The complete guide for the anxious bride [electronic resource] : how to
   avoid everything that could go wrong on your big day / Leah Ingram.

HQ745 .L49 2004 EB                       2004
   The complete guide for the anxious groom [electronic resource] : how to
   avoid everything that could go wrong on her big day / Steven Lewis.

HQ745 .O7 2003 EB                        2003
   Cinderella dreams [electronic resource] : the allure of the lavish wedding
   / Cele C. Otnes, Elizabeth H. Pleck.
   Romance, magic, memory, and perfection -- The rise of the lavish wedding
   -- The engagement complex -- The rituals of wedding shopping -- The
   wedding weekend -- From the cabin to Cancun -- Hollywood hosts a wedding
   -- The lavish wedding goes global -- Variations on a theme -- Luxury,
   lavishness, and love.

HQ755.86 .M55 2004 EB                    2004
   Communication among grandmothers, mothers, and adult daughters [electronic
   resource] : a qualitative study of maternal relationships / Michelle A.
   Velvet chains : understanding maternal relationships -- The qualitative
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   research journey : "How did I get here and where am I going?" --
   Grandmothers, mothers, and adult daughters in Elkwood -- Contradictions --
   Patterns of interaction : best intentions, bitter regret, resentment, and
   love -- Theoretical development -- Grandmothers, mothers, and adult
   daughters : a force to be reckoned with.

HQ756 .R64 2004 EB                       2004
   The role of the father in child development [electronic resource] / edited
   by Michael E. Lamb.
   The role of the father : an introduction / Michael E. Lamb and Catherine
   S. Tamis-Lemonda -- Two dimensions of fatherhood : a history of the good
   dad-bad dad complex / Elizabeth H. Pleck -- African American and African
   Caribbean fathers : level, quality, and meaning of involvement / Jaipaul
   L. Roopnarine -- Latino fathers : uncharted territory in need of much
   exploration / Natasha J. Cabrera and Cynthia Garcia Coll -- Social science
   and public policy perspectives on fatherhood in the European Union /
   Margaret O'Brien -- Fathering in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cultures :
   a review of the research literature / David W. Shwalb...[et al.] --
   Fathers in forager, farmer, and pastoral cultures / Barry S. Hewlett --
   Fathers in family context : effects of marital quality and marital
   conflict / E. Mark Cummings, Marcie C. Goeke-Morey, and Jessica Raymond --
   Paternal involvement by U.S. residential fathers : levels, sources, and
   consequences / Joseph H. Pleck and Brian P. Masciadrelli -- The
   development and significance of father-child relationships in two-parent
   families / Michael E. Lamb and Charlie Lewis -- Fathering and children's
   peer relationships / Ross D. Parke ... [et al.] -- The effects of divorce
   on fathers and children : nonresidential fathers and stepfathers / Paul R.
   Amato and Julie M. Sobolewski -- Fathers in fragile families / Sara
   McLanahan and Marcia S. Carlson -- Gay fathers / Charlotte J. Patterson --
   Fathers in violent homes / George W. Holden and Ted Barker -- Intervention
   : changing the nature and extent of father involvement / Brent A. McBride
   and Mary M. Lutz -- The impact of workplace practices on father
   involvement / Graeme Russell and Carl Philip Hwang.

HQ759.913 .R43 2004 EB                   2004
   Reflections from a different journey [electronic resource] : what adults
   with disabilities wish all parents knew / edited by Stanley D. Klein and
   John D. Kemp ; foreword by Marlee Matlin.

HQ767 .S26 2004 EB                       2004
   Beyond choice [electronic resource] : reproductive freedom in the 21st
   century / Alexander Sanger.

HQ769 .D68 2004 EB                       2004
   The mother of all parenting books [electronic resource] : the ultimate
   guide to raising a happy, healthy child from preschool through the
   preteens / Ann Douglas.

HQ777.3 .W45 2004 EB                     2004
   The seven common sins of parenting an only child [electronic resource] : a
   guide for parents, kids, and families / Carolyn White ; foreword by
   Kirsten Smith.
   Overindulgence -- Overprotection -- Failure to discipline --
   Overcompensation -- Seeking perfection -- Treating your child like an
   adult -- Overpraising.

HQ777.5 .H38 2004 EB                      2004
   Children of divorce [electronic resource] : stories of loss and growth /
   John H. Harvey, Mark A. Fine.
   The culture of divorce and the value of diverse voices -- Theoretical
   perspective and methods -- Voices of despair -- Voices of hope -- Becoming
   "fatherless" because of divorce -- Family chaos and resilience --
                                 Inventory List

                  Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM


HQ778.63 .S76 2003 EB                    2003
   Citizen, mother, worker [electronic resource] : debating public
   responsibility for child care after the Second World War / Emilie

HQ778.63 .W485 2004 EB                   2004
   By a thread [electronic resource] : how child care centers hold on to
   teachers, how teachers build lasting careers / Marcy Whitebook and Laura
   Staff Departures and Center Quality -- An Overview of the U.S. Child Care
   Industry -- Here Today, Gone Tomorrow -- The Role of Staffing in Improving
   and Sustaining Center Quality -- Turnover and the Quality of Child Care
   Services -- The Experience of Child Care Employment -- Who Leaves? Who
   Stays? Who Joins? -- Work and Family Issues as Factors in Career Decisions
   -- Rewards and Stresses of Child Care Work -- Conclusions and

HQ783 .C67 2004 EB                       2004
   Social skills training for adolescents with general moderate learning
   difficulties [electronic resource] / Ursula Cornish and Fiona Ross.
   Choice of social skills training programmes -- Strategies for using social
   skills training programmes -- Behavioural approaches -- Cognitive
   approaches -- Distinguishing between public and private -- Developing
   language skills -- Coping with real life -- Need for practice -- Aims of
   the programme set out in this book -- National curriculum link -- How to
   start -- Needs analysis -- Social skills checklist -- Interviews --
   Observations -- Sociograms -- The training programme -- Introduction:
   planning the sessions -- Session format -- Physical organization --
   Communication with parents, carers and teachers -- Timing of each session
   -- Session 1: Listening and paying attention -- Session plan -- Homework
   sheet 1.1: good listening prompt sheet -- Model letter to parents/carers
   at the end of session 1 -- Session 2: Listening and turn-taking -- Session
   plan -- Pictures for colouring activity -- Model letter to parents/carers
   at the end of session 2 -- Session 3: Monitoring own body language and
   reading body language in others -- Session plan -- Facial expressions
   cards -- Object cards -- Homework sheet 3.1: how do they feel? -- Homework
   sheet 3.2: pictures of feelings -- Model letter to parents/carers at the
   end of session 3 -- Session 4: Recognizing own and others' strengths --
   Session plan -- Homework sheet 4.1: skills and strengths -- Model letter
   to parents/carers at the end of session 4 -- Session 5: Learning to say no
   to unreasonable demands and to cope with peer pressure -- Session plan --
   Homework sheet 5.1: do I have to do what they say? -- Model letter to
   parents/carers at the end of session 5 -- Session 6: Recognizing and
   describing feelings -- Session plan -- Sample homework sheet -- Homework
   sheet 6.1: feelings -- Model letter to parents/carers at the end of
   session 6 -- Session 7: Learning to control own feelings -- Public signs
   -- Public places -- Private places -- Session plan -- Private thought
   (what I think) and public thought (what I say) homework sheet 7.1: diary
   of public places -- Model letter to parents/carers at the end of session 7
   -- Session 8: Being confident to explain own views and to ask for support
   when needed -- Session plan -- Homework sheet 8.1: when other people
   needed or asked for help -- Model letter to parents/carers at the end of
   session 8 -- Session 9: Recognizing and learning to resolve conflict --
   Session plan -- Homework sheet 9.1: dealing with conflict -- Model letter
   to parents/carers at the end of session 9 -- Session 10: Showing care and
   concern for others -- Session plan -- Homework sheet 10.1: Friendship
   circle -- Model letter to parents/carers at the end of session 10.

HQ783 .S564 2004 EB                      2004
   Social interaction and the development of knowledge [electronic resource]
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   / edited by Jeremy I.M. Carpendale, Ulrich M*uller.
   Social interaction and the development of rationality and morality : an
   introduction / Jeremy I.M. Carpendale and Ulrich M*uller -- A relational
   and embodied perspective on resolving psychology's antinomies / Willis F.
   Overton -- Piaget's social epistemology / Richard F. Kitchener --
   Individualism and collectivism : a dynamic systems interpretation of
   Piaget's interactionism / Jan Boom -- Coordinating operative and
   figurative knowledge : Piaget, Vygotsky, and beyond / Tamer G. Amin and
   Jaan Valsiner -- The social ontology of persons / Mark H. Bickhard -- The
   development and overcoming of "universal pragmatics" in Piaget's thinking
   / Rainer D*obert -- A bridge too far : on the relations between moral and
   secular reasoning / Bryan W. Sokol and Michael J. Chandler --
   Developmental epistemology and education / Leslie Smith -- Social
   interaction and the construction of moral and social knowledge / Larry
   Nucci -- From joint activity to joint attention : a relational approach to
   social development in infancy / Ulrich M*uller and Jeremy I.M. Carpendale
   -- Piaget's theory and children's development of prosocial behavior : the
   force of negation / Orlando Louren*co --Wittgenstein's internalistic logic
   and children's theories of mind / Timothy P. Racine.

HQ784 .M3 V355 2004 EB                   2004
   Children's responses to the screen [electronic resource] : a media
   psychological approach / Patti M. Valkenburg.

HQ784 .T4 G858 2004 EB                   2005
   Advertising to children on TV [electronic resource] : content, impact, and
   regulation / Barrie Gunter, Caroline Oates, and Mark Blades.

HQ784 .T4 V333 2004 EB                   2004
   Television and child development [electronic resource] / Judith Van Evra.

HQ796 .W6385 2002 EB                     2002
   The world's youth [electronic resource] : adolescence in eight regions of
   the globe / edited by B. Bradford Brown, Reed W. Larson, T.S. Saraswathi.
   The kaleidoscope of adolescence: experiences of the world's youth at the
   beginning of the 21st century / B. Bradford Brown and Reed W. Larson --
   Demographic trends affecting youth around the world / Elizabeth Fussell
   and Margaret E. Greene -- Adolescence in sub-Saharan Africa: an image
   constructed from Africa's triple inheritance / A. Bame Nsamenang --
   Adolescence in India: street urchins or Silicon Valley millionaires? /
   Suman Verma and T.S. Saraswathi -- Adolescence in China and Japan:
   adapting to a changing environment / Harold W. Stevenson and Akane Zusho
   -- Youth in Southeast Asia: living within the continuity of tradition and
   the turbulence of change / Madelene Santa Maria -- Arab adolescents facing
   the future: enduring ideals and pressures to change / Marilyn Booth --
   Adolescents in Russia: surviving the turmoil and creating a brighter
   future / Anna Stetsenko -- Adolescence in Latin America: facing the future
   with skepticism / Carlos Welti -- Adolescents in Western countries in the
   21st century: vast opportunities, for all? / Jeffrey Jensen Arnett --
   Adolescence in global perspective: an agenda for social policy / T.S.
   Saraswathi and Reed W. Larson.

HQ798 .A56 2004 EB                       2004
   All about the girl [electronic resource] : culture, power, and identity /
   edited by Anita Harris ; with a foreword by Michelle Fine.

HQ800.2 .S25 2004 EB                     2004
   Mr. Right Now [electronic resource] : when dating is better than saying "I
   do" / Rachel Safier.

HQ801 .G273 2004 EB                      2004
   Sex, love & romance in the mass media [electronic resource] : analysis &
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   criticism of unrealistic portrayals & their influence / Mary-Lou Galician.

HQ801 .L69 2004 EB                       2004
   Updating! [electronic resource] : how to get a man or woman who once
   seemed out of your league / Leil Lowndes.

HQ806 .S82 2004 EB                       2004
   The state of affairs [electronic resource] : explorations in infidelity
   and commitment / edited by Jean Duncombe ... [et al.].
   Sex, lies, and transformations -- The sociological significance of affairs
   -- Intimacy, negotiated nonmonogamy, and the limits of the couple --
   Communication and marital infidelity -- Renaissance of romanticism in the
   era of increasing individualism -- Men, women, and infidelity : sex
   differences in extradyadic sex and jealously -- Being unfaithful : his and
   her affairs -- "From here to epiphany" : power and identity in the
   narrative of an affair -- A different affair? openness and nonmonogamy in
   same sex relationships -- Affairs and children -- The role of female
   friends in the management of affairs.

HQ806 .T87 2002 EB                       2002
   Fashioning adultery [electronic resource] : gender, sex, and civility in
   England, 1660-1740 / David M. Turner.

HQ834 .S76 2004 EB                       2004
   Using divorce mediation [electronic resource] : save your money & your
   sanity / by Katherine E. Stoner.

HQ1032 .C65 2003 EB                      2003
   Romance on a global stage [electronic resource] : pen pals, virtual
   ethnography, and "mail-order" marriages / Nicole Constable.
   Making introductions -- Ethnography in imagined virtual communities --
   Feminism and myths of "mail-order" marriages -- Fairy tales, family
   values, and the global politics of romance -- Political economy and the
   cultural logics of desire -- Women's agency and the gendered geography of
   marriage -- Tales of waiting: history, immigration, and the state --
   Conclusion: marriage, migration, and transnational families.

HQ1058 . V364 2000 EB                    2001
   The widowed self [electronic resource] : the older woman's journey through
   widowhood / Deborah Kestin van den Hoonaard.

HQ1061 .C654 2004 EB                     2004
   Coping with Methuselah [electronic resource] : the impact of molecular
   biology on medicine and society / Henry J. Aaron, William B. Schwartz,
   Introduction / Henry J. Aaron and William B. Schwartz -- The impact of the
   revolution in biomedical research on life expectancy by 2050 / John T.
   Potts and William B. Schwartz. Comment by Nicholas Wade -- Our uncertain
   demographic future / Henry J. Aaron and Benjamin H. Harris. Comment by
   Stephen Goss -- The changing face of health care / Alan M. Garber and Dana
   P. Goldman -- Labor market effects of dramatic longevity improvement /
   Gary Burtless. Comment by Dora L. Costa -- The impact of major
   improvements in life expectancy on the financing of Social Security,
   Medicare, and Medicaid / John B. Shoven. Comment by William G. Gale --
   Ethical aspects of major increases in life span and life expectancy /
   Alexander M. Capron. Comment by Margaret P. Battin -- Increased life
   expectancy: a global perspective / Barry P. Bosworth and Benjamin Keys.
   Comment by Martin Baily.

HQ1061 .H3365 2004 EB                    2004
   Handbook of communication and aging research [electronic resource] /
   edited by Jon F. Nussbaum, Justine Coupland.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Images of old age -- Attitudes towards aging : adaptation, development and
   growth into later years -- Age in social and sociolinguistic theory -- The
   role of age stereotypes in interpersonal communication --
   Intergenerational communication : intergroup, accommodation, and family
   perspectives -- Inter- and intragroup perspectives on intergenerational
   communication -- Cultural issues in communication and aging -- Adult
   parent-child relationships : a view from feminist and discursive social
   psychology -- Communication in close relationships of older people -- The
   nature of family relationships between and within generations : relations
   between grandparents, grandchildren, and siblings in later life --
   Friendship in later life -- Organizational communication and aging :
   age-related processes in organizations -- Marketing to older adults --
   Retirement and leisure -- The political power of seniors -- The portrayal
   of older adults in political advertising -- Media usage patterns and
   portrayals of seniors -- The older patient-physician interaction --
   Communication and the institutionalized elderly -- Online support and
   older adults : a theoretical examination of benefits and limitations of
   computer-mediated support networks for older adults and possible health
   outcomes -- Education for older adults : lifelong learning, empowerment,
   and social change -- Instructional communication and older adults.

HQ1064 .U5 W654 2003 EB                  2004
   Technology for adaptive aging [electronic resource] / Steering Committee
   for the Workshop on Technology for Adaptive Aging ; Richard Pew and Susan
   Van Hemel, editors ; Board on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sensory Sciences,
   Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education.
   Introduction and overview -- Cognitive aging -- Movement control in the
   older adult -- Methodological issues in the assessment of technology use
   for older adults -- Addressing the communication needs of an aging society
   -- Technology and employment -- Everyday health: technology for adaptive
   aging -- Technology and learning in current and future older cohorts --
   The Impact of technology on living environments for older adults --
   Personal vehicle transportation.

HQ1075 .B89 2004 EB                      2004
   Undoing gender [electronic resource] / Judith Butler.

HQ1075 .C655 2004 EB                     2004
   A companion to gender history [electronic resource] / edited by Teresa A.
   Meade and Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks.
   Introduction: Teresa A. Meade and Merry Wiesner-Hanks -- Thematic essays
   on gender issues in world history: Sexuality / Robert Nye; Labor / Laura
   Frader; Family and kinship / Merry Wiesner-Hanks; Religion / Ursula King;
   Law and politics / Susan Kinsley Kent; Race, gender, and other differences
  in feminist theory / Deirdre Keenan; Gender and education / Pavla Miller;
  How images got their gender: masculinity and femininity in the visual arts
  / Mary D. Sheriff; Revolution, nationalism, anti-imperialism / Temma
  Kaplan; Feminist movements / Barbara Winslow -- Chronological and
  geographical essays. Prehistory. Gender and the formation of the first
  human societies / Marcia-Anne Dobres; Classical and post-classical
  societies (2000 bce-1400 ce); Middle East and South Asia / Guity Nashat;
  Gendered themes in early African history / David Schoenbrun; Early Western
  civilization under the sign of gender: Europe, and the Mediterranean /
  Paul Halsall; The Americas / Rosemary A. Joyce; Gender and the development
  of modern society (1400-1750); Gender history, Southeast Asia, and the
  "World Region Framework" / Barbara Watson Andaya; Gender in early modern
  Western Europe / Julie Hardwick; Gender in early modern Eastern Europe and
  Russia / Nancy Shields Kollmann; A new world engendered, the making of the
  Iberian transatlantic empires / Verena Stolcke; Gender and the modern
  world (1750-1920); The Middle East and North Africa / Judith Tucker;
  Sub-Saharan Africa / Marcia Wright; South Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia
  and New Zealand / Nupur Chaudhuri; Gender in East Asia (1600-1919) / Anne
                               Inventory List

               Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

  Walthall; Europe / Deborah Valenze; Latin America and the Caribbean /
  Sonya Lipsett-Rivera; North America / Linda Kealey; Gender in the
  contemporary world (1920-2003); Asia / Barbara Molony; Africa / Sean
  Redding; Russia and Eastern Europe / Barbara Evans Clements; Latin America
  and the Caribbean / Susan Besse; North America, Western Europe, Australia,
  and New Zealand / Charles Sowerwine with Patricia Grimshaw.

HQ1075.5 .C6 C47 2002 EB                 2002
   Chinese femininities, chinese masculinities [electronic resource] : a
   reader / edited by Susan Brownell and Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom ; foreword by
   Thomas Laqueur.
   pt. 1. Gender and the law (Qing dynasty). Femininity in flux: gendered
   virtue and social conflict in the mid-Qing courtroom / Janet M. Theiss.
   Dangerous males, vulnerable males, and polluted males: the regulation of
   masculinity in Qing dynasty law / Matthew H. Sommer -- pt. 2. Ideals of
   marriage and family (mid-Qing dynasty and early Republican era). Grooming
   a daughter for marriage: brides and wives in the mid-Qing period / Susan
   Mann. "The truths I have learned": nationalism, family reform, and male
   identity in China's New Culture Movement, 1915-1923 / Susan L. Glosser --
   pt. 3. Gender in literary traditions (May fourth era to Reform era).
   Invention and intervention: the making of a female tradition in modern
   Chinese literature / Lydia H. Liu. The self loving the self: men and
   connoisseurship in modern Chinese literature / Wendy Larson -- pt. 4.
   Dangerous women and dangerous men (late Ming dynasty to early Communist
   period). Modernizing sex, sexing modernity: prostitution in
   early-twentieth-century Shanghai / Gail Hershatter. Approximations of
   Chinese bandits: perverse rebels, romantic heroes, or frustrated
   bachelors? / David Ownby -- pt. 5. The gender of rebels (Cultural
   Revolution). Maoist mappings of gender: reassessing the Red Guards / Emily
   Honig. "Little brothers" in the Cultural Revolution: the worker rebels of
   Shanghai / Elizabeth J. Perry, Nara Dillon -- pt. 6. Blood, qi, and the
   gendered body (Qing dynasty and Reform era). Blood, body, and gender:
   medical images of the female condition in China, 1600-1850 / Charlotte
   Furth. Embodying qi and masculinities in post-Mao China / Nancy N. Chen --
   pt. 7. Shifting contexts of gender and sexuality (Reform era). Past,
   perfect or imperfect: changing images of the ideal wife / Harriet Evans.
   Proper men and proper women: parental affection in the Chinese family /
   William Jankowiak -- pt. 8. Gender, sexuality, and ethnicity (Reform era).
   Gender and internal Orientalism in China / Louisa Schein. Tradition and
   the gender of civility / Ralph Litzinger -- Afterword: putting gender at
   the center / Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom, Susan Brownell.

HQ1090 .F58 2003 EB                      2003
   The metrosexual guide to style [electronic resource] : a handbook for the
   modern man / Michael Flocker.
   General etiquette -- Wine & cocktails -- Dining out -- Art & culture --
   Music, books & film -- Fashion & personal style -- Good grooming -- Body &
   fitness -- Sex & romance -- Home d*ecor -- The metrosexual mind-set.

HQ1090.7 .S7 G37 2003 EB                 2003
   Butterflies will burn [electronic resource] : prosecuting sodomites in
   early modern Spain and Mexico / Federico Garza Carvajal.

HQ1155 .E55 2004 EB                      2004
   The curious feminist [electronic resource] : searching for women in a new
   age of empire / Cynthia Enloe.
   The surprised feminist -- Margins, silences, and bottom rungs : how to
   overcome the underestimation of power -- In the study of international
   relations -- The globetrotting sneaker -- Daughters and generals in the
   politics of the globalized sneaker -- Whom do you take seriously? --
   Feminist theorizing from bananas to maneuvers : a conversation between
   Cynthia Enloe and Marysia Zalewski -- All the men are in the militias, all
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   the women are victims : the politics of masculinity and femininity in
   nationalist wars -- Spoils of war -- Masculinity as a foreign policy issue
   -- What if they gave a war-- : a conversation between Cynthia Enloe,
   Vivian Stromberg, and the editors of Ms. magazine -- Sneak attack : the
   militarization of U.S. culture -- War-planners rely on women : thoughts
   from Tokyo -- Feminists keep their eyes on militarized masculinity :
   wondering how Americans see their male presidents -- Becoming a feminist :
   Cynthia Enloe in conversation with three British international relations
   scholars -- Women after wars : puzzles and warnings from Vietnam --
   Demilitarization, or more of the same? : feminist questions to ask in the
   postwar moment -- A feminist map of the blocks on the road to
   institutional accountability -- When feminists look at masculinity and the
   men who wage war : a conversation between Cynthia Enloe and Carol Cohn --
   Updating the gendered empire : where are the women in occupied Afghanistan
   and Iraq? -- War without white hats -- Playing guns -- Hitler is a jerk --
   Leaden soldiers -- Gurkhas wear wool -- The cigarette.

HQ1186 .A9 R57 2003 EB                   2003
   From girl to woman [electronic resource] : American women's coming-of-age
   narratives / by Christy Rishoi.
   1. Identity and the coming-of-age narrative -- Recreating womanhood -- --
   2. Feminism, autobiography, and theories of subjectivity -- Feminism and
   the autobiographical act -- Western theories of subjectivity -- Feminist
   poststructuralist revisions to subjectivity -- -- 3. Coming of age in
   America -- Historical accounts of adolescence -- Psychological accounts of
   adolescence -- Literary accounts of coming age -- The
   coming-of-age-narrative -- American grand narratives of coming of age --
   -- 4. Specifying American girlhood : Annie Dillard and Anne Moody --
   Specifying the universal in An American childhood -- Hegemonic inscription
   of the body in Coming of age in Mississippi -- -- 5. "Lying contests" :
   fictional autobiography and autobiographical fiction -- "Lying contests" :
   signifying coming of age Janie's ways of knowing -- -- 6. "Room for
   paradoxes" : creating a hybrid identity -- A "World of paper strengths" :
   the education of Kate Simon -- Mythology and narrative in the creation of
   identity: the Woman warrior

HQ1190 .F715 2003 EB                     2003
   Fractured feminisms [electronic resource] : rhetoric, context, and
   contestation / edited by Laura Gray-Rosendale and Gil Harootunian.
   Materialist feminism and composition studies: the practice of critique and
   activism in an age of globalization / Eileen Schell -- When our feminism
   is not feminist enough / Joanne Detore-Nakamura -- Different
   administrations/administering difference: a new model for feminist
   administrative practices in rhetoric and composition studies / Laura
   Gray-Rosendale -- Writing across the curriculum with care / Bradley Peters
   -- Women's ways adapted, adjusted, lost: feminist theory meets the
   practices of engineering education / Linda S. Bergmann -- The overly
   managed student: gender and pedagogy in the science school / Rose Kamel --
   The challenges of establishing a feminist ethos in the composition
   classroom: stories from large research universities / Shelly Whitfield,
   Veronica Pantoja, and Duane Roen -- Riding our hobbyhorse: ethics,
   ethnography, and an argument for the teacher-researcher / Gil Harootunian
   -- Challenges to cyberfeminism: voices, contradictions, and identity
   constructions / Sibylle Gruber -- Feminisms and memory: patriarchal
   genealogy translating and translated in the stories of Chinese/Chinese
   American women / Stuart H.D. Ching -- Composing self: an intercultural
   curriculum for first-year college composition / M. Diane Benton -- Looking
   to east and west: feminist practice in an Asian classroom / Chng Huang
   Hoon and Chitra Sankaran.

HQ1206 .F4657 2004 EB                    2004
   Finding your voice [electronic resource] : a woman's guide to using
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   self-talk for fulfilling relationships, work, and life / by the W2W
   Psychologists Group ; Dorothy Cantor ... [et al.].

HQ1229 B75 2004 EB                       2004
   The girl's guide to work and life [electronic resource] : how to create
   the life you want / Donna Lee Brien and Tess Brady.

HQ1236.5 .C5 K36 2004 EB                 2004
   Taking back the streets [electronic resource] : women, youth, and direct
   democracy / Temma Kaplan.
   Contents: Taking back the streets -- Staying alive through struggle --
   Pots and pans will break my bones -- Democracy in the country and in the
   streets -- Searching and remembering -- Memory through mobilization --
   Youth finds a way -- Demonstrating to remember in Spain - Mobilizing for

HQ1236.5 .C5 R53 2004 EB                 2004
   Pobladoras, ind*igenas, and the state [electronic resource] : conflicts
   over women's rights in Chile / Patricia Richards.
   Women's rights and representing difference -- Women's activism and the
   Chilean state -- National development, social policy, and the poor --
   Participation and the representation of pobladoras in the state -- State
   goals, national identity, and the Mapuche -- Visi*on de pueblo and the
   representation of Mapuche women in the state -- Why difference matters.

HQ1236.5 .M6 R63 2003 EB                 2003
   Women in contemporary Mexican politics [electronic resource] / Victoria E.
   Since the mid-1980s, a dramatic opening in Mexico's political and
   electoral processes, combined with the growth of a new civic culture, has
   created unprecedented opportunities for women and other previously
   repressed or ignored groups to participate in the political life of the
   nation. In this book, Victoria Rodriguez offers a comprehensive analysis
   of how Mexican women have taken advantage of new opportunities to
   participate in the political process through elected and appointed office,
   nongovernmental organizations and grassroots activism. Drawing on scores
   of interviews with politically active women conducted since 1994,
   Rodriguez looks at Mexican women's political participation from a variety
   of angles. She analyzes the factors that have increased women's political
   activity: from the women's movement, to the economic crises of the 1980s
   and 1990s, to increasing democratization, to the victory of Vicente Fox in
   the 2000 presidential election. She maps out the pathways that women have
   used to gain access to public life and also the roadblocks that continue
   to limit women's participation in politics, especially at higher levels of

HQ1240 .T72 2004 EB                      2004
   Trade and gender [electronic resource] : opportunities and challenges for
   developing countries / edited by Anh-Nga Tran-Nguyen and Americo Beviglia
   Zampetti ; UNCTAD ; UN Inter-Agency Network on women and gender equality,
   Task force on gender and trade.

HQ1438 .S63 N44 2000 EB                  2000
   Negotiating boundaries of southern womanhood [electronic resource] :
   dealing with the powers that be / edited by Janet L. Coryell ... [et al.].
   "The extent of the law": free women of color in antebellum Memphis,
   Tennessee / Beverly Greene Bond -- "Our convent": the Oblate Sisters of
   Providence and Baltimore's antebellum Black community / Diane Batts Morrow
   -- "Her just dues": Civil War pensions of African American women in
   Virginia / Michelle A. Krowl -- Virginia women as public citizens:
   Emancipation Day celebrations and lost cause commemorations, 1863-1890 /
   Antoinette G. van Zelm -- Married women's property rights and the
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   challenge to the patriarchal order: Colorado County, Texas / Angela
   Boswell -- Indispensable spinsters: maiden aunts in the elite families of
   Savannah and Charleston / Christine Jacobson Carter -- "The strongest ties
   that bind poor mortals together": slaveholding widows and family in the
   old southeast / Kirsten E. Wood -- The elite African American women of
   Orangeburg, South Carolina: class, work, and disunity / Kibibi Voloria
   Mack-Shelton -- Lost cause mythology in new South reform: gender, class,
   race, and the politics of patriotic citizenship in Georgia, 1890-1925 /
   Rebecca Montgomery -- Cartridge makers and Myrmidon Viragos: White
   working-class women in Confederate Richmond / E. Susan Barber -- "Their
   desire to visit the Southerners": Mary Greenhow Lee's visiting "Connexion"
   / Sheila Rae Phipps.

HQ1438 .S63 S42 2003 EB                  2003
   Searching for their places [electronic resource] : women in the South
   across four centuries / edited by Thomas H. Appleton Jr. and Angela
   Pocahontas was not the only one : Indian women and their English liaisons
   in seventeenth-century Virginia / Virginia Bernhard -- "Nocturnal
   adventures in Mulatto Alley" : sex in Charleston, South Carolina / Cynthia
   M. Kennedy -- "Mah pappy belong to a neighbor" : the effects of abroad
   marriages on Missouri slave families / Diane Mutti Burke -- "With humbled
   and painfully blited feelings" : a southwest Virginia woman in "the great
   wourld" of Richmond, 1837-1840 /Norma Taylor Mitchell -- Active faith :
   the participation of Louisiana women in antebellum religious services /
   Julia Huston Nguyen -- A history of captivity and a history of freedom :
   race in a Civil War household of single women / Laura Odendahl -- Women's
   role in the transformation of Winnie Davis into the daughter of the
   Confederacy / Cita Cook -- Abbie Holmes Christensen and the politics of
   maternalism and race : Beaufort, South Carolina, 1890-1938 / Monica Maria
   Tetzlaff -- Promoting tradition, embracing change : the Poppenheim sisters
   of Charleston / Sidney R. Bland -- A murder in the Kentucky mountains :
   Pine Mountain settlement school and community relations in the 1920s /
   Deborah L. Blackwell -- Gender and sectionalism in New Deal politics :
   Southern white women's campaign for labor reform / Landon R.Y. Storrs --
   Exposing anger and discontent : Esther Bubley's portrait of the upper
   South during World War II / Melissa A. Mceuen -- "With all deliberate
   speed" : the integration of the League of Women Voters of New Orleans,
   1953-1963 / Shannon L. Frystak.

HQ1587 .W675 2004 EB                     2004
   Women's emancipation movements in the nineteenth century [electronic
   resource] : a European perspective / edited by Sylvia Paletschek and
   Bianka Pietrow-Ennker.
   Concepts and issues / Sylvia Paletschek and Bianka Pietrow-Ennker --
   Challenging male hegemony / Karen Offen -- Recovering lost political
   cultures / Jane Rendall -- History and historiography of first-wave
   femenism in the Netherlands, 1860-1922 / Mineke Bosch -- French feminist
   movement and republicanism, 1868-1914 / Florence Rochefort -- Women's
   movement in Germany in an international context / Ute Gerhard -- Modernity
   and the Norwegian women's movement from the 1880s to 1914 / Ida Blom --
   Gender and feminism in Sweden / Ulla Manns -- Emancipation of women for
   the benefit of the nation / Jitka Male*ckov*a -- Sisters or foes / Judith
   Szapor -- Polish women's movement to 1914 / Bogna Lorence-Kot and Adam
   Winiarz -- Feminism and equality in an authoritarian state / Linda
   Edmondson -- Rise of the women's movement in nineteenth-century Spain /
   Mary Nash -- National and gender identit in turn-of-the century Greece /
   Eleni Varikas -- British and American feminism / Christine Bolt -- Women's
   emancipation movements in Europe in the long nineteenth century / Sylvia
   Paletschek and Bianka Pietrow-Ennker.

HQ1593 .M88 2003 EB                      2003
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM
   Muslim women in the United Kingdom and beyond [electronic resource]
   [edited by] Tansin Benn, Haifaa Jawad.
   Muslim women in the United Kingdom and beyond : setting the scene / Tansin
   Benn and Haifaa Jawad -- Historical and contemporary perspectives of
   Muslim women living in the west / Haifaa Jawad -- Muslim women : some
   western fiction / Irene Donohoue Clyne -- Adjusting the tie that binds :
   challenges facing Muslim women in America / Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad and Jane
   I. Smith -- The Mecca of gender equality : Muslim Women in Sweden /
   Ann-Sofie Roald -- Experiences, needs, and potential of new Muslim women
   in Britain / Harfiyah Abdel Haleem -- Choice and opportunity : supporting
   young Muslim women's career aspirations / Barrie A. Irving ... [et al.] --
   Muslim women talking : experiences of their early teaching careers /
   Tansin Benn -- Muslim women teachers : life histories, identities, and
   citizenship / Audrey Osler -- The way forward / Tansin Benn and Haifaa

HQ1623 .W55 2001 EB                      2001
   German women for empire, 1884-1945 [electronic resource] / Lora

HQ1729.5 .T87 2003 EB                    2003
   Playing the game [electronic resource] : the story of Western women in
   Arabia / Penelope Tuson.

HQ1767 .W64 2003 EB                      2003
   Women and Confucian cultures in premodern China, Korea, and Japan
   [electronic resource] / edited by Dorothy Ko, JaHyun Kim Haboush, and Joan
   R. Piggott.
   pt. 1. Scripts of male dominance. The patriarchal family paradigm in
   eighth-century Japan / Hiroko Sekiguchi ; The last classical female
   sovereign: K*oken-Sh*otoku Tenn*o / Joan R. Piggott ; Representation of
   females in twelfth-century Korean historiography / Hai-soon Lee -- The
   presence and absence of female musicians and music in China / Joseph S.C.
   Lam -- pt. 2. Propagating Confucian virtues. Woomen and the transmission
   of Confucian culture in Song China / Jian Zang ; Propagating female
   virtues in Chos*on Korea / Martina Deuchler ; State indoctrination of
   filial piety in Tokugawa Japan: sons and daughters in the Official records
   of filial piety / Noriko Sugano -- pt. 3. Female education in practice.
   Norms and texts for women's education in Tokugawa Japan / Martha C. Tocco
   ; Competing claims on womanly virtue in late imperial China / Fangqin Du
   and Susan Mann -- pt. 4. Corporeal and textual expressions of female
   subjectivity. Discipline and transformation: body and practice in the
   lives of Daoist holy women of Tang China / Suzanne E. Cahill ; Versions
   and subversions: patriarchy and polygamy in Korean narratives / JaHyan Kim

HT123 .S64 2004 EB                       2004
   Cities ranked & rated [electronic resource] : more than 400 metropolitan
   areas evaluated in the U.S. and Canada / Bert Sperling & Peter Sander.

HT133 .B87 2002 EB                        2002
   Paradise lost [electronic resource] : rural idyll and social change in
   England since 1800 / Jeremy Burchardt.

HT166 .W484 2004 EB                      2004
   Planning for sustainability [electronic resource] : creating livable,
   equitable, and ecological communities / Stephen M. Wheeler.

HT 168 .H36 S77 1987                     1987
   Strategic plan / City of Hampton, Virginia.

HT178 .N5 D38 2004 EB                    2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Barrio dreams [electronic resource] : Puerto Ricans, Latinos, and the
   neoliberal city / Arlene D*avila.
   Introduction : Barrio business, Barrio dreams -- Dreams of place and
   housing struggles -- "El Barrio es de todos" : predicaments of culture and
   place -- Empowered culture? : the Empowerment Zone and the selling of El
   Barrio -- The Edison project : on corporate headquarters, museums, and the
   education of El Barrio -- The Mexican Barrio : Mexicans, Puerto Ricans,
   and the terrain of Latinidad -- The marketable neighborhood : outdoor ads
   meet street art.

HT243 .D44 P45 2003 EB                   2003
   The vulnerability of cities [electronic resource] : natural disasters and
   social resilience / Mark Pelling.

HT384 .U52 N375 2003 EB                  2003
   The social origins of the urban South [electronic resource] : race,
   gender, and migration in Nashville and middle Tennessee, 1890-1930 / Louis
   M. Kyriakoudes.
   The Grand Ole Opry and the urban South -- City and hinterland -- The
   countryside -- Turning to urban markets -- Leaving the countryside --
   Going to Nashville -- Men's work -- Women's work.

HT395 .D44 C49 2004 EB                   2004
   Challenging coasts [electronic resource] : transdisciplinary excursions
   into integrated coastal zone development / Leontine E. Visser, ed.

HT431 .W47 2004 EB                       2004
   Village England [electronic resource] : a social history of the
   countryside / Trevor Wild.

HT 1076 .M2813 1996                      1996
   The autobiography of a slave / by Juan Francisco Manzano ; introduction
   and modernized Spanish version by Ivan A. Schulman ; translated by Evelyn
   Picon Garfield.
   "En face bilingual edition of only extant Latin American slave narrative
   written during slavery era. Original Spanish punctuation, spelling, and
   syntax corrected and modernized by Schulman; translation is of this new
   version of text. Introduction, notes, chronology give extensive
   background. Excellent for undergraduate classroom use. Scholars may prefer
   original text"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 58.

HT1521 .G55 2004 EB                      2004
   Between camps [electronic resource] : nations, cultures and the allure of
   race / Paul Gilroy.

HV16 .B47 2004 EB                        2004
   Creating philanthropic capital markets [electronic resource] : the
   deliberate evolution / Lucy Bernholz.

HV16 .F68 2004 EB                        2004
   Foundations and evaluation [electronic resource] : contexts and practices
   for effective philanthropy / edited by Marc T. Braverman, Norman A.
   Constantine, Jana Kay Slater ; foreword by Richard T. Schlosberg III.

HV40 .P325 2004 EB                       2004
   Designing and planning programs for nonprofit and government organizations
   [electronic resource] / Edward J. Pawlak, Robert D. Vinter.

HV41.2 .Z56 2004 EB                      2004
   Boards that love fundraising [electronic resource] : a how-to guide for
   your board / Robert M. Zimmerman and Ann W. Lehman.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   What every board member needs to know to start fundraising -- Fundraising
   rules underlying successful appeals -- The board's role in specific
   fundraising activities -- Effective board recruitment -- Primed for

HV41.9 .U5 K574 2004 EB                  2004
   Fundraising in times of crisis [electronic resource] / Kim Klein.
   The perfect storm -- Cultural factors that lead to crisis -- Are you in a
   crisis? -- Immediate steps for managing a crisis -- Mission, message, and
   damage control -- Successful fundraising during and after a crisis --
   Designing your short-term strategy -- Fundraising strategies for the next
   six to twelve months -- Fundraising strategies with long-term payoff --
   Permanent course correction -- Conquering tomorrows crises today.

HV41.9 .U5 W47 2004 EB                   2004
   Special events [electronic resource] : proven strategies for nonprofit
   fundraising / Alan L. Wendroff.

HV91 .B25 2003 EB                        2003
   Lifting up the poor [electronic resource] : a dialogue on religion,
   poverty & welfare reform / Mary Jo Bane, Lawrence M. Mead.
   Introduction / E.J. Dionne Jr., Jean Bethke Elshtain, and Kayla M. Drogosz
   -- A Catholic policy analyst looks at poverty / Mary Jo Bane -- A biblical
   response to poverty / Lawrence M. Mead -- A reply to Mead / Mary Jo Bane
   -- A reply to Bane / Lawrence M. Mead -- Personal responsibility means
   social responsibility / Mary Jo Bane -- Guarantee work rather than aid /
   Lawrence M. Mead.

HV95 .A5965 2004 EB                      2004
   Leaving welfare [electronic resource] : employment and well-being of
   families that left welfare in the post-entitlement era / Gregory Acs,
   Pamela Loprest
   Introduction -- Methods used in welfare leaver studies -- Staying at work
   -- Leaving welfare but not for work -- Family well-being -- Conclusion.

HV98 .C3 W43 2003 EB                     2003
   Welfare reform in California [electronic resource] : early results from
   the impact analysis / Jacob A. Klerman ... [et al.].
HV 553 .E96 1986                         1986
   Expect the unexpected : how to prepare your family for times of emergency
   / American Red Cross, in conjunction with Maxwell House Coffee ;
   [researched and prepared by M. Virginia Daly].
   Emergency preparedness -- Fire, gas leaks, and blackouts -- Floods,
   thunderstorms, and lightning -- Dangers from winter and heat --
   Earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes -- Emergency information.

HV553 .M27 2004 EB                       2004
   Mapping vulnerability [electronic resource] : disasters, development, and
   people / edited by Greg Bankoff, Georg Frerks, Dorothea Hilhorst.

HV640 .S64 2002 EB                       2002
   Rescuing the world [electronic resource] : the life and times of Leo
   Cherne / Andrew F. Smith ; foreword by Henry A. Kissinger.

HV640.4 .Y8 H65 2004 EB                  2004
   Living in limbo [electronic resource] : conflict-induced displacement in
   Europe and central Asia / Steven B. Holtzman, Taies Nezam.

HV696 .S6 C35 2004 EB                     2004
   Not by bread alone [electronic resource] : social support in the new
   Russia / Melissa L. Caldwell.
                                 Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Transnational soup -- Making do : everyday survival in a shortage society
   -- From hand to hand : informal networks -- The forest feeds us : organic
   exchange -- Strategic intimacy : communities of assistance -- The
   mythology of hunger -- Socialism revisited.

HV699 .S494 2004 EB                      2004
   Prevention and coping in child and family care [electronic resource] :
   mothers in adversity coping with child care / Michael Sheppard with Mirka

HV741 .C66 2004 EB                       2004
   The law and economics of child support payments [electronic resource] /
   edited by William S. Comanor.

HV1337 .S83 2004 EB                      2004
   Reaching out to Africa's orphans [electronic resource] : a framework for
   public action / Kalanidhi Subbarao, Diane Coury.

HV1568.5 .R93 2004 EB                    2004
   Job search handbook for people with disabilities [electronic resource] /
   Daniel J. Ryan.

HV2474 .T38 2001 EB                      2001
   Language from the body [electronic resource] : iconicity and metaphor in
   American Sign Language / Sarah F. Taub.

HV3004 .I5485 2004 EB                    2004
   The international handbook of applied research in intellectual
   disabilities [electronic resource] / edited by Eric Emerson ... [et al.].
   Historical Overview of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities: The
   Foundation Years / Trevor R. Parmenter -- Cultural Issues / Chris Hatton
   -- Ethical Issues / Tim Griffin and Susan Balandin -- Emancipatory and
   Participatory Research: How Far Have We Come? / Paul Ramcharan, Gordon
   Grant and Margaret Flynn -- Interviewing People with Intellectual
   Disabilities / Jonathon Perry -- Interviewing Family Members And Care
   Providers: Concepts, Methodologies and Cultures / Jan Blacher and Iris Tan
   Mink -- Participant Observation and Research on Intellectual Disabilities
   / Michael V. Angrosino -- Measurement of Behaviour with a Special Emphasis
   on Sequential Analysis Of Behaviour / Paul J. Yoder, Katherine
   Short-Meyerson and Jon Tapp -- Studying Behavioural Phenotypes: Issues,
   Benefits, Challenges / Robert M. Hodapp and Elisabeth M. Dykens -- Issues
   in Researching the Ageing of People with Intellectual Disability /
   Christine Bigby and Susan Balandin -- Research Methods in Intellectual
   Disabilities: The Family Context / Marsha Mailick Seltzer, Frank J. Floyd
   and Andrea R. Hindes -- Quality of Life and Subjective Well-Being:
   Conceptual and Measurement Issues / Robert L. Schalock and David Felce --
   Investigating Inclusion: A Review of Research Methods for Individuals with
   Intellectual Disability / Samuel L. Odom, Katherine Klingerman and Mark
   Jakowski --
   Research On Social Relationships / Craig H. Kennedy -- Sexuality Research
   and Persons with Intellectual Disability / Dorothy M. Griffiths, Shelley
   Watson, Tanya Lewis and Karen Stoner -- Choice / Chris Hatton -- Research
   on Engagement in Activity / David Felce and Eric Emerson -- Adaptive
   Behaviour: Its Conceptualisation and Measurement / Robert L. Schalock --
   Communication and Language: Research Design and Measurement Issues /
   Steven F. Warren, Nancy C. Brady and Marc E. Fey -- Mental Health /
   Sally-Ann Cooper -- Challenging Behaviour: Research Design and Measurement
   Issues / Edward G. Carr, John Innis, Audrey Blakeley-Smith and Shawn
   Vasdev -- Educational Supports / Robert E. O'Neil and Lora Tuesday
   Heathfield -- Residential Supports / Roger J. Stancliffe, Eric Emerson and
   K. Charlie Lakin -- Interaction with the Criminal Justice System / Susan
   Hayes -- Emerging Trends in Methods for Research and Evaluation of
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Behavioural Interventions / J. Stephen Newton and Robert H. Horner --
   Research Issues in Cognitive Therapy / Dave Dagnan and Bill Lindsay --
   Methodology, Design and Evaluation in Psychotherapy Research with People
   with Intellectual Disabilities / Nigel Beail -- Methodological Issues in
   Psychopharmacology for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental
   Disabilities / Travis Thompson, Jennifer Zarcone and Frank Symons --
   Researching Staff / Chris Hatton, John Rose and David Rose -- The
   Economics of Intellectual Disability / Angela Hallam and Martin Knapp.

HV4173 .E46 2004 EB                      2004
   Empowering squatter citizen [electronic resource] : local government,
   civil society, and urban poverty reduction / edited by Diana Mitlin and
   David Satterthwaite.
   A decade of change: from the Urban Community Development Office to the
   Community Organization Development Institute in Thailand / Somsook
   Boonyabancha -- The Community Mortage Programme: an innovative social
   housing programme in the Philippines and its outcomes / Emma Porio ...
   [et. al] -- The Mexican National Popular Housing Fund / Prisicilla
   Connolly -- Participation and sustainability in social projects: the
   experience of the Local Development Programme in Nicaragua / Alfred Stein
   -- The work of the Anjuman Samaji Behbood in Faisalabad, Pakistan / Salim
   Alimuddin, Arif Hasan and Asiya Sadiq -- Municipal Programme for the
   Reform and Extension of Homes: Casa Melhor/PAAC Cearah Periferia, Brazil /
   Debora Cavalcanti, Olinda Marques and Teresa Hilda Costa -- The age of
   cities and organizations of the urban poor: the work of the South African
   Homeless People's Federation / Ted Baumann, Joel Bolink and Diana Mitlin
   -- Grassroots-driven development; The Alliance of SPARC, the National Slum
   Dwellers Federation and Mahila Milan / Sheela Patel and Diana Mitlin --
   Addressing deprivations in urban areas / Diana Mitlin and David
   Satterhwaite -- The role of the local and extra-local organizations /
   Diana Mitlin and David Satterhwaite.

HV 5035 .F32 1980                        1980
   Facts about alcohol and alcoholism.

HV5101 .G4713 2000 EB                    2000
   The control of fuddle and flash [electronic resource] : a sociological
   history of the regulation of alcohol and opiates / Jan-Willem Gerritsen.
   Taxonomy of intoxicants -- The supply side: alcohol -- The supply side:
   opiates -- The colonial opium trade -- Excise taxes on alcohol: three
   countries -- Physicians as suppliers -- Industrialization and the war on
   alcohol -- Physicians as detoxifiers -- The dynamics of prohibition and
   illegal supply -- Summary and conclusions.

HV5276 .P68 2004 EB                      2004
   Clinical supervision in alcohol and drug abuse counseling [electronic
   resource] : principles, models, methods / David J. Powell ; with Archie

HV5438 .F76 2004 EB                      2004
   From science to action? [electronic resource] : 100 years later-- alcohol
   policies revisited / edited by Richard M*uller and Harald Klingemann.
   Alcohol policy on the agendas of the European Union / Salme Ahlstr*om,
   Thomas Karlsson & Esa *Osterberg -- From alcohol, society and the state to
   broken spirits to... / Pekka Sulkunen -- Alcohol policy and the public
   good : as simple as one, two, three? / Thomas F. Babor -- Harm reduction :
   the drugification of alcohol policies and the alcoholisation of drug
   policies / Tim Stockwell -- From temperance movement to state action : a
   historical view of the alcohol question in industrialised countries /
   Irmgard Eisenbach-Stangl -- Reducing discursive complexity : the case of
   alcohol policies in Europe (1850-2000) / Barbara Lucas -- Community action
   from an international perspective / Harold D. Holder -- Does price matter?
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   The effect of decreased price on spirits consumption in Switzerland /
   Jean-Luc Heeb ... [et al.] -- Policies and politics in France / Michel
   Craplet -- Drunkenness and preference for spirits in different countries /
   Holger Schmid -- Towards evidence-based policy / Henk F.L. Garretsen and
   Ien van de Goor -- "What if we found the magic bullet?" / Robin Room --
   Science, public policy and the alcohol industry / Norman A. Giesbrecht --
   Swiss alcohol policy : 'model or Sonderfall?' / Richard M*uller.

HV5831 .V8 D78 1991                      1991
   Drugs in Virginia : a criminal justice perspective.
HV6025 .B544 2004 EB                     2004
   The Blackwell companion to criminology [electronic resource] / edited by
   Colin Sumner ; advisory editor William J. Chambliss.
   Crime, justice and societies -- Juvenile delinquency and justice for youth
   -- Punishment and its alternatives -- Gender and the masculinity of crime
   -- Capital, power and prime -- Globalization, crime and information.

HV6074 .A98 2004 EB                      2004
   Automatic fingerprint recognition systems [electronic resource] / Nalini
   Ratha, Ruud Bolle, editors.

HV6074 .H25 2003 EB                      2003
   Handbook of fingerprint recognition [electronic resource] / Davide Maltoni
   ... [et al.].
   Accompanying DVD-ROM contains ... "the FVC2002 and FVC 2000 fingerprint
   databases (full versions) and a demo version of SFinGe software (for
   synthetic fingerprint image generation."--P. [4] of cover.

HV6080 .O46 2004 EB                      2004
   Offenders with developmental disabilities [electronic resource] / edited
   by William R. Lindsay, John L. Taylor, and Peter Sturmey.
   PART I: THEORETICAL ISSUES: Natural history and theories of offending in
   people with developmental disabilities / William R. Lindsay, Peter Sturmey
   and John L. Taylor -- Criminal behaviour and developmental disability: an
   epidemiological perspective / Anthony J. Holland -- PART II: LEGAL AND
   SERVICE CONTEXTS: Legal issues / George S. Baroff, Michael Gunn, and Susan
   Hayes -- Pathways for offenders with intellectual disabilities / Susan
   Hayes -- How can services become more ethical? / Jennifer Clegg -- PART
   III: ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION: The assessment of individuals with
   developmental disabilities who commit criminal offenses / Edwin J.
   Mikkelsen -- Risk assessment and management in community settings / Vernon
   L. Quinsey -- Approaches to the evaluation of outcomes / Nigel Beail --
   PART IV: Sex offenders: conceptualization of the issues, services,
   treatment, and management / William R. Lindsay -- Treatment of sexually
   aggressive behaviours in community and secure settings / Michael C. Clark,
   Jay Rider, Frank Caparulo and Mark Steege -- Treatment of anger and
   aggression / John L. Taylor, Raymond W. Novaco, Bruce T. Gillmer and
   Alison Robertson -- Treatment of fire-setting behaviour / John L. Taylor,
   Ian Thorne and Michael L. Slavkin -- Offenders with dual diagnosis / Anne
   H.W. Smith and Gregory O'Brien -- Female offenders or alleged offenders
   with developmental disabilities: a critical overview / Kathleen Kendall --
   The relationship of offending behaviour and personality disorder in people
   with developmental disabilities / Andrew H. Reid, William R. Lindsay,
   Jacqueline Law and Peter Sturmey -- PART V: SERVICE DEVELOPMENT,
   PROFESSIONAL AND RESEARCH ISSUES: Staff support and development / Anthony
   F. Perini -- Research and development / Peter Sturmey, John L. Taylor, and
   William R. Lindsay.

HV 6248 .R683 P55 1996 VIDEO V.1          1996
   Casino [videorecording] / Universal Pictures and Syalis D.A. & Legende
   Entreprises ; directed by Martin Scorsese ; produced by Barbara de Fina ;
                                 Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   screenplay by Nicholas Pileggi & Martin Scorsese.
   In an era of over-the-top glitz, Sam "Ace" Rothstein is riding high as
   front man for the Mob's multi-billion-dollar Las Vegas operation. To
   protect their "investment," the bosses send in Ace's boyhood pal,
   hot-headed enforcer Nicky Santoro. It's a winning hand: Ace's brain and
   Nicky's muscle--until sexy wild card Ginger McKenna turns up the heat.

HV 6248 .R683 P55 1996 VIDEO V.2         1996
   Casino [videorecording] / Universal Pictures and Syalis D.A. & Legende
   Entreprises ; directed by Martin Scorsese ; produced by Barbara de Fina ;
   screenplay by Nicholas Pileggi & Martin Scorsese.
   In an era of over-the-top glitz, Sam "Ace" Rothstein is riding high as
   front man for the Mob's multi-billion-dollar Las Vegas operation. To
   protect their "investment," the bosses send in Ace's boyhood pal,
   hot-headed enforcer Nicky Santoro. It's a winning hand: Ace's brain and
   Nicky's muscle--until sexy wild card Ginger McKenna turns up the heat.

HV6431 .C443 2004 EB                     2004
   Confronting "the enemy within" [electronic resource] : security
   intelligence, the police, and counterterrorism in four democracies / Peter
   Chalk, William Roseanau.

HV6431 .C725 2004 EB                     2004
   The dynamic terrorist threat [electronic resource] : an assessment of
   group motivations and capabilities in a changing world / Kim Cragin, Sara
   A. Daly.

HV6431 .F724 2004 EB                     2004
   Dealing with terrorism [electronic resource] : stick or carrot? / by Bruno
   S. Frey.
   Pt. 1. Terrorism and anti-terrorist policies. Terrorism: the curse of our
   times? -- Using deterrence against terrorism -- pt. 2. An economic
   approach to terrorism. Terrorism analysed -- Putting policies into
   perspective -- pt. 3. Three positive policies for dealing with terrorism.
   Polycentricity reduces vulnerability -- Providing positive incentives not
   to engage in terrorism -- Diffusing media attention -- pt. 4. What can be
   done? Comparing anti-terroist policies -- Conclusions.

HV6432 .C59 2003 EB                      2003
   America's culture of terrorism [electronic resource] : violence,
   capitalism, and the written word / Jeffory A. Clymer.
   Imagining terrorism in America -- Gendering the terrorist -- The United
   States of Terrorism -- This firm of men-killers -- Sabotage.

HV6432 .I47 2004 EB                      2004
   Imperial hubris [electronic resource] : why the West is losing the war on
   terror / Anonymous.
   Some thoughts on the power of focused, principled hatred -- An unprepared
   and ignorant lunge to defeat - the United States in Afghanistan -- Not
   down, not out : Al Qaeda's resiliency, expansion, and momentum -- The
   world's view of Bin Laden : a Muslim leader and hero coming into focus? --
   Bin Laden views the world : some old, some new, and a twist -- Blinding
   hubris abounding : inflicting defeat on ourselves - non-war, leaks, and
   missionary democracy -- When the enemy sets the stage : how America's
   stubborn obtuseness aids its foes -- The way ahead : a few suggestions for

HV6432 .N38 2004 EB                      2004
   Biotechnology research in an age of terrorism [electronic resource] /
   Committee on Research Standards and Practices to Prevent the Destructive
   Application of Biotechnology ; Development, Security, and Cooperation
   Policy and Global Affairs ; National Research Council of the National
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM


HV6432 .P49 2003 EB                      2004
   Fear, anger and failure [electronic resource] : a chronicle of the Bush
   administration's war against terror : from the attacks in September 2001
   to defeat in Baghdad in November 2003 / William Pfaff.
   September to December 2001 : from the attacks on New York and Washington
   to victory over the Taliban in Afghanistan -- December 2001 to March 2002,
   from ambiguous victory in Afghanistan to the campaign to attack Iraq --
   From April to August 2002, the decision to transform the Middle East
   through war -- From October 2002 to March 2003, the U.S. discards its
   allies and defies the UN -- March to July 2003, from war to hollow victory
   -- July to November 2003, from victory to defeat.

HV6432 .S36 2003 EB                      2003
   Beyond fear [electronic resource] : thinking sensibly about security in an
   uncertain world / Bruce Schneier.

HV6432 S53 2004 EB                       2004
   University research centers of excellence for homeland security
   [electronic resource] : a summary report of a workshop / Alan Shaw ;
   Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, National Research Council.

HV 6439 .U5 C66 1993                     1993
   Street gangs : current knowledge and strategies / by Catherine H. Conly ;
   with Patricia Kelly, Paul Mahanna, Lynn Warner.

HV6535 .G6 L6335 2002 EB                 2002
   Portrait of a killer [electronic resource] : Jack the Ripper-- case closed
   / Patricia Cornwell.
   Mr. Nobody -- Tour -- Unfortunates -- By some person unknown -- Glorious
   boy -- Walter and the boys -- Gentleman slummer -- Bit of broken looking
   glass -- Dark lantern -- Medicine of the courts -- Summer night -- Young
   and beautiful -- Hue and cry.
   In this new work of nonfiction, Cornwell turns her trademark skills for
   meticulous research and scientific expertise on one of the most chilling
   cases of serial murder in the history of crime--the slayings of Jack the
   Ripper that terrorized 1880s London. With the masterful intuition into
   the criminal mind that has informed her novels, Cornwell digs deeper into
   the case than any detective before her--and reveals the true identity of
   this elusive madman. Enlisting the help of forensic experts, Cornwell
   examines all the physical evidence available: thousands of documents and
   reports, fingerprints, crime-scene photographs, original etchings and
   paintings, items of clothing, artists' paraphernalia, and traces of DNA.
   Her unavoidable conclusion: Jack the Ripper was none other than a
   respected painter of his day, an artist now collected by some of the
   world's finest museums. It takes the world's premier crime writer to
   solve the greatest whodunit in history. Now, once and for all, the case
   of Jack the Ripper is closed.
HV6592 .P68 1994                         1994
   Convicted sex offenders / Criminal Justice Research Center ; authors Tammy
   Meredith Poulos, Lynette B. Greenfield.

HV6626.2 .L39 2001 EB                    2001
   Women escaping violence [electronic resource] : empowerment through
   narrative / Elaine J. Lawless.

HV6626.5 .F47 2005 EB                    2005
   Investigating child exploitation and pornography [electronic resource] :
   the internet, the law and forensic science / Monique Mattei Ferraro,
   Eoghan Casey ; Michael McGrath, contributor.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

HV6679 A73 2004 EB                       2004
   Preventing identity theft for dummies [electronic resource] / by Michael
   J. Arata, Jr.

HV6684 .U6 S85 2004 EB                   2004
   Your evil twin [electronic resource] : behind the identity theft epidemic
   / Bob Sullivan.
   CEOS in my closet -- The pain -- The "miracle" of instant credit -- The
   trial -- The document problem -- Where are the cops? -- There ought to be
   a law -- The Internet's role -- The heroes -- What now?.

HV6691 .O34 2004 EB                      2004
   Corporate fraud [electronic resource] : case studies in detection and
   prevention / John D. O'Gara.

HV6773 .G87 2004 EB                      2004
   Cyber terrorism [electronic resource] : a guide for facility managers / by
   Joseph F. Gustin.

HV6773 .G87 2004 EB                      2004
   Cyber terrorism [electronic resource] : a guide for facility managers / by
   Joseph F. Gustin.

HV 6773 .N48 2004                        2004
   The encyclopedia of high-tech crime and crime-fighting / Michael Newton.
   With some 400 entries, this reference examines the crimes, criminals, and
   crime-fighting techniques resulting from modern high-tech innovations,
   covering everything from software pirates to airport security, cell phone
   fraud, identity theft, and designers drugs. Other topics are traditional
   crime and high-tech tools, satellite surveillance, computer viruses, and
   chemical and biological weapons. B&w photos are included. Newton has
   written other crime encyclopedias.

HV6773.2 .B54 2002 EB                    2002
   Inside organized racism [electronic resource] : women in the hate movement
   / Kathleen M. Blee.
   Introduction : Crossing a boundary -- [pt. 1]. Becoming a racist -- [ch.]
   1. The racist self -- [ch.] 2. Whiteness -- [ch.] 3. Enemies -- [pt. 2].
   Living as a racist -- [ch.] 4. The place of women -- [ch.] 5. A culture of
   violence -- Conclusion : Lessons -- appendix 1. Racist groups -- appendix
   2. Methodology -- appendix 3. Antiracist organizations -- Notes --
   Bibliography -- Acknowledgments -- Index. .

HV6791 .V558 2003 EB                     2003
   Violent crime [electronic resource] : assessing race and ethnic
   differences / edited by Darnell F. Hawkins.
   Homicide Studies -- Homicide risk and level of victimization in two
   concentrated poverty enclaves: a black/Hispanic comparison / Harold M.
   Rose and Paula D. McClain -- Moving beyond black and white: African
   American, Haitian and Latino homicides in Miami / Ramiro Martinez, Jr. --
   Homicide in Los Angeles County: a study of Latino victimization / Marc
   Riedel -- Economic correlates of racial and ethnic disparity in homicide:
   Houston, 1945-1994 / Victoria Brewer Titterington and Kelly R. Damphouse
   -- The race, ethnicity, and poverty nexus of violent crime: reconciling
   differences in Chicago's community area homicide rates / Calvin C. Johnson
   and Chanchalat Chanhatasilpa -- Other Contexts, Settings and Forms of
   Violence -- Sanction effects, violence and Native American street youth /
   Bill McCarthy and John Hagan -- Ethnicity and interpersonal violence in a
   New Zealand birth cohort / David M. Fergusson -- Racial victimization in
   England and Wales / Ben Bowling and Coretta Phillips -- Race, gender and
   woman battering / Evan Stark -- Gender entrapment and African American
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   women: an analysis of race, ethnicity, gender and intimate violence / Beth
   E. Richie -- Explaining Racial and Ethnic Differences -- How can the
   relationship between race and violence be explained / David P. Farrington,
   Rolf Loeber and Magda Stouthamer-Loeber -- Race effects and conceptual
   ambiguity in violence research: bringing inequality back in / Marino A.
   Bruce and Vincent J. Roscigno -- The violent black male: conceptions of
   race in criminological theories / Jeanette Covington -- The
   structural-cultural perspective: a theory of black male violence / William
   Oliver -- A cultural psychology framework for the study of African
   American morality and community violence / Robert J. Jagers, Jacqueline
   Mattis and Katrina Walker -- Racial discrimination and violence: a
   longitudinal perspective / Joan McCord and Margaret E. Ensminger -- Honor,
   class, and white southern violence: a historical perspective / Frankie Y.

HV6795 .L6 R43 2003 EB                   2003
   Reducing gun violence [electronic resource] : results from an intervention
   in East Los Angeles / George Tita ... [et al.].

HV7023.5 .K966 2003 EB                   2003
   The criminal career [electronic resource] : the Danish longitudinal study
   / Britta Kyvsgaard.

HV7296 .A6 1999                          1999
   Crime in the commonwealth, 1988-1998.

HV7296 .C75 2001                         2001
   Crime in Virginia : the 40-year picture of where we are now / prepared by
   VisualResearch, Inc.
   Overview -- Virginia crime rates : key findings -- Factors generally
   associated with crime -- Criminal justice initiatives to reduce crime --
   Factors associated with crime in Virginia and the comparison states --
   More about the analysis and data.

HV8077 .N38 2004 EB                      2004
   Forensic analysis [electronic resource] : weighing bullet lead evidence /
   Committee on Scientific Assessment of Bullet Lead Elemental Composition
   Comparison, Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology, Division of Earth
   and Life Studies, National Research Council of the National Academies.

HV8079 .H6 E93 2004 EB                   2004
   Murder two [electronic resource] : the second casebook of forensic
   detection / Colin Evans.

HV8079 .R35 C37 2004 EB                  2004
   Practical investigation of sex crimes [electronic resource] : a strategic
   and operational approach / Thomas P. Carney.
   Editor's note -- Introduction -- The author -- 1. The need for
   specialization -- 2. What is sexual assault? -- 3. Personnel criteria --
   4. The two crime scenes -- 5. The victim and the interview -- 6.
   Acquaintance rape and domestic rape : investigative strategies for know
   rapists -- 7. Investigative strategies for stranger rape -- 8.
   Investigative and tactical plans for serial sexual assault -- 9. The
   profile of the rapist : understanding and interrogating rapists -- 10.
   False allegations of rape -- 11. Lineups -- Index.

HV8079 .W47 A5 2003 EB                   2003
   The new forensics [electronic resource] : investigating corporate fraud
   and the theft of intellectual property / Joe Anastasi.
   "Just move away from your computer please" -- "It's gonna be a 'raid'" --
   "A dog's just run past" -- She'd deleted a helluva lot of e-mail -- "You
   need to get over there" -- "You're nothing but a goon in a suit" -- "Oh,
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   and by the way" -- Mafiosi have rights, too, don't'cha know? -- Dumbfellas
   -- Even a tick can swell only so far -- "Bad tuna" -- "101 ways to cook
   the books" -- "The cider house rules" -- "Yeah, 'NFW'" -- Dumbfellas go
   corporate -- The lexicographer and the dormant accounts -- "I'm so glad
   you're here" -- "More valuable than heroin" -- Hunting the world's
   greatest outlaw -- The metaphysical theory of being.

HV8138 .F35 2004 EB                      2004
   Fairness and effectiveness in policing [electronic resource] : the
   evidence / Wesley Skogan and Kathleen Frydl, editors.

HV8138 .H343 2003 EB                     2003
   Urban America and its police [electronic resource] : from the postcolonial
   era through the turbulent 1960s / Harlan Hahn and Judson L. Jeffries.
   Police functions in urban America -- Police and the law -- From the
   viewpoint of the police -- From the public's standpoint -- Police and
   racial conflict.

HV8138 .K56 2004 EB                      2004
   Into the kill zone [electronic resource] : a cop's eye view of deadly
   force / David Klinger.
   Choosing the badge and gun -- Basic training -- Holding fire -- Pulling
   the trigger -- When the smoke clears.
HV8144 .F43 R48 2004 EB                  2004
   A review of the FBI's trilogy information technology modernization program
   [electronic resource] / James C. McGroddy and Herbert S. Lin, editors ;
   Committee on the FBI's Trilogy Information Technology Modernization
   Program, Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, Division on
   Engineering and Physical Sciences, National Research Council of the
   National Academies.

HV8148 .L55 T77 2003 EB                  2003
   Training the 21st century police officer [electronic resource] :
   redefining police professionalism for the Los Angeles Police Department /
   Russell W. Glenn ... [et al.].
   Background and methodology -- The luster in the badge : law enforcement
   professionalism and the LAPD -- Corporateness -- The police responsibility
   to community-oriented policing in a diverse society -- Developing police
   This book summarizes a study conducted by RAND for the Los Angeles Police
   Department (LAPD). The object of this book is to provide analyses and
   recommendations to assist the LAPD in meeting certain requirements and
   ultimately enabling LAPD to better serve the interests of the people of
   Los Angeles through improved training in five critical areas: use of
   force, search and seizure, arrest procedures, community policing, and
   diversity awareness.

HV8290 .S47 2004 EB                      2004
   Security consulting [electronic resource] / Charles A. Sennewald.

HV8688 .H67 2004 EB                      2004
   Just schools [electronic resource] : a whole school approach to
   restorative justice / Belinda Hopkins ; foreword and introduction by Guy

HV9067 .H6 J96 1996                      1996
   Juvenile murder in Virginia : a study of arrests and convictions / project
   staff, Donald Faggiani, Thomas J. Dover ; assisted by Jennifer Sturgis.

HV9069 .T44 2004 EB                      2004
   Teen violence [electronic resource] : a medical dictionary, bibliography,
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   and annotated research guide to internet references / James N. Parker and
   Philip M. Parker, editors.

HV9104 .M66 2003 EB                      2003
   Disproportionate confinement of African-American juvenile delinquents
   [electronic resource] / John K. Mooradian.

HV9105 .I8 L45 2003 EB                    2003
   The contexts of juvenile justice decision making [electronic resource] :
   when race matters / Michael J. Leiber.

HV9305 .C2 A94 2003 EB                   2003
   Selective incapacitation and public policy [electronic resource] :
   evaluating California's imprisonment crisis / Kathleen Auerhahn.
HV9471 .R473 2004 EB                     2004
   Total confinement [electronic resource] : madness and reason in the
   maximum security prison / Lorna A. Rhodes.
   Controlling troubles -- The choice to be bad -- The asylum of last resort
   -- Custody and treatment at the divide -- The games run deep -- Struggling
   it out.

HV9955 .V8 F45 1987                      1987
   Felony justice in Virginia, 1986.

J82 .A3 2001 EB                          2001
   The inaugural addresses of President Thomas Jefferson, 1801 and 1805
   [electronic resource] / Noble E. Cunningham, Jr.

JA71 .S59 2002 EB                        2002
   Visions of politics. Volume 3, Hobbes and civil science [electronic
   resource] / Quentin Skinner.

JA71 .S59 2004 EB                        2004
   Visions of politics. Volume 2, Renaissance virtues [electronic resource] /
   Quentin Skinner.

JA74.5 .I547 2004 EB                     2004
   Introduction to political psychology [electronic resource] / Martha Cottam
   ... [et al.].
   An introduction to political psychology -- Personality and politics --
   Cognition, social identity, emotions, and attitudes in political
   psychology -- The political psychology of groups -- The study of political
   leaders -- Voting, role of the media, and tolerance -- The political
   psychology of race and ethnicity -- The political psychology of
   nationalism -- The political psychology of political extremists -- The
   political psychology of international security and conflict.

JA83 .S654 2004 EB                       2004
   Political theorists in context [electronic resource] / Chris Sparks and
   Stuart Isaacs.

JA85 .H36 2004 EB                        2004
   Handbook of political communication research [electronic resource] /
   edited by Lynda Lee Kaid.

JC 21 .M2 1870                           1870
   Ancient law : its connection with the early history of society, and its
   relation to modern ideas / by Henry Sumner Maine.
   Ancient codes -- Legal fictions -- Law of nature and equity -- The modern
   history of the law of nature -- Primitive society and ancient law -- The
   early history of testamentary succession -- Ancient and modern ideas
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   respecting wills and successions -- The early history of property -- The
   early history of contract -- The early history of delict and crime.

JC121 .A8 H48 2001 EB                    2001
   Augustine and politics as longing in the world [electronic resource] /
   John von Heyking.

JC121 .T42 2002 EB                       2002
   Political writings [electronic resource] / Thomas Aquinas ; edited and
   translated by R.W. Dyson.

JC155 .B39213 2000 EB                    2000
   Bayle--political writings [electronic resource] / edited by Sally L.

JC176 .J4 1999 EB                        1999
   Thomas Jefferson, political writings [electronic resource] / edited by
   Joyce Appleby and Terence Ball.

JC311 .B766 2003 EB                      2003
   Palestinian politics after the Oslo Accords [electronic resource] :
   resuming Arab Palestine / Nathan J. Brown.
   Resuming Arab Palestine -- The legal framework : disputing in, over, and
   outside courts -- Constituting and reconstituting Palestine -- Inventing a
   parliament -- Civil society in theory and practice -- Democracy,
   nationalism, and contesting the Palestinian curriculum.

JC311 .S778 2004 EB                      2004
   Community, identity and the state [electronic resource] : comparing
   Africa, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East / editor, Moshe

JC327 .D4 2004 EB                        2004
   De facto states [electronic resource] : the quest for soverignty / edited
   by Tozin Bahcheli, Barry Bartmann and Henry Srebrnik.

JC421 .S32 2004 EB                       2004
   What's wrong with democracy? [electronic resource] : from Athenian
   practice to American worship / Loren J. Samons II.
   Introduction -- Athenian society and government -- Democracy and
   demagogues : election, voting, and qualifications for citizenship --
   Public finance : democracy and the people's purse -- Foreign policy I :
   democracy imperial -- Foreign policy II : the Peloponnesian War --
   National defense : democracy defeated -- Democracy and religion --
   Conclusion : Socrates, Pericles, and the citizen.

JC479 .O36 2004 EB                       2004
   The OECD and European welfare states [electronic resource] / edited by
   Klaus Armingeon and Michelle Beyeler.

JC480 .S8313 2004 EB                     2004
   Stalinism and nazism [electronic resource] : history and memory compared /
   edited by Henry Rousso ; English-language edition edited and introduced by
   Richard J. Golsan ; translated by Lucy B. Golsan, Thomas C. Hilde, and
   Peter S. Rogers.

JC571 .G584 2002 EB                      2002
   Globalization and human rights [electronic resource] / Alison Brysk,
   Introduction: Transnational threats and opportunities / Alison Brysk -- I.
   Citizenship -- Who has a right to rights? Citizenship's exclusions in an
   age of migration / Kristen Hill Maher -- Tourism, sex work, and women's
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   rights in the Dominican Republic / Amalia Lucia Cabezas -- II.
   Commodification -- Interpreting the interaction of global markets and
   human rights / Richard Falk -- Economic globalization and rights: an
   empirical analysis / Wesley T. Milner -- Sweatshops and international
   labor standards: globalizing markets, localizing norms / Raul C.
   Pangalangan -- III. Communication -- Ironies of information technology /
   Shane Weyker -- Globalization and the social construction of human rights
   campaigns / Clifford Bob -- Drama of human rights in a turbulent,
   globalized world / James N. Rosenau -- IV. Cooperation -- Transnational
   civil society campaigns and the World Bank Inspection Panel / Jonathan Fox
   -- Humanitarian intervention: global enforcement of human rights? / Wayne
   Sandholtz -- Human rights, globalizing flows, and state power / Jack

JC578 .J886 2002 EB                      2002
   The justice motive in everyday life [electronic resource] : essays in
   honor of Melvin J. Lerner / edited by Michael Ross, Dale T. Miller.

JC599 .A65 D34 2003 EB                   2003
   Islam, liberalism and human rights [electronic resource] : implications
   for international relations / Katerina Dalacoura.

JC599 .E18 H37 2004 EB                   2004
   The prospects for a regional human rights mechanism in East Asia
   [electronic resource] / Hidetoshi Hashimoto.

JF1525 .A8 E43 2005 EB                   2005
   Electronic government strategies and implementation [electronic resource]
   / Wayne Huang, Keng Siau, Kwok Kee Wei, editors.

JF1525 .P67 K87 2004 EB                  2004
   Ten steps to a results-based monitoring and evaluation system [electronic
   resource] : a handbook for development practitioners / Jody Zall Kusek,
   Ray C. Rist.

JF1601 .C54 2003 EB                      2003
   Civil service systems in Anglo-American countries [electronic resource] /
   edited by John Halligan.

JK155 .F42 2003 EB                       2003
   The Federalist [electronic resource] / Alexander Hamilton, James Madison,
   and James Jay (writing as Publius). With The letters of Brutus / [both
   works] edited by Terence Ball.

JK216 .C16 C48 2001 EB                   2001
   Calhoun and popular rule [electronic resource] : the political theory of
   the Disquisition and Discourse / H. Lee Cheek, Jr.

JK275 .S55 2004 EB                       2004
   The politics of deceit [electronic resource] : saving freedom and
   democracy from extinction / Glenn W. Smith.
   Introduction -- The madness of King George III and our contemporary
   political dilemma -- Freedom -- Shaking Bugs Bunny's hand in Disneyland :
   democracy will not be televised -- Dead pope music : the press and
   American politics -- The threatened habitats of democracy -- Lantern
   bearing and the American covenant tradition -- The other superpower : the
   Internet's new "interactivists" and the public sphere -- Shooting
   elephants : the language of politics -- Freedom and religion : the visions
   of Jacob and Orestes -- In America.

JK276 .L35 2004 EB                       2004
   AP U.S. government and politics [electronic resource] / Pamela K. Lamb.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

JK468 .A8 D456 2004 EB                   2004
   Democracy online [electronic resource] : the prospects for political
   renewal through the Internet / editor, Peter M. Shane.

JK526 2000 REB                           2002
   The longest night [electronic resource] : polemics and perspectives on
   election 2000 / edited by Arthur J. Jacobson and Michel Rosenfeld.
   In the heat of the battle -- Equal Protection for Votes / Henry E. Brady
   -- Law and Data: The Butterfly Ballot Episode / Henry E. Brady, Michael C.
   Herron, Walter R MebaneJr., Jasjeet Singh Sekhon, Kenneth W Shotts, and
   Jonathan Wand -- The Machinery of demoracy in America -- Disputing
   Elections / Richard H. Pildes -- The Decisions -- A Badly Flawed Election
   / Ronald Dworkin -- Exchange between Ronald Dworkin and Charles Fried --
   Bush v. Gore: Three Strikes for the Constitution, the Court, and
   Democracy, but There Is Always Next Season / Michel Rosenfeld -- The
   Unbearable Rightness of Bush v. Gore / Nelson Lund -- 8. The Ghostwriters
   / ArthurJ Jacobson -- Notes for the Unpublished Supplemental Separate
   Opinions in Bush v. Gore / Burt Neubone -- American perspectives --
   Anatomy of a Constitutional Coup / Bruce Ackerman -- The Many Faces of
   Bush v. Gore / George P. Fletcher -- Springtime for Rousseau / Richard
   Brookhiser -- Machiavelli in Robes? The Court in the Election / Frank I.
   Michelman -- Foreign Perspectives -- A Flawed yet Resilient System: A View
   from Jerusalem / Shlomo Avineri -- Constitutional Council Review of
   Presidential Elections in France and a French Judicial Perspective on Bush
   v. Gore / Noille Lenoir -- Seven Reasons Why Bush v. Gore Would Have Been
   Unlikely in Germany / Dieter Grimm -- Bush v. Gore: A View from Italy /
   Pasquale Pasquino -- Democracy in America: A European Perspective on the
   Millennial Election / Mattias Kumm -- Reform? -- Weighing the
   Alternatives: Reform or Deform? / Judith Best -- The Electoral College: A
   Fatally Flawed Institution / Lawrence D. Longley -- The Electoral College:
   A Modest Contribution / Keith E. Whittington -- 22. Popular Election of
   the President without a Constitutional Amendment / Robert W. Bennett.

JK765 .L54 2004 EB                       2004
   Addressing the human capital crisis in the Federal Government [electronic
   resource] : a knowledge management perspective / Jay Liebowitz.

JK1613 I919 2004 EB                      2004
   Investments in federal facilities [electronic resource] : asset management
   strategies for the 21st century / Committee on Business Strategies for
   Public Capital Investment, Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed
   Environment, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, National
   Research Council.
JK1764 .O77 2004 EB                      2004
   The last refuge [electronic resource] : the corruption of patriotism and
   environment in the age of terror / David W. Orr.
   The education of power -- Walking north on a southbound train -- Rewriting
   the Ten Commandments -- The events of 9/11 : a view from the margin -- The
   labors of Sisyphus -- Four challenges of sustainability -- Leverage -- A
   literature of redemption -- Diversity -- The uses of prophecy -- The
   constitution of nature -- Imagine a world : the education of our leaders
   -- Postscript : the hour before dawn.

JK1764 .O93 2004 EB                      2004
   Voice of reason [electronic resource] : why the Left and Right are wrong /
   Ronn Owens.
   Political pragmatism is no oxymoron -- 9/11 and the great divide -- If
   both extremes are equally obnoxious, then why is the far right far more
   appealing? -- Here's how to win an election -- Political pragmatism and
   the California recall -- Wedge issues and the middle ground -- Political
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   correctness and other slam dunks -- Common sense solutions to everyday
   issues -- Politics and popular culture -- Giving voice to the majority : a
   new dimension in politics.

JK1985 .A58 2004 EB                      2004
   Point, click, and vote [electronic resource] : the future of Internet
   voting / R. Michael Alvarez, Thad E. Hall.
   The past and future of Internet voting -- Conventional wisdom about
   unconventional voting -- Representation and the digital divide -- Internet
   voting, political debate, and policymaking -- Security and Internet voting
   -- Analogies -- Trials of Internet voting -- What can be done to make
   Internet voting a reality?

JK1991 .L37 2004 EB                      2004
   The last hurrah? [electronic resource] : soft money and issue advocacy in
   the 2002 congressional elections / David B. Magleby, J. Quin Monson,
   The importance of outside money in the 2002 Congressional elections /
   David B. Magleby -- Party money in the 2002 Congressional elections /
   David B. Magleby, Nicole Carlisle Squires -- Interest-group electioneering
   in the 2002 Congressional elections / David B. Magleby, Jonathan W. Tanner
   -- Get on TeleVision vs. Get on the Van : GOTV and the ground war in 2002
   / J. Quin Monson -- From intensity to tragedy : the Minnesota U.S. Senate
   race / William H. Flanigan ... [et al.] -- Battle for the bases : the
   Missouri U.S. Senate race / Martha Kropf ... [et al.] -- The more you
   spend, the less they listen : the South Dakota U.S. Senate race / John
   Bart, James Meader -- Strings attatched : outside money in Colorado's
   Seventh District / Daniel A. Smith -- Incumbent vs. incumbent in
   Connecticut's Fifth District / Sandra M. Anglund, Sarah M. Morehouse --
   When incumbents clash, fundamentals matter : Pennsylvania Seventeen /
   Stephen K. Medvic, Matthew M. Schousen -- When redistricting means never
   having to say you're sorry : Utah's Second District / Kelly D. Patterson
   -- The consequences of noncandidate spending, with a look to the future /
   David B. Magleby, J. Quin Monson -- Appendixes. A. Studying the
   noncandidate campaign : case study and survey methodology. B. Interviews
   conducted by CSED researchers.

JK2071 .M39 2004 EB                      2004
   The front-loading problem in presidential nominations [electronic
   resource] / William G. Mayer, Andrew E. Busch.
   Introduction -- The rise of front-loading -- Explaining front-loading --
   The consequences of front-loading -- Proposed solutions -- The politics of
   nomination reform -- Conclusion -- Appendix A. On measuring front-loading
   -- Appendix B. Specification of the regression equations in tables 3-4 and
   3-5 -- Appendix C. A note on delegate counts.

JK2071 .W37 2002 EB                      2002
   The American direct primary [electronic resource] : party
   institutionalization and transformation in the North / Alan Ware.
   Part I. How the direct primary arose: -- Catalytic effect of ballot reform
   -- Legal control of party activity -- Spread of direct nominations -- Part
   II. Why the direct primary was introduced: -- Reformers versus urban
   machines -- Impact of party competition -- Explaining an 'irrational'
   reform -- Reaction and aftermath.

JK2075 .C22 V68 2002 EB                  2002
   Voting at the political fault line [electronic resource] : California's
   experiment with the blanket primary / edited by Bruce E. Cain and
   Elisabeth R. Gerber.
   California's blanket primary experiment / Bruce E. Cain and Elisabeth R.
   Gerber -- Crossover voting before the blanket: primaries versus parties in
   California history / Brian J. Gaines and Wendy K. Tam Cho -- Political
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   reform via the initiative process: what voters think about when they
   change the rules / Shaun Bowler and Todd Donovan -- Context and setting:
   the mood of the California electorate / Mark Baldassare -- The causes and
   consequences of crossover voting in the 1998 California elections / John
   Sides, Jonathan Cohen, and Jack Citrin -- Should I stay or should I go?
   Sincere and strategic crossover voting in California assembly races / R.
   Michael Alvarez and Jonathan Nagler -- Peeking under the blanket: a direct
   look at crossover voting in the 1998 primary / Anthony M. Salvanto and
   Martin P. Wattenberg -- Crossing over when it counts: how the motives of
   voters in blanket primaries are revealed by their actions in general
   elections / Thad Kousser -- Candidates, donors, and voters in California's
   blanket primary elections / Wendy K. Tam Cho and Brian J. Gaines --
   Strategic voting and candidate policy positions / Elisabeth R. Gerber --
   Openness begets opportunity: minor parties and California's blanket
   primary / Christian Collet -- Thinner ranks: women as candidates and
   California's blanket primary / Miki Caul and Katherine Tate -- Targets of
   opportunity: California's blanket primary and the political representation
   of Latinos / Gary M. Segura and Nathan D. Woods -- Candidate strategy,
   voter response, and party cohesion / John R. Petrocik -- The blanket
   primary in the courts: the precedent and implications of California
   Democratic Party v. Jones / Nathaniel Persily -- Strategies and rules:
   lessons from the 2000 presidential primary / Bruce E. Cain and Megan
   Mullin .

JK2281 .G74 2004 EB                      2004
   Get out the vote! [electronic resource] : how to increase voter turnout /
   Donald P. Green, Alan S. Gerber.
   Why voter mobilization matters -- Evidence versus received wisdom --
   Door-to-door canvassing : shoe leather politics -- Leaflets : walk, don't
   talk -- Direct mail : postal service as campaign staff -- Phone banks :
   politics meets telemarketing -- Electronic mail : faster, cheaper, but
   does it work? -- Frontiers of get-out-the-vote research.

JL959.5 .D42 L43 2004 EB                 2004
   Leadership and innovation in subnational government [electronic resource]
   : case studies from Latin America / edited by Tim Campbell, Harald Fuhr.

JL966 .G37513 2003 EB                     2003
   Incomplete democracy [electronic resource] : political democratization in
   Chile and Latin America / by Manuel Antonio Garret*on ; translated by R.
   Kelly Washbourne with Gregory Horvath.
   Analytical orientations and the Latin American Probl*ematique -- Social
   change and the reconstruction of politics -- Democracy and democratization
   : concepts and processes -- The transformation of the state and social
   policies -- Social policies and equality -- Political parties and the
   crisis of representation -- Civil society, social movements, and
   democratization -- Changes in Latin American political culture --
   Democratic crisis and military coup : thirty years later -- Political
   opposition and the struggle for democracy under the military regime --
   Evaluation of and prospects for Chilean political democratization --
   Epilogue : What future for politics in Chile and Latin America?

JN30 .C85 2003 EB                        2003
   The cultural diversity of European unity [electronic resource] : findings,
   explanations and reflections from the European values study / edited by
   Wil Arts, Jacques Hagenaars & Loek Halman ; in collaboration with Wim van
   de Donk & Ton van Schail.

JN30 .I495 2003 EB                       2003
   Informal governance in the European union [electronic resource] / edited
   by Thomas Christiansen, Simona Piattoni.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

JN96 .A56 C64 2004 EB                    2004
   Anticorruption in transition 2 [electronic resource] : corruption in
   enterprise-state interactions in Europe and Central Asia, 1999-2002 /
   Cheryl Gray, Joel Hellman, Randi Ryterman.

JN96 .A956 T95 2003 EB                   2003
   Learning to choose [electronic resource] : electoral politics in
   East-Central Europe / Hubert Tworzecki.
   Introduction. Party systems and new democracies. Rules, actors and
   outcomes -- The public mind. The structure of mass opinion. Political
   tendencies. Parties in the public eye -- Voting. Electoral turnout.
   Individual-level determinants of voting. Aggregate-level factors :
   locality and voting behavior -- Conclusions.

JN1571.5 .S56 M35 2005 EB                 2005
   The new Sinn F*ein [electronic resource] : Irish republicanism in the
   twenty-first century / Agn*es Maillot.
   Historical overview -- The peace process -- From political wing to
   political party -- The equality agenda -- The international dimension --
   The legacy of the conflict -- Conclusion.

JN6699 .A5 C645 2003 EB                  2003
   Popular choice and managed democracy [electronic resource] : the Russian
   elections of 1999 and 2000 / Timothy J. Colton, Michael McFaul.
   Introduction : the transition within the transition -- Setting the scene
   -- The party of power -- The party of hubris -- The Communists -- The
   Liberals -- Putin -- Results, consequences, and implications for U.S.

JQ1830 .A58 M464 2003 EB                 2003
   Ideology, party change, and electoral campaigns in Israel, 1965-2001
   [electronic resource] / Jonathan Mendilow.
   Formation of the cluster parties -- Logic of the new party system --
   Transition to the party-bloc system -- Campaigns of 1988 and 1992 and the
   heyday of the party-bloc system -- Logic of the new system : candidates in
   search of centers -- Straddling the millennium.

JQ1875 .B76 2004 EB                      2004
   Building state capacity in Africa [electronic resource] : new approaches,
   emerging lessons / edited by Brian Levy, Sahr Kpundeh.

JQ1879 .A15 D38 2001 EB                  2001
   A decade of democracy in Africa [electronic resource] / edited by Stephen
   N. Ndegwa.

JQ3036 .C75 2003 EB                      2003
   Critical perspectives in politics and socio-economic development in Ghana
   [electronic resource] / edited by Wisdom J. Tettey, Korbla P. Puplampu,
   and Bruce J. Berman.

JQ3459.5 .D42 D43 2004 EB                2004
   Decentralization in Madagascar [electronic resource].

JV 22 .C65 2003 V.1                      2003
   Colonialism : an international, social, cultural, and political
   encyclopedia / Melvin E. Page, Penny M. Sonnenburg.
   v. 1. A-M -- v. 2. N-Z -- v. 3. Documents.

JV 22 .C65 2003 V.2                      2003
   Colonialism : an international, social, cultural, and political
   encyclopedia / Melvin E. Page, Penny M. Sonnenburg.
   v. 1. A-M -- v. 2. N-Z -- v. 3. Documents.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

JV 22 .C65 2003 V.3                      2003
   Colonialism : an international, social, cultural, and political
   encyclopedia / Melvin E. Page, Penny M. Sonnenburg.
   v. 1. A-M -- v. 2. N-Z -- v. 3. Documents.

JV4203 .L3 2003 EB                       2003
   The last empire [electronic resource] : thirty years of Portuguese
   decolonization / edited by Stewart Lloyd-Jones and Ant*onio Costa Pinto.

JV6465 .C73 2004 EB                      2004
   The chosen shore [electronic resource] : stories of immigrants / Ellen
   Alexander Conley.

JV6483 .D69 2004 EB                      2004
   American gulag [electronic resource] : inside U.S. immigration prisons /
   Mark Dow.
   Invisibility, intimidation, and the INS -- September 11: secrecy,
   disruption, and continuity -- Another world, another nation: Miami's Krome
   Detention Center -- "Enforcement means you're brutal" -- The world's first
   private prison -- "Keeping quiet means deny" : a hunger strike in Queens
   -- The art of jailing -- "Criminal aliens" and criminal agents -- Siege,
   shackles, climate, design -- "Speak to every media" : resistance,
   repression, and the making of a prisoner -- Good and evil in New England
   -- Out West: philosophy and despair -- Dead time -- Mariel Cubans:
   abandoned, again and again.

JZ1306 .C73 2002 EB                      2002
   Argument and change in world politics [electronic resource] : ethics,
   decolonization, and humanitarian intervention / Neta C. Crawford.

JZ1318 .E349 2004 EB                     2004
   Future positive [electronic resource] : international co-operation in the
   21st century / by Michael Edwards.
   Introduction : the co-operative imperative -- And all that: a brief
   history of international co-operation -- How do countries grow? it's the
   polity, stupid! -- It's not size that matters : development projects
   re-examined -- Matters of life and death : the record of humanitarian
   intervention -- Summary : sticks, carrots and room to manoeuvre --
   Creativity plus opportunity : a new formula for foreign aid -- Humanising
   capitalism : which way forward? -- Light but firm : the future of global
   governance -- Building constituencies for change : the rise and fall of
   Third-World charity -- The getting of wisdom : institutional reform and
   personal revolution.

JZ1318 .G57925 2004 EB                   2004
   Globalization [electronic resource] : culture and education in the new
   millennium / edited by Marcelo M. Su*arez-Orozco and Desir*ee Baolian
   Globalization: Culture and Education in the New Millennium / Marcelo M.
   Suarez-Orozco and Desiree Baolian Qin-Hilliard -- Globalization, Growth,
   and Welfare in History / John H. Coatsworth -- Globalization and
   Education: An Economic Perspective / David E. Bloom -- Digital Skills,
   Globalization, and Education / Antonio M. Battro -- The Fellowship of the
   Microchip: Global Technologies As Evocative Objects / Sherry Turkle -- Pop
   Cosmopolitanism: Mapping Cultural Flows in an Age of Media Convergence /
   Henry Jenkins -- Globalization in Asia: Anthropological Perspectives /
   James L. Watson -- Formulating Identity in a Globalized World / Carola
   Suarez-Orozco -- Imperial Feelings: Youth Culture, Citizenship, and
   Globalization / Sunaina Maira -- How Education Changes: Considerations of
   History, Science, and Values / Howard Gardner.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM
JZ1318 .M58 2004 EB                      2004
   Whither globalization? [electronic resource] : the vortex of knowledge and
   ideology / James H. Mittelman.
   The power of globalization -- Mapping globalization -- Globalization : an
   ascendant paradigm? -- Critical globalization studies -- Ideology and the
   globalization agenda -- "Common-sense" representations of globalization
   protests / coauthored with Glenn Adler -- Bringing in microencounters --

JZ1318 .M83 2004 EB                      2004
   The politics of globalisation and polarisation [electronic resource] /
   Maurice Mullard.

JZ1570 .A57 I724 2004 EB                 2004
   Allies at war [electronic resource] : America, Europe and the crisis over
   Iraq / Phillip H. Gordon and Jeremy Shapiro.

JZ1570 .E918 2004 EB                     2004
   Euro-Mediterranean relations after September 11 [electronic resource] :
   international, regional, and domestic dynamics / editor, Annette
   Security building in the Mediterranean after September 11 / Annette
   J*unemann -- Reshaping the agenda?: the internal politics of the Barcelona
   Process in the aftermath of September 11 / Richard Gillespie --
   Repercussions of the emerging European security and defence policy on the
   civil character of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership / Annette J*unemann
   -- Gender and security in the Mediterranean / Cilja Harders -- The EMP and
   Morocco: diverging political agendas? / Said Haddadi -- Spanish foreign
   policy and the promotion of democracy and human rights: the case of
   morocco since the enthronement of Mohamed VI / Laura Feliu -- The external
   dimension of sub-national governments: dealing with human rights at the
   Barcelona and Valencia Euromed Civil Fora / Eduard Soler I. Lecha -- Loss
   of guiding values and support: September 11 and the isolation of human
   rights organizations in Egypt / Angela Grnert -- Democratization without
   democracy? The assistance of the European Union for democratization
   processes in Palestine / Stephan Stetter -- The EU and the Middle East
   Conflict: tackling the main obstacle to Euro-Mediterranean partnership /
   Muriel Asseburg -- Arab regional integration as a prerequisite for a
   successful Euro-Mediterranean partnership / Bchir Chourou -- Israeli
   policy perspectives on the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership in the context
   of EU enlargement / Alfred Tovias.

JZ4850 .D63 2004 EB                      2004
   How to lobby at intergovernmental meetings [electronic resource] : mine's
   a caffe latte / by Felix Dodds with Michael Strauss.

JZ5538 .I44 2003 EB                      2003
   Global civilization [electronic resource] : a Buddhist-Islamic dialogue /
   by Daisaku Ikeda and Majid Tehranian.

K 27 .E8433 1844 V.1                     1843
   The western law journal.

K 27 .E8433 1844 V.2                     1843
   The western law journal.
K 27 .E8433 1844 V.3                     1843
   The western law journal.

K 27 .E8433 1844 V.4                     1843
   The western law journal.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

K115 B54 2002 EB                         2002
   Bigwig briefs [electronic resource] : career options for law school
   students / [edited by Emily Dunn].

K334 .S74 2004 EB                        2004
   Bentham [electronic resource] / James Steintrager.

K346 .T35 2002 EB                        2002
   Taking psychology and law into the twenty-first century [electronic
   resource] / edited by James R.P. Ogloff.
   Two steps forward and one step backward: the law and psychology
   movement(s) in the 20th century / James R.P. Ogloff -- Psychological
   jurisprudence: taking psychology and law into the twenty-first century /
   John Darley ... [et al.] -- Children, psychology, and law: reflections on
   past and future contributions to science and policy / Bette L. Bottoms ...
   [et al.] -- Forensic assessment: current status and future directions /
   Kirk Heilbrun, Richard Rogers & Randy Otto -- Risk assessment / Dale E.
   McNiel ... [et al.] -- Competency: past, present, and future / Patricia A.
   Zapf ... [et al.] -- Eyewitness research / R.C.L. Lindsay ... [et al.] --
   Jurors and juries: a review of the field / Edith Greene ... [et al.] --
   The monetary worth of psychological injury: what are litigants suing for?
   / Joti Samra & William J. Koch -- Psychological issues in civil law /
   Tristin Wayte ... [et al.] -- Evaluating published research in psychology
   and law: a gatekeeper analysis of Law and Human Behavior / Richard L.
   Weiner ... [et al.].

K487 .E3 M528 2004 EB                    2004
   The economic approach to law [electronic resource] / Thomas J. Miceli.
   What is law and economics? -- Positive and normative analysis -- Is
   efficiency a valid norm for evaluating law? -- Efficiency concepts --
   Pareto efficiency -- Potential Pareto efficiency, or Kaldor-Hicks
   efficiency -- Consensual versus nonconsensual exchange -- The Coase
   theorem -- The law in "law and economics" -- The nature of the common law
   -- The court system in the United States -- Conclusion -- Discussion
   questions -- Problems.

K487 .E3 S38 2004 EB                     2004
   The triumph of Venus [electronic resource] : the erotics of the market /
   Jeanne L. Schroeder.
   Pandora's amphora : the eroticism of contract and gift -- Orpheus's desire
   : the end of the market -- Narcissus's death : the Calabresi-Melamed
   trichotomy -- The Midas touch : the lethal effect of wealth maximization
   -- The Eumenides' return : the founding of law through the repression of
   the feminine.

K721.5 .C66 2004 EB                      2004
   Constituting modernity [electronic resource] : private property in the
   East and West / edited by Huri *Islamo*glu.

K953 F69 2003 EB                         2003
   International product liability law [electronic resource] : a worldwide
   desk reference / Gregory L. Fowler.

K1089 .C66 2004 EB                       2004
   A comparative guide to anti-money laundering [electronic resource] : a
   critical analysis of systems in Singapore, Switzerland, the UK and the USA
   / edited by Mark Pieth and Gemma Aiolfi.

K1401 .I566 2005 EB                      2005
   Intellectual property rights in a networked world [electronic resource] :
   theory and practice / Richard A. Spinello, Herman T. Tavani, editor[s].
   Overview -- Theoretical perspectives -- ethical and legal persepctives.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

K1401 .P66 2004 EB                       2004
   Poor people's knowledge [electronic resource] : promoting intellectual
   property in developing countries / edited by J. Michael Finger and Philip
   Kuyujani Originario : the Yekuana road to the overall protection of their
   rights as a people / Nell Arvelo-Jim*enez -- Handmade in India :
   traditional craft skills in a changing world / Maureen Liebl, Tirthankar
   Roy -- Enhancing intellectual property exports through fair trade / Ron
   Layton -- The Africa music project / Frank J. Penna, Monique Thormann, J.
   Michael Finger -- Preventing counterfeit craft designs / Betsy J. Fowler
   -- Bioprospecting agreements and benefit sharing with local communities /
   Kerry ten Kate, Sarah A. Laird -- Biopiracy and commercialization of
   ethnobotanical knowledge / Philip Schuler -- Prevention of
   misappropriation of intangible cultural heritage through intellectual
   property laws / Daniel W*uger -- Making intellectual property laws work
   for traditional knowledge / Coenraad J. Visser.

K1401 .P84 2004 EB                       2004
   The international political economy of intellectual property rights
   [electronic resource] / Meir Perez Pugatch.

K1519 .B54 I58 2004 EB                   2004
   Intellectual property rights in agricultural biotechnology [electronic
   resource] / edited by F.H. Erbisch and K.M. Maredia.
   Introduction to intellectual properties / Brian L. Smiler and Frederic H.
   Erbisch -- Acquiring protection for improved germplasm and inbred lines /
   John H. Barton -- Transferring intellectual properties / Frederic H.
   Erbisch and Andrew J. Fischer -- Capacity building in intellectual
   property management in agricultural biotechnology / Karim M. Maredia and
   Frederic H. Erbisch -- Plant variety protection in the USA / Janice M.
   Strachan -- Farmers' rights over plant genetic resources in the South :
   challenges and opportunities / Kirit Patel -- Economic aspects of
   intellectual property rights in agricultural biotechnology / Mywish K.
   Maredia, James F. Oehmke and Derek Byerlee -- Egypt / Atef El-Azab --
   South Africa / Rosemary A. Wolson -- Australia / Michael Blakeney -- China
   / Tan Loke-Khoon -- Issues on intellectual property rights associated with
   agrobiotechnology in Japan / Kazuo N. Watanabe and Atushi Komamine --
   India / Prabuddha Ganguli -- Intellectual property rights in the Russian
   Federation / Terry A. Young and Dmitry Shulgin -- Andean Pact countries of
   Latin America / Walter R. Jaffe and Elinor Arteaga-Marcano -- Costa Rica /
   Silvia Salazar -- European Union / R. Stephen Crespi -- Indonesia /
   Tantono Subagyo -- Exercising intellectual property rights management in
   Brazil : research, technology, transfer and agribusiness after TRIPS /
   Maria Jose Amstalden Sampio, Margareth Maia and Elza Angela B. Brito da

K1705 .N38 2004 EB                       2004
   Monitoring international labor standards [electronic resource] :
   techniques and sources of information / Committee on Monitoring
   International Labor Standards, Center for Education, Division of
   Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, and Policy and Global
   Affairs Division.
   Official and nongovernmental sources of information -- Information from
   nongovernmental labor monitoring systems -- Freedom of association and the
   right to collective bargaining -- Forced or compulsory labor -- Child
   labor -- Discrimination -- Acceptable conditions of work -- Human capital
   and international labor standards compliance.

K3260 .S25 2004 EB                       2004
   The human right to water [electronic resource] : legal and policy
   dimensions / Salman M.A. Salman, Siobh*an McInerney-Lankford.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

K3595 .M333 2004 EB                      2004
   International regulation of underwater sound [electronic resource] :
   establishing rules and standards to address ocean noise pollution / by
   Elena McCarthy.

K3925 .B56 R44 2004 EB                   2004
   The regulation of agricultural biotechnology [electronic resource] /
   edited by R.E. Evenson and V. Santaniello.

K4610 .S52 2003 EB                       2003
   Defending interests [electronic resource] : public-private partnerships in
   WTO litigation / Gregory C. Shaffer.
   The blurring of the public and the private in international trade law --
   Public-private partnerships in theoretical perspective -- The United
   States's initial partnership edge in opening foreign markets -- Is the EC
   moving toward a U.S. partnership model? -- Why a more aggressive U.S.
   approach? -- Transatlantic public-private partnerships -- The social,
   political, and legal implications -- Text tables. Adopted panel and
   appellate body reports involving U.S. and EC complaints ; Actors and their
   roles in Article 133 and TBR procedures ; U.S. and EC participation as
   complaintants, defendants, and third parties in all WTO cases resulting in
   adopted panel or appellate body reports, as of January 17, 2003 ;
   Participation of all WTO members in cases resulting in adopted panel or
   appellate body reports, as of January 17, 2003 ; Appendix tables. Requests
   for consultations by the United States: panel and appellate body reports,
   as of January 17, 2003 -- Requests for consultations by the United States:
   not involving an adopted report, as of January 17, 2003 -- Requests for
   consultations by the EC: panel and appellate body reports, as of January
  17, 2003 -- Requests for consultations by the EC: not involving an adopted
  report, as of January 17, 2003.

K5215 .N49 2004 EB                       2004
   New perspectives on economic crime [electronic resource] / edited by Hans
   Sj*ogren, G*oran Skogh.
   Introduction / Hans Sj*ogren and G*oran Skogh -- The economics of business
   crime / Nuno Garoupa -- Corporate crime, markets and enforcement : a
   review / Cindy R. Alexander -- Enforcing regulation : do we need the
   criminal law / Anthony Ogus -- Law and economics of environmental crime /
   Michael G. Faure and Marjolein Visser -- Corporate governance and
   financial distress / Karin S. Thorburn -- Tax compliance by businesses /
   Paul Webley -- Historical perspectives : Swedish and international
   examples / Dag Lindstr*om.

KBM3119 .A36 S35 2002 EB                 2002
   Abortion in Judaism [electronic resource] / Daniel Schiff.
   The conundrum takes shape: foundational verses -- Evaluating life:
   Rabbinic perspectives on fetal standing -- Divining a prohibition: the
   positions of the Rishonim and Acharonim -- No clear consensus: the sages
   of a rising modernity -- The struggle returns: Jewish views begin to take
   form -- Confronting a new reality: legislation for a Jewish state -- A
   Halakhic challenge: discerning Jewish abortion principles.

KF170 .L46 2004 EB                       2004
   101 law forms for personal use [electronic resource] / by Ralph Warner &
   Robin Leonard with the editors of Nolo.
   How to use this book -- Delegating authority to care for children, pets
   and property -- Basic estate planning -- Things to do after death:
   documents for executors -- Renting residential real estate -- Borrowing or
   lending money -- Buying a house -- Buying or selling a car, dog or other
   personal property -- Renting personal property and storing goods -- Home
   repairs and maintenance -- Handling personal finances -- Dealing with junk
                                Inventory List

               Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

  mail and telemarketing calls -- Hiring child care, elder care or household
  help -- Living together -- Settling legal disputes -- Miscellaneous forms
  for personal use.

KF 223 .V29 C49 1847                     1847
   Reclamation of fugitives from service : an argument for the defendant,
   submitted to the Supreme Court of the United States, at the December term,
   1846, in the case of Wharton Jones vs. John Vanzandt / by S.P. Chase.

KF228 .G78 S76 2004 EB                   2004
   A black and white case [electronic resource] : how affirmative action
   survived its greatest legal challenge / Greg Stohr.
   A tale of two professors -- Getting lawyered up -- Gratz, Grutter, and
   Hamacher -- Equal protection -- Arguments Michigan wouldn't make -- A
   struggle in chambers -- Accepted on the spot -- Bollinger's new front --
   Duggan's distinction -- Preferences on trial -- A court divided -- Martin
   V. Boggs -- Looking to the high court -- The most powerful woman in
   America -- Friends of the court -- "She's fabulous" -- "Race unfortunately
   still matters" -- Hail to the victors.
KF283 .G66 2004 EB                        2004
   Law school 101 [electronic resource] : survival techniques from pre-law to
   being an attorney / R. Stephanie Good.
   Preparing for law school -- Applying to law school -- Welcome to law
   school -- Non illegitimi carborundum -- Studying the right way --
   Strategic exam taking -- Freedom to choose -- Acclimatized amnesty --
   Finding the right job -- Laboring legally -- The last mile -- What you
   really learn in law school.

KF285 .Z9 K65 2004 EB                    2004
   Nova's Master the LSAT [electronic resource] / Jeff Kolby, Scott

KF292 .C353 A54 2002 EB                  2002
   Silence at Boalt Hall [electronic resource] : the dismantling of
   affirmative action / Andrea Guerrero.
   Balancing the scales -- Pursuing excellence -- Dismantling diversity --
   Reaching for answers -- Listening to the silence.

KF299 .W6 S53 2004 EB                    2004
   Sisters-in-law [electronic resource] : an uncensored guide for women
   practicing law in the real world / Lisa G. Sherman, Deborah Turchiano,
   Jill Schecter.
   Sizing up your solemate: where to practice law -- Picking out the perfect
   pair of shoes: securing the perfect legal position -- Preparing for
   sisterhood in your new shoes: surviving the first week -- Familiarizing
   yourself with the shoe department: sizing up the cast of characters --
   Sisters' favorite topic of conversation: food, food, and more food -- For
   sisters' eyes only : the Y-factor -- Out of the frying pan, into the fire
   : sisterhood meets motherhood -- Sisterly secrets: simultaneously
   lawyering and living a full life -- Strutting in your new shoes: the nuts
   and bolts of practicing law.

KF380 .B87 2002 EB                       2002
   Lawyers, lawsuits, and legal rights [electronic resource] : the battle
   over litigation in American society / Thomas F. Burke.
   The battle over litigation -- The creation of a litigious policy : the
   Americans with Disabilities Act -- A failed antilitigation effort : the
   struggle over no-fault auto insurance in California -- A shot of
   antilitigation reform : the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program --
   Understanding the litigation debate.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

KF390 .A4 S45 2004 EB                     2004
   Seniors' rights [electronic resource] : your legal guide to living life to
   the fullest / Brette McWhorter Sember.
   Finances -- Health insurance -- Health care -- Lifestyle -- Housing --
   Safety -- Family issues -- Planning for the future -- Loss of a spouse --
   Discrimination and disabilities -- Veterans' rights -- Legal assistance.

KF390 .B84 D83 2004 EB                   2004
   The law (in plain English) for small businesses [electronic resource] /
   Leonard D. DuBoff.
   Organizing your business -- Business organization checklist -- Developing
   your business plan -- Borrowing from banks -- Going public -- Contracts --
   Consignment -- Collections -- Expanding your market -- Patents and trade
   secrets -- Trademarks -- Copyrights -- Advertising -- Licensing -- The
   internet -- Warranties -- Product liability -- Business insurance --
   People who work for you -- Keeping taxes low -- Zoning -- Renting
   commercial space -- Pension plans -- Estate planning -- Finding a lawyer
   and an accountant.

KF390 .H53 W37 2004 EB                   2004
   Homeowner's rights [electronic resource] : a legal guide to your
   neighborhood / Mark Warda.
   Learning your rights -- How specific problems are handled noise --
   Avoiding a neighbor dispute -- Winning a neighbor dispute -- Problems with
   government agencies -- Problems with others utilities -- Going to court --
   How to research your case further.

KF390 .I54 F57 2004 EB                   2004
   Working for yourself [electronic resource] : law & taxes for independent
   contractors, freelancers & consultants / by Stephen Fishman.

KF390.5 .P8 H34 2003 EB                  2003
   In the court of public opinion [electronic resource] : winning your case
   with public relations / James F. Haggerty.
   Welcome to the hotseat : this is litigation PR -- All cases are public :
   why communication is now essential to most legal disputes -- The rules of
   media procedure-and how to use them -- Stepping into high-profile
   litigation -- Lawyers, clients and public relations professionals : how
   we can work together -- Building your message and the credibility of your
   case -- The plaintiff's perspective : ensuring your case has "staying
   power" -- When your case comes to trial : managing the media frenzy at the

KF425 .B37 2004 EB                       2004
   Overruled? [electronic resource] : legislative overrides, pluralism, and
   contemporary court-Congress relations / Jeb Barnes.
   Background. The questions, debate, and overview ; Overrides in
   contemporary U.S. policy-making : promise and current understanding -- pt.
   I. Do overrides matter? assumptions and hypotheses ; Data, methods, and
   findings -- pt. II. What patterns of court-Congress relations underlie the
   override process? A typology of override scenarios -- Operationalization
   of typology, findings, and discussions -- Under what conditions ...?
   patterns and hypotheses -- Conclusion. Broader implications and avenues
   for future inquiry -- Appendix: summary of overrides analyzed.

KF529 .Z9 S76 2004 EB                    2004
   Prenuptial agreements [electronic resource] : how to write a fair and
   lasting contract / by Katherine E. Stoner and Shae Irving.
   A prenup primer -- Is a prenup tight for you? -- Deciding on the specifics
   -- Understanding your state's law -- Assembling your draft agreement: the
   basics -- Additional provisions for your prenup -- Turning your draft into
   a binding agreement -- Working together -- After you've made a prenup --
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Appendix. Prenup worksheets & summary of state prenup laws.
KF538 .I35 2004 EB                       2004
   Living together [electronic resource] : a legal guide for unmarried
   couples / by Toni Ihara, Ralph Warner & Frederick Hertz.
   Living together: an introduction -- The legal state of living together --
   Living together agreements: why and how -- Debt, credit, taxes, and more:
   practical aspects of living together-- Renting and sharing a home --
   Buying a house together -- Starting a family -- You and your ex-spouse and
   children from a prior relationship -- Wills and estate planning -- Moving
   on: when unmarried couples separate -- Lawyers and legal research --
   Appendix I. How to use the forms CD-ROM -- Appendix II. Tear-out forms.

KF540 .Z9 G76 2004 EB                    2004
   Father's rights [electronic resource] : a legal guide to protecting the
   best interests of your children / James J. Gross.
   Fatherhood -- Interventions -- In case of emergency -- Fathers' rights and
   the legal system -- Custody -- Visitation -- Child support -- Federal and
   uniform laws -- Filing a lawsuit -- Discovery & pretrial procedures --
   Trial -- Testimony -- Alternatives -- Conclusion.

KF545 .Z9 S46 2004 EB                    2004
   The complete adoption & fertility legal guide [electronic resource] /
   Brette McWhorter Sember.
   Understanding adoption -- Adoption decisions -- Adoption procedures --
   Second-parent adoptions -- Kinship adoption -- Domestic agency adoption --
   International adoption -- Parent-facilitated adoption -- Adult adoption --
   Single-parent adoption -- Gay and lesbian adoption -- Coping with adoption
   -- Raising an adopted child -- Understanding & evaluating reproductive
   technologies -- Insemination -- Egg donation -- Embryo donation --
   Surrogacy -- Emerging technologies -- Cryopreservation -- Raising an ART

KF547 .Z9 B65 2004 EB                    2004
   Your right to child custody, visitation, and support [electronic resource]
   / by Mary L. Boland.
   1. Preliminary considerations -- 2. Understanding custody and visitation
   -- 3. The law of custody and visitation -- 4. Custody and visitation
   agreements -- 5. The custody or visitation case -- 6. Kidnapping, abuse,
   visitation problems, and other emergencies -- 7. Child support -- 8. Child
   support agreements -- 9. The child support case -- 10. Modification,
   termination, and appeal.

KF549 .Z9 B65 2004 EB                    2004
   Child support [electronic resource] : your complete guide to collecting,
   enforcing, or terminating the court's order / Mary L. Boland.
   The basics -- Establishing parentage -- Calculating child support --
   Agreeing to child support -- Filing for child support -- Enforcement tools
   -- Enforcing your order -- Modification -- Termination -- Appeal --
   Finding the law -- The role of lawyers.

KF734 .M69 2003 EB                       2003
   Living trusts [electronic resource] / Doug H. Moy.
   Continuing need for estate planning -- Framework of a revocable living
   trust -- Trustee's powers, duties, and responsibilities -- Property
   management and other benefits -- Disadvantages, reservations, and
   limitations of a revocable living trust -- Lifetime operation of a
   revocable living trust -- Federal income tax -- Federal and state transfer
   taxes -- Overview of the funding process -- Real property interests --
   Publicly-traded securities and U.S. government obligations -- Closely-held
   business interests -- Acounts inbanks, saving associations, and credit
   unions -- Tangible and intangible personal property -- Qualified and
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   nonqualified retirement plans -- Life insurance and annuities -- Power of
   attorney and pour-over will.

KF750 .Z9 R36 2004 EB                    2004
   8 ways to avoid probate [electronic resource] / by Mary Randolph.

KF778 .Z9 C48 2004 EB                    2004
   How to administer an estate [electronic resource] : a step-by-step guide
   for families and friends / by Stephen G. Christianson, Esq.
   Becoming an executor. Sample last will and testament ; Appendix one --
   Preliminary steps upon death. Sample legal audit form ; Appendix two --
   Opening the estate. Sample letters of administration and formal notice ;
   Appendix three -- Inventorying the estate. Sample estate inventory form ;
   Appendix four -- Handling claims against the estate and estate taxes ;
   Appendix five -- Managing the estate. Sample asset purchase and sale
   agreement ; Appendix six -- Accounting, distribution to beneficiaries, and
   closing the estate. Sample estate accounting form ; Appendix seven --
   Glossary of terms -- Sources for further information.

KF778 .Z9 .R36 2004 EB                   2004
   The executor's guide [electronic resource] : settling a loved one's estate
   or trust / Mary Randolph.

KF898 .F567 2004 EB                      2004
   Consultant & independent contractor agreements [electronic resource] / by
   Stephen Fishman.

KF1040 .F56 2003 EB                       2003
   Financial privacy, consumer prosperity, and the public good [electronic
   resource] / Fred H. Cate ... [et al.].
   The U.S. credit reporting system and the Fair Credit Reporting Act -- The
   impact of a robust national credit reporting system -- Preemption in
   credit reporting -- What is at risk if preemption expires? --
   Recommendations and conclusion.

KF1257 .Z9 M37 2004 EB                   2004
   How to win your personal injury claim [electronic resource] / by Joseph L.

KF1322 .N66 2002 EB                      2002
   Narrowing the nation's power [electronic resource] : the Supreme Court
   sides with the states / John T. Noonan, Jr.
   Prologue: A recurrent struggle is resumed -- The Battle of Boerne --
   Superior beings -- Votaries -- The sovereign publisher and the last of the
   menu girls -- Perhaps inconsequential problems -- Gang rape at State U. --
   Sovereign remedy.
   Narrowing the nation's power is the tale of how a cohesive majority of the
   Supreme Court has, in the last six years, cut back the power of Congress
   and enhanced the autonomy of the fifty states. The immunity from suit of
   the sovereign, Blackstone taught, is necessary to preserve the people's
   idea that the sovereign is "a superior being." Promoting the common law
   doctrine of sovereign immunity to constitutional status, the current
   Supreme Court has used it to shield the states from damages for age
   discrimination, disability discrimination, and the violation of patents,
   trademarks, copyrights, and fair labor standards. Not just the states
   themselves, but every state-sponsored entity--a state insurance scheme, a
   state university's research lab, the Idaho Potato Commission--has been
   insulated from paying damages in tort or contract. Sovereign immunity, as
   Noonan puts it, has metastasized. "It only hurts when you think about it,"
   Noonan's Yalewoman remarks. Noonan is a passionate believer in the place
   of persons in the law. Rules, he claims, are a necessary framework, but
   they must not obscure law's task of giving justice to persons.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

KF1347 .Z9 H35 2004 EB                   2004
   Power of attorney handbook [electronic resource] / Edward A. Haman.
   Powers of attorney, generally -- Lawyers -- Power of attorney law --
   Financial power of attorney -- Health care power of attorney -- Other
   power of attorney forms.

KF1357 .M64 2004 EB                      2004
   Sarbanes-Oxley and the new internal auditing rules [electronic resource] /
   Robert R. Moeller.
   Introduction -- Internal audit and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act -- Heightened
   responsibilities for audit committees -- Launching an ethics and
   whistleblower program -- COSO, Section 404, and control self assessments
   -- IIA, COBIT, and other professional internal audit standards -- Disaster
   recovery and continuity planning after 9/11 -- Internal audit fraud
   detection and prevention -- Enterprise risk management, privacy, and other
   legislative initiatives -- Rules and procedures for internal auditors
   worldwide -- Continuous assurance auditing future directions -- Summary :
   internal auditing going forward.

KF1375 .Z9 H358 2004 EB                  2004
   The complete partnership book [electronic resource] / Edward A. Haman.
   Overview of businesses and partnerships -- Lawyers -- Partnership law --
   Your partners -- Writing a partnership agreement -- Changing partners --
   Dissolving a partnership -- Looking forward.

KF1380 .Z9 M3643 2004 EB                 2004
   Your limited liability company [electronic resource] : an operating manual
   / by Anthony Mancuso.

KF1388 .Z9 W37 2004 EB                   2004
   How to form a nonprofit corporation [electronic resource] / by Mark Warda.
   Definition of a nonprofit organization -- Choosing a type of nonprofit
   organization -- Start-up procedures -- Applying for tax exempt status --
   Protecting your nonprofit status -- Raising money in a nonprofit
   organization -- Running a nonprofit organization.

KF1446 .L36 2004 EB                      2004
   What is Sarbanes-Oxley? [electronic resource] / Guy P. Lander.

KF1524.6 .E4 2004 EB                     2004
   How to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy [electronic resource] / by Stephen
   Elias ... [et al.].
   Introduction. How to use this book -- Should you file for Chapter 7
   bankruptcy? -- Your property and bankruptcy -- Filling in and filing the
   bankruptcy forms -- Handling your case in court -- Life after bankruptcy
   -- Your house -- Secured debts -- Nondischargeable debts -- Help beyond
   the book -- Appendices. State and federal exemption tables ; Exemption
   glossary ; Addresses of bankruptcy courts ; Tear-out forms.

KF1610 .Z95 T37 2004 EB                  2004
   Regulation in the states [electronic resource] / Paul Teske.

KF1649 .A2 H54 2003 EB                   2003
   High-stakes antitrust [electronic resource] : the last hurrah? / Robert W.
   Hahn, editor.
   Introduction / Robert W. Hahn -- Antitrust activities during the Clinton
   administration / Lawrence J. White -- High-stakes antitrust : the last
   hurrah? / Robert Bork -- Has the consumer harm standard lost its teeth? /
   Howard H. Chang, David S. Evans, and Richard Schmalensee -- Flawed efforts
   to apply modern antitrust law to network industries / George L. Priest.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

KF1659 .Z9 S762 2004 EB                  2004
   Sell your business [electronic resource] : the step by step legal guide /
   by Fred S. Steingold.
   pt. 1. Overview of the process. Deciding whethe-and when-to sell ; The key
   steps in selling your business ; The key legal issues in selling your
   business ; Tax considerations when selling your business ; Putting a price
   on your business ; Working with lawyers, accountants, and brokers -- pt 2.
   Getting ready to sell. Preparing your business for sale ; Finding the
   right buyer ; Structuring the sale ; The investigation stage: how sellers
   and buyers check each other out ; Drafting a letter of intent -- pt. 3.
   Preparing a sales agreement. Preparing the sales agreement and other legal
   documents ; Who's selling, who's buying and what's being sold ; The sale
   price and terms of payment ; Dealing with liabilities and representations
   ; Payments for noncompete and consultant Deals ; Other important legal
   language for the sales agreement ; Signatures on a sales agreement -- pt.
   4. Preparing the promissory note and other sales documents. Promissory
   notes and other installment payment oocuments ; Bill of sale, lease
   assignment, an other documents for transferring your business ; Documents
   for noncompete and future work commitments -- pt. 5. Closing the deal.
   Preparing for a smooth closing.

KF 2915 .N8 R46 1984                     1984
   Nursing & the law / Ann M. Rhodes, Robert D. Miller.

KF2980 .E44 2004 EB                      2004
   Patent, copyright & trademark [electronic resource] / by Stephen Elias and
   Richard Stim.

KF2980 .Z9 R63 2003 EB                   2003
   Intellectual property law for engineers and scientists [electronic
   resource] / Howard B. Rockman.
KF3004 .Z9 W373 2004 EB                  2004
   How to register your own copyright [electronic resource] / Mark Warda.
   Overview of copyright -- Works that can be copyrighted -- Works that
   cannot be copyrighted -- Works of others you can use -- Reasons to
   register your copyright -- People who claim and register copyrights --
   Registering your copyright -- Length of a copyright -- Protecting your
   copyright -- Transfering a copyright -- International copyrights -- Other
   protections -- Emerging issues in copyrights.

KF3022 .Z9 F57 2004 EB                   2004
   The public domain [electronic resource] : how to find & use copyright-free
   writings, music, art & more / by Stephen Fishman.
   Introduction to the public domain -- The use and abuse of copyright --
   Writings -- Music -- Art. Original works of art ; Art reproductions --
   Photography -- Movies and television. Films ; Television programs ;
   Sources of public domain films and TV programs -- Computer software --
   Architecture -- Maps -- Choreography -- Databases and collections.
   Databases ; Collections of public domain works -- Titles -- Public domain
   elements in copyrighted writings -- Copyrights restored from the public
   domain -- The public domain outside the United States -- The Internet and
   the public domain -- Copyright protection: how long does it last? --
   Copyright notice requirements -- Traps for the unwary: trademark and
   publicity rights -- Researching copyright office records -- What if a work
   is not in the public domain? -- Help beyond this book.

KF3030.1 .E38 2004 EB                    2004
   Media, technology, and copyright [electronic resource] : integrating law
   and economics / Michael A. Einhorn.

KF3319.6 .B87 2004 EB                    2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Employees' rights [electronic resource] : your practical handbook to
   workplace law / Richard C. Busse.

KF3319.8 .B84 F58 2004 EB                2004
   Employer's rights [electronic resource] : your legal handbook from hiring
   to termination and everything in between / Charles H. Fleischer.

KF 3455 .M67 1997                        1997
   Employment law : new challenges in the business environment / John Jude

KF3455 .Z9 G84 2004 EB                   2004
   Everyday employment law [electronic resource] : the basics / by Lisa
   Guerin and Amy DelPo.
   Hiring employees -- Wage and hour law -- Discrimination -- Personnel
   policies -- Leave policies -- Privacy in the workplace -- Health and
   safety -- Unions -- Independent contractors -- Trade secrets -- Handling
   workplace problems -- Firing and layoffs -- Departing workers.

KF3455 .Z9 S74 2004 EB                   2004
   The employer's legal handbook [electronic resource] / by Fred S. Steingold
   ; edited by Amy DelPo & Lisa Guerin.
   Hiring -- Personnel practices -- Wages and hours -- Employee benefits --
   Taxes -- Family and medical leave -- Health and safety -- Illegal
   discrimination -- Workers with disabilities -- Termination -- Independent
   contractors -- Unions -- Lawyers and legal research.

KF3457 .W45 2004 EB                      2004
   Fair, square & legal [electronic resource] : safe hiring, managing &
   firing practices to keep you & your company out of court / Donald H.
   Safe recruiting practices -- Safe interviewing practices -- Safe
   employment decisions -- Preventing sex discrimination in hiring --
   Preventing negligent hiring -- Safe evaluations and promotions -- Safe
   management, the right to privacy, and defamation -- Safe management of
   family and medical leave -- Preventing sex discrimination and sexual
   harassment on the job -- Mismanaging people with disabilities -- Employee
   action rights and labor laws -- The uniformed services employment and
   reemployment rights act of 1994 (USERRA, 38 U.S.C. 4301-4333) -- Safe
   discipline and firing practices -- Public policy -- Managing a reduction
   in force -- Safe management of older employees.

KF 3464 .A3214 1991                      1991
   Explanation of Civil Rights Act of 1991 / by CCH business law editors.

KF3467 .S24 2003 EB                      2003
   What is sexual harassment? [electronic resource] : from Capitol Hill to
   the Sorbonne / Abigail C. Saguy.
   Introduction : the making of a concept -- Sexual harassment law on the
   books : opportunity loss v. violence -- Sexual harassment law in action :
   legitimacy and liability -- Sexual harassment in the press : national
   scandal, pride, or superiority? -- Discrimination, violence,
   professionalism, and the bottom line : how interview respondents frame
   sexual harassment -- Conclusion : institutions, framing, and political

KF3510 .Z9 S55 2004 EB                   2004
   IRAs, 401(k)s & other retirement plans [electronic resource] : taking your
   money out / by Twila Slesnick & John C. Suttle ; edited by Amy DelPo.

KF3650 .M37 2004 EB                      2004
   Social security, medicare & government pensions [electronic resource] / by
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Joseph L. Matthews with Dorothy Matthews Berman.

KF3650 .T65 2004 EB                      2004
   The social security benefits handbook [electronic resource] / Stanley A.
   Tomkiel, III.
   The Social Security Administration -- Eligibility requirements --
   Entitlement on more than one account -- Applications -- Disability
   benefits--special provisions -- Insured status--work requirement --
   Benefit amounts -- Earnings limitations -- Reporting requirements --
   Payment, nonpayment, and nonreceipt of checks -- Overpayments -- Medicare
   -- Appeals process -- Miscellaneous provisions.

KF 3821 .H46 1982                        1982
   Dynamics of law in nursing and health care / Mary Dolores Hemelt, Mary
   Ellen Mackert.

KF3825 .S65 2004 EB                      2004
   The law of healthcare administration [electronic resource] / J. Stuart

KF3827 .E87 H356 2004 EB                 2004
   How to write your own living will [electronic resource] / Edward A. Haman.
   Living wills and related documents -- Lawyers -- The law concerning living
   wills -- Writing your living will -- Using your living will -- Other
   health care forms.

KF3828 .Z9 B47 2004 EB                   2004
   The portable lawyer for mental health professionals [electronic resource]
   : an A-Z guide to protecting your clients, your practice, and yourself /
   Barton E. Bernstein and Thomas L. Hartsell, Jr.

KF4118 .I43 2004 EB                      2004
   Education law [electronic resource] / Michael Imber and Tyll van Geel.

KF4119 .B67 2004 EB                      2004
   The school law handbook [electronic resource] : what every leader needs to
   know / William C. Bosher, Jr., Kate R. Kaminski, Richard S. Vacca.
   School safety -- Commercialism in schools -- School facilities -- Religion
   in public schools -- Free speech and expression -- Internet use -- Student
   organizations/clubs -- Part-time admission of students -- Student medicine
   -- Student records -- Personnel evaluation -- Governmental immunity --
   Educational malpractice.

KF4125 .N6 2003 EB                       2003
   No child left behind? [electronic resource] : the politics and practice of
   school accountability / Paul E. Peterson, Martin R. West, editors.
   Preface -- 1. Politics and practice of accountability / Martin R. West,
   Paul E. Peterson -- pt. 1. The Politics of Accountability -- 2. No child
   left behind : forging a congressional compromise / Andrew Rudalevige -- 3.
   Refining or retreating? : high stakes accountability in the states /
   Frederick M. Hess -- 4. Politics, control, and the future of school
   accountability / Terry M. Moe -- 5. Rethinking accountability politics /
   Jennifer Hochschild -- pt. 2. The Practice of School Accountability -- 6.
   Lessons about the design of state accountability systems / Eric A.
   Hanushek, Margaret E. Raymond -- 7. Unintended consequences of racial
   subgroup rules / Thomas J. Kane, Douglas O. Staiger -- 8. Charter school
   achievement and accountability / Tom Loveless -- 9. The effects of
   accountability in California / Julian R. Betts, Anne Danenberg -- pt. 3.
   The promise of student accountability -- 10. The "first wave" of
   accountability / Thomas S. Dee -- 11. No child left behind, Chicago style
   / Anthony S. Bryk -- 12. A closer look at achievement gains under
   high-stakes testing in Chicago / Brian A. Jacob -- 13. Central exit exams
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   and student achievement : international evidence / Ludger W*o p3 smann.

KF4155 .C66 2004 EB                      2004
   Bullying and harassment [electronic resource] : a legal guide for
   educators / Kathleen Conn.
   Necessary legal background -- School bullies and bullying -- Sexual or
   gender-based harassment of students -- Other forms of harassment of
   students -- Bullying and harassment of teachers and other school personnel
   -- Student threats and violence in schools -- Internet-enabled bullying,
   harassment, and threats -- Recommendations and plans for action.

KF4209.3 .Z9 S57 2004 EB                 2004
   The complete IEP guide [electronic resource] : how to advocate for your
   special ed child / by Lawrence M. Siegel.
   Introduction to special education -- Overview of the IEP and special
   education law -- Getting started: tips for all parents -- Getting
   organized -- Developing your child's IEP blueprint -- Assessments -- Who
   is eligible for special education? -- Exploring your options and making
   your case -- Writing goals and objectives -- Preparing for the IEP meeting
   -- Attending the IEP meeting -- Resolving IEP disputes through due process
   -- Filing a complaint for a legal violation -- Lawyers and legal research
   -- Parent organizations and special education.

KF 4225 .A75 L55 1978                    1978
   Trends, issues, and implications in student selection.
   Limitone, A. Some legal aspects of admissions.--Sherman, S. Trends in
   admissions policies and procedures.

KF4541 .M38 2003 EB                      2003
   Ex uno plura [electronic resource] : state constitutions and their
   political cultures / James T. McHugh.

KF4772 .C87 2000 EB                      2000
   Free speech, "the people's darling privilege" [electronic resource] :
   struggles for freedom of expression in American history / Michael Kent
   English and Colonial background -- Debate over the Sedition Act of 1798 --
   Sedition in the courts : enforcement and its aftermath -- Sedition :
   reflections and transitions -- Declaration, the Constitution, slavery, and
   abolition -- Shall abolitionists be silenced? -- Congress confronts the
   abolitionists : the Post Office and petitions -- Demand for northern legal
   action against abolitionists -- Legal theories of suppression and the
   defense of free speech -- Elijah Lovejoy : mobs, free speech, and the
   privileges of American citizens -- After Lovejoy : transformations -- Free
   speech battle over Helper's impending crisis -- Daniel Worth : the
   struggle for free speech in North Carolina on the eve of the Civil War --
   Struggle for free speech in the Civil War : Lincoln and Vallandigham --
   Free speech tradition confronts the war power -- New birth of freedom? the
   Fourteenth Amendment and the First Amendment -- Where are they now? a very
   quick review of suppression theories in the twentieth century.

KF4772 .L48 2003 EB                      2003
   Outspoken [electronic resource] : free speech stories / Nan Levinson.
   I pledge allegiance : Rick Nuccio -- A matter of conscience : Kwame Mensah
   -- Beyond mere dissent : Margaret Randall -- La mordaza : Daisy S*anchez
   -- Point of view : Susanna Styron -- That special shimmer : Annie Sprinkle
   -- Something to offend nearly everybody : Jan Critchley, Hans Evers, If*e
   Franklin, Maxine McDonald, Denise Marika, James Montford, Michael Wilhoite
   -- The seduction of absolutes : Skipp Porteous -- Insubordinate : Penny
   Culliton -- Blame that tune : Mike Diana, Paul Kim, Richard Taylor -- What
   do you mean I can*t read Playboy? : Steve Johnson -- The public trust :
   David Kern.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

KF4819.6 .C36 2004 EB                    2004
   U.S. immigration made easy [electronic resource] / by Laurence A. Canter &
   Martha S. Siegel ; edited and updated by Ilona Bray.
   How to use this book -- Basic immigration terms -- Government immigration
   agencies: how they work -- Greem cards. Green cards: an overview ; Getting
   a green card through relatives ; Getting a green card through an adoption
   ; Getting a green card through your fianc(e): K-1 visas ; Getting a green
   card through employment ; Getting a green card through the lottery ;
   Getting a green card through investment ; Getting a green card as a
   special immigrant ; Refugees, political asylees and temporary protected
   status ; Amnesty and special agricultural workers -- Nonimmigrant visas.
   Nonimmigrant visas: an overview ; Business and tourist visitors: B-1 and
   B-2 visas ; Temporary specialty workers: H-1B visas ; Temporary
   nonagricultural workers: H-2B visas ; Temporary trainees: H-3 visas ;
   Intracompany transfers: L-1 visas ; Treaty traders: E-1 visas ; Treaty
   investors: E-2 visas ; Students: F-1 and M-1 visas ; Exchange visitors:
   J-1 visas ; Temporary workers in selected occupations: O, P and R visas ;
   Inadmissibility -- Citizenship. Naturalization: becoming a U.S. citizen ;
   Discovering claims to U.S. citizenship ; Canadians and Mexicans: special
   rules -- Forms & resources. Appendix I. Directory of INS and DOL offices ;
   Appendix II. Tear-out immigration forms.

KF4819.6 .C37 2004 EB                    2004
   U.S.A. immigration guide [electronic resource] / Ramon Carrion.
   The visa system in general -- Permanent immigrant visas -- Temporary
   non-immigrant visas -- Maintaining visa status.

KF4819.6 .G36 2004 EB                    2004
   U.S. immigration step by step [electronic resource] / Edwin T. Gania.
   Your immigration status -- Understanding immigration terms and when to
   file -- Changing immigration laws -- Family-based petitions --
   Nonimmigrant visas and maintaining valid status -- Employment-based
   petitions -- Investors -- Green card diversity lottery -- Asylum --
   Amnesties -- Cancellation of removal : 10 years in the U.S. --
   Miscellaneous categories -- Required forms and instructions -- Supporting
   documents -- Eligibility to adjust and inadmissibility grounds -- Work and
   travel while adjustment is pending -- The USCIS interview -- Service
   centers -- Immigration court -- Losing your green card -- Naturalization
   -- Finding an attorney -- Changes in immigration law since September 11,

KF6449 .B58 2004 EB                      2004
   Tax planning and compliance for tax-exempt organizations [electronic
   resource] : rules, checklists, procedures / Jody Blazek.

KF6491 .F57 2004 EB                      2004
   Home business tax deductions [electronic resource] : keep what you earn /
   by Stephen Fishman.

KF6491 .Z9 F57 2004 EB                   2004
   Deduct it! [electronic resource] : lower your small business taxes / by
   Stephen Fishman.
KF6491 .Z9 P37 2004 EB                   2004
   Tax smarts for small business [electronic resource] / by James O. Parker.
   Income -- Gross income -- Adjusted gross income -- Home office expense --
   Nonbusiness deductions for the self-employed Losses and bad debts --
   Taxable income -- Taxes -- Tax credits -- Tax considerations in entity
   selection -- Retirement plans -- Withholding taxes.

KF8742 .W368 2003 EB                     2003
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Deciding to leave [electronic resource] : the politics of retirement from
   the United States Supreme Court / Artemus Ward.

KF8750 .K59 2002 EB                      2002
   Making law in the United States Courts of Appeals [electronic resource] /
   David E. Klein.
   Lawmaking in a hierarchical judicial system -- Theory and hypotheses --
   The cases -- Influences on circuit judges' responses: case evidence --
   Influences on circuit judges' responses: interview evidence --
   Anticipating the Supreme Court -- Implications and future directions.

KF8769 .Z9 W37 2004 EB                    2004
   Everybody's guide to small claims court [electronic resource] / by Ralph
   Warner ; illustrated by Linda Allison.

KF9084 .B37 2004 EB                      2004
   A history of alternative dispute resolution [electronic resource] : the
   story of a political, cultural, and social movement / Jerome T. Barrett
   with Joseph P. Barrett.
   The roots of ADR : the deciding stone to the European law merchant --
   Diplomatic ADR : Akhenaton to Woodrow Wilson -- ADR comes to America : the
   precolonial period to the ten-hour day -- The Civil War : the limits and
   the promise of ADR -- Commercial and business ADR : the Phoenicians to the
   American Arbitration Association -- Employee and union struggles :
   Reconstruction to the coal wars -- Trains and a world war : pulling ADR
   into the twentieth century -- Labor-management ADR, 1920-1945 : bust and
   boom -- After the war : Taft-Hartley to the steel trilogy -- Branching out
   : ADR in the 1960s -- New rights and new forms : ADR in the 1970s --
   Outside the federal realm : new groups pick up the ADR torch -- Crisis and
   rebirth : labor-management ADR in the 1980s -- The era of win-win :
   nonlabor ADR becomes a force of its own -- The great expansion : ADR in
   the 1990s -- ADR and the twenty-first century : threats and hopes.

KF9084 .Z9 L683 2004 EB                  2004
   Mediate, don't litigate [electronic resource] : [strategies for successful
   mediation] / by Peter Lovenheim & Lisa Guerin.

KF9084 .Z9 W493 2004 EB                   2004
   What's fair [electronic resource] : ethics for negotiators / edited by
   Carrie-Menkel Meadow, Michael Wheeler.
   Introduction: what's fair in negotiation? What is ethics in negotiation? /
   Carrie Menkel-Meadow ; Swimming with saints/praying with sharks / Michael
   Wheeler -- pt. I. Overview. Three ethical issues in negotiation / David A.
   Lax, James K. Sebenius ; Ethical and moral issues / Howard Raiffa ;
   Negotiation analysis / Howard Raiffa ; A code of negotiation practices for
   lawyers / Roger Fisher ; The limits of integrative bargaining / Gerald B.
   Wetlaufer ; Bargaining with the devil without losing your soul: ethics in
   negotiation / G. Richard Shell -- pt. II. Truth telling in negotiations.
   Truthfulness, deceit, and trust / Sissela Bok ; Machiavelli and the bar:
   ethical limitations on lying in negotiation / James J. White ; Promoting
   honesty in negotiation: an exercise in practical ethics: an exercise in
   pratcical ethics / Peter C. Cramton, J. Gregory Dees ; On the ethics of
   deception in negotiation / Alan Strudler ; Deception and mutual trust: a
   reply to Strudler / J. Gregory Dees, Peter Cramton ; The lawyer's
   obligation to be trustworthy when dealing with opposing parties / Geoffrey
   C. Hazard, Jr. ; Curtailing deception: the impact of direct questions on
   lies and omissions / Maurice E. Schweitzer, Rachel Croson -- pt. III.
   Bargaining tactics. Negotiating tactics for legal services lawyers /
   Michael Meltsner, Philip Schrag ; Smart negotiating: how to make good
   deals in the real world / James C. Freund ; Ethical and unethical
   bargaining tactics: an empirical study / Roy J. Lewicki, Robert J.
   Robinson ; Is business bluffing ethical? / Albert Z. Carr -- pt. IV.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Negotiating relationships. The ethics of respect in negotiation / Jonathan
   R. Cohen ; Everyday negotiations: navigating the hidden agendas in
   bargaining / Deborah M. Kolb, Judith Williams ; Bargaining and the ethics
   of process / Eleanor Holmes Norton -- pt. V. Negotiating and agents.
   Professional detachment: the executioner of Paris / Arthur Isak Applbaum ;
   The professionalism and accountability of lawyers / Murray L. Schwartz ; A
   Causerie on lawyer's ethics in negotiation / Alvin B. Rubin -- pt. VI.
   Social influences and impacts. Lies for the public good / Sissela Bok ;
   Does studying economics inhibit cooperation? / Robert H. Frank, Thomas
   Gilovich, Dennis T. Regan ; Half-truths: protecting mistaken inferences by
   investors and others / Donald C. Langevoort ; Mindfulness in the law and
   alternative dispute resolution / Scott R. Peppet ; Protecting the
   confidentiality of settlement negotiations / Wayne D. Brazil ; Settlements
   and the erosion of the public realm / David Luban ; Public access to
   private settlements / Carrie Menkel-Meadow ; Expanding the ethical
   obligations of the mediator: mediator accountability to parties not at the
   table / Lawrence S. Susskind.

KF9619.6 .B47 2004 EB                    2004
   The criminal law handbook [electronic resource] : know your rights,
   survive the system / by Paul Bergman & Sara J. Berman-Barrett.

KF9680 .F85 2003 EB                      2003
   Race in the jury box [electronic resource] : affirmative action in jury
   selection / Hiroshi Fukurai and Richard Krooth.

KFV 2430 1819 .A2 SUPPL                  1833
   Supplement to The revised code of Virginia : being a collection of all the
   acts of the General Assembly, of a public and permanent nature, passed
   since the year 1819 ... To which are prefixed, the acts organizing a
   convention, the Declaration of Rights, and the amended Constitution of

KFV 2430 1819 V.1                        1819
   The revised code of the laws of Virginia : being a collection of all such
   acts of the General assembly, of a public and permanent nature as are now
   in force; with a general indes. To which are prefixed, the constitution of
   the United States; the declaration of rights ; and the constitution of
   Virginia. Published pursuant to an act of the General assembly, entitled
   "An act providing for the re-publication of the laws of this commonwealth,
   " passed March 12, 1819.

KFV 2430 1819 V.2                        1819
   The revised code of the laws of Virginia : being a collection of all such
   acts of the General assembly, of a public and permanent nature as are now
   in force; with a general indes. To which are prefixed, the constitution of
   the United States; the declaration of rights ; and the constitution of
   Virginia. Published pursuant to an act of the General assembly, entitled
   "An act providing for the re-publication of the laws of this commonwealth,
   " passed March 12, 1819.

KFV2482 .B87 E85 2001-02                 0199
   Establishing a business.
   Summarizes the major labor, tax, occupational, and environmental
   regulations that may affect businesses in Virginia.

KFV2792.7 .A445 A2 1995                  1995
   Guidelines concerning religious activity in the public schools : adopted
   June 22, 1995, Virginia State Board of Education.

KFV2967 .A1 A875 1989                    1989
   Violent crime in Virginia / Commonwealth of Virginia, The Department of
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Criminal Justice Services ; Richard N. Harris, Director.

KHF2919 .B37 2002 EB                     2002
   Constitutionalism and dictatorship [electronic resource] : Pinochet, the
   Junta, and the 1980 constitution / Robert Barros.

KJA147 .T48 2002 EB                      2002
   Thinking like a lawyer [electronic resource] : essays on legal history and
   general history for John Crook on his eightieth birthday / edited by Paul

KJC6050 .K56 2000 EB                     2000
   Aliens in medieval law [electronic resource] : the origins of modern
   citizenship / Keechang Kim.

KJE4445 .P65 2004 EB                     2004
   Political theory and the European constitution [electronic resource] /
   edited by Lynn Dobson and Andreas Follesdal.
   Introduction / Lynn Dobson and Andreas Follesdal -- Is Euro-federalism a
   solution or a problem? / Phillippe C. Schmitter -- The EU as a
   self-sustaining federation / David McKay -- A union of peoples? diversity
   and the predicaments of a multinational polity / Peter A. Kraus -- The
   good, the bad and the ugly / Richard Bellamy and Justus Sch*onlau --
   Europe--united under God? or not? / Tore Vincents Olsen -- The open method
   of co-ordination in the European convention / Myrto Tsakatika --
   Conceptions of freedom and the European constitution / Lynn Dobson -- The
   constitutional labelling of "the democratic life of the EU" / Stijn
   Smismans -- Transparency and legitimacy / Daniel Naurin -- An
   institutional dialogue on common principles / Claudia Attucci --
   Motivating judges / Roberto Gargarella -- Conclusion / Andreas Follesdal
   and Lynn Dobson.

KJE6456 .G47 2004 EB                     2004
   Competition law and regional economic integration [electronic resource] :
   an analysis of the southern Mediterranean countries / Damien Geradin.

KK381 .W58 2002 EB                       2002
   Law and protestantism [electronic resource] : the legal teachings of the
   Lutheran Reformation / John Witte, Jr. ; with a foreword by Martin E.

KL147 .H57 2003 EB                       2003
   A history of ancient Near Eastern law. Volume 1 [electronic resource] /
   edited by Raymond Westbrook ; editorial board, Gary Beckman ... [et al.].

KNQ858 .C665 2004 EB                     2004
   Contract and property in early modern China [electronic resource] / edited
   by Madeleine Zelin, Jonathan K. Ocko, and Robert Gardella.
   A critique of rights of property in pre-war China / Madeleine Zelin --
   Writs of passage in late imperial China : the documentation of practical
   understandings in Minong, Taiwan / Myron L. Cohen -- Litigation,
   legitimacy, and lethal violence : why county courts failed to prevent
   violent disputes over property in eighteenth-century China / Thomas Buoye
   -- Property, taxes, and state protection of rights / Anne Osborne -- The
   status of contracts in nineteenth-century Chinese courts / Mark Allee --
   The missing metaphor : applying Western legal scholarship the study of
   contract and property in early modern China / Jonathan Ocko --
   Supplemental payment in urban property contracts in mid to late Qing
   Shanghai / Feng Shaoting -- Managing multiple ownership at the Zigong Salt
   Yard / Madeleine Zelin -- Custom, the code, and legal practice : the
   contracts of Changlu salt merchants in late imperial China / Man Bun Kwan
   -- Companies in debt : financial arrangements in the textile industry in
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   the lower Yangzi Delta, 1895-1937 / Tomoko Shiroyama -- Contracting
   business partnerships in late Qing and Republican China : paradigms and
   patterns / Robert Gardella.

KZ1242 .B46 2001 EB                      2002
   Law and colonial cultures [electronic resource] : legal regimes in world
   history, 1400-1900 / Lauren Benton.

KZ5830 .I48 2004 EB                      2004
   The implementation of legally binding measures to strengthen the
   biological and toxin weapons convention [electronic resource] / edited by
   Marie Isabelle Chevrier ... [et al.].

KZ6471 .A39 2004 EB                      2004
   Implementing international humanitarian law [electronic resource] : from
   the ad hoc tribunals to a permanent International Criminal Court / Yusuf
KZD1145 .H47 2004 EB                     2004
   Legal basis for a national space legislation [electronic resource] / by
   Julian Hermida.

L13 .A6953 A87 2004 EB                   2004
   ASCD, 1984-2004 [electronic resource] : defining moments, future
   Foreword -- Commitment to democratic principles -- Commitment to teaching
   and learning -- Commitment to diversity -- Leadership and professionalism
   -- Our evolving community -- Influence -- Internationalization -- Change
   and continuity -- Conclusion : ASCD and the challenges of 21st century
   education -- Appendix A : key events in ASCD history -- Appendix B : ASCD
   presidents, 1984-2004 -- Appendix C : Review Council report titles and
   chairs, 1984-2004.

LA71 .E38 2001 EB                        2001
   Education in Greek and Roman antiquity [electronic resource] / edited by
   Yun Lee Too.

LA631 .V47 2004 EB                       2004
   Universities and the state in England, 1850-1939 [electronic resource] /
   Keith Vernon.

LA631.3 .C66 2001 EB                     2001
   Pedagogy, intellectuals, and dissent in the later Middle Ages [electronic
   resource] : Lollardy and ideas of learning / Rita Copeland.

LB 7 .S28 1966                           1966
   Philosophy and education : modern readings / edited, with comments, by
   Israel Scheffler.
   Concepts of education -- The study of education -- Teaching -- Intellect
   and skill -- Moral education -- Education, religion, and politics.

LB14.7 .D38 2004 EB                      2004
   Inventions of teaching [electronic resource] : a genealogy / Brent Davis.

LB14.7 .P666 2004 EB                     2004
   Poststructuralism, philosophy, pedagogy [electronic resource] / edited by
   James D. Marshall.

LB43 .R43 2005 EB                        2005
   Non-Western educational traditions [electronic resource] : indigenous
   approaches to educational thought and practice / Timothy Reagan.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

LB695 .J42 A33 2003 EB                   2003
   Jefferson's vision for education, 1760-1845 [electronic resource] /
   Cameron Addis.
   The evolution of Jefferson's vision, 1760-1814 -- The politics of
   Virginia's literary fund, 1814-1819 -- The philosophy of the Rockfish Gap
   report -- Christian opposition to UVA -- Jefferson's 'hot potato,"
   1820-1825 -- Early history of the University of Virginia, 1825-1845 --
   Conclusion: The impact of Jefferson's vision -- Postscript: Rosenberger v.
   University of Virginia.

LB1027 .B472 2002 EB                      2002
   Humor as an instructional defibrillator [electronic resource] :
   evidence-based techniques in teaching and assessment / Ronald A. Berk.
   Creating humor to hook your students -- The active ingredients in humor
   and laughter -- Lights, camera, active learning! --
   www.hilariouscourse.yeahright -- Assessment is like a box of chocolates
   ... -- Do-it-yourself test construction -- Detecting flaws in this old
   test -- Injecting jest into your test.
   Publisher's description: Humor can be used as a systematic teaching or
   assessment tool in your classroom and course Web site. It can shock
   students to attention and bring deadly, boring course content to life.
   Since some students have the attention span of goat cheese, we need to
   find creative online and offline techniques to hook them, engage their
   emotions, and focus their minds and eyeballs on learning. This book offers
   numerous techniques on how to effectively use humor in lectures and
   in-class activities, printed materials, course Web sites and course tests
   and exams. These techniques can convert any course into an adult version
   of Sesame Street.

LB1027.42 .P69 2001 EB                   2001
   The power of problem-based learning [electronic resource] : a practical
   "how to" for teaching undergraduate courses in any discipline / edited by
   Barbara J. Duch, Susan E. Groh, and Deborah E. Allen.
   Why problem-based learning? A case study of institutional change in
   undergraduate education / Barbara J. Duch, Susan E. Groh, Deborah E. Allen
   -- Faculty mentoring faculty: the institute from transforming
   undergraduate education / George H. Watson, Susan E. Groh / Make it so:
   administrative support for problem-based learning / John C. Cavanaugh --
   Models for problem-based instruction in undergraduate courses / Barbara J.
   Duch -- Writing problems for deeper understanding / Barbara J. Duch --
   Strategies for using groups / Deborah E. Allen, Barbara J. Duch, Susan E.
   Groh -- Getting started in problem-based learning / Harold B. White, III
   -- Undergraduate group facilitators to meet the challenges of multiple
   classroom groups / Deborah E. Allen, Harold B. White, III -- Assessment
   strategies in problem-based learning course / Barbara J. Duch, Susan E.
   Groh -- Problem-based learning and the three Cs of technology / George H.
   Watson -- The evolution of problem-based learning in a biotechnology
   course / Sherry L. Kitto, Lesa G. Griffiths / A PBL course that uses
   research articles as problems / Harold B. White, III -- Integrating active
   learning and the use of technology in legal studies courses / Valerie P.
   Hans -- Problem-based learning in large and very large classes / Harry L.
   Shipman, Barbara J. Duch -- Problem-based learning: preparing nurses for
   practice / Christine A. Cannon, Kathleen A. Schell -- The large and the
   small of it: a case study of introductory biology courses / Richard S.
   Donham, Florence I. Schmieg, Deborah E. Allen -- PBL, politics, and
   democracy / Kurt Burch -- Using problem based learning in general
   chemistry / Susan E. Groh -- A skeptic's look at PBL / Elizabeth M. Lieux
   -- PBL in preservice teacher education / Eugene Matusov, John St. Julien,
   James A. Whitson -- Introductory physics: a problem-based model / Barbara
   A. Williams.

LB1027.44 .D53 2004 EB                   2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM
   Dialogic learning [electronic resource] : shifting perspectives to
   learning, instruction, and teaching / edited by Jos van der Linden and
   Peter Renshaw.

LB1027.5 .C62215 2004 EB                 2004
   Consultee-centered consultation [electronic resource] : improving the
   quality of professional services in schools and community organizations /
   edited by Nadine M. Lambert, Ingrid Hylander, Jonathan H. Sandoval.

LB 1028 .B4 1959                         1959
   Research in education / John W. Best.

LB1028.25 .U6 I47 2004 EB                2004
   Implementing randomized field trials in education [electronic resource] :
   report of a workshop.

LB1028.3 .I563 2004 EB                   2004
   Instructional technologies [electronic resource] : cognitive aspects of
   online programs / [edited by] Paul Darbyshire.

LB1028.38 .C87 2004 EB                   2004
   Curriculum, plans, and processes in instructional design [electronic
   resource] : international perspectives / edited by Norbert M. Seel, Sanne

LB1028.38 .D47 2004 EB                   2004
   The design of instruction and evaluation [electronic resource] :
   affordances of using media and technology / edited by Mitchell Rabinowitz,
   Fran C. Blumberg, Howard T. Everson.

LB1028.4 .T69 2004 EB                    2004
   Toys, games, and media [electronic resource] / edited by Jeffrey
   Goldstein, David Buckingham, Gilles Brougere.

LB1028.43 .P49 2004 EB                   2004
   The technology fix [electronic resource] : the promise and reality of
   computers in our schools / William D. Pflaum.

LB1028.5 .L3885 2005 EB                  2005
   Learning together online [electronic resource] : research on asynchronous
   learning networks / edited by Starr Roxanne Hiltz and Ricki Goldman.

LB1028.5 .P739 2005 EB                   2005
   Computers, curriculum, and cultural change [electronic resource] : an
   introduction for teachers / Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr., Arlene Brett, Gary N.

LB1028.73 .D47 2005 EB                   2005
   Designing distributed learning environments with intelligent software
   agents [electronic resource] / [edited by] Fuhua Oscar Lin.

LB1029 .S53 H48 2002 EB                  2002
   Using simulations to promote learning in higher education [electronic
   resource] : an introduction / John P. Hertel, Barbara J. Millis.

LB1032 .C575 2005 EB                     2005
   Computer-supported collaborative learning in higher education [electronic
   resource] / Tim S. Roberts, [editor].

LB1033.5 .M265 2004 EB                   2004
   Classroom discourse and the space of learning [electronic resource] /
   Ference Marton, Amy B.M. Tsui with Pakey P.M. Chik ... [et al.].
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   The space of learning / Ference Marton, Ulla Runesson, and Amy B.M. Tsui
   -- Variation and the secret of the virtuoso / Po Yuk Ko and Ference Marton
   -- Discernment and the question, "What can be learned?" / Ulla Runesson
   and Ida A.C. Mok -- Simultaneity and the enacted object of learning /
   Pakey P.M. Chik and Mun Ling Lo -- Questions and the space of learning /
   Amy B.M. Tsui ... [et al.] -- The semantic enrichment of the space of
   learning ; The shared space of learning / Amy B.M. Tsui -- Toward a
   pedagogy of learning / Mun Ling Lo ... [et al.].

LB1034 .I59 2004 EB                      2004
   An introduction to critical discourse analysis in education [electronic
   resource] / edited by Rebecca Rogers.

LB1044.87 .B43 2003 EB                   2003
   Discussion-based online teaching to enhance student learning [electronic
   resource] : theory, practice, and assessment / Tisha Bender.
   I: Theoretical implications: building a body of online pedagogy -- 1. The
   distance factor -- 2. The optimal role of the online teacher -- 3.
   Rethinking learning theory within the online class -- II: Practical
   applications -- 4. Course design -- 5. Starting to teach the online class
   -- 6. Aspects of online communication -- 7. Innovative online teaching
   techniques -- III: Assessment -- 8. Opinions about online teaching and
   learning -- 9. Building a model of assessment of online education.

LB1044.87 .G48 2004 EB                   2004
   Getting the most from online learning [electronic resource] / George M.
   Piskurich, editor.

LB1044.87 P52 2003 EB                    2003
   The wired tower [electronic resource] : perspectives on the impact of the
   Internet on higher education / Matthew Serbin Pittinsky.

LB1044.87 .S517 2004 EB                  2004
   Making sense of online learning [electronic resource] : a guide for the
   beginners and the truly skeptical / Patti Shank and Amy Sitze.

LB1044.9 .C59 .M55 2002 EB               2002
   Cartoons for trainers [electronic resource] : seventy-five cartoons to use
   or adapt for transitions, activities, discussion points, ice-breakers, and
   more / Lenn Millbower ; cartoons by Doris Yager.

LB 1049 .S84 1982                        1982
   How to study / Thomas F. Staton.
   How learning takes place: information processing -- How to study a reading
   assignment -- Listening to a lecture -- Psychological factors influencing
   learning -- Class discussion -- Exams!
LB1050 .S574 2004 EB                     2004
   Understanding reading [electronic resource] / Frank Smith.

LB1050.5 .D92 2001 EB                    2001
   Dyslexia [electronic resource] : a psychosocial perspective / edited by
   Morag Hunter-Carsch.
   Seeing the wood and the trees : specific learning difficulties and
   dyslexia / Morag Hunter-Carsch -- Reflections and research / Tim Miles --
   Visual difficulties with print / Sue Mailley -- Restructuring the
   structured approach / Morag Hunter-Carsch -- Beyond meta-cognition : the
   integration of meta-affectivity as a component of meta-comprehension /
   Morag Hunter-Carsch -- A social-interactive model of Specific Learning
   Difficulties, e.g. dyslexia / Margaret Herrington and Morag Hunter-Carsch
   -- Specific developmental dyslexia : 'Basics to back' in 2000 and beyond?
   / Peter Pumfrey -- Adult dyslexia : research and practice / Hanna-Sofia
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Poussu-Olli -- Partnerships with parents / Morag Hunter-Carsch -- Dyslexia
   and multi-lingual matters / Lindsay Peer -- Mathematically thinking / Anne
   Henderson -- ICT-based interactive learning / Alan Crombie and Margaret
   Crombie -- Neuropsychological approaches to intervention / Jean Robertson
   and Gilly Czerwonka -- The role of counselling in supporting adults with
   dyslexia / Charmaine McKissock -- Specialist teacher-training in the UK :
   issues, considerations and future directions / Gavin Reid.

LB1060 .I58 2004 EB                      2004
   ICLS 2004 [electronic resource] : embracing diversity in the learning
   sciences : proceedings : June 22-26, 2004, University of California Los
   Angeles, Santa Monica, CA. / edited by Yasmin B. Kafai ... [et al.]

LB1062 .S77 2005 EB                      2005
   Creativity in the classroom [electronic resource] : schools of curious
   delight / Alane Jordan Starko.

LB1065 .A477 2004 EB                     2004
   Motivation for achievement [electronic resource] : possibilities for
   teaching and learning / M. Kay Alderman.
   Setting the stage for motivational possibilities -- Motivation: problems,
   possibilities and perspectives -- Social-cognitive processes that
   influence motivation -- Attributional beliefs and motivation -- Concepts
   of ability and motivation -- Goals and goal setting -- Developing student
   self-regulatory capabilities -- Classroom climate for optimal engagement
   and motivation -- Teacher motivation: expectations and efficacy --
   Promoting optimal motivation and engagement: the social context -- Tasks,
   recognition, and evaluation for optimal engagement and motivation --
   Implementing motivation strategines in the classroom.

LB1065 .B776 2004 EB                     2004
   Motivating students to learn [electronic resource] / Jere Brophy.

LB1065 .C52 2004 EB                      2004
   Totally positive teaching [electronic resource] : a five-stage approach to
   energizing students and teachers / Joseph Ciaccio.
   Introducing the totally positive approach -- Meeting mutual needs --
   Changing counterproductive feelings -- Ending behavior problems --
   Offering total acceptance -- Helping underachievers : whole-class
   strategies -- Helping underachievers : strategies for individual students
   -- Using active-learning strategies -- The totally positive approach in
   action -- Appendix : sample active-learning lessons.

LB1115 .P963 2004 EB                     2004
   The psychoeducational assessment of preschool children [electronic
   resource] / edited by Bruce A. Bracken.

LB1139 .L3 N37 2004 EB                   2004
   Language development [electronic resource] : activities for home / Marion
   Nash and Jackie Lowe.

LB1139.23 .S87 2004 EB                   2004
   Supporting cildren's learning in the early years [electronic resource] /
   edited by Linda Miller and Jane Devereux.

LB1139.5 .L35 V37 2004 EB                2004
   Negotiating critical literacies with young children [electronic resource]
   / Vivian Maria Vasquez.

LB1525 .T45 2004 EB                      2004
   The texts in elementary classrooms [electronic resource] / edited by James
   V. Hoffman, Diane L. Schallert.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Basic processes and text features -- Considering the forms of texts in
   classrooms -- Some issues surrounding text selection -- Assessing the text

LB1570 .D697 2004 EB                     2004
   Meeting standards through integrated curriculum [electronic resource] /
   Susan Drake and Rebecca Burns.
   What is integrated curriculum? -- Why integrate the curriculum in an era
   of accountability? -- Creating the Know/Do/Be Bridge -- Using standards to
   integrate the curriculum -- Aligning assessment and instruction with the
   Know/Do/Be Bridge -- A template for planning interdisciplinary curriculum
   -- Castles, kings-- and standards : one classroom's experience with
   integrated curriculum -- Making connections : a multidisciplinary model --
   A mission to transform education : Newsome Park Elementary School -- The
   Alpha Program : students as standards-based curriculum designers --
   Questions and answers -- The future of integrated curriculum : stilling
   the pendulum.

LB1570 .K585 2004 EB                     2004
   The struggle for the American curriculum, 1893-1958 [electronic resource]
   / Herbert M. Kliebard.
   Curriculum ferment in the 1890s -- The curriculum versus the child:
   Harris, Hall, and the appearance of John Dewey on the educational scene --
   The curriculum of the Dewey School -- Scientific curriculum-making and the
   rise of social efficiency as an educational ideal -- Some subject
   realignment and the triumph of vocationalism -- From home-project to
   experience curriculum -- The Great Depression and the heyday of social
   meliorism -- The hybridization of the curriculum -- The mounting challenge
   to the subject curriculum -- The state of school subjects at midcentury --
   Life adjustment education and the end of an era.

LB1570 .P552 2004 EB                     2004
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   [electronic resource] : a microethnographic perspective / David Bloome ...
   [et al.].

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   by Marcia C. Linn, Elizabeth A. Davis, Philip Bell.

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   American middle school / Jaana Juvonen ... [et al.].

LB1707 .A34 2004 EB                      2004
   The professional development of teachers [electronic resource] : practice
   and theory / by Philip Adey ; with Gwen Hewitt, John Hewitt and Nicolette
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM


LB1731 .D53 2004 EB                      2004
   Teacher-centered professional development [electronic resource] / Gabriel
   Professional development today -- Establishing a learning community --
   Mentoring -- Collaborative action research -- Peer-to-peer coaching --
   Professional development through writing -- Critical development teams --
   Attending conferences and seminars -- Sharing living theories to help
   others develop -- The administrator's role.

LB1731 .Z62 2004 EB                       2004
   Transforming schools [electronic resource] : creating a culture of
   continuous improvement / Allison Zmuda, Robert Kuklis, Everett Kline.
   Making staff development a worthwhile endeavor -- Systems thinking as the
   door to continuous improvement -- Envisioning the desired results --
   Defining reality through data -- Designing and implementing staff
   development that matters -- Developing an action plan -- Welcoming
   accountability on the road to success.
LB1731.4 .S85 2004 EB                    2004
   How to mentor in the midst of change [electronic resource] / Cheryl
   Granade Sullivan.

LB1738 .R46 2004 EB                      2004
   Rethinking teaching in higher education [electronic resource] : from a
   course design workshop to a faculty development framework / edited by
   Alenoush Saroyan and Cheryl Amundsen.
   The course design and teaching workshop : why and what? / Alenoush Saroyan
   ... [et al.] -- Assumptions underlying workshop activities / Alenoush
   Saroyan ... [et al.] -- Analysis of course content / Cheryl Amundsen,
   Alenoush Saroyan, Janet Donald -- Clarifying learning / Janet Donald --
   Designing teaching for student learning / Cheryl Amundsen, Laura Winer,
   Terry Gandell -- Evaluating student learning / Cynthia Weston, Lynn
   McAlpine -- The final step : evaluation of teaching / Alenoush Saroyan ...
   [et al.] -- Impact of the course design and teaching workshop / Ralph
   Harris -- The developers' apprentices / Myron J. Frankman -- The challenge
   to unlearn traditional language / Richard Harris -- Teaching between the
   cracks / Richard Janda -- Toward a comprehensive framework of faculty
   development / Lynn McAlpine, Alenoush Saroyan -- Development activities :
   Case descriptions from management and engineering / Lynn McAlpine,
   Alenoush Saroyan, Laura Winer.

LB1779 .T43 2005 EB                      2005
   Teachers behaving badly? [electronic resource] : dilemmas for school
   leaders / [edited by] Kate Myers ; with Graham Clayton, David James and
   Jim O'Brien.

LB2324 .H54 2004 EB                      2004
   Higher education and the challenge of sustainability [electronic resource]
   : problematics, promise, and practice / edited by Peter Blaze Corcoran and
   Arjen E.J. Wals.

LB2324 .I55 2004 EB                      2004
   Reconstructing undergraduate education [electronic resource] : using
   learning science to design effective courses / Robert B. Innes.

LB2326.3 .B89 2004 EB                    2004
   Buying in or selling out? [electronic resource] : the commercialization of
   the American research university / edited by Donald G. Stein.
   A personal perspective on the selling of academia / Donald G. Stein --
   College Sports, Inc. / Murray Sperber -- The benefits and cost of
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   commercialization of the academy / Derek Bok -- Increased
   commercialization of the academy following the Bayh-Dole Act of 1980 /
   Mary Good -- Delicate balance / James J. Duderstadt -- Pushing the
   envelope in university involvement with commercialization / Ronald A.
   Bohlander -- Conflicting goals and values / Karen A. Holbrook and Eric C.
   Dahl -- Buyer and seller views of university/industry licensing / Jerry G.
   Thursby and Marie C. Thursby -- The increasingly proprietary nature of
   publicly funded biomedical research / Arti Rai -- The clinical trials
   business / Marcia Angell -- Reforming research ethics in an age of
   multivested science / Sheldon Krimsky -- The academy and industry / Zach
   W. Hall -- Responsible innovation in the commercialized university / David

LB 2328 .C55 1982                        1982
   The American community college / Arthur M. Cohen, Florence B. Brawer.
   Background: the expanding role of the community college -- Students:
   greater numbers, more diversity, varied purposes -- Faculty: coping with
   changing conditions -- Governance and administration: managing the
   contemporary college -- Finances: maintaining fiscal support --
   Instruction: old methods and new media -- Student services: providing
   adequate assistance -- Career education: preparing students for
   occupations -- Compensatory education: enhancing literacy through remedial
   studies -- Community education: reaching out with extended services --
   Collegiate function: new directions for the liberal arts -- General
   education: developing an integrated curriculum -- The social role: a
   response to the critics and a look to the future.

LB 2328 .D44 1977                        1977
   Developing staff potential / Terry O'Banion, issue editor.
   The continuing education of administrators / A. Robert DeHart -- Florida
   and Illinois: views on staff development / Charles R. Novak, Barbara K.
   Barnes -- Professional development in Canadian colleges: a national
   perspective / Gordon Campbell -- A staff development model for part-time
   instructors / Jackie Moe -- Creating a caring community / David W. Cox --
   Performa: helping the teachers in francophone Quebec / Marcel Riendeau --
   Discipline organizations: their role in staff development / James A.
   Glynn, Gregory L. Goodwin -- A strategy for inservice instructional
   development / Rita B. Johnson, Stuart R. Johnson -- Evaluating staff
   development programs / Albert B. Smith -- Sources and information:
   developing staff potential / Andrew Alvarado, Elizabeth Rinnander.

LB 2328 .Q47 1980                        1980
   Questioning the community college role / George B. Vaughan, guest editor.
   Critics of the community college : an overview / George B. Vaughan -- The
   "cooling out" function revisited / Burton R. Clark -- 'Dateline '79'
   revisited / Arthur M. Cohen -- Community colleges : alternative to elitism
   in higher education / J. Richard Johnston -- The Community college elite /
   William Neumann, David Riesman -- The Community college mission and
   pattern of funding / David W. Breneman, Susan C. Nelson -- Curriculum
   tracking and social inequality in the community college / Robert G.
   Templin, Jr., Ronald W. Shearon -- The New "new student" : the working
   adult / L. Steven Zwerling -- Sources and information : questioning the
   community college role / Donna Dzierlenga, Donna Sillman.

LB2331 .L393 2004 EB                     2004
   Learning partnerships [electronic resource] : theory and models of
   practice to educate for self-authorship / Marcia B. Baxter Magolda,
   Patricia M. King.

LB 2331 .R65 1979                        1979
   College teaching, putting the pieces together / John E. Roueche ; with an
   introduction by Richard E. Wilson.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

LB2343.3 .D46 2004 EB                    2004
   Motivation and learning strategies for college success [electronic
   resource] : a self-management approach / Myron H. Dembo.

LB2353.57 K65 2004 EB                    2004
   Nova's SAT prep course [electronic resource] / Jeff Kolby, Scott

LB2353.57 .R69 2004 EB                    2004
   McGraw-Hill's SAT 2400! [electronic resource] : a sneak preview of the new
   SAT I verbal section / Laurie Rozakis.

LB2366.2 .M35 2004 EB                    2004
   Assessing for learning [electronic resource] : building a sustainable
   commitment across the institution / Peggy L. Maki.
   Developing a collective institutional commitment -- Beginning with
   dialogue about teaching and learning -- Making claims about student
   learning within contexts for learning -- Identifying or designing tasks to
   assess the dimensions of learning -- Reaching consensus about criteria and
   standards of judgment -- Designing a cycle of inquiry -- Building a core
   institutional process of inquiry over time.

LB2367.4 .K65 2004 EB                    2004
   Nova's GRE prep course [electronic resource] / Jeff Kolby, Scott

LB2369 .R49 2004 EB                      2004
   Revising your dissertation [electronic resource] : advice from leading
   editors / edited by Beth Luey.

LB2395.7 .W53 2004 EB                    2004
   What we know about CSCL and implementing it in higher education
   [electronic resource] / edited by Jan-Willem Strijbos, Paul A. Kirschner,
   Rob L. Martens.

LB2424 .B39 2001 EB                      2001
   Making their own way [electronic resource] : narratives for transforming
   higher education to promote self-development / Marcia B. Baxter Magolda.

LB2805 M85 2004 EB                       2004
   Educational leadership for organisational learning and improved student
   outcomes [electronic resource] / by William Mulford, Halia Silins, and
   Kenneth Leithwood.

LB2806.15 .A63 2005 EB                   2005
   Curriculum in a new key [electronic resource] : the collected works of Ted
   T. Aoki / edited by William F. Pinar and Rita L. Irwin.
   Reconceptualizing curriculum -- Language, culture, and curriculum --
   Sounds of pedagogy in curriculum spaces -- Appendix: short essays.

LB2806.15 .B77 2004 EB                   2004
   Making the most of Understanding by design [electronic resource] / John L.
   Introduction -- Implementing Understanding by design : a summary of
   lessons learned -- Designing and developing school and district curricula
   -- Promoting student achievement and addressing state and district
   standards -- Promoting student understanding -- Promoting exemplary
   professional development programs and practices -- Improving preservice
   training and teacher-induction programs -- Facilitating organization
   development, continuous improvement, and strategic planning -- Looking to
   the future of Understanding by design.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

LB2806.15 .E96 2004 EB                   2004
   Expanding curriculum theory [electronic resource] : dis/positions and
   lines of flight / edited by William M. Reynolds, Julie A. Webber.

LB2806.22 .C67 2004 EB                   2004
   Learning to teach in an age of accountability [electronic resource] /
   Arthur T. Costigan, Margaret Smith Crocco with Karen Kepler Zumwalt.

LB2806.22 .O74 2004 EB                   2004
   Organizational improvement and accountability [electronic resource] :
   lessons for education from other sectors / Brian Stecher and Sheila
   Nataraj Kirby, editors ; prepared for the William and Flora Hewlett

LB2806.22 .R44 2004 EB                   2004
   Accountability for learning [electronic resource] : how teachers and
   school leaders can take charge / Douglas B. Reeves.
   Introduction -- The "A-word" : why people hate accountability and what you
   can do about it -- Accountability essentials : identifying and measuring
   teaching practices -- The accountable teacher -- Teacher empowerment :
   bottom-up accountability -- A view from the district -- The policymaker's
   perspective -- Putting it all together : standards, assessment, and
   accountability -- Appendix A, A sample comprehensive accountability system
   -- Appendix B, Tools for developing and implementing an accountability
   system -- Appendix C, Contact information for state departments of
   education and other organizations.

LB2810.4 .V57 2000                       2000
   Regulations establishing standards for accrediting public schools in
   Virginia : 8 VAC 20-131-10 et. seq.

LB2822.75 .K45 2004 EB                   2004
   Assessing student learning in Africa [electronic resource] / Thomas
   Kellaghan and Vincent Greaney.

LB2822.8 .K45 2004 EB                    2004
   The intellectual capital of schools [electronic resource] : measuring and
   managing knowledge, responsibility, and reward : lessons from the
   commercial sector / by Anthony Kelly.

LB2831.93 .L68 2004 EB                   2004
   Staffing the principalship [electronic resource] : finding, coaching, and
   mentoring school leaders / Suzette Lovely.

LB2831.93 .R63 2004 EB                    2004
   The new principal's fieldbook [electronic resource] : strategies for
   success / Pam Robbins and Harvey Alvy.
   Vision as the compass -- Navigating in "hidden history" -- Lessons learned
   from previous explorers -- Developing professional learning communities
   for a productive journey -- Instructional, curricular, and assessment
   leadership : the helmsman in action -- Improving student learning through
   supervision and professional development -- Managing human and material
   resources to promote a thriving organization -- Emotions as a gateway to
   learning -- Understanding and working with change : new roads and detours
   -- Policies, full service counseling, and crisis interventions that
   support students -- The schoolhouse and central office working together --
   Parents and the greater community : partnering for student success --
   Working with the media -- Balancing professional and personal lives :
   keeping fit for the journey -- The crucial first steps on the road to
   success -- Final thought.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

LB2835.25 .H45 2004 EB                   2004
   Teachers wanted [electronic resource] : attracting and retaining good
   teachers / Daniel A. Heller.
   The problem defined -- Preservice education -- Induction programs --
   Vision and hiring: the keys to effective change -- Inservice programming:
   a dynamic professional atmosphere -- Empowerment through individual
   professional growth -- A challenging role for the principal --
   Restructuring the profession.

LB3013.32 .B85 2004 EB                   2004
   Bullying in American schools [electronic resource] : a social-ecological
   perspective on prevention and intervention / edited by Dorothy L.
   Espelage, Susan M. Swearer.

LB3013.33 .K46 R36 2004 EB               2004
   Rampage [electronic resource] : the social roots of school shootings /
   Katherine S. Newman ... [et al.].
   Explosions -- The Shooters -- Looking Back, Looking Forward -- Under the
   Radar -- The Underbelly of Social Capital -- The Stranglehold of
   Adolescent Culture -- Why Kids Don*t Tell -- Blame and Forgiveness --
   Picking Up the Pieces -- Testing the Theory -- Is There a Better Way?
   Policy and Prevention -- Epilogue: What Became of the Shooters.

LB3051 .A592 2004 EB                     2004
   The ambiguity of teaching to the test [electronic resource] : standards,
   assessment, and educational reform / edited by William A. Firestone, Lora
   Frances Monfils, Roberta Y. Schorr.
   Introduction / William A. Firestone, Roberta Y. Schorr -- Teaching
   mathematics and science / Roberta Y. Schorr ... [et al.] -- Teaching to
   the test / Lora F. Monfils ... [et al.] -- Pressure and support / William
   A. Firestone ... [et al.] -- The district and test preparation / Katrina
   Bulkley, Janet Fairman, M. Cecilia Martinez -- Test scores and equity /
   Gregory Camilli, Lora F. Monfils.

LB3060.24 .G73 2004 EB                   2004
   Catholic high school entrance exams [electronic resource] / by Fred N.
   Grayson ; contributing authors, Mark Weinfeld, Sharon Saranson, Elaine

LB 3060.65 .H66 1979                     1979
   Classroom testing : construction / by Charles D. Hopkins, Richard L.

LB3060.77 .D38 2004 EB                   2004
   The Kernel method of test equating [electronic resource] / Alina A. von
   Davier, Paul W. Holland, Dorothy T. Thayer.

LC148.2 .R48 2001 EB                     2001
   Retaining African Americans in higher education [electronic resource] :
   challenging paradigms for retaining Black students, faculty, and
   administrators / edited by Lee Jones.
   Creating an affirming culture to retain African-American students during
   the postaffirmative action era in higher education / Lee Jones --
   Reexamining the educational pipeline for African-American students / Jason
   DeSousa -- The policies and politics of retention and access of
   African-American students in public white institutions / Paul E. Green --
   Alternatives to race-based admissions in higher education : examining
   x-percent plans in California, Texas, and Florida / Eugene L. Anderson --
   Developing academic warriors : things that parents, administrators, and
   faculty should know / James L. Moore III -- A new test for diversity :
   retaining African-American administrators at predominantly white
   institutions / Jerlando F.L. Jackson -- Strategies for overcoming the
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   barriers of being an African-American administrator on a predominantly
   white university campus / Raphael M. Guillory -- Retaining
   African-American administrators : a subconscious deluge of neglect or a
   conscious subterfuge to reject? / J.W. Wiley -- Developing an African
   center in the academy / Kipchoge N. Kirkland -- When services are needed
   by not respected / Eddie Moore, Jr. -- How to retain African-American
   faculty during times of challenge for higher education / Andr*e J. Branch
   -- Redefining and refining scholarship for the academy : standing on the
   shoulders of our elders and giving credence to African-American voice and
   agency / Derrick P. Alridge -- Identity, purpose, and impact : bebop
   innovators as intellectuals and models for African American academic
   success / Shuaib Meacham -- Rethinking W.E.B. Dubois' "Double
   consciousness" : implications for retention and self-preservation in the
   academy / Leon D. Caldwell and James B. Stewart -- The politics of tenure
   and promotion of African-American faculty / Lemuel W. Watson -- Organizing
   the structure of the university to achieve success in recruiting and
   retaining African Americans in higher education / Lee Jones.

LC 149 .H36 2004                         2004
   Handbook of language and literacy : development and disorders / edited by
   C. Addison Stone ... [et al.].
   Theoretical and methodological issues in the study of language and
   literacy disorders -- The political and social contexts of language and
   literacy acquisition -- Language processes underlying atypical literacy
   learning: complementary perspectives -- Addressing the needs of
   individuals with language and literacy challenges.

LC149.7 .R43 2004 EB                     2004
   Reading work [electronic resource] : literacies in the new workplace /
   Mary Ellen Belfiore ... [et al.] (In-Sites Research Group).

LC151 .H33 2004 EB                       2004
   Handbook of family literacy [electronic resource] / edited by Barbara
   Hanna Wasik.

LC196 .T6718 2004 EB                     2004
   Educaci*on, poder y biograf*ia [electronic resource] : di*alogos con
   educadores cr*iticos / por Carlos Alberto Torres.

LC196.5 .U6 C75 2005 EB                  2005
   Critical social issues in American education [electronic resource] :
   democracy and meaning in a globalizing world / edited by H. Svi Shapiro
   and David E. Purpel.
   I: Social justice and democracy: unmet promises -- II: Schools for sale:
   consumerism, corporate culture, and public education -- III: Marginality
   and difference: the fractured community -- IV: Critique and hope: moral
   and spiritual perspectives on education -- V: Globalization and education:
   the 21st-century challenge.

LC201.5 .M43 2004 EB                     2004
   Medium of instruction policies [electronic resource] : which agenda? whose
   agenda? / edited by James W. Tollefson, Amy B.M. Tsui.
   The centrality of medium-of-instruction policy in sociopolitical processes
   / Amy B.M. Tsui and James W. Tollefson -- M*aori-medium education in
   Aotearoa/New Zealand / Stephen May -- Bilingual education and language
   revitalization in Wales : past achievements and current issues / Dylan V.
   Jones and Marilyn Martin-Jones -- Dangerous difference : a
   critical-historical analysis of language education policies in the United
   States / Teresa L. McCarty -- Medium of instruction policy in Hong Kong :
   one country, two systems, whose language? / Amy B.M. Tsui --
   Medium-of-instruction policy in Singapore / Anne Pakir --
   Medium-of-instruction policy in higher education in Malaysia : nationalism
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   versus internationalization / Saran Kaur Gill -- Rural students and the
   Philippine bilingual education program on the island of Leyte / Iluminado
   Nical, Jerzy J. Smolicz, and Margaret J. Secombe -- Medium of power : the
   question of English in education in India / E. Annamalai -- Medium of
   instruction in post-colonial Africa / Hassana Alidou -- Language policy in
   post-apartheid South Africa / Vic Webb -- Indigenous language education in
   Bolivia and Ecuador : contexts, changes, and challenges / Kendall A. King
   and Carol Benson -- Medium of instruction in Slovenia : European
   integration and ethnolinguistic nationalism / James W. Tollefson --
   Contexts of medium-of-instruction policy / James W. Tollefson and Amy B.M.

LC205 .H46 2004 EB                       2004
   Coming of age in U.S. high schools [electronic resource] : economic,
   kinship, religious, and political crosscurrents / Annette B. Hemmings.

LC212.86 S44 2003 EB                     2004
   Seeking equity for women in journalism and mass communication education
   [electronic resource] : a 30-year update / edited by Ramona R. Rush ...
   [et al.].

LC 214.2 .O73 1983                       1983
   Public school desegregation in the United States, 1968-1980 / Gary
   Regional trends in school desegregation -- The cities and school
   segregation -- Metropolitan desegregation patterns -- Conclusions and

LC220.5 .P75 2004 EB                     2004
   Serve and learn [electronic resource] : implementing and evaluating
   service-learning in middle and high schools / Florence Fay Pritchard,
   George I. Whitehead, III.

LC1035.8 .G4 W55 2004 EB                 2004
   Books, buildings, and learning outcomes [electronic resource] : an impact
   evaluation of World Bank support to basic education in Ghana / Howard Nial

LC1047 .A357 J64 2004 EB                 2004
   Skills development in Sub-Saharan Africa [electronic resource] / Richard
   K. Johanson, Arvil V. Adams.

LC1072 .S73 A88 2001 EB                  2001
   Assessing student competence in accredited disciplines [electronic
   resource] : pioneering approaches to assessment in higher education /
   edited by Catherine A. Palomba and Trudy W. Banta.
   1. Assessing competence in higher education / Trudy W. Banta -- 2.
   Implementing effective assessment / Catherine A. Palomba -- 3. Assessing
   student competence in teacher education programs / Mary E. Diez -- 4.
   Redefining a profession : assessment in pharmacy education / Thomas D.
   Zlatic -- 5. Assessment of student learning in the discipline of nursing /
   Donna L. Boland and Juanita Laidig -- 6. Accountability for professional
   practice : assessment in social work education -- 7. Assessment of student
   competence in business / Neil A. Palomba and Catherine A. Palomba -- 8.
   Assessment of student competence in computer science / Gordon E. Stokes --
   9. Assessing student competence in engineering / John A. Muffo -- 10.
   Assessing student competence in the visual arts / Kristi Nelson -- 11.
   Accredited programs and authentic assessment / Douglas J. Eder -- 12. The
   British experience in assessing competence / Lee Harvey -- 13. Assessment
   experiences in accredited disciplines / Catherine A. Palomba.

LC1099.3 .P694 2004 EB                   2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Classroom communication and diversity [electronic resource] : enhancing
   instructional practice / Robert G. Powell, Dana Caseau.

LC1421 .H46 2004 EB                      2004
   Matrona docta [electronic resource] : educated women in the Roman *elite
   from Cornelia to Julia Domna / Emily A. Hemelrijk.

LC2670.6 .M35 2003 EB                    2003
   The majority in the minority [electronic resource] : expanding the
   representation of Latina/o faculty, administrators, and students in higher
   education / edited by Jeanett Castellanos and Lee Jones ; foreword by
   Laura I. Rend*on.
   Foreword / Laura I. Rend*on -- Preface / Lee Jones, Jeanett Castellanos --
   Latina/o undergraduate experiences in American higher education / Jeanett
   Castellanos, Lee Jones -- Historical perspectives on Latino access to
   higher education, 1848-1990 / Victoria-Mar*ia MacDonald, Teresa Garc*ia --
   education for Hispanic students: real or illusory? / Amaury Nora --
   Latina/o and African American students at predominantly white
   institutions: a psychosociocultural perspective of cultural conguity,
   campus climate, and academic persistence / Alberta M. Gloria, Jeanett
   Castellanos -- Active faculty involvement: maximizing student achievement
   efforts / Guadalupe Anaya, Darnell G. Cole -- PART TWO : STUDENT VOICES --
   Notes from a Latino graduate student at a predominantly white university /
   Raymond "Ram*on" Herrera -- Latinas and the undergraduate experience: no
   estamos solas / Veronica Orozco -- Latnia/o retention in four-year
   institutions / Sylvia Hurtado, Mark Kamimura -- PART THREE : LATINA/O
   positions in American higher education / Roberto Haro, Juan Francisco Lara
   -- Latina/o cultural values and the academy: Latinas navigating through
   the administrative role / Kathleen Harris Canul -- PART FOUR : LATINA/O
   FACULTY EXPERIENCES AND RETENTION -- Barriers to accessing the
   professoriate / Raymond V. Padilla -- Latina/o faculty and the tenure
   process in cultural context / Roberto A. Ibarra -- Latinas and the
   professoriate: an interview with Patricia Arrendondo / Patricia
   Arrendondo, Jeanett Castellanos -- Discrimination and merit in higher
   education: the Hispanic professoriate / Richard R. Verdugo --
   Developmental career challenges for Latnia/o faculty in higher education /
   Edward A. Delgado-Romero ... [et al.] -- Infrastructure that facilitates
   the retention of Latina/os in higher education / Jeanett Castellanos, Lee

LC2781 .J69 2003 EB                      2003
   Journey to the Ph. D [electronic resource] : how to navigate the process
   as African Americans / edited by Anna L. Green & LeKita V. Scott ;
   foreword by Brenda Jarmon.
   The paths to and opportunities to gaining admission to the graduate school
   of your choice / Kamau Ogina Siwatu -- Deciding if and how to pursue
   doctoral work / Tim Wilson, Nelson Soto, & Jami Joyner -- "Dreams hanging
   in the air like smoke": a personal reflection of factors influencing
   enrollment and persistence in higher education / Kaa Vonia Hinton-Johnson
   -- Five degrees and a Ph. D.: positive detours along the path to the
   doctorate / Randall Pinkett -- Balancing act: a reflective practice /
   Stephen Hancock -- Maintaining my identity: enhanced by the system, but
   not lost in it / Catherine Cushinberry -- In the midst of it all: a
   feminist perspective on science and science teaching / Felicia Moore --
   Pressing toward the mark: an African American man's reflection on the
   doctoral process at a predominately White institution / Anthony Graham --
   "Walk tall in the world": reflections from a scholar of African American
   children's literature / Jonda McNair -- The mask: a survival tool /
   Courtney Johnson -- A personal journey toward authenticity: recognizing
   and reclaiming my origins / Lisa Watts -- Making the academy a home for
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   the brave / April Peters -- Choosing a mentor and other lessons of the
   hidden curriculum of graduate school / Tamara Duckworth-Warner -- The role
   of mentorship in developing African American students and professionals
   within the academy / Tarcha Rentz -- For better or for worse: improving
   advising relationships between faculty and graduate students / James Minor
   -- The role of mentoring for future academicians / Carolyn Hopp, Vincent
   Mumford, & Franklyn Williams.

LC2781 .M15 2002 EB                      2002
   Making it on broken promises [electronic resource] : leading African
   American male scholars confront the culture of higher education / edited
   by Lee Jones ; foreword by Cornel West.
   A message from our elders / Lee Jones -- The data speak : no rest for the
   weary / William B. Harvey -- The psychological dilemma of African American
   academicians / Na'im Akbar -- One by one, or one : Africans and the
   academy / Asa G. Hilliard III -- Examining the pitfalls facing African
   American males / Cyrus Marcellus Ellis -- Equity and excellence : is there
   room for African American Ph. D.'s? / Charles Rankin -- Come so far, but
   so far to go : interview with Dr. Joseph White / Joseph White, Kamau
   Siwatu -- Understanding the socialization process / William H. Watkins --
   Culture, style, and cognition : expanding the boundaries of the learning
   paradigm for African American learners in the community college / Irving
   Pressley McPhail -- The role of Black colleges in educating African
   American men : an interview with Nathan McCall / Nathan McCall, Tony
   Anderson -- Afrocentricity and the African American male in college /
   Molefi Kete Asante -- Affective computing : the reverse digital divide /
   Clarence "Skip" Ellis -- Visualizing the framework for access and success
   : democracy demands that we care / Frank W. Hale, Jr.-- From Na Ezaleli to
   the Jegnoch : the force of the African family for Black men in higher
   education / Wade W. Nobles (Nana Kwaku Berko I aka Ifagbemi Sangodare) --
   The prerequisites for academic leadership / Charlie Nelms.

LC2781.5 .S57 2001 EB                    2001
   Sisters of the academy [electronic resource] : emergent Black women
   scholars in higher education / edited by Reitumetse Obakeng Mabokela and
   Anna L. Green.

LC3727 .H66 2002 EB                      2002
   How minority students experience college [electronic resource] :
   implications for planning and policy / Lemuel W. Watson ... [et al.].

LC3727 .W43 2004 EB                      2004
   What makes racial diversity work in higher education [electronic resource]
   : academic leaders present successful policies and strategies / edited by
   Frank W. Hale, Jr. ; foreword by William E. Kirwan.

LC3731 .B686 2004 EB                     2004
   Situational context of education [electronic resource] : a window into the
   world of bilingual learners / Mar*ia Estela Brisk, Angela Burgos, Sara
   Linguistic context -- Economic context of education -- Social context of
   education -- Cultural context -- Political context.

LC4091 .B66 2004 EB                      2004
   Poverty and schooling in the U.S [electronic resource]. : contexts and
   consequences / Sue Books.

LC4717.5 .H39 2004 EB                    2004
   Choosing home [electronic resource] : deciding to homeschool with
   Asperger's syndrome / Martha Kennedy Hartnett ; foreword by Stephen Shore.
   Struggling -- The road home -- Moving forward -- Socialization -- Making
   it all work -- Practical tips -- Burnout -- Stories and reflections.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

LC5215 F65 2004 EB                       2004
   Dimensions of adult learning [electronic resource] : adult education and
   training in a global era / edited by Griff Foley.

LC5225 .D38 L54 2004 EB                  2004
   Lifelong learning in the digital age [electronic resource] : sustainable
   for all in a changing world : IFIP Technical Committee 3 (Education),
   Lifelong Learning Working Track in the IFIP conference, E-training
   practices for professional organisations, Pori, Finland, 7-11 July 2003 /
   edited by Tom J. van Weert, Mike Kendall.

LC 5251 .M28 1979                        1979
   Managing adult and continuing education programs and staff / edited by
   Philip D. Langerman and Douglas H. Smith.

LC 5251 .N36 1974                        1974
   The continuing education unit : criteria and guidelines / prepared by the
   National Task Force on the Continuing Education Unit.

LC5751 .S78 2004 EB                      2004
   Summer learning [electronic resource] : research, policies, and programs /
   edited by Geoffrey D. Borman, Matthew Boulay.

LC6576 .F57 2004 EB                      2004
   Children's learning from educational television [electronic resource] :
   Sesame Street and beyond / Shalom M. Fisch.

LD760 .F74 2002 EB                       2002
   The Free Speech Movement [electronic resource] : reflections on Berkeley
   in the 1960s / edited by Robert Cohen and Reginald E. Zelnik.
   Many meanings of the FSM: in lieu of an introduction / Robert Cohen --
   Part I. Roots -- Thirty years later: reflections on the FSM / Mario Savio
   -- From freedom now! to free speech: the FSM's roots in the bay area civil
   rights movement / Jo Freeman -- Holding one another: Mario Savio and the
   freedom struggle in Mississippi and Berkeley / Waldo Martin -- Part II.
   Experience: Fall 1964 -- Students -- War is declared! / Jackie Goldberg --
   My life in the FSM: memories of a freshman / Margot Adler -- Gender
   politics and the FSM: a meditation on women and freedom of speech /
   Bettina Aptheker -- Recollections of the FSM / Martin Roysher -- View from
   the South: the idea of a state university / Henry Mayer -- Endgame: how
   the Berkeley grads organized to win / Steve Weissman -- View from the
   margins / David A. Hollinger -- Dressing for the revolution / Kate Coleman
   -- "Rossman report": a memoir of making history / Michael Rossman -- FSM
   and the vision of a new left / Jeff Lustig -- This was their fight and
   they had to fight it: the FMS's nonradical rank and file / Robert Cohen --
   Faculty and clergy -- On the side of the angels: the Berkeley faculty and
   the FSM / Reginald E. Zelnik -- From the big apple to Berkeley:
   perspectives of a junior faculty member / Lawrence W. Levine -- When the
   FSM disturbed the faculty peace / Leon Wofsy -- Berkeley Free Speech
   Movement and the campus ministry / Keith Chamberlain -- Administration --
   Fall of 1964 at Berkeley: confrontation yields to reconciliation / Clark
   Kerr -- Part III. Legal and constitutional issues -- Constitutionally
   interpreting the FSM controversy / Robert Post -- December 1964: some
   reflections and recollections / Robert H. Cole -- FSM: a movement lawyer's
   perspective / Malcolm Burnstein -- Part IV. Aftermath -- Mario Savio and
   Berkeley's "Little Free Speech Movement of 1966" / Robert Cohen -- Limits
   of freedom: student activists and educational reform at Berkeley in the
   1960s / Julie A. Reuben -- FSM, Berkeley politics, and Ronald Reagan /
   W.J. Rorabaugh -- Mario Savio's second act: the 1990s / Jonah Raskin --
   Part V. Thoughts about Mario Savio -- Mario Savio and the politics of
   authenticity / Doug Rossinow -- Remembering Mario / Lynne Hollander Savio
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   -- Mario, personal and political / Suzanne Goldberg -- Elegy for Mario
   Savio / Wendy Lesser -- On Mario Savio / Greil Marcus -- Mario Savio:
   avatar of free speech / Reginald E. Zelnik

LG51 .P28 W47 2004 EB                    2004
   The power of position [electronic resource] : Beijing University,
   intellectuals, and Chinese political culture, 1898-1929 / Timothy B.
   Introduction : locating Beijing University in history -- Schools,
   politics, and reform in the nineteenth century -- The imperial university
   and late-Qing Beijing -- Instability and redefinition in the wake of the
   1911 Revolution -- Between the old culture and the new -- The insistent
   pull of politics -- Tensions within the May Fourth Movement -- National
   University under siege -- Conclusion.

ML50 .V48 B177 2004 EB                   2004
   Giuseppe Verdi's A masked ball [electronic resource] : (Un ballo in
   maschera) / [edited by Burton D. Fisher].

ML60 .B7985 2003 EB                      2003
   Paul Bowles on music [electronic resource] / Paul Bowles ; edited by
   Timothy Mangan and Irene Herrmann.
   Articles and reviews by Paul Bowles -- 1935-1939 -- 1940 -- 1941 -- 1942
   -- 1943 -- 1944 -- 1945 -- 1946 -- Interview with Paul Bowles, by Irene
   Herrmann -- Preface / Irene Herrmann -- Interview, June 6, 1999.

ML73 .V57 2005 EB                        2005
   Visual perception of music notation [electronic resource] : on-line and
   off-line recognition / Susan E. George [editor].
   Off-line music processing -- Handwritten music recognition -- Lyric
   recognition -- Music description and its applications -- Evaluation.

ML74 .M47 2004 EB                        2004
   Logic 6 power! [electronic resource] / by Orren Merton.

ML74.4 .C83 G84 2004 EB                  2004
   Cubase SX/SL 2 power! [electronic resource] / Robert Gu*erin.

ML74.4 .S66 S65 2004 EB                  2004
   Sonar 3 ignite! [electronic resource] / Brian Smithers.

ML80 .E45 P67 2001 EB                    2001
   Jazz country [electronic resource] : Ralph Ellison in America / Horace A.
ML82 .T83 2000 EB                        2000
   Swing shift [electronic resource] : "all-girl" bands of the 1940s /
   Sherrie Tucker.
   "It don't mean a thing if it ain't in the history books" -- [pt]. 1.
   Playing the changes of World War II -- 1. Working the swing shift :
   effects of World War II on all-girl bands -- 2. "Hours of charm" with Phil
   Spitalny -- 3. Extracurricular activities with the Prairie View Co-Eds --
   [pt]. 2. Road hazards -- 4. Surveillance and survival in the Jim Crow
   South -- 5. Internationalism and the Sweethearts of Rhythm -- 6. The
   darlings of rhythm : on the road and ready to run -- [pt]. 3. USO-camp
   shows -- 7. Female big bands, male mass audiences : gendered performances
   in a theater of war -- Battles of a "Sophisticated Lady" : Ada Leonard and
   the USO -- 9. "And, fellas, they're American girls!" : on the road with
   the Sharon Rogers All-Girl Band -- Conclusion : postwar changes, familiar

ML100 .H88 2004 EB                       2004
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   The Hutchinson concise dictionary of music [electronic resource].

ML 102 .P5 E53 2003                      2003
   Piano : an encyclopedia / Robert Palmieri, editor ; Margaret W. Palmieri,
   associate editor.
   List of illustrations -- Introduction -- The encyclopedia -- Contributors
   -- Index.

ML 128 .M7 W75 2003                      2003
   Film music at the piano : an index to piano arrangements of instrumental
   film and television music in anthologies and collections / H. Stephen

ML196 .C36 2002 EB                       2002
   The Cambridge history of nineteenth-century music [electronic resource] /
   edited by Jim Samson.
   The musical work and nineteenth-century history / Jim Samson -- Music and
   the rise of aesthetics / Andrew Bowie -- The profession of music / John
   Rink -- The opera industry / Roger Parker -- The construction of Beethoven
   / K.M. Knittel -- Music and the poetic / Julian Rushton -- The invention
   of tradition / John Irving -- Choral music / John Butt -- The consumption
   of music / Derek Carew -- The great composer / Jim Samson -- Progress,
   modernity and the concept of an avant-garde / John Williamson -- Music as
   ideal: the aesthetics of autonomy / Max Paddison -- The structures of
   musical life / Katharine Ellis -- Opera and music drama / Thomas Grey --
   Beethoven reception: the symphonic tradition / James Hepokoski -- Words
   and music in Germany and France / Susan Youens -- Chamber music and piano
   / Jonathan Dunsby -- Choral culture and the regeneration of the organ /
   John Butt -- Music and social class / Derek B. Scott -- Nations and
   nationalism / Jim Samson -- Styles and languages around the turn of the
   century / Anthony Pople -- Chronology / Sarah Hibberd -- Institutions /
   Sarah Hibberd -- Personalia / Sarah Hibberd.

ML196 .S65 2004 EB                       2004
   Music in other words [electronic resource] : Victorian conversations /
   Ruth A. Solie.
   Beethoven as secular humanist : ideology and the Ninth symphony in
   nineteenth-century criticism -- Music in a Victorian mirror : MacMillan's
   magazine in the Grove years -- "Girling" at the parlor piano --
   Biedermeier domesticity and the Schubert circle : a rereading -- "Tadpole
   pleasures" : Daniel Deronda as music historiography -- Fictions of the
   opera box.

ML197 .W436 2003 EB                      2003
   Proof through the night [electronic resource] : music and the great war /
   Glenn Watkins.
   List of CD contents: p. 597-598.
   List of illustrations -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- Prologue --
   ch. 1. In search of kultur -- Great Britain -- ch. 2. Pomp and
   circumstance -- ch. 3. The old lie -- ch. 4. The symphony of the front --
   France -- ch. 5. Mobilization and the call to history -- ch. 6. War and
   the children -- ch. 7. War games, 1914-1915 -- ch. 8. Charades and
   masquerades -- ch. 9. Church, state, and schola -- ch. 10. Neoclassicism,
   aviation, and the Great War -- Italy -- ch. 11. The world of the future,
   the future of the world -- Germany-Austria -- ch. 12. "Dance of death" --
   ch. 13. "The last days of mankind" -- The United States of America -- ch.
   14. "The Yanks are coming" -- ch. 15. "Onward Christian soldiers" -- ch.
   16. The 100% American -- ch. 17. "Proof through the night" -- ch. 18. "On
   patrol in no man's land" -- ch. 19. Coming of age in America --
   Post-Armistice -- ch. 20. "Goin' home" -- ch. 21. Ceremonials and the war
   of nerves -- ch. 22. The persistence of memory -- ch. 23. Prophecies of
   alarms -- Epilogue -- ch. 24. Unfinished business -- Notes -- Selected
                                Inventory List

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   bibliography -- Index -- List of CD contents.

ML200.5 .B47 2002 EB                     2002
   Reflections of an American composer [electronic resource] / Arthur Berger.
   Trends in twentieth-century American composition. Composers and their
   audience in the thirties ; Nationalism ; Is music in decline? ; Rendezvous
   with Apollo : form is feeling ; Reinventing the past : pastiche, collage,
   or "criticism"? ; Serialism : composer as theorist ; Rapprochement or
   friendly takeover? ; Postmodern music -- Writing about music. Virgil
   Thomson and the press ; Music on my beat ; PNM and the Ph. D. ; A tale of
   two critics : Rosenfeld and Haggin -- Aesthetics and musical analysis. Do
   we hear what we say we hear? ; New linguistic modes and the new theory ;
   The octatonic scale -- Retrospective. Backstage at the opera ; A tale of
   two conductors : Koussevitzky and Mitropoulos ; From my diary : brief

ML200.5 .H83 2004 EB                     2004
   The queer composition of America's sound [electronic resource] : gay
   modernists, American music, and national identity / Nadine Hubbs.
   Modernist abstraction and the abstract art : Four Saints and the queer
   composition of America's sound -- Being musical : gender, sexuality, and
   musical identity in twentieth-century America -- Intermezzo. My dear
   Freddy : identity excesses and evasions chez Paul Bowles -- A French
   connection : modernist codes in the musical closet -- Queerness, eruption,
   bursting : U.S. musical modernism at midcentury -- Coda. Composing oneself
ML410 .B4 S93 2004 EB                    2004
   Beethoven after Napoleon [electronic resource] : political romanticism in
   the late works / Stephen Rumph.
   A kingdom not of this world -- The heroic sublime -- Promethean history --
   1809 -- Contrapunctus I: prelude and fugue -- Contrapunctus II: double
   fugue -- Androgynous utopias -- Vox populi, vox dei -- A modernist

ML410 .L7 S26 2003 EB                    2003
   Virtuosity and the musical work [electronic resource] : the Transcendental
   studies of Liszt / Jim Samson.

ML 420 .E45 A45 2002 DVD                 2002
   Eminem [videorecording] : all access Europe / Shady Records, Cousins
   Entertainment, Interscope Records, Aftermath Records, Chrome Bumber Films
   ; executive producers: Eminem, Paul Rosenberg, Stuart Parr ; producers:
   Joel Martin, John Quigley, Anthony Garth ; Interscope A & R direction, DJ
   Profiles a European concert tour by rapper Eminem.

ML 420 .J175 R43 1984                    1984
   Michael Jackson / by Stewart Regan, designed by Philip Clucas, produced by
   Ted Smart and David Gibbon.

ML420 .L38 L5 2004 EB                    2004
   The Lennon companion [electronic resource] : twenty-five years of comment
   / edited by Elizabeth Thomson and David Gutman.

ML549 .K49 2004 EB                       2004
   Keyboard music before 1700 [electronic resource] / edited by Alexander
   Introduction : the first centuries of European keyboard music / Alexander
   Silbiger -- England / Alan Brown -- France / Bruce Gustafson -- Germany
   and the Netherlands / John Butt -- Italy / Robert Judd -- Spain and
   Portugal / Robert Parkins -- Performance practice / Alexander Silbiger.
                                Inventory List

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ML549 .R69 2001 EB                       2001
   Early keyboard instruments [electronic resource] : a practical guide /
   David Rowland.

ML1255 .W56 2002 EB                      2002
   The characteristic symphony in the age of Haydn and Beethoven [electronic
   resource] / Richard Will.
   Paradise lost: Dittersdorf's Four ages of the world and the crisis of
   Austrian enlightened despotism -- Preaching without words: reform
   Catholicism versus divine mystery in Haydn's Seven last words --
   Boundaries of the art: characteristic music in contemporary criticism and
   aesthetics -- Paradise regained: time, morality, and humanity in
   Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony -- Making memories: symphonies of war,
   death, and celebration -- Appendixes: 1. Thematic index of characteristic
   symphonies -- Pastoral symphonies and movements -- Symphonies and
   movements by subject.
ML 1630.18 .B335 2000 DVD                2000
   Backstage [videorecording] / Dimension Films.
   Ride along with the groundbreaking, 50-city "Hard Knock Life Tour." From
   the tour bus to the hotel to the stage, follow all the craziness as the
   show rolls from city to city.

ML1720.4 .S63 2004 EB                    2004
   Mimomania [electronic resource] : music and gesture in nineteenth-century
   opera / Mary Ann Smart.
   In praise of overstatement -- Wagner's cancan, Fenella's leap ; La muette
   de Portici and Auber's reality effect -- Bellini's unseen voices -- "Every
   word made flesh" ; les Huguenots and the incarnation of the invisible --
   Uneasy bodies : Verdi and sublimation -- Mimomania : allegory and
   embodiment in Wagner's music dramas.

ML2075 .D83 2003 EB                      2003
   Charms that soothe [electronic resource] : classical music and the
   narrative film / Dean Duncan.
   Interdiscipline and the place of classical music in film studies -- Film
   music and the musical community -- Sound montage and counterpoint
   analogies -- Narration, program, and narrative -- Interpreting classical
   music in film -- Summary, conclusions, and implications.

ML2075 .S68 2001 EB                      2001
   Soundtrack available [electronic resource] : essays on film and popular
   music / edited by Pamela Robertson Wojcik and Arthur Knight.
   Overture / Arthur Knight and Pamela Robertson Wojcik -- Cinema and popular
   song : the lost tradition / Rick Altman -- Surreal symphonies : l'age d'or
   and the discreet charms of classical music / Priscilla Barlow -- "The
   future's not ours to see" : song, singer, labryinth in Hitchcock's The man
   who knew too much / Murray Pomerance -- "You think they call us plastic
   now--" : the Monkees and Head / Paul B. Ramaeker -- Real men don't sing
   ballads : the radio crooner in Hollywood, 1929-1933 / Allison McCracken --
   Flower of the asphalt : the chanteuse r*ealiste in 1930s French cinema /
   Kelley Conway -- The embodied voice : song sequences and stardom in
   popular Hindi cinema / Neepa Majumdar -- Music as ethnic marker in film :
   the "Jewish" case / Andrew P. Killick -- Sounding the American heart :
   cultural politics, country music, and contemporary American film / Barbara
   Ching -- Crossing musical borders : the soundtrack for Touch of evil /
   Jill Leeper -- Documented/documentary Asians : Gurinder Chadha's I'm
   British but-- and the musical mediation of sonic and visual identities /
   Nabeel Zuberi -- Class swings : music, race, and social mobility in Broken
   strings / Adam Knee -- Borrowing black masculinity : the role of Johnny
   Hartman in The bridges of Madison County / Krin Gabbard -- "It ain't
                                Inventory List

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  necessarily so that it ain't necessarily so" : African Amercan recordings
  of Porgy and Bess as film and cultural criticism / Arthur Knight --
  "Hollywood has taken on a new color" : the Yiddish blackface of Samuel
  Goldwyn's Porgy and Bess / Jonathan Gill -- Picturizing American cinema :
  Hindi film songs and the last days of genre / Corey K. Creekmur -- Popular
  songs and comic allusion in contemporary cinema / Jeff Smith -- The girl
  and the phonograph, or the vamp and the machine revisited / Pamela
  Robertson Wojcik.
ML3470 .D64 2004 EB                      2004
   Institutional economics and the formation of preferences [electronic
   resource] : the advent of pop music / Wilfred Dolfsma.

ML3479 .A2 2003 EB                       2002
   Out of sight [electronic resource] : the rise of African American popular
   music, 1889-1895 / Lynn Abbott and Doug Seroff.

ML3489 .C66 2004 EB                      2004
   Chanteuse in the city [electronic resource] : the realist singer in French
   film / Kelley Conway.
   Introduction -- Caf-conc' : the rise of the unruly woman -- Music hall
   Miss -- Voices from the past -- The revue star and the realist singer :
   the return of the unruly woman -- Violent spectatorship : mechanical
   reproduction, the female voice, and the imaginary of intimacy --

ML3502 .I75 R44 2004 EB                  2004
   Popular music and national culture in Israel [electronic resource] / Motti
   Regev and Edwin Seroussi.
   Cultural and institutional contexts -- Popular music and nationalist
   ideology -- Israeli rock -- Musiqa mizrahit.

ML 3531 .V8 2003                         2003
   VX : 10 years of VIBE photography / [collected] by Rob Kenner & George
   Pitts ; with a foreward by Quincy Jones.

ML 3532 .K38 2003                        2003
   Solid foundation : an oral history of reggae / David Katz.

ML3532 .K55 2002 EB                      2002
   Reggae, Rastafari, and the rhetoric of social control [electronic
   resource] / by Stephen A. King ; with contributions by Barry T. Bays III
   and P. Ren*ee Foster.
   PART ONE (1959-1971) -- Ska and the roots of Rastafarian musical protest
   -- Rocksteady, the Rude Boy, and the political awakening of Rastafari --
   Early reggae, Black power, and the politicization of Rastafari -- Jamaica
   Labour Party's "policy of the beast" : the rhetoric of social control
   strategies -- PART TWO (1972-1980) -- International reggae :
   popularization and polarization of Rastafari -- Michael Manley and the
   People's National Party's co-optation of the Rastafari and reggae.

ML3790 .D43 2004 EB                      2004
   $30 music school [electronic resource] / Michael W. Dean.

ML3790 .K277 2004 EB                     2004
   Capturing sound [electronic resource] : how technology has changed music /
   Mark Katz.
   Causes -- Making America more musical : the phonograph and "good music" --
   Capturing jazz -- Aesthetics out of exigency : violin vibrato and the
   phonograph -- The rise and fall of grammophonmusik -- The turntable as
   weapon : understanding the DJ battle -- Music in 1s and 0s : the art and
   politics of digital sampling -- Listening in cyberspace.
                                Inventory List

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ML 3790 .W435 2001 VIDEO                 2001
   Welcome to Death Row [videorecording] / Xenon Pictures and KDA Productions
   in association with Oliver Entertainment ; executive producers, Leigh
   Savidge, Lydia Harris ; produced by Jeff Sheftel, Stephen A. Housden ;
   directed by Leigh Savidge.

ML3798 .P47 2004 EB                      2004
   Performing ethnomusicology [electronic resource] : teaching and
   representation in world music ensembles / edited by Ted Sol*is.
   Introduction : teaching what cannot be taught : an optimistic overview --
   Sounding the other : academic world music ensembles in historical
   perspective -- Square pegs and spokesfolk : serving and adapting to the
   academy -- Patchworkers, actors, and ambassadors : representing ourselves
   and others -- Take-off points : creativity and pedagogical obligation.

ML3880 .B49 2004 EB                      2004
   Beyond structural listening? [electronic resource] : postmodern modes of
   hearing / edited by Andrew Dell'Antonio.
   Introduction : beyond structural listening? / Andrew Dell'Antonio -- The
   disciplined subject of musical analysis / Fred Everett Maus -- Musical
   virtues / Mitchell Morris -- The chosen one's choice / Tamara Levitz --
   Beethoven antihero : sex, violence, and the aesthetics of failure, or,
   Listening to the Ninth symphony as postmodern sublime / Robert Fink --
   Passion/mirrors (a passion for the violent ineffable : modernist music and
   the angel/in the hall of mirrors) / Paul Attinello -- Uncertainty,
   disorientation, and loss as responses to musical structure / Joseph Dubiel
   -- Collective listening : postmodern critical processes and MTV / Andrew
   Dell'Antonio -- One bar in eight : Debussy and the death of description /
   Elisabeth Le Guin -- The return of the aesthetic : musical formalism and
   its place in political critique / Martin Scherzinger -- Afterword : toward
   the next paradigm of musical scholarship / Rose Rosengard Subotnik.

ML3917 .U6 V35 2003 EB                   2003
   Sounds of reform [electronic resource] : progressivism and music in
   Chicago, 1873-1935 / Derek Vaillant.
   Preludes of reform : the Chicago Jubilee, Thomas "summer nights" concerts,
   and the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition -- Battle for the baton :
   ceremonial parks and the landscape of musical reform, 1869-1904 -- I was
   improvising right from the start : musical progressivism at Hull House,
   1889-1919 -- Come over here and listen to the music : municipal power and
   local authority in the field house parks, 1903-1919 -- Music of the people
   is music of the world : the Civic Music Association and the racial
   challenges of World War I and its aftermath, 1912-1919 -- They whirl off
   the edges of a decent life : unmasking difference at the dance, 1904-1933
   -- Sounds of whiteness : urban musical subcultures, race, and the public
   interest on Chicago airwaves, 1921-1935 -- Sound Americans : echoes of
   reform from the 1930s to the present.

ML3918 .P67 B36 2003 EB                  2003
   China's new voices [electronic resource] : popular music, ethnicity,
   gender, and politics, 1978-1997 / Nimrod Baranovitch.

ML3918 .P67 W35 2003 EB                  2003
   Studying popular music culture [electronic resource] / Tim Wall.
ML3920 .B45 2001 EB                      2002
   Music therapy, sensory integration and the autistic child [electronic
   resource] / Dorita S. Berger.

ML3920 M87 2004 EB                       2004
   Music therapy [electronic resource] : a medical dictionary, bibliography
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   and annotated research guide to Internet references / James N. Parker and
   Philip M. Parker, editors.

ML3920 .W5213 2002 EB                    2002
   A comprehensive guide to music therapy [electronic resource] : theory,
   clinical practice, research, and training / Tony Wigram, Inge Nygaard
   Pedersen, and Lars Ole Bonde.

MT 5 .F394 M9 1988                       1988
   Music : the art of listening / Jean Ferris.

MT 5 .F394 M9 1988 CASS                  1988
   Music : the art of listening / Jean Ferris.

MT17 .O34 2002 EB                        2002
   Instrumental music for dyslexics [electronic resource] : a teaching
   handbook / Sheila Oglethorpe.

MT68 .L36 2003 EB                        2003
   Improvisaci*on [electronic resource] : escalas y arpegios / Daniel

MT70 .B4813 2002 EB                      2002
   Berlioz's orchestration treatise [electronic resource] : a translation and
   commentary / [translation, commentary by] Hugh Macdonald.

MT225 .L363 2003 EB                      2003
   Piano-- metodologia de la ense*nanza [electronic resource] / Daniel

MT723 .R43 2004 EB                       2004
   Reason 2.5 power! [electronic resource] / by Michael Prager.

MT840 .H6613 2001 EB                     2001
   Treatise on vocal performance and ornamentation [electronic resource] / by
   Johann Adam Hiller ; translated and edited by Suzanne J. Beicken.

N33 .H88 2004 EB                         2004
   The Hutchinson dictionary of the arts [electronic resource].

N72 .F45 S55 2003 EB                     2003
   Singular women [electronic resource] : writing the artist / Kristen
   Frederickson and Sarah E. Webb, editors.
   Introduction : histories, silences, and stories / Kristen Frederickson --
   Artemisia's trial by cinema / Mary D. Garrard -- Mary D. Garrard,
   interviewed by Kristen Frederickson and Sarah E. Webb -- A light in the
   galaxy : Judith Leyster / Frima Fox Hofrichter -- "So what are you working
   on?" : categorizing The exceptional woman / Mary D. Sheriff -- Mother land
   missed : the becoming landscapes of Clementina, Viscountess Hawarden, and
   Sally Mann / Carol Mavor -- "A sermon in patchwork" : new light on Harriet
   Powers / Gladys-Marie Fry -- A sermon in patchwork / Lucine Finch -- Two
   ways of thinking about Mary Cassatt / Anne Higonnet -- Florine Stettheimer
   : becoming herself / Barbara J. Bloemink -- Writing about forgotten women
   artists : the rediscovery of Jo Nivison Hopper / Gail Levin -- Designing
   woman : writing about Eleanor Raymond / Nancy Gruskin -- Elizabeth Catlett
   / Melanie Anne Herzog -- Subjectivity, (auto)biography, and the "artist
   named Pereira" / Karen A. Bearor -- Codex Spero : rethinking the monograph
   as a feminist / Amy Ingrid Schlegel -- At last! A great woman artist :
   writing about Carolee Schneemann's epistolary practice / Kristine Stiles
   -- Epilogue : mark making, writing, and erasure / Sarah E. Webb.

N72 .S6 C58 2003 EB                      2003
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Art in the lives of ordinary Romans [electronic resource] : visual
   representation and non-elite viewers in Italy, 100 B.C.-A.D. 315 / John R.
   pt. 1. Imperial representation of non-elites -- Augustus's and Trajan's
   messages to commoners -- The all-seeing emperor and ordinary viewers :
   Marcus Aurelius and Constantine -- pt. 2. Non-elites in the public sphere
   -- Everyman, everywoman, and the gods -- Everyman and everywoman at work
   -- Spectacle : entertainment, social control, self-advertising, and
   transgression -- Laughter and subversion in the tavern : image, text, and
   context -- Commemoration of life in the domain of the dead : non-elite
   tombs and sarcophagi -- pt. 3. Non-elites in the domestic sphere --
   Minding your manners : banquets, behavior, and class -- Putting your best
   face forward : self-representation at home.

N103 .H36 2004 EB                        2004
   Handbook of research and policy in art education [electronic resource] /
   edited by Elliot W. Eisner, Michael D. Day.
   Learning from histories of art education : an overview of research and
   issues / F. Graeme Chalmers -- Questioning the past : contexts, functions,
   and stakeholders in 19th-century art education / Mary Ann Stankiewicq,
   Patricia M. Amburgy, Paul E. Bolin -- 20th-century art education : a
   historical perspective / John Howell White -- Policy and arts education /
   Ralph A. Smith -- Art education in a world of cross-purposes / Samuel Hope
   -- Spirit, mind, and body : arts education the redeemer / Constance
   Bumgarner Gee.
   Cognitive transfer from arts education to nonarts outcomes : research
   evidence and policy implications / Lois Hetland, Ellen Winner -- Aesthetic
   education : questions and issues / Ralph A. Smith -- Varieties of
   multicultural art education : some policy issues / H. Gene Blocker --
   Museum education and controversial art : living on a fault line / E. Louis
   Lankford, Kelly Scheffer -- Introduction : development and learning in art
   / Anna M. Kindler -- Researching impossible? Models of artistic
   development reconsidered / Anna M. Kindler -- Art of infancy / John
   Child art after modernism : visual culture and new narratives / Brent
   Wilson -- Sculpture : representational development in a three-dimensional
   medium / Claire Golomb -- Aesthetic judgment and reasoning / Norman H.
   Freeman -- Learning in the visual arts : characteristics of gifted and
   talented individuals / David Pariser, Enid Zimmerman -- Introduction to
   teaching and teacher education / Enid Zimmerman -- State of the field :
   demographics and art teacher education / Lynn Galbraith, Kit Grauer --
   Contexts for teaching art / Mary Stokrocki.
   Interaction of teachers and curriculum / Mary Erickson -- Teacher
   education as a field of study in art education : a comprehensive overview
   of methodology and methods used in research about art teacher education /
   Frances Thurber -- Overview of art teacher recruitment, certification, and
   retention / F. Robert Sabol -- Practice of teaching in K-12 schools :
   devices and desires / Judith M. Burton -- Assessment and visual arts
   education / Elisabeth Soep.
   Assessing art learning in changing contexts : high-stakes accountability,
   international standards and changing conceptions of artistic development /
   Doug Boughton -- NAEP arts assessment : pushing the boundaries of
   large-scale performance assessment / Hilary Persky -- Evolution of
   large-scale assessment programs in the visual arts / Carol M. Myford,
   Alice Sims-Gunzenhauser -- Visualizing judgment : self-assessment and peer
   assessment in arts education / Elisabeth Soep -- Emerging visions of art
   education / Arthur D. Elfand -- Discipline-based art education / Stephen
   Mark Dobbs.

N5351 .P8213 2000 EB                     2000
   Atlas of Egyptian art [electronic resource] / Prisse d'Avennes ;
   introduction by Maarten J. Raven ; notes by Olaf E. Kaper.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

N 6490 .S728 2004                        2004
   Art incorporated : the story of contemporary art / Julian Stallabrass.

N6494 .P66 P684 2003 EB                  2003
   Postmodernism and the postsocialist condition [electronic resource] :
   politicized art under late socialism / edited by Ale*s Erjavec ; with a
   foreword by Martin Jay and contributions by Boris Groys ... [et al.].
   The other gaze: Russian unofficial art's view of the Soviet world / Boris
   Groys -- Art as a political machine: fragments on the late socialist and
   postsocialist art of Mitteleuropa and the Balkans / Mi*sko *Suvakovi*c --
   Neue Slowenische kunst - new Slovenian art: Slovenia, Yugoslavia,
   self-management, and the 1980s / Ale*s Erjavec -- Hungarian marginal art
   in the late period of state socialism / P*eter Gy*orgy -- The new Cuban
   art / Gerardo Mosquera -- Post-utopian avant-garde art in China / Gao

N6853 .D8 M64 2003 EB                    2003
   Alchemist of the avant-garde [electronic resource] : the case of Marcel
   Duchamp / John F. Moffitt.
   An esoteric French adolescence for Duchamp: symbolist culture and
   occultism -- The invention of the modern alchemist-artist -- The cultural
   shaping of an artist-iconoclast: Duchamp in France, 1887-1915 -- Duchamp's
   first experiments in esoteric and alchemical art, 1910-1912 -- Duchamp in
   New York with esoteric patrons and the large glass, 1915-1923 --
   Alchemical emblematics and the ready-mades, 1913-1923 -- The esoteric
   fourth dimension and laws of chance, 1895-1923 -- The circle closes,
N6888 .E7 W37 2001 EB                    2001
   Max Ernst and alchemy [electronic resource] : a magician in search of myth
   / M.E. Warlick ; foreword by Franklin Rosemont.
   The myth of the child -- Alchemy : its history, revival, and symbolism --
   Initiation -- The occultation of surrealism -- Collage as alchemy -- The
   alchemical androgyne : Ernst and the women in his life -- As above, so
   below : the alchemical landscapes.

NA 380 .I85 2004                         2004
   Islam + architecture / guest-edited by Sabiha Foster.
   The Middle East and US foreign policy: a personal perspective / Barbara
   Smith -- Islamic architecture as a field of historical enquiry / Nasser
   Rabbat -- Defining architecture / Suha Ozkan -- Community and coherence /
   David B. roosevelt -- Gropius and Fathy remembered / William R. Polk --
   Geometry and the house of worship / Sabiha Foster -- Teh built and the
   natural environments: reaching a state of positive coexistence / Mohammad
   al-Asad, Majd Musa -- The architecture of Mimar Sinan / Turgut Cansever --
   The use of geometry in Islamic lands / Keith Critchlow -- In search of
   identity: a view on contemporary architecture in Egypt / Mohamed
   El-Husseiny -- Out of context: development and design in Lebanon / Hashim
   Sarkis / Contemporary architecture in Turkey: an evaluation / dogan Tekeli
   -- World, open city? / Esra Akcan -- Islam and the avant-garde / Jeremy
   Melvin -- Sinan Hassan: finding new words for old meanings / Sabiha Foster
   -- Temporary housing for workers in Iraz / Bruce Stewart -- Architectural
   graphics standards / Craig Kellogg -- Schaulager Laurenz Foundation /
   Jeremy Melvin -- Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre / Sean

NA440 .S425 2003 EB                      2003
   The Gothic enterprise [electronic resource] : a guide to understanding the
   Medieval cathedral / Robert A. Scott.
   Acknowledgments -- Introduction : a personal journey -- I. Grand
   undertaking -- What is the Gothic enterprise? ; How were the cathedrals
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   built? -- II. History -- Kings, feudal lords, and great monasteries ; Age
   of cathedral-building ; Initial vision ; Cathedral crusade -- III. Gothic
   look -- What is the Gothic look? ; Image of heaven ; Pragmatic view of
   cathedral-building -- IV. Religious experience -- Sacred force and sacred
   space ; Imagining the cathedral ; Honoring the dead -- V. Gothic
   community -- Medieval living conditions ; Spiritual brokers--priests and
   monarchs ; Cathedrals and community -- Conclusion : Learning from

NA 705 .P6 2003                          2003
   What style is it? : a guide to American architecture / by John C.
   Poppeliers, S. Allen Chambers, Jr. ; Historic American Buildings Survey.

NA 735 .N5 S33 2004 VIDEO                2004
   Sacred ground [videorecording] / produced by Nick Rosen ; directed by
   Kevin Sim ; an October Films production in association with Vivum
   Intelligent Media for WGBH/Boston and Channel 4.
   This documentary examines the controversy surrounding the plans to rebuild
   on the site of the World Trade Center after the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001.
NA 737 .B775 H46 2004                    2004
   Buff & Hensman / Don C. Hensman ; edited by James Steele ; preface by Dean
   Robert Timme ; including photographs by Julius Shulman.

NA2542.4 .E56 2004 EB                    2004
   Environmental diversity and architecture [electronic resource] / edited by
   Koen Steemers & Mary Ann Steane.
   Environmental diversity in architecture / Mary Ann Steane and Koen
   Steemers -- Social and environmental convergence / Elizabeth Shove -- The
   ambiguity of intentions / Peter Carl -- Human nature / Nick Baker --
   Diversified life of buildings / John Fernandez -- The urban microclimate /
   Koen Steemers, Marylis Ramos, and Maria Sinou -- Outdoor comfort /
   Marialena Nikolopoulou -- Intermediate environments / Andre Potvine --
   Architecture is frozen music? / Tim Lewers -- Environmental diversity and
   light / Mary Ann Steane -- Daylight perception / Katerina Parpairi --
   Spatial variability and thermal comfort / Abu Merghani -- Experiencing
   climate : architecture and environmental diversity / Peter Fisher.

NA2543 .T43 I56 2004 EB                  2004
   Innovation in architecture [electronic resource] / edited by Alan J.
   Brookes and Dominique Poole.
   Exploring, rehearsing, delivering / Mike Davies -- Concept before
   calculation / Tony Hunt -- A process-oriented architecture / David
   Kirkland -- Material innovation and the development of form / Mark Lovell
   -- More than architecture : David Marks and Julia Barfield / Dominique
   Poole -- An engineer's perspective / Mike Cook -- Touch the earth lightly
   : Richard Horden / Dominique Poole -- Production processes, sources and
   uses of materials : Eva Jiricna / Alan J. Brookes -- Constructing the
   ephemeral : innovation in the use of glass / Luke Lowings and James
   Carpenter -- The tradition of the primitive with modern materials : an
   Australian perspective / Chris Clarke -- A passion for building : Volkwin
   Marg / Alan J. Brookes -- The incredible lightness of being / Chris

NA2750 .I6 2004 EB                       2004
   Design representation [electronic resource] / Gabriela Goldschmidt and
   William L. Porter, eds.
   Distance and depth -- Graphic representation as reconstructive memory :
   Stirling's German museum projects -- Designers' objects -- Distributed
   cognition in engineering design : negotiating between abstract and
   material representations -- Design representations in critical situations
   of product development -- Impromptu prototyping and artefacting :
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   representing design ideas through things at hand, actions, and talk --
   Cognitive catalysis : sketches for a time-lagged brain -- The thoughtful
   mark maker : representational design skills in the post-information age --
   Design representations : private process, public image.

NA2794 .P49 2004 EB                      2004
   Daylighting [electronic resource] : natural light in architecture / Derek
   Phillips ; with a foreword by Carl Gardner.

NA5212 .K34 2002 EB                      2002
   Deconstructing the American mosque [electronic resource] : space, gender,
   and aesthetics / Akel Ismail Kahera.

NA 7580 .R94 2000                        2000
   The villa : from ancient to modern / by Joseph Rykwert ; photographs by
   Roberto Schezen.

NA9031 .W35 2004 EB                      2004
   Design first [electronic resource] : design-based planning for communities
   / David Walters, Linda Luise Brown.
   Introduction : history, theory, and contemporary practice -- Paradigms
   lost and found : dilemmas of the Anglo-American city -- Cities, suburbs,
   and sprawl -- Traditional urbanism : new urbanism and smart growth --
   Devices and designs : sources of good urbanism -- Growth management,
   development control, and the role of urban design -- Urban design in the
   real world -- The region, case study 1 : CORE, North Carolina -- The city,
   case study 2 : city of Raleigh, NC Arena small area plan -- The town, case
   study 3 : Mooresville, North Carolina -- The neighborhood, case study 4 :
   Haynie-Sirrine Neighborhood, Greenville, South Carolina -- The block, case
   study 5 : town center, Cornelius, North Carolina.

NA9183 .P35 2004 EB                      2004
   Urban forms [electronic resource] : death and life of the urban block /
   Philippe Panerai, Jean Castex & Jean-Charles Depaule ; English edition and
   additional material by Ivor Samuels ; translated by Olga Vitale Samuels.
   Haussmannien Paris, 1853-82 -- London : the garden cities, 1905-25 -- The
   extension of Amsterdam, 1913-34 -- The new Frankfurt and Ernst May,
   1925-30 -- Le Corbusier and the cit*e radieuse -- The metamorphosis of the
   block and the practice of space -- The development and diffusion of
   architectural models -- Building the city, 1975-95 -- An Anglo-American

NB140 .H46 2004 EB                       2004
   The horse and jockey from Artemision [electronic resource] : a bronze
   equestrian monument of the Hellenistic period / Se*an Hemingway.

ND1143 .T34 2000 EB                      2000
   The science of paintings [electronic resource] / W. Stanley Taft, Jr.,
   James W. Mayer ; with contributions by Peter Ian Kuniholm, Richard Newman,
   Dusan C. Stulik.
   The structure and analysis of paintings -- Paint / Dusan Stulik -- Organic
   binders / Richard Newman -- The painter's color and light -- Color and
   light -- Optics of paint films -- Beyond the eye -- Detection of fakes --
   Object of interaction.

NK1520 .L38 2004 EB                      2004
   What designers know [electronic resource] / Bryan Lawson.

NK3634 .A2 Y475 2004 EB                  2004
   Calligraphy and power in contemporary Chinese society [electronic
   resource] / Yuehping Yen.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

NK4893 .R62 2004 EB                      2004
   Life like dolls [electronic resource] : the collector doll phenomenon and
   the lives of the women who love them / A.F. Robertson.
   Introduction -- The commodity -- The collection just grows and grows --
   The doll that needs you -- Dollification -- More than real -- Forever
   young -- Innocence and fear.

NX180 .P64 W35 2002 EB                   2002
   Left shift [electronic resource] : radical art in 1970s Britain / John A.

NX 180 .S6 N48 2003                      2003
   The new gate keepers : emerging challenges to free expression in the arts
   / [editors, Christopher Hawthorne, Andr*as Sz*ant*o].
   Foreword -- People & precedent -- Censorship & public culture --
   Programming & patronage -- Content & copyright.
   Essays which expand upon ideas introduced at "The New Gatekeepers: A
   Conference on Free Expression in the Arts" held Nov. 2002 at Columbia
   University, New York, N.Y., organized by the National Arts Journalism

NX 440 .B46 1998 V.1                     1998
   Arts and culture : an introduction to the humanities / Janetta Rebold
   Benton, Robert DiYanni.

NX562 .A1 P39 2003 EB                    2003
   Despotic bodies and transgressive bodies [electronic resource] : Spanish
   culture from Francisco Franco to Jes*us Franco / Tatjana Pavlovic.

NX573 .C65 2001 EB                       2001
   Colors of enchantment [electronic resource] : theater, dance, music, and
   the visual arts of the Middle East / edited by Sherifa Zuhur.
   Revisiting the theater in Egypt : an overview / Mona Mikhail -- Burnt-cork
   nationalism : race and identity in the theater of *Ali al-Kassar / Eve M.
   Troutt Powell -- The tears of a clown : Yusuf Idris and postrevolutionary
   Egyptian theater / Clarissa Burt -- El-Warsha : theatrical experimentation
   and cultural preservation / Tori Haring-Smith -- Persian plays and the
   Iranian theater / M.R. Ghanoonparvar -- The Palestinian Hakawati Theater :
   a brief history / Reuven Snir -- Performing depth : translating Moroccan
   culture in modern verse / Deborah Kapchan -- Gender challenges to
   patriarchy : Wannus' Tuqus al-Isharat wa-l-Tahawalat / Sami A. Ofeish --
   From cultural authenticity to social relevance : the plays of Amin
   al-Rihani, Kahlil Gibran, and Karim Alrawi / Rashad Rida -- Dance : a
   visual marker of Qabili identity in highland Yemen / Najwa Adra -- Race,
   sexuality, and Arabs in American entertainment, 1850-1900 / Lori Anne
   Salem -- Farewell to Tahia / Edward W. Said -- Tarab ("Enchantment") in
   the mystic Sufi chant of Egypt / Michael Fishkopf -- Musical stardom and
   male romance : Farid al-Atrash / Sherifa Zuhur -- Modern Arab music :
   portraits of enchantment from the middle generation / Sami W. Asmar with
   Kathleen Hood -- The classical Iraqi Maqam and its survival / Neil van der
   Linden -- Musical attitudes and spoken language in pre-Civil War Beirut /
   *Ali Jihad Racy -- The Sheba River Valley dam : the reconstruction of
   architecture, history, and music in a Yemeni operetta / Philip D. Schuyler
   -- Middle East peace through music : a diwan in Weimar / Selim Sednaoui --
   Modern painting in the Mashriq / Wijdan Ali -- Visualizing identity :
   gender and nation in Egyptian cartoons / Tonia Rifaey and Sherifa Zuhur --
   Meditations on painting and history : interview with Huda Lutfi / Samia
   Mehrez and James Stone.
NX573 .I43 1998 EB                       1998
   Images of enchantment [electronic resource] : visual and performing arts
   of the Middle East / edited by Sherifa Zuhur.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Introduction / Sherifa Zuhur -- Changing images and shifting identities :
   female performers in Egypt / Karin van Nieuwkerk -- Women's performance in
   ritual context : wedding among the Rashayda of Sudan / William Young --
   Folk music and dance in the Arabian Gulf and Saudi Arabia / Kay Hardy
   Campbell -- A procession through time: the Zaffat al-*arusa in three
   views -- Asmahan : Arab musical performance and musicianship under the
   myth / Sherifa Zuhur -- Performance, political identity, and memory : Umm
   Kulthum and Gamal *Abd al-Nasir / Virginia Danielson -- Western classical
   music in Umm Kulthum's country / Selim Sednaoui -- The music of Arab
   Americans : aesthetics and performance in a new land / Anne Rasmussen --
   Beyond the performance / Simon Shaheen -- Gender and politics in
   contemporary art : Arab women empower the image / Salwa M. Nashashibi --
   The artist's voice / Chaibia Talal -- Imagery and invention : Sudanese at
   home and in the world conversations with Mohamed Omer Bushara and Musa
   Khalifa / Sondra Hale -- Image and experience : why cinema? / Farida Ben
   Lyazid -- Victims or actors? centering women in Egyptian commercial film /
   Sherifa Zuhur -- Iranian cinema under the Islamic Republic / Hamid Naficy
   -- Reverse imagery : Middle Eastern themes in Hollywood / Rebecca Stone --
   Farida Fahmy and the dancer's image in Egyptian film / Marjorie Franken --
   Terrorism and Kabab : a Capraesque view of modern Egypt / Walter Armbrust.

NX634 .H55 2003 EB                       2003
   Creative arts marketing [electronic resource] / Liz Hill, Catherine
   O'Sullivan and Terry O'Sullivan.

P35 .C59 2004 EB                         2004
   A companion to linguistic anthropology [electronic resource] / edited by
   Alessandro Duranti.
   Part 1: Speech communities, contact, and variation -- Part 2: The
   performing of language -- Part 3: Achieving subjectivities and
   intersubjectivities through language -- Part 4: The power in language.

P40.8 .S358 2004 EB                      2004
   The language of schooling [electronic resource] : a functional linguistics
   perspective / Mary J. Schleppegrell.

P53 .P736 2004 EB                         2004
   Processing instruction [electronic resource] : theory, research, and
   commentary / edited by Bill VanPatten.
   PART I. FOUNDATIONS -- Input processing in SLA / Bill VanPatten -- The
   nature of processing instruction / Wynne Wong -- Commentary: What to
   teach? How to teach? / Patsy Lightbown -- Commentary: Input processing as
   a theory of processing input / Michael Harrington -- PART II. PROCESSING
   and the French causative: another replication / Bill VanPatten, Wynne Wong
   -- Processing instruction and Spanish Ser and Estar: froms with
   semantic-aspectual values / An Chung Cheng -- The relative effects of
   processing instruction and meaning-based output instruction / Andrew P.
   Farley -- Commentary: Where PI research has been and where it should be
   going / Joseph Collentine -- PART III. THE ROLES OF STRUCTURES INPUT AND
   EXPLICIT INFORMATION -- Processing instruction in French: the roles of
   explicit information and structured input / Wynne Wong -- The effects of
   structured input activities and explicit information on the acquisition of
   the Italian future tense / Alessandro Benati -- Processing instruction and
   the Spanish subjunctive: is explicit information needed? / Andrew P.
   Farley -- Computer delivered implicit versus explicit feedback in
   processing instruction / Cristina Sanz -- Commentary: When PI is focus on
   form it is very, very good, but when it is focus on forms ... / Catherine
   J. Doughty -- PART IV. LONG-TERM EFFECTS OF PI -- The long-term effects of
   processing instruction / Bill VanPatten, Claudia Fern*andez -- PART V.
   FINAL COMMENTARIES -- Some comments on input processing and processing
   instruction / Susanne Carroll -- On the generalizability, limits, and
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   potential future directions of processing instruction / Bill VanPatten.

P53.27 .R4 2003 EB                       2003
   The realms of rhetoric [electronic resource] : the prospects for rhetoric
   education / Joseph Petraglia and Deepika Bahri, editors.

P53.28 .N485 2004 EB                     2004
   New perspectives on CALL for second language classrooms [electronic
   resource] / edited by Sandra Fotos, Charles Browne.

P53.45 .C75 2004 EB                      2004
   Critical pedagogy [electronic resource] : political approaches to language
   and intercultural communication / edited by Alison Phipps and Manuela
   1. Betraying the intellectual tradition / H. Giroux -- 2. Academic
   literacy in post-colonial times / J. Turner -- 3. Articulating contact in
   the classroom / Keith E. Nainby, John T. Warren, and Christopher Bollinger
   -- 4. Listen to the voices of foreign language student teachers / R.
   Diaz-Greenberg and A. Nevin.

P53.6 .S78 2004 EB                       2004
   Studying speaking to inform second language learning [electronic resource]
   / edited by Diana Boxer and Andrew D. Cohen.

P53.8 .S628 2004 EB                      2004
   Sociolcultural contexts of language and literacy [electronic resource] /
   edited by Bertha P*erez with Teresa L. McCarty ... [et al.].

P53.85 .S434 2005 EB                     2005
   Second language teacher education [electronic resource] : international
   perspectives / edited by Diane J. Tedick.

P88.8 P59 2004 EB                        2004
   Plunkett's entertainment & media industry almanac 2004 [electronic
   resource] / editor and publisher, Jack W. Plunkett.

P91.3 .H36 2005 EB                       2005
   Handbook of research on teaching literacy through the communicative and
   visual arts [electronic resource] / edited by James Flood, Shirley Brice
   Heath, and Diane Lapp.
P94.5 .M44 M33 2003 EB                   2003
   Representing men [electronic resource] : maleness and masculinity in the
   media / Kenneth MacKinnon.
   Masculinity -- Men's studies and the 'men's movement' -- Representation
   and spectatorship -- Masculinity in the movies -- Masculinity on
   television -- Masculinity in advertising -- Masculinity in mediated sport.

P95.82 .E85 M42 2004 EB                  2004
   The media and elections [electronic resource] : a handbook and comparative
   study / edited by Bernd-Peter Lange, David Ward.

P96 .A83 .W5 2004 EB                     2004
   Mediawriting [electronic resource] : print, broadcast, and public
   relations / W. Richard Whitaker, Janet E. Ramsey, Ronald D. Smith.
   Communication theory and news values -- Ethical and legal issues in media
   writing -- Research in communication -- Basics of writing and editing --
   Basic news stories -- Interviewing -- Reporting what others say --
   Obituaries, rewrites, and roundups -- Feature writing -- Writing broadcast
   copy -- Reporting for radio and TV -- Public relations writing in
   organizational media -- Public relations writing in the news media --
   Public relations writing in promotional media.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

P96 .P75 H37 2004 EB                     2004
   A cognitive psychology of mass communication [electronic resource] /
   Richard Jackson Harris.

P99.4 .P72 H35 2004 EB                   2004
   The handbook of pragmatics [electronic resource] / edited by Laurence R.
   Horn and Gregory Ward.
   pt. 1. The domain of pragmatics -- pt. 2. Pragmatics and discourse
   structure -- pt. 3. Pragmatics and its interfaces -- pt. 4 Pragmatics and

P115 .B5453 2004 EB                      2004
   Bilingualism and language pedagogy [electronic resource] / edited by
   Janina Brutt-Griffler and Manka Varghese.

P115 .H365 2004 EB                       2004
   The handbook of bilingualism [electronic resource] / edited by Tej K.
   Bhatia and William C. Ritchie.

P115.2 .B37 2004 EB                      2004
   Language strategies for bilingual families [electronic resource] : the
   one-parent-one-language approach / Suzanne Barron-Hauwaert.

P116 .E93 2000 EB                        2000
   The Evolutionary emergence of language [electronic resource] : social
   function and the origins of linguistic form / edited by Chris Knight,
   Michael Studdert-Kennedy, James R. Hurford.
   Language : a Darwinian adaptation? / Chris Knight, Michael
   Studdert-Kennedy and James R. Hurford -- Introduction : the evolution of
   cooperative communication / Chris Knight -- Comprehension, production and
   conventionalisation in the origins of language / Robbins Burling --
   Cooperation, competition and the evolution of prelinguistic communication
   / Jason Noble -- Language and hominid politics / Jean-Louis Dessalles --
   Secret language use at female initiation : bounding gossiping communities
   / Camilla Power -- Play as precursor of phonology and syntax / Chris
   Knight --Introduction : the emergence of phonetic structure / Michael
   Studdert-Kennedy -- The role of mimesis in infant language development :
   evidence for phylogeny? / Marilyn M. Vihman and Rory A. Depaolis --
   Evolution of speech : the relation between ontogeny and phylogeny / Peter
   F. Macneilage and Barbara L. Davis -- Evolutionary implications of the
   particulate principle : imitation and the dissociation of phonetic form
   from semantic function / Michael Studdert-Kennedy -- Emergence of sound
   systems through self-organisation / Bart de Boer -- Modelling
   language-physiology coevolution / Daniel Livingstone and Colin Fyfe --
   Introduction : the emegence of syntax / James R. Hurford -- The spandrels
   of the linguisitc genotype / David Lightfoot -- The distinction between
   sentences and noun phrases : an impediment to language evolution? / Andrew
   Carstairs-McCarthy -- How protolanguage became language / Derek Bickerton
   -- Holistic utterances in protolanguage : the link from primates to humans
   / Alison Wray -- Syntax without natural selection : how compositionality
   emerges from vocabulary in a population of learners / Simon Kirby --
   Social transmission favours linguistic generalisation / James R. Hurford
   -- Words, memes and language evolution / Robert P. Worden -- On the
   reconstruction of 'proto-world' word order / Frederick J. Newmeyer -- The
   history, rate and pattern of world linguistic evolution / Mark Pagel.

P117 .T4 2000 EB                         2002
   Modality and structure in signed and spoken languages [electronic
   resource] / edited by Richard P. Meier, Kearsy Cormier, and David
   Quinto-Pozos ; with the assistance of Adrianne Cheek, Heather Knapp, and
   Christian Rathmann.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

P118 .H53 2003 EB                        2003
   Children's discourse [electronic resource] : person, space and time across
   languages / Maya Hickmann.

P118 .L565 2002 EB                       2002
   Linguistic evolution through language acquisition [electronic resource] /
   edited by Ted Briscoe.
   Introduction / Ted Briscoe -- Learned systems of arbitrary reference: the
   foundation of human linguistic uniqueness / Michael Oliphant --
   Bootstrapping grounded word semantics / Luc Steels, Frederic Kaplan --
   Linguistic structure and the evolution of words / Robert Worden --
   Negotiation and acquisition of recursive grammars as a result of
   competition among exemplars / John Batali -- Learning, bottlenecks and the
   evolution of recursive syntax / Simon Kirby -- Theories of cultural
   evolution and their application to language change / Partha Niyogi --
   Learning guided evolution of natural language / William J. Turkel --
   Grammatical acquisition and linguistic selection / Ted Briscoe --
   Expression/induction models of language evolution: dimensions and issues /
   James R. Hurford.

P118.2 .F67 2004 EB                      2004
   Form-meaning connections in second language acquisitions [electronic
   resource] / edited by Bill VanPatten ... [et al.].

P118.2 .M68 2004 EB                      2004
   Age, accent, and experience in second language acquisition [electronic
   resource] : an integrated approach to critical period inquiry / Alene
   1. Contextualizing critical period inquiry -- 2. Accounting for universal
   and individual factors in ultimate attainment: focus on phonology -- 3.
   Verifying the relative strength of maturation, L2 experience and
   psychological orientation: the quantitative findings -- 4. Understanding
   identity, intention, and opportunities for L2 contact: the qualitative
   findings -- 5. Conclusions and proposals for future research.

P119.3 .G46513 2003 EB                   2003
   Languages in a globalising world [electronic resource] / editors Jacques
   Maurais and Michael A. Morris.
   Towards a new global linguistic order? / Jacques Maurais -- The
   geostrategies of interlingualism / Mark Fettes -- Language policy and
   linguistic theory / Douglas A. Kibbee -- Babel and the market :
   geostrategies for minority languages / Jean Laponce -- Forecasting the
   fate of languages / William F. Mackey -- Language geostrategy in eastern
   and central Europe : assessment and perspectives / Ferenc Fodor and
   Sandrine Peluau -- Languages and supranationality in Europe : the
   linguistic influence of the European Union / Claude Truchot -- Regional
   blocs as a barrier against English hegemony? The language policy of
   Mercosur in South America / Rainer Enrique Hamel -- Effects of North
   American integration on linguistic diversity / Michael A. Morris --
   Sociolinguistic changes in transformed Central Asian societies / Birgit N.
   Schlyter -- Language and script in Japan and other East Asian countries :
   between insularity and technology / Stefan Kaiser -- Sub-Saharan Africa /
   Roland J.-L. Breton -- Australasia and the South Pacific / Richard B.
   Baldauf Jr. and Paulin G. Djit*e -- The international standing of the
   German language / Ulrich Ammon -- Arabic and the new technologies / Foued
   Laroussi -- Russian in the modern world / Vida IO. Mikhalchenko and Yulia
   Trushkova -- Geolinguistics, geopolitics, geostrategy : the case of French
   / Robert Chadenson -- Towards a scientific geostrategy for English / Grant
   D. McConnell -- On Brazilian Portuguese in Latin American integration /
   Maria da Gra*ca Krieger -- The search for a global linguistic strategy /
   Humphrey Tonkin.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

P129 .H33 2004 EB                        2004
   The handbook of applied linguistics [electronic resource] / edited by Alan
   Davies and Catherine Elder.

P132 .A53 2002 EB                        2002
   The language organ [electronic resource] : linguistics as cognitive
   physiology / Stephen R. Anderson, David W. Lightfoot.

P142 .M68 2003 EB                        2003
   Motives for language change [electronic resource] / edited by Raymond
   On change in 'e-language' / Peter Matthews -- Formal and functional
   motivation for language change / Frederick J. Newmeyer -- Metaphors,
   models and language change / Jean Aitchison -- Log(ist)ic and simplistic
   S-curves / David Denison -- Regular suppletion / Richard Hogg -- On not
   explaining language change : optimality theory and the great vowel shift /
   April McMahon -- Grammaticalisation : cause or effect? / David Lightfoot
   -- From subjectification to intersubjectification / Elizabeth Closs
   Traugott -- On the role of the speaker in language change / James Milroy
   -- The quest for the most 'parsimonious' explanations : endogeny vs.
   contact revisited / Markku Filppula -- Diagnosing prehistoric language
   contact / Malcolm Ross -- The ingenerate motivation of sound change /
   Gregory K. Iverson and Joseph C. Salmons -- How do dialects get the
   features they have? On the process of new dialect formation / Raymond
   Hickey -- Reconstruction, typology and reality / Bernard Comrie --
   Reanalysis and typological change / Raymond Hickey.

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P240.8 .C67 2000 EB                      2000
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   Society of America / edited by Gerard A. Hauser, Amy Grim.

P306 .S25 2004 EB                        2004
   A practical guide for translators [electronic resource] / Geoffrey

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

P326 .S56 2000 EB                        2000
   Language and the lexicon [electronic resource] : an introduction / David

P381 .A35 N48 2004 EB                    2004
   New language bearings in Africa [electronic resource] : a fresh quest /
   edited by Margaret Jepkirui Muthwii and Angelina Nduku Kioko.
   1. A fresh quest for new language bearings in Africa / M.J. Muthwii and
   A.N. Kioko -- 2. A Survey of literacy practice in Black and Colured
   communities in South Africa / Felix Banda -- 3. English variety for public
   domain in Kenya / A.N. Kioko and M.J. Muthwii -- 4. The globalisation of
   communication and the African foreign language user / R. Sonaiya -- 5.
   Linguistic human rights in Africa / P.M. Musau -- 6. "What turns you on!":
   an exploration of urban South Africa Xhosa and Zulu youth texts / R.
   Finlayson and A. Slabbert -- 7. Challenges of using English as a medium of
   instruction in multilingual contexts / R. Kyeyune -- 8. Enlightenment and
   attitudes of the Nigerian elite on the roles of languages in Nigeria / W.
   Adegbite -- 9. Establishing a national standard and English language
   curriculum change in Kenya / Kembo Sure -- 10. The functional distribution
   of Setswana and English in Botswana / M. Mmangaka Bagwasi -- 11. Kiswahili
   as vehicle of unity and development in the Great Lakes Region / A.M. Kishe
   -- 12. Developing and promoting multilingualism in public life and society
   in Nigeria / G.O. Simire -- 13. Course design and testing in an English
   programme / M.M. Alimi and S. Ellece.

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   theory / edited by Roy K. Gibson and Christina Shuttleworth Kraus.

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   classical antiquity / edited by Ralph M. Rosen and Ineke Sluiter.
   Semantics of manliness in ancient Greece / Karen Bassi -- Andreia of
   Xenocles / G.I.C. Robertson -- Marvelous Andreia / Sarah E. Harrell --
   Andreia of the Hippocratic physician and the problem of incurables / Ralph
   M. Rosen and Manfred Horstmanshoff -- Most citizens are Europr*oktoi now /
   Adriaan Rademaker -- Rhetoric of courage in the Athenian orators / Joseph
   Roisman -- High Cost of Andreia at Athens / Edward E. Cohen -- Ordeal of
   the divine sign / Peter T. Struck -- Aristotle on Andreia, divine and
   sub-human virtues / Marguerite Deslauriers -- Paradoxical Andreia / Helen
   Cullyer -- Roman men and Greek virtue / Myles McDonnell -- Andreia and the
   Ask*esis-culture in the Roman East / Onno van Nijf -- Like the labors of
   Heracles / Joy Connolly -- Plutarch's manly women / Jeremy McInerney.

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PA2061 .F395 2001 EB                     2001
   Latin language and Latin culture [electronic resource] : from ancient to
   modern times / Joseph Farrell.

PA3015 .W65 G65 2004 EB                  2004
   Citizen Bacchae [electronic resource] : women's ritual practice in ancient
   Greece / Barbara Goff.
   Working toward a material presence -- Ritual management of desire : the
   reproduction of sexuality -- In and out of the city: imaginary citizens --
   Representing women : ritual as a cultural resource -- Women represented:
   ritual in drama.

PA3040 .A46 2003 EB                      2003
   The ancient novel and beyond [electronic resource] / edited by Stelios
   Panayotakis, Maaike Zimmerman, Wytse Keulen.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

PA3872 .Z4 C66 2001 EB                   2001
   A companion to Apollonius Rhodius [electronic resource] / edited by
   Theodore D. Papanghelis and Antonios Rengakos.

PA4009 .O7 E39 2004 EB                   2004
   Hesiod's Ascra [electronic resource] / Anthony T. Edwards.
   External relations : Ascra and Thespiae -- Internal relations : Ascra as
   community -- The agricultural regime of Works and days -- The shape of
   Hesiod's Ascra -- Persuading Perses.

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   A narratological commentary on the Odyssey [electronic resource] / Irene
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   Isocrates I [electronic resource] / translated by David Mirhady & Yun Lee

PA4412 .S8 Z53 2003 EB                   2003
   Justice as an aspect of the polis idea in Solon's political poems
   [electronic resource] : a reading of the fragments in light of the
   researches of new classical archaeology / by Joseph A. Almeida.

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   and translation with introduction and commentary by Richard Hunter.

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   traditions of ancient historiography / edited by D.S. Levene and D.P.
   Clio exclusa / C.J. Classen -- Propertius the historian / Francis Cairns
   -- Actium and Teutoburg : Augustan victory and defeat in Vergil and
   Tacitus / v. E. Pag*an -- Stepping out of the ring : repetition and
   sacrifice in the boxing match in Aeneid 5 / Andrew Feldherr -- Archaisom
   and historicism in Horace's Odes / Ellen O'Gorman -- Ab inferis :
   historiography in Horace's Odes / Cynthia Damon -- Vergil's Italy :
   ethnography and politics in first-century Rome / Clifford Ando -- Roman
   archaeology in Vergil's Arcadia (Vergil Eclogue 4; Aeneid 8; Livy 1.7) /
   Marko Marin*ci*c -- Ovid's Metamorphoses and universal history / Stephen
   M. Wheeler -- The historian in Ovid. The Roman history of Metamorphoses
   14-15 / Philip Hardie -- The Alban Kings in the Metamorphoses : an Ovidian
   catalogue and its historiographical models / Stratis Kyriakidis -- The
   fall of Troy : between tradition and genre / Andreola Rossi -- Epic
   encounters? Ancient historical battle narratives and the epic tradition /
   Rhiannon Ash -- The structure of Livy's first Pentad and the Augustan
   poetry book / Ann Vasaly -- A Varronian Vatic Numa? : Ovid's Fasti and
   Plutarch's Life of Numa / Molly Pasco-Pranger -- The extinction of the
   Potitii and the sacred history of Augustan Rome / Hans-Friedrich Mueller
   -- History, poetry and Annales / t. P. Wiseman.

PA6030 .S6 F58 2000 EB                   2000
   Slavery and the Roman literary imagination [electronic resource] / William
   Introduction -- The other self: proximity and symbiosis -- Punishment:
   license, (self-) control and fantasy -- Slaves between the free -- Slavery
   and the continuum of (servile) relationships -- Enslavement and
   metamorphosis -- Epilogue.

PA6054 .K44 2000 EB                      2000
   Engendering Rome [electronic resource] : women in Latin epic / A.M. Keith.
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

PA6056 .F74 2001 EB                      2001
   Satires of Rome [electronic resource] : threatening poses from Lucilius to
   Juvenal / Kirk Freudenburg.

PA6276 .W73 2001 EB                      2001
   Catullus and the poetics of Roman manhood [electronic resource] / David

PA6308 .D2 W66 2001 EB                   2001
   On moral ends [electronic resource] / Cicero ; edited by Julia Annas ;
   translated by Raphael Woolf.

PA6357 .A54 2003 EB                      2003
   Cicero's style [electronic resource] : a synopsis / by Michael von

PA6411 .B66 2001 EB                      2001
   Horace and the gift economy of patronage [electronic resource] / Phebe
   Lowell Bowditch.

PA6537 .B66 2002 EB                      2002
   Brill's companion to Ovid [electronic resource] / edited by Barbara Weiden
   Ovid and the Augustan milieu / Peter White -- Ovid's language and style /
   E.J. Kenney -- The Amores: the invention of Ovid / Barbara Weiden Boyd --
   The Heroides: elegiac voices / Peter E. Knox -- Praecepta amoris: Ovid's
   didactic elegy / Patricia Watson -- The Fasti: style, structure, and time
   / John F. Miller -- Ovid's Fasti: politics, history, and religion / Elaine
   Fantham -- Sources and genres in Ovid's Metamorphoses 1-5 / Alison Keith
   -- Narrative techniques and narrative structures in the Metamorphoses /
   Gianpiero Rosati -- The house of fame: Roman history and Augustan politics
   in Metamorphoses 11-15 / Garth Tissol -- Ovid's exilic poetry: worlds
   apart / Gareth Williams -- Siquid habent ueri uatum praesagia: Ovid in the
   1st-5th centuries A.D. / Michael Dewar -- Ovid in the Middle Ages: exile,
   mythographer, lover / Ralph Hexter -- Manuscript traditions and the
   transmission of Ovid's works / John Richmond.

PA6559 .R495 2002 EB                     2002
   Petronius and the anatomy of fiction [electronic resource] / Victoria

PA6804 .G4 G35 2000 EB                   2000
   Virgil on the nature of things [electronic resource] : the Georgics,
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   Poetry and philosophy in the Middle Ages [electronic resource] : a
   festschrift for Peter Dronke / edited by John Marenbon.

PB36 .D65 2001 EB                        2001
   Study skills for language students [electronic resource] : a practical
   guide / Sydney G. Donald and Pauline E. Kneale.

                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

PB38 .U6 F667 2000                       2000
   Foreign language standards of learning for Virginia public schools.

PC4115 .N57 2004 EB                      2004
   Complete Spanish grammar [electronic resource] / Gilda Nissenberg.

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   by Mariano Vel*azquez de la Cadena and Edward Gray and Juan L. Iribas ;
   prepared by Lexicon.

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   A handbook of Germanic etymology [electronic resource] / by Vladimir Orel.

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PE1074.5 .M49 2002 EB                    2002
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   A cultural history of the English language [electronic resource] / Gerry

PE1111 .B385 2004 EB                     2004
   When bad grammar happens to good people [electronic resource] : how to
   avoid common errors in English / Ann Batko ; edited by Edward Rosenheim.

PE 1112 .L86 2003                        2003
   The St. Martin's handbook / Andrea Lunsford ; with a section on academic
   and professional writing by Lisa Ede, a section for multilingual writers
   by Franklin E. Horowitz.

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   Computers and writing [electronic resource] : the cyborg era / James A.

PE1404 .L83 2004 EB                      2004
   Writing with, through, and beyond the text [electronic resource] : an
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   ecology of language / Rebecca Luce-Kapler.

PE1404 .W3 2004 EB                       2004
   Demythologizing language differences in the academy [electronic resource]
   : establishing discipline-based writing programs / Mark L. Waldo.

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   edited by Beverly J. Moss, Nels P. Highberg, Melissa Nicolas.

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   Writing clearly [electronic resource] : a self teaching guide / Dawn Sova.

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   Vocabulary improvement [electronic resource] : words made easy / Diana

PE1450 .T75 2004 EB                      2004
   Eats, shoots & leaves [electronic resource] : the zero tolerance approach
   to punctuation / Lynne Truss.
   Foreword / Frank McCourt -- Publisher's note -- Preface -- Introduction :
   the seventh sense -- The tractable apostrophe -- That'll do, comma -- Airs
   and graces -- Cutting a dash -- A little used punctuation mark -- Merely
   conventional signs -- Bibliography.

PE1464 H88 2004 EB                       2004
   The Hutchinson pocket dictionary of confusible words [electronic

PE1483 .M32 2004 EB                      2004
   Everyday letters for busy people [electronic resource] : hundreds of
   samples you can adapt at a moment's notice : invitations and resignations,
   complaints and condolences, e-mail and snail mail, and more / Debra Hart
   May and Regina McAloney.

PE1585 .P69 2004 EB                      2004
   The power of words [electronic resource] : unveiling the speaker and
   writer's hidden craft / David Kaufer ... [et al.] ; foreword by Todd

PE 1591 .R73 1977                        1977
   Roget's international thesaurus / revised by Robert L. Chapman.

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   Webster's New World dictionary of the American language / David B.
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   Webster's new practical school dictionary : a new dictionary for boys and
   girls / A Merriam-Webster.

PE2827 .W35 2004 EB                      2004
   The elephants of style [electronic resource] : a trunkload of tips on the
   big issues and gray areas of contemporary American English / Bill Walsh.

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   Using German synonyms [electronic resource] / Martin Durrell.

PG2997 .H56 2002 EB                      2002
   A history of women's writing in Russia [electronic resource] / edited by
   Adele Marie Barker and Jehanne M Gheith.
   Women's image in Russian medieval literature / Rosalind McKenzie --
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   Sappho, Corinna, and Niobe: genres and personae in Russian women's
   writing, 1760-1820 / Catriona Kelly -- The inexperienced muse: Russian
   women and poetry in the first half of the nineteenth century / Judith
   Vowles -- Women of the 1830s and 1850s: alternative periodizations /
   Jehanne Gheith -- "A particle of our soul": pre-Revolutionary
   autobiography by Russian women writers / Mary Zirin -- The women of
   Russian Montparnasse (Paris, 1920-1940) / Catherine Ciepiela -- Women in
   Russian symbolism: beyond the algebra of love / Jenifer Presto -- The
   eastern path of exile: Russian women's writing in China / Olga Bakich,
   Carol Ueland -- Realist prose writers, 1881-1929 / Rosalind Marsh -- Women
   and gender in post-symbolist poetry and the Stalin era / Katherine Hodgson
   -- Writing the female body politic (1945-1985) / Beth Holmgren -- In their
   own words? Soviet women writers and the search for self / Anna Krylova --
   Women's poetry since the sixties / Stephanie Sandler -- The persistence of
   memory: women's prose since the sixties / Adele Marie Barker --
   Perestroika and post Soviet prose: from dazzle to dispersal / Helena
PG3328 .Z6 C27 2002 EB                   2002
   The Cambridge companion to Dostoevskii [electronic resource] / edited by
   W.J. Leatherbarrow.
   Dostoevskii and the Russian folk heritage / Faith Wigzell -- Dostoevskii
   and literature: works of the 1840s / W.J. Leatherbarrow -- Dostoevskii as
   a professional writer / William Mills Todd, III -- Dostoevskii and money /
   Boris Christa -- Dostoevskii and psychology / Robert L. Belknap --
   Dostoevskii and religion / Malcolm V. Jones -- Dostoevskii and the family
   / Susanne Fusso -- Dostoevskii and science / Diane Oenning Thompson --
   Conclusion: reading Dostoevskii / Gary Saul Morson.

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   The world of Nabokov's stories [electronic resource] / Maxim D. Shrayer.

PG 7158 .M553 A23 2001                   2001
   To begin where I am : selected essays / edited and with an introduction by
   Bogdana Carpenter and Madeline G. Levine.
   Who was I? -- Notes on exile -- Happiness -- Dictionary of wilno streets
   -- After all -- Miss Anna and Miss Dora -- Journey to the west -- On Oscar
   Milosz -- The prioress -- Brognart: a story told over a drink -- Alpha the
   moralist -- Tiger -- Zygmunt Hertz -- Pity -- Letter to Jerzy Andrzejewski
   -- Speaking of a mammal -- Facing too large an expanse -- Religion and
   space -- Carmel -- To Robinson Jeffers -- Essay in which the author
   confesses that he is on the side of man, for lack of anything better --
   The importance of Simone Weil -- Shestov, or the purity of despair --
   Dostoevsky -- A philosopher -- Saligia -- If only this could be said --
   Why religion? -- Remembrance of a certain love -- A semi-private letter
   about poetry -- Ruins and poetry -- Anus mundi -- Against incomprehensible
   poetry -- Reflections on T.S. Eliot -- Robert Frost -- On Pasternak
   soberly -- Notes about Brodsky.

PJ1064 .C3 J3 2000 EB                    2000
   Howard Carter [electronic resource] : the path to Tutankhamun / T.G.H.

PJ1064 .W45 H36 2001 EB                  2001
   A passion for Egypt [electronic resource] : Arthur Weigall, Tutankhamun,
   and the "curse of the pharaohs" / Julie Hankey.

PJ1943 .A53 2001 EB                       2001
   Ancient Egyptian literature [electronic resource] : an anthology /
   translated by John L. Foster.
   Poems: Akhenaten's hymn to the sun -- Tale of the shipwrecked sailor --
   "Why, just now, must you question your heart" -- "I love you through the
                                 Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM

   daytimes" -- "My love is one and only" -- "Love, how I'd love to slip down
   to the pond" -- "Love of you is mixed deep in my vitals" -- "I think I'll
   go home and lie very still" -- Songs of the birdcatcher's daughter --
   Instruction for little Pepi on his way to school -- Longing for Memphis --
   "Oh, I'm bound downstream on the Memphis ferry" -- Rebuke addressed to a
   dissipated scribe -- Menna's lament -- Debate between a man tired of life
   and his soul -- Resurrection of King Unis -- Prayer to the King to rise up
   -- Hymn to the King as a primordial God -- Hymn to the King as a flash of
   lightning -- Hymn to the King as a star fading in the dawn -- Prophecy of
   Neferty -- Testament of Amenemhat -- Two spells -- Spell for causing the
   beloved to follow after -- Power from the four winds of heaven --
   Greatness of the King -- Prayer of King Ramesses II -- For a portrait of
   the Queen -- Hymn to Osiris -- Hymn to the Nile -- Hymn to the rising sun
   -- In praise of Amun -- Lament to Amun -- Tale of Sinuhe -- From the
   Leiden hymns -- Prayers of Pahery -- From the tomb of King Intef --
   Harper's song for Inherkhawy -- From the eloquent peasant -- Peasant's
   eighth complaint -- From the maxims of Ptahhotep -- Instruction for
   Merikare -- Wisdom of Amenemopet -- Immortality of writers.

PJ4013 .E38 2003 EB                      2003
   Sumerian grammar [electronic resource] / by Dietz Otto Edzard.

PJ6074 .D58 2000 EB                      2000
   Diversity in language [electronic resource] : contrastive studies in
   Arabic and English theoretical and applied linguistics / edited by Zeinab
   M. Ibrahim, Sabiha T. Aydelott, Nagwa Kassabgy.
   An opinion on the meanings of i*rab in classical Arabic : the state of the
   nominal sentence; summary in English / El-Said Badawi -- The syntax of
   colloquial Egyptian proverbs / Huda M.M. Ghali -- Understanding the Quran
   in English : notes on translation, form, and prophetic typology / Devin
   Stewart -- Relativization in English and Arabic : a bidirectional study /
   Nagwa Kassabgy and Mona Kamel Has*san -- The expression of futurity in the
   Arabic and English languages / Mohammad Al-Khawalda -- A sociolinguistic
   study on the use of color terminology in Egyptian colloquial and classical
   Arabic/ Jehan Allam -- The canons of Aristotelian rhetoric : their place
   in contrastive Arabic-English studies / Nancy G. Hottel-Burkhart --
   Metadiscourse in English and Arabic argumentative writing : a
   cross-linguistic study of texts written by American and Egyptian
   university students / Maha El-Seidi -- The impact of Arabic on ESL
   expository writing / Cynthia May Sheikholeslami and Nabila el-Taher
   Makhlouf -- Teaching "Form" in English verse to Arabic poetry readers /
   Loubna Abdel-Tawab Youssef -- Dialectical analysis of freshman writing
   students' attitudes toward American and British dialects / Christopher W.
   Horger -- The acquisition of the English copula by native speakers of
   Lebanese Arabic : a developmental perspective / Abdel-Hakeem Kasem --
   Categories of comprehension in argumentative discourse : a
   cross-linguistic study / Salwa A. Kamel.

PJ6611 .Z36 2002 EB                      2002
   A comparative lexical study of Qur**anic Arabic [electronic resource] / by
   Martin R. Zammit.

PJ7510 .H93 2000 EB                      2000
   The hybrid literary text [electronic resource] : Arab creative authors
   writing in foreign languages / [Editor: Ferial J. Ghazoul].

PJ7541 .S84 2004 EB                      2004
   Description in classical Arabic poetry [electronic resource] : wa*sf,
   ekphrasis, and interarts theory / by Akiko Motoyoshi Sumi.

PJ7755 .I18 Z68 2001 EB                  2001
   From Arab poet to Muslim saint [electronic resource] : Ibn al-F*ari*d, his
                                Inventory List

                Produced Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:09 AM
   verse, and his shrine / Th. Emil Homerin.

PK3791 .B252 Z62 2003 EB                 2003
   Design and rhetoric in a Sanskrit court epic [electronic resource] : the
   Kir*at*arjun*iya of Bh*aravi / Indira Viswanathan Peterson.

PK6495 .N3 A26 2001 EB                   2001
   Make a shield from wisdom [electronic resource] : selected verses from
   N*a*sir-i Khusraw's D*iv*an / translated and introduced by Annemarie

PL525.2 .B46 2001 EB                     2001
   A descriptive grammar of early Old Japanese prose [electronic resource] /
   by John R. Bentley.

PL 679 .S68 1996                         1996
   The Kanji dictionary / Mark Spahn, Wolfgang Hadamitzky, with Ku[i]miko
   Fujie-Winter = [Kanji jukugo jiten].

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   Modern Chinese [electronic resource] : history and sociolinguistics / Ping

PL1213 .C445 2000 EB                     2000
   Tone Sandhi [electronic resource] : patterns across Chinese dialects /
   Matthew Y. Chen.

PM7801 .H65 2000 EB                      2000
   An introduction to pidgin and creoles [electronic resource] / John Holm.

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   Fashion foundations [electronic resource] : early writings on fashion and
   dress / edited by Kim K.P. Johnson, Susan J. Torntore, and Joanne B.

PN56 .F46 R48 2003 EB                    2003
   The poethical wager [electronic resource] / Joan Retallack.

PN56 .H55 E48 2003 EB                    2003
   Traumatic encounters [electronic resource] : Holocaust representation and
   the Hegelian subject / Paul Eisenstein.

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   Poetics of the hive [electronic resource] : the insect metaphor in
   literature / Cristopher Hollingsworth.

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   Modernism and time [electronic resource] : the logic of abundance in
   literature, science, and culture, 1880-1930 / Ronald Schleifer.

PN56 .R6 F83 2004 EB                     2004
   Romance [electronic resource] / Barbara Fuchs.

PN57 .E68 V45 2000 EB                     2000
   The lieutenant nun [electronic resource] : transgenderism, lesbian desire
   & Catalina de Erauso / Sherry Velasco.
PN98 .E36 R67 2002 EB                    2002
   The greening of literary scholarship [electronic resource] : literature,
   theory, and the environment / edited by Steven Rosendale ; foreword by
   Scott Slovic.
   Introduction, Extending ecocriticism / Steven Rosendale -- Saving all the
                                Inventory List

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   pieces : the place of textual editing in ecocriticism / Michael P. Branch
   -- Le Page du Pratz's fabulous journey of discovery : learning about
   nature writing from a colonial promotional narrative / Gordon Sayre --
   Ecocriticism, new historicism, and romantic apostrophe / Helena Feder --
   In search of left ecology's usable past : The Jungle, social change, and
   the class character of environmental impairment / Steven Rosendale --
   Rivers, journeys, and the construction of place in nineteenth-century
   English literature / Alison Byerly -- Locating the uranium mine : place,
   multiethnicity, and environmental justice in Leslie Marmon Silko's
   Ceremony / James Tarter -- Landscape in drag : the paradox of feminine
   space in Susan Warner's The Wide, Wide World / Andrea Blair -- "Space is a
   frame we map ourselves in" : the feminist geographies of Susan Howe's
   Frame Structures / Eleanor Hersey -- Of whales and men : the dynamics of
   Cormac McCarthy's environmental imagination / James D. Lilley.
   Articulating the cyborg : an impure model for environmental revolution /
   Louis H. Palmer III -- Surveying the sublime : literary cartographers and
   the spirit of place / Rick Van Noy -- "Mont Blanc" : Shelley's sublime
   allegory of the real / Aaron Dunckel -- Vicarious edification : Radcliffe
   and the sublime / James Kirwan.

PN146 .K63 2004 EB                       2004
   A guide to publishing in scholarly communication journals [electronic
   resource] / by Mark L. Knapp and John A. Daly.

PN161 .B77 2004 EB                       2004
   Publishing confidential [electronic resource] : the insider's guide to
   what it really takes to land a nonfiction book deal / Paul B. Brown ; with
   illustrations by Britton Payne and snide editorial comments by Ellen
   An introduction of sorts -- "What do you have; why should I care?" Ask
   your potential publisher -- Making contact -- Market test : the second
   best answer is no -- Creating the proposal -- Trying to hold on to control
   -- You've finished the manuscript - Now what? -- Helping your publisher to
   help you -- Going your own way - nontraditional approaches to being
   published, or "Publisher? We don't need no stinkin' publisher."

PN167 .R63 2004 EB                       2004
   Scandals and scoundrels [electronic resource] : seven cases that shook the
   academy / Ron Robin.
   Introduction : scholarly scandals: why do they happen? -- Plagiarism and
   the demise of gatekeepers -- The noble lie : "arming America" and the
   right to bear arms -- "A self of many possibilities" : Joseph Ellis, the
   protean historian -- The ghost of Caliban : Derek Freeman and "the fateful
   hoaxing of Margaret Mead" -- Violent people and gentle savages : the
   Yanomami controversy -- The willful suspension of disbelief : Rigoberta
   Mench*u and the making of the Mayan holocaust -- Science fiction : Sokal's
   hoax and the "linguist left" -- What do the scandals mean?
PN173 .C33 W35 2003 EB                   2003
   George Campbell [electronic resource] : rhetoric in the Age of
   Enlightenment / Arthur E. Walzer.

PN187 .C65 2004 EB                       2004
   A companion to rhetoric and rhetorical criticism [electronic resource] /
   edited by Walter Jost and Wendy Olmsted.

PN212 .P75 2002 EB                       2002
   Narrative, religion, and science [electronic resource] : fundamentalism
   versus irony, 1700-1999 / Stephen Prickett.

PN212 .P86 2003 EB                       2003
   Narrative after deconstruction [electronic resource] / Daniel Punday.
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PN603 .L6813 2001 EB                     2001
   Romanticism against the tide of modernity [electronic resource] / Michael
   L*owry and Robert Sayre ; translated by Catherine Porter.

PN682 .M57 N53 2001 EB                   2001
   Love, war, and the Grail [electronic resource] / by Helen Nicholson.
   Includes genealogical charts of kings and noblemen associated with the
   search for the grail.

PN771 .M87 1999 EB                       1999
   Theorizing the avant-garde [electronic resource] : modernism,
   expressionism, and the problem of postmodernity / Richard Murphy.

PN849 .C3 M38 2004 EB                    2004
   El Caribe en su discurso literario [electronic resource] / por Ana
   Margarita Mateo Palmer, Luis *Alvarez *Alvarez.

PN1580 .M38 2004 EB                      2004
   Careers for the stagestruck & other dramatic types [electronic resource] /
   Lucia Mauro.

PN1992.2 .S63 2002 EB                    2002
   Small screens, big ideas [electronic resource] : television in the 1950s /
   edited by Janet Thumim.
   I've seen this one before : the construction of 'classic TV' on cable
   television / Derek Kompare -- Selling soap : post-war television soap
   opera and the American housewife / Kristen Hatch -- Study of a mad
   housewife : psychiatric discourse, the suburban home and the case of
   Gracie Allen / Allison McCracken -- Lessons from Uncle Miltie : ethnic
   masculinity and early television's vaudeo star / Susan Murray -- Nothin'
   could be finah : The Dinah Shore Chevy show / Lola Clare Bratten --
   Re-made for television : Hedy Lamarr's post-war star textuality / Diane
   Negra -- Maureen O'Hara's 'Confidential' life : recycling stars through
   gossip and moral biography / Mary Desjardins -- Matinee theater :
   difference, compromise and the 1950s daytime audience / Matthew Murray --
   The BBC and the birth of The Wednesday Play, 1962-66 : institutional
   containment versus 'agitational contemporaneity' / Madeleine
   MacMurraugh-Kavanagh -- Mystery and imagination : anatomy of a Gothic
   anthology series / Helen Wheatley -- Exploiting the intimate screen : The
   quartermass experiment, fantasy and the aesthetic potential of early
   television drama / Catherine Johnson -- This week in 1956 : the
   introduction of current affairs on ITV / Victoria Wegg-Prosser -- Women at
   work : popular drama on British television c1955-60 / Janet Thumim --
   Crackint open the set : television repair and tinkering with gender,
   1949-1955 / Lisa Parks.

PN1992.3 .I75 O74 2004 EB                2004
   Demon in the box [electronic resource] : Jews, Arabs, politics, and
   culture in the making of Israeli television / Tasha G. Oren.
   Pt. 1: Telespeculations: debating Israeli television ; 1. Mere glints and
   refractions: the uses