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Long listing

Short listing

                Step 1
                Rate source quality on a scale of 1 - 3
                (3 = High; 2 = Medium; 1 = Low/unkown)
                Provide a justification for your rating in the column provided

                Step 2
                Rate methodology on a scale of 1 - 3

                Step 3
                Rate relevance to RQs 2 - 5 on a scale of 1 – 3
                (3 = highly relevant/answers the question; 1 = not relevant/does not answer the question).

                Step 4
Mopping up
Use RQ1 as basis for long listing

RQ 1: What are the public’s views on emerging food technologies?

Step 1
Are public views on food tech mentioned in title or abstract?
Yes 
1a. Is it later than 1999 and in English and not a newspaper article?

Yes  Include in long list
No  Exclude from long list
Maybe/indirectly  Go to Q2.

Step 2
Does a quick scan of the conclusions show that the article refers to public views on food tech?
Yes  Include in long list
No  exclude from long list

There is a space for qualitative judgements about whether (and why) a paper should be shortlisted in
the final column

Use RQs 1 - 6, source and method quality as basis for shortlisting

RQ1:   What are the public's views on emerging food technologies?
RQ2:   Do views differ depending on type of technology?
RQ3:   What shapes the public’s views?
RQ4:   Do different types of people hold different views?
RQ5:   How do views affect food choices/behaviour?
RQ6:   How have views changed over time?

Do a quick scan of the introduction, methodology and conclusions to complete the following steps
(5 mins max).

Step 1
Rate source quality on a scale of 1 - 3
(3 = High; 2 = Medium; 1 = Low/unkown)
Provide a justification for your rating in the column provided

Step 2
Rate methodology on a scale of 1 - 3
(3 = primary research, clear and reasoned sampling and research design; 2 = primary research,
limited sample size; 1= no primary research, comment)

Step 3
Rate relevance to RQs 2 - 5 on a scale of 1 – 3
(3 = highly relevant/answers the question; 1 = not relevant/does not answer the question).

Step 4
Using qualitative judgement and quantitative scoring, select the top articles from each of the seven
areas (Novel food processes, Nanotechnology, Food irradiation, GM food, Animal cloning, Functional
foods, Synthetic biology)

Step 5
Check that articles that scored a 3 for any RQ AND a 3 for methodology are included. Up to 20 more
articles from any category may be included at this stage. If there are more than 20, select the
highest scoring.

Step 1
Review 2 recent Evidence Reviews in each area and follow up any missing relevant references (i.e.
another 14 papers).

Step 2
Use phone calls to key individuals to find out what the professionals perceive to be the most
influential reports, and ensure that these are included in the short list.

Step 3

Scan titles abstracts on the long list to see if there is anything that in retrospect ought to be read.

If a particular article does not score highly but we feel that it should nevertheless be included in the shortlist, we w
Note that there is no limit to the number of articles; this stage is limited only by time available

FSA exclusion criteria

Approx 100 articles
Read NatCen 'Reviewing policy' document for what to look for in a methodology

Note that research questions 2 - 6 are also an overarching analytical question that will be answered by cross comp
e included in the shortlist, we will record our rationale for including it in the comments section.
nly by time available

tion that will be answered by cross comparison of research from different areas. However, they are also questions that may be answe
they are also questions that may be answered in individual pieces in relation to a specific technology or technologies)
technology or technologies)
 Technology/ies       Full citation                          Title                         Year

                                      Food Biotechnology: A Study of U.S.                  2007
Animal cloning                        Consumer Attitudinal Trends, 2007 REPORT
                     Storey           Consumers‘ Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and        2006
Animal cloning                        Purchase Intent Regarding Foods from the
                     Hallman, W. K., Public Opinion and Media Coverage of Animal           2006
Animal cloning       & Condry, S. C., Cloning and the Food Supply: Executive
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Animal cloning       Richards         Consumer Response When Meat and Milk
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Animal cloning                        In The European Union
                     Einsiedel, E.F.  Cloning and its discontents                          2000
Animal cloning       (2000). Cloning
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Animal cloning       man descended public debate on cloning in the Italian press
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Animal cloning       public opinion
                     COI/FSA          Animal cloning and its implications for the          2008
Animal cloning                        food chain - findings from research amongst
                                      Cloning, transgenic food and public opinion in       2007
Animal cloning                        Spain
                                      Consumer Attitudes toward Milk Products
Animal cloning                        Produced from Cloned Cows
                     FSA highlights FSA highlights consumers' concerns about
Animal cloning       consumers'       animal cloning
                                      Gallup polls on cloning                              2001-
Animal cloning                                                                             2005
                     Gaskell            Consumer perceptions of food products from         2007
Animal cloning                          cloned animals: A social scientific perspective
                     DCBRA              Public perceptions of farm animal cloning in      There is
Animal cloning                          Europe                                            no date
                     Einseidel          Public perceptions of transgenic animals           2005
Animal cloning
                                    Cloned Food: What it Means to Eat Meat and             2008
Animal cloning                      Dairy from Cloned Animals
                                    EFSA draft opinion on animal cloning and food          2008
Animal cloning                      safety
                     European group EU group on ethics in new science and                  2008
Animal cloning       on ethics in   technologies report on ethical aspects of
                     Eurobarometer Europeans' attitudes towards animal cloning             2008
Animal cloning
                     Hossain, F. and Product attributes and consumer acceptance            2004
                     Onyango, B.     of nutritionally enhanced genetically modified
GM and biotechFunctional foodsProduct
                     (2004)          foods
                     Hallman, W. K., Public perceptions of GM food: a national             2003
GM and biotech       Hebden, W. C.,  study of American Knowledge and opinion
                                     Irish public perceptions and attitudes to             2001
GM and biotech                       modern biotechnology: an overview with a
                     Mika, S. (2005) Britons Show Distaste for Biotech Foods               2005
GM and biotech       Britons show
                     Gaskell, G.,    Biotechnology and the European public                 2000
GM and biotech       Allum, N.,
                                 Consumers And GM Food Labels: Providing           2000
GM and biotech                   Information Or Sowing Confusion?
                                 Do Consumers Really Refuse To Buy                 2004
GM and biotech                   Genetically Modified Food?
                                 Effect of information about benefits of           2004
GM and biotech                   biotechnology on consumer acceptance of
                                 Perception of gene technology, and food risks:    2003
GM and biotech                   results of a survey in Switzerland
                                 Current issues in the understanding of            2002
GM and biotech                   consumer food choice
                                 Impact of BSE on attitudes to GM food             2001
GM and biotech
                                 The safety and social acceptance of novel         1999
GM and biotech                   foods
                                 Safety Assessment and Public Concern for          2002
GM and biotech                   Genetically Modified Food Products: The
                 da Costa, M.C., Non conventional technologies and impact on       2000
GM and biotech   Deliza, R.,     consumer behavior
                                 Exploring and modelling consumer attitudes        2003
GM and biotech                   towards genetically modified food
                                 The Importance of Brand, Product Information      1999
GM and biotech                   and Manufacturing Process in the
                                 Attitudes and intentions towards purchasing       2002
GM and biotech                   GM food
                                 Consumer beliefs and attitude towards             2003
GM and biotech                   genetically modified food: Basis for
                 Saba, A and     Consumer attitudes toward the use of gene         2002
GM and biotech   Vassallo, M.    technology in tomato production
                                 Focus Group Reactions to Genetically Modified     2002
GM and biotech                   Food Labels
                                 Seeds, food and trade wars: Public opinion        2004
GM and biotech                   and policy responses in the USA and Europe
                 Townsend, E.    Psychological Determinants of Willingness to      2004
GM and biotech   and Campbell, Taste and Purchase Genetically Modified Food
                                 Examining Consumer Behavior Toward                2006
GM and biotech                   Genetically Modified (GM) Food in Britain
                                 GM foods and the misperception of risk            2004
GM and biotech                   perception
                                 An integrated research framework to               2008
GM and biotech                   understand consumer attitudes and purchase
                                 Why preferences change: Beliefs become            2006
GM and biotech                   more salient through provided (genomics)
                                 "Words of mass destruction": British              2006
GM and biotech                   newspaper coverage of the genetically
                                 A conjoint/logit analysis of consumers'           2007
GM and biotech                   responses to genetically modified tofu in
                                 A continuum of consumer attitudes toward          2006
GM and biotech                   genetically modified foods in the United States
                                 A new approach to elicit consumers                2005
GM and biotech                   willingness to purchase genetically modified
                                 A study of human behaviour in Hungary             2008
GM and biotech
                                 Acceptability of genetically modified maize by    2008
GM and biotech                   young people
                                 Acceptance by Irish consumers of a                2005
GM and biotech                   hypothetical GM dairy spread that reduces
                                  Acceptance of genetically modified foods: The     2008
GM and biotech                    relation between technology and evaluation
                                  Actual media reports on GM foods and Chinese      2006
GM and biotech                    consumers' willingness to pay for GM soybean
                                  Animals in their nature: a case study of public   2004
GM and biotech                    attitudes on animals, genetic modification and
                                  Are Feelings of Genetically Modified Food         2008
GM and biotech                    Politically Driven?
                                  Are perceptions of 'risks' and 'benefits' of      2007
GM and biotech                    genetically modified food (in)dependent?
                                  Attitudes towards genetically modified and        2006
GM and biotech                    organic foods
                                  Australian consumers' antecedents of attitudes    2006
GM and biotech                    towards foods produced by novel techniques.
                                  Australian consumers' preferences for             2008
GM and biotech                    conventional and novel sources of long chain
                                  Awareness, acceptance of and willingness to       2006
GM and biotech                    buy genetically modified foods in Urban China
                                  Categorizing genetically modified food            2007
GM and biotech                    products - Effects of labelling on information
                                  co-existence consultation - support for           2004
GM and biotech                    workshops - CB02038
                                  Comparative advantage in demand:                  2006
GM and biotech                    Experimental evidence of preferences for
                                  Consensus conferences - A case study:             2007
GM and biotech                    Publiforum in Switzerland with special respect
                 Costa-Font, M,   Consumer acceptance, valuation of and             2008
GM and biotech   Gil, J. and      attitudes towards genetically modified food:
                                  Consumer Attitudes toward GM Food and             2008
GM and biotech                    Pesticide Residues in India
                                  Consumer attitudes toward issues in food          2008
GM and biotech                    safety.
                                  Consumer responses to communication about         2008
GM and biotech                    food risk management
                 Rigby, D,        Consumer williness to pay to reduce GMO's in      2004
GM and biotech   Young, T and     food and increase the robustness of GM
                                  Consumer willingness to pay for genetically       2008
GM and biotech                    modified food in Kenya
                                  Consumers' images regarding genomics as a         2008
GM and biotech                    tomato breeding technology: "maybe it can
                                  GM Crops, The Farmers Perspective                 2007
GM and biotech
                                  Determinants of consumer attitudes and           2007
GM and biotech                    purchase intentions with regard to genetically
                                  Do People really care about GM Food Risks? A     2004
GM and biotech                    latent State -Trait Model to differentiate
                                  Effects of information from sources in conflict  2006
GM and biotech                    and in consensus on perceptions of genetically
                                  Environmental Concerns boost support for GM      2007
GM and biotech                    crops
                                  Estimate consumer willingness to pay for         2003
GM and biotech                    reducing or eliminating GM products or
                                  Factors Influencing Urban Consumers'             2007
GM and biotech                    Acceptance of Genetically Modified Foods
                                  Farmers‘ Understandings of Genetically           Study
GM and biotech                    Modified Crops within Local Communities         complet
                                 GM food and neophobia: connecting with the       2008
GM and biotech                   gatekeepers of consumer choice
                                 Genetically modified crops and country image     2005
GM and biotech                   of food exporting countries
                                 Genetically Modified Food in the Eyes of the     2008
GM and biotech                   Public and Experts
                                 Genetically modified food labeling: The          2007
GM and biotech                   impacts of message and messenger on
                                 Genetically modified food market participation   2006
GM and biotech                   and consumer risk perceptions: A cross-
                                 Genomic Science, emerging public opinion         2004
GM and biotech
                                 How different are GM food accepters and          2008
GM and biotech                   rejecters really? A means-end chains
                                 Implicit attitudes towards genetically modified  2006
GM and biotech                   (GM) foods: A comparison of context-free and
                                 Inside or Outside the Bio-Science Tent?: The     Study
GM and biotech                   presentation of the laboratory-self             complet
                                 Intuitive and explicit reactions towards "new"   2008
GM and biotech                   food technologies: attitude strength and
                                 Irish consumer acceptance of a hypothetical      2006
GM and biotech                   second-generation GM yogurt product
                                 Knowledge and acceptance of genetically          2006
GM and biotech                   modified foodstuffs in Hungary.
                                 More people likely to accept nano than GM,       2008
GM and biotech                   say researchers
                 COI (2007) GM Omnibus Research Report                            2007
GM and biotech   Omnibus
                                 Perceptions of the risks and benefits of         2006
GM and biotech                   genetically-modified foods and their influence
                                 Potential market segments for genetically        2007
GM and biotech                   modified food: Results from cluster analysis
                                 Predictors of Australian consumers' intentions   2008
GM and biotech                   to consume conventional and novel sources of
                                 Process versus product: which determines         2005
GM and biotech                   consumer demand for genetically modified
                                 Public attitudes towards genetically-modified    2005
GM and biotech                   food
                 Cormick, C      Public Attitudes towards GM Crops and Food       2008
GM and biotech   (2007). "Public
                                 Public awareness and perception of genetically 2006
GM and biotech                   modified/engineered foods in Trinidad, West
                                 Public perception of genetic engineering and     2007
GM and biotech                   the choice to purchase genetically modified
                                 Public reactions to information about            2007
GM and biotech                   genetically engineered foods: effects of
                                 Slovenian public opinion regarding genetically   2008
GM and biotech                   modified organisms in winemaking
                                 Spanish Consumers' Attitudes and                 2007
GM and biotech                   Acceptability towards GM Food Products
                 Chen, Mei-Fang The consumer's attitude toward genetically        2007
GM and biotech   and Li, Hsiao-  modified foods in Taiwan
                                 The effect of consumer risk perceptions on the 2007
GM and biotech                   propensity to purchase genetically modified
                                 The FSA's contribution to the public dialogue:   2003
GM and biotech                   consumer views of GM food
                                Public attitudes to GM - note on qual research       2003
GM and biotech                  related to above
                                Understanding public responses to genetic            2005
GM and biotech                  engineering through exploring intentions to
                 DE LIVER Yaël; Unpacking attitudes towards genetically              2005
GM and biotech   VAN DER PLIGT modified food
                                US consumers' knowledge of GM foods                  2006
GM and biotech
                                    Willingness to pay (WTP) a premium for non-      2007
GM and biotech                      GM foods versus willingness to accept (WTA) a
                                    Attitudes of European citizens to the            2008
GM and biotech                      environment with special focus section on GM
                                    Weighing up the costs and benefits of GM.        2003
GM and biotech                      Cabinet office report
                                    Food and the relation between values and         2005
GM and biotech                      attitude characteristics
                                    Perceived naturalness and acceptance of          2005
GM and biotech                      genetically modified food
                 Blaine et al,      Acceptance of genetically modified food:         2006
GM and biotech   2002               comparing consumer perspectives in the
                                    ANIMALS AND BIOTECHNOLOGY                        2002
GM and biotech
                                    Gender theories and risk perception: a           Study
GM and biotech                      secondary analysis                              complet
                                    Genetically Modified Language                    2004
GM and biotech
                                  How can genetically modified foods be made         2004
GM and biotech                    publicy acceptable?
                                  Is biotechnology a victim of anti-science bias     2008
GM and biotech                    in scientific journals?
                                  Knowledge, attitudes towards and                   2008
GM and biotech                    acceptability of genetic modification in
                                  Public approval of plant and animal               2008
GM and biotech                    biotechnology in South Korea: An ordered          vol 24
                 Stewart, Patrick Public opinion toward the first, second, and      2005
GM and biotech   and McLean,      third generations of plant biotechnology
                                  Public perceptions of agricultural                 2007
GM and biotech                    biotechnology in Britain: the case of GM food
                                  Changing attitudes to biotechnology in Japan       2000
GM and biotech
                 Ng, M.C.,           Attitudes of the Public and Scientists to       2000
GM and biotech   Takeda, C.,        Biotechnology in Japan at the start of 2000
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GM and biotech   Allum, N.,         opinion 1991-2002.
                 Alison Shaw …      "It just goes against the grain." Public         2002
GM and biotech   Public             understandings of genetically modified (GM)
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GM and biotech   Hanssen, N.        genetically modified food in the Netherlands
                 J. Gutteling       Biotechnology in the Netherlands: controversy    2002
GM and biotech                      or
                                    Consumer response to functional foods            2004
GM and biotech                      produced by conventional, organic, or genetic
                                    Four questions on European consumers‘            2003
GM and biotech                      attitudes toward the use of genetic
                                    Consumer acceptance of nutritionally             2004
GM and biotech                      enhanced genetically modified food: relevance
                                Enhanced GM foods: Are consumers ready to         2005
GM and biotech                  pay for the potential benefits of
                                UNDERSTANDING CONSUMER PERCEPTIONS                2002
GM and biotech                  OF FERMENTED YOGHURT PRODUCTS USING
                                BC Public Affairs Omnibus Survey for              2006
GM and biotech                  Greenpeace
                                UK CONSUMERS, REGULATION AND THE                  2004
GM and biotech                  MARKET FOR GM FOOD
                 Department for GM Nation? The findings of the public debate
GM and biotech   Trade and
                                Consumer views of GM food                         1999
GM and biotech
                                 Ambivalent GM nation                             2003
GM and biotech
                                 Perceptions, attitudes and ethical valuations:   2000
GM and biotech                   The ambivalence of the public image of
                                 The "Trust Gap" Hypothesis: Predicting           2003
GM and biotech                   Support for Biotechnology Across National
                                 The Risks and Benefits of Agricultural           2001
GM and biotech                   Biotechnology - Can Scientific and Public Talk
                                 Public Perceptions of Biotechnology              2006
GM and biotech
                                 Expert and Public Perception of Risk from        2004
GM and biotech                   Biotechnology
                                 The media and public opinion on genetics and     2005
GM and biotech                   biotechnology: mirrors, windows, or walls?
                                 Attitudes to biotechnology: estimating the       2005
GM and biotech                   opinions of a better-informed public
                                 Culture and Technological Innovation: Impact     2007
GM and biotech                   of Institutional Trust and Appreciation of
                                 Biotechnology, media and public opinion          2004
GM and biotech                   across national boundaries
                                 Deference to Scientific Authority Among a Low    2006
GM and biotech                   Information Public: Understanding U.S.
                 Rimal, Arbindra Agro-biotechnology and organic food purchase     2005
GM and biotech   P; Moon,        in the United Kingdom
                                 But what do they really think? Identifying       2007
GM and biotech                   consumers values relevant to adopting
                                 Marketing biotech Soybeans with functional       2006
GM and biotech                   health attributes
                                 Opportunities for biotechnology and policy       2007
GM and biotech                   regarding mycotoxin issues in international
                                 Consumer attitudes toward biotech foods in       2006
GM and biotech                   China.
                 Hoban, Thomas. Public Attitudes towards Agricultural             2004
GM and biotech   (2004). Public  Biotechnology
                 Hossain, F.,    Consumer Acceptance of Food Biotechnology:       2002
GM and biotech   Onyango, B.,    Willingness to Buy Genetically Modified Food
                                 Consumer Response to Genetically Modified        2001
GM and biotech                   Foods: Market Segment Analysis and
                                 Can health benefits break down Nordic            2000
GM and biotech                   consumers‘ rejection of genetically
                                 Consumer Acceptance and Willingness to Pay       2002
GM and biotech                   for Genetically Modified Vegetable Oil and
                                 Ambivalent' individual preferences towards       2005
GM and biotech                   biotechnology in the European Union:
                                 Food and values: an examination of values         2005
GM and biotech                   underlying attitudes toward genetically
                                 Consumer acceptance of genetically modified       2003
GM and biotech                   foods in New Zealand
                                 Consumer perceptions of food products             2001
GM and biotech                   involving genetic modification—results from a
                 Grunert, K.,    How can we know what we like when we don‘t        2004
GM and biotech   Sondergaard,    understand it? Consumer attitude formation
                                 An overview of findings from a six-country        2006
GM and biotech                   European survey on consumer attitudes to the
                                 Why do Some of the Public Reject Novel            2007
GM and biotech                   Scientific Technologies? A Synthesis of Results
                                 Acceptability of genetically modified cheese      2002
GM and biotech                   presented as real product alternative
                                 Eurobarometer 2006                                2006
GM and biotech
                                 Consumer Attitudes to Food Standards: Wave        2008
GM and biotech                   8
                                 FSA Citizens‘ Jury - Should GM Food Be            2003
GM and biotech                   Available To Buy In The UK?
                                 Food Biotechnology: A Study of U.S.               2006
GM and biotech                   Consumer Attitudinal Trends 2006 REPORT
                                 GM Food: Public Opinion                           2004
GM and biotech
                                 NO to GM                                          2004
GM and biotech
                                 Understanding attitudes towards genetically       2004
GM and biotech                   modified food: the role of values and attitudes
                                 Uncovering Factors Influencing Public             2002
GM and biotech                   Perceptions of Food Biotechnology
                                 Objective and Subjective Knowledge: Impacts       2004
GM and biotech                   on Consumer Demand for Genetically Modified
                                 Who Do Consumers Trust for Information: The       2004
GM and biotech                   Case of Genetically Modified Foods?
                 Hwang, Y.J.,    An Empirical Analysis of United States            2005
GM and biotech   Roe, B. and     Consumers' Concerns About Eight Food
                                 Consumer perceptions of genetically modified      2003
GM and biotech                   and organic foods: what kind of knowledge
                                 Ethics and genetic engineering - lessons to be    2002
GM and biotech                   learned from GM foods
                                 Influence of brand name and type of               2002
GM and biotech                   modification on consumer acceptance of
                                 Consumer attitudes towards genetically            2002
GM and biotech                   modified foods
                                 Gender differences in consumers' acceptance       2005
GM and biotech                   of genetically modified foods
                                 A MULTI-ATTRIBUTE MODEL OF PUBLIC                 2001
GM and biotech                   ACCEPTANCE OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED
                                 Public Attitudes toward Agrobiotechnology:        2004
GM and biotech                   The Mediating Role of Risk Perceptions on the
                                 Consumer Acceptance of Genetically Modified       2004
GM and biotech                   Foods: Role of Product Benefits and Perceived
                                 Effects of Context and Feelings on Perceptions    2004
GM and biotech                   of Genetically Modified Food
                 Traill, W.B.,   Categories of GM Risk-Benefit Perceptions and     2004
GM and biotech   Jaeger, S.R.,   Their Antecedents
                                 The Influence of Trust and Perceptions of         2000
GM and biotech                   Risks and Benefits on the Acceptance of Gene
                                 Consumer Attitudes Towards Genetic                2002
GM and biotech                   Modification, Functional Foods, and
                                 Consumer Acceptance of Genetically Modified       2003
GM and biotech                   Foods: A Telephone Survey
                                 Demand for Beef from Cattle Administered          2003
GM and biotech                   Growth Hormones or Fed Genetically Modified
                                 Public Perceptions of Agricultural                2001
GM and biotech                   Biotechnologies in Europe
                                 Consumer attitudes to genetically modified        2001
GM and biotech                   organisms in food in the UK
                                 Determinants of Consumer Attitudes and            2001
GM and biotech                   Purchase Intentions With Regard to
                                 The Media and Genetically Modified Foods:         2002
GM and biotech                   Evidence in Support of Social Amplification of
                                 Communicating about the Risks and Benefits        2003
GM and biotech                   of Genetically Modified Foods: The Mediating
                                 ―It just goes against the grain.‖ Public          2002
GM and biotech                   understandings of genetically modified (GM)
                                 Psychosocial and cultural factors affecting the   2005
GM and biotech                   perceived risk of genetically modified food: an
                                 Press media reporting effects on risk             2008
GM and biotech                   perceptions and attitudes towards genetically
                                 Determinants of consumers' willingness to         2008
GM and biotech                   accept GM foods
                                 Predicting behaviour towards genetically          2007
GM and biotech                   modified food using implicit and explicit
                                 Public perceptions of transgenic animals          2005
GM and biotech
                                 Affective Influences on Risk Perceptions of,      2006
GM and biotech                   and Attitudes Toward, Genetically Modified
                                 Genetically Modified Organisms in the Food        2000
GM and biotech                   Supply: Public Opinion vs. Consumer Behavior
                                 An empirical investigation of the role of         2005
GM and biotech                   knowledge in public opinion about GM food
                                 Attitudes toward biotechnology in the             2002
GM and biotech                   European Union
                                 Publics' Opinions About Biotechnologies           2001
GM and biotech
                 Poortinga, W.   Public Perceptions of Genetically Modified Food   2004
GM and biotech   and Pidgeon,    and Crops, and the GM Nation? Public Debate
                                 IFIC Survey: Food Biotechnology Not a Top-of-     2005
GM and biotech                   Mind Concern for American Consumers
                 Hossain, F. and Consumer perceptions of food-related risks        2006
GM and biotech   Onyango, B.
                                 Genetically modified crops: the ethical and       1999
GM and biotech                   social issues
                                 Global plant biotechnology and the need for an    2005
GM and biotech                   educated public
                                 running risks                                     2002
GM and biotech
                 George Gaskell, Europeans and Biotechnology in 2005:              2006
GM and biotech   Agnes           Patterns and Trends (Eurobarometer)
                 Pew Initiative  Public sentiment about GM food (Pew)              2006
GM and biotech   on Food and
                       IGD                Genetically Modified Foods - Consumer            2008
GM and biotech                            Research
                       EC (2008)          EC Framework 6: DO EUROPEAN CONSUMERS            2008
GM and biotech                            BUY GM FOODS?
                                          Willingness to try new foods as predicted by     2004
GM and biotech                            social representations and attitude and trait
                       Brewer, M.S.       Consumer attitudes to food safety issues         2002
                       and Prestat,
Novel food processesIrradiation
                       C.J. (2002)
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Novel food processesIrradiation
                       and Lesher, L.L.   conjoint analytic study
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Novel food processesIrradiation
                       Cranfield, J.,
                       Ronteltap, A.,     Consumer acceptance of technology-based          2007
                       van Trijp,         food innovations
Novel food processesIrradiation
                       J.C.M., Renes,
                       Wilcock, A.,       Consumer attitudes, knowledge and                2004
                       Pun, M.,
Novel food processesIrradiation           behaviour: a review of food safety issues
                       Cardello, J. and
                       Khanona, A.V.      Consumer concerns and expectations about         2003
Novel food processes (2003)               novel food processing technologies: effects on
                                          Consumer attitude towards information on non     2003
Novel food processes                      conventional technology
                     Miles, S.,           Public worry about specific food safety issues   2004
Novel food processes Brennan, M.,
                                       Trust, Perceived Risk, and Attitudes Toward         2006
Novel food processes                   Food Technologies
                                       Public perception of scientific uncertainty in      2003
Novel food processes                   relation to food hazards
                                       Construction and validation of a psychometric       2008
Novel food processes                   scale to measure consumers‘ fears of novel
                                       New insights into consumer-led food product         2006
Novel food processes                   development
                       MAFF            Information sources and their influence on          1997
Novel food processes                   public perceptions of food hazards
                       Lampila, P. and Consumers' attitudes towards high pressure          2007
Novel food processes   Lahteenmaki, L. freezing of food
                                       Enhancing consumer acceptance of new                2007
Novel food processes                   processing technologies
                                       Feeding the debate- A report from the debate        2002
Novel food processes                   task force of the food chain and crops industry
                       e.g Slovic, P.  Psychometric paradigm                               1992
Novel food processes   Perception of
                                       Human food choices: An examination of the           2005
Novel food processes                   factors underlying acceptance/rejection of
                                       Novel foods and food allergies: A review of the     2006
Novel food processes                   issues
                                       Student and Teacher Attitudes and Behaviors         2008
Novel food processes                   Toward Novel Foods
                       Cox, D.N.,      The influence of information and beliefs about      2007
Novel food processes   Evans, G. and   technology on the acceptance of novel food
                                       User involvement in radical innovation: are         2007
Novel food processes                   consumers conservative?
                       Mireaux, M.,    An adaptation of repertory grid methodology         2007
Novel food processes   Cox, D.N.,      to evaluate Australian consumers' perceptions
                                       Consumers' everyday food choice strategies in       2006
Novel food processes                   Finland
                                          Fear of food in Europe? Fear of foods in         2008
Novel food processes                      Europe through Hungarian experience
                     Jane Cameron;        The Navigator Network': a New Zealand            2008
Novel food processes Barbara              futurewatch case study
                     Wilcock, A.,         Consumer attitudes, knowledge and                2004
Novel food processes Pun, M.,             behaviour: a review of food safety issues
                     Deliza, R.,          Application of high pressure technology in the   2005
Novel food processes Rosenthal, A.,       fruit juice processing: benefits perceived by
                     Bruhn, C.M.          Consumer acceptance of food innovations          2008
Novel food processes (2008),
                                         Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and        2006
Novel food processes                     Engineering
                       Siegrist, M. (in Factors influencing public acceptance of        in press
Novel food processes   press) Factors    innovative food technologies and products
                       Butz, P., Needs, Consumer attitudes to high pressure food          2003
Novel food processes   E. C., Baron, A., processing
                       L Frewer and H Understanding Consumers of Food Products            2006
Novel food processes   van Trijp,
                                         Acceptance of 2% Ultra-Pasteurized Milk by       2001
Novel food processes                     Consumers, 6 to 11 Years Old
                       Chern, W.S.,      Willingness to Pay for PEF-processed Orange      2003
Novel food processes   Kaneko, N. and Juice: Evidence from an Auction Experiment
                                         CONSUMER AND TRAINED PANEL                       2007
Novel food processes                     EVALUATION OF HIGH PRESSURE THERMALLY
                                         Health Professionals' Attitudes and Educational 2008
Novel food processes                     Needs Regarding New Food Processing
                       Deliza, R., da    Acceptance of novel food technologies -          2003
Novel food processes   Costa, M.C.,      comparison between Brazilian and British
                                         Consumer Preferences for Food Irradiation:       2002
Irradiation                              How Favorable and Unfavorable Descriptions
                       Hayes, D.J.,      Experts and activists: how information affects   2002
Irradiation            Fox, J.A. and     the demand for food irradiation
                                         The Promise of Food Irradiation: Will            2003
Irradiation                              Consumers Accept It?
                                         Consumer acceptance of irradiated meat           1999
                       Gunes, G. and      Preferences of Turkish people for irradiated,    2007
Irradiation            Tekin, M.D.        GM or organic foods
                                          Influences on Purchase of Irradiated Foods       2002
                       Frenzen, P.,       Consumer Acceptance of Irradiated Meat and       2000
Irradiation            Majchrowicz, A.,   Poultry Products
                       Johnson, A. M.,    Consumer attitudes towards irradiated food:      2004
Irradiation            Reynolds, A. E.,   2003 vs. 1993
                                          Integrating the consumer interest in food        2002
Irradiation                               safety: the role of science and other factors
                                          Food safety risk: Consumer perception and        2001
Irradiation                               purchase behaviour
                       Hunter, C.         Changing attitudes to irradiation throughout     2000
Irradiation            (2000)             the food chain
                                          College-Age Consumers' Knowledge and             2007
Irradiation                               Perceptions of Food Irradiation
                                          Consumer Knowledge and Perceptions of Food       2006
Irradiation                               Irradiation: Ground Beef Study
                                          Consumers' willingness to pay for irradiated     2007
Irradiation                               poultry products.
                                Determining the food irradiation beliefs of       2006
Irradiation                     community nutrition educators: Do beliefs
                                Effect of an Educational Program on Attitudes     2007
Irradiation                     of California Consumers Toward Food
              Gunes, G. and Consumer awareness and acceptance of                  2006
Irradiation   Tekin, M.D.       irradiated foods: Results of a survey
                                Knowledge, attitude, and practice of the use of   2006
Irradiation                     irradiated meat among respondents to the
              Grande, J.,       Assessment of Consumer Risk Attitudes and         1999
Irradiation   Bjornstad, E.,    Behaviour Related to Countermeasures and
              He, S., Fletcher, Unwillingness to Consume Irradiated Beef          2005
Irradiation   S. and Rimal, A.
                                Commercial feasibility and evaluation of          2005
Irradiation                     consumer acceptance for certain irradiated
              Fox, J., Bruhn, Consumer acceptance of irradiated meats             2001
Irradiation   C. and Sapp, S.
                                Consumer acceptance of irradiated foods:          2002
Irradiation                     dawn of a new era?
                                Consumer Willingness to Pay for Irradiated        2002
Irradiation                     Beef
                                Do Handling and Cooking Practices Determine       1999
Irradiation                     the Selection of Irradiated Beef?
              Hashim, I.B.,     Consumer purchase behaviour of irradiated         2001
Irradiation   McWatters,        beef products: a simulated supermarket
                                CONSUMER ACCEPTANCE OF ELECTRON-BEAM              2004
Irradiation                     IRRADIATED READY-TO-EAT POULTRY MEATS
                                Acceptability of minimally processed and          2008
Irradiation                     irradiated pineapple and watermelon among
              He, S., Fletcher, Attitudes, Acceptance, and Consumption: The       2005
Irradiation   S. and Rimal, A. Case of Beef Irradiation
                                Intended vs. Actual Purchase Behavior for         2004
Irradiation                     Irradiated Beef: A Simulated Supermarket
                                Experts and Advocates: How Information            2002
Irradiation                     Affects the Demand for Food Irradiation
                                The Impact of Risk Communication on the           2007
Irradiation                     Acceptance of Irradiated Food
              Frenzen, P.D., Consumer Acceptance of Irradiated Meat and           2001
Irradiation   DeBess, E.E.,     Poultry in the United States
                                Information Effects on Consumers' Willingness     2005
Irradiation                     to Purchase Irradiated Food Products
                                BRAZILIAN CONSUMER ACCEPTANCE OF                  2002
Irradiation                     IRRADIATED FOOD: INITIAL TRIALS
              Young, A.L.       Food irradiation: after 35 years, have we         2003
Irradiation   (2003) Food       made progress. A government perspective.
                                Public Perceptions of Food Safety: Assessing      2002
Irradiation                     the Risks Posed by Genetic Modification,
                                Attitudes to food irradiation in Europe           2002
              Sapp, S.G.       A comparison of alternative theoretical            2003
Irradiation   (2003) A         explanations of consumer food safety
                               Consumers' perceptions of irradiated ground        2004
Irradiation                    beef after education and product exposure
                               PERCEPTION OF IRRADIATED FOODS AMONG               2008
Irradiation                    STUDENTS (SECONDARY, UNIVERSITY [FOOD
                               Valuing Conflicting Public Information about a     2005
Irradiation                    New Technology: The Case of Irradiated Foods
                                     Climate Change for Biotechnology? UK Public      2003
Nanotechnologies                     Opinion 1991-2002
                                     Framing Effects on Public Opinion about          2005
Nanotechnologies                     Nanotechnology
                                     Nanotechnology: public concerns, reasoning       2006
Nanotechnologies                     and trust in government
                                     Toxic effects of nanoparticles and               2006
Nanotechnologies                     nanomaterials: Implications for public health,
                   Lee, C-J.,        Public Attitudes toward Emerging Technologies    2005
Nanotechnologies   Scheufele, D.A.
                                     What drives public acceptance of                 2006
Nanotechnologies                     nanotechnology?
                   Priest, S.        The North American opinion climate for           2006
Nanotechnologies   (2006), The       nanotechnology and its products:
                                     Scientists worry about some risks more than      2007
Nanotechnologies                     the public
                                     From our readers: Public attitudes to nanotech   2004
Nanotechnologies                     in Europe and the United States
                   Kahan, D.M.,      Affect, Values, and Nanotechnology Risk          2007
Nanotechnologies   Slovic, P.,       Perceptions: An Experimental Investigation
                                     Nanotechnology: Implications for Food and        2007
Nanotechnologies                     Nutrition Professionals
                                     Falling Through the Cracks? Public Perception,   2006
Nanotechnologies                     Risk, and the Oversight of Emerging
                   Nanojury UK       Reflecting upon the UK's Citizens' Jury on       2006
Nanotechnologies   (2005), Our       Nanotechnologies: NanoJury UK
                                     Small Talk reveals all                           2007
                   Michael Siegrist, Laypeople's and Experts' Perception of         2007
Nanotechnologies   Carmen Keller, Nanotechnology Hazards
                                      In the Public Eye: The Early Landscape of     2005
Nanotechnologies                      Nanotechnology among Canadian and U.S.
                   Macoubrie, J.      Public Perceptions of Nanotechnology and     ? (looks
Nanotechnologies   (2005),            Trust in Government                          recent)
                                      Deliberating Risks Under Uncertainty:         2007
Nanotechnologies                      Experience, Trust, and Attitudes in a Swiss
                                      Americans' Nanotechnology Risk Perception:    2006
Nanotechnologies   Cook,    A.J. and Assessing opinion change
                   Fairweather,  J.R. New Zealander Reactions to the use of         2006
Nanotechnologies   (2006), New        Biotechnology and Nanotechnology in
                                      A Proposal to Advance Understanding of        2007
Nanotechnologies                      Nanotechnology's Social Impacts
                   Gavelin, K.,       Democratic technologies? The final report of  2007
Nanotechnologies   Wilson R. and      the nanotechnology engagement group (NEG)
                   Cook, A.J. and Intentions of New Zealanders to purchase          2007
Nanotechnologies   Fairweather,       lamb or beef made using nanotechnology
                   Nanologue          Nanalogue                                     2006
Nanotechnologies   (2006),
                   Nanodialogues: Nanodialogues: Experiments in public              2007
Nanotechnologies   experiments in engagement with science
                                      Nanoscience and                               2004
Nanotechnologies                      nanotechnologies:opportunities and
                   William Sims       Nanotechnology and Social Trends              2007
Nanotechnologies   Bainbridge,
                                      Nanotechnology field observations: scouting   2008
Nanotechnologies                      the new industrial west
                                    Nanotechnology: Views of the General Public      2004
                                    Out of the laboratory and on to our plates.      2008
Nanotechnologies                    Nanotechnology in food and agriculture
                   Siegrist, M.,    Perceived risks and perceived benefits of        2008
Nanotechnologies   Stampfli, N.,    different nanotechnology foods and
                                    Qualitative system analysis as a means for       2008
Nanotechnologies                    sustainable governance of emerging
                                    Risks and nanotechnology: the public is more     2007
Nanotechnologies                    concerned than experts and industry.
                   Siegrist, M.,    Public acceptance of nanotechnology foods        2007
Nanotechnologies   Cousin, M-E.,    and food packaging: the influence of affect
                                    Down on the Farm: the effects of nanoscale       2004
Nanotechnologies                    technologies on food and agriculture
                                    Imagining nanotechnology: cultural support       2005
Nanotechnologies                    for
                                    Nanojury witness                                 2005
Nanotechnologies                    sessions/recommendations/discussion paper
                   Smallman, M.     http://www.smalltalk.org.uk/page11g.html         N/A
Nanotechnologies   and Nieman, A.
                   Nature           Nature on nanojury (editorial)                   2005
Nanotechnologies   (Editorial)
                   Kahan, D.M.,     Biased assimilation, polarisation and cultural   2008
Nanotechnologies   Slovic, P.,      credibility: an experimental study of
                                    FDA and Nanotechnology:                          2008
Nanotechnologies                    Public Perceptions Matter
                                    Why nanofear will not disappear                  2005
                   Verbeke, W.     Consumer acceptance of functional foods:          2005
Functional foods   (2005)          socio-demographic, cognitive and attitudinal
                                   A conjoint-based approach to concept              2005
Functional foods                   optimisation: probiotic beverages
                                   Acceptance of functional foods: A comparison      2006
Functional foods                   of French, American, and French Canadian
                                   All foods affect health': understanding of        2007
Functional foods                   functional foods and healthy eating among
                                   Consumer attitudes and acceptance of CLA-         2006
Functional foods                   enriched dairy products
                                   Consumer valuations and preference                2006
Functional foods                   heterogeneity for a novel functional food
                   Urala, N. and   Consumers' changing attitudes towards             2007
Functional foods   Lahteenmaki, L. functional foods
                                   Exercise enthusiasts' perceptions and beliefs     2007
Functional foods                   of functional foods in Trinidad, West Indies
                                   Factors influencing consumers' willingness to     2007
Functional foods                   use beverages and ready-to-eat frozen soups
                                   Functional & amp; Fortified Food Trends           2008
Functional foods
                                    Functional Food, Drinks & Ingredients:       2008
Functional foods                    Consumer Attitudes & Trends
                   Verbeke, W.      Functional foods: Consumer willingness to        2006
Functional foods   (2006)           compromise on taste for health?
                                    Healthful ingredients drive new products         2008
Functional foods
                                    Heart disease among post-menopausal              2006
Functional foods                    women: Acceptability of functional foods as a
                                  Hedonic ratings and perceived healthiness in         2006
Functional foods                  experimental functional food choices
                                  Influence of gender, age and motives                 2007
Functional foods                  underlying food choice on perceived
                                  Knowledge, Attitudes, and Self-Reported              2008
Functional foods                  Practices of Pennsylvania Registered Dietitians
                                  Motivational factors for consuming omega-3           2008
Functional foods                  PUFAs: an exploratory study with Danish
                                  Motivations and cognitive structures of              2008
Functional foods                  consumers in their purchasing of functional
                   PHARMACEUTIC Opinion: Scientific support makes functional           2008
Functional foods   AL MARKETING - food health benefit claims more palatable to
                                  Taking it to the next level. Consumer                2006
Functional foods                  palatability of BPI-enhanced steaks.
                   Henson, S.,    The propensity of consumers to offset health         2008
Functional foods   Masakure, O.   risks through the use of functional foods and
                                  The Top 10 Functional Food Trends                    2008
Functional foods
                                     Understanding Australian consumers'               2007
Functional foods                     perceptions of selenium and motivations to
                   Herath, D.,       Who consumes functional foods and                 2008
Functional foods   Cranfield, J. and nutraceuticals in Canada? Results of cluster
                   Siegrist, M.,     Consumers' willingness to buy functional          2008
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                                     Role of functional foods in managing disease:     2007
Functional foods                     what are the views of European consumers?
                   Landstrom, E., Use of functional foods among Swedish                2007
Functional foods   Koivisto Hursti, consumers is related to health-consciousness
                                     You eat what you are: Modern health worries       2007
Functional foods                     and the acceptance of natural and synthetic
                                     Is there a market for functional wines?           2008
Functional foods                     Consumer preferences and willingness to pay
                                     The Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of        2000
Functional foods                     Dietitians Licensed in Oregon Regarding
                                     Consumer response to functional foods             2004
Functional foods                     produced by conventional, organic, or genetic
                                     Consumers' Valuation of Functional Properties     2005
Functional foods                     of Foods: Results from a Canada-wide Survey
                                     Consumer acceptance of nutritionally              2004
Functional foods                     enhanced genetically modified food: relevance
                                     Product attributes and consumer acceptance        2004
Functional foods                     of nutritionally enhanced genetically modified
                                     UNDERSTANDING CONSUMER PERCEPTIONS                2002
Functional foods                     OF FERMENTED YOGHURT PRODUCTS USING
                   McConnon, A., Differences in perceptions of functional foods:       2004
Functional foods   Fletcher, P.L.,   UK public vs. nutritionists
                                     Consumer perception of the functional dairy       2002
Functional foods                     food market in Northern Ireland
                                     Consumer acceptance of functional foods:          2003
Functional foods                     issues for the future
                                     Reduced-fat foods: the shopper's viewpoint        2002
Functional foods
                                     Demographic and lifestyle characteristics of      2003
Functional foods                     functional food consumers and dietary
                   Tuorila, H. and   Consumer responses to an off-flavor in juice in   2002
Functional foods   Cardello, A.V.    the presence of specific health claims
                                     Exploring Consumer Attitudes Towards           2004 or
Functional foods                     Functional Foods: A Qualitative Study           2005?
                                     A qualitative analysis of consumer perceptions 2004
Functional foods                     of mood, food and mood-enhancing functional
                                     Functional food. Product development,           2008
Functional foods                     marketing and consumer acceptance—A
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Functional foods                     Functional Foods and Their Needs for Training
                                     Knowledge, Attitudes Toward Functional Foods 2006
Functional foods                     among Adults Working in the National
                                     Understanding consumers‘ perception of          2008
Functional foods                     conventional and functional yogurts using
                    Messina, F.,     Older people's perceptions towards              2008
Functional foods    Saba, A.,        conventional and functional yoghurts through
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Functional foods    Food
                                     The Consumer View On Functional Foods:           2002
Functional foods                     Yesterday And Today
                    Poulsen, J.      Danish consumers‘ attitudes towards              1999
Functional foods    (1999) Danish    functional foods
                                     The perceived healthiness of functional foods    2003
Functional foods                     a conjoint study of Danish, Finnish and
                                     Reasons behind consumers' functional food        2003
Functional foods                     choices
                                     Attitudes behind consumers' willingness to use   2004
Functional foods                     functional foods
                    International    2008 Food and Health Survey                      2008
Functional foods    Food
                                     Functional cheese still niche in the UK          2007
Functional foods
                                     Functional food development: concept to          2007
Functional foods                     reality
                    Dean, M.,        Consumer perceptions of healthy cereal           2007
Functional foods    Shepherd, R.,    products and production methods
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                    Stewart-Knox,    Consumer acceptance of functional foods.         2007
Functional foods    B. J., Vaz De
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Functional foods                     European survey on consumer attitudes to the
                                     The potential for competitive and healthy food   2008
Functional foods                     chains of benefit to the countryside
                                     Consumer Response To Functional Foods In         2000
Functional foods                     The 21st Century
                                     Exploring new functional markets potential:      2007
Functional foods                     factors affecting willingness to purchase
                                     Health-care professionals‘ perceived trust in    2007
Functional foods                     and willingness to recommend functional
                    http://royalsoci Synthetic biology call for views- submissions    2007
Synthetic biology   ety.org/docume
                    De Vriend,       Constructing Life: Early social reflections on   2006
Synthetic biology   Huib.            the emerging field of synthetic biology
                    ETC Group        Global Coalition Sounds the Alarm on             2006
Synthetic biology   (2006) ‗Global Synthetic Biology,
                    Demands          Cultural Cognition and Synthetic Biology Risk    2008
Synthetic biology   Oversight and    Perceptions: A Preliminary Analysis
                    Andrianantoand      Synthetic biology: new engineering rules for       2006
Synthetic biology   ro, E., Basu, S.,   an emerging discipline
                    Mark Greener,       Is the grass greener on the other side?            2005
Synthetic biology   EMBO reports 9,     Encouraging the development of synthetic
                    http://www.etc      BioBricks or BioConflicts? Building Public Trust   2007
Synthetic biology   group.org/en/m      in European Governance of Synthetic Biology
Search terms/
search engine

animal cloning      Favorable opinion about animal cloning
public              has increased five percent in the last
animal cloning      More than 6 out of 10 people would buy
public              or consider buying food derived from
animal cloning      Public opinion is "soft" on cloning,
public              meaning that it quickly moves in a
animal cloning      Responses to poll questions do not
public              translate to buying behavior.
animal cloning      The future of GM foods in Europe is
public              unclear.
Ref from Fischoff   Public attitudes to Dolly the sheep may
et al               mirror the perception of biotechnology
animal cloning      Why did Dolly manage to unleash such
public              pandemonium?
animal cloning      Although a majority of US citizens
public              remain supportive, opposition to
FSA list            Public perceptions of animal cloning and
                    it's potential use in the food chain
FSA list

FSA list

FSA list

Gallup website

FSA list            Review of exisitng quant and qual
                    research (including Eurobarometer
Animal cloning
Search of FoE
                    a public consultation on its draft
                    scientific opinion on the implications of
                    Report on ethical aspects of animal
                    cloning for food supply
                    Widespread awareness of animal
                    cloning. Very widespread concerns
google scholar:     the relationship between consumer
"functional         characteristics and their willingness to
foods" "public      consume GM functional foods
animal cloning      Most Americans do not mention genetic
public              modification when asked what
animal cloning      Irish attitudes on GM foods in the 1990s
What biotech        Comparison of Gallup polls in UK, US
food issues?        and Canada
animal cloning      The latest European sample survey of
public              public perceptions of biotechnology
food irradiation   consumers want GM food labelled

food irradiation   % of French people willing / not to buy
public opinion     GM food
food irradiation   influence of information on willingness
public opinion     to buy GM food, also mentions influence
food irradiation   influence of attitudes towards
public opinion     technology and political views on GM
food irradiation   Attitude to technology influences food
public attitude    choice
food irradiation   People associate GM food with BSE
public attitude
novel food         Compares attitudes in developed and
processes public   developing countries and concludes that
novel food         People won't buy GM food until it has
processes public   some proven benefits
novel food         Impact of info about food technology
processes          and it environmental benefits on
novel food         Different attitudes towards branded and
processes          generic GM products
novel food         Attitude towards technology varies
processes          between products, and people make
novel food         Applies the theory of planned behaviour
processes          to intentions to buy GM food
novel food         Segments audience according to
processes          attitudes, and looks at demographic
novel food         Applies the theory of reasoned action to
processes          attitudes and intentions to eat GM
                   Low awareness of GM, and negative
                   reactions to 'GM free' labels
food               includes summaries of public opinion
nanotechnology     polls in EU and US
food               criticises other surveys and tests a
nanotechnology     sample of 100 people on attitudes and
food               theory of planned behaviour and how
nanotechnology     people decide to eat GM food
food               mainly qual study (plus a look at the
nanotechnology     Eurobarometer) to see whether it's the
food               attitudes towards GM in Taiwan
FSA list

FSA list           extracts from focus groups mostly

FSA list           influences on GM tofu consumption in
FSA list           segments US population on attitudes
                   towards GM
FSA list           experimental auctions to determine
                   WTP for GM apples
FSA list

FSA list           attitudes of Greek students towards GM
                   corn chips
FSA list           attitudes of Irish people towards GM
FSA list

FSA list   negative media reports have more of an
           impact than positive media reports
FSA list   GM animals

FSA list   influence of politics on attitudes towards
FSA list   perceptions of risks and benefits of GM
           are not independent
FSA list   influences on attitudes towards GM

FSA list   antecedents of attitudes towards
FSA list   Segmented on basis of attitude to GM

FSA list   Chinese attitudes towards GM (more
           positive than other countries)
FSA list   more about how people think about GM
           products when there's no reference
FSA list   how to ensure GM and organic farming
           can coexist
FSA list   differences in attitudes towards GM in
           US and UK+France
FSA list   this is more about the engagement
           process than about attitudes
FSA list   review of current state of public
FSA list   attitudes in India towards GM, and
           trade-offs against reduced pesticise
FSA list

FSA list   risk communication in different contexts
           / cultures
FSA list   includes a chapter on consumer
           attitudes to GM
FSA list   attitudes towards GM in Kenya

FSA list

FSA list   farmers attitudes towards GM

FSA list   influence of knowledge, beliefs and
           attitudes on acceptance of GM
FSA list   psychological perspective

FSA list   influences on risk perception with
           regard to GM
FSA list

FSA list

FSA list

FSA list   What do farmers think about GM and
           what do they see as the influences on
FSA list   test stalls of GM food show people are
           willing to buy it
FSA list   Interviews with gatekeepers and a test
           stall of GM and conventional cherries on
FSA list   compares expert and general public
           views - public think GM is worst of 18
FSA list   what sort of GM labelling people would
FSA list   compares Chinese and Romanian
           attitudes to GM - Romanians are more
FSA list   trends in public opinion towards GM

FSA list   Segments German mothers on
           likelihood of buying GM yogurt
FSA list   explicit and implicit attitudes towards
           GM are different?
FSA list

FSA list   compares implicit and explicit attitudes
           towards GM
FSA list   segments Irish public on GM attitudes

FSA list   Hungarian attitudes towards GM

FSA list   Attitudes towards nano likely to be
           more positive than GM
FSA list

FSA list   benefits are more important than risks
           in shaping attitudes, and about half of
FSA list   four segments found in NZ study on
           willingness to consume GM fruit
FSA list

FSA list   some people have an attitude towards
           GM, while others evaluate different
FSA list

FSA list   Farmer and public attitudes in Australia

FSA list   Attitudes towards GM in Trinidad

FSA list

FSA list   impact of different types of info on
           attitudes towards GM, and differences
FSA list   Slovenian attitudes to GM wine

FSA list   attitudes towards GM in Spain and
           differences btw types of people
FSA list   relationships between trust, knowledge
           and attitudes
FSA list   negative attitudes towards GM in
FSA list   summary of FSA work on GM
FSA list

FSA list            NZ attitudes towards hypothetical GM
                    milk, and influences on attitudes
FSA list

FSA list

FSA list

FSA list

FSA list

FSA list            Study to investigate how values relate
                    to attitudes toward GM food and organic
FSA list            Study to examine people's acceptance
                    of genetically modified food
FSA list

FSA list

FSA list

FSA list

FSA list            criticism of another study

FSA list            Explores perceptions in public and
                    scientific community RE`The Big Lie' -
FSA list            clusters German population on attitude
                    to GM: positive, negative and indifferent
FSA list

FSA list            This paper considers public attitudes
                    toward genetically modified plants in
FSA list

Ref from Fischoff
et al

animal cloning
animal cloning
animal cloning      influence of trust on attitudes towards
public              GM
animal cloning
google scholar:     people with negative views about GM
functional food     may avoid functional GM foods even if
google scholar:
functional food
google scholar:     using GM to develop funtional foods -
functional food     people are more likely to accept them if
google scholar:    people are willing to pay more for GM
"functional        foods that have either enhanced flavour
google scholar:    people have negative attitudes towards
"functional        GM and are neutral towards
search of
Annie found in
Referred to        findings from the public debate
Referred to in
Referred to in     changes in attitudes over time (1990s)
novel food         Talks about the limitations of some
processes public   attitude studies and the difference in
animal cloning     Differences between European and U.S.
public             reactions to biotechnology appear to be
food irradiation   public attitudes don't take science into
public opinion     account much
food irradiation   summarises various surveys on public
public opinion     attitudes to biotechnology
public attitude    compares public attitudes with expert
OR opinion OR      attitudes on biotechnology
public attitude    public opinion on biotechnology is not
OR opinion OR      solely driven by media stories
food               Attitudes of people who understand
nanotechnology     science towards biotechnology
food               appreciation of nature and trust in
nanotechnology     Germany and USA, and their impact on
food               reviews US and European opinion data
food               What drives public opinion on
nanotechnology     biotechnology
FSA list

FSA list           However, little has been published
                   regarding consumer-held values that
FSA list           This study investigates possible
                   marketing strategies for biotechnology
FSA list           Despite being introduced more than a
                   decade ago, agricultural biotechnology
FSA list           acceptance of biotech foods in China

google scholar:    most research in this area has been
functional food    carried out in US and Europe, evidence
google scholar:    examines acceptance of biotechnology
functional food    through willingness to buy
followed up a
followed up a      people don't like GM but get a bit less
reference          suspicious if it has health benefits
followed up a
followed up a      While people don't know much about
reference          biotech their attitudes will continue to
followed up   a   influence of attitudes, values and beliefs
followed up   a   NZ attitudes are negative
followed up   a   GM viewed as a negative value in itself,
reference         which benefits of GM can't overcome
followed up   a
FSA list          consumer attitudes to the metabolic
                  syndrome, genetics in nutrition, and
google scholar:   summarises results from a research
"food             programme into NZ attitudes to
followed up a
google:           representative samples in European
eurobarometer     countries - opinions on biotech
searched for      survey by FSA shows decline in concern
"GM public        over GM
searched for
"GM public
searched for GM   trends in US attitudes
on IFIC website
looked around     interviews
on MORI website
followed up a     changes in attitudes
followed up a     influence of attitudes
followed up a
followed up a
followed up a
followed up a
followed up a
followed up a
followed up a
followed up a
followed up a
followed up a
followed up a
followed up a
followed up a     People have less negative concerns
reference         about GM when viewed in the context of
followed up a
followed up a
followed up a        Views are more positive towards
reference            functional foods than GM
followed up a
followed up a
followed up a
google scholar:
public attitude
google scholar:
public attitude
google scholar:
public attitude
google scholar:      Attitudes influence trust in information
public attitude      sources, rather than info from a
google scholar:
public attitude
google scholar:
public attitude
google scholar:
public attitude
google scholar:
public attitude
google scholar:
public attitude
google scholar:
public attitude
google scholar:
public attitude
google scholar:
allintitle: public
google scholar:
allintitle: public
google scholar:
public attitude
google scholar:
public attitude
google scholar:
public attitude
searched for

                     This is about biotech in general,
                     including GM, cloning, nano, stem cell
followed up a        A summary of the polls they have
reference            conducted for Pew between 2001 and
followed up a
FSA list

                   Conjoint analytic surveys were
                   administered to 225 potential
                   consumers of foods processed by
was searching      risk perception influences peoples views
for something      of food technologies (and technology in
else               general)
followed up a
food irradiation   influence of attitudes on behaviour
public opinion
food irradiation   Do people like / dislike foods when they
public attitude    hear it has been treated with a novel
novel food         Focus groups to find out what people
processes public   make of info about novel food processes
food irradiation   risk perception and influence of various
public opinion     demographic factors
food irradiation   trust, risk perception and attitudes
public attitude    towards food technologies
food irradiation   people view risk in different ways
public attitude    depending on whether they have control
food               Authors develop a scale to measure
nanotechnology     food neophobia
FSA list

FSA list

FSA list           This paper investigated attitudes
                   towards the high pressure freezing of
FSA list

FSA list           it is possible to engage people about
                   new technologies before they are
FSA list

FSA list           Investigated choice of familiar and
                   novel animal and nonanimal foods.
FSA list           This review identifies and explores the
                   current issues around different types of
FSA list           No info yet

FSA list           Consumers appear to be cautious about
                   accepting novel technologies applied to
FSA list           Consumers are sometimes unexpectedly
                   resistant toward radically innovative
                   assess the acceptance of novel food
                   technologies, the Repertory Grid Method
                   In developed countries, choosing and
                   purchasing food is today perhaps more
                   . Consumers fear the unknown the
                   most. Therefore, accurate, reliable and

food irradiation   influence of attitudes on behaviour
public opinion
 "food             When people are provided with
irradiation"       information about technology's benefits
 "food             outlines a range of factors that
irradiation"       influence people's acceptance of food
 "food             book, one relevant chapter

followed up a
referred to in 2   includes chapter on "Consumer
articles           attitudes to food innovation and
Google scholar:
Google scholar:
public attitude
Google scholar:
google scholar:
"new food
google: novel
food irradiation   relative impacts of positive / negative
                   description of technology, and info
food irradiation   sounds like the same data as above,
                   but presented in a different way
food irradiation   looked at consumers' willingness to pay
                   for irradiated food - influenced by
food irradiation   "Studies indicate that consumers who
                   receive even minimal presentation on
FSA list

food irradiation   Information influences willingness to
                   buy irradiated food; also gender and
food irradiation   "half of consumers were willing to buy
                   irradiated meat or poultry, and only a
food irradiation   people are more concerned about other
                   technologies than food irradiation, and
food irradiation   consumers aren't very happy about
                   various food technologies in general
food irradiation   What factors influence public perception
public attitude    on food safety
food irradiation   Different views towards irradiation
public attitude    among consumers and other
FSA list           No info yet.

FSA list           No info yet.

FSA list           The willingness of consumers to buy
                   and pay for irradiated poultry products
FSA list           To develop an instrument to measure
                   the food irradiation beliefs of
FSA list           No info yet.

FSA list           Consumer awareness and acceptance,
                   and influence of benefit statements and
FSA list           The objective of this study was to
                   determine consumer knowledge,
"food              very long document
 "food             Asked people why they're opposed to
irradiation"       food irradiation
 "food             generally positive responses to
irradiation"       irradiation in Egypt
 "food             book chapter
 "food             outlines food irradiation processes and
irradiation"       public opinion in US
 "food             WTP for irradiated beef
 "food             impact of demographics and of what
irradiation"       they're about to cook on whether
 "food             impact of information about irradiation
irradiation"       on whether people buy irradiated meat
 "food             consumer panel preferred irradiated
irradiation"       meat over non-irradiated after it had
 "food             people didn't notice any differences btw
irradiation"       irradiated (different doses) and non-
 "food             demographic influences on acceptability
irradiation"       of irradiation
 "food             expressed intentions don't correlate
irradiation"       with actions when it comes to buying or
 "food             negative info has more influence than
irradiation"       positive info
 "food             impact of negative info on acceptance
 "food             influence of demographics on attitudes
 "food             influence of information
 "food             influence of information
 "food             Not much change in public attitudes
irradiation"       over last 35 years in US
 "food             asked people to rank irradiation risks
irradiation"       against others, but the only other
searched for       summarises objections
food irradiation   influence of friends, family and trust in
public opinion     institutions
followed up a
food             Tracks public opinion on biotechnology
nanotechnology   over 10 yrs
food             How do people's opinions vary
nanotechnology   depending on how info about
food             What do people think about
nanotechnology   nanotechnology in general and specific
food             potential for nanoparticles to affect
nanotechnology   humans incl. through food chains
food             emotions modify the impact of
nanotechnology   knowledge on attitudes towards
food             large scale study of public attitudes
nanotechnology   towards nanotechnology and what
food             survey in US and Canada of public
nanotechnology   opinion on nanotechnology
food             differences btw public and scientists in
nanotechnology   attitudes towards nanotechnology
food             response to an article
food             how do people form opinions about
nanotechnology   nanotechnology
food             claims to look at public perceptions of
nanotechnology   nanotechnology applications
food             mainly about how to do public
nanotechnology   engagement, but worth a look for some
food             summary of a public engagement
nanotechnology   programme on nanotechnology and
food             differences btw lay people and experts
nanotechnology   in attitudes towards nanotechnology,
food             What do Canadians and Americans think
nanotechnology   about nanotechnology and what
food             results of a recent survey?
food             qual work on attitudes towards
nanotechnology   nanotechnology in Switzerland
food             Variation between gender, education
nanotechnology   level etc on how information about
food             includes nanotechnology with respect to
nanotechnology   food specifically - large scale postal
FSA list         No information

FSA list         Report explored attempts to engage the
                 public in discussions about the
FSA list         This paper aims to provide an early
                 assessment of key influences on
FSA list         Nanologue‘s overarching objective was
                 to help establish a common
FSA list         explored public views of
                 nanotechnology, in particular explored
FSA list         Independent study on nanotechnologies
                 including social science. Chapter 7
FSA list         The impact of nanotechnology depends
                 not merely upon the technical
FSA list         This paper highlights some of the recent
                 work conducted by the Project on
FSA list           The quantitative research aimed to
                   assess awareness about
FSA list           A report on nanotechnology, prepared
                   by Friends of the Earth, includes a
FSA list           German speaking part of Switzerland,
                   lay people's (N=337) perceptions of 19
FSA list           Sustainable governance of emerging
                   technologies such as nanotechnology is
FSA list

FSA list

google search
for synthetic
from refs in row
From refs of row
                   Small Talk is a collaboration exploring
                   the aspirations and concerns of
Refered to         Supporters of full-blown reflexiveness
                   should welcome a transparent citizens'
Search of
Woodrow Wilson
Search of
Woodrow Wilson
Search of
Woodrow Wilson
public attitude what determines people's attitudes
OR opinion OR   towards functional foods
FSA list

FSA list           Expanding on previous research, we
                   investigate young consumers'
FSA list           This paper presents the results of a
                   study from Finland, in which focus
FSA list           A variety of functional milk products
                   have been launched into the market,
FSA list           , this paper presents 1 research
                   technique exploring differences in
FSA list           In our earlier research, seven
                   dimensions reflected consumers'
FSA list           There is unprecedented interest by
                   consumers to improve health and
FSA list           A survey of attitudes to beverages and
                   soups containing beta-glucan among
FSA list           Not found.

FSA list           Not found.

FSA list           This study investigates socio-
                   demographic and attitudinal
FSA list           This article examines several
                   ingredients consumers are using to
FSA list           This study reports the results of eight
                   focus group interviews with post-
FSA list          The associations of liking and perceived
                  healthiness ratings between repeated
FSA list          The aims of the present study were to
                  study the effect of different carriers and
FSA list          No info yet.

FSA list          Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
                  (PUFA) have a positive effect on
FSA list          The present study initially fulfils a two-
                  fold aim: first, to identify the functional
FSA list

FSA list          looks at identifying whether injected
                  beef products can appeal to consumers,
FSA list          The propensity of consumers to offset
                  health risks through the use of
FSA list          No info yet.

FSA list          Consumers' knowledge of antioxidants,
                  minerals and selenium (Se), their
FSA list          Heterogeneity in the receptivity of
                  consumers towards functional foods is
FSA list

FSA list

FSA list

FSA list

FSA list

google scholar:
functional food
google scholar:   people with negative views about GM
functional food   may avoid functional GM foods even if
google scholar:   reports the same data as above paper,
functional food   with a different angle. People like plant-
google scholar:   using GM to develop funtional foods -
functional food   people are more likely to accept them if
google scholar:   the relationship between consumer
"functional       characteristics and their willingness to
google scholar:   people have negative attitudes towards
"functional       GM and are neutral towards
google scholar:   compares consumers' and nutritionists'
"functional       views on functional foods
google scholar:   what do people think about functional
"functional       dairy products
google scholar:   summarises previous literature on
"public           demographic and other differences in
google scholar:   What influences uptake or rejection of
"public           reduced-fat foods
google scholar:   Demographic etc characteristics of
"consumer view"   functional food consumers
google scholar:   attitude towards functional foods can
"consumer view"   vary depending on the specific health
google scholar:     low awareness of functional foods as
"consumer view"     such, but awareness of individual foods
google scholar:     preference for functional foods over
"consumer view"     'pills', and what kinds of functional
google scholar:     summary of current state of functional
"consumer view"     food market
google scholar:     What Korean dieticians think about
"consumer view"     functional foods.
Searching for a     what people at NRC know and think
different article   about functional foods
Searching for a
different article
Searching for a     older people's attitudes towards
different article   functional yogurts in Europe
referred to in      changes in US citizens' attitudes
another article     towards functional foods and what
referred to in      US knowledge and awareness of
another article     functional foods
referred to in      attitudes towards specific functional
another article     foods were more positive than towards
referred to in      what influences perceptions of
another article     functional foods
referred to in      what influences choice of functional
another article     foods
referred to in      what influences willingness to consume
another article     functional foods
found while         knowledge and attitude survey
searching for
google search       people aren't keen on functional
found this in       how functional foods are developed
library but it's
FSA list

FSA list

FSA list            European consumers want functional
                    foods to assist them in reducing
FSA list            consumer attitudes to the metabolic
                    syndrome, genetics in nutrition, and
                    We review the potential for foods with
                    enhanced health attributes based on
referred to in      summarises trends in demand 1996-
another article     2000

From Refs
section of
From Refs
section of
From Refs
section of
sythetic biology
google           Applications of sythetic biology
sythetic biology
                                                                              Inclusion in
               Abstract                               Source
                                                                              full review?

Although favorability of animal            International Food                 No
biotechnology still lags behind that of    Information Council
The Center for Food, Nutrition, and        Center for Food, Nutrition         Yes
Agriculture Policy (CFNAP) at the          and Agriculture Policy,
As part of its research program            Food Policy Institute.             Yes
examining public knowledge, attitudes      Rutgers, the State
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration      KRC research -                     Yes
is poised to release a risk assessment     http://www.clonesafety.org
The latest European sample survey of       http://www.agbioforum.mis          No
public perceptions of biotechnology        souri.edu/v3n23/v3n23a04-
A recent survey of the Canadian public     Nature Biotechnology, 18,          Yes
reveals a strong association between       943-4.
Investigating the development in the       Public Understanding of            No
Italian press of the public debate on      Science, 9
Conventional wisdom judges the people      Nature Biotechnology               Yes
Animal cloning is an emerging             FSA available                       Yes
technology in the EU (although already    at:http://www.food.gov.uk/
In this paper we are going to analyze     British Library Inside -            No
the Spanish public opinion about the      REVISTA INTERNACIONAL
                                          British Library Inside -            No
                                          Journal Of Food Distribution
                                          British Library Inside -            No
                                          Veterinary Record 2008 VOL
                                          http://www.gallup.com/poll          No
In the view of the authors of this report European Food Safety                Yes
converging lines of theoretical and       Authority
                                          Danish Centre for Bioethcis         Yes
                                          and Risk Assessment:
The field of animal biotechnology has     Rev. sci. tech. Off. int.           Yes
been rapidly expanding and the            Epiz., 24 (1)
                                           http://www.foe.org/pdf/FOE_Cl      No
NA                                         http://www.efsa.europa.eu/cs/      No
NA                                         http://ec.europa.eu/european_      No
NA                                         http://ec.europa.eu/food/food/     Yes
Using data from a national survey, this    International Journal of           Yes
study analyses US consumers'               Consumer Studies
acceptance of genetically modified foods
This report presents the results of the    Food Policy Institute.             No
second                                     Rutgers, the State
This article summarizes the current        Trends in Biotechnology            No
situation pertaining to modern             Volume 19, Issue 2, 1
The landscape along farm roads at          http://www.gallup.com/poll         Yes
harvest time today probably looks much     /19261/Britons-Show-
                                           Nature Biotechnology               Yes
Labeling policies for genetically modified http://www.agbioforum.org No
(GM) foods are under intense scrutiny       /v3n4/v3n4a09-
We elicit willingness-to-pay information http://ideas.repec.org/a/ecj Yes
for similar food products that differ only /econjl/v114y2004i492p102-
This study investigates the effect of       http://erae.oxfordjournals.o No
information about potential benefits of rg/cgi/content/abstract/31/
Perceptions of and attitudes toward         http://www.informaworld.co No
genetically engineered food and other       m/smpp/content~content=
Consumer food choice is framed in           http://www.sciencedirect.co No
terms of the formation of quality           m/science?_ob=ArticleURL&
The aim of this research is to determine http://journals.cambridge.o No
whether people in the UK associate          rg/action/displayAbstract;js
The regulatory processes employed in        http://www.sciencedirect.co No
the UK and the European Union to            m/science?_ob=ArticleURL&
The safety assessment for marketing         http://tpx.sagepub.com/cgi No
purposes of genetically modified (GM)       /content/abstract/30/1/129
Consumers are becoming more                 http://www.sciencedirect.co Yes
conscious about the potentially negative m/science?_ob=ArticleURL&
The aim of this research is, first, to      http://www.emeraldinsight. No
explore consumer beliefs, attitudes and com/Insight/viewContentIte
Consumer acceptance of the application http://www.haworthpress.c No
of new technologies to food processing om/store/ArticleAbstract.as
This study identifies the nature,           http://www.sciencedirect.co No
strength and relative importance of         m/science?_ob=ArticleURL&
Results from a consumer survey              http://www3.interscience.wi No
comprising 400 face-to-face interviews ley.com/journal/102523255
Survey researches indicated that gene http://www.sciencedirect.co Yes
technology applied to the food sector is m/science?_ob=ArticleURL&
We use focus groups to gauge US             http://www.agbioforum.mis No
consumer reactions to alternative           souri.edu/v5n1/v5n1a02-
The political debate over genetically       http://www.palgrave-         No
modified foods entered a new phase          journals.com/jcb/journal/v1
Decreasing acceptance of                    http://www3.interscience.wi Yes
biotechnologies over time has been          ley.com/journal/118775232
This study examined behavior toward         http://www3.interscience.wi No
genetically modified (GM) food in a         ley.com/journal/118562915
Public opposition to genetically modified http://hw.oeaw.ac.at/0xc1a No
(GM) food and crops is widely               a500d_0x0010f165
The results support the use of the          http://www.emeraldinsight. No
construct ―attitude toward GM foods‖ as com/Insight/ViewContentSe
Information regarding the method of         APPETITE                     No
production of food products influences
This article reports the findings of a one- Public Understanding of      No
year project examining British press        Science, Vol. 15, No. 1, 5-
data collected from a consumer survey JOURNAL OF                         No
of face-to-face interviews to determine AGRICULTURAL
to study the consumer acceptance of         JOURNAL OF                   No
genetically modified (GM) foods.            AGRICULTURAL AND
The goal of this research was to try a      BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL         No
new methodology to elicit consumers'
The views of Hungarian consumers on         Food Science and             No
food safety were investigated, with         Technology
The purpose of this paper is to examine British Library Inside -         No
how label information may affect the        BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL
The objective of this study was to          BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL         No
determine the level of acceptance by
This study investigates why consumers          Appetite vol 51               No
accept different genetically modified
Information has been proven to have            JOURNAL OF                    No
significant impacts on consumers'              AGRICULTURAL AND
This article seeks to engage with              Sociology, 38,                No
contemporary debates on the social and         Macnaughten, P. 2004
Political affiliation can play a key role in   British Library Inside - .    No
shaping interest towards and emotions          RISK MANAGEMENT -
This study examined the factors that           Food Quality and Preference   No
influence the risks and perceptions of
Finnish students (N=3261) filled out a         APPETITE                      No
questionnaire on attitudes towards
A questionnaire was used to determine          British Food Journal          No
antecedents of attitudes towards foods
This paper reports on a conjoint study         FOOD QUALITY AND              No
of the influence of product (concept)          PREFERENCE
The objective of this study is to conduct      APPETITE                      No
a large in-depth face-to-face in house
The purpose of this paper is to provide        BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL          No
insight into whether GM-labelling leads
This project involved the organisation of      http://randd.defra.gov.uk/D   No
a series of consultation workshops to          ocument.aspx?Document=C
This paper reports results from the first      JOURNAL OF                    No
large-scale, cross-Atlantic study to           AGRICULTURAL
This paper focuses on experiences from         JOURNAL OF                    No
a case study dealing with the Swiss            AGRICULTURAL &
This paper contributes to the literature       FOOD POLICY                   Yes
by bringing together the published
Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) vegetables         British Library Inside -      No
will likely be commercialized in India         Review Of Agricultural
Food safety is a concern for consumers,        Journal of Food Safety        No
and a number of factors drive consumer
This study examined how the provision          Appetite Vol 50               No
of information about regulatory
What are the benefits of increasing the        http://randd.defra.gov.uk/D Yes
robustness of the GM food labelling            ocument.aspx?Document=C
Therefore, a survey of 604 consumers           AGRICULTURAL                No
was conducted in Nairobi, Kenya, in            ECONOMICS
In this research, consumer images              EUPHYTICA                   No
regarding plant breeding technologies
This research will investigate the             ESRC Genomics newsletter No
attitudes, intentions and practices of         (http://www.genomicsnetw
The purpose of this study is to                AGRIBUSINESS             No
understand the impact of factors such
In the past few years, much has been           British Library Inside - RC33 No
made of public opposition, in the UK           sixth international
Using a questionnaire based                    FOOD QUALITY AND              No
experimental design (n = 159) people's         PREFERENCE
No further information available but           Food Australia                No
may be worth following up on
The purpose of the research is to              http://randd.defra.gov.uk/D No
provide monetary estimates of the              ocument.aspx?Document=C
Linkages between consumer beliefs and          British Library Inside -     No
attitudes regarding the risks and              REVIEW OF AGRICULTURAL
This project investigated the attitudes,       Unclear - located on Science No
intentions and practices of farmers            in Society website
 Resistance to importation of genetically British Library Inside -       No
modified (GM) foods in rich countries      JOURNAL OF THE SCIENCE
Many countries have held back from         BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL          No
planting genetically modified (GM) food
                                           British Library Inside - L.   No
                                           RISK MANAGEMENT -
We analyze responses to a survey           FOOD POLICY                   No
designed to elicit consumer reaction to
In this study we analyze consumer          CANADIAN JOURNAL OF           No
surveys of GM food purchase propensity AGRICULTURAL
Public opinion to genomics including GM Chapter from British Social      No
food (questions being repeated in BSA      attitudes survey (Rachel)
The purpose of the paper is to identify    British Library Inside -      No
and describe differences in cognitive      FOOD QUALITY AND
Past research on attitudes towards GM APPETITE                           No
food has focused on measuring explicit
The research investigated how different Unclear - located on Science     No
research cultures in Britain and Sweden in Society website
The purpose of this paper is to provide British Library Inside -         No
insight into how implicit measurements British Food Journal 2008
This paper examines Irish consumer         FOOD QUALITY AND              No
acceptance of second-generation GM         PREFERENCE
This article looks at the results of two   Journal of Food and           No
surveys, carried out in Hungary            Nutrition Research
Foods produced using emerging              Food navigator article        No
nanotechnology are less likely to come supplied by Leatherhead.
The Food Standards Agency                  COI                           Yes
commissioned consumer research in
There has been debate in the literature British Library Inside - ACTA    No
as to whether: (1) the risks and           AGRICULTURAE
The commercial success of genetically      AGRIBUSINESS                  No
modified (GM) food may be improved
This study was carried out to              Public Health Nutrition       No
investigate the factors that might help
centres on whether consumers react to AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF              No
the process of gene technology or to the AGRICULTURAL AND
This study aimed to investigate the        BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL          No
impact of information about traceability
This review examines surveys into          British Library Inside -      Yes
farmer attitudes for growing genetically AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE -
This study sets out to assess public       BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL          No
awareness and perception of genetically
Since the release of the first genetically JOURNAL OF FOOD               No
modified (GM) crop into the                AGRICULTURE &
Developing effective communication         British Library Inside -      No
strategies to inform the public about      PUBLIC UNDERSTANDING
The aim of this paper is to report the     ACTA ALIMENTARIA              No
results about Slovenian consumer's,
The objective of this paper is to analyse British Library Inside -       No
consumers‘ attitudes and acceptability     AGRICULTURAL
The present study examines the factors FOOD QUALITY AND                  Yes
that have influences upon benefit and      PREFERENCE
This study evaluates consumer              AGRIBUSINESS                  No
purchase propensity for genetically
Presents the findings of the GM            FSA                           Yes
activities carried out in 2002/2003 and
Note on the research related to above      FSA                         Yes
Views of a random selection of the         NEW ZEALAND JOURNAL OF No
public were obtained for a hypothetical    AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH
present study investigates the structure   APPETITE               No
of attitudes towards genetically
                                         OUTLOOK ON                    No
In a survey of UK consumers, we          JOURNAL OF                    No
elicited their willingness to accept     AGRICULTURAL AND
a public opinion survey to measure the http://ec.europa.eu/public_     No
opinions, attitudes and behaviour of     opinion/archives/ebs/ebs_2
Report includes chapter on public        http://www.cabinetoffice.go   No
opinion to GM foods                      v.uk/~/media/assets/www.
This survey showed that the values       Appetite Vol 45, No 1 p40-    No
power (dominance over nature and         46
This study examines people's             Appetite Vol 45, No 1 p47-    No
acceptance of genetically modified (GM) 50
This study examines public perceptions AGRICULTURAL                    Yes
of biotechnology, specifically the       ECONOMICS
We have taken a strategic look at the    AEBC                          No
issues and investigated the regulatory
This project uses a national survey to   ESRC                          No
investigate the impacts upon public
Examining the particular discourses of                                 No
the key players in the arena, from the
A recent study by Lusk suggests that     TRENDS in Biotechnology       No
consumers might
Primarily outside the scientific         Trends in Biotechnology       No
Genetic modification remains a           Appetite                      No
controversial issue. The aim of this
This study analyzes predictors of South Food Policy Institute.         No
Korean public acceptance of the use of Rutgers, the State
This paper considers public attitudes    In Vitro Cellular &           Yes
toward genetically modified plants in    Developmental Biology -
Where significant scientific and social                                No
uncertainty is involved in risk issues,
Support for biotechnology in Japan is    Nature Biotechnology, 18,     No
declining, although it remains higher    945-7.
This survey on biotechnology and         Eubios Journal of Asian and   No
bioethics was carried out on national    International Bioethics
The 1991-2002 Eurobarometer surveys Journal of                         No
show a steady decline in optimism        Agrobiotechnology
This paper reports on one aspect of      Public understanding of       No
qualitative research on public           science
This paper assumes that trust is a       Public Understanding of       No
major issue in the interaction between Science
This paper addresses the issue of public NOT A PRIORITY                No
perception of modern biotechnology in
The agro-food industry is developing a Agribusiness                    No
second generation of genetically
Four questions on European consumers‘ Innovative Food Science &        No
attitudes to the use of genetic          Emerging Technologies
This study examines consumers'           Journal of Agricultural and   No
willingness to consume different types   Resource Economics
The present study analyzes and              THE JOURNAL OF                  No
compares willingness to pay estimates       CONSUMER AFFAIRS
can't copy and paste                        Ital. J. Food Sci.              No

There is very strong support for            BC Public Affairs               No
mandatory labelling of genetically

na                                          Published by DTI                Yes

                                            FSA                             No

na                                          LSE                             No

This paper analyzes the study of the        http://pus.sagepub.com/cgi No
public perception of biotechnology,         /content/abstract/9/4/383
Using results from the 1999                 Risk Analysis              No
Eurobarometer survey and a parallel
This article outlines the direction and     American Behvioural             No
tenor of two distinct discourses on         Scientist
Through commercial application,             Journal of food Science         No
biotechnology may improve health,
Risk perceptions of a series of             Risk Analysis                   No
biotechnology applications were
Arguments regarding the relationship        http://pus.sagepub.com/cgi      No
between media discourse and public          /content/abstract/14/3/305
Public familiarity with basic scientific    http://epubs.surrey.ac.uk/p     No
concepts and principles has been            ublsoc2/8/
Using ‗general trust in institutions‘ and   http://ijpor.oxfordjournals.o   No
‗concepts of nature‘ as examples, the       rg/cgi/content/full/19/2/191
The biotechnology controversy               http://ajs.uwpress.org/cgi/c    No
highlights national differences in policy   ontent/abstract/25/1/80
This study uses the contemporary            http://ijpor.oxfordjournals.o   No
debate over agricultural biotechnology      rg/cgi/content/abstract/19/
                                            British Food Journal            Yes

Much has been written about the             British Library Inside -        No
media‘s importance in the formation of      JOURNAL OF PUBLIC
This study investigates possible            CANADIAN JOURNAL OF             No
marketing strategies for biotechnology      AGRICULTURAL
Despite being introduced more than a        British Library Inside -        No
decade ago, agricultural biotechnology      INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL
Based on a large-scale survey in 11         Journal of International        No
cities, this study employs probit and       Food
can't copy and paste                        UN                              Yes

Biotechnology is often viewed as the        Food Policy Institute,          Yes
defining technology for the future of       Rutgers university
Conjoint analysis is used to elicit         Journal of Agricultural and     No
consumer preferences for attributes of      Resource Economics
This paper presents the preliminary         ANZMAC 2000 Visionary           No
results of a conjoint study of 750          Marketing for the 21st
The objective of this paper is to           AgBioForum                      No
estimate the consumer willingness to
Significant ambivalence is found when       Journal of Risk Research        No
examining the explanatory dimensions
This study addresses which specific           Appetite                     No
values play a role in predicting
can't copy and paste                          British Food Journal         No

Product descriptions of cheese, candy Food Quality and Preference No
and salmon products were presented to
na                                    Centre for Research on      Yes
                                      Customer Relations in the
                                      BNF Nutrition Bulletin      No

                                              Agribusiness and Economics No
                                              Research Unit, Lincoln
European consumers, in general, have          Food quality and           No
negative attitudes towards the use of         preference
na                                            GMO compass                No

na                                            FSA                          No

na                                            FSA                          No

na                                            IFIC                         No

na                                            MORI                         No

na                                            Which?                       No

This study was aimed at gaining a             Journal of Consumer Policy   No
better understanding of the nature of
Significant divergence exists in public       Food Policy Institute,       No
opinions about biotechnology. Although        Rutgers university
In the growing body of literature             AgBioForum                   No
concerning consumer acceptance of
na                                            Amer. J. Agr. Econ           No

For a representative sample of US             AgBioForum                   Yes
consumers, we analyze ratings of
na                                            Appetite                     No

Attempts to introduce GM foods in             Bioprocess and Biosystems    No
Europe have prompted a major conflict         Engineering
can't copy and paste                          International Food and       No
                                              Agribusiness Management
The present study reports attitudes           Appetite                     No
towards genetically modified (GM) foods
Research has shown that women are             International Journal of     No
less accepting of                             Consumer Studies
Using Fishbein's multiattribute model as      Paper at American            No
a theoretical background, this paper          Agricultural Economics
Using Fishbein‘s multiattribute and           Review of Agricultural       No
mediation models as conceptual                Economics
This study examines consumer                  Food Policy Institute,       No
willingness to consume genetically            Rutgers university
Recently, there has been a surge of           Risk Analysis                No
interest in the role of feelings in framing
The stated benefits and perceived risks       AgBioForum                   Yes
of genetic modification (GM) cover very
A causal model explaining acceptance of       Risk Analysis                    No
gene technology was tested. It was
A choice modeling approach was                AgBioForum                       No
used to identify consumer
This paper reports results from a pilot       Consumer Interests Annual        No
U.S. national telephone survey on
We compare consumer valuations of             Americal Journal of              No
beef ribeye steaks from cattle produced       Agricultural Economics
A research team from five European            final report of PABE project     No
countries directed by Prof. Brian Wynne
This paper reports a study of UK              European Review of               No
consumer attitudes to genetically             Agricultural Economics
                                              Journal of Consumer Policy       No

Empirical examinations of the ―social         Risk Analysis                    No
amplification of risk‖ framework are
Recent research suggests that public          Risk Analysis                    No
attitudes toward emerging technologies
This paper reports on one aspect of           Public Understanding of          No
qualitative research on public                Science
The rapid globalization of the world          Social Science & Medicine        No
economy has increased the need for an
Little is known about the role and            The Journal of Socio-            No
mechanisms through which the press            Economics
This paper investigates Willingness to        International Journal of         No
Accept (WTA) Genetic Modification (GM)        Biotechnology
The predictive validity of implicit and       British Journal of Social        No
explicit attitudes is a central question in   Psychology
The field of animal biotechnology has         Rev. sci. tech. Off. int. Epiz   No
been rapidly expanding and the
Much has been written about risk              Journal of Risk Research         No
perceptions and public understanding of
In this paper we study the differences in                                      No
European public opinion and consumer
The research presented here examines          International Journal of         No
the hypothesis that the most effective        Biotechnology
Public attitudes toward biotechnology in      Journal of Biotechnology         No
the European Union have been
Surveys eliciting opinions about              AgBioForum                       No
biotechnology applications suggest the
na                                            University of East Anglia        Yes

na                                            IFIC                             No

Recent research indicates that the            International Journal of      Yes
majority of respondents in nineteen of        Food Science and
na                                            Nuffield Council on Bioethics No

can't copy and paste                          Minerva Biotec                   No

Issues such as BSE, MMR vaccination,    NCC                                    No
rail accidents, mobile phone safety, GM
                                              http://ec.europa.eu/research/p Yes
In this memo, we highlight the findings       http://www.pewtrusts.org/u Yes
of our polls conducted for PIFB from          ploadedFiles/wwwpewtrusts
With concerns about food security          http://www.igd.com/index.a Yes
bringing GM back into the headlines in     sp?id=1&fid=1&sid=8&tid=
In 10 EU countries, surveys were           http://www.whybiotech.com Yes
undertaken and retailers consulted to      /resources/tps/DoConsumer
The structure and predictive ability of    Appetite                   No
social representation of new foods were
The objectives of this study were to       JOURNAL OF FOOD SAFETY Yes
evaluate consumer attitudes regarding
the safety of the food supply, relate
Conjoint analytic surveys were             INNOVATIVE FOOD            Yes
administered to 225 potential              SCIENCE & EMERGING
consumers of foods processed by            TECHNOLOGIES
can't copy and paste                       International Food Economy Yes
                                           Research Group, Uni. Of
Determinants of consumer adoption of       Appetite                   Yes
innovations have been studied from
different angles and from the
Consumers' attitudes have been shown     http://www.sciencedirect.co Yes
to influence and predict behaviour. This m/science?_ob=ArticleURL&
review highlights the diverse consumer a
Eighty-eight consumers participated in   _udi=B6VHY-49YD20G-
                                         http://www.sciencedirect.co Yes
blind pre-test in which they rated their m/science?_ob=ArticleURL&
The increasing demand for healthy and http://www.sciencedirect.co No
nutritious products as a consequence of m/science?_ob=ArticleURL&
Consumers may encounter a number of http://www.emeraldinsight. Yes
potential food hazards through their     com/Insight/viewContentIte
There is substantial empirical evidence http://www3.interscience.wi No
that both trust and risk perceptions     ley.com/journal/118908495
The research reported here aims to       http://www.informaworld.co No
understand how people react to           m/smpp/content~content=
Consumers‘ fears of novel food           http://www.sciencedirect.co No
technologies are documented. The         m/science?_ob=ArticleURL&
This paper builds upon a review of       British Library Inside -    No
relevant marketing, consumer science     TRENDS IN FOOD SCIENCE
                                         FSA library Author: PHILO, No
                                         GREGORY Company: Media
                                         British Food Journal (BFJ)  Yes

The acceptance of a technology             INNOVATIVE FOOD           No
depends on the consumer's perception       SCIENCE & EMERGING
The report's main focus is on the          Foresight                 No
methods for debating on new
Highlights certain dimensions of public    Paul Slovic and others    No
risk perception that are pertintent to
can't copy and paste                       APPETITE                  No

                                        TRENDS IN FOOD SCIENCE       No
                                        & TECHNOLOGY
                                        British Library Inside -     No
                                        Stratton, J. Serrano, E.
                                        FOOD QUALITY AND             Yes
Abstract: Purpose – Consumers are       British Library Inside -     No
sometimes unexpectedly resistant        EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF
To assess the acceptance of novel food FOOD QUALITY AND              Yes
technologies, the Repertory Grid Method PREFERENCE
                                        British Library Inside -     No
                                        INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL
                                         British Library Inside -          No
                                         Trends In Food Science And
New Zealand's 'Navigator Network' is a British Library Inside -            No
national scanning network of scientists Technology Analysis &
Consumers' attitudes have been shown http://www.sciencedirect.co           Yes
to influence and predict behaviour. This m/science?_ob=ArticleURL&
can't copy and paste                     Journal of Food Engineering       Yes

An innovation's success is dependent       Innovation: Management,         Yes
upon successfully responding to            Policy & Practice
na                                         Google books                    No

Factors that influence public acceptance   Trends in Food Science &     Yes
of innovative technologies and products    Technology
As part of an EU-funded research           Journal of Food, Agriculture Yes
project, a representative survey of        & Environment
The book begins with a comprehensive       http://www.woodheadpublishi No
introduction and analysis of the key       ng.com/en/book.aspx?bookID=
The objective of this study was to         Journal of Dairy Science        No
determine the degree of liking of ultra-
This paper presents the results of         Paper prepared for              Yes
experimental auctions of the orange        presentation at the
Consumer acceptability of three            Journal of Food Quality         No
commercial scrambled egg patty
This project evaluates the attitudes of    Journal of Food Science         No
food and health professionals to 3 new     Education
This study investigated the impact of      International Food              Yes
different manufacturing processes,         Information Service
Experimental auctions were used to         http://www.springerlink.co      No
examine the effects of alternative         m/content/jq0h883t14q377
The public must decide between             http://www.sciencedirect.co     Yes
assertions made about food safety          m/science?_ob=ArticleURL&
na                                         http://agecon.tamu.edu/fac      No
Studies indicate that consumers who        http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele    No
receive even minimal presentation on       =afficheN&cpsidt=1738622
In this study, a survey was prepared to    JOURNAL OF FOOD                 Yes
receive opinion of Turkish People living   AGRICULTURE &
This article reviews data from surveys     http://www.agmanager.info       No
and retail experiments that examine the    /livestock/marketing/bulleti
na                                         http://origin.cdc.gov/enteric   Yes
A survey was conducted to determine        http://www.cababstractsplu      Yes
current consumer attitudes toward          s.org/google/abstract.asp?A
Consumers are questioning the ability of   http://www.sciencedirect.co     No
the modern food system to provide safe     m/science?_ob=ArticleURL&
Food safety has become a major issue       http://www.ingentaconnect.      No
of public concern, encouraging the UK      com/content/mcb/070/2001
Recent studies of consumer attitudes in    http://www.sciencedirect.co     Yes
the United States indicate an increased    m/science?_ob=ArticleURL&
                                           British Library Inside -        No
                                           JOURNAL OF FOOD
                                           British Library Inside -        No
                                           JOURNAL OF FOOD
The study develops an empirical model      Journal of International        No
to estimate the likelihood of consumers'   Food and Agribusiness
                                          JOURNAL OF NUTRITION            No
                                          EDUCATION AND BEHAVIOR
The risk of foodborne illness can be      British Library Inside -        No
reduced significantly by irradiation of   FOOD PROTECTION
                                          FOOD SCIENCE AND                Yes
Irradiationoffreshmeattocontrolmicrobial JOURNAL OF FOOD                  No
pathogensreceivedapprovalfromthefeder PROTECTION
                                          http://www.sbes.stir.ac.uk/     Yes
na                                        Journal of Food Distribution    Yes
Studies were carried out to assess        ?                               No
consumer attitude towards food
na                                        Interdisciplinary Food          Yes
                                          Safety Research
Irradiation of meat, poultry, and other   Food Service Technology         No
foods helps to preserve food quality and
This study examines consumer              http://ecsocman.edu.ru/ima      No
willingness to pay for irradiated beef    ges/pubs/2003/11/29/0000
A censored negative binomial regression Journal of Food Distribution      No
model was used to study the               Research
In December 1997, the US Food and         International Journal of        Yes
Drug Administration approved the use      Consumer Studies
Sensory characteristics and consumer      Journal of Food Processing      No
acceptance of electron-beam irradiated & Preservation
This study aimed at evaluating the        Radiation Physics and           No
acceptance of MP watermelon and           Chemistry
na                                        Journal of Food Distribution    Yes
Inconsistency between consumers'          Journal of Food Products        No
actual purchase and their intentions to Marketing
The public must decide between            Food Policy                     No
assertions made about food safety
This study uses a quasi-experimental      Science Communication           No
design to assess the impact of pro- and
Food manufacturers in the United          Journal of Food Protection      Yes
States are currently allowed to irradiate
This study assessed the effect of         Review of Agricultural          No
information related to the food           Economics
can't copy and paste                      ?                               No

The use of irradiation to improve the       Environ Sci Pollut Res Int.   Yes
safety, protect the nutritional benefits,
In general, people in the developed         Pierce Law Review             No
world have access to a safe and varied
na                                          Food Commission               No

The technical approach assumes that         http://www3.interscience.wi Yes
risk assessments made by technical          ley.com/journal/118899458
 consumer study of irradiated ground        Food Protection Trends      No
beef was conducted in Manhattan,
A survey on beliefs and purchase intent     Journal of Food Processing    No
of irradiated foods was conducted           and Preservation
Scientists and advocates can disagree       Department of Economics       No
on the value of new products or             and Finance, University of
The 1991-2002 Eurobarometer surveys        http://www.agbioforum.mis       No
show a steady decline in optimism          souri.edu/v6n12/v6n12a12-
In this study, I examine whether           http://scx.sagepub.com/cgi      No
Americans‘ emotions and opinions about     /content/abstract/27/2/221
Public perceptions of emergent             http://pus.sagepub.com/cgi      No
technologies have become increasingly      /content/abstract/15/2/221
Nanomaterials are now being                http://www.informaworld.co      No
manufactured and used in many              m/smpp/content~content=
Previous studies on public attitudes       http://scx.sagepub.com/cgi      Yes
toward emerging technologies have          /content/abstract/27/2/240
How do the risks and benefits of           http://www.nature.com/nna       No
nanotechnology, as viewed by the           no/journal/v1/n3/abs/nnano
A January 2005 telephone survey of         http://www.springerlink.co      Yes
1200 people in the U.S. and 2000           m/content/ch3p5538532687
A comparison between two recent            http://www.nature.com/nna       No
national surveys among nanoscientists      no/journal/v2/n12/abs/nna
                                           http://www.nature.com/nm        No
Despite knowing little about               http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3     Yes
nanotechnology (so to speak), members /papers.cfm?abstract_id=96
na                                         http://www.sciencedirect.co     No
Nanotechnology is expected to be the       http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/x    No
key technology of the 21st century.        pl/freeabs_all.jsp?arnumber
                                           http://scholar.google.co.uk/    No
na                                         http://www.sciencedirect.co     No
Public perception of nanotechnology        http://www3.interscience.wi     No
may influence the realization of           ley.com/journal/118486453
Nanotechnology is an emerging              http://www.azonano.com/D        No
technology which has already begun to etails.asp?ArticleID=1468
na                                         http://www.azonano.com/D        Yes
Scientific knowledge has not stabilized http://www.springerlink.co         No
in the current, early, phase of research m/content/9753275h6q742
Although proposed nanotechnology           http://www3.interscience.wi     No
applications hold great promise, little is ley.com/journal/120124428
na                                         http://dspace.lincoln.ac.nz/    Yes
                                           British Library Inside - .      No
                                           Individual perspectives,
                                           involve                         Yes

                                         British Library Inside -  Yes
                                         BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL
                                         http://www.nanologue.net/ Yes

                                         Demos                             Yes

                                         Royal Society:                Yes
                                         http://www.wtec.org/SocietalI No
Public awareness and governmental        British Library Inside -          No
involvement in overseeing the            JOURNAL OF CLEANER
                                          Prepared by BMRB Social         No
                                          Research for The Royal
                                          Friends of the Earth            No

                                       Dialogue alert from Defra          Yes
                                       library circulated by Sandy
                                       British Library Inside -           No
                                       JOURNAL OF CLEANER
The public perception                  Nat Nanotechnol. 2007 Feb          No
of nanotechnology will have a major    ;2 (2):67 18654213
The perceptions of untrained consumers Appetite                           Yes
towards nanotechnology foods and food Volume 49, Issue 2,
                                       ETC                                No

This paper compares public perceptions Public Understanding of            No
of technologies in the United States   Science
                                       Civil soc project sponsored        Yes
                                       by eg The Guardian,
NA                                     smalltalk.org                      Yes

                                          http://www.nature.com/nature No
                                           http://www.nanotechproject     Yes
                                           http://www.nanotechproject     No
The key to understanding public            http://www.nanotechproject     No
response to nanotechnology is not to be .org/process/assets/files/59
Despite the forecast of a bright future    http://www.sciencedirect.co    Yes
for functional foods, which constitute     m/science?_ob=ArticleURL&
The objective of this study is to identify BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL           No
the optimal product design attributes
                                           CANADIAN JOURNAL OF            No
                                           Appetite                       No

                                          CANADIAN JOURNAL OF             No
                                          JOURNAL OF FOOD                 No
                                          FOOD QUALITY AND                Yes
                                          British Library Inside -        No
                                          NUTRITION AND FOOD
                                          Food Quality and Preference     No

                                          British Library Inside - ASIA   No
                                          PACIFIC FOOD INDUSTRY
                                          British Library Inside - ASIA   No
                                          PACIFIC FOOD INDUSTRY
                                          FOOD QUALITY AND                Yes
                                          Prepared Foods                  No

                                          APPETITE                        No
                                           APPETITE                        No

                                           APPETITE                        No

This study was an assessment of the     British Library Inside -           No
knowledge, attitudes, and self-reported TOPICS IN CLINICAL
                                        British Library Inside -           No
                                        APPETITE - LONDON- 2008
                                        British Library Inside - S.        No
                                        FOOD QUALITY AND
                                           http://direct.bl.uk/bld/PlaceOrd No
Beef Products Inc. (BPI), Dakota Dunes, National Provisioner        No
SD, the world's leading manufacturer of http://www.allbusiness.com
                                        Food Quality and Preference Yes

                                          British Library Inside -         No
                                          FOOD TECHNOLOGY -
                                          FOOD QUALITY AND                 No
                                          Appetite (British Library        Yes
                                          Inside - APPETITE –
The goal of the present study was to      Appetite. 2008 Apr 8; :          Yes
examine factors that influence            18479781 (P,S,E,B,D) [My
No info yet.                              British Library Inside -         No
                                          FOOD SCIENCE AND
The aim of the present study was to       BRITISH JOURNAL OF               Yes
survey attitudes to and use of functional NUTRITION
We asked participants (n = 390) to rate APPETITE                           No
pictures of products with either added
The potential market for functional       British Library Inside -         No
wines was explored in a study which       FOOD QUALITY AND
Objective To examine the perceived        Journal of the American          No
knowledge and attitudes of dietitians     Dietetic Association
The agro-food industry is developing a Agribusiness                        No
second generation of genetically
Very few economic analyses have been Canadian Journal of                   No
done about functional foods and           Agricultural Economics
This study examines consumers'            Journal of Agricultural and      No
willingness to consume different types    Resource Economics
Using data from a national survey, this International Journal of           No
study analyses US consumers'              Consumer Studies
can't copy and paste                      Ital. J. Food Sci.               No

As concepts in nutrition move towards      Nutrition Bulletin              Yes
emphasising the use of foods to
The aim of this study was to investigate   International Journal of        No
consumer perception and sensory            Consumer Studies
In the past, it has been assumed that      British Food Journal            No
consumers would accept novel foods if
can't copy and paste                       International Journal of        No
                                           Consumer Studies
Functional foods and/or supplements                                 No
                                           British Journal of Nutrition
may be used in the context of a healthy
Adult US subjects (n=78) tasted and     Food Quality and Preference Yes
rated three juice samples containing 0,
The link between what people eat and        Journal of Nutraceuticals,   No
susceptibility to disease is well known.    Functional & Medical Foods
Little published research to date           Journal of Nutraceuticals,   No
appears to have considered the              Functional & Medical Foods
It was mainly the advances in               Appetite                     No
understanding the relationship between
The object of this study was to examine Journal of Food Science and No
attitudes and knowledge of Korean       Nutrition
can't copy and paste                    Journal of Applied Sciences No
Consumers‘ perceptions of conventional Food Quality and Preference No
(regular plain yogurt, low-calorie and
Purpose – The aim of this study is to   British Food Journal        Yes
investigate older people's perceptions,
na                                      IFIC                        Yes

na                                          IFIC                         No

http://www.inomics.com/cgi/repec?han        RePEc                        Yes
Functional foods presumably enable the      Appetite                     No
consumer to lead a healthier life without
The aim of this study was to examine        Nutrition & Food Science     No
what reasons consumers give for either
So-called functional foods are a new        Food quality and             No
category of products that promise           preference
na                                          IFIC                         Yes

An unhealthy image for cheese in the        DairyReporter.com -          No
UK threatens to prevent many varieties      Breaking News on Dairy
Functional food development involves        Food Science and             No
several distinct stages                     Technology
Using a survey, this study investigated     JOURNAL OF CEREAL            Yes
public perceptions relating to different    SCIENCE
Nutrigenomics is the study of genetic       Trends in Food Science and   No
material to understand how metabolic        Technology
The market for functional foods is          Dr. Barbara Stewart-Knox,    No
increasing year on year and data was        Nutrition society summer
                                            BNF Nutrition Bulletin       No

                                            TRENDS IN FOOD SCIENCE No
                                            & TECHNOLOGY
na                                          AgBioForum             No

Concern regarding the relationship       Spanish Journal of              No
between diet and health is growing       Agricultural Research
The aim of this study was to investigate Appetite                        No
some Swedish dieticians‘, registered
                                         Royal Society/experts and       Yes
                                         the public
                                         Rathenau Institute working      Yes
                                         ETC (pressure group)            Yes

We describe the results of a study to       Yale Law School              Yes
determine the synthetic-biology risk        (unpub;lished?)
Synthetic biologists engineer complex   http://www.nature.com/msb/jo Yes
artificial biological systems to        urnal/v2/n1/full/msb4100073.h
                                        http://www.nature.com/em No
Is synthetic biology amenable to        American Political Science  Yes
existing European governance            association
structures? Synthetic biology is an

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