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                                                      L         OGISTICS NEWS

                                                                              ISSUE 3 * JUNE 2007

    Dear Reader,

    Welcome once again to yet another issue of the quarterly e-newsletter brought to you by Multi-
    Trans Group of Companies. We have recently given it a new look & feel to our newsletter. What’s
    more, it is now officially known as Logistics News.

    In this edition, we wish to bring you updates on our current projects. And, in our aim to mould a
    useful workforce able to contribute to the country’s growth, we believe that “all work and no play can
    make Jack a dull boy”. Hence, in each issue of our Newsletter, we have a section dedicated to
    Events & Happenings.

    Other important highlights would be the set-up of new international offices in Thailand, Singapore,
    Vietnam and Shanghai coming real SOON…

    Enjoy this issue of Logistics   News.

    Tan Ah Seng
    Managing Director

                               1       Foreword by MD
                               2       MG3 Project – Transportation of Reactors
                                       From Port Klang to PETRONAS site in Melaka
                               3       Songkhla Project
                               4       Titan Project
                               5       Quarterly makan-makan with staff
                               5       ISO9001:2000 Audit for Multi-Trans
Advisor:                       5       WOU STRIKE!! Bowling session with Tepat Teknik
Tan Ah Seng                    6       In-house training sessions for staff
Editorial Team:                7       New faces of Multi-Trans Group of Companies
Lim Ling Ling                  8       Our Development & Expansion Activities
Jesslyn Soh
                               8       Focus: Our Service at a Glance
                                                                    PROJECT RUNDOWN
MG3 Project – Transportation of Reactors from Port Klang to PETRONAS site in

  For the MG3 project, Megalift Sdn Bhd transported 3 Reactors: Reactor R1901 weighing 479tons,
  measuring (L) 32.07m x (W) 4.06m x (H) 4.38m in dimension; Reactor R1902 weighing 318tons,
  measuring (L) 28.97m x (W) 3.75m x (H) 4.35m and Reactor R1903 weighing 188.3tons, measuring (L)
  20.83m x (W) 3.70m x (H) 4.31m which is to be used in a PETRONAS site in Melaka.

  Megalift’s job scope was to directly receive the cargoes (delivered from the fabrication yard in Japan)wah
  from the MV Lena vessel onto a suitable barge measuring 230ft x 64ft x 14ft after which the barge then
  sailed to Sungai Udang Port in Melaka, where Megalift operations team covered the scope of
  transportation of the cargoes from the jetty to the jack down site, which was about 1km away.

  The job was carried out utilizing 36 axles of multi-axle trailer configured to a 16 axle side-by-side, a 16 axle
  & 20 axle. Also required during the operation was a 1,000hp tug to assist the barge to enter the Petronas

  The whole intricate process took approximately two weeks to complete.

                                                                   PROJECT RUNDOWN
2 x 700MW Cycle Power Plant, Songkhla, Thailand

For the Songkhla Power Plant Project, Megalift was responsible for handling of the critical and heavy units
which consist of the Gas Turbine Generators, Steam Turbine Generator, Gas turbines and Steam Turbine (6
units in total). The scope of work was to receive the heavy units onto barge at port of discharge, barging from
port of discharge to private jetty, roll off the heavy units from barge, temporary storage at private jetty, delivery
to Songkhla Power Plant site (located some 35km away from jetty) and finally offloading and installation onto
foundation (for gas turbine generator units).

The generator units (3 units) weighing 318tons each were first delivered to Thailand via ocean vessel “M/V
Wiebke” and discharged at Songkhla Port using vessel’s own derrick crane directly onto barge positioned
alongside ocean vessel. After receiving and sea fastening, the barge was sailed off to a private jetty (MPP
Jetty) located about 5km away from port of discharge. At MPP jetty, roro operation was performed to
discharge the generator units. Megalift’s Goldhofer hydraulic multi-axle trailer with configuration of 12axle x
4files (24axles in total) were used for the roll off operation. Once rolled off, the generator units were jacked
down onto stools for temporary storage at MPP jetty pending final delivery instruction by client.

For the turbine units which consist of Gas turbines (2 units) weighing 310tons each and Steam Turbine (1 unit)
weighing 140tons, they were delivered to Thailand via ocean vessel “M/V Pangani” and discharged at
Songkhla Port using vessel’s own derrick crane directly onto barge positioned alongside ocean vessel. After
receiving and sea fastening, the barge was also sailed off to MPP jetty for discharging using roro method.

Megalift’s Goldhofer hydraulic multi-axle trailer with configuration of 12axle x 4files (24axles in total) were used
for the roll off operation of the Gas Turbines while the Steam turbine was rolled off using a 12axles x 2files.
For offloading of the gas turbines at MPP jetty for temporary storage, Megalift’s hydraulic gantry lifting systems
with a capacity of 800tons were used.

For delivery to site, the same hydraulic trailer configuration was used to load and deliver the cargoes.
Transportation was done during night time with army escorts and traveling a distance of about 35km.
Transportation took about 7-8hours with traveling speed of about 5km/h.

Once arrived at site, the cargo was offloaded using in-site overhead crane system to their respective
foundations except for the gas turbine generators.

The gas turbine generators were offloaded by means of jacking and skidding method. The hydraulic trailer was
parked in front of the generator foundation and the generator unit was jacked up on trailer to foundation height
of about 2m and finally skidded to foundation using hydraulic dragon skidding system. Then it was aligned and
jacked down onto its respective foundation.

The heavy units were delivered unit by unit continuously and took about 1 month to complete including
installation works. Aside from that, Megalift was also given the responsibility of assembly and skidding to
foundation of 2 units Condenser weighing 207tons each and also skidding to foundation of 1 unit Transformer
weighing 190tons at Songkhla Power Plant site.

                                                                  PROJECT RUNDOWN
Titan Butadine & Propylene Plant

 Megalift was engaged by ABX logistics and Kontena Nasional to perform the heavylift for the above project
 consisting of 8 pieces of heavy and over length cargoes

 The longest cargoes was the Rectifier/Afterwasher column with length of 83m and weighed 143 MT. The
                                                                       st                                nd
 cargoes were divided into 2 separate shipments, 3 units on the 1 shipment and 5 units on the 2
 shipment. All cargoes were fabricated in China and were sent by heavylift vessel to Pasir Gudang port.
 Megalift’s scope of work was to receive the cargoes directly from vessel at Pasir Gudang Port and
 transport them safely to Titan Butadine & Propylene Plant, located a only a few kilometers away from Pasir
 Gudang port.

 For receiving and transportation of these heavy and over length cargoes, Megalift utilized 1 set of 6 bolster
 8 multi-axle trailers. One set of trailers was used to receive the cargoes at port and later transported to site
 1 unit at a time.

 Transportation was carried out during the daytime for safety purpose and we engaged the services of
 Pasir Gudang Police force to escort the cargo and control traffic during the transport operation. Before we
 could transport the cargo, a lot of obstruction along the route had to taken out, such as traffic lights, lamp
 post, signboards, trees, etc. For removal of all these obstructions, we engaged the local town council to
 get their approval and also assistance to temporarily remove all obstruction along the transport route.

 Transport of these overlength cargoes from Pasir Gudang port to Titan site took approximately 2 hours
 with traveling speed not more than 5 km/h, about the same as walking pace.

 Upon arrival at site, the cargoes were offloaded onto temporary supports using the trailers self-jacking
 system and later to be erected by a 800 MT ringer crane. Overall the project was carried out successfully
 without any mishaps or accident and to the satisfaction of the client.

                                                                 EVENTS & HAPPENINGS
Quarterly makan-makan to forge closer relationship among the
Multi-Trans & Megalift family

To usher in the New Year, the staff of Multi-Trans Group of Companies were treated to a quarterly
party, held at the parking area behind the Multi-Trans office in Port Klang. The weather was fabulous,
the food was mouth-watering, the view wasn’t too bad but most importantly the occasion provided the
opportunity for the management to mingle with the staff. Realizing that the staff needed some
relaxation time apart from their daily work, the little party provided an avenue for the staff to unwind
and relax.     Sumptuous food & drinks were served. While many were contented with the fried
noodles, rice, sambal prawns and other varieties, some can be spotted biting happily on their sticks of
satay and holding onto cans of beer, while chatting away.

Mr. Tan Ah Seng, the MD can be seen mingling with his staff and can be heard asking if the food was
good and more such parties should be held more often. Many can be heard shyly answering, “Sedap,
sedap!”. The bolder & more sporting ones even suggested karaoke for future sessions. That definitely
got the crowd excited, suggesting for a karaoke set, a stage & suitable lightings to set the mood.

So, we’ll definitely be looking forward to the next “makan-makan” session, this time to be
accompanied by the crooning of Cliff Richard & Tina Turner wannabes!

ISO9001:2000 Audit For Multi-Trans > > > > 10 January 2007

The ISO9001:2000 audit on Multi-Trans was carried out by an auditor from Lloyd’s Register Quality
Assurance Limited. The auditor, Ms. Chong Su Ching carried out the audit on the areas such as Sea
Freight and Forwarding Operations in Port Klang.

In line with the Multi-Trans Quality Policy, the Assistant Manager of Quality Assurance, Michael Tee
highlighted, “In order to continue improving on the effectiveness of the Quality Management System,
there is a serious need to understand, accept and meet our customers’ requirements continuously.”
He further added, “Lets all aim to make quality our way of life by doing right every time”.

WOU STRIKE!! Bowling session with Tepat Teknik>>>> 24 May 2007

The sales team of Megalift organized a friendly bowling match with their client, Tepat Teknik Sdn Bhd,
at the 24-lanes, Golden Bowl, in Klang Parade shopping complex. Each player played 2 games each.
At the end of the evening, the bowling match not only provided the opportunity to unwind and relax
after a hard day’s work, but it also provided ample opportunity for closer ties between Megalift and the
client to be strengthened!

                                                                                       NEW ADDITION
 Let’s give a warm welcome to the latest addition to the Multi-Trans Group of Companies family!

      Leylawathi Joremi         Khairulniza Haris                  Agilavani                    Wang Yin Yin
      Secretary/Business           EDI Clerk                      Rajalingam                  Accounts Executive
           Analyst                                                Coordinator

     Prachak Rattanakul            Ling Shiao Yuen            Rohini A/P Ganesh              M. Malathi A/P
         AUTOCAD                   Accounts Assistant         Accounts Assistant               Muthusamy
        Draughtsman                                                                         Accounts Assistant

                                                    Banu Priyaa                 Mohd Faizul B.
                   Malar A/P Vijayarajah            A/P Rajaram                  Mohd Johari
                    Office Coordinator               EDI Clerk                     Rigger

                                Sakthivellu A/L Muniandy – Low Loader Driver
                                Velayutham A/L Kuppusamy – Lorry Driver
                                Mohd Azizul B. Shahruddin – Despatch Clerk

“Whatever your job in the Company may be, I hope that you recognize the importance of your
contribution as a part of the whole business entity, and that you quickly will come to feel to be a
part of the Multi-Trans Group of Companies family. I welcome you, and in doing so, I hope to see
you contributing your tireless effort to the development Company as well as to your own personal
                                                                                Tan Ah Seng
                                                                               Managing Director

                                                                     STAFF DEVELOPMENT
In-House training for staff

Training has always been an integral part of Multi-Trans Group of Companies operation, as a means to
develop the employees’ career path. Training sessions, especially those carried out in-house provides
employees the opportunity to mingle and at the same time reap the benefits of training, gradually molding
them to be more disciplined, pro-active and creating the “ideal” employee.

Under the guidance of Mike Tee, the Assistant QA Manager, the training planned out for the months of
March – May 2007 are:

1 & 3 March             Understanding Various PC Software

2 & 9 March
7 & 21 April            ISO Awareness, IQA & Data Analysis

3 & 10 March            Troubleshooting & Set-up of New PC

5 & 19 April            Using Microsoft Word Level 1
10 & 17 May

6 & 20 April            Using Microsoft Excel Level 1
11 & 18 May

12 & 19 May             Understanding Open Office & Mozilla Thunderbird

                                     OUR DEVELOPMENT & EXPANSION
In our aim to bring better services to our customers, we are expanding our network to more
overseas countries for wider network and coverage. Do look out for our new braches in the
following countries, coming to you real SOON…

        Thailand
        Vietnam
        Singapore
        Shanghai

                                          FOCUS: OUR SERVICE AT A GLANCE

Customs Clearance & Tax Consultancies
Multi-Trans is the leading customs broker in Malaysia. We are linked with the Customs, carriers,
terminal operators and clients through our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and computer
networked communication.

We assist clients in application for tax exemption, duty refund/ drawback and we provide related
advisory services.

Our intimate documentation knowledge of customs procedure, tariff codes, interpretation and our
close working relationship with authorities ensure correct compliance, fastest clearance by reducing
red tapes and cutting through unnecessary bureaucracies to protect clients' financial interest.
In many cases we can even obtain advance clearance and take delivery from the ship direct to cut
cost and delay.

                                  Our Domestic Network:
        Penang ● Lumut ● Kerteh ● Kemaman ● Kuantan ● Port of Tanjung Pelepas ● Pasir
             Gudang ● Port Klang ● Kota Kinabalu ● Sandakan ● Bintulu ● Kuching

Tel: +60(3) 3168 9611 Fax: +60(3) 3168 1669        Tel: +60(3) 3168 9611 Fax: +60(3) 3168 1669
Email: enquiries@multi-trans.com.my                Email: enquiries@megalift.com.my
Website: www.multi-trans.com.my                    Website: www.megalift.com.my

                                     HEAD OFFICE
          197 & 199 Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, 42000 Port Klang, SELANGOR D.E.

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