Earth is made of layers. The top layer is called the crust. It is

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Earth is made of layers. The top layer is called the crust. It is Powered By Docstoc
					Earth is made of layers. The top layer is called the crust. It is made of hard rock
and soil.

More than 70 percent of Earth’s crust is covered with water. Most of the water is
salt water in the ocean. Pieces of dry land called continents rise above the ocean.
The part of Earth’s crust under the ocean is called the seafloor.

Under the crust is a layer of partly melted rock called the mantle. Under the mantle
is Earth’s core. The core is mostly iron. The outer part of the core is liquid metal.
The inside of the core is solid metal. Scientists believe that the liquid metal makes
Earth a giant magnet and creates Earth’s magnetic field.

Earth’s crust is made of gigantic slabs of rock called plates that move over the
mantle. Plates crash together to make mountains. They pull apart and let red-hot
rock ooze up from inside Earth to make new crust.
      1) The earth __________ layers.

      a) is made up of
      b) consist of
      c) containing of

      2) The crust is the _________ layer of the earth.

          a) outermost
          b) innermost
          c) middle

      3) It one line one refers to ____________ .

          a) The top layer
          b) The crust
          c) Both a & b

      4) What is covered with water?

          a) The crust
          b) The mantle
          c) The core

      5) Salt water is __________ in the ocean.

    a) found
    b) situated
    c) located

6) A _________ part of the earth is under water.

    a) large
    b) small
    c) considerable

7) The _______ are on dry land.

    a) continents
    b) mantle
    c) core

8) Where is the seafloor?

    a) Under the ocean
    b) On top of the ocean
    c) In the mantle

9) The earth _________ three layers.

    a) consists of
    b) consist of
    c) consisting of

10) _________ the crust is the mantle.

    a) Below
    b) Over
    c) Behind

11) The core is _________ composed of iron.

    a) is largely
    b) considerably
    c) hardly

12) Liquid metal is found in the _________ of the core.

    a) exterior
    b) middle
    c) bottom

13) Inside the core is a __________ metal.

    a) solid
    b) liquid
    c) ocean

14) It seems the earth’s magnetic field is located in the _________ .

    a) core
    b) mantle
    c) ocean

15) Another name for a “gigantic slab of rock” is:

    a) plate
    b) plates
    c) layer

16) New crusts ____________ when red hot rocks ooze up from inside the earth.

    a) are created
    b) both a & c
    c) are formed

17) A suitable title for this passage is:

    a) What is the inside of the earth like?
    b) What is the inside of the crust like?
    c) The earth and the atmosphere.

18) _________ the earth is covered with water.

    a) Most of
    b) All of
    c) A small part of

19) One could conclude after reading this passage that human beings live on the _______ .

    a) crust
    b) mantle
    c) core

20) Seafloors are _______ the ocean.

    a) under
    b) over
    c) on the middle of

21) The mantle is _________ the crust and the core.

   a) between
   b) inside
   c) on

22) The red hot rocks form the __________ .

   a) mountains
   b) oceans
   c) seafloors

        B. Choose the best answers.
23) A house __________ walls, a roof, floors, doors, and windows.

     a) consists of

     b) contain

     c) include

24) A milk bottle __________ milk.

     a) contains

     b) include

     c) consists of

25) Compounds _________ carbon dioxide, sulphuric acid etc.

      a) contain

      b) include

      c) consist

26) Inorganic substances do not __________ carbon.

      a) include

      b) contain

      c) consist

27) The triangle is _____________ to the cylinder by the line.

     a) detached

     b) attached

     c) supported

28) The heart is __________ from the cylinder.

       a) joined

       b) supported

       c) detached

28) The roof _________ the walls.

     a) is supported

     b) is situated to

     c) is supported by

29) The blackboard ____________ the wall.

    a) fixed by

    b) fixed to

    c) fitted over

30) The road _____________ King Saud University to Manfuha.

   a) detached from

   b) leads from

   c) attached to

31) This bulb _________ a pear.

    a) detached from

    b) is shaped like

    c) leads from

32) A hammer __________ a head and a handle.

     a) is made up of

     b) consists of

     c) both a & b.

33) What is a hammer made of? It __________ metal and wood.

     a) shaped like

     b) made up of

     c) made of

34) His body __________ blood.

      a) divided into

      b) is surrounded with

      c) is covered with

35) The room _____________ flies.

       a) made of

       b) divided into

       c) is filled with


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