canada PMPDVD356 356 Vancouver Canada by stariya


									PMPDVD356 356. Vancouver, Canada, Trolleybuses, Buses and Light Rail. June 1995 the trolleybuses . buses and light rail, new and extended combined edition.
PMPDVD358 358. Edmonton / Calgary, Canada, Light Rail and Trolleybuses. Video by Dave Spencer 1995, with trolleybuses, buses and Light Rail, cab rides
PMPDVD1192 1192. Toronto, Canada. Trams. July 2004. A fine sunny Sunday with an amazing service frequency we wander around the system with some great junctions.
PMPDVD1193 1193. Toronto, Canada. Trams. July 2004. Another day of exploration around this traditional system, which still has, pole collection, city centre and harbour side.
PMPDVD1194 1194. Ottawa and Quebec. Buses. Canada. July 2004. Warm sunny weather with amazing GM fishbowls, a 1950s design, hundreds still in daily service.
PMPDVD1598 1598. Canadian Trucking holiday. Canada. Trucks. June 1995. Mainly Vancouver and then Alberta Province through the Rockies, trucks to bears!

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